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Thursday, September 1, 1988


Vol. 36, No. 35

Council plans deliberations on Villagers issue

A night in the spotlight By Ann Haver-Men Managing Editor

By Michael Peck

Hwy can because they think they can. v.231, licloguc,

Staff Wnlor Virgil

Friday nighl was the first time George Berry stepped on stage to perform But ut his theatrical debut, George easily won the heart of the audience,as he assumed the part of the Rev. George and recited "The Creation." George raised and lowered his voice, iwundcd his fist on the lectern and gestured as his delivered his flawless rendention of the lengthy poem. George was among six youths selected to participate in the Summer Drama Workshop sponsored by the Franklin Township Board of Social Services. "I am concerned about the values that are (aught to our children," said Drama Workshop instructor Marvin Jefferson. "Hopefully the kids can walk away feeling that they can do anything without drugs." Friday night's performance was the culumination of about four weeks of work where the six youths worked to produce the program for presentation before parents, friends and members of the communityIlie theme for the evening, "Values," was supported with excerpts taken from various plays and poems which illustrate a moral lesson, according to Mr. Jefferson, who is an actor, director and producer in Newark by trade. ,• Dramatic selections included a scene from "Raisin

See DRAMA, Page 4A

Staff Photo • Knren Monclnelli

George Berry as the Reverend George performs "The Creation" at Friday night's drama performance for the Summer Drama Workshop program.

far more debt than they could repay The council appears likely to sign a lease arrangement with the Villagcis under which the township would purchase the buiVing for a price that will cover the theater's debts The Villagers would then pay back the amount over 40 years.

liailinj'. the Villagers Mam Thcatie out DI its cmu:nt financial pmhlems may he a chcapci alternative tor Franklin Township than letting the theatei manage on its own, according to township othcials. • Hut the situation is complicated Fianklin 'Township Manager John t>ecause the theater is on municipal l.ovell and li.inklin township al land, which the Villagers have leased torney I hoinas (atleity said thai d from (he township for SI |>cr year the council decide1, not to lend the Mr C'alferty indicated that the Villagers the moie than WKUKM) council has three basic options. they need, the township could ulhirst, the council can bail out the timately be. liable tor the theatei's Villagers. debts. Second, the council can choose not Two weeks ago. the Villagers told to help the Villagers at all. Since the council members that they need theater building is legally a fixture on S.MK).(KK) to S'MKUXX) to pay toi the municipal property, creditors could lenovations of their building, which not take the building nor would the they said had climbed from Vl2'i.(KX) township IK liable for the Vil to $7X5.(MX). In addition, the Vil lagers'debts. Creditors could only lagers will also need ovei '•.KKl.tXM) take the Villagers' assets, such as foi site mipiovcmenis, which in stage props and the seats inside IIK (IK ales they will ultimately need to theater. Ixurow over VS(M),(X)() tioin the town Third, the council can allow the ship Villagers to default on their debts, I he situation is delicate, since the and then claim the building and its Villagcis already owe the money to lurnishings as municipal pio|Kity Township officials have said the creditor1. Accoidmg to theater dmc tor Mark Hopkins, the Villagcis recently icah/ed they had contracted See VILLAGERS, Page 5A

Hillcrest teacher named tops by Somerset County By Michael Peck Staff Writer Clementine Young never asks her sixth-grade pupils to do things she would not do herself.

packet lor the award. "You had to select educational problems and write about how you would treat and solve them," she said, adding that applicants also had to include a summary on their philosophy of education.

As a teacher at Hillcrest School for Mrs. Young, an animated woman the past 21 years, Mrs. Young has made many reluctant pupils write who speaks passionately of her work, essays, and it could be her refined described her-philosophy as one of essay writing skills that earned her teaching children the problem solving the title of Franklin T o w n s h i p skills they will need for school and Teacher of the Year and Somerset life. County Teacher of the Year. "I try to make kids problem solvers," she said. "It takes a lot of Mrs. Young is now one of 21 work to get kids to think that way " finalists from the various counties Mrs. Young said sixth-graders are throughout New Jersey vying for too young to be taught about life state Teacher of the Year designation. directly, and that she instead stiesses Mrs. Young said the whole the skills she believes will be needed /Teacher of the Year issue began when in the higher grades. she spent a week filling out a state "Indirectly, it helps prepare them

mip a stoiin will close tin' blind- and lead hei i Tis\ a story.

"I hope somewhere someone saw how much 1 like teaching." —Hillcrest teacher Clementine Young

for life's situations," she said. Combined with this philosophy is a classroom approach that Mrs. Young described as "firm but fair "Hie kids will tell you I'm firm," she said. "I could not teach in bedlam. If they don't follow the rules. I'll have detention in a minute. "I expect them to work as hard as I do," she added "If they see me slough off, they have |>crmissioii to do the same."

Hut though the wouls iu.iv he hard. the sentiment behind them is earui)' "I tell them I'm a Ic.ichcr. not a policemen. I like to leach, and I'm not going to let anything stop im. fiom doing that |ol>." Mis Young said Indeed Miv Young also exposes a more human side to hei class She said she told her classes that she is Inghtened by thunderstorms, and dm

"Not a single kid wants to laugh." she said "'I hey want to piolcct me Mis. \ ouiir :tit! dealing v, illi sixth giadeis also meant that she must deal v.ilh iioimal glowing pains "Somelim- . I even have to be Ann l a n d e r s . " she said, dealing' with such issues as the awakening tccluig, that i luldicn ha\e lor mcinhcis of the oppo.ite se\ Mis Young, who lutors al her chinch on Siiluidays. said even her chinch 11 iss is pioud oi hei leieivmg the local and county Te.ichei ol the Year designation. I t ' s l i k e t h e n l e a i hei w a s i h o s e n , " she said (iiveu her dedication, it is not s u r p r i s i n g . Mrs Y o u n g m a r r i e d

Franklin celebrates heritage

another teacher Her h u s b a n d . Wiltin, taught third giade in l a i lirunswick for 2(> years. " H e taught little people, I like the oliler o n e s , " Mrs Young said It is even less suiprismg to liud th.it Ixith ot her children, as well as a nephew she and her husband iaised. have all become teachers Mrs Young denied that she had inllueueed ilieir choice ol careers. " I like to think that what we've been tluough ovei the yeais has rubbed oft on them.' she said "And ihey'ie g o o d . " Mrs. Young is awaiting the icstilts of the stale award, which she e.\pn I to be announced m October She expressed a hope that -hi would be judged on hei most nnp"i rant quality " I liojie somewhere someone • av. how much'l like teaching." she s,ml

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SOMERSET — Between 250 to 300 people turned out Saturday, Sept. 27 to take part in Franklin Township's Heritage Day, according to Keith Fasanclla, Franklin Township Parks and Recreation's duly appointed chairman of the Hcrftage Day festivities. "We had people taking part in all the activities," Mr. Fasanclla said. "It was great seeing everybody having such a good time."

Early deadlines set


"We had people taking part in all the activities. It was great seeing everybody having such a good time."

Monday, Sept. 5 is Labor Day and the Franklin News-Kecord office will IK closed. Hccause of the holiday, deadlines for press re leases and classified advertisements have been moved up to .S p.m. on Friday, Sept. 2. Please make sure that all news worthy items to IK published in the Thuisd a y , S e p t . 8 i s s u e of the News-Record are in the office before deadline.

—Chairman Keith Fasanella Mr. Fasanclla added that while Heritage Day is considered a success, the Parks and Recreation staff "would'vc liked to have more people come out." The day's activities got off to an early start with the baby boomer parade and the heritage costume contest. All the entries were given toys, courtesy of the Parks and Recreation Department. •

New Jersey Trivia

Staff Photo • Brian Barman

The Happy Times Children's Theatre performs "The Three Little Pigs" at Saturday's Heritage Day. The day-long festivities were See HERITAGE, Page 7A sponsored by the Franklin Township Department of Parks and

' «*< -••• , 4 . *,,..

Recreation and were held at the Symon Van Wicklo Houso on Easton Avenue.

V./-WE $,*•'



What noted Revolutionary War writer was run out of Hordcntown by a jeering mob years after his return from France?

(See answer Page 10A)

lh» FranMbi News-Record

September 1, 1988


District goals Dedicated to Franklin's government given board OK Russ Demkovitz:

even serving as a Presidential Intern at the federal Department of Labor in 1973. Despite some remarkable experiences in Washington, such as touring the Oval Office and attending a reception where he shook hands with Richard Nixon and L e o n i d B r e z h n e v , Mr. Demkovitz decided to intern in business. "I was never involved in politics until I came to Franklin," said Mr. Demkovitz, who moved to Franklin 11 years ago from Carterct. "The push to get into politics came from my w i f e , " he said "I used to grumble about things, and finally my wife told me to do something about it." Mr. Demkovitz joined the Republican Party in I9H4, and ran unsuccessfully in 1985 in what he described as a hotly contested lour-way race. "1 have no regrets about having run and lost," he said, adding it gave him valuable experience. His second council bid in 1987 was successful, and Mr. Dcmkovitz was elected deputy mayor by his fellow councilmen. "I was told the night I was sworn in as councilman," he said, still with a trace of disbelief in his voice. "Here I an> trying to get my feet wet as councilman and deputy mayor " Mr. Demkovitz. deprecated the deputy mayor slot. "The only role lor the deputy mayor is to fill in wherever the mayor can't do what he is asked to d o , " he said "Invariably, whenever I attend a function, they call me mayor But Mr. Dcmkovitz also noted the importance of the deputy mayor for public functions. "The way I look at the deputy mayor is thai you're an ambassador of good will," he said Ironically, while Mr. Dcmkovitz adopts a modest style, he also loves public speaking "I can make a speech if I haveto five minutes from now," said Mr Dcmkovitz, who served on his high school debate team and once attended law school. Because Mayor Joseph Martino spends so much time on the Franklin Township Planning Board and other duties, Mr. Dcmkovitz said his deputy's duties cost him one to two more days a week. Mr. D e m k o v i t z s a i d h i s schedule and Mr. Martino's complemented each other, with Mr. Martjno frequently working

By Michael Peck

Staff Writer

Franklin Township Deputy Mayor RusVcll Demkovitz is a team playcrX He is a man who prefers consensus to conflict, and a politician who appears to draw more satisfaction from a smoothly administered policy than from having his name flamboyantly stamped across that policy. Perhaps it is that learn spirit, that willingness to forego individual recognition for a greater good, that makes Mr Dcmkovit/. an ideal councilman Not s u r p r i s i n g l y Mr I^cmkovitz, a big man with an almost gentle quality about him, speaks in terms of the council rather than of the councilmen. "1 don't think there should be heroes," he said. "'Hie council should be thf hero." Mr. Demkoviu, who will re (cr to "the opinion of the council" in press interviews, unabashedly said he believed in consensus. "I think the council has to work as a unified body," he said. "People have made the comment that whenever there is a stormy situation, they look at me to bring calm. I'm the person who will sit down and analyze the situation " Hut while he may be moderate in his approach to politics, Mr Demkovil/ is nothing less than a zealot in his devotion to his job As well as having (he duties ol deputy mayor, he is a member ol the c o u n c i l f i n a n c e , public works, and municipal facilities committees. In addition, he is a member of the first aid squad subcommittee, an ad hoc committee on open space in Frank lm, and probably will be involved in a committee dealing w i t h the t a x a t i o n ol c o n dominiumv The result is a schedule that keeps him out three evenings a week and usual ly one day on the weekend The motivation for under going such a grueling schedule appears to lie in the fascination, and perhaps even natural talent, Mr. Demkovit/ has lor ad ministration This fascination is evident in the types of committees that Mr Demkovitz serves on, which all deal with municipal services "It's probably because of my postgraduate education," Mr Demkovitz said. "I have an MA in public administration I'm trained to be a city manager " Mr. Demkovitz originally intended to work in government,

FKANKLIN NEWS-KE(ORI) IS C«dw Grove Ionsit>ilities "II the political becomes ovcibeaimg on the olliei two, it will IK- tcititied l a s l , " lie said Mr iJeinkovit/ said he may mil again when his leiin expires Hut even il lie does not run, be sounded smicie when he s|x>ke ol posterity "II I dc( iile not to inn altei lliiee yeais, I want |H-ople to say he was a good count ilinun who did Ins job. he sanl.

Reading outlets bus trip planned The ('onsolata Mission ' enter on Route ?.'l in Somerset is planning a Reading Hus I rip at 7JO a m on Saturday. Sept 17 I lie bus will visit the Reading, outlet stoics and com hide the day with dinner The cost is S U lor resetvations, cull Judv at I'll *)\')\

One yen, 121 Higher n u t fiwtrttl of f M :. Business Journal



Registration #09036

2 MULTI-POSitl' c II u e N o . .' I Mi W) 4 7 , to the Kingston Shopnte on 1 S l m o n c c l l i w , r , l i m i t %H ) . pill , S I ' ) i n Route 27 Jan In Mi l.awiencc was i-iiurt c o s l 1 . lined SHX), plus Sl"i in court KISIS, and he was otdeled to pay % W t " theVC( U In addition, he v.a\ onliied l l i n i n . i . l l u i i ' i " , ' , . ."*. n l W i n d . H I In [iay R-slitution to tin: stoic t o diiviii)'




in C i a n h u i v w . i \



|)iool n l

( i l i l i r . H I ) 1 v,In.-11 I n 1 ,

v.,1, sus|Krii(!eil o n Kuiilc .'/

July 1 4 M i Uurj-i-ss w a s iine.l S p l u s S I •) i n i m i l l t o M

I'nlni Stieel


. ' V (>| 1 )(irv,iii

in N e v . H M H I W . n l v..r, Inuiiil

I ' u i l l y ( i t i l r i v u i ) ' .>. 11111 > 111 ,i I n e l l 1 , e o n Ki m l e .11 n o i t l i l i o u i i i l

JuUI/ M i

O t ' l l i i i / '.'..is I n i e i l S . ' M ) . p l u \ S I ' 1 i n

Riehaid M e l e i i o n ol lishei Drive in Irankllii I'aik pleaded junlty to daiiiapiif, the propcity ot another on June 2 Mr M e l e n o n was lined S IV). plus ^1 *) in com! tost',, and lie v.as ordered to pay S N) to the V< ( I i In addition, he v.as oideied to pay restitution to the ownei ol the plop city A 10 day |ail senteme u..ts sus|H'nded by the i ouit

( u n i t ( o ' . t ' , n i i I h e i n . i v Hi it IM- I v . u i - 11 ;> I n ell 1 .! 1 I o l .Hi u n i r p o l l ' i l [ K ' I I O I I u l IIIIII

Joseph Slleet


M . nl West

in l . o s A i i j ' c l c s .


( 'ahlorma.

p l e a d e d j'Uilty t o i aiele'.s d i i v m i ' o n Koli'.ll < lull1, hi.i, M i s s i s s i p p i ,



ul ( oliim

I a s t o n A v e n u e M a y .'•! A n i n c i d e n t

.'.a IIIIIIKI j'liillv n l

l e s u l l u i ) ' i n | H : i s o n a l iiipiiY a n d p l o p

ill I v n i ) ' ;u i t i n i n MI i n l ' a i ' H i K u i i l e .' /

eily dainaj'e ikiiiiieil, h u ti m tuithei


inl'iiiii.ilion w a sa v a i l a b l e liolu


I / M i ( I ni i ' , v , , r , l i n e d S I . " > . ' II 1 ,I

S IS i n i m i l l

In cir.e

w; i \


.mil l u i in

h r ,let o l d s



w a sl i n e d S / U ,

1111 p l u s S I S i n ( o u i t i o , l s

l e | « i l ! e d ( K i i n d ' i| IIIIII1



IH. o l

W e .ipmnl

A I I I I I I A n IK I . K) n l I t a i v i / V . c i u i c in

A v e n u e in S o n i e i s e l p i e . u l e d I'liilf, In

S o i n e i s e t w a s l o i n i d i'lillt v n l p a s s u i j '

lailui)' t o lepoil

a slo|)|X'(l si. h o o l I m s o n M a v 1 / M s



v . a s l i n e d S M I , p l u s 1.10 i n



< .1 I u e i

v.,1 1 , l o i n i d ( ' H i l l ' ,

( in le in S o n i e c e l

u l t i n viii i' v.i tin m l p i o n l o l i n s i i i a i i i e i n I n s | X ) S s e s s i o n o n Ne'•'. D M I I I S V . I ' k Kuad \ll)




a n ,n ( i d e n l


w a s lined

at t h e

M a y '> M s

S M I , p l u s S I 'i in

IH M i

hithi w a s lined

p l u s %1 0 in ( i n i i l i o s l s

I-' 1 "' H u l i e i . .'.!, o | Kanlv.o.iil Av.

IV I o d r i v i n g .in m i m . u i e . l . ; U - M o t l l . a n e July Hi Ml I h u . d l c v



"ii Koute . ? « / s o u t l i l . o u n d Julv « M ' , I I U I H . I w a s l i n e d V i ( H ) p l u s 1, l'> in ' c o u r t c o s t s , a n d n e i In eir.e v..e, s u s p e n d e d ;m a d d i t i o i i . i l M l d . t y s

l i n e d SIOO. p l u s ST> in M . , , , 1 •I I iii i o s l . , a m i h i ' . IK ell 1 .I- v . , 1 ' l e ' . n t e d |c n . j , ( . . .. 1


" ' '>' H ' l i kK.v.n p l e a d e d p n l t v Io etli Avenue May 21 Mr Ixyva was lined SM), plus %\^ in court costs, and he may not t>e issued a drivers license lor IK0 days

MK li.n I H a m s . .M. ol livington Avenue 111 I h / a h e t h pleaded guilty to dir. ing while iiitnxicated on Route 27 May ."> Mi H a m s was lined V2M), plus SI'i in unlit (.osls, and he was oideied to pay a SHX) surcharge, to the DMV In addition, he was selilein ed Io -IH bolus al the II)R( '. ami Ins hi d i s c was sus|H'iidc.d lot IHt) davs

Juan /.amuoco, 10, ol Park Avenue 111 Perth Ainlioy pleaded guilty to driving an uninsured car when he was unlicensed to drive on Koute 287 iioithlMiund July 14 Mr /amuoco was lined V4S()\ plus %'M in court costs, and he may not t>e issued a drivers license lor one year

l o i i a t h a n R e e d , M). nl l l a i i n l t o n S t i e e t III S o i m l s e l pie a d e d guilty t o dlivnig while i n l o n n a l e d a n d l e l u s ing in l a k e a b i e a t l i a l y / e i test 011 R o u t e . ' / s o u t h b o u n d June .'.I M i K e e d w a s lined SMKI. p l u s S 10 10111I i o s t s . a n d he w a s m d e i e d to pay a SKXl s u u h a i g i tu tlii D i v i s i o n ol M0I01 V e l m les In a d d i l i o u . h e w a s s e n t e i u e d to 'IH IIOIHS al t h e I n t o ' . Killed D n v e i s R e s o u u e C e l i l e i , a n d his In e n s e w a s sus|>ciide(i tin o m veal

I .till(-lit S a u i v i l u s . I S . o l M a i n i l l o n S l i e e l ill S o i n e l s e t p l e a d e d g u i l t y t o t.neless diiving o n llaiinlton Street Inly .'I A n a t e i d e m l e s u l l i n g i n • p e i s o i i a l ilijill s. a n d p i o p e i t y d a m a g e Ollando ( u s p o . \.\ i d I'liillip in ( l i n e d , b u t 110 I l i i t h e i i n l o l i u a l i o n R o a d in S o m e l s e t p l e a d e d not guilty w.is a v a i l a b l e l i o i i u o u i t r e c o r d s M i hill w a s l o u n d g i n l l y ut p o s s e s s i n g an Sauivilus w a s lined SSO, plus S I S in o|H'li e o n t a i n e l ol a K o l i n l Hi Ills ' al ( uitis Brantley, (o, of Roberts on M a l t l l l S t i e e t M a y .'H A n ,11 1 idenl 1 m i l l i o s l s Koad 111 Somerset pleaded guilty to leslllling III p l o | K i l v (I.Ullage m ilnving an uninsured car when his ( l i n e d , but n o l u i l h e i 111I01 illation license was suspended on DeMott w a s a v a i l a b l e I10111 1 n u n it > o l d , Mi I V i i i u I ' e i a l t a , IK, o l I e e A v e n u e l.ane June 2H. Mr. lirantley was lined < l e s p o w a s b i n d S.'IK 1 p l u s \ I '• 111 in N e w l i i u n s w i i k | i l e a d e d g i l l l l y I o V(>00, plus % i(t in court costs, and his t o u t t i 1 ists ( h i v i n g a n n n i n s u i e d i ,11 o n J u l i e t A v e n u e a n d R o u t e 2 / July 2 0 M i I ' c i a l t a w a sl i n e d S I O 0 . p l u s S I S i n 1 ( n u t ( n s t s . a n d I n s I ne n s e w a s s u s p e n d e d l o t IH0 d;iys

( / e s l a n / e l a / i i w s k i ol I'oit R e a d nig A v e n u e in l'nit R e a d i n g , I'elin •.', K ,1111a p l e a d e d g u i l t y t o ( h i v i n g while iiiiip K ated o n Route 2H7 siiiilhbuiiiid A u g 7 M i / x d a / o w s k i w a s l i n e d S 2 S 0 . p l u s S I S in i.ourt Al ( , ! Nl 17 ( ( i s l s . a n d h e w a s o i d e i e d tu p a y a Si n i l < i l l l l i s l e v . ' I 1 il ( O I K o l d SHXI s u i d i a t g e to t h e D M V In D l i v e 111 S o i n d s e l p l e a d e d g u i l l v t o a addition he w a s s e n l e i n e d to 4K ( h a i ) ' e o ! a s s . m i l l o d g e d ' i n A u g '» h o i i i s at Ihe I D R ' . a n d Ins In e n s e M i ( i i i i u s l e v w , i, l i n e d S . ' S O , p l u s v. as s u s p e n d e d I m I HO d a y s \ I '1 i n 1 1 n u t 1 11 s i s and he wa o i d e i e d Io p a y SMI Io t h e V( ( 'Ii Willie I ov kh.llt Jl . . » / . ol Noitll Hlo.nl ' i t i e c l in N e w lililliswick p l e a d e d guilty io ( h i v i n g w h e n h i s In ense w as 1 e v o k e d o n R o u t e 2 / July

I . m i l l ' l i c l i j a i n i n o l I 1 .'. is \ l i e e l 111 S o m e i s e l p l e a d e d guillv Io a (tial)'i ol a s s a u l t l o d g e d o n J u l v . ' / M s l i e n | . i i n m w a s l i n e d S . 1 SO p l u s S I '1 i n 1 i n u t 1. u s l s . a n d ' - h e v . a s o i d e i e d I ' ' p a y S M lt o t h e V ( ( I i

' 0 Mi i:«i. I h a i l w a s lin e d SSu t S i A n n s ( ' o i u l p i n S n i n e i s e t |> 1 e.iileil i u , ,', l o u i r . i i r , ' ' ' w h e n I n s In e n s e w a s [ e v o k e d . a n i l I n givingalalsenaiiietoapolKe.dlKe.

The Somerset County Hoard of Chosen freeholders successfully op|x>scd a Piscataway Township ordinance that could have meant increased truck traffic on Kaston Avenue in iranklin Township The proposed ordinance prohibited trucks in excess of lour tons Irom using ,,.,„ |K.M| W.,,|||1(,() V,,, , „ , Kivcr Road between Metlars Lane-John Lynch'Bridge and Koute L2K7 Laston Avenue could have served as an alternate route "I wrote to (State Department of Transportation) Commissioner (iluck and AK;I;SI n voiced our opposition to any changes in weight limitation that would effect I ) a i u e l I .i-yv.i 2 1, o l M a m . S h e e t our county roads," Freeholder Director Michael Pappas said. "The DOT has ruled in our favor and is not changing the weight restriction" Ilie IXJT made its decision alter completing a study involving speed leadings, accidents and other existing conditions on River koad Kec omnlciidations were made to lx)th Middlesex County and Piscataway Township officials to ensure that River Koad is as sate as possible


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Freeholders successful in road ban opposition

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or daughter in college, keep him or her in touch with your honrmtown

Michael Kirpan ol Martin Street 111 Soineiset pleaded guilty to a charge ol assault lodged on July IK Mr Kirpan was lined $2S(), plus VIS in court costs, and he was oidered to pay $ended lor 180 days Rodney Keys. .'I , ol I'hilhps Koad on Aug IS, and the second offense ill Soineiset pleaded guilty to dlivinj; occurred on Clarcinoht Koad on Aug . Athaigeol assault, lodged on Mav 111 uninsuied 1 ai on Haier Avenue IS Mr Dorsogna wus fined $1,250, Sylvester l;air, 29, of Syndain .>..'. against ha MiMillan .">. o! April \'l Mi Keys was lined %\W, plus SM) in court costs, and Ins Street in New Brunswick pleaded (ieolges Road 111 New linniswuk, plus SI S in i ouit LIISIS, ami Ins license was suspended an additonal guilty to driving when his license was 12(1 days He was also sentenced to was dismissed at the K i|iie,l ol the license was sus|>cndi'd lor IHOdays two days in jail, with credit for time sus|)ciided on Route 27 Aug 7. Mr Mi Keys was also lined S-.5 lor state Ml MiMillan was oideied to Fair was lined 1>S(K), plus SIS in court solved p a y V > in 101111 1 o s l s in t oiinei linn 1 uiiieinpt ol i mill costs.

l i a n / M e t / .M. (i| ( nlnnial D n \ e In I'.asl l i i u n s v . u k p l e a d e d guilt'. In J o s e p h Ko.n h Ji ol ( I n m h i l l A v ( h i v i n g an uiunsiiied < ai w h e n Ins c m i c in S eiset p l e a d e d i'uilly Io IK e n s e v.as u v o k e d nil Route . ' / July d r i v i n g w h e n I n s In e n s e v . a s i e v o k e d . ' / Mi M e l / w a s l i n e d S'lSO, plus " " K o u t e .'.7 Jill 1 , 7 M i K n . i t II v . a s S 10 in ' 0111I i o s l s . ''w^ Ins In ense l i n e d S S ( H ) . p h r S I '» i n i m i l l m s l s w a s ,11 pelided an addllii 111,1! seven ; " i d h i s I n e i i s e v . a s s i r . j x ' i i i l e d all 1111 i n l l i s a d d i t i o n a l M) d . i v ,

A h < H u n d l e v 11 .'Ii ul Malli-.on •V.eiiue in A s h u i y I'.ill p l e a d e d p i l l


Jav lei M . u t i n e / , -!0, nl < aiti 1 R o a d in N e w l i n n i s w u k p l e a d e d not g u i l t y , hut was l o u n d g u i l t y ol at t e m p t i n g t o e l u d e | « i l i i e on Mav Ml Mi M a i t m e / w a s l i n e d S.'^O, plus S I S in (.01111 ( l i s t s , a n d he v,;r. o i d e i e d t o p a y S Ml t o the V( ( Ii

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pay S c on sale .it the show, Three prominent local artists the Art Show, Meadows Founwith titles in all ma|iir lieUls. have been named to serve as dation, 1289 Easton Ave , Somechildren's books, aiul records judges at the Fourth Annual Art rset, N.J. UH873, or calling (201) The event will benefit restoShow and Book Fair set for Sept. 828-7418 weekdays between 10 ration ot the touiulation's four 10 at the Van Wickle House in a.m. and noon. historic houses Kain date is Sept. Franklin. Show Chairman Mark More than 9,000 used books 11. Admission is Iree. Else announced the appointments of Sally Judd of the MacAfee School Art Department, Betty Katz, formerly with the Franklin Township school system, and June Sadlowski, an artist and art teacher in East Brunswick. Both p r o f e s s i o n a l and non-professional artists are invited to display and sell their work at the show, which will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the grounds of the Meadows Foundation's historic showcase house near Easton Avenue and DeMott Three $HK) Awards for Excellence will be given in both categories, plus a "Peoples Choice Award" of SKX) to the artist getting the most votes Local artists Betty Katz, left, and Sally Judd will will judge entries from those attending the show. in the Fourth Annual Art Show and Book Fair Saturday, Sept 10 Artist may register by writing at the Van Wickle House on Easton Avenue.

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..,*. Fencing • Patios,


' Snow kemov.i

For Free Estimates, Please Call


609-921-8440 or 201-297-2911

The HELEN PAUL School of Dance Member ol NJ Dance Theatre GuikJ Professional Danco Toachors Assoc


Seniors give thumbs up to Green Thumb program

been there ever since, exeept for a in the southern part of the state is 94. Host agencies must IK1 non-profit six-month hiatus in I'M7 when her income temporarily exceeded the al- organizations willing to provide a job At an age where most ut lier lowable maximum. setting for older workers. While the contemporaries are resting nil the Judy Kapp is an administrative Green Thumb program pays the enImitsot theire.irhei labors, kla is still assistant at the tenter lor Human rollees' salaries, the host agency lurking lull steam ahead. IACIS Resources, which conducts staff de- provides training and supervision. If ueekday morning, the 7 I-year-old velopment training seminars at the a regular position in the organization North Brunswick resident leaves her request of the state Department ol becomes available, they must agreeInnne nil ol (ieurj'es Road and duves Labor. She supervises Ida and one to consider the Green rhumb worker to her job at the Labor luhication other (ireen Thumb participant. along with other applicants. Center at Rulgeis Uiuveisity. "They don't have to hire them," "They're a great assistance to the I dice in the ottiee. she ions the secretaries throughout the Institute ol Mr. Bache said. "But they do have to photocopy machine, suits and de Labor Relations." Ms. Kapp said of give them consideration." l-lach year, hvcis mail, answers telephones, and the (ireen Thumb workers "1 have l>ctween 18 and 20 |K-rceiit of the |)iepares bulk mailings lor the Center found in my experience that the enrollees in his district graduate to lor Human Kesouiees unit ol the (ireen Thuiubers I supervise are more regular employment. Institute lor Manai'ciiient ami l.aboi dependable in terms of getting to Sadie Fahr. K4, has been employed Kelations. work on time and getting the job done at the Meadows Foundation in Frank" I |Ust didn't want to he sitting than many of the paid employees." lin Township for the past several h o m e . " Ida said about her decision to The (ireen Thumb Program was years. She performs light housedelay retiiement. "It's more thera founded in ,1%5 as a part of Lady keeping chores at the Van Wickle politic tor me to be out u o i k m j ! live Hird Johnson's Keep America Beaut- House on Uaston Avenue lour mornliouis than to be sitting home all iful campaign. Displaced fanners ings each week. A native of Hngland, day." were employed to |K-ifonn gardening she has been living in Somerset since Ida also values the Incndsliips that work in the nation's parks and 1959. she has lorined on the job. She and alongside highways. The program is The Meadows Foundation was esliei c o u o i k c i s take lunch liouis still sponsored by the National i-'arm- tablished in 1977 for the purpose of together and sometimes socialize at ers Union. preserving historic houses in Franklin each other's homes in the evening in its 23-year history, the program Township. The Van Wickle House, Her continued employment is made has grown from 280 workers in lour built in 1722, is a popular site for possible by (iroen Thumb. Inc . a states including New Jersey to meetings and receptions as well as a l e d e r a l l v l u n d e d p i o u r a n i t h a t almost IK.(XX) participants in -15 tourist attraction. I'lle American Cancel Sin ict'. . provides |oh tiamiiij! anil work expe Ms. Fahr was working for the states anil Puerto Rico. The scope ol Middlesex County Unit, is inteu---wA rieiice to iou incoiue senior citizens the program has also expanded, and Somerset Community Action I'roin establishing an innovatnc pioi'i.im Participants in the piogiam work up many organizations in the non-profit gram under the Comprehensive Hmfallal Volunteer Companion-. Io 23 liouis per week in government sector - including schools, libraries ployinent and Training Act, when the The purpose ol this prot'i.iin i-- to i>ltices and non-proht agencies in and health centers - - can now benefit funding expired in 1970. She was provide respite to the kiuiih meiiibeis then communities. Iroin the enrollees' lite experiences. able to keep her job by switching to ol cancer patients. Also, oltcn p.i Ida. who asked that her last name About !M) percent of the participants the Green Thumb program, later tients are lell alone .ill : SouthSKMMrt t>l


orla. 49.99 .

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Naeatu: VIM«V sutam OMmClly:: MlH«H»n 8un>*« MM

tUMA Mwd: t w W»» MM

8OCKSMITH Man's and Bays'


NIKE Finale for men and women

^«^»_» u .

rag. S l l

reg. 4.9B

Sale now through Sept. 10,1988.


Prtncvten: 0««*«

Wiyw " " " - w o W " " I . SnnMrict:r«iil>WllT. The bus will leave at 8:30 a.m. from North Brunswick Township High School and return by 7 p.m. Payment must be made to hold registration. You can register at the DHS office in room 418 at NBTHS between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Fund Run to benefit children's hospitals The Somerset Marriott Hotel will conduct a Fund Run to benefit the Children's Miracle Network. The five-kilometer race will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 17, and will begin and end at (he hotel entrance. All proceeds from the Fund Run will benefit the Children's Miracle Network, a national organization that sponsors local children's hospitals. Tor a $20 entrance fee, each runner will receive a commemorative T-shirt and free refreshments after the race. Participants may race in the men's, women's, or "over 5 0 " divisions. Prizes in each category include: first place — $100, second place — "Two For Breakfast Weekend" at the Somerset Marriott Hotel, third pris&e — Sunday Brunch for two in the King's Wharf restaurant. To enter, send name, address, phone number and entry fee to the Director of Marketing, c/o the Somerset Marriott Hotel, or call (201) 560-0500, extension 6606, for more information.


September 1, 1988

The Franklin News-Record

Half Time bakes Holzy's for B crown Fidalgo leads way to 5-3 win

inning when Vlastaras ripped a single to left-center, scoring Nicosia. Down three runs, Holzy's elected to be more selective at the plate, and its strategy paid off. Mike Cardalli and Jack Koonu sandwiched walks around a single by Tom Britt to load the bases. A sacrifice fly to second base by Art Holzheimer and an RBI single by Jim Bacon kept the inning going, as two runs scored and men were left at the corners with only one out.

By Kyle Moylan Staft Writer The fact that Half Time's I'hil Fidalgo was wearing a New York Yankees' cap was a pretty good indication he wouldn't be pitching a shutout. Still, with some great defense behind him, Fidalgo was effective enough lo pick up a 5-3 win over Hol/.y's anil the i-raiikltii Men's IJ l-eague championship. All three of the games m the series were low scoring, and il looked for a while as if I'idalgo would have to toss a shutout to get the win. Two-run innings in the sixth and seventh gave Half Time and Fidalgo some margin ill error with which lo work. "1 was worried," Hall Time man ager Dave Featherston said "We haven't scored any runs off of them all season. Still, I knew that as long as we had the lead and they had trouble scoring off of us, we were okay." Half Time had won the first game in the best-of-three scries 3-2. Having been shut out 4-0 in the second game hy Hol/.y's, Hall Time was aware the first run of game three might be a pivotable one. Hall lime ended Hol/.y's hopes of hack-to-back shutouts in the top of the first, as Jim Vlastaras and Dulton I-'ealherston singled, and Ken Smith lollowed with a sacrifice fly to right. "I just wanted to lift the hall up into the air and gel him in." Smith

Needing only a sacrifice fly to tic the game, Szalanczy lifted the ball to Half Time's Smith in short center Smith caught the ball with his momentum heading toward the plate, and, after faking several throws toward his catcher, fired the ball behind Koontz, who was bouncing back and forth around the third base bag. Koontz dove back into the bag and appeared to beat the tag of third baseman Dalton Featherston, but he was called out to end the inning. "That call really put a damper on t h i n g s , " Hol/.y's manager Art Holzheimer said. "He looked safe. That was a key call in the game, but it didn't go our way. Still, to get this far, who's to complain?" A sacrifice fly by Mike Duhigg and an RBI single by David in the top of the seventh rebuilt Half Time's lead to three runs. That was enough for Fidalgo, but things did get interesting in the bottom of the frame. After Bill Kronstadt lined out to Staff Photo • Craig DeMartino start the last of the seventh, Pat Jim Vlastaras of Half Time concentrates on a pitch in a regular-season B League game. M a r o l l o . S z a l a n c z y and Dave Mike Fcathcrston, one of the man- Rudolph all followed with singles, said. "Our team seems to be able to After surviving the last of the fifth play better once we have a run in." on defense, Half Time's offense ager's two brothers on the team, loading the bases with the potential followed with a foul fly to left, which tying runs. All Holzy's could manage Fidalgo protected his slim udvan- came alive in the top of the sixth. tage through threats in the second, Bruce David and Tony Nicosia S l e v c Szalanczy elected to catch, from the threat was one run, howthird, fourth and fifth innings — the opened with singles to left. Nate even though it allowed David to score ever, as Mike Shimalla and Cardalli each grounded into 6-4 force plays to last of which saw Hol/.y's leave the Koops then beat out a dribbler in Half Time's second run. Half Time added another run in the end the game. bases loaded. front of the plate to fill the bases.

Rivers coached, toured

Borja seeking to rejuvenate FHS soccer from ground up German grid camp

gives servicemen's kids chance to play

By Kyle Moylan Staff Writer Franklin, you've got splamm' to do. Despite only starting practice last week, Efrain Borja, the new Franklin High School boys' soccer coach, is already looking lor the reasons why the team lias struggled so much in the past "1 tx:lieve the administration at Franklin High School is going to back us all the way," Borja said. "I've told Mr. (Pat) Dolan (the athletic director) what it takes to build a successful program. You need support from the top down •- the, administration, town officials and, most important, the recreation programs have to be improved. The coaches have to know exactly what to leach the kids, and it'll start from there. II the kids aren't IK ing taught the right things at ages six, seven, :ight, by the time they're 13 or 14, they're not going to be able to compete with other areas." Borja has already met with the president of the Franklin soccer club and plans on becoming involved with the recreation and traveling programs. "If you look around here, you can see there's a lot of work that needs to be done. From watching the kids and from working with the kids, 1 can tell you it's going to be very hard to get them the basic skills that they need. They lack a lot of basic skills — trapping, passing, simple things they should have picked up five years ago. "I'm not going to concentrate this year on skills, I'm going to concentrate this year on conditioning, making them fit to play lH) minutes If they can do that, it'll make up for the skills." Borja, who succeeds (iarlielcl Francis at HIS, coached at the New Jersey Institute of Technology for the

By Kyle Moylan Staff Writer

Staff Photo •

Efraln Borja, the new boys' soccer coach al Franklin High, grew up in Ecuador and played for the New Jersey Institute of Technology. last live years. Borja also has taught computer science at Elizabeth High School the last five years, a position he will maintain this year. A two-time All-Star at NJ1T and later a semi-pro player, Borja became an assistant at his alma mater in

Shortly afterward, he was moved into the head coaching position. "They just made it (the coaching job at NJIT) a full-time position," Borja said. "Financially, seeing as how I had to leave Elizabeth, it was

See BORJA, Page 21A

Crocco to break 1,000 boards for MDA The Holiday Inn on Davidson Avenue in Somerset will help give "Jerry's Kids" a break by sponsoring a Labor Day Weekend Break- A-Thon. Mike Crocco, the chief instructor at the North Brunswick Taekwondo Academy, will raise money and break hundreds of wooden boards consecutively with his bare hands to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The shattering event will be held in conjunction with "New Jersey's Largest Bed Race" at 12 noon Saturday at the Holiday Inn. Crocco, 22, asked his students if they would like to help Jerry's

Kids by collecting donations throughout their community. The responses were positive, and for each dollar a student collects, Crocco will break a board. "My goal is to reach onethousand dollars," said Crocco. "If I reach my goal, 1 will break 1,000 boards." During the Brcak-A-Thon. Crocco will be assisted by his partner, Pete Skarzynski. Crocco and Skarzynski will auction off boards throughout the day, demonstrate acrobatic jumps and offer free karate lessons to anyone interested. Both men arc black belts in Taekwondo and have been

practicing this Korean art for several years. All money raised will enable MDA to provide comprehensive patient services and worldwide research. MDA operates 240 out-patient clinics nationwide, including six in New Jersey, By joining the North Brunswick Taekwondo Academy this Labor Day Weekend, you will be helping the fight against muscular dystrophy and giving "Jerry's Kids" a "break." For more information, please c a l l D e n n i s D i a s at ( 2 0 1 ) 750-5040 or Mike Crocco at (201) 257-6327.

Within the last two weeks, Franklin High School football coach Len Rivers has seen his share of football and football, liven while in West Germany, however1. Rivers stuck to the football he knew best. Rivers, along with Bob Casciola, a vice president of the New Jersey Nets, were in West Germany from Aug. 2-12 to run a quarterback and receiver camp for the coaches and students of 125 dependent schools for children of servicemen in the area. The camp was at an army base in Fulda, a city located only 10 miles from the East German border. " W i t h over 120 d e p e n d e n t schools, there has to be a lot of servicemen over there," Rivers said. "1 didn't know what to expect. What we ran into were a number of schools run at an army base with excellent facilities. The other thing we noticed was the kids were v^ry enthusiastic." Outside the armys bases the only football being played was the European equivalent of soccer. "You drive around to the villages, and they all have these trcmendpus soccer fields and two or three clay tennis courts (a probable Boris Becker influence)." Not having brought along a racquet and accustomed to a football game with heavy padding. Rivers stuck to the sport he knew best. "This was an outgrowth of the camp we mn in the states," Rivers said. '"Bob Casciola runs a quarterback and running back camp all over the country. I work with him there. The department of dependent schools wanted him to bring someone over with him, and so 1 went with him. "We started by running a two-day clinic for 30 coaches, teaching them quarterback and running back techniques. The next four days the coaches taught the approximately 160 kids what we had gone over, and we stayed around in case they had any questions. "We taught the receivers how to catch the ball, how to run patterns, how to make cuts. We taught the quarterbacks how to take a three-step and a five-step drop, how to release the ball, how to read a defense, then how to put it all together." Rivers looked upon the camp as particularly important because many of these children will be returning to the United States to go to college when their parents fulfill their military commitment. "The one thing that stood out to

"Some of those kids were surprisingly good. There are three or four potentially exceptional Division I football players." — Len Rivers me is that they have an excellent football program, but have had a hard time in getting recruited by college scouts from the States," Rivers said. "Hopefully, we can do something about it. "Some of those kids were surprisingly good. There arc three or four potentially exceptional Division I football players. Obviously, there are also a lot of Division II and III caliber players as well. 1 know that'd I'd like to have them on my team." After the c a m p , Rivers and Casciola spent several day touring the country. "We rented a car and toured the country for three days," Rivers said. "I'm very impressed with the country. It's clean and the people were \very friendly. "We drove around like a couple of tourists. We went to Nuremberg and Heidelberg. We didn't get into the Black Forest, but we did get to see a castle up on a hill. We also went into the stadium where Hitler addressed the Third Reich. "In the big cities there wen: a lot of people who talked English. They were very friendly, and 1 got the impression they didn't want to talk about Hitler and what happened, especially the younger ones. "Being in another country, we had to try the native food. Il was different but good. We also tried the beer. I'm not usually much of a beer drinker, but the German beer was excellent (laughs)." Right now Rivers is involved with putting the Franklin football team together. However, he is already entertaining ways to spend his next summer vacation. "Tom LaBlanc, the athletic director for the dependent schools, has already invited us back for next year. I'm looking forward to it. It's a beautiful country, and kids are kids. They have the same interests." Sports are a common interest Football is where things get complicated. Maybe Rivers wasn't teaching the proper football for Germany, but one would have a hard time convincing the kids of that.

The Franklin News-Record

September 1, 1988


Was it a family feud — or just a canoe race? Symi-!• V a n W K W 1 Muuse o n h a s t o n

By Kyle Moylan Staff Writer

A v e n u e .uid v . e u \ l o t h e first locV ncai Roult

Staff Ptiotoa • Brian J. Berman

Tho Delawam and Raritan Canal Canoo Ha-;o was a two-boat affair off. Below, Leo and Gary lake tho early load. Bill and Wayne won this yoar. Above, Bill Allen (front) and Wayne Borsuk in canoe 17 the two-rmle race. and then mspective brotfiors, Lee (climbing aboard) and Gary, push

Not since the days when folks dressed up in gray or blue unilornr. have brother) been on such diver.isides of a contest us they wenSaturday. Dill Allen and Wayne Hoisuk < •' Hightstown wvre challenging a Ic.mi made up of each ol theii oldv-i brothers, l-ee Allen ot Roosevelt and Gary Borxuk ol I'errinevillc. in the annual Delaware and Raritan Canal Canoe Race, which was held in conjunction with l-ranklm Town ship's Heritage Day activities Despite not having the expeiiciiic of their brotheis, Kill and W.ivm were able to row ucioss the liiush Inn in 46-minutes. The time was t h i c minutes lasicr than their challenger,, who were the only other contest,mis in the race "I was wearing a blue I shin and he (Ixe Allen) might have had ria> shorts on, come to think ol it," Hill laughed. "It was a rcgulat Civil Wai "Wayne's wile (Hctsy) was mak

" I hey • .ml il w a s iv sei'ined


(•riinil knov.



1Y.I and b a c k a g a i n .


il w.isn'i

l i e s , but n

Hill l a u g h e d . oi live



It) m i l e s ,



"Ihi-y •..ml v..' laceil live 01 six m i l e s l.r.i \ e , n

a n d lli.it \ i e i i i e d like 1 0 .

i a-,t yeai

liill v. as leaiillllcd w i t h

In1, b i o l h e i R u n v.ho h a d t o m a k e a •.lop at tin- M a i n u l l b l o n d pie 1 . 1 ,uii


v.a1, sv.( a i m g cy.i i ssively Hill

to t a k (

medii m e b e c a u s e he

,md \Va',ni'

This yeai


half h o p i n g

lie II u|i|iuii' ill - v.'nild

also take a

In. v k d u i i n i 1 Mi' i . i ' e , but I r e a n d ( n r . v . e i e n ' t 1'ir, mi1. H I In !• .'..|i llu

i I' in i (led t o be carried ai ins- V ,M i' HIS Iui k s in c o n t i n u e d o w n 111" p . : 'A nil tin lat i- s h o i t c l i c d this V ' . I I , tin' i ,n e d u e lots n e e d e d t o l>c a lut ni1 >it i n a i m tn mi hide t h e Ira llllll'll

l l l | > l i l t I

" W b a i 'vi ilnl w a s p u l l ovei t o t h e sidi n l llu i i ' . c i , HIM .'() l e e t u p u hill, 11 HI 11 '. I a> HI ',', a l i n k , p l a c e t h e IMKII in ill' i Hf>, alxmt loin yeais alter she left the hospital "liven bcfoic I got out ot the hospital, I asked al>out a wheeh hau basketball team My dad then tound out about the Blue Devils, and I joined them in I')H"> " Stewail said playing lor the Hlue Devils was tough at liist, "mil just the playing, but getting back inio shape." No interest charges until February 24, "Alter you end up in a wheelchair. And no monthly payment until April you have to learn everything all over again how to eat, get dressed, take a shower, and all that slutl I also had to build my strength back up again, • HXCI-N COMPACT UTILITY TKACTOKS especially, for basketball, in the shoulder areas and the arms. Wheel chair basketball requites a lot of the

Golf tournament neatiny

Cut a great deal on a John Deere

Zero interest 'til 1989 - it's attracting a lotof interest

SWKI.TRR OR SWIM. As soon as the thermometer hits 100; hmulr.'ds of homeowners will decide1 to buy a pool tb.it same day Out i( you ( all Anthony before thf bi^ push, you'll beat possible summer pritv\iv n\is« s •UILOCR Of OVER IM.OOOiPOOLS





• Princeton Area, Kusw Rd , Hamilton Shopping Center. Hamilton 'ji|ii.ii« (609) M l MOO • Nomstown, PA (215) 219-0800 • Bramlywint, I'A (715) 459 89$O • AHentown, PA (215) 4349300 • Marlton. NJ (609) 963-3102 • Monmouth Ocean County Area (201) 93S7665 • WilnlrVjton, 01 (307) 656 5693 • Own, Of. (302) 674-2294 • Heading, PA (215) 374-4240 • HIM v y I'A (717) 5337229 • I master, PA (717) 291-W27 • Fairmngdalo. NJ (201) 938-7665 • Princeton Area. NJ (609) 581-0900 • Atlantic City Aita N I (609) 6412253 , • Cape May Area. NJ (609) 884-0040 • W y o m i n g AMM PA (215) 374 4240

MaU lo Anthony Poott nyi I ellixi Howl Nowtkmn.l'A 19401 U Send f f * £ tmxjhura



Nothing Runs like a Deere*

I'.nal v iiipw s a s a iiii-inix-r oi the

v.lii r | ' h a u basl.t-lball t e a m ,

il w a s

t,il>!r t'• mil', iliai j'tii hei stalled alter I I ' I I ' 1 1 . • I •! 1 1 1 . 1 1 H > 11 1

1 | ' l r . t il l a l i l ' I t ' i i n i s a l o t a l t e r I |. II i!n l i ' . ' . p i t a l . lull vdie.n I g o t i.i i i . I i n i . r . l . lli,ill i n l ( ) H f i , I g o t a l'i; -il ^ . • p n i i u i u t K " . l a , l A l t e r T e d l'.a|ilan I.I • m i a g i ' d int. a n d ( o l d m e I tl I n "'t| I . . a . invited lo g o t o I n g l a i i ' ! .viiii ,i . ' . i i i i i e n ' s b a s k e t b a l l l ' a l . i l ' , i r | ' i i Ii ,iiii Hi I ' M o I d i d n ' t p h . n u n Ii hill I t l i d g a i n a l o t o l e . \ p e i n in i I n I,!• I 'iii. v . , i i l n o t e d , h e i t r a v e l s . i h d nth,.-i h i i l i l m • h a v e l i l t h e r l i t t l e inn i n I . i n id n i m o p e o v e i h e r I ii' i l n .n 11' ii 1 I'.ij'lii a l i c i ! ('Hi ( n i t o l t h e

lm .pii.d I h.id I11 go bai k In school (North Iliimsv, it k lownship High), ami Irani Imw to do everything all (iv i again I was too busy training and '.'.ml ing and studying lo thin . i i II m l I I I ' 1 I I I | I M V

Stcw.ul said that allei her injury .lit IHIIIHI imi v.In. In i ieal friend v.cie .' '.UIIII•. |. n|Me lu-aled me dilferent l\ '..1'ile oiln-is Healed me the sam< a llu , al" iy , had I think those whi it ali 'I mi dilleienlly didn't reall I in iv, lii'\>. lu deal with my injury. I w alwavs managed, howeve in maim mi a positive altitude. always Ii ' I I can do Ihe same thin iilhei people i an do Just because. I' in a wlniH'iiaii doesn't mean I ear dti anything !ili wail ad'I'd llial although Ilia liaiin-r. enist tu discourage disabl |.t n|il' limn j'oiii) 1 into ceitain plac il IIIM II I II ally bollici her. "II I i a n t I'll into someplace Hi1.1 v.iiii t i'ii i h e i e , " she stau " I ' m nut the lypc that takes cvt ihiii)1 .will a Mnile. nor am I pohlit al lype. I will voice iipiiiiim , tluiilg'h, v.ln'ii I have to litcwail s ultimate goal is to te adapled physical education on i (illrge level

"I'd like to teach those studi how lo leach physical educatior haiidn apjird children they're (|iuii il In take physical educat loo "

Publication tells students how to get scholarships





(201) M1TB7B

Over 100,000 collegiate athletic scholarships ore available each year to male and female high school and junior college student athletes. Contary l o popular belief, students do not have to be All-Slate to qualify. Much of thin money goes unused. A new publication with fonns,

sjii.,,^ l u i u , .Hid tables ol factual

information is available for stu dent athletes It takes them step b) step through the process of getting an athletic scholarship, and in eludes college and conference list ings. The cost is $12. Write lit National Sports Foundation, Pot Office Ho* 40H, Matawan, NJ O7747-O40H.

September 1, 1988

Tbobad there's no sue thingas scratch and Nothing we coultf say in an ad would impress you as much as simply tasting our cigarette. Because taste is what is so impressive ahou! Merit Ultra Lights. A richer, fuller, more satisfying taste than you'd ever expeel in an ultra light.The secret is Enriched Flavor™Only Merit has it. Which is why IvK Ultra Lights is one of today's fastest growing brands. Taste one yourself. You'll find it indescribably good.

Enriched Flavor,™ ultra low tar.^|A solution with Merit.

ivmun r -Ultra



Merit Ultra Lights

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Cigarette Smoke Contains Carbon Monoxide. Kings: 5 mg "tar," 0.5 mg nicotine av. per cigarette by FTC method.










• • • • • • •



A Packet Pubfcatton


Section B

Business Journa Asup(;lt>rr,6;-.S !o Trio Cranbufy f'row, WuxJWjrHKjhts Hotai'J. Itio Contral Coil. NoMli uiun

Financial Rates, Page 2B Business People, Pages 4-5B Classifieds begin on Page 7B

Hoil, I ho Maiwiliu News. Hillsborouah Uuacon. Tho F lonklin Nuws -Recoid f ho Hamilton Otaorvoi u"d Hojjowell Valley Mows

Week of August 31. 1988


Drug Emporium makes debut in Princeton area pharmacy, something Mr Tenulo calls a "vast merchandiser." "I don't see a ditcct com |K'litor." admitted Mr. lenuto, a former manager with Shop n' Bag "Hut we usually hint a su|>cnnarket we're near " "They (Drug Emporium) aren't really competitors lor us, " agieed Keith Reynolds, assistant manager a( the Princeton Junction Rite-Aid and a former Drug f.iiipoiiuin em ployec "They might lake some business I mm us. but in this area people have enough money so a lot don't bothei to look tor discounts T h e y j u s t g o to w h a t e v e i ' s closest " Jim (iallaghei. ownei ot Nassau Pharmacy Coip, a small pharmacy in Piinceton doesn't expect to lose business trom people making trips to the I'.mpoiium, either

By Deldre Sheehan Staff Writer Curious shoppeis entering the new Drug hmponum in the Meiccr Mall le to beat out the sii|>cr super markets, those with expanding gourmet sections', by ottering way-out ingredients, extremely knowledgeable saleshelp and a

smaller, more cozy shopping environment. And response, they said, has been good. Hie clientele all but clamors lor imported asparagus and jet-shipped Hawaiian pineapples. They gladly whip out their checkbooks for the convenience of lemon sole already stuffed with shitakc mushroom dressing and oven-ready Chicken Breasts Kiev. Davidson's Supermarket, a Princeton institution since l°-53, relocated its quarters just a few doors down on Nassau Street

earlier this year. At that tune, the store also expanded its selection ol specialty produce and gourmet items Store manager Louis funk, who has been with Davidson's loi 27 years, noted the gourmet items' growth in popularity. "livery store is living to cram in as much ol this ty^K ol stuff as possible," he said, indicating bags of gourmet codecs, MM) types of cheeses and rows of packaged Iresh pasta with one sweeping gesture. "We did a survey of our customers about 10 days before we moved from the old location, " he said. "And this is the kind of stuff people want to t>e able to buy " Davidson's makes much of its meat department, which featured certified Angus brand beef and farmer's Pride brand chickens. A butcher stood ready to cut customers' meat to order, and the grill-ready beet and chicken kabobs sat in the glass case, some soaking in marinade. "We don't put a lot (of meal) out at a t u n e , " said meal supervisor John Ranallo. adding that Davidson's prefers the meat to be bought and replaced to ensure freshness. A whole, young rabbit was nestled next to rows of stulled and garnished chicken breasts marked " k i e v " and "florentme." A small bevy of dressed quail sat in the front of one window In season, Mr. Funk said, the store carries pheasant and fresh geese. Donald 1. Salvia. owner and operator of Plentiful Acres in Kingston, called Ins gourmet and p r o d u c e market a "crossover" between gourmet and health food In addition to a fresh fish section and the Country Meats shop, the store carries *>2 varieties of coffee, organic breads and tolls, raw milk cheeses and natural juices. The combination is due to the imminent long-range project of

See GOURMET, Page 6B

Staff photo«Mark Czajkowskl

Lindsay Barletta, store manager for A&P Future Store in Franklin Park, leans against the custom cut gourmet meat counter.

Supermarkets get bigger and better — and feed more sophisticated tastes By Donna Lawder Staff Writer They began sprouting up nearly a decade ago. The trend has grown over the past eight years, their numbers increasing steadily. Suddenly, they're everywhere you look They're super supermarkets. A grocery store and so much more. Both super supennarkets and their kissing cousins, the hypermarkets, seem to spring from a national trend: the boom of two income families with little time and moie money to spend. Convenience is an operative word in both cases. And superstore owners say their customers arc willing to pay tor it Hypermarkets, or hypermarts as they are sometimes called, offer the ultimate in one-stop shopping. Customers can get a haircut, buy their weekly groceries and a color television in one trip. Hie First hypcrmart was founded in the

foothills of the Alps by two frenchmen in l%(). Today Prance lias more than o(K) hypermarts that together account for nearly 14 percent of that country's retail trade Though the trend took awhile to catch on in the United States, hypermarts have sprung up in vaiVous locations across the country, in the form of llypcrmart USA, since December of last year. Moor space lor a hypcrmart is in the 200,000 square foot plus range. And the combination of the stores' mammoth buying power and lower-than-average markups yields almost unbelievable discount prices, such as ground beef at K7 cents per pound and car batteries for $25. A hypcrmart that opened in Philadelphia earlier this year has around 330,000 square feel of floor space. Super supermarkets ire not quite as large And whereas the emphasis on the hypermart is discount, the tlmist of super supermarkets is one of gourmet specialty items and a customized personal touch.

'The greater Princeton area has several super supermarkets, offering fancy imported produce, wide selections of gourmet cheeses and freshly baked goods from on-site ovens, floral departments save shoppers a trip to the florist and self-service salad liars, some offering exotic salads and produce, provide a ready meal for hungry shoppers. Several stores have butchers who will custom cut the customers' meat to order, fresh fish, some already stuffed with wild rice or other gourmet ingredients, lie on beds of cracked ice Super supermarkets are generally a little larger than "old-fashioned" stores, but this is tempered to give a co/.y feel. At once flashy and up-to-the-minute, the superstore's country market layout and specialized service reminds the consumer of shopping in a bygone era. Managers of the Princeton area superstores ugreed that the area is ideal lor them,


Week of August 3 1 , 1988


A Packet Publication

Senior officers buy Larson Financial

Mote Current as ol August 26,1968.

Financial Rates



Mortgage Rates


LENDER NAME Interest Rate


Term Yrs.




3yr 1075

4yr 11.25

3yr 12 5

EQUITY «» nmnej







11 25













• • •



Used 4yr 12 75





10 875





10 375





10 50








10 75









































• —













































Greentree Mortgage Corp. Mariton — (609) 596-1890


Hemisphere Mortgage Corp. Englishtown --• (201) 446-1110 The Howard Savings Bank Pnnceton — 1-800-446-9273 Hunterdon National Bank Clinton —(201) 730-7300 Irving Rnancial Centers Morristown — (201) 682-4120 Jersey Pacific Mortgage Co., Inc. Old Bndge — (207,1 583-2121


Bank of Mid-Jersey Mercerville — (609) 298-5500 Beneficial Mortgage Corp. Marlton — (609) 596-55OOft Cardnai Financial Co. Trevose. Pa — (215) 953-1500 Carnegie Bank Princeton -• (609) 5200601 Carteret Savings Bank Princeton — 1-800-2250165



Certificates of Deposit 6 MONTHS 12 MONTHS


Center Princeton — 1-800-223-6527 Chase Manhattan of New Jersey Princeton — 1-800-367-0146 City Federal S&L Princeton — (609) 987-2626 C M . Brown & Co. Inc. Manalapan — (201) 577-8400 Cobb Partners Financial Haddon field — (609) 848-5111 Colonial S&L Roselle Park — (201) 245-2313 ComNet Mortgage Service Pnnceton 1-800-367-0148 Rdetty Bond Philadelphia- (215) 947-5406 Rrst Atlantic S&L South Plainlield 1-800-223-0946 Rrst Rdeftty Bank, Princeton South Brunswick ~~ (609) 452-7760


... 12.25






























... •










































































































10 95

11 75








13 75



























Princeton sanK (nonxon) Princeton — (609) 924-5400






Princeton Mortgage Co. Pennington — (609) 921-9497 Royal Mortgage Princeton — (609) 452-1160 Sears Mortgage Corp. Newtown, Pa — (215)860-7600 Somerset SAL Bridgewater (201) 560-4800 Starpointe Savings Lawrence — (609) 452-2633



































R IU.0


























Rrst National Bank of Central Jersey Bridgewater — (201) 685-8443 Rrat Performance Mortgage Corp. Princeton — (609) 921-3921 Rret Provident Home Mortgage New Providence (201) 464-2344 GMAC Mortgage Corp.

— —





Princeton 1-800-624-O114

Margaretten & Co Inc. Mount Laurel — 1-800-322-8631 Mercer SAL Mercerville — (609) 587-7400 Meritor Mortgage Corp. Mariton — (609) 983-0880 Mkftantic Home Mortgage Freehold — (201) 577-8800 Montgomery National Bank Montgomery — (609) 921-1776 Mortgage Services of America Cherry Hill — (609) 235-1300 Nassau S&L Princeton — (609) 924-4498 National State Bank Trenton — (609) 396-4030 New Brunswick Savings New Brunswick — (201) 247-1100 New Era Bank Somerset — (201)937-5000 New Jersey National Bank Princeton — (609) 921-6000 New Jersey Savings Bank Somervllle — (201) 722-0600 Old Borough S&L Trenton — (609) 585-LOAN PatoeWebber Princeton — (609) 497-2036


Princeton — (609) 452-0350 me Trust company of Princeton Princeton — (609) 683-7314 United Jersey Bank, N.A. Princeton — (609) 987-3200 United S&L Lawrence — (609) 896-8000 White Horse S&L Lawrence — (609) 895-1200


AcJiublablu Rain Mtg

America, noliance Insurance



35 V,


Chronai Church & Uwtght

Cytogu Dataran Imo Uolaval Upoiomo. Micros Mtdladtlc Photon Pullman-Peabody Squibb Tot* Research United Jersey

7'A 36




FRIDAY 8/19/68 BID ASK 7


32 V,




6 V,

4 V,



11 'A




12 1

62 V,


3% 2% 43V, 2 9 61% 1-3/16 22'/.


11 %



7 V,

8% 23




2 V,

9 V,

3% 45% 3 9%

62 V.


1-7/16 23%

T/4 •

43% ,



16'/. •













... 11.75


8 15




























14.0 11.75









2 V.

n War scares add to the uncertainties that confront the American dollar which is in great demand at home and abroad. l) New forces in economics have been set loose by a cry for liberalized old age pensions, a topic of considerable political interest for the fall elections. U In an effort to diagnose what is wrong with industry, the National Economies Committee begins a $500,(XM) study into the workings of the Amerian business system 25 Years Ago September 1963 • In a sudden reversal, Nakita Khrushchev is all smiles and goodwill as the Kremlin adopts a "soft line" towards the U.S. U Critics contend the new $110 million Dulles Airport, 29 miles from Washington, handles less than 10 per cent of the Capital's air traffic, and is a spectacular white elephant. • Congress approves a $190 million Federal outlay to build nuclear fallout shelters for 11 million Americans.










• Almost all new cars produced in the U.S. now have seat belts as factory-installed equipment.






10 Years Ago September 1978





n The public outcry about inflation is so widespread that the WhiteHouse staff concludes that President Carter cannot get re-elected in 1980 unless wage and price increases are reined in. n Travel experts say Peking is the hottst new tourist spot.









2V JMUUMI.1 breaking this tall • iii.l U- u|»rii III d i n - ) c a r , a i A o r d i n j . ' I D J^I I ( >(. Mi-1. i 11if I n|x.-ialni(.' o l l n . c r o l I '«.

S a l . n s j i i j tic doesn't v.anl a

' 'i . l i i i u f i

to l>uv .in>lliiri^ lie or she

il'» , I I i ^ . i i i i in need, and therefore HI hints .uiii ve)'elal)les aie loose


| ! M | . , 1 I I I I U M I I U I I liavirij' extra large I • '>il 'iv r . M I I h


p e a t lies


;'i.i|p'-liuil'i, and l>efttj' able In supply • • pin niH ill sea-.nn dehi-aues to his i.


I II lianilli' aspaia^'us in the dead 1

', ••• inli i .






l i | |K. il as | M I ay li , ill lie l

u| 111


< 11.ii,-] I iii'in ofiened a su|>eisloie ii'


I 2()() million will Ixj spent on new stole development, enlargements and remodeling", in I°8H " I he company plans lo build (6 new stores and remodel or expand more than MM) existing locations A&l's in New Jersey take two basic forms the deluxe luluie Stores and the m o r e e c o n o m y o r i e n l e d Sav A-('enteis Kichard Ik-Santa, di rector of communications for A & P . said the company decides which lype of store to O|HII in an aiea based on demographics As older A A l ' s are renovated, they will k- brought up to either (ulure Stole or Sav A .('enter standards, M i Ik-Santa said


Stan photo^Caran Mandrwt

Donald T Salvia, owner of Plentiful Acres in Kingston, stands in front produce. The store is an unusual combination of gourmet delicacies of 52 varieties of coffee beans, holding a basket of the stores exotic and healthfood. Sav

A ( cnti-ts a i e l o c a t e d i n aieas


licliil IH-|'.III , M ' ,


w h e i e " t h e d e j ' i e e o l a l l l u e n c e is n o t

s a i d , vv lieu S h o p K i l e s v n e p i c . i d c i i l



h i j ' l i as l l i i





Sloie . m a s ,

Sav A ( t i l l ' i .

' m o r e

tlesi i i b i u j 1


a p p l oac b a ,

|i i I I i n I I I i n I I a I

pin e oiicntcil.


p i e s e n t e d o n l a i I IV|>e s h e l v e s Hill

I utiiie


sii|H.ilii.iikcl slyle ijiiahl1.



the SU|H-|

o f l e i a variety

a m i spet l a l l v




A t l i c e >c i-.lanil o l l c i c i l


no a p o l o g i e s l o i Ihc p i n e


lei .


i lieese

i oiiliiiin nr.lv





items they

h " 4 ill)'

and t h e

loi don't

Vvc u g i v i n g






11 i l l


s i i | ' i ' c . l i i l t h e '.lore put on

I H I I , ol

i I.IC I.e.I

n c

si. u i " .



I IICM" v.cic lie >ci

M ,




I ' I I H ciy




, -,iiu




I 11c-y -.ay m i i l a l i u i i is i h c .tm i lesl l o i i n o l llallc I y . " M , W e l l now .


Ms Shop

I'.nk .


II-, \V o l i d

< lass






,u I

with a laugh called

w h i t Ii


( lass




Sllauhei Kile,

cclebialing Woild


she a d d e d

( lass s t o i c



in his

h s h m a r k e t s a m i n r . l i i u i i - d liu

|H-ople Lindsay

Hailt'tla. in,in,II" i nl l i . n i M i n A i t P 1-u(ini'

Sakei t h h i!i| r li

like llr

ami ' uns

m o i .Icnctl

|H( idiic e . n u n h o l it

p a y i n g lor t h e m whal


l i e sli

e v e r , In i d \ s


Kicbaid i ' 'in i |'l


llll|MI[tCll s|Kiial

Ml It1,





st. >n-s in IWXO


m i l e haudi-.c


In " I n , c i l

the is


i u n c u t ly

g r a n d re o p e n i n g stole.

,, • n m i i

as a World

due lo its h u n t e d s i / e


al N i l .i Hi , ( O I I I C I


s l o i e s . is a i i o l h c i I ' I I II i I v i h a m in the


supci .loic

C l a s s s t o i c , r. 1 1 H I s u l e r a h l v l a r g e r a n d

I .i11J~

\ S c v . i - i c tlr.' h i .1.

-.aid i J o i o l h y

S l i a u b e i . t l u e i T• >/ i il n i i i s u m e l liu


I < i m l a i a m i S u p c i i l , l i t ' ! . v. In h


.'•! S l i . >|i P i l e


I he


which opened

t h e space

sci v ii i s

lo o i l e r



as a W i n Id


special I he

I l i l l s b t m i S h o p l< Hi i . in it o w n e d o i o | K i a l e d bv l l n I < >• >'l.i i .in I.I i . i u | H ' i a l


ne chain She said loodaraina Shop Kites wcie lortunale in (ir.it they have aness lo a 'wide selcition ol S|K'tial items through Waketern l'oorluig out ol season piodme and other s|>euallv ilenr. isn't the gicatesl souue ol e\|Kiise llie sii|>er giocers must pass on lo customer. Store managcis agreed lli.it Ihe single high est expense in Ihe conversion In SII|K.T supermarket r. in labor costs

hank (irippo. assistant manager al South Brunswick's (iiand Union, said the store's specially delicatessen has IHX'II especially well received "We make around 40 percent of our profits out ol the d e l i . " hi! eslimated, saying the stoie hopes to build a reputation as "ihe IH.SI lake out in town Although ihe store has opened during what Mr (inppo called "ihcj woist three weeks of the year . because . everybody's away on vacations. ' he said that post Labor l)ay projections looked good Superstore managers agreed that the gourmet/convenience niche holds special attraction lor an increasing number of shoppers

S|K.'cial seivice sections require an employee l o stand behind t h e loiinier. aiisv.cinij.' cjuestions. cutting "(Super supermarkets) make shop meal or simply packaging the myriad ping a moie enjoyable experience." ol loose items Special stall, such as said A & T s DeSanta. "People l e d bulchers and hakeis, dnve up o[Kiat like the shopping (rip is mine peisoiimy costs as well I bus the puce lag aliMrd, even though there are inon s|>ei.ially items is considerably creased numbers ol people in the higher than piiHlucIs plucked liom store in reality They like Ihe Iccling ihe shelves ol personalized service lint store manager, said Ihe bottom And they seem lo l>e willing.to pay line looks good lor it as well



THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1988 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM SCANTICON - PRINCETON "Chamber Day" includes five major activities: Business Show, General Membership Luncheon, New Member Reception, and Business Card Hxchange. The Business Show will feature approximately forty-five exhibits; the show opens at 1 1:0() a.m. and ends at 7:00 p.m. when the Business Card Hxchange concludes. The General Membership Luncheon from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and the New Member

Reception at 2:30 p.m., Wll provide an opportunity for participants to meet each other, visit the show and learn more about the Chamber and its many activities. The Business Card Exchange will be from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. The Day also provides the opportunity to discover new business and potential customers. More than 1,000 people are expected to participate.

I M l 1 ! ( )', I I A ' i S I ' . I A f Jf I I'K'( )( , I ' ! A M \


V . H ) K I f i f ) !.\( )U\


V \ l K ,11 I f J O \\( ) | ' l

< >r i n A S i

Hungry Bankers Working For You in Middlesex, Mercer & Somerset Counties

( M I ' l f J r M I ,'JI IM lY'.K A l ' . Ml Al II I SI MIT JAM', I XI ( I JIIVI I'MYSIf Al ',


Illl MI.DK Al. ( IN 11 H Al IMUNCIi'I'ON '.II I II I' 1 l-i ii i ' , ' l l ' l I I I'p'l'.i M l l ' l


I I I Oil', i n

M H 'iJ\ //()() exl MA/

There's so much in the Village... you really thould stop by 911 r boo(h and tee die myriad of ttores, restaurant* and office space available!


I iximhi Development Ojrp. - Winner Certificate of Merit Oumanding Achievement: Favorite iixlubit "Chamber Day in April"

The OneThatWorks. )New Jersey Bell YELLOW PAGES •

I or information call:

(609) 799-6363



oastal i

ipy Systems /41 AUXAKAR UON.J H J 06MT)

luiilwHn. iii if iim'jt ol o[xiulionlo (.ulliiyh vo!imnx.O|jyiny (Jwhl'< si/(! And it door, it f.nlly' iini.o lo tmal ywjf tuo^i volumo f.ofjyifigtJflinaFKjg KONICA'fj HfJ/AL /090!i


8B 100

Week of August 3 1 , 1988 10

Help Wanted

BABYSITTER • Noedod •lyr old boy Thur 4-10pm in my Ponmngton Borough home Must havo own transporialion, rofs & Do 'Oliablo 609-/37-1BO4 BANK TELLER Ft. expo rionco prolorred Brunswick Bank & Trust 201 :i29-69OO

° Help Wanted

ioo Help Wanted


package Paid training classes start immediately Please call 201-685-8355 lor interview 1st National Bank of Central Jersey EOE M F H V

BANK - Several spots in operations need proof or check sorting exp. To S16.6K. Foe Paid Sally. 609-883-3700 H Neuman Assoc 2500 Brunswick Ave.

BANKING TELLERS Full tirno positions available in various locations (or porsun with good figure apiitudo * willingness to deal with the public. Salary commensurate with expen1'inu. uxcollont benefits

BAR MAID BARTENDER Part time. Cranbury Station Restaurant. Call 609-6555550



THE PERFECT PART TIME JOB Choose your hours, immediate opening tor a MaintMUCa PtrtM II you are retired with time on your hands, we havo the ideal work schedule lor you.


° Help Wanted

Banking HEAD TELLER 2 yrs commercial oxp req'd. Good supervisory skills Must have Head Teller exp Rossmoor Office. TELLER LIBRARIAN Copy Reading. Personablo II you want to be at Iho individual w/good math apconter o( learning, know how lo make a library hum 11 ptitude. Banking exp pref'd. with excitement, and can ,, Cashier exp req'd. Full time woo children away Irom the kjiot box with adventures in I positions avail in Plainsboro, So. Bruns., Allenreading, write a letter of application by Sop! 1st lor town, Cranbury, Dayion & our K-3 library oponing in Monroe offices. Part timo October positions avail in Monroe & Jamosburq. Contact Mf William T Braukmann Director o l Pi»sonne( and Planning

3 days per week b hrs daily No experience necessary, .ve will train. For interview, please call


609-771-940Q Alt Rt 1 & Texas Ave Lawrenceville, NJ

PO Box 147B, Skillman, NJ 08558

° Help Wanted

BILLING ACCOUNTING Clerk Law (rim seeks oxp typist lor diversified duties in its billing dopl Computer WP & AP exp helpful. Full lime & good benefits. Call 609-924-6000 x 288

Competitive salaries & outstanding benefits To schedule an interview in our Cranbury office call:

BINDERY - Immediate opening for Folder Operator. Riegol Printing Co. Ewing Twp 609V71-0555. BOOKKEEPER ASST P T or F T. small Nassau St offico, flex hrs. call 609924-2040


BOOKKEEPER (Assistant) Bookkeeping oxperienco. $11,000-13.000. Benefits. Apply by September 16, 1988 lo Personnel, East Windsor Hog School District. 384 Stockton St, Hightslown. NJ 08520 EOE.

BELL PERSON - Part timo positions avail' at conference center in Plainsboro Shifts are /am-3:30pm & 3-11:30pm. Responsible for guest luggage & related dutios. Will train Call Per- BOOKKEEPER - Comsonnol 609-282-2676 puler firm seeking oxp'd individual in a p. a'r, g I. bank rec. credit & collection, call 9-5pm, 609-68341-11



For those who qualify we can offer a competitive salary and a good benolits package. For interview appointment, please contact Mr John Hooplnor at 609-655-8990.



J23K S14.5K

10 Abeel Road Cranbury, NJ 08512

t o S16K

Equal Opportunity Employer M F H V

RETAIL MGMNT $15 to J26K SALES $20K + Comm & Car Allowance COMPUTER OPER SYST 34 J15.5K +




!!!TEMP ALERT!!! Computer operator needed A S A P for long term assignment Many other temp assignments available now also Register now for tall assignments.



Outstanding opportunity with exciting, growing company for Senior Project Diroclor Minimum A years diversified commercial research exponence, preferably with research supplier Must be able to take charge of project from design lo analysis and report writing, as well as manage several researchers. Salary related to experience and accomplishment. Excellent benefits package EOE


VACATION BONUS NEVER A FEE 104 Carnegie Center Princeton, NJ. 08540

609 799-7000

= =

Personnel Director DeptP TOTAL RESEARCH CORP. Princeton Corporate Center 5 Independence Way Princeton, NJ 08540


° Help Wanted

BOOKKEEPER FUII Charge • nonprofit social service agency seeks individual to oversee fiscal operations. Ability to develop budgets, supervise staff, and monitor insurance program required. Grant writing plus computer skills desirable. Send resume t o : Director, MCFDC, 101 Oakland St., Trenton, NJ, 08618 BOOKKEEPER Golden opty in expanding co for bright individ. Growth poll, super salary & bone Call GENIRO 609-2430484. REGENT NATIONAL, Suite 200, 3371 Hi 1, Lawrenceville. BOOKKEEPERSECY Full charge Bookkeeper wanted for small public accounting practice. Part/full time hrs avail Salary open. Send resume to PO Box 1022. Belle Mead. NJ 0U502

MANUFACTURING SUPERVISOR Ihu Control Automation Civision ol Anioncan Cinlltex Corporation, a loader in tho fiold ol Automatic Optical Inspection lor tho electronic industry, has an immodiato opening lor a Manulactuniuj Supervisor at out Pnncoton, Now Jersey facility This individual will supervise the production ol semi-custom, low volume, high technology automatic inspection equipment This position is also responsible lor process quality arxJ tho long term reliability ol thy systems Dutios will include production planning and scheduling, troubleshooting of electronic circuitry, reviow and interpretation ol electronic and mechanical engineering documentation, generation ol process procedures ana BOMs. arxl some interface with customers To quality, you must possoss a minimum ol one (1) yoar. hands-on experience with electronic instrument assembly, an AS degree in engineering and a strong electronics aptitude Proloronce will bo nivon to candidates with a knowledge of quality and reliability procedures, supervisory experience. Lotus 1-2-3 and BS in engineering The irxjividua! must bo quality-onontod and self-motivated with good written and verbal communication skills to interiaco olfoctivoly both msido and outside the company This position roports to Ihu Director ol Sales arxl Manufacturing At American Cimflox. wu ollur an attractive starting salary and benefits package including profit sharing and a dynamic wofkino, environment in tho fast growing area ol factory automation Intorostod candidates should forward their rosumo to

AMERICAN CIMFLEX CORPORATION 019 Alexander Road Princeton. NJ 08540 A1 \N Mr F-'rod Cordano

Send a cover letter with resume lo


"» Help Wanted

CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATiyE Part time position avail in our Monroe oflico. Banking oxp pref'd, good clerical skills req'd. Hrs 10am-2pm Mon-Fn

Will be responsible for driving our company van throughout the Metropolitan aroa along with general facility light maintenance. Must have valid driver's license and be reasonably handy


A Packet Publication

-_. .—



° Help Wanted

BOOKKEEPER • For fast growing computer soltware company in Princeton area wexc career prospects Duties incl: the preparation of invoices, maintenance ol receivables, assisting accountant among other duties. Exc benefits, salary negotible. Qualified candidates please call 609924-3200 btwn 8am & 5pm. No Agencies BOOKKEPPER TYPIST • p.t small office P'ton area, computer or word processing knowledgo helpful but not neccossary, send rosume to box #10923 Co Princeton Packet BOOKKEEPER • F.C Secretary/Porson Friday. Small manufacturer needs 1 porson who can do all. Good pay, full time. New Brunswick. Send rosume to Box #10916 c o Tho Princeton Packet


JOIN US! We May Have The Optimum Situation For You!

The Mooil Central Research Laboratory, located at tne Motfif technical Center ICII Princeton. NJ. has an immediate opening in its computor section

Are you weary ol all these nights & weekends? Wo offer 37Vj hour work weeks, 5 days at lv-i hours

Responsibilities include operation and software maintenance of DEC VAX and PDP/11 equipment, peripherals, programming ol automated applications, and involvement in Ethernet communications between DEC and PCs Position otters a challenging work environment and professional growth

That's not all, consider: paid vacations, holidays, personal & sick time, health & life insurance, long term disability insurance and a pension plan

Applicant must have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or one of the natural sciences and 1 b years experience with DEC computers Must be thoroughly lamihar jvilh VMS. RSX 11 • LAT and DOS systems For confidential ..onsidoration, pleaso forward your resume and salary history to Manager. Recruiting and Employment, Dopl CRL. SOPP. Mobil Technical Conler. PO Box 1031 Princeton. New Jersey 08540

MOBIL RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION .in tMjudt opportunity employer

There's More: When & where possible we rotate Saturday scheduling. We program an hour for lunch & provide two paid breaks. All this In a beautiful campus environment. We are seeking permanent full & part time persons for the following positions: • SALES ASSOCIATES • STOCK PERSONS • CLERICAL • ACCOUNTS PAYABLE If this sounds interesting lo you stop in for an appointment or call 609-921-8500 ext 265, Mon-Fri. 'Benefits apply to permanent positions of 22 V? hours & more.

Princeton University Store 36 University Place Princeton, NJ 08540

JOB OPPORTUNITIES AT THE PRINCETON PACKET CIRCULATION CHJTSIDE SALES MANAGER - We are an independent, family owned group of 11 weekly newspapors looking lor the right person to continue our Circulation growth trend. The successful candidate should bo lamiliar with all phases of outside subscription sales including door-to-door, .urrr'unity group salos, outside contractors, etc. Position offers strong potential for an aggressive individual. Salary, commission, and excellent btmelit package. Pleaso send resume and salary requirements to: Dan Pitcher. Circulation Sales Manager c/o The Princeton Packet. Inc.. 300 Withorspoon St., Princeton, NJ 08542.

TYPISTS The Princeton Packet has 1 full time and 1 part time position available. Excellent typing skills are required. Experience helpful, but we will train. Full time hours are Monday-Friday, 3 to 12pm. Part time hours are Monday, Tuesday and Friday 6pm-midnighl Call Mrs. Dragert at 609-924-3244 oxt. 144, for interview appointment.


PART TIME TELEMARKETERS - It's not the best |ob you'll ovor have, it's not a career move, and you don't need an M B A . to qualify. However our part limo telemarkelers can make $8.00 or more an hour while enjoying flexible hours in a friendly environment. Hours are 5 pm lo 9 pm, Mon.-Fn. and 10 am to 1 pm on Sat. (We request you work a minimum of three shifts a .veek.) If you are a student, homemaker or anyone who would like some extra income and feel you can sell the area's leading weekly newspapers call Dan Pitcher at (609) 924-3244, Ext 192 between 1 and 9 pm to arrango an interview.

The Packet nas an immediate openini • m the composing room. Varied responsibilities Including typing, distributing type, some paste-up, and prool reading. Hours are Monday and Tuesday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Please come to 300 Witherspoon St., Princeton, to fill out an employment application.

CIRCULATION MAILROOM MANAGER - Group ol 11 prestigious weeklies seeking a mailroom manager to direct and oversee very busy department. Responsibilities include labeling, collating, inserting and trucking of publications. Candidate should have knowledge ot postal operation, Mueller insertion and Cheshire labeling. Must be strong in people skills, machine repair and operation. Hours flexible, mostly dayside. Support people in place. Please send resume with salary requirements and references (o: Edward M. Kelley, Circulation Director, Princeton Packet, P.O. Box 350, Princeton, N.J. 08542.


PART TWtE DRIVERS - Night shift, no weekends. Call Joff Grant at ext. 142 between 7 pm & 9 pm. MAMJK>OM SUPERVISOR TRAINEE - Duties Involve labeling and insertion of newspapers, vehicle maintenance and machinery operation. Cheshire labeling or Mueller Inserting equipment experience a plus, but will train. Some night hours may be needed. Hours 8-5, Mon.-Fri. Please call Dan Mango at ext. 142 between 8 am and 5 pm. ihe PfiiKuiu' Jacket is an equal opportunity employer and offers its lull limp >mployees a pleasant work environment, paid holidays, sick days,1 vacation days, life insurance, credit union, profit sharing, and medical benefits packages including. Blue Cross. Blue Shield. Major Medical, Hoalthways and RCHP

Hours are Mon., Tues., Wed., 9 to 7 and occasional Fridays. Experience preferred, but will train. Princeton Packet 609924-3244 ext. 119.

PRESS HELPER The Princeton Packet has an immediate opening for a full time press helper in its newspaper pressroom. Some experience helpful out training will be available. Employment application may be filled out at: The Princeton Packet, 300 Wilherspoon Street, Princeton, N.J. No phone calls please. The Princeton Packet Is an equal opportunity employer and offers Its full time emptoy«*8 a pleasant work environment, paid holidays, sick days, vacation days, We insurance, credit union, profit sharing, and a medical benefits package including, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Major Medical, Healthways and RCHP.

' Princeton Packet 300 WitherspoonSt. Princeton. NJ 08540

S,il,ii> i unimensiiMtt.' .vilti ir*perii;rn;L' I: '.ci.'llt'Mt benefits Please respond to Lynda Evans, Pesonnel Manager, I-STAT Corporation, 2235 Route 130, Dayton, New Jersey 08810. F. • • • • • • • • « • • • • •••aaiaaaaaaiaaaiaaiaaaaaaaaaaaai •••••in • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • a ••••aiaaaaaaaaalasaiaaaiaaaaaaaaa • aaaaaaaaaiaai mi • • • • • • • • • • • I •aaaaaaaaaaaai aaaaaaaaaafaaaaaaaaaaata mil • • • • • • ( • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • a liilllliMlllllliaiinilli •aaaaaaaaaaaai •••aaaaaaaaaaaaaBB.>• aaaa iniili I • • • •aaaaaaaaaaaai ••••an vlbliilllliaaiiii IMIIIIIIIIIMIIIIMII • • aaaaai aaaaai • ••«• • •••• • •••• • •••• • •••• • aia4 • •••• • •••• • •••• aaaaai • •••• • •••• aaaaa< • •••• • •••• • • • • • The Princeton Packet Classified Advertising Department seeks a full • •••• • • • • • time, self-motivated, energetic individual to join its growing department. !!! • • • • • You will be involved with heavy customer contact, taking classified ads • • • • • over the phone, magazine advertising sales, establishing your own • •••• • • • • • accounts while also learning a variety of diversified advertising duties. • • • • • Excellent command of the English language as well as good typing skills • •••a • • • • • are required. Computer experience is helpful, but we will train Ihe right • •••• • •••• • •••• • •••• • •••• • •••• • •••• • • • • • Monday-Friday, 10 am-4 pm. aaaaai • •••• aaaaa' • •••• •aaaai *•••• SALES/ADVERTISING : : : : • •••• • • • • • Pnnceton Packet Publications seeks highly motivated in• •••• • • • • • dividuals lor its Outside Sales Staff Previous sales experience aaaaai aaaaai • •••• • • • • • required Position involves calling o n new as well as1 established • • • • • i aaaaai • •••• • • • « « accounts. Applicants should be self-starters who can work well aalaai aaaaai • •••• • • • • • under pressure Ad copy and layout experience helpful. Salary • • • ( • i aaiaai • •••• aaaaai ••••• commensurate with experience, plus bonus. Opportunity for •(•••i ••••• • • • • • advancement unlimited. Good benefits. Please call Jane • • • • • i aiiiai ••••• • • • • • McGuigan at 609-924-3244 oxt. 188.


Belle Mead, NJ 08502 Equal Opportunity Employer M/F



Please c a l Cindy WUUams or Roland Scurato botwewi 9AM-5PM at 609-799-3535, or apply in porson at:

Wumon and MmorilK". Af M f MCouf.i()(Mi to Apply

O y A M W l L l MOAD H t l LI ME Al) tl l ' hSv,

Wi- offer a compotitivo salary and excellent iMMielit', including Irno Iniur.inco on start date I'lcn!;r c.ill Doborah Dooloy at 609-924-4498 to sot up nn Intorviow.

fc(}ual OppoMunity f inptoynr M V

The ideal candidate will have strong basic culinary oxpertise, creativity in enhancing variety/scope in preparation, garnish and serving of tood, provide supervision over regular/temporary staff, and support to hoad chef

• •••a • ••••

CLERK-TYPIST - Ewing. Exc phono manner, good typing, diversified duties Good pay, friondly offico, hospital pension. Whoory Doors. 609-882-4900 for interview EOE, M F.

Teller Opportunities

McMaster-Carr Supply Company is a lending distributor of industrial supplies Due to continued growth, we are interested in interviewing candidates with solid warehouse experience


° Help Wanted

tqual Opportunity Employor M F H V


\ • •••a • •••• ••!•• • •••a • •••• «•••• • •••• • •••• • •••• aaaaa aataa • aaaa ••••a • aaia

CLERK • Engineering record and data entry $13$16,000 plus excellent benefit package 35 hour work week. Good typing and customer sorvico skills required. Word processing and data entry expenenco helpful. Send resumo to Asst Administrator, Princeton Twp, 369'Withorspoon St, Princeton, NJ 08540 or call 609-924-5176 FOE MF H

10 Abeel Road Cranbury, NJ 08512

(201) 329-6656

• Competitive Starting Salary • Full Benefits • Paid Vacations

CLERK • Central NJ market research tirm seeks individual w/good communication & organizational skills. Job requires heavy phone work, filing & goneral office duties. Will train right person. Hrs 9am-5pm. Good benefits Janet Hering. RH Bruskin Assoc, New Bruns. NJ 201-249-1800 for interview




• CLERK TYRSTS CLERICAL/STOCK - Full • RECEPTIONISTS Begin time position. Assist Deworking immed on long partment Manager with or short term assignmarkdowns, merchandisments Our benefits incl ing & transfers. Challengpaid vac & holidays, ing position, full benefits, store discount & com- bonuses, & word pro•cessmg training lo qualipetitive salary. Apply in fied applicants. Call now person or call M Epstein, for interview appt Princeton Shopping Ctr. 609-921-0650


Good communication skills and ,i professional telephone manner required Some bookkeeping accounting oxpononce holpful We will tram the right porson. Call Charles Schraedor, 609-924-1550 The Princeton Packet is an equal opportunity employer and oilers its lull time employees a pleasant work environment, paid holidays, sick days, vacation days, life insurance, credit union, profit sharing, and medical benefits packages including. Blue Cross. Blue Shield Major Modical Healthways and FICHP

• 807 or 201-806-6044

SALESPERSON ADVENTURE INC A local direct mail advortising company is looking for salos & markoting ropresentitlves lor local NJ territory The sales position is interesting fun & rewarding Adventure is the leading cooportive direct mail company in tho Delaware Valloy. We olfer: • Complete Training Program • Full Support Team • Benefit packago Including hospltalizatlon & disability plan • Earning potential of $25,000 the 1st yr, $40,000 the 2nd yr, commission plus draw • Oppty for growth Into management

If you are willing to work SALES - Enjoy freedom hard, care about people & and at the same time be enjoy learning then call for pan of a learn. Make your a personal Interview, Mon own working hours, full or thru Fri btwn 9em & 5pm at part time. Looking lor a 215-757-9000 or 1-B0Odynamic person who en- 472-0500 or write: joys working with people. ADVENTURE INC High earning potential In a 2270 Cabot Blvd West fast growing Industry. If Suite 5 Interested call 6 0 9 Langhome Pa 19047 921-8889. EOE.


° Help Wanted

SALESPERSON TRAINEE • Exc opp tor offset oquip & supplies Salesperson. Full line dealership offers exc support, training & compensation. Working knowledge of printing a valuable plus. Territories avail in NJ Call (or appt 201-218-9393 SALES REAL ESTATE Aro you finding things slow where you aro? Why not consider a move to our Success Team at Weichort Co , Realtors For a confidential interview call Larry Vroom, Princeton office manager at. 609-921 • 1900 If you're good, you could bo better with Weichert1 SALES REP EXPERIENCED Part timo, commission Telemarketing & in-person salos calls for Personal Computer Networks Fundamental knowlodge of PC hardwaro.S sottware desirod. 609-921-8650 Sales Representative SS PEOPLE PEOPLE Our business is placing people in tho bost noxt step in thoir caroor. This is done through a closo working relationship with our client companios-tn defining thoir noods in conjunction with tho job description. Our business is Salos It's busy, it's creative, but most of all. it's being ablo lo comm u n i c a t e . Wo behove Salos is tho art of communcation. If our business is right for you • first year oarnmgs 25K-35K plus Call today for your noxt stop1


103 Carnegie Ctr Suite 315 Princeton, NJ 08540 609-734-9108 SALES SALES Printing Salesperson Established commercial printer in Central Jersey sooks motivated individual with lollowing Presses lo •50" 4 color Call Tom 201-846-8680 SALES SALES SALES 12 TRAINEES NEEDED IMMEDIATELY Entry level salos positions now o p o n w i t h l a r g o Middlesex County Corp No oxpermnco nocossary No door to door salos Complole corporato training. Earnings up lo. •

S1600/MO TO START PROFIT SHARING BONUS INCENTIVES R;,pid Advancement For i n t e r v i o w 201-821-2300.


SCHOOL CROSSING Guard - For Borough ol Hightstown. S6 23hr. Apply Hightstown Police Department, 148 North Main SI. EOE. SCHOOL HOURS Only • local restaurant looking lor Servers weekdays only earn oxtra income while kids aro in school Call 609-655-1734 SEAMSTRESS - Bridal shop in Somervillo. Exp I t or p't. Flox hrs. Pleasant atmosphere. Call 201-7257921.

orru/ne avis

Secrotanal Administration Word Procossmy Bookkeeping Customor Service Receptionists B09-655-8333 50 No. Main St. Cranbury, NJ



° Help Wanted

° Help Wanted


C h e m i c a l R&D Center located in Princeton, NJ. has sovoral Secretarial positions available Duties will involve typing letter, momos and reports, filing, handling tolephone and other general secretarial functions Positions requiro at least 2 yoars of secretarial exponenco. Excellent grammatical and interpersonal skills plus some knowledgo of word processing. Wo oflor a competitive salary and a lull rango of bonefits. Applicants should send a rosumo with salary history or call Molody Evans. 6 0 9 - 5 2 0 - 3 6 9 4 , FMC CORPORATION S Chemical R&D Center, PO Box 8, P r i n c e t o n , NJ 08543, Equal Oppturuty Employor, M F FMC SECRETARIES Goneral & Legal • neodod for positions in law lirms Good typing & oflico skills Slono, diclaphono word procossing, bookkeeping, or legal exp a • Exp'd proforrod, will consider entry lovel app l i c a n l s C a l l Morcor County Bar Assn Placement Sorvico lor moro info or for interview, 609-9898880. MCBA Placomont Sorvico is an EOE omploymont agency No foo to applicant SECRETARIES SMC Personnel Support has Immediate short & long term assignments for qualified Individuals with Multimate, Displaywrite, Wordstar! Wordperfect or Lotus 1,2,3. Experience with IBM PC, 5520, Memorywriter 860 or Xerox 860 a plus. Call:


Princeton Meadows Offico Contor Suite 1130 Plainsboro.NJ 0853G Nover A Foe No Contract SECRETARY/EXEC This is one ol the most exciting SPECIAL positions Work lor Pros & CEO who is world renown, intelligent & creative Supervise 2 secrotanos, work indopondonlly on porsonal & business projects Some stono roq d & lots of oxporionco Salary to S27K Other positions from $15 to S28K No feo • no contract Alico Lawrence, 609-5201717, 4365 US Rto 1, Pnncoton NJ 08540


SECRETARIES Try working as a Prolessional Tomp. II you moot our requirements, you may decide to take our Ireo, on-sito word processing course. You'll bo gaining an invaluable skill on stato-ol-the-art oquipmont, which is much in demand. Take your pick ol long or short term assignments boginning immed. Benefits include paid vacation & holidays, group medical plan & moro Call today (or interview appl.

SECRETARIES We are currently seeking :! individuals who havo a minimum of 6 months oxperienco in tho secretarial field. Positions requiro typing, word processing, (Wang), scroening tolophone calls and mail, and making appointments as well as general secretarial duties. We olfer excellent benefit package and attractive Princeton setting. Qualiliad Individuals should call our Personnel Dept: 609-275-4003.


(201)874-8880 SECRETARY $19,000

SECRETARY • Full limo secretary noedod for now homo salos offico Applicant must have professional appoaranco. ploasant phono mannor & typing skills. Mon-Fn 10-6pm. Ploaso call Mario Gordon at 201-329-0606. SECRETARY - Full timo position availablo immodiatoly. Wo aro looking lor an individual with strong secretarial skills & ploasant tolophono mannor who would like to work in a small oflico building. Word processing skills would bo a plus, salary commonsurato with experience. Jamesburg location, for appt call. 201-521-2500 SECRETARY - lull part timo. varied duties mcl typing and computor entry, superior bonolits packago in oxciting Princeton offico. Call 609-924-7174. ask for Judy.

SECRETARY • High quality roal ostate offico in Ponnington roquiros full time, friendly, woll-organizod Secrotary Rocoptionist with accurate typing & good telophono skills Loarn roal ostato whilo you earn a competitive salary & oventually become a hconsod Salesperson il you wish. Call Jeff Morshon al Gloria Nilson Realtors for an interview, 609-737-8600 SECRETARY • Investment counseling lirm at Forrostal Village Typing, spood writing, computer & routine offico skills Vory attractive facilities. Benelits, call 609-921-7866

SECRETARY/ OFFICE MANAGER Princeton CPA firm with diversified & challenging position. Excellent opportunity to gain experience in para-professional capacity Bookkeeping not needed, word processing a plus. Salary commensurate with abilities. Experience preferred Reply to: Box # 10924 c o Princeton Packet. SECRETARY - Maturo & efficient person capable of running a 1 porson office Light typing, ablo to handlo customer phono inquiries, word processing, enter into into PC & liling. Compotilive salary, call Susan 201-359-3130

TIONIST - Full time for tennis organization Must havo good typing and communication skills Ploasant working environment Call

609-924-4343 SECRETARY $S BORED? So overyday is a grind? Boring work? No challongo? No opportunity lor growth? Money could be bettor but that's not the problem? Woll, if you like challenge & growth opportunity - havo we got a deal for you' We'll tram you in tho clerical, oflico, support porsonnel placemont business, give you a desk. a phono, files & freedom to bo all you can bo It you are right lor this job. oxpoct S20K-S30K your 1st yr Altor that you should do bettor. Call & ask for Betto Dye, 609-734-9100.

FUTURE RESOURCE SYSTEMS 103 Carnegie Ctr Suite 315 Princeton, NJ 08540 SECRETARY PART TIME Work four hours a day in a diversiliod oporation. Busy phones, light typing and filing Excollont opportunity to got back into tho work forco Evening interviews til 8pm, hold by appoinlmont, Tuosday & Thursdays only Call:

609-520-1131 3 Independence Way Princeton, NJ 08540 Fee Paid SECRETARY • To roal estato partner in law lirm Send rosumo to Hannoch Woisman (formorly Storns Herbert). 90 Nassau St, Princeton, NJ 08542 or call Lou McGarnty, 609-9242108 No Agoncies! SECRETARY • Wo are looking for sharp individual lor this fast-paced divorsifiod position in a con genial public relations communications dopartmont in North Brunswick. Excollonl typing & organizational skills roquirod WP background holpful Full benotit packago t beautiful working environment. Call Communications Dopt at 201821-9400 SECURITY GUARDS Pormanent & part timo. unilorms & oquipmont suppliod Work in tho Hight s l o w n . Dayton, South Brunswick, South Amboy & Edison areas. • Paid lormal training • Paid vacation (for full time omployoos) • Lifo insuranco • Overtime availability For appointment call between 9am-4pm. Tues-Fn. 201-329-4541. SECURITY OFFICER Full timo, uniformed residential socunty. Excellent working conditions & benelit packago. Major Medical Insurance, must have H S . Diploma, valid NJ Drivers License, dependable transp & phone Experience helpful, must be of good character, salary negotiable depending on experience. Call 609-799-2711, 9-4, Tues-Fn. SECRETARY $18-122,000 CHALLENGE!!! Join this dynamic organization & lot your oxporionco reward you II you aro solf motivated & have good secretarial skills we'd like to discuss this terrific career opportunity with you No foo, oyoning appts.



Vory prestigious linancial firm olfors Iho bost opportunity! Gorgoou3, offices Dofinite promotion. 1st Class Bonefils > tuition aido.


842 State Rd Princeton, NJ 08540

08835 EOE

SECRETARY - Nassau Street Law Firm, excellent working conditions Salary commonsurale with oxperionce. Hours 8:30-5 or part lime. Call 609-924-0700. ask lor Joan.

pnoFEJiionai Temps III I I I t.'l Al) N ! i,).'.,,.

SECRETARIAL STAFF • Needed for small oflico. Full or part limo position avail. Salary nogollblo w/oxp. Pleasant phono mnnnor is ossonlial. Call for an appt, 609-683-0266.

SECRETARY - Friendly, busy position available lor an outgoing professional HS diploma roq'd plus 2 yrs general oxp. Work at Sheltered Workshop Program lor adults with developmental disabilities located in Bound Brook Duties include typing, WP, phones, liling, etc. $7$7.50 per hr to start plus oxc bonolits including paid medical, dental, hfo insurance, paid vacation, holidays, porsonal time, tuition, 403-B. otc. Call Somorsot ARC. 201-725-8585, 141 S Main SI, Manville, NJ

SECRETARY (LEGAL) • For East Windsor office Good salary, expenonco prolerred No steno, additional benofits. 609-4434900

p Rl N C E T O N

0 F F


SECRETARY • Full timo day position availablo in Plamsboro Previous administrative oxporienco roquirod Competitive ralo and benofits offorod Call Personnel 609-282-2676

SMC Personnel Support Inc.

p ER S O N N E

Energetic & efficient person with strong grammar 4 vocabulary needed lor a non-profit educational organization in Princeton Organizational skills, some dictaphone & typing 60 wpm $18K including bonefits Reply to:.Box # 10926. c o Princeton Packet "

° Help Wanted







SECRETARY/Admin Asst Major NYSE Developer seeking Socrelary'Admin. A3st for our leasing office in Somersot area Requires excellent secretarial, word processing & communication skills, spread shoots a plus. Excellent bonefits, call Personnel, 201-7801800.

A Management Company In Health Care Equal Oppty Employer, M/F/H

SECRETAFtY/Bkkpr Background • p/t, Ilex hrs Small CPA firm, Princeton Jet. Salary open 609-799-1199.

SECRETARY/Bpokkeeper - For synagogue office In E. Windsor area. Pleasant environment, 35 hour week. Send "resume with salary requirements t o : Box # 1 0 9 0 4 c/o Princeton Packet.

SECREJARY • Dynamic small Investment Co. seeking Irlendly, mature, resp. Individual to asst ofc. mgr. & handle front desk duties. Pleasant phone manner, light typing, good organizational skills. 609-924-1074

High powered corporate Secretary to work In fast pacod offico. Must havo ability to handlo oxtremoly busy phones & work woll undor pressure. Experience on WANG .Word Procossor helpful. Call for appl STAFF BUILDERS, 211 College Road East. Princeton. 809-452-O020 SECRETARY TO PRESIDENT MID $2O'i 3-5 yrs experlenc required, plush prestigious company. Diversified duties, word processing & shorthand necessary. Excellent benefits. No fee. Sat & Eve appts welcome, call Louise 609-581-1492, Stertng Personnel, 445 Whitehorse Ave, Hamilton Twp, NJ. SECRETARY • P/t, M-F, organized, responsible person w/good typing and communication skills. Exp. helpful. Call 609-5863535. SECRETARY/Receptlonlst - Accurate typing, casual but hectic environment, will train. Plesae call Kathy, 609-520-1100

65 Montgomery Knoll Sklllman, NJ 08558 SELECT YOUR Own Hours - Work form your homo, earn $10O-$5O0 per week Call 609-883-7185 SERVICE STATION - P/t night & day limo, weekends. 609-466-1800. SEXTON - p/t, morning hrs, janitoral exp preferable, contact P'ton Methodist Church, 609-924-2613. SHIPPING CLERK • Full time, responsible position for small shipping company. Light lifting, pleasant work environment. Please call Princeton Mail Serlvce, Princeton Shopping Center, 609-924-6059 SHIPPING & RECEIVINGFull lime position open lor experienced person in inventory control. Call 609799-6444 for more Into. SHIPPINQ/Receivlng • Take charge of warehouse, advance w/growlng company. Reliable, long term applicants only. Call 609921-8889

" » Help Wanted


SHEET METAL MECHANIC Manufacturing facility locatod 15 rnins Irorn Princeton. NJ in the town ol Hopewell is seeking an experienced Sheet Metal Mechanic. ws2 Must havo experience with Sheer Brake & Punch Press Must know development & bend allowances of light gauge sheet metal for fabrication ot now product sample Training for CNC Punch Press Programming availablo for tho right porson This is a lull time fxisition with a liboral benefit program & competitive rato Send rosumo or call KOOLTRONIC INC Dopt JU-3 PO Box 504 Princeton. NJ 08540 609-896-0088 SMALL EXPANDING Company - with pleasant atmosphere has positions available making computor componols. ^Locatod in Princeton. 609-924-8410 SOCCER COACH Noodod lor 7th & 8th grado boys beginning Sopl 8 at Princoton Day School Call Jan Baker, 609-924-6700

SOCIAL SERVICES - Residential Counselor Need l l o x i b l o h o u r s ? Enjoy pooplo? Work in a group homo training adults with dovolopmontal disabilities in daily living skills HS diploma ruq'd Altornoon, ovoning, weekend, overnight hours avail Wo otfor $6-7.50 par hr to start plus full benofits. paid holidays, vacation, medical lilo insurance, tuition reimbursement, opty for advancomont Call Somorsot ARC. 201-725-8585, 141 S Main SI. Manville. NJ 08835 EOE

°o Help Wanted


STUDENTS HOMEMAKERS AND RETIREES Free home health aide training, Sept 12th-3Otn, plus cash bonus & benelits Call P r i n c e t o n Homomakers. 609-924-7711 SUPERINTENDENT • needed for apt complex, minimum 5 yr exp of maintnonace work required Driving necessary. Call 201-750-1191, Cedar Real Estate SUPERVISOR Mechanical Assembly Manufacturing firm locatod 10 mins from Princeton, NJ is seeking an oxp'd Mochanical Assembly Supervisor for our lino of light guago shoot motal fans & blower Candidates must havo exp in mechanical assembly techniques for assombly lino production ol short run products. Wo offor steady employment with no layofls, salary commensurato with exporionco & a liboral benefits program. Ploaso sond resume with salary history to: d KOOLTRONIC INC DEPT AF-4 PO Box 504 Princoton NJ 08540

SOCIAL WORKER • Intake w o r k e ; for o u t p a t i e n t substance abuso treatment program Entry lovel position, mm AA Degree Send rosumo to: NHTS. PO Box 377, Trenton, NJ 08602 SPEECH THERAPIST-To work with Autistic students Twelve month position. Now Jersoy Speech Corroctionist Cortilicato required. Sond resumo to Ellen DiMasi, Conter lor Autistic C h i l d r e n , 285 Rosodalo Road. Princeton, NJ 08540 609-924-7223 EOE STAFF ACCOUNTANT Expanding marketing services organization havo immediate opportunity lor porson to bo dynamic addition to our goneral accounting stall. Dutios include all facets of accounting from AP, AR, to financial statements & taxes This position reports directly to controllor & will provido growth opportunities Candidates must havo 3-5 years general accounting experience and a BS degree In accounting. C o m p e t i t i v e salary i benefits. For immediate consideration please respond to: Diane Allen, PO Box 8116 Trenton, NJ 08650. 609-394- 7500 ex 293 EOE STOCK CLERK - Full or part time. Gourmet food store, Princeton. Some liltIng. Nice place to work. 609-924-7755. STOCK CLERK - Wine & liquor store. Full time Good pay & exc benefits. Some knowledge ol wine helpful. Call 609-799-0951 for Interview. STOCKPERSON & DRIVERS - Part or f/t. Your schedule Benefits & discounts. 609-443-5510.

TELEMARKETING • Work from home Make own hr$ Call local businesses. Salary » 201-560-9259. TELEMARKETING • Part or full time hrs available, salary plus incentives. Call Ross or Ester, 201-8556900 or 609-799-1200 Eastern Personnel. TELEPHONE OPERATORS • For answering service. Full/part time. All shifts avilable. Will train. Call Gina. 201-821-1122 ext 9-508 TELEPHONE OPERATOR - Part time. Tues & Thurs eves, 3-IOpm, adddilional hrs avail. 609-896-1950., TELEPHONE SALES Part time, good phono manner & pleasant voice Call Dan, 609-924-8111 TEMPORARIES 50 for 50 Wo will pay a $50 BONUS lo now applicants who work 50 hours with SMC Personnel Support & wo need: Word Processors Secretaries Data Entry CfenVCterk Typist And Others We Offor Our Tomps MEDICAL, DENTAL LIFE INS, TUITION HOLIDAYS VACATIONS & BONUSES

or call

609-466-3400 SURVEYORS - Rapidly growing civil engineering & survoying firm in Hightstown area is seeking party chief, transit & rod persons. Exp in surveys & construction stoak out. Immod o p o n i n g s . Liboral bonelits. 6(39-448-5550. SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR • part/lull time days, oves or nights. Nassau St offico 609-924-2040. TEACHER ASSISTANT • 10am-6pm. Kindergarten class in Princoton. Summer work optional Warmth, openness & flexibility moro important than oxperionco Call 609-924-4214

SOCIAL SERVICES Tochnician - Tirod ol a doad ond job wilh low rewards? Will train you lo work with persons with developmental disabilities in a field that TEACHER ASST • Noodod odors challenging rowards lor P r i n c e t o n nursery &• growth HS diploma school, lull timo, 10-6 or ruq d. Daylimo hours Monpart timo Substitutes, flox Fn. Wo offer S6 32perhr lo hrs. Experience with chilstart with regular incroasos dren roquirod. Call 609plus oxcollonl bonofits in924-8077, ask lor Bonnie. cluding paid insuranco, vaTEACHER - Auditorily cation, holidays, tuition reHandicapped, NJ Certiimbursement & more! Call ficate required. Immediato Somerset ARC. 201-275 8585, 141 S Main St, Man- openings, apply to: So Brunswick Board of Educaville, NJ 08835 EOE tion, 4 Exoculivo Dr, Monmouth Jet. NJ 08852 or SOCIAL SERVICE • Lookcontact Dr. Gavin, 201ing for innovative & crea2 9 7 - 7 8 0 0 oxt 204 tive individual to provido EOE/M'F care & skilled training to TEACHER - Conservative devolopmontally disablod Synagogue seeks Toachor adolosconts & adults residlor toon Hebrew high proing in community program gram. Judaic background, Excollont stall training prodiscussion leadership imgram. Various p I positons portant. 201-446-1200. availablo including oves, wknds or overnight. Call TEACHER - JCC Belle Carol, 201-846-4222, Mead Religious School. SOCIAL WORKER TherSurrWed, lower grados apist - MSW with 1 yr 201-329-3118. clinical & administrative oxTEACHER (Music) - Impononco. Substance abuso mod o p o n i n g s ; guitar, troatment oxporionco a piano & flute. Call Univorplus. Sond rosumo to: NHTS. PO Box 377, Tren- sal Music, 201-874-8080. ton. NJ 08602

° Help Wanted

TEACHER • Nusery School part time 2 yrs early childhood experience. Nursery experience preferred. 609737-1333 TEACHER OF The Handicapped • NJ certified for small, private school. Working w/emotionally disturbed children ages 5-8 (readiness skill). PE Instructor • NJ certified, swimming certilicate required. Positions availablo immod. good benefits Send rosumo to Childrens Day School 9 4 6 Edgewood Avo. Trenton, NJ 08618 or call 609-695-8769.

TEACHER - Part time. Croativo early childhood porson to develop learning centers. 609-587-5365 TEACHERS & Asst Teachers - needed for W. Winsdor/Plalnsboro school ago child care program Positions avail from 3-6pm in Elem & Middle School Programs. Applicants should be creative, flexible, caring & responsive to n e e d s of s t u d e n t s & parents. Certification is preferred but not required. Send resume to: WWPCE. PO Box 248, Princeton Jet, NJ 08550 or call 609452-2185. EOE

TEACHERS OF Tho Handicapped & Teacher Assistants - to work with autistic students. Experience with behavioral teaching preferred. Twelve month positions. Send resume to: Ellen DiMasi. Center for Autistic Children, 2 8 5 Rosedale Road, Princeton, NJ 08540 609-924-7223. EOE. TECHNICIAN Do you en)oy working w/your hands? Service Tech needed for local established firm for Installation & repairs. Great pay & bnfts. Call BOB now 609243-0484. REGENT NATIONAL INC. 3371 Rt 1, Suite 200, Lawrenceville.

$50 Bonus cannot be used with any other offor


SMC Personnel Support Inc. Princeton Meadows Office Center Suite 1130 Plainsboro.NJ 08536 Novor A Fee/No Contract TEMPORARY - Dala entry opp $ 7 5 0 $ 9 5 0 Secretarial 'wp $10 thru $12. On Call Personnel. 201-7220303. TEMPORARY RECEPTIONIST - With or without typing. ACCOUNTING CLERK Full or part time. COMPUTER OPERATOR • (HP 3000) Long term, local company. CLERK TYPIST short torm

Long &

JANITOR • Long torm, local company. WORD PROCESSORS NBI, Wang, IBM PC Wo offor benefits to all our temporary employees. Vacation, Holidays & Bonus


666 PWnsboro Rd PlaJnsboro, NJ 609-924-1022 E. Brunswick 201-238-2101 EOE/M/F TEST KITCHEN Chef - for nationally distributed 4color natural food magazine Duties include organization, recipe development and food styling for photography. Approx 40 hoursmo. Ideal applicant should havo some prolessional cooking expert once and familiarity w natural food. Flexible, ere ativo. patient, organized and easy to work wilh Sond lesume, refs and leilei to Delicious!, 328 S Main St, New Hope, Pa 18938. THE McCARTER THEATRE - needs articulate & enthusiastic people to help with the subscription drive. If you are a student, actor, musician or homemaker who would like a fun job with great pay call Rick 609-683-9100. TIRED OF THE SAME OLD DULL AND DRY PART-TIME JOB? Why not lind a part-time position that s more fun, pleasurable and oilers you a challenge? We've got itl The Princeton Packet is now interviewing for parttime telemarketing personnel. Wo offor a good salary and

commission plan while working with a pleasant staff of professionals. Hours are Monday-Friday nights 5:30pm to 9:00pm, with some Saturday work possible. We're flexible, if you are I A strong telemarket individual can average $8.00 per hour. Please call Dan Pitcher Circulation Sales Manager at 609-924-3244, exi. 171. EOE.


A Packet Publication „

Week of August 31, 1988

16B 135

Merchandise Mart

SHRINK Wrapping MaUntie • Beseler Mod 1513GSA, perl cond $500 BO .'U1-329-6991 9-4pm Sit K PLANTS - Flowers & Ut-es at below wholesalo prices Major importer's samples & closoouts 1 ol a kind & small quantities available Call lor into. Margie. 609-799-2263 STEREO SPEAKERS Uno pair of Phillips No • I / / Best Oder1 609-8961953 Jill S W I M M I N G POOLS • Used pools Reconditioned Kayak pools comploto with filter system, patio deck, UjMcing & more Installation & financing available Limitod quantities' Mako us an offer1 Call toll free 1UOO-THE-POOL oxt B189 THOMASVILLE QUALITY SWIVEL, ROCK, RECLINER & HUGGERS

Merchandise Mart

••WATER BEDS** From $199 CLOUD 9 FURN. MFG. Hightstown. N J Wed-Sat 11 am-7pm —609443-4499— WINDOWS • 2 brand new dbl pane Andersons w screens 3Ow x 49I, one 25'. ,w x 4II. All $299 201-6650864




Discount Computers 386 20Mhz Complete Syst e m , $ 3 3 0 0 00 2 8 6 / 12Mhz Complete System, $1950 00 Turbo XT Complete System, $975 00 Software, Lasef|ets & other system configurations a v a i l a b l e Call 6 0 9 921-0876 for more info

THE COMPUTER Exchange - Low fee to sellers. WINDOWS For Sale Free to buyers 1-800Double hung w storms & 446-7373. screens, best offer 609TRS 80 Model IV • with 921-6585 DWP 210 printer, bidirecWOMAN'S 10 SPEED tional tractor S software & Schwinn bicycle, good Macintosh 400K external cond Call aft 5pm, 201- disk drive Best offers. 563-0549 609-924-5842 USED COMPUTERS 1972 WORLD BOOK Encyclopedia - plus all yoar& PRINTERS books to 1988. Like new. IBM AND OTHERS Asking $300, call 201 Sell, lease or rent 359-1928 also We Buy Used IBM WOULD SELL or trade two BIG SAVINGS! pianos one upright, ono Call for current prices and Spinnel for used Baby inventory. Grand Call 201-722-1228. IS colors Truck load salo MIcroTech Leasing Cofp $!JO9 9 5 . now $175 138 609-924-1184 Computers Wing Back Chairs, $185 RecNners, $139 YOU MAY - bs able to A P P L E HE • N o w , Custom Mad« Solas upgrade your AT or other Sacrafico for $600. includ1 rt-o Dohvory' Call 609- ing software Pleaso call IBM compatible to 386 585-6766 Credit cards acpowor. Call for dotails, 609-921-9246 cepted 609-921-0611 COMMODORE 128-MomTAG Sales, Inc tor. disc drive, printer & lots 140 We do all the work. Merchandise of software. $500. Call Profitable) salo of entire or 201-257-4588 Wanted partial contents o! your COMPUTERS! - Troublehijme Professionally conALL A N T I Q U E S & shootmg, program applicaductod at your convenFurnituro • from the 1940s tion, system setup, consultience 609-882-0560, 215& back. Dining & bedroom ing, call 609-466-2264 4^3-5332 sets Dosks- all kinds. Glasswaro, clocks & UPRIGHT PIANO • Oak. HP LASER Jet 500 • • Model HP 2686D, less than lamps. Eslatos purchased ivory, good cond, stool & 1 year old. call Bob 609- w clean out sorvico. Cash. licfit S350 firm 609-466737-9013 609-586-0777 anyiimo ?

jJust Charge it

ALL TOY Trains - Any age & condition & Old Toys Best pnces paid, call 609-737-7730CAP WANTED - for 88 Toyota pick up truck 4x4. Call btwn 9 & 2:30pm, 201-251-5868 CASH FOR YOUR Antique Furniture - we are a large dealer specializing in Oak Willing to buy 1 piece to entire contents 201-329-

2062 GOLD - Jewelry Diamonds, highest prices paid! Monroe Twp area, 201-521-2187 GUNS & SWORDS - Military items. Federal & Stale liconsed as required for New Jersey transactions Will make house calls, pay highest cash. Call Bert. 201-821-4949. ORIENTAL RUGS & Tapestries - bought for cash. 201-837-0080. U.S. COINS • jewelery, pocket watches, antiques, any sterling, silver, gold or scrap 609-587-7507. USED FURS Wanted! Highest prices for fur coats & jackets. Call Friedman Furs 609-395-8158 WANTED - Antique or early 20th century picluro frames. Please call 609924-2016 WANTED • Pallet rack shelving, largo quantity. Call Grog, 609-587-6831

Master Card

;to place your ** '.classified ad. •Call any of our offices i-and say "Charge it", • Packet Publications now accepts 'MasterCaid and Visa. A call to any one of !these offices can get your classified ad in ;all the Packet papers: The Princeton Packet The Lawrence Ledger Windsor-nights Herald The Cranbury Press Hillsborough Beacon The Manville Hews

609-924-3250 609-896-9100 609-448-3005 609-395-0730 201-359-0850 20.1.-725-3300 I'aekit

The franklin News-Record The Central Post North Brunswick Post The Hamilton Observer Kopewell Valley News


Merchandise Wanted

201-469-9040 201-329-9214 201-821-0550 609-587-1012 609-466-1190

'ul>lk;iliuns •


Merchandise Wanted


HANKINS ANTIQUES' • Collectibles. Bought/sold' appraised 1 piece to entire household. Tues thru Sat, 11am-4:30. 169 Mercer St, Hightstown, NJ. Call 609443-4102 or 443-6772.

160 Garage Sales


GARAGE SALE • Sat, 9/3, 9-3pm, rain date 9/4. 130 Jefferson Road, Princeton Bikes including BMX, toys, furniture, clothes, aid books, gas grill & lots of household items.

Mmton dinner set, lots old glass & china, lamps, old cash register, costume jewelry, etc! Most Interesting Sale! Lester & Robert SUrtoM

WANTED FOR Charity Auction - to be held Sun. Ocl 6, 1988. Donations of antiques, paintings, art glass, furniture, early bicycles, collectibles or any unHIGH CHAIR, Playpen ANTIQUE WICKER usual items. All donations Chairs, chest, etc 9/2. Bought, sold, restored. will have tax deductible (From 29, fifth house on Dovetail Antiques. By appt. status. Call Freehold Ex546). ; 609-298-5245 change Club, 201-4622735 LOVE FOR SALE - Let me JAMESBURG • 12 Woodland (off Forsgate), 9/3, 4 & solve your problems with WE BUY Used Books - All 5. Plants, clothes & crafts. small antiques & other subjects but pay better for treasures. I'll rejoin them, MOVING SALE - 9/3-9/5 & literature, history, art, childfabricate missing parts, 9/10, 10-4pm. Rain or rens, theology & philospolish bras9, rejoin pottery, Shine. New or Almost New! ophy. Good condition a repair jewelery, mount Household items, toys, must. Call Micawber sculpture, repair lamps & bike, books, tools, workBooks, 108 Nassau St., more. Bring projects smallshop items, now sht floorPrinceton, 609-921-8454. er than a breadbox to: Tom ing, tile, furniture, lamps, Pipecarver, 4 Spring St. 145 stemware dishes, clothes, Musical Princeton. 609-921-0860. rest, cater supplies. 10 ReInstruments gina Drive, Hillsboro. Twp NANNIES PRETTIES AnLine Rd to Camdem to tlques • 55 Monmouth ARMSTRONG FLUTE Regina or Southwoods Rd Junction Rd, Dayton, NJ. model 104, silver plated, Open Fri - Sat, 10-5, to Camdem to Regina Dr ribbed construction. $160 Call 201-359-1666 201-329-2062. Antiques 609-466-3977 bought & sold. Specializing M O V I N G SALE PIANOS-ORGANS in oak furniture. Mahogany Desk, $75 5 •New-Used* Drawer Oak Chest, $75 PINE BLANKET Box • GUARENTEEO Sony Color TV, $50 Frig $400, Cherry stand $325, LOWEST PRICES (small), $100. Bookcases, cherry drop leaf table $475, FINANCING AVAILABLE mahogand drop leaf table $25. Window Air Cond Unit All major Credit Cards $200. Call 609-282-2235 or $475, others. Call eves Purchase Power eves 683-8712. 609-799-1617. MUSIC LESSONS 609-599-2700 ROBERT WHITLEY - Mas- MOVING SALE • Must sell Baldwin-Hammond air cond to almost now ter of antique furniture resMusic Center toration. Repairing, re- double beds, dehumifier, finlshing. Veneer, inlay and weiht, oxer, biko, etc. Sat CELLO • Bohemian made, good c o n d i t i o n , large carving work. Old finish 9-4, Sun. 10-2. 118 Mine Road. Ponnington Near sound, soft case & bow, preservation. Solebury near New Hope, PA. 215- Rt 31. $3000. 609-799-0443. 297-8452. ELECTRIC GUITAR TAG SALE • Sat & Sun 9/3 TOMATO FACTORY AntiCase & amp. Ibanez De& 4. 9-?. 0-1 WynbrookEst. ques Center • 30 shops on luxe 59er. Call 201-874E Windsor. Furn, waterbed. 2 floors with Oak, country 5768. microwave, misc! to formal furniture. Also, LOWERY Organ - Holiday, YARD SALE - Sat & Sun. fine accessories, postMahogany w/rnatching Sept. 3 & 4, 11-5 pm cards, dolls and miniatures. bench & access. Orig. Number 618, Rte 518, inLocated Vi way between $9OO0/sell $3500/BO. Call tersection of Old GeorgoPrinceton and Lambertvllle, 201-359-1666 town Rd & Rte 518. Frankon rte 518, two blocks belin Twp. MARTIN GUITARS • Spechind Sunoco Station. Open ial discounts. Connie's Mu7 days till 5 pm. 1-609sic Center, 22 Davenport 466-9860/ 9833/ 2990. 170 Auctions St. Somerville. 201-725160 0737. Garage Sales CASH PAID PIANO - Mozart Studio For used furniture or items HOLIDAY DEADLINES Console, 10 yrs old, great ol interest. Wo buy ostates Thursday, September 1, cond, $650. Call 609-392and households. 609-4261988 at 5 p.m. is our dead7174 Iv mesg for Kathy. 6936. line to place or cancel your DINGMAN & JAMES PIANOS - New & used. regular classified ad for AUCTION CO. Bought and sold. Connie's Music Center. Somerville. Tuesday. September 6 ; CASH PAID 1988 201-725-0737. For used furniture or items of interest. We buy estates PIANO • Well constructed Friday, September 2, 1988 at 5 p.m. is our dead- and households 609-426Lindeman Upright. Rich 6936. lone, could use new ham- line to placo or cancel your DINGMAN & JAMES regular classified ad for mers. $200. 609-921-6453 AUCTION CO. Wednesday. Septembor 7, SAXOPHONE • Kine E flat 1988. Diverse Collection alto $250; Artley B Hat Of Antiques Clarinet $150. Both exc WE WILL BE CLOSED 100s Unusual Bibelot cond. 201-359-6793. MON., SEPT. 5, 1988 & Primitives LABOR DAY 150 PUBLIC AUCTION Collectibles FLAGTOWN • Sept 3. Est: Laura Baldwin - Etc 100 Year old silver dollar's 9am-4pm. New Conter Rd 1237 Lower Ferry Rd • investment quality, private behind Gull Station. VariTrenton, NJ ous household items party 215- 947-6454. Wed Sept 7 - Sam (Rain dale next day) Sold 8am: 36" Toro 7'/.. HP riding sulky gang mowor, 22 HP Bollins GK tractor & attachments,i hand & garden tools, molding planes, old muzzel loaders, shot guns & rifles, bullet molds, rare US bayonet training rifle, etc! 200 books on guns, stamps, 100s old coins, proof sets, stock certificates, watches, etc! Sold 9am: Good 1790 blanket chests, fine rare painted box, fine Viet mirror back Baldwin organ, nico Viet marble bureaus, Wash stands, tables, wordrobe, spool bed, good china & hanging cabinets, apothecary chest, shelves, desk, 1845 Ogee mirrors, old mantel clocks, cases & works, Viet frames, needlepoint pictures, unusual toy stove. 200 china trivets,



609-393-4848 215-736-8989 Auctioneer* Trenton 17

5 Pets & Animals


Thursday, September 1, 1988 at 5 p m. is our deadline to place or cancel your regular classified ad for Tuesday, September 6. 1988. Friday, September 2, 1988 at 5 p.m. is our deadline to place or cancel your regular classified ad for Wednesday, September 7, 1988. WE WILL BE CLOSED MON., SEPT. 5, 1988 LABOR DAY BELLE MEAD ANIMAL HOSPITAL On Rt 206, 2 mi So of Amwell Rd. 1 doctor office. 24 h r . s e r v i c e , l u l l y oquipped. DR. FRANZ BOGNER 201-8744447 BORDER COLLIE-Froo to good homo 4 yr old noutored male 609-896-9345 COCKER SPANIEL Puppies • Great temporment Call 609-396-2265 COLLIE SHEPHERD - 6 mo old, house broken to good home w'yard only. Call 609-448-8878 after 10am. DOG FOOD/SUPPLIES • Many brands in stock, fresh frozen meat, codar bales, insulated dog housos, chain link konnols. All at low prices. Kauffman's Pet Lodge. 609-448-3114. DOG Obedience - classos sponsored by Princeton DTC starling Sept. 8th. Call 201-521-5677. Foeds and Grains For all animals at ROSEDALE MILLS 274 Alexander St Princeton 609-924-0134 FREE KITTENS- 3 fomales, 7 wks, shots, Iriondly. adorable Call 609924-2528 FREE PUPPIES - Mixed sporting brood 7 wks old Had shots. Hoalthy & friendly. 609-896-3293. FREE PUPPY-Female, 12 wks old, black wtan markings, loveable. Call 201359-4159 att 6pm GOLDEN RETRIEVER Pups - AKC, OFA. parents on site. Shots. Call 609466-9266.

Pets & Animals HORSES • 8 yr old Registered Quarter Horse Gelding, Ohio bred, also 12 yr old Vj Arab Mare Asking • $800 each. Call 609663-7418. HORSES BOARDED • Individual turnout. South Brunswick Township 201329-6259. HORSES, HORSES, Horses • We have a good selec- ' tion of quality horses starting at $3000. Show, event, dressage, & hunting. Call Andrew H. Philbrick, Hunter Farms, The Great Rd, Princeton. 609-924-2932 HORSE • Very pretty Bay Registered Quarter Horse, Mare, 15 2H, rides English Sale for beginners. Shows well. $1800.609-397-8305 KITTENS & RABBITS many colors, need good homes 609-989-8944. NEEDED IMMEDIATELY • Someone to take care of my dog while I am away Sopt-Dec except wknds, holidays Dog is excellent with anyone. Can pay a little Call anytime 609921-8717. leave message on tape. I'll get back to you. > N O R W E G I A N ELK - ' Hound dog. AKC Available ' lor stud. 609-895-9345. PERSIAN KITTENS • lor salo! CFA r e g i s t e r e d , adorat>'e. For more info call 201-422-1377. . THOROUGHBRED MARE • 10 yrs old, 15.3H, great mov- er, good disposition 609- 924-3874/924-80B2 180

Lost & Found "

LOST CAT • Older black & white male. Rocently declawod. Cranbury. Reward. 609-395-7564. LOST DOG - N Main St, Penn. Red color '/? lab & \'j Irish setter. Collar with tag, name Mutley. Call 609-737-6851. LOST • Pearl Engagement Ring on Aug 15 or 16. Vicinity: Quakerbridge Mall or Princeton Market Fair, sontimental value. Reward1 Call 609-987-1071 LOST YORKSHIRE Terrier • Kend Pk, 3 yr old fomale, ' answers to "Daisy," bJ'sil-• ver collar. Reward. 201297-3913. 186


GUITAR & BASS - Lessons by Lawrencevillo school instructor, all styles.' levels Steve 609-921-8259 GUITAR - Lessons all levels, all styles, (aught by Berklee College of Music graduate Call Ed Codar • 609-443-3010 LEARNING DISABILITY Specialist • instruction in GOLDEN RETRIEVERS • Reading, Math, Study,.' available for adoption to a loveable home, male 9 yrs, skills 609-443-5719 fomale 6VJ yrs old, AKCMATHEMATICS Tutoring • registered. Please call Grade school thru grad609-799-1673 uate school: arithmetic, algobra, geometry, calculus; GROUP RIDING Lessons • physics; econometrics. $25/hour. Afternoon, oveMarvin B a r s k y , Ph.D.' ning & weekend classes Princeton 609-924-4887/' "Instruction at its very Bordontown 298-4963 best." Hunter Farms. The Great Road, Princeton. MATH TUTORING - By 609-924-2932. Ph.D.. High School & Colloge level. SAT & all col-' HIMALAYAN KITTEN Flame point male, papers & logo board exams, reshots, $250, call after 5, medial enrichment pro609-298-1586 grams, custom, Individual ' HORSES • 12 yrs, bay instruction. 609-448-3690 MATH TUTORING • Call gelding, 16H, some dresMercer County Center for sage, willing temper AskEducational Studies, 609ing $2000. Days 201-707448-6023 or 443-1013. 2675, eves 359-3448.




You can place a 4 line garage sale ad and clean up your act. Your ad will appear in up to 15 Packet Publications reaching over 125,000 potential buyets.' No Phone Calls Please!



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Mail with check or money order to: Packet Publications Classified Department P.O. Box AC Princeton, N J . 08542

SB Stop In the Pack* Publication nearest you, present wurpre-paMooupon ami receive our Oarage Sale Wt The Oarage Sale KH Includes: a Qaraga Sala Stan, Qaraga Sala Tlpa, Inventory Sheet and 20 Prtoa Tag*. AM guaranteed to make your Qaraga Sala a Monty Matorl

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Week of August 31, 1988



Home Services

PAUL'S General Cleaning Service - Prompt, courteous, reliable 7 yrs experience providing any cleaning need Irom weekly house cleaning to carpet shampooing. Free estimates 609-888-0251 POWER WASHING • Cleans brick, concrete, pool areas, siding & paint Call 201-549-9776 lor free demonstration & estimate




CREATIVE HOME Improvements - Carbenlry, paneling, sheetrock, finish basement, plumbing, new kitchen, painting, custom bathroom, wall papering, tiling of all kinds. Reasonable rates. Reliable, prompt 24 hour service. Call John 609-695-1236 for free estimates.

CUSTOM PLUS Contractors - Don't move-improve We take care of all your contracting needs with 1 phone call Additions, renovations, painting, decks, kitchens & baths. Certified fully insured. Free estimates. Call 609-448-9136. DECKS/DECKS - North. South Brunswick, nearby areas. 201-821-5794. Also replacement windows.

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Painting &



ELECTRICAL JOBS-fans, lights, etc. Complete alarm systems at discount prices 201-946-0516. ELECTRICAL SERVICE Custom installatin of ceiling fans and all types of lights. Home light specialist. Free estimates. Prompt service. Sky-View Lighting 201281-7289 E L E C T R I C I A N - Lie #8440. Industrial, commercial, residential. Steve: 201-521-2261 leave msg

PAINTING - Interior/ exterior Reas prices. Misc repairs. Call Werner at 201-329-9610 PAINTING 4 PAPERHANGING - Free estimates, reasonable rates. Call Jerf, 609-259-3066. PAPER HANGING - at a reasonable price, 10 years experience on all kinds ol papers, all work guaranteed. Commercial & residential Call for free estimate, Jean Kee 609737-0062.


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271 Roofing & Siding K&K CONTRACTORS Siding, Roofing & Builders Only Quality Work Guaranteed Lowest Price 24 Hr. Service Licensed & Fully Insured Hamilton Office 609-586-5057 REROOFING-REPAIR • asphalt-wood single, slate, metal, tar, gutters, spouts, chimneys, flashing, vents, otc. Insuredguarantee. 609-921-1135.


Gardening & Landscaping


Gardening &



DONS LANDSCAPING • finish-grade seeding, top soil, mulch, stone, plantings. 609-397-2712 DOUBLE GROUND Hardwood mulch - $22/yard for 8796. a 20 yard load, Princeton ARTISTIC LANDSCAPING area, 201-782-2936 - Mowing, mulching,, EMPIRE TREE shrubs. General lawn mainSPECIALISTS tenance & landscape deWe do complete tree and sign. References, free estistump removal, pruning, mates. 609-443-5658. cabling, feeding and site clearing. For more info and free estimate call 609BHOHCO 896-1640.

AMAGREEN LANDSCAPM O CO - Landscape, Bantings & assign, lawn leedlng, sod & renovation, tree & shrub & stump removal, pruning. 201-249-

* * » t Pubication Gardening & Landscaping

LANDSCAPE Contractor & Gardening - Complete lawn maim A service. 609924-6489. VHtorio Plrona.. LANDSCAPE DESIGN Qrosotng'Urwn Serv. . Residential & Commercial " Pruning & Tree Removal Cleanups & Mulching Patios & Walkways SNOW REMOVAL Cai Larry Q. Scanneta • 609-696-3193

CUSTOM CARPENTRY Home improvements, additions, skylights, windows & doors Installed, porches & STAIRS/HANDRAILS LANDSCAPING/LAWN DECKS PLUS - Custom decks, bathrooms & kitchCustom built & installed. Kit ROOFING NEEDS - John Service - Decks, patios, designs Available nights & ens. Commercial work 261 cabinets, Formica Corian Brokaw 4 Son. All types of sidewalks. Call Frank. 609" done. John Monus Custom Heating & Air weekends. 609-443-4124 Mmnmct counters. 609-392-3508 roofing and roofing repairs, 737-0286. Carpentry, 201-745-4606. PATY'S PAINTERS • Neat m FREO JOHNSTON III D WELLS Home ImproveConditioning gutters, downspouts, gutter STENCILING • Custom & dependable. Low prices. Lawn Maintenance LAWN & GARDEN Ser- . FLOOR SANDING ment • Replacement & incleaning and flashings. Lawn Maintenance home decorative stenciling Free estimates. Call Ed, RICK WYCOFF Air ConLandscaping vices - Sprlng/Summec. stallation ol windows & Reflnishlng & Instatation 609-683-1685 or 466Landscaping Your stenal or well design 609-585-9061. ditionlng & Heating - Spe- 1949. Railroad Ties deanups, lawns mowed,' 609-921-3939 doors, decks, bathrooms, Walkways. Patios one specially lor you Land Clearing cializing in residential servNorth/South Brunswick & National Floors, Inc. PENNINGTON PAINTERS alterations, roofing, maMulching 609-466-9092, Donna ices. Replacement or reBrick Walks surrounding areas. Mulch, Clifton Grant soriry, etc References - Interior/exterior, specialShrub Pruning Old & New pair, thermostats, humidseeding, thatching, land-.,, WINDOW CLEANING & Freo estimates Call 609- Over 23 years experience izing in residential work. Free Estimates Lawn Seedings scaping, fertilizing, grading • ifiers, healing, central air House Cleaning • Window 882-2503 For a free estimate call 201-621-2934 GARAGE DOOR Repairs 201-369-7104 & rototilllng. Hedges & Call 609-888-1163. & storm window, inside & 609-771-0794. Replacement garage DWK CONSTRUCTION BURDWOODS LANDout. $5.00 each. Carpet, SHINGLE & SINGLE PLY G&G - Residential/com- bushes trimmed & shaped. PICTURE PERFECT • Carpentry, home improve- doors. Challenger garage SCAPES, Inc. • offering a Plumbing 1-249-2989. upholstery, wall & panel, MEMBRANE ROOFS mercial lawn care. Reasondoor openers. Radio conPainting Contractors. Inments, decks, roofing, concomplete list of services bathroom, maid service Seamless Aluminum trols Millor Garage Doors able rates, immediate IGHT DOZER - Service. WINDSOR PLUMBING & croto work. 609-259-3572 terior/exterior, residential including design & installaComplete home cleaning Gutters Sales and service. 609service. 609-581-0337. Ideal for confined areas. Heating - Residential, comcommercial. Free estition, patio, R.R. ties, rock GUTTER TALK - Clean 799-2193. Free estimate. Fully in921-1277 924-7737 Wood chipping service. mercial, service, installamates. Call 201-996-3308 wall & boulder work Call sured. All work guaranteed gutters, check roof & Call 201-359-3883. tions. 609-4430631 THERIAULT ROOFING • 609-924-4271 GUTTER CLEANING or 609-397-2182 No job Call 609-393-2122. chimney. Standard 1-story, All types ol rooting, gutters, MAPLE HOLLOW too small or too bigl Special $45; 2-story, $50. Repairs $50 All rool repairs, insudownspouts. Freo estiWINDOWCLEANING-Ex271 LANDSCAPING 20% off on all jobs! extra 609-921-1135. Roofing& red Call MY GUTTER mates 609-466-2645. perionced professional. p9 PRECISION PAINTING LICENSED CONTRAC- MAN, 609-6B3-8636, Residential $5$6 a window includes Siding CARROLLALU 276 TOR - Alterations, restora- 201-821-8621 Moving & & Commercial storms Call 609-448-6085 SPECILAIZING IN TREE EXPERTS A & A ROOFING - Repairs, tions, landlord's repairs, HANDYMAN/CLOSET • Landscaping, All Phases RESIDENTIAL WORK • Quality Workmanship 241 Hauling windows, doors, locks, ce- Customizing • double your BuBding • Brick Walks & Patloa Intonor & Exterior Power gutter replacement and • Excellent References cleaning Call 609-896ramic tile, serving Mont- hanging, storage space; • R.R. Ties JJ s AFFORDABLE HAULWashing. Free Estimates • Fully Insured Services gomery & Princeton area. pantries, odd jobs, asFree Estimates, fully In-• Lawn Maintenance ING • Basements, attics & Quality Work. cully in- 0051. • Prompt Service Gerry Swooton 609-466- sembly req jobs, garago sured, call 201-369-4279. • Mulch-Fertilizing sured, call 609-581-0275 garages cleaned. Call 609ABLE CONSTRUCTION • ALLIED ROOFING - free 1287. Phone:609-695-6736 • Pruning Shrubs B B. Blount. Additions, estimates given on any roof 393-5295 door openers, painting. No PRMCETON for any need, also rain gut- KELEMEN MOVING - CROMWELL'S LAWN Ser- • Gardening decks, kitchens, baths, job too small. Free ests MICHAEL FITZPATRICK IRRIGATION ters, loaders. 100% guarCommercial/Residential quality guaranteed 609201-251-1776 CONTRACTOR SPECIALTST, WC PM00350. Apartmonts, vico • Mowing, maintenFree Estimates/lnsurod 466-3926. ' f j ' J L I U S H CROSS anteo for 1 year, Insulation Mem. NJ Irrigation Assoc homes and offices Low ance, landscaping & cleanHANDYMAN Homo rePainting, int. & ext., insula& driveways done. 609609-924-0686 rates. All size jobs 25 Boar up work. 609-259-2615. ADDITIONS • Alterations. tion, carpentry, finshed pairs, custom closets, no • Design • 448-5707 Brook Rd, W. Windsor, NJ HORIZON LANDSCAPES decks, etc. All typos ol gon- bsmts., attic stairs, attic job too small. Free estiInterior & Exterior CUSTOM • Installation • Sen/ice • Call 609-520-8414. • French Drains eral contracting Looking to Moors, attic fans, ceil. fans, mates. 609-799-6197. Painting & Paperhanging Landscaping & Lawncare BELLE MEAD ROOFING • Lawn Installation have a new energy efficient Specializing In Doing highost quality work LOW, LOW RATES SAVE - • New Lawns/Renovation custom decks installed. HIRE CREATIVE Woodover 30 years business ex• homo built? Contact K-Fam • Guaranteed Plantings for over 25 yrs. in this area. Fully Automatic Why pay more when a • Lawn Cut/Limed/Fertilz. Insured. cralt Inc. To do tho 1001 perience in Princeton & Builders Inc 201-469• R.R. Tie Walls Lawn Sprikler Systems 609-924-1474-Prtncrton licensed, insured, expe- • Foundation Planting 201-545-2037 odd jobs no ono elso vicinity. Free estimates on rienced professional is so 5685 • Drives Graded/Stoned • Mulch/Stone/Topsoil wants. Bathrooms & baseTAURUS PAINTING 609-27&4480 all typos ol rooting, leaders PINEAPPLE BUILDERS • Bed Construction affordable? 609-778-9696 • Rototiling ADDITIONS • Alterations, Commercial, industrial & & gutters, and chimney Custom designed & built ments romodolod. All • Tree Sen/ice or 215-364-8787. Lie * Residential/Commercial R e m o d e l i n g . Custom residential, Interior & oxflashing. Call 201-359additions, alterations, gar- phases of carpentry & trim • Flag & Brick Patios P.U.C. A103923 decks, general ropairs. 609-448-3623 SOD & PLANTS - Brick & 5992 day or evening, (local age conversions, and work. Rotted wood & tor- torior W a l l p a p e r i n g , Free Consultations and Planning consultations/ osmite damage repair. Refersanitas, murals. Free estiPRINCETON MOVING • concrete patios installed at call from Princeton). decks at affordable prices Estimates, 609-737-3654 timates Iroe. Quality mates, 24 hour service, 7 PMC0379 local & long disreasonable rates. RH Free estimatos. 609-275- onces. Call 609-586-2130 craftsmanship al reasonB RICH ROOFING & Paint- tance, no job too big or HUBER & SEEMS Land- Landscaping, Hlllsboro days per week. 718-4940599, Princeton Junction. HOME IMPROVEMENTS ablo rates References & ing rubber roof, shingle, scaping Brick, flagstone, 9590. small, 306 Berwyn Ave., Montgomery area. 201MASONRY REMODELING & Additions photographs available ext & int painting Lioins walks and patios, RR tie, 359-7153. Trenton, NJ. Kirk, bus VANHANDLE'S • Sidewalks commercial & residential H.C. Construction Call 18 yrs. 609-882-7738 natural stone, retaining 609-883-2699, if no ans PAINT & PAPER TOPSOIL Reasonable rates. Quality • Driveways 609-448-2324 after 6PM walls & steps, design, 609-771-4189 • Stops svc. Rofs 609-921-6679 plantings, grading, new Free Estimates CAMEL ALUMINUM ADDITIONS • Alterations, FILLDIRT/SAND/STONE LANDSCAPING INC lawn installation, all phases • Tile Work RUBBISH REMOVAL SHEET ROCKING SpacklIntonor Exterior Complete seamless condecks, painting, fully inFast On Time Delivery • CARPENTER • Landscaping Save Up To 35% of landscaping and landing Painting • Repair & new 609-426-1252 cept. Seamless gutters and sured, free estimates. 201• Install Windows-Doors • Designs Or More On Dispose!: scape construction. Call Call 609-890-1314 construction. Freo estiseamless vinyl • clad • Construction Silos 329-2295 or 613-1786 • Scroen Porch • Grading 609-737-2592. mates, Joe 609-448-3605 aluminum siding. Call 201 VILLAGE PAINTING Co 3 0 6 • Decks Patios • Lawn Maintenance ADDITIONS - Docks, • Home Owner Cloan-Up Auto Repairs/ JACOBS TREE Service Traditional quality and rea- 821-4467. SMALL JOBS • House Additions kitchens, built-ins, bath• Gardening • Renovation Pruning, shaping, chipping sonable rates. Fully inUNLIMITED Services FRANCO CARNEVALE rooms, closets. All interior COOPER & SCHAFER • Free Estimates, fully inYou load or us 1-20 yard & more. Reasonable rates, sured. Call 609-883-8375 finish work including doors 609-896-2946 Inc. containor trucks avail Free sured. 201-359-2249 BUMPER TO Bumper Car Finish basements, sunfree estimatos. fully in& windows, sliding glass estimates. 609-683-4335. SHINGLE TIN COPPER WALLCOVERINGS Care • Waxing, cleaning, DOERLER decks, carpentry, addi- 2 5 1 Painting & sured. 609-497-0853, 609doors, screened-in Fine UNLIMITED SLATE interiors. Convenience at LANDSCAPES, INC. tions, roofing. 286~ Paving 737-6988. carpentry. Quality workGUTTERS LEADERS your home or office. 201Workmanship guaranteed1 Paperhanging Professional paperhanging manship. 609-921-8320 When you're planning to Office — Workshop JOHN KOCHIS 828-8742 evenings or InJIMMIE HARRISON PAV& painting. Quality work, 63 Moran ALLENS PAINTING & landscape, landscape with 60»448-7139, Lennte LANDSCAPING Princeton quire at Hillsborough Car ADDITIONS. GARAGES ING • Driveways, parking guaranteed! 609-586-5616 Restorations • Owner opera plan! 924-2063 Wash. Decks, roofs, pole barns. S 4 S DRYWALL lots, seal coating, stono & Custom Design ated. Prompt freo estiWATLINGTONS Painting All general contracting. 15 J.C. EISENMANN Roofing gravel, grading, designs Landscape GRAND OPENING Commercial/Residential mates Fully insured. Local Shoetrocking & Finishing Interior & Exterior, pressyrs in business. Quality - Roofing, sheet metal, available. Freo estimatos. Architects & Contractors "Elegante' Auto Detailing" rolorencos. Serving all of Serving Central Jersey ure washing 609-799609-466-3308 work Country Cousins chimney flashing & gutters Princeton, NJ 609-921Comes to Princeton Mercer County. Call Kirk Over 15 Years 2020 if no ans 443-4790. 609-896-3300 609-443-8283 Construction Inc 609-443609-466-1228 ' 3944 Rt 1 & Washington Rd Allen, 609-771-4189. 0457 ANTHONY SIMMONS 609-989-8543 A NEWLOOK Painting • Additions, Renovations, STEVES QUALITY Homo Decks. Kitchens Improvements • Your com- Interior & exterior, bost quality, low prices, Senior plete homo repair center. • Workmanship Fully Seamless siding, storm Citizen Discount. Plus Guaranteed doors, (17 colors) replace- power washes lor oxterior • Prompt Froo Estimatos surfaces including all sidment windows & doors Consultation ings & masonry products Docks, (free staining). • Finest Finish Co/pentry Free estimates call Brad at, Como see our show room And Drvwall a'. 792 Hamilton St in 201-828-8077. Somerset. Phone 201-545BELL'S CUSTOM Painting 1155. - Interior and exterior. Also wall paper removal. Free TRIMLINE BUILDERS INC estimates, reasonable - Windows, decks, doors. rates, quality work, fully inEVERY Fully insured. Call 609- jured. 609-443-3408 WE NEED 883-3455 CASTLES IN the Air - A YOUR YAKIMA WOODWORK • Priced to sell! garden in the hall, or a Finish trim CarpenterWe must make rabbit named Peter in tho woodworker. 14 yr ol home nursery, we can put them room for 1989's building experienced, deOR NJ 201-359-1877 there. We can earn/ a decoming in sign, build & repairs. ServPA 215-968-8670 SELL YOUR sign theme from our stencil August. icing homeowner, builder or contractor We work or your wallpaper to your Order Your CAR TO USI linens, napkins or curtains ALL MAINTENANCE • For w wood with a reverence '89 NOW! Murals, custom stencils, all your home needs. for trees. 609-397- 0686. wall painting restorations, Carpentry, painting, patios, 2 4 6 Home Repairs guilding, print & ornamental walkways, etc. Insured. frame restoration. For con1988 NOVA 1988 CHASSIS CAB DUMP TRUCK 1988 SPECTRUM EXPRESS 1988 S10 BLAZER 4WD 609-924-8925 or 924-8446 BUILDING REPAIRS sultation call Isabella, 6094-spd man trans. 5 7L EFI V-8 gas gm, Tint glass, fir mats, inter wiper, elec rr 4-dr. sedan, 1.6L 2BBL L4, auto 2-dr. H/B coupe, 5-spd. manual ALLSTAR MASONRY • Roofs (metal, shingle, lar- 924-8403 or Bonnie 609 dome lamp, ext senior w/c mirror, wind dolog. A/C, spd. cntl, 2.8L EFI trans, P/S, rad B/W, AM/FM trans, rad B/W, 1.5L L4, Slk front Specializing in patios, slate), chimneys, gutters, 466-9196 stabilizer bar. rr axle 4/10 V-6, 4-sp auto w/overdrv, AM/FM ste3866 Vin 553215, List $6895. ralio. dual rr whls. cig Ighlr. hvy duty wood decks, pool decks, spouts, flashing, walls, reo, tach. Tahoo equip, rr axle 3 73 stereo, P/B, Stk 3620, Vin 029367, List $9750. rad Stk 3833, Vin 3833. List $18,977 ratio Stk 4052 Vin 177390, List walkways, sunrooms, slabs walks, patios, garages, CHEAP WORK is not $17,615 and footings for additions, porches, steps, driveways, good, good work is not Buy for $6750 SPECIAL 2 in stock Buy for $8900 Buy for'15,675 excavating, R.R, Ties Dofences, demolition, carpen- cheap, I'm reasonable NOW ready for Now NOW sign, cultured atone/brick try, painting, caulking, glaz609-448-4819. w/rebate w/rebate delivery! w/rebate and block work. Fully ining, stucco, masonry, point- C U S T O M P A I N T I N G $ sured & references, call ing, patching, inspections. Service - Reasonbale 609-924-6300. Guarantood Insured rates, fully insured, work BAS Gen'l Contracting - No 609-921-1135 guaranteed, excellent refjob too small. Insurod. froo CANT FIND - Anyone lor erences. Interior & exterior. 1988 S-10 PICK-UP 1988 S 10 EL PICK-UP 1988 CAPRICE 4-DR WAGON 1988 SPRINT TURBO ost. Joe 609-466-47-11 or glass, side rr wind, frt fir mats, Freo estimates, call 609that small household repair 1000 Ib. payload pkg., Fleetside 2-dr. H/B coupe, A/C, 1.0L MFI Tint P/dr locks, P/wind, carpet fir Inter wipers, 1500 Ib payload pkg, frt Bryan 4669444. ]ob? Paneling, trim, doors, 882-1997 or 609-924body, P/brakes, 2.5L L4 EFI L3 turbo, 5-spds man. trans, A/C, rr axle 3.42 ratio, elec spd cntl. mats, intermit wpr, elec rr wind 6300. replacement windows, olc Tech IV, ^ s p d man, w/ovtfr., C A R P E N T E R WORK ALS S/B, Stk 3394, Vin 704598, 2 8L EFI V-6 gas, 4-sp auto w/ovrdrv, defog, spd cntl, 5.0L V-8, auto AM radio, S/B bw, Stk 3963, Done • For reasonable call Mr Fix-It. 201-297D PINTINALLI • Painting tilt steering, PS. Tahoe equip. Stk List $9125. trans, tilt, List $ 1 6 , 2 7 1 , Stk 9124 3264, Vin 124335, List $12,828. rates. Remodeling, decks, Vin 252449, List $7413. Contractor-Interior & ox3973, Vin 196420, kitchens, roofs, trim, winCARPENTRY, MASONRY terior. Residential Free esBuy for $8488 Buy for $7050 Buy for $11,399 Buy for dows & doors. Call Cart• Finish carpentry, tilework, timates. Call anytime, 609NOW NOW NOW wright Construction Inc at stonewonX. Int & ext. Huber 862-1739. w/reb«te w/r«fcat« w/reb*U 201-526-9327. Const, 609-683-8816 EXCELLENT PAINTING CERAMIC TILE - Installa CARTER'S HOME Im- And morel 18 years of tion-repair Bath, kitchen, provements • Interior/ex- quality experience. Interfoyer Call Mike, 609 terior carpentry, painting, ior/exterior residential, in568-9499 paperhanging & more. For dustrial & commercial 19U FORD ECONOLINE 150 CONVERSION VAN Bay 19H CHCVY MONTE CARLO 88 V-8. auto. T-tops. 1895 BUICK 8KYLARK 4-dr . 4-cyl. aulo. till wheel. A/C, windowi, captalm chairs, two tone, running boardi, pwr P/wlndows. P/dr. Iks, ERD. AM/FM sterao w/cassatte, lint windows, pwr windows, AM/FM stefoo ERD Vin C S J CONSTRUCTION & quality work call Joel: work. Free estimates, refs. windows, P/door lock*. AM/FM itarao. C I I U I K , A/C. A/C. lint, till, cruise. Vin 210511. Stk 3968A. 43,575 ml. 609888-2912. «300G, Slk 3752-A, 27,773 ml '4999 609-393-2803. Landscaping • Decks, landVin B39426. Slk 4048-A. 49.002 ml '12JM scaping, gen construction, CERAMIC TILE - Repairs, 1M7 CHEVY CORSICA V-6 auto. AM/FM tt««o. A/C. 1987 CHEW 8UBURBAN 2 WD w/tallgate. dual A/C, tlnl RR ties, sod, odd job. No tile installed permanently 19M CHCVY CAVALIER TYPE 10 4 cyl., aulo. A/C, tinted windows, P/wlndows, P/door locka, EHD, till windows. 2 tone, auto trans. Vin 110275. Stk 1O72OP, AM/FM stereo, lint, Vin 231175. Stk 3881A. 31.525 ml. job too small I Call 201J & R PAINTING - Specialwheel, crulsa cntl, bucket front taata. column shift, Vin w/new cement board. Bath41.849 mi '11,9M 105619, Slk 4040-A. 8372 ml. 422-1053 (or free eat izing in residential work, room remodeling, plumbinterior & exterior, papering, lowest prices. DELACONCRETE/MASONRY COUPON WARE VALLEY TILE, 34 hanging & light carpentry. WOOO DECKS COUPON Qtnuin* Mr. Goodwrtnch Lube , years of experience. 609- 609-466-9033 Quality Pattoa/Walkways, Tiro Rotation Spoclal OIL & FILTH a86-1067. MIKES PAINTING - InCU1T0MM62+ Flagstone, Brick, Pool • Hm *n»* IMMIon •MOAL Decks, Porches, FoundaCOBBS FLOOR/SANDING teYlor/Extertor, 8 yrs exp, Discount of • MpadTWCondMen tions, additions, repairs. & Reflnlshing • Floor Stain- r e a s o n a b l e . Free e s i | Off«r txpIrM 0/0/66 Warnm BuMart Inc Ing or Reconditioning. matesl 609-799-2251. *•>«>• * • * • * • * • Offer expire* 8/8/BD M Make old floors like new 11 MY PRICES are reason201-782-2560 Nol lo bo combined wlih any olhar oiler Free Estimate. Call 6090O9483-6137 Offer •nolrw 8/8/68 able - & my work is guaranNot lo DO> oofnMrwo M V I sny otfMf otwt 298-3424. n n 10 P> oofflDVVPO v m mff Owl* o teed to your satisfaction. DECK MASTERS MC Housepainting by 'Rlcha/d FREEMAN Enterprtzes Simple or Stylish Decks, L. Steimer. References We specialize in floor sandRR Ties & Walls. Reasoning, staining, bleaching. In- throughout the Princeton, able Rates. stalling. Quality work at af- Kendall Park area. Fully 60K83-3214 fordable prices. Residential Insured. 201-297-1864. CONCRETE WORK - afcfo- & Commerteal. Free estiPAINTING • Brush, roller, mates 24 hr answering spray. Exp'd, professional. wafcs, patios, fireplaces, general masonry and re- service. Call 609-426Repair work. Call Jim WHERE EVERYTHING IS DISCOUNTED 6909 or 201-306-3107. pair*. CaN 600-737-6874 609-448-7965.








GEORGE HUGHES Route 9 South, Freehold, N J .




701 -'16/ I J M





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316 AutOS For Sale

Autos For Sale


Autos For Sale



Autos For Sale

04 FORD l.TD~~V-6. air. auto, p s, p b f.asb, am Im, 15K mi. $1/00 [Jay 6095BB-2055. 5-Bptn 799-8638

84 VW QUANTUM • Wolf sburg edition Loadod good condition $3500 609-466-1787 evenings

85 NISSAN MAXIMA 3 litre. V6, 5 spd. blk, 53K mi. exc cond Asking $9800 201-2/4-2345 \

86 FlERO - Silver, mini 5 spd. ac. P'W, am fin cass. sunt), 23k mi $7000 BO 609-443-1/32 eves

04 FOnD ESCORT • Exc com), a t . storoo radio $3100 009-448 584? altur

•85V, FORD ESCORT 4dr, sunroof, 4spd. am Im cass. oxc cond. 56K mi $3200 Call 009-924-4630 or 215-6/4-43/1


84 HONDA CRX • 5 spd.

'85 UUICK PARK Avo • lull power, ac, cruiso. am Im. 29,800 mi, $8750' linn 609-58/0832

85 PONTIAC • Grand AM If Auto, loaded, stereo cass Garaged Exc cond S/500 609 924-8474

86 FORD THUNDERBIHD Flod oxt int Power brakes, windows, boats 36.000 miles Am Im cassette and ampliler Excellent condition Doc rnaint Call 609-896-117/ days

~85 CHEVY - F10 Blazer 4 wheel drive P s. p b, air 87,000 mi Good condition S/900 609-895-1299

Hb SUBARU GL • 4 dr. 5 spd. ac, amlm steroo, oxcollont condition, $4900 Call 609/99-1162 86. HYUNDAI • 4 door 85 TOYOTA MR 2 fcioU Sedan, 5 spd, ac, arnlm, trtinit.s packago. 51K mi, oxc cond. 2IK. $3700 or porfect cond, $6900 Call B O Call 609-882-4561 days, 201 - 8 / 4 4 4 4 / or uvoti 609-466-4140 66 MEHCEDES BEN? 190E • Silver, like now, BO'. TOYOTA SUPRA $16,000 609-275-8347, fartja Wtiito w Gray in-


A Packet Publication

Week of August 31, 1988


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corid, Honda serviced, clean, 51K m i ' , $4700 Call 609-27i)-6871 Iv tnsa •(14 NISSAN STANZA GL • 5 :,|x). loadod. mint cond, /(J.OOO mi Vin #11702/, Pm.od at $4/50 Naples Auto Sales, fiO'J 259-9154 B4 NISSAN SENTMA-4 dr sedan, auto, am Im btciroo. now tiro*. & battury. very (jood cond. $?800 Call after 5pm 609-799-70B4 »4 PI YMOUTH HORIZON 5 sp. at. $1200 Of bO'jt olli'r Call iiO'l 5H7-04.TJ (14 RENAULT A l l IANCP I ow mileage, std, excellent condition. $:i(XXJ BO Call 009-5B5 5404 04 TOYOTA COROLI A -4 dr. 5 '>pd, air. am Im ultimo (.avi. fj?K mi, good cond $4Mj() 009-4 M i 9 590

85 CHEVY CAMARO Z28 Iroc, red, auto, lully loadod. good cond, 46K rn.s. asking $9300 609. 924-0460 days or 201 29/0377 oves 85 GMC JIMMY 4x4 • Fully loadod 43,000 mi Push bar, oxc cond $9500 609-530-0671. alt 0pm 85 MERCEDES HEN? 300 D Turbo, [Hack Pearl with Palomino interior, Pristine condition. 18.000 mitos Asking $23,500 Call 201-823-1214 alter 7 Din

'85 MONTE CARLO SS Exc cond. low mileage, loadod, must soil Asking $8/00 HO Call 609-259212/

04 TOYOTA CEI.ICA GT at., (j '>. [i b, 5 spd w cruise t.onlrol, upgrade stereo, '85 NISSAN MAXIMA SE • many ether extras, oxc exc cond. garago kept, G9K i.ontl $0500 BO Call 609hwy mi, $7900. 609-25941.1, HI 1 I 7404


C U t\ a S S

Supreme • 2 dr. p I, p w. cruiso, tilt whool, stereo cass. 47K hiway mi, A l cond $6900 609-921-2439

totior, tully loaded. 1RK mi, tlawloss $18,000 or HO Call 609-921/061 V , BMW 325 - Gold, fully loadod, exc cond. now tires. 43K mis, $13,500 Days 215-660 1000, ovos 609/99-3032 l i b BMW 325os 22K tin, loadod, kept spotltiss, ask ing $10,300 Call Stove, 609-443-0/57 Iv msg (16 BMW 325 4 dr. auto, cosmos blue, 23.000 im $17,000 201-521 -48/0 06 DODGE CARAVAN seals /, a i . now tiros AsV ing $9700 Ploasi: (.all 609 655 6164

86 FORD ESCORT EXP 2 seal sport, black, aulo, cruiso, till, am Im cass, snrt, p's, p b, 1 owner $7800 or take ovor payments Call 201-846-4582


Autos For Sale

'86 SUBARU GL Loadod 25K mi Take ovor lease payments $237 mo nothing down 609-683-4389 86 TOYOTA CELICA ST Sleroo w cass, ac, 5 spd runs groat $7260 eves 201-874-3953 86 VWG01F 4 dr, ac. 5 spd. cass, great cond, 26.000 mi, asking $6350 Call 2 1 6 / 3 6 2248 or 201417-4656 86 YUGO Ac. sleroo, lug rack. 16k mi Like now $3200 609 921-7084

Autos For Sale



Autos For Sale

82 HONDA NIGHTHAWK 9,000 miles, good con dilion 609-888-1351

87 MA/UA 626 GT Authorized Tu'i»". lully loadod. Black Mercedes-Benz Dealer •1)', must sell relocating Call between 96pm, 609 723-2294 8/ MA7DA~323 4 dr, 6 spd, a c . am tin stereo cass Asking $/900 Call 201-7/9 5836 87 PFUGEOT STX • V o" 6 spd. power package. 30,000 mi, asking $17K 201 369-32/6 8/PORSCHE 944 • 6 spd. black, tully equipped, oxc cond, 16K mi Assume lease, nog 609 896-3841

87 ACURA LEGEND '87 PORSCHE 924s Rod, Sedan, very low mi. period sunroof a c log lamps. cond, all options, black UlaupunH 30K mi's, seller w gray loathor, $19,760 or anxious make odor 609 best oiler 609 461) 196/ 2/5 1 '1-1(1 87 BMW 1.6 • 13K mi s, auto, blue w white loalhor. 8/ HENAUl T ALLIANCE 1 ownor. lactoiy wtty 2 dr. b'f ,i.ito, 19,000 m, $36,900 or B O 609$4600 'C.dl 201-369-4126 443 749/ 8 / VW (,OIE Gl • 36K 201-580 455/ 67 BUICK GRAND Na~ mis 6 ',|)d. cloan, oxc 06 MUSTANG GT Black. lional loadod, oxc cond. contl [) •• p t), am Im 5 litro engine, 5spd, ac. g a r a g e d , 2 6 0 0 in i , stereo i .i',s metallic paint, p s. p-b, am Im cass. oxc oxl win/ $/400 Call alt $16,700 215 536-1406 cond $8300 Call alt 6pm. 5 30 tAi'l 734-9028 8 / CHEV NOVA Silver" 201-521-0/41 oxc cond, like new 21K mi 00 HONDA ACCORD 5 86 NISSAN STANZA • 5 w extended manl warranty sp 4 di ,nr. cruise, a m l m spd. ax, lull power, purled S/296 (Jail Jell eves. '..is', :,li.-reo 14,000 miles cond, 69K mi $7150 609-/99 3844 1 i i../id $11.200 Call 201-874-7043 2 0 1 ? 14 - 0 0 / / a f t e r 8/ GRAND NATIONAI 06 NISSAN PULSAR NX " 5_30um Adull driven, garage kepi. ac, p b, p s. am Im cass. 00 HONDA CRX Si Soil $13,000 or best offer moon root, 50.000 mi. mint intj due to relocation Call 609 466 0836 after 6pm cond. Vin #036090. Pricod 009 452-7720 (lays or 8 / HONDA CIVIC 4 door al $6550 Naples Aulo 2/6-9606 ovos sedan 12,000 miles, aulo Sales, 609-259-9154 malic Ac, am Im stereo (ill VOYAGER -6cyl.aluin 66 Pt Y VOYAG ER IE metallic •., • ' Mint con whls. running boards, sun 2 6. loaded 47K mi must (Jition Please ,..u. 60'i rool, Alpine slereo. exc see1 Ask $10,500 799 3106. leave mov.iig.$13,950 201-329 6266 or 609-448-4921 ovos mi machine 201 297 6664

Machinery & Equipment


MOPED Motobecane. like now. only 2K mi s. new helrnut, side basket $206 609 921-2335

16 H P WHEFLHORSC TRACTOR - 42m mower deck, 42m sKowplow, lire chains, oxc cond $1200 o' best oiler 609 737-291 1

FORD TRACTOR^ 4WD w 8 york rake, low hrs. $12,000 best odor 609 737 7566 blwn Oam 6prn 71 FORD S100 6 cyl. 3 Princeton Motof sport, Inc spd, good truck, runs very 2910 Route 1 well $900 or BO Musi sell, Lawroncovillo, NJ STAMCRAF'f POP Up call anytime 201-577-8286 Sales - Service • leasing trailer • Stovo. sink, heal European Delivery /8 FORD F150 • now or, icobox, closet f.abinels, motor, new trans, new storage, dinette, screen 609-771-6040 tiros. 4 will dnvu Best Ol house, oxtias Sloops 6, gd NASSAU CONOVER lor Call 20 1 261 6068 cond $860 201 369-2636 MOTOR CO 9arr|-2 30pm Ted aft 6pm FORD '80 FORD F150 X4 Ion Sales-Service-Leasing rating, 78k mi, new . . Dally & Long 346 tool boxes. %2/W Alter Boats Term Rentals 0pm 201-359 1633 or 301 Rte 206, Princeton, N J . 9694 81 26 PEARSON huge 609-921-6400 cockpit, roller furling, j 86 TOYOTA 4x4~ Xtra sails, Mercury OB, VHt NITTI SUBARU cab, 5 spd. a c, p s. dead $ 1 3 , 9 0 0 E v i i ' , , 6 0'I Sales linor & cover, Alpine stereo 799-2441. Servlco 4 9K m i ' s mint c o n d , Parts 04 BARETTA 19 Bow $8700 21596804/1 oi Rider 14()hp, rnotk I 0 ( 9 9 609 7990400 exl 2062 1083 Route 33 hrs), EZ loader Irailor, Ask tor Wos Hamlrton Square, NJ power winch, VHF Radio, 609-586-1331 87 FORD BRONCO Ed depth lindor, compass, lull die Bauer vorsion, all op 321 canvas, ss prop, best oiler Motorcycles lions, oxc cond, / K mi 609-987-9684 ovos, wken'l $16,000 609-243-0382 609 263-9560 AFTER HOURS Service 07 MAZDA B2000 Cab Factory cortiliod Kx.hni SAILBOAT 2 / Hunter, (, i a n Any ni a k e , a n y plus pick-up Hod 6 spd, Yanmar diesol. 4 sails, lully model Good work at a new lues, 44Kmi, $6600 or equipped, auto pilot, at. BO Call 609 924-3600 cheap price Free pickup 8. lias Asking $13,500 Day days or 497-0/73 ovos. delivery (Jail Andy 609 609 629 0621, twos 201 ask lor Chris 448 0841 359-5961



Introducing the 405 European Car of the Year 401) D I .


DISCOVER THE TRUE MEANINC, OF AFFORDABILITY. NOW ^15,445 1 Kr I'VH'J I ' n ^ c u l 4U1 [ )| p u t s l u x u r y . n u l v.ilur ill l l i r %.itm- 1 - U I H - I . I I . ^-•n Ar.|.in ' bunt wliffl lin.r

• I M m r wl«fl i i i s r f i A . (

w i l h

iu\(> haid to qualify 121 1100 UNCOUt MIRCURT or 121 MOO BUICK


1000 FACTORY CASH BACK M utocM m M i . twtrrtop M i to bt MMowcid br tKioni

NEW 1988 MERCURY COUGAR LS 2 dr , w/std: 3.B litre EFI V6, nuto'overdrivo, ps. pb. a/c t/glass, otr am/lm dual p/rom mirrors, digital dash, clock, dual rod cloth seats, side window demisters OPT w/w radials, roar del MSRP $14,676 VIN » 800427 1 IN-STOCK AT THIS PRICE # 1650. $600 REBATE AVAILABLE!








2 dr hatchback, w/std EFI 4 cyl, pb. clock, olr am/lm, duul p/mlrrors, Qspos. cloth bkta, consols OPT pa. a/c, automatic MSRP: $9663 VIN # 679579. 1 IN-STOCK AT THIS PRICE # 1780 $650 RE BATE AVAILABLEI

4 dr , w/8t(l' twd. U I V6. auto/od, ps. pb, a/c. t/glass. clock, pw. light pkg OPT p/anl met paint, oqup Pkg # 4G0, mats MSRP $16,991 VIN # 045110 1 IN-STOCK AT THIS PRICE # 1754 $500 f i t BATE AVAILABLEI




4 dr . w/std 5 0 litro F.FI V0. auto/od, ps, \yb. a/c, cloth neata, powo(/lu«ury equip pkgs OPT comlorVconv pku . valino coacti r o o l , prol mldga MSRP $24 625 VIN # 6B4009 1 IN-STOCK AT THIS PRICE » 1014


14,497 *21,279


821-1100 Prices include transportation, shipping, dealer preparation, and any other costs to be borno by a customer except for licensing costs, registration fees and taxes

Real Estate A supplement to Tho Crantiury Press. Windsor-Mights Herald. Tho Cenlral Post, North OrunswicK Post Iho Manviliu Nowj. Milisboroogh Beacon. The Franklin News-Record. I he Hamilton Observer and Hopewell Valley Mows

Week of August 31, 1988



Sales agents become brokers Mary Lou Forsdl and Judy Scott, sales representatives in Weichert Realtors' Princeton Junction/West Windsor office, and Alex Kedilico in the finn's Hillsborough-Montgomery office, recently received New Jersey Broker Licenses.



HOUSESITTING - Prof, exp'd w references Profor long torm; negotiable Avail, mid Sept. Ask lor Poter 609-924-3350 days, 466-4784 ovos.


Wanted to Rent

ARTIST'S STUDIO • Musi have heat, water, electric & private ontranco 609-5853268 DUTCH EXCHANGE-Student W o l l m a n n o r o d . Soaks room w family. Will pay $!7bmo 609-5875342. LAWRENCE AREA • Mature working man, nonsmoker drinkor Philip 609292-4140 MALE PSYCHOLOGIST • 43 n o n s m o k o r Seokr. room to rent or apt lo share in Rocky Hill or Kingston aroa Call Wayne 609-683-1819 or 924-7432 around 11am PRINCETON Aroa • Furn rm neoded lor SWF pro fossional, nonsmokor. no pots. 609-466-2016 PROFESSIONAL WOMAN - Quiet nonsmokor seeks small apt or cottage. ModGrate rent in exchange for help various duties. Call 609-921-6695 WANTED TO Rent - Garage lor Toyota Tercol in the vicinity ol Chestnut and Nassau. 609-921-2B27 YOUNG MARRIED Prof Couplo • looking lor housing to rent. Non-smokors, n o n - d n n k o r s . with ono small woll-trainod dog Willing to work around prop orty Plenty ol relrences Day 609-426-1177, ovos 609-395-0420


Apt/House to Share

HOLIDAY DEADLINES Thursday, September 1, 1988 at 5 p.m is our doadlino to place or cancel your rogular classified ad for Tuesday, September 6, 1988 Friday, September 2, 1988 at 5 p.m. is our doadline to placo or cancel your rogular classified ad for Wednesday, September 7. 1988

WE WILL BE CLOSED MON., SEPT. 5, 1988 LABOR DAY 1 ROOMMATE NEEDED For 2 bdrm, 2 bath condo near Princeton. Avail now 609-924-1723. A COMFORTABLE Country House - With swimming pool, available to share near Princeton Call 609799-1385 BORDENTOWN - Prol. nonsmokor to share Ige 3 bdrm twnhso, near Tpk & 295. $320 • ut,'i. Call 609296-7B32 EWING - Nonsmoking prof to share Southlork townhome, located off oxit 2 of 1-95. 609-882-0474. 7-10 pm. FEMALE Mature to sharo Twin Rivers townhouso. $ 4 0 0 / m o i '/} u t i l s . 609-448-7549 evos HAMILTON • Young male prol to share 2 bdrm, 2 bath condo, $425 t utils. Avail Oct 1. Rich, 609-799-9049 HOPEWELL BORO • Lrg house, nice atmosphoro, female pref, $290 • 'A utils. 609-466-1881. HOPEWELL - Sharo new ranch house w/mature male near all stores in clr ol town. 609-466-0485. KINGSTON • Beautiful 3 bdrm, 2 bath, near pool & tennis courts, avail 9/1. $300 i '/> utils. 609683-4336 or at work 4669187 ask for Chris


LAMBERTVILLE - To share fum townhousa In ctr of town, 2 blks from Bridge Sl.MOO/mo + 12 utils. Call Jim, days 609-448-5444 or 39781 SO oves. LAWRENCE SQ - Twnhse to share. Female pref, pool & tennis avail. $350/mo


Apt/House to Share

LAWRENCE Squaro Village - 3 bdrms. 2\, bath, seeks professional nonsmoker, all appls including washer'dryer, pool tennis Near Princeton & NY Train $425 mo i ' . utils. Call 609-586-8446 LAWRENCEVILLE • Christian lemale to share condo $400 • PSEG& phone By tennis courts Immediate occupany. ask lor Choryl 201-521-0030 oxt 291 or evos, 609-895-0452


Apt/House to Share

12x1! bdrm. S J ^ i mo 12x17 $375 mo, * '/« utils Days 609-734-2744, ovos 799-8375 PRINCETON • To sharo 2 bdrm apt, closo to Univ. parking, $375 mo t v^ utils & deposit Call 609-4971170. PRINCETON UGLY Ol' Farmhouse. Room avail, malo semi-slob, nonsmokor, animal lover. $230 mo • ulils and $350 security Call 609-683-1672

LAWRENCEVILLE • Nonsmok. professional f Share 2 bdrm, 2',•'.• bath twnhs Furn bdrm, 14x20' w pnv bath. W d & kil privilege $375 mo • ' .• utils 1 yr lease w poss ext, 609895-0077 leave msg.

PROFESSIONAL NONSMOKING • Person wanted to sharo 2 bdrm bath condo in L'villo. W d . ad, d'w, pool, tennis, pn vate phone line in bdrm 609-896-7826 days, 609 588-5048 ovos

LOOKING FOR - roornmato • apthouso to share Hopewoll P'ton aroa. Female prel, 609-588-8207

ROCKY HILL - Prof to share house, 5 mins to P'ton. Must love animals $650 • utils 609-4970320 days or evos.

MONTGOMERY WOODS - Mins (rom Nassau St. 2 bdrm, 3 baths, beautifully furnished, S550 609-6839038. PLAINSBORO • Nonsmoker to share townhouse, master bdrm w pnv bath. $350 • ' i utils Avail 9 2b 609-275-8079

P R I N C E T O N • Room Available • Sharo house with others Walking distance to NY bus. $280 mo • utils 609- 984-1299 days, 609-924- 8206 eves & weekends

PLAINSBORO • Prolesstonal female to sharo 2 bdrm. 1 bath, $330 mo • ' , utils. Avail Oct 1 Call. 609-799-9143

SKILLWAN - Country houso to share with singlo parent and 5 yr old. 15 mins Irom Princoton Nonsmoking, responsible per son. $500 mo. 609-4660634.

PLAINSBORO - Quiet, nonsmokor lo sharo 2 bdrm, 2 bath $350 mo. Fomalo prelorred, available Sopt 21st Call 609275-5831.

SOMERSET LAWRENCEVILLE • Apt avail 9 1 S thon movo w mo to new condo in Lawrenceville 10 1. Reasonable rent, wdop. 201-249-1786.

PLAINSBORO -Roommate tor 2 bdrm apt, $325 mo • utils, 1 mo sec. avail Sopt 1 609-275-9265.

SOUTH BRUNSWICK R o o m m a t e w a n t e d to sharo nico 3 bdrm houso w pool. $385 mo • ulils. Musi be neat1 201-4220054 aft 5:30pm

PLAINSBORO - Singlo n o n s m o k i n g prol malo soeks samo to shnro poolside 2 bdrm. Princeton Meadows Apt w balcony $380 mo, call Chris, 609734-9880 PRINCETON ADDRESS • Immac, furnished townhso, 3 tfrjrms. 2'•.. baths, liv rm, lam rm. washor dryer, cable, air, nonsmoker to share w owner S500 ulils. 609-282-3414 days

STEWARD'S WATCH Brand new Ig apt Cenl air, w d , dishwshr, lull health club, pool No oxtra fee. $340mo. Call 609-2754925 after 5pm.

TRENTON - Historic Mill Hill Looking to sharo furnished homo w M F. Own bdrm & bath. Walking distance to train & stato bldgs. 15 20 mins to Princeton. $450 mo, util incl. PRINCETON AREA • NonWill also consider 2 friends smokor. sharo townhouso, at $275eamo Grogg 609$320 • ' > utils. Wshrdryr, 989-8907 aft 6pm or Iv msg dshwshr, ac. Ipl. pool, parking plus more 609- WASHINGTON'S CROSSING • At tho Delaware, 20 275-0371 PRINCETON Aroa • Whispering Woods Male prof post grad student seeks M'F nonsmokerito share 2 bdrm, 2Vi bath, tastefully furn twnhse All appls, pool, tennis, litness ctr incl. $425/mo, 201-329-9496

min from Princeton Houso to share with 2, wshr/dryr. $300/mo • V, utils. Call 609-737-3917

YOUNG BUSINESSMAN • seeking roommate to share 2 bdrm, 2 bath condo. Wshr/dryr, fpl, in Windsor PRINCETON AREA- Wyn- Mill. Avail Sept 1 $400 mo wood, nonsmoking femalo, Call Rick While at 609profor grad student wantod 987-0100 or 609-426lo share 3 bdrm twnhse w 2 1585, prof females $265 or $290'mo • Vj utils & dep 3 7 0 Rooms Call Terrio. 609-275-5831 for Rent or Iv msg. PRINCETON AREA • CLEAN, COMFORTABLEYoung professional seekSemi-privato bath Noning same to share private smoker. $320mo t sec. townhouse. Renting fully 609-443-3570 private bdrm & bath on 3rd F U R N I S H E D MOTEL llr Use of all facilities & Room • with satellite tv, fully lurn'd $500 mo • '/.. radio, individual heal conutils. 609-392-4666 trol, air cond. w w carpot, PRINCETON BOROUGH • privato bath Windsor' Roommate lo share beaut- Hightstown area motol. iful two bdrm apt in down- From $140'wk Call 609town Great location Sun- 448-8637 ny, spacious, renovated, HAMILTON SQUARE - Rm parking, air cond $435 mo for 5 days'wk & occasional plus Vi utilities. Available wknds lor a Professional. 9M/B8. 609-921-8933. Call 609-587-5663. PRINCETON, Canal Point HAMILTON SQUARE - Rm - Prof fomalo soeks same for 5 days/wk & occasional lo sharo lux 2 bdrm, 2 bath wknds for a Professional. condo. Call Wendy, eves $65Call 609-587-5663. 609-243-0445 or days 201MANVILLE • (Northside) 5600500 ext 6683. Room for nonsmoking genPRINCETON - Nonsmokor tleman. Call after 6pm to sharo 2 bdrm townhouso 201-526-0643. outside Princeton. Private bdrm, bath, washer/dryer, MONTGOMERY TWP • cent air, parking. $325 mo Professional male only. • utils & security. Call Call after 5pm, 201-3597338. 609-683-5951 PRINCETON - Prof woman PLAINSBORO • 1 bdrm In seeks same to share beaut- country setting, noniful garden apt. Country at- smoker, laundry facilities. mosphere. No pets, non- Call 609-275-8474 smoker. Avail Sept 1 PRINCETON • 1 bdrm In 609-924-1256 prlv home. Nonsmoker, PRINCETON RIVERSIDE female. $80/wk. 609-924- Nonsmoking female prof. 6146 before 9pm. 4 bdrm, 2V> batbrfiouso. PRINCETON AREA - Furn. Wshr/dryr, dshwshr, fpl, Prtv entr & bath. $400/mo Incl Indry, kitchen prlvs, Continued telephone. 609-452-1980.

The Marseille The Marseille, one of the homes being built on one-acre lots in elements include a 2-story foyer with a circular stairway, double-hung Princeton Township, is part of Garden State Land's new community windows, stained custom mouldings and a master bath with an known as Princeton Ridge. It contains more than 4,000 square feet adjoining sitting room, of space and is constructed of brick and cedar. Construction For more information, call (609) 921-8222.

TRANSACTIONS Because these real estate transaction* me the result of sales contracts that may have been negotiated several months prior to closing and because of a delay of approximately two months, between closing and publication, the following list may not lellect the curtail market value


Kust Windsor • 3 Hraxlon ('!., Ronald M ami l.illi.m C to Jill A and James I1 Hixivcr. SI2K.IXXI. • 181) C'cilarviltt: Kcl . Orlando Onega lo Karl Slillv.cll. $I7O,(XXI •

2 1 Chatham C"( . SI.K1II.-I A S M *

lo ( lurlcnc

$I77,V1 Parkinson Ave . Stephanie SIOIKHI.I to Mansard. $1.57.MX) Hector M and Lydia 1-: RIJOS, $K'>.(XX) • 36-9 Garden View Ten . McKcr Invest • 31!X) agln lo Philip and Mary C (Iran. $110,710 • 20 Lrickson Ave . Stephen and Susan llaicra lo Peter C l)e Maria. $121.(XX) North HruiLsvtick • •! Ashwixxl I'l . Joseph and Susan ( i i i o m lo l-.iic'W Anjiloher. $237,(XXI • 77 Aspen Dr.. l:inne|!ans Inc . lo Mihnd D and Anita Joshi. $I13,')'»crt Cucrrara, $150,(XX) • Amwell Rd.. Analol Miller lo Tunland. Inc.. $1,250,000 • 530 Andria Ave., Mark Vomhagcn to John Guido. $97,000. • 589-1 Auten Rd.. Frederick and Cindy Wysocki lo Robert Strain, $118.000 f 488 Auter Rd., Christine Fulton to lidwiti and Kathleen Wostaszck, $141,800 • 2604 Balmoral Ct.. William and Miriam Coopcrman to Michael and Caren Curry. $132,000. • 78 Becchwood Cir . Rohillc Village, Inc lo Robert V. and Debra Simone, $237,900 • 83 Beechwood C i r , Rohill Village, Inc to George V. and Arlene Cole, $239,940 • 89 Beechwood Cir., Rohill Village, Inc to John J. and Karen Mrigarty, $259,000 • % Beechwood Cir., Rohill Village, Inc lo Robert and Carole Borka, $230,750. • 163 Beekman Ln., Woodfield Estates to Robert and Carol Dileo, $219,816. • 188 Beekman Ln., Woodfield lists to Frank J. Lofrano, $222,378

A Packet Publication

Week of August 3 1 , 1988

22B 370


3 7 5

Apts For Rent

Rooms for Rent

for Rent

Tuesday. 1988

PRINCETON • Furnished rrjorn near Choir College Private entrance, wshr dryr, nonsmoking working woman only, share bath & kitchen with same $330 mo 609-452-4470 anytime

LAWRENCE • Furn. dean, mchen & laundry pru f^fnalo noriMnokor Phono (iuf-'l pnvalo houbo. S6b wk M I lilii'i 600 082963b PRINCETON BQRO Furn, avail 9 17 thru end of tJov. shared bath laundry kit Parking $42b mcl util Mels rtxtd 609-921-1759


PRINCETON ROOM - Pnvate entrance, utils included. '/.. block Princeton campus. 609-921-1234

PHINCFTON Furnished in, attractive home, quiot t^icjhUjchfKK], kitji laundry ij'iviiodgos. semi pnv bath I i;rp;)lo. nonsmokor. $35)0 A/iiit ') (> Call ovos 609'i.M-0449

ROOM & BOARD • In exchange lor child care. 15 hours per week Call 609921-8580 __ W WINDSOR TWP - Pnv entrance, room & bath Mins (rom P ton Jet RR Sta Prol 609-799-9053

I'HINCFTON low ront. mils trot', noar bus & • (iups Sinqlos couples, Mudonl OK 60'J 924-2040


PRINCETON Pnv room & [,,itti with kit pru in kjo l''.rim S nun', Irom Princo lori Iawrcncovillo in oxi hanqo lor wkday housedolfl tiolp. Iain altofnooris & i-.i.'b Perfect for rjrud slu dunl, fomalo strongly pro fwrmj '..if nocossary Call (,09 9;'i M V i

Apartments for Rent


Friday, September 2, 1988 at 5 p m is our deadline to place or cancel your regular classified ad lor Wednesday. September 7. 1988

P R I N C E T O N • Room w, shared bath No kit pnv Avail 9 3. $290 mo mcl utils 609-683-5190 eves

PRINCETON • Fornalo nonsrriokor preferred Walk lo University $440 rno Call Anita 609-924-5338


AUULT COMMUNITY Quality Apts at affordable pricos Yardly Pa area with easy access to Rt 1 & 1-95 Only 20 mins to Princeton 1 & 2 bdrm Apts Irom $510 mcl heat, hot wator. uso of pool, tennis courts, saunas, recreation room, door answering system to screen & selectively admit visitors Short torm leases on 1 Bdrm Apis Visit our model Mon-Fn. 9arn-5pm, Sat & Sun iO-3pm, Castle Club Apts 254 W Trenton Avonuo, MornsviNo Pa 19067 215-295-3300

HOLIDAY DEADLINES Thursday, September 1, 1988 at 5 p rn is our dead line to place or cancel your regular classified ad for

BLAWENBURG • Mid way on Rt 518 botw Rocky Hill P r i n c e t o n Airport Largo ((round fir. 1 txlrm



Apts For Rent

apt $525 mo. elec oxtra 1' i rnos security & rels required Avail Sep! 1 Call Sheila or Iv mesy days 201-526-5010 BOHDENTOWN CITY historic district, quaint 1 bdrm w enclosed back porch, heat, wator & sewer, security & refs, $480 mo Call 609-298-4067 BRADLEY GARDENS Apt &.or office 4 rrns $650, 6 rms S850 • all utils 201-376-5348 aft 6pm BRIDGEWATER • 1 bdrm apt, newly r e m o d e l e d , $700 mo mcl utils Avail 9 1 Call 201-722-6671 BUCKS COUNTY CotvJo Holland Nowtown 2 bdrms, 2 baths, cent air, wshr dryr, w w carpoting, cathedral ceiling, balcony, quiet location Walk to pool & tennis $675 mo 609-


CHAMBERSBURG - in Trenton Taking applications, avail irnrned No pots, adults proforrod 2 apts avail, both 1 bdrm For details call 609-392-8343

CRANBURY • Lovely spacious 2 txlrm apt in private homo $675 rno Heal & h w mcl Single or pro lossional couple preferred No pets Available 10 1 609-799-6135 after 5pm EAGLE ROCK Located in Hamilton Twp now accepting applications for 1 bdrm apts Open Mori-Sat. 9am t.om 609-585-8051

h , -

' j . - i n l . - i A r i : i ,'it A l t o n

i'i , . , ! ' I , I /


ii-.I'.'.riat/,• I ti

O a k ' , JI j s t I O O K S

'/ji[|f;ttnni j lhat

i', rrii',', I I ' J ' , o m ' : H i i t , ' |

, • > i ; i .• j r i f i ' . i . - n ' 4 b f ; r ) r o o m

< ] r , | i . . r j . ;• !• y, r i f j !.;'-i'|i.


look', thai




h o m o

likf: a m i l l i ' i ' i

/ tt.idt • -i IIOIin()ui ',!I C'snbury Marw,4 bedrooms. 2 lull baths IR/DR wall-to-wall. An entrn dficient covered patio A deck/gas grill, and IN SUPERIOR CONDITION!" imm A ipM-lrvtl in Broottree/3 bedrooms. 2 baths tR/pictuit window. OR/sliding dotx to patio Cat in tut Washer dryer itlngetitor J window t n a l m w t s included CAU NOW!!! tlH.Mt

A split-level Ponderosa model in Biooktree/3 bedrooms. 2 full baths lR/ptc1ur» window I built-in sfwtves Sliding doors in DR/view ol woods

Eat-in kitchen lust painted, new central air unit


KEK1ALJ WtSI N I M U t .. A 3 bedroom I1/, balni ranch m tlnchwood neigtiboitiood All appliarx*) included Screened in rear porch on a heavily wooded lot 10YUY QUIET tOCATION"1 Tenant pays utilities JiUVmo EAST W I M f M . m i l « l « l $ I bedroom i dw I bath undo Combtiw) LR 4 DN All appliances & heat included CAI1 (OR AN

AmmTMun NOW"


WAMIMIM W f UUWW HEWS 3 bedroom 7V, bath townhouu Wlthtr, dtytf I rtfnitfitor can be included Repainted 1 lecarpeted"11 , MM/KM

mnwotjus W W I M S t l Beautilully itsloied Colonial with 4 bedims and two fully re modeled bath) f i t in cointty lutchen. g loytr. loimal dining rm living rm I ion! pocch int a Kietned side pxxch hi\ ywir al Iresco dining


M l 2 ACIES K M C I A P I I SCIOOLIII A imitti-ltvtl home wrth 4 badmomi, 3 baths, W/W throughout MB/ilcu/n Gntn/ptani room Central lir and in-ground pool A HOME FOR A I L SEASONS!!! 14JMM.

IWII I I Y U i . . . I . W l t t S t t , . 2 btdioomi, 1V, bath townhouu Upgraded W/W Upgraded Catonc gas range ( DW full limshed baMmtnt Wthroughout g ATION1" Wi MCE LOCATI Wilm

l i n O I I C I M I U T 0 W I I . . . Interior unit/3 bediooms. IV, baths LR/linplace. knVcinter island t wH-dtanlni oven Full basement LUXURY WITH SUPERIOR QUALITY THROUGHOUT Htt.NI U S n a T U l N U W M T M TmtSMIP. "Ashley modtrl" lancM 2 bedrooms I 2 bathi. Upiiaded WAV, many extras included PREMIUM LOI, LOCATED MWOUtHGWOODStl! JIM,* MIAtWtW M t U I f MMIITM... The TrYilliamsburg" model 2 bedrooms; W, berth* Neutral carpetlnr upiraded fir I ceiling Ian in lutchen Full biteffltnt. VERY SPACIOUS. WAR WOODS!!! (1 M M MMTT C M M M I I I t W a T M . . . 3 bedrooms. IV, balht In this end unit Ut/tlMini door to olended deck. Kitchen/custom window tnatmenti. Full, partially fin bsmt A VERY SPECIAL TOWNHOUSE, NtAfl VTTEItAN'S PARK! IM S144.MI

Helping you manage your most important investment PRINCETON JUNCTION (609) 799-5800

EAST WINDSOR (609) 448-5000

HAMILTON SQUARE (609) 586-0400


A Packet Publication

Week of August 31, 1988

24B 380 Houses

For Rent PRINCETON BORO Walking distance to town, shopping & schools 4 tjdrms. spacious backyard & deck S1200 mo Call alter 6pm, 609-921 62S4 PRINCETON Boro Houses 21 Lytle or 31 McClean, walk to town, 3 bdrms, 2 baths, parking, $975 mo • utils. call 609-924-9396 'v msg PRINCETON • Charming Bank St house, exc cond. 2 txlrrns. 1'.- baths, large living rm. largo dining rm, largo kitchon, back porch, Imy yard, no pels, 1 yr itase & socunly $102b mo • sornu utils Call 609')2-l 4370 or Iv rnosg 92 A Ob7U PRINCETON Gracious 6 bdrm, 4'.. bath Colonial in parkhko setting Tennis court $3000 PRINCETON 3 bdrm houso on Murray Place Avail 9 7 $1200 PRINCETON 3 bdrm, r . bath, lurnishod houso on Chestnut St. $1?00 Avail 9 1 lo 5 30 89 MONTGOMERY 4 bdrm, 2'., bath Colonial on Cairns PI $1600 MONTGOMERY 4 bdrm. 3' . bath house on Cherry Hill $1500 Plalnsboro - 4 bdrrn Colonial in the Gentry1 CaKaway Real Estato 4 Nassau St Princeton. NJ

609-921-1646 PRINCETON - Homo for ior:I near high school 3 bdrrn. 1 'v baths, lam rrn, liv rm. dm rm, unlurnishod. $1300 mo I yr lease Call 609-683-5041

Choose your nort apartment carefully ... you'll live there for many years. Consider the tinest



° Houses For Rent

PRINCETON • Central location. 3 bdrm. 1 bath, bsmt. parking, $1080 rno 609-921-0157 y PRINCETON JCT - 2 bdrm Ranch. 1 bath, lull basornent. deck, enclosed yard Incls washr dryr, walk to train, school & shopping $950 mo • utils Avail Sop! Call 609-737-5157. alter 5pm, 275-6848 PRINCETON JCT - 6 bdrrn. 2\', bath. 2 car garage, close to train station, schools. Acme Avail 9 1 Furn $1900 or unfurn $1700 mo 609-799-4030 812 morning or 6-8pm PRINCETON • New 2 bdrms plus study. 2% baths, lormal dining, fireplace, eat in kitchen, all now appliances incl washor & dryer, garage, privato roar yard, near lake, not on highway $1125 mo Call 609-921-6269. PRINCETON • Nov thru April Furn 3 bdrm. 2 bath, Rivorside area $1200 • utils 609-924-3024 P R I N C E T O N • Quiot street Lgo 5 bdrm. convenient, I pi, fenced yard, low rent, 609-924-2040. PRINCETON - Rent wild option lo buy. 3 bdrrn house near Princeton High, walk to Nassau St. $1100 per mo • utils Call Bruco. at 609-6830451 or 201 455-4464, ask lor lact sheet ROOSEVELT - 3 bdrm Ranch, garage. ' .• aero. 9 1, $800 • utils. 609-655-

0153 ROOSEVELT • 3 bdrm. garage, '// acre, nice' Monthly basis, $800 • utils, plus some furn possible. 609-655-0153

Houses For Rent

SOUTH BRUNSWICK Beautiful 5 rm house, avail 9 1. $900 > utils 201 329-3573 SOUTH BRUNSWICK 3,000 sq tt. 4 bdrms colonial - library. 2'/i baths, avail 10 1, oxc cond $1400 mo 201-329-2277 STOCKTON - Country living. 3 bdrm Rancher on 4 acres No house pets, Principals only 40 nun to Princeton $ 1000 mo • utils. Call 609-397-3590 W. WINDSOR - 4 5 bdrms. 2VJ bath, immed, $1650. Call Angie 609-7990166 Re Max Realtors W WINDSOR- Short term. 4 bdrms, 2V, baths. $1650, 10 1 Call Angie 609-7990166 Re/Max Realtors 382

Townhouses & Condos For Rent

HOLIDAY DEADLINES Thursday, September 1, 1988 at 5 p.m. is our deadlino to place or cancel your rogular classified ad lor Tuosday, Seplombor 6, 1988 Friday, September 2, 1988 at 5 p.m is our deadlino to place or cancel your rogular classified ad for Wednesday, Septembor 7, 1988 WE WILL BE CLOSED MON., SEPT. 5, 1988 LABOR DAY CRANBURYE WINDSOR - Windsor Mill II, 2 bdrm, 2 bath, fpi. oat in kitchon, wshr dryr. all appls. mini blinds, large rooms, close to trains & busos. $800 mo plus ulils Evos only call 201-828-0173

382 Townhouses & Condos For Rent


EAST WINDSOR - Uuluxe condo, 2 bdrm, 2 bath, many extras met Ipl, avail 10 15 for 10 mo lease with option to renew with yearly lease $850 mo lurn, $795 unfurn 609-987-4163 days, 609-655-2263 eves EAST WINDSOR Georgetown, 3 bdrm, 2'.bath, lacuizi. skylights. Ipl. cent air, appls package, pool & tennis $940 » condo fee 201-462-3908

HIGHTSTOWN. Wyckolt b Mill - 2 bdrm. 2 bath, irslH. all appls. purchaso option, $775 mo. 201-874 4190 or 832-5128

EAST WINDSOR • Spacious 2 bdrm condo w patio, cent air, w w, pool $800 mo 609-426-1372 or 516-625-1015 EAST W I N D S O R • Townhouse 2 bdrm, !'.'.• bath, Ipl, cent air, w w carpot, $840 mo incl pool tennis 201-463-7995 E. WINDSOR • Princeton East. 2 bdrm. 2'/.- bath, appls, $825 mo Weidol Realtors, 609-448-6200 EWING - Mountain View aroa 3 bdrm, 2\.- bath, cent air, Ipl, all appls, avail irnrnod $950 mo • utils, call 609-771-4473 FURNITURE RENTALS Home Offico Immed dol . shortlong term leases. 100% purchaso option, vast selection, docorator sve & tax advantages Call Shirloy at IFR 609-3921666 or 201-227-7700 HAMILTON 2 bdrm, 1'., bath condo, avail now, $690 mo incl heat Call aft 7pm, 609-466-1197 HIGHTSTOWN Spacious luxurious condo w vaulted ceilings. 2 bdrm, 2 baths, liv rm. dm rrn. wshr dryr. fpl Quiot but centrally located $800 • utils Call 609-443-1042


Townhouses & Condos For Rent

HIGHTSTOWN - Wyckotts Mill new 2 bdrms, 2 lull bath condo, cont air. washer, dryor, rotng, dishwasher, carpet, window troamenls. patio, tonnis. pool, $720 mo Avail mimed. Sop! 1 Call 201-3292412 or 201-574-9631 HIGHTSTOWN Wyckotf s Mill - 2 bdrrn, 2 bath condo, Cathedral Coiling, largo master bdrm, pool tennis Noar TPK & Rt 130 $7/5 mo • utils Avail immed Call ovos, 201-563-0673 HILLSBORO Contomp Twnhse Meadows Avail 10 1 2 bdrm, 2'v bath, loll, gar, patio, all appls & window treatments $995 mo 201-359-3447 or 524-1366 HILLSBORO CONDO 2 bdrm. r. .• bath, carpel, cent air. bsml, drapes, pool, tonni:,, $800 mo, avail Oct 1 201-3590123 III 8pm. 359-1383 evos & wkunds HILLSBORO - New condo, 2 bdrm. 1'/.. baths, cathedral ceilings. Ipl. balcony, air cond. w w carpoting, dishwasher, washor dryor, uso ol pool tennis courts, avail Sopt 15th $850 mo 201-277-1846 H IL L S H Avt; at Parkway A^


PARKM0 IS NO PROBLEM IN PRINCETON IF YOU BUY THIS ELEGANT older Boro duplex N«w enlarged drtve-way & parking 3 bedroom, 1 bsth ptus garden room & walk-up attic Walk to town & university moko thla a special property

SPACIOUS RANCH ON LOVELY TREED LOT IN PRINCETON'S WESTERN SECTION Living rm/dining rm 40x15 with lull wall liroplaco 3 bedroom, 2V; baths, largo finished basement with lota ol extras (475,000

PMNCETON CONTEMPORARY In lovely owden Mttng Exo»H«f* location, wtfc to town & NY bus FMMUTM large living room w/tMamad ceiling and book llraptaca, lamHy room, 4 bedrooms, 2 bath* & modem eat-In kHchan Exterior is redwood aiding

HAVE YOU BEBIWATHNQ lor a cheerful home in a great lamUy neighbofhood? Come w e this We»l Windsor beauty within eaay walking distance to tchoola, train and More*. Enjoy 4 bedrooms, 2V4 batti*, beautiful landscaping and lota ol privacy $253,000


2 story garden apts Some with p n v a t o balconies and completely enrpeted IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY


PARKSIDE MANOR 1475 Parkside Ava 2 story Garden Apu


VERSAILLES 220 BuMvin W n OppoM* Tttnlon Country Club 2 Mory garden ept»

M3-455Q MKHUM 1 IM1H I K Preawij

A.'nula Dlsnc lbi| F M Hu* SI" U«in Cam*v>* Ann* Moflrr.tnn Hotlynn GrMntor

Cvolyn M1*1*

'JQOTM* Hu»«»on H»m W M t Aufcxa 3««l«y l i u r t Procaocino El»in« Schumtn Cuban OoldMig Botwnt t i n t ) P»l AJip.ch ll'tur* B*nd*l B



Kingsmill, the exclusive community of new, luxurious homes in West Windsor, NJ has just opened Phase II. Now you can gel in on the ground floor of KINGSMILL'S final phase and lake advantage of this unique, FIRST TIME OFFER. These distinctive homes are situated on wooded glades ranging from 3/4 acre to 1.9 acres. Sited on 43 rural acres of lush countryside, each Kingsmill home is designed to offer the ultimate in gracious elegance, combined with American appreciation for practical function. Standard features of

these eloquent homes include five spacious bedrooms, three baths, plus a guest powder room with options to include den, wet bar, fireplace and more. Only three miles from downtown Princeton, and one mile from Princeton Junction Station, Kingsmill is also within easy reach of New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. Priced from $390,000 these deluxe homes are backed by Trafalgar House Residential, world-rcnowncd creators of quality homes. For complete details on this unique community, call 609-275-8800.


Princeton Crossroads Realty, Inc. 342 Nassau Street (Corner Harrison) • Princeton • Park in our lot CALL ANYTIME 609-924-4677 • OPEN 7 DAYS

Directions: Take Rt 1 south lo Princeton-Hlghtttown exit (Washington Rd.-Rt. 571) Turn left toward Hlghtttown (take Jughandle acrost Rt 1) and continue to Cranbury Rd. Turn left onto Cranbury Rd. ipprox. 1 mile turn right to Klngimlll.


A Packet Publication

Week of August 31, 1988


390 Business

390 Business Properties


39° Business Properties

MERCER COUNTY - One OFFICE SPACE FOR of a kind. Professional RENT • central Nassau St commercial property, 3M ft Small or large avail now, sq w residenco & parking low rent Tolophone secrelot Wnto. AR, PO Box tarial services available 01 83, Piscataway. NJ 609-921-0400 06855

INDIVIDUAL EXECUTIVE OFFICES Princeton Professional Park Private offices, surround conference reception rooms, secretarial services Pleasant environment & unlimited tree parking. Immediate occupancy duo to oxpansion Pleaso call 'or further details & brochure. 009-921-0007, rt.o Princeton Office, 601 l:«vinq Si Pnncoton INSTANT OFFICE • Furnished • Conloronco Hooni • Time Shared Business Services D/J Business Servlco Inc Route 206 Princeton, NJ 08540

E WINDSOR • Office Space, Rt. 130. office to sublet including common use of reception & secretarial areas, conference room, phone system, receptionists services, etc Access to law library also possiblo 609-448-7878 OFFICE SPACE Available - Mountain Vtow Offico Park, W Tronton, 3734 sq ft located on the 3rd floor Available immediately Call 609-896-2047.

PRIME LOCATION - on Nassau for sublet. 700 sq ft retail space and 400 sq ft storage 609-921-9105 PRINCETON ADDRESS Beautiful new otficos to sublet, short term loaso available. Woodod v'uw with ample parking near Route 206 & 518 Con forence room, kitchon, copior and postage motor available Poriect lor a prolessional. 609-921-3770.

PRINCETON ADDRESS & PHONE Limitod offico suitos from 1000 sq ft. 1 yr leases avail OFFICE SUITE • 1000 sq - below market rate. Call ft. Pnncoton addross, on Rt Tim Norris - Resoarch 206 near Rt 518 3 offices, Park, 609-924-6551. 609-924-0905 plus large Reception room Pnvato ontranco & bath, INSTANT OFFICE • Briny many windows, carpoting, PRINCETON BORO • 4 your briefcase your dosk is individual cent air hoat, Chestnut St for rent 3 ready1 Individual offices for ample parking. $8.25 per bdrm twnhso, suitablo busilease. Ht 206, Hillsboro sq ft not Available Oct 1 noss resident. Includes Twp. Somerset County 2 Call, 609-921-8789 heat $1000 203-746-5334 offices. 1 3ft 7' by 10!t 9" & or 609-924-0322 1 I ft by 7 with view ol OFFICE SUITES - from (| It in modem ollico bldg storage Oft stroet parking. olficos, amplo sec recp with parking Oft Ht 1, op- S2000 rno includes heat. aroa. kitchon & storage posito the Lawronco ShopAvail immod. Call Prince- Unlimited parking, beauiful ping Ctr Puma Company, ton Int'l Properties 609- location. Avail immed Call Realtors 609-7 71 9000 921-3257. 609-924-9050


PRINCETON - Nassau Street, 1007 sq ft,, parking lot Call 201-757-283/

PRINCETON •INSTANT OFFICES* Fumlahed'Unfumlshed Telephone Answering Conference & Reception Room Full Secretarial Support W.P./Copler/Telex/Fax Immediate Occupancy

Corporate Park Rt 1 Princeton Offico Gallery 609-452-8311 PRINCETON - offico for loaso Approx 425 sq It, divided into 2 Executive Offices with excellent view of Palmer Square For do tails call 609-924-5353 PRIVATE SUITE - Only unit in Montgomery Knoll with separate entrances lor each door Large offico with secretarial reception area pnvato bathroom & storage. 609-924-1075 PROFESSIONAL - office for rent. 550 sq ft. 2 private entrances, lav . storage space, ample parking, professional building near major arties Morcor airport, immediato occupancy, call 609-882-1935 RACQUETBALL CLUB & FITNESS CENTER Primo suburban location on 4 acros Good cash flow Financing avail, expansion & conversion possiblo $1,500,000. J.T. BOYER REALTY

INCOME PROPERTY • Hopewell Boro. 3 family apt building $205,000, Weidel Real Estate, Inc Realtors 609-466-1224 or 609-397RETAIL SHOP • For lease 0777. In oxcollent shopping area INVESTOR'S DREAM Located on corner • of Sur1 City turnkey, two Quakerbridgo Rd & Flock servico bays, litis, officos, Rd., at University Plaza parking equipment, largo Shopping Center, i. T residence on great lot Sell 1500 sq ft Plenty of parkor loase. Owner financing ing Available mimed. Call by owner 609-361-1248 609-275-1955 PRINCETON Landing- ExRETAIL SPACE Hopoocutivo townhouse, 3 woll, Hillsboro, Princeton Prime locations J.T Boyor bdrrns. 2' .• baths, many upgrades, oxc. location, Realty 609-921-1805 with 1 yr tenant. For sale by ownor Principals Only SO BRUNSWICK • Deans Call 609-347-1621 for Aroa, 2 largo overhead drs more info. • 28 wide by 50 depth. Ideal for idoal or equipment 4 0 0 Business storage, immediate ocOpportunities cupancy $450 mo Call 201-329-2082. 1000 SUNBEDS Toning Tablos • Sunal • Wolff tanSPACE AVAILABLE ning beds SlenderQuost. Five classrooms totalling Passivo exercisers. Call for approx 1600 sq. ft to rent froo color cataloguo. Savo Monday thru Friday at Unit- to 50°o. 1-800-228-6292. arian Church of Princeton, HOLIDAY DEADLINES Rto 206 & Cherry Hill Road For details call Thursday, September 1, Goorgo Easter, 609-924- 1988 at 5 p m. is our doad2324. lino to place or cancel your regular classified ad for TRENTON Tuesday, Soptembor 6, Villa Park aroa Doctors 1988 ollico in largo 4 bdrm rosiFriday, September 2, denco, $135,000 1988 at 5 p.m. is our doadHamilton Park Realtors line lo place or cancel your 609-587-9595 regular classiliod ad for Wodnosday, Soptembor 7. 395 Investment 1988


609-921-1805 RETAIL SHOP For Lease • In oxc shopping area Locatod on Quakerbridge Rd& Flock Rd at University Plaza Shopping Ctr Over 1500 sq It with plenty ol parking. Avail immed Call 609-275-1955

HIGHTSTOWN - Handyrnan special 5 bldgs good income $325,000 Boyor Really 609-921-1B05 HOPEWELL - Commercial prop S208.750 positive cash flow, not loaso Boyor Realtv 609-921-1805

The Pennington Shopping Center Route 31 Northbound at Weil Delaware Avenue, Pennington. New lersey 1.200 ') H / / '.>. square loot (will divide to 2000 i q It and 187/ 'J M| II ) stores available Thttitway Supermarket anchor 36.000 square feel More than twenty existing stotes - 85.000 square (eel

The Princeton Arms Center

The Montgomery Shopping Center Route 206 North from Route 518, Montgomery Township. New Jersey Two 2000 square foot stores available immediately. 1500 sq. ft. available October 1 1660 Sq. Ft. Professional Office available immediately Foodtown anchor - - 20,000 square feet. Mote than twenty eight existing stores •-- 95,000 squaie feet


PRINCETON JCT - Office suito Near train. Avail immod Call 609-799-3009 davs. 799-2046 eves

AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY Broker Cooperation Invited -

Old Trenton Road and Dorchester Drive West Windsor, New Jersey 4,000 square twit itorts available immediately (Will Subdivide) Existing space 32,970 squaie feet




• • • • • • •


390 Business

390 Business

The Manors At Lawicnccville Make Princeton Affordable. New iwii Mcdioom Condominiums Wiih A

Lease/Sale Option

194 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ 08542


Opportunities DELI/RESTAURANT fit 31, Hopewell, $200,000 ICE CREAM STORE Mercor County. $85,000 BEAUTY SALON Hills boro. $15,000. 4 stations LIQUOR STORE Princeton. Reduced to $100,000 PHOTOCOPYING & Word Processing Business $95,000 or best offer HEALTH FOOD STORE • Oldon Avo. seller financing High not ino'omo. $240,000 CARVEL • High income Mercer County location Seller financing. $240,000 J.T. BOYER REALTY 609-921-1805

Garage/ Storage for Rent


For Sale

PRINCETON BORO - garage for rent. 1 block from Nassau St $100 mo Call 609-924-3032 420

Real Estate

Land for Sale

240 ACRFS • 120 tillable, 40 woods, "/b pasturo, crook, 11 room house, shods and out buildings $75,000. LEW Roal Estate 607-937-5637 lor appt 607-695-2467 Corning. New York 14830

APPROVED TOWNHOUSE • Complox, app/oved Condomium com plox. Ordinance approved Marina proiect Licensed EXISTING CARPET Busiby the Stato Write to PC) ness - Rt 206, Belle Moad Low rent, Hondorson Re- Box 7729:\ Wost Trenton. NJ 08628 allQfS, 201-B74-5191 LOOKING FOR - 6 Key People with background in training, teaching or man agomont as Business Associates in distribution, marketing organization Intorestod in S25-S-40K per yr, part timo involvement Will interview Pnncoton a r o a , Scipl Oth Ca 11 212-978-3352 NEW HOPE Buck;, Cc7 silver jewulery boutique. $50,000 buys all . inventory, fixturos. cutomer li-.l. sourcos Call 2i'> 0620242 afternoons W-Sun

HOPE WEI I TWP - Approved building lot with a view Surrounded by open land, 1 8 acres $150,000 Call 609 466-3149 LOTS FOR Sale - Prime custom residential lots for salo Generous sizo, 1 '< to 3 acros. Great location in Lawronco Twp with a prestigious Princeton addross, public water, call 609-683-0206 daily botw 12-6 MILLSTONE TOWNSHIP SUNBURST ESTATES 2' -1.:>00 to Si90.000

Allen & Stults Co. Inc Realtor Apoleyailh Rd Monroe Twp G09-655-O110

L ,ir




(eatU'iMi) (.'•>•' 'U(A) lu.-ri'ii'-, r,





st:HLOTi fU-'A'. rons HillsfiOmuqh Moritijonujry (Jtfui! O-'.O Houtu 20b .11 Haider Blvd. Hollo Mi'.id

SCHLOTT Realtors 201-874-8421 AUUTT C O M M U N I T Y

RESALE ROSSMOOR IVnnsylvani.l II, $;'3'J.00'..'

Vuijiina II. SHiy.'jOO Pennsylvania, SI /'J.'JOO

Delaware. S12U,l)U0 Jay C o u p Curt S38.00O

Stults Realty Co, Realtor

609-395-0444 Eves, 609-655-1881 APPOMATTOX VA Mounlainvio.v Hu':,i; t a r i ' \ 'J? leveled lu lOihiK) ,n.ri/ . lake, lenuriy. c j p • • n S wooded land, barrv.. ro.id Ininlaiji! 1 ovely t/.jiiiln | •,ili-


KEYSVILLE VA liiMUtilii! Victorian hoi 1 e or1, i..irqf hA in tf ,v.n l ) u: . I'1 . bath',. iUb.OOO

Bowman Real Estate 804-736-8082 Ar^ you thinkinii of rcloiv.tHH; ; We can hi/ip ilall •)•.. for information un rti< •1 rjdrni. ?.' . txinr; colonial lii'inal dinincj nn. d'.'n, i'at-in kit, on l 1 park 'ike .K.IIJ'I Includes in-ground pool, fully security sys, linishod bsml vv wot bar plus 2-A acre:,, tut already subdivided Home warranty provided AskirH) $445,000 Call for rnoro dutails Mulcahy Holme1, An.c-r.cy. Realtor, 609- / S O - / • ii3. n i g h t s 6 09 7bO • /'''111. Jeanne


CRANBURY • Offered by owner, 5 bdrm, 2'.- bath executive typo home on 1 aero. Excellent schools S.369,000. 609-655-2671. CRANBURY Shadow Oaks - By owner, 4 bdrm, 2'. .CHOICE FARMS bath, family rm w firoplaco, CASH BUY OUTS AND LAND living rtn, dining mi, kitchen Arranged for SELLERS No w breakfast room, laundry EAST AMWELL TWP 5 morigago contingencies rm, full basement, 2 car v»ooded actus fully approvCall Barry or Al Sussman at garago, patio, fenced yard, ed and priced to soil in this Al Sussman Roalty, Ro- professionally landscaped, [•lime area of Huntordon allors, 609-5200077 inground sprinklor, paved county $125,000 driveway. Priced below CRANBURY - Affordable market for immediate sale1 HOPEWELL TWP 4 living in a quiet country Call lor appt, Principals wooded acros with babblsotting Spacious 2 bdrrn, 2 Only, 609-655-0581 ing brook in area ol bath condo. Din rm, balcEAST AMWELL - Orchard SSOO.000 homes, approvony wbar-b-quo, ac, all Road 3 0 0 0 sq I t , ed and ready to build appls. Swim club, tennis. $350,000. 4000 sq It, Owner linancing available oasy commuto to NYC or $400,000. 5000 sq It, to qualified buyer Groat Phila. Must soo. $102,000. $450,000. 3 acres each. 10 buy in groat school system1 Call 609-443-5644. mi to Prince-ton Luxury foa$144,900 CRANBURY • Clearbrook turos. Great views. Fiom BUILD YOUR ESTATE IN Mastor Lodgo 2 bdrrn, 2 buildor, 201-329-6573 WEST AMWELL TWP 32 baths, onclosod patio rni, EAST MILLSTONE - Hisacres with woods and onlargod din rm, oat-in kit, toric Village on D&R Canal stream, pore test performmany oxtras Must soil. Charming 150 yr old single ed Murj'iilicent pieco of Asking $179,000 609-655- family restored. 3 bdrm. 2 land lor S299.00O 2233, baths, attachod vacant BUILDERS ATTENTION CHANBURY CONCORDIA store front, otc. Must coo' ')•!) acre wooded lots in - 2 bdnn, 2 bath, oat-in kit Aft 6pm, 201-873-2108 ptime East Amwell loYI skylight, pools, tennis, cation, fully a p p r o v e d golf, garago. 24 hr security. EAST WINDSOR - 3 bdrm roady for septic design and 609-395-0739. Ranch twnhse w basement building pur mil $360,000 CRANBURY MANOR-Do& patio, $127,500 Boyor lor all three, terms availsirablo neighborhood Roalty 609-921 -1005 able Owner translorrod 9 rm bi-levol. All appl's. 2 car WEST AMWELL TWP 2 attachod garago, beautiful EAST WINDSOR - Corner aero building lot with 6 stall v.' aero beautifully land'. acre, custom outdoor barns, $110,000 lighting, scroon houso. scaped w sprinklers. CusDELAWARE TWP- 7 aero shod, pool, many oxtras. tom 18'x 20' dock. 3 Ig Hay lot, ponding sub$195,000. No brokers. G09- txirms, 2'.- baths, oak firs, prol fin bsmt, all now division location from road, 443-6062. carpet, many oxtras. Open approved, pore and soil CRANBURY houso Sun 9 14. 609-443c o m p l e t e d Additional PRESTIGIOUS 6749. acreage available torms SHADOW OAKS no got i ab lo. p a r t i a l l y EAST WINDSOR • Magnificent Buckingham wooded. $145,000 on quiet cul-do-sac in Goorgotown, 3 bdrms, 2 ' . Sfiadow Oaks in Cranbury. baths, builders modol with BUILDING CONSULTATION AVAILABLE TO AS- This homo features a groonhouso & 2 |acuzzi $169,050. Woidel Realtors, labulous master suito, exSIST IN PUTTING YOUR 609-448-6200 tensive landscaping, firo• D R E A M H O M E " ON placo in family room, downEAST WINDSOR • IncroONE OF THESE PARstairs study, French door diblo valuo, 2nd fir. 1 bdrm CELS. CALL 609-737p l u s rnoro. E x c o 11 o n t plus don. garden view 3838 schools and oasy commuto condo. Totally remodelod to all areas. PRJ-625A, with numerous upgrades, $521,000. bolow builders price, won't SCHLOTT lasl long, $75,900, Call Realtors 609-799-8181 609-443-0648 .


NOW RENTING Princeton Arms Luxury Apartments 1 and 2 Bedrooms

loll Brothers' magnificent IH'\V estate homes

Starting from $570 per month

T l i c a p p e a l ul I ' n i i c i i n i l . T i n - l o ' a t i t s . t l i e t r a d it i n n , t i n s p e c i a l feel nl iiiicof tin- c o u n t r > 's m o > f p r e s t i g i o u s a d d r e s s e s . I V o n e of t h e f e w t o e n i o v it a l l l n l l v Uids>e. O n l y 1 7 o f t h e s e l u x u r y e - l a t c In i i n e ^ m i 1 ; lil a c r e M l c - w i l l k - h u i l t . H o m e s I h a t I c a t t i r e u p i ' ) ;> b e d r o o t u i . ! ! ! . h a t i i s a n d il 11 r e p l a c e s . W i t h model1'.

30 Real Estate For Sale

CANAL PO1NTE - Cloistor Model. 2 bdrni, 2 bath, premium location, for rr).or« i n f o r m a t i o n 10-3, 60 c J895-7019 or after 6pin, bO'J-799-2067


'i l o d l i f l l l l l j . r , s III - e l i d e d eli I ' a n t m a s t e r s u i l r ^ .


Real Estate For Sale


A Packet Publication

«o Real Estate For Sale EAST WINDSOM fly ownor 2 bdun. '•!' . bath twnhso. Conv to TPK & train SUM.bOO Brokers protected 609-.14B-G-109 EAST WINDSOR Largo townhouau. 3 bdrrn 2 ' . bath, 1am rm, (ja'ago, lireplaco, upgrades, grout location, closu to NYC & Phila. Must Soil 1 Drastically reduced. $133,900 Call

609-448-B971 EAST WINDSOR • Ownor soiling makes tins tho best b u y in G e o r g e t o w n . $124,600 Beautifully maintained Baxter Call anytime

609-448-b946 EAST WINDSOR - Reduced $7000. Immac 2 txlrm twnhso Loadod with oxtras Must sou. 609426-1557 EAST WINDSOR (Twin Rivers) • Priced way bolow market 1 Heduced over $10,000 Asking $119,500 Relocated Avail immed Immac corvj 3 bclim twnhso. walk to school. NYC bus, pool lennis All appls. blinds, verticals, carpeting • more included Only lor 2 weeks Ihon broker Call Father Work 212-9892977 or home 718-3320275 Dad says noil be happy to do all possible to make sale1 EAST WINDSOR - Windsor Regency condo. 2 bdrm. 2 bath, quick sale required, 201-738-4796 E~ BRUNSWICK • 3 bdrm Capo Cod S 179.000. On quiet country road Gas heat Municipal water 2 car garago Well maintained Levinson Associates, fh:altors 609-655-5535 EAST WINDSOR - 2 bdrm. 1 bath, garden apt co-op w w carpet, now appls. remodeled oal-in kit. pool, m a n y cx t r a s A s k i n g S65.000 Call 609-4439438 EWING • luxury townhouse. Mountamviow Area, 2 bdrm, 2'.- bath. garage £ basement, ? decks. 1 /00 sq It end unit $ 1 3 ? . 'JO 0 C a l l 60 988:,M'.,61

HOLLY RIDGt in (Kromtlnlow S5O0,O0(»\. kci i, iHipi'i.illim tilv Hi a

Open Mon - I n . t):()()-4:.M) p.m. liuni tivm Itimcl. on Old lirnlun Nil .

FLORENCE - Turn-ofthe-Century Victorian 4 bdrm 2 story featuring natural woodwork, knotty pine, full wall brick fpl, only 30 rnms to Princoton Call for details Century 21, Mellman & Jukel, ask tor Marcy Woisigor, 609-8296700 FOXMOOR ROBBINSVILLE 3 bdrm, 2' .• bath twnhm. oxc location & cond, lonced in yard, $139,900. Hamilton Park Realtors 609-587-9595. HAMILTON • By ownor. Abbott Commons 2 bdrm condo adjacent to Voforans1 Park. pool. $93,000 609-585-2317 ovos, 9847003 days HAMILTON • By owner Abbott Commons 2 bdrni condo adjacent lo Vetorans1 Park, pool $93,000. 609-585-2317 ovos. 9847651 days HAMILTON Society Hill Condo - Mint cond, 2 bdrrn, '.'. bath, end unit, cent air. upgraded cabmuts, carpet, appls. mini blinds, pool tennis, Ireshly paiptod $96,000. 201-HS8-1079 HAMILTON SQ - By ownor 5 bdrm, 3 lull bath. Concorde modol in desirable Golden Cresi Spacious 29 fam rm, inground pool, wood dock, cent air, much more $329,900 6092/5-6039 or 587-4992 HAMILTON SQ - Golden Crest. 3 bdrm. 2 bath, 2 car garago. Colonial, professional landscaped, cont air. hot tub. many 'ixlras Call for appt 609-586-1709 or 609-890 7075 HAMILTON TWP - Now construction, b o a u 111 u I 3000 sq It homo on cul-do-sac in peaceful, rural location $279,900. Call 609-585-0966 HIGHTSTOWN - By ownor Colonial Move in condition Excellent neighborhood 609-443-1940 HILLSBOHO - 3 bdrrn lownhouso. 2 ' . bath, liv rm. din rm. fin bsmt $132,900 201-359-0201


Real Estate for Sale

HILlSUOriO • by iMiiur Juut 10 milob Irom Princeton Contomp Meadows condo 2 bdrm. 2' .• bath, liv rm, dm nn, 2nd II lolt, oat-in kit U, tm tj-jmt fur 3rd bdrm or rec rm Ihiu end unit also features Ipl. all window treatments, appls, cent air, garage, pool, tennis in prime location Movein cond & price to sell al S144.110. Principals only. 201-874-8350 HILL SBORO • Country setting Treed lol 125x274 3-4 bdrms, don w firoplaco, 15x20 lam rm. 1 12 baths, attachod garage. 16x30 rod wood dock, many extras Call lor appt 201359 0559 HILLSBORO • New condo, 2 bdmis, 2 baths, dock. cont air, firoplaco, pool tennis courts. $125,000 Call 201-27/-1H46 HILLSBORO - Priced roducodi By ownor S12A500 End unit townhousu condo at Kimberwyck 2 bdrm. master balcony. Imishod bsmt, eat in kit. cent air. ceiling fans, w w carpet P a t i o , p o o l &. t e n n i s 201-874-4213 HILLSBORO - lownhouso, 2 bdrms, low SI20 s or best o t f o r A p p r a i ao d at SI35.000 Call lor details. 201-369-0570 HILLSBORO TWP - Largo 4 bdrm home on beautifully landscaped 1 aero lot, cent air, inground solar pool. gazebo, fam rm w Ipl, cent vacuum, 2 car gar, ulec air filter, appls included, many extras S232.90O 201-7226243.

HOMES, GREENHOUSES, DECKS - Save money and time1 ERIC ASSOCIATES specializes in quality custom modular homes Finished homes starling at S75K on your lot Financing avail to qualified buyers Details 609-466-1817 HOPF.WELL BORO Re-, duced lo Sell1 2 bdrm restored Colonial, like new Owner building now homo. Si /9.900 Call Kirn Hunter. Ro Max Realtors, 201-7822590 eves 201-996-2326


Real Estate for Sale

HOPEWELL BORO - One i j I H o p e w e II' s f i n e s t 1 Charming 10 rm, 2 bath Colonial featured in 1984 Historic Houso Tour, largo lot, 3 Ipls wood stove, income potonlial. Job transfer, $335,000 609-4661809 HOPEWELL TWP • 3 bdrm Split, family rm, living rm, dining rm, r. .• now baths, now Andersen thermo pane, mature wooded lot, great family neighborhood & school district. 1 mile Irom Ponninyton Boro. $204,900, call owner, 609737-9113 HOPEWELL TWP - By builder, 3000 sq ft, 4 bdrm Colonial on Blackwoll Rd, woodod lot, ' .• mi from Ponnington Cr. 2 ' / bath, cont air. baseboard hoating, codar siding, all interior limshos lo bo customized by buyer Call 609-7370246 eves HOPEWELL TWP - Oct dolivory now construction, custom colonial on 2 acros, 4 bdrms, 2'.- bath, lib. 2 slory entry, breakfast room, hugh master suito wsun dock, 3 car garago, Ig roar dock Loadod w oxtras. Award winning buildor. Oak Ridge Park, $444,890. 609-737-8383, 737-6813. JAMESBURG - for sale by ownor, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, custom ranch, brick Ipl, cent air, cent vac, w w carpet, full lin bsmt w wot bar, in-grd pool, 2 car gar. fiy appt No b r o k o r s . 5175,000. 201-521-2646. L A M B E R T V I L L E - By ownof. Move in cond. 2 bdrm. 1 bath, liv rm w fpl, formal din rm $125,000. 609-397-8214. LAWRENCE SQ - largest 2 bdrm, 2 bath, pentliouso on courtyard, many oxtras S1 14,000. 609-588-5263. LAWRENCE SO Village • Largest 2 bdrrn. 2 bath condo. 2nd II end unit, many upgrades, close to pool tennis Includos Ionant with 1 yr loasG, $116,900 or bust odor. Call 609-921 8193


LAWRENCEVILLE/ FRANKLIN CORNERS I SPACIOUS 1 Bodroom Garden Apartrnonts I Available Gonvoment to UuaktTlirickjt; Mall 1 Bedroom $492.00 per month Includes Heat and Hot Water

For More Information Call: 609-896-2796

l;caUncs. Wall-to-Wall carpetini: over concrete in 2nd floor apis. All utilities except Klcctnc Individually controlled heat 2 air conditioners Private entrances Walk-in closets Individual balconies Storage room within apt. Laundry Rooms Superintendent on site

kltcllells a n d

«o Real Estate tor Sale

Trite opoctacular now passivo solar Dock Houso, no311od on 14 acres in Hopewotl, lias novor been livod inl 4,000 equa/o foot of Irving spaco otlora plonty of room lor epadoua lamiry Irving Maslor bodroom suito loaturoo sundrenched sitting area, opulent bath nnd his and her dro&sing rooms. La/90 country kitchen and larmly room 13 loaded with amenities. Two storio3 of glass in tho living room/Bunspoco and dining room provido swoopirxj views and a tooling of living among nature Two additional bedrooms and baths, etudy. 3 car garago and 2,000 square foot basement Wrap around codar dock is perfect for entertaining Deluxe materials includo mahogany, codar and low-o glas3. For sale by ownor. For private showing call (609) 466-1242 $949,000.

AGENCY 109 Mercer St Highlst'iwn RF«1TOR5



Sat.-Sun. 10:00 - 4:00

CARNEGIE REALTORS P n r v e t o i 1 C i r c l e at M I You deserve the finer things in life. Discover them at Wvnnefield today. C)nlv -W select lots awiilablo.


Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania Pre-construction priced from

thefew^ W S to the mi Phone: (215) 997-1877.' Limited time offer! Gigliotti pays 3 points. Directions: Route 309 North past Route 63 (Welsh Rood) and proceed to next light (Stump Road). Turn right on Stump Road and head east past Route 463 (Horsham Road) and proceed 1.1 miles to Camp Drive. Turn right on Camp Drive to Sales Office on the left.

JUST STARTING OUT? — Then look at this 2 bedroom bungalow located In Hightstown. Tho lot is extra largo and there is room for possible expansion. This bungalow needs some TLC, but may iust suit your needs. If so, call us now to see it. $158,500 SECLUSION — This 3 bodroom Ranch in Millstono Twp. orfers a woodod lot ol about 4 acre9. Tho house has been recently painted Inside and out. There are workbenches In Iho basement and In the garage. DONT HESITATE. $249,900 PLUMSTEAD TWP. — Approximately 1 acre, wooded. Secluded, but close to major highways. This lovely 4 bedroom Caj




. 1 ' ! , '>;. !

discnniinaiwi k n o w i n g l y (it ' cpt i l " r KSorl.s.rxj lur r r j l ftSliile I a v» O u i i o .1 d i i ' cdriK)ms, 3 full baths plus two lulf baths, hardwood flixirs thnnighout, large deck, private yard. 92I-2MK). An excellent npportunily at $569,900


. PRINCETON TOWNHOUSE You'll love the location and appointments of this condo '/> house on Jefferson Rd. in the Township. Features 4BR, 2'/J Baths, MBR suite on 3rd floor, new Kitchen (1987). all baths modernized. Jenn-Air f microwave, dishwasher, stacking full-size washer/dryer, brick fireplace in LR, 9'il Oxfuril Prov-

incial 111 Priiic-iuii

Aiiirmln-L> loo mi-

111. mil-. In Illi'lllloll

Pills $">.IHI(1 paid










NVant xonirlliliifl HJHTUJ? < omr see iliis rli'|{iiiill\

m l i i u n l n living til ils Ix-sl. I i. u .|ih,i 'ciil-.l.- M,' :t Bit ( ulni mill 1)11, co/v l i t vvnli I P l.n full Imsriuriit ( nnveni.iil I pike

Nrw Unllng (.usiuin (.nlumul • ii ~ lirnl urrrs hi (harming Dulch Net k. :i rar ffitmgr, fmislird liiisrinrni. v. i l r l IMUJI HA. 'i /ulir liralnifj. nislum df k 2 YV A Ml SI SI,I.' $.'189 •MM)


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l«M»lrd on .5 a r r r uiir n W . i l -. II n^ hii1* l l l H gin loV.ll It.



"lli.(>rnrll l U m l i " . . in ,, In umlnl i.urk likr sritin^ v. nl. :i lilt J full l l \ . fll'.l t.ii -.-nirlll (T Dlt .1,1 III kll.ll.'II




1 ieuu idd :t Rll (ovMilu.use V. / .1 1 ire;.- pnv al • a l i i i u n . 2.."> I l l l l l - . 1 .vrly ijnrde 1. lovelv home II ,000 new 1 sliiie.

"H '•

i m

I'l MNSHOIIO I W I M . TWI'. « III Sll Hill II) 1\M'

Just r e d u c e d - M t e i M T mi >• l u i n i i n i i ulllllllllMIU \:,,;:r


lll.l-.il , |1|(

1 lilt

\Wlll it

1,11 U' I H





kiiilii-n || I x

(nil liii-.-iiii-ni. \ ( V n i l Mum Ml, l.i.N, ill.- l u i l l - i.( VOIII


-111,, I n in ,,-,- II

> illugr of Plaiiisl.nro, . l-lolli ( ape miisi see I'l . I l l l l l'\ k l I hell. |sl ov e l i l V 1 I il b l . v $179 «>00

Nrsllrd In itir Irrrs - I u-l Illlllles

111 I l i r i l l


iiiu|or triinporliiiinii


Innlt , IIIM-


1,)tiiiliiv , 011-.I111,

I I n I I ,111 l l I n , (11 n l o n , I I I ' I f


Priced ( m m t:l(M).(MK)


Currfree rondo liviiiK i- v oiii with this 2 lilt. 2 H\. 2nd Tool 1 ammarion SKMt •


V. h \\ Ml


lru>r [.ain< brush and ht.iniuer behin l l ! He. eutlv redone . llsloill '.'> HA. Mill, ll w ilh 2 iiilditioiial fllllslll d loom- in llie ba-eineiit



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Inl In - i ' i *:ir>5 (MMI

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nimites from major roadV\UVh 1 - llu- .ominillei - il.di^lilfid 2 lilt • 2 HA. coiiilo with I P . vault,' 1 ri-ilmu liidcuiiv ami unite $1'27.0





i t iind M l l s l e l l i l t lo veiv III -. ii e vard Wllll I l l l , k | l i l l | n 1 1 -kv | , Of - I , , , . , . ' . ' -! t.ll li'dil s. | (O«l I l l . U M ' VV I l l l - h d e l - t I < ill



MontgoiiH'n Worlds beituiilul end unit witli v lew of vv Is Lotof windows, cathedral inline., -kv liyllt ic Illlaelled canine! Mo| l.'v'



lilt. 2


Two l i l t , 1.5 HA, special upjiiades and n< utral colors plus a new deck Ill a k e t h i s lln \ Ir r M o d e l a l (, e o r ^ I ' l u f t I I o n e t o s e e $r27,OO0

i HIM 1 ION Jl V IK»N I ' l i n , ' mil \ lew 1.1

Nr« Us


W o n d e r f u l l o c a t i o n in .n all ma lor l i i i n s p o i l a l i o n . 2 lilt 2 li\ rondo in Winds,,, Mill «i 1 l ( i IHH)


Ml IK I HMD I l o u r Hit, ';.."> l t \ ( olonlul 111 il. -11.1J.1I niM-iMiv l l r i g l i i - . h.ir.lw I fliMHs. pink lik. MUi.it; J'i'il.'.MHI

IIK.IMSIOWN Well-ISuill l.idevel n, , ! ' - , a l l ,. area Of Ih-hlsloVVII I I I , . . |!H 1 ", HA 2 . in puai;,'. 1 It. pin- li l l i 1 III 1' I o u ll ,1 p ...I ( I a II be siii...^ HH)


11(1 VI ON l.otrly liomr ill desirous nrijclilmrliood. Ml tlii— fin a (>1111 dini is milv affordable Don I lose • .lit

S i n k , - - i n iiiiiiii-iit t o d n v '

$1.-14.500 PRINUION Dramatic (ovmhoiise with .'t/4 h i t . private . i l l i u i i i with Iu)>;iiM-ifoliage , u - l o m d e. r o t a I i n ^ . i • I ,illl|i III,' f o w l IIMll k i l l l u l l il flowing iiild spacious flour plan Di-ML'iiiil for lln- most ilr-< i m i i i i a l MIL' l u i v e i

Mulnlcnani on'l g r t m o l d vMiitinu f o r llie h o m e o f y o u r d r t a m s . ••• ISA. ^.uee.iu- home i n Lliwrencevillc V2(11>.!MM>




IAWIII N( I Ml II |ji»ri-iHT>Hle IfrtM'iif \inlo\cr ( o l i i n i a l n i d i 4/5 I l l l , luxurious wet bar. lieiiutifidlv lands, aped vard W/CIIS|OIII dei k. loud-, of up grades $:tl b a d Dm, 1. ( oil nial a r e a l b a r g a i n W . n I 1 1 si < (>!>,! 00


f I:\II.II: (HUM Oxford ( olonial on a vtoodrd comer lot. leatures - storv lialroinril foyer. Lit. l ) l i . I It wild In n l I T Master Kit Mill.- with sitting room I In, r addlholial Hit Stained wood package. Secunlv -\ sli-in I wo level custom deck. $.»4

(Jirrry«»MMl 1.I^IIIIOIIS4*. \1oni gomery W nods. tlili. 2," 1 |!\ 1 car g n r a |Zc Pr e m i u i n l o c a t i o n $175,(MMI PI.MNSIIORO

I.AWHIN< BIIIJ Just llMed! Older hniiii' in l l l s l O l l cal area of Lawn- nceville. O l the best of both worli Is. Neutral i oh.r interior. 4HH/2 full HA eat in kitchen


buy tills new listing. (.real for the fust nine home l.uver. Moiilrosi model featuring; Ample 2HH/2HA. funs lied loft sioniec shows 1 ke a ill.i.Irl fulls e i| II i pp e d iV III II C ll III o | i $I'2I,* \

Steffi Ciraf TIME OFF / AUI'IIM M. I'iss


Tennis Anyone? Tennis giants like Adidas and Prince are now outfitting players from head to toe: custom-designed skirts, shorts, warm-ups, vests, bags, sweat bands and shoes are doled out to players

Above, hllsworth Vines, a tall, handsome Califomian who many observers considered the greatest player in a single match, demonstrates his formidable forehand to a crowd of admirers, many of whom are dressed like the pro. Below, it's a wonder that Mary K. Browne, one of America's top World War I era players, could swing through a forehand. Eleanor Goss Lanning

I I onhntu'tl


/'rt'i ['lim^ /'iJ^'t'I

Ivan l.endl makes the eovei ol Spun-, Illustrated, we can't buy that Adidas figures that consumers who see Mr. Lcndl's dapper new attire will want an 1.1., shin of (heir own. "People really like the look of authenticity that comes from wearing a shirt that Ivan Ix-iull or Stefan Kdbcrg or Steffi d i a l wear." he said Other s|x>rts manulacturers see similar profit potential in the pros As a result, tennis apparel has evolved into hi;: business and high fashion. No longer content lo supply pros with just racquets and balls, tennis giants like Adidas, Prince and others are now outfitting p l a y e r s f r o m h e a d lo t o e . C u s tom-designed skirls, shorts, warm-ups, vests, bags, sweat bands and shoes are doled out to players, beginning with promising young proteges on the junior circuit. Superstars like Mr I.endl can earn millions by signing with a popular sports manufacturer So commonplace are marriages between (ennis pros anil equipment retailers that "anyone who is ranked in the top 25 is, in all likelihood, going to have their own shoe, apparel and racquet deal as w e l l . " Mr. i : ogelson reported. Any male player ranked within ^he top 3(X) " w h o does not have an equipment e n d o r s e m e n t can get o n e t h r o u g h A d i d a s . " he added. Prince, the giant tennis racquet manufacturer, jumped into the apparel business four years ago, with its Lawreneeville facility dedicated to producing quality tennis wear. "Prince is still (Continued on I'tiftc !(>)

Stan Smith 4/August 31, 1988/TIME OFF

Above left, Eleanor Goss Lanning in a one-piece, knee-length outfit, and a one-piece wood racquet. A typical 1920s player, she complemented her attire with bare arms and a bound head. Below left, white shorts, white designer polo and white sneakers distinguish Stan Smith's 1972 Wimbledon outfit as neat, proper and correct.

III n in II


* ^ H

^ _ _




J. McFariin Piano Tuner - Technician Over 35 Years Experience

(Continued From Preceding Page) Painstaking Craftsman (609) 921-0866

Morning Call

•"GLORIOUSLY FUNNY ! + The theater ROCKS with * laughter" Bergen Record T^ for \n]nrmalvm ;"< m i n alums -^( or to ihitrftc Inkfli fry f/honc

• • • •

n « i • L/ALL

FINAL DAYS • • • • • • • • • Smash Hit Musical Comedy!! + $ l r ) O P TRIPLE AWARD WINNER * r: /••:

"I nearly died laughing. GO SEE IT." Book and lyrics by Howard Katie Kelly Ashman music byAlan WNBOTV Menken

* >f J *

GROUP RATES CALL (215)862-5718


tji" lk y


Repairing Regulating Princeton


"Dennis, Ballard PERFECT 4 in'Odd Couple', .they set * a comedy standard that's + likely to turn into legend. ^


• Nature & Dynamics of Reality • Numerology • Personal a Planetary Transformation • Holistic Healing • Crystal Consciousness • Telepathy and Reception • Meditation Techniques • Card Reading • Psychic Development Wednesday Nights 7:30 P.M. in Princeton Series ol three 7 week Courses S145 Each Course, $390 Full Series For Information Call

Carol L d Golden 609-448-6816 P.O. Box 4O3Cranbury, NJ 08512

According to Ms. Huntsman, many of the children CTU reach have never seen live theater. Television is their only outlet for seeing anything creative. "Many of them will never be taken to a theater space," she said. "What's different about us is we come to them." With visions of thousands of spectators at the children's festival dancing in their heads, the fantastic five gathered for rehearsals at their headquarters in the Arts Council of Princeton building. As they were seated on the bare stage within an empty studio, their voices could be heard echoing throughout the building as they read through the lines of Digging the Whole,c the production they'll perform at the festival. Digging the Whole is an educational look at the ecological web that makes up the world. The production encourages students to respect wildlife while recommending ways (hey can help preserve natural resources.

The three-day festival, which is expected to draw 60,000 youngsters from the U.S. and abroad, will feature the talents of performing artists from around the world

The Rusty !Scupper introduces a brand-new look. A brand-new menu. A grand new Scupper II you dined with us a month ago. you won't believe the dilference. Choose Irom our special Pastas. Prime Rib. the fresh C '.auii. and more. Complete dinner selections vhangc nightly. Priced Irom just SlO>)^ complete with a trip to the salad bar Iresh vegetable, bread and butter, desert.and beverage.So come to ihe new Rustv T\ •* Scupper And eat like vou've never ealen belore. i\UM. And now. dine under the stats on our new outdoor patio.

6 /August '. I. loss


The performance features M r Bukovec as " S l a g H e a p , " who represents a money-grubbing developer who couldn't care less about the wonders of nature. Mr. Heep is placed on trial during the performance, with a wise owl, a sensitive deer, a playful raccooon and a sensible tree playing the parts of the prosecuting attorney, the bailiff, the court clerk and the judge. " W e pretty much move into this home that he has built in the woods and put him on t r i a l . " M s . Huntsman said. " H e ' s tried on the basis ot how his development destroyed the woods; how it affected the raccoon, because he moved her log away; how it affected the deer, because ot the roads and the traffic; how it affected the o w l . because now all the trees are gone that owls nest in; and how it affected the tree, because tree and all of her buddies have been destroyed." Since all Creative Theatre productions involve audience participation, the children viewing the performance play a major role in the outcome ol the trial: As audience members, children assume the role of the jury and decide whether Slag Heap is guilty or not guilty. " W e actually have two different endings, depending on what they v o t e . " Ms. Huntsman said " T h e y ' r e learning courtroom procedure; they're learning about nature; and at the same time they're getting an entertaining production On the whole. Slag Heap is most olten tound guilt>. according to Ms. Goldstein. That he is usually tound guiltv. makes Creative Theatre members believe they arc getting the right message across, which is really the point ol the production As summer gives way I" I.ill. the Creative Theatre company will continue to s|vnd numerous hours rehearsins: in the sparsly decorated studio that overlooks Wilherspoon Street. The hours are long and the pay could be better, but the |H)ssitnlities are limited by unls their imaginations. "It can be a grueling e x p e r i e n c e . " Ms. Huntsman s.nd " Y o u love everybody, but the next minute sou hate everybody and you don't ssant to L'D m the sail one more das Hut then when you get to the selu>|. s o u ' i e happs that sou're doiim syhat v u i ' r v doins:


Discover Flying Lessons only $25

Raritan Valley Flying School


(Visit our Pilot Gilt Shop1)

Daily Mon.-Fri.




136 Nassau St • Princeton


Route 206 Princeton N) 08'J-IO I 609 9? 1-.HOI) I U(H;n ' Hiiys I AA Ortilied .

EBfew • * * • miiiu \uti. H-\«'l»t. I: < A l l II \NiM Is vreii< I I

MM wiiim' iin«l Hi\

Irom left to right: Kerry Swope as, Schroedcr; Susan Duthie as Lucy; Rob Rosenberger as Linus; Jenna Barnaby as Snoopy; and Liz McNeil as Fatty in Class Act Productions' You're a Good Man Charlie Brown.

'You're a Good Man Charlie Brown' The play, staged by Class Act Productions at Mill Hill Playhouse, recalls a more innocent time

lull nii.itii n:(H » »s/-S( is li was among the I wrist bands In shoes from anotl and racquets Inn major player is u major sports man market generate sales, compciilio " I t ' s very logelson said o better be on the i try to sell oi vo literally."

ETAL Fall Antiques Fair Convenes At Waterloo Combine buying antiques with a day in the country at the Fall Antiques Fair at Waterloo Village, Stanhope, on Sept. 10 and I I from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day Dotted with tents, the show site is the new 1 I-acre field opened last spring to provide better accommodations tor show goers and (hose who attend the Waterloo musical events. The more than ISO participating dealers will provide a variety of items from fragile art glass and oricntalia to countn collectibles Show admission ol S ( benefits the Wateiloo Foundation for the Arts. For further information: 201-262-3063.

See 'Parade of Nations' At N.J. Ethnic Festival The 10th annual New Jersey Fthnic Festival will be held on Sept. 10 from noon to 1(1 p.m. at Liberty State Park, Jersey City The festival will bring together representatives from the many different ethnic groups in New Jersey for performances of music and dance. as well as the sale and display ol ethnic food and crafts. The activities are held both indoors and outdoors at the historic Central Railroad Terminal and on the banks of the Hudson River. The opening ceremonies scheduled will feature a "parade of nations," a naturalization ceremony for 200 new citizens and welcoming remarks by public officials and representatives of ethnic communities Admission and parking are free and the event will be held rain or shine. For further information: 609-984-7145.

Collectors Showcase Deals Cards, Comics The Collectors Showcase Comic Book and Baseball Card Show will be held Sept. 10 at the West Trenton Fire Company Ballroom. 40 W. Upper Ferry Rd. Doors will open at 9:30 a.m., close at 3:30 p.m. Scores of dealers from the tri-state area will be on hand to sell. buy. trade or just talk to the public about their collectibles. For baseball fanatics, names like Topps, Fleer, Donmss, Sportflic and Score will be for sale For comic book addicts, "Superman, flic Amazing Spiderman," "Fantastic Four," and "X-mcn" will be among the many favorites available.

T h e Fall Antiques Fair, Sept. 10 and 11 at Waterloo Village, Stanhope, combines buying antiques with a day in the country. For further information: 201-262-3063.

Admission is S2, children under five are free. For further information: 20 I-874-4837.

Poetry Performance Delivers a Message Poetry in performance is on the schedule on Sept. 9 at 8 p.m. as part of the Second Annual New Hope Arts Festival in August and September. "To the New Century: A Multi-Media Excursion into the Future" will consist of poetry written and performed by Judith Baldwin Toy and R. Philip Toy of Solebury, Pa. and Staccy Kennan of New York City, on stage at the S.J. Cierenser Theatre, Bridge Street and Stockton Avenue. New Hope. Pa. The three poets will perform original works that comprise their message to the future within "an envelope of light, video images, sound and dance." Judith Baldwin Toy has been widely published as a poet and non-fiction articles writer. R. Philip Toy is a jazz pianist, poet and singer. Staccy Kennan, born and raised in Alabama, is a poet and

performer. Tickets are $10. For reservations or further information: 215-862-3777.

Test Your Farm Skills At Howell Plowing Match Teamsters from five New Jersey counties will demonstrate one of farming's oldest arts on Sept. 3 when they put their plows and horses to the furrow in Howell Living History Farm's Fifth Annual Plowing Match. Professional plowing and driving events, pony rides and a craft program for youngsters will be part of the program, which runs from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., as well as competition plowing for visitors and a pig roast. Admission and parking are free. The Howell Farm is located on Valley Road, just off Route 29 two miles south of Lambcrtville. Raindate for the event is Sept. 10. For further information: 609-737-3299.

German Heritage Fest Features Folk Music Di Weikersheimer Musikanten. a 35-pieee band direct from Germany, will highlight the activities of the 15th annual German Heritage Festival on Sept. 11 at the Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel. The band will play traditional folk music and provide some of the entertainment during the mall activities beginning at 9:30 a.m. There will also be a soccer tournament, folk dancing, cultural displays and German food. At 3:30 p.m., the stage show will present the U.S. premiere appearance of Marianne and Michael. The German Heritage Council of New Jersey sponsor scholarship awards each year to students expressing interest in the German culture and who speak German. The 1988 scholarship awards will be presented at the festival. For tickets or further information: 201-763-4093 or 201-442-8600. ext. 4202. Tickets may also be purchased through Tickctron and Telctron.

HATS OFF TO... Squibb Presents Check To Cultural Center A check for $10,(XX) was presented to members of the New Brunswick Cultural Center as part of Squibb's five-year, $50,000 pledge to the cultural group. There is an arts renaissance taking place in New Brunswick, according to Dr. Louis T. DiFazio, president, Squibb Technical Operations and a member of the Board of Trustees of the New Brunswick Cultural Center. The center has been involved in establishing a "Downtown Arts Center" at the Livingston Avenue-George Street cross-section of town. A focal point of the center is the newly renovated State Theatre.

18/August 31. 1988 , TIME OFF

The George Street Playhouse is also located in this district and the new Crossroads Theatre will soon be erected at this key midtown site.

Grants Are Distributed To Middlesex Arts Groups The Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission has received a total of $163,047 from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State through the State-County Partnership Program. A large percentage of the funds will be re-distributed to those M i d d l e s e x County arts and arts-sponsoring organizations whose grant applications have gone through a review and panel process.

Some of the county organizations chosen for this year's awards arc: Artists' League of Central New Jersey ($6,578); Association for Retarded Citizens' Box Players ($7,527); Cantabile ($1,000); Circle Players ($3,290); East Brunswick Arts Commission ($7,200); East Brunswick C o m m u n i t y P l a y e r s ($1,800); Ebony Suburbanites ($1,800); Metuchcn Cultural Arts C o m m i s s i o n ($1,400); New Brunswick Chamber Orchestra ($4,440); North Brunswick Township Cultural Arts Committee ($2,750) and the Plainsboro Cultural Affairs Advisory Commission ($2,500). With under $200,000, the commission has serviced a county-wide arts population of over 250.000 residents.

Charles Lang Heads N.J. 4-H Program Charles L. Lang, a 4-H specialist with experience in both Kansas and Michigan, has been appointed chairman of the Department of 4-H Youth Development at Rutgers University's Cook College. In his new position. Dr. Lang will administer New Jersey's 4-H program, which is active in all 21 counties of the Garden State and includes urban, as well as rural, dimensions. Nearly 145,000 New Jersey young people are involved in 4-H across the state, working with more than 6,600 volunteer leaders in activities ranging from sewing clubs to biotechnology.

Dr. Jay Michael Goodkind, a cardiologist on Mercer Medical Center's staff and a member of its Art Committee, used a 4 x 5 view camera to photograph "Trees,


Mist," which captures the ghost-like images of bare trees shrouded in mist.

The Photographers'

Current exhibition at the Mercer Medical Center highlights the camera work of Jay Michael Goodkind, Emmet Gowin, Michael A. Smith, Eric Blau and others

"Old Sturbridge Village," by James Staples, who is a former news photographer, reveals his keen eye for landscape. The exhibit will be on view through Sept. 23 at the Mercer Medical Center.

20 / August 31, 1988 / TIME Of F



'M 60, and I've been photographing since I was nine years old. 1 did weddings when 1 was in medical school and all the photography for Columbia University yearbooks for three years. I had to slow down during my training, but in 1964 I returned to photography in a very serious way." Jay Michael Goodkind, M.D., is a cardiologist on Mercer Medical Center's staff and a member of its Art Committee. He lives in New Hope, and his work is widely exhibited. The Photographers, Mercer's current exhibition, came about when Dr. Goodkind said, "I'll get three other photographers I know," and other Art Committee members said, "I know somebody else." There are giants exhibiting in Trenton. "I'd seen timmet Gowin's Princeton University Art Museum show a few years ago," Dr. Goodkind said, "and thought his landscapes were super." Mr. Gowin, who has taught photography at the University since 1973, is on the faculty of Bucks County Community College. He took the volcano-scapes at Mercer when Seattle Arts Commission invited him and four other photographers to record the state of Washington. While they were there, Mount Saint Helens erupted, and Mr. Gowin persuaded authorities to helicopter him and his 2'A x 2V* Hasselblad over the area. The results illustrate an approach to photography that Dr. Goodkind calls "philosophical, almost mystical." Mr. Gowin writes, "Looking back, it seems to me like another instance of a subject extended itself towards me." Mr. Gowin's "Shattered Trees" suggest deserted and decaying idols. The diagonals in "Ash Over Snow" speak of the speed with which fire and its molten product nullified the pure delicacy of water crystals. And those less-than-matchsticks far below are denuded tree trunks, fouling and clogging the surface of "Spirit Lake". Viewers fortunate enough to have seen Michael A. Smith's 1966-1986 photographs at Bucks County Community College last winter (TIME OFF, Feb. 10) will not have forgotten that Mr. Smith uses only large-format cameras — neither enlarging nor cropping his pictures, which are directly printed. BCCC included all sizes and several prints from a Princeton portfolio that Princeton Gallery of Fine Art commissioned. At Mercer, Mr. Smith shows us the versatility of the 8 x 20 camera. A stage-wide view of deserted orchestra chairs, for example, is all scmi-rcgular pattern; it's from a scries commissioned by New Orleans. A view of water flowing through tress beneath dappled sunlight near his home in Ottsville is pictorial poetry, as is the swampland panorama that he identifies as "Presque Isle, PA. Dr. Goodkind is another Hasselblad enthusiast, and also uses a 4 x 5 view camera. His "Trees, Mist," in which bare trees become ghosts as they recede from the foreground, is well placed beside the immediacy of a composition-filling closeup of bunchy conifer needles. Sensitivity to nature continues in the lazy-S curve of "Breaking Wave's" spume. The third of Dr. Goodkind's recruits is San Diego resident Eric Blau who, judging from Mercer's photographs, places humans as


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Hours Lunch From 11 00 A.M. Dinnor Till 11.00 P.M. Open 7 Days

Concordia Shopping Center Cranbury, NJ

(609) 395-0808 Isn't Fun The Besi Thing To Have?

11.1 m li l . l l l c i l

s o l i d

Princeton artist Karen i'oote will show her paintings in the gallery of the Arts Council of Princeton, 102 Witherspoon St., Princeton, from Sept. 8 through Oct. . l o r further information:

( lici

i < ' i | ii n . H i • r i i v i n n i M i i ' i i l

l \

1 1 I I I i l l 11 i v l i >l I h e I n M i l e . u u l

I i H i l t ' i i i ) m i , I I\

U | ) i i l l I ' - M h t «. • 11 [ L 11 \


i l r s r . j n s

I u s e d

TH0S. M0SER (. A li I N I-. I M A K i; R S I .'1''

I ''.'_'

I ' l l 1 1

• ( III i >l \\ .lllllll \ j ' MI s.mml.p, I »\ .i

' >i i ill u r n !

I . I I . i l l " . ' i'~ ' >< 1

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week of Sept. I I Iron) 1 p.m. In * p.m.; Sept. 12 to Id from noon to 3 p.m.; and Sept. 15 from 7 p.m. to '' p.m.

"Ixi's Rodeo," a photography exhibit by Kenneth (". Ross of Mountainvillc. will be on display from Sept l>-30 in the Raritan Valley Community College An Gallery, Route 2K and l.amington Road. North Branch. A wine and cheese reception will be held Sept. ') at 7 p.m. (iathered from three seasons of shooting in Texas ami throughout the northeast, the featured works began as photographs oi the participants, action and spaces of the modern rodeo scene. After Mr. Ross produced 12" by 16" prints from those images, lie hand-painted them extensively with mixed water media. This collection has been featured in three national shows this year. Mr. Ross teaches photography at Raritan Valley Community College and Summit High School. For further information: 201-526-1200.

Open In anyone age IX or older who lives, works or attends school in Mercer County, the show awards a $200 Best in Show Purchase Award and a minimum of 1i5(K) in other purchase awards. liach photographer may submit up to three photographs in color or black and white There is a S10 entry fee per photographer All photographs selected tor the show will be insured.

Bucks County College Features Faculty Art

. i n s | \k - .

\ \ c-l W.l-lilll;'.!' 'II v < | l l . l l r . I'll I Lull'l|'111.1 I'l I HIM I'. .Ill 1.1 I ' M l '

Raritan Photo Exhibit Captures Rodeo Scenes

To obtain a prospectus and lor further information: 609-771-2652.

Fishing Is Inspiration For Arts Council Exhibit Princeton artist Karen Foote will show her paintings in the gallery of the Arts Council of Princeton, 102 Witherspoon St., Princeton, from Sept. 8 through Oct. 6. The show will open with a reception on Sept. 8 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The works on canvas and paper were A Selected Fine Arts Faculty Exhibition will be shown through Sept. 21 at Bucks inspired by a 1987 fishing experience. Ms. County Community College, Hicks Art Foote returned to native fishing waters at Center Gallery, Swamp Road, Newtown, Pa. Shcrars Bridge on the Dcscutes River in Faculty members in the exhibit are Bonnie Oregon to catch her first Chinook. The Cooper of Belleville, Dorothy Daub of Phila- exhibit is timed to coincide with the fall run delphia, Frank Dominguez and Jack Gcvins of Chinook salmon in Oregon. of New Hope, Pa., and Craig Johnson of Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday, Doylestown, Pa. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 Ms. Cooper will exhibit ceramic wall and p.m. For further information: 609-924-8777. installation pieces. Ms. Daub will display fanciful painted furniture and picture frames as well as jewelry. Mr. Dominguez will show his abstract graphite drawings, watercolors and computer graphics. Mr Cievins will exhibit large-scale portrait paintings of Somerset Art Association's fall classes will legendary subjects and charcoal drawings. Mr. Johns will display cyanotype and diazo begin on Sept. 10 and will meet in their headquarters on Peapack Road and Prospect prints. Street, Far Hills. Gallery hours are 9 a.m. to '' p.m..

Classes for All Ages At Somerset Art Assoc.

Monday through Thursday; 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday; and 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday For further information: 215-968-8425.

Entries Are Sought For Mercer Photo Show

C l a s s e s are open to m e m b e r s and non-members, but they do have a limited enrollment. They are scheduled to meet for either 5, K, 10 or 12 sessions, in either morning, afternoon, evening or weekend sessions One and two-day workshops are available.

It's time for Mercer County photographers to mount their best prints for entry in the 1 lth Annual Mercer County Photography Exhibition. Entries for the juried show will be accepted at Trenton State College, Holman Art (iallcry, Ewing Township, during the

Some of the classes offered this fall include: Painting in Oils or Acrylics; Two Dimensional Design; Drawing and Painting for ages 10 to 13; and Multi Media for ages seven to nine. For registration or further information: 201-234-2345.


A European Past'

A EUROPEAN PAST: Memoirs, 1905-1945 By Felix Gilbert W.W. Norton & Co., New York #19.95, 229 pgs. BY STUART DUNCAN


N the autumn of 1945. an Army officer working for the OSS (Office of Strategic Services,) was sent on a brief mission from headquarters in Wiesbaden to Berlin His orders left him time to drive around the city. As his jeep reached the area between the canal and the I lergarten, the officer looked in vain for recognizable areas He had been born there 40 years earlier And he was "curious to see whether there was any sign that might indicate where the house had stood in which I had spent, certainly with frequent absences, some 25 years ol my life." From this perspective, Mr. (jilbert, prolessor emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, remembers the summers of his childhood spent in Charloltenburg, The Sal/kammergul and Nordwijk. a sea coast resort on the Dutch

coast. Although the three places were very different. Mr Gilbert felt that all three vere permeated by an atmosphere of security and permanence "Though this might not have seemed the best possible world, there was a definite place in it for me and my family, and I thought this world would go on forever as it was. The First World War swept all this away both this world and my feelings about it and although the disappearance of what might be called my arrogant complacency might be a good thing, that disappearance establishes for me a sharp dividing line between the |>erioy fine contemporary

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King's Island Restaurant 811 Route 33 Hamilton Sq. NJ (609) 890 0720 Authentic Chinese Cuisine Hunan. Shanghai, Cantonese. Bullet Lunch Mon -Sun includes soup, dessert, 8 entrees to choose Irom. Howl: Lunch Mon-Sun 1200 p m - 3 00 pm Dinner Mon-ttiurs. Sun. 3.00 pm.-10.00 pm. Fn. S Sal. 300 pm -11 00 pm U u e r \km». No, BYOFJ Cnktt tuii Amencan fjpress. Visa. Master Card. Diners Club WkMfcka* AcuttMth Yes to Sffloklm Swtlon: Yes

Jessie's Restaurant and Lounge Route 130, Yardville. 6O9-S8I-377/ featunng Iresh seafood, siting steaks and Msucan food in a spacious setting. Lunch and dinner daily. Happy hour daily 4-7 p.m. with complimentary butfel Entertainment nightly. Restaurant closed Monday, towt: Lunch; Tuesday-Saturday, 11.30 am -2 30 p.m.; Dinner. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 4 30-9 p m; Fnday and Saturday 430-10 prn. Sundry Build Dinner 3 00 p m LV«Mr i k t f l i * : Yes CntfH Cavil: American fjpress MasterCard. Visa WkMkkjir AcctiilMt Yes to SmoWng S K U M : Yes

Lahlere's 5 Wrtherspoon Street. Pnnctton, 609-921-2798. Dine in the heart ol Princeton in stately, Old-English surroundings. Specializing in French cuisine and traditional selections. Choose Irom the most otensive wine cellar in the area featunng over 500 moderately priced, line wines. Haon.- Lunch Mondjy Friday 12-2 30 pm , Saturday 12-2 p m . Dinner: Monday frtdly 530-930 p i n , Saturday 5-10 pm U * M T U c M t * Yes. Cr»*t t a n k All maior cards accepted tnwtklutr AutmlHt: Yes to S m k k « Section: No

Le Plumet Royal at ftM» Peacock Inn 20 Bayard lane (Route 206), Princeton 609-921 0050 Located in the heart of town, Princeton's historic country inn offers superb French cuisine in the area's most jiaoous and elegant dining room Open seven days. Hewi: Lunch. Monday-friday 12 00-2:30 p.m., Dinner: Monday fnday 5 30-930 p.m., Saturday 5.3O-100O p.m. and Sunday 500-9.00 p m ; Sunday Brunch 11 30-2.30 pm. U p a r Uc*u»: Yes. C n M C r t t : Amencan fipress, Visa and MasterCard

Lee's Castle Princeton Meadows Shopping Center. 660 Ptainsboro Road 609 795 1008 Dining in and taking out. Specialising in Cantonese and Srachuan cuisine CRISPY SIEAK and Lottstar Hong Kong style a specialty to*rt: Mon-Thurs 1130 am-930 p m ; fri.-Sat 1130 a m-10 p m , Sun 1 pm-9.30 pm U a x r U c t M t No Utm Carts We accept all major credit cards. W » i a * t W k M Yts to imtUH fectJM: No

Little Szechuan Restaurant 2025 OM Trwrton Rotd. West Windsor. 609 443-5023 or 609143 5621 featuring unique Snduian, Hunan a,-.d Cantonese cooking. Luncheon specials, banquets and take out Modtrati pnc«s towi: Daily. 1130 a m -11 p m , fnday and Saturday to 11 p rn, U p t r L k a a r . No Cr»«t Cartt All major cards accepted M M M * A t t t m M k Yts to SMktaf SwtMr. Yes


MOVIES 5. 7.15. 9:55.

East Brunswick BRUNSWICK SQUARE CINEMA (201 23X 299X)

Cinema IV: A Nightmare on Klin Street I'urt 4: The Dream Master, Wed.-Thur. 12:15. 2:45, 5:15. 7:45, 10:15

Cinema I: Young Guns, Wed Tliur 1.1(1, .1.1(1, 5.30. 7:M). 9:30; Eri.-Thur. 3:55, V S . \ 7:55. «J;S5. Cinema II: Cocktail, Wed -Thin 2. 4, 0, X. 10 Freeway, I-'ri.-Thur 2. 4, (>. X, 10


Fast Windsor

Bambi, Sat.-Mon.. Sept. 3-5. 1:30. 2.50 Hot to Trot, Wed. Thur.. Aug. 3 I-Sept. X. 7:30. 9 15

VST W I N D S O R C I N I - : M A ( 6 0 9 4 4 X 1 2 3 1 )


' ucker, Wed.-Sun , Aug. 31-Sept. 4; 2. 4 30. ', M.»ii -Thur. 7, 9:30 Cim'ii.\ Nightmare on I-Ilm Street 4: The Dream Master, Wed Sun . Aug. 31 Sept. 4. 2. 4. 6. X. 10; Mon.-Tliur. K, |()

Hillsborough I I I I . I S l i O R O ( I N L M A (201 359 44X0) D i e h a r d , W e d . - T h u r 7:1(1. 9 . 3 0 . S u n 4 : 4 5 . 7 . 1 0 . 9 . M o u Thur. 7.10. 9 3 ( 1


West Windsor

M A N V I L I . E C1NLMA (201 5266') i n 7»I5. l ):l5 A World Vparl. 1, '> 20. Sal-Sun. 5. 7 10. 9:20; Mon. I liii '!.'. v.20.

ERIC GARDEN (609 924-0263)

1609 xx2-wii

Cinema I: Die Hard, Wed.-Thur. I. 7. 9:25; please call theater for weekend schedule Cinema II: A Fish Called Wanda. Wed.-Thur I. 7:20. 9:25; please call theater lor weekend schedule MERCER M A L I . CINEMA (6O°.-452-2X6X) Cinema I: Coming to Ameriea, 1:30, 4:20. 7 1 5 . 10 Cinema I I : Big, I. 3:10, 5:20, 7:40. 10. Cinema III: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, 12 30, 2:45. 5. 7:30. 9:45. QUAKER HRIIXiE M A L I . THEATRES (WW-799-9331) Cinema I: Stealing Home, Wed -Thur. 12. 2:30, 5, 7:30. 9:55. Cinema II: Bambi, Wed.-Thur. 12:30. 3, 4:45. Cinema III: Married To The Mob, Wed Thur 12:15 2:45.

A M C PRINCE THEATRES (609452-227X) Cinema I: Young (inns, Wed.-Thur. ' V 7. 9 M r . North, I-'ri.-Sat. 2:15. 5. 7:1 5. ') In ' m i Mon 2:15, 5:15. 7:15, 9:15; Tue 2• 1 *• '• 1^ > 15, Wo Thur. 6:15. 8:15. Cinema II: The Dead I'm.I Wed. Thur 5. 7:15. 915 Young (Jims, En Sat I 4r>. 5:15, 7:30. 9:45; Sun. Mon. ' ••- \ 7. 9, Tue. 1:45, 6, X:15; Wed.-Thur . 6 . 8:15. . uiema ill: Clean and Sober, Wed.-Thur. 2, 4:45, 7.9 15, In.-Sat. 2, 4:45, 7:15, 9 3 0 ; Sun -Mon 2. 4:45. 7. 9:15, Tue. 2, 5:45, X. Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Wed -Thin. 6. X UA MOVIES AT MARKETEAIK (609-520-X70O) Schedule is for E'ri.-Thur.. Aug. l ( ' 25 Cinema I Midnight



Midnight Run, 5:10. 7:35, 10, En.-Sat 12:15. Cinema V: Cocktail, 1:35. 3:40. 5:40, 7:45. 9:50; En-Sat 11:50. Cinema VI: Tucker, 1:20, 3:25. 5:30. 7:40, 9:50; Eri.-Sat. midnight.

Cinema I: Midnight Run, Weil.-Thur. I. 7. :25. I n Sat I, 5:30, X, 10:25; Sun. 2. 4:30. 7. 9:25; Mon. Thur. I. 7, 9:25. Cinema I I : Betrayed, Wed .-Thur. I. 7. :25; I n -Sat 1, 5:30, X. 10:25. Sun 2.4:30. 7.9:25; Mon.-Thur. I. 7. 9:25.

Somerset RUTGERS CINEMA VI (201-82H-K7K7) Schedule is for Wed . Aug. 31 through Thur.. Sept. X Cinema I: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, I. 3. 5. 7 i5. 9:30; En -Sat. 11:30. Cinema II: Die Hard, 2:35. 5. 7:25. 9:50; I n -Sat 12:10 Cinema III: Big, 1:30. 3:30, 5:30, 7:30. 9:30; I n - S a t 11:30. Cinema IV Bambi, 1, 2:30

Run, 11:45. 2:15. 4:45. 7:15. 34, Wall Township, Sept. 3, 10 a.m.-10 p.m. and Sept. 4,11:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m.. 201-938-4554. Antiques Fair, Waterloo Villago, Stanhope, Sept 10-11, 10 a.m.-6 p.m., 201-262-3063.

Three Cranes Gallery, 18-20 W. Mechanic St., New Hope, Pa , Contemporary Japanese Prints, through Sepl 6; Paintings and Sculpture and Wearable An, Sept. 9 0 c t . 5; 215-862-5626 Towpath House, 18 W Mechanic St., New Hope, Pa., John Frederick Rau: First Collected Work, 1975-1988, through Sept. 10, 215-862-5216.


Barbara Cook and the Greater Trenton Symphony Orchestra, War Memorial Auditorium, West Lafayette Trenton, Sept. 10, 0 609-599-3937 '

Street, p.m.,

Concerts by the Bay, Bayview Park. Perth Arnboy, Sundays through Sept 4, 3 p.m., 201-745-4489, free An Evening of Broadway Tunes, Sept 3, AH-Oay Folk Festival, Sept 4 (rain

Button Down Cafe, 4160 Quakerbndge Road, Lawrenceville. Jazz and Blues Night, Tuesdays, 7 p.m -midnight 609-799-3335. Catch a Rising Star at the Hyatt Regency-Princeton, 102 Carnegie Center. West Windsor, Carrie Snow, through Sept. 3; Don Gavin, Sept. 6-10 609-987-1234 or 609-987-8018 City Gardens, 1701 Calhoun St., Trenton, The Shades, Sept. 2; Old Wave Dance Party, Sept. 3; The Hals & Roots, Sept 10; 609-392-8887

REBECCA'S FORECAST ARIES (3/21-4/20): Sun's position c o n t i n u e s to a c c e n t c a r e e r interests. Added clout is yours for the asking early this week. Just kdep others in mind wnen making those all important decisions! Later, spend time with loved ones and prepare for romantic social and recreational pursuits to take top hilling as Venus enters fiery Leo! TAURUS (4/21-5/21): Important others may continue to confuse, baffle and irritate you. Partners are going through some important changes, no doubt about it! Property or family doings keep yc1" busy. Don't make impulsive dtw sions you will later regret. Later, as your ruler Venus lights up your 4th house, harmony is restored at home. GEMINI (5/22-6/21): It's likely you will be devoting a lot of time and energy to residence or career is-

sues, or both. Don't settle for less than you need in either area. Travel plans are in ihe air for some. Those at a distance assume importance. Later, you must carefully weigh existing relationships and commitments. CANCER (6/22-7/2 5): This is an especially sensitive period for you. Dealings with younger people prove enjoyable as well as enlightening. Intuition is spotlighted. Pay attention to those daydreams. Much can be revealed to you now. Later this week, elders or those in authority are irritating. Careful of your words. 'Venus offers extra cash. LEO (7/24-8-2J): As sexy Venus enters your sign this week, you radiate an extra measure of charm. Money matters are promising, and a new job may be on the horizon for more than a few. Later in the week, benefits are linked with

females. Be wary of others snooping into your affairs, especially if you have something to hide!

natural psychic abilities are aroused during this cycle. Soon, events related to last March and April will become important once again. Be careful of mixing business and pleasure now. More than your reputation could be on the line. Later, unusual or unexpected developments may threaten your financial security.

VIRGO (8/24-9-23): Solar position continues to accent personal goals and ambitions. Some goodbyes could be part of the package. A major change in career or marital status is in the stars for many in coming months. Later this week, uncertain financial trends warn against going out on a limb. Neptune clouds your better judgment

SAGITTARIUS (U/2J-12-21): In fluential developments on the career front are indicated. New people or circumstances continue to touch your life now, and a new romance is in the picture for many in the year ahead. Later, beneficial news is linked with legal papers, i n - l a w s or new e n d e a v o r s . Long-awaited wishes are now in view.

LIBRA (9/24-10/23): Solar position accents the need to restore the delicate inner balance so vital to your well being. Recharge your battery and make peace with yourself. Venus in Leo accents your most personal hopes and wishes. If family matters continue to upset you, realize that this, ttx), shall pass. Perspective is everything now.

CAPRICORN (12/22-1/20): It's lime to lay down your sword: The battles of the last two years are drawing to a close. Make peace with yourself and others. Bury the

SCORPIO (10/24-11/22): Your

hatchet once and for all. As Venus spotlights your solar Kth house, others' resources are beneficial to you. Rest assured a brighter career picture is in the making. AQUARIUS (1/21-2/19): It's likely that you will Ix; exploring new areas during this cycle. Short trips arc indicated and may offer unusual experiences. Mercury in Libra is a plus for communications and academic pursuits. Don't allow Neptune to trip up your direction. Later, key alliances are infused with new warmth and understanding. PISCES (2/20-3/20): Lunar position spotlights (ravel, residence and legal interests, all of which may be somehow linked during this cycle. You continue to draw attention and could provoke another's irritation. No need to overdo things, is there? Later, Venus in your 6th house offers you help to improve health and appearance.

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