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How Much Do You Know About Cellular Respiration? 8 Questions | By Carinaa | Last updated: Jul 20, 2015

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Let's see how good you are at Biology and how much you know about cells!

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Start Questions and Answers 1. C6H12O6 is the formula of what chemical substance?

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A. Methane B. Glucose C. Menthol D. Phenol 2. Cellular respiration is the opposite of what other cellular process?

A. Fermentation B. Cell division

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C. Hydrolysis

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D. Photosynthesis 3. Every type of cellular respiration requires oxygen.

A. True

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B. False 4. What is produced in the alcohol fermentation?

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B. Glucose C. Fructose D. Phenol 5. What does ATP stands for?

A. Energy B. Quantity of CO2 C. Quantity of H2O D. O2 6. Lactic acid is produced through...

A. Fermentation B. Aerobic respiration C. Anaerobic respiration D. Glycolysis 7. From the complete oxidation of one glucose molecule to carbon dioxide

and oxidation of all the reduced coenzymes which quantity of ATP results?

A. 30 or 32 B. 50 or 52 C. 15 D. 3-5

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8. Cellular respiration is considered an exothermic redox reaction which

releases heat.

Organism ( Cell (

A. True


B. False

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How Much Do You Know About Cellular Respiration? - ProProfs Quiz

Home (/quiz-school/) › Create (/quiz-school/create-a-quiz.php) › Quizzes (/quiz-school/browse/) › Science (/quiz-school/topic/science) › Botany (/quiz...

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