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Mega development on the way

TODAY In the mailbox: Letter writers give their opinions on Monday's school board election and other issues in an expended Letters section. /A14,16-17




Canton will strictly control what a 124-acre mega development south of Ford Road between Lotz and 1-275 will look like, but will have to do so quickly or risk losing the multi-million project altogether.

All hands on deck: Gazebos are one way to hit the deck in warm weather./OS

ENTERTAINMENT Music: Now in its fourth year, the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival has grown into one of the top international events./El

On Monday, planning commission- held between the Ford/Lotz s t u d y ; ers originally wanted to delay the group (comprised of planning com*; project u n t i l a special C o r p o r a t e m i s s i o n e r s a n d t o w n s h i p boar Park zoning ordinance was in place m e m b e r s ) a n d t h e d e v e l o p e r s t o ! to control t h e architectural design, come up with suitable physical fea-; signage, type of lighting and other tures of the project. The contingency was placed on the • aesthetic features. The proposed mid-rise developHowever, the township's planning planning commissions' recommendment includes a campus setting with staff is so backlogged with various ed zoning a p p r o v a l for M i d - R i s e two or t h r e e hotels, multi-theater requests to build in growing Canton Development District. The property movie complex, restaurants and '250 t h a t it wouldn't be able to write the had been zoned commercial and restownhomes. A medical facility has ordinance for months, said Commu- idential. The meeting will take place b e e n s c r a t c h e d f r o m t h e p l a n s , nity Planner Jeff Goulet. within the next 30 days when the a c c o r d i n g to C h u c k DiMaggio of An e m e r g e n c y m e e t i n g will be P l e a s e s e e DEVELOPMENT, A2 Burton Katzman developers.

P l a n s f o r a 124-acre c o m p l e x o f h o t e l s , movie theaters, restaurants and townh o m e s are taking shape. B u t any major delay could scuttle t h e project set for the s o u t h s i d e o f F o r d R o a d n e a r 1-275.

Township brings in i n lobby firm •a^HHJKSSg Out of control

BUI >ean<*




Canton Township has hired a lobbyist group to keep abreast of issues in the state Capitol. T h e board of t r u s t e e s approved the hiring of Governmental Consultant Services, Inc. (GCSD on May 27 at a cost of $3,000 per month. T h i s is something we've discussed for seven or eight years. They'll be able to keep on top of some issues coming up like Act 51 (road money), state shared revenue, personal property tax, and grant money, such as t h e C o l e m a n T r u s t F u n d for t h e p a r k at N a p i e r and Ford," said Township Supervisor Tom Yack. Trustee Melissa McLaughlin said she was reluctant to agree to hiring a lobbyist b u t said critical legislat i o n is m a k i n g i t s way t h r o u g h longing this year that would have a direct impact on Canton. Road fund-

Theater: Playscape, created by Heartlande Theatre Company to promote new, original works from, primarily, Midwestern playwrights, opens June 12./El

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Drunken driving simulator. Students at Canton and Salem High Schools learned fi™1' £ 5 5 ^ 2 of alcohol on judgment PCEP campus. After one lap »*>»<" SSSSS?S « * today'.

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Students credit their success to Focus:HOPE B Y M L B . DILLON

Ever since Canton High School teacher M a t t W a t r o b a learned of FocusrHOPE's High School Journalism Olympics, he's made sure t h a t Plymouth-Canton Community Schools has participated in the April competition. . H e ' s w a n t e d s t u d e n t s to experience - in h i s words - "what can happen when people with vision ^ W a T r ^ S ^ ^ S l i a v e pStdoff, a s a few Plymouth-Canton s t u d e n t s have won scholarships^ Erica D'Angelo, a junior at Canton High School and news editor for the high schools' CEP Perspective newspaper, was chosen from the field of 200 as one of this year's 15 semi-finalists. Situated near the site of the 1967 Detroit riots, FocusiHOPE is a civil rights organization devoted to feeding the hungry, educating top-flight engineers; and s u p p l y i n g parts for t h e a u t o m o t i v e industry. It was co-founded in 1968 by Eleanor J o s a i t i s and F a t h e r William C u n n i n g h a m , who May 26 Perspective staffers Matt Sameck, S a r a Cam pagna, Bill Chapin, and Erica DAngelo competed in the Olympics this year, touring the Focus:HOPE facilities, conducting interviews and then writing a story on deadline. Canton senior Megan Weller, the Perspective s arts and entertainment editor, competed last year. Watroba and the students gathered a few days a f t e r Fr. C u n n i n g h a m ' s d e a t h to s h a r e t h e i r impulsions of the dynamic priest and his prosper '^TyAngelo interviewed Lawrence Las, a 3 0 - s c m ^ t h i n g engineering student at Focus: H O P B s Mifhit 1 '* 1 Training Institute. It s been a battle for ma," Lawrsnce Lee told DAngelo i w l -He said ha went to college to major in physical therapy, but didn't like it," she said. "H* of not having a job. He lives in the neighborhood, and that's how he found out about Foeua:HOPE. Ha was so proud of his progress. Ha thought programs like FocusrHOPE's (affiliated with univerai


Plymouth-Canton voters will elect one of three c a n d i d a t e s to a fouryear seat on the Plymouth-Canton Board of Education Monday, June 9. Vying for the seat being vacated by

editorial, P l e a s e s e e rel David A r t l e y a r e Carol Bollman, S u z a n n e D e r s h e m and Roland Thomas. In recent interviews with the Observer, candidates shared their views on conditions at Plymouth-

people's conversation. It may not bot her t h e m , but at a point, t h e y ' may have said one word t h a t will cancel an opportunity to land a job, because an employer may have a different perception."

Canton Educational Park, teacher salaries, and the labor consultant h i r e d to h e l p mend fences in t h e district. . . . . * Commenting on discipline at tne high schools, Bollman said she a c c e p t s t h e fact t h a t v u l g a r l a n g u a g e h a s become "part of y o u n g






P l e a s e see CAMP AMU, A4



The arts face extinction if funding doesn't improve said Kosinski. T h e Livonia i n s t r u c t o r said he f e a r s the t r e n d t o lessen creative More t h a n a century ago, people offerings in school curriculums and were not considered educated if they make way for the "technology bandlacked exposure and knowledge of wagon" will result in the loss of a classical and fine arts. national art movement. Progressively, cultural programs "Where will our next poet laurebecame an integral component of the ate, van Gogh or Leonard Bernstein curriculum, including dance, visual come from if we continue to make ,. • kual i.r riu's] an

National standards provide gauge of arts proficiency

tsr-. f i n i

The Observed


The Observer!THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1997

C&nton student cited Focus:HOPE Timothy Comer of Canton, a s t u d e n t at Agape C h r i s t i a n Academy in Plymouth is one of the Metro Detroit students featured by WXYZ-TV/Channel 7 in its 17th annual "Brightest and Best" public service campaign, a tribute to Michigan high school seniors who have demonstrated

excellence in academic and community pursuits. The station has produced a series of public service announcements f e a t u r i n g the s t u d e n t s , which will a i r on Channel 7 throughout the summer months.

Canton (Dbsmw


ties and industry) would be the future. "I was so much in awe of everything they manage to do there," said D'Angelo. D'Angelo and her p a r e n t s a t t e n d e d the Focus:HOPE awards ceremony last month. "No one goes noticed," she said. "Even my parents were asked to stand up and say who they were. That's why people go back; people get respect and recognition.

(USPS 663-6701 Pucfctnrt MT> SurxMy «mj ThurMay by OManK 1 Eccnr papal*. 36251 Schoolcraft. Lnona Ml W1S0 PwKXkcai ooatag* pM M Livoru*B151 Adcuau all iw (suMcriptwr changa ol addraas Form "They have an excellent facililo'O Bc« 3004 Lwoma Ml *81S1 TMcfwt Ml -0900 ty, and all they ever ask is that HOME DELIVERY SERVICE P«> copy, '5< you carry the message with you." pw monev S3 60 Carror par •» $43 20 Carrier yearl> SM 00 The messagfe is the organization's mission statement: "RecAl advertising c*Jl*»"ea m me Cmntcr Omn* >» »ut>rect lo conOrtxm »u ••o m T* ««.«:«»• •» card copies ol which are araHatM tram ihe ao*eruwig department Carton Obaemer 36251 ScftootoaB. U»or»a M l the dignity and beauty 48150 |31J> 581 2300 The Cantor Oo»er,»t rnwM tua .>gni nw w jccec an Mwiwi order C*>eerv«rognizing 4 Ecoanmc* ad-iawr> haw no au»io«ty lo Omd rf»» w t w ana only puoucanon o< an Mvemeemerw |M( of every person, we pledge inteloonawiute Vial acceptance of ihe advertisert order ligent and practical action to overcome racism, poverty and injustice. And to build a metropolitan community where READER SERVICE LINES all people may live in freedom, harmony, t r u s t and affection. Black and white, yellow, brown Observer Newsroom E-Mail and red from Detroit and its suburbs of every economic status, * Reader* t a n s u b m i t s i o r y s u g g e s t i o n s , r e a c t i o n s to stories, l e t t e r s t o national origin and religious pert h e e d i t o r o r m a k e g e n e r a l c o m m e n t s to a n y m e m b e r of o u r n e w s suasion we join in t h i s staff t h r o u g h E-Mail via t h e I n t e r n e t at t h e . f o l l o w i n g a d d r e s s : covenant." newsroom (&oeonline. com.


Said Chapin: "A lot of good t h i n g s are going on at Focus:HOPE. It makes w h a t everyone says is impossible possible. They're taking people with no hope and giving them skills so they can take care of themselves."


O p e n h o u s e s a n d n e w d e v e l o p m e n t s in y o u r area •« Free real e s t a t e s e m i n a r i n f o r m a t i o n * C u r r e n t m o r t g a g e rates.


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Weller said she noticed at FocusiHOPE "how people had


township board is to consider final approval. The project has been two years in the making and has involved coordination among 17 property owners. Burton Katzman and Phoenix Land Development are working in conjunction on the mega project. "These property owners have been through this before with other developers and they're a bit skeptical if we can deliver," DiMaggio told planning commissioners.

PtymoutH, Ml 4 8 1 7 0

Fax Line: 313-953-2288 J You can use a M a s t e r C a r d o r Visa to access t h e f o l l o w i n g i n f o r m a t i o n from o u r classified a d s This service is available by n o o n W e d n e s d a y a n d Saturday; Item No. 9822: Vehicles: used trucks, v a n s a n d all m a k e s of a u t o m o b i l e s . Cost: $ 1 9 . 9 5


Judy Stone, a local educator, was recently honored as t h e Delta Kappa Gamma "Woman of Distinction" for 1997 at a dinner

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Campagna wrote about the food program "and how they make everyone feel comfortable. It's not an atmosphere of charity. People who have a lesser chance are doing something for themselves. "

y 'W

W / f

Goulet also warned commissioners of the possibility of the project falling apart if there are delays. The Mid-Rise Development District zoning accomplishes 90 percent of what the study group originally requested, he said. Commissioner Tom Sullivan said he was leery to move ahead with plans on a promise from developers. "It's nice to have a romance, but there's no ring," he said. A study group of planning

at the Fox Hills Country Club. The Plymouth-Canton chapter of the international Delta Kappa Society presents this honor once every two years on a woman who has shown outstanding leadership in the field of education. Stone, currently the principal


General lurimcf SKY199*

Olympic team: Canton High School students (from left) Matt Sameck, Erica D'Angelo, Megan Weller, Sara Campagna and Bill Chapin were participants in the Journalism Olympics sponsored by Focus: HOPE.

commissioners and township board members suggested the special Corporate Park zoning several months ago when they recommended other changes to the township's future land use map in three other areas near Ford Road and Lotz. The planning commission also heard objections from residents on Monday concerning the future land use map changes, although each received recommended approval. Two r e s i d e n t i a l a r e a s , one

south of the Phoenix/Burton Katzman project and the other west of Lotz and north of Cherry Hill, are proposed as light industrial (research park) on the future land use map. The third area currently zoned light industrial (research park) and located east of Lotz to the Westland border and north of Cherry Hill, received recommended approval to change in to high density residential for condominiums or apartments.

of West Middle School, began her teaching career as a classroom teacher at Belleville Junior High School. She came to the Plymouth schools and in the next 20 years gave leadership to staff initiating the TAG program at middle school level, establishing

a middle school careers program and other innovations. She worked hard to institute the inclusion of special education students through team teaching at West and received two competitive grants in support of this program.

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It takes a sober mind to fully understand the dangers of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. That lesson was driven home last week to Plymouth Canton and Plymouth Salem" High School students who turned the key of a specially-equipped Dodge Neon during an exercise in the P-CEP parking lot. Steering and braking reactions were slowed, pylons were knocked over and "pedestrian" silhouettes were maimed by the student drivers. But it was the car that was impaired - not the students. Before each test drive, an instructor (who accompanied drivers in the front, passenger seat) programmed the car's onboard computer with the driver's weight and a hypothetical number of drinks. The computer than sets a timing delay in the car's steering and brakes.

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Grand openings t's springtime in Canton and new businesses are popping up everywhere. Here's the Connection scoop on two grand opening celebrations taking place this week: • A ribbon-cutting ceremony at Carousel Crafts & Antiques is scheduled for 5 p.m. Friday at the store, 41677 Ford Road. The craft mall, which features dozens of area vendors, is onequarter mile west of 1-275, behind the Roman Forum restaurant. Special activities have been planned all week, including a daily drawing for a Beanie Baby. Grand Opening Week concludes Sunday, with a grand prize drawing. B AutoNation is bringing in a pair of television celebrities for an appearance at its new. Canton showroom on Saturday. Mark Paul Gosselaar of "Saved by the Bell" and Alfonso Ribeiro of "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" will be at the store, 39600 Ford, east of 1-275 from 1 to 4 p.m. The two are members of the AutoNation USA Celebrity Racing Team in the 1997 Skip Barber Pro Dodge Series. Other grand opening activities include a drawing for a gas-powered mini NASCAR racer, free gift bags with any test drive and free hot dogs an

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The results, on a closed course in daylight, are good approximation of drunken driving but don't take into account other factors, including nighttime driving or* rain-slicked roads that would slow reaction time even more, organizers say. Kids see first-hand how alcohol and other substances interfere with their thinking and dexterity behind the wheel. The nine-year-old simulator has been used in different vehicles for school and community demonstrations across the country. The annual tour is sponsored by the Chrysler Corp. and presented by Mothers Against Driving Drunk with the support of the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National'Association of Broadcasters.

Canton Township officials have agreed to a cash settlement in their dispute with the federal Environmental Protection Agency over contamination of t h e Nankin Township Denski Dump Justice approval of $1.6 million," in Westland. The landfill is south of Ford said Ellen L i n d q u i a t , chief ; Road, just east of the township deputy director of Wayne County • limit near the William P. Holli- Department of Environment. "The EPA is committed to the I day Nature Preserve. Supervisor Tom Yack called settlement. I'm hoping this sumthe $25,000 settlement a small mer well have this agreement in ; price to pay for what could result place," she said. Wayne County is working with in mounting litigation costs that would only prove Canton's inno- the s t a t e to close off the site cence. The cleanup at t h e because of physical safety conNankin landfill is estimated at cerns, said Lindquiat. It will be _ capped to protect the banks of* costing $3 million. During 1952-62 when t h e the Rouge River with geotextili; Nankin landfill was open, Can- fabric so groundwater doesn'tton didn't have curbside collec- seep through. The geotextile fabtion, Yack said. Its first subdivi- ric is held down by rip wrap or sion, Holiday Park, wasn't built stone pieces so that floods don't 9IATT PHOTOS IT B H . H M B scour away the banks. until the 1960s. "Canton is a minor contributor Residents were directed to use the township's landfill at Lilley to the contamination. Everyone and Yost from 1952 until 1973, in every municipality has an which was open several days per argument one way or another week for residents to drop off t h a t they s h o u l d n ' t be held their garbage, said Community liable, but in order to litigate that, they're going to run into Planner Jeff Goulet. high legal costs. It makes "A lot of municipalities sent some to put money towards the municipal waste t h e r e and sense rather than litigation," industrial firms ... Private indi- cleanup viduals may have taken waste she said. Lindquist a d d e d , "Canton, there, it's hard to say. Some barrels they said were received from while it has preserved an arguCanton, but not Canton Town- ment of not being liable, is willing to participate. That decision ship itself," Goulet said. about civic responsibility and C o mmu n i t i es n a m e d as is being community-minded." responsible parties in addition to Crestwood Development owns Canton were: the city of Plymouth, Garden City, Wayne, 6.5 acres of t h e l a n d f i l l and Westland, Livonia, I n k s t e r , Wayne County owns the remainAllen Park, and companies Ford ing strip next to the nature preserve. Crestwood claims it Motor Company and 3M. bought the land not knowing it Plymouth and Allen Park are was a landfill with plans to build the only entities that have not a third phase to its Wilderness yet agreed to the s e t t l e m e n t , Park Apartments. which was organized by Wayne Crestwood is negotiating with County. The participation agreement 3M in regards to how much it adds up to $460,000 with each will c o n t r i b u t e toward t h e entity being assessed differing cleanup, said Lindquist. "We'll turn an old landfill into amounts based on the volume of Rough ride: Chris Longdrbeam exits the a park and then allow Crestwood waste. 3M previously contributsimulator declaring "I think I ran someed $800,000 towards site investi- to build around it. In the end the green space will be for all resione over. gation. "The EPA indicated they need dents of the county and bring back mome of it on thm tax noil* 5 0 percent of w h a t t h e y e x p e n d ed based on t h e D e p a r t m e n t of for Westland. the county and state," she said.







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Students learn effects of alcohol behind the wheel


( 3 1 3 ) 6 7 7 - 0 8 0 9 2004 HOGBACK RD. • ANN ARBOR L Brighton • Canton


Sober lesson


• During 1952-62 whan the Nankin landfill was opsn, Canton dkln't have curtekla garbage pickup.



Watroba, who's also a popular Detroit-area folk singer, has volunteered his t a l e n t s at Focus:HOPE fund raisers along with musicians Ron Coden, Phil Marcus Esser, Josh White Jr. and O r t h e a Barnes. "I do it because the spirit there is so amazing," said Watroba. "Fr. Cunningham was the kind of guy who would shake your hand and loqk right into your soul. People were in fear of being around him, because sooner or later, he would enlist you to do things. He had a way of getting people to take action."

Township settles landfill dispute


Sameck was impressed with Focus:HOPE's location; expansiveness; and its Center for Advanced Technology. "It's a college well-respected by the Big Four." he said.

COUNSELING PSYCHOTHERAPY Marital. Family & Sex Therapy ADULTS * ADOLESCENTS • CHILDREN Depression • Anxiety • Substance Abuse Brief and Long Term Therapy Marital, Family & Sex Therapy ADULTS • ADOLESCENTS • CHILDREN Depression • Anxiety • Substance Abuse

If you n e e d help, call t h e O n - L i n e Hotline at t h e n u m b e r a b o v e .


hope in t h e i r eyes, and how happy they were that there is something like this helping them get through." Weller interviewed Fr. Cunningham, expecting him to be a corporate CEO type. "Focus:HOPE is huge. But he was down to earth, relaxed and funny," she said. "You could tell he was someone who would want to help and give hope to everyone. He was really a cool, nice guy"

West principal named top woman educator by group

m Vou c a n access On-JLine w i t h j u s t about any c o m m u n i c a t i o n s software - PC o r M a c i n t o s h O n - L i n e u s e r s can: • • • •

I m p a i r e d ' driver:

CEP student Chris Longerbeam buckles up. Gerry Barnhart handles the computer that pro- . grams in a delay that simulates reduced reaction times due to a high blood alcohol level.

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Did you know; B The three most frequently requested author* over the last 10 d a y s w e r e V.C. Andrews, John Gnaham and RL. Stine? a The library newsletter is mailed to all Canton residents four times a year? B The Youth D e p a r t m e n t offers a wide array of puppets, cassette tapes and board books? Stop in and "check-out" some today. N o n - A c t i o n food finds

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Skin cancer screening r. Graig Cartell will offer free skin cancer screenings 10 a.m.-noon Saturday at St. Joseph Mercy Health System's second annual Health and Safety Festival outside the main hospital in Ann Arbor. Call 7 1 2 - 5 9 4 6 for information and to set up an appointment.


Cited for service choolcraft College honored four Canton resi-. dents at its annual Staff Recognition Luncheon last month. Honored for 30 years of service were Saundra Florek, dean of marketing and development: and Robert Briggs professor of history. J Honored for 10 years of service were Patricia Neil, office of instruction administrative technician; and Darryl Nowacki, technical support programmer.


B "License to Grill" by Chris Herbert operetta "Little Nemo." The source of this information Schlesinger B "Marinades: The Secret of is "All the Years of American G r e a t Grilling" by Melanie Popular Music" by D. Ewen Barnard Web Watch — B "In N o n n ' a Kitchen" by Explore these Web sites: Carol Field B B " The Buffet Book" by Carole B Peck B B http-y/ Listen u p B http-y/www, The following new music CD's a r e now available from t h e Hot Topic of the Week library: B To the class of 1997: We the B "In Gabriel's Garden" s t a f f of the Canton P u b l i c - Wynton Marsalis Library have enjoyed working B "Shine" - Mary Black with you in your pursuit of acaB "Opera for Dummies" B "Appalachia Waltz" - Yo Yo demic excellence, Your graduation is one of life's special Ma A Mark O'Connor rewards. May we be among thoee B "Dance of the Celts" who offer sincere best wishes and congratulations. Qa A @ the Canton Public Library is Q: What does "Whiffenpoof" mean? (from the song by Rudy compiled by Laura Dorogi of the library staff. The library i« at Vallee) A: It waa the name of a society 1200 S. Canton Center Road. For at Yale University, a branch of more information about library the Glee Club. The name was programs and services call 397taken from the name of an imag- 0999 inary c h a r a c t e r in the Victor

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MFTPO DETPOfT: 7786142 Now Location! Sl CTA* S h o r n , W-2142Q Mock Awe (North of 8 M*e Dearborn Heights. The Heights • (313) 274-8200 (Fotd Rd between inkster a n d Beech D a ^ ) u v o m a Menvfive Ptaza • (313) 522-1850 (Oh corner of Five M t e a n d M e m m o n ) N c v t N c M T b w n C e n t e r - ( 2 4 8 ) 3498CK0 _ Rochestet Meada*to»ook VHoge M a i • (248) 3750623 sv^
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Candidates list backers

Gallimore Library r e n a m e d for principal


C r e d i t Union b o a r d m e m b e r ; Ted Bohlen, of the district's Citizens F i n a n c e C o m m i t t e e ; a n d Michael and C o n n i e L u c a s of Canton.

she said. Dershem planned to p r i n t up " b u t t o n s a n d a few signs " She also planned to send brochures to designated households. "We have a few lists to target," she said.

Unlike some previous school board candidates who spent as much as $6,000 on t h e i r cam"Many t e a c h e r s whom I've paigns, this year's crop of Ply- talked with have said they are Thomas, who is supported by mouth-Canton Board of Educa- . wishing me luck, and a lot have f o r m e r school b o a r d m e m b e r tion candidates say they plan to said 'IH be sure to vote for you,"' Dean S w a r t z w e l t e r , says the keep expenditures under $1,000. said Bollman. only official endorsement he's S p e n d i n g more t h a n $ 1 , 0 0 0 received is from the Michigan "My intention is to spend nothrequires candidates tofilefinanEducation Association's 2A Cooring," said Bollman. "Hopefully, cial statements with the county. dinating Council, the union reppeople who support me will tell r e s e n t i n g P l y m o u t h - C a n t o n Carol Bollman, Suzanne Der- others to vote for me." teachers, custodial/maintenance shem and Roland Thomas say Dershem is endorsed by school workers and paraprofessionals t h e y p l a n r e l a t i v e l y low-key ( e d u c a t i o h a l aides), The discampaigns, and are not formally board members Mark Horvath trict's food service workers voted seeking endorsements from com- and David Artley; Canton Town- this week to disassociate themship Supervisor Thomas Yack; munity groups or individuals. Judy Mardigian of the district's selves from the MEA. Nonetheless, each h a s been Class-size Action P a r t n e r s h i p ; and Betty Bloch of the schools' endorsed. Said Thomas: "If people want Business-Education Partnership. to contribute to my campaign, Bollman is backed by former that's fine. But I'm not going to Plymouth-Canton school board Dershem also has the support seek c o n t r i b u t i o n s . " T h o m a s member Barbara Graham; Joan of the citizens election committee said his campaign likely would Noricks , executive director of t h a t worked to p a s s t h e bond consist oi distributing signs and the Canton Community Founda- issue in March. • fliers, and o p e r a t i n g a phone tion; Tish Reese. Field Elemenbank. "People aren't as aware of "I think we can do most of our t a r y school psychologist a n d a school board elections," he said. f o r m e r C o m m u n i t y F e d e r a l campaigning by word of mouth," STAfT PHOTOS BY BRYAN MITCHELL

Dedication: Staff and students at Gallimore Elementary School in Canton got together recently to dedicate the school's media center to interim principal George Dodson. Pictured above during the dedication ceremony are Dodson (left) and Patrick O'Donnell, Plymouth-Canton Community Schools assistant superintendent. At right, kids and parents crowd into the newly named media center for the dedication. Dodson is a longtime Gallimore principal who returned to the school this year.


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If PCEP is to become a m o r e disciplined place, rules must e x i s t beginn i n g "in the f i r s t grade," said Bollman. "Someone needs to m a k e a list of w h a t we CaI0| consider a c c e p t a b l e . At W e s t M i d d l e School, we used to have a sign that said Appropriate Language is Used Here.' We wouldn't let kids wear a hat in the hallway, but we wouldn't stop them from b e a t i n g each other up. Where are our priorities?'

'Here's what we need to fix it.' It's a very difficult c h a n g e to make. To change a culture will t a k e us a decade. "It's a complex problem Suzanne Deraham that takes study on the part of staff. Someone who works t h e r o needs to figure it out. I believe in team effort so there can be consensus. The board should have ultimate responsibility. It needs to step up and continue to be accountable and responsible."

Effective use

Teacher c o n t r a c t s

"Our excuse (for not enforcing r u l e s ) h a s been t h a t we c a n ' t a f f o r d to have s e c u r i t y , " s h e added. More effective use could be made of the security guards the district does have, she said. " K i d s who a r e a b u s i v e or destructive should be sent down to do detention, d e a n toilets or pick up litter." If high school students are breaking the law, "we should call police," said Bollman. Schools are dirty "because we cut the maintenance staff down to nothing." Dershem said she planned to meet with administrators "to see the facility and get a better idea of what is going on there. I have heard through sources there are problems," said the c a n d i d a t e , a d d i n g t h a t s h e ' s also h e a r d good things about PCEP. "My opinion is t h a t you're going to have kids doing different things at any high school. We need to make sure rules are followed." T h o m a s said he agrees w i t h t h o s e who c o n t e n d c e r t a i n b e h a v i o r s " h a v e no p l a c e in school. "Do we h a v e e n o u g h people to supervise? We need to e x a m i n e t h e p r o c e s s a n d say

Carol Bollman said, "I think we should start negotiating with the secretaries, janitors and bus drivers first a n d t h e t e a c h e r s l a s t . The s u p p o r t s t a f f is so valuable, and we practically disregard them. "I don't think anyone who is a teacher is underpaid in this district," she added. D e r s h e m s a i d , "I t h i n k we need to be reasonable and fair with salaries. We need to hold the line on percentages. I don't think we can afford to be excessive when there are textbooks, supplies, equipment , f u r n i t u r e a n d a lot of t h i n g s t h a t need attention. "Everything is based on perpupil spending we get from the state," Dershem said. "If we only get a 5-percent increase, we can't give our teachers twice that. We have to look at the total picture. It seems they have pretty much given teachers what they want, r a t h e r t h a n toe t h e l i n e and think about w h a t kids need. Everyone considers t h e i r job a tough one." T h o m a s s a i d to k e e p costs down, "We need to engage our

people. It's s t a f f who know where the waste is. (Superintendent) w j Chuck Little \2 d o e s n ' t know where t h i n g s can be eliminated. Teachers c o n t i n u e to Roland Thomaa rise through salary steps, he said, "and at some point, we won't have 11-12 percent " of the budget available for n o n - s a l a r y e x p e n d i t u r e s . "We will have to do something with contracts."

Labor consultant Bollman said s h e ' s not s u r e "we've evaluated all the options. But to heal problems that exist now, we need a c o n s u l t a n t to bail ourselves out. We need to look at the job description of the p e r s o n we h i r e d a s a s s i s t a n t s u p e r i n t e n d e n t for e m p l o y e e relations. If that person can no longer fulfill those obligations, we need to reconsider that individual's employment." Said Dershem: "I recommended t h a t the d i s t r i c t not spend money on that. I think professional people ought to be able to work out differences in a professional manner. I think teachers need to back off a little bit and take a look at where we are. 0 Thomas said employee relations "got so bad we didn't have any choice" but to hire a labor consultant. "Should taxpayers be paying for it? I don't know that we have anyone in this district who h a s been t r a i n e d in conflict r e s o l u t i o n , " h e s a i d . "Getting an outside perspective may in the long r u n pay huge dividends. We know it works at Ford. Satisfied employees will bring satisfied customers."

Extinction s h a r e s for the a r t s won't have the opportunity to flourish within the next generation. He is not alone. "Funding for the arts throughout t h e United States is minim a l , " s a i d Redford Union a r t teacher Tom Grove. "Generally in o u r c u l t u r e t h e a r t s a r e n ' t h e l d in h i g h e s t e e m a n d we a r e n ' t s u r e where they fit into things - but the popularity of art festivals and craft shows proves otherwise." J o h n Glenn d r a m a t e a c h e r Sherri Smith said the arts being viewed as "less important than other academic areas" is regarded as a "personal insult" to her as an educator. "It's a tragedy for both students and the community as a whole," said Smith. S m i t h receives a b u d g e t of $500 for the entire school year to produce a fall and spring production in conjunction with other

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t h e a t e r - r e l a t e d activities. Not surprisingly, fund-raising becomes one of the few workable solutions.

Infinite benefits Music, drama, and visual a r t t e a c h e r s offer example a f t e r example of the arts link between learning and elevated levels of curriculum performance and achievement. Garden City High School a r t i n s t r u c t o r Kay P a u p o r e s a i d "getting back to the basics" with less of a concentration on t h e arts is "short-sighted." "The arts provide an outlet for problem-solving and r e q u i r e high orders of thinking," said Paupore. "They help s t u d e n t s solve comprehensive problems through abstract thinking with a link to their emotions. You don't g e t t h a t in m o s t c u r r i c u l u m areas." Educators and other e x p e r t s

Standards They should be able to communicate proficiently in at least one a r t form, including the ability to d e f i n e and solve artistic probl e m s with insight, reason a n d technical proficiency. They should be able to develop a n d p r e s e n t basic a n a l y s e s of works of art from structural, hist o r i c a l , ' a n d c u l t u r a l perspectives, and from combinations of those perspectives. This includes t h e ability to u n d e r s t a n d a n d evaluate work in the various arts disciplines. They should have an informed a c q u a i n t a n c e with e x e m p l a r y w o r k s of art from a variety of cultures and historical periods, and a basic understanding of historical development in the a r t s disciplines, across the arts as a whole, and within cultures. They should be able to relate various types of arts knowledge and "skills within and across the a r t s disciplines. This includes mixing and matching competencies and understandings in artmaking, history and culture, and analysis in any arts-related project. As a result of developing these capabilities, students can arrive at t h e i r own knowledge, beliefs and values for making personal a n d artistic decisions, in other t e r m s , t h e y can a r r i v e a t a broad-based, well-grounded u n d e r s t a n d i n g of t h e n a t u r e , value and meaning of the arts as a part of their own humanity.

This program is being offered to new High School Graduates. It features a special low interest rate of 6 % A P R for qualifying loans. Some basic requirements are: • at least 18 years old • 1 9 9 7 high school graduate • m a x i m u m loan a m o u n t $ 1 0 , 0 0 0 • up t o 3 6 months t o repay • 1 0 % down payment or q u a l i f i e d co-maker ( p a r e n t or guardian)

Knowing and practicing t h e arts discipline is fundamental to the healthy development of children's minds and spirits. • The arts are worth studying simply because of what they are. T h e i r impact can't be d e n i e d . Throughout history, all the arts have served to connect our imaginations with the deepest questions of human existence: Who am I? What must 1 do? Where am I going? • T h e arts are used to achieve a multitude of human purposes: to present issues, ideas, to teach or persuade^ to entertain, to decorate or to please. Becoming lit-

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^Credit Union •

By studying the arts, students stimulate their natural creativity and learn to develop it to meet the needs of a complex and competitive society.

Trefc A e f (otto


with any donation to the Great Dane Rescue Fund

Telcom R o a d

A r t s e d u c a t i o n b e n e f i t s the student because it cultivates the whole child, gradually building m a n y k i n d s of l i t e r a c y while developing intuition, reasoning, imagination and d e x t e r i t y into unique forms of expression and communication.

They learn to respect the often very different ways others have of t h i n k i n g , w o r k i n g a n d expressing themselves.

(AM* (cMlftwe.

The more you compare, the bettor wo look.

W f i ' t t i

Benefits of a r t s

T h i s p r o c e s s r e q u i r e s not m e r e l y an active m i n d , b u t a trained one. An education in the arts benefits society because, students of the arts gain powerful tools for understanding h u m a n experiences, both past and present.

AM* A |eo~tOM


4 4 3 0 0

serve as links between thought and action. Their continuing gift is to help us see and grasp life in many ways. • There is ample evidence that the arts help s t u d e n t s develop the attitudes, characteristics, and intellectual skills required to p a r t i c i p a t e e f f e c t i v e l y in today's society and economy.

erate in the arts helps students understand and do these things better. • The a r t s a r e i n t e g r a l t o every person's daily life. Our personal, social, economical and cultural e n v i r o n m e n t s are shaped by the arts at every t u r n - f r o m t h e d e s i g n on a child's breakfast placemat, to the s o n g s on t h e c o m m u t e r ' s c a r radio, to the family's night-time TV d r a m a , to t h e t e e n - a g e r ' s Saturday dance, to the enduring influences of the classics. • T h e a r t s offer u n i q u e s o u r c e s of e n j o y m e n t a n d refreshment for the imagination. They explore relationships between ideas and objects a n d

troffcsl fluMtf

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s t r a i n s each d i s t r i c t o p e r a t e s u n d e r , p e r c e i v i n g t h e lack of f u n d i n g a s c o m m o n p l a c e , but largely insufficient. " D i s t r i c t a d m i n i s t r a t o r s do show support but I think their h a n d s a r e tied in most s i t u a tions," said Smith, "and it's tradition to go after the arts first." S u r p r i s i n g l y , many c r e a t i v e courses don't benefit from individual school budgets whose only source of funding is spent on a t e a c h e r ' s s a l a r y or a n o m i n a l purse for supplies such as paper and pencils. "We've been quite successful in financing ourselves," said Gloria Logan. Logan, a 27-year educator with the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools, said the department's first performance in 1971, drew a crowd of approximately 75 people. This past month, the spring musical "South Pacific," e n t e r t a i n e d more t h a n 4 , 0 0 0

I m p o r t a n c e of a r t s

H I G H SCHOOL G R A D U A T E C A R LOAN P R O G R A M How about helping thorn j o t thoir first ear - and learn t h r i f t - with a special low interest rate loan from Teleom Credit Union?

maintain that the a r t s promote t h i n k i n g and c r e a t i v i t y , and teach the importance and overall value of teamwork - t r a i t s any employer would consider essential to working situations. The benefits are immeasurable but distinctly rewarding. "The arts are a necessary part of t h e c u r r i c u l u m t h a t should not be considered frivolous," said Judith Braun, Plymouth-Canton a r t instructor. T h e y help stimul a t e r i g h t - b r a i n f u n c t i o n s and enhance life in general. People don't realize how prominent art is in our lives." Although attempts have been m a d e to r e t a i n s t r u c t u r e d a r t programming, some grades have been reduced to after-school programs, weekly offerings or those available a la carte, with boxes of a r t m a t e r i a l s c a r r i e d from classroom to classroom for 45minute intervals. Teachers know t h e financial

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The O&oerwrr/THURSDAY, JUNE 5 , 1 9 9 7

JUNE 5, 1997"


10140 Fen*ia*on ttood

I M f s a f U r t i c M a r KrMMKil Mart i f rttur fimt (tort<

\ - m mwI Wov( taul. f o r m e n ( w f o f w t f o w c«M toll jru


a u d i e n c e m e m b e r s , m a n y of whom do not h a v e children in the Plymouth-Canton school district. "Often times, people will call from different cities wanting to know what's going on with our theater because they enjoy the quality e n t e r t a i n m e n t we put forth," said Logan. A minimal budget for contracted services s u c h as conductor and ushers is provided to Logan, but she s a i d s h e r e c e i v e s no money from the school district to fund high school productions. "South Pacific," she estimated, cost $20,000 to produce, including royalties, scenery materials, advertising, m a k e u p a n d costumes. Fund-raising and ticket sales h e l p s u p p o r t t h e e n t i r e project, said Logan.

External c h a l l e n g e s U n f o r t u n a t e l y , it is the student who s u f f e r s t h e greatest consequence when various forms of expression are challenged by obstacles such as lack of classroom s u p p l i e s , limited course offerings and schedule conflicts. Teachers find themselves burdened with the task of maintaining a c o n s t a n t flow of income generated from fund-raisers. The d i s t r a c t i o n from candy sales and money collections can overtake a 55- minute class period with m i n i m a l quality time remaining for drawing, singing and acting. "It's a hassle trying to collect money a n d t e a c h c l a s s , " said Gina Strand, Wayne Memorial High School forensic coach. "I feel more like a bank teller some days, but I know it's necessary in order for us to do activities in school."

Fund-raising through student • initiatives or booster organixations accounts for a majority of funds used to purchase sheets Of ; music, royalty authorization ft)r \ the production of a play, compo- . tition fees, transportation to anid ! from o u t s i d e events, u n i f o r m s \ and instruments. ; "We w o n ' t h a v e a m a r c h i n g j band t h a t competes next year if ! we can't raise another $5,000 for ! new drums," said Wayne Memo- ; rial High School band instructor ; Dana Allen. ; R e d f o r d Union High School I b a n d b o o s t e r p r e s i d e n t MitCB | Potter said the parent-orientod organization in conjunction with the Redford Union Task Force tries to support and improve academic and arts-related programming t h r o u g h fund-raising and grants. "I was really surprised at how much f u n d i n g comes from t h e boosters and the task force," said Potter. W e s t l a n d John Glenn band instructor Scott Cramer said his district supports the arts "as much as they possibly can" but 90 p e r c e n t of what it t a k e s to finance the band program comes from fund-raising and boosters. A lack of funding has undoubtedly left programming across the s t a t e minimized, but t e a c h e r s r e m a i n f r u s t r a t e d yet hopeful t h a t t h e winds of change may "dance" their way. "Financing does limit what we can offer our students," said Plymouth-Canton art teacher Braun, "but they know it's a fact of life t h a t supplies are expensive a n d they have to r e s p e c t what they are given."


The Observer


The Ofeserrer/THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1997


Abortion, entitlements among topics at Rivers forum BY RENEE M. SKOGLUND '.STAFF WRITER i A n u m b e r of topics vied for t o p ".billing a t t h e t o w n h a l l m e e t i n g •with Rep. L y n n R i v e r s , D - A n n A r b o r . M a y 27 a t P l y m o u t h C a n ".ton H i g h S c h o o l : t h e f a t e o f IMedicare a n d Social s e c u r i t y . Campaign finance, abortion and ;gun control • Individual medical savings • a c c o u n t s , to w h i c h t h e g o v e r n m e n t w o u l d c o n t r i b u t e . ai'iTbne l a s p e c t of M e d i c a r e r e f o r m c u r rently being discussed in •Congress, according to Rivers.


Rivers s a i d s h e d o e s not s u p port these accounts as a p r i m a r y solution as t h e y w e a k e n t h e pool of money a v a i l a b l e t o o t h e r s w h o c a n n o t afford t o e s t a b l i s h t h e m . "We n e e d t o cover e v e r y b o d y , " s h e said, e x p l a i n i n g t h a t h o s p i t a l s a l r e a d y p a s s on t h e e x p e n s e of t h e 40 million u n i n s u r e d w h o use t h e i r e m e r g e n c y r o o m s t o t h e insured. Several audience m e m b e r s brought up issues o f . f r a u d u l e n t M e d i c a r e c l a i m s . "I b e l i e v e w e should offer a b o u n t y for m e d i c a l fraud," replied Rivers. "One time a woman wrote me and said

R i v e r s w a s a d a m a n t in h e r s u p p o r t of m a i n t a i n i n g g o v e r n m e n t s u p p o r t of Social S e c u r i t y . An e l d e r l y m a n e x p r e s s e d h i s fear t h a t the g o v e r n m e n t eventually would totally privatize S o c i a l S e c u r i t y i n v e s t m e n t in one w ord: " B u l l — . "

"I agree with you," said Rivers. Rivers said a government commission was formed two years ago to map out a 50-year plan on Social Security reform. "I think some private investment is in the future," she said.


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"I will v o t e for a n y t h i n g t h a t w i l l m o v e u s iiv»the d i r e c t i o n of r e s t o r i n g t r u s t in t h e A m e r i c a n people."


Lynn Rivers When asked to summarize her stand on Social Security, Rivers said: "We cannot do anything t h a t will jeopardize this program 1 don't want to see people enter old age destitute and sick." Rivers said she would conduct a round t a b l e discussion on Social Security issues from 1011:30 a.m. Saturday. June 7, at Bill Knapp's Restaurant, 2370 Carpenter Road. Pittsfield Township. Regarding campaign finance. Rivers said it is a lesser issue in




„ .• ;* r a t e s Congress. However, it high on her agenda of reform. She said she spent $2.5 million d u r i n g her 1996 bid for Congress. "That is obscene," she said.

she was charged for an autopsy for herself "


"If we're all going to be funded equally, I have no problem not accepting PAC money," she said. When the issue of abortion, particularly partial-birth abortion, was brought up, Rivers would not be drawn into arguments. She said people on both sides of the issue usually want to persuade, not be persuaded

Hell then, that eliminates half the police." retorted an elderly

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Campaign finance was brought up again later in the meeting, with one man turning it into a .personal attack. "Union money got you in," he said. Rivers attempted to explain t h e difficulties of monitoring "soft money" contributions. She said Republican campaigns are usually funded by large checks, while Democrat campaigns are funded by PAC money.

-rI will not argue areue to pros and a cons," she said. She often referred to Roe vs. Wade, saying t h a t "Congress cannot overturn rulings of the Supreme Court." A woman who had experienced a "crisis pregnancy" said prochoice advocates "forced abortion down my throat." She said they presented her with few other choices. "How about we present the choices fairly to a woman whose mind changes every five seconds because of despair." she said. Eventually, the woman chose adoption. Rivers said she supported giving tax credit for adoption. At times, a discussion on gun control became an exercise on free speech. Replying to a specific comment on the Brady Bill, Rivers said: "It doesn't bother me that people who beat their wives or children can't own a gun," replied Rivers to a specific question.

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Factories have been around for the last 20 years but are recently exploding with popularity as the age of the baby boomer and his offspring comes to fruition. "Our appeal is pretty obvious," says vice-president. Michael Hallisy, of his desire to help this vast bubble of people in the population who are in need of glasses. "The "average age at whtcti the eyes start giving you trouble, even if you have never experienced trouble previously is around 40," according to Mike, who has been in the optical business for 25 years. "The muscle that controls our ability to see near or far starts growing at the time of conception and never by the time you turn 40 the muscle has often btcome too large to operate with the same preciseness that it once had." says Mike

instruction; Betty Gilbert, executive d i r e c t o r of human resources, and Sam Florek, dean of marketing and development. That group also includes the college's deans. The old salaries for that group fell between $56,046 $ 105,609, depending on job classification.


tfWT »•'

Once the board completed an evaluation of Schoolcraft President Richard McDowell in a closed session, they unanimously approved a pay hike that will bring his a n n u a l salary to $107,258.

Welcome to...

Also, full-time classified staff and regular part-time employees will receive a 2.5 percent salary hike effective July 1. The merit component of those employees' compensation will be increased for full-time classified in a range of $900 to $1,400 depending on evaluations and part-time clerical staff for $300 if warranted according to evaluation.

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j: »i„ from e ~ the 6. They ibuy directly manufacturer to offer the largest selection and most current styles. Over 1000 frames are stocked, the newest style being a unisex frame called "prsp" "which features "a smaller." rounded lens within a metal frame to be worn by either men or women. According to dispensing opticians at the Canton store, everyone in the store is cross-trained. ^We don't wear cross-training shoes," says Kelly McKaig of her duties at the store, "but we are trained to handle multiple fiinrtinnw and tfl fit the needs of different kinds of people With a full-time doctor on staff, it is preferred that you make an appointment by calling (313) 453-2288 for an examination but walk-ins are welcome. For one-stop shopping that is affordable and convenient. visit the Eyeglass Factory at 44736 Ford Rd. located in The Eyeglass Factory attrib- the Kmart Shopping Plaza, on utes its low cost to the fact that the northwest corner of they maintain a no-frills store Sheldon. and also maintain their own laboratories of which there are

To date, Mike reports, only 35* of the population wear some type of eyewear to aid in their vision, although some 50% really need some type of visual assistance. What keeps people from getting their vision corrected, Mike believes is the cost. "An average single pair of glasses ran just under $200 nationally last year not including the exam," said Mike. At the Eyeglass Factory, we offer 2 complete pair of glasses plus the exam from only $69 95. Mike says. "This 2-pair pricing works out great for the person with the active lifestyle. pair for work, the other for raquetball or whatever your interests. After all. a person doesn't own just one pair of shoes or a single purse, why should it be any different for the glasses we choose to wear on our face?"


Earlier the board approved the same percentage increase for 12 executive administrators, including McDowell's cabinet of Butch Raby, vice president for business services; Conway Jeffress, vice president of academic

Eye Appeal is Pretty Obvious ^ ™ The Eyeglass Factory in Canton is among the newest of the 53 Eyeglass Factories located throughout Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania. Kentucky and

and learning communities. •Schoolcraft has remained debt-free. No project or program is initiated until an in-depth analysis Citing his "highly effective administrative and has been completed. Long-range planning has led leadership abilities," trustees at Schoolcraft Col- to new courses, new facilities and new programs lege commended college president Richard that meet budget guidelines. McDowell for a job well done during his annual • A facilities master plan was developed to evaluation late last mont;h. maintain, improve and expand college buildings, Trustees evaluated McDowell May 28 at a some of which has been in existence for 35 years. , closed session, then awarded him a 2.5 percent The college's finances are strong under McDowincrease ell's leadership. Watson added. "Schoolcraft is one Earlier that evening, board members ratified of the few colleges that is debt-free," Watson said. 2.5 percent increases to 12 executive administraWatson said the board asked McDowell to contors, and 77 full-time classified staff and regular tinue to examine cost-cutting measures in his part-time employees. objectives next year. McDowell is expected to outMcDowell's abilities have "resulted in a quali- line those objectives on June 25 for the board. fied and stable work force, a strong financial base, "We've asked him to look at insurance coverage and academic and community recognition for the again next year." Watson said. "We would like to college," according to written comments released explore better communication between the SchoolThursday by the board of trustees. craft board and K-12 school boards. We have a "(McDowell's) continued e n t h u s i a s m is good relationship (with the districts) and we'd like unmatched and the college continues to grow in to enhance them. stature. He is a visionary. There is a high degree. "We'd like to work with area legislators, to pubof integration among the administration, faculty licize what we're doing and educate them on these and staff in the decision-making process." issues." Board chair Patricia Watson said the board was "extremely pleased" with his performance. Trustees agree "It's a pleasure to work with him. He's demonBoard vice chair John Walsh said McDowell has strated leadership throughout the years. The col- remained effective as a college president in a posilege's growth is a credit to him." tion that, at other schools, generally has a high turnover rate. Accomplishments "His tenure has resulted in a lot of success at McDowell's accomplishments for the 1996-97 the college," Walsh said. "He has been here 15 year included: years, and his approach to the college is still fresh • T h e celebration of the college's 35th anniver- and innovative." sary. Trustee Richard DeVries said: "Everybody's • T h e Business Development Center received happy with Dick McDowell. He's a creative adminthe Trainer of the Year Award from the state of istrator. In the review of his objectives, he did Michigan. (McDowell is responsible for the cre- very well. ation of the Business Development Center, which "He's recognized as one of the top 50 administrawas established in 1985. To date, the center has tors of community colleges in the country." helped area businesses obtain $804 million in govTrustee Steve Ragan reiterated DeVries" stateernment and state grants.) ments. • T h e college has expanded its distance learning "The college is in excellent financial shape," program and student enrollment increases each year for distance learning courses. This year the Ragan said. "He's a president who is active in the college added classes on E-mail, and a program community." Ragan said the board believes McDowell should using the college's interactive classroom was developed to provide courses for local K-1'2 continue to pursue cost savings and cost-cutting initiatives. schools. "It's important to keep the tuition increases to a •Student retention has been a major initiative. Programs and services were developed to meet minimum. We also want to strengthen our relaindividual needs, including individual tutoring tionships with K-12 districts." BY KEN ABRAMCZYK

Schoolcraft College trustees approved 2.5 percent salaryhikes on May 28 for the college president, 12 executive administrators and 77 full-time classified staff and regular part-time employees.

OLD KFIVT CO* .#*)•< *100,000 Bonus '«• w# net *PS»t upon

Trustees praise McDowell for'highly effective leadership

Board OKs salary hikes

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Rotary club scholarship winners selected Lobbyist Plymouth Rotary Club announced a w a r d s of five Plymouth Rotary Vocational-Technical Scholarships to seniors at the Plymouth Centennial Educational Park. Achievement in vocational and t e c h n i c a l c o u r s e s a s well a s school activities, work experience and c o m m u n i t y service determined the successful stu-

dents: • David Hubbard, PlymouthC a n t o n High School, c u l i n a r y arts. • Brad Lewis. PlymouthSalem High School, business. n Elizabeth S u t h e r l a n d , Plymouth-Salem High School, child care. • Nicole Kowal, P l y m o u t h Salem High School, elementary education.

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Foundation President J a m e s Cantrell announced the awards: "We expect this money will substantially aid these fine students achieve their career goals. Rotary s a l u t e s the m a n y nonRotarians whose contributions to P l y m o u t h Rotary e v e n t s h a v e m a d e t h e s e youngsters' f u t u r e job hopes come closer to reality."

• J a c i n L o h m a n . PlymouthS a l e m H i g h School, a u t o mech/CAD

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from page Al

ing and the park grant were two issues she named as key. GCSI is the second largest lobbying firm in the state. Lobbyi s t s from both m a j o r political parties work at the firm, which represents Chrysler Corp.. Cons u m e r s E n e r g y . Masco Corp., a n d t h e Detroit Auto D e a l e r s Association. They also represent other m u n i c i p a l i t i e s , such a s D e a r born, Taylor, Grand Rapids, Brownstown Township and Macomb County. Mike Hawks, account execut i v e at G C S I , s a i d he will be meeting with Yack next week to set p r i o r i t i e s . GCSI s t a f f will review all legislation and keep Canton notified of any bills that will directly or indirectly impact the township and other unforeseen issues and opportunities, he said. Canton officials have criticized state Rep. Deborah Why man, RC a n t o n , for not k e e p i n g lofcal elected officials versed on h e r actions. Recently, a d i s p u t e arose when Whyman introduced legislation regarding the Willow R u n t r a d e p o r t t h a t s o m e feel will do more harm than good. "Reps and s e n a t o r s h a v e a

number of responsibilities. Gur^j*. intention is not to replace them. - . ; We'll be working with them and Iworking with Canton. We ll be . augmenting what they're doingIt's such a large process for one person or even a few people to ; keep on top of," said Hawks.


He said more and more municipalities are contracting lobbyist firms because t e r m l i m i t s will oust a good portion of the veteran lawmakers. Voters mandated term limits effective five years ago. S e n a t o r s a r e a l l o w e d to serve six years and House members eight years. "There's going to be 70 new faces in the s t a t e L e g i s l a t u r e (next November). If you don t have one person there to unders t a n d t h e i n s t i t u t i o n a n d is f a m i l i a r w i t h t h e p r o c e s s in Lansing, then you're going to be lost," said Hawks.

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Gary Owen, chief e x e c u t i v e officer with GCSI. was featured as guest speaker at Canton Economic Club luncheon in January. The Ypsilanti Township Demo- • crat was elected to s t a t e House in 1972 and served for 10 vears, t h e n b e c a m e s p e a k e r of t h e House for six years.




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CANTON OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY St. Joseph M e r c y Health S y s t e m 4 2 1 8 0 Ford Rd. • Suite 3 0 5 • C a n t o n Marcla Caron, M.D.I

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7%« Ob»erveriTHURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1997


CAPITOL CAPSULES Third try Rep. Gerald Law, R-Plymouth, is confident he will be luckier on his third try for a pet sterilization law. His House Bill 4239 would regulate public and private animal shelters, pet shops and dog pounds. The would be required to either sterilize dogs, cats or ferrets or require persona adopting animals to have them sterilized in a specified period of time. "One year the governor vetoed it," said Law. Gov. John Engler objected that it contained reporting r e q u i r e m e n t s t h a t could have Headlee amendment consequences as unfunded state mandates. "Last year it died. This year it has gone through both chambers," said Law. T h e r e were complications: H u n t e r s wanted a s s u r a n c e s their dogs, if found, wouldn't be a u t o m a t i c a l l y = n e u t e r e d or

spayed. Law said it wasn't necessary because the hunter would be reclaiming his dog, not adopting it. "But I had to put in something for them because they were nervous," he said. Each year more than 200,000 dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters, while others are abandoned and die from sickness, hunger or injury. Only one in five of the 70,000 puppies and kittens born every day in the U.S. will be cared for its entire lifetime. The Kent County Animal Control Shelter, however, has seen a 61 percent decrease in euthanasia since the inception of its mandatory spay/neuter program. Washtenaw County reported a 67 percent decline in euthanasia, according to testimony in legislative hearings. '

Spring Festival of Arts & Crafts

Appointments Gov. John Engler has appointed: • Lata Popke of Canton to the S t a t e Board of Ethics, which receives citizen complaints of unethical conduct by a public officer or employee. Popke is an attorney with the firm of Weism a n , Trogan, Young and Schloas PC. She was reappointed as a Republican for a term expiring Feb. 7, 1999. State Rep. Kirk Profit, D-Ypsil a n t i , h a s been appointed by House Speaker Curtis Hertel to the Federal Budget and Taxation Committee of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). A five-term lawmaker. Profit chairs the Hose Tax Policy Committee.

Beauty licenses The Senate passed 38-0 and sent to the governor for signing two House bills to license

Free odmission to craft show • $2.50 to petting farm Plenty of free parking • Free shuttle bus from lot

Upcoming Shows July 11 & 12 - Monroe Riverwalk Celebration Downtown Monroe • Monroe, Michigan August 8 4 9 - Olde MMan Fest Wilson Park • Milan. Michigan 'Daytity (Promotions • 313/971-7424 Wtp://www

Senate OKs The state Senate has passed and sent to the House: • A package of four bills under which insurers couldn't refuse coverage to victims of domestic violence. Health maintenance organizations and Blue Cross/Blue Shield also would be prohibited from canceling or refusing health insurance for those persons. (Senate Bills 7476 and 434.) • A bill requiring mental hospitals to report to county prosecutors the release of patients


June 7 & 8 • 10am-5pm Domino's Farms 75 juried artisans • Food available petting farm • animal shows • hayrides

"estheticians," persons who give skin care services. Fees would be $10 for application processing, $25 for t h e e x a m i n a t i o n and $12 for t h e annual license. One bill also would revise licensing provisions for cosmetologists. Enforcement will be up to the Department of Consumer and Industry Services.


313-397-8300 Canton's Premier Senior Living Community We offer one and two bedroom apartments; a full calendar of social and recreational events; on-site full service barber/beauty salon; lunch and dinner programs; housekeeping and laundry services and regularly scheduled transportation. Our back door is adjacent to the Meijer's parking lot, so shopping is very convenient!

2250 Canton Center Rd. Canton, M I 48187


Assisted Living at Waltonwood is a special combination of housing, personalized supportive services and health care. Waltonwood is designed to meet the individual needs of those who require assistance with the activities of daily living but who do not need the skilled medical care provided in a nursing home.

Please call 8 1 0 - 3 7 5 - 9 6 6 4 for a free brochure or to arrange a tour 3280 Walton Blvd. Rochester Hills, MI 48309 A Singh Community

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• SB 97 raising the penalties for possessing a bomb with intent to use it against a person or property. Delivery would be a 15-year, $10,000 fine penalty. Penalties would increase if there were injury or damage. For a death, the penalty would be life without parole. Sen. Dianne Byrum, DOnondaga, credited Eaton County Prosecutor Jeffery Sauter for the idea after he prosecuted a case with a maximum five-year penalty. The bill goes to the House.

more than a 30-day supply is permitted. County officials remind the senior's that this is not a permanent service. Seniors may only take advantage of the payment twice a year. This program is available to persons who meet the following criteria: J • Age 65 or older and reside in Wayne County • Income levels per month must not exceed $968 for single people, $1,295 for married couples • Need to have prescriptions filled due to an emergency • The individual must spend at least 10 p e r c e n t of their monthly income on prescriptions; couples m u s t spend at least 8 percent on prescriptions. Interested seniors must make an appointment at the Office on Aging, but t h e r e are several other MEPPS intake locations around Wayne County. Brin£ your Social Security n u m b e t birth date, proof of income and prescriptions or refill bottles. • For more information, call the Wayne County Office on Aging at (313) 326-4978.





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The Wayne County Office on Aging now h a s a p r o g r a m designed to help older persons pay for prescriptions in an emergency. The office, 30712 Michigan in Westland, has been selected as one of the sites for the program called the Michigan Emergency P h a r m a c e u t i c a l Pr o g r a m for Seniors (MEPPS). This program provides emergency prescription assistance for persons aged 65 and older who meet the income criteria. Once a person is determined to be eligible, he or she receives a voucher which is then taken to a participating pharmacy. Prescriptions (no limit to the number) are then filled for free. No

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DETROIT: (313)873-8300 V, J 7373 Third Avenue 'ii£ WestofFisherJJIdg^


The state Senate has given 380 approval to: • A House-passed bill to make the white-tailed deer the "official game animal" of Michigan. A project of a private school, the bill was guided t h r o u g h t h e House by Rep. Jessie Dalman, R-

Sen. Loren Bennett, R-Canton, said "the students were spectacular. They were puch skillful lobbyists. They brought petitions with 42,000 s i g n a t u r e s and pointed out to senators that they came from their districts." The designation doesn't affect Michigan's official n i c k n a m e : "the Wolverine State." As soon as Gov. John Engler signs it, HB 4612 will take immediate effect.

Assisted Living Residence





County program offers emergency prescriptions



who had had felony charges dismissed due to mental incompetency. The hospital d i r e c t o r would have to send the notification 30 days before the patient's release, and the patient would have to undergo a competency exam. The bill passed 33-0 with five not voting. (SB 181.) • Six bills with t e c h n i c a l amendments to the Friend of the Court laws. Sen. Robert Geake, R-Northville, sponsor of half the package, said the bills "will all be in one place" instead of scatt e r e d t h r o u g h t h e lawbooks, making them easier to look up. (SB 288-298.)State Capitol capsule*:

Helping You Along The Way." Sawngs/Fmsncial Services

The O&aerrer/THURSDAY,'JUNE 5, 1997











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Support system Community sustains art involvement after the school bell BY KIMBERLY A- MORTSON STAFF WRITER

It is the community thst stepB in, like an understudy in a play, providing a seamless transition for school districts t h a t have been forced to curtail music and a r t classes due to a. lack of money. Venues where visual arts and music are offered range from the pavilion stage of Westland's new outdoor a m p h i t h e a t e r to the store front window of The Art Gallery in Garden City. In most communities the focus is broad and offerings appeal to all ages whether you're a 5-yearold painter or an 80-year-old musician. Westland, Plymouth, Canton, Redford. Garden City and Livonia all offer after-school programming either at the elementary or secondary level with some sampling of the arts, bridging gaps where lack of funding has left voids. Not all of the communities have symphonies or t h e a t e r troupes, but their location and convenience to each other makes exposure feasible. Year-round activities help keep the arts visible within every Observer area community from an early summer juried art show to a December symphonic concert. Kathleen Salla, volunteer coordinator of Canton Project Arts, said community organizations need to make the arts a priority to maintain a strong connection between learning and creative expression. "We make every effort to develop cultural arts and activities t h a t are both visual and

enjoyable for the community, said Salla. "Young people in particular should be stimulated to gain a deep appreciation of the arts that will last a lifetime."

N u r t u r i n g creativity Artist Sharon Dillenbeck said her new Canton studio (D&M Studio) relocated from Pljonouth, strives to nurture creativity in everyone from her youngest 3year-old students to senior artisans. Multi-age camps and instudio classes enable novice oil painters or cartoonists to have contact with distinguished community artists on a day-to-day basis. Dillenbeck said the lack of exposure children have to the arts comes from a shortage of consistency in the classroom. Funding in some communities is so minimal, said Dillenbeck, there's a different teacher every year. "Children need something to do besides play " Dillenbeck also noted the frustration teachers feel when workshops aren't offered with a focus on t h e a r t s . "Teachers themselves need to be taught to incorporate the arts in their classroom because they help shape small motor skills and build selfesteem," said Dillenbeck. Not only does D&M Studio provide a locale for creativity but also encourages students to market their work, teach classes at the studio and provides an arena for public showing at the annual Liberty Festival in Canton where more than 1.000, pieces of children's artwork went on display last summer.

What our schools offmr In arte teducatton I B H V






5th grade j 6th grade at high school \ 5th-6th grade after school

Garden City Uvonla




Radford Union

South Radford


1 5th-6th grade fall 1997 5th grade weexLi ofremnos

Working t o g e t h e r •





Marching band



Garden City






Redford Union

• • •

South Redford



In and after school In school Extra curricular Extra curricular In school In school Extra curricular



ww BJlrv f»W U»ri*J






The Plymouth Community A r t s Council, e s t a b l i s h e d in 1968, facilitates a program that blends outside t a l e n t s in the classroom through the Art Volunteer Program, formerly known as Art Lady. Since 1969, volunteers make monthly presentations with cultural items such as jjnusic, r e p r i n t s , p o s t e r s and sculptures to local classrooms where speakers discuss and display art work. Jennifer Tobin, Plymouth Arts Council executive director, said

School. Students are exposed to live theater and are trained onstage and behind the curtain to act, build sceneries, design cost u m e s and conduct performances. "The t h e a t e r gives children something constructive to do with their lives," said director Blanche Graham. "It's not all fun and play, and the t r a i n i n g requires so much more than hitting a ball."

go before school boards and say 'We are serious about the situation the a r t s are in and you should be too.' * Realizing formal and outward measures need to be taken to insure the livelihood of the arts, the communities of Plymouth and Canton recently formed the Arts Alliance and adopted an objective to make sure the arts are brought back into schools.

continuing education beyond the end of a school day is necessary to augment what's happening in the classroom and not "copy it." Local teachers can apply to receive grants from the council for t h a t very purpose, said Tobin. Amounts ranging from $100 to $400 are used for trips to the symphony or to conduct school-wide art projects. "Our purpose is to expand programming and not let things get any worse," said Tobin. "Parents and community members need to

Tobin said Plymouth and Canton community-based organizations are also collaborating to design a calendar to avoid event conflicts and provide better communication with the media. Garden City m e m b e r and director of The Art Gallery Norma McQueen said her involvement with the arts came late in life but she finds the benefits innumerable. "Art feeds the soul," said McQueen, "yet in the schools they're considered so much less essential than other areas of the curriculum." Although the gallery generally features a r t i s t s 18 years and older, the business offers classes for young children including a clay sculpture course for students 6 to 12 years old. "Our gallery looks to be as supportive and encouraging as possible to spur an appreciation for the a r t s in everyone," said McQueen. Other local examples of programming for children include: • Theatre Guild of RedfordLivonia supports the Creative and Performing A r t s (CAPA) program at C h u r c h i l l High

Acting workshops for kinderg a r t e n - a g e children are also accessible. • The Westland All-Stars is a theater troupe for first through senior high school children, supported by the Bailey Recreation Center and under the direction of Marshall Middle School choir teacher Bill Ingersoll. • Civic Center Library of Livonia h o s t s an a n n u a l s t u d e n t exhibit in the spring where hundreds of young artists are featured and given the opportunity to display their work publicly. Many leaders from the arts community agree i n i t i a t i v e s made by their organizations are only beneficial to children if parents and teachers are resourceful and seek out their offerings, "Children should be given an o p p o r t u n i t y to whet t h e i r appetite for creativity," said Bflb Sheridan, Garden City Fine Arts Association president. "The arts, whether you're in a classroom or involved with A community program, f o i t t r ft natural and innate appreciation you can't gain from mathematlci or social studies."

Elementary budgets force arts to take a back seat to reading, writing BY KIMBERLY A MORTSON STAFF WRITER

By far, elementary-level exposure to visual arts and music has suffered the most dramatic changes in quality, frequency and volume. Art teachers at the elementary level are either non-existent, divide their day between more than one school or find themselves managing "mobile" classrooms. While a d m i n i s t r a t o r s and school boards search for ways to upgrade offerings to students who are at a critical junction for learning, funding ties their hands to limit, or at worst, dissolve structured art classes. Garden City public schools, due to severe budget cutbacks, were forced to eliminate formal art and music classes several years ago. Judy Pizzuti, Garden City curriculum director, said while it has not been approved, the district is hopeful they will be able to reinstate art and music in the elementary program for fall 1997. Currently, the two are incorporated into the curriculum among m a t h e m a t i c s , social studies, English, and reading. Sixthgrade s t u d e n t s , howeyer, are offered an instrumental music program at Garden City High

• Art teachers at the elementary level are either non-existent, divide their day between more than one school or find themselves managing 'mobile' classrooms. greatest impact on the kinds of School each week, said Pizzuti. Likewise, Redford Union and classes the district can offer. "The arts are still in place," South Redford also offer instrumental programs for students said Kuckel. "We would rather beginning in the fifth and sixth pare them down a bit before elimgrades compared to Wayne-West- inating them at all." land and Plymouth-Canton stuKuckel said the arts at the eledents who must wait until junior mentary level are critical to "layhigh or middle school to take up ing down a foundation for a wellan instrument. rounded student." Plymouth-Canton also knows Livonia does not offer instrumental music during school but the restrictions a budget can established a partnership with have on programming. "We value the arts and want to the Livonia Community Education Center to host an a f t e r - keep them in the academic curschool instrumental enrichment riculum to the extent t h a t the program for fifth- and sixth- budget allows us," said Verna Anible, director of K-12 instrucgraders. "We have made a commitment tion in the Plymouth Canton disto the arts," said Marlene trict. "We try and strike a fair Bihlmeyer, Livonia director of balance between the two." Secondary education teachers curriculum. "We have a rich secondary offering and are constant- and community-based art organily trying to improve what we zations note the lack of experience elementary children bring to offer our elementary students." Jane Kuckel, assistant superin- the classroom later on in their t e n d e n t of curriculum for the education. Wayne Memorial High School Wayne-Westland Community Schools, said the budget has the band director Dana Allen said



Admiring: Jan Bartsch of Garden City takes a look at art work on display of the students of Garden City High School before her son, Adam, a sophomore, plays in the annual band concert. shortcomings are evident at state competitions where s t u d e n t s from Class A schools are challenged to play against children from similar districts who continue to enjoy instrumental programming at the e l e m e n t a r y level. "They start later and have had

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(313) 8 6 4 - 8 4 4 3

"We have to respect the arts enough to guarantee we have a generation and an audience who will see to their survival," said Canton a r t i s t / d i r e c t o r Cindy Zeitz. "At the rate we're going there's no assurance they'll be able to appreciate classical music or recognize a Seurat painting."


Carrier Furnace a n d A i r - c o n d i t i o n i n g , c o m p l e t e l y installed for:


less time to prepare," said Allen. "Sometimes they are far less experienced and struggle at the level they should be playing." It's not hard to imagine that differences would also occur in other arts-related disciplines where classes have been reduced or eliminated.

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29115 Eight Mile Road


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The 06serrer/THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1997

Bennett bill aids strapped schools BY D A R R E L L C L E M STAIT WRITER

The state Senate this week is expected to decide a bill t h a t would p u m p $4 m i l l i o n i n t o Wayne-Westland school district coffers, helping to avert a budget deficit. T h e bill — p u s h e d by s t a t e Sen. Loren Bennett — emerged intact Tuesday from the Senate Appropriations Committee. Bennett s p o k e s m a n Bill S u l l i v a n confirmed. By Thursday, the legislation is expected to be favored in a full Senate vote. Sullivan predicted. That would send the bill to the state House, where s t a t e Reps. Eileen DeHart, D-Westland, and Tom Kelly, D - W a y n e , will be pushing hard for its passage. Bennett, a Canton Township Republican who represents Wayne-Westland, touted his proposed legislation during a May 19 school board meeting, drawing applause from p a r e n t s and educators. T h e bill h a s s i n c e p a s s e d through the Senate's appropriations subcommittee and full appropriations committee on its way to the Senate floor

The money would help WayneWestland school officials avert a budget deficit that could threaten school programs and serviced. The district suffered a money crunch in the wake of Proposal A, a 1994 t a x - s l a s h i n g law. Wayne-Westland lost 10 mills of a tax rate that became linked to future school funding levels. Bennett's measure would provide $4 m i l l i o n in a d d i t i o n a l state aid for 1997-98. The dollars would be gradually phased out over the following seven years, Bennett has said. However, he has warned that the money would be subject each year to a possible line-item veto by the governor. Bennett has raised hopes that Engler will favor the bill — if it s u r v i v e s t h e S e n a t e a n d the House. The district's latest budget deficit estimate of $2.6 million w a s m a d e by P a t r i c i a B r a n d , assistant superintendent of business, during an inquiry in May by the Observer. The budget shortfall had previously been projected as high as $5 million.

CHARTER T O W N S H I P OF CANTON BOARD P R O C E E D I N G S A regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of t h e C h a r t e r Township of Canton was held on Tuesday, May 27. 1997 at 1150 South Canton Center Road Motion by Bennett, supported by McLaughlin, to go into a closed session at 6:10 P.M. to discuss pending litigation, employee negotiations and sale of property Motion carried unanimously. ROLL CALL CLOSED SESSION

Members Present: Bennett, Burdziak, Kirchgatter. LaJoy. McLaughlin, Shefferly, Yack Members Absent: None Staff Present: Durack. Santomauro. Minghine Motion by LaJoy, supported by McLaughlin, to go into an open session at 7:08 PM. Motion carried unanimously. Supervisor Yack called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag Members Present: B e n n e t t , B u r d z i a k , Kirchgatter, LaJoy, McLaughlin, Shefferly, Yack Members Absent: None* Staff Present: Durack, Goulet, Minghine. Zevalkink A D O P T I O N OF T H E A G E N D A

General Calendar Item No. 8 was removed from t h e agenda Motion by Bennett, supported by LaJoy, to adopt the agenda as amended. Motion carried unanimously. A P P R O V A L O F T H E M I N U T E S O F M A Y 13. 1 9 9 7

Motion by Bennett, supported by McLaughlin , to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of May 13, 1997 as presented. Burdziak abstained from voting. Motion carried

CITIZEN'S NQN AGENDA ITEM COMMENTS Lori Begley, 45584 Momingside, spoke concerning t h e possible development by Culver Homes of a subdivision adjacent to Sunflower No. 11, Yack replied that t h e township could not comment a s the developer first has to obtain a permit from t h e DEQ and then submit a proposed site plan to the township for review. Motion by Kirchgatter. supported by McLaughlin, to pay t h e bills a s presented. Motion earned unanimously.

Egeaditiac Recap General Fund Fire Fund Police Fund Community Center Fund Golf Course Fund Cable TV Fund Community Improvement Fund Special Investigative Fund Federal GranU Funds State Projects Fund Downtown Dev. Auth... C a p Proj-Building Construct. Cap Proj-Road Paving Fund Building Auth.. Construct. Fund Water & Sewer Fund Trust & Agency ' Trailer Feesi S. Haggerty Pav ing E-911 Emergency Funds Total- All Funds

101 206 207 208 211 230 246 267 274 289 294 402 403 469 592 701 815 261

$254,460.86 12,873.18 49,586.02 23,655.18 29,682 61 2,591.71 11.847.95 4,994.63 470.13 692.06 5,915.50 14,565.00 3,794.00 3,429.00 298,826 21 6,645.00 35,685.00

The new Sheldon Place mall anchor store, Busch's Valu Land, celebrates its grand opening June 12. The shopping center, on Sheldon Road just south of Five Mile Road, is Plymouth Township's biggest, offering 73.600 s q u a r e feet of retail space. Other businesses are Venture Outdoors, Community Bank of Dearborn, Domino's Pizza, Office W a r e h o u s e , Subway, Leo's Coney Island , Lorrey's Cleaners, Images Salon, Nationwide Mutual I n s u r a n c e and the Friday'slike Buffalo Restaurant. " T h e r e ' s really n o t h i n g like this nearby at all, there's a great mix of t e n a n t s , " said Marlene Myers, m a r k e t i n g communicat i o n s m a n a g e r for D e M a t t i a Group, g e n e r a l contractor and designer for Sheldon Place. B u s c h ' s Valu L a n d , s a i d spokesperson Peggy Conlin, features friendly staff, a wide range of f r e s h foods and t r a d i t i o n a l grocery values. "It's two-fold, a regular grocery store with value pricing and a specialty store." "It's t h e best of both worlds. You wouldn't have to go too far for a c a n of green b e a n s or a really nice piece of seafood," she said.

StAjrr PHOTO BT Baa. B m s m

The store features a huge produce section, large deli and specialty foods" section, and on-staff c h e f . C u s t o m e r s can b u y gourmet, restaurant-quality i t e m s by t h e piece or pound. There is also a food buffet with salads and hot and cold foods for eating in or taking out. The Plymouth Township store is Busch's ninth. They also opera t e two s t o r e s in Ann Arbor, along with locations in Ypsilanti, Saline, Clinton, Dexter, Tecumseh, Pickney and Carlton.

This section provides lhat Ordinance No. 30 is adopted to amend Section &BH.1> entitled "Capital C h a r g e " a n d Section 6(BW2) entitled "Front Footage Charge" and Section 6lc) entitled "Water Connection - Township Taps" and Section 6(D) entitled "Water Connection - Applicant Taps" and Section 6(E) entitled T i r e Lines" and Section 6 F) entitled "Duplexes" and Section 6(G) entitled "Water Charges During Building Construction Periods" and Section 6 entitled "Residential Equivalent Units" and to add Section 6(1) entitled "Debt Service Charge for Irrigation Systems Serving Residential Platted and Site Condominium Subdivisions".


156.04 This section provides that Ordinance No. 30 is adopted to amend Section 15 entitled "Private Sewage Disposal".

Motion by Bennett, supported by Kirchgatter, to approve the following budget a m e n d m e n t in the General Fund to appropriate budget f u n d s for the Tree Fund expenditures a s follows: Sheldon P a l t w r Park S "9.000 Barchester Park 15,000 Denton Park 39,000 Pheasant Run Golf Club 98-920 Total $231,920 •101-000-699-0000


•101-441-824-1000 $231,920 This budget a m e n d m e n t increases t h e Public Works budget from $207,724 to $439,644 and t h e General Fund budget from $12,180,774 to $12,421,694 Motion carried unanimously Motion by B e n n e t t , supported by Kirchgatter. to approve t h e following appointments to the Electrical Appeals Board: Robert E u for s U r n to expire on J u n e 6. 1999 Kenneth Cary for a term to expire on J u n e 6 , 2 0 0 2 Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Bennett, supported by Kirchgatter, to remove from the table and to adopt the a m e n d m e n u to the Water Supply and Sewer System Ordinance No. XX JI to become effective upon publication in t h e C a n t o n Observer on J u n e 5 1967 Motion carried unanimously. SUMMARY OF AMENDMENT TO CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF CANTON WATER SUPPLY AND SEWER SYSTEM ORDINANCE N O 30 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING SECTION 6 ENTITLED -WATER RATES" A N D SECTION 6 THEREOF ENTITLED, "DEBT SERVICE CHARGE". AMENDING THE SECTION NUMBER REFERENCE FOR DETERMINING UNITS. AND AMENDING SECTION 6(B)(2) ENTITLED

On the inside, the store feat u r e s hand painted murals and arty food displays. Venture Outdoors, which after t h r e e y e a r s in downtown Plymouth "moved to Sheldon Center May 15, is at 3,000 square feet twice as big as the original store, said owner Dan Argonis. "It's a better location, b e t t e r p a r k i n g , easier to service customers and we're just off of M14," he said. "We e x p a n d e d o u r p r o d u c t

This section provides that Ordinance No. 30 is adopted to amend Section 20 entitled "Rates, Fees, Charges" SAVINGS O F ALL PENDING P R O C E E D I N G S AND BALANCE OF THE This section provides that the balance of Ordinance No. 30, except a s herein amended, shall remain in full force and effect. All proceedings pending and all rights a n d liabilities existing, acquired or incurred at t h e time this a m e n d a t o r y Ordinance takes effect a r e saved and may be consummated r»g ' h " )»"•' onfXrrj^ whorl fhgy are rnmmgnfwl -This O r d i n a n c e shall not he construed to affect any right pending before the effective d a t e of this amendatory Ordinance. SECTION 8. AMENDMENT T O SECTION 21 - VIOLATION AND


- . •

TTiis section provides penalty provisions for violations of this Ordinance SECTION 9 AMENDMENT TO SECTION 22 - SEVERABILITY. This section provides that if any section, subsection, clause, phrase or portion of this O r d i n a n c e is for any reason held invalid or unconstitutional by any Court of competent jurisdiction, such portion shall be deemed a separate, distinct a n d independent provision, and such holdings such not affect the validity of the remaining portion hereof. SECTION 10. AMENDMENT TO SECTION 22.1 - CONSTRUCTION O F ORDINANCE. ^ This section provides t h a t this ordinance shall be liberally construed in such m a n n e r as to best effectuate its purpose. The provisions of this Ordinance shall be construed, if possible, in such m a n n e r as to make such provisions compatible a n d consistent with t h e provisions of ail existing Ordinances of the Township and all amendments thereto.


This section provides that portions of Ordinance No. 30 s r e hereby repealed only to the extent necessary to give this amendatory Ordinance foil force and effect. •


Yes, Broadband. You see, very


This section provides t h a t this Ordinance becomes effective J u n e 5, 1997 after publication of the second reading. Adopted: May 27.1997 2nd Publication June 5,1997 Effective June 6,1997 This Ordinance was duly adopted and/or considered by the Township Board of Trustees of the Charter Township at Canton at its regular Board meeting called on t h e 27th day of May, 1997, and was ordered given publication in the manner required by law. Copies of t h e complete Ordinance are svailabts for inspection from the Township Clerk a t the Canton Township Hall, located f t 1160 South Canton Center Road. Canton, Michigan 48188 TERRY BENNETT. Clerk Motion by Bennett, supported by McLaughlin, to adopt the resolution to approve t h e site plan for the propoeed Reliable Lawn Car* including a modification to permit use of 1 0 0 * vinyl siding on the prop ass d storage'

most vital, most essential connections. It's the way


base, changed r to be an adventure travel store," he said. The store offers everything from luggage to clothing to kayaking equipment. "We picked up another kayaking line, we're able to have mpre tents set up now," Argonis said, Come winter, they'll offer the full line of Burton snowboard equipment. Business has been good so far. Argonis reports, even though the shopping center anchor store hasn't yet opened.

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THE CHARTER TOWNSHIP O F CANTON ORDAINS: S E C T I O N 1. A M E N D M E N T T O S E C T I O N 20. This section provides that Ordinance No. 30 is adopted to amend Section 20 entitled "Rates".

Broadband's unique two-way capabilities make the

word "interactive" take on an entirely new meaning.


This section provides that the balance of Ordinance No. 30, Except as herein amended, shall remain in full force a n d effect. All proceedings pending and all rights and liabilities existing, acquired or incurred at t h e t i m e t h i s a m e n d a t o r y Ordinance t a k e s effect a r e saved and may be c o n s u m m a t e d according to the law enforced when they a r e commenced. This amendatory O r d i n a n c e shall not be construed to affect any right pending before the effective date of this amendatory Ordinance.

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This section provides penalty provisions for violations of this Ordinance.



This section provides that if any section, subsection, clause, phrase or portion of t h i s Ordinance is for any reason held invalid or unconstitutional by any C o u r t of competent jurisdiction, s u c h portion shall be deemed a separate, distinct and independent provision, a n d such holdings shall not affect t h e validity of the remaining portion hereof.




building, and conditioned upon t h e applicant transferring t h e appropriate notation on to the site plan sheets. AYES: Bennett, Burdziak, Kirchgatter. LaJoy. McLaughlin. Shefferly. NAYS: Yack. Motion by Bennett, supported by McLaughlin, to adopt t h e resolution approve t h e special land use for t h e proposed Grace B a p t i s t C h u r c h expansion. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Bennett, supported by McLaughlin, to adopt the resolution to approve the site plan for the proposed Crystal Creek Adult Foster Care Center. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Bennett, supported by McLaughlin, to adopt the resolution to approve t h e special use for t h e proposed Cornerstone Baptist Church. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Bennett, supported by McLaughlin, to adopt the resolution to g r a n t Tentative Approval of the Preliminary Plat for Cherry Blossom Estates Subdivision. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Bennett, supported by McLaughlin, to adopt the resolution to g r a n t special land use for the proposed fast food restaurant and gas station to t h e project sponsor, Mr. Issam Berry. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Bennett, supported by LaJoy, to ^approve the Nankin Township Landfill Participation Agreement a n d authorize the Township Supervisor to sign t h e agreement; and further, to authorize the payment of $25,000 as C a n t o n Township's share, if t h e a g r e e m e n t is approved by t h e USEPA. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Bennett, supported by McLaughlin, to table item for t h e sidewalk repair project until Finance can review and verify the bids. Motion e a r n e d unanimously. Motion by Bennett, supported by McLaughlin, to introduce the a m e n d m e n t s to Ordinance 3(XK), section 20 to change the water and sewer consumption r a t e s to $1.74 per thousand gallons for water consumption, to $2.23 per thousand gallons for sewage t r e a t m e n t , and minimum sewage disposal bill per reading cycle of $11.15. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Bennett, supported by Kirchgatter, to table for publication in the Canton Observer the First Reading of t h e amendments to the Water Supply and Sewer System Ordinance No. 3
SECTION 3 This section provides that Ordinance No. 30 is adopted to amend Section 16 entitled "Building Sewers and Connections'


T h i s U B r o a d b a n d . T h i s it (he way.

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This section provides that Ordinance Na. 30 is adopted to amend Section 8 entitled "Water Billings and Readings"



Water, Gas, Electricity, Broadband.


Supervisor Yack declared the public hearing open at 7:23 P.M.. Motion by Bennett, supported by McLaughlin, to close t h e public hearing at 7:26 P.M. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Bennett, supported by Shefferly, to adopt t h e resolution approving t h e application of American Yazaki I n d u s t r i a l Facilities Exemption Certificate for Real and Personal Property Motion carried unanimously. Supervisor Yack declared the public hearing open at 7:28 P.M.. Noannmmli Motion by Bennett, supported by McLaughlin, to close the public hearing at 7:29 P.M.. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Bennett, supported by McLaughlin, to adopt t h e resolution to establish an Industrial Development district, pursuant to the provision of Act 198 of t h e Public Acts of 1974, a s amended, to be known as Haggerty II C o r p o r a t e P a r k I n d u s t r i a l D e v e l o p m e n t District Motion carried unanimously. > AYES: Bennett, Burdziak, Kirchgatter, LaJoy. McLaughlin, Shefferly, Yack NAYS None

Appropriation from Fund Balance

Grand opening: Dan Holmquist, an electrician for Laibe Electric • ' adjusts track lighting in Busch's pro-z. duce section."



None. RECOGNITION Motion by Bennett, supported by LaJoy, to adopt the resolution in recognition of Pulte Homes of Michigan for their involvement with t h e S u m m i t on the Park Builders Annual Pass Program. Motion carried unanimously.

/THURSDAY, JUNE 5 , 1 9 9 7

New grocer anchors Sheldon Place)

This section provides that Ordinance No. 30 is adopted to amend Section 7 entitled "Sewer Rates" and Section 7(A) entitled "Sewage Treatment Rates" and Section 7(B) entitled "Minimum Sewer Bills" and Section 7(c) entitled "Debt Service Charge" and Section 7(C)(1) entitled "Capital Charge" and Section 7(C«2) entitled "Front Footage Charge" and Section 7(D) entitled "Sewer Connection Charge" to provide for new unit charges," various new water a n d sewer rates and charges and to modify the method for charging front footage charges.


The Observer A Eccentric

will not only connect your family to the world of ideas. Our digital TV service will give you the best


This section provides that this Ordinance shall be liberally construed in such m a n n e r as to best effectuate its p u r p o s e . The provisions of t h i s Ordinance shall be construed, if possible, in s u c h m a n n e r as to make such provisions compatible and consistent with t h e provisions of all existing Ordinances of

connection to the world of entertainment. With

fK«» TYiwnahip a m ) nil a w p n / l n M n l . t H » r « l n




flawless reception and all the movies, sports and

. This section provides that portions of Ordinance No. 30 are hereby repealed only to t h e extent necessary to give t h i s amendatory Ordinance full force snd effect.



entertainment you want, there's no better way to hook

T h i s section provides that this O r d i n a n c e becomes effective J u n e 19, 1997 a f t e r publication of the second reading. Motion by Bennett, supported by LaJoy, to sward the bid for the Denton Park Sports Complex Construction to t h e low bidder DeAngelis Landscape, Inc., in the amount of $989,834.00 and to establish a contingency fond of $90,000 00. Motion carried unanimously Motion by Bennett, supported by Kirchgatter, to reprogram $101,624.00 from Land Acquisition Sports Complex t o Community Improvement Fund - Sport* Park Development account *'246-750-970-0000 Motion earned inammoufily Motion by Bennett, supported by Shefferly. to s w s r d t h e bid for t h e construction of Barchester park to t h e low bidder Warren Contractors and Development, Inc., in the amount of $153,715.25 plus establish a contingency fund of $15,000.00. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Bennett, supported by Shefferly; to reprogram $28,715.00 from the C o m m u n i t y Improvement F o n d a c c o u n t #246-750-970-0000 f r o m Fire S t a t i o n Demolition to B a r c h e s t e r P a r k Development. Motion c a r r i e d

up to a whole lot of fun. (D In time, much like water, gas and electricity, Broadband will become such a powerful connection, such an integral part of your day-to-day life, that it will be hard to imagine life


Motion by Bennett, supported by Kirchgatter. to increase CarlislWWortman Associates, inc., professions! s e r v i c e s contract for Barchester p a r k by $1,138.00. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Bennett, supported by LaJoy; to authorize the Supervisor to execute a contract with Governmental Consultant Services Inc., to coordinate all lobbying activities rslativ* to C a n t o n as directed by the Supervisor for ons y e a r a t t h e cost of $3,000.00 per m o n t h . I f u r t h e r move to increase appropriations as follows: Appropriation from Fund Balance 101-000-699-0000 $21,000 To Contracted Services 101-171-818-0000 $21,000 Motion carried unanimously ADJOURN Motion byMcLaughlin, supported by LaJoy, to sdjourn the masting at 8:50 PM. Motion carried Board on June 10.1997



without it. For more information, call 1-888-843-9294 or visit our Web site at

0 l»r ttodaOn* w t e w a U M t i

m t e v *ec HBO • l I||i1il mtmo* ma* a Tn* mnm Ennervwi Compar* I » '

• orSTWS CDww« c«-ClSiinc t




JUNE 5, 1997



LETTERS Bollman supporter I would like to encourage a n y o n e and everyone to go vote in t h e school board election. These are the people who can m a k e a difference and they are t h e only ones in the school syst e m you can vote for. 1 commend Mr. (Roland> T h o m a s for his past performance on the board, but I truly

believe t h a t Carol Bollman is the best candidate for the job. She has devoted many y e a r s of her time to the district and is familiar with almost every phase of it. I sincerely believe she will put kids first. Barbara Graham Plymouth


Conference and District C h a m pionship; Girl's Basketball Conference and District C h a m pionship; Boy's Swimming District Championship; Girl's Gymnastics District Championship; qualified for Girl's Volleyball State District Championship for the first time in 19 years; Boy's Cross Country Districts; Girl's Cross Country' Conference and District

Congrats grads Congratulations on your achievement. Please, class of 1997, look at what you have done. Your Class Council h a s h a d great leadership. You s t a r t e d out slow but have developed into a great leadership group. If it h a d to be done, you did it. Your class j u s t this y e a r won the Boy's Basketball

Championship; a n d Boy's Soccer Conference, Division, and District Champions. Wow, are we great. You have also won m a n y other a r e a s of o u t s t a n d i n g awards like Debate; Forensics; Concert Choir; a n d t h e P E C P Marching Band e a r n e d a superior rating in competition. I could write a lot more. Four long years have passed

and you've grown so much in wisdom, m a t u r i t y and responsibility. You are ready to meet the m a n y challenges t h a t lie ahead in life. Class o f ' 9 7 , you have the opportunity to m a k e a positive difference in the future. Go for it. Get involved. Ken S m i t h , 1997 S e n i o r C l a s s Advisor

Mr. Sill. 65, of Minis, FLorida, died May 26 in Oak Park. III. Born in Warren. Mr. Sill was a material handler at Chrysler

Corp for 27 years. He moved Mims, Florida from Westland in 1983. He was president of the Organ Players Club in Florida. Survivors include his wife.

PLYMOUTH-CANTON ANNUAL S C H O O L E L E C T I O N NOTICE OF ANNUAL ELECTION OF THE ELECTORS OF PLYMOUTH-CANTON COMMUNITY SCHOOLS WAYNE AND WASHTEN AW COUNTIES, MICHIGAN TO BE HELD JUNE 9, 1997 TO THE ELECTORS OF THE SCHOOL DISTRICT: Please Take Notice that the annual election of the school district will be held on Monday. June 9. 1997 THE POLLS OF ELECTION WILL OPEN AT 7 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING AND CLOSE AT 8 O'CLOCK IN THE EVENING. At the annual school election there will be elected one (1) member to the Board of Education of the district for a full term of four (4) years ending in 2001 THE FOLLOWING PERSON HAVE BEEN NOMINATED TO FILL SUCH VACANCY: Carol Bollman Suzanne M. Dershem Roland J. Thomas, J r . SCHOOLCRAFT COMMUNITY COLLEGE REGULAR BIENNIAL ELECTION PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the Regular Biennial Election of Schoolcrafl Community College, Michigan, will be held at the same time and at the same voting places as the annual school election on Monday. June 9, 1997, and will be conducted by the same school officials for those electors of the community college district residing in this school district. At the Regular Biennial Election there will be elected tow (2) members for the office of Community College District Trustee for full terms of six (61 years ending June 30. 2003 THE FOLLOWING PERSONS HAVE BEEN NOMINATED TO FILL SUCH VACANCIES:

SIX YEAR TERMS i VOTE FOR NOT MORE THAN 2) Richard J. De Vnes Carol M. Strom THE VOTING PLACES ARE AS FOLLOWS: PRECINCT NO. 1 Voting Place Central Middle School. The first precinct consists of all of City Precinct No. 2 and all of City Precinct No. 3. PRECINCT NO. 2 Voting Place Gallimore E l e m e n t a r y School. The second precinct consists of all of Canton Township Precinct No. 10 and all of Canton Township Precinct No. 21 PRECINCT NO. 3 Voting Place: Isbister Elementary School. The third precinct consists of all of Plymouth Township Precinct No. 5. all of Plymouth Township Precinct No. 9, and all of Plymouth Township Precinct No. 14 PRECINCT NO. 4 Voting Place East Middle School. The fourth precinct consists of all of e City Precinct No. 1 and all of City Precinct No 4. PRECINCT NO. 5 Voting Place Allen Elementary School. The fifth precinct consists of all of Plymouth Township Precinct No, 3, all of Plymouth Township Precinct No. 4, and all of Plymouth Township Precinct No. 10. PRECINCT NO. 6 Voting Place: West Middle School. The sixth precinct consists of all of Plymouth Township Precinct No 12, all of Plymouth Township Precinct No. 15. and all the territory of the school district located in Salem Township. PRECINCT NO. 7 Voting Place: F a r r a n d E l e m e n t a r y S c h o o l . The seventh precinct consists of all of Plymouth Township Precinct No, 1, all of Plymouth Township Precinct No. 2, all of Plymouth Township Precinct No. 8, and all the territory of the school district located in Northville Township PRECINCT NO. 8 Voting Place Fiegel Elementary School. The eighth precinct consists of all of Canton Township Precinct No. 3, all of Canton Township Precinct No. 6 PRECINCT NO. 9 Miller Elementary School. The ninth precinct consists of all of Canton Township Precinct No. 4 and all of Canton Township Precinct No. 13. PRECINCT NO. 10 Voting Place Hulaing Elementary School. The tenth precinct consists of all of Canton Township Precinct No. 7, all of Canton Township Precinct No. 12, and all of Canton Township Precinct No 24. PRECINCT NO. 11 Voting Place E r i k s s o n E l e m e n t a r y School. The eleventh precinct consists of all of Canton Township Precinct No. 9 and all of Canton Township Precinct No. 14. PRECINCT NO. 12 Voting PlaSe Field Elementary School. The twelfth precinct consists of all of Canton Township Precinct No. 5 and all of Canton Township Precinct No. 18. PRECINCT NO. 13 Voting Place: Canton High School. The thirteenth precinct consists of ail of Canton Township Precinct No 8, all of Canton Township Precinct No. 25, all of Canton Township Precinct No. 28. and all the territory of the school district located in Superior Township. PRECINCT NO. 14 Voting Place: Bird Elementary School. The fourteenth precinct consists of Plymouth Township Precinct No. 7 snd Plymouth Voting Place

Twrmhip Piscinct Ns. 11. PRECINCT NO. 18 Pioneer Middle School. The fifteenth precinct consists of all of Plymouth Township Precinct No. 8, all of Plymouth Township Precinet No. 13, and all of Plymouth I W n s h i p Precinct No. 16 PRECINCT NO. 1« ntary School. The sixteenth precinct consists Voting Place: Tonda EU of all of Canton I W n s h i p Precinct No. 11 and all of Canton Township Precinct No. IS. PRECINCT NO. 17 Voting Place Hobea E l e m e n t a r y School. The seventeenth precinct consists of all of Canton I W n s h i p Precinct No 1, all of Canton Township Precinct No. 22, and all of Canton Township Precinct No. 23. PRECINCT NO. IS Voting Place: Bent ley E l e m e n t a r y School. The eighteenth precinct consists of all of Canton IWnship Precinct No 16 and all of Canton Township Precinct N o 17. All school electors who are registered with the city or township dart of the aty or township in which they reside are eligible to vote at this election This Notice is given by order of the Board t i Education CARRIE BLAMER Secretary, Board of Education Voting Place


American Kidnehy Foundation.

Elizabeth; son, David; sister. Pearl Schaening of Plymouth; four grandchildren. Services were dMay 30 at the Schrader-Howell Funeral Home. Plymouth, with the Rev. Peter Berg officiating. Burial was in Cadillac Memorial Gardens, East. Memorials may be made to the


Mrs. Smith, 78. of Northville, formerly of Canton, died May 30. Born in Detroit. Mrs. Smith was a member of St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Canton. Survivors include her sons,

C H A R T E R T O W N S H I P O F CANTON NOTICE TO BIDDERS The Charter Township of Canton will accept sealed bids at the Office of the Clerk, first floor, 1150 Canton Center Road S.. Canton. Michigan 48188, until 10 00 a m .June 26. 1S£7 for the following NEWSPAPER PUBLICATIONS Bid specifications are available in the Finance and Budget Dept Canton Township reserves the right to reject any or all bids Tht* Township does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services TERRY G BENNET, Clerk


P u b l u h J u n e 5. 199"


Robert and Charles; daughters, Janice Ream and Zepharene Higgins; 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Mass was celebrated J u n e 2 at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Canton with the Rev. George Charnley officiating. Burial was in Parkview Cemetery, Livonia. Memorials may be made to the Arthritis Foundaion of Michigan or mass offerings. Arrangements were made by the Schrader-Howell Funeral Home, Plymouth. HOWARD F. BRANDT, SR.

Mr. Brandt, 74, of Canton Township died May 28 at Bortz Nursing Home in Ypsilanti.. Born in Detroit, Mr. Brandt was a police officer. Survivors include his wife, Shirley; sons, Howard and Stephen; daughters, Pamela, Deborah Brown and Nancy; four

PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO THE ZONING ORDINANCE OF THE CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF CANTON. WAYNE COUNTY. MICHIGAN NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Act 184 of the Public Acts of 1943 of the State of Michigan, as amended, and pursuant to the Zoning Ordinance of the Charter Township of Canton that the Planning Commission of the Charter Township of Canton will hold a Public Hearing on Monday, June 16, 1997, in the First Floor Meeting Room of the Administration Building, 1150 S. Canton Center Road at 7:00 p.m. on the following proposed amendment to the Zoning Ordinance: CONSIDER A REQUEST TO ESTABLISH HERON RIDGE PLANNED DEVELOPMENT DISTRICT (PDD) AS PERMITTED IN SECTION 27 04 OF THE ZONING ORDINANCE INCLUSIVE OF PARCEL NOS 021 99 0016 700, 022 99 0001 000. 024 99 0002 000, AND PART OF PARCEL NOS. 022 99 0002 000. 022 99 0003 000. AND 022 99 0005 000. The project is comprised of 217 79 acres of land between Jov/Ann Arbor Roads 1 north i. Warren i south I. Napier (west i and Ridge Road 1 east 1 Preliminary Plan-First Hearing Ann A r tx>» "

Written comments addressed to the Planning Commission will be received at the above address up to the time of the hearing. VIC GUSTAFSON, Chairman

Publuh May 22 »nd June 5,1997


grandchildren. Services were at St. Michael Lutheran Church in Canton with the Rev. Jerry Yarnell officiating. Burial was in Glen Eden Cemetery, Livonia. Arrangements were made by the L.J. Griffin Funeral Home Canton Chapel. ELSIE M. NEIMAN

Mrs. Neiman, 89, of Plymouth Township, died J u n e 2. Born in Huron Township. Mrs. Neiman was a homemaker. Survivors include her daughter, Karen Diamond; two grandchildren. Services were at Divine Savior Catholic Church with the Rev Alexander Kuras officiating. Burial was in Michigan Memori al Park Cemetery. Flat Rock. Arrangements were made by the L.J. Griffin Funeral Home Canton Chapel.

PLEASE T A K E N O T E : T h e C h a r t e r Townmhip of P l y m o u t h will provide m t a i u j rwMcmabli- »u*ilur> •Kirs, w r v i c n . »uch u « # n e r i for U * h e a r i n g i m p a i r e d a n d audio t a p e s of p r i n t e d m a t e r i a l * being o m n d e r r d a l ail Tcvrnahip M e e t i n g s . lo indrviduaU with disabilities a l t h e meetmgWheanngi* upon one week notice prior to t h e C h a r t e r T o w n a h i p of Plymouth Individual* with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids or services s h o u l d contact t h e C h a r t e r Towruhip of P l y m o u t h by w r i t i n g or calling the SuperviM/r « office, 42350 A n n Arbor Road, P l y m o u t h . Ml 48170 P W N u m b e r 1313/ 4 5 3 - 3 M 0 , T D D u s e r s 1 800649-3777 Michigan Relay S e r v i c e • Publish: J u n e S. 1997 crwiKsu.

M w * nf B « | i n n i n j

Appealing Article 2602 Schcdulo of Regulations regarding rear lot act hack

Parcel 2: Part of South Section 21 Town 1 South. Range 8 East. Beginning South 89 degrees 15 minutes 00 seconds West 1895 feet from Southeast V* corner Section 21 thence South 89 degrees 15 minutes 00 seconds West 1575 feet thence North 3 degrees 05 minutes 00 seconds East 509 72 feet, thence North 88 degrees 40 minutea 20 seconds East 1575 07 feet thence South 0 degrees 40 minutes 00 seconds East 525 50 feet to Point of Beginning Parcel 3: Part of Southwest V. Section 21. Town 1 South. Range 8 East, Beginning North 85 degrees 46 minutes 45 seconds East 1138.52 feet from Southwlst V, corner Section 21, thence North 85 degrees 46 minutes 45 seconds East 662 94 feet, thence North 3 degrees lfl minutes 55 seconds East 510 feet, more or less thence

The request is for a variance in the rear yard setback in order to build a gable style glass & aluminum enclosure. Parcel No. 091-01-0111-000 i Building) 3. Paul B. Deters, Metro Detroit Signs. 23544 Hoover, Warren, MI 48089. representing Clark 42129 for property located at 45230 Michigan Ave.. Canton. MI Appealing Ordinance 120, Article 29 009. Section 9.3 regarding canopy signs The requeet is for a variance to install four (4> canopy logo's which exceed the allowed 8 square feet in total area Parcel No. 134-990023-000 (Building i 4. Douglas R. Mueller, 6642 Carlton Rd . Canton, MI 48187, representing Michigan Dekhockey Center, for property located at 45109 Michigan Ave . Canton, MI 48188. Appealing Ordinance 120, Article 29.009, Section 9.4 regarding ground signs. The request is for s vanance lit sign height in order to locate a new sign above the ennting scoreboard to provid< advertisement. Panel No. 135-01-0001-3021Building5. Benny Troiani, 13055 Mystic Forest Drive, Plymouth. Ml 48170, representing Dynasty Builders Inc.. 20126 Riverside Drive. Livonia, Ml 46152. for property located at 45903 Henley Drive. Canton, Ml. Appealing Article 26 02 Section m. regarding side yard setbacks The request is for a variance of 8 feet on the one side abutting a five foot yard in order to build » side entrance garage. Parcel No 064-02-0069-000 (Building) 6. Gary Weiner. Shaw-Allan Construction, 9252 Elmhurst, Plymouth. MI 46170, representing Carol Koshy, 44211 Village Ct.. Canton. MI 48187. for property located at 44211 Village Ct., Canton. MI 46187. Appealing Ordinance 103, Section 8, D-2 regarding comer lot fences The request is for a variance in order to build a fence on the property line of a corner lot at the end of a cul-de-sac Parcel No. 012-02-0270-000 (Building) 7. Ronald Rotanaki. Kmart Corporation. 3100 West Big Beaver Road. Troy. Ml 48064, for property located at 41660 Ford Road, Canton, MI 46187 Appealing Ordinance 130, Article 29 009, Section 9 4B regarding ground signs. The request is for a variance in sign heights of not greater than 12 feet and areas not ragater than B1 square feet on each face Parcel Nos 99 0017-703, 99-0020-001. 99-0019-001. 99-0021-003. 99-0023-000, 99-0024 001,99-0025-003 Building) Approval of minutes of the regular meeting of May 8. 1997 TERRY CJ BENNETT. Clerk

thence South 12 degrees 28 minutes 15 seconds East 125 feet thence North 77 degrees 31 minutes 45 seconds East 60 feet thence South 12 degrees 28 minutes 15 seconds East 28 36 feet thence on a curve to left radius 25 feet arc 36.67 feet thence South 4 degrees 13 minutes 15 seconds East 60 feet thence South 85 degrees 46 minutes 45 seconds West 21.60 feet thence South 4 degrees 13 minutes 15 seconds East 171.96 feet to a point of beginning. Tax I.D. No 011-99-0004-003,012-99-0003-003; 033-99-0006-000 The plat, as proposed, is available for review by the public during business. 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Written comments will be received prior to the inset ing. The application, review of the proposed plat, meeting, and address for written comment is: Plymouth Charter Township, Community Development Department. 42350 Ann Arbor Road. Plymouth, MI 48170. Telephone Number 463-3640. Ext 209 CAROL DAVIS, Secretary Planning Commission

FUUSS TAKE MOT* TV Ctoter Pljn Mltvrf an4 iadn i«p«« at pn«wd M «ll Tmkif- ItMim W nSKrMwiU with SlMtebUa. at •paa mm Mat mBw U tW Chart— TowaaluprfH j w U lnO'U«ib wKfc « •»nll»ry mtta m nn^ni «l»—M awwn ih» CWw WHi—nOi by '•etk. UMC Am* ArW a w PV~»0. Ml a m Fkmm i I > TOO vasesI tOO ««» 1777ill I*. IM7

recently recognized for academic e x c e l l e n c e , p a r t i c i p a t i o n in e x t r a - c u r r i c u l a r activities a n d contributions to Michigan S t a t e University and the community. Pyhtila is majoring in electrical engineering in MSlTs Honor College. He has served as vice-president of Tau Beta Pi fraternity, is treasurer of A l p h a Phi


d a u g h t e r of M r . a n d M r s . N i c h o l a s H r y e y k of C a n t o n , w a s recently n a m e d to t h e presid e n t s list s c h o l a r s a t N o r t h C e n t r a l College. To be eligible for t h e p r e s i d e n t ' s list, u n d e r g r a d u ate students must maintain a g r a d e - p o i n t a v e r a g e of 3.6 o n a 4.0 g r a d e p o i n t a v e r a g e s t a n d a r d for 3 i e t e r m a n d b e e n r o l l e d a s a full-time s t u d e n t .

T o p g r a d u a t i n g s e n i o r s of t h e P l y m o u t h a r e a g o t a big s a l u t e a t C o b o C o n v e n t i o n Center recently. They were among leading students from the

Several C a n t o n area graduating seniors h a v e won Schoolcraft College T r u s t e e Award scholarships for 1997-98. T r u s t e e A w a r d s a r e a v a i l a b l e for first-year Schoolcraft students w h o will g r a d u a t e f r o m a r e a h i g h schools in J u n e . R e c i p i e n t s m u s t enroll f u l l - t i m e a t Schoolc r a f t for t h e 1 9 9 7 - 9 8 school y e a r . The award r a n g e s from $800 to $1,000. Andrew J o n e s from PlymouthC a n t o n High School h a s won a $1,000 s c h o l a r s h i p . P l y m o u t h Canton s t u d e n t s winning $800 s c h o l a r s h i p s a r e : Michelle D a v i s , Robert H a l l e r m a n , D a v i d L e w i s , Elizabeth Muylaert, Brad Schroeder and Katie Swanson. P l y m o u t h - S a l e m High School s t u d e n t s w i n n i n g $1,000 scholar-

I Municipal Services is considering site plan approval for phase

one of Haggwty M . Corporate Parti West. proposed for an area west of Haggerty and south of Palmer. Phase one consists of three buildings, ranging in size from 3 5 . 0 0 0 square feet to 6 3 , 0 0 0 square feet, for a total of 1 4 9 , 4 0 0 square feet. I Municipal Services is considering Industrial site plan approval for Uvonia BuNders a 6 , 0 0 0 square-foot office and storage facility proposed for an

area south of Joy and west of Ronda Drive. Rudolph Ubbe Inc.. a 20,000 square-foot office and storage facility proposed for the northwest comer of Haggerty and Warren. I Construction is underway on the widening of Haggerty Road just north of Ford. The improvements, which are part of the Super Kmart project, also

include construction of three drive approaches and installation of a storm sewer outlet. The anticipated completion date for the paving is three weeks. In the meantime, drivers may experience some delays along Haggerty. although one lane of traffic will remain open at all times. Construction is expected to begin soon on the Norqulck buHdtng. located on Haggerty Road between Joy and Koppernick. The 77.260 squarpfoot facility will house office and warehouse space, and is expected to be completed by Dec. 1, 1997.

• t.UtT

B u r t , Leslie C a l h o u n , S a r a h C a r son, Andrew Casper, Andrea C l a r k , P a t r i c k Connolly, N a t h a n Copenhaver, David Dismondy, Supendeep Dosanjh, Jessica

Tracy Forrester, Lindsay Gallah a i r e , Nicolle Gauvin, Julie Glaza, Brian Godfrey, Jillian Gross and Marie Harrison.

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Fathers Day

For information about projects, call Canton planning services. 397-5390: infrastructure improvements and new subdivisions, call engineering services. 397-5405, and public works. 397 5441; for building and ordinance issues, call




0 T & N E W B U R G H PLAZA 3 7 3 D B W . SIX M I L E R O A D AT N E W B U R G H R O A D UVONIA (313) 8 8 1 -82
W h e n it o M i l e s t o y o u r taxes,


s h o r t - t e r m s<>lutions are

of americasf

Notice is hereby given that there will be a meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals THURSDAY, J U N E 12, 1997 AT 7:30 P.M. The meeting will be held in the First Floor Meeting Room in the Township Administration Building located at 1150 S. CANTON CENTER ROAD. The following Agenda will be discussed: Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag Roll call: Cisek, Demopoulos, Johnson. Pandit. Redtem Acceptance of Agenda 1. Paul B. Deters. Metro Detroit Signs, 23544 Hoover Road, Warren, MI 48089, representing Penske, for property located at 44444 Ford Road. Canton. MI 48187. Appealing Ordinance No. 120. Article 29 009, Section 9.1 regarding wall signs/awning signs. The request is for a variance in the total square footage allowed for a wall sign. Parcel No. 039-99-0028-005 (Building) (Tabled from May 8,1997 meeting) 2. Allen Bana. Champion Windows and Enclosures, 31391 Industrial Rd . Livonia, Ml 48150, representing Richard and Karen Bronkhurst, for property located at 42304 Glencove Court. Canton, MI 48188-1123

800 feet, more or jess

J o h n P y h t i l a of C a n t o n w a s


Detroit m e t r o p o l i t a n area's high schools w h o w e r e h o n o r e d a t t h e 4 9 t h a n n u a l H o n o r s Convocation s p o n s o r e d by t h e D e t r o i t Associa t i o n of P h i B e t a K a p p a . H o n orees from Plymouth Canton High School are: Jeffrey Ammons, M a t t h e w Amnions, M a r y A n d e r s o n , M a t t h e w Artley, Holly Bailey, L y d i a Beaudrie, Brandi B e r n a r d , T e r e s a Blasius, Stacey Burkeen, Rachel

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Public Hearing will be held on Wednesday, June 18, 1997 commencing at 7:30 p.m., for the purpose of considering the Planned Unit Development Option for property located on the north side of Plymouth Road, west of Haggerty Road, east of Edward Hines Drive. The applicant is Regent Street. Plymouth Township Assisted Living Legal description of said parcel is: Plymouth Township. Wayne County, Michigan, described as: commencing at the east 1/4 of Sec. 26, T15 R8E, Plymouth Twp. Way Co. Michigan, and proceeding thence along the E. line of said sec. N01 03' 04" W 699 06 ft and N 74' 55' 00" W 260.79 ft. to the point of beginning, continuing thence along the Nly line of Ply-mouth Rd.. N74' 55' 00" W 300.00 ft., thence S74 55' 00" W 412.13 ft.; thence S15' 05' 00" W 611.70 ft. to the point of beginning, containing 5.000 acres of land Subject to the rights of others in oil and gas leases and mineral deed ad rec'd in Wayne County records. Wayne County, Michigan Subject to the rights of others in existing sewer crossing the aforesaid parcel. Subject to all easements and restrictions of record. Tax I D. No. 029-99-0004-00 Public Hearing is required by Ordinance No. 83 and/or Subdivision Ordinance No" 32 of the Charter Township of Plymouth. (Application No. 1462' NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the application may be examined at the Plymouth Township Hall. Community Developmentjj>epartment, during regular business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Written comments will be received prior to the meeting The application, review, meeting and address for written comment is Plymouth Charter Township, Community Development Department, 42350 Ann Arbor Road. Plymouth, MI 48170. Telephone No. (313) 453-3840, Ext. 209 CAROL DAVIS, Secretary Planning Commission

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearing will be held on Wednesday, June 18, 1997 at Plymouth Township Hall. 42350 Ann Arbor Road. Plymouth. Michigan, commencing at 7:30 p.m.. for the purpose of considering the Tentative Preliminary Plat for Portsmouth Crossing, a proposed subdivision located north of North Territorial, south of M-14, east of Beck Road, west of Beacon Meadows Subdivision as required by Subdivision Ordinance No. 32. Application No. 1457 Description of property for proposed subdivision is:

** *ug~—

E m i l y Higgins. a Canton resident majoring in junior family life m i n i s t r i e s a n d C h r i s t i a n counseling at Ouachita Baptist University, was recently named co-president for the university's executive council of the Baptist S t u d e n t Union. The BSU is e s t a b l i s h e d as a m i n i s t r y a n d service organization to reach out to students, staff and faculty of the university.


s h i p s are: Nicole Roller and Casey Swanson. PlymouthS a l e m s t u d e n t s w i n n i n g $800 s c h o l a r s h i p s are: J o e l K i l p a t r i c k , T h o m a s Lewis, B r y a n Lyons, R o b i n M o o r e and T o d d M o r r o w .




B r e t t K e a r n e y , son of Mr. &

Omega/National Coed Service Fraternity and the Student Engineering Council. He also served a s s t u d e n t representative for the Electrical Engineering Curriculum Committee and was involved in t h e I n s t i t u t e of Electronics a n d Electrical Engineers.



Parcel 1: That part of the Northeast V* of Section 28 described as beginning at the North V* comer Section 28 and proceeding thence North 18 degrees 15 minutes along said center line 504.0 feet thence South 1 degree 55 minutes East 1076.0 feet to the center line of North Territorial Road, thence North 84 degrees 00 minutes West along said center line of point to the North and South % of Section 28. thence North 1 degree 46 minutea West along said 1045 0 feet to the

C a r o l E . J o y , t h e d a u g h t e r of T i m o t h y a n d P e n n y J o y of P l y mouth, was honored recently during the President's Honors and. A w a r d s Assembly at t h e U n i v e r s i t y of F i n d l a y . S h e i s a 1995 g r a d u a t e of P l y m o u t h - S a l e m H i g h School a n d is currently a sophomore pre-vete r i n a r y medicine major at Findlay.

M r s . D o n a l d K e a r n e y of C a n t o n , g r a d u a t e d recently from Michigan State University with a b a c h e l o r of s c i e n c e d e g r e e i n mechanical engineering.



JUNE 5, 1 9 9 7


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« M i



The Observer/

Opimon A16(C)

THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1 9 9 7



Bollman has right perspective


offerings the best possible. We have no doubt that Bollman will represent the voters who elect her. She is not a rubber stamp and will take the time to investigate issues confronting the school board. She is an independent thinker who can help lead the school district into the 21st century. We support her desire for a consistent curriculum t h a t won't let children fall through the cracks as they proceed into middle and high schools. Bollman is a parent whose children have gone through the Plymouth-Canton schools. She recognizes not only the problems, but the strengths of the district and intends to build on them. Bollman is a strong advocate of involving parents and staff on committees that recommend solutions for problems and issues in the district. In the 1990s, this is a far better method of resolving issues than recommendations solely from administration. Parents and staff see the effects of administrative derisions and are primed and ready to offer solutions. We believe Bollman will foster that. We also support Bollman's opinion that indeed there needs to be more discipline and enforcement in the classrooms and in the individual schools. Discipline does not hurt a child's ability to learn. If anything, it might improve the atmosphere for learning. Let's do something different. Let's make this school board election one in which the best candidate is elected. Let's not make this election a popularity contest. Casting a vote for Carol B o l l m a n will do just that.

Our choices in Wayne-Westland A

lthough things may be looking up for Wayne-Westland schools on the state financing front — thanks to the efforts of many — we still face an uphill struggle. This is a major issue facing Wayne-Westland voters as they head to the polls Monday, Jline 9. Although we don't want to ignore other issues such as curriculum and technology, everything boils down to having the money to do these things. ^That's one reason we are endorsing the candidacies of current Wayne-Westland trustees P a t r i c i a B r o w n , an incumbent and Canton resident, and challenger and former trustee Ed T u r n e r who lives in Westland. Brown and Turner would bring an element of consistency to the board and to an issue where the community must stand together and forge ahead. Both have the heart of a servant — something important when public tax dollars and especially children's issues are at stake. They are strongly committed to public education and their communities, which can be seen by the many activities in which they are involved. Neither Brown nor Turner will be afraid to vote for controversial issues if they are for the betterment of the Wayne-Westland schools. Both will take the lead in the ongoing school finance reform issue. Brown has proven herself through her aggressive approach in working with Lansing, her strong stand on tough issues like selling off school properties and her positive attitude toward sharing public information — something everyone should appreciate. She is also an advocate for new technology and for stu-

dents at risk, and has brought a strong leadership role to the board. We applaud incumbent Mathew McCusker's long history in education including his strong ties to the MASB group in Lansing. He is articulate, well-spoken and serves the district well. But we feel it's time for someone new, and Turner deserves a chance at this board seat. Turner can be seen throughout the community, whether on the YMCA board, the Westland Cable Commission or through his involvement with the Wayne-Westland Junior Miss program or elementary school programs. Although often a cheerleader for the community and school district, he also has the skeptical approach needed to review issues and make the right decisions. We offer two.cautions in this endorsement, however. During our candidate interviews, we sensed that the board is not as consolidated as it should be due to political affiliations and issues on which the board has been divided, such as the renaming of Walker-Winter school. We call on the new board to put aside these issues and work together for the good of the community. Also, there was much political posturing about the responsiveness of the current board. Whether t h a t is true, or simply a perception, we call on the new board to make a real effort to include all members of the community. Perceptions can sometimes become reality if no action is taken to counter them.

Be heard on Monday - vote N

ext Monday, June 9, voters in Canton, Garden City, Livonia, Plymouth, Redford and Westland will turn out to vote in their local school board elections. Well, some of them will. Turnouts for school elections are traditionally low, whether the elections are to select board members or to vote on bond or millage issues. Yet listen in on conversations around the office or at social gatherings. Schools and teachers are favorite topics. To paraphrase an adage: "Everyone talks about the schools, but nobody does anything about them." At least, not in the voting booth. The reason for such lack of interest on the part of registered voters is something of a mystery. It has been suggested that people who do not have children attending school feel no particular connection to the school system and

therefore no interest in helping select board members. Maybe, but that doesn't explain the low turnouts when millage or bond issues are on the ballot. Property owners have a direct connection to those issues when their tax bills come around. Another explanation for low voter turnout is that school elections tend to be scheduled at "non-traditional" times of the year, often in the summer when many people are on vacation. Some sinister theories suggest that such scheduling is done deliberately, the idea being that the lower the turnout the more likely a bond or millage issue will be approved. Well, one thing is certain. Every vote cast in any election is important. The smaller the turnout, the more important those individual votes become. Don't just talk about the schools. Go to the polls on J u n e 9. Vote.



LETTERS Two sides to

oi sney


our headline in the April 13 Travel section is begging for a reply. It read, "Disney World warm, friendly place for families. I'm glad the Joseph family did not go there on June 7, T h e Seventh Annual Gay & Lesbian Day at the Magical Kingdom" in Orlando. As other families who unknowingly happened to be there on that annual observance in the past can attest to: It is definitely not somewhere to be with your children. Walt Disney Co. - whose very name conjures up images of wholesome family fun - is under attack from religious groups that contend the company has forsaken its moral values in pursuit of the almighty dollar. In fact, the American Family Association called for a boycott of Disney theme parks, movies, retail stores and other products. Among other reasons is the fact that the world's largest "family" entertainment company has extended insurance benefits to the livein partners of homosexual employees, but not unmarried partners of heterosexual employees. Disney has come a long way since "Snow White." Actors Ernie Sabella and Nathan Lane said the characters they played (Timon, the meerkat, and pumbaa, the wart hog) in "The Lion King" are the first homosexual Disney characters ever to come to the screen," New York Times J u n e 12, 1994. Disney is the owner of several subsidiaries - most notably Miramax, Touchstone Pictures and Hollywood Pictures - which buy, produce and/or release R-rated movies. Be careful, folks - things are not as they may seem! Barb Schmid Canton

spending of that money. Vote for Suzanne Dersham on Monday, June 9, 1997. Sheryl Tripp Khoury Plymouth

Admissions policy flawed


will not argue with your editorial about state Rep. Deborah Whyman's sometimes peculiar political behavior. I will, however, take exception with your dismissal of the University of Michigan admissions policy issue as an issue that has "little to do with the daily lives of her constituents." On the contrary, I think, it is an issue that very much concerns the Canton community. We ask, cajole and push our children into academic excellence with the promise that all their efforts will be rewarded. When race and ethnicity take precedence over academic achievement as enrollment factors, our efforts and the efforts of our children become worthless and meaningless. For this reason, any admissions policy not primarily based on academic standing is fundamentally flawed because it is basically unfair. Would it not make absolute sense to concentrate our efforts in providing minority students with the education needed to help them compete academically, on an equal basis with all students, for admission to our colleges and universities instead of pursuing a policy that, in the long run, harms many and benefits few? Regardless of the state representative's motivation in investigating U-M's admissions policy: making sure the policy is fair and legal is a justified endeavor. J a n u s z M. Szyszko Canton

Dershem is their choice A vote for Dershem


uzanne Dershem is the best choice for the Plymouth-Canton school board. Although she understands the funding constraints t h a t Plymouth-Canton operates under due to Proposal A she is aware of the need to reduce the class size and improve teacher morale. Her stand on redistricting is thoughtful and balanced. Roland Thomas has had his turn on the board and freely chose to leave it. Then, without having been involved in the decision to ask for a bond issue, he played a very critical and divisive role in the election. He does not deserve a second chance on the board. What will he do now t h a t he didn't do before? Finally, fewer than three percent of the voters turned out the last time there was a school board election. Is money all people care about? Let's elect competent leadership to oversee the


e are endorsing Suzanne Dershem for school board in the June 9 election. Ms. Dershem has aptly identified the most pressing issues in the Plymouth-Canton district: staff development and relations, community awareness and involvement, and managing growth while improving programs. She already has been addressing these issues over the past months by serving on several school committees. Ms. Dershelm is an engineer by profession, her perspective of product and process design would make an excellent addition to the school board. Please take the time to study the candidates and vote on June 9. Richard and Darice Schubatis Plymouth





absence is teachers can make mistakes. 1 have been marked absent several times by teachers am writing in response to your recent article, when I was in class. I don't need the school call•Concern focuses on PCEP" (May 18). This ing my house, telling my parents I was absent I article, written with quotes from a Canton when I was in class. I teacher. Ken Smith, negatively portrays PCEP Teachers can make mistakes and I don't students as tardy smokers, swearing anrf litterblame them for it just as long as my house is not ing the halls of PCEP. Of course, that is when called because of their mistake. Another attenthey are not constantly skipping school, violatdance issue is skipping. The only defense I can ing the dress code, eating where they please, give for skipping is most people skipped at»least and when they "use undue familiarity with each once in high school. There is nothing anyone can other." do to stop it. Our parents skipped school and their parents probably skipped once or twice. I This article is just another in a series of stodon't see the problem just as long as it doesn't ries portraying PCEP as an anarchist school become habitual. with students doing anything they want. I am very disgusted with not only Mr. Smith, but Another issue in the article was brought up also the writer of the story, M.B. Dillon, for by Mrs. Pat Sarna. Apparently, when she disciwriting this biased article. I am not upset plines students, her fellow teachers think those because my opinion differs. I am upset with the students will vandalize her car. It was never way the students are portrayed without proper stated whether or not Mrs. Sarna believes this, defense. So, let me take this time to quote the but I have my own take on it. Every day, stupoints from your article, and defend the students in the auto department repair teacher's dents against these accusations. cars and I have not heard one complaint. Nor have I heard of an incident where a student First there is the source, Mr. Ken Smith. In vandalized a teacher's car at all. the article, some of the rules and regulations of the park were quoted to display how the stuTo be honest, the students probably don't dents broke the rules. It was brought to my have the time or the inclindtfoirto vandalize a attention Mr. Smith decided not to follow rules teacher's car. If Mrs. Sarna believes the comand regulations when he brought an unnamed ments spoken to her by her fellow teachers, reporter (for another publication) into school don't bother disciplining the people she sees violast week. With those actions, I hardly think the lating the rules. But if she believes the truth, reporter or Mr. Smith has any right to quote the speaking from a student's point of view, go rules of the school when they go and stomp all ahead and discipline us. I think we can matureover them. The term coming to mind is hyply handle it. ocrite. I am not saying Mr. Smith is a bad perLet me take this time to applaud the efforts of son; I have never met him. The same goes for Mrs. Patton, Dr. Little, and the supervisor of the reporter. The information I obtained could attendance at PCEP, Mrs. McGuire. They told be wrong. On the chance it isn't, I want people the truth about PCEP; a thing not easy to do to know the truth about the article. when the article is written to destroy the credibility of the park. I can only hope their opinions Then there is the manner the article was are valued as much as Mr. Smith's. written. I find it odd the reporter could not find any room on the front page to put a positive Once again, for the third time, 1 ask the edidefense of the students. It surprises me the tor of the Observer to consider writing an article defense by the honorable Canton principal, Mrs. from a student's perspective. If the paper wants Patton, could not fit on the front page. I will give to appear as non-biased, it is the only course of the reporter credit. The reporter did manage to action to take. fit two sentences of positive input about the stuThank you for your time. dents on the front page. Eric Edford P l y m o u t h Salem j u n i o r Now, the issues of the article. The first, and main point of the article is about attendance. Why does it take eight total absences for the school to notify a student's parents? Depends on S u p p o r t s bill the teacher you have. One of the teachers I had hen someone mentions the word "tradelast year called after two. It takes eight for the port," most of us wouldn't know what the school to notify parents, but it is an individual word means. State Rep. Deborah Whyman teacher's policy when they decide to call a stuwants to change that. dent's parents. However, big business interests are gambling Another reason you can't call after every

Defends students

For school board o one can say that the past year has not been a tumultuous one for the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools. Whether it's been class size, the bond issue and now the subsequent legal challenge. teacher contract negotiations or MEAP test scores, the school district, its officials and administrators have had a rough road. That's why it's so important that the new school board member - replacing Carol Bollman longtime member David Artley - have the ability to listen with balance to all sides of an issue, analyze and determine the best course of action for the district as a whole. The Observer urges district residents to elect Carol B o l l m a n . a member of the Housing and Facilities Committee and longtime PTO activist. The 18-year Canton resident is a familiar face who regularly attends school board meetings, gets involved and has a broad viewpoint of the entire district, including the Plymouths. She has paid her dues as an active parent at the elementary, middle and high schools levels. She knows the district and its players. Bollman also served on the citizens committee for hiring a new superintendent. Bollman is definitely more substance than pizzazz and glitz. She is full of studious energy. thought, common sense and a heartfelt desire to make the district and its educational





3139532252 C O R P O R A T I O N



OTM MISSION: 'Because we publish community newspaper*, we think about community Journalism in a fundamentally different way than our bigger competition. They consider themselves to be independent from the stories and communities they cover, swooping in to write the unusual or sensational and then dashing off to cover something else. We regard ourselves as both accurate journalists and as caring citizens of the communities where we work.' — Philip Power



1 9 9 7

on the fact t h a t most citizens who live in communities surrounding the Willow Run Airport aren't up to speed on the "tradeport." As a former childhood resident of Romulus, I can honestly say that I don't want to live in the "flight line" again. A tradeport at Willow Run will do just that. Along with the constant airliner thunder, we can expect to see an increase in heavy truck traffic on our roads. Big business could care leas about communities like Canton, Belleville, or Ypsilanti - they don't live here. So, what would you say to a "choice" of whether to have a tradeport or not? Some interests don't want citizens to choose. That's why Rep. Whyman has penned HB 4338, to give residents in surrounding communities the power to choose. Citizens making choices? Novel idea, you say? No, government in action the way it's supposed to be. Some of the provisions allowed by HB 4338 are: • Allows residents of adjacent communities 45 days to place a binding local referendum on the ballot. • States t h a t the ballot question could take place in any city or township adjacent to the proposed tradeport. • Declares that if any adjacent community votes to reject the tradeport, the entire project is terminated. Without this proposed legislation, local communities would suffer from noise pollution and devalued land prices caused by the enterprise zone authority. HB 4338 will allow the decision of the authority to be overruled by local citizens if they believe it is against their best interests. Concerned citizens should contact Rep. Whyman's office at 1-800-555-5021 to request a copy of this proposed legislation. The bill is currently being reviewed by members of the Transportation committee and must pass their approval before seeing any time on the House floor. It's not too late for affected citizens to become involved in a process that could very well decide the fate of several communities. F r a n k Finch Canton


the concrete stage of learning. In this stage, children need repeated hands-on experience* and activity-based lessons to be able to apply what they have learned. When teachers deviatf from this type of instruction and assessment, children show many stress-related symptoms— -»-•» According to the preeminent cognitive psy- % . chologist of our time, J e a n Piaget, the c o n c r e t e stage of development extends from age seven ^ through 11 or 12. During this stage, children's"* thoughts are limited by their actual experiences. They are only beginning to pay attention to more than one idea at a time. They are not y e t capable of dealing with abstractions or inferences. . Elementary school children are excellent observational scientists, but they are not yet ' -w able to go from a general principle to an anticipated outcome (like going from a theory to a hypothesis). The MEAP is asking children to do just this. Many of the MEAP questions for reading are not found right in the text. The children have t o apply prior knowledge to the reading selection -< a difficult task for children at this age. Prior knowledge comes from information and experi| ences in life. Schools do not control life beyond . the classroom and the range of experiences is often great. Another issue of concern is the discrepancy between Michigan's new definition of reading . * • and the MEAP. The new definition of reading states: Reading is a process which enables us to make sense of print. When we read, we use what we already know, combined with the print we see, to make sense of what we read. Reading is about making meaning. It is not about saying words. Reading does not occur unless the reader understands what h a s been read. We are not objecting to appropriate welltimed assessment tools. But the MEAP does not fit either of these criteria. We are looking for an instrument t h a t evaluates each individual's progress and strengths. This instrument would have a meaningful context and would fit our population of children. Then assessment would be closely linked to t h e reality of the active learning environments t h a t we foster in our classrooms.

MEAP test

Sheila B a r n e s , J a c k i e Hespen, Carolyn King, D e b r a MacGregor, C a r la Morrin, M a r i a n n e Wiecxorek F i r s t G r a d e Staff Allen E l e m e n t a r y S c h o o l

he purpose of this letter is to convey our concerns regarding the timing and appropriateness of the MEAP test for elementary children. The timing of the fourth grade reading and math test is inappropriate because many children in the autumn of fourth grade are still in


Cunningham gave area his vision, hope

7 2












<£ S e f e c t G a r e p r e s e n t


first met Father Bill (William just doesn't work) Cunningham in the late 1960s, shortly after he founded Focus:HOPE in response to the 1967 Detroit riots. He was an implausible figure then - an Irish priest who rode a Harley, wore his hair long and had a salesman's glitter in his eye that belied the passion in his heart. And he remained an implausible figure through the years when he was building Focus:HOPE into the largest private civil rights and social service organization in southeastern Michigan - by a wide margin the single best promoter in the state, unassailable in his clerical collar and passionate commitment to social justice. By the time he died this past Memorial Day, Father Cunningham had built Focus: HOPE from a small neighborhood feeding program into a giant firm with a product line ranging from food to day care, from remedial education to job training and master's degrees in mechanical engineering. The last time 1 saw him, he was walking gleefully through his state-of-the-art auto parts plant, all lime green hand railings and gray rubberized tile floors, running a job training operation for machinists and engineers that had just received a federal grant in excess of $1 million. • That was a far cry from the days just after the riots, when the real question - not the abstract proposition but the hard reality - was whether Detroit would simply implode from racial bitterness and poverty and despair, an implosion that would take most of southeastern Michigan down with it. : Together with his extraordinary collaborator, Eleanor Josaitia, originally a homemaker from Taylor, he founded Pocus:HOPE in 1968. The two of them made a great pair. Bill Cunningham had the vision, the passion and the charisma, while Eleanor Josaitis plowed along with h^m, bringing order out of chaos, cleaning up after the occasional mess when vision vaulted tfc> far ahead of practicality. ' FocusiHOPE was originally a volunteerbased feeding program for poor people, mostly tingle mothers with babies who would come into an abandoned factory on Oakland Boulevard looking seared and a Utile hostile and come out with a sense that somebody cared. ; But pretty soon it becams clear that merely feeding poor people wasn't going to cut i t Father Cunningham used to like the line

4 . j


about it being far better to give a starving man a fishing rod and teach him to fish than to give him fish to eat, day after day. Which explains why Focus:HOPE quickly got taken up with issues of skills and training and self-help, thanks to Bill Cunningham's great gift of figuring out how to build one thing on top of another. Some mothers originally coming in for a meal found themselves being asked to help out in the child-care center, while others quickly were ± taught to manage the warehouse and schedule the steady stream of volunteers. Job training grants brought in unskilled men to learn to use lathes and read blueprints, an activity quickly converted into a parts supplier organization which rebuilt old parts and sold them to the automobile industry. And that in turn led to a Machinists Training Institute and Center for Advanced Technologies, which have trained something like 5,000 engineers, precision machinists, technicians and manufacturing designers. By the time Bill Cunningham died. Focus:HOPE had an annual budget pushing $80 million and something in excess of 800 employees. But what Father Cunningham did for this region goes far beyond size and scope. His life's gift wss to prove conclusively t h a t s remorseless pragmatism coupled with a passionate vision could go far beyond do-good ism snd well-intentioned charity. He gave this entire region a vision and, yes, a hope t h a t with hard work from everybody things could be better. That's what heroes do. I've never known many heroes, but Fsther Bill Cunningham wss one. And HI sure miss him.

Phil Power is chairman of the company that owns this newspaper. His Touch-Tone voice mail number is (313) 963-2047, Ext 1880.

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THURSDAY, JUNE 5 , 1 9 9 7







Ok, to finish what I started




ur phone went out last week, fhe phone repair guys left in the middlf of doing their job. They never reconnectedus. Still out, too, was our compute' (still is). The electric company, actually the subcontractor guys, had trouble reconnecting stuff, too. And THOSE guys left. Boy, I sure hope this isn't* guy thing. I have all these sons! I don't want them walking out before the job's done, or leaving if they mess up. "You stick around. You see it through. You started it, you finish i t " I tejl them this all the time. And last week, even though the phone and • computer were down„l couldn't be bogged down. I had stuff to do. Wednesday morning, I packed up the double strolls, a stocked baby bag, my Very Important Fo/der (VIF) and my three athome children. In the van we went. I parked downtown. I got the stroller out and in hopped 3year-old Jack in the front and Steven I put in the back. He sat up so nicely, enjoying the sights of the rare warm May day. Off we went, with my VIF tucked under my arm and a goal tucked under my tenacity. Getting "corporate" sponsors for an athletic/ charity event was my goal for two of the days last week. Doing this for the "Champions for Charity" Gymnastic Exhibition has been just one of the 10 jillion tasks involved with this. (And because of the way of the world, I've had to tackle most all 10 jillion on my own. That's another story.)

Call to volunteer The host gym for this event is the one my daughter belongs to, the one I take her to six days a week for her practices. This gym I know well. It's a privately owned gym and it will, through this event, be heeding the call President Clinton and the former presidents of the U.S. made a few weeks ago, the call to volunteerism, to reach out and help those less fortunate than ourselves. This gym, the Michigan Academy of Gymnastics located on Hix in Westland, has a big heart and a community spirit. It's quite a place! And quite a place in other respects a s well. One of my P l e a s e s e e FAMILY ROOM, B2

wmMM ' S.'JjgfiOTjfcV V''\


scores with

forward to showing our support for be on hand for autographs sessions. van will bring two convoys, consistthe team and with all Wings fans in New Dodge/Cup Crazy key chains ing of a tractor trailer, two Dodge STAFF WRITER the area. will be distributed, and "Cup Crazy" Dakotas and a Dodge mini-van to "Hockey has been a long time trastaff members will assist in teaching Stanley Cup fever and a "goodthe dealership where participants dition for us since Detroit's original and coaching novice players on their case of laryngitis have been concan enjoy interactive hockey activi16 and Gordie Howe." techniques. ties, Slap Shot Cage, music, prizes, tracted by area Detroit Red Wing Fellows said Garden City dealerCup Crazies can also have their giveaways and more. hockey enthusiasts like the general ship owner Rob Robbins has been an photographs taken with the Foxbots manager of Crestwood Dodge in "Crestwood Dodge certainly supavid supporter of the Western Con(mascots in costume). Garden City. ports the Red Wings and their quest ference Champions, long before he Hockey enthusiasts, young and for the Stanley Cup and we're glad The local dealership will be the became a season ticket holder in old, will have the chance to we can have the Cup Crazy Car"host site of a National Hockey 1984 and shares his enthusiasm test their skill in the avan here for all of our cusLeague (NHL)-sponsored "Cup with his employees. Franklin Goal Gallery, tomers to come and particiCrazy" promotion 2-4 p.m. Friday, This is the first Cup Crazy promofeaturing three cusJ u n e 6, where participants will have pate," said Joe tion hosted by Crestwood Dodge of tomized Himmelspach, an opportunity to win two tickets for Garden City and a new event sponwooden Saturday night's Stanley Cup Crestwood gensored by The New Dodge and the goalie cut eral sales mangame. NHL. outs with According to long time Red Wing ager. target Previously, the caravan traveled Himfan and Crestwood Dodge General holes in to each of the "Final Four" market melspach said Manger Oneita Fellows, the dealervarious places, including New York, Colship is eager to share in the enthusi- all of Crestsave posiorado and Philadelphia. It will make wood's $5 employees asm with their community by hosttions. its final appearance in the metropolhave been rallying behind ing the event. itan Detroit area as the Stanley Cup Participants take three shots per the Wings and are excited to be Fellows, a die-hard Steve Yzerfinals draw to an end. round to win prizes (one per event) involved with the NHL activities. man admirer, has only missed one "This is the year!," said Fellows and goal lights will be activated Upon arrival, consumers will be play-off game since April and who's looking forward to Friday's when the targets are hit. directed to the registration doesn't expect to regain her voice event. Up to six Sony Play Stations also booth, where they will be introduced until after the Stanley Cup is in the will be placed on-site, with Sony Crestwood Dodge is at 32850 Ford to the NHL's Web site and pick up hallowed halls of Joe Louis. providing directions, game informaRoad. Garden City. For more infortheir "Cup Crazy" goody bag and "I've had laryngitis since the regution and giveaways. Staff members mation about the event call, (313) ticket sweepstakes entry card. lar play-off games and I'm loving it," also will assist on playing instruc421 5700. You must be present for Other promotions will include a said Fellows. "I'm ecstatic about the tions and tips. the NHL Cup Crazy drawing to be broadcast, sponsored by ESPN and Wings and have been an avid fan, eligible to win two June 7 play-off "The Crazy Cup Caravan will be the FOX network, featuring videos. win or lose, going way back." game tickets. lots of fun." said Fellows. "We look FOX affiliate personalities also will The New Dodge "Cup Crazy" cara BY KIMBERLY A MORTSON


w a

M> 1

New columnist tackles jfgg Confident! Be lnflf p iyl * family, parenting issues miEEEND sees clients privately a t the Northville Counseling Center and has worked with her husband, Doug, to develop a semi* nar for people who are thinking about marrying for a second time Sht? alBti iBwilly unnplcttd _ book, "The 10 Best Values Every Child Needs." While the book's title may say 10, it cont a i n s a comprehensive list of values parents need to instill in their children. Martin-Downs candidly a d m i t s t h a t n o t a l l of h e r knowledge h a s come from textbooks, but from the "war zone t r a i n i n g " with h e r son and d a u g h t e r , both of whom she s a y s s r e " s u p e r b y o n n g

W h e n i t comes t o f a m i l y i s s u e s in t h e ' 9 0 s , J a c q u e Martin-Downs wants to help parents in their goal of bringing up children with characlev and

to be writing column and as it kicks off, I i n t e n d to accomplish a very simple goal," said Martin-Downs. "My hope is to expose the people who influinvolved in


t h e

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Phil Rizzuto

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Prescribed Oxygen Specialists, Inc. 47784 Halyard (W. of Beck, between M-14 and 5 Mile) Plymouth Open Mon.- Fri. 8:30- 5:30 and Sat 9-2

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Heath Can Inc.



5, 1 9 9 7

'Little People' alumni gather for retirement picnic

The Observer! THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1997



Plymouth child care provider Bernice Lawrence and her husband, John, have a new journey ahead of them. A f t e r owning a n d o p e r a t i n g The Little People's Place for 27 years, Lawrence is retiring Friday, June 13, to take care of her h u s b a n d who is in t h e l a s t stages of Parkinson's disease. "My h u s b a n d ' s i l l n e s s h a d p r o m p t e d me to close e a r l i e r t h a n I expected," she saicT "I wanted to continue working as long as ray h e a l t h would hold out. "I really have mixed emotions about it. I really planned on cont i n u i n g (for a while). In time, things will fall into place. When I look at my new opportunity, I see more q u a l i t y t i m e for myself." • In celebration of h e r r e t i r e ment, Bernice Lawrence is inviting c u r r e n t and former "little people" and their families to a r e t i r e m e n t picnic and g r a d u a -

tion profc. a m J u n e 8 at a r C a

Development Block Grant and may be subject to federal Davis-Bacon and Equal Opportunity Clause requirements as specified in the bid package. Questions about the project specifications and federal requirements may be directed to the Resource Development Division, <313) 397-5392. Late bids will not be accepted. Canton Township reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Canton Township does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex. religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services TERRY BENNETT. Clerk Publish June 5,1997



WESTERN TOWNSHIP UTILITIES AUTHORITY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS REGULAR MEETING SYNOPSIS 4:00 P.M., M O N D A Y , M A Y 19, 1997 Regular meeting called to order at 4:03 p m Present: Karen Woodside, Kathleen Keen-McCarthyAgenda - adopted as presented. Minutes - regular meeting of April 28,19Q7 - approved as presented. Requisition 198. Requisition 199 and o p e r a t i n g expenses totaling $373,873.56 - approved. Operations and Maintenance Monthly report - received and filed. Operations Manager's Report - received and filed. Office Renovation/Storage Building - approval - approval to proceed with preparation of drawings, specifications and request for bids. Redirects - approval to proceed with preparation of drawings, specifications and request for bids. The regular meeting was adjourned at 4:38 p.m. Vice-Chairperson/Secretary, KAREN M WOODSIDE This is a synopsis A complete copy of the minutes may be reviewed at the WTUA offices located at 40905 Joy Road. Canton. MI 48187. PufalMh June 5. 1987 „

T o p of


Sunday, t h e Hill Park




5842. The party is expansion of her annual g r a d u ^ j o n c e r e . mony and picnic. "We usually have gam.., f o r the children. With some ot -he g a m e s , t h e child c o m p e t e , against the parents. That seems to go well," s h e s a i d w i t h a laugh. T h e L a w r e n c e s - who h a v e two c h i l d r e n , C o n n i e , 34, of Farmington Hills, and Jack, 42, of Clarkston - will spend winters in Florida and summers in Traverse City. She admits that she will miss being close to her six grandchildren. But she is excited about taking up new hobbies. "I'm anxious to get into fishing," she said. "We have the casting rods all ready to go. I j u s t have to learn how to cast. ItH be a new adventure. That's what we have to look forward to is a new adventure." The Little People's Place,

Family R o o m daughter's coaches at this gym is t h e 1992 O l y m p i c g y m n a s t i c champion, Tatiana Gutsu from the Ukraine. She is here, right h e r e in the U.S., in Michigan, right around the corner in Westl a n d . T h e O l y m p i c c h a m p in women's gymnastics is passing her 'knowledge on to our young girls each day. And t h e r e are o t h e r former Olympians coaching here, from STAIT PHOTO BY BILL BKESLES B u l g a r i a . This gym, with i t s Slip, sliding away: A warm spring day was good reason high-caliber coaching staff, is for Jimmy DiMilia and Abby Staber to take to the t h e v e r y one r e a c h i n g out beyond its walls and into the slide at Bernice Lawrence's Little People's Place. community to help. Just like the Lawrence is holding a reunion for Little People alumni presidents asked. And who are on Sunday to mark the closing of the day care cen ter they reaching out to? These athafter 27years. l e t e s ? These y o u n g girls and boys representing some of the strongest and most talented and promising gymnasts in the area? T h e y ' r e reaching out to some 500.000 developmentally disabled people in the U.S., the peoCHARTER TOWNSHIP OF CANTON ple with Down syndrome. INVITATION TO BID Since I was the one who came The Charter Township of Canton will accept sealed bids at the Office of the up w i t h t h e idea in the f i r s t Clerk, first floor. 1150 S. Canton Center Road. Canton. Michigan 48188, place, I got to pick the charity until 10:00 a.m., J u n e 26, 1997, for the following for this year. It's the charity I'm BALL FIELD IMPROVEMENTS, CANTON COMMONS APARTMENTS partial to, the one raising money Project specifications are available from the Financial Services Division, for Down syndrome r e s e a r c h , third floor, at the address above. This project is funded by Community

a t noon

licensed for 12 children in the. basement of the Lawrence home, offered breakfaat, a snack, and "lunch. T h e c o a r w a s baaed o n a sliding scale. During the child's stay at her center, she involved them with a number of projects to help increase their socialization skills, as well as math, biology and cooking. "In caring for t h e children, ' a n you "imagine t h e count of hc*v m a n y d i a p e r s we've charged i n 27 years? How many shoelates we've tied? How many litUe no&Pg we've had to wipe?," said Lawrence, who earned two associate's degrees from Schoolcraft College in Livonia. "It goes on and on." Running th% chijd care center takes up most af her time, she s a i d . S h e a n d h*r a s s i s t a n t s spend nearly 11 hours w t h the children, then Lawrence plans her lessons at night. Besides r u n n i n g h e r center, Lawrence is a former president of t h e P l y m o u t h E l k s Q u b ' s

from page B1

Friends of Tri. Each year, as I'd proposed back in F e b r u a r y , a different charity will be selected to be the b e n e f i c i a r y of t h e Champions for Charity Exhibition. I have to say, I'm quite proud of this idea and I'm quite proud of the fact that it's going to be reality in just a few short days, on Sunday, June 8. That's when the athletes, ages 6-17, boys and girls, and parents and families and friends will enter into the "inner sanctum" of the gym. A place rarely seen up close except through the lobby windows. There will be a "meet" portion of the program. And an exhibit i o n portion. A n d - l i k e a r e a l meet, there will be a concession stand, bleachers, programs, souvenir T-shirts, tickets, the whole ball of wax. And corporate sponsors, businesses who've helped defray the cost of ribbon/awards, printing of the programs, coaches' fees, etc. So fbr two days last week, I signed up bfcinesses, approaching them the old-fashioned way, door-to-door and explaining the who, what, where, all that stuff.

With three little ones (no babysitting available, no one else to do t h a t t a s k either), we made about two dozen stops. The stops sandwiched in between ferrying school-aged children to and from school, after-school practices and g a m e s , a n d p r e p a r a t i o n of meals, and all that regular stuff. In the middle of the first sales day, I took the children home to feed them lunch and run about the yard a bit. Slight problem in accomplishing that. I'd lock the keys in t h e v a n s t i l l p a r k e d downtown. Well, home is only about a mile or so away and the sky was clear and it was warm, so away we went. Mary, a friend, spotted us and drove us home. We ate, cleaned up, and began our walk back to the van downtown. We stopped in a few more places on the way. My little ones are not ideal sales call companions. I think it's probably best to do a sales call on one's own. I seriously think that. Btit I didn't have that luxury. In the plumbing supply place, with the s h o w r o o m of toilets, Jack decided, or maybe it was the power of suggestion, that he

CANTON TOWNSHIP PLANNING COMMISSION CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF CANTON NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO THE ZONING ORDINANCE OF THE CHARTER TOWNSHIP OF CANTON. WAYNE COUNTY. MICHIGAN. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to Act 184 of the Public Acts of 1943 of the State of Michigan, as amended, and pursuant to the Zoning Ordinance of the Charter Township of Canton that the Planning Commission of the Charter Township of Canton will hold a Public Hearing on Monday, June 16, 1997, in the First Floor Meeting Room of the Administration Building. 1150 S. Canton Center Road at 7:00 p.m. on the following proposed amendment .to the Zoning Ordinance: ZONING ORDINANCE TEXT AMENDMENT (97-1) - Consider request from Danny Yeri, 18442 Van Road, Livonia, Michigan to amend Section 17.02.B by adding Automobile Wash Establishments as a Special Land Use in the C-3, Regional Commercial District, subject to the provisions in Section 6.02.D. Written comments addressed to the Planning Commission will be received at the above address uptothe time of the hearing. PubU*

J u M 5.199T







(313)981-0240 \ >

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN t h a t the Charter Township of Canton, 1150 Canton Center S, Canton, Michigan will accept sealed bids up to 10:00 a.m.. June 18,1997 for the following:

HISTORIC TRAVI8 HOUSE - ELECTRICAL WORK All bidders are required to attend a bid meeting at the Travis House site, 500 N Ridge Rd, Canton, MI on Friday, June 6, 1997 at 10:00 a.m. for a project walk through and to receive detailed bid information regarding the project. Questions about the project may be directed to the Resource Development Div, (313) 397-5389. The Township reserves the righttoreject any or all bids. The Township does not discriminate on the of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services Pub)«h June 5.1997



5*4 Over 11,000 Square Feet of Modem Training Equipment SPUTZ Gymnastics will provide an experienced staff dedicated to chlng your child fun, fitness and safe gymnai istics Classes for children of all ages and abilities... Swinging Monkeys Preschoolers Age 2-5

DEVELOPMENT SPUTZ Program Gymnastic Team Children Age 6-12 Competitive Levels 5-10 Registration Beginning June 2 J, 1997 Our 6 Week Summer Session Begins July 7. 1997 For More Information, Call ( 3 D ) 416-1) 1010 7707 Honda Dr. • Canton



_ _ _

had to "go" a n d how h a n d y it was to have a whole room of toilets. Luckily, I can hear two conversations at once a n d compreh«ijid them. I e x c u s e d myself frofcj thti person I was speaking w i t h and s a v e d J a c k a n d his f a m i l j a significant a m o u n t of embarrassment and mess. And I got a sponsor! The next day I made another dozen stops, in the rain, out of the rain, with little ones. Out ofthe 24 stope in 30 hours, I had f o u r businesses b e c o m e sponsors. A bunch told me to come back, for some it would be a second time,-or third time, one, a fourth. I persisted. 9tick to it. See it through. Finish w h a t you start. Really, it's the only way. If you have a question or comment for Karen Meier, a Plymouth resident, call her at 9532047, mailbox number 1883, on a Touch-Tone phone, or write her at The Observer Newspapers, 36251 Schoolcraft, Livonia 48150.

Beaumont-Rutledge Daniel and Patricia R * " 1 " " " " ' of Livonia announce the engagem e n t of their d a u g h t e r , Trisha Renae, to Gary James Rutledge, the son of Robert and Betty Rutledge, also of Livonia. T h e bride-to-be e a r n e d h e r associate's degree in b u s i n e s s f r o m Henry Ford C o m m u n i t y C o l l e g e in D e a r b o r n . S h e i s employed at First Chicago NBD. Her fiance, employed by t h e S t a t e of Michigan, e a r n e d his associate's d e g r e e in c r i m i n a l justice at Schoolcraft College in Livonia. A S e p t e m b e r w e d d i n g is planned in Garden City.

Reynolds-Kilgore Robert and Kathleen Reynolds of P l y m o u t h a n n o u n c e t h e engagement of their daughter, Pamela Ann, to Jason Scott Kilgore, the son of John and Linda Kilgore of Lake, and Lucy Dueck of Athens, Texas. The bride-to-be will graduate this spring froffi Michigan State University with a degree in horticulture design/build. Her fiance is a 1995 graduate of Michigan S t a t e U n i v e r s i t y a n d is employed by Resource Management Group Inc. A S e p t e m b e r w e d d i n g is planned at the Reynolds' Plymouth home.

Sealed proposals for the City of Plymouth 1997 Joint and Crack Sealing Program will be received by the City Clerk, City of Plymouth, Michigan, 201 S. Main Street, until 2 00 P.M on Wednesday, June 11. 1997 at which time the proposals will be publicly opened and read aloud. The work includes preparing and sealing joints and cracks in bituminous and concrete pavements Major Estimated Quantities are: Preparation and Sealing of Joints and Cracks 60,000 Linear Feet Hot-Poured Sealing Compound , 15,000 Pounds The Contract Documents may be obtamed from Dietrich, Bailey and Aaaoaatee. P.C.-, 107 South Main Street, Plymouth, Michigan on or after Wednesday. May 28. 1997 for a nonrefundable charge of $20 00 per set Bid documents will he ailed for an additional charge of 16 00 The Contract Documents may be examined at the Ctty of Plymouth Building Department and at the office of Dietrich, Bailey and Associates. P.C., 107 South Main Street. Plymouth. Michigan on ur after Wednesday May 28 without charge. Each proposal shall be accompanied by a Certified Check in t h e amount of 8 * of the b»d, payable to the Owner, as security for acceptance of the contract A bid bond in the Michigan Standard Form issued by an approved surety company may be ftirniahed in lieu of a Certified Check No bidder may withdraw his proposal within 80 days after the date set far the opening thereoC The right is reserved by the Owner to reject any or all proposals, either in whole or in part, and to waive any irregularities therein. DBA FUe 2152 > i l l i lui t a w

Want to announce your special date? Engagements, weddings, birth an anniversary announcements appear in the Thursday edition of T h e O b s e r v e r . P r e p r i n t e d f o r m s for e n g a g e m e n t s , weddings and a n n i v e r s a r i e s are available at our Livonia office, 36251 Schoolcraft. Livonia, or at




our Plymouth office, 794 S. Main St., Plymouth. Birth announcements can be submitted in writing at either office. For more information, call Sue Mason in Livonia at (313) 9532131. For a recorded message on submitting announcements, call (313) 953-2065.


and Leo D. Selasky of Livonia a n n o u n c e t h e e n g a g e m e n t of their daughter, Bethanie Lyn, to Todd James O'Donnell, the son of Pamela- O'Donnell of Walled Lake and Ronald O'Donnell of Livonia. The bride-to-be is a graduate of Ladywood High School and is studying nursing at Schoolcraft Colle^fe. Her f i a n c e is a g r a d u a t e of Livonia Churchill High School and Walsh College with a bachelor of a r t s degree in business administration. He is employed as a supervisor on purchasing by the Ford Motor Co. An August wedding is planned at St. Edith Catholic Church in Livonia.

B o n n i e K i s t l e r of Y p s i l a n t i a n n o u n c e s t h e e n g a g e m e n t of her daughter, Deanna Lynn Corm a n , to M a t t h e w D e n n i s Williams, the son of Dennis and Phyllis Williams of Redford. The bride-to-be, the daughter of t h e l a t e L a r r y J . C o r m a n , received her bachelor of business administration degree from E a s t e r n Michigan University. She is employed at Great Lakes Bancorp as an account representative. Her fiance received his bachelor of business administration degree from the University of M i c h i g a n - D e a r b o r n . He is employed at I n s t r u m e n t a t i o n Laboratory, Inc., as a systems planned at St. Luke L u t h e r a n administrator. ' • * A S e p t e m b e r w e d d i n g is Church in Ann Arbor.




Robert and Ellen O'Reilly of Houston, Texas, announce the engagement of their daughter, S h a n n o n E i l e e n , to Scott Christopher Campbell, the son of Clark and Linda Campbell of Fort Worth, Texas. The b r i d e - t o - b e is a 1989 graduate of Piano East Senior High School and a 1994 graduate of the University of Texas with a bachelor's degree in psychology. S h e is a p h y s i c i a n assistant student at the University of Texas Medical branch. She will graduate in August. Her fiance is a 1988 graduate of Boswell High School and a 1993 graduate of the University of Texas with a bachelor of science d e g r e e in sp e e c h . He is employed with the P r u d e n t i a l Insurance Company in Austin, Texas.

J o a n n and Ronald Fischer of Livonia announce the forthcoming marriage of their daughter, C h r i s t i n e M a r i e , to G r e g o r y Raymond Pagnucco, the son of Teddy Pagnucco and Rino Pagnucco, both of Livonia. The bride to be is a 1987 graduate of Livonia Stevenson High School and a 1992 graduate of t h e U n i v e r s i t y of M i c h i g a n Dearborn. She is employed as a data entry supervisor at Michigan Credit Union League/Cucorp. in Southfield. Her fiance is a 1984 Livonia C h u r c h i l l High School a n d a 1990 g r a d u a t e of E a s t e r n M i c h i g a n U n i v e r s i t y . He is employed as a machine operator at D e t r o i t Diesel Corp. in Detroit. A J u n e wedding is planned at St. Gerald's Catholic Church in

A Sept. 6 wedding is planned a t O a s i s on L a k e T r a v i s in Austin.

iO The ^


to larger quarters

Raymond House Inn at Lake H u r o n

e s o r r D I C K ' S

Built m 1BB3 as youth Hjvtni Finn' Knott Inn view al gardens and lake A

• Continental Breakfast »n Ihe dw Si with rN'

Upholstery Shop

All American City i i a rautC Guests enjoy Tulip Time, Lake Michigan activities. golf, tennis. bikinfhdDiigtnuk, art & antique shops, summer theatre, exceptional dining, fall colors, crass-country skiing in winter Saugatuck Resort is only If miles away. A visit t o o u r

I 2l)4>0 I ;irmiii!>ton l \ d . I I V( ) \ I A (N ol S k ln»i»l« i .ill iKiiKs irum \ivrcv ii.ikcn I Iuv, 7 6 2 - 0 1 5 9

» t 5 Rooms PflvSB • Luxury Ppnihouse |.KUif Suites .trad HtsBvu Rooms • The Inn Gallery -i." premises! tealuw Mary Hammers ruiginal (.ontemfxwarv an work*

rustic and comfortable Bed anc! Breakfast nestled in the middle of 4 0 acxes of pi ne and cedar trees Relax In this nature lovers paradise


Baiting Coif. Be+chn laib Vear By

& V*th Shorr Dmt South • South Havm, M 49WQ blb»U"»8943

(616) 396-1316


09601 HUFFMAN LAKE ROAD VANDERBilT. MICHIGAN 49795 near Gaylord 6I6-S49-2560

Air Condilmned • Open through Ot tuber

8 E a s t 24th S t r e e t Holland, M i c h i g a n 49423


Victorian Luxury Getaway Pamper-fitness studio Special midweek rates Golf-scuba-fish Packages. 1-800-622-7229 IV-


To place an ad in this directory, Please call: June


Port Sanilac, 50 miles N ot'Port Huron


r T T s s r i V


Located 108 Queen Si. N isgars-on-the- Lake O n t a r i o . Canada LOS 1 J O

Chris Knight

I Where the feeling of htstory will lurround you I I It is the oldest, continuous, estiblisbed. I commercial property tn upper Canada These I newly rrnovated suites will provide luxurious J visit to the old town Two Bedroom Victorian Suite, Two Bedroom Browns tone Suite Each fully equipped kitchen. TV. plus all luxuries of home lot four people Ijk atrd J blacks from Shaw Theater, restaurants xnd unique Shopping Fax 9 0 5 468-3121 Phone 905 468-5707

DEALING WITH A WET BASEMENT A wet basement ranks right up there with a leaky roof as a major cause of concern to prospective buyers. If you have a water problem, it is unlikely that it will go unnoticed. If the buyer's don't Dotice the problem


take a closer look. Buyers are very vulnerable to attacks of "buyer's^ remorse", so they might use this as justification for backing out of the transaction. You should handle any water problems before your agent begins to market your home. If you have a problem with the basement, honesty is the only policy. Be ready to provide a from a reliable waterl | H | company what caused the le „ what was done to correct the situation. Wet basements can usually be handled by rather inexpensive means. If the dampness is caused by clogged gutters or misdirected downspout*, it may be corrected by building up the soil around the base of the house. Your Realtor may be able to provide you with • list of companies that specialize in making wet basement problems go away. If you are consider ng a move, call C h r i s Knight at Coldwell Banker Schweitzer Real Estate, 313-463-6800


The National House Inn


1835 —

"Distinctive Overnight lodging in Michigan's Oldest Operating Inn" 1997 W inter
March 2 1 4 2 2



< $ >




Lm atn/ on beautify/1 utkc Huron Ostoda. .Muhtnan

S17-736-S2B4 • FAX SIT-73*43*4 HOO 17 $ S 2 S 4

In-roocn >acuzzit, fireplaces. Iskeviews, outdoor h o t - t u b s , all private baths. Anniversary. Birthday and Romantic getaways Reduced mid-week rates.



Toll Free 888-240-7957 447 Butler Saugatuck, Michigan

• 33 Mites to Soo A Casino

P.O. Box 278 • Hodeck Street Cedarville. M I 4 9 7 1 9




Harbor Springs, Ml

$ 6 7 . O O {+ tax) f o r 2 Private baths A/C

Q u e e n beds S m o k e Free

Cable TV

Hot J u b & Spa


Secluded and very romantic


fLoeasa South ol Katemioo) MEMOON COUNTRY MM 440 W. Mam Mendon Ml 4907 1-800-304-3366

THE UNCTUARY at W1LDWOOO 58136 M 4 0 JONES. Ml 49061 1-800-249-5910

• Jacuzzi • Firaptacos • Special Getaways • Golf • Canoeing Packages • MiO-Week Discounts NXWitty://ww»rt»«H0MHtry com/md or/ saw



• G*A


• Golf Facilities Neaitoy

• 20 Miles to Drummond Island

Bed A Breakfast




• 30 Miles to Ferry for Mack mac Island



44- Mafic

Bed &

LeiCheneaux Islands



Palmer Lake

eneaux • 3 Rooms Overlooking ihe


_ . „j ihe heart of Dou ntou n Saugatuck •] l\ Private Baths • Private Phone i\ • Air conditioned "/ Most summer weekends available r/




Saugatuck's Newest B&B ' Turn of Centurv Victorian Elegance V

102 S. Marshall. Ml IVOM ( 6 1 ft) 7 8 1 - 7 3 7 4






B r e a k f a s t




How you can reach us




women's auxiliary, Vivian's Club, and a former member of the Sweet Adeline's Chorus in Farmington Hilts A hospice volunteer, Lawrence is founder and president of the Pink Rose Club, an organization dedicated to the members' mothers. "On M o t h e r ' s D a y , we were taking corsages to some of the m o t h e r s in t h e n u r s i n g home and the senior h o m q / she said. "We would ( a l s o ) h a v e g u e s t speakers (at meetings). We had a few w o m e n a t t o r n e y * who spoke about how t h e i r mother played a role in achieving their present careers." Besides her mother, Lawrence said, the children she's cared for for 27 years inspire her. "It seems a s t h o u g h they'.ve touched our lives in same way we've touched theirs," she said. "I want to express my appreciation to all the parents who have entrusted me with the honor and privilege of caring of their children for all these years."


118 Woodman 616-639-2161

South Haven, MI 49090

/-.«/»v i rrfaxinn -ftry on fohuftftt/ /In/ntrr / >»/r Malt Hour from Snioshewans

c h e c k ofrt our w e b page at w w w . r i v e r c o u n t r y . c o m / palmer .Kid re«»



The 06»eruer/.THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1997

The Observer!THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1997


Casual Day benefits UCP

Luck of tha

ANNIVERSARIES Carravallah Raymond and Geraldine Carravallah of Livonia will renew their wedding vows at a Mass at

St. Damian's Church and, then a t t e n d a reception, given by their children, at Sacred Heart Byzantine C a t h o l i c Church Activities Center in observance












$14.95 ALL YOU CAN EAT & M O R E & MORE...! C H I L D R E N 12 fr U N D E R 1/2 P R I C E C H I L D R E N U N D E R 5 EAT F R E E Village, just 3 miles

off 1-75, Exit #53, North, Joslyn Rd, in Lake Orion.

please call:

John and LoiB Breen of Livonia celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by cruising the Mississippi River aboard the Mississippi Queen and attending the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Ky. The couple exchanged vows May 3, 1947, a t Whitfield Methodist Church in Detroit. She is the former Lois R. Smith. Six-year residents of Livonia, they have two children, Michael of Petoskey and John of Westland. • # A U.S. Navy veteran, serving from 1941 to 1945, he retired 14 years ago after working for the Otis Elevator Co. and Wayne County. She has been retired six years from Wayne County Cir-

Thomas and Anastasia Trygier celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary with a surprise dinner reception and pool party, given by their children at their daughter home in Livonia. The Livonia residents were married on June 1. 1957, at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Dearborn Heights. She is the former A n a s t a s i a Koch. The couple has five children John and wife Jill of West Chester, Ohio. Lisa and husband Ken of Pinckney. Vickie, Tom and wife Patty of Livonia and Christine and husband Lou. also of Livonia - three grandchildren and two step-grandchildren. Retired five years ago from Commercial Steel Heat Treating, He enjoys reading. She retired from the from Kroger Co. three

years ago. She likes to travel and work around their home. The couple's favorite activity is spending time with-their grandchildren.

k i d s night TIGERS VS MARLINS JUNE 16 AT 7:05 PM Kids, bring a Beanie Baby to Tiger Stadium on Kids Night and get in for just $1. Plus. Beanie Babies will be given out to li ii^ok y fans throughout the game!


cuit Court. They are active in World Medical Relief, the American Red Cross and Newburgh United Methodist Church.

Lloyd and Louise Martin of Garden City will be the guests of honor at a 50th a n n i v e r s a r y party held at Hawthorne Valley in Garden City. The couple exchanged vows on June 21, 1947, in Cookeville, Tenn. She is the former Louise Dockery. Forty-two-year residents of Garden City, they have three children - Shirley Martin of Garden City, Beverly Pabirzis of Canton and the late Ronald Martin. They also have one grandchild and one great-grandchild. Retired six years, he was employed by General Motors for 40 years while she worked as a


Francis and Patricia Anita Barevich of Westland recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. The couple was married on J u n e 7, 1947, at St. J o s e p h Church in Hamilton, Ont., Canada. They have three married children - Francis Walter Barevich and wife Rachel of Savannah, Ga., Cynthia Margaret DeWulfShipley and husband John of G e r m a n y , and Patricia Ann Barevich and husband Joe Lapinski of Belleville. The Barevichs'also have three grandchildren - Francis Raymond Barevich of Chicago, Miriam Patricia Barevich of Pigeon,


PAWS Birthday Celebration Special appearance by Florida mascot "Billy the Martin" Hot Dogs, Pizza Slices and Cokes for just $1 1 Kids Run the Bases* 'Posgame wutner oenmttmg


»• For tickets call 248-25-TIGER Groups of 20 or more call 313-963-2050

Say "congratulations" to that special , graduate with an ad in your hometown { newsj;paper! * Select one of the three ee Thursdays you wish your message to appear: May 29th, June 5th, or June 12th, 1997

biscuit maker for Hardee's for five years. They are active in the Church of Christ.


and Jeremiah Michael Lapinski of Belleville - and two greatgrandchildren - Devon Renee Stegall of Pigeon and Isaac Lee Barevich of Chicago.

(There are five average words per line)


o/o APY


CONCIATLHATIONS TARAH! We lmw you could do it You made it look easy and w* want you to know how proud we are that you are Vafedklorian:

w .a,,.ti» «p,rtnfortol

lo**, Mom, Dad. and Aaron


* reading, watching TV, "junken and competitive arguing" and being "couch potatoes."



Can Do tt.m




313-697-4710 MM H1111 RTJ I14.1




"Where Kids Can Have Funf

Quality hourly drop-In chiki care Mon -Thurs Bam - 10pm Frl. 8 a m - 1 a m • Sat. 9 a m - l a m Sunday Noon-8pm

2 montha to 12 Years ot Ago 7305 Orchard Lake Rd

N. ot u Mile 2 4 8 - 7 3 7 - 5 4 3 7 KIDS


>poliUn IVtrort. Rraarh ofllr** ihrmmfe OatofB. Kalaawnn, Owesae. I W , O m a n * and O k m e a . Edandafl Nxjti and M t e w * • mem branch* The minimum bMancatoopan an account and obtain the A n n u l PercecMge Yield (APY) la $600 Subetantial penally may be impoeed lor early iMttdrpesl. Ollm subject to Chang* wttfiout no*». Bueineee or tuotowd account* not eagtte. APY accurate a t ol May 14.1997—



Nutritional Meals


(24«) 5*9-9424


(UMm • If I t

• AN* MUSK Drama

• S c i e n c * • Outdoor Activities • Water Play • Computer • Special Visitors

IK$77 Sevtbfirid U < Utfcrap Vfflagt

a i m * . ta HIU • F> r «u««» mile

424-atSO FuH & Halt



Days Available


Redford Township Community Festival At Belle Creek Park (Five Mile and Inkster)


June 1 2 t h r u 1 5 , 1 9 9 7

Irostate cancer is the most common cancer in men When caught early, it can be cured! Men who are at least 50 years old are at risk Those who have a family history of the disease or who are African American are at risk at age 40 and older. The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center is offering free screenings:

Thursday 6 pm t o 1 0 pm...Friday 6 pm to 1 1 p m Saturday Noon to 1 1 pm.,.Sunday Noon t o 9 pm Celebrating 10 years... Thursday night ride armbands $ 1 0 Friday. Saturday & Sunday armbands "still only" $ 1 2 FREE • LIVE E N T E R T A I N M E N T


FREE - C a r i c a t u r e d r a w i n g s

C** v f

FREE - Car Cruise - Friday night

^ ^

P o n v R i e s - Thursday $1 'special"


Friday. Saturday & Sunday still only $1 50

Annual S o f t b a l l Q l f f l f

F R E E - Drawing - F R E E Prizes - every dav

FREE - Robinsons Racing Pios

Screenings take less than 10 minutes anB include a free PSA test. Parking is free Sign up today—space is limited

Thursday 5 30 pm (Claude Allison Par*)

every dav Saturday Car « W W 10 «m-3 p m Sponsored by: George Matick Chevrolet

FREE . F i r m e r Johns P o t t i n g F a r m - Sat & Sun 2 om-7 pm S p o n s o r e d by Henry Ford Medical C o n f e r Redford n t * Nwreery

FREE - Kandu a Company Magic ft Oamo Show

every day

S p o n s o r e d by Apple L a n d s c a p i n g & N u r s e r y




Saturday Is Kids Pay 10 am to 4 pm

TOO: (3131647-6254

S p o n s o r e d by Correct C a r e C h i r o p r a c t i c a n d Apple L a n d s c a p i n g S N u r e o r y 10 30am Sack Race (ages 6-15) Penny Hunt (ages 2-6) 11 30am Diaper Dertry (crawling age Children) 3-legged Race (ages 6-15) 12:30pm Back to Back (ages 7-15) Shoe Kicking (all Ages) Hot Dgg Eatmg (ages 12-17) S p o n s o r e d by H e f t f ' e 1 30pm BuObte Gum (ages 6-12) Tug-A-War (ages 12-17) 230pm TicTacToe Toes (ages 6-17) Ronatd McDonald Show 3 30pm Pie Eating cootesi (ages 8-16) (Happy Meal Show)

Call 9 am to 130 pm. Monday through Friday

M i d w a y P r o v i d e d By: ARNOLD AMUSEMENTS



Thursday A4

T h e S l u e H g s - S:30 t o 7 : 3 0 p m (Detract own musical men m Hue) Motor City B r a s s Band • 8 t o 1 0 p m apses-erf »y U M w p b j a mmrnry

Friday T b a Shindig - 7 t o 11pm Back by popular demand (S0'a/60*a/Current)

Saturday tiSmm *D, UCS



F R E E - Merrv-Go-Rouod Ride - with coupon

Call (810)473-6400 o r (800)326-5959 (W l i t lar w MWj t i w Burnt t m miHimi «s»)

h f a u » f a t a p r t a liitom

Certified StaH • State \kmd Factty 6:30 am-6:oo pm Kaimkfofn»• MMttwri MetMi

at 313-953-2099 for more information regarding advertising for this directory!

Sponsored by Charter Township of Redford

Wednesday, June 25—6:30 to 9 pm, I'-.M Center for Specialty Care in Livonia Thursday. June 26—5:00 to 8:30 pm. I'M Cancer Center in Ann Arbor

W it

give June a call

TLC PRESCHOOL Open (Vsaf Round! 7anv6prt • fwi aat M s e t i i i e » AGES24-6 ""427-0233 • FsM and rw0 day progrsma • $>i*i*ed . Concamad Se«i INKSTER SO • IMittMSnaisalLiAMi


Northville. Parents will have the opportunity to share, learn and heal in the presence of other bereaved parents To register or for more information, call the Arbor Hospice B e r e a v e m e n t D e p a r t m e n t at (313) 677-0500 or t800> 7635764.

Get mxfy bra reunion wtth Mother Nature. wathaS39Neu> Patient consultation '


ummer is on its way and thousands of kids will need supervised care...


Licensed Since 1984

3610 W Maple Rd

forms support

Parents who have experienced the death of a young child or teen are invited to join Arbor Hospice's 10-week support and e d u c a t i o n a l group, s t a r t i n g Thursday, June 12 . The Circle of Love will meet 79 p.m. at the First Presbyterian C h u r c h , 200 E. Main St.,

H «< L-K



Dr Rowe is a board




Ages 2 weeks to 17 years • Lesson Plans Used • Certified Teachers • Drop-ins Welcome

receive an additional raffle ticket, for a total of five tickets. Call the UCP Caaual Day Hotline at (810 ) 557-5070 or liaten' to The River 933 FM for Caaual_ Day updates. United C e r e b r a l Palsy o Metropolitan D e t r o i t t u r n obstacles into opportunities fo people with cerebral palay ant other disabilities who are eage to experience life to the fulleet. People deemed unemployabl are holding down jobs; young sters with significant disabilities are being educated alongsid their peers; people destined fo institutions are living indepen dently with the aid of commun ty supports.

are S rectory


Even if you think you've explored every option, get the opinion ol Michael S Rowe. M.D. belore you spend another sunny day with twcwiimensional flowers


( D b s m r e r ft Eccentric

h e r i t a g e and o w n e r s h i p of a Ford dealership connects this treasured piece to the history of the Ford automobile. It will be a grand showpiece to display in our dealership." Also attending the luncheon was estate director Donn Werling and the dinner-dance coc h a i r s Jack and C l a u d e t t e Rourke who solicited the gift from Waterford on behalf of Fair Lane. Fellow co-chairs Bob and Ann Knoop were unable to attend the celebration. More than $24,000 was raised through the raffle. The money will be used to u n d e r w r i t e a study bf the estate roof, slated for repair this spring.

for Detroit, a $2 discount coupon from Harmony House, and a raffle ticket for a drawing on July 11 in the UPC offices in Southfield.. Raffle prizes include a Las Vegas vacation for two (including airfare and hotel accommodations, $100 and $50 gift certificates from Harmony House. The new, limited edition Detroit Casual Day T-shirt was proyided, pro-bono by local design firm Graphinity, Inc. The T-shirt can be obtained through UCP for a $20 contribution, which also entitles the donor to three additional raffle tickets. Tshirts in sizes 2XL and 3XL also are available for $22 and $25 respectively. Those donors will

F r e e S p i r i t Day C a r e & l e a r n i n g C e n t e r

We can improw your viewed nature by enhancing vour picture o( health with new treatment lor allergy and asthma


Send check or money order along with your photo ana message to: Observer & Eccentric Newspapers 36251 Schoolcraft, Livonia, Ml 48150

C L A S S 1 F I E O

15-month CD

Canton r e s i d e n t Thomas Shankie walked away with a one-of-a-kind "new car" after winning a special raffle held to benefit the Henry Ford Estate. The owner and president of Friendly Ford in Monroe won a crystal Model T Ford, created and donated by Waterford Ltd., Ireland. Only 250 tickets, costing $250 each, were sold for the raffle. The ticket was d r a w n at the April 26 Henry Ford Estate Dinner Dance, held at the Ritz-Carlton in Dearborn. Edsel B. Ford II, honorary chair of the event with his wife, Cynthia, drew the lucky ticket. Shankie and his wife J u d y received the crystal work of art at a celebratory luncheon held last week at the Pool Restaurant of the Henry Ford Estate. The estate, on the campus of the University of MichiganDearborn, was named Fair Lane after a road in Ireland near the Ford ancestral farm. "Judy and I am thrilled and honored to be the lucky recipient of this wonderful piece of Waterford Crystal," he said. "Our Irish

A national landmark designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Plagued by a leaky roof, the estate has been plagued by a leaky roof for many years. The l e a k s have forced the staff to plastic sheeting in the attic to catch rain and melting snow and in some places, mushrooms can be found growing in the rafters. Estimates to create a functional roof while maintaining the existing roof line is $75,000 to $1 million. The estate is open regularly to tours, dining, special events and educational programs. For more information, call (313) 593-5590.

Prostate Cancer Screenings

(Messages with pholos may b e mailed by the preceding Thursday i

Messages are only $2.00 per line with a 3-line minimum.


Canton auto dealer wins 1-of-a-kind Waterford 'car'


Carl and Noreen Pulford of Beaverton, Minn., celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at the Ceader Ave Inn in Gladwin. The couple exchanged vows May 9, 1947, in Toledo, Ohio. She is the former Noreen Norris. Twenty-two year resident of the western Wayne County area, they have six children - Kathy of Gladwin, Karen of Canton, Mike of Livonia, Alan of Whitmore Lake, Gary of Stockbridge and Scott of Las Vegas, Nev. They also have six grandchildren. He is a 13-year r e t i r e e of March Chevrolet, she is a homemaker. Their interests include golfing, boating, walking, craft shows and the American Heart Association. They also enjoy

Bonus Kids Night Stuff

Photo opportunity: You may also chbose to have your graduate's picture included. A photograph will acid 12 fines to your ad and must be submitted with your message.

Proceeds from the "car" raffle benefited the Henry Ford Estate.





It's that time of year again to get casual for a cause. Monday, June 23, has been set aside as the sixth annual United Cerebral Palsy of Metropolitan Detroit Caaual Day. Last year, more than $1 mil- ' lion was raised for UCP by local i n d i v i d u a l s , b u s i n e s s e s , law firms and financial institutions. The money helped support services to more than 7,000 people. Employees at participating businesses are asked to make a voluntary contribution of $5 to UCP. In addition to benefiting thousands of people with disabilities, employees will be able to dress in casual a t t i r e for one day, receive an official Casual Day button designed specifically


(248) 391-5780

That Special Graduate!

a lucky draw for Thomas Shankie and wife Judy of Canton who won the oneof-a-kind Waterford ' crystal sculpture of a Model T, valued at




For more information,

of their 50th wedding anniversary. Forty-four-year residents of _ Livonia, they exchanged vows on June 3, 1947, in St. Martin's on M C g f the Lake in Detroit. She is the former Geraldine Culton. The Carravallahs have 12 children - James and wife Cecilia, Robert and wife Camille, Judith Mueller and husband Robert, Michael and wife C a t h i e , Edward and wife Debbie, Janice Lovier.,Mary. Jean Orlikowski and husband Julian, Raymond, Theresa S e a r s and h u s b a n d Doug, Leonard and wife Laura for 10 years, while she worked and David and wife Ann-Marie. for Roller Bearing for four years. They also have 28 grandchilHis interests include the St. dren. Damien's Men's Club, gardening Retired 8 1/2 years, he worked and walking. Her interest is in for Commercial Steel Treating the daily m a n a g e m e n t of her Corp for 35 years and Valeron children and grandchildren.



King's Court is located at Canterbury

draw: It was


Saturday Trilogy • 1 t o Spm

(50s/60a/current) Rich t d d y Sand . 7 to 11pm

(a mixture) J u s t i c e • N o o n t o 4 p m (new to the festival this year) (Country) Lonoetor C o u n t r y D a n c e Oroup • 4 t o (and dance demonstrations during Waco breaks) W a c o - 1 t o S p m (Country)






R A * 06#EN>«R/THURSDAY, JUNE 5 , 1 9 9 7 The

6 B *

O f t a e r v e r / T H U R S D A Y , JUNE 5, 1997

Your Invitation to Worship

As space permits, the Observer & Eccentric Newspapers print, without charge, announcements of class reunions. Send it he 'J?f°rm3tion to Reunions, Observer & Eccentric Newspapers, 36251 Schoolcraft. Livonia 48150. Please include the date of the reunion and the first and last name of at least one contact person, and a telephone number.

Mail Copy To: O B S E R V E R & E C C E N T R I C N E W S P A P E R S 3 6 2 5 1 Schoolcraft, L i v o n i a 4 8 1 5 0






BETHEL BAPTIST TEMPLE 2 9 4 7 5 W Six Mile, Livonia 525-3664 or 2 6 1 - 9 2 7 6


Sunday School Morning Worship Evening Worship Wed Family Hour

1000 AM 11 00 A M 6:00 PM 7 15 PM

JUNE 8th 11 00 a m . ~He Refused" 6 GO p m . What Is Gambling?" JUNE 9-12 CHILDREN S VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 7 p m.-8 30 p.M

Pastor 8 Mrs H L Petty






ilU'lMnrn Mi.htfjf* A»* h % jit


H1 i

Pastor | o h n

<313>728-2180 C H U R C H ool 4:) SuiVl.iv N.IRSIN11 8:1Pastor Virgil V Humes. VSOL>I<-%djv PIDIM' S m u t FI:!*) |I.M. C h i l d r e n . Votilh H Adult Bible SLUIH T;i>0 S:•»

ST. ANDREW S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 16360 H u b b a r d Road Livonia. M i c h i g a n 48154

ST. JOHN'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH 574 SO Sheldon Road Plymouth 453-0190 The Rev W i l l i a m B l u p f e r , R e c t o r

Sunday Services

Mon-FN 9 30AM Ho y Eucftarsr

Accession To All nursery care available

Wednesday 6 DC P M Dnner & Classes Saturday 5 00 P M Holy Euchatiss

7 45 4 TO A M HAY Euchansl 1000 A M CHRISTIAN Education to-'all ages Sunday MORNING • NURSERY Ca*e AVAILABLE Sunday

The Rev. Robert Clapp, Rector Every shall Do* an

is Lara Phil 2. r I

GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH MISSOURI SYNOD 25630 GRAND RIVER at BEECH DALY 532-2266 REDFORD TWP. Worship Service 9:15 & f i :00 A.M. Sunday School 9:15 & 11:0C A.M.

.voir -OFFER ISC IMP W ORSHIP SERVICES: ar I «1 J ,T. ji.J II I«) . M Sur4.II VIN-.L LEW All A»:rs V MVJKI I 1 1*1 J m F .I.'J < ART U!TD *W inbntj THRNA^H pre*. b«-[rr> »cdi**ia> iscmncs , AVIV - tut All Aires



Fri. Sat.


7:30 a.m. & 10 a.m.

Confession* Heard P r i o r to Each Mass



Need M o r e

Direction In Life?

1160 P e n n i m a n Ave.

Plymouth • -»5I-0326 Rev. J o h n |


«». 10 (in

\ VT V., < IN I-VT A vt .„») 12 1


Timothy Lutheran Church 8820 Wayne Rd. iBetween Ann Arbor Trail 4 Joy Road) Livonia • 427-2290 Rev. Carla Thompson Powell. Pastor 9:00 a.m. Adult & Children's Sunday School 10:00 a.m. Family Worship

451-0444 REV RtCHAPD A PERFETTO Week dry Masses Tuesday & Friday 8:30 a.m.



9415 Msnwi *LiKras MEDINA J 2 i L

42290 Five M i l e Rd. (AI Bradncr Rd.-onc mile W. of Haggerty) Pasior K e n Roberts




CHRISTADELPHIANS Sunday Memorial Service 10:00 A.M. Sunday School 11:30 A.M. Bible Class Wednesdays 7:30 P.M. 36516 Parkdafe, Livonia • 425-7610


iChnatian Church) 35475 Five Mile Rd. 464-6722 MARK McGL I VREY. Minister TIM Cole, Associate Minister Paul R umbuc. Youth Minister

BIBLE SCHOOL I AH sgesl 9:30 A.M 4 10:45 A.M Morning Worship - 9:30 4 10:45 A M. Adult WonHIp 4 Youth Groups 6:30 P.M.




PRESBYTERIAN (U.S.A) ST. TIMOTHY CHURCH 16700 Newburgn Road Uvonn • 464-4844 Sunaey School tor Ail Ages 9:30 S.M FsmJ ly Worship 11:00 «.M. June 8th Singspiration

Hc> Pfttn. PaMtif Rc» Ruch Bilirvgnin, Amuur Pnt(»i Ve»rt nur "ft ch«i|c post jv citio Calm - rM i cdakFLTLT MtUIYTItlM CHtflCH Main & Church • (313) 453-6464 PIVMOVTK

Worship Services 9 00 *.M. 4 11:00 ajn. Church School 4 Nursery 9:00 a.M.

2 Blocks N ot Mam - 2 Blocks E of MA



Reformed - Adhering to the Westminster Confession of Faith


Presbyterian Free C h u r c h

PLYMOUTH SFVEMTH DAY AOVENTIST CHURCH 1 SUPERIOR AOVBTTIST ACADEMY GMH H 4296 Nap* Road • Ptymosrth WQR§H(P SEPV'CES SATUTOAY: SsMMh School >iS i s DMneMmhlp 1t Pastor Jason N. Prest (313) School 459-8222

3 0 0 2 5 Curtis Ave. Livonia 48154 off M>Mieben between Six and Seven Mile Sunday Services - 1 lam and 7 pm W e d n e s d a y Bible Study - 7 p m


Pastor • ktnntth Macleod • trl 313-421- 0780


United Methodist First Church of Christ, Scientist. Plymouth CUrenceville 20500 Vtldittrbcll Kd. • UvonUl 474-1444 1100SW A n n A r b o r T r a i L P h t n o u t h . M l *»« J ran Lo»» ornkv Server tO.*Cfa«n 10:00 A.M. Worship & Church School SUNDAY SIHAM lOUlim ces 10:15 AM. 6:00 PM 11:15 A.M. Adult Study Classes Wrd Evrninj: Tr^rm i ony Mrrtinjt " p rn Worship Servi Nursery Provided NURSERY Provided • 422-6038 , Rmm ls j Rm i rn - 4-41 S Harvey. Py lmouth Sunday School 9 AM .Morvijy-Fr»dn !0-«»am - 51Vp.m. Swuday MMOTa m - 2<*) pm. • Tbunvlty "-*> p m Office Hrs. 9-S 45J-1676 LIVING ABUNDANTLY.



MATE* ?»«.

Paator Fran* Mowara Ch 453-0323

M011100 KM. WonMp/CJMrdi School





METHODIST CHURCH 29887 W«l Eleven Mile Road Just West of Mlddlebelt 476-8860


St. Paul s Cvajiqelicai ' lutheean Cbuoch

Agap* Christian Acadamy K/4-ttti 17810 Farmington Road • Uvorua (313,261-1360 May thm Oco lder • Monday KkgM Serviea • 7 06 p-ai Sunday WoreMp • 30* 11 00 A M SHU* Study 9:45 A M

WLQV 1500 SUNDAY 10 30 A.M

mar. 4 F»RM*R5JLOR AD* I (313)422-0494 Worship Service & Sunday School 10:30 a.m. Huraary Pro^dac We Welcome \'ou To A Full Program Church

Rev J a n e t A Noble

GENEVA PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (U.S.A.) 5835 SheO i on Rd.. C«roon (313) 459-0013

Gardens Church (USA)

9601 Hubbard at W. Chicago. Lrvonia, Mf

REV Jane! NO&e, Pastor A Creative Christ Centered Congregation

Farmington Hills >.15 fr 11:00 A.M. Worship, Church School, Nureery *Celebration and Joy"


^«Ston,ttDasn Mump. *rv Tonya Arnmi first United Methodist Church of Plymouth ISI0" S trnKoiut »IT >,arfSli,lih.M

(313) 453-5280

Paelor Karen S Pool*

r IL 4>/d**6qate ~ Unitad Methodist Church 10000 Batch Daly, Radford

«-» ay».12lh NEWBURG UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 36500 Ann Arbor Trail 422-0149

Brightmoor Tabernacle

0:15 a.m.-11:00 s.m. Ju n a 8


"Trust Education

Rev. Melanie Carey, Preaching Assemblies of Cod • Calvin C Ratz* pastor Dr . Q«m» M. MM* to Metar (•Cmy 2AM5 Franklin Kd . WMWId. Ml <1-696 * Tel««rapl> • Vesi of Ho_bday Ian) • }52^200 Rn. E*nrt C. Colsy • 11 a-m. famOy Sumfay SctwxJ Hour • Wednesday '<*) p.m. Ksn«Jy Nighf" 10:30 a.m. Pastor Doug Rhine! 6:30 p . m .

• Exciting Youth Programs • Child-Care Provided

Pastor Karen B. Poole

Pastor Made 8. Moor*

Worship S t r v i c n 1:30 1 1 1 : 0 0 i . a . Sunday School I Bible C ! m 9:45 a.a. •ee HtaftiAf ippftciMei «r»W-H Kteal r*a>

Rosedale Presbyterian

ST. MATTHEW'S UNITED METHODIST 30900 Su Mils RO ;B«t Marm i an A MAXMBSLTI Chix» Sonouist, PasKx

Wednesday - Family Night - 7:00 p m

Redtord Twp.

NATIVITY UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST 9435 Henry Ruff at West Chicago — Livonia 48150-421 -5406 Rev DCAW U ne lm l an Pastor 9:15 Adult Class 10:30 a.m. Worship , L-U Service and Youth Classes Milwry Can Available -WELCOME-

Sun B-'BLE STUDY & WORSHIP - S 45 A M & 11 00 A M Sunday Evening - 6 00 P M Ladies Ministries-Tues 9:30 A M FAMILY NIGHT - Wed 7 00 P M Arthur C Pastor


Sunday Worship Services

1 4 7 5 0 Krnloch



41550 E Ann Arbor Trail, Plymouth, Ml 46170 • (313) 45^6240

Lola Park Ev. Lutheran Church


411:00 A.m. 9:00 «.M. 4 11:00 IM. Dr James Skimins Tamara J Seidei •,.. Education For AU AGES Senior Minister Minister Chlldean Provided • Handicapped Accessible David J W Brown Dir olAssociate Youth Ministries ResourcestorHearing and Sight Impeirea Accessible to AH


Service Broadcast 11:00 A.M. WUFl-AM 1030

Sunday School for A l l Ages


Discover It.

Saturday - 430 p.m. Sunday-8:30 4 10:30 a.m.


Nursery Provided


Sunday Worship 1 Church School

F o r m e r P l y m o u t h Wesleyan C h u r c h

la a bettei way.



Livonia 422-1150 DI. James N. McGuire, P a s t o r




T h e n Join JTS this Sunday. T h e r e really

RESURRECTION CATHOLIC CHURCH 48755 Warren Rd Cantor. Michigan 48187




7AM) p . m . 9-.3i0 a . m .



Worship Services Sunday School 8:00, 9:15, 1 0 : 4 5 A.M. and 1 2 : 0 5 P . M . Evening Service ' 7:00 P.M. Shuttle Service from Stevenson High School for All A.M. Services OCAPT b OO A.M.

8:00 Praise & Worship Service 9:30 Lifeline Contemporary Service

S u n d a y W o r s h i p 10:00 a . M at t h e

ST. ANNFS ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH Society of St. Pius X Traditional Latin .Mass 2^11) |<.1 KIT*L • Rcc'i..rJ. MKHIFT^N 5 BL«ICK* E if Telegraph • MII5M-2IJ! frien'S Phooc (»L»> II MASS Schedule; First First

M-14 take GotHredson RD



5 Miles W ot Sheldon FLD




Lutheran Church


I 1 U W

TRINITY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 10101 W. Ann Arbor Rd., Plymouth

CHRIST THE GOOD SHEPHERD Lutheran Church Missouri Synod 42690 Cherry Hill Road, Canton 9S1-0286 Roger Aumarm, Pastor Worship 8:00 ft 10:30 A.M. Bible Class ft SS 9:20 A.M. Preschool & Kindergarten

Youth and Adult Education 9TF0 a.m. F A I T H C O V E N A N T C H U R C H . MIL! ROAD AND DRAKF I AK MINLITON J-LLTLN


I iLkll Church

Sunday School i Adult Bible Class 9 00 am. Thursday Evening Worship 7:00 p.m. Christian School Pre-Scht» -8tti Grade

N e w Life


Plymouth • 453-5252 Worship Service 8:30 & 11:00 A.M. Family Sunday School 9:45 A.M. K M Mehri. Pastor

Rev Lawrence Witro



11 Mile West ot Sheldon I

WORSHIP WITH US Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 A.M.

R«v Victor F. Halboth Pastor Rev Timothy Hafeoth. Assoc. Pastor

The pev Emery F Gravelle, Vicar The Rev Margaret Haas. Assistant Sunday Services: 8:30 a m Holy Eucharisl t 0 : 3 0 a m Holy Eucharist & Sunday S c h o o l

Vj> rr»

46250 Ann Arbor Road

H0SANNA-TAB0R LUTHERAN CHURCH & SCHOOL 9600 Leverne • So RedKxd • 937-2424

Nursery Provided

EPISCOPAL CHURCH of the H O L Y S P I R I T 9CW3 New b u r g h Road • Liwonla • 541 -0211

* EUNA* F-M '

R i s e n Christ L u t h e r a n

Hugh McMarlin. Lay Minister

Je" 8ur*E. Prmcp i aO il C E

7 4 5 A.M. Holy Eucharist 10 00 A M Holy Eucharist and Sunday Cnurcn school


W. Mevrr • 474-0675

ST. MATTHEW LUTHERAN Church 4 School 5685 Venoy I BTK N ol Ford Rd.. Weslland 425-0260 Divine Worship 8 4 11:00 A.M. Bible Class & SS 9:30 A.M. Monday Evening Service 7:30 P.M. Gary 0 ^EADSDOTIL A


Dr WM C Moore - Pastor

ST. PAL L'S LUTHERAN CHLRCH * SCHOOL 2080r> viiddletveli <«w - » MHI .',-: tarmington Mills, Mich. WORSHIP SERVICES

I Evangelical Presbyterian



Mijrriav Ivenirn 6pm Su"d*V MORNING '(L»a M BL . H*- ( LASS "SunrJy j SCTOU! IO JO

540J S.Wayne Rd.*Wayne, Ml


SAVIOR LUTHERAN C H U R C H Rev. Luther A. Werth, Sr., Pastor Rev. Robert Bayer, Assist. Pastor Two locations to serve you: LIVONIA ' CANTON 14175 Farmington Rd. > 46001 Warren Road (N. of 1-96) (West of Canton Center) Sunday Worship 8 30 am & 11:00 am Sunday Worship Sunday School 9:45 am 9:30 am (313)522-6830 (313)414-7422 "Sharing the Love of Christ'


B r a d Leach

(a special service honoring our '97 Brightmoor graduates) 24-Hmrr Prmyer Urn 810.^2-6201



.aL W Mi /»L|n

rrymouui mmJ WW. wiCJyo Bob A Olana Goudle, Co-pwtora Summer Worshtp Hours 8 & 10 a 313-937-3170

ChW i

th'ouqli imi-li rqarten 1 .? 10 » i

A>f Conditioned Sanctuary AMIIW (IrfMI Tits 1WieM CTwartaw Or*ma' Sew Be* OsmSto "HREWiua ] RraaMHItoram3 ~ » wShfc•ratog MNtontorcM


°U< > r

O •

i r


(248) 548-8593 or (248) 615-9162 J a n u a r y - J u n e classes of 1967 June 20 a t H e n r v Ford M u s e u m , D e a r b o r n . Includes J a n u a r y C l a s s of 1968 a n d o t h e r late 1960s classes. (313) 348-1313 OR (313) 4648804 Class of 19.58 Is p l a n n i n g a C a r i b b e a n cruise from P u e r t o Rico Nov. 1-8. AUIN PARK (800) 750-7010 C l a s s of 1977 C l a s s of 1982 Nov. 29 at t h e D e a r b o r n I n n , Sept. 2 7 a t t h e Doubletree in Dearborn. Southfield. (313) 454-4512 (313) 886 0770 or (810) 783-6889 ANN ARBOR HURON DETROIT COOLEY Clrfss of 1977 C l a s s of 1947 Aug. 8 at t h e C r o w n e P l a z a , A n n Sept. 5 - 6 a t t h e Holiday I n n Arbor. West, L a u r e l P a r k , Livonia. Reunion Planners. P.O. Box 291, (313) 937-1018 or (248) 641-8743 Mt. Clemens 48046 or (810) 465Class of 1952 2277 or (810) 263-6803 June 13 a t t h e Doubletree G u e s t ANN ARSOR PIONEER S u i t e s , Novi. C l a s s of 1977 {248) 360-7004, press 6 J u l y 19 at Weber's Inn. Ann Class of 1967 Arbor. A r e u n i o n is p l a n n e d for Sept. 2 7 (810) 464-2277 or (313) 263-6803 at B u r t o n Manor, Livonia. (248) 553-8879 or (248) 426-6371 BELLEVILLE C l a s s e s of 1929-1954 C l a s s e s of 1 9 8 1 - 8 3 .•Annual a l u m n i picnic, 11 a.m. to Oct. 11-12 at t h e Ypsilanti M a r 5 p.m. Aug. 13 at Rotary P a r k , riott Hotel. Cost is $45 per perLivonia. son w i t h c a s h b a r . (313) 522-0752 Pamela Zoller-ONeill, 42976 Class of 1987 Ryegate, Canton 48187, or (313) Sept. 27 a t Cobo Hall, Detroit. 416-9666 (313) 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 BENEDICTINE DETROIT DENBY C l a s s of 1987 January-June classes of 1967 Aug. 30 at t h e St. Regis Hotel. A fall 1997 reunion is p l a n n e d . (313) 886-0770 or 1810) 783-6889 (810) 776-4970 or (810) 773-5878 BISHOP BORQES8 January-June Classes of 1957 C l a s s of 1977 A r e u n i o n is p l a n n e d for SeptemNov. 22 at t h e W a r r e n Valley ber. N a m e s and a d d r e s s e s also Country Club. needed for Reconnections (313) 538-7634, (313) 953-2580 Newsletter. or (313) 522-0359 f (248) 642-0249 4 C l a s s of 1987 J a n u a r y - J u n e classes of 1942 Nov. 8 at t h e K a r a s House, RedA r e u n i o n is planned for Sept. ford. 14. (313) 937-1886 or (313) 255-1100 (248) 641-7245 DETROIT EASTERN CHERRY HILL C l a s s e s of 1955-57 C l a s s of 1977 A r e u n i o n is p l a n n e d for Sept. Oct. 18 at t h e Holiday I n n , Lis'onia. 20. (313) 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 (248) 360-7004, press 7 All Classes to 1950 CLARENCEVILLE Oct. 3 at t h e U k r a n i a n C u l t u r a l C l a s s of 1967 C e n t e r , W a r r e n . Classes of 1937 Aug. 22 at t h e M a r r i o t t i n Romua n d 1947 will be honored. lus. (248) 879-0490, (810) 777-8679 (313) 886 0770 or (810) 783-6889 or (313) 881-9820 CREBTWOOO DETROIT FINNEY C l a s s of 1967 Class of 1967 Oct. 4 at t h e Airport R a m a d a A r e u n i o n is p l a n n e d for Sept. Inn, Romulus. 27. (313) 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 <248) 853-6719 or P.O. Box C l a s s of 1977 80069 Roc hester 48308-0069 Is p l a n n i n g a r e u n i o n . C l a s s of 1972 (313) 261-1823 or (313> 274-6126 Nov. 28 at T h e Mirage. DEARBORN (313) 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 C l a s s of 1952 DETROIT KETTERING AU{^ 2 at t h e D e a r b o r n C o u n t r y C l a s s e s of 1971- 72 Is p l a n n i n g a reunion. (313) 937-1387 or (313) 274-9064 Send names, addresses and teleC l a s s of 1947 A r e u n i o n is p l a n n e d for Sept. . phone numbers to Ron or Pat (Tish Mack) Matthews, P.O. Box 13. 7647, Bloom fie Id Hills 48302, or (313) 455-0375 or (313) 421-3151 call (810) 745-8422, (248) 696DEARBORN EDSEL FORD 6342 or (248) 857-6043. C l a s s of 1967 DETROIT MACKENZIE A r e u n i o n is p l a n n e d for J u l y 27. All C l a s s e s (313) 277-0631 A 70th b i r t h d a y r e u n i o n is C l a s s of 1977 p l a n n e d for S e p t . 14. Aug. 1 at t h e Hellenic C u l t u r a l (248) 837-0641 or (248) 349-5245 Center, Westland. DETROIT MUMFORD (313) 394-0409 or (810) 363-8674 Class of 1982 DEARBORN FORDSON Is p l a n n i n g a reunion. January and June classes of (313) 438-3226 1952 DETROIT NORTHWESTERN Oct. 18 at St. Mary's C u l t u r a l C l a s s e s of 1957-59 C e n t e r , Livonia. A r e u n i o n cruise is p l a n n e d for (313) 388-1582 (January graduJune 23-27. ates) or (313) 565-1641 (June' (313) 341-6210 or (313) 861-4312 graduates) C l a s s of 1977 DETROIT OSBORNE Aug. 8 ice breaker p a r t y at J a n u a r y C l a s s of 1967 Paisano's, Aug. 9 reunion d i n n e r Aug. 3 0 at t h e American Polish — a t L a u r e l M a n o r . Livonia, a n d C u l t u r a l C e n t e r , 2975 E. Maple, Aug. 10 family picnic a t Ford Troy. Field. (810) 939-5377 or (.248)814-8872, (248)344-1063 ohs1967@aol. com Class of 1967 or (313) 561-6176 Aug. 8 a t A t h e n a Hall. DEARBORN HEIGHTS ROBICHAUD (313) 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 Classes of 1971-72 DETROIT PATTENGILL Nov. 29 at t h e M a r r i o t t in RomuClass of 1947 lus. Is p l a n n i n g a picnic-style g a t h e r (313) 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 ing in J u l y . M e m b e r s of classes DETROIT CASS TECH of 1944-50 welcome. Classes of 1946-49 (313) 937-8233 (after 1 p.m.) or Are planning a reunion. (510)651-0194 (313) 272-0330 DETROIT PERSHING Class of 1968 "OL r e u n i o n in 1998. Are p l a n n i n g a reunion. Pam Yee Gianola, 1243 Smith 1248) 471-5609 or P.O. Box 530Road, Beulah, Mich. 49617-9493 244, Livonia 48153-0244 or e-mail at Class of 1957 C l a s s of 1977 Sept. 27 a t t h e S t e r l i n g Inn. A r e u n i o n is p l a n n e d for 1997. (313) 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 ' CT '77 Reunion Committee, January-June classes of 1947 10608 Beaconsfield, Detroit Oct. 3 a t C l u b Venetian. Cost is 48224 $37,50 p e r person. F r i e n d s a n d Classes of 1980-82 FARADS of 1945, '46 a n d '48 welAre planning a reunion. come. Stephanie ohar Bradford Wright '80, (810) 573-7145 1753 Cornell, Southfield thfielc 48075, DETROIT REDFORD I (313) 945-8473; or Dylan WarClass of 1987 mack '81, 2131 Bryanston Ct.. Aug. 23 a t t h e Radisson Hotel Detroit 48207, (313) 963-7665 Pontchartrain. C l a s s of 1985 (313) 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 Is p l a n n i n g a r e u n i o n . Dwavne Harvey, 18850 Lament, DETROIT ST. DAVIO Detroit 48235, or (313) 226 6080 Class of 1967 C l a s s of 1967 J u l y 2 6 a t the Georgian Inn. Is p l a n n i n g a r e u n i o n for late (248) 879-9009 1997. DETROIT SOUTHEASTERN (810 626-6964 or by e mail at Class of 1947 eueyegOvoyager. net J u l y 18 a t t h e Kingsley I n n , C l a s s of 1988 Bloomfield I n n . Is looking for n a m e s s n d (313) 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 a d d r e s s e s of c l a s s m a t e s (313) 896-0736, (313) 859-0261 DETROIT WESTERN or (313) 882-1632 Class of 1942 DETROIT CHAOMY Oct. 19 a t Lakes of Taylor Golf C l a s s of 1947 Course, T a y l o r . (313) 565-4997 or (313) 381-9540 Sept. 21 at P a r k Place, D e a r - ; Class of 1942 born. A r e u n i o n is p l a n n e d for Oct. 10. (313) 981-3825 or (313) 421-1257 (313) 386-9134 or (313) 427-3226 DETROIT CODY C l a s s of 1962 C l a s s of 1977 A r e u n i o n is p l a n n e d for Sept. A r e u n i o n is p l a n n e d for Aug. 9.

(248) 478-7818 or (248) 669-2529 FARMINBTOM HARRISON Class of 1987 Nov. 2 8 at t h e D o u b l e t r e e G u e s t S u i t e s , Novi. (248) 366-9493, press 4 C l a s s of 1988 J u l y 1998 at the H a w t h o r n e Valley C o u n t r y Club, W e s t l a n d . (248) 442-2862 GARDEN CITY C l a s s of 1987 A r e u n i o n is p l a n n e d for fall 1997. Kurt Tyszkiewifz, 1592 Nautical Lane, Marine City 48039 or (810) 765-1380 C l a s s of 1962 Is planning a reunion. (313) 722-7551, (313) 565-8024 or (313) 422-8129 GARDEN CITY EAST C l a s s of 1977 O c t . 3 a t Laurel M a n o r , Livonia. (313) 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 GARDEN CITY WEST C l a s s of 1972 Oct. 25 at t h e H a w t h o r n e Valley C o u n t r y Club, W e s t l a n d . (248) 486-2997 C l a s s of 1977 July 26 at Laurel M a n o r , Livonia. (313) 422-9347 C l a s s of 1967 A s u m m e r picnic r e u n i o n is p l a n n e d for 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. A u g . 24 at T i t a n Favillion II of W-estland City P a r k . (313) 427-8768, (313) 420-0156 or by fax at (313) 427-2311 GARDEN CITY EAST/WEST C l a s s of 1967 Is p l a n n i n g a r e u n i o n . (313) 728-8352 or (313) 451-0052 (East graduates or (313) 4278768 or (313) 420-0156 fWest

graduates HOLY; Class of 1972 A reunion is p l a n n e d f o r O c t o b e r 1997. (313) 522-5369 or (313) 534-6995 JOHN GLENN Class of 1972 Aug. 2 a t t h e S h e r a t o n Hotel, Novi. (313) 729-2322, (313) 397-8460 or (313) 722-9377 Class of 1977 Oct. 4 at t h e Holiday I n n , Livonia. (248) 366-9493, press 2 Class of 1967 Is p l a n n i n g a reunion. (248) 471-4814 Class of 1987 Is p l a n n i n g a r e u n i o n . (313) 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 LINCOLN PARK June class of 1972 Aug. 30 a t the K n i g h t s of C o l u m bus Hall, Lincoln P a r k . C o s t is $30 per person. (313) 928-7420 LIVONIA BENTLEY Class of 1972 J u l y 26 a t the Novi H i l t o n Hotel. (313) 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 LIVONIA CHURCHILL Class of 1987 Aug. 16 a t St. Aidan's B a n q u e t Center, Livonia. (616) 453-1335 or Julie (Peterson) McCall, 1551 Geddes N.W., Walker, Mich. 48544 Class of 1977 Oct. 16 at t h e Embassy S u i t e s Hotel, Livonia. (313J 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 LIVONIA FRANKLIN Classes of 1966-68 Aug. 2 a t Embassy S u i t e s Hotel. Livonia.

(313) 513-2058 or by e-mail, Class of 1987 REDFORD THURSTON A r e u n i o n is planned for Nov. 29. C l a s s of 1977 (313) 261-4970 . Aug, 2 dinner-dance at Bobby's LIVONIA STEVENSON C o u n t r y House, Livonia, Aug. 3 Class of 1987 picnic in N o r t h v i l l e . June 21 a t V l a d i m i r ' s in F a r m (313) 462-4399 ington Hills. C l a s s of 1972 (248) 478-6339 or (810) 422-1705 Sept. 13 a t B u r t o n M a n o r , Livonia. MADISON HEMHTS-LAMPHERE (313) 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 Class of 1977 C l a s s of 1963 June 21 at t h e S t e r l i n g I n n Nov. 8 a t t h e Novi Hilton H o t e l '248; 280-0918 or (810) 536-2599 (313) 464-0376, (313) 522-9344, MELVINDALE (248) 651-7288 or (248) 656-2962 Class of 1972 C l a s s of 1991 Is p l a n n i n g a r e u n i o n . Aug. 2 3 a t V a l d i m i r ' s , F a r m i n g (313) 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 ton Hills. C o s t is $ 5 0 p e r person NORTH FARMINGTON by J u l y 5. Class of 1977 (248) 477-8050 Aug. 2 at t h e Novi H i l t o n Hotel, REDFORD UNION Novi. Class of 1977 (810) 465-2277 or (313) 263-6803 S e p t . 6 at t h e Novi Hilton Hotel. Class of 1987 (313) 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 Aug. 23 at St. Aidan's Banquet C l a s s of 1967 Center, Livonia. Aug. 9 at t h e Novi Hilton Hotel. 1248) 36&9493. press 1 (313) 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 NORTHVILLE C l a s s of 1987 Class of 1977 A reunion is p l a n n e d for Nov. 29. Aug. 29 at the Novi Hilton . (248) 615-7782 or (313) 255-2965 Hotel. ROSARY (313) 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 All classes NOVI Sept. 14 at R o s a r y High School, Class of 1987 Joy a n d G r e e n f i e l d , Detroit. A reunion is planned for Oct. 25. Rosary Reunion, 9400 Courville, Send names and addresses to Detroit 48224 or call (313) 882P.O. Box 7102, Novi 483766307 7102 ST. AGATHA OUR LADY OF LOURDES Class of 1977 All C l a s s e s Aug. 2 a t Vladimir's. (313) 886-0770 or (810) 783-6889 A reunion is p a n n e d for Oct 4. (313) 842-3320 ST. ALPHONSUS C l a s s of 1958 PLYMOUTH SALEM/CANTON Class of 1987 A r e u n i o n is b e i n g p l a n n e d for 1998 > Nov 1 at t h e Novi H i l t o n Hotel. Novi. (513) 878-7483 or (313) 455-1277 (313) 397-8766, (313) 397-4824



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• ArwitscFi Pogmg owMobo l or*, o> NH o lcOMm CAm '» ILITII Ap Iorkopoeng Call 1-800-M0BILK-1

The 0htterver/TH\ The Observer!


RELIGION CALENDAR Listings for the Religion Calendar should be submitted in writing no later than noon Friday for the next Thursday's issue. They can be mailed to Sue Mason at 36251 Schoolcraft. Livonia 48150. or by fax at (313) 5917279. For more information, call (313) 953-2131.

coaster. Participants also will determine the day and times of meetings. For more information about the groups, call the center at (313) 464-8882. New Directions is at 37625 Ann Arbor Road, Suite 107, Livonia. HOCKEY NMHT


Ward Presbyterian Church will have a Red Cross blood drive 2-8 p.m. Thursday, June 5, at the church, 17000 Farmington Road at Six Mile Road, Livonia. Donors are needed, to make an appointment, call the church at (313)422-1150. SUPPORT GROUPS

New Directions Center for Christian Counseling will offer a Christian support and growth group for adults who have experienced abuse as children. The starting date of the group as well as the day and time will be determined by the participants. The center also is organizing Forever Free, a support and growth group for people who are suffering from the pain and desperation of the binge diet roller-

The men and youth of Merriman Road Baptist Church will host a special "Hockey Night at Church" 7:30 p.m. Thursday, J u n e 5. The second Stanley Cup game between the Detroit Red Wings and Philadelphia Flyers will be shown on the church's "Mo-Vision." Participants are asked to bring a 2-liter bottle of pop and a good snack-type item. All items will be collected and distributed by the church's youth group. A donation will be taken to benefit the Youth Mission trip Fund. Merriman Road Baptist Church is at 2055 Merriman Road, Garden City. For more information, call the church office at (313) 421-0472. NEW BEGINNINGS

Sue Anne Daniel will discuss

'97-28' Four W i n d s All " N e w " F O R D V I O S H O W


$39,965 Running Boards


Roof Air

Deluxe Awning

Oak Cabinets

Wheel Covers

Trailer Hitch

TV A n t e n n a

Pleated Shades

J u s t Off I-96


f l E N E R A f \ J

and Wixom


j L j


48500 1 2 Mile R d .

Call (810) 349-0900 Michi^an^Li^

"Help for the Family in Grief" when New Beginnings, a grief support group, meets at 7 p.m, Thursday, June 5, at St. Matthew's United Methodist Church, 30900 W. Six Mile Road, Livonia. The program is for people suffering as a result of the death of a loved one. The group meets on Thursdays year-round and features speakers the first Thursday of the month. For more information, call the church at (313) 422-6038, Marilyn Wilkinson at (810) 380-7903 or Rosemary Kline at (313) 4623770. FLEA MARKET

Rice Memorial United Methodist Church will have a flea market 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sat-* urday, J u n e 7, in the south parking lot of the church, 20601 Beech Daly. Redford. There will be a bake sale, food concessions and vendors galore. Space is still available. For more information, call John Frith at (313) 537-7865 or the church office at (313) 5344907. • Good Shepherd Reformed Church h a s space available for its flea market, set for 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, July 12, in the parking lot of the church. 6500 N. Wayne Road. Westland. Spaces - 10 by 15 feet, cost $20 each. For more information, call Rav or Jackie Gagnon at (313) 722-7225. SUMMER WORSHIP

St. John's Lutheran Church, 13542 Mercedes, Redford, will begin summer worship at 9:30 a.m., beginning Sunday, June 8. For more information, call the church at (313) 538-2660. In concert Gospel singer Ann Downing will speak and sing of the grace of God for all situations at 6 p.m. Sunday, J u n e 8, at the Plymouth Church of the Nazarene, 45801 Ann Arbor Road, Plymouth. For more information. call the church at (313/453-


recent Promise Keepers Conference at 7:30 p.m. Monday, J u n e 9. at Merriman Road Baptist Church, 2055 Merriman Road, Garden City. The group is open to open to men of all faiths and denominations. For more information, call the church office at (313i 421-0472.


"Repeat Performance," a Billy Graham film, will be shown at 6 p.m. Sunday, June 8, at Merriman Road Baptist Church, 2055 Merriman Road, Westland. The film is the story about the power of being forgiven and forgiving other. For more information, call the church office at (313) 4210472.


Ward Evangelical Presbyterian Church offers From the Heart Cancer Support Group at 7 p.m. the second and fourth Mondays of the month in Rooms B2 and 4 at the church, 17000 Farmington Road, Livonia. Family members, those with cancer and friends are invited to share, encourage and support one another in a loving, hopeful God-focused environment. For more information, call the church at (313) 4221826.


A charismatic prayer group meets at 6 p.m. Sundays in Patio Classroom 1 on the ground floor of the University Center at Madonna University, Schoolcraft and Levan, Livonia. For more information, call John at (313) 422-5611. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE

The radio series, "What is This Christian Science and Who Are These Christian Scientists?" is being broadcast at 1:30 p.m. Sundays of WQBH-AM 1400. Topics include "Do Christian Scientists ignore sickness?" on June 8, "Sisters and mothers in Christian Science" on June 15. "Bible healings today, Part 2" on June 22 and "Christian Science healing: fraud or fact?" on June 29. "The Christian Science Sentinel-Radio Edition" also can be heard at 9:30 a.m. Sundays on WAAM-AM 1600. The conversational program discusses current public topics as well as shares healing through prayer from people all over the world.


Free non-Muslim classes on Islam and Muslims, sponsored by the Muslim Community of the Western Suburbs, are offered at 7 p.m. Wednesdays at the Crescent Academy at the corner of Palmer and Lotz roads in Canton. There is no obligation or age limit to attend. For more information, call Rafael Narbaez at (313) 728-6393.

12, continental breakfast, morning and afternoon teaching sessions, lunch, banquet and evening session 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. June 12 and continental breakfast, teaching sessions and closing session 7-1 p.m. J u n e 14. For more information, call Gateway Ministries at (313) 8781880. •I


Garden City Presbyterian • Church will have its annual Strawberry Festival 5-9 p.m. Friday, J u n e 13, at the church 1841 Middlebelt Road, Garden City. Strawberry shortcake, ice cream, hot and cold drinks, baked goods and arts and crafts will be featured. There also will . be children's games and a performance by the GCPC Men's Quartet. SCHOOL REUNION

United Christian School will have a 20-year reunion picnic at 12:30 p.m. Saturday, J u n e 14, at the school, 29205 Florence, Garden City. All faculty and students, past and present, are invited to attend. Food will be provided. For more information, call (313) 522-6487. SPHtnUAL SPEAKER

Unity of Livonia will have Ted Hunt speak on the subject of "Forgiving and Giving" at 9:30 Gateway Ministries will preand 11 a.m. Sunday, J u n e 15, at sent the 1997 Christian Women's "Leading Edge" Confer- the church, 28660 Five Mile Road, Livonia. Hunt is a favorite ence Thursday through Saturspeaker at the Detroit Unity day, June 12-14, at the Livonia t Temple. For more information, Marriott Hotel, Six Mile Road call the church at (313) 421south of Newburgh Road, Livo1760. nia. The featured speaker will be LITURGY ON TAPE Dr. Lois E. Burkett, internationThe Divine Liturgy of St. John al evangelist, conference speaker C h r y s o s t o m is a v a i l a b l e on and founder of New Creation videotape for a cost of $15, plus Ministries in Phoenix, Ariz. $3 postage, from Holy TransfiguWith their dynamic ministry, ration Orthodox Church, 36075 Burkett and her staff will rejuW. Seven Mile, Livonia 48152. venate and challenge women's The tapes make a great gift for a ministry gifts and calling. shut-in or those unable to attend the liturgy or for people who are The conference will include either seeking or expressing an registration, fellowship and a interest in the Orthodox faith. general session be 4-9 p.m. J u n e WOMEN'S CONFERENCE


The Hispanic Pentecostal Church conducts worships services at 2 p.m. Sundays at the Open Door Church, 33105 W. Seven Mile Road, Livonia. The Rev. G. Diaz officiates. For more information, call (810) 471-5282. MAKE A DIFFERENCE

Men Who Make a Difference, a small group of Christian men dedicated to the biblical principles of building a "Godly life," will provide followup to the

Listings for the. Vacation Bible Schools calendar should be submitted in writing no later than noon Friday for the next Thursday's issue. They can be mailed to Sue Mason at 36251 Schoolcraft. Livonia 48150. or by fax at (313) 591-7279. For more information, call (313) 9532131. BCTtd BAPTIST Bethel Baptist Temple will have its children's vacationJBible school 7-8:30 p.m. June 9-12 at the church, 29475 W. Six Mile Road, Livonia. There is no charge for attending, and free transportation is available by calling the church at (313) 5253664.

p.m. J u n e 23-27 at the church, 20601 Beech Daly, Redford. For more information, call (313) 5344907.



Faith Lutheran Church will have its vacation Bible school, Adventure Fair - God's Kids in Action, 9 a.m. to noon June 1620 at the church, 30000 Five Mile Road, Livonia. The school will be for children age 4 1/2 through those entering sixth grade. The registration fee will be $6 per child or $10 per family and includes a vacation Bible school T-shirt to decorate. Prepaid registration should be completed by J u n e 1. For more information, call the church at (313) 421-7249.

"The L u t h e r a n H o u r , " t h e world's oldest continually broadcast Gospel radio program, is now available on-demand via the THINKING


TES 9 3 0



8919 M l D O


Internet. The weekly broadcast is heard locally on WAAM-1600 a t 8:30 a . m . S u n d a y s a n d CKWW-580 at 7:30 a.m. Sundays. T h e half-hour program, first broadcast in 1930, is the flagship radio program of Lutheran Hour Ministries. It features addresses by Dr. Dale Meyer and Dr. Wallace Schulz. The program's availability on the World Wide Web at Luthera n Hour Minis t r i e 8^-Web site, Wired with the Word" (h, provides computer users with online access to the Gospel-based messages. The "The L u t h e r a n Hour' in RealAudio messages m a d e its I n t e r n e t debut on E a s t e r Sunday with an E a s t e r sermon


I Ifunt


R e a d y


( a s h

L I V O N I A a l





B e l o w





I Y i m c


4 7 8 - 2 1 1 0

delivered by Schulz and a historic 1937 Easter sermon, "The Resurrection Reality,' from the original " L u t h e r a n Hour" Dr. Walter A. Maier. The inaugural 'Webcast" drew 335 Internet listeners on Easter S u n d a y and an additional 674 l i s t e n e r s d u r i n g E a s t e r week. E a s t e r S u n d a y was t h e m o s t active day ever for the Lutheran Hour Ministries Web site, with a record 12,000 visits reported. Lutheran Hour Ministries has been online on the World Wide Web since October 1995. T h e broadcast of T h e Luthera n H o u r ' a c r o s s the I n t e r n e t m a r k s t h e l a t e s t s t e p for t h e organization, a s t r a t e g i c reinvention of our international ministry using digital communication technology," said Jim Telle, director of marketing and communication. "The historic move reaffirms the Lutheran Hour Ministries mission of 'bringing C h r i s t to t h e n a t i o n s a n d t h e nations to the church' t h r o u g h every a p p r o p r i a t e m e a n s a n d medium available to Christians. "Digital technology and t h e World Wide Web are c r e a t i n g new opportunities for Christian m i n i s t r y . In t h e case of ' T h e L u t h e r a n H o u r , ' the I n t e r n e t means extending our potential

weekly m e a n s e x t e n d i n g our potential weekly audience from t h o u s a n d s to m i l l i o n s . "The Lutheran Hour' in RealAudio is t h e pioneer p r o g r a m for even more multimedia ministry in the future." C o n s i s t e n t l y r a n k e d by the N a t i o n a l Radio B r o a d c a s t e r s Association as the most listenedto weekly C h r i s t i a n radio program, "The L u t h e r a n Hour" is heard on more than 1,200 stations throughout North Ajnerica and in n u m e r o u s c o u n t r i e s around the world. The weekly online Webcasts from Lutheran Hour Ministries are m a d e a v a i l a b l e u s i n g the cutting-edge technical resources of the Gospel Communications N e t w o r k (GCN), a n o n l i n e strategic alliance of ministries, religious and news service organizations. It (hftp^trvww. gospel is the largest Christian resource on the Internet, averaging 500,000 accesses by Internet users daily. Lutheran Hour Ministries is a s e r v i c e of t h e I n t e r n a t i o n a l L u t h e r a n Laymen's League, a v o l u n t e e r o r g a n i z a t i o n of 150,000 members. The league is an auxiliary of The L u t h e r a n C h u r c h - M i s s o u r i S y n o d and Lutheran Church-Canada.

church office at (313) 534-7730. ST. MICHAEL LUTHERAN St. Michael Lutheran Church will have its vacation Bible school, "J.E.S.U.S. Express," 8:30 p.m. June 16-20 at the church, 3003 Hannan "Road, Wayne. The school is for children age 3 through sixth graders. For more information, call the church office at (313) 728-1950. RICE UNITED METHOMST Rice United Methodist Church will have its vacation Bible

Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church will conduct two vacation Bible school, entitled "Wild Frontier Bible Ranch," 9:3011:45 a.m. J u n e 16-19 at the Livonia campus, 14175 Farmington Road, and 6:30-8 p.m. June 23-36 at the Canton campus, 46001 Warren Road. Both programs are open to children age 4 through the sixth grade. To register, call (313) 522-6830.


9 . 0 0 %



•ft®r 6 m o n t h t


St. James Presbyterian Church will have its vacation Bible school 9 a.m. to noon June 16-20. at the church, 25350 W. Six Mile Road, Redford. Children in kindergarten through the sixth grade are invited to attend. For more information, call the

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9 Location* Statewide

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3950 livemois 1283 S AOams Troy , Ml 48083 Rochester HAS, Ml 48309 810-889-9588 •10-375-1700 B Cream* Activities • Sports •AitCralts • Soccer • Dramatic Play • Baseball'Gofl •Puppetry •notteretaomg • Outdoor Activities • Adventure • CooKouts.'Picnics •Art/Drama • Water Ptay •Action Science • Team Sports • Nature & Gardening • FieU Trips • Weekly FieU Tnps • Computers • Weekly Cookouis

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on B—attful Kimbstl Lake N**mygo, Michigan SUMMER CAMP: Hors«s, Water* kling. Canoeing, Music Art, Nature,Toama Courses, DranWDancW and T*«n Challenge Programs RETREATS: Fall, Winter A Spring Outdoor Education, Corporate Tesm building Wsddlnga, Schools,

The fofewtaa eretraro sponsored t» Schoolcraft Colletfc.


Judo Self-Defense / Karate Setf-Defense M&tto Sett-defense / Sett-Defense

Youth Groups, Mon "a and Wcwnon 'a Groups

Call now for your Cai tor i brochure

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June 30 - July 3 at M a r i a n HS. - B i r m i n g h a m June 30 - July 3 at Bishop Foley HS. - M a d i s o n Hts. July 2 1 - 2 4 at Dakota HS. - M a c o m b


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Find t h e s e s i t e s on t h e World W i d e W e b - Brought t o you by t h e s e r v i c e s of O&E On-LIno!



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offers summer camp for 3-6 year olds by the week, Creative themes, arts and crafts, outdoor play. Flexible programs. Open 7:305:30 pm Maple Rd. & Cranbroofc


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Schoolcraft College (313| 462-4413

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F r a n k l i n C h r i s t i a n P r e - S c h o o l

At its meeting held: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11,1997, 2:00 p.m. Wayne County Board of Commissioners 600 Randolph, Hearing Room 402 Detroit, MI 48226 You may direct any questions to the Commission Clerk's Office. 406 Wayne County Building. 600 Randolph, Detroit. Publish JuiwS. 1997



Rich : 3 1 3 - 9 5 3 - 2 0 6 9 or Tony: 3 1 3 - 9 5 3 - 2 0 6 3

The Wayne County Commission, Committee on Public Safety and Judiciary, will hold a public hearing on a Proposed Ordinance to establish that certain behavior and related representations of identy and authority are prescribed; and to establish penalties and sanctions for violations thereof.

Martial A r t s S u m m e r Camp 1997



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E c c e n t r i c



noon J u n e 23-27 at the church, 35475 Five Mile Road, Livonia. The school is for children ages 4 through sixth grade. There will be songs, games, crafts, snacks a n d e'nlerulnm^nt and each day will have a different theme. Youngsters will be asked to 1 bring items - canned soups Monday, cereals Tuesday, dry goods Wednesday, rice and pasta " Thursday and anything goes Friday - each day to help fill the Benevolence Closet. For more information; call (313) 464-6722..


Basketball and Roller Hockry • One week dav camp sessions ages 6-16 25£VV. Clarkston Rd. • Lake Onon

Marks Mgmt. Services

Your V e h i c l e s

• Free Towing • Any Condition Accepted Help Us Help Others

30175 Ford Rd. • Cardann City'421-5754 Ijnwmr Hourm Man -A* » » M . « -fattV* •*

• Screened


N e e d s

F o r more

St. Matthew United Methodist Church'8 will have its vacation


St. V i n c e n t DePaul


Every summer thousands of children look forward to camp. Give them the opportunity to experience yours with an advertisement in our 1997 5ummer Camp Corner.


Rsmchargers Performance Centers httpi/www ramchargers com Shetton Pontiac/Buick hnpJ/roche«er-hrts convshelton U r m w u l 04Ai wiy Co------——-httpVAwwwimlbeBfCO own

y Ss* w i i s g s • GoMrn MmmIm b> IJadrri • fUino Cabiiwto • .twannili Crystal • Partners in Crime • Olszewski Miniatures • Blown Glass • Frwwr Gilla*r* • Ralkra Bear* • Raw TrnlU • Ann Wood Can inns • Crystal • Plush Tbys • Hurnmrls • Prrrwus Moment* • Dolls • fewler • Musk Bones • \rinalpr • Mmiaturr BuWrva Clock* • I jlljpot I CoOaigr* • Ownthrd Trddkn • Mary Moo Mon* •fotariuru• RnmnsSnftr Rear Musicab • Cotton (andv Ooniu

( D b s e n r e r

The registration deadline is J une 8 for a joint vacation Bible School, sponsored by St. John's and Good Shepherd Lutheran Churches in Redford. The school will be 5:30-8 p.m. June 23-27 at St. John's, 13542 Mercedes. Each session will begin with dinner and will be followed by Bible study and activities for youths and adults. There is no fee, however, a free will offering will be accepted to cover the cost of dinner. For more information or to obtain a registration form, call St. John's at (313) 538-2660.

June 23-27 at the church, 2055 The Chinese Bible Church will Merriman Road, south of Ford have its vacation Bible school 9Road, Garden City. "The Wild 11:30 a.m. June 23-27 at the and Wonderful Good News church, 28111 W. Ten Mile Stampede" will s t a r t at 9 a.m. Road, Farmington Hills. The-each darandWltm"{Sa



8 . 0 0 %

Bible school, "Celebrate Jesus," 9:30 a.m. to noon June 23-25 at the church, 30900 W. Six Mile Road, Livonia. Classes for ages 4 through 12 will be offered. Children will celebrate that Jesus learned about God, loved God and others, worshiped God and is the light of the world. Monetary donations will be accepted at the time of registration to help defray the cost of snacks and refreshments. To register, call the church office at (313) 422-6038.

Garden City Presbyterian Church is offering "Stories Jesus Told," a vacation church school experience for children age 3 through the sixth grade, 9 a.m. to noon Jun*23-27 at the church, 1841 Middlebelt Road, Garden City. The school will explore stories Jesus taught as he traveled through the Holy Land. Activities include exploring the Bible through the computer, music, puppets, drama, snacks, games, crafts and the ever popular Bible Bubble. Preregistration begins on June 8 at the church. For more information, call (313) 421-7620.


'Lutheran Hour' lands on Internet The radio broadcast t h a t for nearly 70 years has reached millions worldwide with the Gospel has been launched into cyberspace.

IRSnAY .Ii-wf R IQQ7








The ObBerver/lHUBSDAY, JUNE 5.1997


4 of « J j « B A,„^

H ft R'» E x c l u s i v e ;


Wad* I h a t p u l n g



Find a new beginning at Presbyterian Village with new friends and relationships.

CORDLESS Two Hand G n p







An affordable

All Units Include: • Free Scheduled Transportation • Free Laundry Facilities • Evening Meal 7 Days a Week • Free Pharmaceutical Delivery • Free Local Phone Calls • Bi-Weekly Housekeeping


Outrageous Deposit Required!





America'* Largest 2 7 4 3 0 J o y Rd., L i v o n i a • 3 1 3 - 4 2 1 - 5 1 6 1

for enjoyable


We Feature: • Single-story Patio Apartments • Full Kitchens • Spacious Floor Plans • Emergency Call System • Two Crafts Rooms • 24-Hour


• Social/Recreational Events • Library & Exercise Room






Optional Services Available: • Additional Housekeeping • Lunches • Screened Porch • Beauty/Barber Shop • Carport • Laundry Service

Spring Special...Call Now! (3i3) 7 2 8 - 5 2 2 2

Presbyterian Village 32001 Cherry Hill Road (just W. of Merriman) in Westland

Hour*: M-F B:30-«, Sat 9-6. Sun. 10-3 /Swvtca & Parta Mon.-Frl. »:30-6, Sat 9:30-4

PEACE of MIND! • Safe • Reliable • Complete Training for You and Your Pet • Lifetime Warranty • One-Year Money Back Performance Guarantee

Call Now lb Schedule Your I f

on any installed outdoor system

( i i u



N o matter h o w e x t e n s i v e y o u r research, y o u w i l l have many questions and w a n t to inspect a wide range o f c o m p l e t e kitchen displays. That's w h e r e w e c o m e In. Feel free to consult w i t h o u r KSI Kitchen Specialists and b r o w s e in o u r s h o w -

M ba praaanud m t*m at munrna CTlflO Not wWi any atftar oflara, i r®/V®7 art, • £»[*••«/30/07


o f t e n as y o u Uke. You a r e g u a r a n t e e d t o find y o u r p e r f e c t a relaxed and

Consultation & Estimate

( 3 1 3 ) 5 1 3 - 2 6 3 0 or 1 - 8 0 0 - 9 9 4 - 1 2 2 1


Unless you're from Mars, you're not looking at a n impulse purchase. You're m o r e likely to s p e n d w e e k s just gathering information reading h o m e Improvement fH 'A OUT I f U S _

FREE, NO-OBLIGATION Invisible Fence of Metro West 32320 Five Mile Road Parkside Plaza • Livonia

r n




ANN ARBOR 7106 Oak VaUty Dr.

(313)761-7669 BRIGHTON 933 I M y M. (810)229-9654


BIRMINGHAM 1S3IS. V M n r i (246)647-9567





36541 GnM (816)791-7405

SOUTHGATE 15251 Dti-TlMt (313) 283*9866

5314 Dixie fatf.


M o o r s : M o n - . T U e e . , W e d . , F r f „ S s t 9-5, T h u r s . 9 - 0 - O t h s c s v e n l n g s b y s p p o l n t m e o L ^ V I S I T ^ ^ O I ^ T H E J N T E R N E ^

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Golf, C2 Outdoors, C3,


JUNE 5, 1997



Canton rolls into regional




Soccer meeting The Plymouth Canton HS boys soccer team will have an organizational meeting at 4 p.m. Tuesday at Canton's Phase III gym. All boys in grades 9-12 who will attend Canton in the fall and wish to play soccer are requested to attend. For more details, call coach Don Smith at (313) 459-7686.

Father's Day Scrambles The 16th-annual Father's Day three-person golf scrambles tournament is scheduled for Sunday, J u n e 15 at Fellows Creek Golf Course in Canton. Sponsored by the Canton P a r k s and Recreation Services, the t o u r n a m e n t costs $96 per three-person team, which includes greens fees, awards and a snack lunch. Golf carts are extra. Prizes will be awarded for longest drive, closest to the pin, and to the top three teams. Registration deadline is June 12; there are no residency requirements. Call (313) 397-5110 for further details.

Soccer tryouts • T h e Canton Soccer Club h a s announced its tryout schedule for premier and select team for next fall and the spring of '98. There are teams for boys and girls, from under-10 years old to under-19. Here is the listing: Michigan Football Club: Boys under-19 (cpached by Pete Alexander). June 23-24. call (313) 844-3440 for details; Canton Express: Boys u n d e r - 1 8 ( c o a c h e d by Demergis/Scott Hauman). June 25-26, (313) 998-0830; Canton Kickers: Boys under-18 (coached by Art Page). June 25-26. (313) 981-2695; Canton Strikers: Girls under-17 ( s e l e c t / p r e m i e r rep.), June 19-20. (313) 455-9884; Canton Magic: Boys under-17 (coached by Jerry Parent). June 16. 17. 18 and 23. (313) 844-8727; Canton Forca: Boys under-17 (coached by Vic Dillon). June 2 0 . ( 3 1 3 ) 397-5862; Canton Flames: Girls under-16 (coached by John Schimmel). June 18. 19. (313) 981-1672; Canton Homata: Boys under-16 (coached by Danny Rea), June 20. 21. (313) 451-1032; Canton Crush: Boys under 16 (coached by Gary Cifaldi). June 18. 19. (313) 459-3757; Canton Quest: Girls under 15 (coached by Al Davis). June 18. 19. (313) 451-5575; Canton Homata: Boys u n d e r - 1 5 ( c o a c h e d by Mark Zemanski), June 16. 17.(313) 459-0611; Canton Forca: Girls under-14 (coached by Eric Dean), June 23. 24. (313) 455-3662; Canton Lightning: Boys under-14 (coached by Watson Zdrodowski). June 18. 19. (313) 459-0927; Canton Pradatora: Boys under-14 (coached by Kurt Johnston). June 20. 21. (313) 455-4703; Canton Comata: Girls u n d e r - 1 3 ( c o a c h e d t>y Ernie Bucks). June 18. 19. (313) 4 5 3 6 5 5 5 ; Canton Vipers: Boys under-13 (coached by Dave Foess), June 19. 20. (313) 416-9729; Canton Impact: Boys under-13 (coached by Tom Masters). June 23. 24. (313) 844-1104; Canton Stampede: Giris under-12 ( c o a c h e d by Frank Bernacki). June 23. 24. (313) 455-5409; Canton Attackers: Boys u n d e r - 1 2 ( c o a c h e d by Jim Devnes). June 16, 17. 18. (313) 397-8953; Canton Crossfire: Boys under-12 (coached by Dave Krajovic). June 16. 17. 18. (313) 4 5 9 7 8 4 9 ; Canton Conquest: Girls under-11 (coached, by John Johnson). June 25. 26. (313) 4 5 5 9 8 8 4 ; Canton Strikers: Boys under-11 (coached by Paul Palazzolo), June 18. 19. (313) 207-1662; Canton Challengers: Boys under 11 (coached by Jack Strabbing). June 25. 26. (313) 397-0275; New team: Girls under-10 (coached by Craig Picard). June 16. 17. (313) 4 1 6 9 4 2 8 ; New team (2): Boys under-10 (select/premier rep ). June 16. 17. (313) 455-9884.

•The Plymouth Soccer Club will have a series of tryouts for its various teams throughout July, for both boys and girls. Here is the listing; dirts under-10 select: Coached by Joy Scott (416-5852). 6 : 3 0 8 : 3 0 p.m. June 17 18 at Unysis; dirts under-11 select: Coached by Schilk (459-8826). 6 8 p.m. June 17 and 19 at East Middle School: Oirte under-12 premier Coached by Esper (420-2236). 6 : 3 0 8 : 3 0 p.m. June 17 and 19 at Tanger School; QMa under-14 premier Coached by LaMasae (397-8325) 6 8 p.m.. 10 a.m.-noon June 2 0 and 2 1 at Heritage Parti; QMa under-IB premier Coached by Schilk ( 4 5 9 4 8 2 6 ) . 6 8 p.m. June 16 and 18 at East Middle School: QMa under-17 premier Coached by Kaatz ( 4 5 4 0 7 1 2 ) . 6 8 p.m. June 18 and 19 at Hines Park; •eye Mtfer-10 select: Coached by GrtflVn (459 3324). 6 8 p.m. June 18 and 17 at West MkfcSe School: Beys ander-U select Coached by McGra* (4203206). 6 8 p.m June 16 and 18 at Tanger School: Beys under-11 aeieet: Coached by Brunner (961-6033) 68 p.m. June 18 and 1 8 at Ptymouth Salem MS; Beys under-12 premier Coached by Austin (810) 4498865. 6:308:30 p.m. June 17 at Heritage Part; Boys eeder-13 premier Coached by Lemiey (563-1858), 6 8 p.m. June 18 and 19 at Heritage Parti; Beys under-13 aeieet: Coeched by Conion (4564185). 6:308:30 p.m. June 19 and 20 at West Middle School; Bays endar-14 premier Coeched by Stafford (4537107), 6:308:30 p.m. June 16 and 17 at Hines Park; Beys under-IS premier Coeched by KeaU (4540712). 6 8 p.m. June 16 and 17 at Eaat MkkSe School.

m CJ.

Ulto. or may fax thorn to OW 5017779.


At least t h e r e was no agonizing finish, something dragged out over s e v e r a l h o u r s w i t h f a n s on b o t h sides perched at t h e end of t h e i r seats, awaiting the outcome. The finish of the Class A district softball t o u r n a m e n t Saturday at Livonia Ladywood came q u i c k l y , a l m o s t m e r c i f u l l y for P l y m o u t h Salem- The Rocks" adversaries, Plymouth Canton, poured across eight r u n s in t h e first inning a n d were never threatened in a 13-1 triumph. The victory improved the Chiefs' record to 31-5 overall. They advance to the Class A regional tournament hosted by Ann Arbor Huron Saturday,' Canton meets the Monroe Dist r i c t w i n n e r ( w h i c h was n o t y e t determined) at 11 a.m. S h o u l d C a n t o n w i n , it w o u l d advance to the regional final, slated for 3 p.m. Salem, a 9-5 winner over Livonia Stevenson in the district semifinal S a t u r d a y , finishes with a 14-19 record. "We played good enough to win," said Canton coach Jim Arnold. "But to get to the next level, we can't do just that." What bothered Arnold was a pair of baserunning errors that negated two r u n s . T h e first c a m e in t h e C h i e f s ' 8-1 t r i u m p h over Livonia Churchill in the district semifinal, the second in the victory over Salem. In t h e s e c o n d i n n i n g of t h e Churchill game, Amber LaGrow raced home on a wild pitch and beat the throw, but didn't tag the plate b e f o r e b e i n g tagged out. A g a i n s t S a l e m , Nikki Kovachevich was called out for missing t h i r d b a s e after reaching home with an apparent run in the second. "We've got to get more focused," i n s i s t e d Arnold. "That's w h a t we talked about out there (on the field, after t h e game). You can't do t h a t kind of stuff at the next level. Every round it gets tougher." C a n t o n ' s t o u g h e s t round in t h e districts came in its opening game, a pre-qualifier against Catholic L e a g u e c h a m p i o n Livonia L a d y wood. The Chiefs won 2-1 on May

Time to celebrate: The Chiefs had reason to celebrate after clinching the Class A district title at Ladywood last Saturr day — and they did, with ; Kristin Witt (right) and Angela Litwin (center) huging at right, with Nikki 'ovachevich about to join in. Later, they took time to pose with the trophy they just won (above).



down three in a row, two by strikeDespite any mistakes last Satur- outs to Chiefs' hurler Gretchen Hudday, Canton had more than enough son. J e n n y Sikora, Amy LaGrow, of e v e r y t h i n g to h a n d l e both^ Amber LaGrow and Elizabeth Churchill and Splem. "We got off to a real bad s t a r t , " Eisner each contributed run-scoring said Salem coach Bonnie Souther- hits in the opening inning. Despite the baserunning mistake, land of the Rocks' first inning. "We walked a few, but they had five solid the Chiefs did pad their score with a run in the second on Hudson's sinbase hits. gle. a n d t h e y got a n o t h e r in t h e "It's t h e i r y e a r . T h e y w o r k e d h a r d , third on a walk, two singles and a they've earned it." Against Salem, Canton earned it sacrifice fly by Amber LaGrow, makwith its eight-run first inning. T h a t ing it 10-0. Salem got on the board in the fifth came after Salem batted and went


on singles by Shannon Coultas, Jill Schmalhurst and Maureen Buchanan, Buchanan's scoring the run. C a n t o n , h o w e v e r , got t h a t r u n back with a run-scoring single by Amber LaGrow in the fifth, then got two more in the sixth — the first on Amy LaGrow's triple, the second on a wild pitch. Amy LaGrow finished with three hits and two RBI, while Amber had two hits and three RBI. Eisner and S i k o r a each h a d two h i t s and an RBI.

Spartan bats boom against Chiefs BY STEVE K0WAL8B


Staff writer

Livonia Stevenson? A baseball power? Soccer and swimming still take center stage when it comes to earning statewide reputations, but coach Mike Keller's baseball team is making people-take notice. The Spartans won their second straight Class A district championship, dominating Saturday's four-team field at Detroit Catholic Central. S t e v e n s o n beat cross-town rival Livonia Churchill, 9-1, in a semifinal before smacking u p s t a r t Plymouth Canton, 16-8, in the championship game. Canton, 13-16 overall, had reached the final with a 9-8 victory over host CC. T h e g a m e against Canton w a s a s t a r k cont r a s t to the first two meetings between the two W e s t e r n Lakes Activities Association schools.

Canton won the first game, 8-7, and Stevenson won the second game, 2-1, in 10 innings. Keller, who used to coach Walter's Appliance for y e a r s in t h e Livonia Collegiate B a s e b a l l League, hopes to see some of his former colleagues come calling when they need players in the future. The Spartans are now 15-9 overall. "I don't think we're underrated, I j u s t don't t h i n k we have been an established school for y e a r s on t h e baseball end of it," Keller said. "We're slowly turning it around. People looking at ballplayers haven't thought about Stevenson in the past. Somewhere down the road they will start coming around." Stevenson senior left-hander Mike Allison,

who fell behind 1-0 on a solo home run by Canton's David Kwiatkowski in the top of the second inning, earned the pitching victory. Allison, also one of Stevenson's heavy hitters, contributed to a 12-run second inning by the S p a r t a n s that put him in command the rest of the way. The Spartans also received a complete-game pitching performance by Jon Ritzier in the win over Churchill. •We don't have a number one on our club," Keller said. "Mike and John both have been the best for us. It d i d n t m a t t e r who we threw. If you win the district, you have to win two ballgames. It's been nice to win it two years in a row. We're just happy to be there and taking it one game at a time. We're trying to move on a little bit farther." Stevenson collected eight hits in the second Please s«

Late rally boosts Canton past CC BY STEVE KOWALSKI STAFF WRITER

Plymouth Canton baseball coach Scott Dickey played for D e a r b o r n Divine Child, which has had some success against Detroit Catholic Central. "We beat them 2-1 to go to Tiger S t a d i u m ( f o r - t h e 1984 C a t h o l i c League chsmpionship)," recalled Dickey, a 1985 DC graduate. More than a decade later. Dickey's team at Canton pinned a 9-8 loss on the Shamrocks in Saturday's Class A district semifinal hosted by CC. T h e w i n e a r n e d thfe C h i e f s t h e right to meet Livonia Stevenson in t h e championship game, played in i n t e r m i t t e n t rain and won by t h e Spartans, 16-8. To hear Dickey tell it, Saturday's wi«L a g a i n s t CC would h s v e b e e n b e t t e r t h a n t h e one 13 y e s r s ago even if it earned the Chiefs the right to play in someone's backyard during a driving rain. "Any success the kids have is better t h s n sny I had ss s player," Dickey said. T h i s is by far s lot better. This is why we coach." P a t Marsac's line drive single with

t h e b a s e s l o a d e d a n d no o u t s in t h e bottom of t h e seventh brought Andrew Copenhaver home to break a n 8 - 8 t i e a n d s e n d CC home w i t h a r a r e d i s t r i c t

' l



Not only was this the first t i m e in years CC failed to win a district, it may have been the Shamrocks' first d i s t r i c t loss t h a t d i d n ' t c o m e in a c h a m p i o n s h i p game since 1981, according to coach John Salter. Canton ace Jason Mortiere was resilient — • JS»r- _ ~ -t i -* t h r o u g h 4 2/3 i n n i n g s b e f o r e g e t t i n g relief h e l p from Ben Tucker, who got Extra-tanlng ec8ta»y: Canton's Ray Horton is mobbed by teammates u hits (rigW after scoring the game-winning run against Redford CC in struck out five and walked last Saturday's state district tournament. foyr. t i m e t h e y k n e w my s t u f f . T h a t ' s Tucker. The S h a m r o c k s took a brief 8-7 "I h s d it b u t t h e n t h e ' b l u e probably the best hitting team IVe lead when they scored four r u n s in (umpires)* didn't give me s couple seen a 11 year. They r e f u s e d to go the-bottom of the fifth, including a cslls s n d t h e n I lost it," Mortiere down with two outs." pair that came home on a double by ssid. "1 knew two through six they The Chiefs had 12 hits off fouilCC C a s e y Rogowikf, s n d two o t h e r s s r s r e s l t o u g h . T h e second t i m e p i t c h e r s , b e g i n n i n g w i t h s t a r t * ? t h a t came in on wild pitches. sround I got t h e m down, the third P l e a s e see T h s t ' s when Dickey s u m m o n e d




The Observer/

THURSDAY, J U N E 5 , 1 9 9 7



c w r

5 , 1 9 9 7

Mistakes Wreck Stevenson, Churchill I Spring is the perfect time to be enjoying the outdoors »



Freebies kill. It's a lesson high school Softball players, by the conclusion of their senior season, know all too well. You j u s t can't give the opposition a break. » Livonia Stevenson and Livonia Churchill both got a detailed clinic in that lesson at Saturday's Class A state district softball tournament, hosted by Livonia Ladywood. In Saturday's first district semifinal. Stevenson had three first-inning wild pitches, walked five and committed two costly errors in losing 9-5 to Plymouth Salem; in the second, Churchill walked nine in an 8-1 loss to Plymouth Canton. Canton, the champion of the Western Lakes Activities Association, ended up winning the district crown with a 13-1 triumph over Salem. "We're a young team," said Stevenson coach Art Anselm. "We've got a lot of 10th graders (five starting) . . . One

error led to all those runs. "We don't normally do that." The Spartans got off to a quick start, scoring twice in the first inning. But Salem answered with four r u n s in the bottom of the first — on one hit, four walks and three costly wild pitches. -With a runner at first and two out, Stevenson starter LeAnne Schraufnagle walked the next two batters to load the bases. A wild pitch brought home the Rocks first run; a single by Maureen Buchanan drove in the second. Buchanan stole second to put runners at second and third, and then Schraufnagle tossed two more wild pitches to bring in two more runs, making it 4-2. In the third, the S p a r t a n s added a run on a two-out single by Stephanie Ladd, trimming Salem's lead to 4-3. But that was as close as they would come. The Rocks pulled away with a

CC netter 2nd Redford Catholic Central f r e s h m a n J.D. S h a d e finished second at No. 4 singles at the state Class A Boys Tennis finals held Friday and Saturday at the Midland Community Tennis Cefller. f b e sixth-seed S h a d e lost to top-seed Kai Blache of Rochester

Adams in the finals, 7-5, 5-7, 6-2. Shade won his first two matches easily, defeating Dan Buda of Mason, 6-0, 6-1; Mark Schefferof Muskegon Mona Shores, 6-0, 6-0. He then upset third seed Paul Villalba of Birmingham Brother Rice, 6-3, 7-5, and second-seed T o m M c H u g h of Ann A r b o r Huron, 6-2, 6-1.

five-run fourth, all starting with two'out and no one on base. A walk and two errors brought home the first Salem rup in the inning. Three straight hits followed — just the second, third and four hits of the game for the Rocks — the first a two-run triple by Becky Esper, the second an RBI triple by Carah Best. Stefanie Volpe's single delivered t h e f i f t h run of the inning, making it 9-3. The Spartans got something going in the sixth, putting the first two batters on base on a hit batsman and a walk. With one out, Teri Fox doubled to bring in two runs. But Salem pitcher Shannon Coultas averted further trouble with a strikeout and, with the bases loaded, a pop out. N e i t h e r team hit particularly well: Salem had five hits, Stevenson four. The loss finished Stevenson's season with a 10-17 record. In the Canton-vs.-Churchill semifinal, the Chiefs scored twice in the second inning and Churchill never recovered.

CC's No. 2 d o u b l e s t e a m of C h r i s Marco a n d J e f f F l e s z a r won two rounds, defeating teams from Grand Rapids Forest Hills C e n t r a l (6-2, 6 - 3 ) a n d P o r t Huron Northern (7-6, 6-3). They were ousted by Traverse city, 63, 6-4. The Shamrocks, who tied for 12th in the team standings with three other schools, also gained a point at No. 3 doubles as J u a n Soares and Ben Rost defeated a duo from Mason, 7-5, 6-1, before losing to Ann Arbor Huron, 5-7, 6-2, 6-2.

CC's top three singles players all fell in their first matches — Brian Foley (No. 1) to Kent Dolbee of Battle Creek Lakeview, 64. 6-1; Tom Tarnacki (No._2) to top seed and eventual champion Todd Townsend of East Lansing, 6-0, 7-5; and Marc Siciliano to f i f t h - s e e d David D e g u i t s of Bloomfield Hills Lahser, 3-6, 7-5,



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Tony Clark


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« .


• In Wayne County, a Kids Fishing Clinic will be held Saturday at both Marshland and Oakwoods Metroparks (800-4773189); a Fishing Derby for Kids will be held Saturday at Bishop Park in Wyandotte (313-2464505). • In Oakland County, Kensington Metroparks will be the site of a Fishing Clinic for beginner anglers of all ages on Saturday (800-47-PARKS) and a Fish-In, which includes seminars and demonstrations of European fishing techniques, on Saturday and Sunday (810-685-1561). The 16th annual Bass Tournament will be held Sunday in Rochester's Thelma Spencer Park (810-656-4657). Pre-registration is advised for all three events.


The MASC Starcrafl/Beretta Motor-City Classic, a world-class shooting event for veteran and novice sporting clays shooters, will be held Saturday and Sunday, J u n e 7-8, at the Bald Mountain Gun Range in Lake Orion. Competition in the 200-target main event will be held in classes AA. A, B, C, D. E and Ladies. The competition also includes a 200-target concurrent events in seniors, veterans, junior and sub-junior classes. A 100-target sportsman's event features competition in pump, semi-auto, and double-barrel classes. Call 1800-224-4990 or (8101 814-9193 for more information.



T o p - f i v e : Salem's Katie Murinas finished fifth at the state tournament.


A. * - - - - * 1 * - - -* 1 —fcL were exceptional last weekend in t h e n o r t h w e s t e r n c o r n e r of t h e L o w e r Peninsula in and around Manistee. The Michigan Outdoor Writers Association held its biannual convention last w e e k e n d in M a n i s t e e a n d I h a d a n o p p o r t u n i t y to explore a few of t h e many trout streams in that neck of the woods. Fishing with local outdoor writer Roger B e u k e m a , who d o u b l e s a s a Bloomfield Hills police officer, and our guide Dick Kuipers of O n e k a m a , we headed out at mid-morning with hopes running high.



vers and three bronze. He was edged out for first place overall by Fred Lacey, from Texas, in the last race. C r a v e n s e t t w o new t e a m speed records: in the 5,000-meter point r a c e a n d in t h e 3,000meter pack race. Craven's p e r f o r m a n c e earns him a berth on the U.S. Junior team which will compete in Mar del Plata. Argentina Dec. 2-10. A m e m b e r of t h e Wolverine

Canton-Stevenson inning to chase Canton s t a r t e r Ben Tucker. Ryan D a h l m a n , Mike Rourk and Jeff P a g e followed on t h e m o u n d f o r t h e Chiefs. " ' Page was the most effective, pitching the fifth and sixth inningB against the Spartans. Justin Kerr and Mark Dietrich each smacked triples a n d Eric Yuhasz delivered a double in the second inning tor the Spartans. Kevin Marvin, John Marlin and Dietrich each scored twice in the second. . A l l i s o n led t h e S p a r t a n s ' attack with t h r e e hits a n d two RBI. Yuhasz and Roy Rabe had two hits each. Dietrich drove in five runs and Kerr two. The seniors came through

Free Fishing Weekend, in which all fishing license fees are waived for Michigan residents and non residents, will be held Saturday and Sunday, J u n e 7-8. All fishing regulations will still apply. Several instructional clinics and tournaments will be held in conjunction with Free Fishing Days.

"In the early morning sun youH cast a shadow on t h e w a t e r and spook t h e fish," explained Kuipers as we headed out around 9:30 a.m. "I like to wait until the sun starts to climb in the sky. If its a cold morning the brookies won't hit either, not until it warms up a little." I'm a true believer in the adage "the e a r l y b i r d g e t s t h e worm," but a n y doubt I may have had that we were get-

from page CI M a r s a c each went 2-3. Marsac scored twice. This was a young Canton team as only Marsac, Jason Tallant, Noonan, Jeff Opalinski, Neil W i l d f o n g , Ray H o r t o n , J a s o n Mortiere, Dahlman and Nathan Copenhaver will be lost to graduation. T h e r e were no secrets, no surprises. hit the bfll betprises, they cney just jubi m t m e t e r t h a n we did t h e second game," Canton coach Scott Dickey said. "They absolutely hit the ball better than anybody we've f a c e d . U s u a l l y when we score eight runs we win. " G i v e o u r k i d s c r e d i t , we stayed up even through the seventh inning. They were still trying to battle."

from page Cl

Tony Nozewski, who lasted two to score Opalinski with the tying the Shamrocks a 2-0 lead in the innings. r u n . With C C ' a d e f e n s e in, first, but they had to plsy catchA n t h o n y Tomey pitched one Marsac ended t h i n g s when he up moat of the way. inning in relief, followed by Mike drove a line shot to left to score T h e Copenhaver brothers led Haller (three innings) and Ryan the winning run. t h e Canton attack. Andrew Kolb, who pitched to two batters. The Shamrocks, who finished Haller suffered the loss, allowing 18-13 overall with a young team, C o p e n h a v e r w a s 3-4 w i t h a two r u n s on one hit, one walk lose only J o s h Delcorvo, Nick s t o l e n b a s e , two r u n s a n d an and three strikeouts. Watta, Kolb, J o h n DiBella and •RBI The Chiefs began the bottom Ryan O s s e n m a c h e r to g r a d u a N a t e C o p e n h a v e r w a s 2-3. of t h e s e v e n t h with a w a l k to tion. stole a base and had three RBI. Opalinski, Attempting to "It h u r t s when you lose ugly advance Opalinski a base, t h e but you csn l e s r n by it," ssid O p a l i n a k i waa 1-3 w i t h two n e x t two C a n t o n b a t t s r a laid Salter, whose t e a m committed r u n s scored and Pat Noonan was down bunts t h a t were misfielded eight errora. "Ail our returnees 2-4. by t h e S h a m r o c k s t o load t h e - next year are good players now Bob Malek led the Shamrocks, s n d with the e x p e r i e n c e of 31 going 3-for-4 with three RBI. Jason Tallant, the first batter gsmea Tm sure they'll be better Rogowski waa 3-4 with one RBI to face Kolb, hit a ground ball next year." Matt Firlik had two singles and under the third baseman's glove DiBella's two-run double gave aoorsd one run

A a k i n i ftime." H m o *' fishing Manistee is within a short drive of such noted trout waters as the Platte River, the Betsie River, Bear Creek, the M a n i s t e e River, t h e Little Manistee River, the Big Sable River and the Pere Marquette River as well as dozens of local creeks and cuts. Trout fishing will r e m a i n good t h r o u g h o u t the summer months. Salmon fill the streams in the fall and steelhead move in during the early spring. If you're headed north for a week or weekend consider the northwestern Lower. If you hurry, you may just cajch the tail end of the mushroom season as well.

1 . 4 - AAABA Jnnk lailiAn W A ting^ a late start were dashed when we hit the first creek. One cast, one keeper. Not a bad s t a r t for the day. Over the next two hours I was fortunate enough to land a dozen brown and brook trout including four nice keepers. C r e e k f i s h i n g , or " p l o p p i n g " a s Kuipers likes to refer to it because "you j u s t plop your worm i n t o t h e holes," t a k e s p a t i e n c e on t h e a n g l e r s p a r t . Many of the best holes are guarded by s n a r U of overhanging branches, blow downs and logs. Maneuvering is slow, especially when you consider the time spent untangling your line from the trees as you try to get back to the water. But the payoff can be exciting and the best fishing is still to come. "When the brush grows over the creek and the b u g B s t a r t biting is when the f i s h i n g r e a l l y s t a r t s to g e t good," explained Kuipers. "Most people fish the first two weeks of the season and t h a t ' s it. They miss some of the best M


Anglers and hunters are urged to report their success. Questions and comments are also encouraged. Send information to 805 E. Maple, Birmingham. MI. 48009. Fax information to <810) 644-1314 or call Bill Parker evenings at (810) 901-2573.


Musky season opened Saturday, April 26, on inland waters in the Lower Peninsula and opens Saturday, June 7, on Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair and Detroit Rivers. BASS

Smallmouth and largemouth bass season opens statewide on Saturday. May 24, with the exception of the Detroit and St. • Clair rivers and Lake St. Clair. Bass season opens Saturday,

June 21, on Lake St. Clair, and the St. Clair and Detroit rivers.

Pro-Am on Thursday-Saturday, June 26-28. Amateurs can receive an application by calling (218) 829-0620.

Aug. 27). Call (502) 362-8110 for more information. PROFESSIONAL WALLEYE TRAIL


Oakland Bass Masters will hold a 50-boat open tournament on Sunday, June 8, on Orchard Lake. Upcoming tournament dates include June 29 on Lake St. Clair; July 20 on Lake St. Clair; Aug. 10 on Cass Lake; Sept. 7 on Lake Orion; and Oct. 12 on Pontiac Lake. Call Roy Randolph at (810) 542-5254 for more information.

The Professional Walleye Trail will make a stop on Lake St. Clair with the Lubrimatic/Powerbait Eastern

Fishing Buddies Fishing Club meets monthly in Rochester Hills. Call (810) 656-0556 for more information.


JP155/H-12B P155/80R-1? P16S/B0R-13 P175/80R-13


The first tournament in the Michigan Division of the 1997 Operation Bass Red Man Tournament Trail will be held on Sunday, June 15, on Grand River. J u n e 4 is the deadline to register, but late entries will be accepted with a late fee. The five other Michigan Division events are J u n e 29 on the Detroit River (entry deadline J u n e 18); July 13 in Saginaw Bay (entry deadline July 2); July 27 on Lake St. Clair (entry deadline July 16); Aug. 17 in Muskegon (entry deadline Aug. 6); and Sept. 7 on the Detroit River (entry deadline

P185/80R-13 P185/7SR-14 P195/75R-14 P20S/75R-14

P205/75R-15 P215/75R-1S P225/75R-15 P235/75R-1S LISTED:

$ 30.99 39.99 44.99 32.99

P205/70R-15 P215/70R-15 P235/75R-15





P1M/7SR-14 P20V75A-14 P705/75R-15 P215/75R-15 P225/75R-15 P23V75R-15

4€.99 47.99 48.99 49 99 51.99 52.99

P18S/60MP14 P20S75R-14RWL


P195/B0HR14 P19SW0HR15 P20V60HR15 P205/55R1S P22V60R16

42.99 ...49.99 52 99 69.99 54.99


P235/75R-15 30-950R-15RW L 31-1090R-1SRWL . 33-1250R-15RWL LT245/75R16/E

59 74 77 97 90

18V70R-13 1BV70R-14 195/7 OR-14 20&70R-14

V . V W

30.99 31.99 34.99 39.99

99 99 99 99 99

"When Your* K»a


again, which Keller has come to expect. "Most of them started last year as juniors and now we're a little mpre senior o r i e n t e d , " Keller said. Canton didn't go down without a fight, scoring four runs in the seventh when Stevenson had the outcome in hand. Pat Noonan hit a two-run doub ' e while R i c h a r d s o n and Andrew C o p e n h a v e r delivered RBI singles in the seventh for Canton. Kwiatkowski h a d a two-run single in the third for the Chiefs. Kwiatkowski finished 3-for-4, scored two r u n s a n d drove in three. Kyle R i c h a r d s o n a n d 'Pat


Speed Team, Craven works out six d a y s a week a t t h e Great S k a t e Roller Rink in Roseville (home of the Wolverine team) and at Skatin' Station II in Canton. H i s s c h e d u l e will keep him b u s y in t h e m o n t h s a h e a d . C r a v e n will c o m p e t e at the G r e a t Lakes In-Line Regionals J u n e 28-29 a t G r e a t S k a t e (a good performance will earn him a trip to the Indoor Nationals in Pensecola, Fla., in August), and hell compete in a Belle Isle race July 19.





1 pretended to ignore it, so it wouldn't be spooked, while I plopped a worm into the countless little holes and hollowB in the creek, but I kept a careful vigilance out of the corner of my eye. The fawn remained bedded down and continued to study my every move until I hooked a 9 - i n c h b r o o k t r o u t a n d t u r n e d t o w a r d B h o r e to u n h o o k my catch (I learned the h a r d way a long time ago never to unhook a trout over the water). The commotion was a little too much for my furry young spectator and the fawn darted out the back of the thicket and out of sight. S p r i n g is a n e x c e l l e n t s e a s o n for spending time outdoors. The arrival of spring s i g n a l s t h e a n n u a l r e b i r t h of nature. Sightings of a fawn, or a fox cub like the one I ran into two weeks ago while turkey hunting, are commonplace since spring is the season of birth in the wild. Springtime also delivers trout season and mushroom picking, both of which

Canton youth on team

*900 1200



team championship as well. Murinas' total not only carried her past the opening round, but earned her a medal (presented to the top-10 finishers). "She was elated," said Salem coach Rick Wilson. "Her first goal was just to m a k e the cut, because she missed it last year. "I think after the first day, she said to herself, 'Wow, if I can finish in the top 10 III be a medalist.' " Murinas, who has recently committed to attend Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn. — she has an interest in the medical field, and she has been told she'll get every chance to make t h e golf t e a m — is t h e f i r s t Salem golfer to medal at state meet in years. "I c a n ' t r e m e m b e r t h e l a s t time we had someon£~finish that high," said Wilson. "It was very rewarding for her. "The course really played long, which s u i t s K a t i e . The course was w e t a n d t h e b a l l w a s n ' t rolling at all." M u r i n a s w a s r o l l i n g by the second day, however.

1* It's e a r tAw i t>c hi e di sightly, but other than INSIGHTS that the fawn remained motionless while studying my attempt to creep quietly along the muddy, overgrown creek .bank. Nature blesses its young w i t h n a t u r a l camouflage in their coloring to h e l p p r o t e c t BILL t h e m f r o m p r e d a t o r s PARKER during the early stages of life. The fawn was bedded down in a thick tangle of brush and I walked within 15 feet of the animal and hadn't noticed it was there. Not until I circled around the thicket and headed back to the edge of the creek did I noticed the ear sticking up from the tangle of foliage. Upon closer scrutiny I realized it was a y o u n g f a w n , bedded down in t h e thickest cover around.





It's called climbing the ladder of aspirations. The trick is: Don't limit yourself, but don't set goals so high t h e y ' r e n e a r l y i m p o s s i b l e to reach. Plymouth Salem senior golfer Katie Murinas followed t h a t format precisely. P e r h a p s she became convinced a y e a r ago. when she missed the first-round cut for the Class A state tournament by a single stroke. Murinas qualified for the state t o u r n a m e n t as a n i n d i v i d u a l again his season. Her p r i m a r y goal remained attainable: Make the first-round cut. At last weekend's tournament, in a field of 85 played at Forest Akers GC in East Lansing, Murinas did even-more: She fired an opening-round 87 Friday to place fifth at the mid-point, then came back with an 86 on Saturday to secure her final fifth-place position with a 173 total. Grandville's Stacy Snider was consistent as well, easily capturing overall medalist honors with two rounds of 78 for a 156 total. Her team shot a 688 to win the

COMPUTERlit inc.

Tigers vs Mariners June 5 , 6 , 7 , 8

second and third. A passed ball brought home the first Canton run of the inning. A Biro single brought home the second, and Litwin followed with a base hit to drive in the third. After a walk to Eliiabeth Eisner, Jenny Sikora singled to deliver a run, and an e r r o r in t h e outfield allowed Eisner to race home. "They're ju»t solid," aaid Churchill coach Dana Hardwidge of Canton. "We knew we couldn't give them many runs, because we wouldn't score many." One surprise did greet the Chargers: Canton coach Jim Arnold started senior Sarah Carson, his No. 2 pitcher. "I was (surprised)," Hardwidge said. "We'd faced them twice before, and it was always (Gretchen) Hudson. I know he goes on a kind of rotation basis, and I guess it was her turn." Carson stopped Churchill on three hits, with no walks; the only run off of her was unearned. The Chargers completed their season with a 15-14 mark.

Murinas medals F

What escaped Charlie Craven last year is his this year. Craven, who will be a j u n i o r this fall at Plymouth Canton HS, j u s t missed q u a l i f y i n g for t h e IBM COMPATIBLE COMPUTERS U.S. Junior World In-Line Speed oeraLasewrCAS w i c n o e s a y iraoppvofWE CO RO« Skating Team last summer. SEWL-1 FWWUR "ORIS 12X4100 2 StCGEO RMI letCGWCSSC He d i d n ' t t h i s t i m e . C r a v e n t«X-*12S K* KE* WW5 STYU KFraGWO 11X4150 SVG* WCOOP MONTOP a OP IOmT e a r n e d h i s b e r t h on t h e U.S. W*0 CAPO M ' EG PCI 512K WEU£D CKO« fcCTKPBQMCJunior team by accumulating the 16 Mi HAP0 OPTVE • 2 0 G*1 ACC CO second-highest total in points at 3 YEAR WUWAWTV W S V© JW* the Junior Team Trials, held pommtiao ramu»ia $ Memorial Day weekend a t the Velodrome in Colorado Springs. • rroc* In the 12-race competition (six on t h e track, six on t h e road), miUMH PBR.MOMDI '1275 M400 Craven won four golds, three sil-

Ken Griffey, Jr

June 5 June 6 June 7

Consecutive singles to s t a r t the second by Amber LaGrow, Sara Freels and N i k k i K o v a c h e v i c h led t o t h e f i r s t Chiefs' r u n , Kovachevich g e t t i n g the RBI on a squeeze bunt. A single by Jillian Gross delivered the second run of the inning. A base-running error cost Canton in the second inning, when Nikki Kovachevich was called out at home after sliding in to the plate, but not tagging it; in the next inning, a r u n n e r failed to touch third and was called out. The Chiefs added a run in the fifth on a walk to Gross, a wild pitch, a sacrifice bunt by Tara Biro and a ground out by Angela Litwin that drove in the r*un. C h u r c h i l l ' s only r u n c a m e in t h e sixth. After Tina Naif reached base on an error, Jessie Jenkins tripled her home. Canton broke the game open with a five-run sixth off Charger s t ar t er Raegan Tisher. A double by Freels started it; after a walk, however, the next two batters were retired, leaving runners at


N £ e- Pi T


P> i B'


followed by

"JoeVision" STANLEY CUP FINALS (if necessary) C a m e 5 • TUeS., JUNE 10 (doors open at 6.30 PM) (if necessary) C a m e 7 • Sat., JUNE 14 (doors open at 6:50 PM)



$ P17V70R13

P211/70R-14 P225/TOR-15 W1W5B-15 P27JBB

r in in

4 I XZ4M

catch the "HOCKEYTOWN" Concert Series followed by the Red Wings vs. the Flyers on "JoeVision" at Joe Louis Arena


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AIITix . ONLY *5/

P195/75R-14 «4 99 P225/T5R-15 57 99 P206/7SW-15 . X 99 P22V75R-15 SO 99

6? 9*

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P?OV75«-14 XZ4W P206/75R-15 XW4S


•P23^75R-15 XW4XLS





OUR 6 0 , 0 0 0 M C E WARRAMfY P21V75R15 LT235/7SR1 VC.._ 30-950W-15 31 105O-R/C1S 9SN LT3SS/7SR-1M) 130 99



Available at the Joe Louis Arena Box Office and all m i l l l C M l locations

Or call T A V L O n • 17

8 1 0 . 6 4 5 . 6 6 6 6

PTOCMdt to bsnsflt ClYttA P f f l f Y FOUNDATION 1 mc BUOTMBB A BK S8TEBS

»0*» Cunu Ad r* mta mm ¥ >-75)



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06»en>er/THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1 9 9 7

Johnson's drafted by Seattle at No. 19 Stevenson BY R I C H A R D L . STAJT WUTKK

in the country by his hometown Detroit Tigers. Most projections had Anderson, who stands 6 feet, 10 inches, and throws with the same hand as Johnson, as almost certain to be one of the first four players taken. A "top tenner" at least. Baseball America had him listed as the top overall prospect in the country. Whether signability or other issues figured into his drop from there to No. 19. is something only 18 clubs can answer. "Obviously, Ryan's a guy we spent a great deal of time talking a b o u t , " D e t r o i t scouting director Greg Smith said. "There might have been some questions (by other t e a m s ) a b o u t his Signability. It's a good fit for him


He's called a Randy Johnson clone. Now, Ryan Anderson h a s a chance to call Johnsqn "teammate." "It's the Unit and the Young Unit,"' Gus Anderson said after his talented left-handed son was drafted 19th in the first round of Tuesday's Major League Amat e u r D r a f t by t h e S e a t t l e M a r i n e r s , t h e team J o h n s o n pitches for. "I'm happy I got picked by the Mariners." Ryan Anderson said. "I had no indication they were interested." Not surprising, considering the Westland native was projected as a possibility to be drafted first

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father said of the choice by Seattle. "Going down the list (after Detroit), they were the first one. Then New York (Yankees), Cleveland, then (Arizona) the Diamondbacks." When the Manners visited the Tigers e a r l i e r t h i s s e a s o n , Anderson sought out Johnson for counseling. It's no coincidence Anderson wears Johnson's No. 51 at Dearborn Divine Child. Gus Anderson had 24- by 36inch p i c t u r e of J o h n s o n and Anderson together. He has three copies and already arranged for Johnson to sign them. That will be this weekend, with Johnson gets one copy for himself. Negotiations can't begin until Anderson's high school career is over. The Falcons are still in the running for the state Class B crown, (They play in the Grosse The Tigers, who had the ->Jo. 1 lie regional this Saturday.) pick overall, opted for another "There's not much more we Anderson, Matt, the right-han- can tell you at this point," Madeder who helped Rice University j a said. "Once he finishes his reach the College World Series. season, then we'll get down and "I wasn't surprised at all," said do some talking. I think Ryan's a Anderson, who is 5-2 this year good kid." with t h e F a l c o n s and h a s a "I want to start," the young strikeout-to-inning ratio of near- pitcher said. "And as soon as ly 3-to-l. "I sort of expected it." possible." By a quirk, Seattle happens to "Now t h a t S e a t t l e h a s got be p l a y i n g D e t r o i t in a four- him." his f a t h e r said. "This is g a m e s e r i e s s t a r i n g t o n i g h t . only the first step. The next step Anderson figures to be there for is negotiations. The final step is one or more of the games — on a c o n t r a c t signed. That's our his own d i m e since his dad goals. wants him to remain eligible to "We're viewing it the same go to the University of Michigan way Alan Hendricks is viewing should Seattle and his son fail to it. But I don't want to talk about come to terms. money. And t h a t ' s the way it "We're tickled to death." his should be."


Even a steady rain couldn't d a m p e n Livonia S t e v e n s o n ' s parade through the state girls soccer tournament Saturday in a soggy Class A regional final at Southgate Anderson. And the Spartans sent a message loud and clear with a convincing 6-0 victory over rival Livonia Churchill behind senior Anne Fedrigo's hat trick. The win moves Stevenson, now 19-0-2 overall, into a 7 p.m. state semifinal matchup Wednesday a t J a c k s o n ' s Mehall Field a g a i n s t Grand Rapids Forest Hills Central. Forest Hills Central (19-2-2) a d v a n c e d Friday with a 2-0 regional championship win over East Lansing. The Spartans are only one win away from appearing in their fifth s t a t e championship final (the last appearance was 1990). C h u r c h i l l , one of only two t e a m s to earn a scoreless tie with Stevenson this season, simply w a s no match t h i s t i m e around for the S p a r t a n s , who posted their 20th shutout of the season. Stevenson scored three goals in each half. M e l i s s a Jacobs opened t h e scoring on a rebound off Sarah Wittrock's corner kick with 29:35 left in the half. Fedrigo, a midfielder who has not been one of the Spartans' primary scorers this season, then booted through the next three. She started with a slick direct free kick from 15 yards out (with 21:30 left) followed by*a penalty shot (after teammate Cherly Fox was tripped in box with 4:35 to go until intermisssion). Just four minutes into the second h a l f , she added a n o t h e r W i t h a new Carrier Indoor W e a t h e r Maker, you'll save penalty shot. u p to 6 0 S ? o n y o u r m o l i n g c o s t s t h i s s u m m e r It's t h e "She's hit the ball well off set m o s t e n e r g y - e f f i c i e n t air c o n d i t i o n i n g you c a n plays even though she's missed s o m e , " Stevenson coach J i m TRU ^ TEMP Kimble said. "Anne's been solid HEATING COOLING her whole career, nothing fancy, GAUOO c m 427-€612 • CANTON TWP. 1-100-956but she's a senior who wants it f imihJttmr tfirr Sn Jditt W I' A- fmxmmt- amd •• iw*rr4fa * A> r • o« Hn ( - . k-mr *•«**af I "*iat //'A" > • /.*A«%



Following la th« final list ol O b a a n r a n M


J*aon Meagrow (Canton) 2 0 8 1 / 4

Harden James (John Gienn) 10.7

lan Searcy (Salem) 52.2

Rob Block (Stavenaon) 9:47 .8

Brent Accurso (Franklm) 43 0

Andrew Wilder (N. Farmington) 2 0 2 1 / 4

Chris Kno* (Harrison) 10.9

Ryan Kearney iChurchill) 52.2

Nick AHen (Salem) 9 : 5 5 3

Cortny Rot*son (Redford CC) 4 3 . 0

Kavm Woods (Harnaon) 2 0 1

David jarrett (John Glenn) 10.9

Jason Sharpe (Harnson) 52.9

John Gnffln (Redford CC) 9:57.1

Ryan Thomas (Salem) 43.0

Ron Penmnfton (Wayne) 54-9 3 / 4

Duatm Campbell (Luth. Westland) 2 0 3 / 4

Jerrard Johnson (Harrison) 11.0

Harden James (John Glenn) 5 3 . 1

NICK Sna.eC (Harrison) 54-3

Andre Dawson (John Glenn) 19-7 1 / 2

Phil Boucher (Thurston) 11.0

Matt Freeborn (Stevenson) 5 3 . 1

Dan Jesa (N. Farmington) 1 0 3 6 . 0

Dave Koahtfawa (Canton) 1 1 0

M t k e Miiiat (N. Farmington) 5 3 . 4

Jon U t i l e (Salem) 10:06 7

Farmington Harrison 4 3 . 1


Dan Dominguei(Bedford CC) 53-2 3 / 4


• Josh Burt (Franklin) 10:05.8 4 0 0 RELAY

Mike Samples I John Glenn) 53-0

David PopM (Redford CC) & 5

Paul Terek (Franklin) 11.1

Shaun Moore (Canton) 10:13.4

Westland John Glenn 43.9

Matt Lawn son (Franklin) 52-7

John laowiy (Farmington) 6-4

Mike Shull (Salem) 11.1

lan Searcy (Salem) 1:55.4

Jon Barman (N. Farmington) 10:15.0

Redford Umon 45.0

Brian Douglas (Retford CC) 5 0 7

Joel Fodor (Harrison) 6-3

Scott Kings!ten (Salem) 11.2

Nathan Jerome (Churchill) 1:57.5

Dan Denic [Radford CC) 10:15.2

Redford Catholic Central 46.2

Kirk Moundros (N. Farmington) 4 & 9 3 / 4

Mike PMHipa (John Glenn) 6 3

Bnan Teefey (Redford CC) 11.2

Andy Briggs (Salem) 1:59.2

Joe Hubert (Redford CC) 10:16.1

North Farmington 45 4

Chris Koss (Redford CC) 48-4

Clay Janovai (Farmington) 6 2

Steve Hester (John Glenn) 11.2

Shaun Moore (CantorfT2:00.5

Kevin Kail (Canton) 4 5 8 3 / 4

Tim Moore (John Glenn) 6 2

Cameron Mingo (Wayne) 11.2

Derwin White (Harnson) 2:00.6

8 0 0 RUN

• 0 0 RELAY Farmington Hamson 1:30.2


John Faunce (Redford CC) 2 : 0 1 . 8

Ryan Kearney (Churchill) 14.8

Westland John Glenn 1:32.1

Craig Rose (Clarenceville) 6 2

Keith Battle (Harrison) 2 2 2

Chris Laney (Redford CC) 2 : 0 2 . 0

Jim Koch (John Glenn) 15.1

North Farmington 1:33.4

Nick Shaieta (Harrison) 1 7 8 - 2

Mike Disc her (Satem) 6 1

Ryan Kearney (Churchill) 22 6

Jared Roth (Hamson) 2 . 0 2 . 2

Jason Sharpe (Hamson) 1 5 . 1

Plymouth Salem 1:34.5

Kevin Ketl (Canton) 1 5 » 9

Albert Cook (Lutheran Wsld.) 6 1

Paul Terek (Franklin) 2 2 7

Joe Wottowicz (John Glenn) 2 : 0 7 4

Rob Haw ley (Salem) 1 5 . 2

Plymouth Canton 1:34.6

Scott Kingslien (Salem) 22 7

Andy Ebendick (Lutheran Wsld.) 2 : 0 2 . 9

Ryan Supplee (Franklin) 15.2

Oave Hester (Salam) 45-2 1 / 2

Ryan Kearney (Churchill) 6-2


Mike Samples (>ohn Glenn) 1 5 8 6

2 0 0 DASH



Ryan Thomas (Salem) 15.2

Plymouth Salem 3:30.2

Nathan Jerome [Churchill) 4:28 0

Mike Zdriebko (Canton) 15.4

Redford Catholic Central 3:30.6

Jared Roth (Harrison) 4:30 0

Dave Clemons (Salem) 15.4

Farmington Harrison 3.30 6

Jerrard Johnson (Hamson) 23.0

lan Searcy (Salem) 4 : 3 0 . 1 '

Brent Accurso ( Franklin) 15.4

Westland John Glenn 3 : 3 3 . 1

Matt Weber (Churchill) 12-0

Harden James (John Glenn| 23.1

Roh Block (Stevenson) 4:33.0

Josh Callahan (N. Farmington) 15.4

Redford Umon 3:34.4

Wes Morland (Harrison) 130-7

Dereck laskowski (Harrison) 12-0

Adam Shanks (Franklin) 23.2

Josh Burt (Frankllnl 4:34.2

Dan Dominguez (Redford CC) 130-5

Joe Frendo (Garden City) 12-0

David Jarrett (John Glenn) 23.2

Joe Woitowicz (John Glenn) 4 : 3 5 . 0

Ryan Kearney iChurchill) 39.5

Plymouth Salem 8:09.0

Luke Hon on (Lutheran Wsld.) 12-0

Dave Koshtzawa (Canton) 23.2

Joe Hubert (Redford CC) 4:36.7

Rob Hawley [Salemi 40.8

Redford Catholic Central 8 : 1 0 . 1

John Griffin (Redford CC) 4 3 7 . 0

Jim Koch (John Glenni 40.8

Plymouth Canton 8 : 2 2 . 1

Matt Law son (Franklin) 1 5 4 - 2

Paul Terek ( F r * * l i n ) 1 6 6

Ron Pennington (Wayne) 1 4 & €

Ryan Kosutlc (N. Farmington) 13-3

Phil Boucher (Thurston) 22 7

Oave Hester (Saiem) 1 3 8 4

Randy Glenn (John Glenn) 1 2 6

Chris Kno* (Harrison) 22 8

Guy Diako» (Churchilt) 1 3 3 4

M * e Rebant (John Glenn) 12-0

Kirk Moundros (N. Farmington) 1 3 1 2


1 . 6 0 0 RUN

Brian Teefey (Redford CC) 2 2 7

3 , 2 0 0 RELAY


Dave Jarrett (John Glenn) 23-6 1 / 2

Matt Rose (Churchill) 11-6

Paul Terek (Franklin) 22- 3 / 4

Ryan Shiplett (Franklin) 1 1 6

Brian Teefey (Redford CCj 49 2

Shaun Moore (Canton) 4 38 7

Josh Callahan IN. Farmmgton) 41.1

North Farmington 8:26 4

Tim Moore (John Glenn) 21-1

Dan Clouse* (Redford Union) 1 1 6

Corey Davis (Borgess) 51.0

Nick Allen (Salem) 4:40.0

Wes Morland (Harrison) 41.5

Livonia Stevenson 8:31.2

Paul Terek (Franklin) 5 1 . 4

Craig Skat ski i Redford CC) 4 : 4 0 0

Ricky Bryant (Harrison) 42.7

4 0 0 RUN

Eric Larsen (Canton) 20-11

Following is the final list of OOserverland oest girls track times ana distances

Tiffany Williams (Canton) 27 1

Kristin Koslk (Salem) 5-3

4 0 0 - M E T E R RUN

Adrian® Ellis I John Glenn) 5-2

Ellen Stemmer (Salem) 11:48.3

8 0 0 - M E T E R RELAY

3 0 0 - M E T E R HURDLES

Ashley Fillion (Churchill) 11:51.0

Oevron Kennedy (Harrison; 45.1

Westland John Glenn 1:46 0

Natalie Gronchn (Mercy) 6 0

Angka Morris (Mercy) 58 8

Marjone Brooks ' John Glenn) 11:58 0

Christie Tzilos (Stevenson) 46 1

Livonia Stevenson 1.48.8

Jamie Artole (John Glenn) 5-0

Katie Bonner (Salem) 1 0 0 . 1

Kelly McNeilance (Stevenson) 11:58 4

Hana Hughes (Lutheran Wsld i 46 8

Lutheran Westland 1:48 8

Jessica Ash (Salem) 37 10

Angie Salmon (Salem) 6 0

Danielle Wensing (Franklin) 1:00 9

Becky Wolfrom (Canton) 12:00.0

Nancy Hoffman | Cantoni 47 5

Farmington Hills Mercy 1:49 1

Melissa Grata (N. Farmington] 37-7

Jordyn Go
Laura Clark (Uith. Westiandi 1:00 9

Theresa Derwinski (Farmington) 12:03 0

Lisa Maul (Salem) 47.5

Plymouth Salem 1:49.4

Shawntika Fan (Mercy) 36-7 3 / 4

Shermame Drake iBorgess) 6 0

Becky Uryga (Canton) 1:01.2

Becky Naglik |N. Famnngton) 12:08 4

Amy Sonnanstine |Canton) 48 3

Danielle Wensing (Franklin) 35-9 3 / 4

Rebecca Hoffmeier (Loth. Wsld) 4-11

Tiffany Simon (Borgess) 1:01.7

Amanda Grube (Canton) 35-1 1 / 2

Tncia Tracryk (N. Farmir^lon) 4-10

Rhashida Rudolph (Mercy) 1:01 8

Tiffany Grubaugh (Salem, 34-9 1 / 2

Shannan Bjerke (Redford Umon) 4-10

Jeannette Martus (Churchill) 1:02 4

Kerstin Arvdrzejewski (Harrison) 34 3 1 / 2

Manssa Kovach (Canton) 4-10

Angela Smith (Salem) 34 3

Erin StabC (Canton) A 1 0

Brandi Bernard (Canton) 3 4 2 1 / 2

J«ssica Robinson (Thurston) 4-10

Cece Johnson (Mercy) 34-1 3/.4

Yoko Minowa (Harrison) 4-10


1 , 6 0 0 - M E T E R RELAY

Nicole Hemng (John Glenni 49.6

Farmington HUls Mercy 4:06.2

Lisa Maul (Saieml 15.5

Cassie Ehlendt (Stevenson) 49.7

Plymouth Salem 4:06.7

Emily May berry (Harrison) 15.6

Crystal Alderman (Canton) 4 9 7

Livonia Stevenson 4:09.0

Ruth Viforeanu (Salem) 1:02.7

Devron Kennedy (Harrison) 15.6

Katie Sherron (Stevenson) 49.9

Lutheran Westland 4:11.5

Nicole Dettloff (Stevenson) 1:02 9

Cassie Ehlendt (Stevenson) 1 6 . 1


Plymouth Canton 4:18.0

4 0 0 - M E T E R RELAY

Nicole Herring (John Glenn) 16 1

Farmington Harrison 50.4

Katie Bonner (Salem) 2 : 1 8 4

Enn Si act) I Canton) 16 4

Plymouth Canton 51.2

Livonia Stevenson 9:29.4

8 0 0 - M E T E R RUN

3 . 2 0 0 - M E T E R RELAY

Erin Hayden (Ladywood) 4-10

Kelly McNeilance (Stevenson) 2:20 1

Amy Sonnanstine (Canton) 16.5

Westland John Glenn 51.4

Plymouth Salem 9:31.2

Melissa Gratz (N Farmington) 1 3 1 8

Afysha Smith (Borgessy 4-10

Kate Adams (Farmington) 2:22.8

Christie Tzilos (Stevenson) 16 5

North Farmington 5 1 4

Farmirgton Hills Mercy 10:01.2

Tiffany Grubaugh (Salem) 1 2 4 8

b a y Math«s (Mercy) 4-10

Knstie G'ddings I Salem* 2:24 0

Jamie Arbie (John Glenn) 16.7

Farmington Hills Mercy 51.5

Livonia Churchill 10:06.8

Andrea Parker (Stevenson) 2:26 5

Crystal Alderman (Cantoni 16.7

Lutheran Westland 51.5

Farmington 1 0 0 9 X I


Shawntika Farr (Mercy) 113-4

1 0 0 - M E T E R DASH

Angela Smith (Salem) 112 3

Mahogany Fletcher (Harrison) 1 2 4

Ellen Stemmer ,Salemi 2:27 1

Jennifer Brazeal (Mercy) 111-7

Kama Adams (John Glenn) 12.7

Jackie Segue (Mercy) 2:27.7

Brandi Bernard (Canton) 109-1

Nkechi Okwumabua (Cantoni 12.7

Mary Disbrow (Salem) 2:28 5

Emily Yambasky (Stevenson) 107 7

Angka Morris (Mercy) 12.7

Angkana Roy (Canton) 2 29.0

Kathy Telford (Mercy) 107-5

Brianna Watson (Ladywood) 12.7

Christina Andnola (Mercy) 2:29 6

Rachael Siggens (Lutheran Wsld ; 1 0 7 4

Monica Czerwinski (N. Farmington) 12.8

Jaclyn Bernard (Canton) 102-7

Rachel Jones (Salem) 12.8

Kelly Travis (Stevenson) 5:11.6

Jeannette Martus (Churchill) 12.8

Kelly McNeilance (Stevenson) 5:14 l

(.aura Clark (Lutheran Wsld.) 12.9

J«Ji Werman (Lutheran Westiandi 5:14,2

Nkechi Okwumabua iCanton) 17-7

Jackie Fsadni (Stevenson) 12 9

Evelyn Rahhal l Salem I 5.24.8

2 0 0 - M E T E R DASH

Nicole Bolton (Salemi 5:26.0

Angie S«llmon iSalemi 17- 1 / 2 Jeanrvette Martus iChurchilll l & l l

Nicolette Jarrett (John Glenn) 25 8

Danielle Harris (Stevensoni 5 28 4

Mahogany Fletcher (Harrison) 16-8 1 / 4

Tiffany Simon (Borgesss 26.2

Ellen Stemmer (Salem) 5:30.2

Natalie Wood (Canton) 1 6 1 1 / 2

Oevron Kennedy I Harrison) 26.5

Andrea Parker (Stevensoni 5:30 4

Deana McCargo (John Glenn) 15-10 1 / 4

Moruca Czerwinski (N. Farmingtonl 26.5

Ashley Pillion (Churchill) 5 32 4

Wendy Leanhardt I Salem) 15-9 3 / 4

Angka Morris (Mercy) 2 6 6

Jackie Segue (Mercy) 5:36 3

Jenny Duncan (Churchill) 15-9

Rachal Jones I Salem) 26 6

Erin Hayden (Ladywood) 15-4 1 / 2

LaToya Chandler (John Glenn) 26 8

Kelly Travis (Stevenson) 11:24 7

Danielle Wensing (Franklin) 26 8

Nicole Bottom (Salem) 11:30.9

Mahogany Fletcher (Harrison) 26 9

JodJ Werman (Luth. Wsid.J 11:39.5

HIGH J U M P laToya Chandler (John Gienn; 5 6


1 , 6 0 0 - M E T E R RUN

Nicolette Jarrett (John Glenn) 18- 1 / 2




Ron Baiog (Redford CC) 42.7

3 , 2 0 0 RUN

Andy Briggs (Salem) 51.6

Jon Daair (Redford Union) 2 0 8 1 / 2

Dest boys track tunas and measurement!

as badly as our o t h e r two seniors, J a c o b s and (Nicole) Tobin." The Spartans added two more goals for good measure in the second half — L a n e t t e Moss with 29:45 remaining and Sue Bear at the 18:45 mark. "You're going to get fewer chances to score in the s t a t e t o u r n a m e n t and when you do you have to capitalize," Kimble said. "We didn't play well the last time we played them because of poor offensive execution. Whether it was the head, the foot, or whatever, we wanted to direct the ball on the net. "It was remarkable in the fact t h a t in practice yesterday we worked on three different things and we were able to score on all three today." It was the 42nd career shutout for Stevenson goalkeeper Jenny Barker, who has allowed only one goal all year. She stopped a first-half breakaway attempt by Churchill's Kersten Conklin. "Each i n d i v i d u a l player is focused on what job they have to do, and collectively they put it together to get the job done." Kimble said. "It was a regional final, of course, and we had the luxury of playing our crosstown rival and it made it much easier to get up for the game." Churchill bowed out with a 134-4 record. The C h a r g e r s found t h e m selves u n d e r an avalanche of Stevenson blue jerseys. "They (Stevenson) won every s i n g l e ball in t h e air and a m a j o r i t y of the 50-50 b a l l s , " Churchill coach Chad Campau said. "They pressured us hard right from the top of the game. "I warned my team about the restarts. The key was going to be the free kicks and the corner kicks and that's how they scored their first two goals." Nothing seemed to go right for the Chargers. "Toward the end we tried to take away their bragging rights, but we couldn't come up with a goal," Campau said.


|OR W E A T H E R ^ • t r u m e n t



with Seattle." The Mariners almost certainly will argue they got a first four choice at No. 19 — and you know A n d e r s o n ' s a g e n t s , - t h e Hend r i c k s b r o t h e r s of H o u s t o n , Texas, are going to take t h a t negotiating tact. "I'm still the same pitcher that I was as a (possible) number one," Anderson said. "My talent hasn't decreased." "We do our homework," said Ken Madeja, the Michigan scout who followed Anderson for the Mariners. "We look into things like signability. "He's a guy we followed the whole year, in fact, ever since he was 16. So we've seen a whole lot of him. He was there when we picked, so we couldn't let him go."

romps, 6-0

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WOMEN SEEKING M E N SEEKMG PRINCE CHARMING Don ! Delwv« m l»ry l a i n . Out Oeiieve ir tiapo«Y-eve«-after 1 you wor» tor ii SWF 23. blonde/hue). s r . H'S HV s likes rne usual t w s k . movies. reading. Mating Ihe net Seeding same m rvce resoecrtui aKractrve S'DWM io> 'nenOsno possiOle lelationsnip V X X ( w ? ' 2 t > NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK DWF. <2 5 1" petiie dark Brown eurtybrown N,'S enioys eierosing. walks. t«kmg camping, elc Seeliirvj consiaeraie open compassionate A'CM 3?-49 witfi SIrong faith m God lor possi&te 'elalionsfnp W2826 ie.p?24) ARE THERE ANGELS AMONG US? Wen-rounded, -sjnxxous SWF 43 5 T DrowrvNuel. Hi's, enioy sports i a i i CAW ouiet times a! home Seeking hones! romantic humorous. rnat-jre S'DWM 38-52 5 T . N>S who can appreciate me lor possible mamage tt»92le«p7'2«j LONELY IN OAKLANO Very anractrve vanoua degrees cor-oc ovmg and lontual OBf no dependents -weds special rnend and companion BM over 40 preferred must appreciate diversity and have compatible iifesiyie tT2873,exp7 24) ALL TOGETHER BEAUTIFUL Non-denominational DPF 46 5 8 ' i 2 5 * » long blonde green, enjoys eemrrvnuton laughler b i i n g walkng. traveling. moves see all together man. 4555,.to snare Me with Tf2995ie>fi72S) GENLANE SB* young 48 interested m meeting tail sincere genuine S 8 M 48-55 wno f t aid Back, protesncna' respectful generous and has great sense ol n u m c tr30054exp7 24J PS I M A FORMER BUNNY Sparkling redhead, 52, kjves pets, blues, votes ACLU Seeking meOa master with wfxxn !o convert to Bread s'-a'ed cfii world view UrvtanaaVensan (Is yours commensurate') TT3004Je*p7 24j HAPPY * DOWN-TO-EARTH Attractve petite reamed HIS. Eme-eyed Blonde always optimistic, tun, downtoearth loves m u s * . coc*mg. entertainrvg antiQues, travel, seeks sncete considerate &a*cse' somewhat p'o"es sional. wooo-worning a plus W2966 IW774I

SEEKING SOULMATE SWF 24, MondetDue 5 6 ' full-figured college stuoart nee personality enjoys romance fowers art poetry music, dancing efcnmg ene'cise. animals Seek^vg mature SWM. fun veo; affectionate sensitive, caring. N/S light drinner end Ivianaally stable 9 2 7 1 6 i.e«p7*3) 51 YEAR-OLD ENTREPRENEUR Pretty successful giving, lovmg nkes movies plays, concerts traveling. Boeing. swwnming. looking lor her krvght m shining armor Any smcere succeasfu. caucasian gentleman. 45-70 please reply V2813(e«p7' 10) VERY BEAUTIFUL. TAN..., SWF 25 5 5', tIBJbs, auB«j'n hair,'green eyes, canrtg, atectonate. honest, intelligent Envoys sports travel dancing mcwes Seeking attrechve loving SWM, 25-38 to spend time with tT27154e«p7'3i MEN ARE.. all the same Tired o< heanng that guys' This attractive DWF 28 is 'ooking 1c» that special someone to prove me wrong, once and lor all I know you -e out there' 1T2690te>p7,'3] SWEET BUT SASSY DWF 32 petite, honest sincere furv •oving. seeks laughs, fun and new adventures with mtefcgent. ndependent SWM 30-36. w»» isn't afraid of a challenge t r 2 6 9 ' v e « p 7 * 3 ; SWEET * SASSY SWF 36 Blonde 5 6", baby Btue eyes loves to laugh wstch sports and w e n lo rodc-n-roa :f you're a 33-43. downto-earth. humorous and pleasing to the eye, let's talk g 2 7 i 8 ^ * p 7 / 3 1 REAL RELATIONSHIP WANTED Bi sweet, attrscfrvs 43 year-ok3 S^F. 5 tan Seeking r * e . loving, secure SM loves the country, walks having fun. with sense ot humor, honesty and ready tor LTR Haley owner a plus »2712le*e7Jg}_ TRUE ANGEL DWF, 43. S T . reditokie, WS. N O good listener good sense ot humor kkesiong walks music, candy Seeking financialiy'mentaity secure S.'DM. 38-49. N'S MOrugs t r 2 6 9 3 ( e i ^ 7 . 3 ) DOCTOR WANTED For lun and 'nenoshy by youtWu" ove•y Bright warm SWF. 47 smoker Troy area tT273Slejai7,'3) COOKED MEALS Attractive atlectionate easygoing, sincere SWF 47 redhead. 5'2" curvy figure good-shape honest financially secure no dependents Seeking comparvon to share happy home-life, goodcookmg. movies danong W S preferred 43-55 Pets welcome t T 2 7 3 6 [e»p7/3).. , HELLO FRIENOS Attractive, slander intelligent, re'ined, aftecBonale humorous JF 54 Blondei'green 5 5 ' seeks classy gent, who is sweet intelligent, honest potite for a real relationship g 2 7 3 7 ( e « p 7 / 3 ) GET IN TOUCH Calhokc. open-rmnded, carmg, widowed SWF 69 5 T 140lbs N/S enioys soorts, mpvies d « n g out. snort tnps. Bingo Seeking honest, csrmg SWM. tor compamonsh® PoaaOe relationship Wayne County W2687

ARE YOU OUT THERE? OF 39 5 6". long Browrvtrown, enyoys long walks, ckrung irv'out, drives in the cointry fistsng Seeking S O V 35-45, who * e t »v>»en g 2 » j ( e s > f e ? 6 ; SOULMATE WANTED F>ewie Blonde. 40a, 5S" 1161b*. on Ouest tor best Inen®partner physically M. eryoy* go*, tenrv* romantic cancSeii! dnners . college graft successful professional, 45-55. made the |Oumey through ha toU, m reedy tor commitmam tT9679(e«p6'1M GREEN-EYED BRUNETTE Anracnve 35 5 5*. I lObs. profeeaionai very optrmstic. carefree, successful. Hi' S no children enioy* all seasons snd has vsned merests, loves to laugh Seeking aowrMo-eertM man, lata 30earty 50s g9Q49(e»pe/19) _

rr S BEEN A WHILE DWF. 49. Btonctettve "kes out ol doors, long w a * s sports dining out. n o c h i t t a n wants honest, senSual man, no games Let's |uei eryoy Me1 »2S39^e«p&'19j CLASSY AND CURVACEOUS DWF 46 5*9" K'W proportionate active degreed mother, .nto danong cookmg. g»rderw>g hiking (ravel and nature sensrtive sensual honest, loving loyal Seeking same 'or possible LTR TT1632(e«p6 19J LUSCIOUS Very attracttve seiy SBF, 22 t55tos caramel-Brown skin long snoulderlength hair adventurous * e s lo do things, go out. and have tun Call you wonl Be disappointed' ffl623te*p »1»1 MARRIAGE-MINDED BF 24 attractive S T . thin ukas conversation. piayfuiness movies, etc Seeking mamage-mmded SM with no dependents race open for possible mamage Humorous, ability to Be my fnend a plus « 1 7 1 5 t e * p & ' l 9 |

UPTOWN LADY Seeking iharpOeaang man n m -naM attractive, ipntuel SW lady 50 loves danong, art. laughs and snuggling Seeking nanoscme. romantc secure honest affabie. N/S gentleman V 9 0 4 8 (eapfi'lS)

FIUPINO BEAUTY AHractrve SF 29, 5 3" 1.1016s mother of one who envoys danong. movies dming out. seeks sincere, canng SDWM, 30-40, tor long-term relationshe. possible mamage Will relocate Call lor deta-is S I 712(sip&'l9; SEEKING PRINCE CHARMING Beautiful. Blonde, blue-eyed he«*ss 36. must tall deeply in love with the mar of her dreams, or all « lost I t 2 9 6 2
HERE'S THE CHALLENGE Knows how lo iraal a lady flower* oocasonaiiy. respect always Desires s long-term commitment No games Taa handaome. good commurncaii* good sense of humor. N/S Me tal. anracnve °<>**0n

JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN Qaasy. professional. 46. 5 T OWF N/S fit Loves boating, danong skiing. ro4ertmvdir»g new gorter and snow boarder No dependents. taM tv and dnrnung Seeking secure fit best fnend OWPFCF. 4 2 . 5 0 . » 2 4 « M « E 6 / » ) GENTLEMAN PREFERRED DWF. N/S. >w*nes 10 meet s lad gentleman. 45-55. who know* how lo treat a lady You muet eryoy danong. music spoils, quality Bme g2435

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KIND-HEARTED DWF 39, auburrvgrsen 5'4'. 120tM. f * S, no dependents, attractive c a m g aryoys movies old cars, nature art. arv mals Seeking N'S N'Drugs tall fit WPM 36-43 tri7Q7(e«p6.'19) •PRETTY PROFESSIONAL 33, 5 T . slim, long dart blonde sense of humor, independent, like sports, tfcning. dancing and travel Seeking thoughtful dasay. smgle white gentia-

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man. 2 9 . g9902'.e«p6i'l9) SEEKING ROMANCE I'm an attractive, ntefcgerx. slender ta« relined. fun aflecsonale smoker 50 I'm nol a "90s woman — so please Be a traditional. ta». inteiligeni gentleman. 5 0 . . who s p o l e P9e97(e«p6.19l .

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SOMEONE SPECIAL SWM, 29, 5*1 T , eryoys hockey, darts pool, snd qlL»et i M t even-ngs evenmgs with that tpe» Seeking SWF W n g . canng. and reedy lo meke e lasting o g ! » S 5 ! l m » r y L j r a ^ t ^ . : ? ^ AUTHENTIC Honest, romantic SWPM 32 . 6 2'. medium build, black/brown enjoys working out, campmg. faNng music, travel Seeking SWF. 21-38 br dating p g m m IfTR g 3 W 7 j e i g 7 / ? 4 ) PERCEPTIVE. AWARE. SPIRfTUAL J e a t i f c e i ue both ileeltfiy. handtome. open-minded SWM young 35. seeks similar women, with pleasant voica. who s understanding, compassonete and frae-spmted Pretty, pairt•0. p i a y ^ j p e f a pt^s g » 1 f t r a Z g 4 j NATURE LOVER Handsome SWM. 36 511". 165lbs. oves outdoors animals trsvsl seeks attracave. slender, down-to-earti SF for advemurous relationship tT3009


RELATE. THEN I T S A DATE! Sim. sensual, spmtusl SJM. 44 , 59", 155lbs. comfortable in *andaa shorts, t-slnrts Seeking SWF souimate 33-43. who enioys boating, beach walks, volleyball. movias.arl lairs, danong, coftee houses, e t i m c dnmg. 1t300tt*
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SOPHISTICATED AND LOOKING Its time to settle down and become serous about faxing you If you are a L E T S DANCE relmed genoeman late 40s-eany 50s DWF 50s degreed eotoys concerts, college-educated. N/S. who eryoys Me's theater movies travel But dancing is finer moments, look no furtfier V my thing Warni. canng. positive com9891|e«p6/'9) municator that loves to laugn nonSEXY, WELL-BUILT BLONDE smoker Seeking dancing souJmate to pi»c« y o u r personal ad 5 I30tos green eyes SOieh. saekmg » 3012^7)24) bad boy look, no pot-bellied, married SEEKING W 3 1 men with thinning hair who dnnk or FOXY smoaatoomucn Aeedy to rock end rol Widowed WF 5*3* ' 2 5 0 s Blonde BROWN with S DWM 40:50 g9813 P.sces-Anes-Capncorr ,-etired consulStatuesque classy DBF, 5 8 " 16SIBS SEARCHING FOR TRUE LOVE tant seeks SWM 59- so snare Ba«N'S God-fearing, professionallyWe»-rounded. rn*norous SWF. 43, 5 T , •com aenong. movies travel good conemployed Seeking DM 35-60 retired BrowrVharel. N'S enjoy sports. | a a versation and tarrwy get together or professionally employed tor comC4W qu«t times at home Seeking FULL-FIGURED 6 FULL OF SPICE L E T S DO COFFEE »2877reip7'24j mmad raiaBenshc t > 2 7 2 & * « p 7 3 , i honest, romantic humorous, mature SWF 25, N'S with a unique sense of SWF 22 5 2" browntiazel seeks L E T S MEET ATTRACTIVE 8F & D W M 38-52 5 ' T . N'S who can humor enioys cooking as wen as l i n SWM. 25-35. wfyj enjoys cxjnversation FOR COFFEE 49. 5'6". I45tos, IVw proportionate, appreciate me. tor possible mamage ing out. mo«es. and quiat evenmgs at honesty and fldakty. we«-educ*led For Tai, slm SWF 51 seeks m ^ e , 5 U tor employed educated, t o o a : dnnker ^ " e Y O U T R K D T H C REST home Seeking secure SWM. 22-32 99BS0(*Kp6/l 9) friendship, fun and possible LTR one-on-one i en(Oy t»ke n t j n g dining, N/S w»de variety oI interests seeks Now try the beef DWM. 40t.handeome N/S with similar interests »23402878(e«p7. , 24| Auracove CWF 49. S6" 135tM blond*' OWF, 32. 11Stos. btondftbfci*. quel and descrtoe us Bo«i SWF. 58 lady ol subtor LTR V 3 Q 1 4 t W 7 f r 4 j EARTHY A SENSUAL financially secure S' ARE YOU FOR MC? -sserveO. beautiful insida'out loves stance. seeks quawty trim, emoTREAT YOU DWPF 38, mother ol three attractive SWF 37 5*3". 135*>s fairty attractive, dancing, comedy dube. weekends bp S 3 .. 45-55. N/S. a x i a l an«*ar. 5'1CT., sonallyrhnanoally secure SWM. N/S to LIKE A PERSON 5 {T size 24, fmanoaBy secure, great K'W proporoonata who a n p y t dancrc. seeks W M 36-55. lo be honeet. caimg. North, teeks ftnanoaPy/ emoacnaty stashare dancing, travel, movies, dining Seeking attractrve. Hen female with sense c* humor, intelligent Seeking muac, romanoc evenings, ale. tor LTR •ovmg. sincere and mamage-minded ble SWM. 36-45. tor long B4ia ndas, pcssnee of humor, tor friendship, d mn g out, and mora -loving, stable confttor happinese together Musi be SnancompanionaNp. poeaitT9128(eiip&'19) out. sdvenmra and aryoying various t i n dence a se«y 92626<»*l>6>Qe> SHAPELY. oallv secure g 2 8 7 t ( e a p 7 " 2 4 i " VUL GORGEOUS actMBee mte«igent conversation with SWEET SMART SRORTS SMART, SENSATIONAL WHY FEMININE DOCTOR acanng.: coompesannals mats V 2 9 9 3 OF 39 5 V . Wondwgreen. fuller figure NOT MC? Ferrsme. slender sweet, btonda beauEarty 30s 5*5". mm. blondaigraan M l M S ' f ' "J En»oy sports m i s * j e r k conversabon ITO7/24] N « e SWPF 30, Monde/green. physity seeks oompenonsN»vcnerr*««ry with never married, no dependents eryoys honesty, danong muse, good wrwa N O CLEVER AO c a l * l*. green tenee of humor, teems tal travel, gt*. wortang out. neater Looiung nanaseme, fit gentleman 50* We are W . ;MEN with tnends and family Seeking genDown-to-earth DWM teeks land-heartSWM 20-40, dark hair and good-ioe*tor an intelligent educated loving, m snap* reNied. cuBured. i m x e t * f u i ed lady. Who still values family, and tleman 35-60 Who erioys the speaal •ng. to spend time witn outdoors and trustworthy, smotionalty,financially eryoys flowers, win answer all ca»e things in others g 2 4 9 7 f e « p a / i 9) Eryoys wortd travel, couniry club go« UQMT MY FIRE --* 3 ' >ge-e- g29IQ 2 S ( e i p SBM 20. 6'?* brown ayes, aryoys havFMENOS OR LOVER mamy^andtfMdrrn SOCCESSFUUENEROETIC SEEKING ing fun. seeks someone. 1S23, who s What a greet time of year tor a Mile >18) SWF, 42. 5 r Nondertxown. p f i y t t a l ASIAN LADY outgomg. w«> a sense oI f u n o r . and • n romancer r d love lo meet you i you are OF CONSCIOUSNESS ly M successful executtve Mia* sports, PETTTE-PACKAGC COMPLETE Open-rmnded. tuccestui WPM 57 6'. open mmd. aeeess free ® 2 9 6 7 ( e i p 4 5 . energetic ambitious and are not Natural woman. 33. S T . Mcnda locks. mowee. cu»jf» and favel tee» SM *&• SWF. 36. S T Brunette sincere out2101b* Not mamsbeam. dacapeve or a resting on your laurels tju«ta yet' ZHU The Usual Suspects Gewurztrammer 52, mho • suceeeaful and aacure w>th tports Over Ruaac. loves home Me g o n g & W S summer outdoor acsnoe* 26] worn blues prtenmg wedge Him lute* hma«w.»29pl(aia>y/iTi Seeking AF. any age, any nanonaWy. 1 t p t n d n g guawy Bme with the ngnt per SWM 20. 5 6 " 135*1*. eryoys movie* wit. bravado, tai. athletic no tobecco. ALWAYS M "5V* a r ^ L b e i o n f l a "B •903{e«p7'}4 ten Are you out there *> Anracnve Nua- i amia Inea, darti hair. enanamaBe 30s dnyig, and fun ac«v*e* Seetang SWF. EnergeBc SWPF. 41. mom, lootting tor 18-21. no Cds p i t t a * Hopmg tor relasomeone to run with Enjoys mountain eyed SWM,at Meat S'S" W X M dowrv I know I've seen you batore You are ttonahip g 3 0 1 3 ( S » c 7 / ? 4 i Beting, gardening, cookjng Seeking • o - e W i andUnanoafy secure t T 2 l 1 4 X over 50 degreed en»oy theater drtng. Eryoy a variety o l events, from caaual WHERE'S SWPM 38-45 muet be f\*v4ovtng. with duality Bmee and long tor a lasting rstato elegant indoors and o u . M c t o n a t e lawWC) MY KNIGHT? strong larraly values and a great sqnee OLDER WOMAN tionahe The Hmeigwas not nght Now tpvtual SWM. 80 teeks HIS. aeneuoua Attractive, fun OWF. 35. S T 127Us, ct humor For daOnfl g ^ 4 Q ( a ^ t f 2 6 j Athletically M l 21 year-old male. PRETTY »RUMETTE it is # » i 2 t a K p r n 7 ) sod-maM tor LTR L e f t W W2872 N'S. d w m - c e a X v one eon. er»oy* jog, 30-50. tor frtenOSWEET. PETTTE DWF OWF 48 5 T pnyWca*y lit. oegreed . and warm weather ABraceve 44. 5 eryoys n a a a r cars. tamey-onanted eryoy concerts Sports i camg k SINCERE a CARMG intelligent outgoing, vary attractive CHMST1AM GENTLEMAN Blues, danong. weekends north laugrmovies, dlnavg out. travel, walking I SWM N « 35-49 SWPM 50. entrepreneur, Masters SBF entoys working out movies stimMature, kind, honest, tenadve. attracing Seeking S O W M N/S. social quiet evening* Mugmer Seerang prodegree. 6*. mm. ntallti-coneooue. N'S. jiatmg conversetior> Looking tor very Z*4«*$6S6)»ve. Cathokc SWM. 24. eryoys nature. dnnaer 3 8 . 5 r - T . anmaive funnv fessional gentleman S'DWM. N/S. aeefu eiieRgent. tenenKe attrac.-wfcgam. w a ^ r o u n d M SUM 27.39 Biking, ouldoors. ammais. music V a n o a s y secure, car lover tor LTR AFFECTIONATE t FUN^OVING •ooal dnrfcer amaar iret ' t e a peeetve lady 3 ^ 4 8 , «No eryoyt dancing, who s plaaamg lo Ihe eye to there Seeking nones' AJtradtva. honeat. fit SWRF 38 5 * r s«ne LTR g 9 « i i | a » p 6 / i > i d r w g . summer a o v i a s s snd good f ' n i M H ' i . poeedte releaonen^) W2904 SWF tor d o N/S. tfynya go*, aanckm, movlea. travL E T S ENJOY U F E ! CHARACTER more A^a^and dsnommaBon uramporel. conversaaon. mora SWPM SWPF. cuKured. genune. OLD-PASMONCO GUY WITH CHARACTER great tenee ol humor, 36-43. y R A N OUT OF LEADS entoys Me and< n taue eyes 57". 1 lObe Atmeoc. c a m g . romentic WS. gentlefun » ? 6 2 0 t e w M « JUSTLHTEOt moraiafvaiuee. teeks slender, pretty spmtuePy Seekng er«oyt dancmg Oder mdto al e o r t » tor MsntNfiv t i a l ooJH lead «ao eomeM ^ M p f o«^ourleel. g * e m a • al inwel p x s u t tT2»Q9(eip7,'lO and family over a career « 2 4 4 2 ( a * p twtg. S r . t40to*. green eyes N S . U t thmg mors aenous ®2396/a»p6. , 2e) Seeking SWM. « * . lor caeuel 4 NO GAMES dating anc 11 m n'lefi • ia r 11 SWF. 42. ukas outdoor acnv«es, U M B L •OOYTALK CALL 1 - 8 0 0 - 5 1 8 - 5 4 4 S OR FILL O U T THE C O U P O N BELOW TO PLACE Y O U R FREE A D ! someone mno has honaal. opan, caring. Ws* dsnexiped. pnyacsf W i t a i a A S tor -etetmrsn*! tXA '30*i* » n ) s ^ r Seekng S O W M 40-50 eacepeona»y was b u i . aOSenc LTW W 7 7 7 7 I — 7 / 1 0 > The following informal ion is kepi Rrictly confidential and is t y p e f c t rmr. tor awmng 1*.| FREE HEADLINE w o i * « f nm and ooeang down Longer DO YOU WT? necessary to send out instruciions you wvll need 1 I K i h a o o c n or tew ha» a piue 9 2 * m t a o t n n Art»ect>ve OWF 44 $ r *»** FUN M THE SUN length, at*, Mondvgrean treefdea Attraceve SWF. S T . enioy* wtda VW•awplas. l u M g j r M nurse ervoys ndetyof i c f i i a t i 3 t t k r i u e d u c a t e d , tm! FREE 30 WORD AD n g rnguniM. moMea comedy oube cara SWM N/S » - 5 0 who eryoy* slow dancng d n n g Two eons. 17.11 boaary dhng. i m and mora W 2 4 M Seemng M m a n . large C u U 44-44 tor





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SPECIAL ANGEL SBM 34 seeks SF 25-35, race i » » portant, who Oves an dmerer* kmos of sports, romantic wasi* movies, qwet nights si home snd everyffmg about Me. tor friendship poesidy Madng to rsiauora.- f O J916s great eyes, big heart, ready to find Me partner Seeking attractive Russian. Asian Hispanic or kght-skmned BF under 5 T sgs unimportant 1T2902 (SKP7/171 HURRY. GET THE NET.. to try and e a c h ttvs tal. attractive SWM 36, before -he gets awav seeking active attractive SWF, 27-36, Who eryoys to have K*i W 2 9 0 9 ( e f i 7 > l 7J HEALTH-CONSCIOUS DWM 36. 5*9" 170»e. browrVbrown Greek-taker great Odung guy humorous, easygoing, likes CAW music, simpler thmgt. Bike ndes. picnica. up north Seeking pretty, petite or slender lady 25-40. tor companionship possible LTR Q2900(e«I>7/17! I KNOW YOU ARE OUT THERE Attractive secure OWM 41 seeks attractive, slender, honest, tun. spontaneou* SOWF. 30-45. good sense of humor a must tT2903(e«p7'17i_ LOOKING FOR "THE ONE" Attracove. never marrleO WM 43. 510", 165«>S. Blond/bkie. Cathofcc degreed. N S . h»*riofous. honesi Appreciates class,1 style walks lire ugne music, small towns I T 2 9 ' 5(e«p7M 7) BOYISH CHARM Custodial dad, 45. wfvte ffl", I85IBS. good-looking Sensitive hopeless romanec. conleni with simple pleasures Seeking WF 30-45 natural good looks, unasaummg open-minded attitude lo shere reiaBonship with tun. happiness sincerity, romance t>2911(anp7:17) FLORIDA WINTER-BOUND Adventurous romantic canng playful companon wanted I'm a SM N/S, young 47 5 6", very lit, mmd and spint sre wide open Eryoy tropical Mlands. Cafctoma redwoods Snsrmg • everyWna «»13tnp7/17l _ KISSING PRACTICE Are you a smart, sensuous spmtuai, shapery smoker? Scnedule a practice session wnh nce-lookmg. considerate 4 0 - . financially secure DWM 5 9" 165lbs. in good physical snaps, imes 10 trpvei « 2 9 0 8 i e » 7 , i 7 J ALONE AND LONELY. Are you wittyxit a man you can count on'' Atone and lonely, want a over to rely on? I a m gooo-iookmg, atrtenc. slightly overwe-gni. it you are serious, lers get together Must be attractive g2899(sxp7,'171 ROMANTIC PILOT Healthy, young 50-something paot seeks attractive, petite female who eryoy* fiymg. motorey<*ng. rotertHackng camping, hockay. up north, travel, hot tubs and fireplaces tor romantic rsiallonshd t f 2 9 i 4 ( e » p 7 i ' i 7 ) U Q K T MY FIRE SM. 21. 5'10", brown/bkie. fn. eryoys conosrts. musiclcissnc rock, soma heavy metal), poolaide Barbecues Billiards Seeking SWF 20-25, H W proportionate. outgoing tense of humor. open-mmdkd, tun, wWi mrm tor LTR g2806(eap7/10) SOMEONE SPECIAL? Handacme. romantic, attletc. b^heerted SWM, 23 5'11", dean-cut. darkh a n d . seeks slendar. acme WF. beeuBfii m s M a r o i n d s snd i t nnssmg someone speoal m her Me. Age ixanipoflant. Tf28Q7(e»p7/101 SEEWNO GORGEOUS WOMAN SWM. 24. dsni tan. Mua ays*, seeks t e r y B/WF, 18-25, Mies going 10 dubs danong. muee If mlerealed leave ma a mssasaa. W a W 5 t t » B 7 / 3 l ) YOUff I M first SWM 25 6 T . N/S. brown . sryoy* Cuke ndss. walks, movies dlrang out and cuddkng Seekmg honeat. canng SWF. 21-35. w * n g 10 try new trvnga. fade ok » 2 e 2 8 ( a ^ 7 n o ) WAITING FOR YOU ABecbonate. c » l n o SWM, 29, S r . 150lbs, seeks SF soulmata-fcest fnendflover could be the romentic apark In your Me' Hoping tor LTR. race/age open Kea>7n*. completely tree, to make Mecme commoner*. 1 * 2 6 2 9 ^ 7 / 1 0 ) R O M A N T K WARRIER

|mamai arts, opan-mndsd I t , » i r , SWF 20-40 IBMIMU M m > a n 4 k D 7 / i O M SUM earty 30s maffcim btAI. sryoy* reedng. travel, antsrlainmanl, lamjuer. seeks S W » # . medunvqueen-*«*d eah tmaar iSeieeti tor klanUMiai. poe"eiasonafyp tT2825(« ? .7:iO ) C M M DRAPER L O O K - A L K I SWM. 33. s r . 1»ab* *gW b r o w r v V Hue. <««i sense o l hunor, eryoys hockey tootoal. i o * * | t a « , Mong. Boat *ig Seetong SWF 2^-38 lor poeatts i,™ ®.?7T4«®7i!a_ LOVE ME Eaaygotng. hard-worwng SWM. 36 S-T. good aftape. happy esoept I haven i met you I sryoy 1


HANDSOME BUSMESSMAN Prole**ional. sincere, remanbe DWM, 50, 510" seeks honest woman with sense d humor lor dning out. danong. ptays. weekend gelawsys. traveling Seeking special fnend to share great times with tT2623(»*p6/Z6l SEEKING SOULMATE OWM attractive young-looking, professional 50. 5'10" 180IBS Eryoys comedy dubs, movies, travel, (domgi tports Seeking active. Bwri protesaional OF. sense d humor, some sports I g o l * ) . NW Subs, N/S W2622(*«p6/26|

a o t l cars k m s a M t g ,. M » J 9 - 4 3 I you work at « I Mat y«x*

J I'd like m y a d t o a p p e a r in t h e f o l l o w i n g c a t e g o r y a WOMEN 0



EctcnMC a« a rwuh thereof The advcftUcr «(>ccs to indemnify fCQWtlnn placwl by the admtHw or any rrplv to any «u

to Ads,



SPOUTS • I K T Q t t S T S



- 9







. Abbrrvlatkm aic penntttcd only to tndkatt fendet pnHu«nw, race, religion W* i You must be I t yean of a«t or okkr to ptaee an ad tn The OtNen-er ft Iccentnc No i r ft Eccentric r n c m t the rt|ht to i d e a any adv«tl> liability lor the content and all replies to any advertttement or recorded : or reply to any Pmonal Sccne ad. The aiNcrttMT The Observer ftft toentrtc and i n empkyyees and agent* haratleu from all coei*. expenses (inchid»rv| reasonable attorney feci). llabUttm and d rheObtemr i y using Penonal Scene, the advertHer a»wt» not to leave KWhet wtephone number, law name, or addrew tn hit/her vo*ce



Booster Club meets at the Plymouth Salem High School cafeteria. All parents are needed. Incoming freshmen parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. Information, Joe Mestrovich, 459-1122. OED TESTING

Will be offered through the Plymouth-Canton Community Education Department. Testing will take place Monday, June 9 and Tuesday, J u n e 10, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. or 5-10 p.m. both days. The test will be held at Starkweather Education Center, 550 N. Holbrook, Plymouth. Registration fee is $25. Please register in advance by calling 4164901.

6/26) ADVENTUROUS a AFFECTIONATE Sensitive considerate DWM. 57. N/S, N O interests vary from family activities to craft shows, country music to dancmg. cookouts efc Desires to meet special white lady, 40-55, who is mamageminded »2630iexp6/26) HONEST ANO SINCERE DWM, 45, 6 T 200lbs enioys tamily. Pme Knob concerts, movies, warm weather Seeking SWF, 30-45. tor LTR. maybe more g2827|e»p7,'t0) HOPEFUL ROMANTIC Handsome, fn. tnm. smcere SWM, 45, 6"3* 1901b*. Brown/dark blua. enioys outdoors, travel and more Seeking smcere SWF, 36-44 for lasting, true relaUonaTvp »2816

Held for grades 5 to 8 Saturday, J u n e 7, and for grades 1 to 4 Saturday, June 14, at Plymouth Christian Academy, 43065 Joy Road in Canton. Both boys and girls welcome 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. A $25 preregistered or $35 at the door. Information Jason Pitman,295-0037.

HONEST. SINCERE, a CARING Young 40* SWM through no fault of my own". 6*1", 1761b* good-looking, intelligent, creative, greal sense of humor with many interests Seeking honest, canng. fun-tovmg SOWF, H/W proportionate lor Inendt/LTR W2814 (exp7,,10) IF I GIVE MY HEART TO YOU Good-looking WM. 50. 5'10". IBOtos.tit. NiS easygoing, aflectionata. laithfui. secure, professional Seeking lifetime partner to love and tnars the good things He has 10 offer If2822(a«p7/10)


If you're a hand bell ringer and would like to participate in the July 4 parade, call F r a n Loiselle at 4595440 or 459-4263. She is trying to organize a handbell choir from Plymouth and surrounding communities to participate in the parade.

EASYGOING Nee guy, 62, 56", 155lbs N.S widowed. M head d ha*, eryoys dnner by candlelight dancing, quiei time* Seekmg tnm, tophisbcated lady. N/S. timdar interests, lo share life with g2B24(enp7'10) NICE SMILE SWPM, no aspenotrits N'S. collegeaducatad. nice tenae of humor handaome, race trtWi. honeet. open, sincere, down-to-earth pcaitrre upbeat, numerous interests Seeking SWPF. collegeeducated. 40-50 NiS. preferred outgomg attractive. tor LTR « 2 7 7 9 ( e x p


•Senior Citizens - The volleyball team is looking for more players. If interested, stop by 10 a.m.-noon Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There is an annul fee of $10. Get your exercise and have fun at the same time. For more information, call 453-5464. •The Salvation Army Korean Tae Kwon Do class meets 6-8 p.m. Monday and Thursday evening. The cost is $20 per person per month. A family plan is available. If interested in registering, call Master Hernandez at 810-5397665 or The Salvation Army at 453-5464. All ages are welcome. •The SaTvation Army h a i

7/101 VERY SINCERE Very romantic CWPM 29, 5'10" 170*». brown/blue homeowner, kmda shy bm very open, seeks a fnend first and poe•ibie LTR t>2781 >8xp7/10) SEEKING SOMEONE SPECIAL Good-looking and secure S8PM 47. atrveecally-Ouiit seeks anracnve and athletically fn BPF H W proportionaie, wtyo has no kids at home, tor commuted p o t t * It live in relationship 1*2818 (aap7/10) BESTFRIENO ANO LOVE Financially n a n easy-gong, very rotable. handaome SWM 42. eryoys outdoor*. traveling. |uat about anything Seeking alendar nee-lookng SWF 3445. torfnerdd* poeetMe LTR V 2 8 1 2 (a«p7/10) ATTRACTIVE ANO SINCERE Fnanoaliy ndapendent male, average h e ^ w ^ i t . educated honest. a«ectxanata. wen a wide variety of interests, enioys readng walking and quiet •mee m home » 2 8 1 7 ( e i i p 7 / l 0 ) SEND ME AN ANGEL

Nice-toolung wfvte gentleman. iTOtoe Looking tor very atfracove tlendar companion lo be treated Mia a queer g 2 4 0 4 f * p 7 / 1 1 )

SPORT* & I N T [ R F

Sign up

Peggy Heiney, a retired elementary school teacher from Bird School, is telling stories at the Plymouth District Library from 1010:45 a.m. the first Saturday of each month. No registration is required. The library is temporarily located at 705 S. Main.


St. Michael Christian School at 7000 N. Sheldon Road, in Canton has open Enrollment for preschool ages 3 and 4, kindergartento grade 5. Low teacherstudent ratio, Christian values. Open enrollment for 1997-98 school term has begun, for opening availability and registration information, call 459-9270. LIVONIA LITTLE PEOPLE'S

Co-op Preschool has openings for the 1997-98 school year in their 3 and 4 year old classes. The preschool is located at 8820 Wayne Road north of Joy Road. Information call Lisa, (3131 454-4964. GRADE OPENINGS

New Morning School is accepting applications for students in first grade and fourth through eight grade for fall of 1997. Discovery Days Classes, summer science and math camps. Register now for summer classes at New Morning School. For children ages 3-12. Latchkey options available during science and math camps. Call 420-3331 for a brochure. ART RENTAL GALLERY

The Art Rental Gallery has reopened at the newly remodeled Plymouth Community Arts Council building at 774 N. Sheldon at Junction in Plymouth. The Gallery lias a large selection of traditional and contemporary art work available for rent. For just $6 per month, your home or business could have a whole new 'ook. The gallery is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every Wednesday. Call the PCAC at 416-4278 for more information. C RAFTERS

The Livonia Family YMCA is accepting applications from qualified crafters for the Saturday, Nov. 1, show. The Mulberry Market has raised money for the "Invest In Youth" campaign for the Livonia Family YMCA for thirteen years. For more information and to receive an application call the Livonia Family YMCA at <313)2612161, Ext. 309 or 313.


SWM 30. eeeka earacBve tmgM lemaM W'AAraxRen m a t ton. to aaend grand pna P a 8 r « week of June tor k n and a good a*w>




• , H M j l i and avocatkm. Adi caniatnI be published seeking personi under 18. DBI far any clalmi made against The Otowrver ft ewltinc from or cauted by the publication or

August 1982 through July 1984). Call the city of Plymouth Recreation for more information at 455-6620. SOFTBALL



Canton Softball Center, 46555 W. Michigan Ave. in Canton, is now accepting registrations for its summer season beginning July 7. Team registration is $495 and umpires for a 14 game season, featuring single and doubleheader games. Information 4835600. Canton Softball Center hosts USSA Tournaments every weekend. Call 483-5600 for a tournament list.

Have a problem? Want to talk? Call Life Care Ministries (313) 427-LIFE Monday-Saturday from 11; a.m. to 11 p.m. Confidential. No charge.




The Parkinson Group meets J u n e 8 at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Education Center. BJfig. 5305 Huron River Drive, Ann Arbor from 1:30-4 p.m. For information call Dick Desmond, 313-769-6335. -

Once Upon An Easel Parents, who have experiannounces the 7th annual enced the death of their Age D & M Studio Day Camp. young child or teen, are Summer Art Camp Mania invited to join Arbor HosFull date of birth in cooperation with Plypice's 10-week support and Address mouth Parks and Recreeducational group starting ation. This year the theme City Thursday, J u n e 12 from 7is Ancient Egypt. Preschool 9 p.m. The group meets a ZIP camps, ages 3-6 beginning the First Presbyterian Phone (evening) 'J*• * June 23 (3 camps); Student Church of Northville. To Camps, ages 6-10 beginregister or for information, ning June 23 (6 camps); call (313) 677-0500 or 1Teen Camp, ages 11-16, 800-763-5764. July 7 to July 11; Multi-age Evergreen Children Serble and humane adoption. The Plymouth Community Camps, J u n e 16 to June 20 vices needs dedicated famiKittens available also. Arts Council Calendar of and July 28 to Aug. 1. All lies to provide foster care VOLUNTEERS Screening process required. events coming up are as camps located in Canton and adoptive homes for If you are interested in follows: ALZHEIMER'S Township at the Golden children. Evergreen is also adopting one of these pup•Art Rental Gallery Gate Plaza, 8691 North Lil- The Alzheimer's Associalooking for skilled parents pies ^Vail (313)453-6383 or tion is seeking volunteers Open 9 a.m.-noon Mondayley Road. Information and to provide homes for teens. (810) 548-1150. to provide companionship Friday, and 9 a.m.-9 p.m. to register call Sharon DilCall 313-862-1000. to persons experiencing Wednesdays. lenbeck at 453-3710. SUBURBAN CO-OP memory loss. Those who •Student Art Exhibit SALVATION ARMY Suburban Children's Co-Op CANTON CHIEFS BASEBALL volunteer receive an excelCAMP Is now taking registrations Winners and honorable Nursery has openings for lent orientation that profor the summer day camp mention of the The Plymouth Canton fall 1997 classes. 2's (9:30vides them with the inforprogram. The children Isbister/Rotary collection baseball coaching staff and 11 a.m. Friday), 3's <9:15mation and skills to brightmust be between 6-12 competition - through June 11:15 Monday, Wednesday; players will sponsor the en the life of someone with years of age. There are two 13. Canton Chiefs Baseball 4's (12:30-2:30 Monday, Alzheimer's. To learn more sessions: J u n e 16-July 11 Camp for boys 7-14 years Wednesday, Friday). or to volunteer for this and July 21-Aug. 15 . The old from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 SCCN is located at 36500 rewarding experience, call cost per person is $125 for p.m., J u n e 16-20. Location, Ann Arbor Trail, in LivoFAMILIES Adam Sterlinig, (248) 557camp in t h e church buildCanton's varsity baseball nia. Information, contact PRESCRIPTION PROGRAM 8277. ing or $100 for the park field. Included will be five Michelle. (313) 421-6196. MEPPS-Michigan Emerdays of group and individu- location - Heritage Park in VOLUNTEER DRIVERS gency Pharmaceutical ProCanton or Plymouth Townal instruction in all phases Are needed to transport gram for area seniors offers POWER FOR GBNTU P C O P U ship Park. There are scholof the game: throwing, hitarea residents to meetings a one month supply of preSchoolcraft class targets arships available for those ting, fielding, pitching, of the Western Wayne scription drugs available gentle people. In this sinwho have a financial need. base running etc. Cost $85 Parkinson's Disease Suptwice a year if you qualify. gle-session course, you will Call 453-5464 for more if received before June 6. port Group. Meetings are They are available afterlearn assertiveness techinformation. Late registration $90. For held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. noons by appointment at niques that will gain you more information call the second Thursday of the Plymouth Township Hall notice and respect, and Diane or Ken Opalinski at GOLF SCRAMBLES month at the Livonia by the clerk's office. By make you feel more power981-7313. TOURNAMENT Senior Center on Farmingappointment only. Call ful at work, at home and as Annual Father's Day 3-per- ton Road south of Five SOCCER 455-7526. a consumer. The class son golf SLrambles tournaMile. Parkinson's patients, The city of Plymouth starts J u n e 9 from 6-9 p.m. ment Sunday, J u n e 15, 11 ANIMAL ADOPTIONS caregivers and others are Recreation Department is Fee is $32. a.m.-11:45 a.m., $96 per The animal welfare society welcome to attend meetlooking for soccer players team, includes greens fee, has black lab mixed pupings which services PlyFOSTER CARE for boys 13 and 14 and awards and snack lunch. pies available for responsimouth, Canton, Westland, Enrich the life of a child. under-age division (born Electric carts extra. TourLivonia, Redford and Garnament held at Fellows den City. Interested volunCreek. Registration is at teers may call 459-0216 or Canton Parks and Recre421-4208. ation Services, 46000 Summit Parkway, Canton. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED The Plymouth and Canton Observers welcome Calendar items. Items thould be from non-profit The Plymouth YMCA community groups or individuals announcing a community program or event. Please type or print Deadline is J u n e 12. Information, 397-5110. needs volunteers for the the information below and mail your item to The Calendar, Plymouth and Canton Obseners. 18th a n n u a l r u n in all 794 South Main Street, Plymouth, MI. 48170, or by fax to 3U45M224 Deadline for Calendar FINE ART AND CRAFT SHOW areas, giving water to the items is noon. Friday for the following Thursday's paper. Call 459-2700 if you have any question^ Canton Township's sixth runners, finish line, servannual Liberty Fest held ing refreshments, set up, June 19 through June 22. Event: take down and clean up, Hours are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m Pre-race packet pick-up, Date and Time: Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 pick-up food donations at p.m. Sunday. area businesses, late regisLocation: tration and direct runners HANDS-ON MUSEUM Telephone: along the route, The Run is The Ann Arbor Hand on on Sunday, J u n e 15. VolunMuseum holds free admisAdditional Info.: teers are also needed for sion on Father's Day Sunsports programs, clerical day, J u n e 15. and for the Fall Festival. Use additional

sheet if necessary

C A M P U S NOTES To s u b m i t your academic honor or graduation announcement to Campus Notes, send the material printed or typewritten to: Campus Notes, Plymouth-Canton Observer, 794 S. Main, Plymouth, Mich. 48170.

mond, J a n i c e R e i s s e n w e b e r . J e r e m y R h e a u l t , Kevin Santer, C h r i s t i n a Schmidt, Sean Singer, Rebecca S m i t h , M e l i s s a S m o k o v i t z , M i c h a e l Stansell, J e n n a S t a n t o n , Jennifer Stockwell, Andrew Strahan, Jennifer Thomas, Darron Tucker, Erin Warne, Christina White and Jeffrey Wilson.

The following s t u d e n t s from P l y m o u t h were named to the dean's list at Eastern Michigan University. They are: Cathleen Adams, Ronald Andru•iak, J u l i e Antoun, Ellen August. Scott Bailey, Kristen Baranowski, Leonard Baron Jr., Cynthia Baumgarten Melanie Blair, Stacy Bntt, Christopher B u c h a n a n , Mark Burgett, Kimberly Burke, J e a n n e Cady, Kathleen Currier, Brian Darling, Melanie Davis, Jill Dennison. Deniae Denomme. Jeffrey Dillon. Diana Dobry. Laurie Eiwler, Holley Engel. M a r l e n e Erxleben, S a r a h F a r r , Paul Faunce. Laura Filppula, Heather Gentry, Matthew Olomaki, Rochelle Gotts, J i l l G r e g o r y , J a s o n Groom, Roberta Helmke, Blythe J a h r , Mary Beth K ow al eaki , Z h a n a K r a s y u k , Nicole L a r a m e e , William Lincoln Jr., Jennifer Lock, Julie Magee, Jodi llcFftriand, Kim WcKinney, Danielle Meier. D«borah M i k i t a , Amy Morria, E r i k M u l h n i x , Jeanne Murray. Paul Offer. Heather Pastor, K a n

land, Cheryl Szyniazewski, Kari Tousain, William Washburn, Leslie Wiemer and Mary Williams.

Michael McGuire of Plymouth waa named to the dean's list at GMI Engineering A M a n a g e m e n t Inatitute.

From Canton part-time students named to the dean's list at M a d o n n a U n i v e r s i t y a r e : D i a n a Allen, Tina Atkinson, Kelly Austin, Donald Barton, Paula Bober, Diane Brooks, Carla Calamita, Suzanne Calmes, Melissa Clair, Melissa Crain, George Daraban, Heather Dumas, Kristin Esser, ^e Freshonr, Stephanie Grell, Jill Jones, Eliza b e t h S i e a t i n g , J e r r i e Kelly, Sharon Lampinen, Connie Lane, Mark Lipscomb, Hilary McMullen, Sandra Medley, Lisa Mitchell, Lisa Motyka, Donna Nehasil, M a r g a r e t P a w l , A n t o i n e t t e P e t r a r c a , Jonathan Podolak, Michael Quattro, Jill Quinlan, Drew Reid, D e b o r a h S k o t a k , S h a r o n S m a l l e y , Jaime Smith, Melissa Suchon, Michelle Swiderek, Sandra Szekely, E r n e s t Travick, Leslie Weaver, John Wohletz and Thereee Worniak.

The following Plymouth part-time students were named to the dean's list at Madonna University. They a r e : C a r o l B a t e m a n , S t a c a y Bell, B u f f y Beseaky, Kelly Cavagnini, Pamela Cionca, Caroline Clapper, Sandra Deqjarlais, Mary Engeihardt, April Gardner, Kathleen Gerick, Leah Greenwald, Kim Haddad. Mary Hansen, Richard Kahn, Karen Kleinamith, Marilynn Peterson, Bonnie Souther-

Students from Canton who were named to the dean's list at Madonna University are: Susan Alonxo. Heather Amos, Andrea Barbee, Lindsay Barra, Rebecca Baakin, Craig Benedict, Jennifer Crabb, Mary J a n e Dolar, Kathleen Frey, Michael Fritz, Ajeet Gaekwad, Mark Garrett, Valeriekk Hedrick, Lori Kuachel, Nancy Lambert, Patty Leapley, Jenneth Menchaca, J a n e t O'Brien. Median OTteefe,


Livonia, Ml 46150 Fax: 1-600-3*7-4444

0 0 7 7 3 - 6 7 8 9.


6/20) HATE MAINSTREAM THINGS WM 57 seeks open-minded, understanding lady. «*vc wants a man sroend the nouae'rm employed eryoy pn^ects. reading music hbranes. healthy food, no pets or dependents W2646(e*p

A EcowiCrtc

KM to:


ALL YOU NEED 2 KNOW IS ME Outgoing, tnm employed SWM, 52. dark/dark, eryoys people. muaK. read mg, events, movies Seeking happy-golucky positive SF, 40-50 with good values. tor loving relationship 9 2 6 3 6 ( e i p

ed OWM. 50s 6*. broerrvtHue, eryoys d a n o n g «nmg OUL golf, eeeks passonata Vim OWF 46-58 N/S If you Hha to dMxWSeve too. w*h a tenee d hanor pi—ae
"Open Gym" 1-4 p.m. Monday-Friday. The coat is $1 per person. Call 453-5464 for more information.


FROM ALASKA Professional. S r biaefctorown 155lb«. Armen.arv'Spamsn loves danong, romantic, adventures, gregarious, teeks 40-51 blue-eyed tady tor fun times, love, commitment always possible «2654(exp6261

PMONE 'DAY A EVENING > • W t p i a a w m » " • « lenong and

West Side Singles Friday night dances are held every Friday a t the Burton Manor, Schoolcraft Road, west of Inkster Road, Livonia. Admission is $5. Early bird special $3 before 8:30 p.m. Ages 21 and older welcome. Music by professional D.J. top 40 current hits. Dressy attire, (no jeans) 981-0909.

GOOO REFERENCE FROM X-WIFE DWPM, 50, goo 0 feature*, fit. 5 10" 160C*. Ikes K M sports, boating. Nme and you Seeking sender, tnm S/OWF N S . neat, d e a r tor good bme* T I 2649fe«p&26l

L E T S T M IT UP F m r m f seek* male got partner young 80s lor tournament play Let's i round! d go* y o u d u b or I M A HAYSTACK You're on*, r m H e other r m 5 T 38 emetic B u M handaome DWM sue - n i * « atodtorcker rvee owng deu^v-


WMERE ARC YOU"S W F . x a a 4 0 s . s a s u n « S W M m»-30sT»d-40s, my r * a t a n Bo«*ng, Bmgo

To Listen



|7»« Ofcserwr/THURSDAY, JUNE 5 , 1 9 9 7

• C » ( R , W , a - 1 3 A )


Marcus Sanborn, Leanne Savola, Amy Sinclair and Kimberly Warren of Canton were named to the dean's list at J a m e s Madison College, Michigan State University.

W a n d a Parks. Paul Kelly, S u s a n Perron, Tracy P r y b y l s k i , C h r i s t i n e Q u a t t r o , Amy R a n s f o r d , Patricia Schmitz, Bandon Slone, Amy Sudik, Deidre Torok. Tiffany Tyra, Linda Weinrauch, Ellen Wiland. Angela Young, Steven Z a n n and Tracy Zaya. Students from Plymouth who were named to the d e a n ' s list at Madonna Univeraity are: Georgia Barton, Ryan Bayer. Lisa Birou, Elizabeth Cosenza. Nancy Dankert. T e r r a n c e Donohue, Caitlin Hoen, Sean Hoen. Evelyn K a u f m a n , Mary Kaufm a n . J a n e l l Lischinger, J o h n Lewis, Timothy MacArthur. Molly Halpass. Joseph Marquis, Elizabeth Miller, Heather Myers, J o s e p h Neimenski, Nicole Orlewicz. Laura Orlowski, Elaine Ranus, Alison Storm. Ryan Thomason, S u s a n Walters and Kely Woloezyk. NEW GRADUATES

T h e following students f r o m C a n t o n and Plymouth graduated from Grand Valley State University. They are from Canton: H e a t h e r Brumwell, Brian Nolan and Damion Parker. From Plymouth Lucas Fedio, Sara Lehnia and Karen Totzke

The Observer A Eccentric/TmRSDAY, JUNE 5, 1997

16A(No)6C{OFM8C* >(6C-R, W,Q)

Great Lakes Great Golf.








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It's Fun-It's Ei If you, someone you know or your group or organizatioa has oie desire to learn how to play golf, the 1997 Michigan PGA Learn To Golf 5 "Series will be perfect for you. Because whether your interested in learning a new sport, getting involved in an exciting fresh air outdoor activity or taking a needed break from the stressful everyday routine of home or office...this learn to golf program offers an excellent opportunity for a quality introduction to the game of golf at an exceptional value. Bavarian Village and the P G A agree that lessons lower intimidating barriers of entry into the game of golf. That's why we've taken the time to develop the 1997 Michigan PGA Learn to Golf™ Series. Sign up today at the Bavarian Village Ski & Golf location nearest you.

Group Lesson qJ / %

Semi Private Private ^ « | I Lesson

4-8 People

2 - 3 People

% £ £ £

When you pick up your learn To Golf Info Pack at Bavarian Village You Will Recieve

Lessons may be taken in any combination for a total of three (3) lessons. Price is per person per lesson.

Each Pay-As- You Go Lesson Includes:

Teaching Clubs Provided

45 Minute 1 FREE Bucket New Golfer Lesson of Range Balls

For Women, Men, & Kids

With a Michigan PGA Member

The Preferred Ball of Learn To Golf

2 BALL PA Not Available By Mail. While Supplies Last.

Limit One (1) Pack Per Person

Practice, Practice, Practice

SIGN UP TODAY AT... I J ARN T O GOI.I Bavarian Village . £ International Ski A Golf

Michigan PGA Ameritech Golf Guide Nike Golf Flagstar Bank

0 ^ HOW TO REGISTER To obtain your Michigan PGA Learn To Golf 5 " Series information pack, Sign up today at the Bavarian Village Ski & Golf Shop near you (see address panel at right) or register by mail. The information pack will list all of the participating teaching facilities, including Golf Courses, Resorts and Ranges, your Leam to Golf Series lesson registration card (required for special Learn to Golf pricing) and more. Simply phone the teaching facility of your choice and make your reservation. Hurry! Space may be limited. Everyone who registers at Bavarian Village you will receive a FREE 2-Pack of Top-Flite Golf Balls, a FREE Golfing In Michigan Guide to hundreds of challenging Michigan Golf Courses, a FREE Michigan PGA Leam To Golf handbook compliments of Detroit Newspapers and a FREE Ameritech Golf Guide.

Travel Michigan Detroit Newspapers Top-Flite Golf NicJdaus Golf Equipment Armour Golf


Greai Lakes. Great Golf.

Bloomfield Hills 2540 Woodward

810-338-0803 t Birmingham 101 Towrisend

Enter To Win a Brand New Set of T 3 V l O r M/lHiP* Ti-Bubble 2 Wood and Irons at 8DO-4-GOLF-Mi Bavarian Village. See Store For Details* No Purchase Necessary. l ook lor our new Leam ToGol('internet site coining soon al;


Callaway Golf


Taught May 1st thru August 31st, each lesson in the 3 part series will consist of 45 minutes of professional instruction, FREE bucket of range ballsfor practice even the teaching clubs if you don't have your own.

Taylor Made The Arnold Palmer Golf Company

Twelve Michigan Locations Bavarian Village Ski A Golf

810-644-5950 Novi, Novi Town Center


Farmington Hills 27847 Orchard Lake Rd.

810-553-8585 ML Clemens 1216 S. Gratiot

810-463-3620 Grosse Pointe

Lesson 1 - Fundamentals & Short Game Etiquette Lesson 2 - Equipment & the Full Swing Lesson 3 - Hitting with Woods, Specialty Shots.

Hot Z Golf Bags Bennington Golf Bags Pro Select

19435 Mack Ave.

313-885-0300 irborn

As you Advance through the series, lesson stickers will be applied from your registration card onto your certificate of completion that will be on file with your Michigan PGAProfessional. *15 Group • *25 Semi-Private • *30 Private


313-562-5560 246 E.




After you have completed the 3 part progressive lesson series, you will receive your signed Michigan PGA Leam to Golf ^Series Certificate of Completion. This certificate may be redeemed at Bavarian Village for a Special Bonus Savings Certificate, a voucher for a Free Round of Golf to One of following Spectacular Northern Michigan Golf Resorts, and FREE Practice Round Ticket to Ford Senior Players Championship July 8, 1997 at The Dearborn TPC (while supplies last).




Ann Arbor 3336 Washtenaw

Flint 4261 Miller Rd.




You also will be automatically entered to win a Spectacular Golf Academy Week for 2 at Garland This package includes Golf with cart, lodging and lessons.


July 7th -13th Foe Ticket Info Call:

Traverse Cfojr 107 E. Front St


Register by Mail V


- —





Look for our new Leam l b Golf internet site coming

soon i t http^/www.webgotfer.conVleamtogotf

^ £ § 5 = Send * tdf-idtomal Kt damped 010 envelope ID

Michigan PGA Learn to Golf Series Headquarters 1985 Ring Dr. Troy, Michigan 4*083





COVER STORY: Gazebos are popular way to hit the deck. Page 8


Inside: Lef« Remodel, Page 2 • Garden Spot, Page 6 • Inviting Ideas, Page 12


let's remodel


Custom Molded Bathtub Liners & Wall Surround Systems Installed

"One Day Installation" Showroom at 206 S. 5th Ave. Downtown Ann Arbor Call Toll Free

1-8-Tub liners or 1 -888-254-6377 All Work Guaranteed Serving S E

Be careful when tiling Q. We are planning on installing ceramic tile in our kitchen. We have had two contractors give us estimates, and they were somewhat different. Which method is better - (1) gluing the tile to the plywood s u b f l o o r or (2) putting down a "mud" base? A. A single layer of plywood is completely insufficient. You must add "underlayment" prior to installing the ceramic tile. However, it is important to inspect the floor joist spans before you proceed. Ceramic tile is a very rigid material. Most ceramic tiles will crack if there is movement underneath the tile. Some wood floor systems when designed to minimum standards have too m u c h flex in them. The flex or "bounce" will crack tiles. Floor joists are basically wood "I" beans for a given floor joist. You can increase the distance between supports, but the joist will deflect a greater amount. Floor joists beneath ceramic tile floors must not deflect more than 1/360th of their span. Assuming your

joists are No. 1 grand and the span is no greater that 16'9", you can proceed. You have two choices of underlayment: 3/8-inch cementitious board. Both will perform exceptionally as long as you install them carefully. Your existing subfloor should be securely attached to the floor joists. Drywall screws work well, but use ones that have coarse threads. If you choose to use exterior plywood, the spacing of the sheets is critical. The 3/8-inch plywood edges must be offset from existing plywood edges at least 2 inches in each direction. You must also be sure to maintain a 1/8-inch spacing around each sheet of plywood. Plywood expands with changes in humidity. If spaced too tightly, the plywood will buckle and crack the tile. Attach the plywood with nails or screws that will penetrate the floor joists at 3/4 inch. Be sure to screw the edges. Cementitious board makes a great underlayment, but it requires some additional labor. It is necessary to install the cementitious board in a layer of

fresh thin set or dry set mortar. This material acts as a filler for any low spots in the plywood. Without this layer of thin set, the board may flex under foot traffic, causing the ceramic tile to crack. The cementitious board is the existing plywood and floor joists with galvanized nails and screws. If you choose exterior plywood as underlayment, you must use an organic adhesive or an epoxy mortar as a bonding agent between the tile and the wood. A latex premodified Portland cement mortar " will create long-lasting adhesion should you decide to u s e the cementitious board underlayment. Adam Helfman, C.R., Fairway Construction, Southfield, (248) 354-3910 For your home Improvement questions, o copy of our roster book, ot to hove the association speck at a program. call Gayle Walters, executive director of the NARI-Michigan Remodeling Association at (248) 4788215. Questions can be mailed to "Let's Remodel.' PO Box 53153. Livonia Ml 48153.

The great outdoors For a - f i s h - i o n a -

dos: Fathers who show signs of being outdoorsmen will enjoy these slate, handpainted signs. Each sign displays a saying such as "Welcome to the Lake"or "Gone Fishin" against a backdrop of outdoor scenes. The signs are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Those shown here are $27 each. Available at Wild Wings388 S. Main in Plymouth. Call (313) 455-3400.

Special angle: Move over, Beanie, there's a new baby in town. Michael Tonda and Michael Sneil, owners of Raphael's Magnificent Possessions, have witnessed a retail phenomenon in their store at 1799 Coolidge in Berkley: the Wishing Pyramid. Once customers buy one as a gift, they return to buy more in multiples; the demand is so great the store can barely keep the pyramids on the shelves. In the 13th century a Czechoslovakian engineer rediscovered that the pyramid shape could be used as a tool for concentrating and channeling energy In recent years, the popularity of pyramids has grown with people looking to improve their lives with alternative methods. Raphael's carries a wide variety of Wishing Pyramids in four different sizes, in rich colors ranging from emerald green to iridescent black and priced from $14 to $34. Call (248)546-0194. ,

M i c h i g a n s i n c e 1974

Don't Compromise ANDERSEN Customize! Tell Your Builder You Want Andersen.

I - / hd J - 'P M .

Then Call Us! For all the help you need.

now you can have home office, wall systems, entertainment centers and h o m e theater units custom built for you by m a s t e r craftsman using your m e a s u r e m e n t s and the finest Oak and Cherry (no particle board.)

Insure Your Home and Car With Us and Save $$$.


When you insure your home and car with Auto-Onvnere, we'll sav« you money with our special multipoUcy discounts.

Your Andersen Excellence341 Dealer

Huge selection In s t o c k for Immediate free delivery - or let u s design j u s t the right unit for you I



S. of MS9


24083 SU) oawerof teteorocft


(248) 8 5 3 - 0 7 1 0 (313) 274-4144


MON .THURS. FRI 9 am-0 pm • Tum , Wad. Sal 9 am-6pm

Universal appeal Celestial reasonings: The combination of an armillary sphere and globe makes these bookends a great Father's Day gift for the son or daughter who wants to give Dad both Heaven and Earth. Handcrafted in Italy, the bookends are reproduced in the Renaissance Florentine tradition. This astronomical model of a 17th century armillary sphere, featuring an Earth model that rotates, is used to display the supposed relationships between the principal celestial bodies, including signs of the zodiac. Both spheres measure six inches high and rest on a finished wood base. The Armillary and Globe Bookend Set retails for $50 at Rand McNally in the Somerset Collection, Big Beaver at Coolidge in Troy. Call (248) 643-7470. The bookends are also available with a double armillary or double globe for $60 and $40, respectively.

A l l Units 25% - 35% OFF




(313) 522-3900

AT HOME. Mary Klemlc. editor (810) 901-2569 We are looking for your ideas for At Home and for the Marketplace roundup of new ideas Send your comments to: Mary Ktemtc, At Home, — 803* Mop*. Birmingham, Ml 48009

313/721 -1 0 4 4

Thursday. June 05. 1997


O x \ Nn Q) Tore' Father's Day Going for golf: Friends will be green with envy when Dad sports the latest in golf-themed accessories from Tiffany & Co. in the Somerset Collection, Big Beaver Road and Coolidge in Troy. Sterling silver gold-motif cufflinks are the perfect gift for everyone who dreams of"getting in nine before sundown." The matching pen keeps track of Dad's birdies with style, while the sporty key ring and bookmark are a hole in one. The golf ball-and-tee bookmark is priced at $35, the pen at $75, the key ring at $90 and the cufflinks at $170per pair. Call (246) 637-2800. Thursday. June 5. 1997 THE OBSERVER NEWSPAPERS At Hoen®

Page 3 D Page D 2

Wdco«Kj to\V* ' LaVae

Pyramid power

At Home

appliance doctor


The old days taught many things The year w a s 1972 and I had just clocked 65,000 miles on a b r a n d - n e w Ford Torino driving back a n d f o r t h across the state of Michigan. My job for the Amana Corporation JOE G A G N O N was t o take care of customer relations and to find and teach independent service companies how to repair Amana products. It was a period of long hours and m a n y service meetings, but it afforded me knowledge of what w a s going on in my industry.


We had just moved into a renovated building on Eight Mile near Woodward in Ferndale that was then our offices a n d w a r e h o u s e facility s e r v i n g the Michigan area. My boss. Jack Plating, found us a w a r e h o u s e m a n a g e r by the n a m e of Louie Florio, who had spent years work-

ing for the Phiko Corporation, and we brought him out of retirement I remember d u r i n g his interview when he showed me how to load a large side-by-side refrigerator onto a dolly. This little robust guy made me look like an amateur as h e grabbed that wire band around the box and with one hand accomplished what I couldn't do with two. * He was always so pleasant and we shared old stories from his earlier years in the business that were fun to listen to. A few years ago someone told me that Louie had passed away, and I felt guilty at not keeping in touch. Yesterday I was going through the weekly mail I receive at the r a d i o station w h e n a return address on an envelope jumped out at me. The name was Dennis Florio and I'd like to print here what his short letter said: "Joe - 1 really enjoy your program. My father talks about you a lot. He used to work with you at Amana. (Louie Florio). Give him a call if you get a chance.

His number is.... Thanks, Dennis. Folks, I read that short note and I can't tell you how so few words could mean so much. I will be calling Louie before this column is in your hands. Today, the Amana Corporation is up for sale, and I u n d e r s t a n d a foreign manufacturer is seriously looking at the purchase. With the few major players left in the appliance industry, this is big news in my business. What good it will do for consumers is yet to be told, but whoever buys them will be already receiving a first-class company. In the old days there came a time when we had to hire a new secretary for the Amana branch and once again Louie was put to good use. He knew a lady who had retired from Philco, and we w e r e blessed to hire Charlene Charlesworth She worked for us for several y e a r s before retiring again, and there was no finer lady in the world.

A few years back I was doing a consumer seminar for a group of seniors in Plymouth and as is normal I was late getting Ihere. I ran down the hall to the stage area and standing in a group in front of the entrance door were eight of the past employees of the Amana Corporation. I stopped in front of them with great surprise, as they informed m? that they had set up this seminar. I vflas choked with emotion as the tears flowed down my cheeks and I embraced each one of them. The old days never l e a v e me as 1 remember all that I learned during those years. Each one of the employees was a friend, and we all treated each other with great affection. It's no wonder that the president and founder of Amana, George Forestner, once said, "Joe, you have the greatest bunch of people in your branch than any other in the country." They made it happen.


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LUXURY FIRM MODEL II FULL, (Ea.Pt) Reg. $280 QUEEN, (Set) Reg. $660 KING, (Set) Reg. $900

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Comwefl Pool Patio carries the nation's most elegant brands and models of outdoor furniture - Winston, Grosfiliex, Homecrest, Hatteras, Woodard wrought iron and aluminum ... and more! ,

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TWIN, (Ea.Pt) Reg. $190



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Save On Quality SERTA* Sleep Sets!

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It's a savings event for your better night's sleep! Serta trucks are rolling in filled with tremendous sleep set buys. We've been selected to bring you gigantic values on every style and comfort in every size!

TWIN, (Ea. Pt) Reg. $310


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FUTONS PERFECT SLEEPER M O D E L VI PILLOW SOFT TWIN, (EiPc.) Reg $520 $299-88 FULL, (Et. Pc.) Rig. 5630


6' Premium Futon with Frame

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QUEEN, get) Reg $1420


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Romantic, Turn-of-the-Century Styling


ntique satin finish on oak.


Richly detailed with shaped

lops, serpentine drawer fronts and authentically detailed porcelain h a r d w j r e ^ ^

$599-8® Triple Dresser $489*» Storage Mirror Wardrobe with Door Mirror $ 6 9 9 * 8 $649-8® Queen Sleigh Bed $249*8 Nightstand

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18th Century Cherry ANN ARBOR 3500 Pontiac Trail Aim Arbor, Ml 48105



OORNWELLS^ pool* pat ioX

PLYMOUTH 874 W. Ann Arbor M . Plymouth, All 48170


Store Honrs: Hon.. Thurv & M. 1 0 - * Tims. * Sat. 10 6; Sun. 12-4; C l o s e d Wed.


lassic Jamestown cherry finish. Carved fluting and leaf design motifs

ih the rice bed are characterizations of 18th century America. Elegantly detailed and contoured mirror, headboard and brass hardware. I \ 1 1R r


• Triple Dresser • Landscape Mirror • 6 Drawer Chest '• Queen Four Poster "Rice Bed" • Night Chests

I U K N I T U K i : ,


$519-88 $259-88

$41988 $649-88 $259-88


- SS» W e s t A n n A r b o r Iraii • Plv m o u t h , M i c h i g a n 4K170

<313} 453-4700 • M o n . - W e i l 9:30 - (\ T h u r v & Fri. 9:30 - 9:00, 9:30 - 5:30 . V p g g g D 4 W W / / / / Y . V i * 'VS/ff*?*




celebrating family

Animation: Cels have big appeal

garden spot

Planning garden brings great results and stored each season, so be ready to purples, mauves and light yellows. I ^are for them after they have brightened selves and in this time single bulbs of was inspired by Ellen's Garden at CranI visited "Spring your garden while others are replaced U n s u r p a s s a b l e D a f f o d i l s h a v e now Fling," the cheerful each year. Here are some suggestions: brook." . ' . formed clumps. A few King Alfreds are As the season progresses, the w ingarden of Dr. David Dahlias are one of the most popular also part of the setting. dow boxes repeat these colors and Kathleen and there are many kinds - taH, short, A curving walk leads to the front This garden is a perfect example ot Schneider of Royal large, small, single and double. They are door and is flanked by these bnght yelOak in late April what can be accomplished when a plan most happy in well-drained, loamy so, low bulbs. Near the house, deep crimand found a garden mixed with h u m u s or d e c a y e d leaf is made and then executed son Azaleas bloom to add depth filled w i t h yellow mold. The tall ones need to be staked Although tender summer-flowering Along the side of the house, tiny Daffodils and bluebulbs usually are planted a week to 10» don't crowd them. "Tete a tete" daffs keep company with flowering Vinca. days before the last frost date (May 10Gladiolus are grown from corms and perennials, which will bloom later in the Soon Forget-me20 in zone 5), there's still time K\plant MARTYFIGLEY are in the Iridaceae family. There is a very season. nots filled in the them, especially since we have had such large selection from which to choose For the past two years a friend has area to camouflage the foliage as the a cool spring. It's best to have a plan as (including colors) and they are wondergiven them a gift of 100 mixed bulbs the Schneiders have done, for the best bulbs died down. from White Flower Farm, so they call ful as cut flowers. show. " "The Forget-me-nots were given to this area, which is along the side of the Bone meal should be worked into the me by mv mother and they are now all Because these plants are quite attracback yard and directs one to the back, planting hole under the corms and pnv over the yard, and the neighborhood, tive, and sometimes have a short bloom 'Mary's Walk." vide a side dressing of an all-purpose period, choose a place where they can Kathleen said. A large yellow Forsythia holds court be enioved to their fullest. Keep in mind This garden requires little maintenear a bench and chairs, providing a Please see Garden Spot, that bulbs need a soil that is moisturenance. pleasant place for resting. page D5 retentive and well-draining - they won t It has taken the Schneiders six years "In the spring we concentrate on yeltolerate waterlogged soil. to achieve this beautiful setting for their low, white and blue, then later in the Most tender bulbs need to be d u g home. , . season there are pinks, blues, light blues, \ Thev have done all the work them-

owner of Gallery Animato in BirmingDo y o u rememham. ber when your par"Collecting eels isn't like collecting ents took you to see baseball cards or stamps that often get Disney's "Snow filed in a case or a book. It's something W h i t e " or "Lady emotional, like Grandma taking Mom to and the Tramp" for see 'Snow White' for the first time as a the first time? child. As a parent. Mom goes out and Now that we are purchases a 'Snow White' eel to comp a r e n t s , w e may memorate her experience." often find ourselves If your family is contemplating the reliving o u r childUSA UICKOW idea of starting a collection, consider h o o d t h r o u g h our HEALY these thoughts: children's versions • Cels are generally very happy colof t h e s e movies, lectibles - they evoke happiness. which are now on videocassette. • Cels tend to take your mind off the Regardless of your age, there's anothdaily grind. er way to enjoy the sheer appeal of ani • You don't have to have a degree in mation and ifs not through home video art history to understand t^e art form. or the abundance of toys on the market. "Everyone recognizes animation art. Collecting animation eels is fun for the Parents grew up with Snow White, 'Fanentire family. tasia,' Mickey Mouse and the Jetsons " A s far as a collectible goes, it s and Flintstones of the '60s. Many chilsomething you can put u p on a wall in dren recognize the Ninja Turtle craze of y o u r hOme and e v e r y o n e can en|oy the '80s." looking at all the time," said Bob Athey,

on the rarity of the character. "Take time in selecting a cel. Learn about what makes one $275 and another

Before you decide on any eel purchase, it's important to understand the differences between cels. There are three major types of cels: sericels, limited edition eels and production cels. Sericels are silkscreens on acetate eels, generally sold in limited editions. They are generally the most affordable of the three types of cels, starting at about $200. A family could buy a "Snow White" sericel for about $250. Limited edition cels are created in limited quantities for sale. They don't appear in an actual cartoon. A limited edition eel of "Snow White" might sell for around $800. Production cels are the actual handpainted eel used in a given cartoon. Although the eel may have been cut from the final -film, or be a color model used for color quality control, production cels are either copied onto the eel using a Xerographic process or handinked from the original pencil sketch. Production eel prices vary, depending


"For example, a 1930s Mickey Mouse production eel is probably over $10,000 but a 1950s Mickey Mouse can sell for anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000. Limited editions are popular because you always get that perfect scene. Some cels are signed by the artist." Whether you're considering a production eel, limited edition eel or sericel, all three choices are very good keepsakes to start y o u r family collection, commemorate a birth or mark a new milestone in your family How does your family spend quality time together? If you'd like to share your special ideas with other readers, leave Lisa Luckow-Healy a message from a touch-tone phone by calling (313) 953-2047. then her mailbox number. 1903.


• g for Blinds



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P°SZ0/0oH, Visit the 20,000 sq It. Um Over I.OOP BUnds an


Ease into this handsome leather chair and ottoman.


This classic design has a reclining back for added comfort.


50/sa Vfff

$108 00


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ftOMfiN6QU€PfW€RS $185 sq. ft.


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Walker Iftuzenbetg

a l u m o i Co.



flu SH» >5* 00 S 51.0* * $ 60.00 S 4».0ft $78.00* faTDO.S '"S

laumuiUMwiwn OTfc* HesrcNE

1 one iflx*oa< l



$ SO®





$115 sq. ft.



$1 J O





WiSfc® it| SHRRPSfVD.-S2.00



$1 * TVS4 • ClllotoOMpfMr

•i&\SZ2ZS * 3000 ::


Large C


tMSfeafcl MflSON S F L H D . 1 8 - 0 0 « 0 0 0

$t.8S sq. ft.

' i n r t •* Pag© 06

• TftflSHPUMP innxi VBftO POT*....... •VBROPlflTC

$ 50.00 CR- $ 1



SI 5 5



SB0.00 —$13-00


*90 P*y* Same A» C i h With credit Approval

ins $ 30.00




Mon , Thurv, Fr.. 10-9 • Tue»., Wed., Sat. 10-6





240 North Main Street • Plymouth • (313) 459-1300

Thursday. June 05. 1997

i s « i C 3 U * «5flt SOOa/TTCR....*:


fine furniture l!SI|fK?BS|gSy5i53i«7



IT6M ' •

fOflD 1920*--



MRS0N v per- l o w j H y SflND Gam sim " $4*00 < 54.00 $46.00 t3Sfc.ST2.0G *63CI0 f 7 8 t o $90.00,j|108»





cover story Cleanup: Doug Hoisington of. Power Clean in Oxford (at left) gives a light brushing to a deck to speed the cleaning. Hoisington offers The Miracle Soaper (below), which is used with a garden hose and common household products. The bottom two photos show part of a deck before (top) and after cleaning with the device.


Shaping up: Gazebo styles include CiZi^Spindle (at left) and CountrysideLattice (at right). Types of roofs are shown above.

popular way to hit the deck Gazebos: tank. She ended up buying three g a ^ m d u d i n g ^ 12-sided, 160-square foot Counfryside-U house a hot tub. Planters a n d an L - s h a p e d a

BY MARY KLEMK: At Home Editor r T a t ^ ^ e t t n l a n d more and more as temperadecks, patios and porches. And


TV the popularity of the outdoor structure. ^

Sffsssnsr. '

on the cover: Going gazebo: An Elite-Spindle style _ gaze bo Is a lovely way to enjoy the outdoors.

' ^ " b a c k y a r d retreat, jus. to get away We have other people who put e.ectnca! outlets there where thev can make toast and cook eggs. 1 gazebo is a good spot to enjoy coffee, a picmc^ or a book. It gives youngsters a place to e wi friends that is private but still in parents view It can enclose a hot tub. During winter months, it can house S u m m e r t i m e items as outdoor furniture and pool T ^ a

Long first bought - gazebo to hide a propane


\ S 2 " e r isn't the only thing to keep in mind about

" ^ T ^ t t y maintenance free," said Doug Hoisington of Power Clean m Oxford. and references. " f r t ^ G a S r i - T D customer said. " . w a s "It's a good idea to keep it dean. (clean . Attic vents should always be ^ e a n e d by hand^ ing) is once in the spring and once in the ta . Take care of screens and canvas a w n , n S s Ultraviolet r a y s f r o m the sun, g n , p ^ shouldn't be cleaned with a power washer as the hig LTD in 1981, it was ahead of the trendI in g ^ mildew and pollen destroy the top layer of bare wood said Now the business sends gazebos al and make the deck look grimy and gray, Hoisi g .or ^ M r t world as well as all over the area. said. Moss can make it slippery. soaper, a low-pressure cleaning device w t t h a plasbc rAr r>et " The gazebos come in nine sizes and four Grit on a deck is "just like sand on your carpet. tube attached to a solid brass fixture. Monarch-Window, C o u n t r y s i d e - L a t t i c e ClasHoisington said. "It cuts the fiber. It is used with a garden hose and common houseSpindle and Elite-Spindle. Shapes are square, rectang Decks are cleaned by pressure washing; a n d / hold cleaning products. The other end^of the t u b e r s eight-sided, l ^ e d a n d l ^ i d e d ^ ^ can chemicals. Hoisington has tips and tools to, P placed in the cleaning soluBon. and a d.a it, "take pressure off power washing. b e ^ T n c l u d e cupolas, skylights and sliding winPower or pressure washing uses p am where from 1,500 to 3,000 pounds per square inch d other |obs around the house, including f e r t l m n g the ° ^ e y are do-it-yourself units. Parts » « J>« and dence - but Poplars knows a customer who bougn sharp edges of wood sticking up, Hoisington said. He H mT ^ D e c k Safely," and a free information package three of the structures. Every time the c o r n e r advised the following: to take the gazebo along on a j n o v e . the . Before cleaning with high pressure, cover electn- S b i r b u F ^ : - r ^ ; d . : said it was one of the reasons they w a n t e d theho ^ View Drive, Oxford 48371 cal outlets so the water won t get m The gazebos last 70 years. Poplars s a i * He ^ Replace any weak or cracked boards and d n v e m any mended using a penetratmg P r « * £ « r , ^ to Call (248) 628-6320. loo* nails. Be sure shrubs and plants are protected. rather than a surface sealer, as a surface sea


wear off.


Pag© SO

. If vou rent a power washer, start on a part of tl the deck that doesn't show, until you get the hang of he U Ri. i r e f u l as vou can hurt yourself or the d « k even if you glance away for only a moment. If you ^ a« business, get its certificate of insurance

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How are radon levels reduced? While there are various methods for r a d o n r e d u c t i o n , the mOst c o m m o n methods work through soil suction. In this newspaper's readership area, the cost for such a system is typically $800 to $1,000. Soil suction methods work exceedingly well for a couple of reasons. First, soil suction h e l p s to r e m o v e radon before it enters the house; this usually eliminates the need to exchange air or take other more e x p e n s i v e steps to reduce levels in the home. Second, the air pressure inside the home is usually lower than it is in the soil around the home's foundation. Science tells us that n a t u r e constantly strives for equilibrium, thus radon-containing soil gas infiltrates as a means of correcting the imbalance. Soil suction mechanically corrects the imbalance, lessening the higher air pressure in the soil under the home.


&eJp*e. Ifou.




pulled. ' ? ,-X:-



. ^

• T


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er Hyacinth; w a member of the tdUccaHfmily. .and Vaguely resembles tall hyacinths With w h i t e flower spflfes. T h e y need to b e handled the same way as gladiolus. Another plant you may wish to grow is the Tigridia, or Tiger Flower, which is also in the Iris family. Tigridias grow from corms; flower colors range from shades of purple and rose to white, yellow and orange. Set them in the ground three to four inches deep and six to 10 inches apart. They grow best in a sunny location. Begonias can perform well in a shady area and are generally bought as bedding plants here. Set the tubers just at the surface of the soil 12 to 18 inches apart. When the weather is very hot, a light spray of water will be appreciated. When flowering declines, cut the foliage back to four to six inches and stop watering. n*#sdoy,June

•iV.Vs'V V.W.V.V

( i'i»

• *

05, 1997





Dig t u b e r s , - a l l o w t o . d r y , renwxvif * Next season start new several w ^ e k s h e f o r e time to set them in the garden.* -.•... -• TIMELY GARDEN TIPS • Plant container-grown trees, shrubs, ground covers, annuals. • Transplant p e r e n n i a l s a n d evergreens. • Prune dead or diseased wood and water sprouts from dogwoods. • Check plants growing on trellises; stake and retie if necessary. • Weed when the soil is damp - it's easier. Marty Figley is an advanced master gardener based in Birmingham. You can leave her a message by dialing (313) 953-2047 on a touch-tone phone, then her mailbox number, 1859. Her fax number is (810) 6441314.






Imagine sinking back into the most

- A ' - V v ' •'

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Get some exposure





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Of the various types of soil suction methods, the two most commonly used are sump suction and active subslab suction. If the home has a sump pit, the pit is capped with an airtight cover in which a radon suction pipe is installed. Usually made out of four-inch PVC (like modem plumbing drains), the suction pipe is

HBertch Cabinet Mfg., Inc.


Cultural composition: Fran Valentine took this carefully composed photograph of the Orpheus Fountain at famed Cranbrook Academy. Along with many other pictures, it hangs proudly in her home.

the next step

In prior columns, we discussed what radon is and inexpensive methods for testing. R a d o n is a n a t u r a l l y o c c u r r i n g radioactive gas that is ranked behind smoking as the second-leading cause of lung cancer. The EPA estimates that one £&U Se*4MC*+BtAl Cttimatek out of every 15 homes in the United States has radon levels above the recommended action level. This column will deal with easy and r e l a t i v e l y i n e x p e n s i v e m e t h o d s to Starting at I - w i t Starting at reduce elevated levels of radon. $ Who canfixradon problems? 2 9 9 l Installed If elevated radon is found in your Tax a n d H a r d w a r e 1 home, help is just a phone call away. The QAeck 14* Out BUM! state of Michigan has a list of EPA-listed radon mitigators (called RCPs for Radon Contractor Proficiency) who can fix your home fast and inexpensively. - F a m i l y O w n e d a n d O p e r a t e d " L i c e n s e d 8- I n s u r e d The state also has plenty of free con2 0 2 7 1 M i d d l e b e l t R d . * L i v o n i a * J u s t S. o f 8 M i l e R d . ouruor or AJIKA CALL sumer information that it will quickly 1-810-473-6999 or 1-800-295-6714 send in the mail. The state radon office Hours: M-TU-W-F 9 to 9-8-Sal 9-i can be reached at (800) RADON-GAS. The RCP program measures the proficiency of an individual contractor, not • B e - •Ch C o O n e t M!g •Bench Cabinet M f g • S e r ' c h Cgdwnci M ' y the company. All EPA-listed radon mitigators are given a photo ID card. We suggest that you check this card and that you verify contractors are fully insured and licensed with the state. Ask the contractor to certify, in writing, that any installation they perform will meet ICFCZTEM O PLAN YOUR NEW local codes and insist that a permit be


focus on photography

Radon mitigation




around the house


as you'll need. Then tape each picture to If y o u ' r e like the board from behind and back them comfortable piece of upholstery you many amateur phowith another piece of mat board. You're t o g r a p h e r s , your will ever own! There is nothing like now ready to add a frame. p i c t u r e s d o n ' t get Frames come in many styles, colors much exposure - in the look, the feel and the smell of and prices. For photography, simplicity your home, that is. is the best guideline. rich leather sofas, chairs & Many of your good Plain metal frames don't draw attens h o t s are packed recliners. All found at Classic tion away from the impact of the photoa w a y in d r a w e r s graph, yet at the same time they lend a and closets, not on Interiors. And now for 1 week complementary finishing touch to your MONTE NAGLER the wall where they picture. only pay cash and we will take belong. Metal frame kits are available in all Your home should reflect your peran photo, art supply and frame shops. Buy sonality with a selection of photographs sections in the lengths you need and to complement the other furnishings in your frame can be assembled easily in a your rooms. Your own pictures and matter of minutes. those of other p h o t o g r a p h e r s whose off our great sale prices Be sure to use glass, too. Glass not work you admire will add to the decor only protects your photograph, but also of your home and your enjoyment of it. adds to the appearance of your finished Of course, a t t r a c t i v e matting and work. Regular, single strength glass framing enhances the presentation of a works best. Non-glare glass reduces the photograph. Pre-cut mats in standard "snap" of your photo and makes the colsizes can be bought from most art supors look dull. ply or camera shops. Other types of frames are available. You can also b u y inexpensive mat Plain wood frames will enhance many cutters, and with a little practice you II photographs, while more modem Lucite be cutting your own professional lookframes will add a contemporary touch. ing mats. Most pictures look best when hung at Simply m e a s u r e equal b o r d e r s eye level. around your already mounted photoMonte Nagler is a fine art photoggraph and carefully cut your mat. Make rapher based in Farmington Hills. You sure the blades are sharp and use fine 20292 MIDDLEBELT, LIVONIA (South of 8 Mile) can leave him a message by dialing sandpaper or an emery board to elimi(313) 953-2047 on a touch-tone nate any rough spots on the edges. phone, then his mailbox number. To produce a collage of pictures, per( 8 1 0 ) 4 7 4 - 6 9 0 0 X H 9 1873 His fax number is (810) 644' haps of the entire family, just cut as 1314 ' « All discounts are oW manufacturer's suggested retail pnees • AH previous sales exdudsdi many "windows" out of the mat board

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Inviting ideas from page D12

inviting ideas

How about some tasty tips Few things are as thrilling to me as looking out of my not so p l u m b 1840 kitchen w i n d o w , i'tp * and seeing a p p l e green crowned I stalks of asparagus I popping out of their I trench and through our sandy soil. RUTH MOSSOK As much as 1 love JOHNSTON my h e r b g a r d e n , and reap great benefit from its flourish, there is something almost magical about asparagus. The long anticipated wait of three y e a r s before harvest is well worth it. This cherished member of the lily family (which also includes onions, leeks, and garlic), has roots in Greece, and dates back 2,500 years. Not only elegant and tasty, asparagus is a good source of potassium, vitamins; B6, A, a n d C, triamin and folic acid (folacin) - low in calories, no fat, no

cholesterol and is low in sodium. Michigan is third in the nation for the production of asparagus, yielding over 25 million pounds of asparagus yearly and to celebrate, there is an annual festival held in Hart, Mich. This year marks the 24th Annual National Asparagus Festival - "Stalking the Good Life," and Oceana County will make you plenty welcome with all kinds of activities on June 13-15. For i n f o r m a t i o n check with the Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board, (517) 669-4250 or (517) 347-2530.' Asparagus tips: • If planting asparagus in your garden, make sure your soil is sandy plant in a trench and await the growth process. Year one: a crown forms with approximately six inches of root ending. Year two: the asparagus crown grows into a fern. Year three: time to harvest. • If buying asparagus, look for fresh, firm spears with a closed crown. A purple hue on the crown is no indication of age or discoloration. Buy stalks that are

the same size in diameter for consistency in cooking time. • Your choice of pencil-thin or thicker stalked asparagus, is purely personal. One isn't finer or more tender than the other. • While some prefer only the tips, the stalks are quite delicious, especially in soups, or processed and pureed for a sauce. • Asparagus can be peeled or left unpeeled. Willams-Sonoma stores sell an asparagus peeler, or a small sharp knife will do. "Rie asparagus peeler does provide for an extravagant gift during gift giving holidays, or an unusual hostess gift. i • To keep fresh asparagus fresh, keep it clean, covered and cold, or wrap stem ends in moist paper towels, or stand upright into a few inches of cool water. Cook and eat asparagus as soon as pos-

Piease see Inviting ideas, p a g e D13

N N W E W 81

sible. It will keep for a few days in the refrigerator. • Asparagus can bj? steamed, boiled, sauteed, grilled, stir-fried, or baked in a casserole. • Flavor the oil (with herbs, garlic or spices) in which you will be cooking the asparagus. • Asparagus makes wonderful soup, a great ingredient for a quiche or stir-fry. Puree of asparagus is a wonderful base for sauces to top pastas, rice, or over a meat, fish or p o u l t r y entree. Cooked asparagus makes a delicious and nutritious side dish or salad. Award-winning cookbook author and chef Joanne Weir has just come out with a new p u b l i c a t i o n - this one is for Williams-Sonoma: " S p r i n g - R e c i p e s Inspired by Nature's Bounty" published by Time-Life Books, a division of Time Life Inc., 1997. Joan has a few tips of her own. "Using a small, sharp knife, cut off the woody stem end of each asparagus spear. Alternatively, firmly grasp the end and snap it off; the stalk will break naturally at the proper point. Using a vegetable peeler, strip away the tough outer skin of the asparagus spear, starting 1-2 inches (25-5 cm) below the base of the tip and cutting sightly thicker as you near the end."


1 1 / 2 pound (750 g) asparagus spears 1/2 teaspoon grated orange zest 1 tablespoon fresh orange juice 1/4 cup (2 oz/60 g) unsalted butter, at room t e m p e r a t u r e salt and freshly ground pepper 2 pounds (1 kg) bay scallops Preheat oven to 425° F (220°C). Cut or snap off the tough stem ends from the asparagus spears and discard. Cut the s p e a r s into 1 1/2-inch (4cm) lengths. Bring a large saucepan threefourths full of salted water to a boil. Add the asparagus and boil until bright green, about 1 minute. Drain well and set aside. In a small bowl, using a fork mash together the orange zest/orange juice, butter and salt and pepper to taste, Cut out 6 h e a r t s from p a r c h m e n t paper, each one 12 inches (30 cm) high and 12 inches (30 cm) wide at its widest point. Spread the 6 parchment hearts in a single layer on a work surface. Divide the scallops and asparagus evenly among them, placing them on the right half* of each heart. Season to taste with salt and pepper and dot with the orange butter. Fold the left half of each heart over the filling and, beginning at one end, fold and crease the edges together securely so

no juices will escape. Place in a single layer on a large baking sheet. Bake until the packets have puffed considerably, 7-10 m i n u t e s . Remove from the oven and place on warmed individual plates. Cut open the top of each packet with scissors and serve immediately. Serves 6 Recipe from: "Spring -Recipes Inspired by Nature's Bounty' COOK'S NOTES

Zest: thin strips of rind removed from a citrus fruit - only taking away the col-

ored rind, leaving behind the white part. Zesters are available at all cooking shops - it is a tool specifically designed to remove the rind - this handled short bladed tool with sharp-edged small holes (usually 5) can be f o u n d at WillamsSonoma, Bed, Bath and Beyond stores and the Kitchen Glamor Shops. Parchment paper can be bought at upscale groceries (Hiller's Food Emporiums - formerly called Shopping Center Markets) or at kitchen shops.

WARNING! Our protoctn* window Wm can eliminate

96% of tte sun's harmful rays • reduces energy brtte by rejecting up to 77% ol the sun's heat • increases comlort by ehninabng "hoi spots" • reduces glare wilhoul Hocking out • » view increase privacy

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then routed to the exterior with a fan installed either outside the home or in some non-living space area such as an attic or a garage. The fan is connected to the home's electrical system (insist on a permit) and then runs continuously to draw soil gas out before it reaches the home's interior. Active s u b s l a b s u c t i o n works the same way, except that a hole must be cut into the basement floor. Often, only one entry point is needed to reduce radon levels effectively. If very high levels of radon exist and/or there is poor air flow under the slab, more than one suction pipe and hole in the floor m a y be needed. In

southeast Michigan, this is rarely the case. When radon levels are relatively low, the fan can sometimes be eliminated, with the radon reduction system relying on passive exhausting of the soil gas from inside the house.

Get om while they're holt Now serving your choice of a free GE disposer, a Sikstone™ Sink lor only $99. or a GE tor only $129 when you boy HomeCrest cabinetry " HomeCrest offers outstanding qua»y and seiectwo of over 45 cabinet door styles Select from solid hardwood doors in oak ash, hickory, maple and cherry — or all white and laminate styles — all on sale now! Good June 2 | July 26,1997

Around the House, by Rtck Bowling of the AmeriSpec home Inspection service, 1378 S. Main in Plymouth, instructs homeowners about the basics of home maintenance and repair. If you have a question, write to: Around the House/At Home, The Eccentric Newspapers, 805 E. Maple. Birmingham 48009.


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\ I iwnma • /I

Thursday June105. 1997 - : -

Poge D13.

- M i

Calendar from page D14

home and garden calendar Send information about programs, classes, receptions and other events in Wayne and Oakland counties related to the home and garden to: Mary Klemic. At Home Editor. 805 E. Maple. Birmingham 48009: fax (810) 644-1314 HOME • The S y m p h o n y of Homes tour, sponsored by the Plymouth Symphony

will be available. Area musicians will perform in the houses. Pre-sale tickets are $15 and available at Frameworks, Beitner Jewelers, The Velvet Plum, Friends and Coldwell-Schweitzer Realtors. Tickets will be available for $18 Friday and Saturday at any of the houses. For more information, call (313) 2070666 between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. • Colleen D o d t , author of "The Essential Oils Book," will present "Aromatherapy Introduction" 2-4 p.m. Saturday, June 7, at the Southfield Public Library, in the Southfield Civic Center at 26000 Evergreen. Pre-registration is required; call (810) 948-0470. Admission is $5 at the door. In addition to her work as an herbalist, aromatherapy consultant and lecturer, Dodt is owner of Herbal Endeavors Ltd. of Rochester Hills.

League, will take place 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday, June 6, and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, June 7. Ten residences in the Plymouth-Canton-Northville area will be featured. A boutique will be open at one of the houses, with items from The Velvet Plum, Traditions, Friends, Debbie Malek, Carolyn Still and more. Station 885 will be there selling beverages, light lunch foods and desserts. Raffle prizes

Largest Selection ofteramic Hie in Michigan

• A two-day opportunity to buy Walt Disney's "Winnie the Pooh: Up to the Honey Tree" sculpture will be SaturdaySunday, June 7-8, in the Collector's Gallery of Hudson's stores at Oakland Mall in Troy (call (810) 597-2200), the Somerset Collection in Troy (call (810) 816-4000) and Twelve Oaks in Novi (call (810) 344-6800). • Craftspeople from Pawley's Island

Installation WAvailable


4214i Ftrt H o * —d UUeyCartoii


CaU for Service and Hours

Spend This t • <«


Hammock of South Carolina create a hammock 1-4 p.m. Saturday, June 7, in Hudson's Marketplace at Oakland Mall in Troy (call (810) 597-2200). Guests may register to win the hammock at the end of the demonstration. • Clarkston Home Tour 15, featuring five distinguished residences in Clarkston and Independence Township, will take place noon to 5 p.m. Sunday, June 8. Reservations are $22 per person (taxdeductible), which includes a tour of all houses and lunch at Mesquite Creek. The luncheon will be secured for all advance reservations. Walk-in reservations will be available 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Washington and Main streets. The premiere showing of the houses for patrons will be 6:30-9 p.m. Saturday, June 7, followed by a champagne reception and silent and live auctions at a private castle. Patron reservations are $65 per person. For reservations, call (810) 625-3330 between 9 a.m. and 4 p . m . Thursday-Friday. The tour is sponsored by the North Oakland SCAMP Funding Corporation. • The 25th annual Indian Village Home & Garden Tour will take place 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, June 7. Tickets


Good through 6-11-97


GARDEN • The Roses-West Rose Society will meet 7:30-9:30 p.m. Thursday, June 5, at the Novi Community Center, 45175 W. 10 Mile, west of 1-96 and Novi Road. Call (810) 347-0400. Hands-on exhibiting at rose shows, along with tips and handouts, will be discussed by Erv Ignash,

O u r

n e w

i ) K S I ( p \ S

li-paiM.' &

I I ) k



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, tor kit.


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U K . . HI

\ K K I >K-\

s o u t h ol Michuiitn \v« .. oil i .i t i u l u hi 1 V i u this .id lot . I trie• vsiimah L « I I - H H M M y»m k i l l l u n . H.itlnIMMII. O t h n


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F.JL. '

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Poge D 1 4

\ S <•! mir

ietked c u m n i n ona ebbs'

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• A house and garden tour, sponsored by the Birmingham Republican Women's Club, will take place 10 ajm. to 4 p.m. Friday, June 13. Tickets are $8 donation and are available at Mills Pharmacy, 1740 W. Maple at Chesterfield in Birmingham; at Republican Headquarters, 725 S. Adams, Suite 14, in Birmingham; or from any club member. For tickets by mail, or more information, call (810) 646-5228, (810) 646-2009 or (313) 534-6724.

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chairman of judges for the Great Lakes your deck or patio for the summer and District. A social hour will be featured. grow indoors during the winter months. • The Metropolitan Rose Society will Guests are always welcome. • Saguaro Rare Plant Nursery, 470 W. meet 7 p.m. Friday, June 6, at the Royal Five Mile in Whitmore Lake, offers a Oak S e n i o r / C o m m u n i t y Center, 3500 series of free talks 7 p.m. Thursdays Marais, east of Crooks and north of 13 through June" 26 at the nursery. Call (313) Mile. The topic will be "Enjoying the 449-4237. The June 5 talk, "Water Garden Rose Show." Learn such subjects a s Plants," is by Saguaro Rare Plant Nursery which varieties are best for exhibiting, owner Richard Tuttle. "Exotic Tropical how to prepare your roses for the show Flowering Plants" will be the topic June (what do you do with a crooked stem?) 12, when Tuttle introduces many differ- and how to keep the bloom dry. The pubent flowering plants that will enhance lic may attend.

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house warming preview 6-8 p.m. Thursday, June 12, at 706 Dornoch Drive in the Polo Fields at Zeeb and Liberty in Ann Arbor. Attendees may meet and mingle with local and statewide artists, and sign individual tiles of a ceramic "guest book" that will be displayed at the art center. The event will also showcase Michigan wines and feature music by Ann Arbor musician Paul Vomhagen. Tickets are $35 per person. The Artfull Home will be open June 14-29, furnished and decorated with the works of more than 100 Michigan artists and artisans. Call the art center at (313) 994-8004.

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are $15 per person, $3 per person additional for guided tour; groups of 25 or more receive c o m p l i m e n t a r y guides. Tickets and refreshments can be bought tour day at Iroquois Avenue Christ Lutheran Church, Iroquois at Vemor; Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church, East Jefferson at Bums; and Detroit's Waldorf School, Burns at Charlevoix. Indian Village is three miles east of downtown Detroit, and is bounded by East Jefferson on the south and Mack Avenue a mile to the north. Call (313) 922-0911. • The 1997 Detroit Symphony Designers Showhouse, a historic home and gardens at 892 W. Boston Blvd. in Detroit's Boston-Edison District decorated by area interior designers, is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily through Sunday, June 8. Tickets are $15 each at the door, $12 each for groups of 15 or more. Call (313) 962-1000, Ext. 285, for information. C The Community House, 380 S. Bates in Birmingham, offers a variety of home and garden classes. Call (248) 644-5832 for fees and other information. In the two-session "Blooms All S u m m e r Long..." Mondays, June 9 and 16, leam how to select flower combinations to provide continuous color throughout the growing season. Instructor is Flowerscapes Inc. designer Mary Jo Grohs. • The Artfull Home, a fund-raiser for the Ann Arbor Art Center, will host a gala

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i S t e " 810-539-7760 S r Thurscigy.June

Cft 1997,.

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Thursday. June 05. 1997

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Heartlande presents Playscape

The Amazing Johnathan, "The Freddy Kreuger of Comedy," headlines the Big Red Comedy Club, 595 N. Lapeer Road, Oxford. Performances 8 & 10:30p.m., tickets $12.50, (810) 628-6500.





Ethereal celebration: The

Rev. Tony Tbcco (above) of St. Hugo of the Hills in Bloomfield Hills had the initial idea for the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival. He and his brother, renowned pianist and artistic director James Tbcco (left), consider the two-week festival as a "family reunion."

Twin brothers San and Laz Slomovits, also known as "Gemini,"perform 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra's Young People's Concert at Orchestra Hall, 3711 Woodward, Detroit. Tickets $18 to $7 (box seats $27), (313) 833-3700.

Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival Whan: Saturday, June 7-SaturOay. June 2 1 Tickets: $100. five concert subscription ($85. seniors): $120. severvconcert subscription ($105, seniors): Corigliano concert. June 15 - $15-20; $7. family concert. SCHEDULE


Robert Goulet and Darryl Ferrer star in "Man of La Mane ha," 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at the Fisher Theatre, 3011 W. Grand Boulevard, Detroit. Tickets range from $22 to $52, call (810) 645-6666 to charge tickets, or (313) 872-1000 for information.

Hot tlx: Celebrate the grand opening of the Southfield Centre for the Arts, 24350 Southfield Road, with the Coasters, 8 p.m. Saturday, June 7. Tickets $25 and $30, (810) 424 9022.


8 p.m. Kirk In the Hills. 1340 W. Long Lake Road. Bloomfield Hills. James Tocco. Wu Han. Miriam Fried. David Rnckel. Jonathan Biss. Detroit Chamber Winds •Beethoven. "Sonata in E-flat for piano and violin. Op. 12 No. 3": Grieg. "Sonata in A minor for cello and piano. Op. 36"; Hummel. "Septet in 0 minor." • Tuesday-Wednesday, June l p - l i 8 p.m. StHugo of the Hills. 2215 Opdyke Road. Bloomfield Hills. James Tocco. Wu Han. Jonathan Biss. David Finckel, Ruth Laredo, Lawrence Uberson. Detroit Oratorio Society Brahms, "Waltzes, Op. 39 for piano;" Brahms, "Four Evening Songs" for chorus; Brahms. "Trio in A minor for clarinet, cello and piano. Op. 114.' 8 7400 Telegraph. Bloomfield Township James Tocco, Ruth Laredo. Miriam Fried. Peter Ound|iam. Keven Good. Detroit Chamber Winds Britten, "Simple Symphony;" Bach, •Brandenburg Concerto No. 5;; Corigliano. "Voyage;" Shostakovich. "Concerto No. I for trunpet. piano, strings." • Tueedey WsifciMiley, Jmm 17-1S 8 p.m. Temple Beth,El Ruth Laredo. Phillip Setter. Barbara wettphal. Paul Katz. St. Lawrence Quartet Brahms. "Piano Quartet In C minor. Op. 60;: Franck, "Piano Quintet in F minor." • TtanSey-FiMay, Jww 1 M 0 8 p.m. Hugo of the Hills Phillip Setier, Barbara Westphal. Paul KaU, Laurence Uberson. St. Lawrence Quvtet. Detroit Chamber Winds Weber. "Quintet In B-flet for clarinet and strings;' Schoenberg, "Transfigured Night;" . Beethoven. "Septet in E-«at. Op. 20." • Saturday. JIM 2& 8 p.m. St. Hugo of the Hills Eugene Isotonic. Ruth Laredo. James Tocco. Phllttp Setter. Barbara Westphal, Paul Katz. St. Lawrence Quartet Haydn. "Quartet m D. Op. 76 No. 5;' Debussy. "Two Nocturnes: Nuages'tortwo pianoe; Ravel. "La Vaise" lor two pianos; Brahms, "Piano Quartet m G minor. Op. 25. FAMILY CONC ERTS 4 p.m. at Cranbrook institute of Science • tarts* Jam I S 4:30 pjtv Detroit Zoo. WiMMe Interpretive Geitery CORIGLIANO CONCEPT Mil 7 p^n. at Temple Beth El

Festival celebrates spirituality of music HP at I I ? LaKCS

f r o m one-week to two. It 11 be held at three prim a r y sites: Kirk in the rowing u p on t h e Chamber H i U s C h u r c h , T e m p l e eastaide of Detroit M11 c i r Beth El and St. Hugo. in t h e 1940s a n d £» At 1 -Drawing on a 1950s, t h e Tocco brothFestival Presbyterian sanctuary, ers were about as dose a temple and Catholic a s b r o t h e r s could b e . They didn't have much choice. Eight church represents the cross-denomiboys shared a bedroom in a house of n a t i o n a l a p p e a l t h a t o r g a n i z e r s 13 siblings. The two youngest, Tony believe reflects "the ecumenical and and James, shared more than a pas- spirituality of music." Although t h e 11 performances by sion for music, a n uncannily similar 30 musicians appears to be distingait and bed sheets. Following distinctively different guished more by eclecticism than by paths, each sought a way to express t h e m e , m a n y of t h e pieces w e r e selected to commemorate the 100th a longing for ethereal harmony. N e a r l y 50 y e a r s later, Tony a n d anniversary of Brahms' death and James have respectively found their the 200th anniversary of Schubert's own special verse in biblical scrip- birth. "The k e y is J a m e s Tocco," s a i d ture, and as one of the most established pianists in the classical music Maury O k u n , executive director of world. Today, their respective talents the festival. "The musicians whoU be have found a natural partnership in performing have either worked with a rapidly emerging local music festi- him, or are coming here because of val that has come to symbolize uni- him." versal brotherhood. In addition to Tocco, other highWith Tony - a monseigneur pas- p r o f i l e a r t i s t s i n c l u d e v i o l i n i s t tor at St. Hugo of the Hills - provid- P h i l l i p S e t z e r of t h e E m e r s o n ing one of the p e r f o r m i n g v e n u e s Q u a r t e t , t h e lauded St. Lawrence and J a m e s overseeing the a r t i s t i c String Quartet and conductor Peter direction, the Tbcco brothers' collabo- Oundjian. Local musicians particiration is the spiritual force behind p a t i n g i n c l u d e D e t r o i t e r p i a n i s t the Great Lakes Chamber Music Ruth Laredo and the Detroit F e s t i v a l . T h e t w o - w e e k f e s t i v a l Chamber Winds. opens Saturday at Kirk in the Hills, "None of the artists are prima donan added venue this year. nas," said J a m e s Tocco, who teaches Now in its fourth year, the festival a t t h e U n i v e r s i t y of C i n c i n n a t i has grown into one of the top inter- Conservatory when he's not touring. national events considered on t h e "All the musicians at the festival are level of prestigious chamber music t h e t y p e w h o consider t h e music f e s t i v a l s in S e a t t l e , S a n t e Fe, more important than image. Because Norfolk, Sarasota and Austria. This year's f e s t i v a l h a s been e x t e n d e d P l e a s e see FESTIVAL E2



Kitty Dub in has had a "Mystical Body* experience. And quite an artistic one at that. The Birmingham playwright, who'B . had four of her six works produced - * locally at Jewish Ensemble Theatre I ("Change of Life," "The Last Resort")^ the Purple Rose Theatre ( Ties That - I Bind") and the now-defunct State Faȣ Theatre in Detroit ("Mirrors"), got the idea for her latest play at a group fudetion. -1"Someone used the phrase 'mystical! body' to describe a sense of group . - * connectedness that provides spiritna 1 unity, and I was taken by this concept, said Dubin. "When you're connected with people, you're better able to cope with things that would otherwise be overwhelming." Dubin ought to know. She's been a practicing psychotherapist in Birmingham for the past 20 On stage: Mary years. E. Rychlewski "I don't use things directly (left to right) for my plays, and Phyllis but my work Lewis in the gives me a good, comedy "Clown solid underpinWives" written ning of human by local playnature," she said. "I think wright Kim psychotherapy Carney. is very much like dramatic structure in that people don't get into therapy unless they're in a crisis. They don't just come to chat. And plays start out that way, too. There's conflict, growth and solutions." For Dubin, there's been a lot of growth to "Mystical Body," a comedy about a woman down on her luck who finds spiritual renewal in leading an aerobics class. It was first performed


P l e a s e s e e PUYSCAPE E2 Playscape '97 r. Studk) Theatre. Varner Hall on the Oakland University campus. Rochester. When; Thursday. June 12 through Sunday. June 22 Tickets: Range from $5 t o $12.50, with discounts for seniors snd students. Call (810) 433-1233 for Information. SCHEDULE "An Evening of Short Plays" 8 p.m. Thursday, June 12 (SlO); 8 p.m. • Fridays and Saturdays. June 13-14; 20-21. I$12.50); 7 p.m. Sundays June 15 and 22 ($10). • ConcertI "Love Among t h e Aurochs' by Albert Sjoerdsma 2 p.m. Saturday. June 14. 8 p.m. Wednesday. June 18. ($5). 'The Agent" by Maggie Patton • 2 p.m. Sunday. June 15, 8 p.m. Thursday. June 19. ($5). • Lecture by Milan Stttt - "Reading to Write: How the classics inform contemporary theater" - 4 p.m. Friday. June 13 • Audience talk-back follows Mains*age p i p t auction - 8 p j n . Friday. June 13 with moderator Milan Stltt. • Audience taik-back follows play reading 2 p.m Saturday. June 14. moderator M

Black Sabbath reunites at 'OzzFest '97' BY C H M t T W A FUOCO


Realising t h a t they're not the iron men t h a t they ooce were. Oxxy Oabourae, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler decided now was the time to put aaide their d i f f e r e n c e s a n d shock u n s u s p e c t i n g f a n s w i t h a Black Sabbath reunion. Paranoid a b o u t "getting old," Butler s a i d t h e y wanted to do it "while we still could do it. It waa just a question of everybody getting on the phone s n d actually talking to each other, which we haven "t done for afowyears " "Sore feelings had to be cleared. Once that wss out ef the way; we put the band together and played a bit

to see if it was going to work." It worked just fine and aa a result Black Sabbath will be the feature of "OzzFest "97" which comes to Pine Knob Music T h e a t r e in Independence Township at 2 p.m Thursday, J u n e 12. For more information, call (248) 377-0100. (Black Sabbath's fature plans include a live album with a few new songs.) T h e d r e a m of e v e r y b l a c k - c l a d m e t a l h e a d , "OzzFest" also includes performances by Oe bourne, P s n t e r s , Type O Negative, Fear Factory, Machine Head and P o w e r m a n 500 on the m a i n stage, a n d Drain S.T.H., D e w n a e t , Vision of Disorder, Coal Chamber, Slo B u r n a n d Neurosis on t h e second stage

Although the reunited band h a s played two shows since Osbourne's departure in 1978 - 1985 s Live Aid and the last show of Os bourne's 1992 world tour in Costa Meaa, Calif. - Butler said he never expected Black Sabbath would get back together Citing a turbulent past, Butler explained "as you get older you get more mellower and you realize what stupid little things t h a t you fight over. It's nice to get beck together. " "It's going to be great to h e a r the songs with the right singer doing them after all these incarnations of Black S a b b a t h . Nothing is ever a s good s s t h e V

P l e a a e see 0ZZFI1T E2


Reunion: Ozzy Osboume (pictured), Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler decided now was the time to put aside their differences and shock unsuspecting fans with a Black Sabbath reunion, the "OzzFest V7.9


The Observer


from page

of the way a piece (of chamber music) is put together, it's very much a democracy." T h a t m a y be t h e c a s e , but bringing in a marquee name certainly doesn't h u r t the festival's growing international appeal. Perhaps the most significant feature that elevates the festival to m^jor international s t a t u s is the presence of composer-in-residence John Corigliano, arguably t h e most p o p u l a r composer in t h e United States. Corigliano's muaic will be featured throughout the festival. Hell be on hand t o i n t r o d u c e h i s work a t t h e S u n d a y , J u n e 15, c o n c e r t a t Temple Beth El Chapel. Winning three G r a m m y s this


A EccentricfTHVUSDM,

JUNE 5 , 1 9 9 7


past year, Corigliano is staking a claim to Leonard Berstern's mantel a s A m e r i c a ' s m u s i c a l spokesman. His first symphony, a s o m b e r c o m m e m o r a t i v e to friends who died of AIDS, won the Grawemeyer award, a $150,000 prize presented to cont e m p o r a r y composers. In 1991, Corigliano's "Ghosts of V e r s a i l l e s " was t h e f i r s t new opera at the Met in 25 years. While some critics have lambasted Corigliano's compositions as t r e n d y or bombastic, J a m e s Tocco a n d others contend t h a t the work's accessibility and popularity is keeping contemporary music alive. "I always wanted new music as

At n i n e y e a r s old, Tony recalled q u i t t i n g piano lessons a f t e r becoming distressed t h a t his younger brother by five yearo was already was proficient playing the complex music of Bach and Prokofiev. "Jim was a virtuoso from the time he pushed the pedals on the player piano and memorized the keys," said Tony. "He'd practice for hours. We h a d to ask him -

tell him - to atop." Years later, the Tocco brothers h a v e f o u n d a way to build a musical celebration as a monument to the special bond created long ago in their eastaide Detroit home. "The initial idea (for the festival) was to come back to the area and celebrate a family bond," said James. The next step for the festival, according to Tony, is to broaden t h a t bond beyond Bloomfield Hills. Discussions are underway to combine other regional arta events with the chamber music festival to widen the audience. "It h a s to spread beyond our immediate area," he said. "This i s n o t a f e s t i v a l e x c l u s i v e to

Bloomfield Hills." D u r i n g h i s tenure at an eastaide church and at St. Hugo, Tony has sought to make music an essential part of church life. "In Europe, festivals are usually a s s o c i a t e d w i t h c h u r c h e s . Young people over there know so much more about a r t s and letters," he said. "Thia ia (alao) a great way for different congregations to come together." While many call the festival a collection of some of the finest t a l e n t of chamber muaic muaicians, the Tocco brothers simply refer to the nArt two-week celebration in more personal terms. They call it a family reunion."

er than anything we've ever done b e f o r e b u t i t ' s still a l o n g t h e s a m e lines as f a r as the eerie, dark feeling that brings with it," said vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn. • Powerman 5000, founded by Rob Zombie's b r o t h e r / s i n g e r Spider, calls its sound on "Mega!! Kung F u Radio" (DreamWorks Records) "action rock." "Being in a band is as close as I could get to being a n actual super hero," said PM5K singer/lyricist Spider. "That's what this is all about for m e - it's l i k e b e i n g in t h e A v e n g e r s or t h e D e f e n d e r s . " Groovy guitars and hard-driving vocals i n u n d a t e "Mega!! K u n g Fu Radio," a r e w o r k i n g of i t s indie a l b u m "The Blood S p l a t R a t i n g S y s t e m . " F a n s of h i s brother's band shouldn't expect W h i t e Zombie J r . "They m a k e t h a t assumption that we're like White Zombie but we're coming from another place."

T h e s e c o n d s t a g e t h e m e is "Never Never Land" where each band plays 20-minute sets. Joining Downset, Neurosis, and Slo-Burn are: • C o a l C h a m b e r , called a "hybrid of Korn, Fear Factory, and White Zombie" by Kerrang! magazine, tapped into the personal lives of its members while w r i t i n g lyrics for its self-titled debut (Roadrunner). Lead singer Dez's wife left him the day he began work on "Coal Chamber" inspiring the song "Unspoiled." (He had previously left the band for six m o n t h s at her urging.) " M a k i n g t h i s r e c o r d was t h e most difficult thing any of us has ever gone through. We were challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally, and it was pure hell, especially on my end. I needed to rid myself of all this emotion so that I could feel all right again," Dez said. • Drain S.T.H., an all-female

hard rock quartet from Sweden, recently released its debut " H o r r o r W r e s t l i n g " (Enclave). D r a i n S.T.H. r a g e s a g a i n s t i t s country's t r a d e m a r k pop sensibilities (Ace of Base, Roxette, The C a r d i g a n s ) by w r i t i n g s o n g s about death, betrayal, and humiliation. "The lyrics a r e about wrestling with your own agony and horrors in life," said drummer Martina Axen.

part of the festival," said Tocco, who includes in h i s impressive repertoire'a piece Corigliano composed for h i m y e a r s ago. "Serious music is being written today as it was 200 years ago. If we don't play muaic of our time, then we're merely propagating a dead art." An integral part of Tocco'a mission to s u s t a i n c o n t e m p o r a r y chamber music is the establishm e n t of t h e S h o u s e C h a m b e r Music I n s t i t u t e , made possibly by a g r a n t from the Katherine Fileqe S h o u s e Foundation. During the two-week festival, five fledgling chamber ensembles will be c o a c h e d by t h e wellestablished performing artists in

a t t e n d a n c e . "We can't r u n t h e risk in classical music to be perceived as relics," said Tbcco. Quite the contrary. Throughout his life, Tocco has either seemed precocious or at the leading edge of his art.

F a c t o r y h a s f o l l o w e d up t h e r e l e a s e of l a s t y e a r ' s power chord-laden " D e m a n u f a c t u r e " (Roadrunner) with their second foray into remixing, "Remanufacture (Cloning Technology)." For t h i s a l b u m they worked with Rhys Fulber of Front Line Assembly, Junkie XL, Kingsize, and DJ Dado. "Remixes help us see where our music can go and where we can take our ideas. These remixes are a tool for our next record and will continue to influence and inspire us as a band," said guitarist Dino Cazares. • Machine Head's debut, 1994's "Burn My Eyes" was the top-selling d e b u t album in the history of Roadrunner Records. In recording its follow-up "The More T h i n g s C h a n g e Machine Head m a i n t a i n e d the ferociousness of its debut while adding new elements. "Some of the stuff on this album is weird-

from page El

original one," said Butler w h o s e solo a l b u m "Black Science" comes out in J u l y on TVT Records. Sabbath's 40-minute set will include a four-song medley including "War Pigs" and "Iron Man," and more obscure songs l i k e " F a i r i e s W e a r Bo.ots." "Beyond t h e Wall of S l e e p . " "Black Sabbath." and "Paranoid." Butler explained, "if we get an encore." "You can never be too complacent," he said with a laugh. Besides sets by Osbourne and Black S a b b a t h . " O z z F e s t '97" includes performances by a host of metal acts on the main stage. • Stalwart hard rockers Pantera will release its first live album "Official Live" on Elektra Records on T u e s d a y , J u l y 29. Taken from the band's last three

years of touring, "Official Live" will feature 10 live tracks plus two new studio songs. It is the follow-up to 1996's "The Great Southern Trendkill" which sold more than 700,000. • Type O Negative built a fan base w i t h its first two a l b u m s but found fame with t h e goldselling "Bloody Kisses" (Roadrunner) which spawned the hits "Black No. 1" and "Christian Woman." Peter Steele, the 6-foot6 inch bass voiced singer, wrote about 80 percent of the songs on his band's latest album "October R u s t " ( R o a d r u n n e r ) w h e r e he t a c k l e s s u b j e c t s l i k e . "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" and his former job with the New York City P a r k s d e p a r t m e n t on "Green Man." • Los Angeles i n d u s t r i a l / t h r a s h q u a r t e t Fear

• Vision of D i s o r d e r ' s singer/songwriter Tim Williams writes "all about energy (on its self-titled debut on Roadrunner/Supersoul). Venting f r u s t r a t i o n s about w h a t people collectively choose to believe, government, day-to-day things. Everything from bliss to devastation." Three songs on the hardcore band's album - "Element," " W a y s to D e s t r o y One's Ambition" and "Excess" - trace this path.

C e l e b r a t i n g our G r a n d O p e n i n g

cafMAr'ov or tH£ aatc Playscape June 6 , 7 & 8 Southfield Centre for the Arts 3 Days ol Art, Music and Fun! Sponsored By


Mosaic Tales wi#i Michigan Opera 1>>»alr*'»

last year as a staged reading at Heartlande Theatre Company's Playscape "96. Then, the artistic n u r t u r i n g process, the tenet of the non-profit theater group, began. Through audience t a l k - b a c k s following the p e r f o r m a n c e s , a n d just by sitting among playgoers and watching how people responded, Dubin edited a n d tweaked her script - a b o u t 10 r e w r i t e s in total.

Broadway to Hollywood Revue SATURDAY JUNE 7TW 8 00 RM. S25 & S30 RESERVED

The Coasters, The Platters, The Drifters tpuaci gu—ft

Family Restaurant & Tavern W t , the staff of the Sneaky Pete's of Livonia, would like to express our appreciation of your past patronage by extending this invitation to you and your guest. r— — c o u p o n — -i

Hsidi HepJer and MkhsJe Rome

PLUS Over 30 FREE Performances

and Presentations!

Tickets on sale N O W at the Souffcfiald Centre for the Arts - 24350 Southfield Rd just South of 10 Mile Rd. For more information or to order by phone

from page El

This year, when Playscape '97 opens on J u n e 12, Dubin's new version of "Mystical Body" will be performed as a complete, produced show. "Heartlande Theatre, in 1987, started out as, basically, a group of actors s t u d y i n g a particular technique under (legendary actress] U t a Hagen," said J a n Radcliff, H e a r t l a n d e Executive Director and Birmingham resid e n t . "We've always been very p r o c e s s - o r i e n t e d a n d development and education-oriented. We didn't just want to produce plays, we w a n t e d P l a y s c a p e to be a part of the process. "We've always been a square peg in a round hole. We're not a t r a d i t i o n a l t h e a t e r company. We're a theater company that is p r i m a r i l y concerned w i t h t h e d e v e l o p m e n t of t h e r e s i d e n t artistic community." To s u p p o r t t h a t m i s s i o n , P l a y s c a p e was created to pro-


, Monday - Thursday ,



Vi»a and Mastercard accepted.

| Receive 1/2 off the second I ' entree when ordering an ' entree of equal or greater | value. (Please present this | coupon when ordering.)

Gty of SoiriMiaid * Pari* and Raenctfion Cultural Arti DmMOO

4 p.m. - 10 p.m.


mote new, original works from, p r i m a r i l y , M i d w e s t e r n playwrights. Nearly 100 scripts were submitted for consideration. Of those, 37, 10-minute plays were selected for H e a r t l a n d e ' s first a n n u a l Play by Play, a 12-hour marathon which was successfully produced in March. From Play by Play, eight 10minute plays and two full-length s c r i p t s w e r e chosen to be featured in Playscape *97. The festival will be performed in rotating r e p e r t o r y t h r o u g h J u n e 22 at V a r n e r H a l l on O a k l a n d University's campus. T h i s y e a r , t h e f e s t i v a l will spotlight 10 original pieces to be presented either as a First Stage Reading, very developmental in n a t u r e ; a Concert Reading, w h e r e a c t o r s will p r e s e n t t h e play, using scripts and minimal props a n d sets; or a Mainstage P r o d u c t i o n , which f e a t u r e s an evening of eight short plays. Kathleen Schmidt of Birmingham, Steve Dombrowski of Clarkston and J a n Waldron of Redford are a part of the ensemble. Redford resident and Hilberry Theatre alumnus Donald Robert Fox is the stage



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apd Q - a f ^

|31840 Plymouth Rd.| Just W. Of Alerrtman 313-425-9300

JUNE 6 - 7 - 8 FRI 1 0 - 9 • S A T 9 - 9 • S U N 9 - 6


r 3 BIG •DAYS!

Yesterday's Treasures, Antiques, Select Collectibles, Nostalgia, A Vintage Items Including: Old £ Rare Books, Victorian Period Furnitire, Pattern Glass, Reference Books, Porcelain, Toys, Movie Items, China, Pottery, Primitives, Silver, F>fus Much More! T, SHOWS, SPECIAL EVENTS EACH A EVERY WEEKENDI ADMISSION ONLY $1.50 PER CARLOAD!, NEXT SHOW: GUN A KNIFE, JUNE 13-14-15

first time, I saw some humor. It was d a r k a n d foreboding, but After years of prodding, one of there was something human in it the consummate Broadway per- that attracted me " Since his debut as Lancelot in formers apparently reached a new perspective when he agreed the 1960 original production of to play western literature's ulti- "Camelot," t h e dapper and velmate idealist, Don Quixote. Just vet-baritone Goulet has personidon't expect Robert Goulet to fied suave Broadway/Vegas perthink of it as a case of mellow- formers. With Goulet, as it was said a b o u t t h e late Richard ing. "I t u r n e d down 'La Mancha' Burton, there's an unmistakable for 20 years," said Goulet, refer- heroic a t t i t u d e a n d stage presring to the landmark Broadway ence that he has naturally transplay, "Man of La Mancha," play- l a t e d i n t o r o l e s of k i n g s a n d brash conquerors. ing at the Fisher Theatre. Those are intangible t r a i t s Although he recorded one of the American stage's most popu- r e q u i r e d t o s u c c e e d a t t h e role of lar anthems, "Impossible Dream" d e m a n d i n g f r o m t h e m u s i c a l in t h e mid Quixote/Cervantes that calls for 1960s, t h e c h a r i s m a t i c Goulet Goulet to be on stage - and on never could comfortably deflate h i s k n e e s - for all b u t a few his effervescent swagger to fit scenes. T h e s t o r y begins with C e r v a n t e s i m p r i s o n e d for a the melancholic role. "It w a s too s e r i o u s . T h e n I minor offense. He passes the time in the dunwent up to Seattle where it was b e i n g p e r f o r m e d . And for t h e geon c r e a t i n g ^ a mock t r a i l . C e r v a n t e s d e f e n d s himself by B Y FRANK PKOVKNZA.NO

STArr w a r m

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tressed souls. Whether he's actu- Buffalo. In 1992, he rejoined the take any of the material world with you. Not your house, your ally "making a difference " in the cast of Camelot as King Arthur. w o r l d or b l i n d l y " t i p p i n g a t G o u l e t h a s a l s o s t a r r e d on car or your boat. So don't be so w i n d m i l l s " is one of t h e most- t e l e v i s i o n in " M u r d e r S h e damn vain." In a series of self-deprecating often considered dilemmas in lit- Wrote," "Love Boat," "Mission erature. Impossible" and " F a n t a s y spots t h a t aired on E S P N two At 63 and planing hip-replace- Island"), and most recently, in y e a r s ago, Goulet r e a c h e d y e t films, i n c l u d i n g another audience. He appeared, ment surgery after his tour, several G o u l e t f l a s h e s his t r a d e m a r k "Scrooged," " B e e t l e j u i c e " a n d poking fun at himself in a d s to promote t h e network'-s college b r a v a d o when asked if facing "Mr. Wrong." h i s own m o r t a l i t y m a d e h i m F r o m his h o t e l room in S t . • basketball coverage. Like Tony reexamine Cervantes story of a L o u i s prior t o a r r i v i n g in B e n n e t t , a decade or so o l d e r w a n d e r i n g idealist. "I s i m p l y Detroit, Goulet was all-too-ready t h a n him, Goulet realizes t h a t n e v e r h a d any i n t e r e s t in t h e t o e x p l a i n t h e e p i p h a n y of there's a new and younger audiacting out the story of Quixote. role," he said. "It absolutely had Quixote's dilemma. He recited a ence who might not have heard . T h r o u g h o u t the tale, Goulet nothing to do with what I went few lines from the musical before about him. . m u s t u n d e r g o t r a n s f o r m a t i o n s through." he found his place. T h i s is when In addition to planning to op^n from Cervantes to Quixote with In 1993, Goulet was diagnosed he talks about being knighted," in "The W i v e s of H e n r y t h e most of the c h a r a c t e r changes with prostate cancer. Since "tak- he offered as a set-up. Then, in a Eighth" next spring, Goulet is occurring on stage. At one point, ing care of the problem" he has r e s o n a n t all-too-familiar voice, planning a new album "with a Goulet wh ite n s his hair, mous- kept u p his legendary grueling he bellowed, "I wonder how sages Henry Conick, Jr. sound" aimed t a c h e a n d g o a t e e . S t r i k i n g a s c h e d u l e . H i s 35-year c a r e e r of t h e future will describe this at audiences born long a f t e r he p h i l o s o p h i c a l p o s t u r e , Goulet includes lead roles on stage in n i g h t when n o t h i n g is known first stepped into the role of Sir becomes t h e misguided knight Camelot, Carousel, G e n t l e m a n except thy soul." Lancelot. Don Quixote de la Mancha from P r e f e r Blonds, South P a c i f i c , "There's a whole g e n e r a t i o n The inimitable Goulet quickly late 1 6 t h - c e n t u r y S e v i l l e . Meet Me In St. Louis, The Happy offered his interpretation. "When out t h e r e who've never seen a Thereafter, he sets out to chal- T i m e , K i s s Me K a t e , T h e you die, if you believe in such Broadway musical," said Goulet. lenge v i l l a i n s a n d rescue dis- F a n t a s t i c k s a n d Moon O v e r t h i n g s as your soul, you don't W h a t : M a n of La M a n c h a , starring Robert Goulet W h e r e : The Fisher Theatre, F i s h e r Building in t h e New Center Area, Detroit When: Through June 22 Times: 8 p.m. TuesdayThursday; 7:30 p.m. Sundays; 2 p.m. Saturday-Sunday T i c k e t s : $22-$58 (810) 6456666^313)871-1132.


SINGLES CALENDAR Send items to be considered for publication to: Sarah Takas, Observer & Eccentric Newspapers, 36251 Schoolcraft, Livonia 48150; or fax to (313) 591-7279. BETHANY

Plymouth-Canton Bethany, a s u p p o r t a n d social g r o u p for divorced and separated C h r i s t i a n s , m e e t s 8 p.m. t h e third Saturday, at St. Kenneth Church, Haggerty Road south of Five Mile, Plymouth Township. (313) 261-9123 or (313) 421-6751 • Sundays - Mass 11:15 a.m. at St. Aidan Church, Farmington Road, north of 6 Mile, Livonia. Coffee or lunch after Mass. (313) 421-3011 • Sundays - Breakfast 10 a.m. at Redford Inn, Five Mile, west of Beech Daly, R e d f o r d . (313) 729-1974 • Tuesdays - Meet for coffee a n d c o n v e r s a t i o n 7 p.m. a t Archie's, Plymouth Road, east of Merriman, Livonia. Tony (313) 422-3266

Cost $5 per week. Subs needed. (810) 851-9909 • W a l l e y b a l l 6:40 p.m. Tuesdays at Racquetball Farmington, Nine Mile west of Farmington Road, Farmington. Courta for beginner, intermediate and advanced. Cost $4/meinhere; $6/non-membere. (810) 8519909 • Euchre, Pinochle and Dinner 6:30-10:30 p.m. Mondays at M a p l e s of Novi Golf C o u r s e C l u b h o u s e , 14 Mile Road one mile west of Haggerty. $7/FSP members, $8/non-members.

FIRST VOYAO0IS First Voyagers meet 7:30 p.m. every 2nd and 4th Friday at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, 27475 F i v e Mile and I n k s t e r , Livonia. (810) 347-1749

MSM. HUNT K OF C MM1ES B a l l r o o m d a n c i n g t o Mike Wolverton a n d Eddie 'O, 8-11 p.m. Wednesdays, Msgr. Hunt K of C H a l l , 7 0 8 0 Msgr. H u n t Drive, between Southfield and Outer Drive, Dearborn Heights. $4. D a n c e l e s s o n s 6:45-8 p.m. Cost $2. (313) 295-1134

T h u r s d a y s , 6 p.m. till d a r k a t Rotary Park, Six Mile between Merriman and Farmington Road. Donation $1. • Biking in June - All rides m e e t 11 a.m. on S a t u r d a y s in various locations. (313) 422-1854

Friday in the Wayne AMVETS Hall, 1217 Merriman, Westland. Meeting is 8-8:30 p.m.; dancing 8:30 p.m.-midnight. New members welcome. (313) 721-3657.

ST. EDITH seieizs Meets at 7:30 p.m. the second a n d f o u r t h W e d n e s d a y at the c h u r c h , on Newburgh south of Five Mile. 21 and older. (313) 840-8824


Ballroom dancing for singles age 40 a n d older, 9 p.m.-midnight Fridays in the Northwest SINOLE PLACE ADUU MINISTRIES YWCA, 25940 Grand River, at First Presbyterian Church of Beech Daly, Livonia. D r e s s y Northville's group meets at 7:30 attire. (313) 422-2887, (810) 588p.m. Wednesdays and 9:45 a.m. 2731 S u n d a y s at t h e church, 200 E. SUNDAY SUBURBAN SINGLES A "Single Mingle Dance" will Main, Northville. (810) 349-0911 • Workshops: "Choosing and be 8 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Sunday, Maintaining H e a l t h y June 8 at Bonnie Brook Country Relationships" 7:30 p.m. Club, Telegraph Road South of Thursdays, J u n e 12, 19 and 26. Eight Mile, Redford. Ages 21 and Cost $24/advance; $27/June 12 up. Proper attire. $4, or $3 before 8:30 p.m. Ladies Free Admission at the door. (248) 349-0911. May 18. (313) 842-7422 SINOLE POINT


• The Rev. Paul Clough leads "Single Mingle Dance" 8 p.m. scripture messages relevant to daily single living 10:45 a.m. to 1 a . m . S u n d a y , J u n e 8 at S u n d a y s in Knox H a l l , Ward B o n n i e Brook C o u n t r y C l u b , P r e s b y t e r i a n C h u r c h , 17000 Telegraph Road south of Eight F a r m i n g t o n Road, at Six Mile Mile, Redford. Tri-County is joining with Sunday S u b u r b a n Road, Livonia. (313) 422-1854 • Single Parent Group meets today. MOONDUSICIS Ballroom dancing, 9 p.m.-mid- 7-8:30 p.m. the first and third WEDNESDAY SUBURBAN n i g h t S a t u r d a y s at t h e Moon Tuesday, in the Calvin Room. "Single Mingle Dance" 8 p.m. Dusters, Farmington Road and F r e e child care. Activities for to 12:30 a.m., every Wednesday, Five Mile, Livonia. $5. Dressy children a n d p a r e n t s to enjoy at Bonnie Brook Country Club, together every month. Telegraph Road, (south of Eight attire. (313) 422-3298 • U n i q u e l y S i n g l e G r o u p Mile Road), Redford. You must be wwiwe UMC sweus Fashionable attire. Single Adult Fellowship meets (never been married) meets 7-9 21. 4:30 p.m. Saturday, June 7 at the p.m. the fourth Tuesday, in the Admission $4 or $3 before 8:30 Calvin Room. p.m. (313) 842-0443 T i n e L a n d R e s t a u r a n t , 8207 • New Start (widows and widW EST SIDE SINOLES M i d d l e b e l t Road, Westland in owers) meets 7:30 p.m. the secthe Hamilton Center. (313) 663West Side Singles Friday ond T u e s d a y of each m o n t h 0014 or (313) 421-4769 (except July and August) in the Dances 8:30 p.m. every Friday at PATRICK OKEL&Y K OF C SINttL£S chapel. Speakers and discussion Burton Manor, Schoolcraft Road, "Ballroom dancing ages 30 and concerning death of a loved one (west of Inkster Road), Livonia. older, 8-11:30 p.m. Mondays, at a n d g e t t i n g on. A c t i v i t i e s A d m i s s i o n $5; $3 before"8:30 p.m. You must be 21 and older. P a t r i c k O ' K e l l y K of C H a l l , throughout the month. D r e s s y a t t i r e , no j e a n s . (313) 23663 P a r k , D e a r b o r n . Cost • Summer Volleyball 981-0909 $3.75. Dance lessons available, 6:30-7:45 p.m., cost $2. (313) 2951134 Celebrating


The Catholic Alumni Club of Detroit plays volleyball 7:30-9 p.m. Tuesdays, at Birney Middle School, Northwest corner of 11 Mile (1-696) a n d E v e r g r e e n , Southfield. Cost $4/guests and $3/members. (810) 557-6183 • Bicycling: The club will bicycle at 11 a.m. J u n e 14 and 29 in the Metro Parks. For location, call (313) 729-5429 or (313) 2714213. • Picnic a t K e n s i n g t o n M e t r o p a r k , S u n d a y , J u n e 29. Reservations by J u n e 21. (810) 756-4189 or (248) 557-6183 DCAMORN FAIRLANE DANCE

Dearborn Fair lane Dance Club f e a t u r i n g live b a n d s p r e s e n t s ballroom dancing 8:30-11:30 p.m. every T h u r s d a y at K n i g h t s of Columbus, 15800 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, $4. Married couples welcome. D a n c e l e s s o n s by Shirley Blair, 7-8 p.m. for $2. (313) 422-5925, (313) 565-3656


• Livonia-Redford Chapter 130 meets the third Thursday at Mitch H o u s e y ' s R e s t a u r a n t , 28500 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia (west of Inkster Road) Orientation is 8 p-m., the general meeting 8:30 p.m., followed by dancing. (313) 464-1969 • The Wayne-Westland Chapter 340 meeta the fourth


PROFESSIONALS • Co-Ed D a r t L e a g u e 6:15 p.m. e v e r y o t h e r S u n d a y a t Roosevelt's Billiard Bar and Grill, 27843 Orchard Lake Road a t 12 Mile, F a r m i n g t o n Hills.


20 years in business!

THE Gft&rr Specializing


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Chotce of Moataccoli or

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(Dbeerfrer Nefoepaper

(at the Southeast comer of Grand River & Haggerty Roads)




27331 F«» Mi* Rd (Com* ai Motor)

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Maris-Jk«v h 1990

bxyxyiicfeyHanirOwyftAHOctfK mcSaann Tlckutt On Sato NOW! Cc*( 246) 541-6430 ^






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Only a Days Left... Don't Miss the Fun!

MS.20--'Apr.M«9S / ' Sporeond by HOUR Daftd* Magazine


b y tt>m l & o & a / V t j ^ a w n t e i o Q

DINE IN - T A K E O U T IA Full Selection of Dishes From Northern and Southern India YOUR TASTE - OUR SPECIALITY! 39241 Grand River Ave.. Farmington Hill., Ml 4SJJS • (24*) 477 7427

Featuring Trilling Carnival Rides Exciting Circus Acts An Alcohol Free Safe Park like Environment


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Vaatika Indian Cuisine


313.965.22221; Show*: WEDNESDAY thru SU


g u t t l e

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P M yoar...


Toarmina's Pizza is oetetorating n 10



screened patio with a view of the fabulous courtyard. For reservations, call (248) 348-5555


f i j t o r x a l ParK


TOO CHE 27155 Sheraton Drive. Novi: Jazz and Dinner on the Patio 6 1 0 p.m. Mondays: 7-11 p.m. Fridays through September. On Monday's in June, vocalist Heidi Hepler and guitarist Michele Ramo offer an international flare with European and Brazilian Jazz.Mellow jazz sounds on June Fridays are those of Louis Resto on key boar a and saxophonist David McMurray. The full dinner menu is a v a i l a b l e o n t h e



8/Tyte 0 ffeuAurfi?

K> W

"Stogies & Stand-up Night" 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 11, 36071 Plymouth Road, Livonia. (313) 261-0555. Includes two premium cigars, dinner, comedy show ticket featuring "Fabio Man" Kirk Noland.

year anniversary at 18 metro area I o c a tions. Anniversary events include award ing a $1,000 scholarship, donating 6,000 pizzas to raise $30,000 for local schools, Make a Wish Foundation, ancj. The Salvation Army. Also. Toarmina's will introduce two new products "Italian Wings," and 'cinnamon honey bread," give away Frisbees to the first 100 customers at each Tormina's Pizia location on June 6, and offer free pizza to anyone who spots their Giant ' Toarmina Man Mascot at any area I o c a tion! The final day (June 10) will be celebrated with an official ribbon cutting and 1987 prices all day long.


I 34733 Warren Road • Westland I_

1 Btock E. ot Wayne Road m Westland ^


FCSTIVM. OP Fuvoas The Plymouth Downtown Development Authority will host the "Second Annual Festival of Flavors" 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday. June 7 In Kellogg Park on Main Street (between Ann Arbor Trail and Penniman) in downtown Plymouth. Vsitors will have the opportunity to sample some delicacies offered by local restaurants and Michigan food producers as they dine to the music of local performers. Admission is $2 per person, with a portion of proceeds benefiting the Plymouth Community United Way. For more Information, call (313) 4551453. Among the participants are Cafe Bon Homme. Cottage Inn. Plymouth Landing. Plymouth Pub. Sweet Afton Tea Room Three Brother's Restaurant and Water Club Seafood Grill.

Spaghetti with salad and garlic bread

MoW* S Dinner Package AvaflaMal (great gift Oea)


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Robert Goulet brings flair to "Man of La Mancha"




manager for the event. Pulitzer Prize-nominated playw r i g h t for " T h e Runner Stumbles" and Detroit native M i l a n S t i t t will be the G u e s t Playwright at this year's festival. Stitt's play "Labor Day" will be p e r f o r m e d a s p a r t of t h e Mainstage Production. In addition to meeting individually with all nine playwrights about their w o r k s , S t i t t will c o n d u c t t h e audience talk-backs for the readings and performances J u n e 1315. He will also conduct a lect u r e from 4-5 p.m. on F r i d a y , June 13. The lecture is free and open to the public. " 'Mystical Rody' is a p a t t e r n that we hope is repeated. It's a p a r t of an overall plan," s a i d Radcliff, who's also the Executive Producer of Playscape '97. "We want, more and more, to have a s c r i p t come to us in t h e v e r y beginning, developmental stage, and then we'd like the privilege of taking i t through the process to production." Besides, says Kitty Dubin about her comedy, "Anyone who's ever taken an aerobics class will know this woman. She's universal, yet unique."

I 15231 F a r m i n g t o n R o a d ^ L i v o n i a • (313) 261-5551




A Eccentric/THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1997

The Observer






3 0FF

( 0 / F * ) E4

THURSDAY, J U N E 5 , 1 9 9 7




A Guide to entertainment in the Metro Detroit area T







HEARTLANDE THEATRE COMPANY "Playscape '97," festival of original plays, opens Thursday. June 12 and runs In repertory through June 22, Oakland University campus in Rochester $ 5 4 1 2 . 5 0 . Lecture t>y Milan Stitt, Pulitzer Prize nominated playwright for "The Runner Stumbles," 4-5 p.m. Friday, June 13. (248) 4331233. PERFORMANCE NETWORK "The Birthday Party," Thursday. June 5-Sunday, June 8, and Thursday. June 12-Sunday. June 15. Performance Network, 4 0 8 W. Washington, Ann Artxir 8 p.m. Thursdays-Saturdays. 2 p.m. Sundays. $12; $9 for students on "pay what-you-can Thursdays." (313) 663-0681 FISHER THEATRE "Man of La Mancha" featuring Robert Goulet through June 22. Performances 8 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 7 : 3 0 p.m. Sundays. 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday ($52. $38, $22); 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. ($58, $42. $26). Call (810i 645-6666 or (313) 8 7 2 - 1 0 0 0 O





MICHIGAN OPERA THEATRE "The Flying Dutchman," 8 p.m. Friday. June 6Saturday. June 7. and 2 p.m. Sunday. June 8. Detroit Opera House. 1526 Broadway. Detrojt. (313) 874SlNG/<248) 6 4 5 - 6 6 6 6 C







EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY "Lincoln Park Zoo." mystery-comedy lampooning t h e famed corruption of Chicago's public life while following a twisting plot of murder and robbery, 8 p.m. Fridays, June 6 and 13-Thursday. June 12-Saturdays, June 7 and 14, 2:30 p.m. Sunday, June 8 in EMU'S Sponberg Theatre. (313) 487-1221. OAKLAND UNIVERSITY "Hamlet" by Oakland University Department of Music, Theatre and Dance with University of MichiganFlint Theatre Department through June 15, Varner Studio Theatre. Oakland University c a m p u s . Walton Boulevard and Adams Road. Rochester 8 p.m. Friday, June 6-Saturday. June 7. and 2 p.m. Sunday. June 8. $5. (248) 3702 0 3 0 / ( 8 1 0 ) 762-3230. Fund-raising performance 7 p.m. Friday. June 13, Barnes and Noble Bestsellers book store m Rochester

C O M M U N I T Y T H E A T E R ANN ARBOR CIVIC THEATRE "Medea" opens 8 p.m. Thursday. June 5 and continues through June 21. 2 2 7 5 Piatt Road. Ann Arbor. 8 p.m. Thursday-Saturday. $ 1 0 with stud e n t / s e n i o r discounts. (313) 9712228 JACK-IN-THE-BOX PRODUCTIONS "Mask," a collection of monologues in a wofkshop production that Illustrates life behind e v e r y o n e ' s societal mask, 8 p.m. Thursday, June 12-Saturday. June 14. University of MichiganDeartxirn's ROC, 4 9 0 1 Evergreen Road, Dearborn $ 3 donation. (313) 422-6-JKB/(313) 593-5000 OAK PARK VINTAGE PLAYERS "What a Ball,* light-hearted play about a senior volleyball team, Monday, June 9-Tuesday, June 10. Jimmy Prentis Morris Building. 1 5 1 1 0 W. 10 Mile. Oak Park, $7 at Jewish Community Center. W. Maple Road. West Bloomfield. (248) 967-4030. PIANCT ANT COFFEEHOUSE "Baby with t h e Bathwater." 1 1 p.m. Thursday. June 5-Saturday, June 7, Thursday. June 12-Saturday. June 14, and Thursday, June 19-Saturday. June 21. at t h e coffeehouse, 2 3 5 7 Caniff. Hamtramck. $ 5 in advance; $7 at t h e door. (313) 3 6 5 - 4 9 4 8 ST. DUNSTAN'S THEATRE GUILD OF CRANBROOK 'Camelot.' 9 p.m. Friday. May 30Saturday. May 31. and Thursday, June 5Saturday. June 7, outside of t h e church. 4 0 0 Lone Pine Road. West Bloomfield. (248) 644-0527 STAGECRAFTERS 2ND STAGE "Lip* Together Teeth Apart," 8 p.m. Friday. June 6-Saturday, June 7. Friday, June 13-Saturday, June 14. 7 p.m. Sundays. June 8 and 15 at t h e Historic Baldwin Theatre. 4 1 5 S. Lafayette Ave.. Royal Oak. $7. (248) 5 4 1 6 4 3 0 TROY PLAYERS "Nonsense," weekends through June 15. Troy Community Center In Troy CMc Complex. 500 W. Big Beaver (east o< 1-75). Troy. $8 adults. $7 seniors and children. (248) 879-1285 Y O U T H r n y g V 9 T 1 9 W T MARQUIS THEATRE "The Shoemaker and the Elves.* 2:30 p j n . Saturday. June 7. at the theater, 136 E. Mam St.. Northville. $5 50. with group rates available. Children younger than 3 1/2 wM not be admitted. (248) 349-8110 S





THURSDAY, J U N E 5 , 1 9 9 7




and other works by Joyce and other writers, muaic by Jim Perkins. Spontaneous recitations or reacSnga from other Irish

Grand opening: The Platters join The Coasters, and The Drifters with special guests Heidi Hepler and Michele Ramo to celebrate the grand opening of Southfield Centre for the Arts, 24350 Southfield Road, (just south of 10 Mile) 8p.m. Saturday, June 7. Tickets $25 and $30, Call (810) 424-9022 for information.. The center opens 7p.m. Friday, June 6. Opening weekend hours are 11 a.m. to 6p.m. Saturday, June 7, and noon to 6 p.m. Sunday, June 8. More than 30 free performances of dance, drama, and music including blues, jazz, choral, and orchestral will be presented during grand opening weekend. Mosaic Youth Theatre will present "Mosaic Tales" with Michigan Opera Theatre's "Broadway to Hollywood Revue" 8 p.m. Friday, June 6; $10 general admission.

works by audience members wel corned. 5:30-9 p.m. Thursday, June 12. the Old Shillelagh. 349 Monroe. Greektown. $5 donation. (248) 5406687 HERITAGE FESTIVAL Lakes Area festivities include perform a n c e s by Michigan 5th Regimental Band, an authentically costumed Civil War era military band; Merry Motormen barber shop chorus, other local musicians, numerous crafters noon t o 5 p.m. Sunday, June 8 in t h e Richardson Center. 1485 Oakley Park Road. Walled Lake. $5 adults. $3 s e n i o r s / s t u d e n t s , children under 12 free. (2^3) 3 6 0 0 3 1 0 or 6 2 4 - 4 1 2 3 OLD WORLD CANTERBURY VILLAGE Disney's National Open House featuring Winnie t h e Pooh at Always Christmas. Saturday. June 7-Sur>day. June 8. (248) 3 9 1 - 5 7 0 0 ORGAN EXTRAVAGANZA 8 p.m. Friday, 6, Tom Hazelton and Scott Foppiano performing solos and d u e t s at t h e Barton Theatre Pipe Organ, Broadway show t u n e s to classics. $8, at t h e Redford Theatre. 1 7 3 6 0 Lahser Road north of Grand River. (248) 2 5 8 - 5 8 0 6 F A M I L Y E V E N T S THE CHENILLE SISTERS 7 p.m. Saturday, June 7. a s part of the Dearborn Art Fair on Monroe Street between Michigan Avenue and Garrison S t r e e t . Dearborn, Free. All ages. (313) 9 4 3 - 3 0 9 5 GEMINI Young P e o p l e ' s Concert 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. Saturday. June 7, with t h e Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Orchestra Hall. 3 7 1 1 Woodward Ave., Detroit. $7-$27. (313) 833-3700. PUPPETART Troupe of puppet m a s t e r s from the former Soviet Union performs a new show ' S c e n e s from t h e Shtetl." 2 p.m. June 8 , Jimmy Prentis Morris Building. 1 5 1 1 0 W. 1 0 Mile Road. Oak Park. (248) 9 6 7 - 4 0 3 0 STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL The 21st annual National Strawberry Festival. Friday. June 13-Sunday. June 15. featuring festival parade, dance troupes, musical a c t s , a juried arts and c r a f t s show, home-cooked foods, strawberry treats, amusement rides, midways, a Figure-8 demolition derby a variety of activities held at five different venues throughout the Belleville area, including Main Street, area churches (St. Anthony's, BelievIHe Presbyterian Church. Trinity Episcopal Church) and the Wayne County Fairgrounds. ( 3 1 3 ) 6 9 7 - 3 1 3 7 .










DETROIT ORATORIO SOCIETY European tour program featuring 'Four Motels* by Bruckner. 'Hymn to Cecilia' by Britten." Madrigali For A Capeila Choir* by Lauridaen, 'A Whitman Madrigal. Poem of Earth' by lannaconne, and 'Let's Touch the Sky' by Loise Talma. 4 p.m Sunday. June 8.

First Congregational Church. 1314 Northwood (corner of Crooks Road and Webster Street). Royal Oak: and 7 p.m. Sunday. June 8, St. Paul's Catholic Church, 157 Lakeshore Dr.. Grosse Pointe. (248) 650-2655 GREAT LAKES CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL P r e s e n t s pianists Ruth Laredo and J a m e s Tocco. violinist Jeffrey Multer. and t h e Veronika String Quartet performing Brahms' "Waltz for Four Hands Op. 39." Schumann's "Piano Quintet.* and Corigliano's "Sonata for Violin and Piano." 8 p.m. Thursday, June 12. Kerrytown Concert House. 415 N. Fourth Ave.. Ann Arbor. $5 students; $10 general admission; $15 rows 3-5; $25 rows 1-2. (313) 769-2999 TWO PIANOS-FOUR PERFORMERS With pianists Michele Cooker and Ron Fracker, mezzo-soprano Deanne Relyea. and violinist Sarah Thornbiade, performing Brahms' "Haydn Variations for Two Pianos." Schubert's "Fantasy for Four Hands." and songs by Schubert and Wolf, 8 p.m. Saturday. June 7. Kerrytown Concert House. 4 1 5 N. Fourth Ave.. Ann Arbor. $ 5 stud e n t s ; $ 1 0 general admission; $ 1 5 rows 3-5; and $ 2 5 rows 1-2. (313) 769-299 P O P S / S W I N G DETROIT SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA "A Night at the Oscars." with film highlights from American classics. Leslie B. Dunner conductor. John Goberman host. 8 p.m. Thursday. June 5. 8 : 3 0 p.m. Friday, June 6-Saturday, June 7. and 3 p.m. Sunday, June 8. Orchestra Hall. 3 7 1 1 Woodward Ave.. Detroit. $16-$58. (313) 833-3700. IMPERIAL SWING ORCHESTRA 9 p.m. Saturday. June 7. Mill Street Entry below Clutch Cargo's. 6 5 E. Huron. Pontiac. Free before 9 : 3 0 p.m. 2 1 and older (swing) (248) 3 3 3 - 2 3 6 2 EDGAR LEON Y LA ORQUESTRA TRAD4CION LAT1NA 9 p.m. Saturday. May 31, Mill Street Entry below Clutch Cargo's. 6 5 E. Huron. Pontiac. Free before 9 : 3 0 p.m. 2 1 and older, (swing) (248) 333-2362 GUY LOMBARDO'S ROYAL CANADIANS ORCHESTRA 8 p.m. Friday. June 6, Southfield Pavilion. 26000 Evergreen Road. Southfield. $20; S18 seniors. (810) 424-9043 WARREN COMMISSION BIG BANO SWING 9 p.m. Friday. fone 6Saturday. June 7, and Friday. June 13Saturday. June 14. D. L Harrington's Chop House. 2086 Crooks Road. Rochester Hills. Cover charge. 2 1 and older. (248) 852-0550 B





MOTOR CITY 8 p.m. Thursday. June 12. as part of the Redford Township Community Festival at Behe Creek Parti. Five Mile and Inkster roads. Redford. Free. (24*) 3490376

A U D I T I O N S / S E M I N A R S - THINKING UKE A DIRECTOR" Jim Pasternak conducts seminar, which includes director's point of view, blocking and staging for the camera, redirecting through editing, working through talent, and guest speaker Jay Roach, director of the comedy "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery," 9 a.m-5 p.m. Saturday, June 7-Sunday, June 8, in Bloomfield Hills. $275; $ 2 2 5 for students. (248) 5 8 4 - 4 7 6 4 / ( 8 8 8 ) HLR-1600.

C / G


DESPERATE MEASURES Performs a cappella favorites and original songs. 8 p.m. Friday. June 13. Kerrytown Concert House. 4 1 5 N. Fourth Ave., Ann Arbor. $5 s t u d e n t s ; $7 general admission. (313) 769-2999 MICHIGAN BACH FESTIVAL Choral Concert 3 p.m. Sunday. June 8 . North Congregational Church. 3 6 5 2 0 12 Mile Road, (north side of t h e road between Drake and Halstead), Farmingotn Hills. Concert f e a t u r e s t h e Michigan Bach Festival Chorus, selections include "Jesu Joy." Bach; "Hallelujah* G.F. Handel; "Hallelujah from Mount of Olives.'" L Beethoven; and "Battle Hymn of t h e Republic." Roy Ringwaid. Organist Dr. David Wagner and flutist Alexander Zonjic will also be featured. Tickets $ 1 0 and $ 1 2 . students and seniors $8. (313) 271-1939. c o f f e e and cookie reception follows concert . RENAISSANCE VOICES Concert featuring "Messe Basse" by Gabriel Faure. and a selection of works by Aaron Copland. Francis Poulenc. John Rutter, and Randall Thompson. 7 p.m. Sunday. June 8. Christ Episcopal Church. 120 N, Military. Dearborn. $8. $5 s t u d e n t s and seniors. (313) 8 4 5 6 4 7 4 J A Z Z UNDA BLANCHE TRIO 8 p.m midnight Thursday. June 12. Edison's. 220 Merrill St.. Birmingham. Free. 21 and older. (248) 645-2150 CASS TECHNICAL HIGH-SCHOOL l a y 7 ENSEMBLE With conductor Ben Pruitt. 6:30 p.m. Monday. June 9. Gray stone International Jazz Museum. 1249 Washington Boulevard (at Grand Rlvar), Suife 210. Oetrori. $8 in a
JAZ2 HEAD 9 p.m. Friday, June 6. Motor Lounge. 3 5 1 5 Caniff. Hamtramck. Cover charge. 21 and older, (acid jazz) (313) 3 6 9 0 0 9 0 PHIL KAPUT AND THE MAINSTREAM JAZZ TRIO 8-11 p.m, Saturday. June 7. Coffee Beanery. 307 Main St.. Rochester. Free. All ages. (248) 6 5 0 - 3 3 4 4 MIKE KAROUB S CELLO JAZZ 8-11 p.m. Saturday. June 7, and Friday. June 13. Tuscan Cafe. 1 5 0 N. Center St.. Northville. Free. All ages. (248) 305-8629 PHIL KELLY TRIO 8 : 3 0 p.m.-12:30 a.m. Friday. June 13. Edison's. 220 Merrill St.. Birmingham, Free. 2 1 and older. (248) 6 4 5 - 2 1 5 0 KATHY KOSINS 8:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m. Friday. June 6, Edison's. 2 2 0 Merrill St.. Birmingham. Free. 2 1 and older, ( v o c a l / p i a n o / b a s s trio) (248) 645-2150 SHEILA LANDIS With pianist Robert Pipho. and bassist Rick Matle. 9 p.m.-l a.m. Saturday. June 7. Edison's, 2 2 0 Merrill St.. Birmingham. Free. 2 1 and older. (248) 645-2150 DAVID MYLES AND THE MYLESTONES 6-8 p.m. Friday. June 13. in celebration of Black Music Month at t h e outdoor plaza at the Farnsworth entrance of t h e Museum of African-American History. 315 E. Warren, Detroit. Free. All ages. (313) 4 9 4 - 5 8 5 3 113' Thirteen 10-minute pieces in tribute t o John Cage featuring text by Stephen Dueweke, music by Michael Dec. Matt Smith of t h e Volebeats, Troy Gregory of Witches, and Carey Loren of Destroy All Monsters, and special guest Clarified Butter, 9 p.m. Friday, June 13. Xhedos Cafe. 2 4 0 W. Nine Mile Road (west of Woodward Avenue), Femdale. $5. All a g e s . (248) 399-3946/xhdos®wwnet com. ROBERT PIPHO 8 p.m.-midnlght Thursday. June 5. Edison's, 2 2 0 Merrill St., Birmingham. Free. 2 1 arvd older. ( p i a n o / b a s s / d r u m s trio) ( 2 4 8 ) 6452150 ROSWELL RUDD QUARTET 9 : 3 0 p.m. and 1 1 p.m. Friday. June 6. Xhedos Cafe. 2 4 0 W. Nine Mile Road (west of Woodward Avenue). Ferndale. $ 1 2 for both s e t s . All a g e s . ( 2 4 8 ) 399-3946/x hdos^ww STRAIGHT AHEAD 6-8 p.m. Friday, June 6, in celebration of Black Music Month at t h e outdoor plaza at the Farnsworth e n t r a n c e of the Museum of African-American History, 315 E. Warren. Detroit. Free. All ages. (313) 4 9 4 - 5 8 5 3 ALEXANDER ZONJIC. With friends, 5-8:30 p.m. Thursday. June 5. Crowne Plaza Hotel Pontchartrain. 2 Washington Blvd., Detroit. $10; 1 0 p.m. Saturday. June 7, Scallops. 1 0 0 2 N. Main St.. Rochester. $ 7 . 5 0 ( 3 1 3 ) 9650 2 0 0 / ( 2 4 8 ) 656-2525, reservations suggested. W O M U

R L 13 S I C

BLACK MARKET 1 0 p.m. Friday. June 6, The Deck atop Second City, 2 3 0 1 Woodward Ave.. Detroit. Cover charge. 2 1 and older, (reggae) (313) 965-2222 IMMUNITY 1 0 p.m.-2 a.m. Thursday. June 12. Cafe Max. 6 5 0 0 Highland Road. Waterford. Cover charge. 2 1 and older; 9:30 p.m.-l:30 a.m. Friday. June 13, Library Pub. 4 2 1 0 0 Grand River. Novi. Free. 2 1 and older, (reggae) (248) 6 6 6 2 0 3 0 / ( 2 4 8 ) 3 4 9 - 9 1 1 0 ISRAEL VIBRATIONS * Backed by Roots Radlcs, 9 p.m. Wednesday, June 11. Majestic, 4 1 4 0 Woodward Ave.. Detroit. $ 1 4 . 5 0 in advance. 18 and older, (reggae) (313) 8339700 JO NAB 10 p.m. Saturday. June 7, The Deck atop Second City. 2 3 0 1 Woodward Ave., Detroit. Cover charge. 2 1 and older, (reggae) (313) 965-2222 PINO MARELIJ 7 p.m. Thursday. June 5. and Wednesday. June ll-Thursdey. June 12. Luciano's. 39031 Garfield Road. Clinton ownship. Free. All ages. (English. Italian, and Spanish pop standards. tradttionals. and originals) (810) 2636540 MAURA O'CONNEL 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Friday. June 6. The Ark. 316 S. Main St.. Ann Arbor. $15. (Irish) (313) 761-1451 JUDY PIAZZA 7:30 p.m. Thursday. June 5. The Raven Gallery and Acoustic Cafe. 145 N. Canter St.. Northville. $8. All ages. (Indian chants/Latin rhythms) (248) 349-9420 10 p.m. Thursday. June 12, Rick's, 6 1 1 Church St.. Ann Arbor. Cover charge 19 and older, (reggae) (313) 996-2747 TRWROAD TRIPOU STEEL BANO 9 p.m. Saturday. June 7, Rick's, 611 Church Si.. Arm Arbor. Cover charge. 19 and older, (reggae) (313) 9 9 6 2747 UWVERSAL XPRESSION 10 p.m. Friday. June 13. The Deck atop Second City. 2301 Woodward Ave., Detroit. Cover charge. 2 1 and older, ( r e u s e ) (313) 966-2222 F




Making contact: Please submit items for publication to Observer & Eccentric Newspapers, 3 6 2 5 1 Schoolcraft, Livonia 48150 or by fax (313) 591-7279. Attention Christina Fuoco for popular music; all others Linda Chomin. / B









-BLUEGRASS MUSIC SPECTACULAR" With Robert White and the Candy Mountain Express. The Fritts Family, and t h e Jimmy Hanes Band. 6-11 p.m. Saturday, June 7. Willow Metropark s outdoor dance pavilion, off of 1-275. exit 11B, New Boston. Free except for the required Metroparks vehicle entry permit - $ 1 5 or $ 8 for seniors aged 62 and older for an annual permit. $ 3 w e e k e n d s and holidays for daily pass. (800) 4 7 7 - 3 1 8 2 / ( 3 1 3 ) 6 9 7 - 9 1 8 1 RON CODEN 9 p.m. Friday. June 6Saturday, June 7, and Friday. June 13-Saturday. June 14. O'Mara's Restaurant. 2 5 5 5 W. 12 Mile Road, Berkley. Free. 2 1 and older. (248) 3 9 9 6 7 5 0 CATE FRIES EN 8 p.m. Thursday. June 7. Birmingham Unitanan Church. 6 5 1 North Woodward and Lone Pine Road. Bloomfield Hills $8. $6 seniors and children age 17 and under. Open mike 7:15-8 p.m. (248) 6 4 7 - 2 3 8 0 or 5 4 6 5153. EVEN KEEL AND PERRY KERRY 7:30 p.m. Thursday. June 12. The Raven Gallery and Acoustic Cafe. 1 4 5 N. Center St.. Northville. $8. All a g e s (contemporary folk) (248) 349-9420 JIM GARY 7:30 p.m. and 9 : 3 0 p.m. Friday. June 6, The Raven Gallery and Acoustic Cafe. 1 4 5 N. Center St.. Northville. $10. All ages. (*new folk") (248) 3 4 9 9420 PATTY GRIFFIN 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. Saturday. June 7. The Ark. 3 1 6 S. Main St.. Ann Arbor. $15. (313) 7 6 1 - 1 4 5 1 JAN KRIST 7:30 p.m. and 9 : 3 0 p.m. Saturday. June 7. The Raven Gallery and Acoustic Cafe. 1 4 5 N. Center St.. Northville. $8. All ages, (folk/pop) (248) 3 4 9 - 9 4 2 0 STEELEYE SPAN 8 p.m. Thursday. June 12. The Ark. 316 S. Main St., Ann Arbor. $15. (313) 7 6 1 - 1 4 5 1






ENGLISH COUNTRY DANCING 7:30-9:45 p.m. Tuesday. June 10. and Tuesday. June 24. Chapel Hill Condominium Clubhouse. 3350 Green Road (north of Plymouth Road), Ann Arbor. $ 4 donation. (313) 663-0744 FIRST SATURDAY CONTRA DANCE 8 p.m. Saturday. June 7. Pittsfieid Grange Hall. 3 3 3 7 Ann Arbor Saline Road ( 1 / 4 mile south of 1-94). Ann Arbor. $6. (313) 7 6 9 - 1 0 5 2 / ( 3 1 3 ) 913-2076 FREEDOM HILL'S TIME TO DANCE WEEKEND 7-11 P.M. Friday. June 6-Saturday, June 7 Night Dances, $7; 10 a.m. t o 5 p.m. Saturday. June 6 Workshops on Two-Step. East and West Coast Swing. Cha Cha and Beginner. Intermediate Line Dances. Flow Dances; 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday, June 7 Waltz. Cha Cha, Line Dances, Flow Dances Workshops, charge. (248) 772- 4765 or 5412244/(313) 884-2760






BILL BARR S COMEDY THEATER Martin Funk with Phil and the Blanks Improv and Sketch Comedy Show. 8 p.m. Friday, June 6-Saturday, June 7; Zeemo t h e Magnificent, 2 p.m. Sunday, June 8. cancelled; Phil and the Blanks Improv and Sketch Comedy Show, 8 p.m. Friday, June 13-Saturday. June 14, at the club, 1 6 5 5 Glengary Road. Wolverine Lake. $10. (248) 624-6007 JOEY S COMEDY CLUB Joel Zimmer, 8 p.m. Thursday. June 5. 9 p.m. Friday. June 6, and 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m, Saturday. June 7; "Stogies and Stand-Ups." a night of dinner, cigars. and comedy with Kirk Noland. Leo DuFour. Norm Stulz. and Joey Bielaska, 6 p.m. dinner followed by 8 p.m. comedy show Wednesday, June 11 ( $ 7 5 ) . at the club above Kickers restaurant. 3 6 0 7 1 Plymouth Road, Livonia. (313) 2 6 1 - 0 5 5 5 JOEY'S COMEDY CLUB AT PAISANO S Alturo Sheiton 9 p.m. Thursday. June 5-Saturday. June 7 ($6). 5070 Schaefer Road. Dearborn. (313) 5 8 4 8885 MAINSTREET COMEDY SHOWCASE Totally Unrehearsed Theatre, 8:30 p . m . Wednesday, June 11, at t h e c l u b , 314 E. Liberty, Ann Arbor M (313) 996-9090 MARK RIDLEY'S COMEDY CASTLE Billy Ray Bauer. 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 4-Thursday. June 5 ($6). snd 8:15 p.m. and 10:45 p.m. Friday. June 6-Saturday. June 7 ($12). m a 7:30 p.m Sunday. June 8 ($6); Totally Unrehearsed Theatre hosts open mic night 8:30 p.m. Tuesdays ($5); Ross Amlcucci and Jeff Margrett. 8:30 p.m. Wednesday. June ll-Thursdey. June 12 ($6). 8:15 p.m. and 10:46 p.m. Friday. June 13-Saturday. June 14 ($12). and 7:30 p.m. Sunday. June 15 ($6). 269 E Fourth St.. Royal Oak. (248) 542 9900 'Eleven Marble*. * an eight person spontaneous comedy troupe, opens with a free show 10-30 p.m. Thursday. June 12. and rune Thursdays through July 31 with a cover charge, lower

trippy pop) (248) 5 8 9 3 3 4 4 / ( 3 1 3 ) 369-0080 CAELUM BUSS 9 p.m. Thursday, June 5. Motor Lounge. 3515 Caniff. Hamtramck. Cover charge. 21 and older. (313) 369-0090 SUSAN CALLOWAY 1 0 p.m. Friday, June 13. Coyote Club. 1 N. Saginaw. Pontiac. Cover charge. 2 1 and older, (singer/songwriter) t ? 4 8 ) 332-HOWL MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER With Jim Lauderdale and Duke Levine. 8 p.m. Friday, June 13. Fox Theatre. 2 2 1 1 Woodward Ave., Detroit. $ 2 7 . 5 0 In advance. All ages, (country) (810) 433- 1515 TOMMY CASTRO M U S E U M S , With Deborah Coleman. 9 p.m. P A R K S Saturday, June 7, Sisko's on t h e A N O Boulevard. 5855 Monroe Boulevard. T O U R S Taylor. $12. 21 and older, (blues) (313) 278-5340 DETROIT SCIENCE CENTER CHISEL BROS. WITH Ml Ml HARRIS "Special Effects." an IMAX film about 9 p.m. Friday, June 13. Soup Kitchen special e f f e c t s and how movies like Saloon. 1585 Franklin St.. Detroit. $5. "Star W a r s ' and "Independence Day" 2 1 and older. (R&B) (313) 2 5 ^ 2 6 4 3 were done, hourly 1 0 a.m.-l p.m. THE CIVILIANS Mondays-Fridays, hourly 11 a.m.-3 1 0 p.m. Thursday. June 12. Library p.m., and 5 p.m. Saturdays, 1 p.m. 2. Pub. 4 2 1 0 0 Grand River. Novi. Free. p.m. 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Sundays; 2 1 and oldes (rock) (248) 3 4 9 - 9 1 1 0 "Titanica." an IMAX film about the EDDIE "THE CHIEF" CLEARWATER Canadian-American-Russian expedition 9 p.m. Saturday. June 7. Soup Kitchen team set out t o explore the Titanic. 4 Saloon. 1585 Franklin St., Detroit. $7. p.m. Saturdays; "Destiny in Space," 2 1 and older, (blues) (313) 2 5 9 - 2 6 4 3 another IMAX film, 10 a.m. Saturdays, DEBORAH COLEMAN and 4 p.m. Sundays. Detroit Science 9 p.m. Friday, June 6. Sisko's on the Center in tlie University Cultural Boulevard. 5855 Monroe Boulevard. Center, 5 0 2 0 John R St., Detroit. Taylor. $5. 2 1 and older, (blues) (313) Museum admission $6.75 adults; 278-5340 $ 4 . 7 5 for s t u d e n t s and senior citizens. COPPER MUG BLUES BASH AND ALL(313) 5 7 7 - 8 4 0 0 STAR JAM MAYBURY STATE PARK With Bugs Beddow Band. Tim Flaharty Farm stories 11 a.m. Saturday. June 7. with Paul Marvin, Ben Moore's Blues and 3 p.m. Sunday. June 8. monthly Express, Buster's Blues Band, Tommy storytime for kids. Farm D.. and Bob Willett, 2-10 p.m. Sunday. Demonstration Building: Michigan free June 8. Al's Copper Mug. 1704 W. fishing weekend 1-3 p.m. Sunday. June Maple (at Decker), Walled Lake $1. 8, both in park, 2 0 1 4 5 Beck Road. canned food donations benefit Oakland Northville. S t a t e park motor vehicle County Food Bank, 2 1 and older. permit required for entry. (248) 349( 2 4 8 ) 624-9659 8390. THE CRIMINALS MUSEUM OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN 9 : 3 0 p.m. Thursday. June 5, Pharoah's HISTORY Golden Cup. 2 8 9 5 9 Joy Road (two "Africa: One Continent. Many Worlds" blocks east of Middlebelt Road). exhibit runs Saturday. June 7-Sunday. West I ana. Cover charge. All ages, Sept. 7. at the museum. 315 E. (punk) (313) 5 1 3 - 8 5 3 6 / ( 3 1 3 ) 513Warren, Detroit. Museum hours 9:30 8688 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesdays-Sundays. $ 3 SAL D'AGNILLO adults; $ 2 children younger than 12. 9 p.m.-l a.m, Friday, June 6. Fat (313) 4 9 4 - 5 8 5 3 Willy's, 19170 Farmington Road CRANBROOK INSITUTE OF SCIENCE (north of Seven Mile Road), Livonia. Elephants: 4 0 Million Years of Free. 2 1 and older, (acoustic rock) Evolution, through Sept. 1. 1 2 2 1 N. (248) 615-1330 Woodward, (between Long Lake and KELLEY DEAL 6000 Lone Pine Roads), Experience the wild With Radar Brothers and Aurora. 9 : 3 0 and woolly story of the world's largest p.m. Friday. June 13. Blind Pig. 2 0 6 living land mammals. Admission $7 2 0 8 S. First St.. Ann Arbor. $ 6 in adtuls, children 3-17 and senior citiadvance. 19 and older, (alternative zens $4. children under 3 free, (810) rock) (313) 996-8555 6 4 5 - 3 2 0 0 or (810) 645-3209. DOMESTIC PROBLEMS With The Rlvermen, 9 : 3 0 p.m. P O P U L A R Thursday, June 12. Blind Pig. 2 0 6 - 2 0 8 IVI U S I c S. First St.. Ann Arbor. $4. 1 9 and older, (alternative rock) (313) 996BENEFIT FOR GREASY CARUSI 8555 With Hoarse, Dark Carnival. Trash DOOBIE BROTHERS Brats. Cult Heroes. Rocket 455, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. June 11, Pine Demolition Doll Rods, and Mog Stunt Knob Music Theatre. 1-75 and Team, 7 : 3 0 p.m. Friday. June 6. S t a t e Sashabaw Road, Independence Theatre. 2 1 1 5 Woodward Ave.. Township.$22.50 pavilion: $ 1 2 . 5 0 Detroit. $ 1 0 in advance. All ages. lawn. All ages, (classic rock) (248) (rock) ( 3 1 3 ) 961-MELT 377-0100 BLUE CAT GLEN EDDY BAND 10 p.m. Saturday, June 7. Library Pub, 9 p.m. Saturday, June 7. Memphis 4 2 1 0 0 Grand River. Novi. Free. 21 and Smoke, 1 0 0 S, Main St., Royal Oak. older, (blues) (248) 3 4 9 9 1 1 0 Free. 2 1 and older, (blues) (248) 543BLUES IN THE NIGHT 4300 Featuring Sheila Landis and guitarist EGO ORCHESTRA Rick Matle. 10 p.m.-2 a.m. Friday. 9 p.m. Thursday. June 12. Cross June 6. Woody's. 2 0 8 Fifth Ave.. Royal Street Station. 5 1 1 W. Cross St.. Oak. Free. 2 1 and older, (blues/rock) Ypsilanti. Cover charge. 19 and older, (248) 5 4 3 - 6 9 1 1 (rock) (313) 485-5050 JASON BONHAM BAND THE REV. MARC FALCONBERRY With Tiles. 9 : 3 0 p.m. Thursday. June 1 0 p.m. Friday. June 13. Union Lake 5. The Palladium. 17580 Frazho. Grill and Bar. 2 2 8 0 Union Lake Road. Roseville. Cover charge. 21 and older. Commerce Township. Cover charge. (Zeppelin cover band/hard rock) 2 1 and older, (blues) (248) 3 6 0 - 7 4 5 0 (810) 7 7 8 - 8 1 5 0 FIELDTREE B.C.'S GRAND PRIX PARTY With Call It In The Air. 9 p.m. Tuesday. With Brilliant. Motor Dolls. Hoarse and June 10. Magic Stick in t h e Majestic Charm Farm. 8 : 3 0 p.m. Friday. June 6: complex. 4 1 4 0 Woodward Ave.. With Vudu Hippies, Walk on Water, Detroit. $5 for those 2 0 and younger; Civilians, and Howling Oablos. 8 : 3 0 Free for 21 and older, (rock) (313) p.m. Saturday. June 7. Franklin Street 833-P00L Brewing Company. 1560 Franklin St.. 6 HORSE JOHNSON Detroit. Cover charge. 2 1 and older, With Raging Slab, 8 p.m. Thursday. (pop/rock) (313) 5 6 8 0 3 9 0 June 5. The Shelter below St. JOMATHA BROOKE ANO THE STORY Andrew's Hall, 4 3 1 E. Congress. With Bsrb Payton. 8 p.m. Friday. June Detroit. $6 In advance 1 8 and older, 6. Magic Bag. 2 2 9 2 0 Woodward Ave.. (rock) (313) 961-MELT Ferndale. $ 1 2 . 1 8 and older, (pop) FIAT DUO JETS (248) 5 4 4 - 3 0 3 0 With The Woggles and The BUOOY POPPS Hentchmen. 9 p.m. Saturday, June 7, 10 p.m. Tuesday. June 10. Rick's. 6 1 1 Magic Stick in the Majestic complex. Church St., Ann Arbor. Cover charge. 4 1 4 0 Woodward Ave.. Detroit. $ 6 in 1 9 snd older, (acoustic) (313) 996advance: $8 at the door. 18 and older, 2747 , (alternative rock) (313) 8 3 3 P 0 0 L BUGS BEDOOW BAND FOSTER KIDS 9 p.m.-l a.m Friday. June 6. Checkers I 1 0 p.m. Fnday. June 13. Rick's. 6 1 1 Bar and Grill. 36759 Mound Road. i Church St.. Ann Arbor. Cover charge, Sterling Heights. Cover charge. 21 and j 19 and older, (alternative rock) ( 3 1 3 ) older; 8-8:40 p.m. Sunday, June 8. as 996-2747 part of the Oak lend County Food Bank FRANKENHEAO Benefit at Al's Copper Mug. 1720 E. With Kung Fu D»esel. 9:30 p.m. Mspie Road. waMed Lake; 9:30 p.m Wednesday. June 11. Blind Pig. 2061:30 s.m. Friday. June 13Saturday. 208 S. First St.. Ann Arbor. $3. 19 and June 14. Beaie Street Blues. 8 N. older, (rock) (313) 9 9 6 8 5 5 5 Saginaw. Ppntiac Cover charge 21 FRANTIC FLATOPS and older, (blues) (810) 264With The Intonicau. 9 p.m. Friday. 9 5 0 0 / ( 2 4 8 ) 629-3955/(248) 334June 6. Magic Stick in the Majestic 7900 complex, 4140 Woodward Ave.. BUTTERFLY Detroit. $6. 18 and older, (rockabilly) 9 p.m. Thursday, June 12. Groove (313) 833P00L Room. I B I S N. Main 9t.. Royal Osk. TOM FREDRICK* Free before 10 p.m. 21 and oldsr; 9 9:30 p.m.-l:30 a.m. Saturday. June 7. p m . Friday, June 13. Motor Lounge. Fat Willy's. 19170 Farmington Road 3615 Caniff. Hamtramck. Cover y w t h of Seven Mile Road). Livonia. charge 2 1 and older, (peychedsiic

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level of Clutch Cargo s, 65 E. Huron. Pontiac. (248) 333-2362. THE SECOND CITY-DETROIT "Send in t h e Clones," at the club. 2301 Woodward Ave.. Detroit. 8 p.m. Wednesdays-Sundays with additional snows at 10:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. Free Improvisational comedy set by t h e c a s t is after every performance on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and after the late shows on Fridays and Saturdays. $ 1 2 Sundays; $ 1 2 Wednesdays until June 11 when "Hump Day Special" price $8; $ 1 4 Thursdays; $17.50 Fridays: $19.50 Sundays. (313) 965-2222

(Wues) (248) 6 4 4 - 4 8 0 0 Free. 2 1 and older, (acoustic rock) MOTOR JAM (248) 6 1 5 - 1 3 3 0 FUNK-O-MATIC 9 p.m. Thursday. June 5. Mr. B's. 9,p.m. Sunday. June 8. Magic Stick in 4 8 5 5 0 Van Dyke. Shelby Township, the Majestic complex. 4 1 4 0 Free. 21 and older. (Wues) (810) 731Woodward Ave.. Detroit. $ 6 in 0700 advance. 18 and older, (funk) (313) MUDPUPPY 833-POOL 9 p.m. Friday. June 13-Saturday. June 14. Sisko's on the Boulevard. Taylor. GROOVE MONKEY ATMOSPHERE $5. 2 1 and older. (Wues) (313) 2 7 8 With Nick Strange. 9:30 p.m. 5340 Thursday. June 5. Blind Pig. 2 0 6 - 2 0 8 S. First St.. Ann Arbor. $4. 1 9 and MURPHY'S LAW older, (rock/funk) (313) 9 9 6 - 8 5 5 5 With ALD and Animal Chin. 6 : 3 0 p.m. THE HARVENGERS Friday. June 13. The Shelter below St. 10 p.m. Saturday, June 7, Mount Andrew's Hall. 4 3 1 E. Congress. Chalet. 4 7 1 5 N. Woodward Ave.. Royal Detroit. $ 8 in advanee. All a g e s . Oak. Free. 2 1 and older, (alternative (punk) (313) 961-MELT rock) (248) 549-2929 BOBBY MURRAY BAND FEATURING HATCHETMEN LENNY WATKINS 9 p.m. Friday. June 13. Memphis 9 p.m. Friday, June 6. Stan's Dugout, Smoke. 1 0 0 S. Main St.. Royal Oak. 3 3 5 0 Auburn Road. Auburn Hills. Free. 2 1 and older, (blues) (248) 543Cover charge. 2 1 and older, (blues) 5300 9248) 852-6433 THE HAYWOODS STEVE NARDELLA 1 0 p.m. Wednesday. June 11. Rick's. 9 p.m. Friday. June 13. Moby Dick's. 6 1 1 Church St.. Ann Arbor. Cover 5 4 5 2 Schaefer Road. Dearborn. Cover charge. 19 and older, (alternative charge. 2 1 and older. (Wues) (313) rock) (313) 9 9 6 2 7 4 7 581 3650 SUSANNA HOFFS NEW YORK SKAJAZZ ENSEMBLE Former lead singer of The Bangles. Featuring members of The Toasters, with special guest Lincoln. 8 p.m. The Skatalltes. and The Scofflaws. with special guest The Articles. 8 p.m. Friday, June 6, 7th House. 7 N. Thursday. June 5. 7th House. 7 N. Saginaw. Pontiac. $8.50 in advance. Saginaw, Pontiac. $ 7 in advance. All 1 8 and older, (pop) (248) 3 3 5 - 8 1 0 0 ages, (ska) (248) 3 3 5 - 8 1 0 0 HONKY DORY MOJO NIXON AND THE TOADUQUORS 9 p.m. Tuesday. June 10. Memphis 7 p.m. Saturday. June 7. Magic Bag. Smoke. 1 0 0 S. Main St.. Royal Oak, 2 2 9 2 0 Woodward Ave.. Ferndale. $7 Free. 2 1 and older. ("70s-style pop) in advance. 18 and older, (quirky rock) (248) 543-4300 (248) 544-3030 "HOT COUNTRY JAM" NOBODY'S BUSINESS With Tracy Byrd, Big House. MC Potts, 10 p.m. Thursday, June 5, Library Pub, and Sara Evans, 2:30-11 p.m. Friday. 4 2 1 0 0 Grand River, Novi. Free. 21 and June 13. and.TanyS Tucker. Terri Clark older, (rockabilly) (248) 349-9110 and others, noon-11 p.m. Saturday. MIKE NOLAN June 14. Thorn Park. Telegraph and King roads. Brownstown. Free. ( 3 1 3 ) 9 p.m. Friday. June 6, BC Beans, 2 9 6 6 2 5 9 W 4 W 4 or via the web site Biddle. Wyandotte. Free, All ages:, With his group, and special g u e s t s 2 0 Mule Team. 8 p.m. Wednesday. June HOWARD AND THE WHITE BOYS 11. 7th House, 7 N. Saginaw. Pontiac. 9 p.m. Thursday. June 5. Soup Kitchen $6 in advance; $7 at the door. 18 and Saloon, 1 5 8 5 Franklin St.. Detroit. $5. older, (alternapop) ( 3 1 3 ) 2842 1 and older (blues) (313) 2 5 9 - 2 6 4 3 2 2 4 4 / ( 2 4 8 ) 355-8100 IMPACT 7 ROBERT NOU S MISSION 9 p.m. Friday. June 6. Memphis 9 p.m. Saturday. June 7. Alley Oops. Smoke. 1 0 0 S. Main St.. Royal Oak. 2 8 0 E. Walton Boulevard. Pontiac. Free. 21 and older, (blues) (248) 543Cover charge. 2 1 and older; 9 p.m. 4300 Friday. June 13-Saturday. June 14. ANTON JAMES Memphis Smoke, 6 4 8 0 Orchard Lake 10 p.m. Friday. June 6. I Rock, 1 6 3 5 0 Road. West Bloomfield. Free. 21 and Harper, Detroit. Cover charge. 2 1 and older, (blues) (248) 3 3 5 - 5 3 3 6 / ( 2 4 8 ) older, (rock) (313) 881-ROCK 855-3110 JERRY ANO THE REMAINDERS ORIGINAL HITS 10 p.m. Thursday. June 5. Rick's. 6 1 1 9 p.m. Monday, June 9, Fox and Church St., Ann Arbor. Cover charge. Hounds. 1 5 6 0 Woodward Ave.. 19 and older, (variety) (313) 996Bloomfield Hills. Free. 2 1 and older, 2747 (variety) (248) 6 4 4 - 4 8 0 0 JOHN KAY AND STEPPENWOLF OUR LADY PEACE With Blue Oyster Cult. Foghat and Pat With Skeptic Tank and Motherload as Travers a s part of the "Summer Daze," part of 1 0 1 WRIF s "The W . r l d ' s 6 : 3 0 p.m. Sunday, June 8. Pine Knob Largest Grand Prix Party." 9 p.m.-l:30 Music Theatre. 1-75 and Sashabaw a.m. Saturday. June 7. River Rock Road. Independence Township. $ 2 2 . 5 0 Cafe. 6 7 3 Franklin St.. Detroit. $5. 2 1 pavilion; $ 1 0 lawn. All ages, (rock) and older, (alternative rock/rock) (248) 3 7 7 4 1 0 0 (313) 259-6676 KING SWEAT OZZFEST 9 p.m. Friday, June 6, Union Lake Grill With Ozzy Osbourne. Black Sabbath. • and Bar. 2 2 8 0 Union Lake Road. Pantera. Type 0 Negative, Fear Commerce Township. Cover charge. Factory. Machine Head, and 2 1 and older, (rock) (248) 3 6 0 - 7 4 5 0 Powerman 5 0 0 0 on t h e mam stage, LADY SUNSHINE AND THE X BAND and Downset. Neurosis. Slo Burn. Coal 9"p.m. Wednesday, June 11-Thursday. Chamber. Drain S.T.H.. and Visions of June 12, Fox and Hounds. 1560 Disorder on the second s t a g e , 2 p.m. Woodward Ave., Bloomfield Hills. Free. Thursday. June 12, 1-75 and Sashabaw 2 1 and older, (blues) (248) 6 4 4 - 4 8 0 0 Road, Independence Township. $45 JOHN D. LAMB pavilion; $ 2 7 . 5 0 lawn. All ages, (hard 10 p.m. Thursday. June 5. Coyote rock) (248) 377-0100 Club. 1 N. Saginaw, Pontiac. Cover ROBERT PENN charge. 2 1 and older; 9:30 p.m. 9 p.m. Friday. June 6-Saturday. June 7. Tuesday. June 10. Rock on Third. 1 1 2 Moby Dick's. 5452 Schaefer Road. E. Third St.. Royal Oak. Cover charge. Dearborn. Cover charge. 2 1 and older. 2 1 and older; 9 p.m. Wednesday. June Iblues) (313) 581-3650 11. Frigates, 1 1 0 3 E. Lake Dr.. Novi. Free. 2 1 and older; 9 : 3 0 p.m. Friday. GARY RASMUSSEN AND VAL VENTRO June 13. Mr. B's Farm. 2 4 5 5 5 Novi 7-11 p.m. Friday, June 6 . Old Road, Novi. Free. 21 and older. Woodward Grill, 5 5 5 S. Woodward (Singer/songwriter) (248) 3 3 2 Ave. , Birmingham. Cover charge. 21 H0WL/(248) 5 4 2 - 7 6 2 5 / ( 2 4 8 ) 624and older. (Wues) (248) 6 4 2 9 4 0 0 9 6 0 7 / ( 2 4 8 ) 349-7038 RIGHTEOUS WIUY 10 p.m. Saturday. June 7. Coyote LITTLE TEXAS Club. 1 N. Saginaw. Pontiac. Cover . With Martina McBride. Billy Dean and charge. 21 and older, (rock) (248) Crystal Bernard, 6 p.m. Friday. June 332 HOWL 13. Pine Knob Music Theatre. 1-75 and R.O.AR. (REVELATION OF ALTERNASashabaw Road, Independence TIVE RHYTHMS) TOUR Township. $22.5G pavilion; $ 1 2 . 5 0 lawn, (country) (248) 3 7 7 - 0 1 0 0 With Iggy Pop. Sponge, t h e Rev. LULLABY FOR THE WORKING CLASS Horton Heat. Tonic. Bloodhound Gang, and Linda Perry; and a Lifestyles 8 p.m. Friday. June 13. The Green Experience Village with an Iwerks virRoom. 2 0 6 W. Michigan Ave., tual reality simulation theater, music Ypsilanti. Cover charge All a g e s exhibitions, and sporting competi(country) (313) 4 8 2 8 8 3 0 tions. 2 p.m. Thursday. June 5. Pine THE MARILYN MACK GROUP Knob Music Theatre. 1-75 and With the Luddites. 10:30 p.m. Sashabaw Road, independence Saturday. June 7. Scalici's Township. $ 2 5 pavilion; $ 1 2 . 5 0 lawn. Underground Lounge. 6 6 5 0 Allen Road All ages (alternative rock) (248) 377(at Southfield road). Allen Park Cover 0 1 0 0 or charge. 2 1 and older ( r o c k / a c o u s t i c ) LEON RUSSELL (313) 4 3 8 - 2 6 5 9 JOHN MAYALL AND THE BLUES With Robert Jones. 3 p.m. Sunday, BREAKERS June 8. Pine Creek Golf Course. 5 0 5 2 1 Huron River Dr.. Belleville. $15 With Charlie Musselwhite, 8 p.m. before June 2: $ 2 0 at t h e door (Wues) Saturday, June 7, Majestic, 4 1 4 0 (313) 483-5010 Woodward Ave.. Detroit $ 2 0 in RUTHIE ANO THE WRANGLERS advance 18 and older (blues) (313) With Eddie Jackson and Ihe 833-9700 Swingsters. 9 p.m. Friday. June 13. JIM MCCARTY AND MYSTERY TRAIN Magic Stick in the Majestic complex. ALL-STAR JAM SESSION 4 1 4 0 Woodward Ave.. Detroit. $6. 18 9 p m . Wednesday. June 11, Moby and older, (rockabilly) (313) 8 3 3 P 0 0 L Dick's. 5 4 5 2 Schaefer Road. THE SCHUGARS Dearborn. Cover charge. 2 1 and older. (Wues) (313) 5 8 1 3 6 5 0 MOONPIE FONTANA 9 p.m. Sunday. June 8. Memphis Smoke. 1 0 0 S. Main St., Royal Oak. Free. 2 1 wxl older, (blues) ( 2 4 8 ) 5 4 3 4300 MOTOR CfTY JOSH AND THE BIG 3 9 p.m. Tuesday. June 10. Fox and Hounds. 1 5 6 0 Woocfcward Ave.. Bloomfield Hills. Free. 2 1 and older.

With Jill Jack. 10 p.m Friday. June 6. Uli's. 2 9 3 0 Jacob. Hamtramck. $5. 2 1 and older; With Brilliant and Buttarfiy. 9 p.m Thursday. June 12. The Groove Room. 1 8 1 5 N. Main St.. Royal Oak. Free before 10:30 p.m.. $4 afterward. 2 1 and older, (roots rock) (313) 8756555/(248) 589-3344 THE SERFS 10:30 p.m. Friday. June 13. Griffs

Grill. 4 9 N. Saginaw. Pontiac. Cover charge. 2 1 and older." (rock) (248) 334-9292 SHAMUS 9 p.m. Friday. June 6. Cross Street Station. 5 1 1 W. Cross St., Ypsilanti. Cover charge. 1 9 and older, (rock) (313) 4 8 5 - 5 0 5 0 SISTER SEED 7-11 p.m. Saturday. June 7. Old Woodward Grill. 5 5 5 S. Woodward Ave.. Birmingham. Cover charge. 2 1 and older, (acoustic-based rock) (810) 642-9400 SOUTH NORMAL With 3 Speed and Robb Roy, 9:30 p.m. Friday. June 6. Blind Pig. 2 0 6 2 0 8 S. First St.. Ann Arbor. $5. 19 and older, (alternative rock) (313) 996-8555 SPAT With Hornet, and Orgone Box, 9 p.m. Saturday. June 7. New Way Bar. 2 3 1 3 0 Woodward Ave.. Ferndale. Cover charge. 2 1 and older, ( a l t e r n a tive rock) (248) 5 4 1 - 9 8 7 0 SPEEDSAU 9 p.m. Saturday, June 7. Cross Street Station. 5 1 1 W. Cross St.. Ypsilanti. Cover charge. 19 and older, (rock) (313) 485-5050 STARSHIP FEATURING MICKEY THOMAS With Survivor's Jimi Jamison, and MWly Hatchet, 7 : 3 0 p.m. Friday. June 6. Pine Knob Music Theatre. 1-75 and Sashabaw Road, Independence Township. $ 2 0 pavilion; $ 1 0 lawn, (classic rock) (248) 377-0100 STYX With Pat Benatar. 7 : 3 0 p.m. Saturday. June 7, Pine Knob Music Theatre. 1-75 and Sashabaw Road, Independence Township. $ 2 5 pavilion; $ 1 2 . 5 0 lawn. All ages, (rock) (248) 377-0100 CURTIS SUMTER PROJECT WITH CATHY DAVIS 9 p.m, Friday. June 6. Soup Kitchen Saloon, 1 5 8 5 Franklin St.. Detroit. $5. 2 1 and older. (Wues) (313) 259-2643 SURFIN' PLUTO With Swag. 1 0 : 3 0 p.m. Saturday. June 7. Griff s Grill. 4 9 N. Saginaw. Pontiac Cover charge. 2 1 and older, (rock) (248) 334-9292 SWITCHBLADE SYMPHONY With Sunshine Blind. 9 p.m. Monday. June 9. Majestic. 4 1 4 0 Woodward Ave.. Detroit. $ 1 0 in advance. 18 and older, (gothic/industrial) (313) 8339700 MARY THOMPSON AND THE DELTA CHILDREN BLUES BAND 8 p.m.-midnight Friday. June 6. and Friday. June 13, Java Master. 3 3 2 1 4 W. 14 Mile Road. West Bloomfield. Free. All ages; 9 p.m. Monday. June 9. Bakers Keyboard Lounge, 2 0 5 1 0 Livernois Road. Detroit. Cover charge. 21 and older, (blues) (248; 6 2 6 7393/(313) 3 4 5 6 3 0 0 THE TRAMMPS With Sister Sledge, 9 p.m.-2 a.m. Friday, June 13. S t a t e Theatre, 2 1 1 5 Woodward Ave.. Detroit. $20 in advance. 1 8 and older, (disco) (313) 961-5451 TRANSMISSION With Machma, 9 : 3 0 p.m. Saturday, June 7. Blind Pig, 206-208 S. First St., Ann Arbor. $5. 19 and older, (rock) (313) 9 9 6 - 8 5 5 5 TWISTIN' TARANTULAS 9 p.m. Friday. June 6. a s part of the "River Lounge" in the Mill Street Entry below qiutch Cargo's. 65 t . Huron. Pontiac. Free before 9 : 3 0 p.m. 2 1 and older, (rockabilly) (248) 333-2362 2XL 9 p.m. Thursday. June 5. Memphis Smoke. 6 4 8 0 Orchard Lake Road. West Bloomfield. Free. 2 1 and older (R&B) (248) 8 5 5 - 3 1 1 0 VIETNAM PROM 10 p.m. Saturday, June 7. Impound. 1 7 3 2 0 Harper. Detroit. Cover c h a r g e . 2 1 and older, (experimental rock) (313) 884-9441 RANDY VOUN AND THE SONIC BLUES 9 p.m. Saturday. June 7, Orleans, 100 Macomb St., Mount Clemens. Cover charge. 2 1 and older; 9 p.m. Friday. June 13-Saturday, June 14. Fox and Hounds. 1560 Woodward Ave,. Bloomfield Hills. Cover charge. 2 1 and older, (blues) (810) 4 6 5 - 2 2 0 1 / ( 2 4 8 ) 644-4800 VUDU HIPPIES 9 p.m. Thursday. June 12. Orleans. 100 Macomb, Mount Clemens. Cover charge. 21 and older, (alternapop) (810) 4 6 5 - 2 2 0 1 WAIUN- INC. 9 p.m. Friday. June 6 Saturday. June 7. Memphis Smoke. 6 4 8 0 Orchard Lake Road. West Bloomfield. Free. 2 1 and older. (Wues) (248) 8 5 S 3 1 1 0 J.C. WHITELAW 10 p.m Thursday. June 12, Coyote Club. 1 N. Saginaw. Pontiac. Cover charge. 2 1 and older; 7-11 p.m. Friday. June 13. Old Woodward Grill. 5 5 5 S. Woodward Ave.. Birmingham. Cover charge. 21 and older, (singer/song writer) (248) 332-HOWL/(248) 6429400 WHOLE FAM DAMILY 9 p.m. Thursday. June 5. Cross Street Station. 5 1 1 W. Cross St.. Ypsilanti. Cover charge. 1 9 and older (rock) (313) 4 8 5 - 5 0 5 0 WESLEY WILLIS With Princess Superstar and Fat. 7 : 3 0 p.m. Thursday, June 13. The Shelter below St Andrew's Hall. 4 3 1 E Congress. Detroit. $ 1 0 in advance. AH a g e s . (313) 961-MELT WORKHORSE 9 p.m. Friday. June 13. Cross Street

Station. 5 1 1 W. Cross St.. Ypsilanti. Cover charge. 19 and older, (rock) (313) 485-5050 YARDBOSS Celebrates release of CO with party and performance, with special guests Feisty Cadavers and Phunhogg. 9 p.m. Friday. June 13. Magic Bag. 22920 Woodward Ave.. Ferndale. $ 5 . 1 8 snd older, (rock) (248) 544-3030







BIRO OF PARADISE Acid jazz night. 9 p.m.-l a.m. Tuesdays at t h e club. 2 0 7 S. Ashley. Ann Arbor. $3. 2 1 and older. (313) 662-8310 BUNDPtG Hiphop night. 9 : 3 0 p.m. Sundays in June at t h e club. 2 0 6 - 2 0 8 S. First St., Ann Arbor. $5. 2 1 and older. (313) 9968555 CLUTCH CARGO'S "The River Lounge" with lounge music and g u e s t band Twlstin" Tarantulas. 9 p.m. Friday. June 6. and Edgar Leon Y La Orquestra Tradicion Latina, 9 p.m. Friday. June 13. in the Mill Street Entry, lower level of Clutch Cargo's. Free before 9:30 p.m. 2 1 and older; Four levels of music - lounge, flashback d a n c e music, acid jazz, and trance - 8 : 3 0 p.m. Saturdays with guest band Imperial Swing Orchestra. 9 p.m. Saturday. June 7, in Mill Street Entry. Free before 9 : 3 0 p.m. 2 1 and older. Clutch Cargo's. 6 5 E. Huron. . Pontiac. (248) 3 3 3 2 3 6 2 FAMILY FUNKTION "Family Funktion* night 9 p.m. Wednesdays, Alvin's. 5 7 5 6 C a s s Ave.. Detroit. Cover charge. 1 8 and older. (acid jazz/funk) (313) 8 3 2 - 2 3 5 5 THE GROOVE ROOM Formerly 3D, "Temple of Boom" featuring live local bands. 9 p.m. Thursdays; alternative dance. 9 p.m. Fridays, Saturdays, and Tuesdays; ' • Lounge night with martinis and cigars, and "A Tribute t o the Cure" with rare videos, music by the Cure, memorabilia displays, and giveaways. 9 p.m. Wednesday. June 11. at the club. 1815 N. Mam St. (at 12 Mile Road). Royal Oak Free before 1 0 p.m. 2 1 and older. (248) 589-3344 INDUSTRY "The Planetarium," alternative dance night with DJ Darren Revell and Johnny Edwards from 9 6 . 3 WHYT-FM. 9 p.m. Thursdays. 2 1 and older. Cover charge; "Club 9 5 . 5 Live," dance music night hosted by WKQI-FM, 8 p.m. Fridays. 2 1 and older. $5; "Saturday Night Fever Disco Party." 9 p.m. Saturdays. 2 1 and older. $5; Techno/alternative rock dance night. 9 p.m, Sundays. 18 and older. Cover charge; "Homesick Night" with DJs Tom and Cristina spinning modern rock from t h e 1 9 8 0 s t o present. 9 p.m. Tuesdays. 1 8 and older. Free before 11 p.m. for t h o s e 2 1 and older, $ 3 after 1 1 p.m., and $5 for those 18-20. (248) 3 3 4 - 1 9 9 9 THE MAJESTIC COMPLEX "Detroit Old School" with funk music and free pool, 9 p.m. Sundays in t h e Magic Stick. Cover charge; "The Chamber" with gothic/industrial and deep dark retro music with DJ Tim Shuller, 9 p.m. Mondays in the Magic Stick. Cover charge; "Willy's Soul Patrol." with vintage R&B and soul. 9 p.m. Wednesdays, Magic Stick; "Go Figure Tag Team DJs." acid jazz and early d i s c o / r e t r o t u n e s with DJs Bubblicious. Scott Zacharias, and Slym Fas. 1 1 p.m.-3 a.m. Thursdays tn the Magic Stick. $5; "The Abyss." . with industrial, techno and house music combined with fashion, art. and multi-media. 9 p.m. Fridays, The Majestic; "Rockabilly Bowl" with DJ Del Fridays in t h e Garden Bowl. Free, "Rock 'n' Bowl' 9 p.m. Saturdays with DJ Cheryl spinning alternative, funk and R&B in t h e Garden Bowl. Free All events in t h e Majestic complex, 4 1 4 0 Woodward Ave,. Detroit. 18 and older (313) 8 3 3 - 9 7 0 0 / ( 3 1 3 ) 8 3 3 P 0 0 L (Magic S t i c k ) / ( 3 1 3 ) 8 3 3 - 9 8 5 1 (Garden Bowl) MOTOR LOUNGE "Blue Mondays" with Johnny "Yard Dog" Jones and Bobby Murray with a special g u e s t blues artist weekly; Darren Revell h o s t s "Stereo Heaven' spinning ethereal dream pop songs Tuesdays; "Mixer" lounge night with different cocktail specials weekly; Nine-piece house band, "Power Tram," featuring former members of Wrtd Cherry. Sly and The Family Stone, and Parliament, plays funk, soul and jazz with DJ Munk. Thursdays; 'Maximum Luxury Overload." featuring OJ Mike Clark. 9 p.m. Friday. June 6; "Divine." dancing with DJ St. Andy. Saturdays; The Back Room h o s t s lounge night, Sundays, with live jazz, at the lounge. 3 5 1 5 Caniff. Hamtramck. Doors open at 9 p.m. 2 1 and older. Cover charge. (313) 3 6 9 0 0 8 0 / m o t o r 3 5 1 5 # e W . c o m ST. ANDREWS HALL/THE SHELTER 10 p.m. Wednesdays "The incinerator." alternative rock in the Shelter. $6. 1 8 and older; 1 0 p.m. Fridays "Thrse Floors of Fun" with hip hop. alternative rock, and techno/house, $3 before 11 p.m.. $5 ' after. 1 8 and older. 1 0 p.m. Saturdays 'Soul Picnic" with for*, hiphop and soul m the Shelter. $3. I S and older.. 4 3 1 E Congress. Detroit. (313) 961 MEU

i M i

r The Observer & Eccen#r»c/THURSDAY,



JUNE 5, 1997






lor party. The mayhem t h a t follows in "Trial and E r r o r " is h a r m l e s s e n o u g h a n d s o m e t i m e s even funny. The teaming of every guy Jeff Daniels and "Seinfeld's" Michael R i c h a r d s i s n ' t a bad i d e p , especially if you take my ac^jice and wait for this courtrt»m comedy on video. When C h a r l i e is assigned to dafend a future in-law in a dusty

Nevada desert town, Richard follows and brings some actor buddies with him. Charlie ends u p sick from the party, so it's h i s friend who strolls into the courtroom to try the case. You c a n ' t help but c o m p a r e "Trial and Error" to "Liar Liar," t h e manic J i m Carrey comedy t h a t remains one of the y e a r ' s funniest. Courtroom movies are s t a t i c by n a t u r e and t h i s one needs something to liven it up. T h a t something is supposed to be R i c h a r d s . As K r a m e r on " S e i n f e l d , " his e n t r a n c e s a n d pratfalls always draw applause and a laugh. Here they're almost grating, proving that, like many television actors, he's g r e a t in small doses but can't sustain an entire film. He s h o u l d be c o m f o r t a b l e enough with the material, which is essentially TV-style situation c o m e d y blown u p for t h e big screen. The movie takes place in


about three main locationa and rarely strays from its small stable of characters. One of t h e p r o b l e m s w i t h "Trial and Error" is that director J o n a t h a n L y n n ("My C o u s i n Vinny") doesn't look around for potential weirdos in the woodwork. There m u s t be some oddball yokels in t h i s picturesque Nevada town, but we never get a chance to meet them. Rip Torn proves an exception. He's well-cast as the defendant, a v e t e r a n con m a n who h a s bilked hundreds out of $17.99 for a copper engraving of Abraham Lincoln. What did they get for t h e i r m o n e y ? A b r a n d new penny. T h e r e are o t h e r f u n n y bits. Against C h a r l i e ' s wishes, Richard brings in an expert witness, a New Age doctor who equates the defendant's sugarheavy diet with drug addiction (she even has charts). When the










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a b l e by t h e c i r c u m s t a n c e s a r o u n d h i m ? He even had the s a m e n a m e in J o n a t h a n Demme's s u p e r i o r "Something Wild," another time his straightlaced, f r u s t r a t e d s u b u r b a n i t e was awakened by a frisky, freespirited woman. * That woman here is played by newcomer Charlize Theron and she may be the only fresh thing in the picture. Perfectly happy to work in a h o t e l and live in a trailer in the desert, she makes Charlie realize that there is life beyond the law office. T h e m o v i e s t r a i n s in i t s

Bosstones hit charts mighty hard with 'Impression'

"Aiiovnw Exclusively at the Main Art Theatre. Drama about three teenagers comng of age -and 'coming out' in New York City's Hell's Kitchen.





"CONAM* Action film about a group of notorious prisoners who hijack the plane taking them to a new maximum security facility. Stars Nicolas Cage, John Mslhovich, John Cusack, Steve Buscemi.

Sensual story about love, relationships and Self-discovery. Stars Craig Sheffer. Stteryl Lee. -MAMCDOFr Story of a spirited group of Yorkshire men. all members of a local brass band, and the woman who walks into their world - attracting a lot more than just musical admiration. Stars Pete Postlethwatte. Tara Fitzgerald. tUOOYTrue story of Gertrude Lintz. an eccentric socialite who nurses an infant gorilla to health and' then raises him as if her wefe her child. Stars Rene Russo. Robbie Coltrane. -MNMN OMUSH" Dramatic story of a Croatian-born woman who flees her war torn homeland with her family to settle in New Zealand.

- i m o 2: CHUM COMTROi" A cruise ship full of vacationers, including Annie Porter (Sandra Bullock) and' her new beau, is sent hurtling out of control by a computer mastermind. Also stars Jason Patric.



Exclusively at the Main Art Theatre. Comedy-drama about eight gay men. longtime friends who spend three summer holiday weekends together at a beach house. Stars Jason Alexander. Randy Becker. John Glover. Scheduled to open Friday. June 20

Adventures of the Dark Knight continue with two new heroes. Robin and Batgirl and villains. Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy. Stars George Clooney. Chris O'Donnell. Story of seduction and betrayal set in 1911 China. Stars Gong Li. Leslie Gheung and Kevin U Jtanhua.





Spirited group: Ewan McGregor (left), Tara Fitzgerald, and Pete Postlethwaite in Mark Herman's "Brassed Off." -UUEC'S OOUT Story of a solitary and stubborn bee keeper and his return to the world. Stars Peter Fonda. Patricia Richardson. *MY KST FRIEND'S WEDOWtf" Romantic comedy about two friends who go from an impossible possibility to an unimaginable reality. It's the classic tale of a triangle - the boy. the girl, and the boy's best friend - in which destiny and tradition are thrown out along with the rice. Stars Julia Roberts. Dermot Mulroney. Scheduled to open Friday, June 27



a t t e m p t s a t poignancy. S u r e we're all actors playing a part on; the stage of life, but maybe that kind of philosophy should be left in the hands of Shakespeare. "Trial a n d Error" is innocent' f u n , yet it fades from memory! even quicker than most mindless ; Hollywood entertainment. John Monaghan welcomes your calls and comments. You can listen to him on Dave Dixon's Radio Show AM 1270, 8 p.m. to midnight Saturdays To leave John a voice mail message, dial (313) 953-2047 on a touch-tone phone, mailbox 1866.

iiiiiiwiu luuniiiii ill

Scheduled lo open Friday. June 6

JUNE 5 , 1 9 9 7



Scheduled to open Friday. June 13


A raucous, ter>der story of friendship between two men and their ill-fated partnership in a fish n' chips fan. The third installment from Roddy Doyle's Barrytown trilogy "The Commitments." "The Snapper." Stars Colm Meaney. Donal O'Kelly.

and only line of defense. Stars Tommy Lee Jones. "OUT TO SEA"

Walter Mattau and Jack Lemmon are teamed up again on screen, this time as uneasy brothers-in-law who wind up as "dance hosts" aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean. The comedy also stars Dyan Cannon, Gloria DeHaven. Hal Linden. -WHO AMERICA*

Based on the true story of the daredevil Stouffer brothers, "Wild Amenca," follows three brothers as they travel cross country with their camera and have a remarkable series of encounters with the animals that inspire them to become wildlife documentarians. Stars Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Scheduled to open Wednesday. July 2 "MEN M BLACK"

They are the best kept secret in the universe. Working for a highly-funded yet unofficial government agency, the Men in Black are providers of immigration services and regulators of all things alien on earth. They are our best, last

Scheduled to open Friday. July 11 "CONTACT" A visionary drama based on Carl Sagan's novel about humankind's first encounter with extraterrestrial life. Stars Jodie Foster.

"SMALL WE DANCE" An ordinary 42-year-old businessman and a former competitive d a n c e r find each other and together discover the joy of dance.

N0CWlDRENtfND£l4 AFTER 6PM Usa k Mofltforrf kaptti

BIRMMCHAM THEATRE 211S Woofard Downtown Birmngham 6443419 . NP Denotes Ho Pass Engagements

The Mighty Mighty B o s s t o n e s got into ska and p u n k rock a s a way of avoiding the mainstream. Now t h a t t h e ' band h a s scored A A a hit with the CHRtSTINA »ong "The FUOCO Impression That I Get," saxophone p l a y e r Tim " J o h n n y Vegas" Burton is t h r o w n for a loop. "I'd r a t h e r they ( m a i n s t r e a m .radio listeners) listen to us than Whitney H o u s t o n . 1 t h i n k we Coming to town: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - from have a b e t t e r m e s s a g e t h a n 'I . left, dancer Ben Carr, trombonist Dennis Will Always Love You.' We have Brockenborough, saxophonist Tim Burton, singer Dicky more substance," Burton said. Barrett (seated), saxophonist Kevin Lenear, drummer "It's cool, but penonally I don't really hear it on the radio. That's Joe Sirois, guitarist Nate Albert (seated), and bassist not really what we're about. It Joe Gittleman. thrills me more when we can go to a venue and play in front of 1,000 people. ... We consider our- punk and ska. tougher with our arrangements selves p r i m a r i l y a l i v e b a n d . "We didn't make any kind of a a n d make s u r e everything was We've always felt that's the more conscious effort to do t h a t . We as good as we could possibly get direct and honest way to present wanted to just try to make the i t " Burton said. yourself to people." best album that we could." Sd good that it debuted in the Lyrically, the a l b u m ' s major top 60 Billboard charts. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones "The fact t h a t ska music has are joining Social D i s t o r t i o n , t h e m e is t o l e r a n c e . T h e t i t l e Pennywise, Royal Crown Revue, track faces off against those who started to reach into the mainand others Wednesday, J u l y 23. partake in racism, homophobia, stream is a big "whatever" to me. when the Warped Tour comes to or bigotry. "Numbered Days" tells ... I'm not going to say anything Pine K n o b M u s i c T h e a t r e in the story of a lifelong bully while n e g a t i v e . No D o u b t t h e y paid Independence Township. Tickets singer Dicky Barrett sings about their dues because they've been a victim in "Nevermind Me." a r o u n d for a long t i m e so you go on sale Saturday, J u n e 7. The songs for the album were can't accuse No Doubt of jumpOn "Let's Face It" (Mercury), the Boston band's latest album. chosen from a batch of about 30 ing on some kind of bandwagon." He's f r u s t r a t e d t h a t mainThe Mighty Mighty B o s s t o n e s written during a break specifis t r e a m acts i n f l u e n c e d by ska retreat primarily to a straight- cally scheduled "to be creative." "We wrote more material than a r e g e t t i n g all t h e a t t e n t i o n ahead ska sound while its most recent albums carried a hybrid of we needed. That way we could be when t r a d i t i o n a l ska acts like a little bit more picky and a little the Toasters or Hepcat are large-

, f

%• (

ly ignored by journalists. "I think a lot of the appeal that ska muaic h a s with t h e m a i n stream ia what turned us on to ska muaic in the first place. The m e s s a g e is very similar to t h e punk rock message in the 1980s. It's very youth oriented, very do it y o u r s e l f , a n d ( e n c o u r a g e s ) r a c i a l diveraity. Ska h a d t h a t same kind of message." ' I f I could be so bold to pontificate, the cool rock bands over the last eight years have been really h a r d band8. Your Green Days, your Red Hot Chili Peppers, and going back a little f a r t h e r , Nirvana, Soundgarden have made d e n t s in the airwaves so I think people might be looking for a more musical sound right now. I think ska has that. It's easier on the ears." Tickets, $25 pavilion and $20 lawn, for the Warped Tour Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Social Distortion, Pennywise, Royal Crown Revue, and others - go on sale Saturday, June 7, at all. Ticketmaster outlets. For more information, call (248) 377-0100 or (248) 645-6666. • T h e b a n d 10,000 M a n i a c s will r e l e a s e "Love Among t h e R u i n s , " i t s f i r s t for G e f f e n Records with its new lineup, on J u n e 17. After the departure of lead singer Natalie Merchant in 1993, the four remaining memb e r s of t h e b a n d - g u i t a r i s t Robert Buck, keyboardist Dennis Drew, bassist Steven Gustafson, and drummer Jerome A u g u s t y n i a k - added JohnLombardo, a n original member who co-wrote the early hits

Then Berry Gordy d e s c e n d ed Mount O l y m p u s , clove his h e a d , and out sprang Diana Ross. From h i s t h i g h emerged Marvin Gaye, and, while his craft pitched on the briny sea, ANN he h e a r d t h e DELIS! song of the Sirens, and crashing to the rocky shore discovered it w a s r e a l l y t h e Marvelettes... Yes, the legend of Motown has become a p a r t of o u r D e t r o i t mythology. And while we cherish t h a t legacy, i t ' s a l s o b e c o m e something of an albatross: you perform an a m a z i n g f e a t , a n d everybody heaps on t h e p r a i s e and recognition, which is great, except t h e n t h e y d o n ' t n o t i c e a n y t h i n g else a b o u t you e v e r again. They figure they've already got you pegged. That's Detroit all over, and it can be frustrating. Go to another city a n d tell them y o u ' r e from Detroit. The f r e e a s s o c i a t i o n s that sometimes pop out of their mouths are dumbfounding. "Oh, you guys flipped over a cop car

when you won the World Series." That was 1984. Get over it. "You guys set d u m p s t e r s on fire on Devil's Night." Not for y e a r s , t h a n k you. "You guys gave us c a r s a n d M o t o w n . " All r i g h t , already! Well, every week in this column, and on Backstage Pass on Channel 56, we give you ammunition for those conversations by showcasing our a r e a ' s a r t i s t i c and cultural diversity. Sure we gave t h e world Motown, but we're also the worldwide nexus for techno music. With the likes of Sponge, The Verve Pipe, Vuou Hippies, et al, the major labels have zeroed in on Detroit as the current hotbed for hard-driving new r o c k . And D e t r o i t ' s also unique in having a large number of working, touring Ska bands in its recent history. S k a is e a s i l y t h e p e p p i e s t music you'll ever hear. Its most recognizable feature is the syncopated guitar t h a t continually works its way up and down the scale in quick, one-lick b u r s t s throughout most of the songs. It has an intoxicating effect. Ska players tend to bound a r o u n d the stage like Tigger hepped up on coffee and amphetamines. All that jumping and squirming quickly spreads to the audience.

a n d soon t h e w h o l e room is engulfed in a mischievous, frolicsome energy. If you're not careful, you're liable to become a Ska fan, characterized by an amalgamation of uniquely "90s piercing and facial hair patterns, and the clothing your dad wore when he was slim in those earliest of color photographs patterned pullovers, narrow ties, and thinbrimmed fedoras made of wicker. On tonight's show, The Articles - a Ska band that's been gigging all over the city, and will soon be releasing t h e i r first CD - perform live in the Channel 56 studio. The Articles purvey traditional, jazz-influenced Jamaican Ska with a d a s h of Desi Arnaz, often covering or otherwise paying tribute to the works of seminal jazzmen like Monk, Bird, and Mingus. This g r a b - b a g a d m i x t u r e of sounds and influences may seem glib, but make no mistake, these a r e s e r i o u s m u s i c i a n s . Never mind t h a t t h e y h a v e way too much fun. Ever wonder w h a t actors do a f t e r the c u r t a i n f a l l s on the evening's show? One g r o u p of local a c t o r s d e c i d e d t h a t one show w a s n ' t e n o u g h , so t h e y launched an after hours theater a t P l a n e t A n t in H a m t r a m c k .

(June 17), Jamie Walters' "Ride" p r o d u c e d by W a l t e r s , LindA R o n s t a d t , a n d Aaron N e v i l l e ( J u n e 24), E d w i n M c C a i n ' s "Misguided Rosea" (June 24), and M a d d e r Rose's "Tragic Magic" (June 24). If you have a question or comment for Christina Fuoco, you can write to her in care of The Observer & Eccentric Newspapers, 36251 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia, or you can leave her a message at (313) 953-2047, mailbox No. 2130, or via e-mail at




ii wm

Detroit's art didn't end with Motown BACKSTAOE PASS

" C a n ' t I g n o r e t h e T r a i n " and "Tension," a n d Mary Ramsey, who played viola, violin and sang backup on 10,000 Maniacs' "Our T i m e in E d e n , " a n d "MTV Unplugged." "Love Among the Ruins" was recorded in Athens, Ga., with producer John Keane (R.E.M., Indigo Girls, Cowboy J u n k i e s ) a t h i s s t u d i o a n d at Woodstock -N.Y.'s B e a r s v i l l e Studios with producer Fred Maher (Lou Reed, Lloyd Cole).... Other upcoming releases include a collection of XTC's g r e a t e s t h i t s "Upsy Daisy A s s o r t m e n t "

Planet Ant was already known a s a p o p u l a r coffee h a u n t , so what better place to do theater for insomniacs? With so many people working late these days, eight o'clock curtains just don't fit the schedule. By the time you rinse the dishes, you're not vegging out in front of the tube until nine or nine-thirty. P l a n e t A n t ' s eleven o'clock start times give you a live, laten i g h t a l t e r n a t i v e to c h a n n e l s u r f i n g t h r o u g h cable's J o h n Hughes wasteland. They're currently showing the off-beat comedy a b o u t m o d e r n A m e r i c a n c h i l d - r e a r i n g , "Baby with t h e B a t h w a t e r , " by t h e h i l a r i o u s playwright Christopher Durang (Sigourney Weaver's husband). Also, on tonight's show, Gerry Craig, c u r a t o r of The Wildlife I n t e r p r e t a t i v e Gallery a t t h e Detroit Zoo, and one of our crack a r t c o r r e s p o n d e n t s , gives us a look a t " C l a y D o m i n a n t . " an exhibition this month at the Detroit Artists Market that examines the use of clay in combination with other media. It's another jam-packed Backstage Pass, so t u n e to Channel 56 tonight at 7:30 p.m., or catch the rebroadcast Friday night at 11:30 p.m. That's all for this week. Now get out there!

_ _ a .. inr « • ; . • : r.. if..• . m •

i mwii.i , . a**"' , vi • i(ini •. ,i f.-i. r • www.lost world com





Charming family entertainment."

Order Mwrte tkkets


WTAI RATMO Cal 6 4 4 3 4 ^ 1 haw f o w VISA or M u t e r Cart (A 7S< surcharge v V a p f r f y

to al telephone sMes)

N P T l i THERE WAS YOU (PCH) 2'S0N Opdktetc CONE RSHM (PC) NP TRIAL AND ERROR (PCH) Between k Water Cfl KX o w n UT tMCS ao MS NP THE LOST W O W (PCH) TRIAL AND B R O I ( K I S ) BW MCJfT FALLS ON MANHATTAN » ADOKTB TO LOVE (R) I10-171-2M0 (•) WCHT FALLS ON MANHAnAN larawttmetsDriy. RFTH ELEMENT (PCI 3) (fi IMTRI Artfeb TTATM Mtowsirti 6 pm MLUUKMN(R) THE FfTH BBKNT (PCH) BargamMaoneesOM^foral Cortnuous Shows Dar. VOLCANO ( K 1 ) ) FATNBrSDAY (PCH) showsflartagMxfcNPM Late Shows Nedftusfo.Sat. ROMYfeM O f i L i (I) AUSTM POWBS (PCH) Same day advance txttts Miable GuKacanrausnciMiacs OUQiaWVRUSIMCSMMS COICRSMt (PC) NV-No VXPtcMs accepted HlTMKMSrW(KU! T1AL A N D E R M K U AMCTED TO LOVE (R) (artane TOOT Center LMT R M I (PCI J) HIMATRES W K P r t n tattle NKirT FAUS ON 99


ciuKxcsanniusnNCsaivnc United Artists 12 Oaks

ou K*

Star Hocherter Hits 200 Barclay O d e 153 2260 FRDAYTlfU THURSDAY

Mahi Art Theatre II



Siatiotal AMtsancnb : Showcase Ciaenus

UnH^ArtiniQatond Insde Oakland Mall I10-SI5-7041

prosecuting a t t o r n e y rudely cross-examines t h e woman and queationa h e r c r e d e n t i a l a , the healer diagnoses her as well, and for awhile it looks like Richard's tactics just might win the case. T h e n t h e r e ia t h e j u d g e who desperately tries to keep order while simultaneously amused at the unorthodox proceedings. Charlie, who technically can't s p e a k in t h e c o u r t r o o m , u s e s flash cards to tell Richard when to object and what for. Poor Jeff DanielB. How many times has he played this regular Joe made perpetually uncomfort-

A Eccentric/THURSDAY,


'Trial and Error' is an innocent courtroom comedy Charlie has a c o r n e r office, partnership in a prestigious law firm, and a wedding d a t e w i t h the boss' daughter. Best friend Richard, a parttime actor, takes his j o b a s b e s t man so seriously t h a t he i n s i s t s on throwing Charlie a bache-



As a business sponsor you will receive: O A door decal O Member newsletter O Commemorative sponsor plaque O Mention on the official event map O 10 event t-shirts O Business card size ad in official event program guide, 400,000+ copies distributed in The Observer & Eccentric Newspapers and The Daily Tribune ,







Woodward Dream Cruise, he., P.O. Box 7066, Huntingtor, Woods, Ml 46070

r i l f c l m f m AMBiTHmifE^Durai »Kmnc>M(xp7oii«snnuM)8iar

Apply now. Allow 3-4 weeksfordelivery.


Nod*tw«*4*fpn ewplwCorlC'attdfc



Send $325.00 along with your business card, and name and address on the form below to:




Become a Business Sponsor off the 1997 Woodward Dream Cruise"!

la 7 ah 3H47MRH


"Irresistible! This years 'Babe.'"

1997 Woodward Dream Cruise Business Sponsor


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Phone •

V * I T T H t » 0 » I V ENTlftTAJMMMT S(TC AT http .ANeww.eomf.oom






6 T H

ii j

U m S H E H D





S n n n m l



1 E


12 O A K S




/ /

Grand Opening Celebration!

AutoNation USA

Now open in Canton Racing Weekend June 6 - June 7 C a n t o n Location Only

A Enter to WinI

Win a m i n i NASCAR.' Fntor F r i H a v / and anrl C a t u r r l a v / to t o win xA/in a a mini m i n i NASCAR M A C / " A D valued t i - a l n / i r J at $2,200. C T Tifif Enter Friday Saturday Drawing will be held at SM AutoNation USA in Canton on Saturday, June 28 at 5:00pm.

^ Enter to WinI

AutoGear USA Contest Giveaway.* Cri/J

C *>+• i vi-J

i MI




_l .

f f




i ir i

Friday and Saturday, guess how many accessories are in a vehicle and win one of four $25 AutoGear USA Gift Certificates. Drawing will be held at AutoNation USA in Canton on Saturday, June 7 at 5:00pm.


Friday, June 6

All Day

Receive a gift bag stuffed with an assortment of fun items with any test drive.*


WWWW will broadcast live.

^ 1:00pm-4:00pm

Saturday, June 7 Meet celebrity race car drivers Mark-Paul Gosselaar, star of the prime-time comedy series Saved By the Bell: The College Years and Alfonso Ribeiro, star of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and In The House; both are members of the 1997 Barber Dodge Pro Series Race Team.


WCHB will broadcast live.


Bring the kids for a magic show.

HI Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Visit our newest store in Canton to celebrate the Grand Opening!

CANTON 39600 Ford Road (313) 844-6200

STERLING HEIGHTS 36250 Van Dyke (810) 978-3336

Ford Rd. 1/4 mile E. of 1-275

Between 15 & 16 Mile Roads


K >

Alfonso Ribeiro


l i t * f u j««r C i i f i i i t a c i

Store Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9 am to 9 pm; Friday & Saturday. 9 am to 10 pm


The Better Way To Buy A Car' I mcorpor**

ft 13


5*4, 1,1


ii; k.i


*No purchase necessary. Son* restrictions may apply. Need not be present to win. See store for detaik.



Home Sales, Page F2 • Movers and Shakers,

Page F3 • Real Estate Briefs, Page F2




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• Real Estate For

c « be









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computer! REALnet Is the address used by Observer A Eccentric advertiser*.

A c c e s s REALnet at To order Observer & Eccentric On-Line! call 313-953-2266 and get the software that will open the doors t o REALnet. I

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Kids learn about homes

• HflHwilH




' 4 -




S T A « FBOTOWY S H A M K U M f f i l T I

I Know: NeitlKapron, a student at Our Lady of Sorrows, raises his hand to respond to a question about trees and their role in home construction.

Q. I am h a v i n g a p r o b lem with t h e DNE in several instances and believe that they have exceeded their authority a n d a r e o p e r a t i n g arbitrarily. What can be done?

A. A p p a r e n t l y you a r e n o t alone in your s e n t i ments, based upon a recent Michigan Court of Appeals decision. Generally speaking, the agency's r e g u l a tion, standard or instruction of g e n e r a l applicability t h a t implements or applies laws enforced or administ e r e d by a n a g e n c y s u c h a s t h e s t a t e D e p a r t m e n t of N a t u r a l Resources is not enforceable if it is not promulgated properly as a rule p u r s u a n t to the Administrative Procedures Act. In a recent case involving a dispute over a marina owned and operated by a developer, the Michigan Court of Appeals stated that "in this case, the DNR charitably may be described as a n agency zealously enforcing the environmental laws under its jurisdiction. Its conduct msy be described less charitably as that of a rogue agency wielding i t s e x t e n s i v e power to p u n i s h a n d harass a landowner for daring to insist on and asserting its constitutional and statutory rights." I would suggest t h a t you consult w i t h legal counsel regarding your problems with the DNR. Robert M. Meianer is an Oakland County area attorney concentrating his practice in the areas of condominiums, real estate, corporate law and litigation. You are invited to submit topics that you would like to see discussed in tku column, including questions about condominiums, by writing Robert M Meisner, 30200 Telegraph Road, Suite 467. Bingham Farms Ml 48025. His email address is bmeisnerO mich. com and his web site is http:// This column provides general information and should not be construed as legal opin-

Working plans: Adorno and Karen Piccinini share real blue prints; of a condominium they actually build in the aHomes of Our Own education program.

Today's c h i l d r e n a r e t o m o r r o w ' s home owners. T h a t ' s why r e s i d e n t i a l builders K a r e n a n d A d o r n o P i c c i n i n i got involved with "Homes of Our Own," an education program developed by the National Association of Home Builders to explain the construction process at a kid's level of understanding. Recently, the Piccininis entertained second graders at Our Lady of Sorrows School in F a r m i n g t o n Hills with a brief talk and video. And the kids ate it up, coming away with a coloring book, a blueprint of a condo and a real pine seedling to plant at home. "I liked the movie, listening to the tree talk," said Lauren Kennedy. "I learned you could make so much things from wood - squares, triangles," said Robert Dolecki. "I didn't know how much trees you would use for a house (25, on average)," said Alicia Grant. S a r a h Rogers and Ryan Seitz said afterwards that they might enjoy getting into the business some day, themselves. "My dad sells paints, and I may want to be a builder so my dad could sell p a i n t s to me a n d I g i v e t h e m to painters," Rogers said. "It kind of looked fun," Seitz said The Piccininis, active in the Building Industry Association of Southeastern Michigan, gently spoke with words the kids could understand. "As developers, we buy land, dig up dirt, put in streets and fire hydrants," K a r e n s a i d . "As b u i l d e r s , we build h o m e s , a p a r t m e n t s a n d condominiums." "People pick homes on needs - how far they are from work, how far from schools, s h o p p i n g , g r o c e r y stores," Adorno said. "Builders make comfortable homes by getting p e r m i t s from cities." The Piccininis and the video made parallels between animals living in the woods and people living in houses, the v a r i o u s jobs involved in building a house and the recycling/replanting of wood products and trees. The couple looked forward to personalizing the building industry to young people and dispelling some myths. "Our industry gets a lot of negative press," Adorno said. "In reality, we're planting a lot more trees than we're taking down." "We're conscious of the environment and regulations," Karen said. "We want to get that out by example." "Skilled trades are so low (in numbers) now," Adorno said. "Maybe some day, y o u n g k i d s will t h i n k a b o u t becoming a builder or a skilled trades " L a u r a H r y c z y k , a social s t u d i e s t e a c h e r at the school, helped coordinate the presentation. "We've been studying community," she said. "It really fit in well. Houses have to do with needs and wants. Child r e n g e t t o see how m a n y j o b s (upwards of 200) building a house can give."

Renters You really do need property insurance Renters shouldn't overlook the need for insurance to protect their personal belongings. "Unlike the owner of a house, who needs insurance coverage for both the dwelling and its contents, the r e n t e r needs a policy to protect just his personal belongings," Leanne Snay, executive~3rrector of the Michigan Association of Insurance Companies, said. If the renter's Tjurtrhng is destroyed, t h e i n s u r a n c e policy b o u g h t by t h e lamUsrd or property owner will cover the b u i l d i n g only. To recover for the loss of personal effects, including furnishing, the renter rnnst have his own policy. However, it is e s t i m a t e d t h a t less that 20 percent of all renters nationally buy i n s u r s n c e to cover t h e i r belonging* There is a policy tailored to fit the needs of renters, according to the insurance i n d u s t r y s p o k e s w o m e n . The renter* policy or HO-4 covers damage to possessions t h a t result from perils such s s explosion, fire or lightening,

windstorm or hair, riot or civil commotion, theft and vandalism. It is similar to t h e p a c k a g e policy t h a t can be bought by the owner of a home. The primary difference is that the renters policy doesn't include coverage on the dwelling structure. Normally, t h e r e n t e r s policy reimb u r s e s for losses on a n a c t u a l c a s h value basis. This mesns that the insurance company will pay r e p l a c e m e n t cost, less depreciation. If the renter is willing to pay more, any insurer offer an endorsement to the policy that will cover contents on a replacement cost basis. The key is t h e words "replacement cost basis" Although t h e r e n t e r s policy covers personal belongings such ss furniture, appliances, clothing and jewelry, there are limitations on amounts of coverage for certain types of personal property that are especially susceptible to loss For example, coverage for cash generally has s $200 limit. O t h e r v a l u s h l s s , s u c h a s jewelry, furs, firearms and silverware, have lim-

itations for their loss. These limits vary b e t w e e n $1,000 a n d $2,500. For an additional premium, the consumer can buy a policy endorsement t h s t specifically describes each item and includes its dollar value. The key word to communicate with your agent is "floater" The renters policy usually includes several other coverages. Examples of these are: • Additional living e x p e n s e s t h a t might be incurred if t h e residence is temporarily uninhabitable after a loss. • P e r s o n a l liability i n s u r a n c e for bodily injury/property damage claims or lawsuits. • Alterations or improvements the r e n t e r h a s m a d e to t h e b u i l d i n g at his/her own expense. The Michigan Association of Insurance Companies is a non profit organization representing property /casualty insurance companies that operate in Michigan, The association sponsors a number of consumer education and public information programs.


West Bf Orion Township. Livonia. Troy Rochester Hills M Commerce Township ...Jr.

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Tailor a home mortgage to your needs


Many of the newest o f f e r i n g s in t h e constantly changing home f i n a n c e m a r k e t have been a d v a n t a g e o u s to consumers because they provide flexibility in either the length of the loan, the amount of the monthly payment, or the ability to obtain equity out of the home. On t h e o t h e r h a n d , DAVID C. c o n v e n t i o n a l mortMULLY g a g e s h a v e worked well for m a n y people. They allow home buyers to make paym e n t s at a set a m o u n t for 15 or 30 years and, if they need cash, take out a h o m e e q u i t y loan or r e f i n a n c e the mortgage. MORTGAGE SHOPPING

I've recently been alerted to an innovative mortgage that puts home buyers in control of their mortgage and lets t h e m tailor t h e m o r t g a g e exactly to their needs. Michigan National Bank now offers the "Tailored Home Loan" t h a t lets home owners systematically increase their payments to build equity faster, access pre-paid principal if the need arises, and change other aspects of the mortgage throughout the term of the loan. "This new program was developed for people who want the ability to change t h e terms of their mortgage a s their f i n a n c i a l needs change," s a i d Mark Harwood, consumer segment marketing manager. "We believe t h i s is the first program of its kind in t h e USA, a n d we believe it is g o i n g to be extremely popular." T h e biggest shock for m o s t home buyers comes when the lender presents the loan disclosure form and they realize j u s t how much i n t e r e s t they are going to pay over a period of 15 to 30 years. The Tailored Home Loan offers new levels of flexibility and control for homeowners who wish to manage their mortgage throughout t h e life of that mortgage. Homeowners can save thousands of dollars in interest by making accelerated p a y m e n t s and m a k i n g additional lump sum payments, thus reducing the term of their mortgage and saving significant interest expense a n d having access to their principle for personal use. In addition, customers may lock in their rate for up to five years at various times during the life of their mortgage T h i s p r o d u c t o f f e r s m a n y of t h e advantages of different types of mortgage products, all rolled into one. It makes it possible to: • Pay off the loan f a s t e r t h a n most conventional mortgages • Save a significant a m o u n t of the money that would otherwise be spent on interest. • Use the equity built u p through previous principal payments. • Switch from an a d j u s t a b l e to a f i x e d - r a t e (for p e r i o d s of u p to five W e a e e s e efcULY,ft


The Observer/

The Observer!

THURSDAY, J U N E 5 , 1 9 9 7

The Wayne County Register of Deeds office is once again having problems with its new computer system. The Register of Deeds is unable to provide access to the most recent home sales in Wayne County. We will resume publishing recent home sales information as soon as the Wayne County Register of Deeds office is able to straighten out its difficulties.



money may be accessed by the homeowner at • Select a payment-due date that is most any time after the pre-paid principal balance reaches $2,000 for a small transaction fee. convenient for the homeowner. • Make changes t h r o u g h o u t the term of This is called the "re-draw." The minimum the mortgage to m e e t c h a n g i n g financial amount t h a t may be withdrawn is $2,000. Adjustable rate options: needs. Tailored Home Loan is available with a Some other benefits include: Automatic payment increases: Customers variety of adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs). may request that their mortgage payment be These include a one-year ARM or the ability automatically increased annually. The more to lock in an interest rate for two, three, four principal paid, the shorter the time until the or five years. Interest accrues on a daily simmortgage is paid off a n d the more money ple interest basis, allowing customers to save even more if they make their payment before sayed by not paying additional interest. —The automatic payment increase may be the scheduled due date. David Mully has been researching mortany amount up to 10 percent of the homeowner's r e g u l a r m o r t g a g e p a y m e n t . T h e gage lenders for more than 10 years. He amount of the payment increase may also be shares his most recent findings every week in changed or canceled d u r i n g the life of the this column. Mully welcomes readers to conloan. The Tailored Home Loan is available tact htm at 1-800-521-0026 Ext. 227 or fax him at 1 -810-669-6875. You can access for 15, 20, 25 and 30 years. Mully's previous Mortgage Shopping articles Accumulated equity and re-draw: By systematically i n c r e a s i n g payments, on-line at http:/ / www. observer-eccentric, p r e - p a i d p r i n c i p a l is a c c u m u l a t e d . T h i s com / realestate/ mully / archives, html

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Real estate briefs features news and notes on professional associations, office activities, upcoming meetings and seminars, new services /products and consumer publications. Write: Real estate briefs. Observer & Eccentric Newspapers, 36251 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia, 48150. Our fax number is (313) 591-7279. LAWSUIT P R O T E C T I O N The Oakland County Real Estate Investors Association presents a twoday lawsuit protection workshop for landlords a n d i n v e s t o r s S a t u r d a y and Sunday, J u n e 7-8, at the Troy Marriott, 200 W. Big Beaver. P r e s e n t e r : W i l l i a m Bronchick, lawyer and author. . Cost, which includes materials, is $495. To register, call (800) 6553632. HOME BUYING SEMINAR Ross Mortgage presents a free, noobligation seminar, "What You Must Know When Purchasing Your First Home," 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 10, at the Carl Sandburg Library, 30100

H O M E SELLER'S CLASS Rosemary Firestone of RE/MAX 100 and her financial services team host a free home seller's class 7-8:30 p.m. T u e s d a y , J u n e 10, at F i r s t Michigan Title. 38777 W. Six Mile, Suite 203, just west of 1-275, Livonia. Topics include eight steps for selling, nine deadly mistakes and how to get the highest price in the shortest time with the least hassle. For reservations, call Kristie at (248) 348-3000 ext. 226. N O R T H OAKLAND BUILDERS The Building Industry Association of S o u t h e a s t e r n Michigan hosts a meeting of its North Oakland County Builders Association to explain " W h a t You Need to Know If You Build in N o r t h Oakland County" 5 : 3 0 - 8 p.m. T u e s d a y , J u n e 10 at M i t c h ' s II,>6665 H i g h l a n d Road, Waterford.



4 bedroom, 3'A bath. Custom features vaulted ceilings, crown moldings, ceramic tile. 2-way fireplace. Huge kitchen, butler pantry. Pro-finished basement Library, spa room. ML#729894 $259,900 313-455-6000

4 bedroom, 2V4 bath Cape Cod. 2 acre lot. Pool, large trees flowery fruit trees Easy commute, pleasant setting Huge workshop, extra storage, too many amenities to mention1 $289,900 313-455-6000



Remodeled brick two story, tree-fringed street. Open floor plan, laundry room, new kitchen, ceiling fans. Patio, pro-yardscape. 4 bedroom, 2/4 bath Lease available ML#728367 $235,000 313-455-6000

Light & airy brick two story manor on large yard, elegant gardens. Fresh interior paint, 4 large bedrooms, 2VJ baths. Ample storage space Central air. Wood windows. ML#727978 $225,000 313-455-6000


a municipal water supply, the bacteria are normally not toxic, but they Q: We h a v e t w o 50-gallon elec- can cause smelly or rusty water. If t r i c w a t e r h e a t e r s c o n n e c t e d in your water heaters are connected in s e r i e s , b u t w e s e l d o m u s e l a r g e s e r i e s , you w o n ' t h a v e s t a n d i n g a m o u n t s of h o t w a t e r . If h o t water. As water is drawn from the w a t e r i s b e i n g d i s p e n s e d o n e first tank, m a k e u p water will flow t a n k at a t i m e , it s e e m s t h a t t h e from the second tank into the first, w a t e r in t h e s e c o n d h e a t e r i n and from the water supply into the t h e s e r i e s w o u l d r a r e l y b e dis- second" taqk. pensed. Could this standing If you t u r n off the power to the w a t e r be a b r e e d i n g g r o u n d f o r second tank, that tank will function b a c t e r i a ? H o w p r a c t i c a l i s it t o as a preheater by raising the water t u r n o f f o n e v i a t h e b r e a k e r t e m p e r a t u r e to t h a t a p p r o a c h i n g s w i t c h u n t i l l a r g e a m o u n t s of room t e m p e r a t u r e before it enters hot water are needed? t h e f i r s t t a n k . T h i s reduces your energy costs. In the case where more hot water A: Yes, s t a n d i n g w a t e r can be a breeding ground for bacteria that are is needed, there are several ways to always present in water. However, in deal with this problem. For instance, a p l u m b e r may install the second water heater in parallel. Water heaters that are the Bame size and BTU input are u s u a l l y i n s t a l l e d this way - the advantage being that the system will provide large quantities of hot water at one time, since water is d r a w n from both t a n k s Life" s i m u l t a n e o u s l y . Also, this system allows you to shut off and drain one tank for perisales' per'son n. A person employed ods w h e r e t h e e x t r a hotto sell goods or services water capacity is not needed. con*sult'ant n. (1) A person w h o Water heaters that are difc o n s u l t s a n o t h e r . (2) f e r e n t sizes are often A n e x p e r t who g i v e s installed in series. The first and smaller tank functions professional advise as a preheater for the larger Who do you want handling the most

"Consultants For

important investment A COMFORTABLE AIR! Fenced aluminum/bnck two story, 3 bedrooms. 2V4 bath home Sun dappled street, den. sun room, hardwood flooring, carpeting, gas heat Walk to town. ML8730041 $159,900 313-455-6000

* Dial 1-800-778-9495 * Enter 4 digit code below picture. * Our Home Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. * Selling your home? List with us and get more exposure through the Home Hotline.

S E L f D E F E N S E PROGRAM The Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors hosts a dinner program, "Your Self Defense," presented by the Franklin Police Department 7 p.m., Wednesday, J u n e 11, at Sila Italian Dining & Pizza, 4033 W. 12 Mile, Berkley. f Cost is $12. For reservations, call Linda Brenizer at (248) 844-5400 by noon Tuesday, June 10. B U I L D E R S LICENSE SEMINAR Livonia C o m m u n i t y E d u c a t i o n and Oakland Builders Institute cosponsor a 16-hour seminar on what you need to know to pass the state builder's licensing exam 6-10 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays June 17-26 at Frost Middle School, 14041 Stark, Livonia. Cost is $150 plus a $20 textbook fee. R e g i s t r a t i o n r e q u i r e d at (313) 523-9277 by Friday, June 13.

24 Hour C u s t o m e r Service (248) 4 7 4 - 3 3 0 4 (ext 153) Country


IW-_, Inc.

tank. Other options to consider would be installing the water heaters individually (so each serves a group of fixtures), installing an instantaneous water heater (a small gas or electric water heater adjacent to a tub/shower or sink) or installing a single large water heater. Each installation has advantages and drawbacks, and you should discuss each of these with the c o n t r a c t o r who will p e r f o r m t h e installation. Q: I h a v e a 4 - z o n e , g a s - f i r e d , f o r c e d h o t - w a t e r h e a t i n g system. The water heater has started m a k i n g a low m o a n i n g n o i s e intermittently, almost a groan. T h e s y s t e m is 26 y e a r s old a n d has had minimal maintenance. How c a n I stop t h e noise? A: It sounds like the bearings are failing on the circulator pump. Over the years, the bearings wear - especially if they have not been adequately lubricated. Worn bearings get h o t , o v e r h e a t a n d develop a scraping noise, which is transmitted through the piping and can be heard in some sections of the house. If the sounds are coming from the circulator bearings, replace the circulator. Circulator pump bearings should be lubricated at least once a year with motor oil, typically sold at hardware stores. Newer circulator pump motors, however, are usually permanently lubricated.

of your lifet


ERA internet homepage.

Cost, which includes d i n n e r , is $20. To register, call (248) 737-4477.

Seven Mile just west of the Livonia Mall. For reservations, call (810 ) 9681800.

2nd water tank saves energy


35550 G r a n d R l v * r F a r m i n g t o n Hills, Ml (240) 474-3303

Built-in central vacuum simplifies household chores

Survey Dale 6 / 2 / 9 7

(NAPS) - S i n c e m o a t of us don't have the luxury of a fairy god-mother, we rely on time-saving devices - not magic wands to help m a k e tough household chores a little easier. 2Ss2S WI rm iaai COMMPTO One way to do this is to invest A M E R I C A N F I N A N C E ft I N V E S T M E N T 8 0 0 - 5 6 2 5 6 7 4 I NORTH AMERICAN MORTGAGE CO. 810320*440 in a c e n t r a l c l e a n i n g l y a t e m . *>*?* ** 788 . 24 hr Raletne 1-800-68&-2S62 • 7.375 2066 5* Xtfeyi 127 ' 10%UTNoDoc* 5% 45deys 735 Hnp7*Mi<*»hop.cOT ISyrFDt 6.875 2006 9% 3C*yi 7-57 Affordable and easy to use, these Program- C a l tor d a t a * . 7B3Moon 6.75 rsu 10% 45 3a ys 745 I I yr ARM 1375 1/265 5% 30deys 107 systems simplify vacuuming and MpXmbo 7.5 275/386 10% 43 flays 786 SOyrAaabo 7625 1.2*285 5% 30 days 8.61 (A) 10JO* Mo «. JtoZM rmtrfmx, VA JJOJO dusting while giving homeown(A) 9QO —tWm 8 . 'Hi. my. ml 4SOS4 e r s t h e a b i l i t y to t h o r o u g h l y AMERICAN HOME FINANCE 800-440-1940 OLD KENT MORTGAGE 800-792-8830 clean j u s t about every inch of W f T O 8 M90 5% 4Sdays 1 u r g e Aeedmer* DUtotogs. I 3 0 ) f F U 775 2/375 20% 45f*ys 106 O U K M M i l m d i M 1$ f FIX 7625 0090 S% 45 flays 7 75 their houses. NOCOMIMM. ISyrFtX 7375 2/375 20% 46dm 714 r e M M Of V K t w I j r A M S.7S OntO 5% 45 days 721 N o Origination llyrAAM 5875 15/375 20% 46 O m 171 We take pride r provtotog H e r e ' s how it w o r k s : The 5/t p A A M 7 375 QOflO 5% 45 (My* 75 F m S t f i 10-2 7375 2/375 20% 46 d m 717 (A) 39111 W. t mm, SA. fti • u l a , MI 4*191 power u n i t - t h e h e a r t of the | (O litis W. 12 4Nk MA. Mm III.—i. fMk. mi 4MU1 central cleaning system - can be APPROVED MORTGAGES, INC 315-455-2219 SECURITY NATIONAL MORTGAGE 800487-7662 c o n v e n i e n t l y i n s t a l l e d in any 7J 2/250 5% 4 5 (toy* 7 78 Experts r mortgage loan*. 10 yr FIX 7 9% 45 d m 7.71 area such as garage or basement, 7 2/250 5% 45 days 743 Compete* Xr*o prtceig, Or toot. 15 f FIX 7.128 S% 45 d m 729 crwJI pratwra no praoffn 703 M o o n 7 2I250 . 10% 45 days .75 «« E « 735 2/296 5% 45 d m 77 eonsoldeaonlRaStoraedt 15* FW 7 375 2/375 20% 46dm 717 i M l Eqm r Mm the house. IfrAflM 5 625 21296 5% 45 d m are iwndom* *e • 11 WARM w 55 2/375 20% 45dm 17I j r M M U M t o 575 2/296 5% a d m r m a M l p O u t m I 1 5 y, r j u r t i o 7375 2/375 20% 48 7 J7 tor t<4 C0C4 rwM f x When it's time to vacuum, simU, k J K hTM I (QMSOW.S ply insert the hoee into an inlet JMC MORTGAGE CORP. 810489-4020 to automatically turn the system n p m 738 34*00 9% 45dm 768 Wto c S m D o C m i i * t o d i i n . LIN DIRS, TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS F1ATUKI CAU on. Tlie strong vacuum power is 16* m 6175 2 5/300 9% 45 d m 741 . and i « T t o w » 7*§Mtoi 6875 25/300 instantaneous and the long, flex45 d m 7.47 . Ijouhml r a r 675 46 d m 738 • t y e tat you to* ible hose enables you to clean 1-8Q0-509-INFO from room to room, up and down I rvi Fjtxn M A H O N a n stairs and in all of those hard-to- • M A i f O f M OM THM WOULD W V M WV«





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INTERNET ACCESS: Experts at NuTooaO, a leading tmnt/mb—rvr manufacturer of central cleaning or systems, cite other advantages: - • Superior dust pick-up. Theee systems are especially great for thoee who suffer from household

dust allergies. They remove dust from t h e room and c a p t u r e it with dual filtration inside t h e power unit instead of recycling fine particles of dust back into the air you breathe. • Convenience and easy-^anying. Your days of lugging around a heavy vacuum cleaner could be over. Spend less time d u s t i n g and vacuuming and more t i m e doing the things you want to do. The system's built-in power unit will really be appreciated when cleaning stairs. • Quiet as you clean. Since the power unit is located away from living areas, so is most of t h e noise. This means the system is so quiet, you can even vscuum when you're on the phone. • Added resale value of your home. One of the features most desired by homeowners today. The company also offers a wide selection of tools snd accessories to m e e t i n d i v i d u a l c l e a n i n g needs and an easy-to-use, timesaving automatic dustpan inlet called the Vac Pan™. This great i n n o v a t i o n provides the d a i l y convenience of cleaning smooth floors without bending or using s dustpan. For an informative brochure about central cleaning systems including the automatic dustpan inlet, call: 1-800-543-8687.

This column highlights promo tions, transfers, hirings, awards won and other news within the real estate, construction, architecture and mortgage communities Send a brief summary including town of residency and black and white photo to Real Estate Movers and Shakers, Observer & Eccentric Newspapers, 36251 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia 48150. Our fax number is (313) 5917279. B r u c e M e a s o m has joined the Bloomfield Hills-based Harbor Real Estate Co. as director of acquisitions. He will be responsible for l o c a t i n g , evaluating




and overseeing the purchase of investment properties. Measom, who lives in West Bloomfield, e a r n e d law a n d bachelor's degrees from the University of Michigan. Beverly Weingarden, associate broker w i t h Century 21 Town & C o u n t r y in Birmingham, has been honored with the company's coveted Cen- Weingarden turion Award for sales performance. This is t h e second year in a row t h a t W e i n g a r d e n , a West Bloomfield resident, has received the Centurion Award. David F. B r o c h u e has been promoted to vice president and

director, instrumentation & controls at BEI Associates, a Detroit-based architectural and engineering firm. Brochue, affiliated with BEI since 1 9 8 8 , p r e v i o u s l y w a s a senior associate. V i c k i e Reasons, a sales associate with Century 21 Nada in F a r m i n g ton Hilla, h a s received t h e company's E m e r a l d M a s t e r s Award f o r Reasons sales achievement. Reasons lives in Dearborn Heights. M a t t K e n k e l , a Realtor with ERA B a n k e r ' s Realty of Farmington Hills, received national recognition from ERA Franchise

S y s t e m s for achieving over $6 million in sales volume last year Kenkel, a licensed real estate broker snd a certified public a c c o u n t a n t , received an MBA d e g r e e from the U n i v e r s i t y of Michigan.



H a m , a sales associate with the Prudential Great LakeB Realty f r a n c h i s e in Flushing, was recognized as the firm's top sales agent last year with Ham volume in excess of $21 million. Ham, with 24 y e a r s experience, holds professional designat i o n s of C e r t i f i e d R e s i d e n t i a l

Specialist and C e r t i f i e d S a l e s Professional in new home development. J o h n D s i u r m a n , AIA, h a s opened an a r c h i t e c t u r a l a n d planning office, John Dziurman Architects, at 415 Main Street, Suite 200, Rochester. The firm specializes in institutional, educational a n d government projects. Dziurman h a s won a multitude of awards from such organizations as AIA Michigan, AIA Detroit, Engineering Society of Detroit and masonry Institute of Michigan during his 35 years in the business.

gan graduate with a bachelor of , science d e g r e e in b u s i n e s s " a d m i n i s t r a t i o n , h a s 17 y e a r s experience in commercial lend-. t ing. * J u l i e K. B l o u g h , G i n g e r L-^ B u r r e s s , L i s a R. S c h r e i b e * i ; and E l i s a b e t h A S e v a k i s are recent additions to the facility management staff at Troy-based Ellia/Naeyaert/Genheimer Associates, architects, engineers, planners. Blough has a bachelor of sci- • ence degree in architecture from Lawrence Technological University.

S t e p h e n A. H o r t o n h a s been appointed as vice president and commercial loan officer at O x f o r d B a n k . His p r i m a r y responsibilities include new business development and portfolio maintenance. Horton, a University of Michi-

B u r r e s s and S c h r e i b e r have bachelor of arts degrees in interior design from Michigan S t a t e University. • Sevakis served on the facilit i e s staff a t t h e I n d i a n a p o l i s campus of Indiana University.

Look for structural quality when buying home With the warmer temperatures, many people begin searching for new homes or start working with their builders to custom design and construct the dwelling of their dreams. While looking at the beauty of the kitchen and master bedroom and bathroom in a model home, or while viewing plans, industry experts suggest buyers thoroughly examine the structural construction and materials to be used in the building of their homes. "What it really comes down to is asking builders lots of questions and coming armed with information," explains David Boivin, vice president of marketing for building products manufacturer CertainTeed Corporation. For instance, while quality can be easily d e m o n s t r a t e d via such items as a hardwood floor or brand of appliance, some things within a home can be hid-

den or overlooked because they are not easily seen. One example of this is insulation. Insulation is usually not visible to the potential buyer, especially in sidewalls. How does a h o m e o w n e r t h e n know what material is in the wall and what the quality of the product is? This is especially important when you consider t h a t insulation is a product t h a t must be installed correctly otherwise thermal performance is sacrificed. To e n s u r e high q u a l i t y i n s u l a t i o n installations, the National Association of Home B u i l d e r s (NAHB) R e s e a r c h Center h a s developed a Certified Contractor Program, the only program of its kind where an independent third party certifies the installation of a building product in new homes. T h i s program is setting new quality s t a n d a r d s in the housing industry for

the installation of insulation," explains nized quality system, effectively trained fied Program or a list of certified insula-Liza Bowles, NAHB Research Center their employees and passed a series of tion contractors n e a r e s t you call 8Q01 president. "Now home builders that use stringent criteria in a thorough third- 782 8777 or visit us on the Internet a i ; a certified insulation contractor and the party audit. For a brochure on the Certi- http:// b u y e r s t h a t p u r c h a s e from these builders are assured of the overall quality of.the insuOPI N I I O U S I s lation in their houses." In only a year in operation OPEN SUNDAY 1 - 4 nearly 100 insulation contrac»JM7 B A R T O N . W E S T L A N D - S o u t h ot tors have been certified in the Ford & East o ( W a y n e - 5 bedroom program across t h e c o u n t r y Colonial charmer Beautiful lamily size updated kitchen Oversized lot. $99,900 and the NAHB Research Cen451-5400 L I V O N I A - Super sharp ranch hacking to NORTHVILLE - Swing is bcttrvfog! Homr ter wants to expand into other park Fully updated including oak kitchen. complflfly rrdorif-vinyl window, oak 24191 PINECREST, N O V I - N o r t h o l kitchen, coumer, floor b jppluncrv New bilh Ten M i l e b West ol M e a d o w b r o o k - 4 15 baths, newer carpet Vinyl tilt-out subcontracting fields. lub. lilt vinitv & fluurtt New carpel & pain! bedroom Colonial w i t h m a n y updates windows, roof, ceniral air. furnace b more. Urge masier Wdroom canfitking-we bed' Therefore when looking at 2 5 garage Large lenced yard Walk to school Including newer central air windows, hot New lumace and central ait Wool deck ui $114.900 (P87Adal 451-5400 prospective new homes or diswater heater and baihs Home warranty hack Prof, landscaped with brick paver porch SI 74.900 451 - 5400 Deep lot $ 129.9001 P«0Max i 4 51 • cussing a custom home with 117 MORNINGTON COURT. y o u r b u i l d e r a s k h i m if he C A N T O N - S o u t h of C h e r r y H i l l & East uses a certified contractor, as o f B e c k - Spectacular Colonial in Fairways al Pheasam Run Very open floor they have established a recogplan spacious k i t c h e n w i t h lots of windows Occupancy could be immediate 5249,000 451-5400

Protect eyes during spring cleaning With spring just around the corner, many of us are planning our traditional housecleaning and yard r e s t o r a t i o n s . B u t in t h e f e v e r of cleaning, don't forget to take precautions - according to the U.S. Eye Injury Registry, almost forty percent of eye i n j u r i e s occur in the home. Below are some safety tips from the American Academy of Ophthalmology: Safety in t h e backyard: Stones, twigs, and other debris become dangerous projectiles after shooting out of the blades of a lawn mower and can i n j u r e eyes including those of innocent bystanders. Before using a l a w n m o w e r , p o w e r t r i m m e r or edger, be sure to check for rocks and stones. When using pesticides around the yard, always point the s p r a y - c a n nozzle away from your face. Eye protection around the home: Many household chemicals, such as cleaning fluids, detergents, and ammonia, are extremely hazardous and can burn the eye's delicate tissues. When using chemicals for home improvement, always read instructions and labels carefully, work in a well-ventilated area, and make sure spray nozzles point away from you before spraying. After use, wash your h a n d s thoroughly! Use of tight-fitting goggles, available at hardware stores, is also advisable, especially w h e n s p r a y i n g or s p l a s h i n g is involved. The majority of eye injuries

OPEN SUNDAY 2 - 5 - Cute ) bedroom ranch in qualm Arbor Village Newer furnace newer windows Professionally painted thru-out Carpeting professionally cleaned SI42.900 (PftOOrai 451-5400 PLYMOUTH

, Coraamporary Bar amcntx* tr*t 3 badroom trM*# Wa»«ng Ostanca » do*****! Farmngkm Larga tar** w > nawar carpawig. nawar canirai air. garaga door and st****' syMam Entartarar i datgri

SUPER SHARP' CANTON - Clean and neutral, move-in condition. Updates include kitchen, bath, windows and vinyl siding Three bedrooms, large family room with fireplace and wet bar living room with cathedral ceiling $154,000 (OE-N-40HAN) 248-347-3050 • 1 1 9 6 3

NOMTNVHUL Er«y ins twauBhi comer sua you movertoto»sctondto Curts Butt home Open toy«r emanced by oek flooring w«h ma added plus of 2 sweaaes tor comfortable tamrfy Inwig "mewsarw high caarigs fwougnout first hoc wan trad*onai mart* ^replace
UVOMUL Meticulous 3 bedroom. 1W bath ranch n Lrvoma Fnahed basement with cedar cnaaN. oar and mn bedroom updates -xwde •umace central av. roo> carpeting, bathroom and Kitchen Close to schools $129,800 (LTOJoyl •OUTNrWLO. Two bedroom ranch on large lot r SouthAew Updates nctoda root bartub kitchen floor carpet steal back entry door outside lighting add.honai -mutation and atacmcai $64 900 (L74fxfl MTNOfT. 4 bedroom 1* bath brie* Cotonol on QUNI street FAEUXES larga from porch 8 nawar flooring upgradad carpaong Ctoaa to car Qvaga. baaamem and large attic $42 900 wsnad Lafca and W v a Oaks Ma» Now (L47fcu0 Scnoo» $147 900 (L38L*i)

GREAT STARTER DEARBORN - Or retirement home Updates mdude carpetwg windows and bathroom Large lot close to schools shopping golt, hbrary, pool and parks Very clean $71,500 (OE-L-38PRI) 313-462-1811 • 15553 BRICK RANCH DEARBORN HEIGHTS - Nice 3 bedroom bnek ranch with updated kitchen, newer windows, central av some hardwood Noon, partially finished basement with adctoonai bath, 2 car garage kitchen appliances and washer dryer included $119,999 (OE-N-23CHA) 248-347-3050 * 11953 SHARP BUNGALOW HUNTWOTON WOOOS - AH appliances stay i immediate occupancy Hardwood toon, central a*, finished basement 2 M bath*, home warranty Hurry on th« one' $178.000 (OE-N150OR) 248-347-3060 • 11663 FUSSY BUYER ALERT UVONTT - This rare beauty has so many updates there • almost noting lefttodo except move It Greet locationtortha 2 story. 4 bedroom. 2 'A bath home with flmehed basement, large lenced yard & 2 car attached garage $196,000 (OE-N-

5SGRO) 24*447-3060 «


UVENUV0NIA LFVOMA - TNs 3 bedroom. 2 bath ranch shows Ike a model' TOP quatty hertAnoodfloors,RWAER kSchen, Mndows. carpeting, bans. Over 1.800 square lest, 2 car attached garage, ftnohed

' need yatd. tamPy root* w*h llreptaca Hurry $189 900 (OE-I [-N-05SU) 248-347-: 7-3060 M 11883

ftesi EBMNW

4 6 2 * 3 0 0 0

How To SHOW Y O I * House To 4 0 0 , 0 0 0 B U Y K ' S EVBJY DAY.


( il II1

LIVONIA - Exceptionally dean and weH maintained 3 bedroom ranch with upgrades galore including remodeled kitchen, updated bath windows, vinyl siding and more Hardwood floors beneath carpet Great location' $160 000 (OE-N-44NOR) 248347-3050 -T 11813 MOOEL CONDO PLYMOUTH - Luxury Irvmg with first floor master suite great room with marble fireplace, custom kitchen, den. walk-out basement and 2 car garage Move right in to this model' $296,900 (OE-N-59BEA) 248-347-3050 T 11353

T h i s year, 4 0 0 , 0 0 0 copies o f our Buyer's G u i d e will reach active h o m e buyers. If you like those n u m b e r s , call o u r n u m b e r today.

SPIC AND SPAN REDFORD - Three bedroom ranch with 2 full baths, newer air conditioning, furnace, hot water heater and windows Gas fireplace, finished basement and oversized 2 car garage Hurryl $107,500 (OE-N-51CRO) 248-347-3050 » 12013 LARGE BRICK BUNGALOW REDFORD - Three bedrooms 1V4 bathe, 2 'h car bnck garage, updated kitchen, 2nd kitchen in partially finished basement hardwood floors, coved ceilings, open floor plan and deep lot $99 900 (OE-N-04FAR) 248-347-3050 » '1733 NEW LISTING REDFORD - Greai starter home m "move-in" condition New paint new tumace and he* water healer 4 bedrooms with master bedroom 13 x 18 and tarmly room with wood burning fireplace $69,900 (0E-L-49SEM) 313^62-1811 • 15683


I or (hie Full Year!

H0MEGARDM Ask your Coldwell Banker Schweitzer Real Estate sales associate about our exclusive HOMEGARD Hon* Warranty Protection Plan or call:

I son 224 ClARI)

HOME SWEET HOME WESTLAND - Fantastic trvtevel with great location in Westland Don't mas out on Ms home Numerous updating mdudng new tumace. carpeting, remodeled bath Humy betore this one «long gone' $139,900 (OE-N-09GER) 248-347-3050 • 11723 GORGEOUS WDCOM - Recently completed 1 % story contemporary end ur* condo Owner's have added afl Vie nght M u r e s Why «mt 5-8 months when you can move m this summer' Call today' $185,000 (OE-L-48PIN) 313^62-1811 • 15673

24 H O I KJ'KOI'I- \ l \ \ l \ l ; O R M \ H O N

17000 S. Laurel Parti Dr., Livonia 013)

CANTON - Spacious great room ranch Frrnch door to proacy lenced yard Cathedral ceibngv fireplace open and airy kitchen 1st tloor laundry central air lull basement f> the l»t goes on Move in and en|oy the nicer dungs in lile' $194 COO PWHani 451-5W0

is preventable using safety precau- t h e case of a blow, do not a s s u m e tions. However, should an i n j u r y t h a t t h e i n j u r y is m i n o r ; t h e eye happen, use the following first aid should be examined thoroughly by a tips and then seek medical attention: medical professional because visionForeign objects: Pull the upper lid threatening damage could be hidden. Real Estate Properties., Inc. down over the lashes of the lower lid 1J65 South Main St., P l y m o u t h , MI 48170 If. you would like more information and blink a few times, allowing the (3U) 4 5 1 - 5 4 0 0 about eye health, visit the Academy's eye to wash itself out. Cuts: Bandage the eye lightly, then website at http:// i m m e d i a t e l y seek medical attention. Do not attempt to w a s h out t h e eye or to remove objects that may be stuck in t h e eye or eyelid. Avoid applying pressure to the injured eye. Blows: Apply an ice cold compress for about 15 minutes to reduce pain and/or swelling. Chemicals: Immediately flood t h e e y e w i t h w a r m water for about 15 minutes. Use your fingers to keep the eye open and rinse by holding your head under a faucet or s h o w e r , or by p o u r i n g water into the eye from any clean container. Remember - First aid is only the first step for emergency treatment. If you expeWELL CARED FOR 1 C U S T O M BUILT rience pain, impaired vision, A REAL SHOWPLACE! CANTON - 3 bedroom. 2 V> bath end condo with a great WESTLAND - Brtck ranch situated on double lot with FARMINGTON HILLS - Move in & enjoy the seasons, or any possibility of eye dam1 7s baths, 1 car garage, new carpeting in Irving room & view of the pond All appliances included, gas fireplace, beautifully landscaped home backing to picturesque pond age, call your ophthalmolohall, updated windows and home protection plan. Soaring cathedral ceilings tn great room & master & much first floor master suite with full bath & extra large deck gist (a medical doctor spe$89,000 (OE-L-24FAI) » 15693 (313-462-1811) more. $339,000. (OE-L-32SHE) • 1 5 6 0 3 (313-462- $170.000. (OE-L-7BOTT) T 15713(313-462-1811) cializing in the treatment of 1811) the eyes) or go to a nearby hospital emergency room. In MOVE RIGHT IN

ONE OF EMBASSY SQUARE S FINEST CANTON - Three bedroom colonial featuring newer carpet updated kitchen flooring, newer windows profess«na»y flrashed basement with tarmfy room & study I library enjmsHe backyard with above ground pool and deck $151,900 (OE-N19ELM) 248-347-3050 • 1 1 5 8 3 BMUMUI Cape Cod wHh 1st loer manor ana luxury U0s sfcjtfy. sir room witn 6 porson hoi tub two garrrw UKfwns frushad «ak-out towar «v« 36x23 greai room. 19*13 anarciaa room, rtanam. surard sound mxl alarm syMrr $499500 (LOlOaa)

1611 BROOKHAVEN. CANTONS o u t h of Palmer b West of S h e l d o n ) bedroom Colonial w i t h new kitchen Large family room w i t h fireplace 1st floor laundry $169,900 451-5400

• \ rsil m i l l u l l i u< t s i l t s : http://« Iim h w i i i / i r« " i n m.*st

Ki .it I >« K i m



liltp://w w m . t o l i l w r l l h i i n k i r.t«»in

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VILLAGE OPEN SUN 1-4 27480 Gottengate Or W MeocutouVy maintained vintage colonial w i n 3 bedroom* 2'4 Datra knotty pme library. Fionda Room tull basement ano 2 car attached garage Only $1*4 900


The Anderson Associates

Century 2 1 at the Lakes





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Hall & Hunter Realtors LIVONIA OPEN SUN I 30 - 4 30 31724 HEES 1926 * q . f t 3 oedroom Tn-levW Newer oak uicnen. formal dirang room wood Burning stove in lamtfy room, central air Built-in 3i*hwa«her, Honda room. 2 car oarage W of Mar nman N of Joy $ ' 4 4 000 Call BEN DENNY (3131 459-3600 The Michigan Group Realtors

Heritage Real Estate Better H o m e s and Gardens The Michigan Group Ralph Manual Associates Re / M a x

Community Associates Re / M a x


Remerica Family Realtors Remerica

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A CHARMER O P E N S U N D A Y 1-4 Pretty hardwood ttoora naw earp Mng catmnc Hcxy «i Mcnen FVyxis room overtooumg poo and patio tor summer •rnoymenr Too XMWy acre* e m poMOto lard «t*t Bloomfield H M t c n o o n Plan lo * • * 3600 LONG LAKE ROAD W IN ol Long u n a A E ol 0 r c l w r t Lake Road) 1359 900 (LON368,

BRIGHTON OPEN Sunday Juns a 2-Som 3 bedroom colonial wwiany updates throughout Largs wooded lot in a great famay *uOdivtaior w'cify 1182 300 233 Woodtoke Or (on Oeandge) (8101220*6134

FARMINGTON HILLS OPEN SUN 1 -4PM 29714 FERNWILL N ol 13 Mile W at Orchard LA Eipoaed hardwood Hoors gnea t m m a n o r i a l iwo-atory «a charm and cnaraoar The tocafcon (Cantotwry Commone) gMae 4 great value and Ihe • »a»ac».ry makea ( remartuMa Aaung $204 900 (Honaeay) AeMng



6 4 6 - 6 2 0 0

BRIGHTON TOWNSHIP Open Sun 2-5pm 226 D a n * « * Harisand •cnooi* Beautifully maintained updated r t r d i nearly 1600 *q It m basement attached garags *hon • a * to K-8 school* Motivated $171 900 HELF>U-S€LL |8I0)22®-2T91 (D-«4)

Ca» ARtENE PREY m S 3 M 1 I 1 tor torewr Vdormaaon I' • P r u d e n t i a l

V /

G r t M L a f c * * Hw.iWy

V MILLS *p*c>ous 3 bed I W b a r coon-al new i»c« wnBY OWNER W BLOOMFIELD l u m a c * roo<. bams 8 more S S u n . 1-3 Pine Lake Eaiataa GAR06N CITY Open Sun 1 - 4 M E ol SouthTlaid Rd 17175 Updated 3 Barroom. 2 S b a e i Kvlavel W of M i Open i < $270,000 Carwal a * laaa pnveegaa Btoomtald Warren TNa a not a drwe trf V • Too many amenaiea to •ae e w 3 B e * o o m a 2 M « a a * i $200 000 24a-737-2999 BIRMINGHAM garaga. o a n M alt $104 900 -IN T O W N Can NANCY DALY OPEN SUNDAY mca Cou-«ry P C A N T O * OPEN SAT a SUN 1-4 313-981-2900 U n a ncaaon «" 1 o » n con 47441 F o . « u r [V $269 000 (313) 4S3-fl»17 v f f w n c e Spaoou* 2 bedroom 1 * BV OWNER. M t l KMMlhOUS* « * H deck (AO O A R O f N CITY dee* off Wing and * r m g are* Ful O P f N SUN ' 4 P M OPEN SUNDAY I-4PM 28840 BARTON Walk to downtown f t m w . S ol Ford ftd. E oi U d M a i C n a r m i M C o l o n i a l with many •f Woodward) $ ' 6 9 900 Lootong tor apaoe? L a t f a 3 B a ^ o o m OWM Hardwood Moore. 2 •»»


HANNETT-WILSON 6 WHITEHOUSE— (810) 646-6200 | * M M Q H A M W t f Tudor on N » i i e a mmm W a * to l e a n 3 l * >

a r , ML' Man, g a s m O p e r Sun 1-4 1788

daoae 2 M M M e a e a * . t o m e , room W * catwdrai CWWV wood Beam t uryqfit W o o d d e c * tonoed yard 2 car oarage 23234 Pmapeci • y owner ( 1 6 5 0 0 0 810-476-4821 F A A M M O T O N mxs OPEN SUN 12 30 » 3p Ntoe M8a I ( Ol » H — I « 1 RANCH HOME em towang 6aor plan oMara 1 Beifrooma ana I V l p H 11|

(TJSlSS^ V ' J



Hall B u i l d i n g s Home Health Care Homes Lakefront. Waterfront H o m e s Living Q u a r t e r s to S h a r e M i s c e l l a n e o u s lor R e n t Mobiie Homes, rentals R e s i d e n c e to E x c h a n g e Rooms Southern Rentals Time Share Rentals Vacation R e s o r t R e n t a l s W a n t e d to Rent W a n t e d to Rent, R e s o r t P r o p e r t y

420 462 405 406 412 464 407 421 414 409 410 411 440 441

$ 2 6 7 J00

dfcpr CA-36

Neer aMmemari i

LIVONIA • OPEN SUN 1 00-* 00 PICTURE PERFECT on trw *nmeculate three bedroom r * bath cotornal o f f e r i n g new c u s t o m k i t c h e n wiCeramic Die floor new thermal windows some t u panel pre doors Cuetom window traalmari & bghtjng fixture* familyy rroom oan w w fna st uvr ea fireiweplace central a«r naw vmyt tnm S s « * n j situated d on e court <*. huge backyard and K ton* more CALL KEN G E N T I L E lor m o i e Into 6 1 0 - 4 7 * 6 2 0 0 peoer 810-607-8006 or come on out and see KEN tor special saving* E Middlebelt. N SchodcraH enter on Penh. $>66 900 or LESS'

Atiomeys. Legal Counseling Business Opportunities Business & Professional Services ChikJcare. B a b y s i t t i n g S e r v i c e s Chiidcare N e e d e d Education. Instruction Elderly C a r e a n d A s s i s t a n c e Entertainment Financial S e r v i c e s


mm Oout k t t n n t f i n a »a»a — •etana NAAXA MMAAA r larrWy

LIVONIA 9939 Denne Sun. 1-4 S Ot Plymouth. E Uemman 3 bei»oum jerage 2 bathe 1 (3131 421 -8514

Clerical Office Couples Dental Domestic — General. Health and Fitness Professional Med>cai Part-time Part-time S a l e s Restaurant, Food, B e v e r a g e Sales Secretarial Services Summer Camps Tax S e r v i c e s Adoptions Bingo Cards of T h a n k s Death Notices Happy Ads Health Nutrition



N C m v CONSTRUCTED neighbor* a m w i g h e m 3 bedroom 2 ba»i $238 900 S af u m m 4 W tMootfwerO John Newman (248)901-427$ ar B e n 9 M A dM8t 9 0 ' - 4 2 9 ' MAX SNOOCX REALTORS O P E N S U M M Y 1-4 PM 18S4S Svwood BeMrty M k I . a a m i amy

m m



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tAy In* Mianum, CMS REA4AX In tfis Vitege (810) 847-8800


Financing Miscellaneous Parts a n d S e r v i c e Rentals; L e a s i n g Wanted. Acura Buick Cadillac — Chevrolet Chrysler Dodge Eagle Ford Geo Honda Lexus Lincoln Mazda Mercury Nissan OKJsmobile — Plymouth Pontiac. Saturn Toyota Volkswagen Autos over $2,000 Autos under $2,000 Auto Storage

800 832

SATURDAY' 1-4 p.m. PLYMOUTH-12436 Duxbuiy Ct.. Beacon Estates Subdlvlalon S. o l N Territories b e t w e e n Beck a n d Sheldon Rd* Deep w«Nn highly regarded Beecon Estaiea you WW find ini* s p e o c u * 4 bedroom, 2 5 bath colonial on a beauWul lot, neutral decor. 1st floor laundry. 2 5 car garage $294,500

Barbara Carr Pc Pope x o RE/MAX ON THE TRAIL (313) 459-1234 J1?! (810) 406-5656 S. LYON OPEN SUN 1-4pm COUNTRY IN THE CITY - 1 4 b e e o Mui acres. 3 bedroom ranch ftniehed besement lormal dining, den 2 car $157,900 IAN GRL REALTORS S LYON <2481 437-1345

W BLOOMFIELD S S ; •82 0^3 2-5pm 6720 . 2 bedroom oondo 2 B e n * . $123,900 810-557-0352 ssx WESTLAND - Open Set 1-3 34318 Franoaa, S ol Ford, E o l WHdwood REMERICA FAMILY 31342S-5800

West Bloomfield

O p e n Sunday 1-4 Swammng and boating sound good*' They can be your* w«h thia cute 3 bedroom ranch featuring a waft-out tower level Lake pmit•ege* on aR-aporta Walnut Lake Greet condo alternative! 5528 Surmycteet D r . N o l Walnut Laka Rd . W ol Infcaar $142,900

Kathleen Robinson Real Estate One (610) 644-4700 317-8686

Westland. OPEN Sun. 1-4 3 bedroom brtck ranch with attached garaga remodeled bathroom, at 425 Hawfhome. E. ot WHdwood. turn S on Darwin off OI Cherry HM. E. on FEMwood to Hawthorne $84,900

Chris Lee 810-414-7514 BEAUTIFUL PROPERTY - nearly 2 acre* Bloomfield Twp CouU be renovated or great building site $395 00C Aak for Nancy Beechum. Snyder Kinney Bennett & Keating (810) 644-7000 BEVERLY HILLS - By owner Coiy 3 bedroom ranch, fkeplace. hardwood floor*, mcloeed porch, newer roof, turnance, a/c. 15562 Birwood $127,500 248-616-0812. 248-646-1581 tor appointment No agent* BIRMINGHAM - bungalow, fmiahed beeerrnm. central a*, i car detached garaoe. updeied 1710 Webeter | S o l 15 Gia, E of Adam*) $184,900 (810) 647 1425 Shown by « p t BIRMINGHAM - Charming 3 badroom CoMraai. on TV 132B perk I k e lot. 2 car garaga m . deck. Florida room [248) 642-6173

ABO Arbor

TRI-LEVEL NEW CONSTRUCTION Three beOoom*, 2 * bane, open two story toyer. fceplao*. Ann A t x v school*. $162 900 Call


BIRMINGHAM COLONIAL - 1290 •4.H Large k n o w n 2 M balha 2 bedroom* 2 we»i-in cloeet* deck aafeu* in are $173,000 Muet *ee> OPEN ISL#I 12-4 (810) 848-0314 BIRMINGHAM NEAR Somereet 3 ttWumi'i bnck ranch. 1170 * q f l hardwood, baeement $142 900 2448 D e n y (810) 862 -1988


A p a r t m e n t Display

NOON Tuesday • • Real E s t a t e & 5 : 0 0 p m Tuesday Gfeffwrftfetftfrft It I « I F t M M

PLYMOUTH Enjoy the benefits and great location ot this 3 Bedroom. 2.5 bath home with to many updates lo msnllon. 3 ITER $156,411. 313-466-5600 UVOMA LMina t w i g a k w r


3n3 Nice wood deck In fenced backyard. Great Martar h o m e . 128TR $72,900 313-466-6800 3 b e d r o o m ranch on almost an area. Florida room. M a n y u p d a t e s including windows, furnace I central sir. 14EDW $119,500 313-466-6800


Distinctive 4 b e d r o o m contemporary home on picturesque 2 seres. Spacious rooms a n d neutral dec ex. Minutes from A.A.. Novi. Northvas, Plymouth & Carton 38BEA S296.500 313-456-5800

S e r e n i t y In this 4 bedroom. 2 Bath ranch with 3 season room on beeuliul 2 J acre lot bade to Metro Park 00HAN $186.000.313-456-6600

Plymouth (313) 4 5 5 - 5 6 0 0 1 -500-537-4421

incredbfe restored Victorian on double wide ipL O a k staircase, country kitchen, antique lights 3 bedrooms. 1 wfth ^ . 06U8 $194,900

4b C O U N T R Y

toctod on premium UL 3 bedroms. 3 lull b a t h * , family room with

In h * beautiful 1700 aq I I 4 bedroom. 2 f u l b a n quad level New k>neoe and aa. tear oft and raehingud roof, updated vinyl weidow* caramr entrance toyer. private yard wmewer deck 2 fireplace* luaey buyer* bnng your checkbook i New on mark*! (PSBU-P) Ca* Patty Stropee or Gary Jone* at

Birmingham Bloomfield





44908 RECTOR Out*tani*no 4 badroom. 2 5 baft! Colonial neei Summa $184 900 HELP-U-SELL (3131 454-9535

located on p r a m w n lot 3 bedrooms 3 M bath. tsm*y ioom w*h hraplace partially h r a h e d BaisemsriL large country luichen 1*1 floor laundry 2 cat aRacned aids sntry garag* large deck $157,900 Caft


MOVE UP TO A DREAM 4 bedroom. 2*4 bath ootoraal w«h vauaed oafting*. hardwood foyer, crown m o t t n g * . knahed baeement. 1*1 Boor laundry, maaler bedroom uaia. tirwiMora 8 more $174,900

5 3 K o j a K S first

name 54 "Arsenic and Old Laceactor ( i n i t s )

55 Map abbr 57 Grad-to-be 60 Xenon symbol 62 Dickens, He's Fenster"


CASTELLI a LUCAS (313) 453-4300


Quaint oory hom* returbisheo tor you' 3 large bedroom* 1 5 biths 2 car garage on large KM* Update* include kitchen, baths roof, t u m a c * circuit breakers, copper pipe*, en freshly p a r t e d and last occupancy" $137 900 I620NOI

NEW - Donnmgton Model 3 bedroom ootomal with 1.900 • q f l l)r*t ftoor leundry. 2 117 bath* family room living room, dkvng room, garags wah storage wnh dramatic two-story hardwood loyer EXCELLENT CONSTRUCTION IMME DIATE OCCUPANCY Located in Knowtand on the Court SiO Musi tan at $190,000 Call Sherr Dev Corp (810) 626-9099

S T U M P E D ? Call for Answers • T o u c h - t o n e or Rotary p h o n e s 9 5 « per m i n u t e • 1 - 9 0 0 - 4 5 4 - 3 5 3 5 ext. c o d e 708

coLouieu. H | 3 1 4 U



2 bedroom ranch, move-in condition. Everything updated or new Flood* room Garage Asking $79,900

313-459-6000 DEARBORN HTS 24350 Annapo u A tot ol home lor the money New root Immediate Occupancy $63,900 HELP-U-SELL (313) 454-9535 DEARBORN HTS 8626 Central.a. N ot Ann Arbor Trail, W ol Beech Daly, 3 bedroom, 1 5 bath finished baeement w/gas lireplace poo table $118,500 (313)563-0657 W DEARBORN - 3 bedroom ranch hill basement, pan Imished, air gas




(313) 532-0600 FARMING T ON MILLS Norm - New construction 4 bedroom 2 story TranaiHonal Living room. tam»y room dining room, hrepiace breaklasi room gourmet kitchen wjpamry library, tull beaemenl. 3 car attached garage S 2 ' 6 000 (2*8) 815-0737



MAPLE WEST INC (248) 851 6010 OR E-MAIL rdcmw0cdnet n*<


B C A l €STflT€

QUINN (810) 457-7751 CENTURY 21 TOOAY 28544 Orchard Lk Rd Farmington H * »

FOR Sfll€

#300-389 1

F A R M I N G T O N H I L L S - 23754 FarmmgUHii Haynes 3 large bedroom ranch newer windows 8 carpet, comer tot Hills Move-m $137,000 (313) 454-9535 BY OWNER. 3 bedroom ranch, 1amSy HELP-U-SELL room, l ' » bam*. 2 -s attached garag* finished beaarnent. 2 acra prime Fsrmingion Hill* area $199,000 248-476-8208 JUST LISTED 3 bedroom. 1 i bath bnck ranch with ELEGANCE A B O U N D S m thn ton* ot update* Finished basement, 3465 eq ft French traditional Sepa- 2 car garage and good s ze lot rate formal Irving room 8 dirwig room, A l k m g < $164,900 huge kachen wnh oak cupboards and glass door* pantry snd French doors Upgrade* galor* includs 52 window* spa beth, hardwood ftoor* crown molding snd security *y*tem $369,900


Mchen. new steel entry doer New •rater neater 1995 Fnahed b*»e man) wi-work ahep A lautory 41390 Northwmd Dr . Canton $84 900 Ca* J m Howtey al


fill 1 8

HOMETOWN ONE 3 1 3 - 4 2 0 - 3 4 0 0 or Pager 313-325-4448

Prestigious Island Lake FrontaQe


3819 RIVERSIDE 3 bedroom 2 5 ba«i Colonial S u e 1994 Showskke nee $187 500 K L P U SELL (313) 454-9535

FARMING TOM HILLS Real (harp 1900 s q fl 3 bedroom 2 M t h r * n c h survoom, neutral color* Mu*i tee $171 900 81M15-0348

A 8 H

For more

among muM-matan doiar home* " ~ tar d a t a * or privets showeig

Real Estate Listings, check our Web


FOUR BEDROOM COLONIAL on premium wooded loi Fam*y room, dan 8 Irving room maaler bei*oom suite hug* k«ch*n wrth open floor pran Wet bar m Country Ridge Sub $309 900 Cad BETTY JOHNSON 8 l 0 - e 6 l » 1 4 E«1 334 The Michigan Group Reeaora

— Get up-to-the minute Open House Information!

Jane Waples Real Estate One 10)

(810) 807-2638

Listed b y city, o n o u r e a s y t o use v o i c e t e l e p h o n e d i r e c t o r y , just c a l l f r o m a n y t o u c h t o n e t e l e p h o n e a n d h e a r I h e latest r e a l e s t a t e i n f o r m a t i o n - I t ' s a s e a s y a s 1 - 2 - 3 .

WIXOM B e a u t i f i c a t i o n award winning colonial on treed lot In great area Neutral contemporary decor throurtiout. 1 st floor laundry. finished 51 D O W


Call 953-2020 from any touch ton* tolophono To hoar liftings In Oakland County PRESS 1, In Wayno County PBISS 2 and for Additional Aroas PRESS 3,^r press the numbor following tho city you aro Intorostod In:

KlChoose your price range and listen to the listings tor the city you've chosen

Beautifully maintained contemporary colonial L o f t overlooks great room Private bnck paver PaOoe French doors lo I s r g e study. 5 5 B L O $269,900 248-349-2900

• To bock up, PRESS 1 •To pause. PRESS 2 • To jump ahead. PRESS 3 • To exit at anytime press* , /

OAKLAND COUNTYBirmingham ftloomfiekl

4280 .4280

W a l e d Lake


Lakes A r e a



A D D I T I O N A L ARIASLMngslon County





F a r m i n g t o n Hills








Poyal Oak






South Lyon










Garden C»y





.4263 4262 ... 4265

4342 4345

O t w Suburtxr H o r « s

4348 THE






IOMELINE 953-2020





Farmington/ F a r r n i n g t o n Hills

JUST LISTED O p e n S u n d a y 1-4pm 29445 Mingle wood Lane W o f M-ddleoelt S o l 13 Wonoerfutly updated 3 bedroom. 2'< bath buck ranch, contemporary hair with living 8 family rooms, attractive lenced lot Come see tor yourself S i 7 9 900 Call

CHARMING COLONIAL Updated to perlection. 2 926 sq 1 4 bedroom 2'-. balh home has forma) living 8 dinng room*, family room wlirepJace, new kitchen w-'sub iero -etngeralor. 1st hoor laundry basement & more Swim club in s u b $259,900 (MU300I ONLY $219, 868 THE POOL IS OPEN' Summer tun awaits you in tin* * bedroom contemporary that ha* 2 story foyer 8 balcony ov*rtookTig tormal iivvng room wZcathadrsI ceiling & fireplace dining room, library family room, kitchen W.breaklasi room 1st floor laundry 8 basemen! Some hardwood Itoor* 8 central air (CL298) Sharp rancid centra ment ONLY

Nature Lover's enjoy peace and q u e l with Florida room walk-out lower level 3 bedrooms 2 5 baths, bnck fireplace Under $160,000 Call, (8101 474-3303 ERA COUNTRY RIDGE REALTY NEW LISTING Cozy 3 bedroom ranch in desirable West La»e Sub r . i baths hardwood floors finished basement 3 car detached garage Not a dnve-Oy Come in and see lor yourseM Pnced af $£^3 511 Call

Ed Norton Real Estaie O n e


ELEGANT 8 SPACIOUS Unique 3 900 sq ft bnck ranch ha* dramatic foyer wforcUar stair case lo walk-out k>w«r level that features larrnty room wtireplace 8 rec room w'wet-bat 8 sauna Main level great room wfireplace tormal dirwig room, 4 bedrocms. 8 3 -. baths First ftoor deck overlooks commons Lower level ha* patic Other amenities include crown moldings lacuzzi, intercom security system sprinklers circular dnve 8 more SJ89 000 (SH226I

A TERRIFIC BUY 3 bedroom 1 1 bath bnck ha* new root Window* air 8 more Finished basetv» car garage 8 patio $129,900 (C0238)


FARMINGTON HILLS 3 bedroom quraf *sreet $0 down 24 hr recording 800-239-0674 R E M A X >00. Inc 810-360-3900

MAPLE WEST INC (248) 851-8010 OR E-MAIL rcfcmwecdnet net FARMINGTON HILLS We« mantained 2*00 * q ft ranch 3 car attached g e r a g * wicircuUr flnve L0I |u*i ia«l*r 1 acre tag tree* lot* •* flower* $175 000 810-478-5429

TWO STOPY 3000 sq. I t 4 bedr o o m s . 2 ' 1 b s t h s , $ 2 7 2 900

Elevated wooded sating e * h eouthem exposure «*«.•.* U* views Charming older home your taeie Greet




Cynthia Drobot Real Estate One 810-309-0903

FOUR BEDROOM RANCH Z» baths, Iwsl floor laundry, area! room witt! beamed catheor*! callings. l attached h * y updated contemporary ranch garage & circular dnve $269,000 featuring 3 bedroom*. 2 bath* catheAsk tor BETTY JOHNSON dral 8 vaulted ceamg* neutral decor 18101 851 3914 E»1 334 huge family room with load* of light, The Michigan Group Realtors ceramic bled kitchen and more aB on a well l a n d s c a p e d , large >01 $209,900

Fantastic sprawling 3 bedroom bnck ranch 2.200 sq f l . 1 a a e lot. Uvma ioom «• fireplace & much more $199,900

Converaendy located at Irani ol complex Private cot*1yard pabo entry, naw furnace 8 central air 1996 Newvioyt window* 1992 New carpet 1993 new katfien coulter 8 sink 1994 Calling tan n t w i g room

FOUR BEDROOM COLONIAL 2 ' 1 baths, great room w t i n d g e eflect Library, living room and large deck backing lo wood* Large master bed room suite with tacuzzi Gourmet kitchen wVisiand counter 8 targe pantry $309,900 GL-37


EXCELLENT STARTER S6S 900 W ot Telegraph 2 /3 bedroom, ranch Updated kitchen beth. rool Open Sun 1-4 or A p p l 313-536-1138

SUNFLOWER SUB 2650 sqft 4 bedroom. 2'4 bath Oak curved stair* New- carpet windows rool. ar. hniahed basement Much more' Ws*i to pool » school 46668 Spmrang Wheel OPEN SUNDAY, 1-5PM (313) 464-4858

Farmingtoa F a r m i n g t o n Hills

Farmington/ F a r m i n g t o n Hills


Preferred. Realtors




B A N * E R

of the


With 1.477 t q ft updates & location Tins one's hard to beat' New kitchen, new windows. 4 bedrooms 1 5 baths plus more! $94,900 .;8321A| PEACH US ON THE INTERNET 8 p*tov6l770eaotoorfl

Preferred, Realtors 313-459-6000

MAX BROOCK, INC (248) 646-1400


family 38 M a m point

41 Brother ol Jacob 44 TVs Shore 46 Force open (co«oq.) 47 Today" host 49 Abba 52 Don Johnson role


B A N K E R •

BLOOMFIELD HILLS - POPULAR BENNINGTON GREEN Cotomel wflh 4 bedroom*. T » bath* Family Room with perquat floor newer roof, h * nece hot water healer and l u m p pianp Screened (porch o»th awnmg Spnmder M e m $299 900 EC-H-36COV


32 Ireland 35 Sweet potato 36 Announcer Vmand





3 0 — . Norway

DEER LAKE FARMS Updated spacious contemporary on cui-de-aec with beautiful hilltop view Walking distance lo wkage and pn vale neighborhood beech ' bed roome 4 5 oaths hniahed wafc-out lower level hardwood floors, beauWul decking and screeoed-«n porch Too many amenities to kit' By Owner $320,000 1810) 625-4108


BLOOMFIELD HILLS - FABULOUS SITE CONDO 3 bedrooma, Zr> baths Greet Room Ubrary first floor master Excepacnei upgrades and special feature* BeeutHul w t n u kilchen. f r t a h e d lower level, bnck peverpaboe $615,000 EC-H-88LON

1 2 R o m a n four 14 - E T D K

4 Stumbles 5 Opening ot a

BY OWNER 7890 Eston Rd S 3 bedroom, 2 bath spkt level on 1 v. acres 2 car garags l a m t y r m arga deck new rool $ *xkng Cio»* to I75 Open Sat & Sun 2-5pm or by appt $143,000 248-394-0942

• p*tov61770e*acair


Northville (245) 349-2900 1-500-369-2334

3 — LOUis, M O

LOCATION PLUS VALUE 3 bedroom. bath colonial oflemg open floor pun. great room with hrepiaoa 8 deck oft back, oak kachen i n ftoor laundry, ftraahed basement pfcj* much more $199,900


BLOOMFIELD HILLS - Walnut Lake Rd area By Owner Fantastic 4-5 bedroonvstudy 3 h a .2 half bath Contemporary wmnahed walk-out base mem 3 car attached garage All new systems including Mchen Can tor private showing (610) 626-4479

9 Chase continually 10 Pismire



Ptoaaent street beeuWuey landscaped Cape Cod 3 Bedrooms 3 5 baths hardwood floor* flvoughout, 2 fireplaces. 725 sq ft, aarage wigreenhouae central aa appliances $640,000 Sefler s hceneed egem' broker* protected (246) 644-9300

author 20 God ot love 24 — Mountains ol Europe 25 Opp. ol SSW 27 — chamber 28 Ship part 29 Co-star ot 4 Across


1 Soccer great

2 Sipowrtz s first name

4 0 Frilly m a l e n a l

17 T r i m l y "

toast 6 Fast 7 Armstrong ID 6 — ROFT



Come t e e th» wondsrtul 4 bedroom 2 5 oath ootoraal custom home draughouL large open kitchen dining room. Urge open baaamsnt 2 5 cai arege a n d l a n d s c a p e d y a r d 199.900 (631L(^ REACH US ON TIC MTERNET

BIRMINGHAM - 3 bedroom. 2 beth updated bnck bungalow, move-m condition, white kilchen. fv-nshea basement, deck, central air. lots ol storage Open Sun 1-5 1533 Man* field $182,000 248-256-7186

6-5 O 1997 United Feature Syndicate

8382 WESTCHESTER 3 bedroom Colonial si Mayfaw Sub Updated kitchen I m i i h e d basement $179,000 HELP-U-SELL (313) 454-9535



dressing Not a Rep Portal — qua non Apptegale ID English class assignments 37 Horse sounds 39 'Donme Brasco* star

26 29 31 33 34

3 1 3 - 4 5 3 - 0 0 1 2

w i r i e r k n e e eato of »ve beautiful 2.150 3 bedroom. 2 5 bath home Open Itoor plan include* Hving i, tormal Hrwig. kitchen wilh nook. Iam*y room wnh Ivspiac*. k A l i t floor laundry, tuft besement. 2 car attached garage Located on a quiet court Too many amermie*totot Quick occupancy $194,900

Cause we're raady to go! Immediate occupancy on tha spaoou* Canton Coloraal Energy eflicienl naw roof, furnace 8 dnveway 3 bedrooms. 2.5 basis, tsmny room wiVspUce. one-ola-nmo master suite Nice tot & tantaBic sub1 $159,900 (283NE)


23 Type ot


3 1 3 - 4 2 0 - 3 4 0 0

U s e t h i s c h e c k list f o r a fast r e f e r e n c e o f L o c a l H o m e s that y o u are interested in.

22 R u n n i n g



$231,900 248-349-2900

3 bedroom ranch on the water with dock Updates include furnace, hot water hseter. carpet, garage w/220. 91 PAR $148.800 246-349-2900



BIRMINGHAM - 1'* *tory Cape Cod charmingly remodeled. 3 bedroom I'A bath, 2 car garage Move-m condition Nice landscape w*h deck & •unporch 1228 Washington BNd, ofl Lincoln $205,000 (610) 644-5315


810-304-2299 or 313-261 -0700



15 Oano LO 16 Robin Cook novel 16 -GATGEN S islaivf props 19 Sign organ 21 Saucy



2.000 * q ft ranch backing to Fe»ows Creek Go* Course 1 38 acres 3 5 car garage 2 story heated out txuding Total updaM 1992 Oak kitchen «k bu*t in 8 Oak china cab «»t. Pefta doorwak taong go* course Copper plumbmg 8 heating KoMer plumbing futures City watei & sewer 2344 H a m a n Canton $209 §00 Ca* Jen Mowley at





TWO STORY NEW CONSTRUCTION 4 bedroom*, Z t bath, first Itoor laundry, full basement, tveplece. front oovered porch, bnck front Excellent location Ann Arbor school* 60 day occupancy - chooee your Interior colors Excellent value $171,500 Call 313-572-4888 248-926-9'06

Waft to town e r e * neighborhood o l homes v a l u e d a i over $600,000 3 bedteom. 1 * bath bnck Tudor wtlh tormal d n n g room, new kilchen newer roof siding plumbing, electrical, 2 car garage A n x a t *e* Pnood at $299,900 Aak for

EXCEPTIONAL 1994 BUILT COLONIAL Transfer forces eato ot t n beatWM 2.150 sq It 3 bedroom. 2.5 be»i home Open ftoor plan mdudas imng room tormal dking. kachen wah nook, tamty room w i h trapiace. Uft. 1st ftoor laundry. U basement. 2 car attached garaga Lacalail on a q u e l court Too many anwmaes to kst Q u e * occupancy $194 ,900






( D b s e r u c r f o iEccentric


.Ann Arbor

P r u d e n t i a l V;.

ROCHESTER- SUN. 12-6. 3 bedroom. m bath colonial Ww*4k out Famitynrmngidming roome, deck m hot tub 1150 Eagle Neet Dr.. E to Rochester N a> Buel (6101 752-1875


Boat D o c k s 804 Boat S t o r a g e 805 Campers 812 Construction; Heavy E q u i p m e n t 814 Imported : 830 I n s u r a n c e . Motor 906 Jeeps, 4-wheel Drive, 828 Junk Cars Wanted 820 Mannas 804 Mini-Vani 824 Motorcycles, Mini Bikes, Go-Carts 807 M o t o r c y c l e s ; Parts, S e r v i c e 808 Motor H o m e s .'. 812 O f f - R o a d Vehicles -.810 Recreations Vehicles 810 Sports : 830 Snowmobiles 611 Trailers 812 Trucks lor Sale 822 Vans _ . . . 826 Truck Parts a n d S e r v i c e 816

Autos/RVa #800-878

W BLOOMFIELD OPEN SUN. 1-4PM 3230 HIGH RIDGE CT (Look tor sign* along Commerce Rd . W of Green Laka Rd ). See this 2900 SQ. ft traditional colonial on a REDFORD By Owner OPEN SUN. gorgeous wooded tot m ramarkabto. 1 -4pm or By Appointment 19787 pnatme condition (Tie Sv«iday....^r Indian (N o l 7 Mile. E oI toMaMr) AH wait tn Monday and j u « aae a 'Sold new construction cabinet* 8 win- Sign $289,900 dow* plumbing, wiring 1 rool In 9 1 Aak tor ARLENE PREY 2 bedroom*. 1 bath open floor plan (Direct Line 24*530-6111) w vaulted oeiHng Must see Pnuedto move at $72,000 313-535-1446



Animal Services 780 Breeder Directory 781 Birds 782 Cats 783 Dogs 784 F a r m A n i m a l s . Lrfestock 785 Fish 782 Horses a n d Equipment 786 Horse Boardwia, C o m m e r c i a l 787 Lost A F o u n d (see A n n o u n c e m e n t s ) . 7 9 3 Pet G r o o m i n g / B o a r d i n g 789 Pet S e n / i c e s 790 Pet S u p p l i e s . — 791 Pet W a n t e d 792

Opes H O U M *

834 836 838 840 842 .844 846 648 850 852 854 856 858 860 862 864 866 868 870 872 874 876 878 -805


48 Oipfttiong 50 OR Zhivago s love 51 Dynamite attfx 54 The First Wives —'' 56 Honolulu entertain ment 56 Hepburn 10 59 "Star Trek" WORD 61 Shade ol red 63 Daly, et - al 64 "Speed star (wis) 65 Electncal unit

It OR**video 13 The River WlKf actor

Starting from '168.500.

A u t o s By M a k e

AntmaJs, Pets, Livestock #780-793

Airplanes Antique/Classic Collector Cars AUTOMOBILES

818 815 816 817 819

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PLYMOUTH - Beautiful. 3 bedroom, Th bath Open Sat-Sun , June 7-8, Noon-4pm $189,000 651 Auburn (E ol Sheldon, N ol North Termor!*!)

ra I m p o r t a n t


Merchandise #700-754

3 0 3

STERLING HEKJHTS - 4 bedroom quad new kitchen, many update*. io^. central aar. flrepiace. deck 900 Open S t " , Noon-4pm. 18 M M A Ryen aree 38801 Lamarra. (610) 983-3810

D e a d l i n e s for


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O p e n Houses

SOUTHFIELD BIRMINGHAM school* Open Sun 12-5 19810 Butternut. N ol 12, E olf Evergreen Contemporary trl-toval fc bettoom. 2 5 beth many upgrade $184,900 Muet see 248-55»-«724

A p a r t m e n t liners

Otrtxook Rd i ranch Mng loom adMon ininina. heme

Pickering Real Estate

floors efeytgr** Newer rort « y • w M e m entry garage BeeuWu mature veee and garden $268 900 B M f • W » A . MANUEL. SNYDER a RANKE (248) 8 4 4 4 3 0 0


623 646 630 626 602 642

Holiday Potpoum


P r u d e n t i a l

IS. af 14 M al C2' Cunan t Jodnaon 313-301 2290 313-274-7300

502 526 504 -.524 500 510 511 506 520 522 508 512 566 550 572

AnnoMncamants #600-690

O P E N S U N 1-4 34372 Claudia, N oI Cowan. E. of Wayne Livorva School* jreat ne^hbomood Just move n 6 enioy1 Near nature preaerve. cloae to mopping, neutral decor 1st floor leundry, loaded with many axlra* on wooded lot $199 900 Call CHUCK PICKERING

MONROE. 30 enulaa from Canton 3 bedroom T * bath mm farm Sun btwn 2-4pm Jenmfcer Haynes Real Estate 313-241 4 9 5 4 313-242-84*4

•earn, courwy l i f a w r i . t e a *

570 574 .. , 5 6 2 536 538 560 540 530 - 564

Help W a n t e d

OPEN SUNDAY 1-* 16120 Duntname S 01 14 Mile i E ol Pierce Light & bright Beverty Hid* Ranch on quae! street next to private park Extensively updated, open floor plan, neutral decor Hardwood floors 2tuH baths on lat floor $224,000 WEIR MANUEL SNYDER & RANKE (248) 644-6300

LIVONIA- OPEN SUN 1 0 0 - 4 0 0 TREEO LOT with creek a tirw rnpra—lion on tha ' 648 * a 1 brick ranch <*1enng per%a*y kniWied baeemer*. r e b a t h , moaay replaced thermal w i d o w s haranood floor* under eaipebng. newer not. newer garage door auth opener, a k y k ^ l »i Fam*y room w/neturai Neplece. large d f t n g room end KEN I much more CALLL K E N GENTILE tor more into et B'0-473-6200 pegar 810-607-6006 $189 900

OPEN SAT A SUN (348) 4 9 7 1 3 4 6


Employmant-instrvction #500-376



Century 2 1 Town & Country

A c c e s s


O P E N S U N D A Y 1-4 R O C H E S T E R HILLS FaCuloue noma baexmg lo Nature Pre»erve F * j i Boor maater •nw wfwtpool. Muchler catunetry throughout Kitchen M 8 i oraniie Fireplaces In living room and library CvUom lendleaped Plan to see 3719 CEDAR BROOK DRIVE

Century 2 1 Country Squire


400 401 402 460 403

3 0 3

c o m p u t e r l

C e n t u r y 2 1 C o u n t r y Hills


Apartments, Unfurnished Apartments. Furnished Conctos T o w n H o u s e s Convalescent. Nursing H o m e s Duplexes ...

O p e n Houses


p r o p e r t y

Angel Financial Services


R a a l E s t a t e lor R a n t # 4 0 0 - 4 4 4

3 0 3

l i s t i n g s REALnet

Business 4 pfotessional BuilOngs tor Sale ,.391 C o m m e r a a l ' R e t a H - S a l e or L e a s e 392 Commeraailndustnal- Vacant Property 396 G a r a g e s ; Mini S t o r a g e 430 income Property 393 Irxjustnal-Sale L e a s e 394 Investment Property 397 Land 398 Office B u s i n e s s S p a c e - S a l e / L e a s e , 395 Warehouse-Sale or Lease 392

352 353 354 356 357 382 ,371 388 372 361 373 358 385 384 382 374 375 386 385 370

Open Houses (Observer

Commercial/Industrial 8390-398


BY COUNTY Livingston Macomb Oakland Washtenaw Wayne Acreage A p a r t m e n t s tor S a l e ..... C e m e t e r y Lots Coodos .... Country Homes DuplexesTownhouses LakefrontWaterfront Homes Land Contracts Lease L o t s , Vacant ..., Manufactured Homes Mobile Homes M o n e y lo L o a r v B o r r o w Mortgage N e w H o m e Builders

a p p l i c a b l e rate c a r d , c o p i e s o l w h i c h a r e a v w t a W e EQUAL

304 336 349 305 307 306 308 309 34fl 311 311 312 314 314 . 317 318 319 320 321 322 320 337 331 339 325 326 327 328 329 337 344 331 — 3 3 1 333 334 335 336 337 ..,. 340 339 340 341 342 348 345 344 345 342 348 349

Union Lake

E c c e n t r i c is s u b j e c t to t h e c o n d i t i o n s s t a l e d in t h e

379 384 359 360 363 363 364 387 383 381

Northern Property Option l o Buy Other S u b u r b a n H o m e s Out o l State H o m e s / P r o p e r t y Farms Horse Farms Real E s t a t e S e r v i c e Real € s t a t e W a n t e d Time S h a r e Southern Property


45 Slrongnan

Lane (MTT ) E Mam



Answer to Previous Puzzle

4 3 M - 0 linkup

4 T V s Lots

BWGHTON • "AH Sports" watoilronl SPECTACULAR LANOSCAPtNG. 3 ER Royal P "ST estaie on over 3 acres Mastartulty bedroom, tvt bath. IwwNy room ooiorW. 2 5 da*igned 1-e story caauel conterwo- Wv*u*ed caking. Areptooe Baeerary home featuring. 3 masonry fWe- ment 8 patio. Ti car garag*. comer pMces, glamorous chef's kitchen, tot o l o M a e —c, i . s e f l * q k gunite pool, bam and workshop, and $ i 7 4 « e . aoeomtoN m r t (8io)2a7>ie« a tuH Anahed walkout EvMsHMy oondaon. tola ol i*>graa*e. $ 3 t » .900 accented with 10-18 ft ce*ngs. THIS HOUSE IS DEVOTED - k> (313) 454-3464 transom w i n d o w * , belconie*, erydey entoymant' fwc* 1888 e q MOW' $400,000 houee lor $299 000 veranda ofl master suite Only 3 « 2 story home In area ot nice BY OWNER SuNtowar Sub. N o f 3660 lirvehed s q f t Master suite • 2 years "new" discover i h n mester home*! 3 bedroom*. 2 5 bath* f u l Wanan, 3 bedroom colonial endoeed guesi bedrooms. 3H baths.? sunken piece (#17811) $1 100.000 Cell basement. 2 car garage a l on over back porch new rool. «widowe 8 tub* 900 *q tt. gerage heated poot The Michigan Group Realtors an acre' Ctoee lo US-23 8 198 tor doors extra* 8 update* By appt spa stand-by generator Many spa Livingston 810-227-4600 commuter* W i n a n * L a k e a n d only $192,300 (313) 451-0791 oai features \ k M see' 61CF6S2-2431 KATHY KROCKER Stale Recreation Area E*t 297 or Bnghton 1 CARL VAGNETTI £ * t 253 nearby $189,900 BY OWNER 4 bedroom. 2"* bath. 3 cat attached Go« o o u a e oommunay BRIGHTON OPEN HOUSE Sun ENGLAND REAL ESTATE All amenities Great l o c a t i o n June 8 1 -4pm 2.250 sq fl . bnck $309 900 (313) 844-7909 (810) 4 7 4 - 4 5 3 0 ' ranch 4 bedroom. 3 baths hrvshed basement 2 0 i 4 0 greai room w . t r o CANTON COLONIAL 1988 « * t . b u a fireplace 2 story detached hrvsned 1990 4 bedroom. 2M baai • more garage 20»40 aground pool ' . a c r e Canton Back* to fMM 8 wood* Aatano Lake access Close to 1-96 & US 23 $199,900 (313) 981-8878 By owner $209 900 For directions or appantment ,8101227 1525 CANTON COUNTRY ABSOLUTELY Almost 2 a c r e , of beauty 8 peace COLONIAL 4-5 bedroom. 2'i bath. 1 Sharp 4 bedroom. 2 bath pnvats FABULOUS! a c e lot. Brandywine Subdivision You muat see tfa* 3 bedroom, con- location home Large tamSy room Brighton schools Owner translerred, temporary home Updates n c k j d a wah Itreplac*. hrmg room, formal City of Brighton 's r e d u c e d Wildt R e a l t y , Mchen. furnace, roof, window*, large dmmg room, rww krtch*n counter* 8 Newest Two 1610)437-4180 or Sharon al deck 80 • 139 yard, kitchen cabinets •rik. circular drlira. new high aft(810)685-2766 and .more Better than buedlng 8 oency furnace. oantrW sir. new Bedroom PtymoutrvCanlon achootol $119,900 Berber carpeting Attached 2 car garage wah door opener Only (40SBR) COZY RANCH AND MO«E' Condominium $199,900 Country settmg close to city and GORGEOUS GLENGARY schools Beautiful view of lake Laka Complex VILLAGE privileges- $131 500 I* the home of ihw 1993 b u * Pun* :ALTY WORLO V A N S pertection! Thi* spacious 4 bedroom (810) 227-3455 2 5 bath colonial a located on large lot and back* to common* Large •*i*nd Mchen. m * * t e r bedroom LAKE OF The Pines Subdivision Exit ar Let Road Brighton/ witiath & wh.r1pocn hardwood floor n Bnghton Twp Builders own 'oyer 8 powder room are mat * few c< Follow NFSL t o Rickeit home immaculate condition Pro the upgrade* m thn beauty' $249,900 TOOAY lessionallj landscaped (224TH) Road tiorth on R i c k e r t 313-462-9800 sprinkler system 2860 so rt REACH US ON THE INTERNET Road to Oak Ridge Dnve w atKStional 1300 sq h fmahed 0 CANTON'S SUNFLOWER 4 bedlower level walkout to lake 4 br Wes'. on OiK Ridge Drive room. 2 5 beth cotoraal. baaemer*. 3'-.- baths 2 lireplace*. casement COLD Ul e u . oarage, n o a condition windows w l o w E glass wet bar lo Peppergroue Drive. OneWay Really 313-622-8000 many customized features Close B A N K e R U t u n left 10 Sales Office to 1-96 & US-23 Greai swimming CANTON - 7887 Chemnjaon Dr.. N a fishing lake $289 900 of Wanan. E of Canton Caraar Rd (8t0j227-2785 days Preferred, Realtors Colonial, 3 bedroom*, ivk bath*, <610)227-3647 eves Sales Hours kvmg room, dining mom. fam*y room 313-459-6000 wiHraptoca. central air hnohed baee1 - S p.m. Weekday* 313-455-3667 ARBOR VILLAGE CONDO S66S ment $179,500 LARGE & LOVELY' mo 0*i, down 2 bedroom TownDescribes this spacious tn-level B«JNoon • 5 p.m. Weekends ! room suite on main level could be m- house with iirushed basement Lot* COLONIAL - Wtodaor Park Sub 4 bedroom about 2000 * q f t . family ol storage 7%% APR 30 year* ; law Quarters $148 650 IK room, air. spnnwer. comer tot. parCRANBROOK ASSOCIATES REALTY WORLD V A N S ba*y fmahed basement New fur24 Hour Hotline (888)467-8300 1810) 227-3455 nace garage door & more 2 2 0 - 1 7 8 8 $179,900 (313) 455-7252 BEST BUY RANCH-by owner Bnck/'wood 3 bedSale* O f f i c e 1 3 bedroom bnck ranch room. 2'.i oath, vauiled cewngsdiving COLONIAL, 3 bedrooma F*n»ly Nice subdivision $103,000 tamay rooms, lireplaco, Oak trees $10 room wYiatural fireplace Fresh pant (810) 449-8062 walkout 2 car attached, approx 1966 8 new flooring thruoul Immecfcat. «qtt S167 800 810-229-9203 2 2 9 - 2 7 5 2 BY OWNER Open House Sun 1-4 ocooancy $168,900 810-42J-7522 6596 Chadwick Dnva m Sunflower Business Office RANCH 3 bedroom, 1 baths Sub Updated 4 Bedroom colonial. FAIRWAY PINES Colonial OPEN Locatw in tfir c o u n t r y k i t c h e n , g r e a t r o o m 24 75 sq ft new kitchen, roof, SUN , 1-4 Large l o t 4 bedrooms w*ireplace Inmshed basemen! air & Andersen window* j a c u i n 8 more immeckate occupancy. $280,900 A u w i n c e C'ifr Building m o r e S ! 59 900 810-227 3964 Must see' $205,900 313-459-9021 Many amenmes (313) 844 7665

Oxford • P l y m o u t h • R e d f o r d • R o c h e s t e r • Southfield • Troy • W e s t Bloomfield • Westland

Autos For Sale


LOOMFlELD BLOOMFIELD HILLS SCHOOLS 4 bedroom Colonial hrushad walkout lower level. 4 5 bath*. Wetnul Lake H«* Sub wjtoeectvboet privilege* By Owner $595 000 (248) 737-OSes

B i r m i n g h a m • C a n t o n • Clarkston • F a r m i n g t o n • G a r d e n City • Lake O r i o n • Livonia


1 Dance step

t i m e

m i n i m u m

42 Notsy disturbance


T h e r e

3 1 3 - 5 9 1 - 0 9 0 0

f i n d . . .


R€fll €STAT€

t h e

c l a s s i f i e d i n

n e w s p a p e r . is

V o u

o n

W h e n

l i n e r


C l a s s i f i e d

A p p e a r

p l a c e

Classifications 303 to 325


3 1 3 - 9 5 3 - 2 2 3 2

2 4 - H o u r Voice

U J h e r e

B i r d

I n t e r n e t .

O a k l a n d County


A d s



E a r l y

Thursday, June 5,1997

GnfcJO^ C E N T U R Y 21 T O D A Y (248) 8 5 5 - 2 0 0 0

MIDDLEBELT/12 MILE $174Snw 0% dn. 2 acres pnm* wooded land w*h 3 bedroom ranch Unque opportunity 7 > % APR. 30 year* CRANBROOK ASSOCIATES 24 Hour Hotkne (886)487-8300

810-309-1453 OPEN HOUSE 6-1 and 6-7 1-3pm By owner, mmaculale 3 Mdroom colonial, new kitchen & bath. tam«y room^ireplace 2 . attached garage, central ar appliances included prolessonally landscaped spnntoers 2 5 ' 0 0 Bianchaster. S ol 11 Mao, f t oI Inkster $193 000 810-351-4616

OPEN SUNDAY 1-4pm 34751 Rhonswood Farmington Hills Bungalow with 1512 sq tt on almost an acre Move-in condition Slreet being paved $145,000 Ask 1»

Jim MacDonald Real Estate O n e 248-477-1111 OPEN SUNDAY 1-4PM Walk lo downtown Farmington C h a r m m g C o l o n i a l . with many updates Hardwood floors 2 fireplaces 2 fun baths, central an 'am*y room with cathedral ceding wood beam 8 skyftgM Wood deck, lenced 1 2 car garage 23224 Prospect owner $165,000 B! 0-476-4821


O P E N S U N 1-4 26150 Sprmgiand Country setting, 3 or 4 Oedroom, 2 bath over 1 700 aq ft bnck ranch on *. acre Finraheo basement Ftonda room, attached garage $174,900 CALL Sandie

CENTURY 21 Chalet I 3 1 3 L 432-7600 PRIME LOCATION Three bedroom home in Fsrmington hka* Plenty ot updates Mova-m condition 2 5 oar ,gaisg* $112 900 C E N T U R Y 21 M J L Coroorau Tranefera* Service 30110 Orchard Lak* Road 1810)881-6700

C l a s s i f i c a t i o n s

6 F < * )

T h u r s d a y , J u n e 5,

O & E

3 0 8 t o 325

1997 T h u r a d a y , J u n e 5 , 1 9 9 7




z s z & s z M t



^ - ° T 2 e "

<246) 4871348 28012 CURTI6 • Comer « t 3 bedroom ranch. lanWy roorrvHrsplace. 2

z x r m s r » & x £ ?



F i n n i n g w n Hills

RANCH 3 bedroom in great nei^itwrhood. dose 10 acfioots Family room PST floor Laundry 3 sided Ivppiace. partially N w h e d Basement Hrvy central air neutral decoration $ 1 - 1 9 0 0 By Owner 248-901-9451

UNSURPASSED SETTING Gorgeous grounds A pretty noma in a super-convenient location As eeil as 4 spacious Bedrooms and 2 S baths mis colonial offers fireplace m lamtfy room formal tuning room, oen and 'inisneo Basement 2 car anached parage S244.900

Romance Oy the tvaplace mosey buck ' i n c h 3 Beoooci 2'-) oatm. »at«ou1 C a w w l n*rtt*ooa floors »ai> lo oowntowr- Farrninglon 4 M A R Y M c L E O D schoul loo Under $160 0CC CaS P A G E R : (313) 990-7649 Peony Bradley 13131 660-3433 Coadwet Banker Schweitzer pager ISIOi 474-3304 eat 2131 *oice mea (248) 347-3050 EUA COUNTRy RiOGE REALTY

SPECIAL VALUE Ei» jaSl Ramble Hills 4 oedroom 2'i oal' 1 qLaa eve s -eaa, today Move •n • -3h Fam.ty room wfirepiaee wawoui entry Ycur personal loucn • ill ( I N K a oan-i you n --e piood of Ottered ai S223.511 fo< ornate snow-rig can E d


Gardes City



Absolutely Perfect" Truly outstanftng 3 bedroom bnc* Ranch' Naw landscaping, 2 wveJ 400 sq 1 deck newer rool e n d o w s storms I l e a l d o c s FaBuWus updated kflchen • lamily room with fireplace Creamy A neutral thru-out' 1109 900 Joan D a w k i n s RE.'VAX ON THE TRAIL 13131 459-1234 BRICK ranch 3 Bedroom attached garage full Basement new root furnace 4 eater nealer $95,000 By owner Eves 313-266-6004

VETERANS WELCOMED 10 Farrninglon Bnck Ranch 3 bedroom 2't Balh Basement. garage '-replace Florida room Call Penny Bradley (313) 6 6 0 - 3 4 3 3 p a g e r . | 8 ' 0 I 474-3304 art 2 1 3 ' voice mail ERA COUNTRY RIDGE REALTY


Real Estate One 810-309-1453

BRICK RANCH with many updates 3 bedroom .aulted ceeing m living room w fireplace air, hardwood floors firsshed basement 2 car a r a g e w opener By O w n e r . 105 000 (313)261-6259


Garden City

GARDEN CITY 3 bedroom rancfv move tn ccrxjtion many updates, large deck 2 car garage, partial hniahed basement. central air By owner 313-522 7961

NEW LISTING Big 3 or 4 bedroom, new nachen. new carpeting, new decorating. 99 lol. 2 car garage $84,900. (46JAM) REMeRfcA

4 I B HENRY RUFF Great ranch, 3 beckoom 2 bath, finished basement Fla room $102 500 HELP-U-SELL (313) 454-9535



BY OWNER Ooen Sat 4 Sun 1-5 639 Douglas N ol Cherry Hill/W of Venoy 3 bedroom 2 Bath ranch Fmsfteo basemenl Central air 2 car garage Appliances $105,000 (313) 422-6861


B U N G A L O W Situated on a double lot in great lam»y neighborhood leaiures double lot in great tarmly neighborhood Features 3 large Bedrooms, totally Updated Bath, neutral decor, freshly painted, new root and much more Won't find a better Buy m Garden Cay at mis price $77,000 (BGOE-P) Cam Bob Graham at

o u r

p e r f o r m a n c e

t h a t

s e t *

u s

L I V O N I A - Mint condition, o p e n floor


- From the gorgeous

pJan w i t h large m a s t e r , p r i v a t e l o l w r t h E r n e oatto Uodaied throuahout H u r l v n ^ f S V S X H u r r y o n t h i s o n e at 5 1 9 5 . 9 0 0

w h i t e b e t e r carpet to the open a.ry Wtchen a n d massive family room this h o m e is tops. N o e x p e n s e spared here $269,900

a p a r t

CUTE CAPE Cod n Village ol Had land. 3 bedroom. 1 bath. 1350 aq fl $119 900 IWm (810)632-5831 after 5 pm or (8101220-4477 NEW CONSTRUCTION 1500 so 11 ranch 3 bedroom. 3 baths attache garaga memlat cat"nets beautiful home on 2 acres 2 mees to US-23 $187,900 (248) 887-3841

H O M E T O W N 11 R E A L T O R S '


f r o m

t h e




YOU COULD BE TOO LATE I Spaaous we*-«ept family home 3 bedrooms. 1 5 balhs 1550 sq ft Updaies mciode Mchen, flooring mirrored doors asphalt dnve & mutS> more Complete with deck tinished walkout Basemem, attached 2 car garage 24i34 pole Bulking large lot NOT A DRIVE-BY MOVE IN 4 ENJOY1 $145 900 REALTY WORLD V A N S (810) 227-3455

o t h e r s "

- Updates b e g i n at


bedroom, many garage $85 900 (313) 525-5812

A l l u r i n g

H o m e s

LARGE LOT IN LIVONIA Sharp Cape Cod leaturee updated k/tchen. 4 0 1 dec*, neutral decor 4 new carpeting Also features an 11 i 15 addition w/)acuZZ> tub A l INs on a 298 ft deep lot m the heart ol Lrvoma Just listed at $122,900

ATTRACTIVE RANCH This 1971 b u * bnc* home lealures 3 bedrooms tarmly room with lireplace 4 finished Basement. also 1 fun bath 1 2 f u l baths, central an, 2 car attached 4 a large fenced in yard wont last $155 000

N e w o n the m a r k e t a n d s u r e to g o fast at S i 1 9 9 0 0 Bra lol n e w e r f u r n a c e a n d c e n t r a l air 1 . b a t h s o n m a m floor



D A Y • A 1887 sq





w h e n y o u can gel this bright a n d airy h o m e w i t h ' o a d s of e x t r a s M a s t e r s u i t e , c a t h e d r a l c e i l i n g s . 2 0 0 0 s q . ft. o f l i v i n g a r e a for S 1 8 7 . 9 0 0


formal (fining


on m a m "$ 1 8 " 9,900





upstairs bonus

r o o m , first floor l a u n d r y a n d 2 full b a t f s floor

- Why go new construction




Jacuzzi and shower Kitchen

plan with



plus c o z y

large island

Professionally landscaped. $279,900

LIVONIA home carpel, freshly dollars



\ h

BRICK RANCH. 4 bedrooms. 1 acre wooded lol loo many e*lraon»nary t e a l u r e s to m a n l l i o n l A s k i n g $ 2 7 5 000 OneWay Really 248-473-5500

ISo. hen



I'm totally dedicated to selling bonus and rondos in Livonia. 1'ie specialized in selling tn Livonia for over 20 years. Page Ken today for a personal interview.

than 2 years old,

H a s sprinklers, beautiful landscaping. two tier deck


t f o r t h e p a s t

P a g e


" M R ,



BEAUTIFUL HOME IN P O P U L A R WESTLAND SUB! Enter your summer around this large inground pool with privacy. cU-de-sac' 4 Cedroom. 1.800 sq ft., spacious kvwiQ, masier toti WIC, 2 5 bams great decor $189,900 458-4900 A n A b s o l u t e Spacious Greet H o m e ! 3 bedroom ranch. 3 baths cathedral c e * n g . foyer skylights newer carpet, fresh p a r t t\ 4 o U 'mished-basement. new landscape, ftrtplaca. awesome jaeuzzi $135,900 (50195) 4SS4900 Muet see this beautiful h o m e ! m popular Toncwsh sub. remodeled large folchen & bam. new roof, central m . nenxer furnace & M 2 0 healer vinyl windows d o o r w a l l to deck $129.9001* "


LARGE PRIVATE LOT Spaooue cwad-level complete with updated mechancals Enjoy the large family room w/natunl fireplace, hardwood hoonng. naw windows a Blinds Located on a dead-end street 1 $149,900 (088FL) BEACH US ONTOEINTERNET e pswv6i770eaolccm

T o d a y


Cenlun 21 -Hartford North 32826 5 Mile * Livonia. Ml

C O L O U i e L L B A N K C R

\ /


V -ci »

newer central all. sauMed on a v e e d lol M loor laiaidry. quick oocupency and Ions mom CALL KEN OENTILE l o t m o r e i n l o a l 110-473-8200; pager 610407-8008 $244 900 FRANCAVILLA • 17424 Myron, 8 MMFarmmmon 1800 sq ft ranch 3 bedroom 2 5 b a n double bey w n dows akyagfWkachen, new patio, let «oor laurory . 2 car garaos $214,600 B, appokemant (31 J) 422-0218 IMPECCABLE Spanikng updMed 3 bedroom ranch Mir 2 Bams treplaoe. and covered porch, on a beeUOuly landscaped ET $138,900 Plaaae aaktorC a M n PwMa CENTURY 21 HARTFORD (248) 478-0000 JUST USTED F%« oedroom Colonial w«h speooua •loor plan in popular Qolfmew iMadows Newer lumace a*, rool ana much more CALL NANCY PIRBONELLO


JUST STARTING OUT? Whal a greai IVst home 2 Bedrooms l Q20 sq ft Fruah the upstaastoyour iiiung Two car garaga Nice neigrCMttood $89,900 548-349-5600 OrudanBal Prevww Properties

LIVONW-NEW CONSTRUCTON ONLY 3 H O M E S LEFT! Coma see Ihe most eioting Itoor plan * town' Soaring cathedral callings. 4 bedrooms Z>. baths, ••spiace. lut besemsrt 2 car garage huge knehen 30 days lo occupancy Livonia Schools From $199,000 B R O O K V I E W PAFLK S U B Open Sal A Sun . 1-8 N S
ONE OF A KINO • 4 bedroom 2.5 baeis 2 Hraplaces 3 car garage a«ira large lot hardwood Itoors dose lo scnociSiao.OOO Canforappointment (313) 421-1934

H o m e s w e e t h o m e on approximate^ 1 acre Pretty bt-ievel with 3 bedrooms wcatsd « country type atmosphere. 1.5 baths, 1st Itoor laundry, a b w e ground pool spimfclers. fenced mce family room $107,900 (10101) 981-3500 Qreat r e n t a l p r o p e r t y ! Updates tumace, UuctwcHk. p l u m e n g . roof. atBc stairwey.tons of storage, p a r t i n g In progressAltchen ftoor being replaced-call on this o n e ' $18,000 (50190) 458-4900 Immediate poeseeslon/Wayna/Westland s c h o o l s ! R e ( u r t « h e d 3 bedroom, f u l besemeni ranch replaced furnace , H 2 0 healer drv vewey, sewer I n e . hardwood Itoora. deep lot. only $42 000 (50051 458-4900 H o m e w t t h a l m o e t 2 a c r e s I n t h e city! Great

OPEN SATURDAY 1-4 Beauttul 4 bedroom home, over 1900 sq fl lor under $147,000 14385 Harrson. S-5 MMe A EMdOebeft CALL TIM MCCARTHY



Chalet (313)


OPEN SUN 12 lo 4pm 3 bedroom Bnc* ranch 2 car garaga Air. fmahed baeement. treahfy periled n & out. No brokers please 29658 810-748-4588 appointment

$40,000 (50163)458-4900 OPEN SUNDAY 2-5. 298 H a r t x m r Potrrte, S of Huron Dr.. W. of C o l u m bia. One of best values per sq ft. m sub Lots ol room 1 4 bedroom, 2 5 bath 2nd kflchea 1 workshop, l i n i n g roonvtamey room, large partially finished basement. BeauWiH Bac* yant C a l today'$209,900 (10080) 981-3500

SPACIOUS 4 b e d r o o m 2 bath, new Wchen. 2 car garage wfth new door » more' $183,900 18582 Country Club, S of 6 Mae 313-484-6483

S p a c i o u s a n d I n v i t i n g ! Newer updates throughout Marvelous great room wrtireplace large 3 Bedrooms, tat ftoor laundry, sunny warm kitchen, newer Berber carpet, attached J car garage $190,000 (50171) 458-4900 Check out this w e l l b u i l t h o m e ! Brtck home w f l n « h e d baeement * knotty pine, ceramic Me beth Beautiful fireplace d o s e to scnoois and shopping $84,900 (50191) 458-4900

STEVENSON HH3H AREA * l 4 bedroom cotonw wah _ . * e Uchen. 2 hraplaces finished baeement. eaechsd garage and morel 8187.500 As*torPel SHE" 313-581-0333. an 202 or 24 Ivs 810-450-5383 Prudenaal Accent Rae*y

Your (248) 478-1

2 $ batha. 2 c haaemem Aa wood windows.l room! leiaoorlaundry 24870 H f V m H 8218.900 W AaktorA I H


3 4 9 - 6 2 0 0

DELIGHTFUL RANCH t'» Beth t heeemem Anraoiva decor and carwal air $148,900 HELP-U-SELL (810)

FOUR BEDROOM 2 5 b a l l . 2100 sq 8. bnck cororaal. plue 17»35 Flonde room mr. cSuDhouee. pod. m m ct KkOon 8188.800. Open Sal. 1-4

GREAT NOVI COLONIAL L o v e * , wsa mamtained 3 bedroom. Z4 Bath noma anal new

NORTHVILLE 4 bedroom lum oI Vie century home Orar 1 acre ol land 2 000 sq I t . 3 car garage basement, p o i n t is inhome office, a short wahtotown Aatang 8249.900 ^ ^ L V U I N I


MimaI d m n g room, fireplace In F e m l y room «arge yard w«h mature m e a H m a n J a l a $198,900 Caa Marilyn Snyder V U ^ a g a r 1-810-528-8773 Office 248-349-4560 eat 208

SUPER. SUPER SHARP IMMACULATE 3 Bedroom Colonial w.'tmme<»als occupancy central air, 2 car anacheo garags. Iinished basemenl lamily room, deck & lanced yard Only $189 500 OPEN SUN 1-4PM 19314 Shadyvde CN ot 7 Mrfe. E of Famsnglon) R E D U C E D $10,000 under Current sales immeckate occupancy 4 Bedroom Cape Cod. ZH balhs. 2 car side srxry garage lull besemeri. monvaiad seaer Only $187,900 OPEN SUN 1-4PM 17561 BELL CREEK LANE (N ol 6 MHa , E d Farmmguml C a l l A N N A or R A Y 810-442-7700 Century 21 Hartford Norm

TWO-THIRDS ACRE The Bnck Ranch offers 3 bedrooms, largs kachen. luH basement and 2 car garage For more deiaas CALL C E N T U R Y

2 1

C h a l e t ( 3 1 3 )


4 3 2 - 7 6 0 0

O P E N S U N D A Y 1-4 S59 H O R T O N South ol 8/Eas* of Center Wonderful turn ol the century charmer withm waking distance ol town and achooie 3 bedrooma. 2 many updates 2 5 car garage wrm p e n e overhang $182,000 M A R Y M c L E O D P A G E R (313) 990-7649 CotOwefl Banker Schweitzer (248) 347-3050 OPPORTUNITY TO SAVE" 1400sq ft 4 Bedroom. 2 bath home. Famly room »v lireplace $157.900 HELP-U-SELL 810-348-6006


CEDARBROOK ESTATES - $1200 Down, $499 per month Including lot rani Fireplace garden tub 2 bedroom. 2 balh aopiiances. premium wooded lot Wont last' Can (248)380-8550 CHARMING 2400 sq h Cape Cod on 2 beautiful acres 3 bedroom custom balh . oversue whirlpool tub vaulted ceilings w»th skylights stxv room. 30x40 pole hem Musi see $268,000 (248) 684-1967

COMMERCE - Indoor Pool 4.000 s q f t contemporary Sunken stone lireplace. 4 bedroom. 4 bath on rxBlap gorgeous 2 acres Bialder's 810-696-3903 home. $388 000

This 4 bedroom 2 5 bath beauty boasts hardwood floors, crown moldings. bay windows, oak panned library, vaulted & beamed terrify room wfireplace, finished rec room prdesnonaffy landscaped ftfMop setting w/magnificeni rvghl views'- $264,900 (527FA)




DEER IN THE YARD! One d l NortfMBe s best A moat prasnoous tols. haav#y wooded w . * r e a m A protected wetlands dfcectly bernng property The house a i l bedroom. Z* bath Dutch Cotorsal wflimshed walk-out baaemant. H a r d w o o d ftoormg thru-out, modem kacnan w«h cherrywood cabinets Priced at $470,000 by seaer 810-348-2938 lor App't Ducks also n d u d e d

WHAT A buy' updated 3 bedroom. 2 balh on beautiful '4 acre $181,000 HELP-U-SELL (810) 346-6008 Orion T w a i



LAKE FRONT-PRIVATE. QUIET lake. I b » N ol INOiANWOOO CcKatoy Club 4 bedroom 2 balhs deck. spa. doc*;many upgrades $338,000 Call 248-693-8766

Pinkney THREE BEDROOM 1 b4rth lua basemenl. fenced comer lot. r>ew*y remodeled, m the 2 000 (313)678-3550



This exouisite 8 month old beamy has it ail' Fartaste masier suite large kilchen spacious bedrooms family room wfireplace A formal dining room 3 car side entry garaga A an on protess-onally I s n d s c a p e d 'on $314 900 (361 FO)


(248) 349-6200

Preferred. Reallors 313-459-6000

Preferred. Reallors 313-459-6000



O P E N S U N D A Y 1-5

BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED 1650 sq fl updaied ranch weh appealing landscape 3 bedrooms, 2 5 baths 1st Itoor laundry, custom Freixn tfitenor doors, pertieay finished Basement, oversizedtot.By owner $225,000 Appointment only 03131 455-7456 GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD - 1965 3 bedroom 2.5 balh. large vaulted lamtfy room finished basement 2 car garage skyUgMs new decor q u e l cul-de-sac $174 900 OPEN SAT SUN 1-5. - 3368 Chestnut Ct. (Ann T r




,3l1> 3 * 5 &

OPEN SATURDAY 1-5PM 10017 Spies Ct Fabulous 3 bedroom Cotorsal Totally updaied. pnvate location $164,900 i HELP-U-SELL (313) 454-9535

HOMETOWN I I REALTORS* 313-453-0012 R I G H T SIZE. R I G H T PRICE! 3 bedroom colonial w«h an open floor plan Soma newer carpal, newer tends, gas log fireplace in family all appliances, covered - - £pate hfiJ $149,900 (ACCRU) Call Chris Courtney



ancee exxid stay w«h the n g « offor C a l today 182. SOO (502001 4 S M M 0 Creeea PuR U e d n f l ) Uwety 3 1 lery Wchen « * > oek cabnets. b e e u t * 4 galery

wood kachen ftoor, & master bedroom. 2 5 bath, proI lendecaped

3 beOroom Brick ranch » « i 2 more bedrooma n t r y isned baaemem. Updated kachen 1 2 beffie. 2 1 car attached garaga. neutral decor. freehTy 10 deck, areet Itoor '

sprinklers $204,900 (50192) 458-4900 OTHER S U a u m A N HOMES WARREMOALE R E M O O E L E D

RIDGEWOOD HILLS Is tha tocation of t h e 4 bedroom. 2 5 bath ludor Newly maintained A updated Cul-de-sac location bey wndow in devng. living 4 masier badrooms. large eaf-w kachen. cathedral ceding m lamily room wfirepiece 1st floor laundry, f u l baaemer*. 2 car side entry garage and priced at $254,900 (255RE)

LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION' Ouaait A chamwyg ranch Ireehiy painted, neutral decor, formal ckning. master bedroom w
COLDUJGLL BANK.GR • Prefarred. Realtors 313-459-6000 WILL COMPETE & WIN!

Desirable Plymouth address BeaWMly cared tor by ongmal owner Pnced to shme bright among the oompeteon Detail await on ttva 2.800 eq ft. 4 bedroom omcti colonial A gam at. $299,500 (791HAI

• »

catanats. wee eaang area huge

room W o n t m

long $72,900 ( 5 0 1 6 $

186 1861






R d .


lance new steal doora. r w a e r windows 8 furnece 8 c a r p e l 6 kachen loor 8 p e r t C a l now- $ 5 0 9 0 0 (50194- 4 8 6 4 6 0 0 New o o n e t r u c t t o n In B r i g h t o n ! S a l Urns to pek y o u ootoret M M k - o u l beeemem, w e m z e tot pond Hrepiece m greei room N a k a e t beauty e u n o u n d a t a a b e a u M u l home $1*4 .800 (10103)181-8666

WVM v Mew MWH« WW! 4 I M 1 1 . 2 b a f t s M y room, w o o d t u m m g stone, newfcanace newer roof updaiad b a t v room pkia reucfi more In t a a Bnck Ranch w » i


N .


Three I . W e a l a n d r w ^ f c o r h o o d . d o e e to ahoppmg 8 schools i s d M a s nee l u m e c e aMcMcal. car 1 baaemem Great pel. roof & parte6y b u y 166.900 (50141)-

Lovely > I i n d u e s you've been lookingtorM k w h e d Beeemett copper ptuntorvg. j m m fcswe central air. n e i w r carpet and nweli mors 1107,900 (501861 I I I 1868 B a e u e M new b u M ! Super aherp 3 bedroom Coloml »euied c e a r ^ e In graet room • » neaurai heplaoe Main fcor maaler aula. oMi cabmeis laa Itoor l a u n d y Musi seel 1184 900 (50164) 416-4800 WESTLANO

1 ) 4 0 4

1963) wah large pole b a m . 36x32 Gram tor nature lovers 1126.900 110114) 961-3660 l i a n y . atony updatoa O o n t p e e e u p l 2 bedroom ranch w « i baaememtorunder 160.000.

daavaMa Weeaend sub Feaiurae large 2A garags newer lumaoe. central m . updated roof t b a n S l w e 8 refrigerator aMy. • n m a i * ' ate occupancy Cat soon' W o n t leaf $69 900 (10064)4614166










^ d a t e d t o p toboaonO bedroom irMsvei in gieai lamly sub Newer M M t a n b a i t , carpal. Caaoa. c s M e x » a large lot w * deck 1129 900 (90164) 166 1666




m m o o n a t r w f l a n l a progreea 2 bedroom ranch o n 1 acta Caipeang I t r o u O n X nloa kachen « a h teland bar 6 l o o r , moe tomly room, priveie <6mng room e « i b e e U M o o w v . C h e c a t o u B 166.000 d 0 W f ) 6 6 t -

» 152 a » 8 nanch wMi 2 bedrooms I 3 72 eoree. edeneme worn reqwred. opportunaytorf H A 203K Program C a l tod^r1

Prime Vacant Land. AJmoet 2 ecree of 100% wooded kX. payed road i n 81a heart of Canton B u U your dream home* Ctoaatos h o p p r a and * roods, d y water and sewer Hurry1 900(10068)861-3600



1.SOO e o . « . o f

X m parking, leaaa n d u d e e averythmg except phones lendtord pave heal. a * . H2C $130(Vmo (10067) 861-3600 C a n l a a ofltoe • « r a a t toeaOon * prtoe Ready to o c o o y - 06toe auee M p w M a a o n a i par* M beeemem w t a t h f r e s h * Bring a l teaaonabi* afters' C a t n o , r (10036) 881-8660 Prime i l l a m l a n d - Canton Career ftoed, amarRoad t 13 w*helid8-

F u l l






area Surroundng developed C a ltormore $30,000 (50156)416-4600 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES R o w e r s h o p l u a l n i n o p p o r t u n i t y ' Greai tocaaon! Greai Pnoal L i a n aaawnabla wah reetnencme SeAer « • leak a l «8 Oder* C a l today* 136.000 (10060) 861-1600 Ceeh l a w tor Inwaetarel 4 Xownhouea u n l wah 2 bedroom e a c e u n e n O y renang tor $40










MSaeioin R d ) . Lrvome (7 Mas/l-275) Troy. Storting He^hts (M48) Ann Arbor A Owmtown Oefrcm Caa Tamers NowSi al: IntematMnai Buemeee Centers ( 3 1 3 ) 396-1BBB

1 Mae mtfmdual fumwhed U M stamng m H 8 6 AveMMa •mmediate
LIVONIA OFFICES 18500 MkMeOaB 15415 15196 Famwiflton Rd



• • W M M M 6810 000 • ^ * r o r « ; g r w m g customer p PaedN m i l l a i u . must s a l Ctf L a ^ i 818-484778


Ck*»nfl LfVOtaA OFFICE Canter 26200 W

l a i L V i r f W Saift



4008 sqft » 2 S 5 Oraareaid R d 1 aa, M a t 12 Mae 848481-0768


16 NML 8Mon let ssta. Ceieon 8 1 1 0 6 6 or a e a l M a r Caa 1


POM H A M - LIVONIA 1.100 A i 800 aq 8 i f f * CANTON 1.400 SB a una C a l Dan MtOeery m S U e Totio (248) 840-1600

LIVONiA-MlDDLEBELT UQMT eOUeTRIAUAUTOMALL 2186ea*A8860eq«_l6l doers veemeeonai naaf (2481 847-1111

i room feem 8226A»io Also 1138 sq 8 s'leilahn tor $1>44imo

(810) 644-5263

month total Don al BhareNel ReaBy 610442-1620


170 aq 310 6 470 Weal tocaaon t aa e W 7 (610) 6 4 7 4 1 I T


313428-21418 313461-1811

Preferred, Realtors 313-459-6000


BEECH DALY/ 8 MUe - Custom bnck rsnoh, 2 f 3 bedrooms, 2177 s q f t great room. fiekJstooe fireplace screened porch, treed lot. carports $82 900 D8H Properties 248-737-4002


saai $ seeiei'ieres i e r n e i i m faJOOeer





REDFORD TWP. 24350 JOY ROAD OFFICE SUITES AVAILABLE 700 s q J l - 1870 s q f t F M or Second Floor ncaaons Undsrground


Piene tocaaon at t MBe 6

(810) 471-7100

3 bedroom bnck ranch, k/tchen a nook. Irving room. 1 5 betha, firwahed basemenl, Floods room, 2 car garags. naw windows newer shingles M o i e - n Condition Asking I t 04.800

forlaaae paMy S rSYLVAN LAKE store k o m 1080 sq 488 s q a 640CMWO net * v s e » samarteartf|5 rt R d near 1-275 uweMe (318) 4 8 2 4 7 7 0

t o w


PLYMOUTH TWP 1206 t e a AvsaeBM new ' J1 >-464-4117


DBMd M T * d w , «


800 aq a ai





WE STLANO 1200 aq 6 . aomaaen

Pru(cv.ionaJ Realtor


NEW LISTING 50x200 tot. Isrrmy room, wood burner. 3 bedrooms, basement Omy $82,500 (72GAY)


3 bedroom bnck bungalow, newer windows, new sfwygles t lumace a l bnck area Immedute possession Home werranly Ask for Bitl Only $83,900 (75WIN)


R e m h ^ C A INTEGRITY REALTORS (313) 525-4200 NO FIXING - Just move m and decorate' Huge kitchen huge lanced yard. 3 bedrooms. 2 car garage trees Dont rent" $2 400 down $777 mo 8 25 APR. 30 yrs 255-7797 24 Hrs Prudenaal Pickering Real Estaie

WESTIAND 1042 Woodbourne

SAT. 4:00-4:30 WW J

DEARBOIMHCTS. 24165 Fordson

S. or Cherry HID, E. of Merriman wownaowiwowi The home a h u t f Must « « mrs

custom homr ehth offers 4 Bedrooms or 3 bed"xms

6m.dKce < s your choc*' t.700 so ft awaits you sbirinir< 22x141 lanvf, room will tahe your Weath swB)' There's more. WOoom a 22tl3' 'ens of I'pdaies. centra ar, wan too' Hurr, iramediatt Occupancy"Meea la (er under S4,7W toteL and


S oltoy,W. ol Telegraph •aJPt" OEWIBORN HECMTS' Oestwooc Schoaa' Ths -arc- s nee aofl a kxxes ar 5 cnvtle xetfccawYou o« »is 3 bedrcorr rancf cr 3 large 63x I3T «' rlcme ;"ers Dentv cf update «ny «noo«. Baf' :erc» tt \jrace I *a» "eaar It yea's nsjinej cm' I ante, •w.t'cifleeb-*, doers Nee accfan^s say Garage •oc Mais kforO.TII'totalS74 9CC


OP0ISST. *tr45-1.15 PM



3 bedroom bungsow home wtlh lamily room and garage Redford Union schools Great stansr home Asking $63 900

WESTIAND 6771 Emify Ct

WESTLAND 32227 Melton

S. of Warren, E. of Farmtnfton S. or Avondate. E. of Venoy Msowseiy oeau-Aii Ledates rncft ocatto n prr* P90UC CWCRS fW AJK5*« TEARS' fs .oar lur to area ol Wwiianfl Dyoy fhe stiainng oper concept 3tis srte Mflrjcni ranch. Put sgaciou i' Home offets gorgeous neeer kitchen mot garage 2Oetns »"<**» 185.0CC *OK Use **ri jsksim today" many cuoboaids ana counter so**, ticeh renovaiei! reWt icriefiflocrrc iwte one. Stw f>V
(313) 532-0600 1,328 SO FT. bnc* ranch with two fireplaces new (hernial unndows. newer roof central air. new bathroom re-Nnshed hardwood floors, basament anr dass block wmdnws. naw sntranca doors new kachen. immediate occupancy and tons more CALL KEN GENTILEtormore i n f o at 8 1 0 - 4 7 3 - 6 2 0 0 ; p a g e r 810-607-8008 $124,000

ataaMrM.2SCuita S64 90C

WESTIAND 35623 Palmer

CANTON 2411 Woodgreen Ct

S. at Pafenet, W. ol Wayae

JWG£ K m SPECIAL" Tus S0ac«uS 3 OMov •snc* ~Jf De yours isoiy* f«me -^ers iimo« '^00 souare 4«r ans a Bonaa «xr Also w ci ^ very arge (84«130lrtu'yHuje tvng -oar area coa-a W convenes b er owner or Oer it you pete One year \ n e eararr./cudea

S. of Cherry H*l. L of lech Gcrgeous H/itngicr Place c«ers T«s sWwtg Cape Cod- BeaJiU cussam tro rome haa Tany special Ducnes- Hirdwxo (oyer -groat x r wm scamg vaMd cekngs sr^gNs "rrpace at toss cfc mpressive ktcher. Itorts ^ atnets and ssoie ''Oje 10 stay1 teows 3 Mhs-2 VI tatocrTasae Bedroar upgraded oar. area First Hoar euvfy S234 90C


45 PM

custom kflchsn w/reoessed bgheng. natural trsplsos ai kmng room hugs master bedroom w * u * b a t i and w a * m das si. new high snsrgy efHaenl Kenaos. oaneaf se. m master bedroom new Pwrmal windows, quick o c M a n c y and tons mors CALL KEN GENTILEtormore v*o at 810-4734200, pager 8 1 0 4 0 7 4 0 0 6 $148,900


WESTERN GOLF COURSE C h a r m n g 3 oedroom 2 M l M * i bnc* Cape Cod w * sftachwa 2 oar garaga en a treed lot Many lecem updates Quick occupancy 8157,900

WESTIAND 34239 Frances

UVONU 15075 Hubbard

N. 04 Cherry Mi. E. of WHtfwood

S of FWe Mia. t ol Fanaiactaa LOCATIONtotM nee ayioonexm creed r te Oe 5Cs "arfle1 The -ri » wet arse to and eefirgtoya/ Check .ig room Jnng qon area (tor. oafKaor) neural colors hrougnout jpdaieo bar so* i f^sjerncr aay r—ecMte occupancy neat & mm ncuaefl' Ui KC

•Kxmtiowntow IHatomee ncr! 8eaut«u' ai 9no


S e w ' 3 x o n m M Demeus t a » le W 2 5 car i r * f HOI eacetc ooansr p p o m jsosttd am tacner rrjertn ma asfwsshrnua w r Bawoe » | r r f » touoe v w are nree' w * emdon Swan


WESTIAM) 33921 Whttewood


N. if Ceeratt L ef Wayne LIVONM SCHOOLS BlAT * '« tOT n t CotoMi art oe I«xn todaytoumua we ihe •uge nssw oeffoom ef •> Bar anc • * r rout tpecoa towy rer atr vepiaca ookng ai u OeiuMi aooded re prvse aecrys-f Aac heme effort «aehed garaga e» tons ef aorage < e n h lomaUhn;ro«-eeny mam! IHSl.iOC

BERKLEY Cuts 2 b a * o o m ranch garags updated M k ^ e n 6 new betfi neutral Secor M a n , J C xis-es 862.800 (810) 541-1298

fowiay room. dan. as N ofMsman

* Current market rates ec-o < ~n"i r * a r


(•10) 471-7100



New p a r t A carpel (May'971 3 bedroom, newer 2 car garage clear partially fmshed basement $81.900 THE MICHIGAN GROUP REALTORS C a l JOSEPH WILLIAMS 313-980-3618 Pager 810-403-6369

CANTON 2214 Chichester NL of Warresi. W ef Cawtea Center STUMM SUNaONCir Beauofoi C«MM * a grtar 8"W The n i wry race Home' Home offors 4 befroomt (matter Beaton? i* i u f r eitf anftet ooset M M M 6 T , 3 baVis 2 W . \mp fonfoy

xxei e«n Vsctaot uadttad wcher i toy* Vers m m * Cfoam Cfoan> i « | t 2 S anacnea garage deck n


f t ? tl-9,99C

All d a t a * p c - u m a t e 6 may c h a n j a at a n y t i m e ^

h t t p : / / w w w . t o y e . c o m




x ^ J O H N TOYE af j |



4 bedroom, 1 bath, plumbing in for second bath, larae corner lot. Needs some updating. Price just reduced to $119,900. .

MUST RELOCATE 3 bedroom ranch Lots ct upgrsdes' Newly remodeled kitchen, central air fmshed basement wfcedtoonVbalhr shower, much morel NO REALTORS' $86,500 By appt 313-531-0640


S r

P A Y P H O N E S SS o L T S


Livonia Open Sunday, June 1st l-4pm

NICE clean ranch leatunng 1 5 beths. hardwood ftoors, finahsd basement. garage, tandecepad yard wdeck Jusi M a d ai 858.000





"Pick of the Week"



s e c r e t a r i a l servieee 313421-3011 6 6

(8181 881-0180


Expect the beat.*

Preferred, Realtors 313-459-6000

PLYMOUTH - Uniqua 5 rooms. 1200 sq a ortke sues 2 arwances perking 3 1 3 - 5 9 1 - 6 5 3 0 or 313-486-7663


0 * t o e epeoe - 3 edfoes 8308 V*00 4 WOO (610) 347-2240

MdUdas spaotoua parting tat aoor t u i e i i e n n e d Sec

•YOUR PLYMOUTH SOURCE" FOR LEASE OR SALE OMtoe 8 Retaa Locations OW v e a g s Utor Rd

. p13»4a-13B0





UVOH8A OFFICE SPACE M IB 1.000 eqJt Pua aarvtoa Ctoaa to a r a s M ^ s

Executive SuHee AvaMo*

is the answer.



LATHRUP VILLAGE toaae about 1.200 eqR 2825C Souamteld Rd ample pailung (248) 558-1114; e v e * 367-4470

Parr Tune to Arvual Leases -

6CAUTY SALON . . sate ar laaaa *came ttuaineai r Careen C % C a l (813) 286 8665

I818| S 3 *

a nacOTL

0«>ces From 150 , Anewemg. Compuler Saraoss

^ W - 3 9 8



SALON FOR SALE IN U V O N U . Owner rotocaang out-of-state F ^ y equipped. priced eeasi


WHAT A BUSINESS OPPORTUNE' Convenience atore w/currert inventory, h lures. coolers 4 equipment, g r e d iraMc How. aaaumatta toaae on t d d m pnee reduced c a l Tom 164.800 (1006S) 8 a l - S w O G r e M buameee opportMnfty. T j e y i Sub i j l f i r i In I m A ^ , . 11 I irnilm 11 »i r»yr r*rnr. r » ^ w x j mopO«ng M W eroa. indudtog d W n g area m d a* w j y i a r t . auoer


Troy. iSoothfteld. Lmoma 8 Huianaefrt HMe 313-482-1313

EXPRESSWAY EXPOSURE 480 9 q Fl -upto1800 aq lt Month-to-Month AvsilaCls 1-275 Espreeewey I A. BLOCH 8 COJQach Reaey (610) 566-7430

HANNETT-WILSON 6 WHITEHOUSEfc(810) 6 4 6 - 6 2 0 0

^ 810-414-7514

(248) 3 4 7 - 3 0 5 0 l2 48,406-1369

THREE CAR GARAGE a one s i c e r Mature on l a 1.126 aq R bnck cape odd oflenng double KX. parsaty kn-


nedorie rsertor wah eo many •w Mtohan. updated t pkmtolng. new elactr war hardwood ftoors. fkep i k c e d ^ l i w n g room $148 9 0 0 ]

Chris L e e

M U k m N O T O N WOODS BeauatM 1500 a q f t bnck ranch 3 bedroom. 1.8 baev hardwood Soors m s h e d basement OPEN SUNDAY 1-8 BY OWNER 13348 Borgman 8172.800 (240) 542-8413

THREE BEDROOM BRICK RANCH parsaHy m s h e d Basement Z» car garage central a* tpnniuer system, newer windows Gorgeous' 887,500 The Ucrvgan Group Realtors C a l JOSEPH WILLIAMS 313-960-3818 Pager 610-4034088

P O R T A B U SANDBLASTING due. nees - Truck A a l equtomem Great


BEAUTIFUL 2 bedroom, t baBi D m * ranch New dace, greai room. 2 h e high efficiency lumaoe. beaudtuly places anecfied gaiage lanced tot. • n c i o s e d p o r c h , p r i c e d a l oantial aa. Ftands room * W i Jacuzzi 8118.800 A must see' C a l . . C a l 248-545-3881

1.328 SQ FT bnck ranch with two ftreplecas new thermal windows newer tool central ae new Bathroom. re-flrashed herdwood Itoors, baaemsnf wffi glass Block windows new sntranca doors, new kachen. •AmwtMie occupancy and tons more CALL KEN GENTILEtormore i n f o st 8 1 0 - 4 7 3 - 6 2 0 0 . pager 81*0-807-8008 $124,800

Hegaerty a n d Van B o m with 3.200 square feat, long $285,000 11001 1121

ROYAL OAK - Duplex/Seigte Fame, Unique renovated p r o p e n i 6836.600 Open 8 w i 12 5pm. • 2641-36 Crooks. (8461 2 6 6 4 7 1 6

Located mat N of town groat eta ilar home 2 bedroom forge formal dkwig room.

HuatinftoB I a o d i

3 bedroom. I S Bath bnck ranch let RANCH HOME - bnc* 3 bedroom Itoor leundry spacious floor plane, Finished basement, centrsl air. I new palm & carpel updated kachen roof A carpet new windows, great location and ready tor throughout Ready to go $92,500 Tha Michigan Group Realtors your move' Cloeetoschools A shopCall JOSEPH WILLIAMS ping $193 000 (511BR) 313-960-3618 Pager 810-403-8389 REACH US ON THE INTERNET 8 pst*v6l7706aolcari READY TO MOVE INTO 3 bedroom brick ranch. N of 686 Lots of updates 2 tut B a r s Won't COLDUJGLL last $112,500 CeH Jerry Brown BANKGR U Real Estaie One 313-274-8911

This piece of

(3bedroom ed oak Wchen

Huge L e t - C o u n t r y inttwd l y l T h a 3 bedroom ranch a on a 8 6 ' i i X ) ' lot m greet aiea



ROW (313) 464-7111


Lovely w o o d e d tot • 3 3 acres in Romulus w n 5 * trontage privacy Great areatorb u t t n g that dream home, ready to t * r i d Owner art lock a l any ollar $44,900 (50147) 488-4900 i WeeBend L o t ! Located m restoen-

r tetocatwyg Open S e t A Sun Noonto4pm 2U $118,900 810-887-2523

wtach are J e m - A * sieve A retngerator A Boach ctehweaher 4 bedrooms 114 ba»w. p r o 8224.900

I B J V I Oak/Ogk Park-

8 Redtord schools si s vary alfoTOabts pneel Clean. 3 bedroom bnck ranch wen quieted roof, lumace oentral m . A morel 888.800 (345WI) REACH US ON I X MTERNET 6 pewvtl TTOaeO com




11**, Dexter T i t o . Dream h o u e e o n 16 w o o d e d ^oiling ecree Cuelom buM colonial. 2.431 e q I M M . 3 bedrooma. oak woodwork 8 Itoora. kitchen with island butfl-ei per*ry. lysaktaal room, great room w A i a k n l Ireplaca eecurty system rtaroom. French doors to deck. 3 ear garage, aaeched ecree" gazabo. 8" ceftng baa am am. 2\ b a t i (436.900 (10061) 861-1666



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Hvtng a « i tots of e r t n e ! TNs totaty A North»«s 5 bedroom. ( I d ftoor maatar bedroom pr tow* bedroom 8 den) has toll toary. torrWy room wrtWeptoea, greet room w/fireplaca. « ground healed poof aeec ^ 2 9 9 000 ( t O O f t ) 8*1-3600 •

- - ^ J 7 2 " ' 0 0 C a l JOSCPM WILLIAMS 313-960-3811 Pager 810-403-8388

Great Maner home recently updated wtth new windows, bathrooms, kitchen carpel A paint 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, baaemant A aa stuated on an astre deep lot Take advantage of thai home before t% sold' 1138,900 (668KA)


3 oedroom |deck • I t i a S O O (10100)

JIMDS: 1,1

cuetormzod w w n g . retnahed oak Woodwork througnout, brand new kachen wah addbonal eaang

room, den we*-oul Wooded M . 8225 000 810-375-1220

1810) 541-0486






1191.250 Open I 10064 u n o t e v

100, Inc. (248) 3 4 6 - 3 0 0 0

ties on sits survey & site planfor7.000 sq ft office n d u d e d , localed north o l Warren Cat for morerto$145,000 (10067) 981-3600 W e e t l a n d L i M * e e e « M d F n g 8,000 sq. ft For s a M H i a s e a t r o n g l M l M H p t m great other options

Beautifully d e c o r a t e d T o w n h o u s e ! In lous Deemurst. 2 bedroom, vertical living room A A n n g marble lace fireplace with o»*noa

CUTE - 3 bettoom B u r a M o . FMI baaemem A garaga Pnoed " ( f * . move-m o a n d t o n Convenient W of


B A N K . G R

neafair 4 Bedrooma and 2 Balhs Cify utilities T h » downtown landmark has flexible ftoor configuration $389 000

LAKE P O M T E H H H B H H l ootal Furnace, m 6 roof new WaSi to echocte. N o mamlenenoe aaseitoi F e m l y room 8188.800 Can

Only 864,900

CENTVUIV 2 1 TOOAY (313) 538-2000

RANCH WITH 3 bedrooma. 2 tve Balhs 2 car attachwl. larger lanced Newer carpeeng $134,500 LP-U-SELL (810) 346-6006


accompany tha stater, Engteh turrvolcentury home Custom Dm*.1 stone

3 1 3 - 4 5 9 - 6 2 2 2



fs all met can be sato for this tantasfc WESTBRIAR COLONIAL Cape Cod f a a l u m g 4 Bedrooms. 2 5 Baths huge 1st Itoor master suite Greai 4 Bedroom. 2 5 balh colonial, spacious lamily room located o n huge family room with fireplace, custom !mished lower level walk-out nitcher S mam batn remodeled, Basement The entire houee was tormal dining room An Ihis and a reouHi tn 1996 and it a woodenur great n e i g h b o r h o o d ' $ 2 3 4 , 8 0 0 $199,900 (153FAI (561BA) REACH US ON THE INTERNET REACH US ON THE aiTERNET a pswv6t770aaolcom 6 ostevfil 7708ae» coin



Updaied windows, rool. electnc and plumbing Remodeled tatofien. Underground epnnktors. 1st ftoor bedroom or oftoe 2 h a ttetns Walk to town location $238 900 (PSMA-P) Cat Petty Stropes



MILFORD LAKE Sherwood 4 bedroom. Private dock. 2500 sq ft . $239,500 By Owner. (810|685-08T5 MUST SELL Adorable 3 bedroom ranch, completely remodeled new roof A windows Walking distance trom downtown Miltord Asking $108,000 No reaeonawe offer overlooked 248-669-2036 or after 6pm 810 940-0269, ask for Joe


LAKE PRIVILEGES 3 Colonial «wei 2 car attached garaga Open Sun 8148.900 HELP-U-SELL (810) 3 4 6 ^ 0 0 6


LA*E ORION OPEN SUNDAY 1-4 SELLER MOTTVATED Bettor than new Colonial, hardwood floors central air huge master suite PAMPER YOURSELF n tt>t» luxurious 2 bedroom 2 Bath 2250 sq It with feeds of extras ranch wnh over 2000 sq ft Light and Farmry neighborhood, move m condiairy wfth soaring caerigs. sky»ghts tion 1178 Rdgeview Circle. S of and neutral decor French, doors to O o n W ol Kern CENTURY 21 Sakmar A Assoc Itoraryden gorgeous Mchan. and (248) 652-7700 upgrades end extras'galore' 2 car attached garage Premium lot $285,000 LAKE ORION m level 3-Bedroom I 5 Balhs 1487 sq II Lake pnvseges. 860 M A R Y M c L E O D Rochester N-'Clarkslcm Rd WM-24 Sun 1-4 $113,800 P A G E R : (313) 990-7649 • Coldwell Banker Schweitzer ORION COLONIAL mtfanwood got (248) 347-3050 course view 4 bedroom au and much mors $168,500 Call RETIREE SACRIFICING large knury Peggy Ludwtg CotdweB Banker 4 Bedroom. 2 5 bath large lol m (8101 828-4711. Exl 113 choice location lor $324 900 Would oost $400000 new 810-348-3504 ORION TOWNSHIP • Heather Lakes Estates 3000 sq ft. 4 bedroom SURER SHARP Bnck Ranch in dearable neighborhood wrth sidewalks CuTO appisal galore Walk to schools A downtown Light A avy neutral colors avu-out. Beautiful new kitchen. 3 bedrooms t ' 4 baths sunroom 2 car garage luS basement new central air 8 windows $162,900 Open Sun I - 5 p m (2481 347-4875

$197 900 w S m w S T t y * O n l y $78,500

I nctaert n S Redtord. *aa 3 bedroom home hat a pnvate paeo and «v ground pool. Flonde room newer windows A furnace Hurry on a«e onel $105,900 (831 DO)


: s v : .


Gorgeous 5 bedroom bnc* Cape Cod wrower 2.500 aq It buai n 1830 HanSwood Itoors t w o u ^ i o u t Leaded doors Unique sun pertor Huge




flamodated home « * • 80p a q f t addkon. n o u d a e soSd oak M>wy

shade Meaa. taiga wood dacA oonvervanl » > y w i i n ( i omy8147.800.



Oakftak Part-

Downtown Royal Oak





R E / M A X 100. INC.

This 4 bedroom. 2 5 ba» home foe( 3 1 3 ) 5 3 2 - 0 6 0 0 turee spaooue Iwng room w.«ow window 4 dmmg room w French doors Famay room nes e l bnc* firepiace hearth i mantle Breaklasi O P E N H O U S E rook w.'Ooorwai lo patio attached Sun 1-5 Colonial. 2 story wdh yeargarags A fenced yard $219,900 round sunroom. hardwood floors 34818 S»*nmers. Lmoma Cat Ruth Recenoy decorated 4 bedrooms Martin at 28CO aq ft S239.900 810-348-4027

3 1 3 - 4 2 0 - 3 4 0 0


Great I n v e e t m e n t ! Greenhouse m the middle Of the aty with 1 5 acres Tum ol the century home In need ol some TLC. What a great opportunity' Excellent poce $69,900 (10109) 981-3500

S H A R P R A N C H Jfoeigner lemay room wvauasd amtnge. arched windows 8 slals ftoor Ngjaohls t » e 3 bedroom bnck ranch w
(313) 4 6 4 - 7 1 1 1

OLD ROSEDALE GARDENS Charming Bnck bungalow a l renovated A move-«i ccntkaon Hardwood Boors. Breplaca lamily room with custom buK-ei Bookshelves Shows Ute a modal home' Cat D O N N A ILICH 313-813-2228 Century 21 Today 313-482-9600


C a l BOB MAS8AAON 313-48*3600 or 3 1 3 4 0 M I 0 0 The MIcMgen Qroup R s M o n




ABSOLUTELY IMMACULATE i oofomal anioytng »ie oonend charm of downtown o e * « 4 akySght Huge dsck P r a t e r Nmamae Updalea galore, oorwanters amneay amshed beeewiant adas 800 garage, baaamara. and s q l « custom craAed tmng area, porofi combine to mae i a w a graat n a i d n g home oftoe or m J k pur - opponunty $138,900 g e room Your a « m home -

O - t u i K o

Optimum Development.

3 1 3 - 4 6 4 - 2 2 5 2





On nearly 1 acre - Lnronle ecNoota. 3 bedroom ranch home w-fcaeemert, 2 car large eat-«i kachen. newer r o d & tar drMe-way. hardknood
n ! This 3 bedmndwn

room One*

B r o s k e y

Preferred, Realtors

dovrs furnace. OK rool & more' Freshly painted. neutral colors, large attached garaje, Call now 1 $94 900 (50138) 458-4900 Large 4 b e d r o o m h o m e hee It all! Located on quiet cu-de-sac n area of custom b u « homes Professionally fimshed basement carpet, drop ceikng large tamity room attached gar&ge. home warranty $209,900 (50176) M l MOO A gem o« a d e a l ! Lovely updated Wchen with ashwasher & stove, cozy w o o d burner n Wing room, above ground pool, some new wmdows 2 car oarage with opener, white picket lence $ 5 1 9 0 0 (10098) 981-3600 Better t h e n n e w - o n l y 8 y e a i a ol«J! 4 bedroom Colonial «i great WesBaixl aub' 2 5 bath dose to schools, shopping a n d (Jark. large master Bedroom and beth dec*, large l i m e y room snd kvmg room Oorrt pass this up 1 $184,900 (50175) 458-4900

GREAT PRICE-GREAT LOCATION! 52x140 Lot, updated kitchen with oak cabinets vtiyl windows needs TLC. purchaser to purchase "as * " call now' This one w o r n last $54,900 (50197; 458-4900

CURS W P O L PLUS/SPARKiJNG CLEANNew*y w e d Carnon Cotonol o f t e n 3 Bedrooms. 1 5 Baths family r o o m f f l r e p a c e attached garage all kitchen appliances n d u d e d positively ihe c»eare« home you'l ever see J : 43.800 (10113) M1-1500

C O U N T R Y L I V I N G IN THE CITY! BeauMully maintained Bnck ranch 3 bedrooms 2 luH balhs w/lower » v » waik-ouf' Large private wooded lot. 2 car attached garage w/«rtra encioeec space for boat storage Numerous updates Can today' 1188.900 (883ST)

a n d is s p o t l e s s . N e w


SUPER VALUE IN NORTH CANTON! 3 OeOroom condo with t .200 sq ft great Itoor plan huge I w n g room 1« Itoor laundry i 5 bath updated cabinetry r . lotchan and t J n « g room Land contract terms avatiable S79.900 (101101 911-1500

COLONIAL in woodbroofce Sub (7 Mlta-'Farnington area) 4 be<*oom Z/S bath, almoet 2400 aq ft air sprinklers. large deck. Beautiful tot. much more $252,900 (248) 478-2616

y e a r s

L I V O N I A "

T^til^LfmMsUuuyaiu IB Pickering Real Estate A M of fv>usetorthe doltarSSSU Great 4 Bedroom 2 Oatti colonel wtti 21*17 master Bedroom suae n e t walk-m cweeH country kitchen, partiafy finished casement, central air 2 car attached garage large tamrfy room •urn fireplace dec*, p o o $146,900 (10070) 9*1-3500

- Ken

BY OWNER - Open House June 1 or c a l (313) 268-7025 2 si o r , 3 bedroom, built 1995. '4 acre lot 29120 Sunnydale $179,900

h o m e s s t i l l b e i n g built i n s u b .

' —





BY OWNER • S t e v e n a r e a 14785 Country Club Dr 3 bedroom bnck ranch 1'» bath finished rec room w.'gas log fireplace. Comer lot, r»ce yard 2 car garage Shown By appt 313-484-8290

BY OWNER Wlndndoe VWage Sub 4 bedroom, 2 * bath colonial on large comer lot w.'spnnklers. 2300 sq f t . air. updated tumace a carpet fireplace, beautiful woodwork Just reduced to $218 000 34122 Gable (N d 7 Mile, W ol Farmmgton) Open S«*v 2-4pm 248-476-44196

page Ken at (313)4 30-8899. All pages returned within 15 minutes.

- Everything has already

been done


BY OWNER • 3-4 bedroom colonial 15333 Hra. N o l S Mile, between Newtwrtfi 4 Haggerty immediate occupancy Too many updates to M $ 1 75 0 0 0 Owner'Agent 313-266-8188. pgr 810-881-6000

BY OWNER 19342 St Francis 3 bedroom bnck ranch, fmahed Basement, air Completely updated $85,900 313-533-5378

/ \s is/ ; / i;n>n 100°/o rt mi: "SOLD" U

FANTASTIC 4 BEDROOM T* bwei bni« cmorw* c^fermq 2.342 s q 8 o l MS aving W * newer roof. aluminum atOnp. new oamnkc aa (oyer and kachan taa. Cory

BY Owner 3 bedroom bnck ranch, basement large open kitchen, hardwood floors central air 5 car garage M acre $128.900 313-433-8082

BRICK RANCH 3 bedroom, Z* bath rr»nt condMion. completely updated 2i car garage, timahed basement privacy Open House Sun June 8 1-5pm 14257 Areola, off Lyndon & inksier $139,900 (313) 427-4575

19405 ANGLING Spectacular relurbished home |uat nke new Has been completer* remodeled, over an acre $164,900 HELP-U-SELL (313) 454-9535


(810) 4 7 7 - 9 8 0 0

BURTON HOLLOW Cape Cod 4 bedrooms , 2 V balhs iamey rn>fweplaca basemem 34912 Wood W cK Farmington. of! 8 Mile Open Sun 6-8. 2-5pm 313-S91-3404

14243 BRENTWOOD 3 bedroom tnlevei ' 5 bath, air, $127,500 (3131 425-8058

MERE IT IS, country kvmg al an affordable pnee immaculate 8 yr old ranch 3 5 car garage, 2 acres t o minutes N al Howell Corporate transfer $157,500 HELP-U-SELL (810>437-7034 IB-32)


BRICK RANCH. 3 car garage, hM hnished basemenl. central air. new kilchen new carpel, new windows. $148,500. $25,000 down land contrad Oneway Redty 248-473-5500

Hanfora North (313) 52S-9600

TODAY (313) 4 6 2 - 9 8 0 0


with Livonia Schools, new w i n d o w s r o o f , c e n t r a l air. a n d p a i n t e d A l o t o f h o u s etory o u r $113,900



Om& 21

If you want your Livonia


UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL rgeoua 3 large Bedroom. 2 Batr _. <4 ranch decorated lo perleciion Berber carpeting, large ttcfien. covered patio hardwood Boor*. Urtshed basement. 2V» car garage Quick occupancy $138,900

'LIVONIA'S U E S r Gorgeous bnck Ranch w»th 2'4 car attached oarage, 3 Bedrooms. 3 M i balhs formal (fcnmg room, huge family room and heated sun room overlooks 2 acres ol a ravine lot $269 900

PRIME LOCATION This 3 Bedroom Bnck ranch comes with central an. 2 car garage 4 hardwood Boeing it u s e oiler new windows and eoenor doors 4 a large 6ac*yard Hurry call today $134 900


BRICK COtONiAL on a quwt atre« 4 OeOroom. r * B a f bnck home 8 n g « katfien w t t break faat room, formal *vma a dtrsng roome. impressive >yer,Tam»y foyer -with t n p i a o e 4 doorweH » backyard hnohed basement, attached 2 car garage $174,900

•GREAT STARTER HOME" BeauMut ranrfi home located on a large comer « Features include 3 bedrooma. 2 Batha & 2 car detached garage with elecGreat lor thai home tncfty O mechanic $119.900




•A SPECIAL RANCH" 3 bedroom partaly Hniahed basemenl new r o d remodeled kitchen wnyt windows with martue sulls. newer fisnaca. central an and hardwood Itoora $100 900

setting 4 bedroom. 150C sq Basement 4 pool L
"/ / # ox!

the front door o M h ^ n e w o n t h e market q u a d ALL white kitchen newer furnace and c e n t r a air Must s e e to appreciate. $119,900




BY OWNER 2000 sq I t . 4 bedroom. 2 bath. air. natural fireplace, attached 2 5 Sir garaga w t h electricity. tull basement wnh recreation room, den comer *X. dose to hoaprtai and schools Open Houaa Sun June 7 $145,500 15171 546-0948

A l T h e M i c h i g a n G r o u p w a t a k e y o u r Real E a t a t e n e e d s s e r i o u s . In 1996 o u r c o m p a n y h a d 4 , 3 4 0

" I t ' s


THREE BEDROOM Zn baW spM level ranch Lake pmnlegaa on DuWiam Laka acre lol $f72.000. I248I887-6191

CASTELLI (313) 525-7900 1990-1991-1992-1993-1994 CENTURION AWARD WINNING OFFICE

c l o s e d sales. T h e M i c h i g a n G r o u p R e l o c a t i o n d i v i s i o n c l o a e d 51.4 m i l l i o n dollars in u l e a .


NEW CONSTRUCTION Beautiful 3 bedroom ranch with 2 car attacfied garage cathedral ceilings, moe wooded lot Huron River & cnam-oflakae acceas PwcAney schools dose to X-way Land contract terms $126,900 (8101231-1063


R A R E MAGNIFICENT Large Country Lot with spacious 3 bedroom Home super Kitchen 4 dining room 2 'ull baths newer windows. furnace 4 central air. 2 Car garaga Ouek Occupancy Lots al House lor $86,900

T h e Michigan G r o u p R e a l t o r s (313)591-9X00 o r C810) 348-9978






R A H t W N P . n o need la we*fornaw homefobeliuawialellOntrSyrs. newt 3 bedroom ookaVai m dawrabfo N W U v o N e Wood loars. ( panel

( * ) 7 F

C l a s s i f i c a t i o n s 306 t o 3 3 7


(313) 532-0600 OAIOANOTWP -880 room. I M k a t l U i

ir Remerica's #1 Realtor ' if In t h e S t a t e of M i c h i g a n * • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •



ClMelftcattona 337 l o 375

Thursday. June 5. 1997

;J4<) S O J T H LYON - SM Yr C M H o m . 3 b a * o s n . r * M X 6an. Mmd foam II W m i i r i , M baa . m i n i . a A oanM A M * ( a n O K ^ M d on ft aoraa a t p m l feed 1220.000. carat 4J7-«»«T


O i a i M a l garage 3 S car. t w gissrhous. p o d l a p s r deck. r
large dec*. pmaaa n


WALK TO 3 baOoom — , — Man For mom mtormaecn o a l (248)437.6704

(313) 522-3671

3 Bedroom. J M*>. 2 « i r t o v e t , pwao K ^ M O a to 8 74 APR yre


on(MN«M1tcnotial n a h a e S bedrooma. 1 i bath. p a r t e d k i tf M nature e r v l w i u r w including r w d H o c * O o n l M l a eecond

,—, fmof

W k cattsi) •"SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR EVERYONE Enframe* sharp a n f m p o r s t y Capa Cod en 2 a a w • or • M c f t a n ha*

mora. $ 3 8 8 8 0 0 (?3 i p o REACH US ON THE INI0WET • pameinMMsM






oerage Naw rool Protaaacnaty landKapad 4 daeoreaad. oanbN Nr. i p m o a r e . deck $306 900 M a T E T a y Ownar 246*41-8678


4 bedroom. 2 B e r cotonlal o»enng tarnlly roonvtirepteoe, M n g 4 * n r a room. 2 patio decks, garege w«h wodtshop $104,900

CENTURY 21 TOOAY 246-647-7322/610-309-2241

BRICK COLONIAL. 4 bedroom immecuiaie horns In monre-m axx%t o n nsmodslad W t f i e n t b a » * Recent carpatng. lumaoe. o r * * — Naw Hermo windows F n t f i e d w> large dacfc By $147,900. CorwenFHA/VA 810 366-3796


PAGER: (313) 990-7649 Coldwaa Banker SchweiUer

(248) 347-3050

SOUTHFIELD BIRMINGHAM SCHOOLS 19800 HICKORY LEAF Near* m r * 4 t w * o o m . 214bar bnck colonel Fam#y room «i«replacw. Flonde room, oede c* updataa OPEN SUN . 1-4 or c a i tor pnvate ahowmg. Bunt 2*6-256-4300

IF YOUR FAMILY DESERVES THE BEST .... You must see !#ws 3 story home apecrous ftoor plan large tamay room a«h fireplace. Onmg room. iei'iiodaled beds Updaied throughout Newar carpet. 2 car garege and 2 deckal $99,900 (719PA)

LOTS OF SPACE In tfaa sprewsng 4 Bedroom quad level home ai preebgwue Glenwood Heights Sub Backing lo common*. W e i maintained home ha* a lot lo

REACH US ON THE •fTEflNET 8 psts»«l7708tolcom


313-459-6000 3 bedroom colonel w t h 1 5 balha, 2.5 car attached garage, update* include window*, central m. rod, carpet kitchen floor 4 much morel You w o n ! wan) to mas tha! $124,900 C M U * s Nata.

Union Lakc/Wtite Lake


WHITE LAKE * bedroom ccurtry setting $6945 down B 5 3 * n o n r APR 5 75% 24 hr recording 800-239-0674 RE/MAX 100 tnc 810-360-3900




CUTE STARTER HOUSE 3 bedroom bcngMow wfth *nished baaament 2*4 car garege m on doubt* lot. Escslanl loca •on near OMC canter Home warranty $82,000

CENTURY 21 MJL Corporate Transteree Sarvca 30110 Orchard Lake Road (810)851-6700

BY OWNER • Bui* O c t . 9 6 3,000 sq. H. 4 bai»ooma 2.5 b a r * , B M t y ' - », W BtoomftaM 2HDdad gaa ftreptaca, school*, great l a r d yy naohbortiood. (2485 7384388 $300,000

TWYCKINGHAM-BELL ROAD. I 2! Story atory 2 2-4 laundry, padi tka Back yard Waft m a r a n e d $229,900(248)3554648

Cook's dream kachen. Abundance erf oak cabinets 4 counter bep* Spaoous 4 badroom ranch 3 car attached garaga 1 much more $244 900

THOMPSON-BROWN (248) 539-8700 LAKE PRIVILEGES on Upper StraM Laka. W DtoomftaW Large, 20-room home (3478 sq ft ). large pnvate ML 3.5 car garage, many auraa Ouaftty r r o m y o u l ^ 9 7 . 0 0 b 8104S1-7014


3 * ACRES 4 Bedroom 2 5 b a r e baaamani. 3 car • 2 car Garaga (810) 3484006

V ACRES 4 Bedroom 2 5 Beth. Baftament. 3 ear • 2 car garaga $229 000 i a i 0 ) 3464006 HKCP-U-SELL

PINE LAKE FRONT 90"»330 - Wonderful opportunity lor renovabon or teardown Exiebno heme is 4000 Sq. wa»-out ranch $789,000 C a l Madaton Ward CRANBROOK ASSOCIATES 8 1 0 4 4 7 4 1 0 0 or 810-21S-2424

1» A C R E S Updated ^4 stor^ and $127,000 (810> 3484008

VACATION AT HOME' Oorgeoue pool a spa w a vary pnvsaa saMng J 0 d a » d soft contamporery M r 4 oeckooma. 2 l u l 4 3 he* b a r * , lantaaac IMahad aMh-out level 3 ftre1 . A C R E • U p i M t e d M o r y w«< Sun- ptaca* 3 car aMachad room. teaemers and 4-5 car heaaed 439.900 S E 4 8 . (729430) e ^ r e o a $127 000



ADORABLE REMODELED COTTAGE t a l T jraftrepMce Utoken 4 b a r . $87,000 j» Capp C a t Laa Arm Capp-Toansk.

"MAX Countrystde RE/MAX " 248-488-5000

21000 GRISWOLD B u l l i n 83 modem Nam houee. 3 bedroom, 2 5 M y large D M A * S aaached garage almoal 1200 s q J o n 3 acre* muet see No RaaNor*

U M '4 acre wooded KM*, taeay a t i i i i M H to 146. *ar n • "ocarky s e a n g - W e are cuatom o r d e r s snd « • reMear t a r n torn plan*. TMa • a


313-420-3400 N MICHIGAN AVENUE - o n Cler* Street A l brick 2 Bedrodm each unit 1 up 1 down. 650 eq ft each u n d

OPEN SUNDAY Uvoraa schools 33135 Anna 3 Bedroom ranch Naw w i n d o w * , c e n t r a l air. u p d a t e d kitchen A l new d o o n 4 tsgTM forti*as Deck off Back Great c u b appeal (313) 427-7064


(810) 851-4100

WELL MAINTAINED 1200* aq. t ranch. 3 bedrooma. carv aa, famly room —'natural fire„ _ j e . pane wfth gee o r * , aacurfty system. Home Warranty. mamaanance4ree exterior and mon* $129,900 at ready 8L1015


$128 IS)


WATERFORD Lowety oondo. 2 bed— garage S2S17 S2S . i_ ec or d i n g 8 . 5 % 34 hr .A. .P R . 800-2384674 810-360-3800 RE/MAX 100. felC. W BLOOMFIELD - 4 badroom cdon M N W corner Mepts a Orchatd LMM R8. $188Qm» 1MB coneMer long or thort term leaaa (2481 544-7987

FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS Foiar upper in • area! ne^r®onnoodi 3 beMooma. ' 5 b«he. baaament $79,800 1347 Surrey Heights N d Palmar. C d L o b Aa. Aak Mr Al Thomaa at.

REAIAX 100. INC. (248) 348-3000 36125 A M

$ 2 9 0 0 M o v e s In


Brand new 3 bedroom CetonML 18 Bel*, t i n * i n t .

Pa** 8





rei Mr. M M f


4 reft* W 91 OBTare a l 10 P f t * a o u a w uunareporery noma M l h a opan tor year « f t | ^ > a 8 •com 2 a b a r H i l l I I l l n » n btoatar sufta an entry level PlanWire . M w af aaftwal m a a n r e —

fl $114 * 0 0 Open B a t a S i r 7*70 LaMaa ttS1M8t-471t


Or*wy r

, H M

s l a y ft N ' ! l $11*900


248-4'V. 5000 4 beMlsre a M l


(2481 4 3 7 4 7 8 2



MjrelZe. outa



ROW (313) 484-711t

Seva up to S0% or moreLow or No Down Pay men. CALL NOW! 1400-3384000 < 4330 FOR SALE BY OWNER? 'WW Prepare A l ~

GOVERNMENT PORE CLOSED HOMES kern penraee an 81. Oalnq u e n tax. tepoa. REO*. Your area Far Io a- r e r * Mnno*. o M M l Iree "— l 4 0 0 - 2 i a 4 0 0 J T e x t H-3673




$188,888 OL-16


(810) 851-4100 NORTHVILLE BLUE Heron PoWe. 3 bedroom. T 4 b a r towrhouee. 3,183 sq It., cuatom features. $325 000 Open Sun. 8-22 4 8-29. 1-4pm. (248)3474032 NORTHVILLE - U r n a y ranch, and una to Country Club Vaage 1.753 on go« course. Every poaaftM leeture 4 extra, k j l Baaemen. 2 car attaohad garaoa $249,900 Richter 4 Aaaoc. 2484484100 NORTHVILLE - Ready Sharp Ranch wfeeauftM Mew 2 bedroom. 2 bath. garage $148,800. ftlO) 3484006 HELP-U-SELL


Four Bedrooms w o w Spacious 1,780 sq. I , two a u r y detached oondo at the popdar Maple d_ hug* badroom. two and a ha* M n g room w*h Riwptoce. som wfth t k d n g doorwM to l a d t k i t Baa am art. new and




MM - $148 900 CaK ROGER H. MURRAY


throughout ROCHESTER H f t - I J Knoaa^North BeauMui BOB oouree rea 3 bed-

Free Site Rent-1 st Yr. $199/mo,-2ndYr. On All New Models Priced From $39,900. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Deluxe GE Appliances, Skylights & More

KENSINGTON PLACE on Grand River 1-96 to exit 153 across from Kensington Metropark

Call B r u c e (248)437-2039

In Wixom HUGE SELECTION of Pre-Owned Homes • 2&3 Bedrooms • 1-2.5 Baths • Appliances »Immediate Occupancy at

Beautiful COMMERCE MEADOWS on W i x o m Rd., 4 miles north of 1-96

Call Ted (248) 684-6796


$414*/mo. New 16' wide 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Many extras.

$299/mo. Site Rent 1 st Year •$2117 down. 360 payments. 12% A. P.R.

Call Anne Quality Homes (248) 474-0333

MMt>M8M > one d O d l w - 3

a wet neignborheed 8*8. 1 1 W 4 1 4 4 or 313-721-SOW

"W" W




LoceMd r f c a h a a r t al

' i "«nMwd Va't i D 1 N K C R LI



246447 7321 * 1 0 - » 0 8 4 » * 1


TN» Continued on Page Q2.


IN WIXOM OPEN HOUSE Sat. & Sun. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Great Selection ol Pre-Owned Homes From $7500 Immediate Occupancy

New Multisections from $39,900 • 3 bedrooms

• 2 Ful Baths • Deluxe GE Appliances

• Immediate Occupancy At B e a u t i f u l

Stratford Villa Wixom Road 3.S miles North of I - %

Call Patricia Henry


In W h i t e L a k e

SKYLINE MODEL SALE 16' wide from $27,900 1500 sq. ft. from $45,900 3 bedrooms. 2 baths, deluxe G E appliances, skylights & more

$ 1 9 9 / m o . - 2 Yrs. Site Rent Special at

Cedarbrook Estates on M-59 % m i l e w e s t of B o g i e L a k e Rd.

(248)887-1980 Call Joyce Kensington Area

1n R o m u l u s

MODEL SALE 16' wide from $29,500 over 1500 sq.ft. from $45,900 • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths • GE Appliances • Skylights FREE Site RentIt* Year $ 199/mo. -2nd Year On New Models

In C a n t o n

HURON ESTATES On InksHer Rd 3 ml. Sol Eureka off 1-275

Call J a n i c e (313)762-4422


SPRING R E N T ? SAVINGS! O N L Y • 3 bedrooms. 2 bathe • G E appliances • Skylights

14" wide from $17,900! Over 1400 sq.ft. multisection from $41,900

3 Year Site Rent Special


M MM 4


on Napier Rd. off Grand River just west of Wixom Rd. Call J o h n (248) 344-1988

M d i e n a tot* d eaaae k w r r

S i i ^

laeo-iaa8811988-^ 983-1884 CENTURA*

Novi Meadows

246-T476600 OAKCRCST CONOO - Fartrandon MR* By Owner 2 bedroom . 2 ba*v 2 car M n a « O p e n Sen., 1-3 $140 000 («t0)


O ^ ' V o

Many P r e - O w n e d Homes A l s o Available at

New Model Sale

NOVI ftanotatred j a r a n i l y t ^ o k j a i « * oomnHTdy 3 Bedroom. 2V* d aMdLt gaa ftreptaca. security a. a * , iI ddubhouee. huga f u l aa.


Oaeoftee M l 3 bedroom Homa SpatMus LMng room aMi M M l » c-ec* hoga aaehwn trtT M M space. doorwM to dec*, central « r ttMched » ear g a r a g e $79800

•$1,640 Down. 360 Payments, 12% A P R

Brighton/New Hudson

$172,900 A M tar BOB LAMKM (248) 9604806 Century 21 M i n n




t « 2 y ^



a a M H f r i M M f t a a « a S « tuaaawiwara aMMMaaa. P*aa rnrai ia. 2 car ga-age

Paay or Gary •

Real Eitate Services


s s j r S S S

m m n m ' 8184608* P M M Pi

POWLERVRXB - 4 acre*. 1300 aa. ft. homa BlM r 188*. 1 apM remarrg. 28 x 56 G M v M r o d bam $i69.90C' OuMftad buyer* only c M (517) 546-2601



In Novi

JJ (313) 525-7900 CASTELLI

I p i e a d oui on r t a ^ l ^ a t r e M ftpeCoianirMMi

Century 21 Towne PridB (313) 326-2600

16'Wide 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, Deluxe GE Appliances, Skylights & more. Only $30,900

Hosarvn C l e m e n t i n e M a x B r o o c k , inc ( 2 4 8 ) 6 4 6 - 1 4 0 0 or 8 1 5 - 0 9 9 6


372 V4

LATHRUP VILLAGE Exclu*lv* mglewood Complex Greatroom wfth vaulted cedkyg end marble fireplace almond Idldian wfth hardwood ftoor. first floor laundry, anached 2 car garaga. freahed baaament immaculate move-in condMon. For a private showing cal...

i Booes

313-459-6000 garaga 887.100


F i m j O O

C O L D U U e L i .

FOUR BEDROOM HOME Only $29,900 CENTRAL OUTLET 1400-432-2525 Opan 7 day*

5149/mo, site rent 1st Year $24»mo. site rent 2nd Year

CENTURY 21 HARTFORO (248) 4 7 8 4 0 0 0



Pre*sned, Realtors


2 '4 bath. 810488-1877

JUST LOOK IN SOE! Over 1B0C aq.ft ranch wfth 3 bedroom*, 2 b a r * , drang room, fireplace m family room. deck, garage, centra* air . i a n $108,900

B^a r 2nd b a d n o m wMay Mad — * 8144 BEACH U8


ONLY$321'/mO. House P a y m e n t on New Skyline Model


FARMINGTON Watch the streem How by from vas 1st floor. 1 bedroom condo In a serene setting Just a thort ckstance from b o T dowrilown and uptown Fanrengton $66,900 Please a M lor JIM MECH

DRAMATIC COLONIAL o d e n 3 Bedrooms. 1.5 batha. fcnished baeement. oantral air. 2 car attached garage, updated kitchen, lamily room wfth fireplace • newer root $117,500


246-474-0320 OR 248-4744333


In Novi

FARMINGTON HILLS - $259,900, 3 bedroom*. 2.5 bath*, baeement. drect accees garaga nice coreMon OneWay Reefty 248-473-5500

r f iaketronl f i ' " '3 badroom.



little M a

Ctoee to rreryrfang 1.53 rafting acree aunoundad by treee 3 bedroom. oak Itoora and much more.

SPACIOUS OPEN FLOOR PLAN! 3 bedroom ranch, nam—rai decor rvoughout cathedral caftngs 4 skytgtM. e a H n kachen. K m g room wr


10% down. 240 months al $225 1 0 5 5 APR

FARMINGTON HILLS - CroeeMndt 2 bedroom, v t b a r . feniahed baae_ 31120 Country Opan Sun. 1 4 . Way, BKIg (810) 788-2008 $126,900.

Private laka

Town and EMU1 $129,000 Dec* T l*20HL«





CASH FOR PROPERTIES ai Red lord Twp. 4 eurroundng suburban t u p to 160.000 A a ^ a r t a a s d 31*427-7388

14 a 70 BENOUX 2 bodroome - 2 b a r * central M . p r e m M n M remedial* o a x p e n c y


I I V O N IA - Darfcng condo. updaied kftchen 4 b a r . 2 Bedrooms, living 4 drang room* KM baeement convenient to shopping censer By owner $60,000 (810) 3*8-5143



$449 a m o n r . includes houee payment 4 let rent LITTLE VALLEY HOMES

TRAVERSE CfTY area on Efc Lake. 2 bedroom condo. 2 b a r * , garage, b o e i s k p W M managed a d M B a * lor fts i children. 400 sandy beech, tennis Equipment supplied for ting, weter sports. B*mg. more. W M . to E * Rapid*. 313-769-2300


Aak About Our Homes On Your Lol


FARMINGTON HILLS - Crowvnnds Ranch Condo A l new upgrades L C . Financing AvadebM $149,900 (248) 661-3013


GREAT OPPORTUNITY! I«a in one i M and rent r e other or |u*t u a e a e t meatmen. 2 - 2 bedroom u n a t hardnood ftoore. many madhanM t 4 coameac updatea M baaament and Mftc. aaperata eraranoa* tar






, Vubteni* Oxaty


From $135,500

Elegant 3 bedroom Large: kvtng, lemdy room 4 porch Large lot on lake in Hillsdale County ,300 TOLL FREE 886-227 27-2977


•SOUND JUDGMENT Bedroom. 2 b a r . M M M H , ww'oow av


'COMMERCE Wtaom - S b r > o o m . t M n g room, O n n g area. nook. 8 x 1 0 o e c k m front, oantral air. cathedral catknga. ceding lana r r o u g h o u t Asking $34,900 Annous to a t T (248) 884-2423

7 ftoor plan* wfth a variety d options; Ranch. Cape Cod 4 Townhouaas 2 car attached garage, ftrst floor leundry, h * Baeementl.hrat floor plus much more. BRIARWOOO VILLAGE V (810) 4 7 3 4 1 8 0

THIS is m

Other 8

My* M*" <""«* w M landecaped « wvidow aa

4 more.

Open Daily 1 - 5 3 0 Cto*ad Thureday

888-786-5700 TOLL FREE hnpV/viart-usa c o n v t i d d l c h o i c a




mamtme- 2


Best Choice Realty



central air. ckahweeher atom, dapoaal. cMhadral "wnfl * d M n g room furniture D o n l nsaa

ABANDONED REPO Huge 3 a n d 4 beoretrfeer rehiaerator a stove Low down w n j jennt WW move f n e o aaeary. C M

Tarrrengton H N

WATERFORD ranch. 2000 aq a_ 3-5 bedoom*. 3 b a r * . I f ftwwd baaamani. 2 M l $155 900'


ACT FAST! in Tnnaadi

1 — (246) 548-9100


BLOOMFIELD ——it, 3 bedrooma. i lenoed yard a more

345 ber*.

Neutral decor. 2 natural ftreptecee. 2 H car attached garage. 2 M r deck, capper plumong. 2 M batha. all a p p l i a n c e s stay $149,900 Code I49E

WESTLANO - 7880 Oorma. L M M

tea away M m etoswftw Orer 2 M C a q * M T




— 4780 a a f t S b e d o o m 2 M l a 2 haB b a * a M X artat a n t e 2 atory Ooat



14 • 70 I 2 bedoome - 2 bathe •pad * o d M

Models opening soon!


Huge family room wrtlrepiaca and doorwM to pano end tovety yard Saeement updated Mchen and 2 Mocka to park $129,900 Code 214E



Call 313-394-0000

Laka Huron cottagae. raeorts. yeer round home*, niand laka*. weekend getaway, wooded acreage, vacant l o u aweetment propertiee and twe>nae* opporturutiee

OCCUPANCY APPROXIMATELY 120 DAYS COLONIAL: 4 bedroom. 2vt b e r wfth greet vaulted and cathedral ceUng* Spectacular maaler suae wfth cuetom bay window Ceramic l i e tut bath, m a r Itoor laundry handcrafted wooden porch and radng at entry. 2 car attached garaga. Select your own traertor c o l o n and U r M t t t at bunders design center $180,920 810496-4868

313-454-4400 3 5 6



and 80 ft sandy beach lakatrontage complements t n * 4 bedroom, 4,5 Bath contemporary Onon Towrtarnp e l sports p m a l e Voorheia Lake!



I T S REAL* $13,960. 2 bedroom. relngersior window a v o

Copper Creek Condominiums ot Canton From $144,900 On Warren 4 Old Haggerty

LEXINGTON. Ml 3 y r o k l 1 3 0 0 . eq f l luxury oondo wfth MNkon Dolar view d Laka Huron. Townhouee Style $169,000 248 689-9426 M t l F O R D LAKE Shanvood 4 badroom. Private dock 2500 *q. ft., $239,500 By Owner (810)6815-0815




Pickenng Real Estate

Located on a spectacular wooded homeelte overtookmg Ihe protected nature sanctuary, thw m w r a l i v a floor pier otters specious, open lealina w t h pmiacy lor 3 bedroom*, and 2 ft* bathe on the upper level Large open kachen with Cuatom WtMo Cabmetry MINT RANCH and akyftgN. separate dining area and LIVONIA SCHOOLS large lamay room wtth ftreptaca and C M today to sas attractive Bnck cu«om mantel. Bnck extenor, pale ranch. 3 bedrooms. 1.5 bath*, laige deck, hardwood ftoore throughout front porch, baeement. 2 car attached updated. Baeement 4 g a r a g a $187,870 810488-4688 $114,000 30150 Ann Arbor Tral. Westlena C M Keryn Young a t


14 I 70 VICTORIAN B X 24 Eapando - I 11* ft

Luxurious & Unique!

Spectacular vaulted ceilings throughout this spacious 2 bedroom plus dsn home with front bey «
LOVELY 3 bedroom homa, 2 car garaga. greai r w c r b o r h o o d $1700 dowiv $ M O m a w i . 7 7 % APR, 30 yr*. 24-Hour Recorded Meeaage 1400488-5883. code 11360 Century 21 Towne Pnode

WmdHig paired street lead* to dagant 2 year old 4 bedroom, 2 5 b a r W a t e Lake contemporary on large landecaped W at new aub Entry level maater suae, ion study, a r . deck and tag garage. $219,800


BRIGHTON $149,900 UFE STYLES In • one ftoor rarer oondommaan




— tar. Moire, t U N lendscsced I * i n : s u a on oourt (no M A C ) , gutters a downipouis a much mare.


KS". '

LAKE FRONT WITH PRIVATE BEACH! 2 large great rooms wlireplace bar -level decking. 4 bedrooms i updetes. severe new home it id of schedule Orastical) •-A «2Qg goo C M M PHILLIPS . 313-280-0311




(810) 647-1898

BOTSFORD C O M M O N S ngton HBs - large m * t . I fe

LAKE FENTON - 90 I I ot frontage, greenhouee. wrap around acrean porch. Tito h u t Why drive up north when you can be 45 TWHJtes from your sianmer cartage (810) 750-4663

Occupancy within 6 0 D a y s L a k e f o r e s t ViM*0e. Watarford by. Detcor H o m e s


P«c*enng Real Estaie 313-981-3500

THREE BEDROOM RANCH t M condMon home on BeauMU id lot New rool, d many updates Ttaa houee?! »118.900



Preferred, Realtors

(810) 887-6900

r S W l

BERKLEY - 3 bedroom*. 2 h J b a r * , approumalaly 1300 eq.ft., newly 'remodeled 2nd ftoor naw roo<, lurnace central Mr 4 kilchen. home oMce. hardwood t l o o n updetes r r o u g h o m $137,500 246-389-2291

a r s s i a s r " " s « s i



Lagacy. Inc.

area so i M No graae to c t f and cool 120 ON M sports prtvate lake. 3 bed- M n g w«h Central Air standard! Large rooma. 2 baths 3 car oarega. gor and roomy 2 badroom ixvt* with 2 geouel Wafted Laka School* No skylights and lots ol window* 2 M a v e r t s $272,000 (248) 383-*580 bathe, large Itang room w l h fireplace huge lanwy room wfth wals ti »anBEAUTIFUL. 2 lamily located on <*y dow* and a m a m m o r soad l u i baaaot S t Clatr boat harbor; * boat wefta; ment prappad lor third b a r . p u a w s * lo S t O m i mn or go« course 14>10 deck and a private courtyard al $17,800 income. Ownar m» accept r e entrance lo Snreh o« aa you me down peyrn r« 4 hctd land corv and m aetata aizad 2v» oar attached have unda lo ftt yen* tract $185,000. Sedous inquiries (313) 416-8176 only occupancy schedules and 2 are ready now!! (unds 124 and 125) Contact COTTAGE NEAR RICHARD BUTTE, The TRAVERSE CTTY, wntenzed 2 bed- Group 810-2294288 U room ooltage near US-131, ha* 60 IL wood C o n d o m n w n s are direct water Iroraage on Parch Lake m l e W e e t o t r a he Bnghton Grand Rwer $67,800 C a l PEG HATCH E M ofl 1-88. Take Ta G w d Rrrer west CENTURY 21 LAKESIDE itoward* Howwl) red) o n e ™ * and we're Todfree: 1488-264-5611 on Ihe M l Model open deny 12-4pm Mon - Sat.. Sundays 2 - 5 p m GAYLORD - OTSEGO LAKE CLOSED WEDNESDAYS 3800 sq ft., ol lu»ury on 141 laat of pnme sendy Beach frontage. 4-5 bed- CANTON 7486 Chamngton 4 badrooms. 3 baths and magnificent sun- room Townhouaa a**rounded by sets' $479,900 (517) 732-931* trees 2 5 b e r beeement. 1st ftoor laundry $229,900. HILLSOALE REMODELED 2 bad- HELP-U-SELL (313) 454-9536 room college on s m a l M tports lake, large lot. land contract terms, $50900 313 722472S

Oakland C o n n t y



HIGHLAND HILLS ESTATES ' Located North d G i Baatay n NOM. IhaB M I way batw Haggerty a M * a — * i " i r *


C O L D U J e L L

L a b M

THOMPSON-BROWN (248) 539-8700

WASHINGTON TWP - 1759ecyft.. 3 bedroom. 1'4 b a r Tn-level on beauMul 80x200 treed lot, 2-4 car garage, suiroom. maintenance tree Romeo school* $174 900 810-781-3996

P r u d e n t i a l

SOUTHFIELD - By Owner $87,900 3 Bedroom ALL NEW - naKtotouL Land CorWract? 2aro Down? Term* (810) 9866204


BUILDERS MOO€L CLOSE-OUT 3200 sq fl. 4 badroom, 2 * b a r . 3Vt car garage aptlt level on prolataonaty landscaped estate s u a lot n Romeo schools Master SUM wrth iacuz«. tormal cftnmg room. IMng room, famfty room wfth ftreptaca. den. bonus room, 90 • hanaca. air. alarm, intercom, central vac prep. burfHn appliances ceramic, h a r d w o o d ftoore. ate immedtaae occupency $355,000 C a l lor appointment (810) 786-6300

4943 HUNT 3 bedroom ranch, mechanic's dreem. aerage. naw root and windows i « 4 900 HELP-U-SELL (313) 454-9636

YOU'VE GOTTA SEE THIS ONE' BaauWU home ai popUar Fairgrove Sub' new carpasng loyar caTadral caMnga. part-«ha sailing m badtyar a » > r spat level deck, many updates $167^00 Call ERIC HOKE


M a r a a b Comity


CASTELLI & LUCAS (313) 453-4300

TROY SMALL ESTATE 3 wooded acre* ot aerenfty aetacer* 10 WoodMnds o l Troy Fsabirss a 2000 s q ft Bnck ranch wfth 3 badrooms. 3 hreplacaa and many upgrade* Troy schools $425,000 By owner 810-412-1968

Over 2400 sq n. «> IMS 6 badroom rawed ranch situated on a Beai4*ui 9 •ere lot. Fu6-ww« Bnck fireplace m lamSy room Central air Eri(oy tha vtaw from every window $149,500

SkyWt I UIMsfl • -nook, two story loyer w t r hanNiood ftoor*. garaga. storsos area, and ftret ftoor laundry $220 000 (CHE) CRANBROOK ASSOCIATES. INC ASK FOR CAROC J A 0 0 6 Y (810) 8 6 6 - 2 2 0 0


TROY, Bloomfield fl|feScho<*s 3000 aq_ I V bedroorrV4 b a r Engasn Tudor w/tull Baaament 110*210 lot on p*rkHKa sedma on atde-sac By Owrwr $349.000«flar (810) 6*1-5932

MELROSE STREET - $2000 down 3 bedrooma. baaemant. garaga $85,000 $3800 closing c o s u $612 a mo inekidaa Uuras 4 mauranca 8 % 30 year land contract Btdcfciee 6-9-97 MW-Tnumb Oaalty 810-646-2121

NEW C O N S T R U C T I O N - Juat waMng lor you to rmwe In. Thta home

3 be»oom ranch w«h attaohad 2 car garags 4 ftnsr»d Daasmenr. newer root 4 wlndowa. large kving room 4 kitchen. $79,900

SMALLOWBROOK $1339/mo Specteater Speniah ranch m dae*aHa sub Qiael n a t f t t o l x w l slatoorate landscaping 4 mora' 10% down r * \ APR. 30 y e a n CRANBROOK ASSOCIATES 24 Hour H c * n e <8681487-8300

FOUR BEDROOM colonial. T* b a r e . d M n g room, lamiy room wmss ftreptaca. oanbal aa wai mamlamed. $158,900. 1810) 3564506

A8 aporta Long L * a trontaga. 3 badrooma. 1.5 b a r e Great a o u T a m views Attached 8 hardwood $209,900

• nearly one


RANCH. APPROXIMATELY 2300 i q ft lamNy room «w»replece. Sving room drena room. 1el ftoor laundry, huge W c h w n . 2 " 4 b a r s . 3 bedroom. Z n cat attached garage lower level, large 6*. mucn more (8101 510-1512 $270 000

CRANBROOK VILLAGE $1i67flno. 0 % dn BTiam sctuois 4 t * m . neutral decor. hardwood Are 6 more MART BROS $677/mo. 3% down, 3 n ranch, acre lot q u e l s»ae< GREENWAY ESTATES $132CWno. 0% dn. BTiem schools. Bwauttful contemporary ranc* wMh axtanaroa u»s o l ^a>M r * APR. 30 y e a n CRANBROOK ASSOCIATES 24 Hour Haffne 1888)487-6300



OPEN SUN . 1 TO 4 beauMul 2350 aq *. 3 bedroom Ti b a r cotcre* on large treed, lenced lot Newer oak Kitchen a* neutral decor $219,900 683 THUHBER (2*8) 619-2389




OPEN SUN 1-4 By Ownar - 2910 H * Updated. Ireeh 4 badroom. 2-4 B a r coionial on large comer kX Pre approved only please No resMors jTCTaoO (248) 689-9122



Page' (810) 881-723*

n tna 3 bedroom, l * B e r brie* cok>raM on laiga prwala lot wah paao 4 BBO Family room, baaament garags $124,500

BaauMuty mertemed c o l o n * ovar 2400 square teal 4 Badrooms large opan Mcftar I w m and tam»y room fomW « w u . «nt pro<»»*
4 6 4 - 7 1 1 1

Ota, T4 b a r e . 2 ftreplacws. buHt-m a i ' TV. puabig green, pond. 2 wet bars. 3 car garage Dreahad wafc-ou $480,900 C M (810} 360-0*50 ERA COUNTRY RIDGE REALTY


N ot Wattle* W ol Cooadge O * Rwar Sub 4 oedroom colonial 3480 sq H . 3 5 0 4 6 * . large tamay room < 3 b * o l K e . ftrnafted baeemeni T * i car attacfied oerage p r e r r w n M . mucnmora $439,900 810641-9006



BLOOMFIELD HtLLS 2 4 b a r . townhouaa Rraplaca. kacneri apptancaa. wahoul CaasmsnL 2 car g M g a . $196,000.

ROW (313)


538 Nawbuma Potnta 4 M a r old condo 1900 sq.ft . \jpper u r i 2 Bedrooma. 2 U Bathe Many many aobaal $207,000 (SIO) 462-9871


C O N T E M P O R A R Y 3 0 0 0 aq.ft 2-abvy. 4 bedroom., 2-4 Ow* tormel M n g i


B C A i m P U U V O e C O R A T t D home W t r Commerce L s * a p r t i i s g s s Wood ftoore 214 B a r s . 3 bedrooms opan ftoor plan wfth ftm«r»a baaament. Muat see. (248) 3 8 0 4 6 8 6

Tlas 3 Badroom rencn can M p j o u aaka . # 10 home oememnipi O i x * * a d McTien 4 B a r . naww «vx)c-«v par-

COLONIAL. BY o w n * 4 betfrooma. 2-4 batte. on o i da aac Somanat




M M . torn* M n g room, d b t r g i. 1st koo- «und>> and g>»ai I w t h nrepece Many eatraa

Huge aat-m keener war. naw (2*8) 584-4363 Evwe(248) 2984736 M l bethe. 2 car garaoa sH«i.. pane. IMahad baaamani N h i M kachen w t r a | * * a n c e * 8x12 pantry BLOOMFIEUJ H L L S and 2 roome 1Q> 12 8 l a i l O could be BY OWNER - OPEN SUN 12-6 tt> I » badroom or r H e w e

VooMfklkd Lake/






c o m e r of



A Haggerty

Call Pete (313) 397-7774

$4497mo. You Can Own Your Home New 3 bedroom, 2 bath, over 1450 sq ft. multisection. Many upgrades.

Free Site Rent - 1st Year *300 payments. 11.8% A.P.R., $2362 down

CaHBryca Quality Hon»$



THURSDAY, J U N E 6 , 1 9 9 7


Real Estate One

llunl Ii state

f r o m








I n :

N a t i o n a l R e l o c a t i o n a n d R r il i M a t e \ l


6 8

(. r a i n ' s i U - l r o i l I ' a i M i u •

Kt'.ll I -l.ltr I *IU' I .HUllv i'l ••

I lie


I Malt


aa •„* ill


BUILDER'S MODEL! Contemporary model with open floor plan, 2 , 7 5 0 sq. f t . master suite with 2 walk-in c l o s e t s . Custom kitchen with extra large nook area. First floor laundry. Full b a s e m e n t . $298,900 (23N08192) 313-455-7000



FARMINGTON HILLS SOFT CONTEMPORARY CAPE COO in gated community of Ramblewood. Lawn care is done for you. Spacious 1st floor master with jacuzzi, gourmet kitchen and professionally finished lower level. $292,900 (VAL) 248-345-6430

CLASSIC COLONIAL! 4 bedroom. 3 ^ bath. Family room with brick fireplace. Solid oak c a b i n e t s in kitchen with doorwall leading t o deck wrth hot tub. Full finished b a s e m e n t . Central sir and attic fan. $269,900 (23W09477) 313-455-7000

CUSTOM BUILT. Updated throughout. 4 bedrooms. 3 baths, oak kitchen, formal dining room, fireplace, partially finished basement, two car garage, one acre lot. (R935)


NO ONE No Century 21 Company.



WONDERFUL DUMBARTON PINES HOME. Newer hardw o o d floors in foyer, kitchen, family room, dining room, finished basement with beautiful oak shelves, s h a r p deck with hot tub. 4 bedrooms, 2% baths. $249,900 (ALT) 2*8-348-6430


BACKS TO NATURE! Pretty 4 bedroom, 3 . 5 bath Colonial b a c k s t o 3 0 0 a c r e nature preserve. Neutral decor. Finished b a s e m e n t - possible teen/in-law suite. Open floor plan - great for entertaining.

No Prudential Company.





No Coldwell Banker Company.




INSIDE THE CITY! Historically registered home in t h e heart of Plymouth. 3 bedrooms. I i bath with many u p g r a d e s including kitchen, central air, electrical, plumbing, roof shingles ar>d hot water heater. S191.900 (23M00391) 313-455-7000

NEW! NEW! CONSTRUCTION! 3 bedrooms. 2 b a t h s and powder room. Kitchen with island, light oak cabinets. Ceramic tile on kitchen, foyer and powder room floors. B a s e m e n t , air conditioning. 2 car a t t a c h e d g a r a g e . $178,900 (23R33428) 31^455-7000


CANTON TERRIFIC CUL-DE-SAC LOCATION m a k e s this 1 9 9 4 colonial desirable. Formal living room and dining room. Large kitchen with island and breakfast area. Family room with fireplace. 3 ample bedrooms, and 2% b a t h s . $169,900 ( 23M03361) 313455-7000




CLEAN AND NEAT! Three bedroom, 2\ bath Colonial built in 1 9 9 6 . Fireplace in living room, partially finished b a s e m e n t , and a t t a c h e d t w o car g a r a g e . $154,950 (M374) 313-326-2000

PLYMOUTH RANCH! Completely redone 3 bedroom ranch with fimshed basement. Move-in condition, b a c k s t o wooded perennial garden with s t r e a m . Newer windows and doors with 2 bays. $153,900 (23H09263) 313-455-7000

END THE SPACE RACE. 2 2 9 5 sq. ft. of beautifully maintained home in a g r e a t area of Livonia. Four bedrooms, family room with natural fireplace, plus a recreation room. $144,900

OPEN FLOOR PLAN! Updates include, furnace and air. drive and garage floor, shingles, fireplace in living room, sun room with skylight, and huge basement. $128,900

IMMACULATE 4 BEDROOM BRICK, newer carpeting, windows and decorating. Large dining room, ample storage, 2k car garage with boat pad. $126,900 (C31586) 313-261-0700









HOME WARRANTY. 3 bedroom brick ranch with 4th bedroom in b a s e m e n t , updated kitchen and bath, fireplace in living room, beautifully finished basement with recreation room, central air, 2 car a t t a c h e d g a r a g e . 313-261-0700


CONTEMPORARY BI-LEVEL! 3 bedrooms, open floor plan, r e c e s s e d lighting, plant shelves, cathedral ceilings, central air, humidifier. All appliances, sprinkler system. 2 car a t t a c h e d g a r a g e . $124,900 (23R02340) 313-455-7000

m2 *



REDFORD CHOICE LOCATION. Redford brick ranch, large living room, natural fireplace, finished basement with additional natural fireplace. Updated kitchen and a family room. $119,900 (J9408) 313-261-0700

HOUSE FOR SALE! Brick ranch in Farmington Hills with newer windows. Family room o p e n s t o dining area. Remodeled kitchen, and landscaped with a f e n c e d yard. $117,711 (T23122) 313-261-0700


REDFORD SOUTH REDFORD CHARM. Tastefully d e c o r a t e d 3 bedroom brick ranch. Quiet, low traffic sub, updated kitchen, cherry wood cabinets, built-in microwave and dishwasher, finished basement and home warranty. $108,000 (025263) 313-261-0700

A MODEST HOME FOR THE FRUGAL SHOPPER. 3 bedroom, 1% bath, brick and virwl ranch, full finished basement, newer windows, roof, furnace and central air. Garage and Florida Room. S99JOO (6100) 313-326-2000





FARMINGTON HILLS ABSOLUTELY CHARMING I Mint condition, updated furnace. central ak, electrical, plumbing, windows, doors, roof, duct w o r t , sinks, faucet*, garage, driveway, car pet, hardwood floors. Double lot. 8118,900


HOMEY BRICK BUNGALOW. 3 bedrooms, new roof, new steel entry doors and storms. Professional landscape sprinklers, nice screen porch and deck, central air and all appliances. N M N (WOR) 248-477-1111



BRICK RANCH! Thousand sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 1 \ baths, partially finished basement, 1 * car detached garage, fenced yard. Across the street from elementaryschoo). $79,900 (NOR) 2464771111



MOVE RIGHT IN! This t w o bedroom condo has many updates. Fireplace in living room, skylights, new carand paint in 1995. ^





REDFdRD SUMMER ENJOYMENT! 14x32 Gunite in-ground pool. Well maintained brick ranch In a quiet Radford subdivision. Partially finished basement with lavatory and a


WOOOED SETTING! Fabulous 5 acres waiting for your dream home. Ideal court location. Ann Arbor schools Gas and electric available. Pert possible'92. $•5,000



Traverse C.ty Traverse City

THIS IS m 3 bedroom Cape Cod with library. U include vinyl windows, steel doors, h e a t e d room, mutti mlti level deck, d e c k , garden pond, 1 car 248-4 $67,880 (RV)

DETROIT LARGE FAMILY HOME. Walking distance t o school. 3 bedrooms, newer tiled flooring in kitchen, updated bathroom, full basement partly finished. Vestibule 14x14. $30,000


248 $48 6410

Wc Know This Market Like No ( )( her (]ompan\


Classifications 374 to 400


Northern Properly S T A T E L A N D on i i <* 3 room homa on 10 acr > a i l peved r d U r g a oarage covered p o r t * . dec*, aurvoom 1130.00 810-293-6221


Lots 4 Acreage/ Vacant

BUM now or bank lor me M u r e ! TMa larnaaoc 2+ acra lol won oo« KM* 4 pnvate setting at* be your treasure' 3 avaaabM $115,000 tOOOPl.)

4 A C R E S • • Mowa* actiooM Baa JMU country M i n g Only 3 iMea lo pavamam 8 98 e»preeaway entry AporonmaMly 5 maa» lo K e n l a n g n n Va6ay out tal mopping town. hoaCANTO*! - O d d 14 i 60. 2 0 M - pital. Sbrary 4 n o . « i baacf. park
Mobile B O M S


CASH F O « MOBILE HOMES Pnvata Parly Pays V Casn For Mobile Homes ~ Same Day Closing 18101 363-0999 • 1517| 345-4511 CHAMPION 14X70 • 2 Dedrooma, 2 full bams central air large KUcTien baauW'jWy landscaped, large aummg patw w d e slaps 313-416-9671 FARMINGTON ADULT par* 16*60 naw Fleetwood. Irani M c n e n 2 bad•oom 1 Dam By appointment onfy Can move n 1248) 846-9434

NEW HUDSON 1972 Regent $ 2 5 0 0 . m u d sen 2 Ballroom ecpanaed living room newly painted pool and
Cttae c i Bee* Rd Terms J A Blocn 8 Co.-Gacti Really 810-559-7430 BRIGHTON SCHOOLS - Two 1 acre k*a. wooded p e « e d approved, ready lo build L a n d contract available (810) 229-7887


A — * — — 810-414-7514 LakaTliver Resort Property HOUGHTON LAKE - 2 bedroom log nside'vinyi outside Encelent corv*tioni Sandy Beach on pnme westshore dnve Sewers Completely furnished R e a d y to m o v e - i n ' $107,000 (810) 476-0102

HOWELL 10 co»«ilry acres on 1 rrula pnvate road, north o l town parked $64900 " (810)629-4182 HOWELL CRANBROOK ESTATES Psnialy wooded 1'-» acre w a * - o u lot on cul-da-aac Paved road. Undargro«*id utaibes (248)437-1594

PINCKNEY AREA - K acre laketrort walkout loi on a l sports lake i J 6 It ironiaga «i a« new dsvetopmenl $169,900 810-474-7522

HOWELL - Two lovely 10 acta parcels wdh spkts available lor $60,000 e a c h Horses alowed C a l VICKY STOLE at (810) 227-4600 ext 328 The Michigan Group Realtors

Northeni Property ANTRIM COUNTRY 4 92 BeeukkX Acres with t x A k u e d d e a n n g ideal c e m p n g spot Close to Stale Land $9,900. $500 down $ l 3 t t m o . r i % Land Contract Northern Land Company 1-800-966-3118 www northamiandco com CHEYBOGAN. wM s a l 4 or txaM 180x400 on Laka Huron Spectacular view ot Mac bndga. ate Drive way in. budding sue approved Into (8101 437-7401

• • H A N N E T T - W I L S O N

ORU»*«OND ISLAND - 3 bedroom ranch, attached garage 156" lake trontage-on bay New w e l 4 secec on Tounst Rd $159 900 810^08-5^27

N O R T H V I L L E . CITY. BuUdaOle waacout lot W e l estatrtshed sub<»v<• o n Walk lo schools 4 downtown (248)449-3117

H R 6

ELK RAPIDS area Lake Ml frontage 150" wooded 4 pnvate owner $225,000 terms, (616)699-2150 EXCITING custom butfl 4 bedroom log home Kitchen to d«e tor privacy a 32 acres Easy access to 1-75, S ol West Branch 517-654-3406


• • • •

HARBOR SPRINGS Roaring Brook Assoc BeauMU wooded lot - oeach -ights For sale by owner $67,500 Ca* (810) 752-9816

Call RAY or ANNA 248-442-7700

PERRY 9 beaunfu lots R a e N n t Subdhnsion. Perry schools wis 2 m W of M - 5 2 Terms C a l Rae (517)625-4221

Dramatic waterfront acreage with power and e x c e l e n t year-round access from winch to explore Ihe pnstine unfiehed trout s t r e a m s a n d a O u n d a n t w i l d e r n e s s of Michigan s Upper Peninsula Husy Real Estate C a l 1-800-SEE-HUE"Y Emaa: UPlakes e a o l com

Walnut Brook Estates Located mat E of Pins Trace G o * Course n Rochester Hlfls Profeana*y designed development * i a of homes valued at w e l over $600 000 Offers a nalaoia sas to

Chris Lee

MT P L E A S A N T ' Yes M l PI • S t a r r BEAU P R C . kneel a e t a r f i U ooratommwart homes featuring Conan

CMU. caame. g o * * takes From t i e SiSOs Model et I 2 3 * . e < » $17-773-33J5 517-778.1381



FREE and

One Bedroom Two Bedroom

• • • • •

SIMPLE T u r n D a y s ot F r u s t r a t i o n into M i n u t e s o l Successful Searching Farmmgton Rochester Royal Oak Watartord Novi SouOifteid Carton Troy Cllnlon Twp. Ann Arbor Dearborn

810-932-7780 810-652-6615 810-547*172 810-332-0162 810-348-0640 810-364-8040 313-961-7200 810-680-9090 810-791-84*4 313-877-3710 313-271-4028

• J


E ot 1275 -

$200 ReOate

FABULOUS TOWNHOUSES • Luxury 2 4 3 Bedrooms'?-) balhs • 1500 Sq Ft • A l appkancas r c u k i g washer d-yer and tends • Heaafi Club. ape. pool and t e r n s • Kidde piaytot • Near C f y y t m Technology Career • Fumshed 4 gnorMarm unts

• • • •

1 4 '4 Bath Stove 4 Refrigerator Dohwaahar 4 Disposal Central AtfUaet

• • • •

Convenient Parking Laundry tacMies Pool 4 Clubhouse Sorry, no pets!

313-455-7440 ' On Selected Units

(248) 852-7550 WESTBURY VILLAGE



BeTween A u b u n M - 5 9

BARCLAY HOUSE Apartments. Wesaand Extra large t Bedroom Q u a t air Heat included. $460 $4a0mx> 313-421-8710

1 4 2 Bedrooms t Bedroom with den Peacefutr'reiaxing surrouncfengs BeauNtd gardsn environment ConveraentTieajiCy shopping

BIRMINGHAM - 2 bedrooms. 1400 Cnmptatei, updated 4 a* NEW' Lower una In town Largs open layout $130tVmo 810-528^110

Worry tree living R e m wen us . CALL


4 uraqua



BIRMINGHAM Laraa. 2 bedroom OUMI b u M n g . A8 appkancaa ceneat m Laundry tacMlea. Storage No pe*s $895 mo 810-6*9-2665 BIRMINGHAM large 2 M I s i * t e a a a . 6 m o n tmi et ] left, last H l heat e •* W O i i n o includes (248) 254-7196

40 acres of pond 4 tree-scape terenny Rasorl-like pool 4 sunoeck I Beautiful park-like nature 4 . logging Iran Luxurious, spacious 4 xinovalive 1 bedroom apartment with aBunoant atoraga Large 2 Bedroom apartment I complete w«h t u l sue washer 4 a dryer. 2 bathrooms, extra large d o a e u . eat-m kitchens • 4 pnvate entrance Carports are included Lighted tennis courts 4 • v o l e y b a t area


Spacious 2 Bedroom townhouaa. 2 levels with private entrance Fiom $525 (SHORT TERM LEASES AVAILABLE I FEATURES:



• • • |> •

• I

I CALL TODAY | 1(810) 474-25101 •

L i m i t e d Availability

9 Mile 4 Drake

313-274-4765 D E A R B O R N HTS - PethamrOuter Dnve B e a u t * i i 1 bedroom, new b a r 4 kitchen A l a p p l e n c e e S f U n o Nee (313) 522-1811



LOCATION! Spaoous 1 and 2 Bedroom Apartments!

4 Fu8y Eoueped Kuchen. with Pantry Generous L w n g 4 Dirvng areas O v e n u e d Ooorweas i Closets and Wan-m



area C o r y atixko. Wak-m doeeL prvcondrbonmg. • knmedate oorxpancy 1 $ 4 ^ ' ^ Spectacular iw«que property at pnma INCLUOES HEAT t l o l location tSa««rt>sa4 Adams) Forest, • w a n 9 m o toaae EHQ C a l rawne. n * wah gorgeous mmun trees at.(Si0)M (ted 4 wrxts pmes. ( 0 rear otd shagback mcaoiy. Mack wafeiuL butternut. BIRMINGHAM MANORS - 1 bedCherry. aoc«e p a p i s and o a * even room Newly decorated, terrace aa. a a m a l absent) The • a on-ave- ~ mafcon property tor nature lowers W 11 I I u 4 atoraga Shop « n e . Neartr ® acree mat can be t p n mso 3 liking parcels Homa on ana at c a a era Ca» 246-846-8777 tor mors $575,000 ( M . M « UPTOWN Large 2 4 HANNETT-WILSON ar 4 appk6 WHITEHOUSEW nctuded M 6 ( y m o L a r a 842-1820 A 9 M : (810) 646-6200 |S10) 844-3232

Washer 4 Dryer Available O o e e to Shopping v e t Our Models TCkM, F a m n g n n Rd 1 block sou*! of 8 late 246-474-2864

FARMINGTON HILLS 2000 SQ FT OF PURE LUXURY OA»6N WEEKENDS Elegantty designed 2 or 3 bedroom ranch or 3 bedroom townnousee. baths . whirlpod tub. full basement. 2 car attached garaga 2 YEAR LEASES ONLY F R O M $1750




FARMINGTON HILLS SPACIOUS 1. 2 & 3 Bedroom Apts. Townhomes From $810 e Tennis Courts • Swimmtno Pool • HEAT INCLUDED Hunters Ridge 810-851-0111 Sat Sun

10-5 12-5

Farmmglon H * s HAPPINESS « . . . moving mto a cozy 1 bedroom apartment and oenmg $$$ oil rend V e r t c a N 4 Carport n d u d e i — $200 00 Secuiry O e p o a « . ^ H Cedarbroctie Apia (810) 478-0322

810-477-7774 F A R M M O T O N HILLS L a m e 1 Bedroom tpertment June Special l & M n o i MO B E O J W T Y oepoarr 810-473-1395 FARMINGTON HILLS Sublet 2 bedroonva b a n pm aaa entrance earp o r t balcony A I a l a t l i NOW o e g a r 810 408-0077 Eves 810 442-7302









M O D E L S A r r i v e d !

SeAati^uf Saxmir


tfmr-Ronxdllintf Fam/tp


An excellent Manufactured Home Community Wc otter spacious rental lots. beautiful clubhousc. tennis courts & healed pool Near shopping, dining «r g O t V Cloec to beaches! Come home to C h a r l e v o i x (800) Q6685 M - 6 6

E s t a t e s

2 5 2 - 3 7 8 9

North • Charlevoix, M l 4 9 7 2 0



kerns tSall

ARar 8 p m








Townhouses & Apartments from $ 7 9 9 • FREE FULL SIZE WASHER 4 DRYER • 1700-2700 sq. H • GaragesCarpons • Manred Entrance!

A c n « v » me comfort you s o ® • deserve a! a price that meets your § " n e e d s From $465 per month • ( R e l a x >n a spacnus apt. i o c a t e d | aiust minutes from downtown _ • Plymouth Heat 4 water included I | Be a part of our community •

Small Pet Section

23275 Rrversids Dnve Southfield, Mehigan

From $605 I-75 and 14 Mae Opposite Oakland Mali

SOUTHFIELD - A beauMul apadoua 1 bear com apt overlooking picturesque ravine Must see to appreciate includes stove, refrigerator, washer 4 dryer $6CCnno . utilities Call days 313-531-1611 SOUTHFIELD at 13 Mile Immaculate 3 bedroom. 2 fu* baths, air appliances 1300 sq It carpeted, carport $9SOrno 248-356-2426 SOUTHFIELD - 9 Mile 4 Telegraph 1 bedroom $400 includes heat, weler 4 appliances Available J u t . 4th 246-355-0009

Between Ann Artior TryAnn Arbor fla

• 1 & 2 Bedrooms • Washer/Dryer in each unit e Window Treatments s Dishwasher • Air Conditioned • Walk to Downtown s Easy Access to 1-275

From $495 Warren. M c h West side ot Mound Rd. Just N ot 13 Mile Opposite GM Tech Center



SSS Wakefield Apenmants ' 2 bedroom starting al $770 3 bedroom starting at $795 Ask about our move-m special (on a p p r o v e d c r e d n ) . Call today 1 810-3S6-378C TROY I ROYAL OAK Full Spectrum Selection At Amber Apartments Pef' — Ami (248) 280-1700 MpywwwamberapLoom



R u f f l e



i S o u t h Lyon A r e a Rani from

• S w i m m i n g pool,

clubhouse » FREE HEAT

L e t

Y o u r



Jofin R between 13 4 14 Mile 248-588-1486


MILFORO RIVER VIEW Apartments • 2 bedroom apartments recen&y remodeled. $eOOrmo cost to town w*eat (248) 885^)587

Spaaoue 1 4 2 bedroom hoorplans from Ihe low $500s

Contemporary Euroatykng throughout m d u d n g rv-tecfi kachen. o p e n floor plan, track hgheng. ndMdual washerar dryers and more Exciting wooded


trench K e n to dsn. onN $750 HEAT 4 CARPORT NCLUDEDw*h vertical bttnde central air. neutral carpel, covered p a r k i n g Great NorthvWe vskie $605 EMO For your personal appointment, please ce« (810) 347-1690






A O V E B T I S . N C





1 & 2 Bedrooms from $460

Sensational S o u t h Lyon • 1 5 2 bedroom Apartments e Carports e Fabulous location e Social activities CALL NOW!! 810-437-1223

















QUIET COMMUNITY CHARMING PARK-LIKE SETTING verticals. P o d Walk to Shopping Dishwasher 4 Disposal Central Am 4 Heeling

Oil Ann Aitax Roe*. 1 block weal o l Sheldon (next to frg Boy) OPEN MONDAY - FRIOAY, 9-5 SATURDAY. 12-4


T R O Y !

and 2 b e d r o o m with d e n : •HEAT & WATER INCLUDfD • 24-hour laundry center


- Convenient underground parking with elevators • Walk-in closets & pantries

(810) 624-6606

• Convenient location-Minutes from Somerset CoHedton, Birmingham and Troy business district 1 BEDROOM FROM $675 1 BEDROOM FROM $745

OPEN M o n Fri 10

ROYAL OAR • 1 bedroom 13 M8e

3 6 2 - 0 3 2 0

South of Big Beaver o n Troy C e n t e r Dr. b e t w e e n I-75 & Crooks Rd & Somerset Collection

H i l l s

appaenoe carpeted carport 4 f810)


5 Minutes to Downtown Royal Oak Newly.lUnovafcd 1 & 2 Badroom Aportmentj In Trot Featuring HEAT INCLUDES (mt-brt mmysr** Sfoaotn Roorpiom *«ti extra doMK I ' Seadonttar dvUmm antfc htiwn (Mf«r. tadoof mqattbdl I tfo • Pool vith ootaHsfl. URtdad Ikotti • CoB 4 gaol (isfls stkomt i lo 1-75,1-4*. • Short-*r« learn




RBTTALS FXOM $6M Off of Roctmtar Rd A Sou* (-75 befwean 15 8. 16MkMs mTny ( 2 4 8 ) 6 8 9 - 3 0 9 0 //www ifflogtgrMnaftuwn n 10-7,5«». f-5, S«n 12-5 ot I

o t n t e ?t&£o*n Krtchen w/cinette


" • • • • •

O a m v f & M Heai Pool Laundry Facilities Intercom Air ConcMorang O o e e To Shopping 8 Eipresawey • Window Treatment***™ Bands 1 Bedroom $505. 2 Bedroom $S45


ROYAL OAK DOWNTOWN F u l * turrvshed aaxKo apartment, in quwt secured comple* $480 mortTi plus aeourtty dapoea Vou pay atactnc, we pay heat No pew. Laundry Mies OtI-street parking ava4at)le Minimum income requirement, $25,000 (810) 2S8-6200

(313) 721-0500 Apartments


BIRMINGHAM • Monthly FurmsneO mtioueawarea phone, litem s $ laundry facilities Cieanng serWESTLAND vice available 810-649-2299 WAYNE/FORD RD AREA Spaoous 1 and 2 bedroom courtyard apartments near ahoppmg 8 enpreaa- BIRMWOHAM'ROYAL OAK ways Other amenities include F u r n i s h e d _Apts. . Newly renovated kitchens • Carpeting • Monthly Leases . Free Heat • lmme


tone &!00e " 0 «





SUNDAY ISSUE: • Real Estate & /®artment Display acflE3:00pm Thursday 'Z • X R e a l Estate & Jflartment Liners JpOpm Thursday THURSDAY ISSUE: e Real Estate Display 3:00pm •



w o i

e t « i

rffuvUmuUi Cherry Hill Club Is a Luxurious peaceful Community We have spacious floor plans with large private patios and balconies, beautrtui landscaping, mature Irees and a neighborhood atmosphere. 1 a n d 2 B e d r o o m A p a r t m e n t s start at $ 4 6 9 . security deposit $ 2 0 0 for qualified

Great Living













• Super Value







LOW M O V E IN COSTS 2 Bedroom Apartments






























2 Bedroom l „ m * 5 7 0


$350 Deposit F R E E H E A T and C O O K I N G G A S Dishwashers • Vertical Blinds • 1 1/2 Baths Central Air e Pool • Laundry & Storugr- • Tennis Carport • Clubhouse • Cable Ready


K n o b I n T h e Woods


( 8 1 0 ) 3 5 3 • 0 5 8 6



S a t - S u n : 11-5

( 3 1 3 ) 4 5 5 - 4 3 0 0




Colonial Court Apartments Birmingham's Best Gets Better > 2 Bed'oom Apartments or

Mon-Fri: 9-5:30




Located adjacent ro naturally wooded Hines Park, economical, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and townhouses. Comfortable living with air conditioning, private balconies, huge closets, heat included. Also Cable TV, and 2 swimming pools. SMART stop at the front entrance.

Newburgh between Joy & Warren

A p a r t m e n t s





5 minutes

• Electronic Security System and Emergencv System

2 4.3 Bedroom Townshouses

fireplaces & Sundecks in

' On-Site Management

I • • • • • • • •

ft 2 Bedroom Apartments Featuring: Central Air Condtboning Convenient To Shopping And Expressway* Cabla TV Available Private Balcony/Patio Kitchen With Open Bar Counter Dens Available 1 1/2 Baths Available And Mors . . . Visit Us And See For Yoursetfl

On Haisted 1/2 W e North oTOrand River In F a r m i n g t o n Mils


selected units

' Full Basements m 1



Reserved Covered Carports

• Modern Kitchens wilfi dishwasher, microwave



* LOCATION (810)

On 9 Mile, West of Middlebelt FARMINGTON HILLS J

U n i q u e

F l o o r

F i t

E v e r y

8 1 0 - 6 1 5 - 3 7 3 7




P l a n s





a i U * t v i w n W e s t A Beck Roa

L i f e s t y l e !

SAT 10-2

• Thro unit designfarmaximum privacy wd crtw-veatilttioii • Every uait overtook* * lake • Dtthwtsher. disposal fas nagc, fmst-free refrigerator



• Cable T V • Cathedral Ceiling • Wisher-Dryer in A p t LOCUB) W mm « RAM* IMUMTCFIKXKMD


1 & 2 Bedroom Lakefront Apartments





• Cabte TV Avalabie • Conwenientto Westland Shopping Center • Thru-un* dasign tor marinum prwacy & cross unt wtlaton • S»*mmngPooli Cluthouse • Storage m aoartmert • Balcony or patto •










ran 4—








Ofl Pontiac Trail 4 Beck Road* Spacious 1 & 2 Bedrooms Starting f r o m $ 5 4 0


brnmtm mpm 4 fta 14 2 Befroom Apartments




Phone: (313) 729-5660


Washer A Dryer in Every Apertment A l Lakefront Apsrtments Thru-Unit Design for Maximum Privacy snd Cross Verrtflatton e Central Air Conditioning e Private Baloony or Patto • Modem KHohen with Open Bar Counter

624-8555 SOUTHPO0T


Open Mon,-Sat. 106. SOL 12-6 ( 2 4 8 ) 6 6 9 - 5 5 6 6 HOURSMON-SAT9-6 • SUN 12-5




e Onhmashers

Heat Included




SUN 11-1

Lakefront Apartment Living

O p t i o n a l Features • Central A i r


4 7 1 - 3 6 2 5


>ms s t a r t i n g at S 4 8 5 T o

Sat 10

Leasing Hours: 9 a m - 5 p m daily S a t 12 n o o n - 3 j w r ^


A t /Nl* DtvELorMExrr


# 4 0 0 * 1

BLOOMFIELD MILLS • 1 bedroom, • central air. waaher.'dryer In una, garage, outstanding location, aherp updaied pool. i e n n » $ 8 7 V m o includes heel 8 1 0 - 3 3 M 3 6 3 leave message or Pager 810-717-4328



• Carports Available from


a n d

SOMERSET APTS Troy Nicely furnnhed 2 bedrooma. 1 b a » i . a * t e c * K ues Looking lo share $ 3 6 5 « a b t e Male or Female 81XM9-2529




# 3 0 0 ' s

Weatherstone'SouthlielO 360-1298 F u n d m a rarimnqlon H b 473-1127 Summa-farmmglon H h 888-4398 Covington-Farrmngloft 841-2730 The TownHouae S p e o i l i e i Hour* i l a m - 5 p m

1 Bedroom 1 and


Important Deadlines for Classifications

AUBURN M«XS. SOUTHFIELD FARMINGTON HILLS OPEN WEEKENDS OutetanOng 2 8 3 bedroom lowrv noueee 8 renefce*. some •'anectied oarage a NapMce Cal WaeltKjry-Auburn Hk M2TM0




4 0 2




• Real Estate & flpaftment Liners 2 0 0 p m Tuesday 4 7 3 - 1 1 2 7


• Attractive Woodet Setting

30500 West Warren between Middlebelt and Merriman Roads

e Apartment Display NOON Tuesday •

Pool I t e m s From S l o e s

CLEAN OUT The Attic. Clean The Garage. Have A Sale!


Mon.-Fri. 10-7, Sat. 9-5, Sun. 12-5

F i n e s t .

t £ r

Convenient to Twelve „ , oaks Mail (248) 624-9445 Open Mon. - Fri. 9-5 Cable TV Available Saturday 1 0 - 5 Dishwasher Sunday 1 1 - 5 Pool Private Balcony / Patio Variety of Floor Plans Available Air Conditioning P

Spaoous 1 and 2 bedroom apartments Amentia i include



R e n t e r s $50.00 off with this ad!! Birmingham^ BloomhekkTroy BLOOMFIELD LAKES APTS WESTLAND Furnished apts in small, (jwet com (313) 7 2 9 - 4 5 5 0 313-422-5411 WAYNE ' FORD RD plei FuOy lumished 8 decorated •on select units Spacious 1 and 2 bedroom courtyard studio, 1 & 2 bedroom units Include* Ford Road 64—f "touted u Wanen Rd bet WayneNewburgh apartments located near shopping S dishes, linens, etc Clearing services expressways Other amenities available Beach prtsnleges No pets mdude please Rents starting al $600 Heat 209 Cherry Hill Trail & water included. SHORT TERM • Newly renovated lutchens LEASEStorouakfied applicants WESTLANO • Caipebng Waym-Wttland Schools 810-681-6309 ORCHARDS • Free Heat • Air CondMionmg OF NEWBURGH FARMINGTON HILLS . Window Treatments APARTMENTS $500' per month 1 Bedroom • Laundry Facilities R % 70OL1U Seat included. Botsford Inn 1 Bedroom $470. 2 Bedroom $500 Utilities Spacious 1 & 2 Call C»eon Smith (810) 474-4800 Bedroom floorplans COUNTRY COURT APTS (313) 721-0500 PLYMOUTH • 1 and 2 bedroom (313) 729-5090 apartments, completely furnished Canton's Finest Available now. (313) 459-9507 B r o o k v i e w V i l l a g e A p a r t m e n t s f r o m S455 W e s t l a n d Park Apts. Across Irom City Parti D E A R B O R N HEIGHTS A R E A T o w n h o u s e s f r o m S580 . (Cherry HiWI Spacious 1 & 2 bedroom apartments I between Middlebelt & Memmanl Beautiful 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom (with approved credit) and townhouses in secluded country 2 Oedroom. t'» bath-$535 2 BEDROOM, 2 BATH VILLA Large 1 bedroom - $470 setting. Central heating and air (t year lease with credit) 24-Hour HEAT,'BLINDS'/NO PETS conditioning. Washer and dryer in each Gatehouse Open 7 days unit. Selected units have garages. Dishwasher 5 2 0 (313)729-6636 Conveniently located on Palmer near Vertical Blinds Air Conditioning Hannan Road. Adjacent to Fellows Fitness Center Creek golf course. Tennis Courts Canterbury Swimming Pool ^ J C a l l ( 3 1 3 ) 7 2 9 - 0 9 0 0 W O O D S ^ Furnished Apts. 1711 Orchard DrM Canton flrflrT"!-" available

WATERFORD - Cass takefront - 1 $ 3 bedroom apts Free boat docMng Pets negotiable $595 8 1196rmo Roger H Murray. 248-737-6800, ReAAax El


F a r m i n g t o n

1 Bedroom Apartments



Open Sunday



Immediate Occupancy Walled Laka'Novi 1 & 2 bedroom Apartments 8 Townhomes Spacious, air, blinds, pool, dishwasher storage & laundry $799 moves you in includes 1st mo. rant

• Newly-remodeled clubhouse with large screen T V. • Pool with expansive sundeck

( 2 4 8 )


• Dishwashers

12«. (toed

(248) 476-1240



(313) 261-7394



$ $ S P E C I A L $ $ Enioy country Irving m one o« our 2 bedroonVI bath ranch style apartments Spacious closets and storage.' pantry room. Ai electric Hewn* including dishwasher Neutral carpet, binds and a tree carport Amenrties exercise room, tervw courts pool and volleyba* court. Open 7 days Call Today Don! Delay Only a Few Avertible

We re located on Cherry Mitt, between Wayne 8 Newbutgh



4 0 0


• Central Ait









a Swimming pool



> 1 1 2 bedroom acta some o t t i fireplace - Swimming poof - T a m a Court - Clubhouse - Proteesionafty Managed - beautifully Landecaped

Immediate Occupancy Free Heat & Water E x t r a Storage Space O u t d o o r Pool

Microwave 8 WirvJow Treatments


/apartments Attractive 1 & 2 Bedroom A p a r t m e n t s Conveniently Located i n F a r m i n g t o n Hills

TROY SOMERSET AREA FROM $550 Studio and spacious 1 & 2 bedroom apartments Amenities include . Owner Paid Heat • Laundry Facilities • Balconies or Patios .• Intercoms • Dishwashers • Disposals • Air Conditioning • Window Treatments Close To Shopping & Expressways VULAGE APARTMENTS (248 ) 362-0245

1 b a d r o o m from $460 2 B a d r o o m from 1545

WESTLAND Low Move-m Costs

FREE HEAT Large 2 bedroom apartment $475 per mo . Section 8 OK Call now and receive 50% OFF with approved credit 313-326- 9008








Featuring 1 & 2 b e d r o o m floorplans

- Business center with copier

caste heal 4 water Included «seo (313) 881 1796




4 0 0

$399 Moves You In Western Hills Apts.

Call 459-6600 •Oi select units •L

Waned Lake WESTLAND 182 l»Mom near WALNUT Wayne Rd Cozy, part-like setting, newt* decorated appliances From RIDGE $490 Call 9-7pm 313-722-9180 APARTMENTS WESTLAND CAPRI 2 Bedrooms CALIFORNIA STYLE APTS starting at ..$550' • 1 bedroom Irom S*8CI With Approved Credit . Heal 8 Water «duded S25 Application Fee • Cathedral ceilings SENIOR DISCOUNT • Balconies • Carport Includes • Fully carpeted • Heat 8 water • Vertical blinds • Air conditioned • Greai location to mads • Balconies & cat»e • Uvonla school system • Storage • Laundry facilities (313) 261-5410 • Easy access 1-896 8 1-275 810-669-1960 Westland Estates On Wayne Rd S of Warren Rd 2163 Decker Rd (Decker & Commerce) Spacious 1 bedroom 700 sq. ft. - $470 Price shown is tor 1 yr lease Shorter leases available Great locationi'heax'water/pooi Blinds/aw/no pets 8 much more F A X U S 313-722-4700






Apartaenla I nfumished

H U R R Y TO! W O O D L A N D VILLA rwe tfwy last) Oft 1st * months $535.00* "Livonia Schools" C O O L ! Cool ofl in one our our 2 pools or air 2 BEDROOMS conditioned 1 8 2 bedroom apart Super closets - breakfast bar ments wpatiotoaiconies. vertical Appliances -pool -laundry facilities bknds. plush carpet Wercom. self Secunty doors - intercom cleaning ovens »shwashet. frost free Cable ready • central heaftng refngeraiors Pius carports, wsight and air conditiomng room, sauna, tennis courts 8 dubSECURITY DEPOSIT house startrig al $250 $535*

Extra L a r g e Apts, feature s t o r a g e in y o u r A p t Carports Available Call Today' (313) 729-4020

On Wayne Rd belweer* Ford 4 Hurnet

"The place to live in Westland"



4 0 0

313-722-5155 WAYNE NEWLY REMODELED It convergence >s what vou re looking for loo* no further Call Courtyard Apts for complete details on our 1 Westland bedroom efficacies 313-278-9709 LIVONIA SCHOOLS


Soul* Lyoo


PLYMOUTH - Old Town, oil Starkweather St. 1 bedroom Apt., private • " f e n c e Oft street parking C a l (313) 425-5341

• • • •







• 24-hour fitness center & sauna

Plymouth Square Apartments




PLYMOUTH - N. 303 Roe Street 1 bedroom 4 5 2 V 2 9 6 e e o r t y Central sx, heat, nawty necoraied Mon-Frt 8-4 (313) 582-0460 Ewes,1 Weekends (313) 418-5292

On NOVI Road, north of 6 Mile



Sat 1 1 - 5 i

Open 12-5 313-455-4721 Mon. thai Fri.

Chatsford Village


j M o v e I n I (on select 2 Br Units)

Rochester Place 1016 Ironwood Ct. 810-652-0808 Mon -Sal", 9-5

So thej Mnt you to HrJ a carpenter to repair thefrontof the tJuildrng (wriece the cement truck drove through, trying to pou' the new driveway), ar j the boss's favorite little pooch nee

$ 2 0 0

$499 • Large 1 & 2 Badroom • Walk-in closets • • Fully carpeted




Clean, spacious i bedroom Walk to Oakland M a i $535




Remodeled 1 Bedroom Apts From $545 HEAT INCLUDED




• Free Heat Eictra Storage Huge Clceeta 24 Hr Maintenance Dnfiwaehers Outdoor Pool Central Air W A Y N E FOREST APARTMENTS (313) 326-7800

1 s t

F e a t h e r s !

A p a r t m e n t s 746 S. Mill St



• >

D o n ' t




SOUTHFIELD OPEN WEEKENDS Clean 1 bedroom. FREE HEAT. «aal location. xitrusHjn alarm, lighted perking large walk »i closet extra large SIor age area Rent $530 LAMSER NEAR 8'4 MILE


^ " P l y m o u t h

From $510 1 Block E ot John R Just S. of Oakland Mali

Spacious One. Two 6 Two bedrm two bath, f u l loeded apartments, saifdefroahna refngeraiors. eel-cleaning ovene. binda. neutral carpet, eictra large doseta Clubhouse eserose room. 6 lighted carport All the ptus a



Forest Lane Apartments 6200 North Wayne Rd STUDIO - $420 1 BEDROOM - $480 2 BEDROOM - $525 SENIOR DISCOUNT! Amenities include • Heal 8 water • Carpeting 8 blinds . Apphances • Laundry facilities • Pool & air conditioning • Walk-in closets . Cable available

Spacious 2 badroom Apts From $605


t h e m


RIVER Apartments


4 0 0

$299 Moves You In



(248) 353-5835



M o n - F n . 9-5

Large 1 4 2 bedrooms with wak-m doseta, 2 Baths, attended gatehouse, monitored alarm, fully appkancad kitcnen. social adnrities. pnvate carport. elevators, pool, and elegant d u broom. Short walk to Harvard Row Shopping Center

2 1

i ^ • • a a a a '


SOUTHFIELD OPEN WEEKENDS Voted * 1 For Service 5 Years In a Row By The Senior City Committee


PLYMOUTH DUPLEX ' 2 bedroom appliances, laundry, $ 5 7 5 / m o . plus uOkties 4 deposit No pets imme


2 Bedroom Apartments From $615 HEAT INCLUDED

Apartmataf Unfurnished

4 0 0


Across trom Kensmgton Metro Parli located at 1-96 6 Kent La«e Rd 248-437-6794

Low Move In Costs




Sutton Place 248-358-4954

Apartment* Infaikbed

4 0 0

Close to I-75 I 1 tttx* S of Big Beaver between Uvernocs & Crooks,

12 Mue between Telegraph 4 Nonthweetem Hwy

1 4 2 BEDROOMS STARTING FROM $495 Swimmmg Pool. Air. All Appliances Waik-in Closets 1 Yr. Lease Heat 4 Water included Can Mon.-Sat, 1 0 <



WEATHERSTONE TOWNHOUSES (248) 350-1296 Franklin Rd. S. ot 13 Mite



1 A 2 Bedroom Apts.

SOUTHFIELD I FRANKLIN RENT FROM $1,430 O P E N WEEKENDS 2 or 3 bedroom spaoous iownhouses. elegant formaldmng room4 great room, natural tlreptaca, V * balhs. master b e d i t o m suae tut Basement. 2 car attached gar«g|








FARMINGTON HILLS FARMINGTON Senior CIBxen t Apartments Ground toor. 8 acre county a e B n g Starsno a l s u e per m o Heel M c f c r t M C a l Jeff between »-5pm (246) 4 7 M 9 0 6 313-7934474

PLYMOUTH - 1 bedroom, large S I M quiet buikSng Heat 4 water mctuded 1 year tease $525 per month. Low security deposit (313) 459-9507



ROYAL OAK/TROY Doggy doggy where w a you I v e ' At A m t w Apartments Permission tnsy give1 1248) 280-1700 hap/Awww.amfterapt com

H e a l IncluOeO

PLYMOUTH i bedroom ranch-aty»e apartments Princeton Court Apts Call 11-6pm. Mon-Fn 313-459-6640

6 montn or 1 year ease Wea maintained Newry decorated Features air conditioning, retngerator. - a - g e smoke detectors, laundry facilities 4 ext'a storage Swimming Pool Cable available

248-851-2730 F A R M I N G T O N MILLS RENT FROM $965 OPEN WEEKENDS 1600 aq ft. 2 badroom Garden Apartments 2 bedroom townhouses with t u l sasemerus 2 baths w*h w a * - « i doseta Covered perking, washsr.'drysr. vertical Bknds. attsnded gatehouse 4 a 24 hr monitored intrusion 4 tire alarm

ROYAL OAK- 4200 Rochester Rd I bedroom. $494>mo Heat 4 water mended Carpal, n r . refrigerator. * No pels (313) 291-8770

Start at $415

OLD REDFORD - 2 bedroom upper flat, newly decoratged. $ 4 2 V m o • secuoty $425 Appiences. 7 Mae 4 Grand River (313) 728-7791


We re S f c on Square Feet bedroom: 1100 aq.ll 2 bedroom 1300 sq ft 3 bemoan 4 towrhome 1800 aqA Fomat dxwig room, ceipcn f w a i balcony, health club/pool Close to Birmingham EHO Let us lax you our brochure 810-647-6100 1 -800-369-6666 30300 Southfield Road k (Between 12 4 13 Mile) j

Studio, 1 4 2 Bedroom Apts

OLD REDFQR0 AREA Deluxe 1 bedroom air. carpet, pnvate paiiuno, heat n d u d e d $355 1 313-531 2895

OAKLAND MALL 1 4 2 Bedrooms From $485 • Caiport Appliances mc dishwasher . central An • Vsrteal Blinds intercom Entry . j r 1 yr ease a v t — NO APPLICATION FEE (248) 589-3355 ^




Call Now 810-968-8688

RENT INCLUDES Heat & Vertical Blinds





• • I |

Vertical bknds 4 carport included Ceramic Bath 4 foyer Professional on-sits management 23 plus yrrs. experience Near X-wsys. shopping, airport Ross Doherty, property manager

FAIRWAY CLUB Goffside Apts. 1 & 2 Bedroom Free Goif Heat & Hot Water Free Carport Included 313-728-1105



C a n t o n G a r d e n Apts.


Squaisi Fta

$595 900 sq ft $665 1100 sqft.



Century 21 Hertford North


e MORLEY 3 acres 3 bedroom 2 out-buKkngs £170® e Genaaman s Farm 6 Bedrocxn Bam. o u H u t d n g a 5 or 15 acres E 1704 e Rodney 8 acres Big Rapids School 4 bedroom tower level used as ractfter-aMew apt E 1705 EAGLE REALTY. <618) S23-20S2 Or (Aa LIZ. (SIS) 972-2977

• « • •

Private entry Maw sendee available Emergency mamienance Beautiful grounde with pool 4 peme area with BBQ's Spetaa! handicapped units Resttui atmosphere Cable available Many mora amenities

• Rant kem $1,060

to Build your dream rwme on a 1 3 acre waltoul lol w«n frontage on a spnng ted sparkkng pond City water 4 sewer Only $130,000.

Grand R t v e r O c h a r d Lake

Stoneridge Manor

We take pride in offenng the following services to our tenants



Country Comer Apts

LAFAYETTE COURT 248-547-2053

Swimming Pool. Tennis Courts 4 Much More I Located on 10' ^-Greenfietd

The lergest one bedroom in the area . $530 per mo including carport, verti- M * d * o n Heights cals. a l appliances Enter c*1 Freedom Rd W of Orchard GREA Lake Rd , S of Grand R~er





Carriage Cove Luxury Apts.

810-968-0011 (Sat 10-5pm)

I fa

A q u e t ru-riee al >-75 across from

FARMINGTON HILLS Oesperata SuOlease WTiy pay $640. you pay $580 C a l Jmette 810-477-4725 ' , I• Farmington Hills

closet. FREE HEAT, bknds Qmel community wait 10 mopping 4 entertainment. Rant trom $SA5 11 MULE 4 MAW AREA

. Heat » Aw conditioning • Apptl-

• C o m m u n a y Room • TV 4 C a r d " • R o o m • Exerose 4 Seuna Roomsf J . Storage Arse • Heated Sm • m m g Pod I Lincoln Rd at Greenfield Mon.-Fn. 8 30am-5.00pm

Madison Heights

FARMINGTON HILLS Luxury one and two badroom Apartments Available Calt 810-477-7774


Towers I Studbos. 1 & 2 Bedrooms Iron $450


Studio $420 1 Bedroom $672-4628 2 Bedrooms $623-$660 ^ includes water Tennis Cou

GLEN COVE APTS. (313) 538-2497

enoaa. n d u t n g Oishwaehai 4 I • Dispose* • Carpeting . Actrv«as


Concord Towers Apartment Homes

STARTING AT $535 313-981-1217

WHITE Chapel Memgnal Cemetery . BlockC. lol 1 4 2 Separate $1200or $2000rt>otJi (810) 775-6106

W H I T E H O U S E - -

(810) 646-6200


Bedford Square Apts

-LAKEFRONT-Pretty private setting with 87 ti frontage on Pleasant Lake m West Bloomlieio Ideal for summer or year ro»xw Irving' unobstructed mews' $80 000. (WAL633).

(313) 459-1310

httpvVwww*' tfcract'rriuirwooo

NOW TAKING APPLICATIONS FOR Spaoous 1 4 2 BedrOom Apts Small, QuwL Sale Complex Fo«0 Rd near 1-275


| FOWLERV1LLE AREA L e u lhan 10 : minutes to t-96. 5 acres high r c f t n g land, driveway eaeement ofl road! $37,500 (517)546-1061

Ask about our currant specials

C l e a n t » a « b a k i n g Large 1 4 2 b ^ rooms mm w a » * cloeeu FREE HEAT Intrusion alarm system 1 gatahoxe RENT FROM $475 » M S S of l-«6

P o d . and much more ROYAL OAK DOWNTOWN L o c a t e d o n 9 MRW 1 In F a b u l o u s ["OAK'PARK" R e n o v a t e d Building ^Call Now 810-557-8100^ Spacoue 1 4 2 Bedrooms, w e n m Lincoln

LIVONIA - 2 Bedroom, poeafcly 3 2 bathe $700 , mo plus sacunty share utMias Available Now 313^22*110


WHITE CHAPEL - Garden ot The Prophets. Section 374. spaces 1 2. 3 $3,750 (246) 625-4254


FOWt_ERVtLLE NEARLY 900 s q l 2 Br v t eat) A/C. wesher.'drysr. »S50 per m o . t a l l utilities (517)883-1114.

INKSTER - 125 ARCOLA t Bedroom $425 Clean, dose 10 water included s r e f c y f i a / 248-689-8875

m m x o m (248) 478-5533

Call Today

occupancy No 248-546-8678

FomrMkMebelt Area Specious 1 Bedroom apartments Mnert Owner Paid Heat 4 Water • Central A» • Intercom System • Garbage Disposal • Laundry Faotnas • Window TraamsntaMni Bknds From $440 monthly GARDEN CITY TERFtACE (313) 522-0480

t 2 i^iigus ftoor plans. Extra-spacaous apartments. BeauWuly landecaped grounds Extra-large storage arses Close to ad major tresways Extra-large health d u b F u l s u e washers 4 dryers 24 hr monaored gaiehouee


CHRISTIAN MEMORIAL Cultural Center - 2 l o u 2 concrete veutts & marker Sacrifice' (517) 275-6457


leundry imr pets. O a a n $460



I M A G I N E !

Lukury Apts 4 Townhomes From $565 • Central Air • Banxirves^atios • Swimming Pool 4 Cabana

CHRISTIAN MEMORIAL oompamon crypt A l opening 4 doaing tees included $6600 (810) 731-6894


Farrmngwn HUs



| SOUTHFIELD | CHARTERHOUSfe APTS. Cat About Our 3 " Security Dapoatt Spec*'

Beautiful R e n o v a t e d Building

10 Mae 4 Meadowbrook (810) 346-9690

FERNDALE - 8961 Woodward 3pa-

Model Open Daily 9-5 Except Wednesday (810) 478-1487-mgr . (810) 775-8206-omce.


2 CEMETERY PLOTS $500 each Parkview Memorial C e m e K r y . (313) 538-7494


Chris Lee


Enioy He reiaied 4 easygoing Ntestyie ot Canton at

Walnut Brook Estates

H to 10 acre parcels and larger develocment parcels All near US23 Everyone welcome Buuders terms Irom $38,000. Owner - Broker - Buvlder James F Edwards 313-663-4686

Includes appliances, vertical Winds, carpeting, pooi. ctose in Farmington Nils location.

doaett. oversued petkwbeloorwa.. deluxe kktians. vertXW Bknds. oantrai an. oovarad parking tor sated m a IncredOe values from onty H I S EMO

VILLAGE OAKS (248) 474-1305

t a r


Lccated fust E ot P n e Trace Go* Course m Rochester Hals Prolessionally designea developmenl m area ct homes vanjed at wen over $600,000. otters available site to buikt'your 0»eam home, priced at $ 2 0 e . k » Ask tor

Low Move In Costs RenxxMed

Oneten Lots


H to 10 acre parcels and larger development parcels AM near US23 Everyone welcorne Bunders terms from $39,000. Owner - Broker - Bunder James F Edwards 313-663-4886

Homes Under Construction

DELUXE 2 Bedroom Units

BRIGHTON WATERFRONT apt 1 bedroom, idea tor the sportsman $ 5 5 5 a mo . p l u s d e p o s i t (8! 0)363-2768

We buy HOUSES, VACANT LOTS LANO CONTRACTS Wa beat anybody's price 1 313-328-8300

NEW M O O N 1968 12 X 60 2 bed•ocm»-S-;>00 or best o H f Must be moved 226CC MuMMsell. N ol BRIGHTON 9 TOWNSHIP, premium m.le i248 H74-2131 lot 1 acra. in R*Jge W o o d Sub Wooded w a * out comer ka m Quiet 1 PARKWOOD i 9 6 0 1 4 . 7 0 w T l U area $75 000 (313) 531-8782 E«parV3o 3 bedroom 'ireplace dec*. new vinyl srdmg Lake Villa D * r » j ' 515 300 1810) 969-2207 COUNTRY RETREAT 8 Acres with Wood*. E-Z Terms. Pnma Atea SOUTH LVON Clean " 2 , 6 5 new C o s e lo W Suburbs J A Btocn 6 drywall 4 carpel appliances CoVGacn Realty (810)559-7430 Appraised $9400 must sell $5500 (810) 437-9692 T B O V . Pnme location 2 bedrooms, appliances enclosed porch shed clean. move-*i com*tion available now $12 500 |810) 264-2569

BLOOMFIELO HILLS Telegraph & Quarton Rd8


Exoemar, ergs 1 4 2 Bedroom apart

FREE HEAT Largs 1 4 2 Bedrooms. O f l wethers. Vertcal Bknds Oean. Quiet Commurvty RENT FROM 4860 Orchard Laka R d N ol a M M

Mon - F n , 9-5

RetJ EiUtf Winled

A Srte lo Behold

FARMINGTON HILLS 12>60 2 oearoom. 1 b a r . central air. waanar Jryer atova. refrigerator In n e e park $8SOtt8e» OWer 810*15-9967



Preferred, Realtors 313-459-6000

Low Down Payment Gentle roang. 2-'« acre sues some w V.aii.out basement your builder Easy access so western suburbs and Ann Arbor F-nancng Terms Available J A Bloc* 8 Co C a c t i Really (810) 559-7430

(N of Tuck Rd o i l 8 M M between M u M a b e l 4 O c n e r d Laka RS.. comer at Foteom)




4 0 0

4 0 0






1 & 2 Bedroom Apts From $730 HEAT INCLUDED




(810) 332-1848

* acra lot «weh workanoc N e e q w a i area greai tor • tamey Build a homa of your chocs, nature lover's dream would ba ngW at your back door Workahop is great lor the collectors 4 hobbyists $65,000 i262St) fflEACW US OH TME •fTEflNET • psievCirnoacaaom

Pnme 2 1 * acra parcel «»*ri gaa and electnc (810) 478-2046

4 0 0

bedroom apartment* horn $515 •nduda h e a l gaa. water 4 binds, pkia laundry l a c — i 4 mora Snort letm. Furrmhed umts avaHabia Hours 9-5. c u e e d Thurs 4 Sun. Sat by M P





BirmmgharrvT roy Area Btoomfield Orchard Apts. Located m Auburn HMa Spacious

B u M your dream noma on i n * 2 acra parcel with pond * e « *> Salem Twp Nardelli Boaong will lal you cftooae your own plana lo Cualom buacf M»v utaa from Plymouth 4 NoflhvMe and Ooee lo a l the a m e r c e s ' $379,900 (650FI)

Tarma. Wa«aam Suburba t A i m Amor J A B Oavatopmanl inc & Oatfi KaaJty (810) 5 « » 0 7 » {313MA6-3253

C A N T O N Seme. P e * 1977 apfKOj .14*60. 2 badroom. a " condition A carpal All ances slay S8500 313-207

4 0 0


A C o m w K y of Pnvala P K U i

T h u r s d a y , J u n e 5, 1 9 9 7


3 8 2

3 8 2 This Classification Continued from P a g e F8.

LoaiAcra|e Vteast

3 7 9



Classification* 400 t o 402


Thursday, J u n e 5,1997 2G<*)



Chatham Hills

On OW Grand Brver between Drake A KiKtrjd 1 & 2 Bedrooms, some with Dens From $585

476-8080 M-F M i

S A T / S U N 11 - 4

On I-B4 North Senrtoe Drive S e t w a r A«4 i «yva*Tjr m . •


(313)697-8742 Open M-P 1B-B, Set 1B-S, Sun 12-S m X K *

C l a s s i f i c a t i o n s

4 G ( * )


4 0 0

t o

O & E

4 0 5

T h u r s d a y , J u n e

5 , 1 9 9 7

Thursday, June 5,1997





4 0 4 FARMINGTON MILLS I oedroom. 1 ROCHESTER - D O M M M . 2 badappliance* Wffl. T H T W f t T W W H B t . •b a• m • Hgreet o c i S o r r ' renovated, a * new No P carport n - ui n i t iaurxky H M f f l o Roger M Murray 246-737-6800 Re, mo C a l (2*8) Man Enecutrve Properties ROCHESTER HILLS - Upper 2 bedFARMINGTON MILLS Townhouse room. lol* oI storage, «fcmng area, a l appkancee balcony A anatna now. conoo 14 Mrte 1 " e a g e r l y ? 246-3404160. * r x oaths Carport $950.' t m room* 810-647-9191 R I C H T E R & A S S O C .

S i HM1NGHAM RViNGH N u > Lincoln 4 Wbochvanj Spacious 2 bedroom 1 5 balh townhouaa testers* vertical central air n e u t r a carpel & we lanced »a<3 reserved parlung G r e a i BKminghem value at $925 MEAT I N C L U 0 E D Sorry N O DOGS EMO Call weeKdays (810) 642 8686 BLOOMFIELD MILLS Meatfwr-. 2 Bedroom* 2 baths ranch w'decK GverioownQ pond. ta,rway & lands EKCeplionally private *•'window wan* volume ceilings. 'ire place 1st Koor •u.'xlry b a s e m e n attached garage 1-3 * ' lease No s m o w i or pels $2tOOmonth ,2*81 335-7296 >248, 540-7.HO

LIVONIA MtodleBeae Mae I si 'loor laundry 2 Bedroom* 2 Bam* •niercom a * carport pocn $72&'mo. neat. water included 313-945-5155 NORTHVILLE 2 Bedroom 2 Bath great room w, cathedral ceding, balcony appliances $625 • I month (810) 478 5952 security

BLOOMFIELD ' 4 0 0 sq n 2 oea •oom 2 Bath ai' carport S795 RENT A M O M E SHARE LISTINGS 642 1620

NOV Wonderful 3 oedroom. i oath, central air. a p p l a n c e s 'reshly pa nied 2 carports AvaJaoie now $795 248-348 8189 " 7 3 7

CANTON 2 Bedroom t tiatr appliances pay own ..tinies l " 1 mo dBpPM No neis non smews' $700 per mo July 15 13131 4 5 5 4 785


Oedroom retngari water No pels $ 6 5 0 m security 31

F A R M I N G T O N t Cied'oor" 650 sq «t W a s h e r dryer heal waier included Clubhouse p o t ' S5"5. mo 13131 541 7230


«! town


Washer/Dryer hook-up Sell-cleaning overi Vertical Blinds Swimming Pool New Fitness Center Pets Welcome Furnished Apts Available

OAK P A W - 3 bedroom, o a r 1 a st Onc« ranch j u p t a . carpeted. M h e a t M baa* m a x . leaae required (248) 545-3365

PLYMOUTH - AraSaOta July 1. very aloa towar 2 badroom m great natghnear downtown Oerage ROCHESTER - O u a t 2 b — o o m . 1*1 Soar unt L o g s W M r > . master tadroom. storage area, garege. AaMataa $825

A S S O C .


ROYAL OAK - 2 houee Hardwood floors, pnvate entrece No pen* or smofcer*. $ 6 * 5 . mo Call Candy (810) 6 * 6 - 0 0 0 2 ROYAL O A K / C L A W S O N near 14 & Crooks 2 oedroom. m b a n lownrouse mctudee central air vertical Blind* fun Casement wan wa*ner dryer hook-upe, c o v e r e d periling, private e n t r a n c e s a n d lenced yard $775 E H O C a l weekdays al (810) 842-0888

W0Q.^o C M 8 to 5:

(313) 456-6000

PLYMOUTH 2 tadroom ranch, wood c d h e d r a eaenga. sky lights, stove -sir-aerator, w * a h e r / d y e r , yard, n o pats, 1650 (010) <47-6778 PLYMOUTH Riverside • 2 tadroom*. I M bath*, updaied. appkaneas. baaament No pets $600 R M 810-70*^806: 313-*6*-6*00

ances. new pool, 1 car garage No pets $ 7 2 S m o Eves 313-525-3775


WESTLAND - Nice, d e a n 2 bedroom duplex Fenced yard and shed. $ 4 e a m o M h depose required.






W * I wet Dai. hardwood Itoora. central as. sprinklers alarm. 2 oar attached garaga. Available July 1 al 12400 ROCHESTER HILLS ( O u a i »OGEI • Large 4 bedroom 3v» tati Tudor Colonial on n e e d lot. FamJy room, it v a ry . 2 hraplace*. w a k - o u t (trashed tower level, c e n t a l air. a l appkance* large deck, anached TA car garaga AvalaMs now « $2iOO W BLOOMFIELD - 4 tadroom 2>4 ootoraal overlooking nature Femly room wnh fireplace.



TENANTS & LANDLORDS SHARE REFERRALS BELLEVILLE - 3 bedroom* 3 oaths, totally updaied. Ire**ily painted, ftnn h e d basement, centra: sir alarm, fireplace, appliances A v a M M e now • 1.785 248-348-8189 »735 R I C H T E R

ROYAL OAK - Clean 2 bedrooma. O M lloore. taaatnim. waahentkyer. SOUTH LYON R e d e c o r a M d . 2 tad- tenced atr. >780 per m o 1'4 mo. room, 2 bath condo security. Pets 810-375-5042 s u n d r y central ax. pecs negotiable $80ttmo (810)402-8072 ROYAL OAK 311 - 313 PARK N. I I Mile, W Washington WALLED LAKE Condo - 9 6 * eq.ft..2 Bedrooms 1 beth upper level ranch 2 beO-oom I'sOsth. basemenl townw.'attached 1 car garege 6 private house style on lag lot $ 7 9 S monif. entrance A* appliances balcony a Contact Andy K 3 810-759-4400 ReMa» Executive-Troy central au. N o oecs $ 7 7 & m o plus $1000 security 1 yr lease Available June 27th 810-960-3048 WESTLAND - 3 bedrooms, fuk base met*, appliances Central air $ 7 3 0 WESTLAND CONOO • 3 b a d o o m s , m o No pels Opan. S a l 6 Sun 12-5. 1 Bath central air kitchen appli- 33655 Avondale (3T3) 326-2306


ROYAL OAK - 1 bedroom t o p e r L a m a Sunny w w d t w . NO p m »*9tMnonffi. heal A w e a r included <810) 6 4 * 8903


A S S O C .

RENT-A-HOME 810-642-1620 884 S Adams. Btmsoghain BIRMINGHAM - 3 badroom. 1 balh hardwood Itoora. deck, m a h a d baaemant. air xppuances. $i»75rmo (810) 540-9834

BERKLEY - Great 3 bedroom 1 balh basement, 2 5 g a r a g f o p e n e r lenced. patio all appliances No pets/ smoking $ 9 7 5 M o |248, 544 1411

«br*ry firaaned baaamani. central air a* appliances, attached 2<4 car garage Available June 15 a l $ 1 7 3 0 CANTON TWP (Sunflower Village) 4 bedroom 2 bath quad-level on comer l o l Family room with hraptoca central air, kilehen appliances. 2 car attached garage AvaJable June 15 al $1450

BIRMINGHAM - 2 bedroom. 2 bath Victorian Dacha fireplace, attached garage Very near d o w n t o w n $1950 (248) 847-1135 motoi

BEVERLV HILLS - 5 bedroom ootoraal on quiet 1 acre cul de sac. Birmingham jchoois $ 2 7 0 0 m o 2.y lease 810-644-7537

BIRMINGHAM - 3 badroom. 2 bath, finished baaament. iv» car garaga. 1500 ranch, $1195 Snare Referral*. 842-1820 no las

BEVERLV MILLS - 14 Mile/P-erce 3 tadroom bnck ranch neutral large kitchen enclosed porch. 2 car air. Birmingham schools lawn incauded $1300 D4M Properties 810-737-4002

FARMINGTON HILLS ( 1 3 O r e h a r 0 Laka) - 3 bedroom IVt b a l h bnck ranch Farmfy room with fireplace kilchen appkancee. newer furnace ft central a * . 2 car attached garags Available June 15 al $ 1 1 5 0

BIRMINGHAM - 3 bedroom, l i t b a r 2 , , s o


BEVERLY HILLS - Wast Executive home 3-4 bedroom 4 oath, B-m n g h a m schools A* the eitras short lerni w a s e available $ 2 4 0 0 m o n t h C a l Julia at 248-647 0 0 8 7


Share Listing* 842-1620, no fee

G O O D E Real Estaie

BIRMINGHAM • 2 tadroom carpeted. newly remodeled ranch Appliance*. fenced y a r d $ 8 0 0 ^ * 0 RENTAL PROS (810) 356-RENT

BINGHAM FARMS • 3 bedroom ranch o n 2 acres, garage appliances. unti»mshed shod term tease rental tee negotiable, immediate Call 9-5 Moo Ihru Fn 248-855-9411 BIRMINGHAM - 2 tadroom duple> basement, garage hardwood rioors. a« close to downtown $ l 2 0 0 r n o (8101 433-3817 Ex! 1237

BIRMINGHAM MapfeWoodward Stunmng custom Victonan, 3 bedrooma 3 baths family room, library nanny quarters air n o petarsmokers $5200 DftH Properties 810-737-4002

BIRMINGHAM Executive home I 2 0 0 * q ft completely FURNISHED, oHK»den. skylight, inground pool, on park. $1387 m o 1810) 844-3209

BIRMINGHAM 2 bedroom 1100 sq n . ranch, basement, $750 RENT-A-HOME Share Listings 642-1620

BIRMINGHAM 1400 s q f t . 3 bed room. 2 balh, fireplace, scree'-,ea porch Pretty area Vacanl. $ 1 2 0 a mo Broker page 810-312-8218

BIRMINGHAM in I own. 3 bedrooms r - i bathe, cotomal. lenced yard Sept 1 $ 1 . 4 7 0 m o (810) 644-3147

A u t u m n BIRMINGHAM - 2 b e d r o o m * I t * Oaths, v-t car garaga. p n v a t e backyard deck $1200. Voice Mad 810-465-5667 Eves 6 1 0 - 6 * 7 - 8 5 * 6

C h e r r y Hill at 1-275 C h e r r y Hill

BIRMINGHAM • Up t o w n 2 Oedroom. common washer'drver, disposal, (810) 618-9118 $1000

3 1 3 - 3 9 7 * 1 0 8 0 O p e n

7 D a y s

FERNDALE N of 0 . W of Woodward O a a n lower 2 b a d r o o m Hat Fireplace, dining room, hardwood Itoora. garage, car port, all appkancea 1750 nctudea heat 8 water (BID) 783-7008 leave maaaage



W I T H 1425 O A C H


A P A R T M E N T S L a m p l i g h t e r Lane • S o u t h f i e l d

23600 \ff> > r i i j h i r Bedroom Apartment* Ur«»J L>*.j(u>R FREE H n t & Wjtrr lownhumrv Avai Utile Protroiurul

&. 2 Bedroom A p a r t m e n t s F R E E

10 M I L E

BLOOMFIELD TWP - 3 bedroom, V « I500sqlt Bloomfield H * s school* $1200 810-510-2115

CLARKSTON - 2 D e d r i ^ l a ^ o n l appliances ft uUMie* includad $1200 RENT-A-HOME Share Listmgs 842 1820 no lee


HANNETT-WILSON 6 W h i t e h o u s e i— (810) 6 4 6 - 6 2 0 0 BRICK RANCHES m Garden city or Westland you p * * 1 3 bedroom, oesemnent. clean ft ready $725-mo plus Utilities Call Ted Martin at Coldwell Barwer Legacy (313) 729-2500

• • • •


1, 1 - D E N



1 1/2




2 F U L L


F E E T .

Covered Parking & Storage Included Free Heat in Select Apartments Vertical Blinds Heated Pool, Community Room & Gated Entry ^

D a i l y

/ c \ v - 0 > . L

•& o j r

s a t .


S u n .

1 0 : 0 0 - 5 : 0 0


9 MILE t . M l A I

I I O U S I N f i

O P i ' O R l l l N I I Y

Many E x r r u

• lots of Closet* • Extra Storage • 1 B e d r o o m has a deluxe kitchen L /• b a t h



0 1 3 , 3 2 6 - 8 2 7 0 o p e n


7 days

• All




Retail Shops




7 5 6 0

M e r r i m a n

C l o s e



A p a r t m e n t s





D o w n t o w n


Experience MainCerttre'5 u n i q u e one &

o w o

t w o b e d r o o m a n d loft a p a r t m e n t s


L o c a t e d a t c o m e r o f M a i n A C e n t e r SW?efs in D o w n t o w n Northville A Singh Development

7 ?


I n

H a s

U i



N e w

S e a r c h i n g

A p a r t m e n t



U )





A p a r t m e n t s

-*]) 1 V



( 2 4 8 )


S t a r t i n g


2 7 5 8

A c k l e y

4 8 1 8 6 7 2 1 - 8 1 1 1








Living in a O a k Village t w o b e d r o o m / o n e b a t h r a n c h h o m e Is like o w n i n g y o u r o w n

10 -5 • S U N


B e d r o o m s


3 1 3 - 4 2 5 - 6 0 7 0

• Large


w i t h

• Intruder

A l a r m

• Elevator

A c c e s s

• Close

s h o p p i n g

to 4




a n d




n o o k




\ P A K T M E \ T

I m m e d i a t e








a v a i l a b l e C a l l

f o r

t o d a y ,

i m m e d i a t e

m o v e - i n




I .si i n <»»» K i l . Isles* k s n i i l l i <»l "» »






A F F O R D !







FROM $185



Var. V » .


o c c u p a n c y .

Beautiful Setting in a Great Location!

• Close




• Convenient







O p e n w ^

7 D a y * Sat A 5un 114




FEATURING: • 1 a 2 Bedroom Apartment* • 2.3 44 Badroom Townhouaa® • Covered Parking • 19 Floor Plana • Sunken Uvmg Room* «Cathadral CaHngi •Dana





K* I

• Watf^Oryar* Satact Unrt»• F»taaa Camar • Sarna • Olympic indoor Haatad Pool

to Shopping!

Pool 3 1 3 - 4 5 5 - 2 4 2 4

•Air Conditioning





i * /





wntMi r o u t H E A R T I S o n P A L M O T u > amtn u u i t AW> SHELDON ^ 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 is

Situated wittiin 77 beautiful acres o< park and recreational paths- Four Seasons of activity wrth comfortable living in a delightful Farmmgton Hills neighborhood Excellently serviced and maintained 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and townhouses Easy and quick access to 1-96 and 1-275 - direct routes to the airport, downtown Detroit and BirmmghanVSouthfieid 9 MM* Road • 1 % m f l a i w t i t o f F a r m i n g t o n Road


M i x ft H « 9 9 o r t y





ftat. • Son



•Carwn Condtona Apply fcr f *

>• i

(313) 513-RENT

LAKE MICHIGAN - St Ignaoe area Lusunoua 3 bedroom home. H a y lur • d . baauatul sandy beech wah m a i o n $ view (810) 6 0 3 4 8 3 1

LEELANAU COUNTY l i l m e n Cottags inatonc Bad 8 B r e a M a a Northport 616 366-8610 COMMERCE^WHITE LAKE Contemporary Cooley Laka lakatronl home Lonad oeanos s o i l gray m a - OAK LAKE RESORT near Traverse nor great decking 4 bedrooms. 3 Cay 2 bedroom lakefront apartment Available weeks o l j d y 12T i 1981 balhs. 2 car garags $lS00rmo (616) 264-6100 (810) 626-2040 •$600wee» ORCHARD LAKE - 2 badroom horns on s i sports Upper Straus canal Irom includes dock and lawn car* $155 (248) 366-1068 RENT OPTION to buy 1.200 sq It . 3 bedroom*. 1 bath, lireplace canal, boat dock SO yd* Irom Cass laka Bring your boat $1,050 par mo Ask For P h i (246) 663-9343

DISNEY O R L A N D O CONDO 2 b e d o o m 2 beth P o d spa. go* lenms $495 wk Days 810-751-2501, Evaa 248-652-9867

ROCHESTER HILLS Updated 4 bedroom, Tn baths, ttwsry cemrai

FAN FAIR - Nashvae, TN F u m a n e d 3 bedroom houee overlooks river near Oprytand Sleeps 10 mlormetKXi 615-643-0290

$ 2 . 2 0 0 mo

N ROYAL O A K C L A W S O N 3 bedroom bungalow all appkances garage, avelatse now $®50mo • secunly deposit (248l 642-6342 ROYAL OAK area 2 Bedroom 1 bath Very d e a n Neutral decor Garaga ail appkances $675.1110 By appomtmemt 2*6-265-6826 ROYAL OAK - Beauttol 3 bedroom Bnck ranch 1 5 baths skykght. lirepiece new kitchen carpet 13 8 Main $1.00Q/Mo (810) 435-6066

NAPLESTT1N CITY, large luxury 2-2 t u m a h e d condo, Lsnei. 2 pools, cable G r e d location Winter $2300, m o Near Gull (313) 274-3555

ROYAL OAK - 3 bedroom ranch. Ito•shed baaemenl. appkances. $795 Share Llaangs - 6 4 2 - 1 0 » R O Y A L OAK 2 b e d o o m condo tor lease o< sale S56Srmo or $44,500


VacatiM Retort Rentals

BAY HARBOR Peloakay. Brand new 3 bedrm 2 b a n condo Sleeps 8. Itogs deck overlooking bay goa boating ndoor p o d beach etc $1,000 wk -June $2000 w k - J d y Alter 5pm 3 1 3 4 6 1 4 7 6 8 BEAR LAKE near M a n a t e e aBrecOve luky tomaned 2 bedroom o d tages with TV boal inciuded trom (#16) 780-3822



ROYAL OAK , 3 bedroom, 1 balh bungalow hardwood »oors Fsnced y a r d 1 car garage Cute A d e a n No (810 ) 738-1104 p-S $ 8 ^ ' *

2 A 3 bedroom frame collages A log cabins I oca lea on the water* edje. o e a i for t p o r w i g larmly - with excellent swimming, Ashing A b o e t n g Ws are rustic yet modsm in a peecahk ano quiet surrounang Sorry, no pets

ROYAL OAK • 3 bedrooms Irving room carpetedI. appkances appkance* lanced yard pets ok $ 7 5 & M O (810) 356-RENT R ENNT A L P —R O S ROYAL OAK.'BI RMINGHAW 2 badroom. sitting, d l r m g Iron! rooms, basement, wood «oors $900 evas 810 731-6508 days 810 575-1126 ROYAL OAK bungalow 3 b e d o o m washer dryer cksposto retrgerator stove, detaohed garage Close to (810) (810' 616-9118 town $ 1 2 0 0 ROYAL OAK - Duplex Webster,' C r o c k s Sharp, updaied lownhouse 2 bedrooms. 1000 sq B • anokance* ai No smoker* $900 OAHProperties 810-737-1002 ROYAL OAK N - Ctoan 2 bedroom r a n d i w'Ftonda room many updMas.




\ By O o f t a n



616-536-7189 www imch-web BEAVER ISLAND Lake MicJvgar home, everytfwig n d K l e d pnme (810)227-2366 BLACK LAKE O N W E S T SHORE _ bedroom 12 beai 1.100 housa S50CHV* includes 1 2 boat Available June-Aug 313-4204)764 B p Y N E CITY on Laka Chartevdx < e « 2 b e d o o m cottage, sleeps 6. near town no pets many w 13) 464- 7741 available (313) CADILLAC- Chalet, sandy beech 4 b e d o o m * 2 b e M , large kvmg room the we week trom June 15 - Sept 15 By M Days 610-556-5230 M5(Vwk Evas 810-731-4905

Modem beachfront cottages on ^ M beautiful shore* d Laka S i Clair G r e a Hahmg. justSOrmn trom Oetroa border Book early tor "97 season (519) 7 2 6 - 2 0 1 9

COUPLE LOOKING l o rent houee WITO p a Suburban area P t e a a e c M . (313) 720-5471

1-800-968-2627 TORCH LAKE AREA - Waiertront oollag* Sleep* 6 oomtotably Complalsly tumefied. W pontoon A f a t i n g boat $&50rwk 810-3634814 T O R C H LAKE - 3 east snore homes SQ FT 900/120CV2600. Bedrooms 2/V3. B a M I t t . Sleeps 6 < & 1 0 Docks A b u o y s $650.$16CXV$2500 SW sv skews 4th d Jiky J d y A Aug For brochures (630) 654-0187 TRAVERSE CITY - Luxurious p r t v a a beech front home on OW M a n o r . Penmsika Sleeps up to 14 2 king s u s mestsr bedrooms I d e a lor We m J«>ie 4th d July. Jdy 19th. A Aug 23 (616) 223-7540 ate. sandy beachfront Condos nished 2 bedroom. 2 balh washer,' d y e r Weekly $1300 (6161946-5462 Traverse Cay. NorVi Shore m U s u r y beach front condos Smoka Irae Low J i m rases m Auto Club caid Wsstoy docount Jdy-Sspt 1400-966-2365 TRAVERSE CITY'S most charming beacrtront resort 1-2 bedrooms wtotdiens sandy beach weekly only, brochure 1400-966-1094

LiTU{Quartertto 4 1 2 Share ALL CITIES SINCE 1076 "QUALIFIED"


864 S. Adams. Brnnngham NEED A ROOMMATE' Featured on: "Kelly A CO " TV 7 Al Agea Taaes Occupations Backgnxnds A Utestytes

HOME-MATE SPECIALISTS 810-644-6845 30115 GreerMM Rd. SouVMid

nent pert-kme K t n O u k CPA expenenoe m r e w e w n g knarv cuu atatamanta Oanekta and Usable hours available Send reeikne and salary requirements to 30100 Tatog r s p h R d 1337, B i n d i a m f a r m s . M l 46025 or lax to (248) 540-7533

W t n l t d t o Rent

Real Estate One

FLORIOA COUPLE (retired), went houee or condo n M Uvoma or Redlord area, to rent lor M month d August C M : (313) 534-9079 PROFESSIONAL FEMALE A CAT w a r n to i s a s e or s u b l e a s e apt' housetor3 4 mos N o n smoksr (313) 416-0460 WANT HELP wilh M mortgage renr> Are you a w i g l e perent handkrw it toons' Why not leam i * 7 Positive energetic and responstole m o m d 2 waning to d i a r s your homa (313) 495-0602

Property Manayent

* M t o e a . 2 oar. aa. tataMd baaaj a » . M m dub avaMbto t M O m o 0 t NPROPERTIES 10101 737-4002

Aocoitotani P. O Box 85615 Waaoand. Mi 4 8 1 M

F i n a n d d n a a i a o n aeeung a d e d cated. outgoing, cuatomar t e r v x e onenled Individual lo open new accounts o n p n a l e and d o s e oonsumer toana. and s M bankng services E x c s l s m c o m n w i K a l a n and PC s k a * required Previous expenenos n a financial institution naptal. Starting « $0 61 an hour plua g r e a beneMs Fax reeums l o 313^13-3026 Or m a l to HMSCU Ann P e r s o n a Dirsdor 2400 Green Rd Ann Aitoor. Ml 48105 An Equal OpportvtoHy Employer

• A EccetiMc Newapsser Jefe into HotibM

• Broker - Bonded • Specializing in corporata trena*reet • Bdore maang a decaon. c a l us!

D & H Income Property Mgml 28592 Orchard Laka Rd Farmington H a s « I 0 ) 737-4002

SINGLE FAMILY SPECIALISTS S e r v e * * Tailored to Corporate Transferees inveMor*. Out-d-Town Owner* Professional rental management d •tome* snd condos Western Wayne A Oakland a x k * y 9esi Sennce A reasonable fees 810-346-5100



#500*598 Help Wanted General AM.toAverage $6420 Hourly AVON $1$ SALES Al Wortplace-NsMitoors-fsmlly BervsMI 1-800-745-1738 (10yr»)

OaKwood Common 18391 Rotunda Or. Daartxxn, Ml 46120

Call Today


Pit: (»4#) aaa-Oiio mtpynrwwoooatoand.iniua An Eq



Part ama or MHVna how* avaAabte • Contact Karen tar marvtaai a 81^623-1081 I An EquM Opponunky Emptoyar

A aubSKkary d Oakwood Healthcare Syetsm

AIR C O N D I T I O N I N G S E R V I C E / INSTALLER - P M B M « p 1 pay.

We are seeking a person to provide customer service lor the Observer & Eccentric Newspapers. A q u a l i f i e d candidate w i l l have a high school diptoma or equivalent, one to six months general office experience, good communication, interpersonal and mathematc skills and an overall knowledge of clerical tasks Must be able to type R w p m . Hours for thlm hall (fan* pooHton an .Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 8:30 a.m. i:30 p.m. & Sunday 7:00 - 12:30 p M APPLY in psrson or santf r a a u m a to t ObserverftK c c a n t r t c N a w s p a p a r a H u m a n R a a o u r c a s , Dspt. « S7-46 3 6 2 5 1 Schoolcraft I I v n n l a IM 4 1 1 SO tax raauma ATTN: ST-M to (313) S63-2087 Eoura


and promctiona s a Ptoaaa tor-



W e personekze our sennce lo meet your we*mg A management need*

ACCOUNTANT sudo vieuaftrmGenera ledger COTTAGE cm Lake Huron a Tawas.A THREE badroom homatoaiare For responsibiimas al M comlorts d home Enare uea d houee Gaa. watoi elec- edmmistrativa Peschtrse soBware Send resume tnc neal. wasnewdryar A storage M wai salary requwamentsto30501 Lrvome M l 48150 ndudM 2roomsavailable $4SO month (eachroom)PM ok Avak- Schoduan. EAST TAWAS RICHTER & A S S O C . atke now' Cal (810) 365-4723 STONEY SHORES NORTHVILLE • 2 bedroom bun- S O UTHFI E L D • S m a l houeetorren 2 A 3 bedoom updated "Mflason BELLEVILLE - need lemM room Lake Huron 1-517-362-4609 mMtoahare apartment 2 bedroom Overlooking b e a u d i i wooded rewne appliancea itokty room, ukkty ro< $TO£VMO H utaaee and HARBOR SPRINGS- Harbor Cova^ 2 bathremS307 pwa (313) 296-5654 (313) 513-RENT updated ctoan 2 bedroom. 2 Da0i oondo VCRtonras.pods prtvM BIRMINGHAM 27 yr old mM •I0RTMV1LE A OT>CR SLBUR8S baach Travarsa Bay (313) Ilooking lor 2 Mal non-amotong CORPORATE 1-1567 TROY - 3 bedroom, 3 Bath. 2100 V . TRANSFEREES roommatestar3 bedroom home so It « r waaiei'dryer $990 $36&*no . vt ikkme* 1 yrtoaaeNo NOW SEEKING P a yoi* RELOCATION NEEDS pets A eiaili Jdyi (2M)046-0ii2 RENT-AHOME Comtar hap - upto86 75 an C M 0 A M PROPEPmES F HARBOR S P R I N G S ^ hourtoMart n a dean work 810-737-4002 Shere Latings 642-1620 "Q Ma 'HAMLET VILLAGE' Rasort I CANTON LARGE dean qua beauTROY - 3 b e d o o m brek r a n d i MeNOVI - 3 badroom Ranch Homes A Condos witonna pod I tiful homa, on pnvM 5 sores pteoe. basement 2 car garaga. spa sauna Near pc*. baadias. lamlry. norvamokar $325 ndudaa sndcnysesBy i « * e d yard, uuiveraenl tocaaon (313) 4164732 Cat Slater Management Inkrenaa.hatog. Mon^lhop- | to mek'nyts T r o y sch^$O»«to24041M144 <2M) 5 * 0 4 S e I FARMINGTON HILLS - Straight travI J . 25 wan a 35 mm • --OBer • LANO MASTERS MC CHASE FARMS J » M 7 * i $1 M t u a n retodance newly bum to CM (810) 866-2387 - Mad AJtowance 313-421-2274 ^800670-2341_« 1807 Four bedrooms kvmg A lamay 01 K RESPONSIBLE - 4An M M Two yearr M a a a $3,000' per EXCELLENT Opportunity HARBOR SPRINGS Hideaway FARMINGTON todare 3 badroom houee - For a a r a i C a l (248) 3 4 9 4 2 0 0 lor more wi T* barfi pereon Vakey - Lusiky 4 bedroom Advancement Ful prvasgssAfcndry'sciass $386 UWM ncLded (248) 4744666 To apply. PM Andy or Terry at NOVt lOWtoeHeggarry 3 b e d r o o m WAYNE 3 Oadoom b u r y t o w 1-800-»2-0101 tort 46 lo sat M a i a . 2 b e M lamayroom,toaHARBOR S P R W G S NTOWARS bad- LOOKING TO atare 3 up sn interview lime or Mop by •taea 2 o a . a r . n b a a a n d u b . deck room oondo plusto*,aaeps 10 home w«i 2 dher man $32S-mon#i. the ana on ^ • ^ ^ 3 , 5 1 > N E N T -11pm (8101 301 3 & NOVI . 4 bed LAKE WaCHKiAN NORTHVILLE FEMALE to d HOMESTEAD sparvner* I •a b a M nice vtaa W » 2 5 b e M 1510 sq It 14

MAJORO - W o n d a i M newer con4 bedroom 2.000 aq II I lot. meats' suns air. *reM c a . garaga Available now >1.950 246-346-6189 S725

and a n lunmenl. Send reaume in oonk-


sever peers a a l l i i i Mla> u snd uoCTdnaang r ana a n a M M m a n , d M a a I orfamaenorat


E x p a n d n g Iton I t a i tal A part-time positions available tor M g m ' c w i a n t s wait a minimum d years p u t a c aucuMang axpenera I n d w d u a M should poeeess stra analytical A ekacove oomnxtocaiton akaa Sand reauma A salary tequnament* to. O p a r a n n s Manager 46211 Halm St Suite C Plymouth Twp., M M 1 7 0 4 0 2 3

tor STORAGE OR car. June toni o J ^ U f M l d a r a a o r vwaray (246) 350-3278

Reduced r a e s , waiertront. week d July 4th - $1200. remaining week* $1000 July 13-20. Aug 10-17,17-24 24-31 Sleep* 10. b o a buoy. dock.



ACCOUNTANT JflEntry tow« poakton. I M a W l wtth aocoitoang transacaons respcnsiCkH ties thru nail balance Automated, module driven a u u x a a n g system a MAS90 O u r t a a growing company a based to Novi Ei c a l i r l oompaneaiion A b e n e * package Sand reaume to P O 442. N M . Ml 48376

a htgn school arsduals wah a tout 1-3 yaara 4 aapane n c e in a n a c t i v i t i e s /

A n E q u a Opportunity Emptoyar

36251 S c n x n M U Lkrorsa. M 48150

GARAGE FOR RENT 8 Mle/Five P o n s 770 10 tool - s k i torea overhead doors $ 4 0 0 « v o r # i C M (313) 538-4500


d auuuxang n r a a d n v u c o m p i l i n g w e e k l y financial


BRIGHTON 4.000 SO FT , nam to W o o d a n d G M Coiaae. lor commercial olkca or m e d c a l1 55 yr rrvramum toaae C M John a (810)227-5422

ST JOSEPH - Cottage. Laka M i d v •gan frontage. 10 mlea N d St Joseph 2 badooma, i v t b a M aa converaencae B e e u M J beach, pnvate «airway $675 a week 313-563-8097

CANADIAN GET-A-WAY SOUTHFIELD • 3 bedoom bnck Bixv gatow Daang room. dan. imptoce. traahed tissamed. $025 RENTAL PROS (810) 356-RENT


PETOSKEY O N BeauBfU Wakoon Laka. 4 badroom, 2 balh. M y lurrained home Nioe beach A dock, by weak avakabie June to July I 6 * i After Auguat 18th (6161 34?-7456

FT MEYERS B E A C H House a « aancy On beach W s » to everyEhmg Bikes n d u d e d Weekly or weekends $60rr*ght 8 1 0 - 6 6 5 - k l 6 *


W E S T L A N O SINGLE lamato. 1 badroom. d i a r e baBv W d w i . laundry w / s a p a r a i a refngaraior I lood $70TWk (313) 7 2 9 - 6 4 M

Km. •


and orgerxjaaonai changea AO* aa a apokaaoereontorM Boam and parforms t e a o n dukes I I I n n M Board. Chairperson, C m r M H n i a , Cu I'I M i l . Cotaay l a a a M a i a M totd o M r una* d aovammam. T H a a not a M a r t t y a t a m p o a B a n M sanies a l M us m m d M

ACCOUNTING Entry toval operwig n one d or m a n u l a c i u t i n g l a : M i i Raqiataroenta include a lour-year degree a n d 2 - 3 m a r t work ^ to AiP. aan-

ACCOUNTANT I C * A For F a m a n g l o n HBs aocouranc E >penwnced to Comp and As Corporate a n d m M u « t Exceptional opporturay tor q u i person m quality 8 n t i Band • « ID B o s 8 1 0 4 3 Ctoeervar A Eccer

W BLOOMFIELD Near laka Upper A tower w / p r t v M bato $350 A $30G> security Short term. (313) 422-8400

OSKOOA - 2 sleeps 6 on Vanetten Laka C o m plaialy 'urraahed sicapt m e n * Boat, pnvato dock. deck, sandy beach June A August operang $40CVwweH C a l after 3 30 (313) 4254)786

Southern R e n U l i

ROCHESTER HILLS - Rochester,' Avon 1990- 4 badroom Bnck ranch. 3 5 baths. 3660 sq It gas krapleos backs to commons, no petssmckers $2200 D 6 H Propertes 248-737-4002

WAYNE - Plaaaam Room to Rani in G o o d NeighOorhootJ $60 par weak. M O DapoaA For totannalton C M (313) 7204XJ72

OSCOOA. MVLAKE HURON M o d e m beach Irom oondo N s a sand beach (248) 652-0655

SOMERSET CENTER. Ml - Furrasned 3 bedroom 2 balh deck, pnvata laka beach, boats $75&w» (313) 429-4526

ROCHESTER HILLS • 3 bedroom ranch. Irving room appliances, lenoad yard $600 W C RENTAL PROS (810) 373-RENT

MLFORO -1800 s a . l t . appmncaa. 3 „ aw b . a M $1600 C M SLATER MGMT (248) 5 4 0 - 6 2 M

» * o u g h Sept 7773

BRIGHTON WOOOLAND Lake 1 bedroom cottage Summer seeson only (810)228-8784

ROCHESTER DOWNTOWN lo town 6 afy park 2 Bedroom, dan lull balh. Move refrigerator, large besemeni w/Washer $ dyer, centra an. w o o d deck mealy decorated Sl.OCXVmo (810) 652-1859


wk C M 6 w n - 4 :

CPA w a n 4-6 years s m e n e n a tor BtoorraaKi M M O A k m T a c h r w a l axparaaa to nM4orp r o M a pkia F«a b a n a M I am aiwent plan Ptaaaa m M j m e a n d salary r a « a a nta to Personnel DMador. 800 W Long Laka. 8300. oomheld Mas, M 403OS or Fax to 2 M 841 6406

ckant requwemena to our apaiaaona team C u m p s a n . i , Sand com aaar i d t i a n r a « a a m a m a A reaume to A E Search P.O. Box 51790 Lkrona. M 48150 An Equal O p p o r t w a y Emptoyar

OPPORTUNITIES Detroit Metro area Office PRE-APPROVAL PROCESSOR This individual will be responsOotorvBfrfymg information or wortters comp Das usingFF*EDS system We require a HS

diploma or GED. 1 year ot experience in a health care setting (Code PP) BILL REVIEWER Y o u w i l l i n p u t TMK information system

into the EDS and

(810) 4774

For Past paced. orOWlng company. : : Must be able to answer multi line pftonet and perform Mght clerical duties. Full time position. Fax resume to Accounting Supervisor ; (248) 669-5343 customer service

A few great

opportunities out of the

Blue Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is seeking Customer Service R e p r e s e n t a t i v e s who a r e energetic and customer-focused, have strong oral and w r i t t e n c o m m u n i c a t i o n and basic computer skills. The qualified candidate is o n e who is able to work on a team in a dynamic service-oriented environment, has good problem-solving/ analytical abilities and takes personal responsibility for his/her actions


Ho.iltliC.ue COMPARC Corp.. Ihi' li' irlct in m.''fl' "• ctirti-nlly swkmq candid.ili-s fm jmsitifins in II"' Oetrotl Motro Area These oponinqs toquiii' ,i hnowU-rige i>i ii»-clii il terminology. ICD 0 coding .intl CPT coding, .ind stronti .illi-ntmn lo dnt.iil



medical bills in accordance with state medi-

Candidates must have completed a minimum of two years of college Additional requirements include c u s t o m e r service experience, responding t o a n d resolving customer Issues or concerns We o f f e r a c o m p e t i t i v e s a l a r y and b e n e f i t package with opportunity for career growth Please send your resume to. BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD OF MICHIGAN HUMAN RESOURCES 2 7 0 0 0 WEST ELEVEN MILE ROAD SOUTHFIELD, Ml 48054 Equal Opportunity Employer

cal review guidelines We reouire a HS diploma or GEO. and 1 year ot claims processing experience (Code BR)

We after a connective salary & excellent benefits, including 401(k) & stoc* purchase p l a n s For confidential consideraoorv please submit a resume and salary hist o r y with cover letter slating position deLJAATTHRIAM sired lo: Human Reaomea, Dapt SS/ HeatttlUare (job coda), HeelthCare COMPARE COMPARE Corp., 3200 Highland Avenue Downers Oroya, S 0O61S-1223.

Que Cross. Blue Shield. of Michigan An Independent Licensee of thy Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

S O U T H F I E L D 13 M t e r S o d f a e k l Smeshmg 4 b e d o o m cxjtonia. 2 5 b a M lamily room fireplace new lotchen B - n w i g h k m « d t o d k 2 e a r . ah no pois/wio*®'"' S'BOOTno. D A H PROPERTIES (8101737-4002






vVe need a carrier o n the f o l l o w i n g streets:Make Extra M o n e y d o i n g a route t w i c e a w e e k Sunday &Thursday.

•On Dewey from Burroughs to Hartsough •On Roosevelt from Burroughs lo Ross •On Harding from Burroughs to Ross •On Coolidge from Burroughs to Southend •On Hartsough from Main Street to Coolidge •On Ross from Dewey to Byron •On E. Main Street from Burroughs 10 Hartsough P92 . , •On South N.Territorial from Glenview to Beck Rd •On Drury Lane from Betty Hill to Glenview . »On Danbury from N Territorial to Drury Lane PI 30 •On Rwkview from Pari loParV •On Carting from ftrk to R»rV •On ftii from Mill SL to Parkview

PI 71 •On Trillium from Joy to Rockledge •On Trillium Ct. fast & West •On Rockledge from Trillium to end of new homes For further information call Nikki Smith 313-953-2144



Our Classifieds are n o w o n t h e INTERNET! on the

To place your Classified Ad, call 313-S91-4)900 in Wayne County, 810-644-1100 in Oakland County, and 810-S52-3222 in Rochester/Rochester Hills •Ad muat nm 01fo0«h»o bnws


PI 58 •On N.Joy from Colony Farms to 4M04 •On Colony Farms from toytoThoreau •On Basswood Ct. from Colony Farms 10 Westend •On Tamarack Ct. from Thoreau to Southend •On Pepperidge from Thoreau to Southend •On Thoreau from Colony Farms to Weslend •On Pinetrail Ct all

When you place a Classified Ad It appears on these pages, hut It also appears Internet.• Check our Classifieds at this Internet address — —

W a i t e r s a n d Dryara n m a n y a p a r m r * *

L o c a t e d in Canton on Joy Rd.

to 1-96,1-275

Modeb O p e n • M m , S * 9 4 (248) 624-6464



• Easy Access 1-696,


9 9

* n o w

Our ValiM Pacfcag*

• Swimming

i ^





Private Patios . vertical Blind* Dtohwaaher*

n o w

Convenient}} l o c a t e d o n N t i r l i n a i i Road f O f d u r t L a t e Road) I M o c k s o u t h o f 0 mOe R o a d . O p e " d a l l y I O « . S u n d a y n o o r v S



S p e c i a l Discounts While Units Last* L I V I N G

BASS LAKE. 3 bedroom r a n d i . IVI beth wT2 car garaga 100 yams to 70011 b e a d i A recreaaon a r e a I 0 5 0 mo No lease (313)67841001

ROCHESTER - 3 bedroom ranch larmly room. V I balh a*, fcrnshed beeement. lenced backyard $ H 0 f t mo w o p e o n to buy 810-375-1860


LAKE MLCHIQAN - leketront 2 bedtog eatery acre






REDFORD TWP Home intormakon Center has a Irae rental housing bulletin boerd Mon-Fn 8 30am • 4pm a The R e d k x d Community Center 12121 Hemingway 1 block North ol Plymodh R d West d Best* Daly

ULFORD - Gorgeous 4 oedroom kaury home n pnma area 2.700 a*.* , lireplace master suite alarm Oarage, basement Avakabto July 1 $2,496. 2*6-346-6189 #718

O r r u p a n r >

t o m o r r o w .

W H I S P t y i N C *

KUEL PARK BeautrtU ranch style l ^ n * 3 Bedrooms, newly remoddshwasnsr 8 relngeralor 2 car autof Pats okay $500'mo " 810-757-0184

-^ffrnoSr *


a r e

FSBNOALE 9 MaeVWodwerd area 3 t a d o o m noma w l r n s h a d baseHW1I 2 M baths, 1'» c— Baraga $50CV UK Section 8- welcome 810-757^)164

•• - X R S ^ A


REDFORD - Small - very dean, bedrooms, no baaemenl. NO p* w,'appliances AvakapM 6-15-1 $S7S*no plus security (313) 537-6287

Star* Listings, 642-1620, no lea

9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 SAVE $ HUNDREDS $ ON MOVE • W F 9



a p a r t m e n t *

PCRNOALE Clean, quaini 1 b e d iMm o » lloors. basemenl. newer tfrhen & Oath No pats >mme<»ate oecpancy $575 1248) 5*6-6676



I d e l u x e

R E D F O R D RANCH - 3 bedroom* l u n g room, all appkance*. shed, pel* naoobaMs $ « 9 & M 0 RENTAL PROS (810| 356-RENT

MADISON HTS • 3 bedroom, 1400 0 M5


ft f e w

» t S S &

tSUNDALE - 2 bedroom, ranch l a e m a n l waihar. dryer $575 BENT-A-HOME j i , - T u*tings 842-1820. no lee

UVONIA (WEST C N c a g d i d i s t e r AO) 3 Bedroom IVI bath Flmshed basement 2 car garage Appkances Nc pets Nor smoker Security 1-4 mo $950'mo (810) 662-0634

\ \ \ILABI.K



cRMOALE 3 bedrooma, hardwood M S slov» refng washer 8 dryer.

WHITE LAKE - 2 becfrooma se. carpel. Sving room I prrvWegss. $ 7 5 t t M O RENTAL PW06 (810) 373-RENT

LAKE HURON Cottage between Cheboygan 8 Rogers city A460 a

Wa am tor taran an A.E. A.E. who " h o can can present to sa tfpeeAeveia d okams E u a e a n l narttal A M a n n a m m


REDFORD r o o m A balh. uMaea cable n d u d M rancaa. security (313) 531-7824 1 ROOM to |usi restored Vtclonan * $350 indudas sa utwkes CompMto houee pnvSeoea (313) 405-1877

aal i « an mannew


REDFORO AREA • working oeraon Laundry I u a M n prMtagae 166 par I plua $50 security C a a (313) 534-2064

LAKE H U R O N SaadWam Deeuahjl. 3 bedroi Mectonac City A Cheboygen $600wk 810-541 -5710

IPROORAM A O P A W • a n a l y h m H

Bt-WEEKLY 12.430 - t > , i a i


11-800-292-0101 Exl 36

PONTIAC - TranaMonal room A b o a r d B M space • M a t i n tor M 6 mamafc a Meals 246-333-7414

LAKE CHARLEVOIX - Ouaaty send beech, N A site toreal a u n o a i d VBe Nuava del Nona Weefey roruM (810) 642-3414

(313) 513-RENT

•MKy to work w*a •


U V O M A SUNRISE WEEKLY S T U O O S Ftai a a i M n M aMtoa ol reMoarMor or N k M n a a a una. I t o d service c a d e T V . . $175 wa>v Deva inn Front aMy, inoune inquire al M Dave 36866 P y n o u r f L (313)427-1300 K«WVFMNOUN (313)

6 a . w a a to 8 hola g M < 5-12. or 13-18 a a M M i $1200 par weak (810)3464ti»

WESTLANO - W M m a a M n e d 2 bedroom house an Palmer bet. Newfeurg 6 Wayne Rds. A» a l l t i l l JMy 1st $ 6 2 S M o • iHMtes 517-321-6826

REDFORO bungakM. 3 bedroom*. 2 b a » * Irmng room, drang room, baaemenl. actJiances $650 RENTAL PROS 1810) 368-RENT

UVONIA NW - 3 badroom bnck o n d t 2 5 car garage a l appliances 1100 sq R SfcO (248) 474-6033


F A 1 2 M I N T

lanced k * RENTAL 1PSOS

BEDFORD 3 bedroom 2 Ba*v $650 m o r t h After 5 pm (313) 878-5451

UVONIA - 7 M l e M i d d e b a t i area 3 t a d o o r r Kama newty decorated $85&mo r e mo security No Pets 6-15-97 (313) 531-3255

Call ( 8 1 0 ) 3 5 6 - 7 8 7 8

h o m e A . F V \ R

( S f M N G T O N HILLS - 2 bedroom a * , m u room hardwood Soars, lenced pets ok. MOO » J T A L PROS (810) 356-AENT

W R f f i 2 t * S r o o m s garage H25 PLEASANT RIDGE 2 bedrooms bailment $850 WALLED LAKE 2 bedroom condo, • a c h e d garaga. tmi*had basement Mto AAA L a a s m g & M a n a g e m e n t 246-471-RENT

Private park with picnic facilities, pool, tennin courts and excerrine room for all o f our rfUMicntii.

INTERLOCHEN. M - C o r y . Duck near Traverse Cay A i e p a 6 . dock loarfcoaL phone. TV. M O O a * . « $600 a k . lar May 3 1 - J i M 14 (810)

WESTLANO - 3 bedroom randt. 3

3 bedroom, c e r u a ROYAL OAK finished ossement garage UVONIA - 3 bedrooms T n car air A dryer $11C»mo & room, lanced yard tor Washer 10-5321 or (313) 570-1650 (8101 360-!

§ 5 2 4

S y s t e m t o


UVONIA 3 bedroom ranch, b a i e aara, 2 ' i garage appkances. Beaua s Beabon yard schools Very dHn. $1 lOOWo (313) 464-1614

1 Bedroom f r o m

Dining A r e a s


W a s h e r s

PONTIAC - 3 bedroom* wkh Tiaii merk. i-4 car oerage Good Clean $450 per m o n t h 810-334-0122

2*8-348-8188. #727

UVONIA- 3 bedroom bnck ranch 1'4 t a lis Srsshed baaament w t r e p i a c e 9* cm garage appkances. centra m. $800 mo 8pm 313-961-2558


SAT/SUN 11-4

Apartment Living at it's Best! Living a n d

2 S ,




(810) 373-RCNT

WESTLAND • 3 AvaaaUa June 3 W ol Venoy lergs rooms aa appkancee. lenoed yard. $675rtno (313) 722-7460

P L Y M O U T H - 2 bedroom, central as 2 car garage, private t q u e l Nonsmoker No pet* No mowing $ 8 0 » mo Caa 8pm-9pm 313-453^1215

TENANTS & LANDLORDS 810-642-1620


I'Srintt i n l l i K .i
• G e n e r o u s

PLYMOUTH - 4 bedroom, home, h o yard, w e i i lo schools $l2Savno t S Enea 8 1 0 - 2 8 6 ^ 5 5 7 Days • l £ -262-9032 5i

t24«) 540-6288

PLYMOUTH - Cory 1 "Jack, carpel, appfcarea*. w a M P < * V » on park (517) 8SS-2753


dally/wkly 3134364100

OXFORD - 3 WESTLAND - Anracahe 3 bedroom g r o o m . Baraga appkances. fev W U w n appkancee l i M M i June d heaamam, pel* O k ( 7 5 0 RENTAL PROS (TlO) 3 ^ R E N T «T«0 248-348-8180. 0730 INTERLOCHEN. SW d Ti Cay. Qraan L a t e »*Ssrkor<. S e n d , R I C H T E R & A S S O C . beech dock, boeang 3 bedroom PLYMOUTH - Ann Arbor T i f t M d o n Knotty p M No smoking or peta O w i w g caoecod 3 battoom* 2 S WESTLAND 3 bedroom ranch. 1'4 S75I>U 24*348-560 SS? ' oom 2 <*• * " , 2 car garaga. security $726 LAKE CHARLEVOIX - El e g e m 3 g w a q j . <2150 No patawnokars pated no pets 2 m par morWi Q A M Proaemaa (810) 737-4002 (248) 474-4532

UMONGTON HILLS • Fatiulous 5 Mushed basement, siav


wDeeemem W

r»»unoo a m* menm sr-ysrr,

Looajng lor m a » i « u a | irxkvouala •> a i M l


UVONIA 3 bedrooms (Wished base.

$ 5 1 0

M-F 9-6


f r o m

L u x u r i o u s 1

l o c a t i o n

l a u n d r o m a t

9 4 1 - 1 5 4 0 2 cO O I B r a n d t R o m u l u s EHO



LAKE ORION Colonial 4 bedroom* O balh. 2400 s q H „ on Lake Vborheei Available now S200(Vmo 810-5404J288 HATER MGMT X

is now arepptinx application^ for luxury upartmenU. I nits feature kilchen with panlry and dining space, balcony, carpel, blinds, microwave and abundant In-apartmenl storage.

m a i n t e n a n c e free! Large yards, y o u r o w n basement, wasgher dryer h o o k - u p . frost ^^^re^efjlgeTatoijg^igpjt^

6 2 4 - 1 3 8 8



SAT/SUN 11-4


Just N o r t h o l Pontiac T r a i l i n W t o m

O P E N M O N -FRI 9 4 • SAT

R e f r i g e r a t o r

O n A r m A r b o r Trail, W . o f I n k s t e r

S 5 2 5

• Individual




M i c h i g a n

f s >


M-F 9-6


T h i s ?







( 3 1 3 )




T u r n e d

W e s t l a n d ,



O n Beck Rd



A T T R A C T I V E O N E ft T W O B E D R O O M A P A R T M E N T S




F o r

I n t o

t s


3 1 3 - 4 5 3 - 7 1 4 4




O n ihe c o m e r of H a g j f e r t v R d A P l y m o u t h Rd


( 3 1 3 ) 4 2 7 - 6 9 7 0



N o r t h v i l l e

1-96 L o c a t i o n

D i s p o s a l

M o n d aj y - iF- rr i da a y y9 a m - 5 p m By a p p o i n t m e n t , T u e s d al y - T h u r s d a y , 5 - 6 p m S a t u r dd a y B y A p p o i n t m e n t

SAT/SUN 11-4


0; III



M-F 9-6

SAT 10-2

y * M » 1 CcSomal A l p o r t *

MCSTER - 3 Oedroom bnck. baaew m $65
From S399 to $500 monthly for qualified applicants


FREE HEAT ' 3 1 3 - 5 2 2 - 3 3 6 4



S t a r t i n g

$ 5 0 0

T o w n h o u s e s

M - F 12-fa


S u p e r


FREE HEAT A WATER 3 1 3 - 5 6 1 - 3 5 9 3

A p a r t m e n t s


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C a r p e t

F r o s t - F r e e

HUNTINGTON WOODS • 11/Scoha s e e o t x x - W.den, 1730 sq tt bnck M n 2 balhs hnshed basemenl talace air. appkances. lcar $1500 6 « H PROPERTIES (8101 737-4002

( B e t w e e n A n n A r b o r Trail & W a r r e n )

A p a r t m e n t s

B e d r o o m

G a r b a g e


O n Inkster R d N o r t h of Ford R d




(AMLANO DUNHAM Lakelront l a e l y 3 oedroom country home 2 . 5 baths over 3,000 s q It on 6 aas* Careiaksr provided AvaHatiie m m (13413 $ 2 7 0 0 per month C a l HARlENE REINHARDT, Real M w a One 1248)684-1065 or v o c e Ml (246)745-2061



R a n g e

Professional Space



C o n v i e n i e n t Luxury Apartments •


DEARBORN HGTS 3 Bedroom ranch, dining room, utikty room, cobon to buy' $575/MO RENTAL PROS (313) 513-RENT

\ m T w o a n d Three . Bedroom Townhouses

(810)557-0311. I

D E A R B O R N HGTS-3 bedroom 2 balh. finished basement. Fior room appliances 2 car garage. $1075 mo 313-454-1120, eves 248-626-7830


8 : 3 0 - 5 : 0 0


D E A R B O R N HEIGHTS - Clean large 2 tadroom, carpeted appliances fenced yard shed $850'mo IB10) 348-6399

CANTON - 3 bedroom spacious ranch anached 2 car garage, central air, fireplace, all apphances. 1 'A bath $l2SO'month (810) 6 6 9 8225

West Sine Mile Road at Providence Drive, in Southfield


D E A R B O R N H E I G H T S - 4603 Katharine 3 tadroom bnck ranch Garage lenced yard Available July i $ Showing Mon. Wed. Fri ft Sun 5pm Mobile 313-920-5966 Beeper 313-270-8326

CANTON Beautiful 4 bedroom, 2 5 bath, over 2300 a q f t w'enormous - a s l e ' bedroom fireplace atlecned garage large yard wfpatio Appliances included Plymouth Canton schools $1 5 9 5 M O 313-453-5854

8hare Uaanga. 842-1820 no t „


N n . Fanmnolon n a a . 48334 2511



BLOOMFIELD - 1400 sq M. 1 i 5 be*

A pool

6788 S Laka H o i Or rbc- Spnngs, Ml 40740 *9> C M 1-800433-a7»7

ftoomoaid adioet*, noa aufe. $1300 buy (24a)

Execiave f J T ^ i n o d e l e d oomantporary 3 T L — I oath Stanar h o m e a r t U S m noUeaemart ft MMSCit $895'mo • deposit y - n c e s Cat (248) 815-0119

u f l M X G T O N HILLS - G d Rhrerl I f j | - - area Cuts, d e a n 1 oedM . ne<* 6am. fla* haat. curtain* M yard Paved street Relei!»ra'» t dspo*lt. $ 5 1 0 ' m o Sm74-1714 248-348-0066

goa a s m

OAK PARK . 4 bedroom 2 M


DAVISBURG 3000 * q 1 , decks, up north selling Close to 1-75 $1800. month Lawn maintenence/snow removal inckrdeo (810) 634-2154

(246[ S40-6286


o ^ " p F o r e R r r a ^ a t ^ S S o i


a r o w MILLS- 12 m colorMi. 2 5 Dalha. famty | * q It fcsahed Deeemert * d , $2500 unhjrn»hed ERTIES(«10) 737-4002

u M M G T O N MILLS - 1800 sq 11 3 1 balh. ajupllance*,

D E A R B O R N - 3 bedroom bnck I ' * baths garage appliances pets negotiable $65S-MO RENTAL PROS (313) 513-RENT

BRIGHTON NEW 1996 3600 sq fl executive home 6 acres w/view 3 car garage. Many features-appliances lawn maintenance Available 7-1 -97, $2200'mo (8101227-2552

ALL c r n e a

rn^Srs t LAMXOROS T P 81(X42I820

COMMERCE TWP - 3 bedrooms 2 baths 1 9 6 0 s q f l appliances $1400 Call SLATER M G M T (248) 540-6288


BRIGHTON - 3 bedrooms living room, newly remodeled all appliances. yard SSOCVMO RENTAL PROS (810) 373-RSNT



DEARBORN - 2 bedroom Colonial Tn oaths, appliances $1650 DEARBORN Beautilul hislorc home 6.000 sqft. 5 bedrooms, 3 baths $3000




HOME/CONOO RENTAL m . Country C k « " « r W 8 L O O M F I 6 L O CommarcarOreen Roa - 2488 sq. « oUanlal. 4 bed2Mi w baha, » n a j fcfhed baaemem.

raSable now tflOO 2 4 * - 3 4 * a i M . «713

CLARKSTON • 3 bedrooms catrw drat cewngs. fireplace, a l appliances .mmmtvm — - •— Vmo opoon to purchase $815.'mo 373-RENT RENTAL PROS (810)

DEARBORN 2 bedroom lurmshed bungalow 980 s q f t - 1 balh $850 A v a l a b l e July 1

8RIGHTON ALL sports lakelront 2 b e d r o o m house, ideal for i h e sportsman $750 per month, pkis deposit 1810)363-2769


CLARKSTON - 3 bedroom. 2V» bath renovated Farmnouae E a a j y accaea to 1-75 Oarkaton school* $1700 plus security FAM Management (248) 625-9205

Spaoou* 5 bedroom cotomal m a praiTMum location with Birmingham schools Available 1 year wnh cpoon lor *acond year Updated kilchen w t h appliances finished besemem Can lor mora $3500monlh (COV6OO1


FreehN pamtad.

"tr^yw-.TON i

BLOOMFIELD - O u a r t o n C o v ^ o n Elegant 19«1 tudor 5 bedroom Hbrary. tam*y room, cuatom kitchen. 5906 s q f l . nanny quartare 3 $8200 DftH Propeme* 810-737-4002


Dishwasher Vertical Blinds Huge B a t h r o o m Patio o r B a l c o n y

SLATER MGMT (24fl) 540-6286

SLATER MANAGEMENT (248) 540-6288

BRIGHTON • Grand Rrver/US23 89 contemporary, 4 bedrooms, 2 5 balhs, 2831 s q « area! room fireplace. 3 car. pool No pea. smokers $2800 DftH Properties 248-737-4002


(313) 537-5778

ESS CANTON- Newer 3 bedroom, 2 5 beth, 1800 s q f l Colonial Available now $ l T 5 » m o CANTON 3 bedrooma. 2 H batha. 2880. appkanoaa $2200

BLOOMFIELD HRXS - 4 bedrooma. » batha. appsanoes. $2000 BLOOMFIELD HILLS - 2800 s q f t . 3 ledrooma. 3 balhs $1880

6 4 7 - 1 8 9 8

BIRMINGHAM - Lincoln ft Adams area 2 bedrooms. sK appliances kitchen updaied $ 7 5 0 f i o plue security deposit 1810) 826-8650

BIRMINGHAM D O W N T O W N 4 badroom, 2 balh central air hardwood (loots, new c a r p e l " • * appliance*, large deck, garage 248 258-9391




C l a s s i f i c a t i o n s 5 0 0 to 5 0 0

Thursday, June 5 , 1 9 9 7

€MPLOVM€NT Help Wanted General


ADVERTISING COPYWRITER A downtown Oelroit-bsied acTtertemg agency M M an w a n i M xidMduM to m M copy tar lele.mon commercial* marketing brochure*. print ad*, a* waa aa public relation* r * U * * » * Tha copywriter al»o proofreede Knowledge ot wort processing 4 P*gemanier ieqj«ed Tha opomum i mould haw wrtong and grammar a t wan aa finsnceandbusin*ss SslsrySbsneM* package Sand resume (alary requirement, and a wrung aampla to: •Naw corrected P.O. Box Comwrssr PO. Box 2120 OatroK. Ml 46231 An Equal Opportunity Employer



ALARM MONITOR Experience a plus- VMI tram n a i l w » vidual C s l 8am-4pm Mon-Fn (810) 358-2555 AU. AROUND machimat, no lass than 10 year* *ipenence Able to m t without hatp ot supervisor For general machining. tool and die, prototype Part-Bmeiful tune avaaatxa Q u e l . dean oparanon C a l Pager (810)406-9945


nunedMte Entry Level Openings

$12.15 Positions Offer: • • • «

Flexible Scheoules Co-ops/ Internships 50 AASP Scholarships All Majors Interviewed

Help Vulcd General


Mctagan Humana Society has tulm e opening tor mdmdual to evakiale moommg shelter animal* Animal handling amUor velenneiy asusianf background desired Salary dependant on •xpansnoe Part heatov'dentat insursnce Apply m person or *end resume to Shaaer Manager MHS. 37255 Mar quelle Rd WeiHand. Ml 481BS


Help Wanted General

APARTMENT PREP Currently seeking lo * a full time poeillon al Saona Ridge Apt* In Wixom Expenence m minor maintebut not necessary Please c a l Carol e 246-624 9449 APPLIANCE DELIVERY - U wne. no expenence neceeaary Must have car and vakd UnverS koanae. recsnl references (313) 281-3517

APPLIANCE SERVICE APARTMENT MAINTENANCE 1 year expananca rsquired Dependable. must have own took 4 rekabJa trsnsportstlon (8f0) >52-4388 APARTMENT MANAGER COUPLE For large *ut>urt>*n property management company Musi have 2 year* experience in property management Apartment 4 utilities included C a l Mon Fn 9am-5pm 610-152-4043 An Equal Opportunity Employer

Tec* tor laimdry 4 utchsn product*. Expenence helpful but * you have an electron* or mechsnlcsl background man On* pontoon may be tor you.

(810) 626-0086


Hrip lasted General

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIANS (313) 536 2220 AUTOMOTIVE WAREHOUSE COUNTER PERSON invemory. Good phone itoa* 4 catalog expenence naoeeeary Good wagee 4 benefit* Plaaae c a l Dave or calf 313-273-5021 AUTO PARTSAtACHtNE OPERATORS S24(VWUy Weekend All Kiift* avaMaOle A « * y M-F, S-11 am 4 1-3pm 34771 Ford Rd INTERIM PERSONNEL Snng 5 S card 4 Photo IP

Expandmg moOHe catering service tn need o l Cook* W f l tram $t1it» after trsmsig Apply lor MJ-* Catering al D F C . 32418 Induatna Rd. Garden City. Ml 313-427-5300

AUTO PORTER NEEDED Oak Park Area Cal (810) 584-0800

APARTMENT MANAGER Major luxury apartment community seeks management personnel skilled m rant coSection. lease processing and renewei. and tenant relations ideal candidate haa aeveral year* of experience as manager or assistant manager oI al least 250 units ( E O E ) Sand resume and salary requirements to: Box <1931 Observer 4 Eccentric Newspapers 36251 Scnoolcratt Rd Lnronia, Ml 48150


Ful-fim* ground* I kght maintenance ~ tor!Southfield Apt complex *Benefit* Call Mon t h r u Fri . 9 - 5 p m 810-352-8125 EO E

APT GENERAL HELPER Fun time Ground*, prep 8 light mamlenance lor Birmingham area Apt complex Benefits Call Mon -Fn . 9-Sprn., 610-646-9680. E OE


Call 810-474-9090



Mon -Sal, 9em-6pm ALTERATIONS. LAUNDRY & S T O C K POSITIONS availabW immediete openings R a n d a u o Tuxedo. Uvonia (3131 525-0020

For large Farmington HA* apartment community Apply in person



10 mstat OSS Satellite tfcshes and Will train 313-326-7575

Management Office 35055 Mwrwood Dr Farmington Hdtt Ml N.W comer 0f Grand River & Drake

ANYONE CAN OO THISI Eam S800-S5000 par month taking cus l o w service calls ai home Call now! 313-417-4255

Ful-time grounds & kght mareanance tor Detroit area Apl complex Bentos Call Mon thru Fn. 1-3pm ^(313) 341-0725

APT. GENERAL HELPER Full-time Ground* 8 kght maintenance tor Oe* Park Apt complex Benefit* Can Mon thru Fn , 9-5pm (610) 967-2907 E.OE.

APT GENERAL HELPER Full-time tor Ground* 4 Light Maintenance tor Farmington H * « Apt 00mpiei C a l Mon thru Fn . »-5pm 246-851-0111 EOE

AUTO PORTER Valid Drivers License Full time - overtime Uniforms, medical dental, Me. Keford Collision 39586 Grand Rrver, Novi 810-478-7816 AUTO REPAIR ASSISTANT SALES MANAGER Repair faculty In Bnghton need* t u l wne person experienced in auto repair sales Top pay ptu* benefit* Contact Mike a l (313)453-3800 AUTO-SERVICE AOVISOR-FORD Wa have an opening tor an experience advisor with strong background and commuracaiion skills We otter an axicelam compensation plan. meOcal toaurance package, 4 0 I K MF work weak Fax resume 10 2 4 8 - 6 4 3 - 3 3 8 8 or c a l l P a t * 248443-7500 axl 131 Daen Setters Ford.



Kurtis Kitchen & Bath Centers LIT YOUR CAREER GROW WITH US. We are experiencing phenomenal growth and need t a l e n t e d and en t h u si ast i c p e o p l e lo ,

Customer Service Mmnssawcuswner servte eg»nence pielened. Purchasing Manager - sf%. eoenence 'squired Degree Helpful MdMnDeaign; Cabinet Sales - exfewnce Drefened »itrar. ngft jerwri jfcaleiala Kitchen Deaip I Cabinet Sale*- experience reared We offer an excellent Benefit package Preemptoyment drug screen required. E E 0 Fax of mail resumes to ATTN: Shelly 12500 Merriman Rd.

Livonia, Ml 4 8 1 5 0

Full-time positions available lor minor artwork on photographs. Ar«Mc atMMy helpfti We will Iram Overtime and Saturday work may be requred Raises and promotion* based on fob performance $6 SS per hour lo start Apply North American Photo. 27451 Schoolcraft (al Inkster) Uvome. Ml ASSEMBLERS'PRODUCTION •S24ttWKLY* Water bottler,'day/ati s h i t s Apply: 9-11 am & 1-3pm 34771 Ford Rd E of Wayne Picture ID & SS Card required interim Personnel ASSEMBLY PEOPLE Needed Experience preferred Send resume to: 12350 Beldeo D . uvorua Ml 48150 ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER/CLERK Accounting dark needed tor a m a l Uvonia mfg firm Musi nave a good accounting background Knowledge o l great Plains software helpful Intelligence coordination and the aPWy to ';ugg»" « a m u « tor thla complicated office Send resume via fax only to 313-522-5240 ASSISTANT CHAUFFEUR MANAGER Plea** send resume to: 4772 T i r * a . W Bloomfield, Ml 48323

Ught buadmg maintenance, cuetomer service. C a l Jack Holden at L v o m a Chrysler Plymouth tot appointment (313) 525-5000 Ext 244

AUTO TECHNICIANS Immediate openings available for General Maintenance - Auto Technn o a n * at Hokday Chevrolet Benefit* 4 retirement available Apply m p*r*on at:

HOLIDAY CHEVROLET 30250 Grand River Farmlnglon Hill*. Ml or Cal: (810) 474-0500 AUTO TECHNICIANS tor Mala ot tha art Chevrolet dealership Muet be stale LTtm»d arvd have exp*fwoc# Top hourly pay wi'eaakty incentives. Full benefits including ho*pit*H2ation hoeprtak snd dental, 401 »01 (k), holiday 4 1 training wnh t h a t turvty tor advencemanl Contact Potrykus or Dweyne Groae at (517)545-8800



I Earn $18 72 par fiat rate hour • J benefits Busy shop, tots of work, only axpananoed 4 certified plaaae. appN m person Novi Motive Inc., 21530 Novi Road, between 8 4 9 Mile



Full-time posrtion in our Livonia office assisting our sales staff. Position prepares weekly and monthly reports, coordinates and processes legal advertising matenals. composes/types correspondence, and performs other clerical duties. Ability to type 40 wpm and up to 1 year expenence in a clerical/customer service capacity required. Apply in person at 36251 Scholcraft. Livonia, Ml 48150 or fax resume to (313) 953-2057 ATTN: Sales Support Clerk, Livonia. E O E / D F W Observer & Eccentric Newspapers Job Information Hotline (313) 953-2005








Hiring and Training for All Departments

COME INTERVIEW WITH U S AT 17447 Haggerty at 6 Mile • Northville Friday




12-8 p m .-...9-3 p m

*• Monday



9-5 pm



12-8 pm



9-5 pm



— 9 - 5 pm



.".12-8 p m

ASSISTANT MANAGERS fat home in Northvil* & MiMord Must be 18 Valid drivers cense Highschoci grad or GEO Must be trained. S8-S8 5010 start. Call Main Office for application & appointment. Mon -Fri-, 9am-3pm 610-661-8795

ATTENTION 14-21 YEAR OLDS Looking fo make some extra cash ®us Summer? H you live m Wayne County excluding the City ot (Detroit mere may be a fob ready lor you! Contact J Richards at 313-729-4172, exl 36

AUCTION GALLERY Btoomlield M i l * auction gallery, seek* photographer/Inventory oontroler, gaiety set up coordinator Basic photography skills preferred Good organizational skids and atwkty to w o r t under daedknae a must Appreciation of art and antique* a plus Soma heavy leafing, can 2 4 8 - 3 3 2 - 1 5 0 0 or f a x r e s u m e 248-332-6370





AUTO BODY TECHNICIAN Benefits - 100% COMPANY PAID: Medical, Dental. Disability, Life, addino 401K Car-OUner Benches & DownDraft Booth. High volume shop Keford Cofcsion. 39596 Grand River. Novi

AUTO BODY TECH & PORTER Frame 4 body lacTmaan. 10 run vow own CNef E-Z Uher, l-CAR oamtked



AUTO DEALER —....9-5 pm —

12-8 pm





9-5 pm

r n o ay


12-8 p m



9-3 pm

r_i j

9-6 pm

Sowca One Mortgage Serwoe Corpormbon ia saaMng an individual wah expenence In FHA. VA. and Conventional mortgage candidate muet pc excellent procedural and wrtnen com•nimication skills Knovrtedge of Microaoli Wom tor Windows and Lotus a plua. Arses ot raaponaibmties w e mdude audrt*. banking, processing doamg. branch totma. H M 0 A ineunng and maintenance i^proceduraa. Analytical and problem aolving — * muet The quaWad carv 1 muet have the ability to mdependanOy an speoai cts Qualified canckdatM staling salary requirements to Human na*ouro*t SOURCE ONE MORTGAGE SERVICES CORPORATION 27555 Fermington Rd Farmington HMa. Ml 48334 FAX 810-488-7121 81

rraMdato opanmg* tor CAA SA.LER SERVICE C A S H * A

OPEN HOUSE Michigan National Corporation * leaking ereipeoc Cuemmar Service A a a o o t e s and In-Sure Cuetomer Service ,'anocialai tor our F n a n a a l

Cuetomer Service & In-Store Customer Service M i o c i H n ( F l * 4 Part-Tenel n . i p o r u f c H s mckjd* pertummg cuetomer service actMOe*. nc*x»r«j bank toler functlona, loan procewirig and kvaNto 8*atr«a Uaal oemaoa-is wH ihrtve on maaang ihe p u M c . have great ouatomar lewnoni ak«s and mooaaatil aalee experience w e oiler wegae laartmg el 88-27**, • e x * * , -our*, pay mean8»e*. medtoaI benefit*. M o r . rernc^-sement. and a u t f t . musk mora I ) * u ean d*8ver quaNy. ajpenor o m o * m aanrtoe and teamwork, soma «*» w t n ga at our Open Houaa and BUM your M m * « h a banking Isaetr.

B*rMn. Eiieafcn ban*«* 1 •-. person at Sot Selen PonOar. OMC. 3SOOO Grand IMr, tamVC2US




GerakJ i Salon. 5 MileMa j g e r t , Ca* (313) 420-4081 BILLING CLERK needed tor taatarcwitng etfverMng agency Beato kriowieoge of WordPerfect and Excel Send reaume to: Aeoourang P. O. Boa 708. BtoomfieM Hill*. M l

CARPET INSTALLERS WANTED Top wages, steady woifc. work t l r s e t Apply a t Innovslive Ftoor Covenng 13250 Newburgh L M n s . Expenence truck, toola 4 needed See B a


Aftemoone 4 eesksnds $ 8 2 5 to start, benefit*. U t o f i ieenbu«»*nienl Apply a l Moot Grand River and Haggerty or c a l Scott or Oave

CASHIER Experienced Colleton, r i d e * tabs osier Mndaty equipment F u l or part ome Phone interview* 4

(248) 474-8380

313-451-8600 or tax 313-4S1-0W4 BOOY SHOP PORTER tof M or parttime employment Benefit* and 401K available Muet have good driving record Apply In person a t HOLIOAY CHEVROLET 30250 Grand R»er Fermington HS*. Ml (810) 4744)500 BOOY SHOP (Uparvnor 4 P a m w lor custom truck 4 trailer mwwfacturtrvg plant Expenence required Mon.-fn (810)437-1122 BOOKKEEPER A poemon available al teal Novi baaed compeny MAS-90 helpful • n i l module « * o m a t e d accounting system All accounting transactions thru trial balance are included Eacelent oomperv satton and banaN package Sand reaume to P 0 Box 442. Novi, Ml 48376 BOOKKEEPER I CLERICAL ASSISTANT Part-kme to r a r t Basic oompmar entrv expnence fteareet welcome Apply In person ar Uprtgnt tenee. 37915 Ford Rd . WeeSand. 8am6pm, Mon-Fn

BRICK LAYER FuS-Sme tor SoutNield property managemani company Benefits C a l Mon.-Fn.. 9am-5pm 810-356-1030 EOE 8 R I C K L A Y E R S V A S O N Contractors Metro Detroit Mason contractor tooklna tor eivanenoad help 423 per hr • Inrvoe* Open shop 2 yr* • work. C M Mon • Fri... 8-5 (248)348-9000 BRICK PAVING LABORERS Plymouth Carton area. $7-9 an hour to Mart depending on axpenence C a l Jim (313) 453-1167 BRIDGEPORT LATHE OPERATOR Experienced Top m e a l 40IK (810) 3&2-1466

CASHIER part-time tor salt serve gas station, earn up lo $7Av t you — B y w a tram, apply m person al — o r ' * M s r s n o n . 14 M i s 4 ban. Farmmgton HWa

Wayne > u l - « n i e or part-Bme (313) 721-7244

CASHIERS For new AmocOMcOonalde location on Mamman 4 Michigan Ave Benefits, 90% twbon reimbursement for 16 hour* 01 work per week. Free uniforms, free Me meursnce. paid hokdays. paid vacations, medical 4 denial inauranca

J o b Hotline 1-800-368-2144 2 6 o t h e r locations.

CASHIERS - Momingt. afternoon* 4 weekends ideal lor i t u d e n t * Mathison Hardware, 6130 Canton Center Road. Carton

CASHIERS Now funng tor aflemoon 4 mldnigfii shift* Starting pay $6 an hour P u d training Benefits 4 college tuition* F u l 4 part Bme Opportunity tor advancement Apply n person a t Mobil O l . 1545 W. Ann Arbor Rd (al Sheldon). Plymouth Twp EOE


BRIDGEPORT OPERATOR, tha kind they d o n l meke any mors It you are a hand-crsnk expert with own toola, call (246)349-8811

Part bme. evenings Apply m per»on Mayflower Party S h i * 824 S St., Plymouth Se* Tina or V c k

BUILDER IN NOVI seeks mdMdual with experience m warranty n o t . expenence with mmor piuntung 4 electrical, painting, drywsl, caulking 4 carpentry Muet have own toole 4 reliable iranaportation C a l (810) 669-6409

Immedieje opanmgtorconeuucBon manager* 4 sales consulants No expenence neceeaary ExceAern KavDng salary during our training program No weekpaokagaa Excellent opportunity to begin naw exciting Apply In p e r s o n 8: 10.30em Mon - Thurs only Good Housekeeping Conslructton, I72S1 W 12 Mile Rd Suit* 204 between Southfield 4 I ^ r e e n l "e ' "8 Rd* .

BUILDING MAINTENANCE/ CHAUFFEUR F u l tsne poefflon tor n e s t dependi b l e person st smatl oScs buMmg m BioomfieW H * s Some chauffeurs driving raqured Occasional overtime. Musi hsve excelent driving record MedEafdentafpeneion bensfits included Reply to: Box 11919 Observer 4 Eccentric Newspapers 36251 Schootoraft Rd Livonia. Ml 48150 CABINETJFURNITURE


woods 4 veneer. F i l l Bme w/benelils Appkcabona accepted between 9 4 3. Vogue Furniture. 30972 tndustnal. (313) 422-3890

CABLE INSTALLERS Fast growing telecommunications contractor is seeking dedicsled. hard working people N e * l appearance 4 g o o d communication skill* s r s required W s offer very competitive weoes 4 benefits Fax resume to 24S-363-7096 or complete application a t 4212 M a m a Waned Lake 800-754-3230

Famlngton M * baaed company is xeenweung can^daiee tor M - B m e data cable m i t a l i r s Experienced m cat.9, flber. and tupetvlalon a plua. Sertoue c a n O d a m mould F A * leaumas to: (810) 846-9904 Or cat: (810) 848-9900 x 104

CHAUFFERS Hiring f u l 4 part-Bme Send reeume to 4772 Tara C t , Weet Bloomfield, Ml 48323 CHAUFFEUR W A N T E D for executive sedan *arvice Evenmgs and w*«n»ndi Must be over 21 High income potential (810) 960-1577 CHILD CARE ASSISTANTS Loving, canng inttviduel* to work w/mtant* 4 toddtor* Pert-Bme MonFn. Experience preferred but will train M u f f be over 18 C a l Cathy at the YMCA (313) 721-76*4 CH1LDCARE ASSISTANT NEEDED Mature person preferred to heto In my (cfuldcar* home 3 hour* daily or C a l (810) 473-2975 CHILD CARE ASSISTANT Needed fuS-sme. Mon-Fn Must be 16 and have expenence working with children Cantor (313) 454-9006

CHILDCARE CENTER Teacher's Assistants needed tor Infant 4 Tode»er rooms tor Farmington HMa ChMcaie Center Good salsry 4 great working (810) 489-0810 C H L D CARE PROFESSIONALS Leam wfMe you Earn1 T h e L s s r n l n g Tree o t t e r s employees sn Educebon rsimbursemenl progrsm 4 on-sSe trsnwig Along wHh: ... 4 0 I K RsOrsmern Plsn ... Me d e a l 4 Dental Benefits Pato Vacation Holidays, and Personal Days _ Raise review* Di-yearty ... Bonus Program C M 525-5767 or %K*i r parson

CHILDTIME CHILDREN'S CENTER Has tha toSowing iob opanmg*: • CAREGIVER • C OOKS . ASSISTANT DIRECTORS 313-425-78T0 313-729-3434 810-581-4660 810-489-8555 E.O.E.

CHIMNEY SWEEPS S600-S800A* GUARANTEED IMMEDIATE OPENINGS Company Ocetsd m Plymouth Must lata working outdoors Yearround work. Truck 4 ladder needed W a tram • C a t (313) 418-0192


« • CLEANING OFFICES • • tor 20-30 CAE Man - Fri early evenmgs. part-Bme. 3 * firs. Plymouth, F tM S natcrL r w r i i 4 Rsdtoid (810)) 815-3554

AO related r s i s s r c h R e q u r s * Aaeoaate Degree w » 1-3 year* 2 0 4 0 CAD expenence and praactancy w » lOEAS 4 ME10 soflwere s must. i d rssums lo: Box 11937 4 Eccentric H e w t p e p t n 36251 Scfoolcreft R a

CLEANING SERVICE- posison open st Farmmgion HSk office bulttng. Everang hours. Monday Fndsy, 4 hours s n g N $8 50 psi hour (248) 474-9520 CLERK FULL 0< pert k m * tvenebie. 7 Eleven. Novi. any that. 24 h o u n . 7 d s y * . Fun fnericSy environment High wage (810) 380-3940

LMrtS. Ml aiso

CAMP COUNSELORS Reel LS* Dsy Camp In Canton. I S y r * or M s . JUne IS - Aug 2 2

J' 3-496-0822

C A N T O N WASTE RECYCLING socepsng tpr*cestme tor Onver*. LoedeiS, R ^ y o w * A day w o A week B e n e w * . konusss. CsS 113-387-5801 tor amss EOE

CARPENTER Eapertenoed k * - s m s tor Fsnntnukm H b Apt complex Beneto* C a l U o thruTn » 5 p m 248-881-8111

4 J| ntilrtiM r I l ^ i n n • I — MK ne^an PiSOOnBl Corporatior I f doueftam 27777 Mcrter AooO

THE OperskX tor Bnghton m o p PsefSon Mao open In resume K r P O Box 297. B n ^ S o n MI set is C N C LATHE OPERATOR Altomoon e h * t 2 yr* akpensnce required W e srs s tosang msnutsck * s r of cold snd hoi srtrueon tooting e n d oWsr uumpeSSin wsgs*. M ben s N package 40IK plan penwonand a s c o n d f c n e d lacsny Apply in person a t Hsbsr Tool O o S m m , 18860 Inkatar Rd. Racfcrd W w e e n 8am -4 SOpnOpporlurvify Employer. H B W


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Sf3-te4-0844 CMS »ro-Mvs54« iJuvrii ie m




Experience ptstarred Muet Se 8t>l Milll M a i R m I I S f lion


Ownga of Feraon. CARJWTRY ^CHS

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Hghly akWed oommeroal truck ore service Wsgee snd on experienced, ioo mance and work ethKa l i b r aries 4 pak) vscsBorvhokdsy* C a l M 4 * . Mon-Sal. 9-3pm (313) 300-6156

Community Association Manager Condommum management company seeking Managers who have Hadarahip absne*. great commuracaiion (toS*. cualomer service oriented financial background, computer Mulls and can meal a oeacfcne Send restmie lo: TRIAD MANAGEMENT 7115 Orchard Lake Rd Ste 310. W e * l Bloomfield. Ml 48322 A GROWING NATIONAL medeal practice management company ia looking lor ndmiduale lo 61 immed.ate openmge m our Mtanlrama/PC Cobol environment. We ofter a oompettove aalary 4 benefit package Please forward ycxr reeume 4 salary requrement* to HR/Programmer 29299 FranMm Rd . Southfield. Ml 48034

P.C. TECHNICIAN chain a te*king * tal A large retail i anted P C . and Pnnter Technician T>m per*on w a b* reeponatole tor trouble (hooting, repair mamtenance. configuration and metalason in a multiple cue environment Beaic network winng skils preferred Must hsvs good commuracsticm * k a * and be self moBvsling Thoss csmSdalae with eokd walk Ikelory wa be gnen is^ieat prtorty Excellent benefits and competitive salary. Send resume mcfudng salsry requirements lo: Recruiter 19800 W Eight Mile Southfield. Ml 48075 Alt: P C. T e c h n o s n Fsx: 810-354-3917 COMPUTER CUSTOMER Service Representstlve For NW sree wfwindow* snd nst working sxpsnenoe To woik in mMslstion * n d *upport of restaursni spplicstlon* ExcsOsnl salary snd bsnefiis Good communicstions (kill* s plus For sn *ppomtm*nt call (248) 356-07001 or tax reaume to (248) 356-0106 Computer

LAN MANAGER Are you a lesdsr? Can you hands multiple protect* and effectively rrsnsgs and iaed a technical staff' Do you have excepbonaSy Wrong interpersonal snd organizational «k*»? Can you effectively hsndto and tram other* lo Boubiemool tochissues when Bhey a n e e ' Are u ischrncsSy proHosni m NetWare 1* and 4,1* environments'' If the answer is YES 1 to s i of ihs above men trvs opportunity msy bs for you Ws are looking for a dynamic individual wah 4-12 yssr* axpenencs to help ua m a n u e our LAN/WAN infrsatructure CNE a helpful but not required We <*ter a chaSangmg and rewarding stmosphsrs P l i a e i *and return* and aMary requeements lo Mr Tobin, P O Box 881, SouSe Md Ml 48037 or ix 810-352-0018 An E(SMI Opportunity Employer COMPUTER OPERATOR Part-Bme Proficient m Adobe Photoshop Muet have experience 4 be (313) 207-5276 COMPUTER SPECIALIST HTML-Web page, networking. * S s software, aetab**e $10-12 plus bsnsfils 810-366-9740 Send rssums to 810-948-9534 New Age COMPUTER SYSTEMS CONSULTANT Farmmgion HIS* firm ( s e k m g consultant with account.r,g, computer syBlame, a n d sales experience Good oopommsy for the ngnt pe'xon Send rseums to CCR / d f w P O Box 2719, Ferrmnglor Hlto. Ml 48333-2719 CONCRETE COMPANY Expsnsnesd finisher.'Forman (»t0) CONSTRUCTION COMPANY NOW HIRING General c u k i e c l k ig 1st (810) 367-0030 CONSTRUCTION




Of to Ostoor ConstrucSon. 2188 S MSford R d . 1 or tax (aa(ee4-67>3 CONSTRUCTION LABOR- needed Drtvers acenee s plus f u l Sme (81Q)3e0-3901


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dape toMl and easngtotosm



aBsr 6t>-

toot a n a m u i e •.-» Aspsos 8

« 3 ? 8 T W

A n n u a l Opporv

ETD TEMPORARY SERVICE An Equal Opportomy Employer



Apply between 8am-11 am or 1-3pm. Mon-Fri. 2 pieces ot ID required & 2 references.

to snswer toe phone* 4 our cuslomer* who * r * cakng to place orders We provide peto Iraming plus complMa benefits in an upbeat ofllca environment FMI time dsy 4 everang m m * available


Call: 810-351-5630

Vayne Westland. 722-S9060 22755 Wick. Taylor. 291-3100

CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE NOVI Growing LegaMledcai buemees seeks e pleasant, professorial 4 outgoing pereon with developed computer,'telephone ska* Cu* tomer Service or Madcal Bilkng •xpenence * ptu* F u l t>m* posifion wnh room tor sdvanoament Send raeume 4 u i a r y raqursmenta to:

RspkPy growing concrete product* msnulsctursr m Bngtifon seeks * dynemic. omgomg. (xpsnsncsd conDept Position requires strong pacple skits as w a l ss PC expenencsd nssponetollliee include order procssamg. marketing M i p o r l wSh contractor and con*um*r sales (CompsBBvs salary and comKiefit package je d U j Applications taken Mon thru Fn , 9am-4pm or sand resume to: Customer Service Manager 12591 Emerson Dr Brighton Ml 48116 COUNTER CLERKS - tull or part time Novi, Farmingion HSK. W Bioomfieid CaH for interview* Mai Kal O s s n s r * 313-537-8050 COUNTER HELP SEAMSTRESS PRESSEP Good pay. benefit* Plymouth or Dssrbom Heights (313) 561-5687 COUNTER PERSON tor buSding supply company Salary commensurate with eipsnsncs Building supply knowledge nssded Apply st: Smsds-Son Steel 12564 Inkster Rd . Bedford COUNTER PERSON tor in store teles 4 service for piumbrng shop Apply South Lyon Plumbing, 21001 Pontiac Trstt. (248)486-1286

COUNTERPERSON For dryefesnsra Part-Bme WS trsm Farmlnglon Hila 810-»77-6118 COUNTER PERSONS 4 DRIVERS F u l 4 part time Experience preferred Refirees welcome Key Auto Supply Inc. 810-478-2224 COUNTER TOP FABRICATORS WK tram Eam S6 50-512 an hr . bonuses Phone 246-349-9444 COUNTER TOP INSTALLERS Subcontractors Eam $300-$1200 a week Phone 248-349-9444


i ' i i

40* Hours Per Week SouthfieM 4 Troy. To S9*ir bolh dsy and aflemoon,' evening mift* overtim* both temp to fare and long term enensive training computer capebilies required Pail Time lo 3 0 « l v * To $ » ^ r Troy 4 Southfield opportunitiee 5 week paid tul Bme days

• 5pm io 10pm 4 weekend day* • 1 pm-10 pm • 11 30 am - 8 pm FermingtoM.r»onia Birmingham 473-2931 646-7661

Advantage Slatting CUSTOMER SERVICE The nations leetkng isslorm company a tssrohmg lor a talented, organized. and seff-motlveied mdMduar arth cuslomer senrKs expensnes lo work as pari ot our Calaiog Sales Teim T h i l position r e q u i r e * someone thsl can a e m customer with entr«jsi**m as e e l as pertorm daily actrvmes such as dale entry tiling, and baaic shlppino a n d receiving In rettm, we can ofler you competitive salary and benefits package profeesional office environment 4C1(k). profit sharing and raalisbc growth opporiunlly If you are a team pleyer who enjoys success send your reeume and salary requirenvenls fo Cintas Corp , 39145 Webb Dr Westland Ml 48185 Attn Human Resources cr M oui en appkesfion at our office Mon-Fn . 8-5 (Wealed on Warren Rd between Ne*®urgh end Haggerty)

Fast-paced real estate devatopmsnt compsny located m Birmingham nasda detailed reksbls indnndusl lo run errands and complete miscellaneous office tasks. Growth potential Use ol company-owned v e h d a vakd drivers kcense and good driving record reqiared $7 50. hour with year and bonus Send rssums snd cover letter stating available starting date Fax to 610-642-4210 or mall lo

Brass Craft Mtg company ha* an immediate opanmg n its headqusrters office Essential |Ot functions include the preparation processing snd entering of ouMomer orders answering cuslomer inquire* msmtam pricing Mes and acting as a liaison between cuslomer 4 plant personnel j o b isqueements mdude a mmmum of an Aaaooalea Degree and 2 yr* cuslomer service «xp*n •nc*. computer literacy exceleni communication (lulls bolh oral & written good orgsnizanonsl akils and poaitw* mierpsrsonsl skSs For considereton please send resume )o

Mr OSfton 200 E Brown Suits 101 Birmmghsm. Ml 48009

Brass Crafl Mlg Co Aitn DV.CSR P O Box 8032 Novi Ml 48376-8032 Equal Opportunity Employer

• COURIER * Ful-Bme tor SomnNektlaw firm Musi have rasabla car Experience nelplut C a l Juke at (810) 355-5555 CREATIVE TUTOR - $8-$10/hr A i t muec 4 reatkng a plua In Bloomfield 6-10 hrs/wk (248) 644-6192 CREDIT/COLLECTIONS Lsrg* drveraAsd compsny looking tor Expsnence m Word Processing 4 phone contact helpM Sand rssums to Oris Town Square Suae 1913. Southfield. Ml 48076 Ann DS

No phone cels please

CUSTOMER SERVICE W e H a v e "-L. What You're L o o k i n g For Chalanong opportunities are available tor mooveisd mcfiAdu s n to racanre IN-BOUNO SALES order*


Opportunities m d u d e s Advsncsmsrn Opporfi**as* s moenBve Programe e Paid Training s Bsss p k a oommoeion • 401K savings plan ' * * Only Irvbound csSs Available S M t s


4pm-10:30 6pm-t1pm 7pm-l2am 8pm-1am M u s t h a v e excellent c o m m u n i c a t i o n skills, k a y t o o a i d s M r t y a n d the m o b v a l i o n to aem S»-Slt par liour. average Sales expananca la p r a t a r r s d C a * t o d a y to to a n Employment

inSiieeaac aaaenr a u t r e ai 4 *Are r e you anmuaiaaac, dependable? Would you kka a cars opportunity wSh a protaaanmal ofh thai truly * p n n : i a l s i f l MafP M t Arm Ann Aibor Credi Credn Burssu haa has toe Vie icb f tor you Caa Today 313-885-6173

I i < a l paper oompeny seeks expananced mtfMdual to h a n d * a l a a p a o * dt cred« d*panmeni Send raexno and eatery tostory to PO Box 7112, Boumkakl H i s Ml 48302

CUSTODIAN F u l i m a M u « be rsksMs 4 have good work stoics LAUREL MANOA 39000 Scnocacrefl Oranta. Ml ' (1-775 4 Nswburpi area)



2pm -S.30

Z 3 £


CuHodtan/Mamterwice •fits groweig company Located near Wayne SSM Experience prefer-sd Plaaae o a l 1 0428 exl 233

DELIVERY AGENTS ItorTa I dtoar (248) <74-18

Are You The Missing Member of Our Staff? t i e mam net to p a l ana m our buay oAos W s are n s u n g sn mntumtocuaatf parson « M i ptosaan pnone noes ehe * mutonls leak onantod snd l « M M i |












C l A S S I f IC Al I O N S


C O N T I N U E . I>


ssr. JfOC. A t o UM. SI 700 THigns^i Sd M i ISO BSwenyiewi Ml

36251 Schoolcrsft Rd Lrvorva, Ml 48150




Box SI 927 Obaervar 4 Eccentric



s r j s s r s carpentry and iramodelng


GanaraT^aborars PacKagars


Dus to oonanuoue srowVi, mmc*n




CONSTNUCTION SOPERINTEN DENT neeaed tor isaMsnssl BuSderJ f u l ame. experience - a ^ s r e d C a l (8!Ot22»-aoea or

nang^ 4 ••atrwsig

AuroMorivK » J U P I T e t f n o a n a AiNanoamani apporlu-

S- *

* e - e * 7 5347

I ri -«• CNC i»lh* ero

3 i » e a » i n » »2ii

nMaa Oli John al 8l0-*77^dria


Gary a t

W o r d Procasssig Peyioa Specialist/Pan-Time Survey Rep/Pan-Tima

taneiaiat r u m

CMC M K i . OPERATOR M u s i b s s w e A s n o s d abia to aa est-

CioaeMke Shenc 40ik o r a l fa 10) 383-1486 S• akie

Probtom sofner needed tor local 8aor covenng a M Scheduang repaid, fioortnp mapecsone and c o m p u t e mpm Muel have good tolow-i«i MJBs Prsvtous ftoonng espensnos s ptua Apply m parson or lax rssums m o vesve Ftoor C o d i n g . 13250 Newburgh Rd . U v c n * Ml 48190 Fax (313) 953-4111 CUSTOMER SERVICE Rsps • needed tor LMmla Frtsndy person •My s M i * mlto'itfin** to hsto Long torm sss^nmsnl tor * major automoSva manufacturer CM 464-707$

D a i s Entry

Experienced i l e a l stud layout person with crew leader expenence Must be able to travel Salary negotiable Send reaume to' Ctoan Air Technology. Inc P.O Box 871191 Carton. Ml 48187


u n M M to )om ua on N *

Appty now! Great summer employment at ADECCOi tor the tollowing:



Help f a s t e d G e s e r a l


Congratulations Class of 1997



m a n ^ r t a a c m Good wegae t



Uraqua opportunity with aggraaene credit union aennce oigaruaaon tor recovery collector txcekent aalary 4 benefit package Ptoess send reeume 4 salary nistory lo Praaidart. 3065 ^ Plymouth F Rd , Suse 102 Ann A r t * * Ml 48106 EOE


CNC OPERATOR/STT4* preta lea cal tor m • — nto» Day* tor AIWPM eNRs BanaM* Aak

CNC PROGRAMMING and Set-up Experienced m Lathe andror Ma Prototype angina components, ftattnee and asaembkee Casting expenence would ba h e l p M Great corxMons Good benefits . I 4 0 1 K plana. Medical Insuranoa Farmmgion HISs C a l 6 00am and 4:30pm (248) 474-5280 Accepting Appkcasona

Needed tor C a m m a n M Oanarsl Ccn-



Is t a s k i n g " c t f c ' V f o g r Operator tor altomoon m A Looking tor fugNy molnratod mdrndual to lead team Cacatom growth potonSal Experienced pregrammer
CASHIERS F u l 4 Part-time, Oay^'aflemoone Competitive pay Benefits evakable Marathon. Warren/UHey-Carton

Muet be experienced We are a ice shop in Weeaand (313) 326-6737

47»»faa"(i«r C H S f f e c s f f ? oorna H o w Humen Nwouraa »sr-




CASHIERS F o r s a l t s e r v e ges s t a t i o n ! / convenience stores FuSrpart Bme. D s y * . afternoons 4 evenings Good •ob lor rsbreee Apply in person only Dandy's Marathon, 27350 7 MSe or D a n c y i Marathon 31425 Arm Artior Trail


I1-00em 10 2 00pm

l | « M

Join the Number 1 Supermarket Team



M H O OCTAILER-EXPERttNCfD v e , M a m * bu*yanocGe>«anOy

(3131 4«-J030


NEEDED IMMEDIATELY TECHNICIANS For vertical mschms center Muet For Farrrangton HMs reaieiweik conv Earrangs To $20 000-430.OOCVW, • 2yr* expenence Oey murkty Flertke ame 81^478-7478 Tianmng 4 Career OpporT^mtes •hM. he-tone Good bsnsBis Canton (313) 496-0000 Lstasl Equipment 4 V i n a BEAUTY SALON ookmg tor W or T n'eSenl Bsnsfce 4 T * e m Asnoephere part-time « M « t * n ; (or -ery buey ColStanley Steamer trssmtftonai. Inc. CNC PROGRAMMER/ ortsL Muet be raeponaibie 4 enar23000 Commerce Onve OPERATOR Staring 18 par Hr ptua Farmmgton Has. Ml (110-42^9000)

throughout neighboring H e nearby Detroit

F f M m . J u n e 6. 1 W 7


Beauty. Operators (2)




9-3 pm


Branch Operations Analyst

Looking tor a lop notch body ( h o p writer Mutt be w e l versed on CCC EZ est 4 ADP Snopknk Must have excaaent customer skin* On the strong need apply in person 10 T O M C A N A N at DON MASSEY CADILLAC 40475 Ann Arbor Road at I-2T5. P1>rnou1f



S9 00-C12 00 per hr Reepood to: (810) 478-8630

ATTENTION' Mouse Cleaning - $7-$9/hoor No weekend* or evening*. The Cleaning Company 313-525-7290 ATTENTION IDEAL tor anyone who cannot gat out to work Wort parttime from your home ScTeOiAng pickups for Purple Heart CaO Sam -5pm., Mon thru Fn., (313)728-4572

B d p f a m e d Geseral


AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. Poemon al our Norttiwle 4 Farmington store*. Starting at 56 par hour A dean, smokelrae environment tor home in S Lyon area Need group Knights Bridge Antique M a i home training and valid driver* (810) 471-9044 license F u l benefit* and compewive wage Cal: (313! 663-5637

Fax (313) 5 2 2 - 9 9 8 7


r ssna to

ruts Or,. I 48186 dr n8 tor eservtsw 800 430-1370

This Claaalflcatloo Continued on HI. Z


Thursday, J u n e 5,1997

Classiflcatlona 500 to 500



€MPlOVM€NT 500

Help Wanted General

DOTECT CARE STAFF naadad tar Camor homa. F u M m a . •Mamoona C a l between 10am-2pm. Mon -Fri. 313-454-9182 DIRECT CARE STAFF needed tot home m W a l e d Laka. PM emit. $e 2 5 t e 75 » start aooo • » * C t f Sherry 24i-6694668 Wvl 248-477-3307

This Classification Continued f r o m Psgs G6.


Help Wanted General

CUSTOMER SERVICE; FOLLOW-UP PERSON N m O M tor b u n S U M O d e r D*pt Mon-Fn . 7 30-4 30 E n l M benefit package. Outgoing parson wrexcelent communicalian a o--gari lauooal t u t a a must. * you re looking lor a challenge. eryoy wooung In a team onertted environment & have experience. send resume 1 aalary requirements l a Surcut Sales 23481 Industrial Par* Dt Farmington H * s Ml 48335 Ann: Oiana Johnson Mo Phone CaM Ptoase

Customer Service Representatives O O C Optica haa
DIRECT CARE STAFF naadad to help 5 people live «i own apertmert* , P M 4 day shifts. V6 24-S6 875 lo Marl Call C y n t h i a G o o d benefits '-3307 248-477-8072 or Neva 248-4 -477-: DIRECT CARE STAFF Caring s u i t naadad lor lovely homa Openings part time day* t «l*tnoons and M l U n a aftamoons 16 25-16 75 par hour Good oeneMs . C a l Diana 313-432-9732 DIRECT CARE STAFF A n e c e v e group homes need canng s a l t tor tf shifts $6 25-$6 75/hr Good Benetts In Plymouth l a l M i l , 313-420-0678 In Dearborn s h * » ) . 313-274-1890 taUMKtf. lp«tv day I 313-432-9732 In Garden (mghti/pm), 313-458-5178 Bloomfield (pm) 248-855-0239 DIRECT CARE STAFF Pleasant homa atmosphere Will tram To $6 50 an hour starting 313-955-7371 DIRECT CARE STAFF tor Uvonia A Canton group homes F u l & part-tune, afternoons A mtomght* Top pay * good benelits (313) 427-7731 DIRECT CARE STAFF Well organised groi# homes All shifts availatMa h i benefit package Training WCLS or MORC Can tor appt (313| 953-8553, Mon-Fn, I0AM-4PM

DIRECT CARE STAFF WANTED Dependable, canng staf tor 2 w e l managed homes Variety o l shifts avslable S6 3SHour WestlerW ^Chen^HWNewfcurgh)

IGA Comer ol 10 Mile & Orchard Lake Rd.

DELI POSITION Fut «m* Looking tor motivated individual For inlarviaiii can Lae al

248-476-0974 DELIVERY FURNITURE PERSON Muat M experienced and neat m appearance Can Mon-Fn 9AM-2PM Kevin 248-66^4140

DELIVERY PERSONS Flex nrne Part-um* Retirees studams a t w ™ Must have good dmnng record Apply m person a l Bumpar lo Bumper. 33911 Plymouth Rd., Uvoma. Mich DELI V E R Y / S A L E S - B E N E F I T S & bonua plan C a l Grandmas Loft Furnitur* Slora at (246)344-1200

:* • • _ | | • I • |


l — m beverage • a now h i m g route I sarvica personnel lua nme Ideaf candidetea a n eggressiva. stf-starting ndivSuals who ar* able to perform In a last paced environment CDL-B driver licanae reqmredibut n i l train Good driving record a mual. Exc*»lant medical benefits. 401k and mora Sand resume: Human ReeoureeiO S S. P.O. Bon 701248 Plymouth, Ml 48170 or can 313-207-4903 EOE

DEMONSTRATORS $300 « . No c d t o d i n g no delrvery no investment FlaaWa hour* Lots o l tun. 2 line* aI merehandMe C a l now Chn*»n* 313-513-0125

DESIGN ENGINEER Deeign Engine ar waned to create/ review a l engrieenng speca/Orewmga lor production <* automotive parts WM conduct vetue e n g n e e m y v a k j e analyse and assign review Interlaces with internal departments and production lecMies EE or ME and 3-5 years experience required Box 11936 & Eccentric Newspapers 36251 Schoolcraft Rd Uvoraa, Ml 481S0 DE S l G N E RS/OETAJLE R S AUTO CAD or CAT1A ' I I S to 125'Hour ARBOR TECHNICAL 459-1166

DIE MAKER enca lor a taat growing metal stamping V m Mual be able to b u l l aampla and achieve produci ataMy to trouble shoot and maintain tnuaeng dlee C a n d d W muat be sataty nwidad with good antuda waimrig to gel t i e fob done in an mart

Excsaam b e n e l s . 401K.

" T I T MBF^WCWJNNQ,. Inc 100 Industrial Dr.. PlymouVi

Help Wanted Geoenl

Need depsndatM staft $6 35 per hour C a l 10AM-3PM UVOOIB Belleville or B e l l e v i l l e Canton D e a r b o r n Hts Westland Taylor

(810)474-0283 ; 313)699-6543 i 313)699-3806 (313)981-9328 (313)277-8193 (313)326-4394 (313)292-1746

DIRECT CARE STAFF Needed 1or L « m a . WeenarW. Inkuar and Plymouth sreas Must be WCLS. MORC RCA or NSO tolly traired $6 50 to start Fun & pan-time shifts available Beneftts and advancement ootentiai Must have v a l d driver's kcanee. high school diploma or equivalent Apply in person or c a l tor appointment Mon thru Fri . 10am3pm 19500 Middlebelt Sle 225. Livonia, Ml 48152 Ph « 810-473-7121 or 313-261-8122,

DIRECT CARE STAFF Prevwus expenence with developmerrtaly cksablad adults preter-ed 16.50-$7.00 an hour to start Excellent benefits & training provided C a l

REDFORD 313-699-5119


313-591 9239 313-591-0272





tar growing company Must have Class A, COL kcense Good driwng record and steel heullng expenence a plus Very good ben ehts. including health insurance, life nsorance pension plan 8 paid vacations All interested parties call (313) 522-7340 between 9am & 5pm

DOZER OPERATOR with CDL • a n t e d lo work lor builder Back Ml. septic Deaement Experience pre t e r e d C a l between 6-Spm. MonJFri (810)229-2085

DRILLING An eno.neenng 8 consulting firm-has Ihe tallowing position available DRILLING ASSISTANT F u l time position open m our dnlkng division A good driving record mandatory 8 heavy lifting required Previous d m m g experience. 40 hours OS-HA training arxVor a chaulfeur's l i c e n s e a plus 1 Call R i c h a r d 810-486-5100 e*t 232 Or SenaFax resume lo CTI and Associates, Ine 12482 Emerson Dr. Brighton. Ml 48116 FAX: (810) 486-5050

DRIVER. FULL TIME w/current COL Ai'Air tor buackng supply company. Apply a! SMEDE-SON STEEL. 7268 Grand River. Bnghton DRIVER CLASS B. for tood dotributor 40•» hours Mon-Fn mostly Benefits 8 competitive weges C a l for appointment Total Ma/ketmg Distributor 313-641-3353

DRIVER Livonia elect rical contractor Is seeking perron w«h chailters leense for operation oI stake truck lor local dekvenes Wage depends upon expenence Only those with excellent dnving records will be considered Please apply a t EOE Talbot Corporation 11887 Betden Ct. Livonia. Ml 48150

DRIVER Local Sales;Service for distributer Entry level position good benefits competitive wages progressive growing co Required CDL. DOT physical a drug test, good communication skils and dnvmg record Please can 800-635-0426 Exl 233 DRIVER Manulacturer needs individual with experience and good dnvmg record lo d m e 22-26 toot straight trucks and work m shop when not driving Steady year-round work Start $9 per hour, plua Blue Croea 8 other benefits Drug acreerung required Call 810-478-7766

D R I V E R PART-TIME, S6.tir Must have d e a n d r t w i g record a be able to M up to 50 to a know the city of (517)546-8275

COAST MIDWEST TRANSPORT Our Dearborn, Ml operation is looking lo add short haul and OTR positions If you enjoy dnvmg n o * equipment and recetve good pay and DIRECT CARE STAFF benefits, * i e n CMT la toe piece for Muat be 16 y i * ol age. have a h « h you. For more into call L.T Roy at school a p t a m a or GED a vaSd 313-945-9643 or BOO-332-4660 dnvers license S6-S6 25 to start After X daya - 1 6 7 5 Aak about our $250 hiring bonua F l e x t t e hour* a DELIVERY DRIVERS banaMs avelabia C a l between 7 UP Dalrol has immadato open10am-3pm C a n l o n area call 3 1 3 - 3 9 7 - 6 9 3 9 or 313-451-9526 n g a tor COL-A qualified Delrvery NorthvUe area c a l 810-344-8728 Pnvers $ 1 1 2 0 to start Btoomftekj a n a 610-786-2664 Paid tranmg, vacations, holiday Mrfford area c a l 810<6ie795 and 401K are {u« the many benefus DU> Dekvary Driver* racerve

HOME MANAGERS 2 to 3 years ot ASC/DO Managerial expenence C e l (313)-326-0341


DIRECT CARE WORKER G r c n * home opennga tor day* aftern o o n * . midnights Vakd driver* tcenee paid irwrwu Compeatwa " ^ T j - 6 6 ^ 4 6 3 7 or 3 l 3 a 7 7 - 7 9 2 » J DIRECT CARE WORKER ! • G R O U P HOME opennga tor' •daya alternoona. mldiiighta • " V a l i d drivers license paid" • t r a m n g Compaaeva wage a n d ! f M t o Ca.

T o b e c o n s i d e r a d . send your laairnsB 7 UP 12201 Beach Daly Detroit Ml 48238

2 5 * Detroit Fiee Environment

Good Drivers Needed Scheduled routes r i trKounry area, company provided truck (automatic) F u l kma day* overtime avertable Mual poesea* or be abta to obtain chauffeur* tcenee Banc knowledge o l m-oourty are* hatptil w a t n m Mon-Fn, I 0 1 o 4 p m • Drive, NewtJurgfV Cherry H B area W i l i e r a DRIVERS - COL. nursery and lans c a p e laborers l u l l tuna a n d help Be( M 6 ) 661 DfWVERS For growing cab c C e l tar applcaaon 313-591 -2325 D R I V E R S tor icecream Route* n Ueoraa 4 fctouta

DIE S E T T E R / • JOB BEPAW OpporMftytnlM onansed autorrv

are DIRECT CANE worker - Part-bme

eraI tool room tenwierkj. netpax to ael run. and reps* »)6a Excels

DRIVERS full'part-lime, $7 0 0 - $ 1 0 0 0 par hour expenencea Yard Help $5 00-16 0 0 *t vv N Retford 313- "531-0*04

DRIVERS GM Freight h a * m m e d t o t * Openings reel pey cal k tar route drivers Class B. muat have -«i&3aeo74 d a a n or ving naoord and 2 year* to par*on. 7010 DIRECT CARE WORKERS- Naadad Romulu* ei Uvoraa (PywiulVtoeatoe^Q No I W After^-^V i u v a n ^ l A t t o . I s i St 11

Ca« tar eo-wnani 3i3-«9»P»a» DIRECTOR Of FMMNCC AHO ACCOUNTING

CmaiiiiuMlii saeas

DRIVE RWAREHOUSE PERSON Starting wage S8 25. benefits Apply C o c d g e Glass 3186? Industrial Or . Lnronia. M! (313) 261-6501 DRIVE ftWARE HOUSE WORK Slake truck Full time Air Design Suppty Redford C a l after 3pm. Fred 313-255-2255 DRIVE R/WAREHOUSE Competitive wages & benefits in Now. Must be dependable, hardworking. able to lift heavy materials, expenence with k«
• a»ti*aa"ca^Tuaa Auburn



i-aa»7M M I ieOO-7U-IO*6

Faiiim^Bi mm-

DRY CLEANER PRESSER FuB-bme Top wages Benefits Will train Northville Twp (810) 349-0110

GENERAL LABORERS Immediate openings for production workers 4 h*> drivers Heavy lifting required $7 5 0 * to atari. Must have reliable transportation No axperi-

FLEXIBLE HOURS need apprtuomana«y, 25 hr» per week Job compensation commensurata with expenence Light cleaning, dusting vacuuming a general cleaning at a ratal furniture store It interested cell Sherrt Robinson or Bob Corbet! at (248)349-4600 FLORIST NEEDS Part-bme Help ' l y e or evenmgs Ask for Laebe at 13-421-9250 or appty within at: 29410 Five Mile Rd.. Uvoraa. Ml

EDUCATION TRAINER/SEMINAR SALES AHP Is tacking lor a chariamatic person to conduct our training seminars lor women in the loc?. area Our employees average S&Vhr salary plus commission working 3-4 evening* per week We provide all necessary materials and the audience You provide strong motivational speaking and your own car Fax one page resume with cover teller lo Valeria by June 9th at: 1970) 229-9061

Electrical Assembly


•a-LO a Truck Driver* Start at $7 an >t * W e o M b a n a A a - 401k. metkeat a more Apply r i person ar 22T90 HeaMi O r . cat of • M t o M a m n NoM a Maadowbrook Rd* —(244)

GENERAL LABOR lor machine shop, muat be 18 or over Good record. Dutlee. i N p p r y debumng. Rebrea* waJReaearch Corp 32971 Capitol. Uvorva (313)261-6400

FLOWER PLANTING end shrub bed maintenance Prime properties, top pay. Cutting Time 313-425-3727 or 248-346-7996

General Labor • HM-O 1 Warehouse • Sorters • Machine Operators Great Starting Pay/Signmg Bonus

FURNITURE Delrvery/Warehouse help F u l lime plus beneftts Must be dean, personable t reliable. Some heavy kfbng required Muat have good drMng record. Please sand letter ol interest or lax to 246-396-0907 P-F inc. 13450 Northern!

Call: (313)458-1133 GENERAL LABOR Male or Female A l shifts High run producbon No expenence needed Pension and insurance 13170 Memman. Uvonia.


Oak Park. 48237 Attn Ksvm



X dependable r part-time poelion at our Novi store 10 help unload trucks, prepmerchandiae, maintain showroom display and clean Good starting rate wrth dean, smoke-free working oortcMon* Approximately 15 hours per week evenmga and weekends Apply n person or c a l

27754 Novi Rd 810-349-3700 (on Twelve Oaks M a i service drive)

DOQ GROOMERS ( • M M t o M H "

* M

w« Ma under m I • " W M

txx^^SSui M

M a


(31 ai 486-2210



GENERAL LABOR Starting pey I T - J l Q A x x * Outside work. Driver's license a must (313) 722-0111


GENERAL LABOR - Start at $7 an hour Must be at least 16 years d age and have a valid driver's license Must be reliable (313) 451-3516

Contract basis CA0 Capability For rapidly growing gage manufacturing company Fuey experienced Prosed Engineer needed Proposal to Anal design Excellent opportunity lor right person (517)546-9674




5 Openings $8-$9i*hr. Temp-To-Hlre Benefits Raises/' Advancements 1st Shift Great opportunity in the F a r m - Inglon Hills area Must be c a p a b l e ! ot using basic tools, some elec-B tncal knowledge needed | Call 246-615-0660


Machine moral day*

MANGER Expenence in overhead door ndustry a muat1 Reeponatole lor warehouse Scheduling, purchasing with soma sales

GOOO PAY W a tram Mechanically inclined person who ones to wortc with their hand* Outdoor summer indoor winter Please leave message (810) 564-1610

TRAINEE Position will begm as a warehouse person with opportunity to leam a trade nstalkngi'servicing doors and electric operators. Individuals applying for these positions must nave oood drtvmg record, be phys*aly fit and w * n g to be pan ol a company that atresses prolesawmaUsm and quality lirst

Salary based on expenence and QUdLiltCATtorts 200 E. Michigan Ave Ypsilanti, Mi 48197

313-663-6715 or 1-800-235-0879 °ffKytunity £ r f l c T ' 1

GATE ATTENDANT A Farmmgion H * s apartment community hmng a dependable, motivated ndmaual for Fn . S a t . Surl midnight shift. Seniors Watcomad Apply in person at.

: Western:


ELECTRICIAN JOURNEYPERSON Licensed or 10 year* experience m commercial work Good wage a benekt package (810) 615-4448 I or FAX resume to: 810-615-4453 ELECTRONIC TECHNICIAN EslaEAshed 60 year old industrial scale dHtnbutor cs seeking aggros siva. highly motivated technicians with good mecharacal aptitude Must have 2 year degree in electronics or equivalent experience Compensation commensurate with expenence F u l benefits i n d u i n g 40100 Send resume to: Cedh Corporation 11675 Betden Ct Uvonia. . Ml 46150

HVAC ENGINEER Camar diatrtomor has an immediate opanmg lor an HVAC Sales Enpneer m our Uvoraa office Poamon response M t nckide caamg o n A i t common l y wortung with P 4 S department, presentations and promotion ol Carrier systems i d e a l c a n d U M a w f l h a v e DOC controls background Engh nesting degree a muat Comprahens M benefit* package and competitive salary ottered Send reaume w/aalary h M w y to Cantor Great Lakaa. ABn CML-SLS M g r . 33601 Schootaraft Ml 46151 EOE

Management Office 35055 Mmrwood Dr Famnngton Hills, Ml N.W corner d . Grand Rrver a Drake


Designer l O e t a M r Honing machnes manutacturer seeks machine Daaqnar* a D l M i l i r i wah nanimum 5 yrs expenerce m automated metal removal machines and fluency * Auto C a a Exponents aokda a ptu* Team player r e a v a d £ - ^ r w e n o g degree pretoned fcicei lent benaMa a compenaaaon Send raatana a r l y to Gehnrig Corporation 24600 Orake Road. Famkngton M Ml 46336 or Fax (246) 4 » - 9 7 8 7 EXECUTtVEiMAHAGER riebrees weienme Do you have pionaei s p a l f jom axoang, growing aer vice company ae rec pubif apeekar promoeone. ale C a l Boyd •t 610427-2902 FADAL CMC PROGRAMMER/ OPERATOR

GRINDER HANDS wanted-experience not needed, wM train, t u l benelits. apply at 22635 Heslip Dr Novi


Crawford Door Sales

^STirr ssuicEXej

GRAPHIC ARTIST Established business form printer, needa a parson with a minimum d 1 d Mac expenence Should Quark Muatrator, and Scanning Good salary a benefits. 1st shift Redford area. Send reaume or apply: HR Manager. Continuous Form Inc 12238 Woodbine Detroit Fax 313-255-0677


Excellent company provided benetas. indudng. peid vacations and hoadeys. arttorma: health disaO*ty and life insurance retire mam plain (19971 vehicles and power tools provided.


C t f (313) 591-1044

GOLF SHOP - INOIANWOOO GOLF a COUNTRY CLUB need* Attendant for Fri Sat, Sun 8 Mon 25-30 per week $6-$8 per hr d e p e n d n g on experience Call Jenny or Steve or Dev* al 8 1 0 4 9 3 4 0 4 6

INSTALLER Miramum ol One (1) year expenence installing sections I-type garaga doors, operators

F t f bma position 2 years d expenence requred Excellent benelits Send inquiry to: DIATO LT. 2*800 Drake. Farmmgten Hfls. Ml 48335 GROUNDS - ImmeOiate opening. Permanent lull-time with h e a l h insurance in Livonia for Ground* Per*on Expenence n d necessary Uvonia Trade Center. 313-261-4687


Ful-Ome lor Southfield Apt comfelex Benefits Cal Mon toru Fri , 9-5pm (610) 353-9050 E.O.E

GROUNDSPERSON THE TROWBRIDGE a luxm> Retirement Community • looking for a tew aeled employees with exceptional

Housekeeper F u l time portion Musi provide exceptional cuslomer aennce We oiler a l ful-time employe*! a generous benefit and compenaabon package

Customer Service/ General Office Part-bme poemon. flexible schedule Muat be experienced m customer service and creetrv* problem soNIng Excel art veibal and wntlari commurv-

A l applicants s h a J d apply m only. Monday thru Friday b 9 0 0 e m and 4 00pm ar The Trowbridge 24111 Cane Carter Drive SouthWd. Ml 46034 (No phone cats accepted: EOE MfF,V»l


FULL bma position lor person who enjoy* working outdoors Must b s motivated, detail oriented, able to work w l h little supervision and reliable Prsvlou* expenence a plus Starting wage al $7 50 plus benefits Fax resume to 313-455-1159 or send to Box 11921 Observer a 36251 Schoolcraft Rd Uvonia. Ml 46150 GROUNDS PERSON needed tor large apt community in Westland Full lime to Nov $7 50rtir C a l 313-4594600 GROUNOS PERSON part tuna, luxury apt. ai Northville C t f 810-346-1630 GROWING LIVONIA baa • M dolnbutor of kilchen appliances has part-bme and till-ton* positions available tor

CUSTOMER CONTACT REP Receiving end placing phone ordera have knewedge d ou*lome< aennce process W § train on our products and computer Pinor r a t a * wholesale axpenenoe a plua




a 10 mdude phone anewermg. greeting cuslomer and mlecaleneoue Mng.

WAREHOUSE HELP Shippin^recerving w*/*hou*e




6 DETROIT AREA OFFICES NOW OPEN 36251 S c h o d c r t f RS Uvort*. Ml 48110


28157 8 MM Rd , Uvonia (810) 471-9191 27422 Michigan Ave.. Inkster (313) 563-8111 701 E. 9 MM Rd. Ferndale (810) 541-7272 14303 Ferfcal, Detroit (313) 273-0100 18129 10 MM. Eaatpotnte (810) 773-9877 710 W Huron St. (810) 332-6665 COME SEE US TODAY!!!

tomrauman tram PVmnjh





HAIR DRESSER tor BtoomttoM MM* ape Experienced (•10) 332-3434 DRESSER/ n t f taehhtoten w H n g . No axpen (2481624-91W HAIR DRESSER POSfTlONS anaieBia at busy Famkngton M * a Excellent learning a e e m i n g opportunwy M A N I C U R I S T P O S I T I O N S also


EapeitoftM halpM Q13) 4H4»00


TTie H o b d a y I n n o l F a r m ington Hills ia n o w accepting apbcaltons lor poeitions in t h e l o a o w n g

• From Desk • • •

We are a leading national compeny thai has made a tremendous u n p a d xi the men's gioomaig 8 hair styling marketplace Now you can share in -our success w l h thi* challenging role on our dynamic warn at our Soutfltotd location w h e h provides you with an axiabng client base If you're looking tor a ( P o n g M u r e a have 2 to 5 years hair styling experience, ttas * the role you want to be in. The work 1* satis tying, the rewards can be exceptional, and the benefits are extremely generous (medtaai/dental/Me insurance/ vacation dayVSKk day*) EOE. Find out how you can )om in our growth by canng Jeanne at (810) 364-0581

HANDYMAN (MI'Fl lor apartment complex Pay starts at $8 OChour Must have car C a l Mark & leave messags at (810)477-2070

HANDYPERSON . Jack d all trades needed tor a residence in W Btoomheld Duties nouOe light maintenance t o h o m e and boats, some cleaning Own transportation reou»red Please o o r t a d Jennifer ~ 810-423-3000 HARDWARE SALES F l e x t t e pari time Ideal for rebrees Mathison Hardware 6130 Carton Center Road Canton

HEALTH CARE CONSULTANT Ptarte 8 Moran. one d Michigan s largest providers d management consulting and public accounting services to health care organisations, is seeking 10 expand its consulting resources We a r * searching for individuals with consoling axpenenoe m Ihe areas d : • Long Term Care • Mental Health . d r a c a l Services Candidate should have 3 4 yeara d ptenrtngtoperational expenence healthcare Particular related to atraWgx: and busmess planning. service development and financial analyst* desired Good communication and mierperaonal skills required Master's level preparation is preferred. Send resume * i oonlidence to J 0 6 I 1 5 , P.O. Box 691 Southfield. Ml 48037 or tax 810-352-0018 An Equal Opportunity Employer HEARING IMPAIRED PROGRAM REDFORD UNION SCHOOLS IS seeking an Assistive Device Service T s c h r a a n . Applicants must have High S c h o d Diploma and training m Electronic Servicing

HEATING - AIIJ conditioning sheet metal person tar inside d u d fabrication Experienced only ' 313432-2225 HEATING/AIR CONDITIONING Average eartvnga tor experienced Technician* w h o v e been wMh us 2 year* or leas $36.000-$4S,000 • 5 years $45.000-$60,000 • PLUS: •Prsecnpbon •DentakOptical Option •profit Sharing "Co Matched Pension *Air Conditioned Vahidei

Air-Master (610) 309-1800 FAX 399-2913 2670 Cookdge Hwy Berkley Ml htlpVi'www.^dlrk convairmaster

HI LO DRIVER Wa ve mat grown and added some positions, crealng s r e e d n our Romulus. Taylor or Wseaand ladtea* It* t W o • StobWy 8 growth • F u l benefit package and competitive wagae • Numerous s h i t opeiebon • Ctoan E n w o n m e n t • Opportunity tor Advancement Mual have GEO or 0
no 111111 to « 1 31700 T

HAIRDRESSERS Now hmng S M a t a tor aaton ai Waal land. M par W plua C t f Cindy 5 MR SALON to Farmmgion HI haa apaoa tor leeee tor



. up-Scato F u l Service Hotel, aced tntofitmt t e a a n m m e -



ence. and a thorough undarslandlng ol hydraulic' pneumatic systems We otter an excellent benefit packagt a r * l competitive wages Interested candidal* should sand m r k Fa*tory with salary requirement* >1 confidence 10:

RecreaUon/Hotalome H o u s e m e n (mrt) Reservations

T h e Holiday Inn o l Farml n g l o n Hills is a 2 5 0 + upscale, lull-service hotel with oood pay a n d benefits A p p l y m p e r s o n a t 38123 Wesi 10 M i e Road, or t a x r e s u m e 10: 810-476-4570

Maintenance 1351 HB Westland Ml 48185 EOE

INDUSTRIAL SEWER Boat lop experience preferred but w i l accept industrial trained sewer (313) 421-4410

Special Events Sales Manager The Embassy Suites Hotel «i Uvonia a seeking a Special Events Sales Manager. E x p e n e n c e managing iqcial events and catenng required Seltrig a communication skills are importwtl Ptease fax your reaume to 313-462-6003 Attn S Martin Human Resource Depl

Help Wanted General

Manutactuimg compeny t e e k s c a n d i d a l * lor entry l e v e l madanery repair, line layout, and machinery nggmg Requirement* mdude general hand tod knoal-

e Housekeeping

HAIRSTYLISTS Guaranteed hourly wage plus excellent commission on b o t i services and retail, ckeniele and a l eqmwnent provided. M h e a l h benefits lor f u l ame stykats. and much more Exceaent income potenbal wfth flexible schedules Full and Part time position* 1n busy salons located on 6006 Wayne Road m Westland. Novi and 9 Mile Rd, 12 and Now. MKhigan Avenue m Wayne, as w e i as to Uvoraa. Rochester. Troy. S o u t n M d . Beridev. Farmington. Ctoweon and Belleville Stop by any BoRics salon or c a B K r i s t t at 1 - 8 0 0 - 6 6 8 - 8 4 8 4


Ctf Fji


16499 Beech Daly Rd Radford Ml 48240