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How do you stay interested? self.entp


Submitted 3 years ago by ENTandP

I love being an ENTP in the sense that I'm interested and willing to learn tons of things. At the same time though, it's terrible not being able to stay motivated enough to follow through with a hobby/interest for longer than a couple months (and even that is rare). Also, I've noticed that the problem is getting worse as I grow older (I'm 24). It just seems like I'm becoming more and more desensitized, like my dopamine levels are tanking every year. When I DO find something new that excites me, I go on an information seeking binge that lasts for a while and it ends up becoming a mini "golden age" in my life. Generally, all areas of my life get better and I just feel so stimulated. Unfortunately, this period fades away all too soon and then I recede into a frustrating state of apathetic passivism. (I don't suffer from depression).



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Is this common to most ENTPs? How do you guys deal with it?

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[–] [deleted] • 11 points 3 years ago

When I DO find something new that excites me, I go on an information seeking binge that lasts for a while and it ends up becoming a mini "golden age" in my life. Generally, all areas of my life get better and I just feel so stimulated. Unfortunately, this period fades away all too soon and then I recede into a frustrating state of apathetic passivism. (I don't suffer from depression).

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Myers-Briggs type: ENTP

This is basically my life! But what I've learned to do is cycle back. Maybe you have a few months where you're super into baking. You make pies, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pastries, everything. But then you stop. And it stops being exciting. And you move on to learning programming (and something else after that, and so on).

Extraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiving

But a year and a half later, you're bored. You're hungry. You peek into the pantry and see the flour and baking powder. You know you have some eggs and butter to spare. Hey, wouldn't it be cool to throw together a cake? I bet it would be excellent if you replaced some of the milk in your standard recipe with rum... And then you're onto baking again, and it's even better than the last time.

About ENTP's

Sure, you may give it up again, but that's okay. The nature of ENTP interest is cyclical. Unless a certain hobby is something you really need to stick with (like daily practice with an instrument), I think it's okay to let the ebb and flow of your natural curiosities guide you. permalink


ENTPs are frequently described as clever, cerebrally and verbally quick, enthusiastic, outgoing, innovative, flexible, loyal, and resourceful. - source


Personality Descriptions

[–] semondemon24 • 3 points 3 years ago

Ok, last rant: " Generally, all areas of my life get better and I just feel so stimulated"

When you said that, it really resonated with me. You should definitely read psycho-cybernetics. ie=UTF8&qid=1406752729&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=psycho+cybternetics

Video: ENTP's in 5 Minutes.

I can send you a PDF of it. One of the great messages in the book is this:

Helpful Posts

"Human beings function like a bicycle. It can maintain its poise and equilibrium as long as it is heading forwards. With no place to go, it is difficult to maintain balance and the bike will be "shaky" in its balance."

Intro to cognitive functions, AMA with typologist Dario Nardi,

When you are on your binge, you are growing and you bring equilibrium to all parts of your life. In other words, if you want to have a "better" life like you mentioned, you need to keep growing in some aspect. You can start growing/ go on a binge with this book. Seriously, its pretty cool and eye opening. permalink


MBTI terminology vs conventional terms, Chart: Types & Functions,


ENTP vs INTP, xNTP guide on productivity.

[–] [deleted] • 2 points 3 years ago

If you have a link to the PDF I would be very interested in reading it permalink



Find more in the subreddit wiki below,


ah [+] [deleted] 3 years ago (10 children) [–] semondemon24 • 1 point 3 years ago

Type Subreddits

check the link provided by dabumdumpsh permalink




[–] debug_assert • 4 points 3 years ago*

Yep. 33 yo ENTP here with 2 masters (physics and digital media art), an an undergrad in music and physics and currently employed as a self-taught programmer working in video games. I'm usually on a 3 month cycle or so of new obsessions. Luckily my interests orbit a central theme so I've been able to piece together a pretty compelling and unique set of skills, each building on the other. I also manage to return to earlier obsessions, like the turning of the seasons, and get better with each pass. I think the key is to not wallow too long in the low-energy intercessionary period. Sometimes reading an inspiring book or technical manual (learning a new programming language or something) can kick the energy back up. Also, working on new art or code projects keeps me going.

If you've never heard of the MBTI, you can test it out at, humanmetrics, odiseajung (en español), mypersonality (requires registration), or John's Personality Test; then view your profile here

Speaking of coding, if you haven't learned how to code yet, I recommend it; you can totally teach it to yourself now-adays, and it can be applied to pretty much anything. Also, my guess is if you can avoid a code-monkey job at Microsoft, coding can often be that sort of job that's always new and different, but always challenging (my job, so far, seems to be). Luckily, coding is usually inherently interesting for an ENTP (just make sure you put extra energy in code organization and clarity for your own sake, something that's not natural to ENTPs). Also, I'd recommend getting into writing/music/art -all things which are simultaneously technical and creative. It's that sort of shit that never gets old and you can always improve your abilities or understanding and/or try something new. permalink


Other Personality Tests Big5 is a model with five factors, used to describe human personality. It is widely accepted academically as the most fitting personality test. Researches have shown that Big5 as emic measure does not work so well in Asian countries, but as etic measure has been reciprocated in other languages/cultures such as German, Chinese, Indian, and so on.


[–] semondemon24 • 1 point 3 years ago

I am also 24 yr old ENTP finishing up grad school in engineering. I feel the same as well. My biggest problem is that I feel like I am the jack of all trades because of this "binges" that I go on, but I never fully learn something because it gets boring. I love starting projects, but fuck I hate finishing them when it becomes boring and tedious. That is why I dont want to do a PhD and am now going to do a masters. How do I deal with it? I guess I just keep finding things that interest me. I find that reading helps me a lot, specifically self-help books like : 15 invaluable laws of growth, Psycho-cybernetics and daring greatly. I am now on the hunt for the next self-help book to keep me my mind busy. I like them because they give you new insights into your own life, which makes everyday a new day to try some of these new perspectives making things exciting again. permalink


The Enneagram categorizes human personality into nine types. It's the work of Oscar Ichazo and Claudio Naranjo, and has a subreddit which can be found here: /r/enneagram.


[–] semondemon24 • 1 point 3 years ago

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BTW I am in electrical engineering if anyone was curious. Sounds like tpbop is also in electrical/computer engineering. permalink



/r/introvert /r/ambivert /r/extroverts /r/idealists (NF) /r/psychology /r/enneagram /r/personality_tests /r/changemyview (ENTP debate fix)


[–] semondemon24 • 1 point 3 years ago

Side note: From my experience, a masters degree is a great choice for an ENTP because you dont get super specific into details but you definitely learn a lot of cool stuff to keep you interested for a while. Ph.D on the other hand will need so much attention to detail and day to day motivation that it just sucks the life out of you. I would suggest not doing a Ph.D if you are anything like me... permalink



Dialectic (often confused with debate)

[–] IDreamOfAnarchy • 1 point 3 years ago

All Hail Lord Edit

The edit button is your friend. You must learn to love him. Cherish him. permalink


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[–] semondemon24 • 1 point 3 years ago

You forgot to capitalize something... permalink




[–] IDreamOfAnarchy • 1 point 3 years ago

I have been scrutinizing my comment, and for the love of me I can't find what i forgot to/unnecessarily capitalized... permalink




ah [+] [deleted] 3 years ago (2 children)


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