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Case Study on Leadership Styles March 7, 2012 case study writer Leave a comment

Case Study on Leadership Styles 1. Devon seems for me to have task-oriented or transactional leadership style. His opinion about being a leader is that the one who is successful should be able to exert power. The transactional leader is provided with the power for particular task performance, as well as for the reward and punishment of his subordinates. And Devon considers that leadership constitutes predominantly actions the person takes with his employees. For him it is everything about appropriate punishment and reward. He insists on making the job and tasks of the employees less complicated and challenging by assigning them exact amount of those with definite instructions, and then just ensures that his subordinates possess adequate resource base for task fulfillment. It is how transactional leader acts- he leads the group of people by setting particular goals to it to accomplish, and then possess enough power for evaluation, correction and training of the employees when the expected goals are not reached and rewarding them in the opposite case(Burns, 1978). Devon can be called to some extent a servant leader as well (Greenleaf, 1977), as this kind of leader facilitates objective accomplishment by providing team with all necessary resources so that it be productive. As a task-oriented leader, Devon would focus on the specific tasks and job that should be done assigned to each employee to reach some goal. This leadership type presumes close supervision of the team to ensure that all expected results are achieved. Devon also insists that his key feature is being a leader who is guided with the sense of fairness, and he would reward and punish justly, as well as he also claims that his employees would perform on the high levels and be satisfied with their jobs. Read more…

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leadership case study example | Free Case Study: Case Study

Free Case Study: Case Study Examples and Sample Case Studies Professional case study writing help. Free case study examples. Free sample case studies...

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