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How hard is it to learn Telugu?

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How hard is Telugu? Is it similar to Tamil? Can you pick it up fast if you know Tamil? Follow


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Answers Best Answer: First of all, which language is difficult to learn, entirely depends on what other languages you know



perfectly.. Though Tamil and Telugu belong to the same Dravidian family of languages, there is a lot of difference in them..Tamil has its own grammar that is not dependent on the Sanskrit grammar. Telugu grammar on the other hand was deeply influenced by the Sanskrit grammar. Learning Tamil is somewhat difficult when compared to Telugu..Tamil script consists of 12 vowels, 18 consonants and one special character, the āytam. The consonants and vowels combine to form 216 (18 x 12) compound characters. Overall it has 247 characters. Whereas, Telugu script consists of sixty characters that include 16 vowels, three vowel modifiers and forty-one consonants. All the words in Telugu end with the sound of Vowel. Further to learn only to speak also, Telugu is easier..You can manage to speak Telugu well in a month, but for Tamil, you need more practice and sometimes you get confused..

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So its easier to learn Telugu than Tamil..

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p.s. I'm not criticizing any language, I'm just giving you information...I respect all languages..

How to learn simple telugu fast??

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Correction: Telugu heavily influenced Sanskrit grammar but picked up a many Sanskrit words in exchange. Telugu

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has a very polished and advanced grammar system (since it is documented to be at least as old as 4500 BCE, some

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millennia older than Sanskrit) whose logic is rooted the same as algebra (Commutative, Distributive, Associative, etc.). Anonymous · 4 years ago 0



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How hard is it to learn Telugu? | Yahoo Answers

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