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MP 204 Installation and operating instructions

Declaration of conformity

Declaration of conformity EC declaration of conformity We, Grundfos, declare under our sole responsibility that the product MP 204, to which this declaration relates, is in conformity with these Council directives on the approximation of the laws of the EC member states: – Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC). Standards used: EN 60335-1: 2002 and EN 60947-5-1: 2004. – EMC Directive (2004/108/EC). Standards used: EN 61000-6-2: 2005 and EN 61000-6-3: 2007. Bjerringbro, 1 September 2011

Jan Strandgaard Technical Director Grundfos Holding A/S Poul Due Jensens Vej 7 8850 Bjerringbro, Denmark Person authorised to compile technical file and empowered to sign the EC declaration of conformity.


Original installation and operating instructions.

CONTENTS Page 1. 1.1

General description Applications

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Product range


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Functions Factory settings

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Mechanical installation MP 204 in control cabinet MP 204 on DIN rail

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Connection Overview Input for Pt100/Pt1000 Input for PTC/thermal switch Back-up fuses Wiring diagrams External current transformers

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Start-up Operation Setting on control panel Learning function

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R100 remote control R100 menus Operating the R100 Menu structure

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Setting with the R100 Menu 1. OPERATION Menu 2. STATUS Menu 3. LIMITS Menu 4. INSTALLATION

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MP 204 with GENIbus



Approvals and standards


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Pump operation with MP 204 Industrial pumps Submersible pumps Wastewater pumps

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Curves Trip class "P" IEC trip curves

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Technical data


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Electrical data Outputs Inputs Insulation measurement method Measuring ranges Setting ranges

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Fault finding Warning and trip codes

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English (GB)

English (GB) Installation and operating instructions Warning Prior to installation, read these installation and operating instructions. Installation and operation must comply with local regulations and accepted codes of good practice. Warning The use of this product requires experience with and knowledge of the product. Persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities must not use this product, unless they are under supervision or have been instructed in the use of the product by a person responsible for their safety. Children must not use or play with this product. Warning All cables taken through the MP 204 and the current transformers must be insulated.

1. General description The MP 204 is an electronic motor protector, designed for the protection of an asynchronous motor or a pump. The motor protector consists of: • a cabinet incorporating instrument transformers and electronics. • a control panel with operating buttons and display for reading of data. The MP 204 operates with two sets of limits: • a set of warning limits and • a set of trip limits. If one or more of the warning limits are exceeded, the motor continues to run, but the warnings will appear in the MP 204 display. If one of the trip limits is exceeded, the trip relay stops the motor. At the same time, the signal relay is operating to indicate that the limit has been exceeded. Some values only have a warning limit. The warning can also be read out by means of the Grundfos R100 remote control.


2. Nameplates

The MP 204 can be used as a stand-alone motor protector. The MP 204 may also be incorporated in a Grundfos Dedicated Controls system in which it functions as a motor protector and data collection unit transmitting measured values via the Grundfos GENIbus to the Grundfos CU 361 control unit. Monitoring of the MP 204 is possible via a Grundfos GENIbus. The power supply to the MP 204 is in parallel with the supply to the motor. Motor currents up to 120 A are passed directly through the MP 204. The MP 204 protects the motor primarily by measuring the motor current by means of a true RMS measurement. The MP 204 disconnects the contactor if, for example, the current exceeds the preset value. The pump is protected secondarily by measuring the temperature with a Tempcon sensor, a Pt100/Pt1000 sensor and a PTC sensor/thermal switch. The MP 204 is designed for single- and three-phase motors. In single-phase motors, the starting and run capacitors are also measured. Cos (φ) is measured in both single- and three-phase systems.

Rating and approvals of the MP 204.

2 Prod. No. 96765271 V01 Serial No. 0001 P.c. 0442 IP 20



Fig. 1

TM03 1472 0806


Nameplate on front cover

These four numbers must be stated when contacting Grundfos: Pos.



Product number


Version number


Serial number


Production code

Type MP 204

IP 20

Ta -20°C to 60°C

Vin nom. 100 - 480 V ~ 50/60 Hz Ifuse max 160 A Current

3 - 120 A ~

IEC/EN 60947

Pint. 5 W


MP 204 - Grundfos

GRUNDFOS INSTRUCTIONS MP 204 Installation and operating instructions Declaration of conformity Declaration of conformity EC declaration of conform...

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