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Nursing Documentation (/HED/) What's New in Nursing Documentation September 13, 2016

All VUMC ( 1. Added Peritoneal Dialysis catheter dressing change

VUH 7T3, 8S, 10T3, 11N and VCH 6A, 6B ( 1. Additions to the Infusion Status lists VCH 6B, 6C, 7B, and 7C only ( 1. WAT screen and State Behavioral Scale (SBS) June 21, 2016 VPH ( 1. Added a link for VPH to the new Modified COWS protocol1 June 7, 2016 All VUMC ( 1. Added Pt off unit to Pain Assessment w/o scale drop-down 2. Please remember items in ALL CAPS are REQUIRED charting each shift. 3. When charting a patient discharge in the EDUCATION tab, PLEASE collect an accurate phone number to be used for follow up phone calls VUH 1. For VUH units using the PAINAD/Dementia results, added hover-over text to describe scoring requirements April 12, 2016 All VUMC ( 1. Added Other to HYGIENE/ADL interventions 2. All Nursing Admission Forms:Updated text for Chaplain/Pastor requests 3. VUH/VCH/OB Nursing Admission Form: Addition of text instruction to not use N/A in Social Work comments VCH only ( 1. Modification to the Delivered/Demand documentation on the CDR tab. March 8, 2016 VCH ( 1. Added options to the Homeward Bound Class result for scheduled, attended and NG Tube care class March 1, 2016 All VUMC ( 1. Added back the Pre-Med result in the Pain section 2. Added absent to the Abnormal Breath Sounds assessment drop-down list 3. Added new result for Flap Check Reassessment 4. Modified HYGIENE/ADL Interventions result to be force display and ALL CAPS in the title. Moved to the first position on the Care Assistant 2 tabMarch 8, 2016 VCH ( 1. Added Tolerance to the display title on Car Seat Testing February 16, 2016 Adult & Peds EDs ( 1. For the Adult and Peds Emergency departments, added Teachback/Verblz Understanding to the Teaching method drop-down CVICU only ( 1. For 5N CVICU, added Ventricular Assist Device to the Cardiology Education drop-down. This will be available for all units February 9, 2016 Newborn Nursery ( 1. Updates to Parent Education and Discharge section. New fields are highlighted. Previous documentation will be visible, not chartable 2. Each new result with a checkbox will have hover data to detail what was taught or provided: Example for Initial New Parent Teaching VCH ( 1. New fields for Car Seat testing and Rooming In L&D ( 1. VUH OB Education will also receive the new Breast Feeding Support Education checkbox result. This will share with the Newborn Nursery education VUH ( 1. corrected link to Clinical Key nursing resources February 2, 2016 VPH ( 1. Added 2 sets of fields for Care Contacts All VUMC ( 1. Adding Suprapubic to Urinary catheter type January 26, 2016 VUH/VCH ( 1. The Monitored VS button now launches the new DAS flowsheet that matches the updated nursing documentation.No change in the VS or ventilator data.The assessments and I&O fields were removed, as planned VUH/VCH ( 1. Pain Re-assessment rates have fallen lately, refresh yourself on Pain Assessment and Re-Assessment Processes January 19, 2016 NICU and Newborn Nursery ( 1. NAST will now be chartable for other units in VCH, so it was separated out from its existing grouping with N-PASS/NIPS. All scales will continue to be available where they have been; NAST will fall just under N-PASS/NIPS. Remember to hit Show All if necessary VUH/VCH ( 1. NAST is now available to VCH floors 6, 7 and 8 and will be available on the Protocols tab and on AdminRx 2. All Re-Assessment fields have Hovers added that state: If unchanged from your most recent prior assessment, click done If changes are present, click done and document the changes Prior assessment = your initial shift assessment from earlier in your shift 3.

PAIN > Pain control intervention > Modified See notify to See notify/event note


CARDIAC > Cardiac Intervention > Removed all options except other (annotate


RESPIRATORY Interventions > Chest Tube Interventions > Added discontinued per Provider

6. Fluid/Nutrition > Nutrition Intervention > Removed Education from the dropdown 7. Psychosocial > Terminal Care/Interventions > Added Post-mortem care options to the dropdown: 8. EDUCATION tab > Removed Interpreter Name and ID field from units Live with the ReDesign 9. EDUCATION tab > Education & Engagement > Safety Education > Added Restraint Education 10. DEVICES > Sheaths > Added Sheaths #4, #5, #6 December 15, 2015 VUH and VCH except NICU and NBN ( ALL DOCS and ASSESSMENT, Respiratory section > Secretions Pain section PAINAD Pain section under Epidural site/status WNL has been added to the dropdown list In GI section there have been updates to the GI tube template In the Trended data for GI tubes, new additions for GI Tube Interventions In the ALL DOCS and PLAN tabs under Respiratory Goals new option in dropdown list for pt will tolerate weaning of resp. support EDUCATION Tab > Education New charting field added for Homeward Bound Class We have added links to the Adult ED chart menu November 17, 2015 VUH and VCH except NICU and NBN ( ALL DOCS>Psychosocial Assessment>New charting fields of Family Presence ALL DOCS>CARDIAC ALL, ASSESMENT>return to NSR has been added to the EKG Rhythm dropdown list On ALL DOCS>Respiratory All, INTERVENTIONS >suction- airway has been removed from Ventilator Interventions and added to Respiratory Interventions October 27, 2015 VUH, VPH, and VCH except NICU and NBN ( A new charting field for % of Food Intake Nursing Documentation Redesign Units will be gaining this field on their ALL DOCS>Fluid Nutrition, ASSESSMENT>Fluid Nutrition, CareAssist2>Fluid/Nutrition, and VITALS I&O>Intakes

VUH and VCH except NICU and NBN ( The RASS SCORE charting field is now listed as MENTAL STATUS/RASS SCORE October 13, 2015 VUH/VCH ( Some areas will now see mixed case spelling rather than ALL CAPS Pain/CDR tab -New charting fields are now available for CDR documentation New fields built for PA Catheters and CV site Previous IV site check date/time: has been moved within the One-Time data of PIV October 6, 2015 All VUMC ( In the Medication order and the Confirm/History button in Care Organizer, there is a new option in dropdown to send pharmacy a message PLEASE SEND NEW IV BAG/SYRINGE Dialysis Units ( Assessment tab>IV Other and on Hemodialysis >Access- Hemodialysis and on Apheresis > Access will now see one set of results for Dialysis Access VCH/11S ( Assessment tabs>Neuro section Pediatric Glasgow Coma Scale will now be available to all pediatric units except NICU and NBN September 29, 2015 All VUH ( Added link to the Nutrition Care Manual available through the EBL site September 1, 2015 VUH/VPH ( Updates to Influenza screening for 2015-16 season VCH ( Flu shot elegibility status will generate an order August 25, 2015 All VUMC ( There will now be an place to chart Present on Admission in the One Time/New Wound section There are now two option to locate PUP and PU Intervention Resources 1. Directly under Skin Integrity 2. Or under either the Adult Skin/Wound References or the Peds Skin/Wound References For restraints> the dropdown list has changed. The new options will be initiated, continued, or discontinued VUH ICU ( FALL RISK/SAFETY>There is a new option in the Falls Risk section for Pt Incapable of Moving, as well as an option for Low pt incapable of Moving in the Fall Risk Precaution Status (Morse) dropdown list. Assessment> Pain> the Adult ICU units will now have new tool for Critical Care Pain Obs Tool section Newborn Nursery and NICU ( CCHD Screening: Added Echo completed to dropdown July 28, 2015 Adult, OB, and Peds Nursing Admission histories ( Update to the Tobacco screening: Removed the question about smoking within the past 12 months. Added in 3 questions on the time since last smoked a cigarette.

July 7, 2015 HED changes for all VUMC ( New Links are available for references for Lidocaine Infusion for pain management Assessments>VAD added new fields for HeartMate III Med List Tool (MLT) ( New "Add" box New Born Nursery ( Audiology will be documenting the Hearing Screens. HED fields are "No charting allowed". May 12, 2015 Nursing Admission History changes ( Added text regarding notification that a protocol order is generated when patient has a home medication pump in use New intake and IV Med drip ( Added new intake and IV Med drip for Clevidipine/Cleviprex March 3, 2015 New Born Nursery ( The Halo charting fields have been replaced with fields that are not brand name specific February 17, 2015 VUH & VCH ( e-CDR changes January 27, 2015 L&D& 4E ( Breastfeeding has been added to the dropdown list All VUMC ( A new link available which will take the user to EDOCS form for Pharmacy Medication Scanning Issue Report VUH & VCH ( Electronic IV Therapy Request Form tip sheet January 20, 2015 New Born Nursery ( Additions to the Care Partner tab NICU ( Additions to the Care Parnter tab VUH ( BMI calculations Menincoccal vaccine to flow into the immunization record December 16, 2015 VUH and VCH ( Blood Transfusion changes November 11, 2014 All VUMC ( The following changes are mainly for the Infusion Clinics but will be seen by all HED users. The changes will go into effect Tuesday November 11, 2014. Changes to Lumen Intervention drop-downs for CVC and PICC. October 7, 2014 VUH only ( EstDC column added to VUH inpatient whiteboards 4NPL, 4EST, & 4MSC ( Breast Feeding Support Education added to Postpartum Asmnt/Intervetn->Breast All VUMC ( Added to all Nursing Admission History forms to Tobacco Use Screening->Tobacco related products->E-cigarette All VUMC ( Added to all Nursing Admission History forms->Febrile Traveler Screening September 16, 2014 NICU ( Addition to NICU VS I&O-> Transfer/Transport ->Post- Procedure Temp VUH/VCH ( Blood Transfusion tab Cosign has changes to the display name The hover over description has also been modified Plasmanate is no longer chartable August 26, 2014 VUH/VPH ( Addition to the Intakes-> Oral nutrition supplement VCH ( Addition to the Intakes ->Formula/Supplement August 5, 2014 NICU/NBN ( The Nutrition section is no longer chartable thereare new charting fields under Breast Milk &/or Formula Newborn Nursery Flowsheet > Ongoing Teaching has been redesigned VUH ( Vitals I&O > Intakes Ketamine has been added All VUMC ( Added Left nare and Right nare to Airway Securement result Added new result for Study Drug to IV Med Drips section Changes to the Catheter Start details All catheters will require documentation in the Catheter Insertion section The ED/Inpt insertion section will only be documented if the catheter was started in VUMC ED or Inpatient unit July 29, 2014 NICU only ( Infant formula changes July 22, 2014 All VUMC ( Education Record > Pulmonary Education Adding 4 options Adding Mosbys Nursing Consult to the "Links" menu in HED Med List Tool (MLT) is embedded in provider H&P forms VUH ICU ( EVD Site Dressing and Lumbar Drain Site Dressing change Ventilator Mode changes in HED Beginning July 22, 2014 ADULT Respiratory Care will document ventilator data in HED Respiratory Care will have a new tab (Respiratory Care) July 15, 2014 VUH ICU ( HED changes-The CRRT volume to pull calculation format is changing to simplify data entry and decrease the potential for errors. HEO changes- CRRT orders can now be grouped and viewed on one screen. This is done through use of the display button at the bottom of the current orders screen. New medications added to the IV Med Drips section Updated display text for CAPD fluid removed or retained Care Assistant tab HED changes VUH ICUS: ADULT Respiratory Care will begin documenting ventilator data in HED starting July 22 VUH/VCH ( Med List Tool (MLT) will be embedded in provider H&P forms IV drip medications added to the IV Med Drips section Updated display text for CAPD fluid removed or retained Care Assistant tab changes June 3, 2014 All VUMC ( For all VUMC - There is a new link which will take the user to the Eskind Library NICU and NBN ( NICU and NBN have a new charting field of Safe Sleep. VCH ( Education Record > Education/Engagement Assessment >Cardiac Education two new options New charting field of GI Education with one option of G-tube Added one option of "tracheostomy" to Pulmonary Education Care Assistant Tab has the Notification section added to the top. And, Incent Spiromtr and Resp. Interventn has been added to the Act Daily Living section The Pulmonary/Respiratory Intervention charting fields have been standardized throughout VPH, Med/Surg, ICUs, and Peds. If charting field is not seen, users may have to hit show all VUH ( VUH > Nutr by Nursing > Patients Diet > Added Transplant Diet Education Record > Education/Engagement Assessment >Cardiac Education two new options New charting field of GI Education with one option of G-tube Added on option of "tracheostomy" to PUlmonary Education The Pulmonary/Respiratory Intervention charting fields have been standardized throughout VPH, Med/Surg, ICUs, and Peds. If charting field is not seen, users may have to hit show all Care Assistant Tab has the Notification section added to the top. And, Incent Spiromtr and Resp. Interventn has been added to the Act Daily Living section For OB > the OB Frequent Assemnt/Interventn > Postpart Asmt the Incision/Wound documentation is now available VPH ( The Pulmonary/Respiratory Intervention charting fields have been standardized throughout VPH, Med/Surg, ICUs, and Peds. If charting field is not seen, users may have to hit show all May 13, 2014 VUH and VCH ( New Care Assistant tab in HED VUH and VCH ( Non-invasive Ventilation changes VUH and VCH ( Pain > Motor Block (Bromage) is now force display A new link added to Medications under "Links" in HED on how to schedule "skipped or staggered" medications Vitals I&O Flowsheet > Vital Signs > CPAP Mask will no longer be chartable. Any old documentation will remain viewable The Hemocult Testing and the Gastrocult Testing have been consolidated so that this documentation is shared across Peds and Adult VUH and VCH except NICU/NBN ( Pulmonary > Intervention: Replaced vapotherm with Highflow Nasal Cannula VUH ICU/SD only ( Assessment/Intervention>Pulmonar: If Artifical Arwy > AIRWAY TYPE - Added Nasopharyngeal tube (final field); removed T tube and replaced with T-piece April 29, 2014 VUH and VCH ( TB skin test documentation changes in HED VUH and VCH ( There will be a new section for documenting Artline. The new charting fields will be in site management format. VCH 5A and 5C only ( Artline changes: Any previous charting on SG-PA Catheters and Artline Catheters will remain viewable, but will no longer be chartable. There will be a new section in the Peds Asmnt>Cardiovascular = IntraCardiac Catheter. VCH NICU only ( Artline changes: The UAC/PAL section will have its name changed to UAC. There will be no changes to the UAC. April 15, 2014 VUH only ( New Nestle product options in the dropdown lists for Oral-Nutritional Support Product Name and to Tube Feeding Product Name. VCH only ( Feeding Cal/oz. has an additional option of 19 Cal/oz. in dropdown list. April 8, 2014 All VUMC ( New Patient Event tab April 1, 2014 All VUMC ( A newLink for the VUH Foley Dicontinuation Protocol under Renal/UR assessment OB/Postpartum only ( Nurses will chart Incision C-section and Closeure sections under Skin/Wound section in the Assessments/Interventions tab 5th Floor VCH only ( ACTIVITY/Musculoskeletal care category will also be available on the PCU Quick Assess tab March 18, 2014 All VUMC ( Pain tab now Pain/Sedation New format for all Ostomy/Stoma documentation with trended data PIV insertion: added Unknown to Number of Sticks drop down menu Unsuccessful sticks should be documented under No IV Access March 11, 2014 All VUMC ( TB skin test changes Pain Assessment, Cannot Self-Report Pain, Physiologic Cues: Added Elevated ICP to the drop-down list: February 18, 2014 For ALL VUMC ( ( number of attempts for inserting a PIV For 5N, 7N, DIAL, EMER, 5A, 7A ( Added new Vital Sign BP result for Doppler mean (VAD patients) For NICU and New Born Nursery ( HED result Pre-med for will be added to the top of NIPS or N-PASS documentation. This will also be available on AdminRx. For PEDS ED ( PED ESI 2-3 and PED ESI 4-5> Incision/Wound > Location wrist has been added to dropdown list options. For VUH Ventilator Documentation ( Added new results for PEEP Demand and Convective Rise January 21, 2014 VUH, VCH ( Skin/Wound assessment Positioning care Therapy beds Moisture Control Care January 14, 2014 VCH 5A & 5C only ( Non-invasive biphasic cuirass ventilator January 7, 2014 VUH, VCH ( Skin/Wound changes Education Record VUH only ( Med/Surg, OB, ICU Assessment changes 11NM changes in Medipac December 10, 2013 VUH, VCH ( SKIN/WOUND changes November 15, 3013 VUH, ED, VCH, Peds ED ( New Pain Reassessment Indicator October 15, 2013 VCH ( Falls Score (Graf-Pif) VCH except NICU and Newborn Nursery: Fall Risk Safety NICU/Newborn Nursery only: Fall Assessment October 1, 2013 VUH, VCH, OB ( StarPanel Nursing Admission History changes Tobacco, influenza, and functional screening September 4, 2013 VUH ( New Care Plan tab & Assessment tab changes. VUH, ED, VPH, Peds ED, Peds Acute, PICU, PCICU: ( Comments & Notification changes. NICU ( Moved comment fields & added new Vent mode. August 27, 2013 All VUMC ( Admission History Indicator Status August 20, 2013 7S will also have charting access to NIPS. NBN ( Newborn Nursery flowsheet Routine Assessment - PIV assessment no longer chartable. 5A & 5C: ( PCCU Quick Assessment Alarm Settings - Temperature High or Low Alarms now have the ability to chart to one decimal point. August 13, 2013 VUMC / VUH & VCH (except NICU & NB): ( Isolation Type now force display; cosign med drips & added options to Precaution/Isolation & to Falls Risk/Safety sections. VCH: ( Same Precautions Type documentation fields as VUH. Added "Baseline (annotate)" to the Problem Assessment July 30, 2013 VUH & VCH: ( "Bleeding Risk" to Cardiac Priority Problem section. Additions options to the Tissue Perfusion Priority Problem. Care Organizer & HED Links: added & updated documents. VCH except NICU & Newborn Nursery ( Moved "Bleeding Risk" to Cardiac Assessment (Problems). "Tissue Perfusion Assessment (Problem) moved above Skin. Additions options to the Tissue Perfusion Priority (Problems). July 16, 2013 HED: ( New CARE PLAN Tab Defaults to a 12Hr View VUH: ( "Reason Notified" dropdown list modifed. Safety Risk Assessment (Problems) dropdown modified. Infusion clinics, 6A, 6B, 10T3 & 11N ( AdminRx - Infusion Status dropdown list for infusion status modified. 5A, 5C, 6A & 7A ( New Peds Fall Assessment (Graf-Pif) Pilot will begin. VCH except NICU & Newborn Nursery ( New Care Plan tab & New Problem Assessment charting fields. June 25, 2013 Urgent updates to the HED Safety ( used in VUH and VCH VUMC ( Notified/Referred charting field; Notify/Critical Results & Safety Notication/Care Coordination section - Added "Respiratory Therapy" to dropdown list. Plan of Care/Discharge tab - has display name change for Problems to include the word "Priority" VUH & VCH (except NICU & Newborn Nursery) ( Assessment tab - Neur section - "Mental Status/LOC" will no longer be "chartable". RASS/LOC will be used going forward. Instructions for RASS Scoring will be available in the RASS Score hover and the TASS Refence link has been updated. June 12, 2013 VUH and VPH: PAIN-AD Scale will now auto-calculate NICU and NBN: ( The N-Pass, NIPS and NWI will now have auto-calculating scores. Newborn Nursery - NIPS scale was re-built in order for the auto-calculation feature to work. Previous NIPS documentation will be viewable but no longer chartable. ICUs: ( ICU/SD Assessment/Intervention and Peds Assessment/Intervention tabs - Pulmonary - Added new field of "Extubation Details" with options for "Self extubation" or "Accidental extubation". June 4, 2013 ALL VUMC ( - Links menu: Added KRAMES "Adults" & "Peds" Patient Education Resources. All Assessment/Intervention tabs: Added "In and Out Cath" shared field. VUH ( - Vitals I/O tab: Added "Nutr by Nursing" secontion below I&O Summary.- share with assessment tab. VUH & VCH ( - Education Record: Added "Cardiac Medication Education". May 21, 2013 Launch HEO/WIZ from HED will be rolled out to ALL departments - PowerPoint ( May 14, 2013 NICU & Newborn Nursery ( - "PC-PSV VG" added in NICU Airwary devices & "Bilight Mgmt" in Phototherapy additional options ALL VUH ( "Blood Transfusion Cosign Result" changed & added "PEP Therapy" in Pulm/Resp May 7, 2013 ALL HED Users - Pneumococcal vaccine expiration date" has been added to the fields ( VUH and VCH - IV Med Drip - New field for Calcuim Gluconate added option of "mg/Hr" ( April 30, 2013 Click here ( - For 7N-VUH and 5C-VCH: Piloting a short cut to get from HED to HEO/Wiz while maintaining patient context. Click her ( ( - For Adult ED & Peds ED: Procedure on Unit /Consult at Bedside - Added "Obstetrics/Gynecology" . Click here ( - For VUH & VCH: Blood Transfusion tab - Added "All Lines" to tab. Click here ( - For VUH, VPH, VCH except NICU: Assessment/Invention tabs - Add "Intouch bed w.isogell mattress" to dropdown Click here ( - For 10S, S64 & S74: Neuro - "CAM assessment now Auto-Calculates". April 23, 2013 Click here ( - For VUH & VCH (except NICU) - Assessment tab - Added "Laceration Repair"; Blood Transfusion tab - Added "O2 Sat%" Click here ( - For EMER - Adult ED Vitial Signs - Added "ETCO2" Click here ( - Hold and Resume Orders Review Tools April 16, 2013 Click here ( - For ALL Departments - Added new output for Vesicostomy Click here ( - For VCH - Peds Fall Assessment - Added new option to the Medication usage dropdown April 9, 2013 Click here ( - For ALL VUMC Urinary catheter require "Inserted Date" Click here ( - RASS Score changes Click here ( - For VUH and VCH (except NICU and Newborn Nursery) - Assessment tabs - FALL RISK/SAFETY Click here ( - For OB - PIV charting added below CIWA charting Click here ( - For NICU - SQC charting is now available on the NICU Assessment tab For VCH: PEWS DAS will be available for all Peds Acute Care Units April 3, 2013 Flu screening is complete for this season. The Flu screening questions have been removed from all nursing admission history form. Only Pneumovac screening remains April 2, 2013 Click here ( - For VUH and VCH (except NICU & Newborn Nursery) - New addition Ventilator type: "Home ventilator" Click here ( For VCH (except NICU & Newborn Nursery) - Peds VSI&O; PCCU Quick Assessment & AdminRx - added new intake option Click here ( For 5A, 5C 7A & NICU - Donor Breask Milk has new charting option March 19, 2013 Click here ( - ALL VUMC Changes to Vitals I&O, CIWS & Plan of Care/Discharge Plan. Click here ( - VUH & MCJCHV except VPH and NBN - Added option to output Click here ( - VCH only - Changes to Peds Vitals I&O and Peds Assessment/Intervention March 12, 2013 Click here ( - For Children's Hospital 5A, 5C & 7A - PCCU Quick Assessmennt document change March 5, 2013 Click here ( - For ALL - Restraint document changes. Education Record changes Click here ( - For PCCU - PCCU Quick Assessment Click here ( - For PEDS ED and PEDS Acute Care - New links for PEWS Resource Click here ( - For OB February 26, 2013 Click here ( - For ALL VUH Changes to send message, Cardiovasular & Pulmonary assessment on MedSurg/Intervention tab Click here ( - For VUH & VCH - Tube level documentation tips added to hover in I&O Click here ( For OB Triage Fetal evaulation Click here ( - Adult & Peds ED - Oral ETT added to airway type, additional head & neck assessment choices February 20, 2013 Click here ( - For ALL areas Updates to Links...HED/AdminRx Training Resources Click here ( - For CRC - The Adult Falls tab has been removed in HED Click here ( For VUH - CAM-ICU result will no longer allow copy February 12, 2013 VPH will receive PICC and PIV charting on their VPH Assessment tab Click here ( - All VUMC lexicomp Click here ( CRC/S31 priority problems and safety Click here ( - 10N SAT documentation changes in HED Click here ( - Peds ED new field for Full Cardiac Monitor Click here ( - Adult ED Modifications Documentation in HED Janurary 29, 2013 Click here ( - For all VUH and VCH (including OB)- admission history, starpanel, and HED changes Click here ( - For All units that do CRRT Click here ( - VPH admission history change Click here ( - 8T3 and 9T3 specific HED changes Click here ( - For CRC Only Click here ( - CVICU specific changes to HED Click here ( - PEDS ED HED changes Click here ( - NICU specific HED changes December 14, 2012 Click here ( New Flu Screening section on Admit History December 11, 2012 Click here ( ( ALL VUMC critical results notify, safety additions Click here ( Nursing History Updates 12/7/12 (2) Click here ( - VUH & VCH Flolan & Rass Score changes December 4, 2012 Click here ( - ALL VUMC except NICU - Fall Risk & Priority Problem changes Click here ( - VUH add sutures to procedure options November 27, 2012 Click here ( Peds ED added fields Click here ( - Peds ED additions Click here ( - CVICU, all ICUs, Peds ICU, CVP waveform addition Click here ( - VCH, VPH, Peds, 11S - FLACC score autocalculate Click here ( - VUH and VCH heparin drip modification

November 13, 2012 Click here ( - VUMC - CIWA enhancementschanges to pain location- IV med drips- safety changes

Click here ( VCH except NICU - formula addition October 30, 2012 Click here ( For All VUMC - Plan of Care/Discharge Plan Tab Click here ( For VUH and VCH Assessment tab: NEURO; IV Other; Vitals I&O or QuickAssess. Click here ( - VUH only Assessment tab: Special Neuro - new charting fields for Neuro Deficits and Stroke



October 16, 2012 Click here ( Regular updates to HED documentation with screenshots Click here ( ( Heparin Drip education specific for 5 South and 6 South pilot, but visibe to everyone Click here ( ( Safety and Eduction roll out screenshots Click Here ( - Notify Section Changes

October 9, 2012 Click here ( ALL VUMC: Pain > Pain Interventions > Added nerve block VUH & VCH: Intakes > Added TPN with Lipids Click here ( > 5A and 5C: PCCU Quick Asmnt > PCCU Quick Assmnt & Peds Asmnt/Intervention > Cardiovascular - Added new Alarm Settings options PCCU Quick Asmnt > VENTILATOR > added multiple new fields

October 2, 2012 Click here ( - For VUH and VCH except NICU and NN: Assemnt >Neuro>The Glasgow Coma Scale and Pediatric Glascow Coma Scale For ALL VUMC: PAIN > Pain Interventions> MD notified removed replaced with MD/NP notified For 11NM, 6A, 6B, and 8S: AdminRx>Infusion Status Rate Increase and Rate Decrease added to the dropdown

September 24, 2012 Click here ( Influenza Screening returns to the Adult, OB and VPH Nursing Admission history. Click here ( - HED AdminRx has been updated with 2 new results for Influenza and Pneumovax vaccine administrations

September 18 & 24, 2012 Click here ( - For 5A,, 5C and 11S - Peds Asmnt/Interventn > CARDIOVASCULAR > SG-PA Catheter. N ew charting fields of RA waveform and LA waveform have been added Click here ( - Immunization screening update for September 24, 2012. Please print, post, and share with all HED users in your area

September 4, 2012 Click here ( - For ALL VUMC ASMNT tabs> CVC trended data> Gauge/Length - addition of 19g x 1 For 11NM, 8S, 6A, and 6B - Precautn/Isoltn section has been added to the Chemotherapy/Infusion tab

August 28, 2012 Click here ( - APPLIES TO ALL 3 HOSPITALS! Changed "Removed By:" to a text fill-in & "Removal Order By:" to a dropdown

Added "very dry" and "peeling" to Skin Condition dropdown Added Argatroban to the Antiocoagulant Education dropdown For ALL VUMC - ASSMNT and Pain tab > Pain Self-Report>Pain Scale-PAINAD scale added to dropdown options

August 21, 2012 Click here ( - ALL VUMC - HED changes for 8.21.12 & For ALL VUMC except NICU and Newborn Nursery & for OB

August 14, 2012 Click here ( For All VUMC >Pain>Pain Site & For ALL VUMC>Pain>Cannot Self-Report Pain>Physiologic Cues

Click here ( - For VCH to include Peds ED & Peds ED August 7, 2012 Click here ( - On the OB Triage tab:Update to the Domestic Violence screen to match the Nursing Admission history; & For CVICU:On the IV Med Drips class: Added Bivalirudin/Angiomax

July 31, 2012 Click here ( OB and VCH changes as well as new Safety/Falls risk changes July 17, 2012 Click here ( "Upgrades to Inpt. Nursing Documentation Tools in HED and StarPanel Admission History coming Tue., July 17, 2012 July 11, 2012 Click here ( for "Change to Immunization Screen on Admission History" forms used with ADULT Inpatients was made today, Wed., July 11. July 2, 2012 and July 9, 2012 Click here ( for Advance Directive (Purple form) in Starpanel & Vancomycin Advisor in HEO/Wiz June 19, 2012 Click here ( updates in HED effective 6/29/12 Increase in font size on all tabs New Vancomycin Advisor on 7/9/12 April 17, 2012 Click here for updates in Admission History and HED effective 4/17/2012 ( Added "lab draw" to dropdown for PIV>Line Management CVICU only - new CRRT tab Changes to Nursing Admission History StarForm for VUH, OB, VCH, VPH Changes to Admission History form for VUH, OB, VCH


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