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High School Physics Online Course with: Prof. Vincent Selhorst-Jones, M.F.A.

Free Sample Lessons High School Physics: Math Review

Join Professor Vincent Selhorst-Jones’ High School Physics course which combines his scientific background, acting training, and years of teaching experience to help you fully comprehend concepts rather than just “plug 'n' chug” equations. Professor SelhorstJones is passionate about sharing his love of physics and will help you understand how a problem comes together, what it means, and why you should care.

High School Physics: One Dimensional Kinematics High School Physics: MultiDimensional Kinematics High School Physics: Friction High School Physics: Electric Force & Charge Free Sample Lessons will get you started (Adobe Flash® required).

Subscription benefits: Comprehensive Lessons. Available 24/7. Unlimited Access. Searchable lessons to save time. Practice questions with step-bystep solutions. Downloadable lesson files and lecture slides. No video playback capabilities, click here to download the video

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[High School Physics Online Course] | Educator.com

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