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Personality Profile Tests Page managed by KA TL Last update 7/21/11 Ishidos will be asked to complete 1-3 personality tests while working with Lifebushido. This helps us determine your work style and the best fit within the company. The RCI test is the one that everyone should be taking when hired. There are a few other fun free ones that you might be asked to take. There is also an official DISC test at the bottom of the page that is not free - that we are only to take when instructed to by Steve.

FREE Personality Profile Tests: Top Wikis Daily Driver Call Ishido - All Ishido - New Hire Ishido - QuickBase Lifebushido Directory Payroll Teams - DB Wikis

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Bigger Gains RCI Bigger Gaines RCI Please take 10-15 minutes to complete the Bigger Gains RCI survey. You will be sent an email immediately after completion of the survey. Once you get your results, forward them to [email protected] and your team leader, and be sure to include your comments as to how accurate the results were.

What Animal Are You? Takes 5 min, please take and copy and paste your results and send to Steve and CC your TL - be sure to add your comments! View an awesome presentation prepared by a former Triangle:

Another cool survey to take: Dewey Color System Dewey Color System Please take 5-10 minutes to complete the Dewey Color System Survey. Please send results to Steve Kantor and your team leader.

cherieturner NazihaHassan CynthiaMoore

Official DISC Testing -- Callers take: NOT below test. Callers only. Only take the below if you have been instructed to by Steve; unless you would like to pay for it yourself..

JennyLouGood barbragan traceybujaki

Here is an example of what results the DISC testing provides: Melissa.DISC.pdf Details Download 468 KB To take the paid test you can follow these instructions: Visit Select the online version - DiSC Profile Online # W-800-DISC for $36.00 Follow the instructions to take the testing Get reimbursed by creating a goal action under Expenses and billing for the hours equivalent of $31.00 Send a copy of the pdf results from the testing to the KAT Team Leader and to Steve. If you have any questions, be sure to see the KA Team Leader.

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