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Michael Maher - The Seven Levels of Communication

Books I Will Read 2/11/2013

Out of the Crisis by Edwards Deming Organized Communication by Katherine Miller Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina The Me I Want to Be by John Ortberg Peace Pilgrim_Her Life and Work in Her Own Words Deepak Chopra - Escaping the Prison of the Intellect Michael Hyatt_Platform

Books I am Currently Listening To 12/29/2012

Jeffrey Gitomer_Boot Camp

Books I've Read 12/28/2012

1. Andy Andrews_The Travelers Gift 2. Antoine De Saint-Exupery_The Little Prince 3. Ben Carson_Gifted Hands 4. Bill George_True North 5. Bill Wagner_The Entrepreneur Next Door 6. Bob Beaudine_The Power of Who 7. Brian Tracy_Eat That Frog 8. Brian Tracy_Maximum Achievement 9. Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne_Blue Ocean Strategy 10. Chris Widener_12 Pillars 11. Craig Groeschel - The Christian Athiest 12. Dale Carnegie_How to Stop Working and Start Living 13. Dale Carnegie_How to Win Friends and Influence People 14. Daniel Amen_Change Your Brain Change Your Life 15. Dave Ramsey_Entreleadership 16. Dave Ramsey_Financial Peace University 17. Dave Ramsey_Total Money Makeover 18. David Cook_Seven Days in Utopia 19. David Goetsch_Intro to Total Quality 20. Dudley and Goodson_The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance 21. Elizabeth Bonker and Virginia Green_I am in Here 22. Forrest Carter_The Education of Little Tree 23. Gary Thomas_Sacred Pathways 24. Geoff Colvin_Talent is Overrated 25. Gordon MacKenzie_Orbiting the Giant Hairball 26. Harry Beckwith_You Inc 27. Henriette Klauser_Write It Down, Make It Happen 28. James Allen_As A Man Thinketh 29. Jay Abraham_Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got 30. Jeff Olson_The Slight Edge 31. Jeffrey Gitomer_The Sales Bible 32. Jim Rohn_Leading an Inspired Life 33. Jim Rohn_The Art of Exceptional Living 34. Jim Rohn and Chris Widner_The 12 Pillars 35. John Eldredge_Wild At Heart 36. Kenneth Blanchard_The One Minute Manager 37. Les Brown_Live your Dreams 38. Lloyd Reeb_From Success to Significance 39. Louis Martinez_Keeper of the Flame 40. M Scott Peck_The Road Less Traveled 41. Mark Hansen_The One Minute Millionaire 42. Mark Stevens_Your Marketing Sucks 43. Marvin Ferguson_Be Still @ Breakneck Speed 44. Mary Grotelueschen_Saving is Simple 45. Matthew Kelly_The Dream Manager 46. Michael Cardone Jr._Business with Soul by 47. Michael Gerber_The E-Myth 48. Michael Masterson_Automatic Wealth 49. Michael Masterson_Changing the Channel 50. Michael Masterson_The Pledge 51. Mitch Albom_Tuesdays With Morrie 52. MJ DeMarco_The Millionaire Fastlane 53. Napoleon Hill_Think and Grow Rich 54. Neil Rackham_Spin Selling 55. Nic Bittle_Small Business Big Mistakes 56. Rick Warren_The Purpose Driven Life_X1 57. Robert Campbell_Timing the Real Estate Market 58. Robert G Allen_Creating Wealth 59. Robert Kiyosaki_Increase your Financial IQ 60. Robert Kiyosaki_Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant 61. Robert Kiyosaki_Rich Dad's Guide to Investing 62. Robert Kiyosaki_Rich Dad Poor Dad 63. Robert Wolgemuth_She Calls Me Daddy 64. Robert Morris_The Blessed Life 65. Stephen R Covey_The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 66. Steve Andreas and Charles Faulkner_NLP 67. Steven Vancauwenbergh_The Savvy Landlord 68. Thomas J. Stanley_The Millionaire Next Door 69. Tim Ferriss_The 4-Hour Body 70. Tim Ferriss_The 4-Hour Workweek 71. Tom Pace and Walter Jenkins_Mentor the Kid and the CEO 72. Tommy Newberry_Success is not an Accident 73. Viktor Frankl_Man's Search for Meaning 74. Will Bowen_A Complaint Free World

Books I have Listened To 12/26/2012

1. Anthony Robbins_Awaken the Giant Within 2. Anthony Robbins_Discovering Your Six Human Needs 3. Anthony Robbins_Get the Edge 4. Anthony Robbins_Power Talk-Raising Your Standards 5. Anthony Robbins_Unlimited Power 6. Brian Tracy_Advance Selling Strategies 7. Brian Tracy_Eat That Frog 8. Brian Tracy_Fit and Trim for life 9. Brian Tracy_How to Raise Happy, Healthy, Self-confident Children 10. Brian Tracy_Miracle of Self Discipline 11. Brian Tracy_Setting Business Strategy 12. Brian Tracy_Success Mastery Academy 13. Brian Tracy_The Luck Factor 14. Brian Tracy_The Power of Clarity 15. Brian Tracy_The Science of Self Confidence 16. Chris Widener_12 Pillars 17. Charles Duhigg_The Power of Habit 18. Dale Carnegie_Things to Think of First 19. Dale Carnegie_How to Win Friends and Influence People 20. Daniel Amend - Making a Good Brain Great 21. Daniel Amend_Change Your Brain Change Your Life 22. Daniel Pink_Drive 23. Darren Hardy_The Compound Effect 24. David Bach_Smart Couples Finish Rich 25. David J. Schwartz, Ph.D_Magic of Thinking Big 26. Donny Deutsch_The Big Idea 27. Earl Nightingale_Lead The Field 28. Eckhart Tolle_2 Power of Now 29. Eckhart Tolle_1 Power of Now 30. Fried and Hansson_ReWork 31. Gary Craig_Being Rapport 32. Gary Keller_Shift 33. Gary Keller_The Millionaire Real Estate Agent 34. Gary Keller_The Millionaire Real Estate Investor 35. Gary Vaynerchuk_Crush It 36. Geoff Colvin_Talent is Overrated 37. George Foreman_Knockout Entreprenuer 38. George S. Classon_The Richest Man in Babylon 39. Harry Beckwith_You, Inc. 40. Jeff Olson_The Slight Edge 41. Jeffrey Gitomer_Sales Bible 42. Jim Collins_Good to Great 43. Jim Rohn_Art of Exceptional Living 44. Jim Rohn_How to Use a Journal 45. Jim Rohn_The Masters Disc 6 46. Jim Rohn-Designing your life rather than making a living 47. Joel Osteen - Become A Better You 48. Jon Acuff_Quitter 49. John Cummuta - Transforming Debt into Wealth 50. Joyce Meyers_Iam Determined 51. Kenneth Blanchard_Putting the One Minute Manager to Work 52. Kerry Johnson_Secret to self discipliine 53. Kevin Trudeau_lose 30 lbs in 30 days 54. Lyn Christian_Entreprenuer Starter Kit 55. M. Scott Peck - The Road Less Traveled 56. Malcolm Gladwell_Outliers 57. Malcolm Gladwell_The Tipping Point 58. Margaret Lomas_CD Intro (2 min).mp3 59. Margaret Lomas_Radio Interview.mp3 60. Mark Batterson_The Circle Maker 61. Mark Joyner_Simpleology 62. Mark Sanborn_You Dont Need A Title to be a Leader 63. Mark Victor Hansen_Mega Book 64. Matthew Kelly_The Dream Manager 65. Max Lucado_Fearless 66. Michael Gerber_The E-Myth 67. Michael Masterson_Automatic Wealth 68. Michael Masterson_Changing the Channel 69. Michael Masterson_Ready Fire Aim 70. Michael Masterson_Seven Years to Seven Figures 71. Michael Masterson_The Pledge 72. Napoleon Hill_In His Own Voice 73. Napoleon Hill_The Art of Self Mastery 74. Napoleon Hill_Think and Grow Rich 75. Neil Fiore_Conquering Procrastingation 76. Nightingale Contant_Pesonal Insight 12 CD Library 77. Norman Vincent Peale_Why Positive Thinkers Get Positive Results 78. Og Mandino_The Greatest Salesman in the World 79. Robert T. Kiyosaki_Increase Your Financial IQ 80. Robert T. Kiyosaki_Becoming a successful Real Estate Investor 81. Robert T. Kiyosaki_Network Marketing 82. Robert T. Kiyosaki_Tax Strategies 83. Robert T. Kiyosaki_Cashflow Quadrant 84. Robert T. Kiyosaki_It's Easy to Be Rich 85. Robert T. Kiyosaki_Raising Your Child's Financial IQ 86. Robert T. Kiyosaki_Rich Dad Poor Dad 87. Robert T. Kiyosaki_Rich Dad's Prophecy 88. Robert T. Kiyosaki_Rich Kid Smart Kid 89. Robert T. Kiyosaki_The Secret to Retiring Young 90. Robin Sharma_Extraordinary Leadership 91. Sandra Felton_Organizing for Life 92. Seth Godin_The Dip 93. Sonja Lyumbornirsky_The How of Happiness 94. Stephen W. Hawking_The Theory of Everything 95. Steve Chandler_How to Get Clients 96. Steven Vancauwenbergh_The Savvy Landlord 97. The 60 Minute Leadership Challenge 98. Tim Ferris_The 4 Hour Body 99. Tim Ferriss_The Four Hour Work Week 100. Tom Pace and Walter Jenkins_Mentor the Kid and the CEO 101. Toni DiCell0_Make Your Own Market Seminar Audio 102. Tony Allessandra_Geniuses 103. Vikki Hansen_7 Secrets of Slim People 104. Wayne Dyer - 101 ways to transform your life 105. Will Bowen_A Complaint Free World 106. Zig Ziglar_Selling

Books I Will Listen To 5/18/2012

Abraham Hicks - Ask and It Is Given Part I The Law of Attraction Abraham Hicks - Ask and It Is Given Part II The Processes Abraham Hicks - The Law of Attraction - The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham Abraham-Hicks - Ask and It is Given Pt 1 The Law of Attraction Alexander Hiam - Marketing for Dummies Allan & Barbara Pease - The Definitive Book Of Body Language The Secret Meaning Behind People's Gestures Andrew Julow - The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Andrew Weil - Breathing, The Master Key to Self Healing Anne Rice - Blood Canticle Anthony Horowitz - Stormbreaker Anthony Robbins - 50 min. Unlimited Power Seminar(The New Science Of Personal Achievement) Anthony Robbins - Get the Edge Audiobook & 7 cd Program Anthony Robbins - Living Health [9CD AUDIO] Anthony Robbins - Personal Power II (25 cds)+workbook Audio Book - Who Am I Bert Decker - High Impact Communication Bill Bryson - A Short History of Nearly Everything Bill Bryson - The Lost Continent Bill Gates - Business @ the Speed of Thought Bill Marshall - The Science of Getting Rich Bob Proctor - The Goal Achiever, 8-part audio program, Goal Card and workbook Brian Tracy - 21 Great Ways To Hire And Keep The Best People Brian Tracy - 21 Great Ways To Start And Build Your Own Successful Business Brian Tracy - 21 Ways To Build A High Profit Business Brian Tracy - Crunch Time Brian Tracy - Doubling Your Brain Power Brian Tracy - Effective Manager Brian Tracy - Focal Point (AUDIO) Brian Tracy - How to Master Your Time Brian Tracy - How To Master Your Time - 6CDs (AUDIO) Brian Tracy - Leadership The Critical Difference Brian Tracy - Negotiating Strategies and Tactics Brian Tracy - Setting Business Strategy Brian Tracy - The Psychology Of Success Brian Tracy - The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires Brian Tracy - The Power of Clarity Brian Tracy - The Psychology of Achievement Brian Tracy - The Psychology of Achievement (Complete Program) Brian Tracy - The Science of Self Confidence Brian Tracy - The Ultimate Goals Program Byron Katie - I Need Your Love - Is That True Carol Erickson, L.C.S.W., M.F.C.C. & Thomas Condon - Deep Sleep & Sweet Dreams Carol Fleming - Sound of Your Voice Caroline Myss - Sacred Contracts Charles Harrington Elster - Verbal Advantage [24 Audio CDs] Chris Howard - Skyrocket Your Sales Dale Carnegie - How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Dan Brown - Da Vinci Code Dan Miller - 48 Days to Creative Income Dane Spotts – The Millionaire’s Mind Daniel Defoe - Robinson Crusoe Daniel Goleman - Emotional Intelligence, Why It Can Matter More Than IQ David Allen - Getting Things Done David J. Lieberman - How to Change Anybody David Lieberman - Make Peace With Anyone Dean Koontz - Strange Highways [Audio Book] Deep Sleep & Sweet Dreams By Carol Erickson, L.C.S.W., M.F.C.C. & Thomas Condon Deepak Chopra - Accessing your Inner Pharmacy Deepak Chopra - Ageless Body, Timeless Mind - The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old Deepak Chopra - Crystal Cave Deepak Chopra - Escaping the Prison of the Intellect Deepak Chopra - Gift of Love- Deepak And Friends Deepak Chopra - Higher Self Deepak Chopra - Magical Mind, Magical Body Deepak Chopra - Synchrodestiny Deepak Chopra - The Book of Secrets Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your LifeUnabridged Deepak Chopra - The Book of Secrets, Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of You Deepak Chopra - The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire Deepak Chopra & Friends - Gift of Love II Oceans of Ecstasy Dexter Hawk - 25 Things to Say to the Interviewer to Get the Job You Want Douglas Adams - Life, the Universe and Everything Dr. Peter D'Adamo - Eat Right 4 Your Type Dr. Phil McGraw - Getting Real Earl Nightingale - Communicate What You Think Earl Nightingale - Direct Line 18 Tapes Earl Nightingale - Lead The Field Earl Nightingale - The Essence of Success Eckhart Tolle - A New Earth - Awakening to Your Life's Purpose Eckhart Tolle - Practicing Presence - A Guide for the Spiritual Teacher Eckhart Tolle - Stillness Speaks Eckhart Tolle - The World Can Only Change Eric Tyson - Investing for Dummies Franklin Covey - Powerful Time Management Skills Fred Alan Wolf - Dr. Quantum Presents A User's Guide to the Universe Gary Zukav and Linda Francis - The Heart of the Soul, Emotional Awareness George A. Fontanills & Tom Gentile - Option Trading Home Study Course Audio Gerard Nierenberg - How to Read A Person Like a Book Glenn Harrold - Develop Successful Relationships Glenn Harrold - Heal Your Body Hypnosis - Lose Weight Hyrum W. Smith -10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management InnerTalk - Hairloss Hypnosis Jack Canfield - How to Build High Esteem Jack Welch - Winning James Arthur Ray - The Science of Success James Frey - My Friend Leonard Jerry Clark - To G.E.T. you must A.S.K Jim Rohn - Keeping A Journal Jim Rohn - Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness John Cummuta - Transforming Debt into Wealth John Gray - Mars & Venus in the Bed Room John Gray - Men Are From Mars, Women Are FromVenus John Gray - Secrets of Great Sex John Gray and John Selby - Living Your Dream John Maxwell - 10 Core Values To a Winning Team John Maxwell - 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player John Maxwell - 25 Ways to Win with People John Maxwell - Avoiding Leadership Landmines John Maxwell - Courage Counts John Maxwell - Failing Forward John Maxwell - Gods Gracious Gift to Leaders John Maxwell - John Maxwell - The 360 Degree Leader John Maxwell - Leadership and Economics John Maxwell - Loneliness and The Leader John Maxwell - Passion John Maxwell - Relationship - The 1st Steps to Success John Maxwell - Sauls Downward Spiral John Maxwell - The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader John Maxwell - The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership John Maxwell - The 21 Most Powerful Minutes in a Leaders Day John Maxwell - The 360 Degree Leader John Maxwell - Things That Do Not Require Talent John Maxwell - Trust - The Foundation of Leadership JRR Tolkien - The Hobbit Jules J. Schwartz - Finance and Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager Keith Ferrazzi - Never Eat Alone Kelly Howell - Deep Learning Ken Blanchard - The Leadership Pill - The Missing Ingredient in Motivating People Today Kenneth Blanchard, Ph. D. & Robert Lorber, Ph.D - Putting The One Minute Manager To Work Kenneth Harl, TTC - Origins of Great Ancient Civilizations Kerry L. Johnson - Sales Magic Kevin Trudeau - Mega Memory Kim Kiyosaki - Rich Woman A Book on Investing for Women Kurt Vonnegut - Breakfast of Campions Larry King - How To Talk To Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere Larry Winget - Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life Lee Pulos - Visualize! The Power of Visualization Louise Hay - 101 Power Thoughts Louise Hay - Overcoming Fears Louise Hay - The Power Is Within You Louise L. Hay - I Can Do It [Unabridged] Louise L. Hay - You Can Heal Your Life Luanne Oakes, PhD - Your Magical Divine Experiment Lucinda Bassett - Attacking Anxiety program M. Scott Peck - The Road Less Traveled Marcus Buckingham - First Break All the Rules Mark Victor Hansen & Robert Allen - One Minute Millionaire 3 CDs (80 mb) MARKH~1.MCC Matthew McKay & Patrick Fanning - Calm Your Mind Michael Crichton - The Great Train Robbery Napoleon Hill - The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons Nicholas Boothman - How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less Paul McKenna - I Can Make You Thin System Paul McKenna - Easy Weight Loss (audio) Paul Mckenna - I Can Make You Thin System Paul Mckenna - Motivation Power (Audiobook Hypnosis) Paul McKenna - Quit Smoking Now Paul Mckenna & Michael Breen - The Power to Influence Paul Scheele - PhotoReading Paul Scheele - Automatic Pilot Paul Scheele - Break the Habit Paul Scheele - Get Around to it Paul Scheele - Holiday Cheer Paul Scheele - Memory Optimizer Self Study Course Paul Scheele - Natural Brilliance - Reclaim Your Natural Brilliance Paul Scheele - New History Generator Paul Scheele - Prosperity Paul Scheele - Talking to Win Paul Scheele - Youthful Vitality PersonalPower5063.pdf Ram Charan - Execution The Discipline of Getting Things Done Rawn Clark - Self-Healing Archaeous - 3 CD Set + Transcripts Rex Sykes - NLP - How To Get People To Do What You Want Rhonda Byrne - The Secret (Unabridged)(Audiobook) RICHAR~3 Richard Bandler - Time Out of Your Mind Richard Bandler - Using Your Brain for a Change +Ebook Richard Carlson - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and It's All Small Stuff Richard M Restak - Mozart's Brain and the Fighter Pilot Richard P. Feynman - What Do You Care What Other People Think Robert Allen - Multiple Streams of Income Robert Anthony - Beyond Positive Thinking Robert Anthony - Rapid Manifestation Package Robert Greene - The Art of Seduction Robert Greene - The Art of Seduction +Ebook Robert Kiyosaki - Choose To Be Rich - 12CDs - mp3 and pdf workbook Robert Kiyosaki - It's Easy to Be Rich If You Have a Strong Financial Education Robert Kiyosaki - Ken Mcelroy - Abcs Of Real Estate Investing Robert Kiyosaki - Retire Rich Retire Young (AUDIO) Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad's Prophecy Robert Kiyosaki - Who Took My Money Robert Lowe - Improvisation Inc Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton - Getting to Yes Ross Jeffries - Unspeakable Confidence - Speed Seduction Audio Program Sequence 01_2.avi Shakti Gawain - Creative Visualization Shark's Attract and Date 8 CD Set Spencher Johnson & Ken Blanchard - WHO MOVED MY CHEESE Stephen Brooks - The art of Indirect Suggestion Stephen Nowicki - Biology The Science of Life (1500) Stephen R Covey - Principle Centered Leadership Stephen R. Covey - 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families Stephen R. Covey - First Things First Stephen R. Covey - Focus... Achieving Highest Priorities Stephen R. Covey - Power of the 7 Habits Stephen R. Covey - Principle Centered Leadership Stephen R. Covey - The 8th Habit From Effectivness To Greatness Stephen R. Covey, Jennifer Colosimo - The 4 Disciplines Of Execution Steve Pool - Fearless Public Speaking Steven L. Goldman - Science Wars, What Scientists Know and How They Know It Steven Pinker - The Stuff of Thought Stuart Wilde - Trance States Susan Jeffers - Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway Sylvia Browne - Healing Your Body, Mind and Soul Tal Ben-Shahar - Happier, Finding Meaning, Pleasure, and the Ultimate Currency The Power of Power Affirmations The Secret Law of Attraction Part 1 The Secret Law of Attraction Part 2 The Secret Law of Attraction Part 3 The Secret Law of Attraction Part 4 ThinkRightNow! Success Conditioning Programs Tom Clancy - Clear & Present Danger Tom Hopkins - Selling for Dummies Viktor E. Frankl - Man's Search For Meaning Vocal Training Wallace D. Wattles - The Science of Being Great Wayne Dyer - Being In Balance Wayne Dyer - Change Your Thoughts [Meditation] Wayne Dyer - Four pathways to success Wayne Dyer - How to be an NLP Wayne Dyer - Inspiration - Your Ultimate Calling Wayne Dyer - It's Never Crowded Along the Extra Mile Wayne Dyer - Live Seminar Wayne Dyer - Power of Intention Wayne Dyer - Seven Beliefs To Cultivate Magic Wayne Dyer - The Secrets to Manifesting Your Destiny Wayne Dyer - Wisdom Of The Ages Wayne Dyer - You'll See it When You Believe It Wayne Dyer - Your Sacred Self Wayne Dyer & Deepak Chopra - How To Get What You Really Really Want Wayne W. Dyer - Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life Will Durant - The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time William Marshall - Power Affirmations Zig Ziglar - Goals Zig Ziglar - Goals 1 Zig Ziglar - How To Be A Winner Zig Ziglar - How to Get What You Want Zig Ziglar - Success for Dummies

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