Indiana Code 2017 - Indiana General Assembly, 2018 Session

Title 1. General Provisions

2017 Code

Title 1

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Article 1. Laws Governing the …

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IC 1 Art. 1. Art. 2. Art. 3.

Title 2. General Assembly Title 3. Elections


IC 1-1 Ch. 1. Ch. 1.1.

Title 4. State Offices and Administration

Ch. 2. Ch. 2.5. Ch. 3.

Title 5. State and Local Administration Title 6. Taxation

Ch. 3.1. Ch. 3.2. Ch. 3.5.

Title 7.1. Alcohol and Tobacco Title 8. Utilities and Transportation

Ch. 4. Ch. 5.

Title 9. Motor Vehicles

Ch. 5.5. Ch. 6. Ch. 7. Ch. 7.5.

Title 10. Public Safety Title 11. Corrections

Ch. 8. Ch. 8.1. Ch. 9. Ch. 10. Ch. 11. Ch. 12. Ch. 12.5. Ch. 13. Ch. 14.

Title 12. Human Services Title 13. Environment Title 14. Natural and Cultural Resources Title 15. Agriculture and Animals


ARTICLE 1. LAWS GOVERNING THE STATE Implementary Provisions for the Indiana Code Repeal of Certain Noncode Statutes; Preservation of Other Noncode Statutes Laws Governing the State Regulation of Intrastate Commerce Proclamation Date; Effective Dates of Session Laws Effectiveness of Acts Passed Over Governor's Veto Repealed Political Subdivisions Classified by Population; Effective Date of Decennial Census Construction of Statutes Effect of Repeal or Expiration; Reservation of Legislative Authority Effect of Certain Acts Interpretation of Name Designations Interpretation of Registered Mail as Certified Mail Interpretation of Certified Check as Bank Draft, Cashier's Check, or Money Order Repealed Standard Time Legal Holidays Indiana Day Flag Day and Veterans' Day Repealed Casimir Pulaski Day George Rogers Clark Day Northwest Ordinance Day

IC 1-1-1 1-1-1-1 1-1-1-2 1-1-1-2.1

Title 16. Health Title 17. Repealed

1-1-1-3 1-1-1-4 1-1-1-5 1-1-1-6

Title 18. Repealed Title 19. Repealed

1-1-1-7 1-1-1-8 1-1-1-8.5

Title 20. Education

1-1-1-8.7 1-1-1-9

Chapter 1. Implementary Provisions for the Indiana Code Citation Repeal of prior laws; provisions not repealed Repeal of statutes not compiled and enacted after the 1975 regular session and before the 1985 regular session; provisions not repealed Procedural statutes Invalid statutes Construction of statutes Preservation of penalties, offenses, rights, and liabilities Periods of limitation and requirements of notice Severability Severability of provisions of P.L.240-1991; provisions of P.L.95-2004 not severable Effect to be given to provisions of P.L.224-2003 Effective date

IC 1-1-1-1


Sec. 1. Citation. The Indiana Code may be cited as "IC". IC 1-1-1-2 Repeal of prior laws; provisions not repealed Sec. 2. All acts enacted before the 1976 regular session of the Indiana general assembly are repealed, except that this repeal does not include the following: (1) The following acts of incorporation enacted before the 36th session of the general assembly, and their amendments, whether those amendments were enacted before, during, or after the 36th session: Acts 1807, c.75, s.1-2. Acts 1810, c.17, s.1-9. 1824 Revised Statutes, c.64, s.5-6. Acts 1832, c.133, s.1. Local Acts 1835, c.96, s.1-3. Local Acts 1836, c.7, s.1-22. Local Acts 1836, c.9, s.1-21. Local Acts 1836, c.23, s.1-4. Local Acts 1837, c.4, s.1-10. Local Acts 1838, c.5, s.1-57. Local Acts 1838, c.9, s.1-22. Local Acts 1838, c.11, s.1-17. Local Acts 1838, c.198, s.1. Local Acts 1839, c.21, s.1-3 and 5-11. Local Acts 1839, c.42, s.1-2. Local Acts 1840, c.33, s.1-5. Local Acts 1841, c.37, s.1-3 and 7-22. Local Acts 1842, c.45, s.1. Local Acts 1842, c.51, s.1. Local Acts 1843, c.4, s.1-5. Local Acts 1843, c.27, s.1-2. Local Acts 1843, c.31, s.1-2.


Indiana Code 2017 - Indiana General Assembly, 2018 Session

Title 1. General Provisions 2017 Code Title 1 Reference Material Article 1. Laws Governing the … Print Version Search Title 1 Articl...

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