internet securitY SPHErE - TrustPort


Basic features • • • • • •

Permanent antivirus shield Email protection Web protection Intelligent firewall Creation of an USB scanner Creation of a recovery boot disk

File system protection The basic layer of protection is represented by on-access and on-demand scanning of files and folders. A highly effective double engine set is used for scanning. Reactive and proactive Both signature scanning and behavioral analysis are at work. A traditional scanner with an continuously updated virus database detects and stops most threats. Heuristic analysis takes care of the rest. Additional layers In addition to the standard antivirus and antispyware protection, email and web traffic are also monitored. The aim is to stop viruses before they end up on the hard drive. An intelligent firewall is sifting incoming and outgoing connections and blocking potential threats Keep IT Secure

Top benefits • • • •

TrustPort, a. s. Purkyňova 2845/101, CZ-612 00 Brno-Královo Pole, Czech Republic T +420 541 244 471, F +420 541 235 038, E [email protected]

Multiple protective shields Uncompromising detection Optimized interface Easy setting up

Automated updates and upgrades The virus database gets automatically updated in specified intervals, staying ready for new incoming threats. With each new version of the software, an automated upgrade is also available.

Email antivirus and antispam Vast portions of email traffic are occupied by spam. That is why it is so important to have an effective antispam. Occasionally, emails are also abused for virus propagation. That is what we have email antivirus for.

Intelligent firewall By calling our firewall intelligent means that it will not ask you about each new application. In most cases, it will accurately evaluate security of the app, and stop it automatically, if necessary.

Parental lock A web filtering module provides a protected environment for children and teenagers online. It enables blocking of predefined content categories. Any changes to parental lock are possible after entering a password.

Mobile antivirus The software provides you with a practical way of protecting your flash drives and other removable media. You can install a mobile version of the antivirus on your storage medium; it will stay protected, no matter which computer you use.

AntiExploit • Superior shield looking over your most critical and vulnerable applications • Blocks exploit kits in the browser and in the most frequently misused software • Prevents downloading of malicious software • Zero-days attacks protection

Minimum system requirements CPU: Intel Pentium IV or compatible RAM: 512 MB HDD: 600 MB free space

Supported operating systems • Windows 10, 8, 7 • Windows Vista • Windows XP


Recovery disk There are two methods available for the creation of an antivirus boot disk:, • A plugin for Bart’s Preinstalled Environment • Windows Preinstallation Environment

Remotely managed The software is fully compatible with TrustPort Management, enabling its remote installation, configuration, and maintenance on multiple computers in a network.

Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian

Licensing • 1 computer pack • 3 computers pack • 6 computers pack 

Optima – optimize your PC • Cleans temporary directories • Cleans registry • Optimizes file access Keep IT Secure

TrustPort, a. s. Purkyňova 2845/101, CZ-612 00 Brno-Královo Pole, Czech Republic T +420 541 244 471, F +420 541 235 038, E [email protected]


internet securitY SPHErE - TrustPort

INTERNET SECURITY sphere Basic features • • • • • • Permanent antivirus shield Email protection Web protection Intelligent firewall Creation of an ...

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