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7 Organic SEO Tips to Enhance Your Web Traffic Organic search engine optimisation is a comparatively newer terminology in online marketing. This term refers to the group of methods used to obtain a high ranking for a website in search engine results in organic way. This means, unlike the conventional SEO techniques, organic SEO uses unpaid and algorithm-driven concepts to obtain a higher ranking. Some of the most popular methods used for organic SEO include posting high-quality content, boosting keywords, backlinking etc. The black-hat SEO techniques like link farming can also boost up organic SEO results. The term ‘organic’ also refers to the characteristics of organisms, which will grow and adapt over time based on the readers’ responses. Here, we will discuss some basic tips to consider for organic SEO.

SEO Tip #1 The easiest organic SEO method is to ensure that you make a strong and sustainable URL. This can be best achieved by making your primary keyword itself as URL.

SEO Tip #2 You need to ensure excellently balanced keyword density to benefit from organic SEO. The keywords must be sprinkled adequately throughout your content, but never go beyond the limits to end up in blacklisting.

SEO Tip #3 One of the major aspects missed by many companies is – Effective Call to Action (CTA). As ‘Call Now’ or ‘Buy Now’, your website should ask the customers to do something. Make CTA a clickable link, which is easily visible from all places of a website to get benefited.

SEO Tip #4 Effective social media interaction is another unique way to enhance your organic SEO results. Google highly admire socialisation and can automatically take you on to top with this. Just make the social media icons linked to your website. Have Facebook feeds, Instagram photos, and Google+ reviews link, which can enhance your search ranking automatically. Moreover, these are free resources for SEO, which anyone can use.

SEO Tip #5 Have videos. If you have a YouTube channel, you can dynamically integrate it to your web pages. Videos can create more engagement now with the viewers. Unlike olden times, the internet speed also increased remarkably, which makes video playback a breeze. You can see the real difference in your analytics when people spend two minutes instead of 30 seconds to watch a video.

SEO Tip #6 Create ‘alt tags’ and do proper image naming. As the search engines cannot read images, the crawlers access the alt text and the image names to index. Make sure that these are relevant keywords to give you proper mileage. All the images appearing on your website, including your logo, must be named appropriately, don’t just leave it as ‘LOGO.jpg’

SEO Tip #7 Make sure that you also incorporate a ‘robots.txt’ file at your root directory. This is a vital thing to be done to give a proper direction to search engines. The robots.txt file can tell search engines about which directories can be crawled. As of late, another important thing to consider for organic and generic SEO is to develop a mobile-friendly site. With the latest search algorithm introduced by Google, many of the top websites lost their position just because they aren’t mobile friendly. As the web traffic through mobile has surpassed PC traffic now, it is a mandate that you should make your website mobile friendly to get any SEO benefits.

4 Pitfalls of Internet Marketing to Keep a Close Eye On No doubt that SEO company in Brisbane can bring in a lot of business. Majority of the consumers now trust online purchase over going to the brick and mortar stores, and even though who go out for physical shopping make a purchasing decision after checking the product details online. So, for any business, which wants to reap the best benefit of online traffic, it is essential to know the techniques of online marketing.

Internet marketing If you are aiming to attract more customers, then you should know where you should rightly invest your time and money. When compared to the conventional modes of marketing and promotions, online marketing is now the most cost-effective and time-saving channel to reach to millions of prospects across the globe instantly. However, there are not just benefits to this, but there are some potential troubles too which you need to know in advanced to work better. ‘To understand the best part of something, you should know the worst part of it first.’ Here, we will discuss some of the potential pitfalls of internet marketing to keep yourself away. 1. Lack of focus Don’t simply beat around the bush when you are getting started with internet marketing. Many people make this mistake by putting their hands on various possible internet marketing avenues they come across and end up in losing proper focus on any. It is a big mistake if you do this without having proper resources to execute things well on multiple channels. So, at the first point, assess all your options well, do a ground-level research and then choose one you can best start with. If that doesn’t work, the move on to the next and then try all one by one to find which one succeeds. 2. Lacking diversity It is not in contradiction to the above, but you should rightly understand that it is also a mistake to put all your eggs in a single basket. Lack of diversity can take away your varied benefits in terms of internet marketing. Say for example, if you are overtly dependant only on SEO, then if Google changes it search engine algorithm one fresh day, then your online repute may instantly get affected adversely. You should avoid such a situation by diversifying your internet marketing practices. The right moment to think of diversifying is when you find something already working. Focus first, then plan for diversification. 3. Not tracking online marketing performance Among all such mistakes you can make in internet marketing, the gravest one could be not tracking ROI of your marketing efforts. If you don’t track, it means that you are riding blind and you will surely fall. If you lose money at certain areas unnecessarily, then you have to re-route this investment to other relevant areas you and identify by tracking the performance of each avenue you explore. 4. Not properly testing You are simply leaving money on the table if you are not continually testing. You should implement A/B tests every once in a while doing internet marketing. A simple example is to show a particular message to half of the viewers and another one to the next half. This can give you a better insight on which one works better to implement on a long run. It is a fact that you can increase your sales significant without augmenting your marketing budget if you can boost yoru website conversions by 25%. You also need to be in close touch with your online community to know about the updates in internet marketing as the trends keep on changing.

3 Concrete Ideas to Create an Easily Noticeable and Memorable Logo Design Logo design is a task demanding a lot of thought, work, and rework to come up with a unique and admirable design for your business. There are various types of logos you may come across as just a tick mark of Nike to the most complicated abstract logos. A logo should rightly reflect your values and it should also be easily recognisable to even little children looking at it. The best move is to create a ‘concrete logo’.

Concrete logo Concrete logos feature an easily recognisable object on it such as a face, animal, or any natural object, which can be easily registered by the viewers as they have seen it thousands of times in their lives. A face with moustache, rabbit, or apple are some objects of that sort which people can easily recognise and memorise the details attached to it. This is a very simple, but fast approach to logo design. On the other hand, we can find that abstract logos are so hard for our brains to interpret as there is hardly anything existing to compare the image with. We need to either memorise it in full like we have learnt the alphabets for the first time in life. When it comes to concrete logo making, here are three major tips to go for a memorable one. 1. Choose an animal You can easily identify that many of the iconic brands have animal logos. From ancient times onwards, animals inspired artists. Each animal has a specific personality attached to it and on identifying it judiciously, you can make use of animals as your brand icon, which can surely be an excellent way to represent your products and services in a unique way. However, to make a successful animal logo, you need to consider which all animals will be an ideal metaphor for you. Say for example, a lion or tiger stand for strength, courage, and determination. Dolphin may represent friendship whereas an ostrich represents speed. The options are endless if you do an in-depth research in this regard. You need not have to use the animal images as such, but can apply some artistic twists to it for a completely unique look. 2. Go to nature Trees, flowers, leaves, fruits, mountains, valleys and everything related to mother nature always contributed to our inspiration. So, these objects can surely make memorable designs. Nature logos may work the best for food, travel, hospitality, and restaurant brands. But, think of Apple Inc., and see how effectively a nature logo syncs to a technology brand too. 3. Have a face What you see in the logo of KFC? Humans rely on each other to survive, so what best than a man or woman’s face to come as your logo. We can remember and recall a face at the best, so it is an excellent logomaking idea to have a face on it. It is also scientifically proven that our brains can easily memorise face and character logos. There is also a scope of focusing on specific details of human face as eyes, hair, a hat on head etc. for logo making.


Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Linux Bazaar Linux Bazaar The SEO Guide You Were Waiting For! 7 Organic SEO Tips to Enhance Your Web Traffic Organic search engine optimisation is a ...

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