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Control Systems Design EE311/EE407 2014–2015a 20th Sept. 2014

Module Co-ordinator Department

Refer to Excel document Module_Co-ordinators Electronic Engineering

Module Level Credit rating

4 5 ECTS Credits

Pre-requisites Co-requisites

EE211 System Dynamics, EE205 Electric Circuits and Machines None


To familiarize students with a range of classical control and modern design methods as well as provide motivation for the use of feedback control.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module, the student will be able to: 1. Recognise the utility of feedback control 2. Relate the position of a system’s closed-loop poles to its step response 3. Design output feedback controllers using PID and lead-lag design 4. Design state-feedback controllers using pole placement and optimal control

Time Allowance for Constituent Elements Lectures Class Tests (3 x 1hr) Assignment tutorials (10 x 1 hr) Assignment (1 x 10 hr, 1 x 14 hr) Independent study Semester Examination

24 hours 3 hours 10 hours 24 hours 62 hours 2 hours

Indicative Syllabus  Introduction to Control and Review of Key Results from System Dynamics  Properties of Feedback Systems – Sensitivity and Disturbance Rejection  Time Domain Performance of a Control System o Characteristics of a second order system, s-plane roots, dominant poles, stability  Closed Loop Analysis Using Root Loci and Nicholls’ Charts  Frequency Domain Stability Analysis o Nyquist Stability Criterion (+ Bode)  Bode Plot Compensator Design o Design of Lead Compensator  PID Control o Design concepts, tuning rules, advantages / disadvantages  State-space control design o Pole placement o Optimal control

Assessment Criteria Semester Examination Assignments Class Tests (3)

60% 25% 15%

Penalties: Class tests cannot, in general, be repeated. Late submission of assignment will be subject to a penalty of 10% of the assessment grade for each day (or part thereof) overdue. Pass Standard and any Special Requirements for Passing Modules: Pass 40% - students are not required to pass the written and continuous components separately - an overall pass mark of 40% is acceptable. Requirements for Autumn Supplemental Examination: The continuous assessment mark (class tests, assignments) is carried forward to the Autumn examinations as there is no facility available for repeating the continuous assessment components of the course. Continual Assessment Results: Assignments and class tests will be corrected within two weeks, where that does not extend past the end of the semester. Results, corrected assignment reports and corrected class test scripts will be available for viewing upon request. Assessment Philosophy The class tests and assignments all contain elements that are designed to assess all of the learning outcomes. All questions on all class tests are compulsory. The final examination paper also assesses all learning outcomes. This paper contains a compulsory question that covers all aspects of the syllabus.

Course Text



    

Dorf, R. C. and Bishop, R. H. Modern Control Systems (9th Ed), Addison-Wesley, 2002. Stefani, R. T., Shahian, B., Savant, C. J. and Hostetter, G. H. Design of Feedback Control Systems (4th Ed), Oxford, 2002. Goodwin, G. C., Graebe, S. F. and Salgado, M. E. Control System Design, Prentice Hall, 2001. Slotine, J. E. and Li, W. Applied Nonlinear Control, Prentice Hall, 1991. Lurie, B. J. and Enright, P. J. Classical feedback control with Matlab, New York 2000.

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Module Name - Maynooth University

Module Name Module Code Version Last Reviewed Control Systems Design EE311/EE407 2014–2015a 20th Sept. 2014 Module Co-ordinator Department Refer to...

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