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28 September 1930


B.A. Columbia University, 1951; M.A., 1954; Ph.D., 1959. Dr. h.c.; Univ. Paris-Denis Diderot, 1976; (Litt. D.), York Univ., 1995; Univ. Libre de Bruxelles, 1996; Univ. Nac. Aut. de México (UNAM), 1998; Ist. Sup. de Ciênças de Trabalho e Empresa (ISCTE, Lisbon), 1999; Benemérita Univ. Aut. de Puebla, 1999; Univ. of Bucharest, 2001; Univ. of Alicante, 2002

Academic Posts:

Professional Activities:

Senior Research Scholar, Yale University, 2000Director, Fernand Braudel Center for the Study of Economies, Historical Systems, and Civilizations, 1976Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Binghamton University (SUNY), 1976-1999 [Emeritus] Directeur d'études associé, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris), 1975-76, 80-81, 83-95 Professor of Sociology, McGill University, 1971-76 Department of Sociology, Columbia University, 1958-71 Visiting Professor at Alicante, Amsterdam, British Columbia, Chinese Univ. Hong Kong, Dares-Salaam, Illinois, Montpellier, UIMP-Menéndez Pelayo, Montreal, Napoli, Ottawa, Texas President, International Sociological Association, 1994-1998

Chair, Gulbenkian Commission on the Restructuring of the Social Sciences, 1993-1995 Charter Member, Society for Comparative Research, 1994Adjunct Scholar Abroad, Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Kyungnam University, Seoul, 1992Member, Advisory Committee on International Programs, Social Science Research Council and American Council of Learned Societies, 1984-87 Member, World Association for International Relations, 1983Member, Sociological Research Association, 1980Member, Board of Directors, Social Science Research Council, 1979-85 Member, American Council of Learned Societies and U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences, 1979-1991 (co-chair, Subcommission on World Labor and Social Change) Member, Executive Council, International African Institute, 1978-84 Alternate Member, Council, International Sociological Association, 1978-86 Member, Council, Tocqueville Society, 1978-1982 Member, Program Committee, IXth Congress, International Sociological Association, Uppsala, 1978 Co-chair, Association of Concerned Africa Scholars, 1977-91 Member, Comitato Scientifico, Istituto Int. di Storia Economica 'Francesco Datini', Prato, 1977Member, Int. Comm. on the Social and Economic History of Turkey (1071-1920), 1977Member, Board of Governors, Institute of American Studies

(Paris), 1977-81 Member, Executive Council, American Sociological Association, 1977-80 Member, Comité de Direction, Groupe Etat et Capitalisme à l'Epoque Moderne, Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, 1976Vice President, Research Commission, National Movements and Imperialism, International Sociological Association, 197490 President, Research Commission, Centre Québécois des Relations Internationales, 1974-75 President, African Studies Association, 1972-73 Honors, Fellowships and Lectureships: Leerstoel (Chair) Immanuel Wallerstein, University of Ghent, 2002- [Inagural Lecture by IW on Mar. 11, 2002] Annual Urban Lecture, Hunter College, 2002 Charles R. Lawrence II Memorial Lecturer, Brooklyn College, 2001 Y.K. Pao Distinguished Lecturer, Hong Kong Univ. of Science & Technology, 2000 Distinguished Visiting Professor, Amsterdam School of Social Science Research, 1999 Fellow, Amer. Acad. of Arts & Sciences, 1998 IPE Distinguished Scholar, International Studies Association, 1998 Sir Douglas Robb Lecturer, Univ. of Auckland, 1997 Daalder Lecturer, Rijksuniversiteit Leiden, 1997 Tyneside Geographical Society Lecturer, 1996 Gulbenkian Professor of Science and Technology, 1994

Medal of the University, Univ. of Helsinki, 1992 Distinguished Lecturer in Historical Geography of Social Change, Assn. of American Geographers, 1992 University Award for Excellence in Scholarship, Binghamton University, 1991 Wei Lun Visiting Professor, Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong, 1991 George A. Miller Visiting Professor, University of IllinoisUrbana, 1989 Tripartite Lecturer, Royal Geographical Society, Geographical Association, Institute of British Geographers, London, 1988 Distinguished Speaker, Center for Advanced Study in International Development, Michigan State Univ., 1987 Officier, Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, France, 1984 Marshall Woods Lecturer, Brown University, 1977, 1984 Cecil H. and Ida Green Visiting Professor, University of British Columbia, 1977 Distinguished Speaker, International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations, 1977 Sorokin Prize (for Distinguished Scholarship), American Sociological Association, 1975 Sorokin Lecturer, University of Saskatchewan, 1975 Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, 1970-71 Ford Fellow in Economics, Political Science and Sociology, 1970-71 Rosenfield Lecturer, Grinnell College, 1968 Foreign Area Fellowship, Africa, 1955-57

Phi Beta Kappa, 1951

Editorial Board:

Editor, Review, 1977Editor, Studies in Political Economy of the World-System (Paradigm; formerly Sage, Greenwood), 1978Co-editor, Studies in Modern Capitalism (Cambridge Univ. Press), 1979Mediterranean Social Sciences Review, 1996Asian Perspective, 1995Development and Change, 1994CEMOTI, 1993African Journal of Political Economy, 1986Political Geography 1982SUNY Press Editorial Board, 197780 Canadian Journal of Sociology, 1974-78 West African Journal of Sociology, 1974Journal of Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, 1973-77 Africa Today, 1968African Studies Bulletin, 1965-69

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Articles (partial list) Some of these articles have been reprinted in collections of articles, published as books. The following notations refer to books listed previously, with year of English edition: CWE: WSA: PWE: AMW: ASM: RNC: GPG: USS: AL: EW: EsW: DAP:

The Capitalist World-Economy, l979 World-Systems Analysis, l982 The Politics of the World-Economy, l984 Africa and the Modern World, l986 Antisystemic Movements, 1989 Race, Nation, Class, l991 Geopolitics and Geoculture, 1991 Unthinking Social Science, 1991 After Liberalism, 1995 The End of the World As We Know It, 1999 The Essential Wallerstein, 2000 Decline of American Power, 2003

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