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Gary Daniel

How to Download Wattpad Stories

(/channel/UCQ1cfNmiN2W6uKIMNyUyBD 12 months ago

(/video/7vIBhY1bk1I) SHARE TO FACEBOOK

[Tutorial] DOWNLOAD WATTPAD STORIES 2016 (/video/vAS67Einfhk) Gary Daniel




2 years ago

by Ilove LMH (/channel/UCIxTHqzEGdGC335dyd4yyyA)

3 years ago




How to Copy Texts From Wattpa and Save it on your PC Using any Web Browser Make IT Simple (/video/bPWRgXWvK-0)



Download MP4

3 years ago

Tags (/video/bPWRgXWvK0)

Nhung Lê

How to Download Wattpad Stories (/video/BQoBIpr66fQ) AQWCHINOPACIA

PR for this app: It can download stories from wattpad and export them to word/pdf/epub


negate acturally starts at 3:24

4 years ago


Como Copiar Un Texto y/o Historia De Wattpad (Funciona) Lilian (/video/7A919u9B_Ac)

Nex Room this is automatic :)



3 years ago


Worked like a charm! Thanks! =D


Corey Frog it just saves the link when you do this

one year ago


christopher gudgeon Download Wattpad Downloader PC App! (Free) Download Stories Nex Room (/video/pleDjYPxSRI)

What to do for those who can't be bothered watching a 10 minute video: 1. Open browser and go to the wattpad story you want to download 2. Load the whole story by scrolling to the bottom of the page until it stops loading 3. Right click the page and click "Save as..." 4. Choose where you want to save it, Then click save 5. Open it with microsoft word (If you don't have this, Use libreoffice. It's free) 6.


Scroll down to the story 7. Select the story manually (do NOT use Ctrl+A) 8. Paste it into notepad or


a similar program 9. If the story is long enough, Then it might seperate into mutliple chapters, If this


3 years ago

happens, Just scroll down more in the .html file and repeat steps 7 and 8. 10. All done This worked for me, but if this doesn't work for you, Blame the maker of this video, not me.

Downloading Ebooks on Wattpad (/video/0svX6auqVU4) Jae



Copy pasting everything into Word/Notepad is NOT downloading flmao We're trying to DOWNLOAD


everything to skip that process and hopefully not open every chapter individually jfc


5 years ago

10 Ways Men Are Dressing Wro (/video/0mlpUB9WdZA)

SergioElDeLasMofongueadas .........this could have been a 3min vdo


(/channel/UChNN7VBxPTiNrqjUaQd9 9 months ago

xXBlueJeansXx So the first two minutes just told us we had to go on wattpad, no fucking way!

(/video/0mlpUB9WdZA) LOAD MORE

Jeklin Biela its not working at all dude!

Raihan Febri this tutorial shit

Rpodnee Step 1: Mute video

LEAH LVE I rather read in wattpad... it is a very long and tiring process

HartKent Oh my lord this is such a long drawn out process! there has to be an easier and quicker way to get stories from Wattpad to my phone!

Camilla Bella Too much bad...

Tran Le Anh Phuong Thanks so much for your advise. ^^

Brrei Eukii Miralden can u pls type faster? its nonsense

Annie Francisco I-off mo na lang javascript mo te :)

Allthing24 Dude, your mic was on you didn't need to type, you could get a lot more views if you used your microphone, people generally don't want to read and it would make your video shorter.

adik akko Ayaw naman po! -____-

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