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Scripture readings

Finally, the Graveside Service

Christ who was raised from the dead by our Lord. After this prayer the faithful sing “May your memory be

All of these passages reflect the Church’s belief in the reality of Christ’s death and Resurrection and of the benefits that we derive from them, namely, the resurrection of our body on the last day, and the


The Kiss of Peace and Anointing

promise of incorruption and immortality.

In the Orthodox religion, burial is the most common form of committal service. It consists of a brief prayer ceremony (including the chanting of the Trisagion) at the graveside which is followed by the mourners placing soil

Following the dismissal prayer comes the moment of our

on top of the coffin or casket before it is lowered into

final farewell greeting to the deceased. As the people

the ground. Traditionally, the mourners then share a

come forward to look upon the deceased, the choir or

meal between themselves to celebrate the life of the

Following the readings, the small litany that was said

chanters sing hymns that invite them to offer a kiss to


earlier is repeated, and the priest offers a prayer for the

the one who has reposed in the faith while they pray for

repose of the deceased. The priest asks the “God of

the Lord to give the person rest. The kiss given to the

spirits and of all humankind” to grant rest to the soul of

deceased is an expression of love for the departed, but

the deceased, “now asleep in a place of light, a place of

it is also an affirmation that the one who has fallen

renewed life, a joyous place….”. The Dismissal prayer of

asleep is worthy of the fulfilment of God’s promises

the Funeral Service once again introduces the hope of

having lived a life of faith and known the grace of God.

Prayers and Dismissal

the resurrection as the priest calls upon the intercessions of the all-holy Theotokos, the holy Apostles, the holy

After the people and the family have come and offered

Fathers, the three Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

their final greeting, the priest anoints the body in the

and of the holy and righteous Lazarus, the friend of

sign of the Cross with oil and earth.

As with every aspect of a Seasons Funeral, the Final Committal can be tailored to your requirements.

For a life worth celebrating Talk to your arranger about further ways to personalise the funeral service of your departed loved one. For you, we want to make it a wonderful life-long memory.

Seasons Macedonian Orthodox Funeral Directors are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year Steve Erceg Terese Livingstone Denise Sanders

Macedonian Orthodox Funeral Directors 24hr Freecall: 1800 732 766

A Seasons

Macedonian Orthodox Funeral.


A Seasons Macedonian Funeral Service offers thoughtful choices to create a fitting tribute.

O u r Ma c e d o n i a n f u n e r a l a r r a n g e r s a n d d i re c t o r s

Se a s o n s a re p ro u d t o h a v e a l o n g a s s o c i a t i o n

t a k e p r i d e i n o rg a n i s i n g f u n e r a l s f o r Ma c e d o n i a n

w i t h Fr Ve s k o a n d Fr St a n k o a n d t h e Ma c e d o n i a n

f a m i l i e s w i t h c a re f u l a t t e n t i o n a n d re s p e c t t o a l l

c o m m u n i t y i n We s t e r n Au s t r a l i a . Yo u r p e r s o n a l

c u s t o m s , r i t u a l s , f a i t h - b a s e d p ro t o c o l s a n d a n y

Se a s o n s f u n e r a l a r r a n g e r w i l l w o r k c l o s e l y w i t h

~ A Funeral Mass at your church of choice ~

s p e c i a l l y t a i l o re d re q u i re m e n t s .

you and your priest to plan the funeral service.

~ Traditional and non-traditional music ~

B e c a u s e e a c h p r i e s t h a s s l i g h t l y d i ff e re n t W h a t m a t t e r s m o s t t o u s i s g u i d i n g y o u t ow a rd

re q u i re m e n t s , y o u w i l l a p p re c i a t e h a v i n g a n

the most memorable and fitting tribute possible

experienced funeral arranger who understands the

t o t h e p e r s o n w e a re t o f a re w e l l . T h i s m e a n s w e

importance of the individual Orthodox Christian

s u r p a s s t h e b a s i c s o f a Ma c e d o n i a n s e r v i c e a n d

funeral rites.

truly tailor your service to the faith and cultural b a c k g ro u n d o f t h e d e c e a s e d , t h e i r f a m i l y a n d t h e i r f r i e n d s . We s e e k t o t o u c h e v e r y o n e w h o a t t e n d s , a n d re f l e c t t o a l l , t h e u n i q u e s p i r i t o f the departed. Se a s o n s a l s o k n ow t h e s m a l l e s t d e t a i l s a re h u g e l y i m p o r t a n t . W h e n i t c o m e s t o y o u r f l ow e r s , p h o t o s

What makes a Seasons Macedonian Funeral Service an

a n d re l i g i o u s i c o n s , a s w e l l a s a d v i s i n g y o u o n

incomparable tribute is the care we take to offer choices

o l i v e o i l , w i n e , w h e a t a n d b re a d , y o u r a r r a n g e r

appropriate to cultural traditions.

w i l l e n s u re e v e r y d e t a i l i s e x a c t l y a s w i s h e d .

The traditional prayer service for the deceased is called Trisagion (last viewing). Trisagion is usually conducted by the priest at the place where the deceased lies on the

~ A funeral procession past the family home

evening before the funeral. Traditionally, Trisagion is also

or a place special to the loved one ~

on the day of the funeral, at the graveside following the

~ A conductor familiar with Macedonian traditions ~

funeral service, and at memorial services.

~ Meticulous attention to the smallest of details like flowers, photos and religious icons ~ ~ 24 hour, 7 days a week contact

The Highlights of a Seasons Macedonian Funeral Service

First, the Vigil service

Then, the Funeral Mass

with your arranger or conductor ~ The priest censes the deceased and the faithful, as well

The Macedonian Funeral Service

as the Holy Altar Table and icons through hymn. Each hymn has its own particular melody and they are sung in

Although traditionally a Macedonian funeral service

the order of the eight modes or tones. These hymns and

passes through three distinct traditional tributes, Seasons

their changing melodic modes express the mixed

are extremely conscious that many families seek to

emotions of grief and consolation that come from the

remember a unique loved one with a unique service.

loss of a loved one and in our affirmation of our hope in

To fulfil your needs our arranger will work closely with

God’s promise of rest for the departed and eternal life.

you to individualise each component of the service as much as possible.


macedonian funeral - Seasons Funerals

Scripture readings Finally, the Graveside Service Christ who was raised from the dead by our Lord. After this prayer the faithful sing “May your mem...

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