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TOP NEWS: China Raises Short-Term Rates Unexpectedly After Fed Hike [ 06:35 ] Alliance News UK - Start Of Day [ 06:33 ] Trump Claims US Congress Has Reached Agreement On Tax Cut Measure [ 06:32 ] China Raises Short-Term Rates Unexpectedly [ 06:25 ] TOP NEWS: May Off To EU Summit After Brexit Bill Defeat In UK Commons [ 06:22 ]

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This section provides material aimed at educating retail investors in the UK and abroad.

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HARGREAVES LANS1,693.00+4.44 GLENCORE 354.00 +1.89 BAE SYS. 565.50 +1.80 BARCLAYS 203.80 +1.60 INTERTEK GROUP 5,110.00+1.59 All data delayed by at least 15 minutes | as

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Find out more about Millennium Exchange the London Stock Exchange's new trading platform, which builds on the expertise brought into the Group by the acquisition of MillenniumIT in October 2009

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1000 Companies to Inspire Britain

SETS Intra-day auction brochure

Corporate Governance Guide

Guide to Listing on the London Stock Exchange

ORB Listing Guide

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