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Chemical Engineering Research Guide: Encyclopedias / Handbooks

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Information Resources for Chemical Engineering. Shortcut - http://libguides.ucsd.edu/chemeng Home

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Keep Up With Chemical Engineering Research Encyclopedias

Key Handbooks

These encyclopedias contain authoritative articles (and some data) on topics in chemical

The chemical engineering handbooks contain calculations, information about processes, and

engineering and related science and engineering disciplines. Written by experts in their

other practical information for current and future chemical engineers.

respective fields, the articles contain extensive bibliographies to journal articles for further

Branan's Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers

information. You can browse each reference work by topic or article title, or search across the

Concise handbook for chemical and process engineers, with sections on equipment design, process design, plant design, and operations. Also online via Knovel.

full text. More listed in the chemistry and nanotechnology guides.

Chemical Process Equipment: Selection and Design

Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology Covers all aspects of chemistry and chemical engineering. Good complement to Ullmann's. Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

Information on selecting sizing, and operating process equipment, emphasizing real world equipment design. Chemical Engineering Design: Principles, Practice, and Economics of Plant and

Covers all aspects of chemistry and chemical engineering. Good complement to KirkOthmer.

Process Design

Comprehensive Renewable Energy Covers renewable energy resources (solar/photovoltaics, biomass/biofuels, wind, fuel cells, etc.), with articles on the history, science and technology, current applications, and future potential for each. Some economics/policy coverage.

Covers the basics of unit operations and the latest aspects of process design, equipment selection, plant and operating economics, safety and loss prevention. Also online in Knovel. Experimental Methods and Instrumentation for Chemical Engineers Practical guide for instrumentation and experimental methods necessary for chemical engineers, combining experimental measurements and instrumentation together with statistics with pertinent examples. Also online in Knovel.

Encyclopedia of Applied Electrochemistry Reference work covering all aspects of applied electrochemistry, including theoretical concepts, instrumentation, and new materials and technologies.

Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook

Comprehensive Biotechnology Covers biotechnology topics, including fundamentals, commodity products like biofuels, agricultural, biomedical, and environmental biotechnology.

Classic handbook that covers all aspects of chemical engineering, from the fundamentals to details on computer applications and control. This downloads as a single PDF, so if you prefer the print handbook we have it the reference collection (Ref TP151 .P45 2008)

Polymer Science: A Comprehensive Reference Fundamental concepts to new findings and applications of polymers, including characterization, polymerization, nanostructured polymer materials, and polymer applications.

Kent and Riegel's Handbook of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology

Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology Reference work covering topics on sustainability, with a focus on science and engineering rather than policy. Note: Download PDF will download the entire section beginning with that letter. Handbook of Fuel Cells Fuel cell fundamentals, principles, technology, materials, and applications. Handbook of Combustion Reference work on energy-efficient gas, liquid, and solid combustion. Topics include new technologies, modelling of combustion processes, CO2 formation and capture, biomass and waste as fuels, and catalytic combustion.

Includes articles on general aspects of the chemical industry (Safety Considerations in the Chemical Process Industries) as well as articles on individual chemical industries (Biomass Conversion, Synthetic Organic Chemicals). Coulson & Richardson's Chemical Engineering Multi-volume handbook of chemical engineering fundamentals. Vol 1: Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer; Vol. 2: Particle Technology and Separation Processes; Vol. 3: Chemical and Biochemical Reactors and Process Control; Vol. 6: Chemical Engineering Design. Vols. 4-5 are the solution manuals for vols. 1-2 Albright's Chemical Engineering Handbook Covers all aspects of chemical engineering (heat transfer, distillation, process control, electrochemical engineering), plus chapters on communication and ethics Chemical and Process Design Handbook

Encyclopedia of Energy Articles on all forms of energy, focusing not only on the science and engineering aspects but covering economic, social and policy topics.

Covers 19 major chemical reactions (from alkylation to vinylation, and the manufacture of 700 specific chemicals (from acetaldehyde to zinc oxide).

Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing

Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations

Articles on chemical processing: processing novel materials, emerging process technologies and resultant materials, and manufacturing organic and inorganic chemicals.

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Provides detailed procedures for performing hundreds of chemical engineering calculations along with fully worked-out examples.

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Handbooks - Chemical Engineering Research Guide

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