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Thursday, July 31, 1980

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Vol. 28, No. 28

Reilly sues for title of mayor by Sandra Lowich Managing Editor Councilwoman Helen Reilly has filed a lawsuit in Superior Court challenging the process Franklin used in selecting a mayor this year and seeking to recognize her as mayor. "I'm protecting my civil rights," she said, denying she was solely out for the title of mayor. At the Township Council's reorganization meeting July 1, the Republican majority party was unable to agree to a choice of mayor, .so the office went to the council member who polled the greatest number of votes in the last election — last year's mayor, Robert Mettler. However, Mr. Mettler declined the post, saying he did not wish to serve another term. According to statute, the next highest vote getter, who was Mr. Jensen, gets offered the job. In May 1979, Jensen was elected to his at-large council seat by 1,974 votes from all five ot the township's wards. Mrs. Reilly, when elected to her 2nd Ward council seat in 1977, polled 768 votes from the single ward.

Hay wagon A hay wagon rests in a field at South Middlebush Road and Jacques Lane. Its character is reflected in the 'Ford' trademark, framed by wood and earth. (Rich Pipeling photo)

THE GREATEST number of votes Mr. Jensen received from a single ward was 648, and this is what Mrs. Reilly's suit, filed on July 21 by Rinaldoand Rinaldo of Elizabeth, uses as the basis for argument. Whoever received the most votes in a single ward, should have legal rights to the office of mayor, Mrs. Reilly maintains. "Where is the justification?" when the at-large election is the one counted, she asks. As a ward member, the most votes you can get is 1000, she pointed out. "I think I have a good argument and can set up a case law." she said. Mrs. Reilly, who said she had been promised the mayor's post by several councilmen a year ago, did not have Republican" support at the reorganization. Mrs. Reilly, who has served on the council for three years, said she has "put in my apprenticeship." "It boils down to male chauvinism," was the reason she gave for her failure to get the mayoralty support from "the boys." "I'm having a difficult fime because I'm a woman," she said. "THAT'S GARBAGE, Republican municipal chairman Andrew Consovoy said this week. "She's using it as a crutch." Mrs. Reilly simply didn't have the support of Republicans and "just can't face the facts," he said. In a poll of 43 of the 54 Republican committee members taken before the July meeting to determine who they preferred to be mayor, Mrs. Reilly was mentioned only twice, he said. Mr. Consovoy went on to say she has "lost confidence" of fellow committee members. And while Mr. Consovoy

questions whether Mrs. Reilly should remain deputy mayor, Mrs. Reilly has called Mr. Consovoy "inept" and suggested he step aside. Mr. Consovoy thinks her action will hurt her in the next election. Consovoy, who lives in Helen's second ward, said people there think she's acting irrationally. But, "the people voted me in" said Mrs. Reilly, who maintains she is not worried about the next election. "The women will vote for me," she said. Will her lawsuit, coming at a time when there already is division among Republicans, hurt the party? "Probably not," maintains Consovoy. "People will see her motiviations for what they are." Republicans unsuccessfully tried to

convince Mrs. Reilly to withdraw the lawsuit. SOME DEMOCRATS as well as Republicans, are irked by the lawsuit. Democratic Councilman Philip Beachem believes her actions "are based on personal greed." "How could it be personal greed," questions Mrs. Reilly, "when on July 1 Beachem was fighting for Mrs. Warner? Did he forget what he said?" At the reorganization meeting, Mr. Beachem protested that councilwoman Frieda Warner had rights to the office of mayor. In a special election in Nov. 1978 between her and Mr. Schnatter for an at-large council See REILLY, page 18-A

Helen Reilly

Democrats oppose selection

Water consultant hired John Cilo Jr. Associates of Somerville was hired last Thursday by Township Council to study Franklin's water system and provide recommendations on solutions to the low pressure and distribution problems. Water pressure has been' low in the township, particularly in Somerset, since June, when a water conservation plan was enacted. Lawn sprinkling, car washing, and pool filling have been banned for all water utility customers between the hours of 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Customers may do such

chores from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. in accordance with an odd-even plan coinciding with household addresses. THE CONSULTANT, who will be paid $15,000, will take water system information, make a computer analysis, and then recommend shortterm and long-term solutions with cost estimates. Results of the study are expected to be available by the end of September. According to Mayor Richard Jensen, long-range solutions might in-

elude building water towers. "S clude "Shortterm improvements would be those necessary to improve the system sufficiently before next summer to avoid a re-occurrence of the difficulties encountered this summer," Clio's report states. DEMOCRATIC COUNCIL members Philip Beachem and Freida Warner voted against Cilo, while the three Republican council members See WATER, page 18-A

Glenside awarded contract

Hamilton Street to be spruced up by Sandra Lowich Managing Editor The revitilization of Hamilton Street is about to begin. Township Council last Thursday awarded a contract to Glenside Equipment Co. of Farmingdale for the Hamilton Street Revitilization Project at a cost of $236,961. Glenside was the lowest of five bidders: The project, for which council allocated $280,000 last fall, calls for roughly 13,000 feet of improvements from Berry Street to Brookline Avenue. Concrete replacement, new curbs and sidewalks where needed, and additional greenery are planned.

The project will include rampways at evergreens. Hedges will be installed every intersection for the hanprimarily in front of large commercial dicapped. areas, such as in front of the A&P and The construction work is expected to •former Acme shopping center parking lots. In addition 3,300 yards of new sod be completed this fall. will be placed. PLANS ALSO call for the planting Plant material will be installed by of 281 trees, adding to the 90 trees . which now line the street. Included spring, 1981. will be 151 "hardy" ornamental trees, such as Flowering Cherry and THE IMPROVEMENTS are an Dogwood, 8-10 feet in height, which attempt to give the street an orderly will provide an attractive floral appearance and to attract people to display. the business center. Hamilton Street property owners The 130 large shade trees will be Oak, Chestnut, Maple, and non- will be assessed for the sidewalk bearing Bradford Pear. improvements. The assessment commission will have several years to Project planners are contemplating planting about 300 additional make their report.

Adult Ed. sponsors support group for parents of mentally handicapped Arthur Rittmaster Jr. is the father of a mentally handicapped son, Glenn, who is 31, lives in his own apartment and supports himself in a job he has held for the past 11 years. Being the parent of a mentally handicapped child was tough, admits Rittmaster, who was interviewed by "US" magazine last year. In 1973, the father gave up his Wall Street job to start a non-profit support system for handicapped adults, the Association for the Advancement of the Mentally Handicapped. And now, the Franklin Township Adult/Community Education Program has been selected to participate in an AAMH parent support group program. THE SUPPORT program is planning to! help parents of mentally handicapped young adults find solutions to some of their most pressing problems and to enrich family relationships. Beginning in mid-September, the group will hold 10 weekly meetings, conducted by experienced leaders. Groups will be limited on a first-come basis. • Being mentally handicapped is a permanent condition, says Rittmaster, explaining that he started the AAMH because he knew the day would come when he would not be there to care for his son's needs. He wanted to help Glenn learn to live independently, while knowing his son would need more support than one person could give. An AAMH bulletin points out that mentally handicapped adults are able to live apart from their families, work pay taxes, socialize, love, care, grow to their potential and enjoy a meaningful life.


THE FEDERAL government's estimate is that three percent of the population is retarded. According to the AAMH definition, one of every 14 or 15 people — that would be 14 million Americans — may be mentally handicapped, an umbrella term meaning any- permanent social or intellectural impairment. And while no one likes to use labels, "mentally handicapped" includes people who are mentally retarded, emotionally disturbed, learning disabled, mentally ill, brain damaged, neurologically impaired. The AAMH can make a difference, to such people, Rittmaster declares, because the organization is part of the community. "This is where the real power is," says Rittmaster. The AAMH works with individuals in the community according to their own areas of expertise: parents, doctors, dentists, landlords, bank tellers, restaurant owners, librarians, retailers and local employers. Members (or clients) are referred to the AAMH by parents, institutions, the

clergy, schools, police, doctors, psychiatrists and other agencies. MENTALLY HANDICAPPED people need to be viewed as men and women, the organization says. They need to have an opportunity to be useful and productive, to have their special needs recognized and to be treated "as normal when possible, as special when necessary." The parent support group will be working with the AAMH professional staff so that families can learn to cope. Help for the burdened family is vital, says the AAMH. Readers can get involved and help the organization by volunteering in a program, by being an involved community resource, by assisting in fund raising or by contributing. For further information about the adult school's parent support group, call (201) 545-4229 or 873-2400, extension 221. .The Adult/Community Education Department is sponsored by the Franklin Township Board of Education.

and inside business guide . . . . . . . 6A classified . . . 1-8B, 1-16C letters • 5A obituaries. 6A police blotter , '. 3A sports..;..'.' 14A tennis tips 14A town forum . . . . . . . . 4A weekly recipe . 4A

Off •"Who's the man behind Smithville? Mr. Smith, of course. Story on page 3. • Rock stars' reputations are not cast in stone, and Staff Writer David Salowitz takes some pot-shots. Page 4.

AS RECONSTRUCTION work is being done on Route 27 at Route 518, Route 27 property owners may be asking how much land they own. There may be a discrepancy between the homeowners and the state Department of Transportation. (Mark Czajkowski photo)

Route 27 dilemma

How much of highway is whose? The deed on Frank Camilli's property says it extends to the "south line of the Public Road known as the Franklin and Georgetown Turnpike," better known as Route 27. But private citizens and local and state officials cannot seem to come to terms where the roadway right-of-way ends. The state Department of Transportation (DOT) says it has a 99foot right-of-way, while South Brunswick planning maps, for instance, show only a 66-foot right-of-way. The DOT bases its side of the story on laws dating to pre-Revolutionary times. As far back as 1761, there is a

law that says the width of "The Great Road" from Elizabethtown (Elizabeth) to Trenton cannot be altered from 99 feet, said Charles Voorhees, the DOT'S jurisdiction control coordinator. ALTHOUGH THERE IS no one document referring to the Great Road's right-of-way, said Mr. Voorhees, the 99-foot, or 16 rod (a rod is a surveying measurement for 16% feet), is referred to in preRevolutionary and later laws. Mr. Voorhees said he thinks state law confirms laws made prior to the

formation of the United States in this case. "I think it's ridiculous," said Mr. Camilli. "I don't think it makes any sense. I would love to fight it, but I can't afford it." At 82 years old, Mr. Camilli also said he is too old to fight the state. Mr. Camilli and his wife, Mary, live on Route 27 in the area where the road is being widened and straightened at Route 518. Now, with the $1.1 million road project underway, Mr. Camilli said .

See HIGHWAY, page 18-A

Thursday, July 31,1980

The Franklin NEWS RECORD


Lenore Greenberg elected chairwoman of national communications organization

police blotter

Before joining the NJSBA staff, Ms. Greenberg served as director of public relations for Bloomingdale's in Short Hills. She has also been a newspaper staffer, communications consultant, teacher and freelance writer and has authored numerous articles published in newspapers and magazines including The New York Times. As chairwoman of the Conference of School Board Association Communicators, Ms. Greenberg will arrange an annual national conference, will serve as a liaison bet'vveen state and national level educational communications professionals and will spearhead efforts to plan and implement coordinated public relations programs on behalf of public schools and school boards across the nation.

TRENTON — Lenore Greenberg, director of communications for the Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA), has been elected chairwoman of the Conference of School Board Association Communicators, a national educational communications organization. A resident of Somerset, Ms. Greenberg has been associated with the Trenton-based New Jersey school boards organization for two years. As director of communications, she heads a department which produces a wide range of informational and training 'publications, including an education !magazine and a weekly newsletter, handbooks and pamphlets. She also •directs press and public relations for NJSBA and provides training and resources on school public relations.

Rutgers Preparatory School receives gift for book fund Charles and Amy graduated from Prep in the late 1950s and early 1960s. She and her husband, Harold, initially became involved in school affairs through the Parents' Association. Soon they were among the leaders of the movement to continue Rutgers Prep as an independent school and relocate it in Franklin Township. The Levys continued to be closely involved in the development of the entire Elm Farm campus, including the construction of the Field House. In addition, they helped establish the first school prom, the first class reunion and encouraged their son-inlaw, Mel Hamelsky, to serve on the Board of Trustees. Because this fund will serve as the single source of endowment support of the Rutgers Preparatory School Library, parents, alumni and friends of the school wishing to support library acquisitions, may designate their contribution-to this fund.

• • Rutgers Preparatory School has received a major gift to establish a book fund to honor the memory of Diana G. Levy, one of the important leaders during the school's transition from the Rutgers University campus to the 35-acre Elm Farm campus in Franklin Township. . Headmaster J. William Adams announced that the Diana G. Levy Book Fund has been established through the efforts and generosity of the family and friends of Mrs. Levy. Mr. Adams noted that "since Mrs. Levy maintained throughout her life an abiding interest in books and in the value of good literature, the income from this endowed fund will be used to make annual purchases of additional books for the school's library." ! The creation of this fund is an additional recognition of the role played by the Levy family over the years. Mrs. Levy's three children, Linda,

ox O° -o




<£ o

ritdilkhislt Pedestrians, '• feel Irte In wj/fc along edge of the church property to avoid ihe danger of the A Road curve.

Steve R. Rudder of York Drive, Edison, was arrested in Franklin Township on July 25 for possession of stolen property. Rudder was attempting to sell stolen speakers valued at $738 for $250. Rudder was held on $1500 bail.

For the second time within a 24-hour period, Krauszers Dairy Store on Hamilton Street was robbed on July 27. A man approached the clerk, Valerie Berryhill, and paid for a soda at about 11:20 p.m. As she was giving him change, he reached over the counter and grabbed money out of the cash register. The burglar had his hand in his pocket and stated that he didn't want to kill anybody, police said. He escaped on foot towards New Brunswick.

Murray L. Simmons of Baier Avenue was arrested on July 27 after being observed firing a .22 caliber pistol out of an upstairs bedroom of his house. The weapon is not registered nor does Simmons have an ID card, police said.

Krauszers Dairy Store on Hamilton Street was robbed of approximately

MODERN FOOT travellers often take a second look at this interesting bit of Somerset lore. "We just want to let people know it's O.K. to walk on the grass," says Reverend Vanderbeek, Pastor of the Middlebush Church, which has displayed this welcome for the past four years. "We're on a busy corner and you have to walk close to the curb for safety," he explained. Middlebush Church is located at the junction of Amwell and South Middlebush roads. "There have been some accidents here, but not a whole lot," Reverend Vanderbeek noted. (Rich Pipeling photo)

At ihe Public Library 'Really Rosie' "Really Rosie" will be shown at the Franklin Township Public Library on Friday August 1 at 3:30 p.m. Maurice Sendak's characters come to life in this animated film version of the story of Rosie, a girl from Brooklyn, who

to join

challenges all to believe that she's a star and absolutely fascinating. Songs like "Pierre" and "Chicken Soup with Rice" makes this film a winner for all ages.

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$50 on July 27 at about 3:30 a.m. A man entered the store and advised the clerk, Elizabeth Lockwood, that he had a gun and demanded all the money. The route of escape was not noted.

The home of Dale Naline was burglarized sometime between July 22 to July 25. The rear porch screen had been cut and a pane of glass on the rear door had been broken. The Naline's are on vacation, therefore it is unknown whether anything is missing from their home.


Miss Breck

Fred Powell, a postman at the Somerset Post Office, reported that on July 25 someone stole the hub caps from his 1980 Lincoln Mark VI while it was parked at the post office lot. The hub caps were valued at $100.

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Thursday, July 31,1980

I hclwnklin NEWS RECORD


News-Record writer wins in poetry contest NEW BRUNSWICK — Dorothy House Poetry Center in New BrunMahoney-McLaughlin, Atlantic Road, swick, will be displayed at the Aug. 16 Franklin, won third-place in thefestival at Boyd Park. Raritan River Festival poetry contest Also as part of the city's year-long sponsored by-.the city's 300th An- celebration, an exhibit at the Mason niversary Committee. Mrs. Gross School of the Arts at McLaughlin is a free-lance writer for George and Paterson streets features the Franklin News-Record. a display of boat models. Robert First and second-place winners in Nemeth of Franklin made one model the contest were Susan Harned Roth of the sloop "Brunswick" from a of Highland Park and Maria Gillan of woodcut printed in an 1816 newspaper. Hawthorne. Mr. McLaughlin's winning poem The poems, chosen by the Kilmer follows:

Rowing Practice on the Raritan The scull crawls over the water's skin Like some eight-armed lizard closing on its prey. It gashes the smoothness with its wooden blades. The scars fan out and shudder, then grow faint and heal. A passerby, I hear the coxswain call the beat For the blind arms to scoop the water with disciplined economy. The river draws itself taut again, A misty shimmer in late August's humid dusk. A muscle ripples, and the river braces itself for another crew.

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Jeff Reed (right), health information coordinator from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey, gives some pointers to Felicia and Gaffney Gunter of Somerset at the "body circle" Parcourse station in Colonial Park, Franklin Township. The 18-station exercise circuit was built as a joint project of the Somerset County Park Commission and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans.

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Parcourse exercise trail opens at Colonial Park

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Officials from Somerset County and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey formally opened a new Parcourse exercise trail at Colonial Park in the East Millstone section of Franklin Township, July 21. The scientifically designed course is the seventh made possible by a project involving the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans and the parks authorities in Somerset County and several other counties.

"par." Goals are given for the starting, sporting, and championship levels, so a participant can test his or her performance against the standard for the different fitness levels. A person can start out on the program and work toward meeting the starting pars without necessarily being in peak condition. As performance improves, the participant can work Upward the higher level pars. The Parcourse is self-guided, the spokesman pointed out. Detailed, Freeholders Doris Dealaman, illustrated instruction signs are placed Vernon Noble and Michael Ceponis along the course, so the participants and park commissioner Fred Quick can learn the correct way to use each joined Blue Cross public education station. Since persons of varying director Don Porter and Blue Shield abilities can participate at the same health information coordinator Jeff time, it makes an excellent fitness Reed at the brief ceremonies. activity for the whole family. "This is a great facility to have in a Somerset County provided the site public park," said Felicia Gunter of and construction labor for the circuit Somerset after Reed took her and her and will maintain it. Blue Cross and husband, Gaffney, through the course, Blue Shield provided construction demonstrating the various stations, plans, special highly durable inand explaining their benefits in a total struction signs and funding for the fitness program. purchase of materials. Parcourse is a well-rounded The Plans a r e promoting the program that exercises the cardio- exercise trails as a means of invascular system and develops teresting people in developing and muscular strength and endurance, maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Since said a spokesman for Blue Cross and healthy people need fewer health care Blue Shield. The exercise stations services, this can help hold down along the trail include warm-up and health care costs. cool-down exercise — built-in The overall Blue Cross and Blue protection against overexertion. Shield health education program — "Heart check" stations along the way including special literature, films, and teach participants to pace themselves public education messages — has. according to their own capabilities. gained both local and national Each station has three classes of recognition.

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Don Porter (left), public education director for Blue Cross of New Jersey, explains the benefits of the Parcourse fitness circuit to (right of sign, I. to r.) frer iiolder Vern Noble, park commissioner Fred Quick and freeholder Mike Ceponis.



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town forum Thursday, July 31, 1980


Study shows infants can remember

Bill on toxic waste poses great dangers The hearings currently underway in Trenton on state Senate Bill 1300 will soon show us whether or not those of us who live in New Jersey have taken the time to learn an important lesson. The bill proposes the creation of a semi-public authority which will be responsible for disposing of toxic wastes in the state. This authority could have the power to choose a site for a toxic waste dump and to take over the site without input from the local municipality or its residents. This discouraging possibility will undoubtedly meet with loud protests from environmentalists and public interest groups during the hearings which continue on July 30 in the Senate Majority Conference Room in the State House. An unhappy part of this process was uncovered in the past two weeks when it was announced that the prime areas for the location of a site to bury toxic wastes would be in the clay of East Windsor and its surrounding townships. Local residents have reacted vocally, and properly, to alert state officials of their displeasure that a toxic waste site could be located in a township still growing as a residential community. New Jersey has one of the country's worst records when it comes to the disposal of toxic wastes. The Chemical Control Corp.'s disaster in Elizabeth, the Kinn-buc landfill in Edison, the Jackson Township municipal landfill and even the emergence of contaminated wells in South Brunswick and Montgomery Townships have served notice that we in this state have not learned how to control the disposal of harmful materials. The state's legislators will show us soon whether or not they have learned a lesson from these past problems. Their decision on Senate Bill 1300 will show, us whether or not they have learned that what we do today will have a long term effect on the quality of life for our future and that of our children. If the legislators see fit to create an authority to handle these wastes — and this could be the best solution — let them create a working and self-supporting corporation. Let this corporation construct and operate a series of plants which will fully dispose of the chemical miscreants. Let the state's chemical corporations which produce the waste use these plants as the sole alternative for disposal of their unwanted byproducts. Also the legislators should take care to keep companies from other states from using the facilities and also that New Jersey companies do not take a short cut by dumping their wastes in other states. The next weeks may tell us if our legislators can learn a simple lesson — or not.

Property maintenance: Keep government out At first blush the suggestion that municipalities adopt home maintenance codes appears preposterous. But after some thought you find you really can't hate the Montgomery Township man who recently asked his Township Committee to consider such an ordinance. In this specific case the man said a neighbor's failure to keep the outside of her home in good repair or to even paint the house had reduced the value of his home by $15,000 to $20,000. Of course all the libertarians in our area will spring to the woman's defense — that government which governs least governs best. (One always wonders how their views would hold up if they lived next door to the unpainted home.) On the other hand, the very conservative among us might well welcome a property maintenance code, arguing that their property rights were being eroded. But enough of labels. It is a problem encountered in just about every community at some time or another. Consider the property owner who has worked hard and spent a great deal of money to keep his home in good condition and finds upon attempting to sell it that the rundown condition of his neighbor's home makes his place considerably less salable — except at a reduced figure. But consider also the alternative — the creation of a property maintenance code. Such codes could not be the same as health codes — poor plumbing, harboring of vermin etc. — very objective criteria to judge. Maintenance codes would lie very much in the subjective — what constitutes an eyesore, for example. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, isn't also ugliness? All of us have seen homes with natural shake sidings. Many of them weather poorly, turning black and to some eyes, unsightly. Under a maintenance code, the owner of the darkened shakes could be required to paint them — even if they are not ugly to his eye. As the population in this country mounted, and we began to live more and more in each other's backpocket, zoning became essential. And there is no denying that zoning codes reduce appreciably a person's right to do what he would with his own. A property maintenance code would seem to be the next logical step and a step which has been taken in some municipalities in this country. But almost invariably the maintenance codes result in so much turmoil and litigation that even if they are not repealed, they are simply ignored. Americans are not ready fotipajntenance codes. Perhaps theyshould never be.


f 4



by bob kelly

Send not to ask, you can never go home Charley's is gone, and a big chunk of my life has been replaced by a stucco, sort of Turkish-type hashery. It's not that Charley's was a candidate for a historic landmark designation or for any rewards in architectural achievement. It was only a soft ice cream store which had sprouted a lunch counter on the one end. It stood almost surrounded by cornfields on a little used Pennsylvania highway. And now it is gone. IT WAS THE PLACE which my wife-to-be bought me a milkshake in exchange for a ride home from work. (Little did I realize how dearly I would pay for that milkshake.) Later it was the spot which we took first one, then two and finally three children for refreshment on hot summer evenings. As far as that goes it was also a favorite spot of a dog, also named Charley, who dearly loved

vanilla ice cream. Charley's was the spot for a quick supper when my wife was too hot or too tired to cook. It was not haute cuisine but neither did any of us ever suffer food poisoning there. It had an ambiance projected by a brick charcoal hearth, an effusive display of plastic wrapped in aluminum and a floor that was never quite clean because of dripping ice cream cones gripped in little hands. When we first began to take the children there the closest McDonald's was 20 hot miles to the west and Gino was the first name of a Baltimore Colts lineman. I was the burger king on the family grill and Arthur Treacher was playing butler roles in Class B movies. When Joanne ordered a hot dog with nothing on it at Charley's, it did not take 15 minutes longer to get it. The salt and pepper came out of shakers and the catsup was extracted painfully from a bottle and not a plastic packet.

If you sat at a table a waitress came to take your order and serve it. When you were finished you paid and left and were not expected to dep.psit your leavings in a garbage can. The •waitress did that. It seems ridiculous to mourn the passing of a dinky roadside eatery. But the news — relayed to me by the former fan of the ungarnished hot dog — summoned up Donne's line of "send not to ask for whom the bell tolls." Surely the bell was tolling for me. The bell had tolled for Charley (both human and canine) years ago. And although the name had been retained and we had passed Charley's many times in the last decade or so, we had stopped no more than two or three times. All of which makes the mind leap from the metaphysical poet Dunne 4o the 20th Century novelist Thomas Wolfe and sadly agree, "You can never go home."

The young graduate student opened her book and hunched tensely over the first page, trying again to concentrate. A sustained howl pierced the,thin wall separating the doctoral candidate from her colicky six-week-old newborn, bedded down for a nap in an adjacent room. Hurrying one more time to try to comfort the baby with patting and cuddling, the nearly desperate firsttime mother wondered if there might not be a better way to help her crying infant. Luckily for Dr. Carolyn RoveeCollier, today a professor of psychology on the Douglass College campus of Rutgers University, a colorful mobile lay somewhere among the baby's gifts. What she did with that mobile, and the baby's astonishing response, planted a signpost for one of the major directions in Dr. Rovee-Collier's future career as a developmental psychologist. Her actions also identified the mobile as an important tool for the study of infant behaviour — one Dr. Rovee-Collier has returned to time and again in her own subsequent research. "I FOUND THAT WHEN I jiggled it for him he quieted down," recalls Dr. Rovee-Collier. "After a while I thought, well, if he could just move his own mobile, perhaps I could get some studying done." The breakthrough came when she hooked the colorful toy to the baby's leg with a tie-string belt. "Each time he began to move and squirm with colic, his squirming would move the mobile," the State University psychologist remembers. "Pretty soon he was pumping his leg to get the mobile going." When Dr. Rovee-Collier unhooked the belt, the baby quickly turned away. Yet as soon as she reconnected it, the infant began to kick again. She could see that her son was not only learning, he was also remembering how to move the mobile by kicking. Although most theories of infant development place enormous importance on infantile experience as it affects behavior in later childhood and adulthood, they deny that infants can "remember" at all, in any ordinary sense of the word. Therein lies a paradox that Dr. Rovee-Collier and her six-member Infancy Research Project are now confident they have cracked. After a two-year, $130,000 effort funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, the Douglass-based '•• team has perfected a technique to demonstrate that eight-to-12-week-old babies can retrieve and use their memories of an earlier experience — even after a lapse of up to a month. Results of the group's findings were published last Spring in "Science."

by david f. moore

he siate we're in

Fast buck guys win a big one used to be small, but aren't anymore. A smalltown hardware-store proprietor, for example, gets ecstatic because of a proposed housing project I don't detect any widespread which will bring lots of people to his happiness now that special interests door. What he never seems to realize have won legislative amendments soon enough is that the presence of delaying adoption of the outer, or those people will attract a big shopprotection, area of the Pinelands ping center, which will contain a cutNational Reserve until the end of the rate hardware store which will undo year or later. Aug. 8 remains the date him. for implementation of rules for the That shortsighted hardware core, or preservation, area. proprietor is sadly typical of too many Any happiness at this juncture is local planning board members probably being carefully concealed by through this state we're in. various real-estate and development What's more, the planning board types and a few of their special inmembers and other local officials timates in local and state governwere probably dazzled by the wonments. Those are the people who wish* derful tax ratables from all those the whole concept of regional planning houses and the shopping center and would disappear and leave them to other enterprises drawn into the new their fast bucks at the expense of the development vortex. Later comes the rest of us, now and tomorrow. rude awakening about the increased needs for schools, sewers, police, THESE DEVELOPMENT interests highways and other services which far and their mouthpieces have more than offset any new ratables. repeatedly succeeded in winning Finally comes more development support of naive local planning boards down the road to attract away the and elected officials, who as a group people and businesses, leaving only never seem to profit by the unpleasant higher taxes and a neighborhood experiences of their counterparts which is far less desirable than before elsewhere. all that progress hit it. That's the Dollar signs shining-'uTlhe~eyes of name of the competition game, and the local officials tend to blur the while I'm fully in favor of competition image of what sudden and explosive* for the public's benefit, I'm afraid it development really means. They need too often turns out to be at the public's only to focus on other towns which expense!

THOSE ARE typical of the social and economic fac'ors which repeatedly elude local officialdom and make them play into the hands of giant developers who have lately been having their way in Trenton as regards the Pinelands. The big developers can buy any kind of talent they require to bedazzle the unwary (it's a business expense

deduction at tax time). Any public officials who get bought along with the hired experts can be charged to public relations. * • *

David F. Moore is the executive director of the New Jersey Conservation Foundation in Morristown.

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Thursday, July 31, 1980

I ho Franklin NEWS RECORD


letters to the editor Policemen respond to article Editor's Note: Franklin Township Police Chief James Brown does not agree with the contents of the following letter and disavows any association by the Franklin Township Police Department-with its contents. To the Editor: This letter is in reference to the story which appeared on the front page of your paper on July 17, entitled "Witnesses say state trooper kicked juveniles face", by Paul Savage, staff reporter. Being police officers in a local municipality, and after reading the article many* times, we were quite disturbed at your reporter's prejudice and ignorance. We do not condone excessive force by police officers, but it must be understood that at times, it does occur, and is often justified. We are not passing judgement on the incident, we were not there. But will the public feel the same? Will your article darken the cloud that the public holds over the police profession? Your paper obviously found it necessary to print the story, but why such a title and why the front page? And why did your reporter jump at the opportunity to condemn so quickly and with apparent glee? Would you have been so quick to form that obvious opinion if the "juvenile" had maimed or killed members of your family before being apprehended? I doubt it! Your reporter did attempt to cushion the troopers alleged actions with his literary talents, but previous statements overruled this attempt. In the future we will be closely monitoring your paper, searching for an article where so much time and space will be applied to a story involving an injured police officer. Whether the attack or incident involved a sweet youth of 15, or an adult. In the past your paper printed an article regarding the difficulty viewing the police blotter. Do you think the cooperation between the police and media will improve after an article of this nature? In conclusion, please advise staff writer, Paul Savage that a recent ruling permits a juvenile's name to be released, regardless of his age. Ptl. David Feheruari Ptl. William Furmick Ptl. David Bonnell . Ptl. Gary Karowski Ptl. Charles Schmidt Members of the Franklin Township Police Department

Sabel: thanks for acceptance of pre-school grant To the Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Franklin Township Board of Education, the administration, Dr. Whyte, Mr. Kozlik and all those parents and individuals who worked so hard to help support the passage of the pre-school grant. It is truly heartwarming to see the board act in a unanimous vote for passage of a preschool program for handicapped children. I am confident that with the ex-

pertise of the administration and the full support of our School Board, Franklin will have a pre-school program which will provide quality help to those youngsters who are so desperately in need of early intervention to give them'that head-start in their lives. [ , I think the-Ward deserves to be proud of themselves for researching and pursuing this matter so thoroughly. The residents of Franklin should be proud and grateful as well. With so many good thoughts and genuine help available, I look forward to the commencement of Project S.E.A.R.C.H. for Franklin Township and for those 16 children who will be able to recognize a marked difference in their future as a result of a caring board and administration. Thank you on behalf of those 16 annual graduates. Susan R. Sabel Somerset

Post: opposed to diner owners application To the Editor: Somerset Diner owners will be appearing before our Planning Board on August 6. They wish to divide their property so that the prospective buyer may build another commercial structure on Easton Avenue. I oppose this application for the following reasons: • Lack of community concern by the Somerset Diner owners. I feel that their demands concerning the access across the rear of their property demonstrated their me-only view of commercial life. I feel that their demands ignored both resident needs and the struggle of their fellow merchants to survive. I feel that the Somerset Diner does not care about Franklin or us. • Excessive monetary demands by the Somerset Diner owners upon Shop Rite and Village Green merchants. The rumored dollar amount was $118,000 per year forever, plus the cost of road construction of about $72,000 for the public access across the property rear and into the jug handle. I feel that this is wrong because all the merchants share the same traffic problem with the diner, and if stores become empty, then it is the diner who drove these merchants away. Every vacant store costs us taxpayers money. Every unsolved traffic problem can cause vacant stores and thus cost us money. Our Board of Adjustment, who represents us taxpayers, gave the Somerset Diner the right to build on an undersized lot with their sign placed closer to Easton Avenue than our ordinances allow. Our reward is a sloppy presentation of the premises littered with trash creating an unsightly visual impact to our historic and environmentally sensitive canal. Our reward was their uncooperative and greedy approach to the traffic problem. A merchant whose attitude and behavior destroys our community, profiteers at the expense of taxpayers and the destruction of fellow merchants, and puts a price upon his cooperation that is unreasonable and without any appreciation of the benefits that he has received from the community through the Zoning Board, leads me to believe that \hey are not

community oriented or concerned. Such a merchant, in my opinion, does not deserve our patronage and I for one will not patronize this or any other merchant who acts in a similar manner: I ask all of you, my neighbors and fellow taxpayers, to support me in this cause, and to appear on August 6 in

Were Making Room for Fall Running & Tennis Wear Council Chambers, Town Hall on Demott Lane to protest the division of the property which will allow the Somerset Diner owners further financial gain.

With Up To

Mary Jane Post Somerset

Obituary Vincent J. Grealis Vincent J. Grealis, 50, of Hollywood Avenue in the Somerset section died Sunday at St. Peter's Medical Center, New Brunswick, after a long illness. .. Born in New Brunswick, he had lived in the city before moving to Franklin more than 20 years ago. Mr. Grealis was a foreman for Public Service Electric & Gas, New Brunswick, for more than 30 years. He was a communicant of St. Matthias R.C. Church. Surviving are his wife, Anna Pfeiffer Grealis; two sons, Gary of New Brunswick and Timothy at home; two daughters, Susan at home and

Dian Stein of North Brunswick; a brother, Joseph of Milltown; five sisters, Katherine Urbanski of Sayreville, Claire Albert of Milltown, Mary VanNess of Cranbury, Bernadette Coffey of Spotswood, and Adeline Sokolowsky of Doraville, Ga., and a granddaughter. Services were Wednesday at the Boylan Funeral Home, 188 Easton Ave., New Brunswick, witha 9:30 a.m. Mass of Christian Burial at St. Matthias Church. Entombment was in Franklin Memorial Park Mausoleum, North Brunswick.


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Thursday, July 31,1980

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Bear Stearns 9 Co. of New York has announced the appointment of Gary Rosen thai of Somerset as Director of Institutional Credit. Prior to Mr. Rosenthal joining the firm, he was a vice-preseident and chief lending officer for Brunswick Bank & Trust Company in New Brunswick. Previously he was also associated with Israel Discount Bank Ltd. and Citibank N.A., both of New York City. Rosenthal is presently the president of Temple Beth El in Somerset, and serves on the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Region of United Synagogue of America. He also serves on several Franklin Township Citizen Advisory Committees. Rosenthal and his wife Rose Ann, reside with their three children on Tripplet Road.


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FLORHAM PARK — Professional Development Seminars — a series of highly specialized workshops designed for managers who wish to keep abreast of their field — will be held at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Florham-Madison, this fall. Offered by the Office of Continuing Education, the seminars are also helpful to those individuals seeking career entry or advancement. The schedule of seminars includes: —Purchasing Negotiations; $540; September 17-19. —Development Executive Skills: The Woman Manager in a Rapidly Changing Environment; $440; September 30-October 1. —Profit Planning for Your Small Business; $175; October 6-7.


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On July 31, 1880, Gen James A. Garfield of Ohio and Gen. Chester "A. Arthur of New York, accepted their Republican nominations for president and vice president, respectively, of the United States, and the resumption of work on the Washington Memorial, delayed by the civil war, was making

front-page headlines in the New York Times. "By July 1, 1881," the Times reported, "70 feet will be added, making the height 220 feet." In Lambertville, New Jersey, Horatio Ege discovered a gold mine on his farm, bordering the Delaware River, and "...the farmers in this vicinity are ransacking their grounds, and digging in all obscure places, trusting to strike a vein of the precious metal," the Times reported.

In world news, "Superintendent Walsh of the Canadian Mounted Police...says two-thirds of the Sioux Indians have returned to their reservations in the U.S., • and the HEALTH PLANNING remainder, with Sitting Bull, are on COUNCIL TO MEET American territory, between the Milk and Missouri Rivers, but they have not HIGHTSTOWN - The Central as yet surrendered." Jersey Health Planning Council's Executive Committee will hold its And the rich just kept on getting monthly meeting on August 27, at 7:30 richer. "It is said that W.H. Vanderbilt p.m. at the Somerset Marriott Hotel in is negotiating for the possession of the Somerset.


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Calendar Of Week's Events




Hillsborough Township Planning Board meeting, Flagtown School Annex. 8 p.m. Rim "Chairy Tale". Mary Jacobs library, Rocky Hill. 3:30 p.m. free, info: 924-7073. . Somerset County Library - exhibit of paintings by Dolores Messbauer through August. 725-4700. Sacred Heart Church, Annual Parish Summer Festival • thru Aug. 2. daily 6-rnidnight. Sat. 3-midnight. Church grounds. Filak & So. Main St., Manville. free admission.

Manville Planning Board meeting 7:30 p.m. Hillsborough Board of Adjustment meeting, 8 p.m. Instructional Field Hockey Camp-girls 11-18. Runs thru Aug. 8. Somerset County College. 526-1200, ext. 320. Vacation Bible School - 9 to 11 a.m. 4 yrs. to 6th grade. Neshanic Reformed Church. To register, call: 3694542.

Local & Long Distance 35 No. 17th Ave. Manville 201-725-7758



Senior Citizens trip to Monmouth Park Race Track. Info: call 359-4209 or 3694680. ••»Mini 4-H fair & used book sale. 4-H members will have rabbits, dogs, sheep, cats on exhibit. 4-H twirlers demo. Manville Public Library. 10 a.m. on. Craft program, 10 a.m. 3'A-b yrs. old. free. Mary Jacobs Library, Rocky Hill.

Mini carnival - Conga & steel drums, Cheesequake State Park, ext. 120, Garden State Parkway. 2 p.m. free.~ "Going to Two Schools for Four Year Degree" topic session, Som. County College, Rt. 28, North Branch. 9:30 a.m. & 7 p.m. Info: 526-1200. Senior Citizen's social. Manville Public Library. 10 a.m. Manville Public Library - Board of Trustee meeting, 7 p.m.



Auditions for "Oliver". Peanut Butter Playhouse, Neshanic, for children ages 10-17. 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. also on Aug. 3 & Aug. 4 The South Branch Reformed Church will hold its annual Harvest Home Ham and Hot Chicken Dinner Saturday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. reservations only. Call 369-4093.

Franklin Planning Board meeting, 78 DeMott Lane, 8 p.m. Hillsborough Senior Citizens meeting, Falcon Club. 1-3 p.m. "Job Change or Advancement: School as a Tool", Somerset County College, Rt. 28, North Branch. Info' 526-1200.




Baptism service at Emmanuel Baptist Church of Manville. 3 p.m. Somerset Co. Photo Club - exhibit and sale. 7-9 p.m. refreshments. Watchung Arts Center, 18 Stirling Rd., Watchung. Info: call 526-1186.

Mary Jacobs Library, Rocky Hill - 3:30 p.m. free film "Yellow Submarine" for children. 7:30 p.m. - Mary Jacobs Library, Rocky Hill • film "Raven". Info: call 924-7073.


113 So. Main St. Manville 722-5555

LAS VEGAS-$419. Sept. 14-Sopt. 18, 1980 Include* Bus MonvllU Airport (round trip) J»t Air • 4 nlghti Goldan Nugg«t Hot*l - Taxat • Gratultiat, Transfers in Las Vvgai.


OPEN SATURDAYS Closed Wed. g Sundays

JEWELRY HILLSBORO JEWELERS Professional Confer Rt. 206 So. Hillsborough

359-1221 Custom Designed Jewelry Watch Repairs Engraving on Premises We buy old gold, silver & diamonds


To Rent This Space Call



To Rent This Space Coll 725-3300






Beginning this month licensed drivers of New Jersey between the ages of 18-and 70 will be eligible to serve on jury. A law signed last January requiring the selection of juries from a combined list of licensed drivers and registered voters went into effect on July 3. Jurors previously were chosen only from among New Jersey's 3.5 million registered voters.


• Policemen •Mailmen



GRAND FORKS, N.D. — Airman First Class Thomas A. Williamson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Williamson of Sommerset, recently participated in Global Shield 80, a Strategic Air Command (SAC) charter of the Toronto and Ottawa Railway, the purchase of the North exercise at Grand Forks Air Force Shore Railway, and to push on the Base, here. construction of the Coleau Landing The exercise was designed to test Railway — all in opposition to Grand the ability of SAC forces to react to Trunk Railway interests," the Times emergency wartime conditions. reported. In addition to providing aircrews with realistic training, Global Shield And finally, before you grumble 80 provided training experience for about another bottled water com- support personnel, including ground mercial, think about what folks 100 and missile crews. years ago had to contend with: "Clysmic Spring Water — Positive cure for Kidney, Bladder and Liver diseases, Dyspepsia and Indigestion." JURY DUTY

100 Years Ago Today... (July 31, 1980) by Joni Scanlon Staff Writer


GREAT FALLS, Mont. — Airman First Class Ralph E. Boatman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Boatman of 396 Hillcrest Ave., Somerset, recently participated in Global Shield 80, a Strategic Air Command (SAC) exercise at Malmstrom Air Force Base, here. The exercise was designed to test the ability of SAC forces to react to emergency wartime conditions. In addition to providing aircrews with realistic training, Global Shield 80 provided training experience for support personnel, including ground and missile crews.








for Quality Carpets and Vinyl Floorings

& Son Oil Burners installed

"Where personal pride is taken In every installation."

586 Hamilton St. New Brunswick KI5-6453

Call 526-3451 Manville

lifestyle Thursday, July 31, 1980


Fair ends with

BOOM.' by Paul Savage Staff Writer While most people at the Three Bridges Fire Company's fair last week were enjoying the 50-50's, rides, games and balloon races, they were waiting for one thing in particular — the fireworks display. The fireworks are the last event at most festivities and usually the attraction that draws the crowd. In Three Bridges it was no different. People enjoyed themselves by eating some steamers or hamburgers and took their children on the rides or had a few beers to await the finale of the fair. Of course many have seen fireworks displays and this one was no different, but how many people have seen the men who set up the shows do their job? Probably, not many. It is something often overlooked when attending a display. It is also extremely dangerous. But, it is also an art, a family tradition. When all the dangers are weighed fireworks are still an aspect of everyones' summer.

DENNIS Fleck of Far Hills, pilot of the hot air balloon Astrid, loads passengers and gets ready to join the balloon race. .

George Whitehead of Lake Hopatcong and Frank Scerbo of Boonton arrive at Three Bridges shortly after dark and begin to set up the rows of three inch metal tubes which will launch the rockets and bombs five-hundred feet over the fairgrounds. They are bright enough to light up the Sourland night sky from Hillsborough' all the way down to Hopewell and Flemington but most

spectators' don't even think twice about how dangerous they really are. "It's something you have to respect," Mr. Whitehead says as he places a three inch diameter shell in a tube and ignites it. "It is my ninth year at this and it hurt at first but the noise doesn't bother me anymore. Plus I was in the service and that helped a lot. Mr. Whitehead,,and Mr. Scerbo are both related to the owner of LoRusso Fireworks Inc., Frank LoRusso, and are part of the family tradition that accompanies the fireworks trade. Mr. Whitehead has been in the business for nine years and Mr. Scerbo, who is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in civil engineering, has worked part-time lighting fireworks for six years. Both men have full time jobs during the day and fill their spare time working at the LoRusso Plant in Netcong making fireworks. Mr. Whitehead has been a policeman, a semi-pro football player, a draftsman and a surveyor and now works as supervisor for Worthington Services Corporation and Mr. Scerbo is a Civil engineer for a highway engineering firm. But as soon as the whistle blows, they load the company van with fireworks and head out to the next show. "You have to get used to it." Mr. Scerbo said, "It's second nature and it took a little time but I enjoy it. that's why I do it." In just an hours' time the two have

set up the Three Bridges show and find some time to relax with some clams and a,beer at the carnival. At every half-hour interval they blast off a small chaser rocket that explodes over the festivities and then after the last 50-50 is drawn by the fire company, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! Mr. Whitehead lights the first rocket and the whole ground shakes around. Sparks fly everywhere and it is hard to determine whether something has gone wrong. But no, the fireworks men light every single bomb by hand and one second later, after a highway flare ignites the fuse, the bombs explode. The rest of the show goes over beautifully (except for a few stray sparks). It is difficult to realize how dangerous the fireworks are, but Whitehead and Scerbo follow every rule in the book. "We travel all over the Metropolitan area doing shows in our spare time," Mr. Whitehead said, "it's really dangerous but it's something you just have to have to have a lot of care about." When Scerbo and Whitehead are not setting up and giving fireworks displays they spend their time at the LoRusso plant in Netcong making all the fireworks that they use in their shows. "We have to follow the strictest state standards," Mr. Whitehead said, "If the state inspector sees even a spent cigarette on the ground nearby, we can get fined."

Photos by Paul Savage

FIREWORKS over Three Bridges Fair.

JAMIE Mazur, 7, and brother Michael, 3, of Rahway hold on for dear life as they get "whipped" at the Three Bridges Fair Friday night.

SHARON Looke and daughter Erin, 2, of Flemington watch a score of hot air balloons over the Three Bridges Fair.

Thursday, July 31,1980

I he Franklin NEWS RECORD


'Last Minstrel Show/ photo exhibit wind up 'Arts for Summer Evening'

New Thought Theatre debuts On August 5 The New Thought Theatre Company will hold its debut production af. the Rutgers University Multi-Purpose room. The Multipurpose room is located in the Rutgers College Student Center on College Avenue in New Brunswick. The program will begin at 8 p.m.

The performance will include poetry, singing, and dancing. James Spaulding and The Sound Spectrum will provide musical accompliment. In addition, . several artists and photographers will display their work during intermissions. Refreshments will be served. ^

Soprano Carlotta Wilsen sings 'A Little Night Music'

NEW BRUNSWICK — Joe Taylor Ford's lively and humorous musical "The Last Minstrel Show" and an art exhibit featuring photographs by Sandi Fellman will round out the presentations of Rutgers University's "Arts fora Summer Evening" festival here. The summer festival is presented by the- State University's Mason Gross School of the Arts in association with Douglass College and the Summer Session. "The Last Minstrel Show" will open Tuesday (August 5) and run Tuesdays through Sundays through August 17. Performances are at 8 p.m. in the Levin Theater off Clifton Avenue, Douglass College. Starring world-renowned gospel singer Linda Hopkins, the Rutgers Theater Company production deals with the struggle of artists to survive when faced with a new culture that has no place for them. An evening of lively comedy and foot-stomping music, the show also features Tiger Haynes, who starred in "The Wiz" on Broadway. Other cast members of "The Last Minstrel Show" are Robert Gossett, Bill Butler, Dickie Harris, Jeff Thompson, Howard Roberts, Bob Melvin, Ralston Hill and Tom Bren-

Editor's Note: the following is another in our series of reputedly "tried and true" favorite recipes prepared for the News-Record by the Cedar Wood Woman's Club. We will print them in a size convenient for clipping and saving. Regretfully, however, we cannot take responsibility for their success. OYSTER FRITTERS

Carlotta Wilsen, soprano, will be the featured soloist in the Soclair Music Festival's second outdoor concert of the season at the Clinton Historical Museum Village on Saturday evening August 2, at 8 p.m. She will perform two Bach Cantatas: #202, "Weichet nur, betruebte Schatten," and #51, "Jauchzet Gott in alien Landen," with the Soclair Festival Ensemble under the direction of Edward Brewer.

movement, a gavotte, is reminiscent of a couple stepping out into a new life ahead. • Mozart's "Adagio for English Horn and Strings," with Mrs. Brewer on the English Horn, will follow intermission, and the; program will conclude with Bach's Cantata #51. Edward Carroll, trumpet, will perform with Miss Wilsen in this work, with Mr. Brewer on Harpsichord.

The concert, entitled "A Little Night Music," will open with the Ensemble playing this most famous of Mozart's serenades — "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik." Mozart composed this work while he was working on the second act of "Don Giovanni." At first glance it seems to be a throwback to the more carefree style of the early serenades, cassations and divertimentos which were designed for aristocratic pastimes rather than for the personal expression of a composer. Nevertheless, the strict economy of instruments, the flawless development of the sonata form and the integrity of each movement reveal the master's touch.

This year marks the third appearance for Miss Wilsen in Clinton, as she performed at the inaugural concert of the Festival in 1974. Last summer she sang in the "Mozart, Mostly" concert. She has many operatic roles to her credit, including Lucia in "Lucia di Lammermoor," Rosina in "The Barber of Seville," arid Gilda in "Rigoletto." She is currently teaching voice at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

Bach's Cantata #202, popularly known as the "Wedding Cantata" will follow on the first half of the program. Virginia Brewer, oboist with the Ensemble, will be featured with Miss Wilsen in ' this work. The last

recipe of the week

Tickets are priced at $5, seniors $4, and children under 12, $2. They may be purchased at the gate on the night of the concert, or in advance at the museum. Refreshments are available, and picnicing is permitted on the grounds after 6 p.m. Parking is free of charge. In case of rain, the concert will be performed indoors at the Education Center located opposite the Red Mill. For more information, call (he museum at 735-4101.

A shopping Bazaar that tops them all . . . our classified pages

(named so because of their shape)

• • • •

2 cups cream-style corn 2 eggs, separated 2tbsp. flour ] /2 tsp. salt

Beat egg yolks, and blend with corn, flour and salt. Beat egg whites until peaks form. Fold into corn mixture until blended. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto hot, greased skillet. Brown approximately two minutes on each side.

The Y's senior citizens are busily making plans for a big bazaar to be held on Sunday, August 17, it was reported by Helene Wolf, director of Senior Adult Activities of the YMYWHA of Raritan Valley. The event will include games, such as ring toss, horseshoes and Bingo. There will be a booth selling new and used items, donated and solicited by the group. Drinks and home-baked goodies, as WjjlT as~Tiot~dOgs, hamburgers, corn and watermelon will be the fare. Musical entertainment will be provided. "The senior citizens want to be mobile, but transportation costs are terribly prohibitive. That's why we're holding the bazaar; to raise monies to defray the costs of having a good time," explained Ms. Wolf.

Theater package offered by T

The three other plays will be chosen from the following: Piran-

dello's "Enrico IV," Molieres "Learned Ladies," Shaw's "The Doctor's Dilemna," Gorki's "The Lower Depths," and Delaney's "A Taste of Honey." These trips will be scheduled for Wednesday evenings. As an added bonus, Professor Murray Levine will conduct discussions and play readings at the Y, 2 S. Adelaide Ave., Highland Park, on Wednesday evenings, one week prior to the shows. Enrollment is limited, so quick action will ensure an open space. For further details contact Lissa Roy at the Y, 249-2221.







M O N . — F R I . — AFTER 6 3695126 RD 1 - NESHANIC. N.J.



Scenic training courses Interval training sessions Weight room facilities. AUGUST 18 to 29 7 or 2 week sessions available Camp fee: one wk-%40 two wk. $65 Directed by Eamon Downey, PDS Cross Country Coach Call 924-6700 or 921-7886 for applications

ROBERT H. GEER Certified Public Accountant Thompson Court 195 Nassau Street Princeton, N.J. 08540

(609) 921-6220


"We promise you'll look forward to receiving your RSB monthly statement with 5% interest on checking Regular dividends paid lor over 100 years

Deposits insured to $100,000

Large Selection to Choose From Hrs.: Tues: thru Sat. 10-5:30 p.m. 122 FRENCH STREET NEW BRUNSWICK (201)246-7755

We will be opening a pet shop and dog grooming parlor once again in Manville. Thank you for you past support and patronage. Hope to see you again in August.

Member F.D.I.C.

raritan savings bank RARITAN Office


9 West Somerset Street Raritan, N.J. 08869

Union Avenue & Adamsville Road Somerville, N.J. 08876



MARTI NSVILLE Office 1921 Washington Valley Road Martinsvllle, N.J. 08836 " » - . .

Pat & Paul Sher


(Original owners of Manville Pet Store) :

For more information, call the Levin Theater at (201) 932-9892. The work of photographer Sandi Fellman will be exhibited on theater performance nights from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Walters Hall Gallery, adjacent to the Levin Theater. Fellman has created a number of limited edition books for which she does the photography, layout, typography, printing and actual binding. One of these books, "Scarlett and Other Women," deals with the subject of prostitutes on the Mustang Ranch, which claims to be the world's largest brothel, in Sparks, Nevada. The art exhibit is drawn from this collection of photographs.

Y senior citizens plan bazaar

Yields approximately three dozen fritters.

The YM-YWHA of Raritan Valley will offer "a block-buster of a theatre bargain" this fall. Starting October, 1980 and continuing through August, 1981, there will be seven trips to the Roundabout Theatre in New York City. The season's subscription will include such masterpieces as Osborne's "Look Back in Anger," Ibsen's "Hedda Gabbler," Inge's "Come Back Little Sheba," and O'Casey's "Juno and the Paycock." The Y will provide transportation to and from the theatre.

nen. The Rutgers Theater Company is composed of professional artists and graduate and undergraduate students in the professional theater program of the Mason Gross School. "The Last Minstrel Show" will move into New York following its run at .Rutgers. A very Brooks, professional actor and assistant professor in the Douglass College theater arts department, is directing the musical. Tickets are $6 for adults and $4 for students and senior citizens, available at the Levin Theater box office.

The festive event will be celebrated outdoors at the Y's senior grove; indoors in the case of rain. The nutrition project's Site 7 Committee is approaching the project with enthusiasm. Committee heads are: James Pecararro, Eva Galins, Milton Mezey, Abe Males, Nina Meyer, Violet Gorelick and Yetta Leitner. The public will be welcome to join in the fun at 2 S. Adelaide Ave., Highland Park/

Contractors invited to submit bids TRENTON —. The Department of Transportation will receive bids on August 7 for the following two projects in Middlesex County: Resurfacing and safety improvements to U.S. Route 9 from south of Route 184 (West Pond Road) to north of Metuchen Avenue in Woodbridge Township. Work includes roadway excavation and repaying and installation of drainage pipe, curbing and beam guide rail. This 1.6-mile project is funded 90 percent by the Federal Government and 10 percent by the State and is to be completed by June 26, 1981. (DP 213) Slope and safety improvements to the Route 440 Freeway from east of the New Jersey Turnpike to the vicinity of Conrail tracks in Edison and Woodbridge. Work includes installation of beam guide rail, topsoiling, seeding and other landscaping items. This 1.8-mile project is funded 75 percent by the Federal Government and 25 percent by the state and is to be completed by June 26, 1981. (DP 214) All bids will be reviewed before contracts are awarded. The Department is an Equal Opportunity employer and contractors are required to conform to applicable civil rights regulations.

FDU TO OFFER ADULT LEARNING AUDIT PROGRAM FLORHAM PARK - Interested in attending college for personal or professional development without taking tests or going through standard admissions and registration procedures? The new Adult Learning "Audit" Program to be offered by Fairleigh Dickinson University this fall may be just what you're looking for. The Adult Learning "Audit" Program, available now on the Florham-Madison Campus, makes it possible for adults to satisfy their interest in learning by "sitting in on" regular academic classes. Adults accepted in the audit program will not have to take tests or go through the normal admissions and registration procedures required of degree-seeking students. While the courses are part of the University's regular undergraduate curriculum, there are no grades, examinations or transcripts required! Courses in the program, are being offered by the Samuel J. Silberman College of Business Administration, the Peter Sammartino College of Education, the Maxwell Becton College of Arts and Sciences and Leonard Dreyfuss College. Classes taken in the adult learning program will not be accepted as part of a degree program. No academic credit will be given for auditing a course nor will the courses be accepted for credit at a later date. Students will earn Continuing Education Units (CEU's). All courses will continue for 15 weeks during the regular semester. . The fee for each course is $80 plus a $2.50 registration fee payable only once each semester, regardless of the number of courses taken. Students will be accepted on a space-available basis, with the instructor's approval. For more information on registration and a complete listing of courses.offered, please call the Office of Off-Campus Academic Programs and Continuing Education at 377-4700 ext. 302 or 355.

Thursday, July 31,1980

lh<> Franklin NEWS RECORD



MICHELLE BRANCH, 9, tries to spin a Frisbee through a hoop at the Wham-0 Jr. Frisbee Contest held last Friday in Quarry Park. More than 100 children, age 15 and younger, tested their skills in eight events. (Rich Pipeling photos)

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Kustom Kar Kare

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3231 Route 27 Franklin Park, N.J.

Kenny Parkham, 8, attempts a behind-the-back catch.



AUTHORIZED FACTORY DEALER )o Reedman 1980 Leftover Model Time 2400


Hurry! Sale Ends Saturday TIEMPO...The Original All-Season Radial • 10,000 BITING EDGES for yearround traction • GAS SAVING steel-belted radialply construction • ONE RADIAL you don't change when the weather does • THE ORIGINAL, only from Goodyear

Fits some models of: Monza. Chevette. Vega, Omm. Colt. Pinto. Bobcat. Starfire.

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P155/80R13 whitewall Dlus Si 59 FET NO TRADE NEEDED

P20S/75R15 WHITEWALL s; 5* FE* NO T«AOE NEEDED Fits somi modtls of ' c iVagc Oe*> VVago" Pur> ar,?- Menace Wagcn Satan a;on CbS!:T Ouise' V
P205/7SR14 W H I T E W A L L S:JS C F T N C T G A C I \ E E D

Fits some r,iod«>s o'

P225/75R15 WHITEWALL CiuS 12 93 PET NO TR4D£ NEEDED Fits somt models ol: LaSab-e P;*iera Eiecfa Newpor:. N e * >o'ker LTD Wa'gsn Varauis Mptec

WARREN MONROE, age 11, prepares for a perfect catch in a novelty 2400 NEW ( USID CAHSI TRUCKS. AMtRICAN I IMPORTS








UP V^^J* { i f ^ QauQC i^O^clV


Authorized BMW & Datsun Dealer includes up to ft»e ouati maior Otan-1 10W30 oil A chassis lutvicatior"1 Oi" lute, e.t'd '! needed





280ZX, 200SX

M.V. Fees & Sales Tax Excluded

7 8 Datsun King Cab, 4 cyi.. 5 speed, AM/FM Stereo, air., GL Pkg.,3,000 miles Q 7 9 Plymouth Arrow, 4 cyi.. 5 speed AM/FM,: 7,000 miles. $4898.

7 8 Datsun 810 Station Wagon, cyi., 4 speed, AM/FM, air, 9,000 miles^

7 6 Ford MUStang, 6 cyi., pwr steering, auto., AM/FM, air. 43,000 miles. $3198. 7 2 Pontiac Ventura, 6 cyi, auto,Pwr steering, 77,000 miles. $1498.

6 , 7 2 Toyota Corolla, auto., man. steering 'pwr. brakes, 65,000 miles. $1798.

BMW 3201,5281 7331




d ' E l e g a n c e , loaded, V-8. pwr. steering & brakes, 4,000 miles $9500. 7 7 S u b a m , 4 cyi., 4 spd. Man. Str., PB, only 22,000 mi.



• Transmission fluid • Power sleermg tiuifl it Brake tiuid • • Batte'y *ater ie*ef

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g systems Parts an2 additional services extra >' needed 'LIFETIME ALIGNMENT f c as !c^g asvqurown vou'cir *?*•'>•• 'pc^eck and align the tfon! end it needed every 6 months or 5.000 miles—or *ncr!pvp' needed VaWl onl> a' inp Goodvear Service Slo'e where purchased Olter does net cover the replacement oi tires a i d c za'.'.s inai become *o'n O> damaged Agfeement void it service w c h a'lectmg t i e altgnmon! is pe<-




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7 7 VW Beetle, 4 cyi." 4 spd AM/FM 7 8 Buick Regal, y-6 auto, PS. PB, AC Radio, Man Str, PB 29,000 mi. $4398. 7 8 Ford Bronco 4 x 4 , auto, pwr. 33,000 mi. $5498. 7 4 Chevy Monte Carlo, 8 cyi Auto steering & brakes, AM/FM stereo, CB, 33,000 7 9 VW ScirOCCO, 4 cyi. 5 spd, AM/FM PS, PB, AC only 42,000 mi. $2398. miles. $4498. Tape, PB, 8500 Mi., one of a kind. $7398. 7 8 Datsun 210 Hatchback, 5 speed 7 8 B M W 7 3 3 1 6 cyi., PS, PB, loaded. 7 3 VW Beetle, 4 cyi.. 4 spd. Man Str. PB. pwr. brakes, man. steering, AM/FM, 33,000. $2498. 36,000 mi. $19900. 47,000 mi.


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Thursday, July 31,1980

I he Franklin NFWS RECORD


Slo-pitch playoffs begin

tennis tips

The 1980 Franklin Slo^pitch A & B Games will be played at Hamilton division playoffs are under way. Park starting at 6 p.m.

Service rhythm

B Division

A Division

1st Hydrocarbon 2nd Appollo 3rd Equipment Associates 4th Foxes Chevron 5th Eagles A.C. 6th R,A. Roth 7th Coke 8th Bio/Dynamics 9th Aircomo 10th Lens Mobil 11th Federal Express

1st Vendomatic 2nd J. Middlesex 3rd Hermal 4th Orange Crush 5th Waltson Construction 6th Rutgers Service Center 7th Showcase Lounge 9th Smitty's 8th Smitty's 10th Joes Auto Body

by Arnold Mann An intermediate player will find that a three-count rhythm can improve his or her style. The serve begins with an opposite flow of the arms. The left arm's " J " path to the front right, into the "lift toss", coincides with' the right arm's "U" path to the rear completing the first count.

Tips on introducing young children to water For Parents of Small Children... Panic is a sudden unreasoning and overwhelming terror that destroys a person's capacity to react intelligently. Resist the tendency to panic! Following are some suggestions for parents to keep in mind when introducing small children to water. 1. Introduce a child to the water slowly. Never leave a child unattended. 2. Never push or throw a child into the water. Individuals vary in their ability to withstand shock. In addition, you may permanently cause fear of the water. 3. Children's activities should be confined to areas in which they may be quickly and easily reached if necessary. 4. Discourage running, pushing or boisterous play. 5. Inflatable toys, rafts; air mat-

tresses or other artificial supports should not be substituted for swimming ability or supervision. Constant and responsible supervision is a must. Never leave a child unattended in the pool area, even for the length of time it takes to answer the telephone or the front door. 6. Children playing in the water and having fun overcome their feeling of discomfort and tend to prolong their periods of immersion. When they begin to shiver and their lips turn bluish, it is time to get out of the water for a break. Your Y.M.C.A. at 9 Livingston Avenue in New Brunswick (next to the State Theater) has special classes for babies and pre-school children, as well as instruction on all levels for boys and girls and men and women. Call 5451900 for further information. Enforce common-sense rules at all times and enjoy a happy summer!

PHILLIPS PLAYGROUND is hard at work on their kite-flying mural which is on display this week at the Municipal Building in Middlebush in the annual Playground Arts and Crafts exhibit.

Oasis is back in first place Franklin Oasis 7 South Brunswick 0

Franklin Oasis only faced one team in Central Jersey Women's Class A Fast Pitch action this week. It was, however, a shutout against South Brunswick and, combined with other league action, moved Franklin Oasis back to first place. Matawan, Clark and Piscataway are tied for second.

Synchronized swim camp

Mean Machine plans rummage sale

oz. 158 165 173 181 190 197 205 213 221

gr. 7.20 7.56 7.92 8.28 8.64 9.00 9.36 9.72 10.08

oz. 224 235 246 257 269 280 291 302 314

dwt. gr. 9.25 14.40 9.72 15.12 10.19 15.84 10.65 16.56 11.11 17.28 11.57 18.00 12.04 18.72 12.50 19.44 12.96 20.16

oz. 288 302 317 331 346 360 374 388 403

gr. 11.45 12.02 12.59 13.16 13.73 14.31 14.88 15.45 16.02

dwt. 17.80 18.69 19.58 70.47 21.36 22.25 23.14 24.03 24.92

Upon completing, they may qualify for one of the YWCA's synchronized clubs during tryouts held on September 4 and 11. For further information, call 5450281.

0 & B MOTORCYCLES & MOPEDS 201-722-3220




New 1980 Moto Guzzi, Ducati, MOTO GUZZI Moto Morini and Indian Four stroke moped. VISA' Many used * Financing brands and * Insurance models. Inflation Fighter Labor Prices $15.00 per hour



Marcia DeVoe, YWCA synchronized coach for the YWCA the past four years, assisted by Tracey Linegar and Laurie Tkach.

Now Serving Central New Jersey!

Gold prices are climbing again and the same crowd that tried to bilk you out of your possessions and your money are beginning to surface once more. Be careful and make sure you get top dollar.

14K dwt. 11.20 11.76 12.32 12.88 13.44 14.00 14.56 15.12 15.68

Professional tips furnished by Arnold Mann of The Racquet Mann Sporting Goods store. Send your questions regarding tennis equipment, strategy, rules, etc. to Arnold Mann, "Tips," Franklin News-Record, 843 Hamilton St., Somerset, 08873.

The third count is "hit" and includes 90 degrees of motion to impact and 270 degrees of follow through. Repeating this "tosspeak-hit" rhythm count without, and then with, a ball, will improve your consistency.

Robin Powell led the team in hitting going 2-4 with a single and triple and three RBI's. Heidi Nestvogel hit a double scoring one run and Tracey Moore went 2-3 with one RBI. Karen McDermott (6-1) pitched four Team league record is 8-2 and hitless innings before giving up the The YWCA of Central Jersey, 51 overall for the season 9-4. Livingston Ave., New Brunswick will only hit of the game in the fifth. sponsor its first synchronized swim camp for girls and boys ages 8-16 interested in learning the aquatic art of swimming and stunts set to music. The one-week camp will be held the week of August 11-15 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The Mean Machine Softball Team swick (at the corner of Redmond The camp will include skulling will sponsor a rummage sale on Street). Proceeds will be donated to a stunts, precision stroke work and Saturday, Aug. 2, from 10 a.m. to 2 endurance training supervised by p.m. at 31 Throope Ave., New Brun- worthy cause.

Watch Out For Fast Talkers

1OK SPOT GOLD grdwt. 7.90 500 5.07 8.30 525 5.33 8.69 550 5.59 9.08 575 5.84 9.48 600 6.10 9.88 625 6.35 650 6.60 10.27 675 6.86 10.67 700 7.11 11.06

A slight hesitation as the ball ascends to its peak is the second count (the racket has reached a point behind your. neck or shoulder blades). Your wrist is slightly cocked.

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. Copy Deadline: August 28 Publication Date: September 17

mrsday, July 31,1980


Clover correspondence. ByT.H.Blum and Barbara O'Neill County 4-H Agents Coming Events •Sunday, Aug. 3, Senior Council | Sno-Cone Syrup Making, 1 p.m. •Tuesday, Aug. 5, Prep Advisors i Fair meeting, 7 p.m. •Wednesday, Aug. 6, Dinner For j Outstanding 4-H'ers, Villa Restaurant, 1 7 p.m. (All meetings held at 4-H Center unless otherwise no^d) A recent discussion of the 4-H Fair

provided a good question for discussion. WhaVis the purpose of the 4-H Fair? Like so many things there are many answers. They depend on who is asking the question and who is answering. Our answer is, first it is an educational tool, an opportunity for the 4-H'ers to have their years' work evaluated. To give them an, opportunity - to accept responsibilities and so grow in self confidence. To put them in the limelight also a builder of confidence and to give them an opportunity for some good clean fun that will be remembered always.

PARVO VIRUS IS AFFECTING DOGS Dog owners — be aware that a virus is going around that can be fatal to your dog. Parvo Virus can cause your dog, especially puppies to dehydrate. Symptoms are on activity, diarrhea that is liquid and bloody and vomiting. Call your veterinarian immediately if you notice these symptoms. There is a' two series innoculation that is available to protect your dog from this virus.

Consumer news

Beware of 'time-sharing' plans Prizes being offered to New Jersey consumers in solicitations for certain vacation "time-sharing" plans are not worth the price of the gasoline you'll burn driving to pick up the prize, warns the Division of Consumer Affairs. Two firms promoting time sharing of resort hotel rooms in the Poconos have sent mass solicitations by mail to New Jersey residents. The so-called prize which has.been received by some consumers who have complained is a near-worthless piece of junk jewelry promoted as a genuine one-quarter carat diamond necklace. The diamond is genuine — but it's only the lowest grade common industrial diamond that is worth, at best, less than $10. The solicitation informs consumers that they have received one of several prizes, and that the consumer must travel to the resort to receive the prize. When the consumer arrives to pick up his prize, he gets a prolonged and intense sales pitch for the vacation time-sharing plan. TIME SHARING PLANS typically involve contracts by which consumers become obligated to pay a substantial sum of money to acquire the right to use a room at a resort for a specified


week (for example, the third week in September), every year for a term of years. In some of these contracts consumers get locked into a vacation plan for 10 years or more. The consumers who have responded to the solicitations currently being distributed in New Jersey were not informed which of the prizes they had won until they arrived at the resort for the sales pitch. The enticing aspect of this promotion is that the one-quarter carat diamond — which itself sounds like a great prize — is sandwiched in a list of fabulous-sounding prizes, such as a color television set or $1,000 in cash. THE NEW JERSEY Division of Consumer Affairs recommends that you take the following precautionary measures before signing a contract for a time-sharing resort vacation plan:

kind of commitment. • Tell the salesperson that you will not sign anything until you have an opportunity to consult with an attorney and present all papers to an attorney for review. If the salesperson resists or tries to talk you out of this, tell him you are not interested. If the deal is legitimate he should have no objection whatsoever to your request to have your attorney review it before you sign. • Ask yourself if you really want to spend your vacation at the same resort every year. • Carefully examine the finance terms for payment. Don't forget to add the interest charges to the price of the plan. Again, you may want to consult with a trusted advisor to determine how much the time sharing plan will actually cost and whether your hardearned vacation dollars can buy a better value elsewhere more suited to your needs.

• Be suspicious of high pressure sales pitches, especially when the salesman says that he can only offer you a particular deal or a special low If you have any questions concerning price that day. Resist signing a con- promotions for time sharing vacation tract before taking it home and plans, you should contact the examining it closely in an unpressured Division's Office of Consumer atmosphere, with enough time to •Protection, Room 405, 1100 Raymond reflect on whether you really want this Boulevard, Newark, NJ 07102.

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Cornell University has done extensive research on this new virus and says house dogs as well as show dogs or those allowed to run loose are contracting this virus. Two shots are needed with an interval of two-three weeks between them. Call your vet for further details. , Any 4-H'er who owns a dttg who has only received one shot so far is invited to bring their dog to a clinic on Aug. 6, 7-9 p.m. at the 4-H Center. Dr. Frank Stoudt of the Martinsville Vet Clinic will be giving the second innoculations. Your dog must have it's first shot prior to July 24 in order to take advantage of this clinic. Leaders Elsie Walker and Judy Zimmerman have arranged for this clinic and need to know how much serum is needed for the Aug. 6 clinic. Call Mrs. Zim-' merman 356-0970 for a reservation and cost details.

4-H AT THE MANVILLE LIBRARY The Manville Library has invited the 4-H Clubs in Somerset County to participate in a Mini Fair on Friday, Aug. 1 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the library grounds. 4-H Clubs taking part are the Fine Furry Friends and the Starlilies of Manvillei The Fine Furry Friends is a cat club under the leadership of Mrs. Peggy Hale and the Starlites are twirlers with Mrs. Alice Dymond, leader. Mrs. Danielle Howard, leader of the

Northern Sheep Circle, reports the club members and their sheep will be present; also members of the Hole Shots Motorcycle Club, the Seeing Eye Dog Club, the Hillsborough Happy Hounds, the Somerset Cavits, the Thumps and Whistles. Members will have rabbits, dogs, sheep, cavies %nd cats on exhibit. 4-H twirlers will be twirling their1 routines. This is an opportunity to talk directly with 4-H members and leaders who are actively involved in 4-H work. Find out how to get you and your child involved. Visit the Manville Library, Friday Aug. 1 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

On Saturday, June 21 the South Bound Brook 4-H Canine Kids attended the Ninth Intercounty Invitational 4-H Match Show held at the Morris County Extension building grounds. Competition was dog obedience and junior showmanship. Penny Hamilton won first place in Junior Showmanship in the 12 to 15year-old group with her mixed breed, Spooky. Terry Walker won first place in the Graduate Novice Obedience class with her Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Eddie. Kathy Walker won second place in Sub Novice B with her Siberian Husky, Friendly. Cari Zimmerman won third place in Sub Novice B with her Golden Retriever, Rufus. Penny Hamilton won third place in Sub Novice A with Spooky. Other 4-H members attending were Christine Kayan with her Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Fergus and Lisa Pongratz with her mixed breed, Misty, along with the leaders Judy Zimmerman and Elsie Walker. The South Bround Brook Canine Kids have been attending AKC match shows almost every weekend for a . couple of months gaining experience in showing their dogs. They have been doing very well and gaining a lot in sportsmanship.


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Thursday, July 31,1980


Home economists peek into the future

County plans at annual 4-H Fair Service with a smile is guaranteed at the 4-H Fair, where there is something for everyone at the County Tent. Fairgoers may obtain information, register for programs, and receive direct service, on-the-spot. Children can learn about county government and have fun while learning; Major features this year include the following: Sheriff's department will boost law and order in the county by deputizing "Junior Sheriffs." Youngsters will be issued cards, thumbprinted and sign an oath of office to respect law and order, thereby becoming Junior Deputy Sheriffs. County library will ieature demonstrations, stories, a film theater, and they will make up clown faces on children. The Office on Aging will provide information, register senior citizens for various programs and distribute discount directories and cards. The Board of Elections will provide on-the-spot voter registration and demonstrate voting machines. Somerset County Votech Schools and Somerset County College will provide information and registration

for courses — from fulltime degree programs to adult or community programs. The Park Commission will feature "hands-on" demonstrations and science exhibits by the staff of the Environmental Education Center. County government, multi media slide story and exhibit telling about the county and its people. Infocenter to provide general information about agencies and services available to county residents. AVA Commission tent featuring educational films and demonstrations scheduled around the clock. Other exhibits and demonstrations will be provided by the following county departments: SCETA, Prosecutors Office, Planning Board, Mosquito Commission, Mental Health Center, Womens Resource Center, Food Stamps and Welfare, and many other agencies including Extension Services (Home Economics and Agriculture, Soil Conservation). The 1980 4-H Fair will be held on . Aug. 13,14, and 15,10 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the Somerset County Park Commission's Fairgrounds, North Branch Park, Milltown Road, Bridgewater.

Blossom-end rof hits tomatoes Home gardeners with tomatoes commonly become alarmed and dismayed in July when blossom-end rot develops on their early ripening fruit. This disease shows up as a brown discoloration at the blossom end of the fruit. The discolored spot then enlarges until it covers about onethird of the fruit. Tissues beneath the spot die, and become black, leathery, and sunken. Secondary molds may develop in these black areas. Both green and ripe fruits may develop blossom-end rot; it is generally worse on the early set fruit, and seldom bothers fruits that develop later unless the plants are subjected to prolonged drought. Blossom-end rot is a physiological upset whose basic cause is the lack of soil moisture sufficient to allow the uptake and circulation of calcium in the rapidly developing fruits. Although a sudden drought period is the most common trigger, excessive soil moisture early in the season may smother the root hairs and cause the rot to occur during sudden hot weather. The rot is more serious on the windward than on the leeward side of a field, and is more common on staked tomatoes than on bush types. Otherwise, there is little or no difference between varieties in their tolerance to the disease. Several steps taken before and after planting will reduce losses. Choose a well-drained garden spot with a pH of 6.4 to 7. Use only a moderate amount

of balanced fertilizer such as 5-10-5 or 5-10-10 to keep the plants growing well but not luxuriantly — usually 1 to 2 pounds per 100 square feet is adequate at planting with another 1-2 pounds side dressed after fruit set. Delay transplanting until the soil is warm; cold soils seem to aggravate the problem. In late June when soils are warm, mulch the plants with black plastic or loose organic materials to maintain an even level of soil moisture, if side dressing with fertilizer is done, keep the amount of nitrogen low. Water judiciously during rainless periods so the soil, to a depth of two feet, is constantly moist. Don't hoe closer than one foot from the plants, nor deeper than two inches to avoid root pruning.

Swamp safaris set Aug. 11-14 Lions, giraffes and elephants make an African safari a thrilling adventure. Equally exciting creatures are a part of Somerset County Park Commission's Environmental Education Center's swamp safari. Boys and girls going into grades 5, 6, or 7 can explore the wilds and learn about the strange inhabitants of the Great Swamp. Four one-day sessions will be held Aug. 11-14. Sign up for one or a 11 four sessions. You may sight something different on each walk.

Do people shape the future or does technology? This question and many others were addressed at a recent twoday conference at Rutgers University called "Shaping Your Future." The purpose of the conference, sponsored by the Home Economics Department of Cook College, in cooperation with the New Jersey Extension Home Economics Council, was to examine the benefits and changes that advances in technology can bring to our lives in the areas of home economics, home management, and nutrition. The conference participants included extension home economists, volunteers who are members of county councils, representatives of labor unions and other members of the general public. Attending from Somerset County Extension Home Economics Advisory Council were Frances Jadach, Pat Hammesfahr, and extension home economist, Dianna Nurczyk. Beatrice May, chairman of the Home Economics Department, introduced the conference by telling the participants that "we must prepare for the future and actively participate in the decisions that will shape it." Noting that it took only four years to "unleash the awesome power of the atom" she cautioned the audience that decisions made today can dramatically change the world five to 20 years from now. Computers, advances in food science research and solar energy were highlighted at the conference as

examples of technologies that will influence the home and jobs of many. Computers will tremendously change work, study and family structure in the years to come, according to Richard A. Sillman, Rutgers University programmer analyst. Noting that the development of microprocessors had made computer technology accessible and affordable to the average consumer, Mrs. Sillman said that microcomputers could be used in the home for recreation, education, finances, home management and indoor environmental control. Conference participants watched a demonstration of a microcomputer that can be programmed to do things in the home such as income tax, stock analysis, budgeting, nutritional analysis of menus, as well as function as a burglar alarm. While the home microcomputer can't bake a cake, it can keep recipe files, making it easier and quicker for the homemaker to locate recipes. "There will always be the personal touch in the home" said Dianna Nurczyk, "no matter how far microcomputer technology advances."

during transportation, storage and cooking. In one laboratory, researchers are trying to find a substitute for nitrites. Although nitrites are useful in destroying the deadly botulism bacteria, there is also recent evidence that they may cause cancer. Other Rutgers scientists are working on new methods to identify the compounds that give foods their aromas. Conference participants saw a laboratory where researchers pack french fries into large cylinders as part of a process to identify their aroma compounds. "The implications of this research may be far-reaching" said Ms. Nurczyk. "It's possible that

french fries, as well as other foods, may someday be made from soybean extract enhanced with the correct aroma." The Cooperative Extension Services of the Home Economics Department is a branch of Rutgers University that reaches into each county of the state and applies knowledge and research findings to the problems of New Jersey residents. Funded by a partnership of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rutgers and local county governments, Cooperative Extension program related to the areas of home economics, 4-H youth development, agriculture and natural resource management.

Benefit of

New Jersey Press Association Scholarship Fund

Giants-Broncos Saturday, August 16

Participants toured the Cook College Food Science Building, where research is going on in the areas of nutrition, food safety and aroma identification. In a study funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, researchers are investigating ways to reduce nutritional losses in foods

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Thursday, July 31,1980

I ho Franklin NEWS RECORD


Honor of weekly papers upheld by reporter by Tom Carroll Staff Writer

the lack of air-conditioning in the "test-taker to multiply 0.61 by 5.324, not room, we were only going to take half the kind of calculation you can perof it. form easily in your head. But one look I raised my hand: "Why the math at the four answer choices told you It was like being in the 11th grade half and not the reading skills? You again. At least that's how the folks that you needn't waste your time know, us — I mean we — being multiplying: they were all the same from the state Department of number with the decimal point in newspaper people and all." Education told us to act a couple The reading half took longer to different places. weeks ago at the state library when All you needed to know was how to complete, I was told. they gave us the New Jersey "Oh." It sounded like a cover-up to deal with decimal places in Minimum Basic Skills test for that multiplication (you add the number of me. I figured the real reason was one grade level. places to the right of the decimal point of two possibilities. Either they Ostensibly given to members of the in the multiplier to those in the thought that because of our profession media as a means of answering all multiplicand — remember that term? we knew it all anyway, or else they those nosy reporters who ask, "Well, : didn't want to embarrass us. I mean, I — and that tells you how many just what skills do these things decimal places will be in the answer). heard rumors that our newspapers measure, anyway?", the exams were If you didn't know that short cut or would be classified by our perundoubtedly administered to the press have any concept of decimals, you formance on this thing. to garner more publicity for the threewere sunk, no matter how good your Now my math skills are good enough year old state testing program that multiplication was. Fortunately, I was to put two and two together and come will play an important role in the always good with multiplying up with the facHhat math is not my upcoming classification of school decimals. forte. That's why I'm\a writer. I districts. v y In all honesty, I did have some started to panic. The education reporters from the trouble with the test. Out of the 90 Suddenly, I remembered I knew daily newspapers and electronic items, I got four wrong. But with more than I gave myself credit for. media (how come there's no weekly reason, I emphasize, with reason. I Working on a newspaper, believe it or electronic media?) took the test on can explain my mistakes and clarify not, has given me an excellent op• Monday while we weekly writers were my intentions. portunity to practice my subjected to it oh Thursday. This is why working for a newspaper mathematical prowess, and creatively LET ME TELL YOU right now, we no less: the monthly expense account. had it tougher. Now granted, in their articles on the following Tuesday, the Let me tell you, juggling numbers and dailies revealed some of the answers receipts so you get back a lot more to the test. And we were given the money then you spent is no small same test (a move that would get the mathematical feat. And I only got state in a lot of trouble if we were 11th caught once. They handed out the test booklets graders instead of fourth estaters). But we had.the most difficult problem and, as instructed, I pretended to be in of all: trying to write an original ar- 11th grade. I immediately took out the ticle on taking the test after the dailies answer sheet and smelled it and made used up all the decent feature ideas. some sarcastic comments about filling out 'yes' on the form to indicate Sex to If you care about what the test was impress the cute blonde reporter next like you've probably already read one to me. Apparently also acting the part of the dailies' accounts. Here you're of a high school junior, she ignored going to find out my experience taking me. the test: my hopes, my fears and most THE TEST WAS NOT very difficult. of all, my excuses. It's the only angle It was all multiple choice that, for the that hasn't been used. most part, dealt with the knowledge of First off, I was a bit unnerved when simple mathematical formulas for they told us we were taking only half of calculation and computation shortthe test — the math half. We were told cuts. that because of the length of the test For example, one item asked the (about 90 minutes for each half) and

comes in handy for a test-taker: he has a forum in which to explain his mistakes. There is no longer only 'right' and 'wrong', there is also 'wrong, but with reason.' Sometimes you can be too sure of yourself. For instance, my apparent ease with shifting decimal points caused my downfall on one item.The problem was 9.3 divided by 100. Easy, right? Move the point over two places to the left, and you got .093. Well I looked at choice A, 930, and knew that was wrong. B was 0.93.1 saw the three numerals, paid no attention to the decimal point, and marked that letter on my answer sheet. Of course it was wrong, but my style in writing decimals is not to put a zero before the decimal point. The correct choice was 0.093. I claim test bias' against my style of writing decimals. ANOTHER MISTAKE due to an oversight was my response to "35 is what per cent of 70?" I figured, that's easy, 35 is one-half of 70. I looked at choice A, it was Va%. I forgot about the percent asked for in the question, blanked out the percent sign in the

answer, and marked A on the sheet. The correct choice, of course, was 50%, but that was choice D; I didn't even look down that far. I feel I should get credit for recognizing the fractional equivalent for the correct answer. A minor calculation error on my part resulted in my dividing 670 by 5 (such an easy item!) and coming up with 132 instead of the correct answer, 134, Stupid, right? But apparently not that stupid because the test-makers had 132 as a choice, obviously expecting that very mistake to be made (what are the odds of that happening? ). In all fairness, my answer was the closest alternative to the correct answer; a much better choice than the other two possibilities, 110 and 114, which weren't even in the ballpark. Why can't math be like horseshoes, where closeness counts too? I'm sorry but division with zeros has always confused me. So it came as no surprise that I chose the incorrect answer to the problem that asked me to divide 9,201 by 41. Whether you

arrived with a zero in the quotient or not (I could never figure out how you can tell), both answers were possible choices. I picked the wrong one, okay? I admit it, I was wrong there. Nobody's perfect. Maybe my mind was on the blonde, I don't know. Needless to say, I was pretty embarrassed by the number of mistakes I made. Particularly when I saw that most of the other writers only had one or two wrong. Some even had a perfect score. I felt much better though, I must admit, when I saw that the cute little blonde reporter made 10 mistakes. The state folks scored the tests and announced that we all met the standard. Not only that, but our mean score was 97 (no thanks to me and the blonde), a marked improvement over the measley 96-point something-orother that the daily writers scored on the math test. All of which proves what everyone knew already: writers for weekly newspapers are smarter than those on dailies.

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Highway (Continued from page one) the state is trying to take several feet of property which he thinks belongs to him. He said the state even destroyed a monument that marked the end of the right-of-way, 33 feet from the center line. He has hired a North Brunswick lawyer to represent him in the matter. A STATE SURVEYOR told Mr. Camilli that some trees on his property could be saved from being destroyed in the construction work, he said. But he found this not to be the case upon his arrival home one day. "Me and my wife were out one day," said Mr. Camilli. "When we came home, one tree was down." Mr. Camilli said he first heard of The Great Road issue, also referred to as King George's Grant, in the spring. "They're guessing it," said Mr. Camilli. "Somebody along the line said they owned six rods and that's 99 feet." Beyond the area that the state claims it owns, said Mr. Camilli, a small area was purchased from him by the state. According to records in the South Brunswick Tax Assessor's Office, the additional area is .005 acres. Tax Assessor Edgar Renk said his office would probably look at the property change but probably not reassess it. Mr. Renk said a reassessment could raise, lower or not change Mr. Camilli's property taxes. "If you want them to widen the road, they (DOT) say it's only 66 feet," said David Engel, South Brunswick Township-Planner. "If they want to acquire land for free, they (refer) to the King George's map."




Water (Continued from page one) present at the meeting — Jack Cullen, Robert Mettler, and Helen Reilly — voted for the firm which was recommended by Township Engineer James Pettit. Mrs. Warner, in voting against Cilo's proposal, said that none of the four firms who submitted project proposals could guarantee immediate resolution of the current pressure problems. She also expressed concern that the expenditure was authorized without a review by the entire ninemember council or Township Manager Harry Gerken. Her motion to table awarding of the contract was defeated.



(Continued from page one) seat, she received more votes than Mr. Jensen did in the May, 1979 election. However, after talking to attornies, Mr. Beachem did not pursue the matter because "the statute is clear," he said. "Even if the Democrats had sued, it would have been the party against the town, and not initiated by one individual, he maintained. Mr. Beachem is playing politics, Mrs. ReilJy contends. After all, it was Mr. Beachem who first advised her to "look into the idea," she said. ADVISED



Mr. Camilli, who has owned the property since 1950 and lived on it for about 39 years, questions what the state plans to do in areas where buildings are in the right-of-way path. These areas would probably include Kingston where some buildings may be in what the state says is the Great Road's right-of-way. Mr. Voorhees said he thinks the state would pay a non-historic structure owner to move the building if it was in the right-of-way but not pay for the land taken. He said he thinks the owner would have no right keeping a building there if the state needed the land. In the case of an historic building, an environmental impact study would probably have to be taken to determine if the state could legally move the building, said Mr. Voorhees. He said the DOT would probably never go beyond a 66-foot right-of-way on Route 27. To go beyond the 66-foot right-of-way requires the filling out of additional paperwork within the DOT. Although Route 27 has been a state road since 1918, he said Route 27 should become a major county road. He said Route 27 does not serve the purpose of a state road, moving traffic throughout the state.

SIMMONS hide-a-beds Simmons Mattresses & Box Springs Sofas - Chairs - Loveseats LAMPS - some still •% price Butcher Block Furniture iRt. 2 0 6 R o c k y H i l l - Montgomery Shopping Center] Mon.-Thurs. 10-6 Friday 10-8 Sat. 10-5

BUT THERE ARE cases where The Great Road has been actually widened to 99 feet. The Route 27 PrincetonKingston bridge is one example, while the Route 206 widening near the Squibb facility, Lawrence Township is another example. Although the Squibb facility is on Route 206, The Great Road includes Route 206 from Princeton Borough (where Route 27 ends) to Trenton. DOT lawyers have advised the DOT that it-should protect the interests of the state's residents by keeping the 99foot right-of-way. Councilman Beachem said Cilo's "sketchy, two-page report" was "not the way to go." He also questioned a statement in Cilo's proposal which indicated an engineer apparently not associated with the firm, Fred Yoerg, would complete part of the study. • IN OTHER BUSINESS, council authorized Township Attorney Thomas Cafferty to appeal Superior Court Judge Wilfred P. Diana's decision on the Harrison Towers Case. Owners of the 314-unit apartment complex, located on Eaton Avenue, sued the township on the basis the rent control law is confiscatory. On July 7, Judge Diana upheld the township's rent control ordinance, but ruled that as it applies to Harrison Towers, it was unconstitutional. ridiculous!" Mr. Beachem responded. "Why would I do that? It wouldn't benefit me at all." The case, which Township Attorney Thomas Cafferty said is the first under the statute that he knows of, will be heard in September. Mr. Cafferty will not be able to handle the case since council votes asra body to appoint him. Council must hire another attorney. Council must meet to discuss passage of an emergency resolution authorizing funds be put in the legal account, which is now depleted, Mr. Cafferty said. Mayor Richard Jensen, who stated he "couldn't add anything to what's been said," indicated that council will meet on August 4 to respond.




MORTGAGE MONEY available at Somerset Savings Call 722-2274 for details and rate, there's no better time to buy a home. See your local realtor, you may want him to contact us for you.



Savings insured up to $100,000 - by Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation


421 West Union Ave 141 Broad Street 44 Rustic Mall 1305 Bound Brook Rd 802 Somerset Street 64 West End Ave U S Highway 22

356-1350 782-4737 722-0265 356-2431 725-9150 725-1957 534-4167





The Mdnville News


The Franklin NEWS RECORD

(Tljc (Crmilmrn JJrcGG

Classified Advertising 11

Eight For Central Jersey "

Week of July 30 - August I, 1980 l-B

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

FOR SALE: Liquor Store in Hightstown. Call 609448-1991 after 6. Principals only.

CRAFTSPEOPLE DESIGN YOURSELF a unique opnew way of life. Full portunity business in expanding time/part time. Realize craft village. Inquiries your ambitions through invited from persons oi the Shaklee opportunity. proven talent: basket Bonus program, bonus weavers, tinsmiths, car, travel. For further caning & rushing, information call your weavers., potters, local i n d e p e n d e n t blacksmiths, etc. Only Shaklee Distributor those with a sincere Wayne Selfridge or Beth desire to build a business Ellins at 609-890-2061. should apply to: Jean Smith, 201-782-8550.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Deliluncheonette in an excellent Montgomery Twp. location. Newequipment, immediate possession, low rental. Call now, asking $22,000. Neighborhood Realty Group USA, Mid-Jersey Realty, Piscataway, 201846-4300 or 254-1700. PART TIME - Direct sales & management business opportunity. No quotas or limits. Nystrom Assoc, 609-9218831. OWNEB SAYS SELL 21-23 w: Delaware Ave Pennington, N.J. the center of town. A nice quiet town with plenty of business bustle, zoned retail business. 3 bldgs, consisting of 3 excellent shops & apt. The apt far from ordinary. Live-in investor wanted. Leases copies in office. Owner looking for offer. Qualified buyer 20% down, 30 yr. mortgage Call today for further information. JAKE WOOLUM, Realtor, Member MLS, 609-7371550. $100-51000 a week, part time full ' time, sales persons, managers, & demonstrators. Ground floor opportunity. Call Mr. Knight, 609-466-3097

Business Opportunities

BE A SUCCESS in your spare time, couples or individuals. Pleasant, profitable work. Your independent Shaklee distributor will train. Call Beth Ellins or Wayne Selfridge at 609K90-2061.

Help Wanted

Marketing Fee Pd. Computer Services High visibility position sophisticated individual related RESEARCH COMPANY w/computer - Looking for par- sales exp. IBM hardware ticipants for sales of floor and software, interface maintenance system with top corporate ofdesigned for "self use" ficers of maj. Fortune by 7-Eleven type of 500 firms, 30% travel convenience stores, N.Y.C. - Atlanta. Salary to 35K similar small retail outlets & small supermarkets. Call or write: GEROTOGA Philip Kaftol, University Research Products, 170 Broad St, Red Bank, NJ 609-924-9200 07701, telephone 201-842201-249-8300 9247. S1000/MO. PART TIME

Exciting business opportunity available through expanding local distributor of national company. Full training provided. Work 15 hrs/wk helping others to start their own business. Ideal for professional or business person. Offers travel and tax benefits. For appointment call Bob Ellis at 609-924-6773.

HEAL ESTATE SALES Weidel Real Estate Inc., one of Central New Jersey's largest firms has 2 positions open in our newest office in Lambertville. Learn the intricacies of financing investing, listing, selling, and leasing. Residential, commercial & farm sales, 1 week in-house training course after state licensure. Call Fred Nix at 609-397-0777 for confidential interview.



COUNTDOWN TOWN Create a perfect balance for a career. Princeton based firm is seeking an experienced bookkeeper who can work with an automated system, handle A/P, A/R. G/L and Trial Balance, and keep company aware of cash flow. Very pleasant offices, good benefits, including pension. Come to TOWN today. Always fee paid.

mTown Personnel Agency

101 ColM* Rood Edit Princtton, NJ. 01540 MMSM11I

Dietary Assistant part time hours 3 p.m. to9 p.m. must supply own

transportation Foothill Acres Nursing Home Neshanic, N.J. call Mon-Fri 9-4 201-369-8711

LIKE PLANTS? Like people? Earn $100-$300 per week selling soil free plants. No investment. Call Arlene 201-297-3658 or 238-3233. THE CRANBURY MARKET - convenience grocery/deli. - now hiring for full & part time positions. Starting mid Aug. to early Sept. Exp. desirable, but not nee. 609-655-3220, 655-4321.



Help Wonted

Wanted TELLER - Full Time for Princeton Office. Experienced preferred. Paid benefits. 609-924-0076 ext.30

REAL ESTATE FOX & LASZO IS SEEKING SALES ASSOCIATES FOR PRINCETON, PRINCETON JUNCTION, BORDENTOWN AND HAMILTON TOWNSHIP. We are offering income plus graduated schedule & that's just for openers. At Fox &Lazo, you'll find the broadest training & marketing support services in the Real Estate Industry. That means you'll have more than 24 benefit packages to offer your clients & Customers. You'll be supported with the most powerful marketing & advertising program in the Delaware Valley. With our 92 year tradition of service, our diversity & planned growth, your career can take any of several directions: Residential Sales, Commercial / Industrial, Corporate Relocation, Sales Management, Ground Development, New Construction, plus other opportunities. The real estate business is changing. By creating change, Fox & Lazo is trying to insure that this change will be for the better. IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN CHANGING THE INDUSTRY, call Jack Burke at 609-924-1600.

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

•Secy. to$ll;500 CUSTOMER SERVICE

TECH WRITER to $22,000 - Analyze mini & micro processors for manufacturer. Write

Accounting BIG

S H I P P I N G & RECEIVING to $13,000Stock room operator. Experience with inventory control, record keeping & cataloguing. New facilities. Electronics firm. Unbelievable benefits. Fee Paid. Rogers & King Personnel, 609-771-6900.

...department needs your typing and steno skills to assist sales manager and interface with customers. Corp. headquarters, gorgeous . environment and a great boss. Benefits include dental and company cafeteria. No fee. Call for details & appt. ASKFOR LOHRAINE DAVIS


1. To work on the most advanced military systems, at the very limits of the state-of-the-art. 2. To be involved in a vertically integrated in-house chips to systems operation, wilh the most sophisticated equipment and processes available, including multiprocess capability and a heavy commitment to VLSI and VHSIC technology. 3. To use the resources of our elaborate large-scale on-site computer, center. 4. To take advantage of our advanced CAD/CAM capabilities. 5. For the stimulation of frequent contact with other General Electric research operations. 6. For the satisfaction of working with a highly competent technical staff. 7. To enjoy the living and leisure advantages of Utica, New York— a low-cost community offering year-round sports, educational and cultural activities. 8. To advance your career by making the most of our present technology a'nd helping us find new applications.

We have openings now in: • • • • • • • • • • •

Analog/Digital Design CAD/CAM Technologies Digital Logic Circuit Design Electro-Optics and Laser Sensors Infrared Imaging LSI/VLSI/VHSIC Microelectronics Processing Microwave Circuit Design Phased Array Systems Airborne Radar Systems Aircraft and Space Avionics

• ASW Data Processing Systems • Computerized Test Systems (ATE) • ECCM Communications Systems • EW Systems • Microprocessor-distributed Systems • Navigation and Guidance Systems • Reliability Systems Engineering

We're looking for these backgrounds: Hardware: BS/MSEE, plus some experience in design, development and testing of sophisticated systems. Software: BS/MSEE or CS, plus some experience in real-time control system software. Take your first stop to Utica. Please send your resume and salary history lu Mr. Thomas J. Todd, General Electric Aircraft Equipment Division, Aerospace Electronic Systems Department, French Road, Utica, N.Y. 13503. U.S. citizenship required.

ETS, long a leader in the specialized, growing & important field of testing, advisory and research activities for .education, government and business, is a place to learn and grow professionally. Assignments are varied...modify and maintain complex routine computer programs, design and code same from specs; design, test, debug and document new/modified or changed computer programs; code job control language; write documentations; design related forms/formats/charts (draw from charts); debug/trouble shoot operational programs 1 when required; estimate time and offer knowledgeable support to programmers. Requirements: an associate degree with courses and experience in math, computer programming/science or the equivalent, plus minimum 1 14 -2 years work experience in computer programming using FORTRAN. Knowledge of statistics essential as is ability to operate TSO terminals, card reorders, and keypunch, etc., as support. Career prospects at ETS are favorable...benefits are exceptional and difficult to equal in coverage and value, including vacation time which starts at 4 weeks.



Counties helpful. Must have own transportation. Call Georgette 609-5867733. DENTAL HYGIENIST - 2 days a week to work in a . general practice with high emphasis on preventive dentistry. Experience necessary. Send resume with references to Box ,#03112 c/o Princeton •Packet. PHYSICIST (B.S.) Prestigious national firm. Electronics / communications circuitry bkgd. Military exp. a plus. Start §18,000. Fee Paid. Call Tina Bradley, Royal Personnel Servi'ces, 690 Whitehead Rd, Lawrenceville, 609-9897200.

Princeton Employment Agency (iOU-921-9134 bet. 10-3

resume or call Stan Davis, Sr., placement specialist:


EDUCATIONAL TESTING SERVICE Rosedale Road Princeton. N.J. 08541

An equal opportunity employer m/f.

Part Time Bookkeeping-Clerk The Princeton Packet has a part-time position available in its bookkeeping department. This is a non-routine job and would be excellent for someone who is good with figures, can type, handle calculators and deal well with people. The hours are flexible, up to a point, but will probably average 20 hours a week, but may develop into full time work. If this appeals to you please call Christopher Chianese, 609-924-3244.

609-921-9000, ext. 1609

COMPUTER OPERATOR $13,000. Fee Paid. National firm. IBM 370 or HONEYWELL. DOS. Career growth. All benefits. Call Pat Carrol, Royal Personnel Services, 690 Whitehead Rd., Lawrenceville, 609-989-

* SELECTIVE PERSONNEL* 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Pork Lawrenceville, N.J.


Programmer CK'S

SALES MANAGE- Housewives, LAB. AIDE-High school MENT income, grad or equivalent to be supplemental part time. We train. Call trained for testing of for appt. 201-782-5943 or varnishes and resins. No 609-397-3010. experience necessary. Call John C. DolDh Co., (201) 329-2333 for ap- SCHOOL SOCIAL pointment. WORKER - East Wind-


OS, COBOL. CICS a must! Full bens. Never a fee. Super opportunities Call Dick Simon 6((9-89(j9470.


sor Reg. School District, 384 Stockton St., Hightstown, NJ. Patricia Brown 609-448-3660, ext. 203. Equal Opportunity Employer F/M

NURSERY SCHOOL aide, Tues., Thurs., am. Call by Aug. 5. 201-8219558. To 10.5K

3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park lowrencoville N.J.




For top Princeton Corporate Headquarters firm. Strong background in corporate Industrial Liability & Property Insurance and/or have worked with major corporate brokers. Versatility to work in pension funding helpful. Excellent benefits. Salary 25K. Fee paid.

3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Piko Office Pork Lowrencevillo. N.J.

Princeton Employment Agency

2+ yrs. exp. Saving & loan. Excellent typing and customer service required. All benefits, never a fee. Call 609 8969470


SOMEONE TO - pick up daughter Thurs. & Fn from school in Princeton and babysit at their home till" 0:30pm. Call evenings 201-359-3,059. BOOKKEEPER - Immediate full • time opening for experienced full charge bookkeeper. Excellent company benefits & pleasant surroundings working for real estate/insurance agent in Princeton. Please send resume to Box 003234 c/o Princeton Packet.

609-924-9134 bet. 10-3



We are currently looking for qualified applicants for our major Princeton area client to provide them with people on long and short-term assignments. If you have experience in the following:

Vacancies currently exist for RN's and LPN's in several different areas of a centrally located State facility for the mentally retarded. Recent pay increases, excellent benefits package, civil service status and great promotional opportunities. Call to arrange an interview and tour our facility. OUR RESIDENTS NEED YOU! Please call now 609466-0400, ext. 306.

Secretary Keypunch Switchboard

Mag Card II Accounting Clerk Dispatcher

Call today or send your resume Long and short-term assignments



194 Nassau Street, Princeton 609-924-1022 Equal Opportunity Employs'


South Somerset Newspapers P.O. Box 146 Somerville, N.J. (201) 725-3300

The Princeton Packet Newspapers 300 Wltherspoon St.. P.O. Box 350 Princeton, N.J. 08540 (609) 924-3250

8 — W A Y c L A S S I F I ED A D V E R T I S I N G F OR M

Waitresses Day and Evening We offer outstanding benefits, excellent income, liberal discounts, congenial working conditions and opportunity for advancement.




Apply J. C. Penney



Reception Area - Second Floor Quakerbridge Mall, Rt. 1 Lawrence, N. J. 609-799-8100




(one square for each letter, number, space or punctuation) An Equal Opportunity Employer

4 LINES • 1 INSERTION ..... • 3 INSERTIONS, no changes, paid before billing

$6.00 $9.00

If billed add 50'billing charge





IS OUR BUSY TIME If you would like to work this summer and want to use your office skills, call Selective's Temporary Division. We deal with the nicest companies and pay the -highest salaries around.



fast track individual with 4-6 yrs. exp. Super benefits. Never a fee. Call 609-896-9470 or write P.O. Box 3166, Princeton, NJ 08540.


Equal opportunity Emploref M/F


S.E.C. reports, r e s e a r c h . F.A.S.B. Computer field exA.I.C.P.A. perience. Customer SUCCESS interface. Fee paid. Rogers & King Per- Our international client has a dynamic spot for a sonnel, 609-771-6900.

TRAINEESHIP - for Home Programmer for 14 yr. old autistic child. Experienced with special education or emotionally disturbed children preferred but will train. Apprx. 20 hrs. alternating weekends in Rt 130 at Black Horse La. child's home plus 6 No. Brunswick, NJ 08902 training hrs. per week. For apprx. total of 64 hrs. (201)297-1230 per month. $5500 for Sept. 1, 1980 to Aug. 15', SALESPERSON - full or 1981. Health & life inpart time. Knowledge of surance. Call 609-924Mercer & Middlesex 6280.

NURSES AIDES and orderlies - full or part time, 7 am - 3:30 pm, 3 pm - 11:30 pm, and 11 OFFICE ASSISTANT pm-7 am. must have own transportation, call MonFri 9 am to 4 pm 201-369- Excellent Princeton firm 8711. Foothill Acres needs someone to pick up Nursing Home, Amwell mail &: distribute, use telecopier, Xeroxing & Road, Neshanic, N.J. other diversified duties. $160/wk. Fee paid. CLERK - 3 nights a week in our deli - Call 609-7990530.

to 40K

•SELECTIVE TEMPS* Princeton Pike Office Park 3131 Princeton Pike Lawrenceville, N. J . 08648




All Classified ads appear automatically in all 8 Packet newspapers: The Princeton Packet. The Lawrence Ledger. The Central Post. Windsor-Hights Herald. The Cranbury Press, The Manville News, The Franklin News-Record and the Hillsborough Beacon. Ads may be mailed or phoned in. The deadline for new ads is 5 p.m. Monday if they are to be properly classified. Cancellations cannot be accepted after noon on Monday, "Too Late to Classify" ads will be accepted until noon Tuesday.


Ads may be displayed with white space margins and/or additional capital letters at J5.50 per inch. , A special discount rate is available to advertisers running the same displayed classified ad for a minimum of 13 consecutive weeks or different displayed classified ads totaling 30 or more inches per month with arrangements for monthly billing. Box numbers are $1.00 extra per order or per month.

TERMS: There is a 50c billing charge if ad is not paid in advance. Personals. Situations Wanted, RATES: A Classified Ad costs $6.00 for up to 4 lines fw one insertion, or, if originally ordered, (no Housesitting. Apartment Sublets. Wanted to Rent or Share and all out of area and moving ads are changes), $3.00 additional for 2 consecutive weeks payable with order. This newspaper is not or issues, the 3rd consecutive insertion is FREE. responsible for errors not corrected by the adThereafter, each consecutive insertion only costs vertiser immediately following the first publication SI.50 if placed with original order. Call for inof the ad. formation on the small charge for additional lineage.

An Affirmative Action/ _ Equal Opportunity [m

S i-


Classified Advertising


Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Programmer /Analyst Mid 20's IBM 4341

2 yrs. work experience on DOS VS./E 3-5 y r s . COBOL on PL-1 on-line Data Base CICS DL-1 and managing experience a plus. Super co. & Excellent Bens.

* SELECTIVE PERSONNEL* 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J.

Help Wanted

Help Wanted


Data Processing Manager To32K RELOCATABLE 11/70 Experience, Are you ready for ad- PDP in charge of financial vancement? Ready to systems and' apleave the 40 hour grind? Or thinking of re- plications. Excellent co. entering the job market? & bens. An Equal OpWhatever your reason portunity Employer. Call for change, let GETTY Dick Simon 609-896-9470. PERSONNEL help!!


We are a full service agency offering permanent or temporary assignments.

3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park , 1 lawrenceville, N.J.


Help Wanted

Help Wanted

EARN 2nd Income - Secretary 10.4K Responsible individual V.P. MARKETING with supporting spouse Needs you to help run sought by successful busy office. Steno & area business man for accurate typing. Growth expansion of existing potential, good benefits. business. Call eves. M-W- Call 609 896-9470. F 6:30-7:30. 609-443-3014.

> CLIENT COLLECTIONS Princeton area .service companv seeks bright, responsible, articulate person to undertake responsibility for encouraging customers to pay bills expeditiously, utilizing telephone skills and ability to generate inventive correspondence. Position also includes some receivables recording and other clientinteraction tasks. Some relevant experience preferred but not mandatory. Typing helpful. Starting salary to $12,000. Send resume or letter describing background and interests to Box #03223 c/o Princeton Packet.


3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J.

WANT TO BE Appreciated & compensated for doing a good 10b? Mastergraphx is looking for a talented multi-1250W press operator and manager that will contribute' to this new company's growth. Call 609-924-0825 For appt.

Week of July 30 - August 1,1980

Help Wanted

BOOKKEEPER - full charge thru financial statements. Real Estate & Insurance Office. Fine Opportunity. Offers learning & growth. 609924-1600.

Help Wanted

Sys/Analyst $25K PDP-11/RSTS 2-4 yrs. PDP-11/RSTS. BASIC+, BASIC II or FORTRAN desired. Systems support position, no applications. Duties include Systems PAINTERS - & painter's Programming, , Small assistants. P a y > ac- Systems Mgmt., User cording to experience. Assistance. Excellent 201-874-3347. bens. Never a fee. Call Dick Simon 609-896-9470. Confidence respected. CHILD CARE, light hsekeeping, live-in 4 * SELECTIVE days/wK. So. Brunswick. Aft. J2pm. 201-329-2871. PERSONNEL*

Help Wanted

SALES HELP - leading gourmet store. 5 day wk, Tues-Sat. Full time permanent (not a summer job). Retail exp. desirable but wijl train. 609-924-7755.

Secretary To $225 LAND THIS ONE Wanted for dynamic Princeton Company. Good steno and accurate typing a must. Super. benefits. Never a lee. Call 609-896-4970.

PRINTER - Must be experienced in all phases of offset printing, particularly Itek & Multi, for quick printer. Profit snaring, blue cross, plus, plus.. Call Mr. Britt, 609392-0782.

* SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J.

TYPESETTER - ex- LOCAL RADIO Station perienced Comp/Edit or has an interesting full SALES PERSON Comp/Set operator time position for an alert, SECRETARY PrinSALES Large National Billion dollar company w/additional talent for intelligent individual. ceton consulting firm. Sales Firm expanding seeks 2 sales persons for mechanical paste-up The ideal candidate must •Subsidiary of. large base of well established expanding marketing work to start in late possess good secretarial inational banking incustomers in N.J. Full office. Opportunity for RECEPTIONIST Good August. Beginning wage . skills and be a well stitution. Good typing benefits. Base income & management available skills required. Word typist with varied duties $5/pr. hour. Call 609-924- organized, responsible commission. 609-896after training period. self-starter. The position processor experience & and responsibilities for 0825 for appt. Send resume in con- „-_„ Rte. 130 2350. stenographic ability Princeton ad agency. involves the day to day fidence to P.O. Box 5012, GETTY Hightstown, NJ helpful. Salary com- Salary dependent upon scheduling of Trenton, N.J. 08638. qualifications. Good CASHIER Full & part mensurate with ex& com609-448-6500 PIANIST M/F TO acEqual o p p o r t u n i t y TFIIDO time positions available perience. Full benefits. benefits. Call 609-799-3800 EXPERIENCED PHY- programming mercial material. You employer m/f. ItmrO 609-896-2323 company prof, male with the largest retail 35 hour week. Please call for interview. SICIAN'S asst for Pework closely with 1527Finnegan's La singer for evening, club audio chain in the 609-452-1575. diatric Office. Duties will management Bank Bldg. d a t e s . Musical Delaware Valley. Exto incld lab & front office personnel. If you&feelsales you HOUSEKEEPER - part No. Brunswick, NJ knowledge of Rodgers, perience preferred. LIVE-IN - help needed procedures. 609-924-5510 qualify, you can expect a time for motel in Some evenings & TICKET AGENT - for professional couple bet. 12:30-2. 201-821-6750 Hart, Porter, & Mercer good starting salary & SECRETARY - Legal weekends required. Call Mature person for Hightstown - Windsor pref. Needed immed. experience position. with 2 yr. old. Duties excellent paid benefits. preferred but- Wall to Wall sound at 609- permanent area. 609-448-8637. Call aft 6pm 609-737-2560. will include babysitting, train. Pleasant 799-4040 and ask for Miss Benefits. Will train. Call Contact Chuck Wilson, ENGINEER / ELECManager.-Mon-Fri., 9-1. household work, some MAINTENANCE PER- 609-924-3842. working conditions & Benton. meal preparation. Ex609-924-7750. excellent benefits. Call EXPERIENCED baby- TRONIC $29,000 - BSEE. for apt. cellent salary, weekends SON sitter needed once a Circuit boards, computer SALES - Bulls Eye 609-448-0016. complex. Apply in background. Systems. off. Hopewefi area. Call week for a lively 9 mo. Unlimited of Kingston, MAG CARD 609-466-3172 after 6pm. person, 102 Hickory P R I N C E T O N i n d u s t r y . distributor 4th GRADE TEACHER- IBM old boy of European P r o c e s s of metal, Corner Rd., East WindC O M P OSER Quality Assurance! parents. Somerset area. Software helpful. Fee cutting tools and in- RN'S / LPN'S - 11-7:30 Private school seeks Educational Publishing company sor. No phone calls....» publishing teacher for small, selfd u s t r i a l s u p p l i e s , Call 201-873-3492. seeks cheerful, inPaid. Rogers & King seeking •intelligent, shift. Call 609-448-7036. contained 4th grade house located in Prin- CASHIER - and related telligent, well-mannered Personnel, 609-771-6900. ambitious person for class. Background in art ceton needs experienced work in children's Software Engineer receptionist to work full typesetter Mon-Fri SECRETARY The & music desirable, sales position. Exclothing store. Full time, To 25K time. Must be able to classroom evenings. Call 609-924- days. Pinocchio, Mercer ENGINEER $27,000 perience preferred, car Gallup Organization is elementary work independently. PL-1 5338. seeking a person with experience required. BSEE. S o f t - Clerk Typist Mall. $175 necessary. Benefits and Super company in im- Duties include answering good organizational Hours: 8:15-12:15. Call paid expenses. Reply ware/hardware, Product PERSONNEL DEPT. mediate need of data the phone, ordering design. P r o j e c t 40 wpm typing & dic- Box #03248, c/o Princeton skills & the ability to Mrs. Mullen 609-924-5858. BRIGHT, RESOURCEbase m a n a g e m e n t office supplies, & light NATIONAL COMPANY work w/numbers. Full responsibility. Assem- taphone. Fantastic Packet. specialist 360-370 en- typing. Call 609-924-5338 FUL secretary needed Career Opportunity time position. Interesting bly, Z-80 micro- benefits including tuition vironment, COBOL and for appointment. for frantic architecture w/all fringe benefits. Market R e s e a r c h CLERICAL WORKER processors. Fee Paid. refund. Never a fee. Call firm. Exc. phone Train sales management FORTRAN a plus. Never Rogers & King 609 896-9470. CHILD CARE - for 2>/2 related work. 609-924- permanent part time. manners, typing & is qualified to $300/wk a fee. Call Dick Simon. 9600, ext. 278. E.O.E. Hours flexible. Excellent record keeping skills req. Personnel, 609-771-6900. month old baby starting with training allowance. 609-896-9470. typing and vocabulary Reply Box #03238 c/o By ELECTRONIC TECH or Sept, preferably in my * SELECTIVE appointment call Mr. skills required. Will Princeton Packet, Engineer to $26,000 home, 609-883-8103. Connors, 201-722-3990. consider recent high Heavy exp. Performance Programmer/Project PERSONNEL * E.O.E. * SELECTIVE graduate if testing, fabrication, R.F. Manager To35K school 3131 Princeton Pike ENGINEERING GUIDANCE COUN- HIGH qualified. Call Carolyn at circuitry, debugging. V I S I B I L I T Y Princeton Pike Office Pork PERSONNEL * Ability to build TECHNICIAN SELOR - East Windsor Experienced in CICS, 609-924-7865 for an apBIOLOGY/ PHYSICS R.F. & Systems/Programmer Lawrenceville, N.J. Reg. School District, 384 3131 Princeton Pike Instructor - required to Excellent opportunity for L.F. equipment. Fee Assembly Language, pointment. To35K Stockton St., Hightstown, Data prepare student for Princeton Pike Office Pork paid. Rogers & King an individual with 2 years' Communications REAL-TIME NJ. Patricia Brown 609- Telecommunications,DaMCAT. 609-799-2043 after Lowrenceville, N.J. Personnel, 609-771-6900. technical background, Assembly Language, 448-3660, ext. 203. Equal ta ORGANIST - choir 5pm except Tues., Base working and 1 -2 years' experience. COLLECTORS Opportunity Employer manager, excellent co. director for small FORTRAN or BASIC. Duties include bread•Immediate openings for F/M. Presbyterian chruch in Don't miss this one! We | SECRETARY ELECTRONIC and bens. An Equal boarding, wire wrapping, need your Real-Time ELECTRONIC Collectors. Collection TECHNICIANS TECH Opportunity Employer. area. 609-799-1479. testing prototype inexperience!!! Super co. agency experience Growing computer - Assoc. degree. Please call Dick Simon strumentation, both & benefits. Call Dick $18,000 desirable. Trainee position LIVE-IN COMPANION - 609-896-9470. memory products Engineering lab enanalog and digital, inELECTRONIC TECH Simon 609 896-9470 also available. Top salary to elderly woman in manufacturer in Prinvironment. Bio-medical $17,000 - Analog & digital cluding micro-processors. and commission plus Mercerville area. Some ceton area is seeking inresearch. F e e paid. b a c k g r o u n d . Read Good growth potential. company benefits. Ex* SELECTIVE * SELECTIVE dividuals with knowledge Rogers & King Perschematics, test inContact Gary Schnerr for 25g9 2420° U S e k e e p i n g - 6 ° 9 " cellent opportunity for of digital circuiry, some sonnel, 609-771-6900. struments. Troubleshoot furtfier information. growth. Hospital PERSONNEL * to component level. PERSONNEL * experience helpful or will collection bureau. 3131 Princeton Pike train 2 or 4 year EET 3131 Princeton Pike Metrology bckg. a .plus. 1 We are presently seeking GARAGE SALES RATE Princeton Pilce Office Park ELECTRONIC LABORATORY Calf Personnel graduates Fee paid. Rogers & King Princeton Pike Office Pork a highly motivated inPRODUCTION TEST 9 a.m.-12 noon SPECIAL LISTING IN Lawrencevlfle, N.J. Lawrenceville, N.J. DRAFTSPERSON Personnel, 609-771-6900. C.L.A. orM.T. dividual to assist in the (609)452-9280 CLASSIFIED PAGES Electronics background. Expanding Production completion of regulatory PART TIME 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J.


Equal Opportunity Employer M/F

Test Group has immediate openings for electronics techs with experience in trouble shooting analog and digital circuitry. Tech school graduate with 0-2 years' experience required,! • Contact Bob Perry.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE BOOKKEEPER Responsibilities include cash receipts and billing on an automated bookkeeping machine for an active service organization. Must possess above average skills in organization, accuracy, flexibility;, dependability and initiative as well as in the ability to communicate effectively.


DRAFTSPERSON Mechanical and electrical layout for development and production of industrial/research products. Related experience preferred (1-3 years). Contact Larry Kianka.

Applicants must have bookkeeping experience and typing is required. Starting salary is $9,114. and we offer an excellent benefit program. Interested applicants apply to:

Liberal Company Paid Benefits


Good typing and dictaphone skills required. Knowledge ol medical terminology a must. 2 to 3 8-hour days per week. Apply to Box #03222 c/o Princeton Packet.


We are looking for someone to assist in the preparation of a French teaching program. Native fluency and teaching experience required. Send resume to:

BERLITZ 1101 State Rd. ReuirchPirt, BuildiniO (609) 924-1500 « t . 221 •/o/iM/F

for Princeton Advertising research firm full or part time in office. Edit and type verbatim responses to questions about TV commercials and magazine ads. Please contact:

MAPES AND ROSS, INC. 1101-P State Road Princeton, N. J. 08540 609-924-8600


perience required including teller background, sales oriented individual with pleasant phone manner. R E C E P T I O N I S T : high school grad, good typing skills (45-50 wpm), pleasant phone manner, personable, well groomed businesslike appearance. H E A D TELLER: 3-5 year teller experience in an active office. Proficient with figures, good supervisory ability. Apply between 9-11 a.m. ro 2-4 p.m. in Personnel Office on 3rd floor.

Due to an unexpected increase in workload, we have a new requirement for a mini-computer operator to work the evening shift. This is an excellent opportunity to join an expanding manufacturing company that is a supplier for many major corporations. We offer a competitive salary and a comprehensive package. Call William Coleman at 609-466-3400 or send resume to Dept. WC 3, Kooltronic Inc., P.O. Box 300, Hopewell, N.J. 08525.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Contact Personnel Dept. (201)874-4000

Must have good stenographic and typing skills. Personnel experience a must. Excellent salary and benefits package. Princeton area.




Do you have a real estate license that's not being used to best advantage? If you're willing to invest the time and effort it takes to become a million dollar producer, Weidel is willing to invest their time and money in helping you achieve this goal. Our free local training programs, progressive sales approach, international relocation service, outstanding reputation and membership in 6 multiple listing services are all geared to help you succeed. We are a multi-office company that we feel affords you more advantages than a franchise. We presently have openings in our very attractive PRINCETON office.

_ Carrier Foundation Bella Mead, New Jersey

76 Nassau St. • Princeton, NJ 08540 • (609) 924-5400


For confidential interview CallNorma Greaves 609-921-2700

ACCOUNTING Expanding- Princeton organization has the following openings: ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE Experienced . preferred. Responsible for daily cash s receipts, bank deposits and invoicing. Knowledge of CRT and printout.

Summer's not over yet. We still have plenty of temporary work in the Princeton-Hightstown area. Interview hours: 9*3% m.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Experience preferred. Responsible for processing vendor invoices, checking, coding and verification. Input to computer. Knowledge of CRT and printout.


35 hour week. Excellent benefits.

3564 Quakerbridge Road 609-586-9531

Call Personnel, 9 AM to 12 Noon (609)452-9280

If no answer: 609-586-5898

ACTION Packaging Equipment Manufacturer with excellent growth potential benefits and working conditions seeking enthusiastic self motivated people to fill the following positions: Field Service Techs. Machinists Mechanics Electro mechanical ability with knowledge of schematics and blue prints • required. To arrange interview call 609448-9210.

Should be able to work independently, knowledge of PC board taping helpful.

ASSEMBLERS Responsibilities are for all types of electronic assembly operations (hand soldering, stuffing, component preparation). Some experience helpful.



'The nicest people work for Swift, why don't you?



609-924-8500 for immediate interview.




Call Personnel Dept.

Gall Joe Durcanin at 609-466-3400 for appointment

iqual Opportunity Employer


609-921-1047 201-874-3222

Princeton area firm. Figure aptitude and some experience posting bank reconciliations and journal entries. Excellent benefits including dental plan and tuition refund.


Equal Opportunity Employer

C R E D I T CLERK: high school grad, accurate typing (45-50 wpm), ability to communicate effectively, pleasant phone manner.

Responsible, talented and caring for pediatric group dental practice. Starting August ' 18, 1980. Challenging and rewarding' position with top salary and fringes. Experience preferred.


Equal Opportunity Employer M/F

Kathleen McGrath Business Services Dept. P.O.Box 909 Trenton, N. J. 0S605

Rt. 518, Rocky Hill, N.J.




Monday to Friday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Experience preferred. Excellent working conditions. Benefits prorated for part time employees.

Equal Opportune Employ M-IY/H



Responsibilities are for incoming inspection of electronics components and in-process inspection of electronic assemblies. Some inspection or electronic assembly experience helpful. Call or send resume to:

Jim Ackers 609-799-0071 DATARAMCORP.

submissions and take charge of our research library. Strong typing and organization skills necessary, Library Science a plus. This is an ideal position for a secretary with initiative to assume a challenging opportunity under minimal supervision. As a member of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, we offer an excellent family benefits package and a salary commensurate with your ability. For an appointment please call our Personnel Department.


Princeton-Hightstown Rd. Cranbury, N.J. 08512

Washington Crossing, N. J. (609) 737-3700, Ext. 293 EqualOppty. Employer M/F/H

SET UP POWER PRESS M/F Experienced in setting up dies in power presses. Progressive dies with automatic feeds. Blanking and piercing dies, wales set ups. Good starting salary and benefits. Call Tony Kluepfel 609-466-3400 between 9 am • 3 pm.

k in



Previous management experience needed to carry out the administrative responsibilities for the Nursing Department on the evening shift. B.S. preferred.

• NURSING CARE COORDINATOR Emergency Room out-patient department.

-, r

Progressive exposure to management responsibilities and previous E.R. experience a must.


Contact Betty Sheridan, 201-725-4000, ext. 368,- for additional information.



An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F

Equal Opportunity Employer

Week of juiy July ou-August 30 - August i, 1, iy»u 1980 weeKoi

Help Wanted Secretary SecretaryJr. Jr. to$180 to|180 Build your experience with this well established Princeton based firm. This position requires accurate typing and NO steno. Excellent benefits. No fee. Call 609 896-9470.

* SELECTIVE PERSONNEL* 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lowrencoville, N.J.

WORD PROCESSOR part time. Immediate opening for someone to work part time in our typing department. Hours flexible but would prefer someone able to work 12 - 5 p m . Previous experience on IBM Mag Card or similar equipment essential. For more information please call 609-924-5900 ext. 237. Opinion Research Corp. No. Harrison St. Princeton, N.J. 08540

Help Wanted

Your choice of the best career opportunity for you ... Permanent Full-Time 2nd shift 4 p.m. -12 p.m. Temporary Part-Time Available Soon First Shift Where else could you have such flexibility in choosing your work schedule than with McGraw Hill? One of the world's largest publishers, we operate one of the largest computer centers in Central Jersey. That means real opportunity if you're experienced with keying alpha numeric data via keypunch/verifier, and key-to tape disc or direct entry device. Technical school training or 3 to 6 months experience required Good salary, plus (for permanent fulltime only) shift differential and comprehensive benefits. Attractive working environment. On site parking. To apply call '

(609) 448-1700 ext. 5014

McGRAW HILL, INC. Hightslown. N I 08520 Afuu.'i'ira>'1iinil)*"i|>loi" V I

Help Wanted Chemist


CLERK TYPIST Princeton company has opening for articulate individual with excellent typing skills and pleasant phone manner, to work in customer service department. Pleasant atmosphere, congenial co-workers & excellent benefit package. Please phone for appointment, 609-4528900. ' ,

PERSONNEL * VACANCIES - High School Science Teacher $11,000 - $20,000 - N.J. standard license for the teaching of science with emphasis in chemistry. Experience preferred. SUBMIT RESUME: Dr. Stephen L. Sokolow, Superintendent Upper Freehold Regional School District, 3 South Main Street, Allentown, N.J. 08501 Attn: M. Sue James - 609-259-7258. Deadline: August 11, 1980. An Equal Opportunity Employer

* SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lowrenceville, N.J.


3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawroncovillo, N.J.

LOOKING FOR A JOB where you make a difference? The directors of the Educational Opportunity Fund & Financial aid are looking for the secretary who enjoys meeting & dealing with people, has excellent clerical skills, (no shorthand required), wants to work independently, can organize effectively and finds figures fascinating. We offer a 37',2 hr. week. Starting salary of $8,800. Exc. benefits. If you are this special person call Miss Scopelliti at HOMEMAKERS - make Westminster Choir your own hours. Sell College, 609-921-2982. Sarah Coventry Jewelry. No investment. 201-521-1049, 201-521-1264, NEEDLECRAFT DE- 609-587-9625. MONSTRATORS needed part & full time, high 35K earnings & bonuses. Will Engineer PLANT/FACILITY train. Call collect 609-448B.S.M.E. or equivalent 4058. required. Bkgrd. in maintenance, conSECRETARY - Major struction etc. of plant/ area firm. Exec, level. facilities. Knowledge of Excellent career oppty. EPA rules & regs. Super" Plush surroundings. co. Never a fee. Call 609 Benefits. $12,000. Fee 896-9470. Paid. Call Kris Martin, Royal Personnel Ser* SELECTIVE vices, 690 Whitehead Rd., Lawrenceville, 609-989PERSONNEL * 7200. CLASSIFIED DEADLINE FOR CANCELLATIONS IS NOON MONDAY

Prestigious national service organization providing recorded educational material seeks experienced . Production/Operations Manager with proven track record.

We are looking for someone to assist in the preparation of 'a German Language teaching program. Native fluency and teaching experience required. Send resume io:

3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawronceville, N.J.


BERLITZ 1101 State Rd.

1101 State Rd.

$30,000 salary range plus attractive benefits

(609) 924-8500 ext. 228 e/o/e/M/F

25K Supervisor 25K COMMUNICATIONS Fortune 100 Company requires a supervisor to direct the day-to-day operation of a Central Telephone Office. Develop and implement work schedules for the installation of customer circuits and CTO equipment. Excellent benefits. Never a fee. Call 609-896-9470.


WAITRESS / WAITER - attention housewives earn while your children learn, part time days, choose your o,wn hrs, apply in person, Buxton's, 84 Nassau St., Prn. ACCOUNTANT - Cost 1+ yrs. exp. will secure ^excellent future with local manufacturer! Super benefits. $17,000. Fee P a i d . Call P a t Carrol, Royal Personnel Services, 690 Whitehead Rd., Lawrenceville, 609989-7200. TYPIST - Major firm needs personable to fill spot in friendly office! All benefits. Start $135. wk. Fee Paid. Call Kris Martin, Royal Personnel Services, 690 Whitehead Rd., Lawrenceville, 609989-7200.

SPANISH We are looking for someone to assist in the preparation of a Spanish teaching program. Native fluency and teaching experience required. Send resume to:

BERLITZ Research Park, BuildinfO Princtlon. X I. O9S4II

Help Wanted

BLACK PROF. COUPLE PERSONNEL* - (teacher/Ed Psych.) 3131 Princeton Pike seeking housekeeper/ Princeton Pike Office Park babysitter for 10 mo. Lawrencevillo, N.J. baby girl to start in Sept. Hours 8am to 4:30pm. Mon-Fri. part or full ADVERTISING COtime. Call 609-924^1056. ORDINATOR Top notch firm. Assist director in new corporate advertising BANK TELLER - Ex- in-house perienced or will train. dept. Career secured for Salary open. Call Ms. strong support in all around advertising know Erickson. how - specifically media buying / publications. GETTY PERSONNEL Call Lcri Wise 609-8820030, 586-5898, 215-295Route 130 5036. Never a fee. Swift & Hightstown Swift. G09-448-6500 609-896-2323


IDEAL CANDIDATE should have considerable electronic background in an industrial environment. Magnetic tape duplication experience desirable. RESPONSIBILITIES include the management of several supporting departments.


Help Wanted

Masters • or • PhD in organic chemistry. 5 plus experience in 'We are looking for an yrs. outgoing person with polymers. Research as gooa typing skills for our opposed to analytical Fortune Busy Real Estate office environment. in Princeton. Must like to 100 Company. Excellent work with people, benefits. Never a fee. flexible hours, approx. 16 Call 896-9470. , hours per week. Call Norma Greaves. Weidel Real Estate, Inc. (609) * SELECTIVE 921-2700 for appointment.

Manager 20K SALES PROMOTION 2-3 yrs. exp. in sales promotion. Set up Our companies a r e promos., to calling for your skills. m o t i v a t e campaigns salesmen, Join Apoxiforce, A-l in support of sales force, Temporaries for long or c r e a t e promotion short-term positions in literature. Fortune 100 your local area. We pay c o m p a n y . Super high rates and never benefits. Never a fee. charge a fee. Stop in Call 609 896-9470. today.





Apoxiforce 82 Nassau Princeton 609-924-9205

Classified Advertising

JAPANESE We are looking for someone to assist in the preparation of o Japanese Language teaching program. Native fluency and teaching experience required. Send resume to:

Help Wanted CUSTOMER.SERYICE Leasing company located in Princeton is looking for individual with business experience interested in handling customers questions 7 correspondence and maintaining statement of account. Pleasant and busy office; excellent benefit package. Please forward resume to: Box #03250, c/o Princeton Packet. MOTEL NIGHT CLERK - a job for someone who enjoys direct contact with the public. Must be dependable & trustworthy. Will train, gd. salary. References nee. Call Town House Motel 609-448-2400. ACCOUNTANT/JR. Get your foot in the door of this major corporation! Full charge bookkeeping plus college accounting. 12K. FEE PAID! Call Ms. Erickson.



Rte. i:») Hightstown, NJ (iO!)- 448-6500 609-896-2323 WELCOME WAGON Choose your own hours in part time career meeting people. Car needed, training provided. Openings in Hightstown, West Windsor, Trenton & surrounding areas. Call 609-924-2040 or 201-7663262 or write 29 Ann St, Bernardsville, NJ 07924. EOE. Technician 25K PRESTIGE COMPANY 4 plus years experience as RF-IF Technician - Knowledge of layout & fabrication techniques. T.V. receiver and tuner exp. a plus. Excellent Denefits. Never a fee. Call 609 8969470.

* SELECTIVE PERSONNEL* 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park lawronceville, N.J.

1101 State Rd. RBtjrch Part, Building 0 Princeton, N.J. 08540

Classifieds Work for YOU (609)924-3250

tliltl It/1

Full time rotating shifts and weekends. Must have Blue Seal license for boiler operations or have Black Seal and be eligible for test.


Please send resume with salary history to Box #03251 c/o Princeton Packet An equal opportunity employer M/F/H

or eligible

in N.J.

Positions available






rehabilitation facility in central N.J.

Contact Personnel Dept. Tues.-Fri., 9-12




benefits. Call or write Physical Therapy Dept. (609)


Ext. 256.

SOMERSET MEDICAL CENTER Rehill Avenue Somerville, N.J. Equal Opportunity Emplovor



MORRIS HALL HEALTH & REHAB CENTER 2381 Lawrencevitte Rd. Lawrenceville. N.J. 08648 Equal Opp-.Mtumlt fmjloyirtf

*_ „„/„ : i ._.._ : .. Tribologist 30's RESEARCH PhD in eng. mech., mech. eng. or disciplines relating to tribology. Exp. in experimental research and development relating to friction and wear. Exp. with concentrated contact phenomena is valuable. Super co. Never a fee. Call 609-896-9470.

* SELECTIVE PERSONNEL* 313) Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lowrenceville, N.J.

NEW JERSEY MONTHLY - is looking for a good typist to work as assistant to the advertising dept. then take over the word processor when it arrives. Good benefits and salary. Call Nancy Pritchard 609-9217576. WEEKEND COMPANION - for elderly lady, not bedridden. Friday PM to Monday AM Must drive. 609-9241744. Data Proc. Fee Pd. Challenging career opport'y for key individual - three yrs. exp. IBM 370 VM environ., masterwork proj. for maj. Fortune 100 Co. Salary to 30K

GEROTOGA 609-924-9200 201-249-8300

TELEPHONE SALES Expanding Princeton Publishing Firm has art opening for telephone sales person. 25 hours per week. Salary plus commissions. Seeking people with ability to communicate effectively with Corporate and University decision makers. College degree helpful but not necessary. Must be articulate, organized and able to work with a minimum of supervision. Phone 609-924-5338.

EXECUTIVE SECRETARY To The Director of Psychiatry Full time. Good salary and benefits. Excellent typing and steno skills required. Experience working in a medical office helpful. Contact Personnel Dept. Tues.-Fri,, 9-12 noon

Entry level position in our busy, fast moving Personnel Dept. Requires at least 1 yr. personnel clerical experience and some secretarial training including good typing and steno skills. Must be able to deal effectively with the public and be able to work under pressure. Some math aptitude helpful.,


Call Personnel, 9 A M - 12 Noon (609)452-9280

Mathtech, Inc., the technical research and consulting division of Mathematica, Inc., is seeking secretarial support for its economics department.' We seek candidates with the following qualifications for our Princeton Office.

Equal Ocporl'jmt, Em,iln,er V A H



Rehill Avenue Somerville, N.J. Eqiuil Opportunity Employer


EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Princeton Savings and Loan has an opening for a mortgage processor in its Princeton Office. Experience in processing of mortgage loans is essential, typing required, paid benefits. Contact the personnel office at:

PATSCENTER INTERNATIONAL New Technology and Science Center

Engineering Technician Up to $18,000

Electronic Development PA International, a worldrenowned professional organization, is setting up the fourth of its technical facilities (PATSCENTERS) in Princeton. A these centers we conceive and develop innovative, market oriented products with a high technology content for major manufacturing companies such a Black & Decker, Corning, Eaton, GE, ITT, Philips, Sylvania, Xerox andZeiss. We are currently expanding our development team. An experienced and practical technician can take up an exciting challenge within this stimulating environment where an achiever can make a significant contribution to the center's early growth and success. Specifically you will be responsible for building and testing prototype hardware in both laboratory and pre-production stages.

609-924-0076, Ext. 30

This requires 2-4 years of experience in an electronics environment working at the forefront of technology. Hands on experience in microprocessor based products is a definite plus. Although primarily concerned with electronics, the position requires the ability to make and assemble small mechanical components. Broad career horizons will undoubtedly result. An excellent benefits package is offered. For information call (609) 452-8616 or send your resume in complete confidence to Dr. Tony Warren. PATSCENTER INTERNATIONAL INC. Princeton Division 707 Alexander Road, Princeton, N. J. 08540 An equal opportunity employer

PRINCETON SAVINGS AND LOAN An Equal Opportunity Employer m l

ComVideo Systems Inc. A rapidly expanding CATV company located in Central New Jersey seeks a qualified individual for Chief Technician position. Successful candidate will possess 4-5 years CATV experience in plant/operations area including: • • • •

Installation and Repair Construction System Maintenance Supervisory Experience Preferred

We offer excellent growth potential, liberal fringe benefits and a progressive working environment experience. Salary commensurate with experience. Kor more information direct a comprehensive resume including salary history to: ComVldeo Systems Inc. Box 489 Ball* Mead, Now Jersey, Now Joney 08502 An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/H

Help Wanted SR. TYPIST - Princeton based r e s e a r c h firm desires well organized individual with excellent typing skills for a permanent full time position. The position involves a heavy typing load including some statistical typing. Complete benefit package. 38-3/4 hour work week. To arrange for an interview please call 609-924-5900, ext. 237. Opinion Research No. Harrison St, Princeton, N.J. OH54O COUNTER PERSON for print shop. Typing essential, 609-924-0900. COURIER For Princeton prestige company. Must have own car, gd. appearance, people oriented. Salary $150 + mileage. Benefits & fee paid. Princeton Employment Agency 609-924-9134 bet. 10-3 Chemist 21K TECHNICAL SERVICE Experience in water & waste . treatment required. 1-3 yrs. exp. in labs. Design and conduct studies at pilot plants, write reports with recommendations. Prestige co. Never a fee. Call 609-896-9470.

* SELECTIVE PERSONNEL* 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J.

SECRETARY - Local firm offers challenging position to match your experience! Pleasant working c o n d i t i o n s . Excellent benefits. S10.400. Fee Paid. Call Kris Martin, Royal Personnel Services, 690 Whitehead Rd., Lawrenceville, 609-9897200.


Research Park, Building-O (609) 924-8500 ext. 228 e/o/e/M/F

(609) 924-8500 ext. 228


Help Wanted


• Provide administrative and secretarial support. • Minimum 3 years administrative secretarial work • Very organized, able to work with a minimum of ..supervision and able to coordinate and supervise independent work projects. •Accurate typing — must be able to handle a large volume of report typing and preparation.

Help Wanted '^i.. _..'..:-• Technicians 22K COMMUNICATIONS 1-3 yrs. exp. in central telephone office operations. Installation and repair a t customer premises. Knowledge of private line and data testing. Telephones company experience and/or common carrier central telephone office experience is required. All benefits. Never a fee. Call 609 896-9470.

* SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Pork Lawrenceville, N.J.

CHEMIST / CHEM ENG - B.S. with min. 1 yr. general lab exp. Exc. opportunity Nv/prosperous environmental firm (water / wastewater). Start $19-$22,000 + depending on experience. Fee Paid. Call Tina Bradley, Royal Personnel Services, 690 Whitehead Rd., Lawrenceville, 609-9897200. BABYSITTER WANTED - l-5pm M-F, for 7 mo. old baby. Start Sept. 1, call aft "lpm 609-4489213 ask for Monica.

BABY SITTER - in my home, mornings own trans, to and fro. Twin Rivers. 609-443-5549.

Classifieds Work for YOU (6091924-3250


DATA PROCESSING EDUCATION CONSULTANTS WE'D LIKE TO MV1TE YOU INTO OUR WORLD Wo are Sperry Univac's Worldwide Education Center, located in Dayton, New Jersey (near Princeton) and we specialize in data processing education. If you are experienced in computer technology, technical education, or educational technology, we think you'll like joining us. In our center, you can utilize your data processing and educational background to enhonce your career opportunities and earning capability as well. What's more, you can do this all in a creative, exciting and challenging environment. Our continued growth ond success in marketing large ond small scale as well as minicomputer systems throughout the world hos increased the need to provide our employees ond customers with quality education and training in the uso of our hardware and software products. If you qualify for one of the following career opportunities, this exciting world could open to



Required knowledge of state-of-the-art computer and the ability to develop course materials and teach our employees and customers how to use SPERRY UNIVAC software. Several years of programming, systems analysis, or computer marketing experience is required. Teaching experience or an educational background is desirable.

SALES TRAINING AND COURSE DEVELOPMENT Requires the ability to develop course materials and teach our field sales force about products and how to sell them. Previous experience in selling medium to large scale computer systems, ond mini computers is required Teaching experience or educational background is desirable.

SECRETARY • Provide secretarial support • Very organized and able to work with a minimum of supervision • Accurate typing — must be able to handle a large volume of report typing and preparation. Excellent salary and benefits package. Call or write, including resume and salary history (indicate position desired) to B. Primas.

MATHTECH, INC. P.O. Box 2392 Princeton, N. J.

08540 609-799-2600, Ext. 2526 An equal opportunity employer.

COMPUTER MAINTENANCE TRAINING & COURSE DEVELOPMENT Requires some experience in maintaining commerical or military electronics or computer equipment and the ability to develop course materials and teach our customer engineers how to maintain our computer systems equipment. Teaching experience or educational background It desirable. SPERRY UNIVAC it growing rapidly and can offer you unique career opportunities as wall at an attractive compensation t benefits package. For further Information, call collect (215) 5422546 or tend your resume and salary history to Adele Barbato.

4* UNIVAC P.O. Box 500 BLUE BELL, PA 19424

Classified Advertising


Help Wanted CJ Secy.

Help Wanted

»„»,,«/,<» to $11,000

. _—~ „ ACCOUNTANT - Fortune 500 Corp. Doors will open with accounting degree, CPA, public accounting experience. Benefit pak, to $24K NO FEE Ms. Neuman 609896-1183, P. Robert Dann Personnel, 134 Franklin Cnr. Road.

PERSONNEL ...manager needs you to assist in all .areas of his department, coordinating travel arrangements, and appointment calendar, One year experience using your .typing and steno skills. 3 month review, benefits include dental. No fee. Call for details & appt.


National engineering firm local office needs a Structural Engineer, 6 years' experience, preferably in bridge design, salary commensurate with exp e r i e n c e & qualifications. PerRt 130 at Black Horse La. manent position, all No. Brunswick, NJ 08902 benefits. Call 609-6952033. (201)297-1230 ASK FOR LORRAINE DAVIS


REAL ESTATE SALES Manager for new office to be opening soon in Princeton area. All replies confidential. Write Box #03241 c/o Princeton Packet. WE HAVE - a unique position in our graphics business for an aggressive . self-starter. The right individual will be taught photography and architectural whiteprinting. There will be client contact too. Appearance is important, as is a good driving record. Good pay to start plus benefits. Call Rapia Graphics for appointment 609-4521910.

PRESSMAN/W - Experienced on AB Dick 360 and/or Multi 1250.

Management potential.

609-924-0900. Circuit Design Specialists


Senior EE with strong analog & digital skills. Troubleshoot varied instrumentation problems. Excellent benefits. Never a fee. Call 609 896-9470.

* SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park lawrenceville, N J .

REAL ESTATE SALESPERSONS needed for Princeton Office. Excellent training program in & out of office. Opportunity for an exciting career. Call Adlerman Click, Red Carpet Realtors. 609-924-0401.

RESIDENTIAL STAFF needed for Group Home program serving autistic & developmental^ disabled adolescents. Full & part time staff needed. Competitive salary & benefits. B.S. in Special Ed, Psych Speech, Path, or related health profession. ApClerical to $150 plication deadline Aug 9. 1980. Send resume or call MAIL CLERK Mr Kantor, Asst Dir., Eden Acres, 26 Nassau Entry level, no ex- St, Princeton, NJ, 609perience necessary, 448-6400. must have own transportation and good driving record. Total distribution of mail for INVENTORY CON200 people. New building. TROL - To $13,000. Fee Terrific benefits. No fee. Paid. Maintain Call for details & appt. goods status atfinished local manufacturing plant. ASK FOR Exc. growth potential! LORRAINE DAVIS AH benefits. Call Pat Carrol, Royal Personnel Services, 690 Whitehead Rd., Lawrenceville, 609989-7200.


Rtl30at Black Horse La. No. Brunswick, NJ 08902 (201)297-1230


KEYPUNCH - Nice boss, low pressure spot. Super benefits. Start $735. NO FEE. Call Ms. Neuman, 609-896-1183, P. Robert Dann Personnel, 134 Franklin Cnr. Road.

RN'S CRITieALCARE/ MED SURG Full time, part time and PRN positions available in MEDICALSURGICAL and CRITICAL CARE areas (ICU, CCU. PCU). Our EXCELLENT benefits package includes 4 WEEKS VACATION and a competitive salary scale. If you've heard of us but have never been to the hospital, why not call us now for an interview. Personnel Department (609)586-7900

HAMILTON HOSPITAL . 1881 White HorseHamilton Square Rd. Hamilton Square, N.J. 08690

ct^nx' i SECY./ Adm. Asst.

to $12,500

RESEARCH firm has a need for an outstanding secretary to work on researching projects with the president. Typing skills of 75 wpm plus a desire to take on new tasks can put you in this challenging spot. No fee. Call for details & appt. ASK FOR DIANE HORN

OFFICE POWER Rt 130 at Black Horse La. No. Brunswick, NJ 08902 (201)297-1230 ATTORNEY - Cranbury area, needs part time secretarial help. Top hourly rate paid for person with experience, especially in Real Estate transactions. Submit resume, salary requirements & hours avail per week to Box #03233 c/o Princeton Packet.

Help Wanted JR. SECRETARY Ground floor. opportunity, national co., warm atmosphere. To $780+ NO FEE Ms. Neuman, 609-896-1183, P. Robert Dann Personnel, 134 Franklin Cnr. Road.

Somerset Medical Center Nurses

PSYCHIATRIC NURSES RN's & LPN's Positions available days, evenings and nights. Experience preferred. Excellent benefits package and orientation. Contact Betty Sheridan, 201-725-4000, ext. 368, for additional information. Rohill Avenue Somerville, N. J. Equal Opportunity Employer

OFFICE MANAGER Hillsborough Cablevision, a rapidly expanding cable T.V. company located in Hillsborough, New Jersey, offers an excellent career opportunity for an Office Manager. Successful candidate must have: Bookeeping Experience Billing Exprience Customer Relations Experience Excellent Typing Skills Supervisory Experience Helpful




For more information direct a detailed resume including salary history to: Hillsborough Cablevlf ion Homestead Plaza, Box 609 Ball* Mead, New Jeney 08502 An Equal Opportunity Employer. M/F/H

Help Wanted


SALES - Combine your nursing experience with go-getter sales attitude. Future, with travel & salary in the $20's. Mr. Grant 609-896-1183 P. Robert Dann Personnel, 134 Franklin Cnr. Road.

Research/Admin. Ass't 12-12K GETTY PERSONNEL

Bright individual with good typing. Help administer small economic firm. Interest in statics and computers helpful. Super benefits. Never a fee. Call 609 896-9470.

1527 Fiiiiirgiin's Lane a i m . 27 No. Brunswick 201-H2 l-(i750

POSITION AVAILABLE Director Womens Resource Center. Responsible for administering total Center SHIPPING & Receiving Program. Must im* SELECTIVE Knowledge of UPS & plement policies and mail helpful, will teach. procedures, select staff, PERSONNEL * E d u c a t i o n a l book develop new programs, distributor. Apply BMI, manage public relations, 3131 Princeton Pike Haypress Rd, Dayton, conduct funding camPrinceton Pike Office Perk NJ. paigns. $16,000 plus Lawrenceville, N.J. fringe. Send resume to: Personnel Committee, ARCHITECTURAL DRWomens Resource Center Board of RECEPTIONIST/ TY- AFTSMAN ./ W - MinDirectors, 80 East High PIST - Part time, varied imum 5 years exSt., Somerville, 08876. duties & responsibilities, perience in working good organizer, self- drawings, presentation, starter. Apply im- etc., small pleasant office mediately. Call 609-921- with a variety of work. College degree preferred WOULD YOU LIKE - to 1570. but not required. State get into the business field salary preference, in& learn insurance while RECEPTIONIST - Part clude resume. Reply to. you are still in High time for Veterinary P.O. Box 6040, School? Good typing Hospital in Princeton Lawrenceville; New skills required. 2-3 hrs. area. typing Jersey 08648. daily after school. required. Light Send resume & Saturdays, 5 hrs. Call salary requirements to Kathy or Joan, 609-924- Box #03244 c/o Princeton CLERICAL $$$ 0401. Packet. WHEREVER YOU ARE, WE" ARE THERE Secy. Jr. to $180 ACCOMODATE SALES HELP WANTED TO YOU! - Retail vitamin store ENTRY LEVEL• seeking individuals with Come in and get 3 positions available for retail experience or acquainted with TOWN nutrition • • background. your • recently acquired TEMPS. We have always typing and steno skills. Evening hours Monday had the nicest working thru Thursday between 4 Large international relationships with our corporations. Great & 9:30 pm. Vitalife, TEMPS, and our clients future. Exceptional Quaker Bridge Mall, rely on our judgement to benefits. Call ASAP for Lawrenceville. Call 609- supply them with the 799-3670 between 10am & best: details & appt. 9:30pm for interview. ASK FOR Secretaries Typists LORRAINE DAVIS Word Processors SALES - Prestige firm, Bookkeepers Clerks excellent growth, protected territory, You'll like the companies office products. $10K top we keep! commission, expenses. Ms. Cohen 609-896-1183 Rt 130 at Black Horse La P. Robert Dann PerNo. Brunswick, NJ 08902 sonnel 134 Franklin Cnr. (201)297-1230 Road.


RSTown Temps

Responsible, talented, and caring for pediatric group practice starting Aug. 18, 1980. Challenging and rewarding position with top salary and fringes. N.J. X-ray license. Limited Saturday hours. Will consider part time.

609-921-1047 201-874-3222 ESL WRITER (English as a second language) We are looking for someone to assist in the preparation of materials for the teaching of English as a second language. Curriculum development experience strongly preferred. Send resume and salary requirements to:

BERLITZ 1101 State Rd. Research Park, Bldg. O Princeton, N.J. 08540

(609) 924-8500 ext. 228 e/o/eM/F

MACHINIST Familiar with tool room equipment and procedures. Able to work from blueprints. Steady work with good pay and benefits. Please call Personnel Department, 609466-3400.

Princeton 101 College Rd. East 609-452-1122 No Brunswick 880 Georges Rd. Rt fat 130 201-828-6200 Piscataway 255 Old New Brunswick Rd. 201-981-0440

RECYCLE THIS NEWSPAPER Princeton Regional Schools Computer Science Teach and implement newly designed computer literacy program at the Middle School. Experience with the instructional use of micro computers highly desirable. Must be eligible for N.J. teacher's certification. Send resume to: PRINCETON REGIONAL SCHOOLS PEKSOriNEL OFFICE

P.O. Boi 711 PRINCETON, HI. M54O

Part Time Cook We offer outstanding benefits, excellent income, liberal discounts, congenial working conditions and opportunity for advancement.

Apply J . C. Penney Reception Area - Second Floor Quakerbridge Mall, Rt. 1, Lawrence, N. J. 609-799-8100 An Equal Opportunity Employer

LAB TECH- Chemistry or engineering; environmental; water testing. LAB TECH - Organic synthesis; light instrumentation. LAB TECH - Analytical chemical and physical testing. All positions FEE PAID. Salary $12-$15,000. Major area firms. Growth potential. Full benefits, including tuition refund. Min. 1 yr. exp in gen. chem. lab. Call Tina Bradley, ROYAL PERSONNEL SERVICES, 690 Whitehead Rd., Lawrenceville, 609989-7200.

Project Manager To32K CICS Must have CICS, CICS CICS, CICS, also CICS a plus. If you have any of the above qualifications please call Dick Simon 609 896-9470.

* SELECTIVE PERSONNEL *• .3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Pork Lawrenceville, N.J.

SECRETARY - Princeton consulting firm seeks an enthusiastic secretary with good typing and steno skills. Dictating machine and memory typewriter experience preferred. Excellent salary & benefits. Call Liz 609-9242080. PEOPLE ARE - raving about our food & service staff. Opportunity now to work breakfast & lunch at the popular Coach & Four Restaurant. Call Hostess 609-448-2400. PHOTO RETAIL SALES - Part time in Princeton. Call eves, 8-10pm. 201246-8219. ASST. FOOTBALL COACH - Princeton Day School. Call 609-448-0626. OIL PAINTING LESSONS wanted - Call 609-799-0748. ACCOUNTS - Payable, prestige Princeton firm, bright individual take charge A/P dept. Experienced interact with all levels of management. To. $15K M. Cohen 609-896-1183, P. Robert Dann Personnel, 134 Franklin Cnr. Road.



Help Wanted Tvoist Typist

to$225 to $225

WORD PROCESSOR ...needed for company moving to new location. 2 yrs. experience in word processing plus accurate 50 wpm typing required. Vydeck 1400 a plus. Good benefits. 8:30 to 5:00 hrs. No fee. Call for details & appt.


OFFICE POWER Rt 130 at Black Horse La. No. Brunswick, NJ 08902 (201)297-1230

REGISTERED NURSES 3 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. shift - port time or full time Foothill Acres Nursing Home, Amwoll Rd., Neshanlc, N.J. Call 201369-8711 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday for appointment.

or 201-359-1535

Opportunities! Learn how to recognize them, and create them. Continuous training programs lor both n e j ^ and "experienced" salespeople"" Full or part time, with license or without, call for details about this exciting and rewarding career. Join our creative, successful staff...take a good look at the opportunities. Call Philip Dezan, Sterling Thompson Group, Sterling Thompson & Associates • 297-0200..,

PRINCETON EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Specializing in Temporary Help Permanent Placements in Secretarial, Clerical Executive, EDP and Technical 352*Nassau St., Princeton (609)924-9134

Full t i m e temporary position available for individual with good clerical background. Position to last aprox. 6 months. Excellent salary.


to$; to $240

PRESIDENT ...has just moved to brand new quarters in Edison / Woodbridge area. A mature attitude plus accurate typing and steno skills can put you in your own private office. Growing company with superior benefits. No fee. Call for details & appt.


PAYROLL CLERK - Top firm. Several years of payroll and clerical experience $9,200+ Ms. Cohen 609-896-1183, P . Robert Dann Personnel, 134 Franklin Cnr. Road.


Rt 130at Black Horse La. No. Brunswick, NJ 08902 (201)297-1230




SECRETARY - Steno. Don't hide your talents. Your skills will secure position with fastest growing law firm in the area. All benefits, to $11,700 NO FEE. Mr. Grant 609-896-1183, P. Robert Dann Personnel, 134 Franklin Cnr. Road.

Help Wanted

HEALTH EDUCATOR male, needed to develop education program for ASK FOR DIANE HORN men & work with current education staff & activities. Bachelors in Health Education or Social Work pref. Exp. in curriculum development Rt 130 a t Black Horse La. & evaluation desired. Rt 130 at Black Horse La. No. Brunswick, NJ 08902 $9,500 w/exc. fringe No. Brunswick, NJ 08902 (201)297-1230 benefits. Send resume to (201)297-1230 Estelle Best, Planned 'BABYSITTER NEED- Parenthood, 437 E. State LIBRARIAN (MEDIA ED - every Wed. & St, Trenton, NJ 08608. SPECIALIST). N.J. Thurs. 11:30 to 6pm. in certification required. 1 my Twin Rivers Apt. 609RN's & LPN's Part time E a s t Windsor Reg. 443-4117. position in pediatric School District, 384 office. Alternate Sat. Stockton St., Hightstown, mornings. Please con- NJ 08520. 609-448-3660, SALES HELP - Full and part time in East Wind- tact: PO Box 367, ext. 203. Equal Opportunity Employer F/M sor area. Workable Kingston, NJ 08528. knowledge of books required. 609-924-8296. MESSENGER - for law PRODUCTION SU- firm. Own car needed for , P E R V I S O R delivery of documents in ex- central New Jersey area. OUTDOOR WORK - Part Manufacturing time for light land- perience in the areas of Miscellaneous office union duties. Send resume to scaping & lawn work. s c h e d u l i n g , negotiations, etc. is the 609-896-0139. P.O. Box 1154, Princeton, key to this modern N.J. 08540. facility plant with a BOOKKEEPER: Exper- steady work load. FEE ienced. F u l l - t i m e PAID! To 18K + + . Call PUBLIC OPINION position with small non- Paula. Interviewers needed for profit agency. Must be part time telephone Familiar with payroll, .interviewing assign'trial, balance and Rte. 130, ments. No selling infinancial statements, tax Hightstown volved. Will train. Must preparations and 609-448-0500 be willing to work at payments. Call (609) 452location in
SALES & STOCK Real Estate Salespersons

Help Wanted



Marjorie M. Halliday Day and Evening

We offer a liberal benefit package excellent starting salary, and outstanding growth potential.

Help Wanted

CLERICAL HOUSEKEEPER WAN- Executive Secy. $12k TED - 2:30 to 5:30 Teller/trainee $130 + daily for after . school Secy./Jr. $180 care of 6|/2 yr. old, Clerk $150 housecleaning. Pennington B o r o u g h . DATA PROCESSING References required. Programmer/370 23k+ Salary negotiable. Call Programmer/Tech 609-737-2464 eves. $23k+ Operator open Programmer/AnDENTAL ASSISTANT — alyst open Suburban specialty Programmer open practice seeking person with an interest in ADMINISTRATIVE developing interpersonal Sales Manager $22k & communications skills. Personnel Manager $16k Unique opportunity to CostAcct. $17k apply dental training in TaxAcct. $28k an environment that Acct./Auditor $20k+ stresses a total health concept. Call bet. 8 & TECHNICAL 4pm, Mon. thru Thur. Mechanical Eng. to$32k 609-883-2828. Electronic Eng. to$30k

Dental Assistant

An Equal Opportunity Emoloyei. M/F

• • • • •

Help Wanted

Applications being taken for full-time sales and stock. Retail sales and stock experience helpful but not necessary. Apply in person only, no phone calls, between 11-3, Monday through ffriday to Mr. O'Bryan.

Contact Personnel Dept. (609) 734-4582

FOODSERVICE SUPERVISOR New Position (s). Central N. J. psychiatric hospital with ambulatory population requires two Food Service Supervisors. 1 to 2 yrs supervisory and dining room experience a must. High school graduate plus certification of 99 hr. dietary supervisory course or degree in Food Service Management, rotating every evening and weekend shift: Excellent working conditions, good salary and fringe benefits. Please send resume with experience to Box 03225 c/o Princeton Packet. Equal Opportunity Employer M/F

Expanding Princeton organization has immediate openings in the following departments. COMMUNICATIONS Will assist in publications for health care agency organization. Some knowledge of graphic principles necessary. At least 2 yrs of college or secretarial school required. Excellent typing skills and ability to keep accurate records and maintain filing system. Responsibilities will include proofreading news releases and dealing with media. INSURANCE Good typing, dictaphone experience and good communications skills required. Call Personnel 9 am to 12 noon (609) 452-9280 Equal Opponunity Employer M/F



1680 N. Olden Avenue

Equal Opportunity Employer

Trenton, N.J.

PERSONNEL MANAGER Trenton-area manufacturer seeks top-flight wellorganized professional capable of developing, implementing and administering all company-wide human resources, policies and procedures. Position requires thorough familiarity with all types of employee-related programs and departmental procedures, in union and non-union atmosphere. The successful candidate must be a strong, self-starting, flexible executive accustomed to the fast pace of a growing company, possess superior verbal and written communications skills, who can initiate and consummate appropriate projects as required. Send complete resume and salary history to Box#03246, c/o Princeton Packet.

$$$ OPEN

CREATE YOUR CAREER the exciting employment industry. If you are commission oriented and self-motivated, you can create your career in the fastest growing industry nationwide, interviewing applicants and visiting client companies is only part of the fun. Gall for details & appt.


OFFICE RD. #4, Box 447-D No. Brunswick, N. J. 08902 (201)297-1230

Classified Advertising

Week of July 30 - August 1,1980

Help Wanted PRINCIPAL, COMMUNITY EDUCATION. N.J. Principal's certificate required. East Windsor Reg. School District, 384 Stockton St., Hightstown, NJ 08520. Equal Opportunity Employer F/M. BOOKKEEPER ASSISTANT - Aug. 18 full time opening available for individual willing to learn and assist bookkeeper. Excellent company benefits and pleasant surroundings in Princeton. Send resume to Box #03235 c/o Princeton Packet. Tracking & Telemetry Control Engineer 30K FORTUNE 100 TT&C hardware engineer to perform analyses, hardware definition, and applications engineering in the analog, digital, and RF disciplines on both spacecraft and ground control systems. 3 - 5 yrs. exp. Super benefits. Never a fee. Call 609 8969470.

* SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princoton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrencovillo, N.J.

Help Wanted Programmer

to $25,000

PDP-11 Fortune 200 Corporation is seeking technical support candidate to interface with department personnel and outside vendors. 1-2 yrs. experience with Fortran and Basic, PDP-11 and RSTS is a must. Outstanding beneifts with unlimited growth potential. No fee. Call for details & appt. ASK FOR SANDY ROTHMAN

OFFICE POWER' Rtl30at Black Horse La No. Brunswick, NJ 08902 '201)297-1230 BABYSITTER - mature woman to sit for 7 mos. old in my home on Mon., Wed. & Fri. Plainsboro area. After 5:30pm, 609799-1662. WANTED - Errand person for busy office. Duties include local driving of company car, occasional longer trips and misc. office duties. Must have good driving record & be over 18, Call Anny, 609-921-8100.

LIBRARY - PART TIME - Technical Assistant Processing - Mon. thru Fri., 20-25 hrs. weekly. Typing (45 wpm). Physical processing of materials with student assistance, attention to detail & ability to work with pejople essential. Music degree preferred, library experience desired. $3.75 per hr. Written replies only. N. Wicklund, Talbott Library, Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ 08540 An AA/EOE.

ASST. CHORAL LIBRARIAN - Assists choral librarian in variety of library & clerical duties, including circulation of materials, answering reference questions and supervising students; involves heavy public contact, not a desk job! Must have BA in music with knowledge of choral repertoire, ability to deal with people, library experience helpful but not necessary. Written replies only to; S. RECEPTIONIST Clausen, Talbott Library, Westminster With typing skills (40-50 Choir College, Princeton, wpm) needed in the Prn. NJ 08540. An AA/EOE area. Applicants should have a pleasant telephone personality & be PREP well groomed. This is a KITCHEN permanent position in a PERSON - full time, call pleasant office. Come in for appt. 609-466-0110 now! No fee. Top rates. C h a r l e y ' s Brother Restaurant, Hopewell. J&J Temporaries 2936 Brunswick Pike Lawrenceville. NJ 08618 PART TIME - Sales clerk, seek 2 individuals 009-883-5572 to work in Flemington retail shop. 3-4 days per Communications week including ocEngineer 30K casional weekend. Call 201-788-5114 for more FORTUNE 100 & apResponsible f o r information specification, design and pointment. operational evaluation of satellite communications systems. Experience with spacecraft systems should include antennas, receivers, filters power amplifiers, and multiplexers. Experience must also in-

clude performance evaluation techniques and communications systems testing. 5+ yrs. exp. Super benefits. Never a fee. Call 609 8969470.

* SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Pork Lawrencovillo, N.J.

RECEPTIONIST/ TYPIST - Full time for law firm. No steno required. Princeton Jet. area. 609443-6706. HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS - to try out mathematics questions. $10 for a two-hour test a d m i n s t r a t i o n at , Educational Testing Service. Must have high school algebra and geometry. 609-734-5173.

NEEDED 6 - Persons interested in earning $60$100 a week or $400-$500 per month. Work part time from the home. Call for an appointment 609397-3010 or 201-782-5943. Accountant PUBLISHING Growing company needs top professionals from the following areas: Financial Planning 7yrs+ CashMgmt 5yrs.+ Internal Audit'g 5yrs.+ Excellent salary & super benefits. Never a fee. Call 609 896-9470 or write P.O. Box 3166, Princeton, NJ 08540.

* SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J.

3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park lawrenceville, N.J.

PSYCHOLOGIST (SCHOOL) East Windsor Reg. School District, 384 Stockton St., Hightstown, NJ. Patricia Brown 609-448-3660, ext. 203. Equal Opportunity Employer F/M.

Help Wanted

PASTE-UP ARTIST - Accountant ACCOUNTING must be experienced, Rapidly growing elecaccurate & Droductive. tronic communication Salary -I- benefits. Terry firm needs top Smith, 215-295-8109. professionals in the following areas. PART TIME Veterinary asst. needed. Some evenings and Sat. Send resume to Box #03236, c/o Princeton Packet. MAINTENANCEWORKER. 12-month work work year. Salary $10,810, - $13,000. Apply East Windsor Reg. School District, 384 Stockton St., Hightstown, NJ 08520. 609-448-3660, ext. 203. Equal Opportunity Employer F/M. Network Controllers 20+K TELEVISION OPERATIONS 3-5 yrs. exp. in video/audio common carrier, or TV broadcasting environment. Monitoring satellite video traffic, scheduling services, evaluate/ resolve anomaly reports, etc. Outstanding benefits. Prestige company. Never a fee. Call 609 8969470.

* SELECTIVE PERSONNEL* 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J.

ARE YOU WORTH MORE THAN YOU'RE PAID? Become part of the "LARGEST'r Real Estate Network in the world! We offer Nat'l massive selling power, full training television, etc. Expanding our staff at Century 21 Krol in the Princeton/ Montgomery Office. Management Potential. Call 609-9247575 or 201-874-8700. Acct. Clerk

to $11,400

LOCAL ...corporation growing 30% annually needs sharp minded individual to handle leasing Crharges, compute weekly and daily rates, post daily receipts and handle payroll. Will be working with computer terminal. Excellent opportunity. Full benefits including dental. No fee. Call ASAP for details & appt.

General Accounting 3yrs.+ Cost/ Accounting 2yrs.+ ' Financial Analyst 5yrs.+ Audit/ Supervisor 5yrs.+ Must have degree with industry experience or public background. Super growth within corporate staff. Excellent benefits. Never a fee. Call 609 896-9740 or write P.O. Box 3166, Princeton, NJ 08540.

*• SELECTIVE PERSONNEL * 3131 Princeton Pike Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J.

LAWRENCE ADULT School is seeking to hire a mature individual for the position of evening supervisor. This position calls for working with instructional staff and existing building personnel • in a cooperative manner to assist in the smooth operation of evening, adult classes. Beginning Sept. 21 for three evenings a week, Mon, Tues & Wed, 7-8:30pm for the fall term. (Possible employment for the spring term.) Salary $4/hour. Please respond in writing with a letter of intent to: Lawrence Adult School, 2525 Princeton Pike, Lawrenceville, N.J. 08648, attn. Elizabeth Saklas. Deadline: Aug. 18. RECEPTIONIST - Greet public beautiful office, will train on PBX, lite typing to $650+. Ms. Neuman 609-896-1183, R. Robert Dann Personnel, 134 Franklin Cnr. Road. CHRISTIAN YOUTH Director - part time. Experienced in guiding ages 12-22. To $5400 for 9 months. Hightstown Presbyterian Church, 609-448-0055 mornings, 448-8910 eves.

Maintenance Worker $10,950 - $12,750 - 12 months Fringe Benefits. Knowledge and experience in all electrical areas preferred, ASK FOR and experience in SANDY ROTHMAN plumbing, carpentry, and general school maintenance. Black Seal License Preferred. CONTACT: Dr. Stephen L. Sokolow, SuperinRt 130at Black Horse La. tendent Upper Freehold No. Brunswick, NJ 08902 Regional School District, (201)297-1230 3 South Main Street, Allentown, N.J. 08501 CHILDRENS CHOIR Attn: M. Sue James - 609Director - 32 weeks. $800. 259-7258. Deadline: Hightstown Presbyterian August 15,1980. An Equal Church. 609-448-0055 Opportunity Employer mornings. 448-8910 eves.


COMMUNITY HEALTH nursing position available in Hightstown for Registered Nurse with B.S. degree. Independent position emphasizing health promotion /14 hours per week. Send resume now to C. Hughes, Borough Hall, 148 Main St., Hightstown, N.J. 08520. "SELECTIVE PERSONNEL INC." PROFESSIONAL Opportunities -

Our client companies need assistance in recruiting tOD professionals with the following professional experience: Design EngineerBSME or PE License 35K Production EngineerMSEE 30K Electronic EngineerBSEE 25K EXECUTIVE SEC- Project Engineer 30K RETARY In- Plant Engineer 35K ternational Princeton Sr. Design Engineer 35K firm, bright individual, Mechanical Engineer30K good organizational Qualtiy Assurance skills, work in- Engineer 30K dependently, start Top benefits. Neven a $10,400 + . Ms. Cohen 609- fee. Call 609 896-9470.

HOUSEKEEPING Personnel - immediate openings for experienced, persons only. Full time positions. Apply in person to Executive Housekeeper Hilton Inn, East Windsor, Mon-Fr, 95. No phone calls.

Sales 20's-f LOSANGELES Experience needed in selling voice and data communications services. Experience, in selling technical products to a commercial market a plus. Progressive compensation plan. Outstanding benefits. Never 896-1183, P. Robert Dann a fee. Call 609 896-9470. Personnel 134 Franklin Cnr. Road.


Help Wanted


DENTAL HYGIEN3131 Princeton Pike IST - State Hospital for Mentally Retarded.has Princeton Pike Office Park Lawrenceville, N.J. vacancy fbr licensed dental hygienist. All civil service benefits. Contact N.J. Neuropsychiatric REGISTRAR - 10 mos. Institute, 609-466-0400, job, full benefits, Stuart Country Day School of ext. 241. the Sacred Heart, Call Mr. Fleming, Bus. Manager, 609-921-2330 or DEADLINE FOR NEW write Stuart Rd, PrinADS IS ceton, NJ 08540. EOE. 5 PM MONDAY

Help Wanted

CASHIER - Host/ hostess. E x - MALE/ FEMALE with perienced. Steady. No printing & graphic exSundays. Immediate. perience wanted to manage & process 609-924-9313. printing and graphic orders. Must be neat in appearance & detail BABYSITTER - needed oriented. Call 609-924for 3 toddlers in her home 0825 for appt. for next school year, Princeton area only. 609921-7066. CLERK-TYPIST - Imm e d i a te . p o s i tion KEY ENTR"Y - System available in Rocky Hill Operator. Key to disc. branch office. Pleasant The work involves coding .personality, accurate & operator will be (typing & record keeping needed for trained to use machine. skills contact The Gallup Organization. c u s t o m e r 609-924-9600, ext. 278 position. Previous bank and/or office experience E.O.E. a definite plus. Please call Branch office at 609REAL E S T A T E 924-9466 for a personal SECRETARIAL - interview. First National position opening for Bank of Central Jersey. June. Seeking aggres- An equal opportunity sive/administrative in- employer m/f. dividual. Call 609-9247575 ask for Barbara. SHEET METAL WANTED: Aggressive, WORKER reliable sales person. Opportunity to earn Must be experienced in $14,000 + . Sales ex- lay-out and setting up perience a must. 609-443- dies. Day shift. Per4499. manent employment and many benefits. Interviews, 8:30 to 4 p.m. SALES - Employment counselor - If you have McLEAN the ability & desire ENGINEERING to work with people & 70 Washington Rd. have had sales or puonc Princeton Jet, NJ contact experience, we 609-799-0100 will train. $12-14K+ first yr. Mr. Campbell, 609896-1570 for appointment. SECRETARY to partner, general law practice, suburban legal exTYPIST - Advance with Trenton, major, area firm, perience, shorthand & pleasant atmosphere dictaphone required, benefits. $750+ Mr. salary open. 609-883-7701. Grant, 609-896-1183, P. Robert Dann Personnel, X - R A \ TECH134 Franklin Cnr. Rd. NICIAN - State Hospital for Mentally Retarded has vacancy for certified EXERCISE Instructor x-ray technician. All civil needed to teach in service benefits. Contact Kingston area. Some N.J. Neuropsychiatric dance e x p e r i e n c e Institute, 609-466-0400, necessary. Call (201) 287- ext. 241. 4444. Ask for Stephanie. CAREER In Sales ancf Management with major company due to expansion: Sales experience helpful but not essential. Substantial starting salary, with incentive increases as earned. After a training period in sales an opportunity for a career in management is available. For parliculars call Mr. Pcnecale 609-896-9740 EOE. EARN A GOOD income While you train for a professional career in Sales. Call Mr. Cohen, 609-298-5852. E.O.E. m/f. YOU Want to <•'<> w\\\\ the rest of your lite'.' Decide ;it a weekly e ;i r e e r w <> r k s h o p beginning soon in Princoton. (109-921-2677.

SECURITY Guards, permanent & part time. Middlesex County, Hightstown & Lawrenceville Areas. Uniforms furn. All ages. PART-TIME HELP For appt., call 201-3?9WANTED 6021 betw. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Equal " Opportunity New Jersey National Employer. Guard Units, New Brunswick Area. Our / State Agency needs prior D I S H W A S H E R service and non-prior UTILITY - Lunches &. service people to fill key dinners. Steady. 609-924positions in the following 9313. career fields: Secretarv-Steno Chauffeur Budget Specialist Journalist ' Stenographer Legal Clerk Court Reporter Patient Care Specialist Medical Aid Man Mechanic Wire Systems Installer Communications Specialist Military Police Radio Operator Call for an appointment 201-545-8903,,or apply in person, 1060 Hamilton Street, Somerset, N.J. SECRETARIES CLERK TYPISTS MAG CARD OPERATORS 'WANG OPERATOR CLERICAL POSITIONS

Are you thinking of returning' to the business world in the Fall? Spend an hour with us NOW to discuss your opportunities in the temporary job market. J&J has long & Short assignments in the area close to home. Our pay rates are high & no fee is charged. Come in now!

Help Wanted

WAITRESSES/ WAITER, experienced Sun & holidays off. 609-924-9313. HOUSEKEEPER Babysitter, full time permanent position for experienced mature person. Live-in or liveout: In Kingston area of Princeton. Call 201-3292789 after 6pm. NEEDED IN Cranbury a loving and concerned individual to care for baby while mother teaches. Care is for 9 mo old girl Mon thru Wed 8 to 3 & Thurs 8 to 12 noon. 609-737-1872. SERVICE STATION Attendant Wanted Monday thru Friday 3 to 7 p.m. Some weekends. Apply in person at Griggs Corner Amoco, 66 Witnerspoon St, Princeton. 609-924-7892.

TEACHERS - part time French or Spanish, part time science. Must have N.J. certification. Please send resume to South Brunswick. Board of J&J Temporaries Education, 1 Executive 2936 Brunswick Pike Dr., Monmouth Junction, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 N.J. 08852. EOE m/f. 609483-5572

Help Wanted BABYSITTER - near Krepps School. Start mid Sept. 2 preschoolers 609448-4230. KEYPUNCH OPERATOR - The Gallup Organization in Prn is seeking a keypuncher. Experienced operator pref. 609-924-9600, ext. 278, E.0:E.


Help Wanted CAFETERIA/ PLAYGROUND AIDES, 10 month position, (9/1/80 to 6/30/81) approximately 2V2 hours daily $3.90/hour, West Windsor - Plainsboro Regional School Dist., Princeton Jet., N.J. 08550. For information and application please contact: Dr. Arthur C. Downs, Jr., Principal Dutch Neck School 609799-0655. Equal Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer.

Help Wanted CAREER, JOB search & educational counseling :; Testing & Resume included. Dr. Michael L. Rosenthal, 609-737-2236. GENERAL OFFICE ASST - for large law firm. Misc. duties include mail, photocopy, local deliveries. Send resume to P.O. Box 1154, Princeton, N.J. 08540.

NURSE - RN OR LPN, CRAFT CAREER - Full 3:30-llpm shift. 3 or 4 evenings per week. HOUSEKEEPER - 4 or part time selling and teaching stitchery, Small nursing home. Interview contact Ad- hrs/daily, 4 days/wk, working independently have car, Call Susan 609-896-0749 ministrator, Sunnyfield must Nursing Home, 61 references, 609-737-2380. Maplewood Ave, Cranbury, NJ, 609-395- DENTAL ASST - E. WAREHOUSE PERSON 0641. Windsor, chairside exp. - Truckdriver diversified nee. X-Ray lie. pref. duties in warehouse Please call 609-443-6464. including truck driving. Call 609-395-0350. SECRETARY - full time to work for attorney, no SECRETARY needed for legal exp. nee. Must have education and research CLERICAL POSITION gd typing skills, steno or branch of U.S. Tennis Montgomery Twp. speedwriting e x p . Association. Varied Municipal Office. helpful. Office located in responsibilities. Must be Pleasant working cond. t y p i s t . & exc. fringe bens. 8amPerrineville 5 mins from a c c u r a t e Twin Rivers. Mon-Fri. Knowledge of dictating 4:30pm M-F, Gd. typing equipment and/or steno skills req. 201-359-8211. 201-446-7944. helpful. Challenging position in pleasant SECRETARY - wanted surroundings. Good COOK - woman or man, for small private benefits. Send resume for lunch in small Prn. elementary school. Year and references to: U.S. restaurant. 5 days, about round 8-4 position Tennis Assoc, 729 25 hrs/wk, Call 9am-2pm, requiring typing, Alexander Rd., Prin- 609-924-1707. shorthand, filing as well ceton, N.J. 08540 or call as ability to work' with 609-452-2580. children, parents, ESTHETICIAN NEEDgeneral public. Send ED - for elegant new resume to Chapin School, GIFTED & TALENTED salon. Princeton area. 4101 Princeton Pike, PROGRAM COOR- Excellent growth opPrinceton, N.J. 08540, D I N A T O R . N . J . portunity. Salary, attention Mr. ThomDSon. teacher's certification, commission, bonus. Call No phone calls please. required, East Windsor Ms. Philips, 609-921-0017 Reg. School District, 384 or 201-548-7303. Stockton St., Hightstown, NJ 08520. Equal OpTHE PRINCETON - portunity Employer F/M TYPESETTING - must be experienced, accurate University Store has & productive. $6/hr. + several openings for benefits. Terry Smith permanent, full time AVAIL- 215-295-8109. employment. Special POSITIONS order books & music ABLE - in sales and dept.; some typing management. Complete DRIVER NEEDED: Prn training to mid-town Manhattan required. Stock, sales & insurance receiving. Please apply, program. Draw plus full morns & return eves. Air benefits. c o n d i t i o n e d Mrs. Watts, 609-921-8500. company car Experience desired but provided. Reply Box SECRETARY not required. Call Mr. 2023, Princeton' stating Challenging position for Frank 609-448-0660. salary requirement. JANITOR well organized individual keeping dynamic, always on the go Prin- General cleaning duties GAL/GUY FRIDAY CLERICAL office/ Well organized person ceton surgeon pointed in in a new POSITION complex. with at least 2 yrs. the right direction. Must laboratory 2-10pm, 5 college. Good phone Light typing, filing, some be accurate typist in a Hours fast paced office, possess days/wk. Steady work. manner for receiving keypunch. 35 hour week a good memory, and able Gd. starting salary + phone orders & with the option of 4 or 5 to deal with change. comprehensive company messages. Also shipping, days. Excellent benefits. Some patient contact and paid benefits program occasional typing, insurance f o r m including dental plan for general office duties & Call Personnel processing. Mon thru individual & family. errands. Car essential. 9 AM to 12 Noon Fri, 9-5, with excellent Apply in person to: Thorough & efficient. (609) 452-9280 Firmenich Inc. benefits. Minimum 2 yrs. Flexible hrs. Fee experience or college Plainsboro Rd. Negotiable. Call 609-799Equal Opportunity degree required. Salary Plainsboro, N.J. 08536 4646. Employer M/W/H commensurate with ability. If qualified please call Karen Ciosek ARTISTS CASHIER - Full time at 609-924-3415. position. Immediate RECEPTIONIST Growing multi-media opportunity with the design/ production nation's fastest growing Interesting diversified HEATING - Ventilating, company looking for toy chain. Days only, no position. Accurate typist air conditioning. Recent experienced paste-up & evenings or weekends. who can work in-., Vo-Tech Graduate. Top mechanical artists to Apply in person, Kay- dependently. Princeton firm, fantastic benefits. work on all aspects of art Bee Toy & Hobby Shop, area. 609-452-2661. To $10K NO FEE, Mr. production. A/V exp. Quaker Bridge Mall, Grant, 609-896-1183 P. exc. skills, & gd. design Lawrenceville, NJ. Robert Dann Personnel, sense required. Send MOVEMENT/ MUSIC 134 Franklin Cnr. Road. resume to: Production Dept., Wren Associates, SALESPERSON - Im- SPECIALIST - to work Inc., 145 Witherspoon St, mediate opportunity for with pre-schoolers 1 morning a week in Princeton, N.J. 08540. BABYSITTER - Exaggressive, results Princeton Nursery perienced & dependable oriented individual to sell School. Reply to Box person to give care to our advertising space to #03232 c/o Princeton 18 mos. old girl in our local retailers. Earn Packet. MAINTENANCE Princeton Jet. home $250-$500 per week. MECHANIC Tues & Wed mornings Excellent benefits, 8am-lpiii, beginning in Expanding manufac- salary & commissions. LPN or RN - for internist Sept. References & turer of electrical Territory now open in office, Princeton. Please transportation required. equipment needs ex- Somerset County. Call reply with resume to Box 609-799-3792. perienced g e n e r a l •Mr. Salkind, 609-921-3092. #03230 c/o Princeton Packet. maintenance person for repair of production FASHION COUN- machinery and equip- O F F S E T PRESS SELOR - Part Time ment. Also, light Operator - Top notch, CAREER WORKSHOP Work - Full Time Pay - plumbing and electrical experienced, quality Based on "What Color Is Join our wonderful world work. Permanent em- color printer. AB Dick Your Parachute'.'" of fashion. No cash in- ployment, day shift. 360, T-51 color head, begins soon. KIT investment, free training, Many benefits. In- metal & 3M plastic lormation call i>0S>-921huge discounts on your terviews, 8:30 to 4pm. plates. Call Mr. Barnes 2077. family's clothing. Call 609-921-7434 for apfor appointment, 609-466pointment. McLEAN LOOKING F0.R AN 1619 or 587-2992. ENGINEERING Opportunity? - We have a 70 Washington Rd. EXECUTIVE DIREC- career opportunity in our Princeton Jet, NJ BLUE SEAL - or Red TOR - Women's Or- management trainee 609-799-0100 Seal Stationary ganization in Central program. Willingness to. Engineer. Plumbing & Jersey seeks ex- work hard, imagination heating experience. Gd. perienced administrator and initiative are the benefits, pension. requirements. with demonstrated main EXECUTIVE Steady, yr. round emStar! $10,000 - $15,000. An ability in Fiscal SECRETARY ployment, pet. 1980. The emManagement. Knowl- equal opportunity Lawrenceville School, ployer. Call Mr- Thomas, edge of commuNeeded for year-long 609-896-0018. or- 609-599-3035". assignment in the nity non-profit ganizations preferred. Princeton area. Must have exc. secretarial Candidate should be INTERIOR Designer •*. skills & be able to work familiar with writing talented person with SEC/OFC. MGR independently. Come in proposals for Federal training in interior synagogue seeks person grants. Send resume to design-w/ability to sell..' with good typing / now! J&J pays top rates Search Committee Residential interiors & or shorthand skills for & charges no fee. Chairperson, D4 Lincoln office furniture. Submit flexible 25 hr. week in So. Lane, Dayton, N.J. 08810. resume with salary J&J Temporaries Brunswick. Send resume history to: Leonard 2936 Brunswick Pike to Rabbi, PO Box 3028, LaPlaca, Nassau InLawrenceville, NJ No. Brunswick, 08902. 609-883-5572 FOOD S E R V I C E teriors, 162 Nassau St., MANAGEMENT - Princeton, N.J. 08540. Director of Dietary for SECURITY S P E - area Health Care CIALIST ConSECRETARY Facility. Great op- r'OOD & BEVERAGE tinental Independent portunity for personal Dining room, Lounge &, Princeton area. Self Security, Inc. Accepting growth in dynamic Banquet. Evenings & motivated with good applications for full time Health Care Food Ser- weekends. Full time & on typing & shorthand positions available in the vice Company. We offer call. Apply in person. skills. Able to work with So. Brunswick, Freehold excellent salary & Food & Beverage Office. others* handle diver- and Hightstown areas. benefits. Applicants Hilton Inn East Windsor, sified duties & Must be mature minded, must have a degree in No phone calls. correspondence for neat and have valid F o o d Service payroll dept. with little drivers license with own M a n a g e m e n t or supervision. Call 201-628- trans. Uniforms and Dietetics w/exD. in Recycle training provided. Apply Health Care Food at C.I.S. 387 Mercer St.. Service area. Please MAYFAIR SERVICES Hightstown, NJ or call this newspaper 19 Mayfair Dr. Debra Mueller, 609-443-5451 Mon thru Fri contact Wayne, NJ 215-687-3282. 10AM-4PM. 07470


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Bargain Mart

Bargain Mart

- Bureaus, "How to Prevent Your FURNITURE nightstands, KITCHEN SET: table, 4 Son or Daughter from beds. mirrors, chairs, vinyl chairs; 3 pc. den set. 201B e c o m i n g a couch, pictures & 297-2620. Homosexual." Ask for f r a m elamps, elving, this booklet free of c a c u l ast,o r , s hwooden charge. New Song Box screen door, footstool, #03146 c/o Princeton walnut dining room suite FEED ONE - Adult for $7.06 weekly. Includes 1 Packet. riiiiMderi'd a good housesitter position. - 9-pc, wheelbarrow, etc. lb. meat daily, choice of 8 roptuiM' Who n. Live-in on premises. Antiques - walnut vanity fresh vegetables & however, you art1 dealing Experience married & bench, oak dresser, ENGLISH ANCESTRY - oak T-back chairs, tilt- grains. Free details \MIII Now York Times couple, excellent WANTED: 18-24 are you of English blind box ads. the 7°,', references.. 201-782-8825. DATE SINGLE top table, mirrors, write: Tri-co, P.O. Box origin? Do you want to Phillip Morris cigarette 336, Dept. A, Belle Mead, £>*•> down lo 1%. if even. beautiful lady, up to 5'5" PROFESSIONAL know more about your poster, tool chest, tools, NJ 08502. that high Blind, box ada and 1150. Free to marry PEOPLE CHILD- HOUSECLEANING - EXPERIENCES in early , 30's white male roots? Well, now you can collectables and much are I lie single toughest E X P E R T challenge to any job CARE - Music Teacher, wanted, Princeton - Living - Learning - Learn who likes partying, We are a selective dating have this done at a more. 609-259-7232. 324 hunter, and the single mother, willing to give Pennington area. Exc. to identify and fulfill smoking, rock music, organization that un- remarkably low cost. Sharon Road, Rob- KING SIZE BED infant/todaler references. 609-394-0433. personal .needs, increase dancing and quiet eves. derstands the special Just think of your own binsville, N.J. most severe test of any your Simmons Beauty Rest, family tree going back to resume You can send organized learning exlike new, $150. 212-839self esteem and improve One child O.K. In-needs of single, hundreds and never hear perience and loving care 3347 day, 609-924-5573, interpersonal com- terested? Call Bobby, professional people. Call the early 1800s with full a word Recently a client in my home. Fenced munications. These 201-545-9842. ' or write for Free Social documentation, and fully HANDKNIT MENS' eves. ol ours mailed II yard, balanced diets. ATTENTION TEACH- themes and others will be Profile. Compatibility laid out ready for TIES - handsome working explored in a supportive resumes, all to New •"* ork Call for appt. 609-737- ERS Plus, Inc.,, Box 3337P, display. All research is machine washable solid mothers. Responsible setting through group NOTICE - to Mr. E: pis Wayne, N.J. (201) 256-carried out in England. colors: Times blind box ads.0448. gold, moss green, CUT VELVET SOFA & 2 Don't delay. Send now kelly green, caring mother will watch interaction. Certified pick up your refrig. 0202. within the course of one beige, aqua,' chairs, end tbles, tble Carnation PI. soon as for further information blue. Only $5.98 \Yeok. She received in- MOTHER OFFERS your infant or toddler in group leader. Offices in poss. + 50c lamps, chrome & glass to Meadowcrest, P.O or call 609-882-4361. terviews with 6 (and .was Childcare Guaranteed. No cocktail tble, 2 Rya rugs, for my home full time. Princeton and Kendall Box 577, Dept. 5, postage. hue;! on the first one). preschoolers (2-5 yrs).Reasonable rates, quiet Park. Contact B. Blank, Cash. Send check to My drapes & rods. 201-821SEEKING RIDER to Stanhope, NJ 07874. Thai is a ~n% response Playroom crafts, snacks, neighborhood, Mon- 201-297-9567. Ty, PO Box 155 Roosevelt 7141. INTO BIORHYTHMS? - Calif, to do some driving rate which is so ex- crib, TLC. Twin Rivers, tgomery Twp. 201-359NJ 08555. If not, give it a serious and help pay for gas: iraonluury that some 0539. look. Keep track of your Estimated departure inav not believe us. Let609-443-3343. body's physical, us help sour job search DIVORCE MEDIATION. .emotional and mental between Aug. 15-30. Good FISHER - Quad/st, 26 Bargain Mart by providing you with CHILD CARE available An alternative to ad- resources, the better to driving record a must. watt, $150. 2 - Fisher 30 OFFICE FURNITURE Trailer space avail. MY HOUEKEEPER has iihe of the best resumes Teacher on maternity versary divorce. Third like new. 4-10 bie watt spk, $100. Direct dr. \ou can obtain anywhere leave. My home. 609-448- free days. Call 609-924- party intervention in plan and account for Phone 609-448-9210. days, desks/formica — metal. turntble $75. 609-448-4654. your actions and or 609-448-1450 eves. Ask in the Nation. More, we 1876. BABY NEEDS - Perego Call Linda at 609-921-7943 2806. settlement agreements responses. Send for free for Tom. Carriage, playpen etc, by trained counselor. No- chart of current month will advise you on how to excellent condition 609- 9-5pm, 201-874-8700. fault or traditional. For and further inuse ii Call us to find out EVENING JOB desired 443-5671. BLUEBERRIES - Pick more, we will answer all taking care of elderly Announcements information write Box 49, formation. Mail name, SYLVANIA - 25" color your own! 8am-4pm, all E. Millstone NJ 08873, or HAVE A MOTOR address, birthdate to your questions & show1 from 5-npm. Call 609call 201-359-9605. CIRCADIAN SOCIETY, HOME? Are you up for a CAPTAIN'S desk - pine T.V. $125. 201-359-3057 wk (7 days), 1-195 to saniples of our work 396-9644 after 5pm. after 5. Great Adventure Exit, We are trestle 195 Nassau St., Prin- challenge? without fee or obligation. table, pine turn left, over bridge & THE BAHAI FAITH looking for someone with matching pair cutceton, N.J. 08540. 201-359-5948. Unity of Mankind, TWIN COUNTY Country a Winnebago or other velvet chairs, tool boxes, FIREWOOD - mixed follow signs. MY SUMMER passenger - carrying h a n d housekeeper seeks full Universal Peace. For Day School, opening in t o o l s , load $90. per dump truck RESUMES UNLIMITED time live-in position. 201- information write: 1807 Sept. Nursery & day care vehicle to drive/tran- miscellaneous items. 609- load. Will deliver. 609TABLE SAW, 10" on Wm. & Mary Common, center in Kend. Pk., hrs. !SUMMER SPECIAL! - Your complete one-stop 873-3740. sport 2 couples to 924-6332. 466-1779. 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., -ELECTROLYSISrolling stand $90; 1978 Somerville, NJ 08876. resume service featuring Saratoga Springs, N.Y. ages 2'i; - 5, nutritious Free consultation & 15 for the weekend of Aug. bench seat for Chevy resumes professionallylunches, creative nur- min. treatment. Also 22-24. The pay is ex- RADIO SHACK TR- GOLD & SILVER van, blue, good cond., written to highlight your CHILD CAKE - Mother qualifications, expertly with child care esp. THE WHOLE EARTH sery & after school body waxing. cellent and the weekend S80COMPUTER - Level • Testing Kits for sale - for $60; old oak dresser go .onto program. Call. 201-297typed & duplicated. For forming small play and- CTR will Wendy 690-448-5219 will be fun and ad-II 16K. Expansion in- complete information w/lg. mirror, $125, firm. personal, confidential learning group. Private reduced hrs beginning 9340 or 297-7635. venturesome for you.terface 16K. Mini disks, send stamped envelope 201-329-2083. service call 609-448-0701. home, lunches provided. July 28th' until Aug. 23rcT Call after 7pm, 609-921- printer, many programs to Kenneth Miller, Rt. 1, 7579. available. Full system or Box 115, Lawrenceville, IBM EXEC, typewriter Infants & toddlers Summer schedule will be CHILD &FAMILY FALL PREVIEWS any at 30% off retail. 609- NJ '08648. Satisfaction 17" carr. model D, IBM welcomed. Walter C. as follows: HOME COUNSELING guaranteed. CAREER, JOB search & Black School area. 609- Hours: Closed Mondays, 737-0886. At their own home, child recon. $350 9-4. 201-329educational counseling - 448-4337. Tues-Fri 10am-2pm Theatre - Music & family learn how to 7685. I'M 35, 6'0," handsome; Testing & Resume inThurs&Frieves, Art Dance cope with problems professional, athletic, BIKE GIRLS, 5 spd, 26" DESIGNER - Studio cluded. Dr. Michael L. 5-7pm arising from emotional, romantic, personable & Vista Cruiser, brand new furniture. Sofa, chaise, Rosenthal, 609-737-2236. WELL Sat. 11-4 EDUCATED physical or develop- Reserve your space now sincere COMMERwith varied in- condition, $90. 609-882- glass top table, 2 SINGER LADY - Exceptional cook The deli will be open the mental h a n d i c a p s . in TIME OFF's annual terests. Looking to meet 8467. director's chairs & CIAL - Sewing machine, - exceptional references - same hours. Priscilla Maren; 609-466- Fall Preview which shapely, attractive lady platform bed. Other table top model #31-15, presents the calendar of 2039. E F F E C T I V E •^•RE- seeks position as com(25-36 for enjoyable pieces. Will sell very good cond. $125. 609events for the coming panion. Reply to Box SUMES - over 10 yrs. ED'S AIRPORT TAXI 466-0469. times. Will exchange SEC. COUCH, Formica separately. 609-921-0918. season. For further in#03240 c/o Princeton experience as a perTransportation to all MERCER photo! Write Box #03231 Table & chairs, Cedar FENCING formation, contact your Packet. sonnel manager & Airports. Or, if you CLUB - meeting Tu, Th, sales representative or c/o Princeton Packet. chest, oak furn, antiques, JALOUSIE WINDOWS placement counselor. I prefer, Ed will drive you STEEL (NEW) - all cast iron furn, can present your HOUSEKEEPER/COOK in your car to the airport Sun. Lessons. Call 609- call Fredrika Schwerin, dehumidifier, bicycles, 2at34',2x62, 2at33"2x62, products small orders 609-924-3244. background in a' - Mature woman desires or elsewhere. Call 609- 587-3661. Roger flatware, hi- 3/16" glass 'w/screens. O.K. Mon-Sat, Sampson professional manner part-time position for 921-7339. ATTORNEY MAKES cultiv, much more. 201-. Call 609-443-6945. Metal Service, New which will enable you to weekends only in the TIME OFF house calls on wills 873-2698. CLUTTERED CUPBrunswick, 201-828-2050. stand out from the rest. Princeton and Lawrence 8-way (from $35), house Call me & get your area. Reply Box #03242, POKER - The last BOARDS? Why not DBL. WINDOW newspaper supplement closings ($250-buyer, extra career in gear. By appt. c/o Princeton Packet. remaining men's game? d o n a t e Copy Deadline: $110-seller), unc. self- FREEZERS NEW, some 73'2x51" w/white alum, h o u s e w a r e s , books, only. After 5 p.m. 609-443August 28 WASHER, divorces ($100), In- floor models, exc. cond., storm/screens inc. $60.MAYTAG The game that exem- records, marketable 5922. Publication Date: corporations ($100). All cash & carry. Some older 609-799-3620. Sears 14,000 BTU air plifies the worst aspects miscellanea now for the ARE YOU A WORKING of capitalism that .has September 17 plus costs where ap- models avail, also. cond. Meyer deep well Sept 20th Potpourri? Mother? I am offering made plicable. James E. De pump, kitchen cab. sink, our country so United Public Service rtESUMES BY Gene child care services in my Proceeds benefit CUSTOM CLUB - lawn roller, cement Martino. Hillsborough, 201-329- 2chairs, Ryan - Your personalized home. Day & evening great. If you enjoy the Princeton Education WANT TO meet the NJ 201-874-5636 (leave Refrigeration, upholstered, mixer, meat slicer. 2018018. & effective job hours. Meals supplied. machismo of the original Center at Blairstown. perfect mate? Match message). brown velvet, brand new, 369-4622. American for money Call 609-452-3340, 9-5. marketing tool. Evening 609-448-6931. wits with the wordsters '.•a price. $300 per chair. game and if you ocappointments available. who enter TIME OFF's MAHOGANY OFFICE - Redecorating. 609-443casionally ignore the Dayton, N.J. 201-329Games contest; HAVING TROUBLE desk. Top measuring 4110. CARPETS - 9x12, 12x15, 2431, 201-329-6210. WANT TO VACATION, odds and play by some OVEREATERS Anony- Word m e e t s win a terrific prize and meeting or staying with 5'x2'/2'. Best offer. 609exc. cond. Nylon, burnt but worried about your more inspired sense of m o u s invite that special right person? 799-0155 eves. orange & brn, padding. home? This full-time value, you may qualify Thursday eves, Hight- someone to share it with the counseling Best offer. Also 11x25 professional housesitter for The Business & stown. 'Call for' in- you. See page 2 in TIME Loneliness FOUR BENTWOOD,609-448-2481 could help you find what ELECTRIC washer & style ctr stools, excl.' padding. 609-443-6261. Jobs Wanted p r o v i d e s s e c u r i t y , P r o f e s s i o n a l Men's formation: OFF. you're seeking. In- dryer - Harvest gold, cond. Call after 6pm. 609pampers your pets & Roundtable. Write P . O. or 443-1060 dividuals/ small groups. exc. cond. Must rnqve. 443-6539. plants, even feeds & Box 342, Rocky Hill, N.J. Michael L. Rosenthal, Also bar w/bar stools y o u r 08553 for information. BRIDGE PLAY KARASTAN - Oriental HOUSEKEEPER AV- t r a n s p o r t s CHILDREN'S SUMMER LADIES? - Princeton M.S.W., Ed.D. 609-737- and high chair. All rug 6'x9', perfect & AILABLE - Entire teenagers. Featured in 2236. reasonably priced. 609Crafts- Pottery, cooking, Jet. area. Call 609-799beautiful. $350. 609-924 household duties. Own the Princeton Packet weaving, sewing, etc. 799-3085. WROUGHT IRON patio 4945 eves. benefit;"! & insurances Call 609-924-0191. SKI THE BEST OF the Small classes lor ages 0625. furniture - 6-pc; Chaise, carried.'References 609-' West this winter. Rates nine lo twelve, meet CAUCASIAN MALE couch, 2 chairs, 2 glass 397-8184. CONTEMP. teak desk 4 HIGHLY - experienced for 1980-81 are avail, for daily from nine to eleven 25, 6'1", 185, personable BIKE - Handmade frame mother will give loving Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A.M. Two week sessions ATTENTION SINGLES: and amiable. Interests dwrs. $110; 60" pine top tables, $350. 609-924- by Jim Red Cay. Full care to your infant or Reserve a . lodge or begin Julv 7th at the Come join us Fridays at include theater, travel, hutch $150; purple shag 3915. campangolo. Side pull 8:30pm. Program this rug 9x12 $40; several DID YOU MISS your child in her home at very condominium of your Rocky Hill Community antique brakes by Cinelli. $600. week - ballroom dance bikeriding, Spring Cleaning? Or do reasonable rates. Call for choice while ample space Center. Call 201-35 hunting and concerts to trunks, var. sizes; all GAS DRYER - gold, exc. 609-466-0096. lessons. $3 donation. good cond. 201-874-5939. cond. $125. Call 201-236you just want your home information, 201-359-8487 is avail. Call Welcome mention a few. I would Singles C h r i s t i a n like to hear from an Aboard Travel, 609-921cleaned? Weekly so you or 201-359-1830. 2241. Fellowship, Presby- affable woman (20s 3350. can enjoy the summer or FIREWOOD V i cord Church, 320 early 30s). Reply Box GE HEAVY DUTY NURSERY SCHOOL - terian your children. Then call Princeton Cooperative N. Main St. Hightstown. 03237 c/o Princeton hardwood/ split/ del- FRANKLIN STOVE - electric dryer, aut. us at 609-393-3578 or 448- CHILD CARE - in my ivered/stacked. $20. Call home. Full or part time. N A S S A U never used. US mfg. 9- sensor control, Vi yrs. C O O P - Nursery School - A 609-448-3265. Packet. 7313. 609-443-6945. pipe, screen & grate, old. Must sell, $125. 201Experienced. Refer- ERATIVE Nursery creative and flexible 359-4495. $175. 609-737-9391. ences. 609-448-2755. School offers a full environment answering the needs of each child. MOVING apt. sale. day program (9-3) or a ALCOHOLICS AnonyEXP. MATURE DOUBLE CEMETERY everything goes. morning nursery school An open space facility lawn crypt, Princeton mous Help and Almost Woman (cert, first aid Liv. rm furniture, lamps, DINING • ROOM fur- POOL TABLE SALE with multi-age program (9-12) for3& 4 year olds. WOMAN SEEKS days Information. Call 609-934- chord member) will care for Memorial Park, no Hundreds of organ, school desk, niture, custom designed, Save 3.4, or 5 days your child in her Belle work on busline. Call 609- Located in Riverside -(2',2-5yrs). reasonable offer refused. 7592. Dollars on all, new, used contemporary, good drapes, pictures, storm Coop ana Non-coop School. For further inMead home. Spacious 989-7124. 609-586-6428. 609-883-8617 & antique pool tables. & screen door, clothes, condition, formation call 609-921- operlings available. Call yard for play. Hot meals Come in ana make your eves. toys & misc. household Grace Johnson (609-4667787 or 896-0260. COST OF LIVING - got best deal. Free inprovided. Very reas. items. Bargains galore! 1862) or Laura Morrison SINGLES stallation. Princeton rates. Call 201-359-2640. BABYSITTING - in my WORSHIP you down? If you have a 609-448-9250 after 5:30 (924-2007) for memspare room in your home. Reliable mother. CRAFTERS WANTPool Tables, Route 518, SERVICE every Sunday pm, or weekends. bership info. USED FURNITURE home, you can improve Hopewell, NJ 609-466Infants & Toddlers. Hot ED - for Princeton at 12 noon. Come this FOR SALE RELIABLE - Princeton lunch. 1717. Lawrenceville. YWCA's 7th Annual Sunday and hear three your income by selecting Day School Jr. will do 609-882-3817. singles discuss their life a housemate safely GE REFRIG - 12 cuft, C r a f t W o m e n ' s Assortment of all kinds house & pet sitting, through the Roommate PORTRAITS PAINTED Marketplace to be held - Single or group. Most and faith. Hightstown Finding Service. For great for student. Best of furniture for the home. OUTSTANDING VALUE moving, painting & most offer. After 6 call 609-443Presbyterian Church, 320 Saturday, November 8th. types of yard work. — on used typewriters. 2 media. 609-448-8967. N. Main Street. 609-448- info, call 609-924-5153. 1345. Lawrenceville area. 609- HOUSE CLEANING - Entry application can be Skillman Furniture IBM Standard C models, 3265. obtained by calling the 896-9194. Window cleaning, floor pica type, 13" & 16 212 Alexander St. YWCA at 609-924-4825, washing & waxing, carriages, $250 each. Call Princeton, N.J. 08540 SINGLE. SEPARATED. MAHOGANY BUFFET general cleaning on ext. 23. 609-921-2900 weekdays 96 ft long, good condition. 609-924-1881 Widowed. Divorced Personals EXPERIENCED House- weekly & monthly basis. 5. FLY TO NANTUCKET Hours: M-F, 9-5 Join nur great crowds at $200. Call after 6 pm. 609cleaner desires work to_. Call 609-587-8857 after 5 in 8 seat cabin class twin .Washington Crossing Inn 443-5771. Sat. 9-1 IF YOU ARE INfill in schedule*. Available p.m. sharing expenses with an 'every Friday night - it:;)ti TERESTED in joining a 4 BIG GUN Irrigation immediately for most ATTR. HEDONIST - Airline Transport Pilot. I'M' - Live hand - Guest small group in a private sprinklers w/stands, BEDROOM SET like locations. Basic cleaning D I S H W A S H E R $60. to about $90. person • welcome. •215-862-5889. l! for study of the seeks F. into seamed rates according to size of WELL KNOWN - and home WESTINGHOUSE. Gold new, dinette set, never couplers for 4" & 6 stockings. POB 1461,round trip. (6iw< 21-3867. Bible, Call 609-921-3329 or irrigation pipes. General used. Call 609-799-3255 job. Will do windows, reliable mother wishes to, 921-7654. convert. 3 eye. Dryer, Highland Pk. NJ 08904. Tire 1000x20 on rim, LONELY? Anticipations gas, G.E. White, 3 eye. after 4pm. oven c l e a n i n g , babysit day or weekly. used. General Tire GTS Dating Service, P.O. Box refrigeratjon defrosting, Located across the street $150 ea. 201-359-1379 after AMERICA'S LOVE- 384, Island Heights, N.J. 11x22.5 on rim, tubeless silver polishing, waxing from the Ethel McKnight 6 P.M. WALL UNIT - 6' walnut used. 609-448-0375. WANTED - Bumblebee T0'"ANN" of Princeton- LIEST Nudist Resort on 08732. 201-270-0933. hardwood floors, steam School. 609-448-5338. with lighted bar, hifi & colonies for research. I met you at the Singles 35 wooded acres. Large cleaning carpets & storage; walnut dinette Call Dr. Roberts 609-924- Forum on July 18. I was heated pool in a glade laundry at negotiable table, 4 chairs,'hutch; beside a brook. ,'KAY'S Introduction DINING ROOM SET rates. T h o r o u g h , CLEANING LADY - 5714 eves. sitting on your right - Volleyball, badminton, Service - all ages. Meet a MUST SELL everything - 42" round Brancusi T available for light or homasville pecan, washing machine, color dependable, local marble cocktail table, r e m e m b e r ? Y o u mini-tennis, hot tu.b. partner for a friendship TV, console 25", living ; complete w/oval table 2 r e f e r e n c e s . ' Y o u r heavy cleaning on a gold leaf stick table disappeared into thin air. Families and couples or marriage. 201-534room set, 2 bedroom sets, lamp. Reasonable. 609- leaves, 6 chairs, hutch. products or mine. Call weekly bases nights from THE MONTESSORI Woula you like to get invited to bask in our 2726. many extras. Call after 448-7453 after 6 pm & 201-359-3721. For specifics. Sherri. 609- 6-llpm or Saturdays. Family School in acquainted? Please sunshine. Write: Sky Own transp. Call 201-297- Lawrenceville is ac- write to Box #03253, 6. 609-585-8325. 448-4962. wknds. c/o Farm, Box 17, Basking 3972 eves or days 924-6500 cepting applications for Princeton Packet. Ridge, N.J. 07920. FEELING STRESS 19" PORTABLE TV ext. 132, Jan. the fall. Children 2 1/2 color, $50. 201-297-6977, tension, conflict? Con- TYPEWRITER - Royal through kindergarten FREEZER — 17 cu. ft. EXCELLENT TYPIST tact St. David's Counoffice, excellent frost-free upright, $200; aft 6. For in- GOD IS NOW| Wanted - I'KKGNANT'.' with legal & language E X P E R I E N C E D - welcome. seling Serv. 609--448-8851. electric condition. Original cost 4-drawer steel filing (French) experience; Educated local lady is formation call 609-771- questions about higher , /•- 'WANT HELP? $625. Sacrifice $210. 201- cabinet, $80; elec. BICYCLE/COLUMBIA,. theses, manuscripts, available as companion, 0172. MKTIIKIGIIT states of consciousness (VI.1. dissertations. IBM good student bass guitar, mint 26", boys, red, 3 spd, gd. (iO!t-77l-!)5O5 HIGHTSTOWN Planned 788-1663. cook, best for possible publication. Selectric II. Pick up & references. Call 609-924cond. $80. 201-359-3879. cond, $46. 609-443-3798. Parenthood Clinic Writer: The Higher LOOK, LOOK, LOOK. delivery. After 5pm 609- 3215 9:30-5:30. State, P.O. Box 5275, Free confidential service Monday evenings. Call SWIMMING POOL There is parking at 395-0749. and free pregnancy test. 609-448-3439. COVERS - on sale. Order Princeton Station. Rates Trenton, NJ 08638. Call - we do care. EXPERIENCED WO- 50 cents per day. $1.00 for now from our Discount MATCHING CLUB PIONEER KP 5005, MAN - wants 8-10 hrs overnight, by the week GAY Switchboard in- Warehouse. Inground & Chairs tweed am/fm stereo cassette EXPERIENCED college caring for elderly lady. $3.00, by the month $8. WANTED - Bumblebee formation center. Call above ground, solid or upholstery.Blue High quality, student is anxious to Prefer Kendall Park or The only overnight colonies for research. ARTS & LEISURE IS A 609-921-2565. Best hours mesh. 609-466-1717. locking FF/RW, auto reasonable price. 609-921- stop/eject, $89. 609-448clean your home, call P r i n c e t o n ' COLUMN WEEKLY! a r e a . parking in Princeton. Call Dr. Roberts 609-9247-10 p.m. Mon. thru Master charge & Visa 3041 after 6 pm. 4654. Monica 609-883-5717. 5714 eves. Reasonable 201-846-9017. 609-924-0976, Thurs. accepted. KEEPS YOU BUSY. THK PLAIN TRUTH LAWRENCEWLLE, arABOUT RESUMES bv e a - E x p e r i e n c e d ba1'KINCKTON WRITING bysitting in my home, ASSOCIATES. As low us call'609-896-0?55. |i m a y sound. 7 iiilerviews out of every 100 AVAILABLE FOK resumes mailed mil is Caretaker, Housekeeper,


Jobs Wanted

Week of July 30 - August 1,1980

RADCLIFFE GRAD- M E D I T A T I O N • UATE - willing to do.RELAXATION method anything legal & originated by Princeton moral for money. Reply Univ.. psychologist. Box #03249, c/o Princeton Delightful, effective, nononsense technique Packet. available on tape for easy home HARDWORKING WO- cassettes Free details: MAN - seeks five instruct. Box 113-P, days work. Loves Meditation, Kendall Park, N.J. 08824. children. 609-394-1009.

EAST CENTRAL - New Jersey company executive, early fifties looking for bright, attractive, unattached female for permanent relationship. Reply Box #03245 c/o Princeton Packet.

LEGAL KITS -Printex, Do-It-Yourself. Divorce, Wills, Bankruptcy, Name change, Power of Attorney, Incorporation,' Separation and Property Settlement. Call 201-7825540 anytime.

Week of July 30 - August 1,1980

Bargain Mart

Bargain Mart

FLOTATION BEDS - We guarantee you better sleep. See our new line of hybrids and* our new waveless mattress. East Coast Water Beds, Lawrenceville, N.J. 609896-9326.

GE MICROWAVE OVEN - top of the line. Exc. cond. $400. 201-3590090.

BEAUTIQUE II Makeup Studio. is moving soon! Drastic reductions on cosmetics BEDROOM SET - stereo by Viviane Woodard, console, arm chair. Call M a d e l e i n e Mono, between 6:15 & 7pm. Evermond. Also jewelry weekdays or Sat. AM. & accessories. Penn609-448-2312. sbury Plaza (near Penn&bury Theater) Morrisville. Open 10-6, PHOTOGRAPHY Equip- Mon-Sat. 215-736-0259. ment - Omega B-600 enlarger with 50mm lens and filters. Trays, ITALIAN PROV. Queen developing tanks, easels, size bdrm & dining room paper safe, , timer, sets, reasonable, 609-799safelight. Enlarging 3409 aft 5 pm. magnifier included in deal. Asking $200. Call 609-921-6737. BEDROOM ENSEMBLE - 2 ea.: 30" DINING ROOM SET - shades, antique satin Solid Jacobean oak, exc. drapes, twin dust ruffles, cond, nicely carved. Sea* shams. Celery and blue 10, includes buffet, china tones. 609-883-6219. closet, table, 1 arm chair & 5 straight chairs. Asking $975. Day 201-874- ANTIQUE CHAIR (small); pine hutch (dry 4700, eves 874-5595. sink type). Wing chair, etc. 609-655-0437. 10 JALOUSIE windows including screens and RALEIGH BIKE - 26" storm windows plus 2 girls, $50; Car top carrier 37x80" jalousie doors for Sunfish. $20. 609-448complete. Call 201-297- 4975 2758. WEDDING GOWN beautiful lace trimmed, cap sleeves, size 10-12, matching headpiece / veil. 609-587-4923. TRUNDLE bed, $50; girl's 20" bike, $10. 609924-2846. DOUBLE BED, dressers, chifforobe, records, toaster, sand, grill w/waffle iron, more. Antiques, butter churns, clock, wood bowl w/chopper, 2 sets old trains, 201-359-6127.

MAHOGANY Duncan Phyfe - dining room table 42"x62" with three 10" leaves. Excellent cond. - reasonable. 609655-3871 MOVING SALE 8/1/80 King size bed, Oboe, oak desk, bureau, B&W TV, port, stereo, much more. 609-393-0240 or 771-0955. SANSUI - AM-FM stereo receiver, 35/ch, 2 yrs, gd cond, $120 or best offer. Call John 609-921-6086.

2 REFRIGERATORS, dining room set, Holiday Spa life-time membership, baby furn, 609921-0981.

CANOPY CRIB - mattress, bumpers, 48" dresser, 36" chest, white/gold trim, pink/blue decals, like new." $425. Walnut 3 piece 48'" dresser, 30" corner desk, 30" cabinet, formica tops, $225. Bassinet, baby tender, assorted' baby items & tile top coffee table. 609-737-2623.

MOVING SALE Everything, exc. cond. Sofa, $110. Wooden dining set $120. Vac. cleaner $25. Techniques turntable, $80. 609-9210149 after 6 pm.

HEALTH PRODUCTS - wholesale retail. VilaMix, Water Distillers, Acme Juicers, AIR CONDITIONER Salad Master waterless 8000 BTU, excellent cookware. The Better condition, $175. Carrier. Health Center, 284 Belle 609-771-9154. Mead 08502, 609-466-3697. LAWN TRACTOR - 8hp, WHIRLPOOL ELEC. 36" cut, $350, 8 hp riding DRYER-Coppertn., exc. mower w/bag, $425. 201cond. $125 201-359-7501. 297-9351. T O M A T O E S , WAX BEANS, Squash Box 49, Weston Rd\, Somerset, N.J. 201-469-9470. NEWLY UPHOLSTERED - crewel wing chair, $275. 609-466-2669. MOVING SALE - Car, refrig, carpets, washer/dryer, air conditioner, furniture, etc. 609-921-0132. SAMPLE SALE - "Polly F l i n d e r s " smocked dresses, 40%-50% savings. Selected sizes, 0-7 yr. Aug. 2, l-3pm, Fox Run Clubhouse, 60 Fox Run Dr., Plainsboro. OFFICE DESK - storage bins. Cheap. 1 fur sewing machine. Call after 6 pm 609-921-3154. RADIO SHACK - TRS-80 level space II 16K RAM computer. Many programs & books. 609882-5209. BICYCLE - Columbia men's 10-spd, 22" frame, $60. Loveseat, gold, traditional, $80. Richard, 609-924-3085 anytime; keep trying. CONTEMPORARY WALNUT dinette set, GE washer & dryer, 11' green & white window treatment, lawn mower, yellow lamp. 609-4435873.

Bargain Mart MOVING SALE - I have to lighten my load Stereo components: 2 Altec speakers, Dual 1245 turntable, Pioneer CTF9191 cassette deck, drafting table, 2 beehives, firewood, 12string guitar, lefthanded bow, 2 handmade slat tables and numerous household items. Aug.' 1&2,, 9 am-5 pm, 74 L e w is vi l i e Rd ., Lawrenceville

SELLING - private collections - Antiques: clocks - all kinds including a grandfather's clock; depression glass; plates, occupied Japanese items; china; "C" type steel 30"x60" roll top desk; kitchen table; kerosene lamp; tools; cash registers; collector bottles; camera collection. Furniture: ornate - gold-leaf items; lamps; desks. Stamp Collection: panes, plate blocks, 1st day covers. Commemoratives. Jewelry: all kinds & values; Lapidary set. hundreds of finished sterling silver rings & brooches; inexpensive gold & silver scales. Others: old wire recorder; . reel to reel recorder; antiques & Collectibles too numerous to mention LOVESEAT - chrome & • including many flea canvas $80. Queen size market items. Call 609extra firm mattress $80. 392-1477. 609-896-0705. Call Chris

ROTOTILLER - new eng, top cond, call aft 5:30pm 609-448-6871. ,

CODE-A-PHONE 560 Telephone Answering System. Top-of-the line remote message retrieval & announcement change. Dictation capability. Ideal for professional use and for anyone wishing to change out-going announcement without returning to office. $400. 609-921-1047.

Classified Advertising

FINAL SALE - Collection Cranbury early postpards, old stamp covers, collectors plates, old washstand, Chinese chest, Roseland lithograph, golf clubs, cart & bags, outside articles, valances', odds & ends. After 5 pm 609655-1950.

Theatre-Music Art-Dance Reserve your space now in TIME OFF's annual Fall Preview which presents the calendar of events for the coming .season. For further information, contact your sales representative or call Fredrika Schwerin, 609-924-3244. TIME OFF 8-WAY newspapec supplement Copy Deadline: August 28 Publication Date: September 17

Bargain Mart

Bargain Mart

Bargain Mart

BIKE - 10-spd Ross, sturdy, dependable, $45. 609-734-0375 Mark.

WALNUT DINING room set includes 45" round table, with pedestal base that expands to 81" oval with 2 leaves; 4 side chairs & 2 arm chairs with black vinyl seat & back. Credenza with block pattern front, 72" long; all in exc. cond, best offer. Call 609-737-2054 after 5pm. .

ETHAN ALLEN. - Drop leaf, maple extension table, opens to 42" x 92", 4 ladderback chairs, exc. cond. Total $500. 609-4660263.

CLOUD 9 FURN. MFG. Savings of up to 30% off. Ask about our lifetime guarantee. These are some of the things we design, manufacture & carry: Ottomans, chairs, loveseats, 6'&8' sofas that convert into 12 different styles, custom conversation groupings, wall Units, center tables, platform & water beds, mattresses.

AUTO MAINTENANCE & Repair by mechanical engineering student. Tune-ups, shocks, lubes, exhaust, brakes, tape deck & CB installation. Pick up & delivery avail. Very reasonable rates. 201-874-4236. BEAUTIFUL FRUITWOOD hutch, $250; dining rm set, $200; antique liquor cabinet, $50; childs bdrm set, $75; drafting tble, $100; 609448-4741, aft 5pm. MOVING SALE - Aug. 1 & 2, 10-4. Furniture, etc. 674 Village Rd. West, West Windsor. GIRLS' ROSS - bicycle, 3 spd, banana seat, blue, exc. cond, suitable for 810 yr old, $110 new, now 2 yrs. old at $65. 609-3950487. DOG HOUSE - and portable chain link dog run with gate, 17x8>;>x3ft, value $350, best offer. 201-329-2935. POLAROID SX70 - Land Camera plus closeup lens & timer & other accessories. 2 mos. old. cost $300, selling for $150. Days 201-754-5800 ask for Paul Matthews, eves 609-799-8919.

BEDROOM FURNITURE - Double dresser, mirror, 4 drawer desk, bookcase headboard, solid Ranch Oak, exc. cond, $250. 609655-2896. REMODELING SALE • Westinghouse stove self-cleaning oven, exc. cond. w/range hood, NEW - queen size $215; Speed Queen dishwaterbed, never opened,, washer, $75; dining rm. 10 year warranty, walnut hutch w/glass doors, stained pine frame, deck, vintage, 1950's, $50; pedestal, m a t t r e s s , Singer sewing machine, safety liner, heater. treadle, turn of the Originally $330.00, now century, $75; studio only $199.00. 201-253-7804, couch, black vinyled E. Brunswick. cushions, $35; imported German tile, $2/sq. ft.; gas grill w/tank, $50. 609SELLING CONTENTS of 466-2199. home. Furniture perf. cond. 201-846-9735. SEARS COMPACT stereo system w/ am/fm reception, 8 track FURNISHING A BEACH play/record, BSR record HSE? For sale Mexican player, tone controls, 2 Corner cabinet, painted, spkrs. ex. cond. $50, call yellow w/inlaid tiles, 201-359-0633. perfect for dishes, books, $225; 2 Victorian antique chairs, $35/ea; 2 Parson end tables, $15/ea; 2 WESTINGHOUSE reParson coffee tble, $25; frigerator good connight stand, $20; antique dition, $40; also kitchen dry sink, $125; 609-466- table with leaf, and 4 1918. chairs, $15. Call 201-3695027. REFRIGERATOR • Frigidaire, 13" deep x 24".wide x 3' tall, freezer on top, not new1 but functioning, $55. Call 609924-1228. 7 PC DINNETTE set $150; lg. comm. refrig, $35; Hoover port, dryer & stand, $50. 201-329-4678. SEARS KENMORE air cond. 6;000 BTU, new, $250. 201-359-6214 aft 5. CANOPIED CRIB - with mattress $25. Folding hichair $12.50. 609-8828156.

MAHOGANY - bedroom furniture. Triple dresser, framed mirror, large chest of drawers, 2 nignt CARPETS -14x25, 15x13, tables, $350. 609-882-8156. acrylic, gold, padding.. Also mirror 36x60. All' exc. cond. 201-329-4537. USED FURNITURE sets of chairs, desks, couches, tables, rockers, and a lot more DUPLCATING machine dressers, Surick's Antiques, 44 - Olivetti Cojpia III, Sears at St., Princeton. 5hp rototiller. Ask for Spring Open 11 to 5 Jonn or leave message 609-924-3993, Mon. thru Sat. 609-896-9326. FALL PREVIEWS

Bargain Mart

REED, shag rugs, $50/ea, orig. $150; desk, chair, antique clothing, tv, art pillows, prints, frames. 609-448-9364. TRIPLE DRESSER Oak, Sp Med w/2 matching mirrors, exc. cond. Asking $250. 609-443-6543. MUST SELL large Cherry dining room table & chairs, cherry buffet, 2 herculon love seats, herculon sleeper-sofa, dressers, wall unit, much more. 609-443-4897.

FOR SALE - chest of drawers, coffee and end 9x12 rug, SINGLE BEDS - hand- tables, desk, sofa some mahogany, cane secretary, bed, record player h e a d b o a r d s , luxury" clothing, pictures. Call mattresses. As new, $190. 201-297-1395... 609-544-5096.

B & O - 3000 trntble. Gd cond., $125 or best offer. Fred 201-359-8739 after 9pm. RADIO CONTROLLED Hydro plane. Super modified Drag-n-fly hull. Futaba 3 channel radio, OPS 60 racing engine, many extra parts. Fast. $300., White Heat 60 kit, $40 609-924-9791. STAINLESS STEEL double sink. Velvet sofa, gd. cond. 201-874-8303. COLONIAL - pine triple dresser w/mirror & hutch top, exc. cond, like new, $350, negotiable. 609-924-6500 ext. 132 days. After 6pm 201-297-3972, ask for Jan. PEACHES & APPLES Peaches starting Sat. July 26. Apples starting early August. Schielke's Farm, Princeton Jet. Cranbury Rd. 609-7991043 or 799-1158. AIR CONDITIONER (Admiral) l h p window unit, bargain $125. call eves, 609-921-7227. FREESTONE PEACHES - are now avail at Terhune Orchards. We have wonderfully sweet & juicy yellow & white free stone peaches as well as summer, apples. Just minutes from Prn. -330 Cold Soil Rd, open daily 9-7, Sat. & Sun. 9-5. 609924-2310.

1 PAIR- Ohm-C2s, 1 yr. old, worth $340 each, asking $400 for the pair. Nikko Gamma 1 stereo FM tuner, 2 mos. old, was $399.95, asking $200. Call 609-924-9748 after 7pm. PENTAX K-1000 camera, F/2 lens, case, exc. cond. $110. 609-9218137. REFRIGERATOR - 21 cu. ft. $100 or best offer. 609-924-6938 after 5pm. DISCOUNT GUNS & AMMO Shotguns & rifles $10 over wholesale Ammo discounted 10% off most hand guns Reloading supnlies DISCOUNTED Buy, Sell & Trade Murphy's Sportsmen's Den 3152 Rt 27, Kendall Park Off Season His.; Tucs.-Wed. I2pm-(ipm Thurs.-Fri. 12pm-!ipni Sat. HMipm SUM. &Mon. -closed

Custom foam rubber 4 great locations & still growing. Main office Hightstown, Rt. 18 N. Brunswick, Columbus Farmers Market Pennsauken Market B09-443-4499 WOODSTOVES - Name brand, airtight, UL approved stoves on sale from as low as $299. at The Stove Barn, Rt. 206, Belle Mead, 201-359-5206. MED. LIV. RM, sect, sofa, chair, 2 lamps,, exc. cond, 609-448-9359.

LARGE SELECTION of reconditioned Simplicity and International Harvester riding lawn mowers and tractors, 5 to 20hp. 609-924-4177.

L'01-2!)7-:!:S57TRIO TAG Sales, Inc. "We do all the work." Profitable sale of entire or partial contents of y o u r h o m e . Professionally conducted at your convenience. 609883-3535, 215-493-6858, or 609-882-1864. DISCOUNT Lighting The Roosters Coup., Lighting fixtures, lamps shades, parts and r e p a i r s . Clocks, gift items & fireplace equipment. Huge a s s o r t m e n t of brand names at discount prices. THE ROOSTER'S COUP, on Rt. 29,

BARRELS - 52 gal. oak for wine, cider or rain barrels.$18each. Large26 gal. oak planters, $11.50 each. 609-896-1916.


Bargain Mart

SAUNAS & JACUZZIS- TOP SOIL & filter for call us for fast service & sale 609-259-9604. knowledgeable advice. We are one of New Jersey's best. 609-466ANTIQUE 1717. RESTORATION SERVICE SWIMMING POOL SUPPLIES- Deal direct with wholesale distributor -' Chemicals, filters, liners, vac equipment & more. Call 609-466-1717.

Furniture restored refinished hand stripping. Metal plating & polishing. Lamps, sconces & chandeliers restored & rewired. Mirror resilvering

WOODSTOVES - Nashua Double Heat, firewood, tree service. Tom's firewood & Tree Cutting Service. Woodstove model prices are: N-18, ; $630; N-24, $819; NFP-1,. $709; &NFP - 2 $840 ea. These prices include delivery & N.J. State tax. Trade-ins are considered. For color brochure send $1 & selfr addressed envelope to P.O. Box 133, Pennington, N.J. 08534, 609466-2666.

All work done on premises call 609-6953644 or if no answer 215493-5483.





selection reconditioned refrigerators, freezers, wasners, dryers. Guaranteed. Can deliver and do electrical or gas hook-up. 201-369-3718.

WOOD- B U R N I N G Boilers - The Furnace Works SFB - 3 boiler connects to your existing heating system. See it in' operation. Sales - service - and installation. Joseph M. Pinelli, plumbing and heating. 609-466-2144.

FUEL Efficient Heating - Burn wood or coal in a high efficiency, air tight wood stove or multi-fuel furnace. European .& American brands. Pipe & venting supplies. Harr BOEHM R O A D - Bros Wood Heat 1605 RUNNER - mint con- North Olden Ave., dition, sacrifice $2800. Trenton, NJ. 609-3937550. 201-788-1663.

GE WASHER & GAS DRYER - 18 pd. heavy duty, exc. cond. $325/set. 201-359-2350, 201-239-9232,.

RUBBER STAMPS School or College address, Home, business, zip code. Rubber stamps Lambertville, N . J . of all kinds and sizes OPEN 7 DAYS, 609-397- made to your order at: 0027. HINKSON'S 82 Nassau St. WALLPAPER sold at $2 per roll over cost. Pick out your paper GE ELECTRIC - stove, anywhere. Give us (he 2yrs. like new, best number of the paper, the offer. old, After 6:30pm 609book & distributor. We 443-1893. will get it lor you at S2 per roll over dealer cost. Call (109-448-4994 for price quotations at R & R Floor 10 BICYCLES - all in need of some repair, $95. & Wall Decor. 609-924-8146.

AAAAA FACTORY OUTLET - Case Of The Gloomy Scot. Saw ouF huge selection of Baldwin Brass Lamps and Candlesticks. When he saw 3 Idmps 40% OFF he felt better. Actually chuckled at a $45 Sconce reduced to $27, a $16 Candlestick 7" tall for $9.60, in The Benjamin Room. On sale July 28 to August 4. FURLONG LAMP FACTORY OUTLET largest for a 99 mile radius. 5 miles FREEZER BEEF south of Lahaska's Peddlers Village on Rte. 6 BOW BACK CHAIRS, 263, Furlong, Pa. Micro Home grown naturally oak bookcase, oak desks, Dot Pricing. OPEN 7 fed steers. Cut to your oak dressers, oak tables, own s p e c i f i c a t i o n , days. 215-794-7444-5-6. wrapped and frozen. 48 drawer walnut file FOR SALE - Two 9x12 Farm. 609-466- cabinet, 609-924-5668. rugs, misc. baby MY F A V O R I T E Kaufman 0773, Master Chg. avail. equipment, like new. 609- SHOPPE - Ladies 443-6152. GOOD USED FURN., & Fashions inside the Outlet: Buy a hat, a MAHOGANY DINING antiques, open daily, bonnet, a headpiece or a room - double pedestal Jimmy Hall's, Hamilton get a scarf table, 2 leaves & pads, 6 Sq., 609-890-8319. RCA COLOR TV - por- chapeau, chairs, $650. 609-448-2370. table XL-100, solid state FREE. $150; 4 maple capts & POTTERY BY CHERIE mates chairs $5 ea; 2 MOVING SALE: Stereo WOODSTOVES - beat the - Every item one of a Ginger Jar Lamps (rust Teak end- Fall price increase on kind. $2. to $20. Also & flower design) $15 ea; 2 components; table; brown vinyl wing- c u s t o m - m a d e VIW custom-made to your footlockers $10 ea; chair; green easy-chair; stoves. Fireplace inserts order. 609-443-5380. orange canvas lounge two Danish chairs; nylon & furnace hookups avail, chair S10; picnic table & rugs; canister vacuum; too. Davison's Stoves, benches $10; etc. 609-259- typewriter; humidifier; FURNITURE CLE609-466-1141. 9419. ARANCE Center lamps; dishes, The Montgomery Center, refrigerator; washer; Hathkit TV. 609-799-4309. WATER HEATER - 52 Rocky Hill, specializing gal. electric. Absolutely in sofa beds, box springs, CAMPING EQUIPnew condition, used less mattresses ana conMENT - exc cond., sleeping bags, porta- MOVING - Must sell than 1 year. $95. 609-799- temporary life style furniture. potti, stove, lantern. 609- hotpoint dishwasher, 2123. 6000 BTU Sears air 448-8238. conditioner, snow fenGALVAN- PLYWOOD Sheathing cing & Rya rug. 609-466- S T E E L IZED - corrugated sheets Ext. 4x8 3/8'", $6.58; ' 2 " 3571. 2 END TABLES, coffee for barns, sheds. All $3.38; 5/8" $10.18; 3/4" table, glass & chrome, sizes. Cheap. 215-831- $12.18. Anderson wdws to $125; 2 black ceremic 37°i) discount. Lumber: 9800. lamps $35; black ORIENTAL RUGS -. discount prices. T 1-11 plywood siding, $11.48. beanbag chair $30. Call Turkish Kilims. Call 609-. 924-3291. Roofing shingles, $7.25. 201-369-3711. WALNUT DINING Bdl., Ties, 6x6x8, TABLE - 36x48 with leaf, $6.45. R.R. Toll free, 800-523$38. Purple rug, 11x12 8744. LARGE CAPACITY SEARS FROSTFREE with pad, $28. Red refrig, 17 cu. ft, copper, washer & dryer, excl. drapes, 74x80. $28. 609exc. cond, $100. Days 609- cond. - $100/ea. 609-443- 448-5680 evenings.' NORGE - lg. capacity 452-3103, eves 921-8723. 1149. dryer. Works perfectly. 5 vrs old. $100. 609-655-3853. AIR CONDITIONER - WASHER - Hvy duty - 5 WHY MISS AN IMP O R T A N T C a l l . Gen. Electric, 12,000 vrs-29" wide- top loadBTUs, $50. Call 609-896- 2-spd - 3-cyl - $150 - 609- Telephone answering WINDOW FASHIONS equipment by Sanyo. 655-1966 0713. ::o<\, OKI' LIST Prices near wholesale, ••• free delivery and hookMAPLE DBL dresser SIMMONS Beautyrest - up. Prices start at $130. •Custom Draperies w/matching mirror, 5 firm king mattress, 4 C a l l 609-587-0533 •Designer Fabrics dwr chest, very good yrs. old. 201-521-1802 anvtime. •Verticals cond. $200. 609-443-4570. after 6. •UOven Woods by DelMar • I" I.evolor Blinds TRUCK CAP - white NEED EVERGREENS? 2 ORIGINAL English fiberglass, 8 ft., sliding We have a fresh supply brass-rubbings for sale, All work Professionally windows, good cond. $260 at 10 for $35. Reg. $4.50 sizes 3'x6' & 3'x7'. In Sown. Measured, Inor best offer. 201-359- ea. Pine Bark, large bags perfect cond. unframed, stalled. For price quote Micro & Mulch, 10 for 609-924-7886. 8750. or appointment call: $30. Flowers in pots 50c each. Rose bushes, reg. NIKKI HARRIS FACFLY FREE to Australia, $6,. now only $2.50. M A T T R E S S Registered Interior Germany, F i j i , Climbers and Tea. TORY - See them made Designer Singapore, & many other Concrete boxes, clay on the premises. Custom Professional Designer sizes. TEN YEAR places. Just buy one pots, peat moss, white Consultation For Your GUARANTEE, 30 day ticket at regular fare, & stone & electronic bug "Window Itoum" FKKE spouse, child, or parent killers. Leyrer & Smith unconditional refund. With Purchase. can fly free. Limited Garden Center 2020 Prices gladly given on Professional Designer number of coupons avail. Greenwood Ave, Ham. phone. The FOAM •Consultation For Your $100/ea. 609-397-3533 aft Twp. 609-587-3333. Open 7 FIRM, Gladstone - 201- Entire Home. $40. 234-1622. 7pm. days.

Bargain Mart


LAWN MOWER -& small engine repairs. Lawn mowers sharpened. Pick up & delivery can be arranged. 609-395-0428. HOT $$$ SALE - Buy your wood stove or furnace now. Take advantage of our summer sayings, avoid the long wait & higher prices in the fall. We stock a wide variety of multi-fuel furnaces, air tight wood/coal stoves & accessories." Call- Oilturnatives 609.-466-1835. Weds. - Fri., lpm-7pm, Sat., Uam-5pm or by appointment. REFINISHING kitchen cabinets. Refacing with wood veneer & new doors. Also new individually styled & crafted cabinets & doors. Park Lane Cabinets, 201874-4151. STAINED GLASS Supplies - Distributors & Discounters. Custom designs. Repair & restoration. Lamps, mirrors, planters, etc. Princeton Stained Glass, 38 Spring St., P09-9211311. RECORDS 3 FOR $1. All speeds. 201-356-3494.

•Vertical Blinds • 1 Inch Levolor Riveria Blinds COLOR TV's, 19" por•Woven Wood Shades table, $125 & 25" solid •Custom Shades state Colonial, $150. Both Finest quality at lowest exc. cond. 609-259-2524. prices. Let me bring my full line of samples to your home for a free consultation. Call ROBERT SITNER DECORATORS 609-448-3758

EDISON FURNITURE — is still open at the same location. For USED FURNITURE of every description come see us. Rt. 611 south of Doylestown, Pa. 9-4:30, closed Sunday. REGISTERED OR NOT - I will buy your guns legally. I am licensed and will pay a good price. Call Bert' 609-924-3800 davs.

Merchandise Wanted PRIVATE COLLECTOR - & investor buying U.S. coppers, nickels, silver & gold coins; U.S. silver •dollars; U.S. proof & mint sets; U.S. paper money large size old bills; Canadian coins including silver dollars, gold coins, proof, and mint sets; foreign coins; silver & gold jewelry with & without precious ern stones; wedding ands & sets; pocket watches; scrap silver & gold; anything marked sterling; silver ingots; antiques of any kind. Call 609-392-1477.


MATTRESSES - World, famous bedding at discount prices. Factory direct to you, fully guaranteed b y DOG HOUSE - Used manufacturer. Call 201- extra large, w/fence if 536-1784 after 7 pm. poss.) 609-883-0246 until 10 pm. TYPEWRITERS Electric, manual, portable, office models. New WANTED - Large dining - reconditioned. AD- room set, 12-14 chairs. DERS, CALCULATORS. Call 609-924-2801. Name Brands. Rentals. R e p a i r s , Trade-ins, CENTER BUSINESS MACHINES, 104-Nassau WANTED - Bumblebee colonies for research. St. 609-924-2243. Call Dr. Roberts 609-92410' DANISH MODERN 5714 eves. couch, green striped fabric, exc. cond, $"180, 609-924-2919. WE BUY - good used & antique furniture. One .ARMSTRONG piece to entire estates. Solarian. Congolium or Call 609-393-6513. Mannington floor coverings, all sold at $2 per yd. above cost. For CASH FOR YOUR Anprice quotations call R*& tique Furniture - we are large dealer K Floor & Wall Decor: at a OTJ-448-1991. First qualityspecializing in Oak. Willing to buy 1 piece to only please. entire contents. 201-3292062. WINDOW TREATMENTS LIONEL TRAINS and lAloff others - pay up to $1000 per set. Call 609-394-7453. VERTICAL BLINDS 1" Levolor Blinds woven woods OLITICAL ITCustom Window Shades P EMS - collector seeks (all for price quotation buttons, posters, postal H & It Fl & Wall Decor cards, etc. Call Ted, 609924-3800. FRANKLIN STOVE - 30 in., complete $250. Call evenings 609-799-0868.

POOL TABLES WANTED - any size, shape or condition. Call Princeton Pool Tables, 609-466-1717.

FIREWOOD - Oak By the 1/2 cord & by the full cord. Delivered. 609-737-

Classifieds SELL IWWI924-3250



Classified Advertising


Merchandise Wanted CASH FOR GUNS, SWORDS, military items, decovs. Licenser! Collector/Dealer will pay more. Bert, 609-9243800 davs. STAMP Collections wanted. Immediate payment for U.S. & Foreign. Call 609-448-0380. PIANOS WANTKI) CAM.


Musical Instruments Chopjn Piano & Organ Co. Choose from Steinway, Sohmer, Knabe, etc, Rent or buy. 1001 N. Olden Ave., Trenton. 609695-7456. BUNJY FLUTE like new, exc. cond. $125; saxaphone, Olds, good cond. $50, 201-359-5427. UPRIGHT PIANO Black, very good cond, $500 or best offer. Days 609-452-3103, eves 9218723.

Flea Markets & Rummage Sales .TAKE A BREATHER from inflation - Spend this Sat. at the Consolata Village Rummage Sale & et more than you §argained for: benefit the ConsolataMissionaries. Specials in each barn - Rummage, Furniture, Books, Stamp. Super duper special! Clothing $1 a bag. Rt. 27, Somerset, 10am-3pm. 201-297-9191. HOSPITAL RUMMAGE SALE - Are you cleaning house or moving? Don't throw out those unused items. Donate them to the Annual Hospital Rummage Sale. Please, no large appliances or beading. For pick-up information call 609-9245872 or 452-2786.

G v ara



c. e5ales

HOUSEHOLD SALE Sat Aug 2, 10-4, 145 Franklin St (Rt 33) Hightstown. Solid Oak antiqued white double bed, decorated trim on headboard $75; dresser & vanity (3 mirrored) Oldie but good GE refrigerator $35; dinette set, 4 chairs, server & buffet $75; White sewing machine & cabinet $50; music cabinet, oak Rocker, $10; oak & glass stacked bookcase $75; metal utility stand $10; blankets, 2 mahogany wardrobes, bamboo chair, 3 b/w TVs & more.

Pets & Animals GOING OUT OF BUSINESS - The Impudent Angle, a booth at the Tomato Factory in Hopewell. Selling out at our cost. Oak dining room tables, buffets, bureaus;" sleigh bed, wardrobe. Mahogany bow front buffet, secretary, butlers desk. Also 5 old trunks, oriental and oriental type rugs. No deliveries. Sale starts Aug. 2 at The Tomato Factory, Hopewell.

Princeton Small Animal Rescue League

Pets & Animals

Pets & Animals

FLUFFY WHITE KITTENS - adorable, free to a gd. home; 201359-3750 aft 6 all • day wkends.

/ttDE-A-WAY FARM offers the finest quality indoor facilities and care for boarding youi* horse' Large horses $175, med. $150, ponies $100/mo.' Instruction for boarders. Quiet roads for carriage' driving. 609-466-3426.

KITTENS - 7 wks old, free, m & f, 609-448-1421.


Week of July 30 - August 1,1980

100'S OF PUPS from $69. J . P . O'Neill Puppie Kennels located on U.S. Hwy HI, Princeton, N.J. Open Sat. & Sun 10-5 (only) No calls, No checks. Free parking with purchase.

Pets & Animals WEIMARANER pups Bench & field, "Futurity" nominated litter. Champ, lines, AKC, whelped 5/29. 609-6959369.

HORSE FOR SALE - my horse is losing his happy home - he is a LABRADOR R E T - Strawberry Roan 1/4 RIEVER PUPS - AKC, horse gelding, 15.3h & in shots. Good hunting line, sound condition. Asking exc. pets. 201-463-0763. $750. 609-921-0322 days. Eves: 201-359-5730. WE BUY AND SELL, LIVESTOCK - Kaufman FOOD - Frozen Farms, Skillman,' N.J. "DOG meat: beef, chicken,. 609-466-0773. Jxipe & kidney. 2 & 5 Tb. packages. Also handlers, HORSES BOARDED & of WAYNE Jim Dandy Trained - Riding lessons Science diet dog food. by Deborah Ash. Call Kauffman Kennels Breaking, thoroughbred 609-448-3114 Rt. 130, So. of conditioning, excellent Hightstown. brood mare care. Box stalls, 24 hour supervision, lush pastures, miles of open train trails. 17" STEUBEN Siegfried Owner possesses degree - excel, cond. 609-921-3333 in training, breeding and ext. 63 between 9-5pm. stable management. Board with us, fight the High cost of inflation. FOR SALE - Std. poodle Bedding for sale. pups, AKC reg., Trailers . w i r e d and champion background, hitches installed. 609-466- solid blk. 201-359-2444, '2743 anytime. Located on days, or 821-8428 eves. Wertsville Rd., Ringoes, NJ. FOR SALE - ThoroughA . B . RA n i m a l bred horse: ChinBehavioral Research. coteaque pqny with Private pet-training accessory. 609-466-2185. lessons at your residence designed especially around the needs of you FREE TO GD. HOME. 11 and your family - Special mo. old male Afghan gd. focus on your children's w/family, needs room to rapport with their pet. roam, 609-921-3643. Loving and gentle handling for Consistent and Accurate off-leash control, regardless of REG QUARTER - Horse d i s t r a c t i o n s . -' gelding, 15.3h, 14 yrs, refinements and goes Eng or West, $700 or corrections following best offer. Saddle avail. Call eves 609-737-1771. obedience class Trauma, Excessive Dominance and Submissiveness. Don't wait! AKC. SPRINGER Your animal is never too puppy, 9 wks, needs young nor too old toloving home, smart & learn. No problem is too sweet, kennel trained, difficult to remedy.. shots, with papers, $75. A.B.R. has the solution: 609-395-0487. Success through Knowledge. 'For the Performance, Precision WANTED - Bumblebee and Perfection of acolonies for research. Seeing dog, call Dr. Roberts 609-924.Jeffrey J . Loy, Ani- Call mal Behavioralist, 5714 eves. Naturalist, Researcher and Former Instructor at the Seeing Eye, Inc. at 18" FORWARD seat 201-889-9125. Serving all saddle w/fixtures. Good cond. 201-359-4207. of Central Jersey.

Male & female Terrier pups. CASH - we pay'top dollar type Male & female black for old & antique fur- j Labrador pups. niture & glassware. Call; 9 mo. oldtype FENCING pure •ORIENTAL RUGS - we us for 1 iteffi or for aj bred Borgoifemale For Home or Horses (Russian pay cash for antique & ANTIQUE STEINWAY housefull. We will go' MULTI-HOUSEHOLD Wolf Hound). selni-antique oriental Upright, exc. playing east of the,Altered sale. 52 Macafe St., 'anywhere longhaired Split Rail - 3 hole $13.35 rugs. One or many. 609- cond, $1200. 201-526-8115 Mississippi. Please call Spaniel male per 10' section, 100 Somerset. Off JFK Blvd. us type dog. 392-7337. at 609-921-1593 or 609- 3 yr. old pure bred sections at $12.35 ea. 2 or 725-2863. Sat. & Sun., Aug 3 & 4. 9- 921-1689. 5. No early birds. altered male Irish Setter. hole, $9.95 per 10' section, Treasures galore! Don't 15 mo. old female spayed 50 sections at $9.20 ea. BUYING LIONEL 1980 ARP OMNI II TRAINS - Before you sell w/anvil flight case. TREASURES UNLIMIT- miss this one. WANTED - Antiques, Collie-Retriever dog. Fence - 1x6x16' to someone else at least Warranteed. 609-799- ED - You get complete rugs, bronze, ivory, Female spayed 10" mo. Board boards, $4.50ea, check mv prices. Call Le 0479. services in ' selling the jewelry, clothing up to old Collie-Shepherd dog. Oak bundles of 98 at $3.50 ea. 2-'/2 yr. old female Hoy Diefenbach. 609-448contents of your home in 1950's. Oasis Antiques, 19 pure br'ed Sawn Locust Posts. Also 4757. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a dignified and profitable BABY FURN., refrig., W. Mechanic St., New spayed manner for top dollar. furniture, air cond., etc. Hope, Ps. 215-862-2472 or Bouvier with papers, 12' round Cedar jump 6 BARRED Plymouth CONN ORGAN - 2 We personally price, Aug. 1& 2.20 LayneRd., 201-359-5796. rails, $10.50 ea, 20 or good with children. Rock laying hens or manual, full pedal, advertise, set up and Somerset. Male pure bred German more, $8.50 ea. walnut, exc. cond, $2600. handle sale days. Your pullets. 201-446-6229. Shepherd, nice tem215-862-5.888 New Hope. possessions Cash & Carry will be TIFFANY GLASS - perament. Prices treated with utmost care.- C O M P L E T E CON- Signed 10" gold vase, Male young ShepherdTop Quality COLLECTOR PUR- PIANO & BENCH - for Contact Mary Kay 201- TENTS of home. Fur- 2'/j" gold and green bowl Husky dog. Any Quantity 782-5651 or Bunny 609-397- niture, tools, misc. $1400 pr. Egyptian An- Female 2 yr. old spayed CHASING all US coins. Cable. 2 yrs. old, 2612. type dog tiquities - 3 terra cotta Puli Top prices. Appraisals sale. items. Aug. 2 & 3. 10 very gd. cond. Walnut. For Info. & black, ANA. 201-297-5573. a.m.-6 p.m. 119 S. 8th •bowls, 1 wood pestle. (Hungarian) Price negotiable. 609-921Delivery Charges semi-long hair, rned. From Met collection. 0532. MOVING?'.' Have a lawn Ave. Manville. Call 1900 BC $2000 lot. 201-329- size. auction! It's last & easy. Male Cairn Terrier type 6253. RECORDS WANTED A ny t h i n g sells! B.L.KING dog, l-V2 yrs. old. Any type, any quantity. Kve'rything sells! Don't Male 13 mo. old altered USED INVENTORY 215-347-1730 Collections & act'.ive possessions away! MOVING SOUTH: Sat, 9 black Labrador dog. Reduced for cumulations especially (irl topdollar the auction a.m. -12 noon. Rain date ANTIQUE SALE summer clearance desired. Competitive \v;iv! Many satisfied Sunday. Bldg A Wyn- Nautical antiques, ship's 2 female spayed & Vi TB gray Gelding, 12 brass prices paid. All Ears' Hammond Sounder $250. customers. Call today. brook West Apts, Heath- c o m p a s s , old, 15.3, shown & telegraph, brass lan- declawed Seal Point yrs. $495. Col .Jason Kahm & wood Dr. EW. Records. 150 French St. Hammond L-100 evented in areas II & VII Siamese cats. terns, portholes, in^ Conn 550 $795. (Rt. 27) New Brunswick. Associates. 201-735-9362. training. 609-924struments, etc. Tiffany Altered male buff color & through Hammond 123122 $895. 201-846-1720. 1402 eves. candlesticks & lamp declawed young cat. Hammond 124212 $1395. ATTIC SALE signed, brass beef, Female spayed B&W 9 Gulbransen Premier Murals $20, value $100 c o u n t r y Garage Sales f u r n i t u r e , mo. old cat. with Leslie 102 $2495. CHOOSE ONE now for ORIENTAL RUGS up. Wallpaper, double fireplace equipment, All Guaranteed. Aug. 15. Especially WANTED Call us about our wide rolls $5 bolt. Baby & Grandfather's clock, etc. Many Extras beautiful yellow labrador small children clothing. Everything priced to selection of kittens. Baldwin & Hammond retriever puppies. AKC YARD SALE-Fri & Sat, BEFORE YOU SELL woman's clothing, move. Bring cash & save Music Center registered. Exc. stock. 9-4, furn, enlarger bric- Some ANY CHINESE OR To claim or adopt a pet All cream color. 609-924xmas trees 7 ft, $10; an additional 5%. Miller1911 Brunswick Ave. a-brac, odds & ends, 299 xmas decorations, arts "PERSIAN RUGS LET please call Mrs. Graves Lawrenceville, N.J. Woosa Monsa Rd, supplies, cartons of Topia Designers, 41 E. for an appointment. 609- 6012. US MAKE YOU A CASH Afton Ave, Yardley, Pa. 08648 Pennington, 609-737-9342. decorating brick, $2 12 OFFER. Sell direct to 215-493-6114. Complete 921-6122. Report lost and Hours: M-F 9:30-9 the European buyers/ sq. ft. Animal stick-ups lamp repairs, metal found pets within 24 hr. Sat. 9:30-5pm Appraisals free. We go period and call the police 2 TIGER KITTENS !$1; Antiquing kits, $3. APT SALE-Aug. 2&3, 10- Lots of toys 25 cents & up. polishing & plating shop. if you find an injured pet. Free to good home. anywhere, anytime, 5, 702 Hunters Glen Dr., Bring the kids. Sat., Aug. Adorable. 609-896-1740. anyplace. FALL PREVIEWS Plainsboro. 2, 10 to 5, 812 Hwy 206, G09-347-0343 2nd floor, next to Nassau ESTATE SALE Antique Theatre - Music mahogany dining room 5 LOVELY KITTENS B E A U T I F U L Oil, Princeton. Art-Dance set. Round table with five will be ready to leave Black/silver, 3 mo. SUNDAY SHOPPERSextension leaves, 6 their mother Aug. 15. 2 alpine goat, neutered Reserve your space now garage sale Aug. 3, 10-4, WANTED TO BUY - in TIME OFF's annual many hseholcl items, LAWN SALE - antiques, formal chairs, curved females; 1 tortoise shell, buck, very friendly pet or Scrap metal, light iron, Fall Preview, which maple tble. gold carpet, air conditioner, toys & glass china cabinet, 1 calico. 3 males; 1 black, companion for horse, steel, b a t t e r i e s , presents the calendar of upholstered chair, bikes, many household items, buffet and server. Tables 1 gray, 1 black & gray descented, disbudded. radiators, copper, brass, events for the coming cnainlink fence, crib, Fri & Sat. after 9 a.m. and buffet have custom tabby. All healthy, $50. Also, a doz. Golden aluminum and used season. For further in- dresser, ice skates, Wertsville Rd., Neshanic fit glass tops. Turn of the friendly, & have shots. Comet hens, gd. layers. machinery. Currently formation, contact your Christmas tree, other (500 ft off Amwell Rd., century styling, $1250; Free to gd. homes. Call 201-874-4867, keep trying. Magnificent cane-backed Barbara Armstrong, 609paying the highest prices sales representative or misc.'items. 482 FJock house on right). upholstered living room 452-2111 days. 609-921in the area. Payment at. call Fredrika Schwerin, Rd, Mercerville, No SMALL STABLE - in So. DOBERMAN PUPS set: Large couch, one 0962 eves. time of delivery.; 609-924-3244. early birds. PRETTY PONY - Brunswick has box stalls AKC, 3. red and rust high-back and one lowReceiving hours 12-5 shown 4H and Pony Club. avail. Ring & exercise males. Parents on back side chairs. Vintage p.m. Mon. thru Fri. 8 to 5 Priced to sell, $400. 609- track. Best of care. 201- premises. 609-393-8467. GARAGE SALE - Aug 2 early 1900's, $1500; TIME OFF on Saturday. No quantity GARAGE SALE - Sat, & 3,10-4. TV and more. 6 329-6259. 466-2880. HIMALAYAN KITTENS 8-way free-standing too large or too small. newspaper supplement Aug 2, 10am, 3 Windsor Oxford Dr E.W. (off Antique and table top oak console - CFA registered. Call Gale Industrial Scrap,, Dr, Princeton Jet, off Dutchneck-Rd). Copy Deadline: radios, Victorian mar- 609-737-9238 after 5:30 Iron and Metal Co., Princeton-Hights Rd. Lost & Found IRISH SETTER - 2 yr. HORSE BOARDING August 28 ble-top plant table, pm. North Valley Road. Baby & children's furold female, hse trained, HORSES FOR SALE Publication Date: miscellaneous oak and Roosevelt. For info, call x nishings, toys, etc, gd w/childrne, owners area 24 September 17 hardwood period pieces. MINIATURE SCH- moving to California. Harbourton household items. hour supervision - box LOST BLACK Persian Shown by appointment Auctions NAUZER puppies, AKC •609-882-2459. stalls - indoor exercise Cat, white face/paws. only. Please call 201-521- registered, do not shed, track - outdoor ring - Last seen Springdale & 1313 evenings and 609-466-3545. GARAGE SALE, Aug. 2, WANTED TO BUY: TWIN Kend. P k . daily turnouts - 609-737- Joline, REVERB weekends. 9-? Moosehead, Caloric Scrap copper, brass, w/JBLs, Tapco board, Reward. 201-821-6295, 2099 or 737-2074. TOY P O M ' E R A N THE P R I N C E T O N oven, generator, anlead, a l u m i n u m , Music Man RD112, 201-297-2170, 201-297-3218. IAN puppy - 4 mos, male, stainless, steel, sterling Ovation Matrix, lights, tiques, & junk. 110 Oak PEOPLES Auction is 2 CHINCHILLAS, $10/ea, red sable, good temnow accepting conCreek Rd, E. Windsor. silver, etc., solids &' handmade eves & p e r a m e n t , friendly, HAY, STRAW, grain & classical, signments for our Sept. 6 ANTIQUE ROW - in 609-890-0708, turnings, Industrial, Multivox echo and more. historic Burlington, wkends. seeking loving, caring feed delivered, put up. Catalogue. For brochure "business or private. Call Rick 609-452-9008 prices. MISSING SMALL GRAY Pike's Alley, 307-309 High home. Call 201-753-4183. Competitive & application write: The Correct market price, early evenings. GIANT YARD SALE - P r i n c e t o n 8am-10pm. 201-572-6334. kitten, Clyde, in the Street, Burlington, N.J. eoples cash paid. S. Klein Something for everyone, Auction, R.D. P#1, vicinity of Willow St. & Antiques, collectibles LOVABLE - pup wants Box Metals Co. Inc., 2156 old & new, Fri, Sat, Sun, 140, Princeton, NJ 08540. offered throughout the Moore St., Prn. If found good home female, blkCamplain Rd., SomerTASHAMA FARMS call 609-921-1376 or 9218/1 8/2, 8/3. Rt. 130 areas in an indoor year- lab-has shots. Free 201- SABLE & WHITE 'ville, N.J. 08876. Phone ROGERS 4 PIECE - Robbinsville, 1 mile Belle Mead, N.J. Ferrets for sale. 8 wks. 6863. Reward. round Colonial setting. 201-722-2288. old. $55 ea. Parents on Drum set, plus 2 cymbals north of AllentownShop & browse. Hours: 11 329-4531. premises. Call 201-359Indoor/Outdoor Rings light, & hi-hat. Also, a pr. of Robbinsville to 5 Wed. & Sat., 11 to 6 Collectibles 2640. : Boarding FOUND white & tabby 6 Indian Tabla drums. 609- across from Advance Thurs., II to 8 Fri. Five Instruction & Training toed young cat, vicinity 921-7524. Electric. For info call minutes away from 295 & PERSIAN KITTENS Musical of Stuart Hill Rd. last wk. 609-259-9604. turnpike & Burlington- CFA registered. $50-$100. HIMALAYAN KIT201-359-2660 609-924-7724. WANTED: Etchings, Bristol Bridge. 609-387- shots included. 609-466- TENS for sale, blue & Instruments 0906. 3050. lithographs, drawings, YAMAHA TRUMPET tortoise shell points. Pet w.atercolors, w. case & 2 mouth pieces. YARD SALE - Aug. 2 maps, & breeding quality. $75- FREE KITTENS - LOST-PHOTO ALBUMpaintings, bronze, old art Like new! $200. 609-924- 9am-5pm, 58 Laurel $300. Home raised, love Range of colors, used to Hillsboro vicinity of books Euopean and ANTIQUE CLOCKS - PUPPIES UPRIGHT PIANO, gd. 5119, after 5pm. Brittany people & other cats. Call Apts., Ave., Kingston. Also for American. Description children's affection, 689- Kymberwyck cond, 609-896-0471. antiques VanDommelen, 896-1224 after 6 p.m. Spaniels AKC reg. Erica Seven Eleven, or Pargas. sale Baby Grand. Phone and price to: JPI, P.O. Choice 609-921-0231 aft 5. Steamer trunks. HirHunters preferred Exc call 201-369-3208. 609-924-3424. Box 55, Roselle Pk, N.J. schmann . Antiques, house pets, 7 weeks old ORGAN - Spinet, full EARTH AMP - 160 wts. 07206. All replies con- formerly Gunsser, River $200. Money refunded if PERSIAN KITTENS for keyboards & pedals, $250. Ibanez strat, $200. GARAGE fidential. Dr., Titusville, N.J. 609- not everything you ex- CHIHUAHUA P U P - sale w/papers, $150/ea, LOST - Brittany Spaniel SALE many features. Exc Call after 5pm. 609-466- Variety of items Sat. Aug PY Apricot, 6 mos, 737-0800. pect. 609-443-6406. 12 wks old, 3 male, 2 mother & puppy, vicinity cond. $350. 609-448-0141. 2074. male faithful protective female, 2, 9-3. 50 Woodland Dr, personality, watch dog 679-2460. 201-297-7110, 201- Western Electric - Pretty E.W. (Hickory Acres.) Brook Rd. ETS. Reward. instinct needs a home. Antiques RETRIE- Call PLANTATION DESK - GOLDEN PHILLIPS 476 speakers, 609-466-3523. 201-753-4183. 1830-1840, Country VER pups - male & 1 yr. old, exc. shape, $275 Flea Markets & GARAGE SALE - Aug 1 POONAI NILAM cat,tery Sheraton, cherry finish, female, AKC, asking or b/o. Shure PE52 mic. 2, 9-4, playpen baby ANTIQUE ENGINES - 2 $600; Call 609-883-0614. $250. 609-924-4692. Feeds and Grains Rummage Sales & now has Himalayan GENEROUS REWARD $50. John 609-448-2119. items, spreads, drapes, 1-cylinder engines: 1 Forallanimalsat kittens avail. Also avail, for return of. large curtains, rods, clothing, lViHP Sears, 1920; 1 KOSEDALE MILLS are 3 dog runs & 3 dog neutered male gray tiger antenna, kit. items, 3/4'/2HP Assoc Mfg, 274 Alexander St. houses: Call 609-448-4941 cat w/white boots & DOBERMAN PUPPIES HONDO ACOUSTIC / HANKINS Antiques, 169 old trunk & collectibles, Waterloo Iowa 1918. Princeton or 609-655-0252. Electric guitar w/case & SELECTION OF GOOD - more. white tip on tail. Last Mercer St., Higntstown, - reds & blacks, AKC reg, 10 Maplestream, 609-924-0134 Phone Eagles Nest N.J. we buy & sell fur- champion sired, cropPignose amplifier. used clothing avail, this E.W. (off Brooktree) seen vie. of North Post Antiques Rt 33 Hight- niture, china, glass, ped, docked, & shots. 609Brand new, never used. Sat., Aug 2 a t the Rd, Prh. Jet. 609-799stown. 609-448-2200. . . $225. 609-924-0907. E. Windsor - Hightstown jewelry, lovely things. 396-0481. PET SITTING - for any 2070. A.P.A.W. Service Centers flea YARD SALE by 7 Come in and browse. small cage animal. Animal Placement in the 1st Open 11 to 4:30 Tues. to Tender loving Agency of the FENDER RHODES '73 market, Fri, Sat., 8/1Baptist Church parking FamilieSj Sat. 609-443-4102 or 448- 2 ADORABLE KITTENS BREAD MAKER, $25, knowledgeable care. LOST CAT - Reward for Windsors. Inc. Stage Piano w/small lot. 8/2, 9 4. No early sales, 7 Orange tabby, Sponsored by Social safe return of multi $.25/day, call 609-883-5209 1I2S. Post lid. Fender amp. $800! 609- Concerns Committee of 332 Clarksyille Rd, Prn Victorian rocking chair 6772. gray/white. 10 wks. 609colored medium cat $85,2 pine storage chests aft 2pm. \\. Windsor 924-2919. Jet, Antiques, baby 921-2834 after 5 pm. St. Anthony of Padua. "Tammy"609-448-0814. Open Daily clothes, furn, interior $24 ea., mirror $45, pot PRIVATE PARTY inHam to 12 noon doors, King spreads/toys belly stove $50. terested in purchasing I'htnos-Or^nns & much more. HORSE HOARD old oriental rugs & COCKER SPANIELS LOST BEAGLE - Male, C h a m p i o n S|.i\«;l & neutered (logs l)o;in!uiK at lluntland brown, black & white, !! Brand New !! paintings. Please call A K C . \\;irehouse prices on Fiiriii includes daily sired. Buff, Blk., parti. anytime 609-921-6831. ii.ost nuijor brands. ••;i;s. healthy & lullv liirnout, u room ing & answers to "Rocky". YARD SALE - Aug. 3, 10609-695-6639 after 4:30 & ROVA FARM Yamaha, Kim ball. seen Monday 7/21 at inueulaled. 5, 5 family sale, copper, pm. TLC. 24 hour super- Last FLEA MARKET Thomas, Uti Id \vi II. Abrahams, 108 Clover TV, furniture, antiques, vision. $155 per month. Lane, Princeton. CHINA CLOSET - Round (i u I b r a us en . e l c . If you 1958 Beekman Rd, Every Tuesday glass, A-l, $495. Large LHASO Apso puppies - Driving horses welcome. have any info please call Unlimited rentals from '. Monmouth Jet. 201-297Hopewell. (J09-466-2932. 7 am-4pm goldleaf frame, $55. 609S7 50 per month. Pam 609-924-7483 / 452BOXER PUPS-AKC male & female. Small Rte571 Cassville 3658. 3945. Two children miss 8 rooms of ANTIQUES 737-1937. reg. Home raised-In- deposit will hold your Freehold Musie Center 9 solid PERIOD ternational champ, stock puppies til the end of DOES YOUR HORSE "Rocky" very much. i 100 Dealers Aug. so you can still need a box stall or new Itt. !l, I'OIHI ltd. Furniture ALLENTOWN Antique 201-782-6176. enjoy your vacation, tack? 609-397-1698 or Shop. O r . at Fair Prices MOVING SALE, Sat. Center 7 Church St., New Used Antique Aug. 2,9-2, oak furniture, $150. 609-883-1299. 7 0676. Rte. 526. 609-259-3952. 15 Merchandise Open Daily electric ovens, sinks, dealers. Open 7 days. Classifieds GERMAN SHEPHERD canvas canoe, audio Outdoor equipment, etc. Canal PIANO - Gulbransen Indoor AtExit8,NJTnpk pup, AKC, female, 3 mos. HIMALAYAN KIT- AKC IRISH SETTER1 SellStvays RAIN or SHINE Spinet. Very good cond. Hightstown, N.J. Classifieds Rd., Rocky Hill, 1 1/2 beautiful, must sell all TENS - Sealpoint CFA pups - first shots & For information call 609-448-2200 Cherrywooa. $600 or best miles North of Rt. 518, reg. $125. 215-493-4893. wormed. 609-298-3918 for 'Shots. .609-921-8638. Work for YOU (609)924-3250 201-928-4547 or 928-0928 (Rain date Sun. 3). offer. 201-745-9207. info after 6pm.

(609) 924-3250

<*•* *».v**>


Week of July 30 • August 1,1980

Auto Autos Wanted Tires/Supplies "RED HOT TIRE BUYS" Just in time for Vacation!!! Smooth Ride, Long Wear, Fuel Gaving RADIAL Tires P195/75R-14 Double Belted Radial Whitewall $44.95 (DR78-14, ER7814) plus $2.19 FET

WANTED - VW's in need of repair. Any year. Top dollar offered . 201-2977500, after 6, 297-6721.

Autos For Sale

'74 PONTIAC CATALINA Coupe, p/b, P205/75R-15 Steel Belted p/s, a/c, exc. cond, $1600. Radial Whitewall $58.00 609-259-2510. (FR78-15) plus $2.57 FET

P215/75R-15 Steel Belted '77 FORD LTD II, auto Radial Whitewall $69.00 trans, p/s, p/b, a/c, rear (GR78-15) plus $2.95 defroster, vinyl roof, 4dr FET. sedan, exc. cond, 39,750 mi, best offer over $2500. P225/75R-15 Steel Belted 201-359-6503. Radial Whitewall $74.00. (HR78-15) plus $2.93 FET EASY TERMS!! GOODYEAR Rt. 206 & 518 Princeton North Shopping Center Rocky Hill, N.J. 609-921-8510

Auto Repairs/Services

'TRA3SHSSM58S1 FREE MULTI-CHECK •Free Towing •Free Road Test •One Day Service in most cases 19 POINT TEST Checks fluid Driving & Operating Conditions Standards Front Wheel Drive Transmissions Domestic & Foreign Cars Serviced Somerset New Brunswick [201] 828-1141 821 Somerset St., Rt 27 24 Hour Answering Service M.C.&Visa Accepted STARTERS/ alternators repaired. Reasonable rates. 609-395-1540. DINKS, DENTS, RUST OUTS repaired & painted. Custom spray painting, cars & motorcycles. Quality work at reasonable rates. Call Neil 609-448-0455.

'73 VEGA - runs well, gd. for local travel, parts, $250 or best offer. 609-9243968.

'76 VOLVO 242DL - 4 spd. reg. gas, am radio, good cond, asking $3900. Call 609-259-3361. '80 MAZDA RX7GS - 5 spd, air, sunroof, stereo, 10,000 miles, $9400. 609443-5121. VOLVO, exc. '71 wagon, Michelins, roof rack, auto, new battery. One o w n e r . C a r ef u lly maintained. $1350 or best offer. 609-924-9433. '71 T&C wagon - p/s, p/b. a/c, new trans. $500. Call after 5 pm, 609-924-3306. VW 1971 Squareback exc. cond., 27 pmg, new radial tires. $1200., 609737-9425. '79 VW BEETLE convert, white on white, 4 spd, radials, 16,000 mi, very clean cond, 609-9210644, ext. 51 day, 609-5870010 eves. '69 VOLVO WAGON blue, only 62,000 mi. in 11 yrs., needs some work. Owner relocating. Sale priced at $350. Call 609799-2486. '71 CUTLASS SUPREME - PS, rear defog, exc. running cond. $400. 609-448-6035.

'79 CHEVY VAN with Douglas Super Top. V-8, auto, trans., P/B & P/S, air cond., radio, heavy FOREIGN CAR Repairs' duty springs, stabilizer, - reasonable' prices, spare wheels with winter quality workmanship tires, corrosion proofed. Exc. cond. 28,000 mi. Call Joe. C09-585-OI34. $4900. 201-722-7218. TRANSMISSION Service - foreign & domestic, all '69 CHEVY - Impala. work fully guaranteed Red & white, too much to Call Walter, 201-359-2103. list. $1300. Call 5-8 pm 201-297-2344.

Autos Wanted VVV'S WANTED ANY CONDITION TOP DOLLAR PAID PLEASE CALL BET.H::iOam-5::i0pni 215-945-9634, ask for Ed

1977 CHEVY - 4 door Impala, auto, ps/pb, a/c, radio, rear defogger, 48,000 miles, $2500 or best offer. 201-359-6926.

'74 CHEVY VEGA hatchback, 65,000 4 spd, a/c, recently rebuilt head new clutch, car& brakes. Body BOB'S USED AUTO! buretor needs work. Best offer Parts Bought & Sold.; 609-448-2088. Junk cars & trucks} wanted 609-448-4146. '72 VW BUS - Super shape, 21 mpg, 4 spd, a/c $2500. 609-443-3082. .11 NK CARS UI: PAY TIII: MOST:

DATSUN '77 B210, 2 dr Call Toll Km' Sedan, 4 spd, a/c, new tires, radio, power assist brakes, 30 mpg, reg. gas, JUNK CARS Wanted - •1 owner, like new, $3250. $20 - $100. 201-548-6582. 609-424-0670.

Classified Advertising Autos For Sale Autos For Sale

Autos For Sale Autos For Sale

'77 VOLARE - 25,000 '69 DODGE MONACO - 2 .'68 PLYMOUTH FURY m i l e s , s o u n d dr. hardtop, V8 magnum, II. - 6 cyl eng, new mechanically, interior & good running cond7 best exhaust sys, gd. trans, exterior perfect. In- offer. 609-737-0647. $375, or best offer. 609- formation call 609-799443-5435 (24 hrs, leave 1000 ext. 454. '71 CHEVY VEGA - p/s, message). auto, gd. running cond, '66 VW - running con- gd. mileage. $650. 609miles. Best 443-3116 after 6 p.m. '72 CHEVY STATION- dition. 88,000 609-799-2600 ext WAGON, A/C, good offer. cond., $650/best offer. 2726, 215-295-6467.' Dave or Pat. 1971 VW CAMPER-exc. 201-297-5587. on gas, gd. cond., best offer. 609-779-2392 after 6 '73 FORD GALAXY, a/c, '72 CHEVY VEGA - pm. needs work, but still gets auto, p/s, p/b, vinyl top, reg gas, $700. 201-297- 22 to 26 mpg. Priced for the budding mechanic C A D I L L A C 6193. ELD. looking for a car to work Convert, '76, orig. owner, on, $200. 609-890-0708 eves 53,000 mi, exc. cond, all '77 BUICK CENTURY & wknds. extras, $6000. 609-737Stn Wgn, approx. 30,000 2824. mi, exc. cond, must be seen, best offer over '77 DATSUN B210 - auto, $3000. Call Hank Strauss 2-dr. sedan. Only 16,000 bef. 6, 201-249-5040, aft 6, miles. Snow tires, exc. 1980 HONDA Accord cond. $3200. 609-924-1560. a/c, am/fm, Metalise 609-921-1895. Polycoat, auto, 1200 mi., $7400. After 6pm 609-448D O D G E - C o l t , 2515. GOOD ON GAS - Fun to '74 drive. 1971 MGB GT - Moving, must sell. 61,000 wire wheels, overdrive, miles; very good connew brakes, tires, dition. Call 609-393-6011 1970 PONTIAC LeMans wagon - good mechanical shocks; am/fm stereo after 6 p.m. condition^ Needs mufplus '69 parts car. $1700 fler. Best offer. 609-921or best offer. 609-9249368 after 8pm weekdays, 1165. '69 YELLOW VW con- anytime weekends. vert; rebuilt eng, 30,000 mi; passed inspection FIREBIRD 1969 - Runs last wk; needs body good, V8, 3-spd. Must work; $800; 609-737-0434 VW '78 Rabbit Diesel sell. Best offer. 609-924- anytime. Delux - 4-dr, silver, $6500. 0636. 609-799-1918. 1974 CAMARO LT. - exc. cond., 60,000 mi., air, ps/pb, am/fm stereo '77 VW DASHER - Fuel standard radio, radials & more. efficient, transmission, regular $1995. 201-297-5245. gas. High mileage but mostly long distance, '76 FORD GRANADA - 6 1972 VW BUG - It. blue, am/fm stereo. Asking cyl, 4 dr. auto, radio, great cond., new tires & $4000 or best offer. 201snow radials, 47,000 Must see. Call 329-2935. miles, $2500. Call after brakes. Richie, 609-443-6087. 5pm 609-799-1281. '72 CHEVY IMPALA p/s, p/b, a/c, recent '77 HONDA CIVIC 5 MGB GT -Immaculate tuneup. Needs tires. As cond, '74, am/fm stereo spd, exc. mpg (34-44), is. $250. 609-921-9188. $3500. 609-890-9500, ext & 8 track, new tires, new clutch, mech. perfect, 527 bet. 4-4:30. $3400. Days 201-754-5800 '69 CHEVROLET ask for Paul Matthews, TRANS AM - '75, auto, E c o n o m i c a l 6-cyl. eves 609-799-8919. am/fm stereo, p/w & dr. engine, $250 or best offer. locks, many other op- Also Ford - 223 6-cyl. tions. Asking $3100, engine, make offer. Call 1973 BUICK CENTURY - worth more. 609-924-4495. 609-924-4523 after 6pm. Silver, 4 dr, vinyl roof, am/fm radio, a/c, p/s, p/b, $700. 609-443-1013 or '74 CAPRI, V6,4 spd, Grn '72 CHEV. - 8-cyl, air, 4 443-5017. w/tan int., $2150 firm. new tires, fair cond. Best 609-452-1578 aft 6. offer. 201-359-4910 after 6pm. very 1964 MGB CLASSIC - '68 VW good condition. 609- Convert, rebuilt egn, new 655-0437. int, new paint, gof. cond. 1974 TOYOTA CORONA 609-890-9373 aft 5:30pm. Station wagon. Very gd. cond. Brand new shocks, muffler,' brake discs, '78 PLYMOUTH HORIZON, auto, air, '67 MUSTANG CON- wipers. Best offer over am/fm stereo, roof VERT, classic yr, 6 cyl, $2000. Call Gordon Allen, racks, premium int, exc. auto, new paint, new top, Days, 609-921-8100, eves, shape, must sell. Robert new tires, exc. cond. 397-3658. Lawrence, 609-896-5032-9- $2295. 609-737-1327. 5, 896-5364 aft. 5. 2 CARS - GOOD BUYS 1969 FORD WAGON, '74 VEGA GT - Std. shift, for someone who can do good mech. condition, a/c, good gas mileage. own mechanics; '73 body good, $425. 609-466- $450. 609-799-1453 eves. Pinto Wgn, $2200 2 yrs. ago, needs cam shaft. '73 2259. Grand Prix, needs muffler, has new radials '78 BUICK SW, V6, a/c, 1974 VW SUPER & battery. Gets 15mpg. cr/cntl, p/b, p/s, am/fm, B E E T L E CON- Both for $700. 609-799tilt sw, $4000. 609-399-7175 VERTIBLE, red with 0465. black top and interior. eves. '72 FORD COUNTRY Squire, $1200. '62 Ford Van. $200. 201-874-3347.

CLASSIC! - '66 Triumph 2000 sedan, 4 dr, auto, running tho needs adj 609-921-6319, GOING AWAY - to college, must sell. 1970 MGB, needs love, $500. great engine. 15 Grumman White Water canoe, $250. CB (23 Chan) PA & ant, $75, great shape. 609-924-9270 evenings. '74 NOVA - V8, good cond, 15mpg, 63,500 mi. $1250. 609-921-2699. '73 CAMARO - sm. V8, 3spd, p/s, w/hitch, exc. cond. 54,000 mi. Ask $1750. 609-799-0987. MGB 1973 - 70,000 mi, good cond. Call 609-8961853.

WANTED: VW BUG, 1974 VOLVO 145 wagon Sqbk or Ghia. Prefer 4-spd, air, am/fm, rack '76 MONTE CARLO running cond. Will 25mpg, nice. $3150. 609- Exc. cond, air, 54,000 mi, new paint, $3000. 609-890consider anything. 609- 890-168" after 6pm. 8116. 924-1165. 71 HORNET - 2 door, 6 cylinder, good condition, ALL JUNK CARS and best offer, 609-896-1690 '78 RENAULT Le Car-40 trucks wanted. F r e e before 6 pm. mpg. rock solid, new towing $15 and up.. cond. Foster 609-393-7953, Scarpati Auto Wrecking, 989-7800. 609-396-7040. 1970 CHEVY NOVA - 4 dr, a/c, p/s, reg. gas, MACKEY'S Towing exc. transportation,$500. •'75 DUSTER - 55,000 mi., .Service-wants your junk 609-448-7864. 6 cyl, a/c, ps/pb. $250. car. Any condition. Call stereo, $2200. 609-443-4380 .609-443-6259. 1978 FORD Fairmont - after 6 pm. stk shift, 4 cyl, exc. cond. $2150. 609-921-2801. CARS WANTED 1961 MERCEDES BENZ 220 SB.Exc.cond.,needs AMERICAN AND interior work. FOREIGN '70 THUNDERBIRD - all some power, a/t, a/c, 4 dr. $2300. 201-788-4971. Top Dollar Paid 75,000 mi, $500. '68 Mercury Montego, p/s, 1975 FORD PINTO p/b, a/t, 58,000 mi, wagon, 4 spd, a/c. Nebbia Chevrolet station wagon, $300.'69 am/fm stereo, steel Kte 130 High tstown,N.J. iVolvo 142, 2 dr, $400. Tel. radial tires, roof rack, 25 587-8226 609-921-3740. ffOMIX-0910 mpg. Exc. cond. Asking $1950. 609-443-3009.

55,000 miles. Stick. AM/FM. Radial tires. New muffler, brakes, clutch, battery. $3450.


'74 MUSTANG, $1600 firm. 609-924-7027. '74 CORVETTE, dark grn, 350CI, 4spd, am/fm, a/c, 61,000 mi, new tires, must sell soon. Call Bill at 201-685-4323 days, 201356-5334 eves. TR250 '68 for parts, body excellent (no rust); trans exc, new Michelins & wire wheels. $1000 or best offer. 609-397-3533 aft 7pm.

A CLASSIC for car lovers - moving out of town, must sell 1966 Plymouth Barracuda to good home. Has many new parts but needs body work. About 106,000 miles. A real prize for a mechanically minded owner. $200 or best offer. Call Sue days, 609-452-8090; evenings 924-5842. '72 VW Super Beetle available for industrious VW lover. Call 609-8962771 mornings and make me an offer. 1978 TOYOTA COROLLA - low mileage, air, 5 spd, exc. cond. 609-448-3751 after 5 p.m.

1966 FORD FALCON very gd. cond., auto., 20mpg, snows, mech. sound. $800. 609-924-5119; '73 DODGE VAN - $1,000. after 5pm. Call 201-685-1707 Mon., Tues., Thurs., Sat. DODGE Challenger 1974 - 318 V8, auto, p/s, p/b, am/fm, a/c, Rally rims, '77 DODGE TRADE67,900 mi. $1500. 201-874- SMAN VAN 200 - 318, 9201 days or 609-452-2570 23,000 mi. Customized. $4500. 609-448-8597 eves. after 6pm. PORSCHE 911E, '70, 1 owner, burgundy, $5200. 609-466-2006.

'76 BLUE CHEVETTE, 4 spd,'59,000 mi, gd. body & eng, new tires, $1900. 609924-0557.

CLASSIC '55 DeSota, 2dr Sportsman Power Flight, all original, 36,000 mi, exc. cond, 609-466-3610.

K-5 BLAZER '78 Chevy, 4 wd, auto, p/s, p/b, cusotm int, 30,000 mi, $5500. 609-466-3292.

'74 PINTO-$1175. White, auto, Hatchback, 30mpg. '75 Pinto, plum, $1175, 4 spd, 609-695-5547.

'75 VW - 4-spd, am/fm, a/c, 52,000 mi, $2600. 609771-6739.

'76 OLDSMOBILE Cutlass Supreme, 2dr, mint cond, 609-466-2844. RECYCLE THIS NEWSPAPER

1967 FORD MUSTANG Classic year. Gd. running cond., $600. 609-9211945 or 9-5 924-4400. Ask tor Dr. Shapiro or message at ext. 353 or 354. 1971 MATADOR Sta, Wgn. - Exc. cond, $995. Call 609-921-6139.

Autos For Sale


Autos For Sale

Autos For Sale

'71 FIREBIRD - Blk., auto, mags, air shocks, gd. run. cond., $900. 201329-2186 after 6pm.

P L Y M O U T H '68 BUICK SKYLARK GOOD GAS MILEAGE - ' 7 6 and reliability, not VOLARE, 4dr, gd. cond, auto, 4dr, gd. cond, $400. beauty, characterize my 6 cyl, gd. gas mileage. Also '71 Dodge 6 cyl, 3 1972 Vega with new Call 609-448-7792 aft 7pm. spd manual, many new parts, $250. 201-359-1830 dealer installed engine, or 359-8487. $575. 609-466-0646 after '80 DATSUN 210 Hat'78 GMC DURA VAN 6pm. chback - brand new, Conversion - reg. gas, standard equip. 5 speed, 8500 miles. 4 captains chairs, couch, carpeted, 1972 MERCEDES BENZ 1 yr. warranty, $5,000. '76 MALIBU - 4 dr, 51,000 refrig sink, stereo, Mag - 280 SEL. Very clean, 201-359-2176 or 359-6290. mi., 1 owner, 305 V8 auto, p/s p/b am/fm, rear wheels, radial tires. auto, air, full pwr, $6800. defog, s/b radials, $2250, $7200. Days, 609-799-3435, 609-890-3178. 609-896-9512 eves. Eves., 466-2938. - • '73 CHEVROLET Impala 74 BUICK Electra - 4-dr, - mechanically perfect, 55,000 mi, luxury int, '72 GRAN TORINO-a/c loaded, exc. cond, $2200. clean, great on gas, 609- '77 DODGE CUSTOM 443-3522. VAN - exc. cond. Must am radio, new steel 609-924-6332. sell. Call 609-883-1580. belted radials, exc. running cond. 23mpg. All JEEP CJ5-76, 302 V8, maint. receipts. 70,000 38,000 mi, custom tires, '68 CHARGER, R/T, miles. $850 firm. Call 609- 609-443-4178. metalflake blue, '74 Fury 924-4233 after 5pm. Motorcycles 400 eng, headers, Posi Rear, traction bars, air FORD '71 LTD - ps/pb, shocks, new trans, air, new; 4 tires, exhaust 1967 MUSTANG - p/s, system & battery. $700. Cragars all around, 609- MOPED ODYSSEY water cooled automatic, 448-4245, Sunil. auto, 79,000 miles, exc. 201-297-3843. perfect cond, $400. 201cond, $2200. After 4pm 874-6694. 609-586-1122. VAN 1977 GMC heavy '79 CHEVY MONZA - 4 - 3500 series, $3000. cyl, auto, 7,000 mi, a/c, 1977 HONDA CB400F '74 VAN Good condition. duty am/fm stereo cassette Fairing, sissy bar, like $2000. 201-435-2122 or 609- 201-873-2218. deck, 25 mpg city, $4500. new) $1000 or best offer. 448-0425. 609-587-4641 aft 7pm or Call eves 609-737-1771 '74 OLDS DELTA wkends. p/s, p/b, a/c, reg. '73 VOLVO P1800ES, exc. cond. $1400 or. 50,500 orig. mi, asking offer. 201-329-2183. $6800. 609-397-2002. '76 PINTO, EXC, 27 '74 SUZUKI - 380cc, 3-cyl. '72 CAMARO - 30,000 mi, mpg., new brakes, low $650. 609-890-8116. 1949 CHEV. Stake body - am/fm 8 track, exc. mlL, B.O./$2400. 201-821$850. 1953 Buick, 4-dr cond, stick, small V8, 7025. 750 KAWASAKI LTD, sedan in restorable cond. $1600 or best offer. 609extras, brand new, 587-0984. $500. 609-924-7054. asking $2350, 1700 mi, 1966 AUSTIN Healy 609-585-0365, day; aft 5, Sprite Collectors item, 609-585-0820. 1977 CORVETTE - auto, needs some work. $450. all fac. options, luggage '66 MUSTANG - asking 609-921-6139. rack, 24,000 mi. Must see. $450. Call after 6 pm. 609466-0914. $7700.201-545-2411. MINIBIKE - 3 hp, B & S 1965 MUSTANG - Con- engine, rear brakes, ex. vertible, excellent cond. $90. Call 201-369'73 MAVERICK - 3-spd, 1976 CORVETTE - T-top. condition. $2500. 609-586- 4529. a/c, fully loaded. Call 6-cyl, good cond. $975. after 5:30 pm 609-585- 0225. 609-448-8296. '72 BENNELI 250 2520. '73 VW Karmann Ghia - Supersport - under 40,000 mi. excel, cond, 3000m i, $500. 609-466-2560 1978,TOYOTA Corona '66 PORSCHE 911-5 spd, new paint, radials, 201- after 6pm. chrome wagon - p/s, p/b, a/c, new tires, 297-7290. am/fm stereo, 5-spd, wheels. $3950. 201-6381976 HONDA XL175 4319. 39,000 mi, exc. cond. Enduro - Low mileage, Asking $4750. 609-397-0539 CHEVROLET - 1967 Bel exc. cond. Asking $600. after 6pm. 1975 CAMARO - Exc. Aire wagon, trailer hitch, 609-599-9089 after 6 pm. cond, 3 spd manual am/fm radio, rebuilt 283 trans, p/s, man. brakes, engine, 4 ball joints & '78 HONDA CIVIC - am/fm cassette stereo, more. $450. 609-466-1693 1975 HONDA 550-4 - Low hatchback, 28,000 mi., $2600 firm. Call 609-466- eves. mileage, verv clean, exc. reg. gas, am/fm, new 2063 after 5pm. running cond. Nearly 50 radials, silver, exc. cond. mpg. Asking $1100. 609Asking $3875. 201-874466-2132. '72 FORD LTD Country 5191, days. 609-466-9138 Wagon. Looks bad, after 6pm. Ask for Fred. 1975 MONZA - V8, am/fm Squire radio, a/c, snow tires, runs well. $450. 609-924- MOPED - PUCH New61,500 mi. Asking $1350. 1957. port. Brand new, MGB '77, mint cond, wire 609-890-1706 or 924-0258. excellent condition. $499. wheels, stereo & tape, luggage rack, 31,000 mi, '73 FORD LTD - rebuilt 609-466-3276. '67 C H R Y S L E R trans, snows, air, 94,000 $4500. 609-890-8636. NEWPORT - 4-dr, p/s, mi, good cond. $795. 609- 78 HARLEY DAVIDgd. running cond, needs 921-3837. SON 250 - used 1 summer. MINT CONDITION - paint. $325. 201-297-9315. 2750 miles. $995. 609-921Colorado, 1976 red/black 9188. Mustang Mach II Hatchback. 4 spd, p/s, p/b. 4 '76 BMW 530i - Silver 78 MONTE CARLO, new tires + snows, gray, auto, stereo cas, stand, trans. 21 mpg, YAMAHA 60 Motorcycle stereo tape deck. Call sunroof, alloy wheels, 26,000 mi. Call Bill 201- - 120mpg, exc. cond. 1800 609-448-1500 days. 799- etc. exc cond, Must see. 932-2692 days; 874-4357 miles. Asking $350. 201$7850/bo. 609-984-6874 eves. 4584 eves. 297-2132. days or 924-5950 eves. '71 FORD PINTO-4 spd., 67,000 mi., gd. cond. $750. or best offer. 609-9242905.

BUICK Riviera RS '76 Silver, red velour interior, p/w, cruise control, bucket p/seats, chrome wheels. 609-7992094. Only between 8-9 pm.

'74 DODGE COLT - 62,000 mi. Good cond. $1800 or best offer. 201-874-4166 aft 7 pm.

PIT STOP SERVICE We are adequately staffed to tune your cycle or moped while you wait. Call Sherm Jr.'or Nelly for appointment.

'78 T-BIRD - fully equipt, 1979PINTO- 4 cyl, 4 spd, all options, am/fm/good mpg, am/fm cassette, 38,000 mi. $4150. cassette stereo, 11,000 609-448-4071 after 6 pm. miles, $3150. 609-924-6622 '74 AUDI 100LS - Engine or 882-4350. good, am/fm, auto, a/c, $700. 609-655-2427. 1976 TR7-Exc. cond, good "71 PLYMOUTH Satellite mpg, 19,000 miles, $3650 CYCLE RANCH - p/s, p/b. a/c, new trans. 609-924-4116 aft. 6pm. $650 or best offer. 201-359- '72 VW FASTBACK68,000 mi, gd. tires, runs 4565. Mon-Fri, 9-8, Sat 9-3 great, $1495. 609-799-0177. '73 BUICK _,LeSabre - Rt. #33 Hamilton Square 66,300 mi, very good 609-587-6:554 MUSTANG - '79, 3 dr, '68 VW BEETLE - good cond. Asking $1200. 609a/c, stereo, p/s, sunroof, running condition. 609- 882-9280. '75 KAWASAKI - KD125. console, 4 spd, V8, TRX 448-6351 after 5. New in '77. Exc, cond. radials, $4650. 609-924.979 MAZDA RX7GS - Extras. Asking $400. Call 6622 or 882-4350. Bronze, alloy wheels, 201-369-4546. AUDI 100 LS '73, runs but ziebart, garaged, best needs brake work, $300. 1974 CORVETTE - Exoffer over $6500. All Call aft 5pm 609-799-9119. cellent cond. 27,000 mi. service records, 28,000 '72 HONDA CB450 - exc. Loaded. $6990. 201-247miles. 609-655-5522. cond. Electric start, 3844. 16,000 mi. 50mpg. $750 or 1972 BUICK - 9-pass. best offer. 609-587-2368 wgn, a/c, p/b, p/s, '77 BUICK SKYLARK - 6 mounted snows. $425. '71 BUICK CENTURION eves. cyl., exc. cond., loaded, 609-924-8146. coupe — A/C, power orig. owner, best offer. seats, steering, brakes. '76 HONDA CB360T, good 609-896-1196 after 6 pm. Excellent condition, but '77 DODGE ASPEN - needs some exhaust cond. $750. After 5 pm 201-369-4737. 1978 CAMARO- 6 eye, Exc. cond, 2 dr, 6 cyl, system work. $650 firm. auto, ps/pb, air. 22,500 Call 609-882-8222 eves. auto, ps/pb, am/fm, ac, cream puff, asking mi. $3200. 201-521-1269. l"9 7 5 HARLEY $4,600. 201-297-0558. - Full '77 HORNET WAGON - VW "68 - Wgn. needs ex. DAVIDSON dresser, 4000 original Auto 6, air, p/s, p/b, '68 Ford, not running. ,miles, $4500. 609-883-5363. '70 OPEL WAGON - 36,000 M, A-l, 18 mpg, Best offer. 609-466-3427. rack, new tires, exhaust. $3650. 609-466-0499. 25mpg, $575/offer. 6091971 BSA 650 - Rebuilt 734-3052 days. 921-6455 engine, low mileage, eves. '53 CHEVY - 4 door, PONTIAC - 1956 Star runs excellent, $1500 or power glide, green. 201- Chief, 2 dr. hardtop, very best offer. Call after 6. 359-6402. good condition, interior & 609-585-8325. 1971 FIAT 124 SPYDER exterior, 60,000 original convertible, yellow, miles, original condition. 42,000 mi, new roof, HARR BROTHER'S brakes, tires. Exc. cond. FIAT SPYDER '77, $900. 609-466-1693 eves. YAMAHA, fuel efficient perfect cond, rust proof, $2700. 609-737-3166. in o | or c y c l e s ;ind am/fm stereo cassette, low mileage, 1 driver, 1977 DATSUN,, F10 sta. niopeds. Financing and' 1605 North '69 PORSCHE - excellent 609-924-7886. wgn. - 4-spd, manual insurance, Ave., Trenton, condition. Call 609-443trans, front-wheel drive, Olden 6677 for particulars am/fm radio, a/6; -toot N.J. 609-393-7550. 1978 BMW 320i - a/c, rack, 55,000 mi. 30+mpg. "68TORINO-4dr, 302 V8, alloy wheels, am/fm Exc. cond. After 6pm, 1978 HONDA 550 - exauto, PS, new: brakes, stereo cassette, 20,000 609-737-3548. Asking cellent condition, only tires, trans, starter, etc. mi., manual trans. 201- $3300. 2000 miles, $2000. Call runs & looks good 783-4158 after 8 pm. 609-924-0408. thruout. Asking $325 609'79 CAMARO Z28 - black 448-6454 after 5pm w/red int.. deco stripes, 1979 HONDA CB750F — MOVING ABROAD - For wind spoiler, top hood, Immaculate condition, 1974 TVR -"4 spd, am/fm Sale '76 Pontiac Trans Mag wheels, w/w tires, not used this year. Very stereo, sunroof, exc. AM 400, 48,000 miles, p/s, p/b, a/c, 4 spd. std., fast & precise handling. cond, grey/black in- fully equipped, excellent am/fm stereo cassette, Includes cover, extra Perfect cond. cables and new, shocks terior. $5500. 201-874-6161 condition. $3200. Call sunroof. after 5pm; 609-921-7462. Call 10 to 6. 609-921-6625. still in box. 609-9244733 after 6pm. after 6pm, ask for Jim.



Classified Advertising





Carries 2-3 bikes. Exc. cond. 609-799-3452.

CAP FOR Toyota longbed. Excellent condition. Low price. 609448-2398.

14" FORCE 5 Sailboat C76) w/full rigging, & Gator T-400 trailer, C78), exc. cond, all for $900. Call Brian, 609-452-5908.

SAILING INSTRUCTION: for novice and advanced students, taught by experienced university teacher. 609921-8632.

'78 KZ650 CUSTOM -1500 miles. Exc. $2000. Call after 6pm. 609-466-0914.

Machinery & Equipment

Motorcycles TRAILER




'67 TRIUMPH 650 12,000 14 HP ECONOMY Power mi., custom paint, 15" King tractor. Kohler eng, wheel, Mikuni carbs. & tandem trans, 48" grass more. Very clean, runs cutter, sicklebar, snow well. $1000. 201-369-3505. plow plus wheel weights, very gd. cond, $3500. 609655-1889. '74 YAMAHA TX500 Exc. cond. Extras. MACHINERY PARTS Helmets incl. $800. 609- Made for anything, 448-0577. i m p r o v e m e n t s . as necessary. Special MOPED - Puch MKII, r e p a i r s , welding, less than 50 miles. Like forging, etc. Leyzorek, brand new. 609-448-4400. Hollow Rd., Skillman 08558, 609-466-3399. 1973 HONDA 500 Deluxe, 8000 miles. A-l shape, call bet. 9 a.m. to FARMALL CUB - with 9pm. 609-448-0574. plow & cults. Mint cond. $2400. 609-259-2431.


Recreational Vehicles

'72 DATSUN Pick-up Good cond, 24 mpg. Asking $1200. Call eves & wkends. 201-329-2889.

'68 CHEVY UTILITY truck, $1000 or best offer. 609-448-5895 after 5pm. '72 CHEVY LUV Economical yellow pickup with low mileage, $1550. 201-329-6858. '73 CHEVY PICKUP new Winnebago cap, 250 6 cyl., 3 spd. Great cond. $1800. 609-443-4897. I

ALWAYS LOW HATES MOTOR HOMES for KENT and SALE 292 Highway 35 Eatontown, N.J. 07724 201-544-9200 '76 DUTCHCRAFT - 25', self-contained, sleeps 8, Faulkner roll-up awning, mint cond. 201-329-2249.

1977 APECO-25 ft. motor home, sleeps 7, full bath, '71 FORD F1O0 - pickup, full kitchen, a/c, 2 good condition, must sen". holding tanks, central Call between 5 & 6 pm. heat, hw heater, exc. 609-443-4920 cond, 30,000"miles, must sell. $9700. 201-359-2830 after 5pm. '73 DODGE VAN - Very good cond, selling for APACHE - Pop-up medical reasons, $1450. camper, exc. cond, light 609-655-2849. weight, sleeps 6, solid sides, stove, sink, icebox, curtains, plus lots of fun! 1979 FORD PICKUP - $1395. Call 201-359-8741. F100, 302 V8, auto, p/s, low mileage, $4800. 609395-1672. • •

Mobile Homes

PACKAGE - F150 Explorer Ranger truck, candy apple red, like new, 1 owner, 25,000 miles, AMF camper, best offer. 201-249-3528 or 985-9090. '77 FORD F100 - Custom pickup, perfect- cond, economy V8, 18mpg, many extras, sacrifice for $4000. Call 609-7990539. CHEVY VAN FOR SALE - '75 Van with air shocks, dual exhaust, runs on reg. gas, 3/4 ton truck, plus tons of extras. Low mileage. 609-466-1717. '77 CHEVY PICKUP C10, low mileage. Exc. cond. Asking $3500. 609921-1488. FORD Furniture van 16' body, $1395. Call 609921-9100. 79 DODGE POWERWagon-Meyer's Power angle snow plow. Best offer over $7000. Phone ,609-448-0921 after 5. '75 CHEVY PK-UP Manual, 6 ft bed, A-l, 6 cyl, 30,000 mi, 17 mpg, $2700. 609-466-0499.

CUSTOM BUILT - 24x00! Mobiie home. 3 BR, LV, DR. F r . eat in kit, spacious yd. w/block patio, (i09-443-1664.

Boats 14FT. CLASS FG Sailboat - Pintail w/sails, tilt trailer. 6' beam. $1200. 609-799-9051. SAILBOAT, Flying Dutchman, 20' day sailer includes Spinnaker, trapeze, trailer, $2400. 609-883-0459. CATBOAT - 18ft. classic Hereshoff America, fiberglass, sleeps two, 6 HP Johnson OB, in water. 609-734-2777 (w), 924-3341 (h). DUCK BOAT - 9' alum. w/oars/car carrier/boat seat, $120. Call 609-4436945. TRAILERS: for all boats any size. Kits. Custom work. 609-921-8632.

TRAILEX aluminum '76 FORD F150 - 4x4, gd. trailer for Sunfish type sailboat, $295. 609-443cond, 609-466-3610. 6562. '73 FORD PICK-UP $850. Also 1971 Datsun 240Z, heeds work, $600. 609-799-1199 or 799-3084.


1978 - 16' Fiberglass cruising sloop - fixed keel, sleeps 2,4hp Johson outboard motor, head & compass. Including '77 GMC PICKUP-1 ton, special tilt trailer. $4500. dual rear wheels,, 609-452-5180 days, 921camper special, loaded, 1292 after 5pm. 35,000 ml, mint cond. $6500. 609-466-9010 before 5pm. After 5pm 201-359- 15' CRUISING CATBOAT- w/tilting trailer, 4091. leeboards, saiL cover, complete. Wood, used 1 FORD COURIER - Pick season. Best offer. 609up. 1978, 4 cyl., 5 spd., 443-1978. am/fm, 30,000 mi., $3850, 609-397-2018 eves. O'DAY DAY SAILER, Caullins trailer & '78 CHEVY 3/4 ton pick- Mercury motor, 4.5 hp, up - w/Myers plow. Mint. 609-799-2046. cond, 22,000 mi. 609-9246332. •73 FORD RANGER XLT Camper Special w/cap + extras. Perfect cond. Like new. $2300 or best Offer. 201-251-6023.

SAILBOAT - 12 ft. fiberglass with trailer. Tiller needs repair. $800. Call Architectural Specifications 609-4485466. .


HORSE TRAINING^ and hauling SUNFISH CARTOP boarding, lessons. Lg. indoor carrier. $20. 609-448-4975 riding & outdoor arenas. J Bar D Ranch, Neshanic. 201369-8021.

Instruction CONSERVATORY GRAD - Now accepting voice & piano students for the fall. 609-737-0448. PRIVATE FLUTE instruction w/qualified teacher (Hightstown area). Anthony Peck, 609-443-5435 24 hrs. Leave message. LESSONS - in piano, voice and ear training. Cheryl Sabetta, £09-4526119 or 921-0926,'f.

BEGINNER PIANO lessons by qualif. teacher. Low 1/2 hr. rates. Call 201-725-2848 after 5.

College Selection & Career Guidance for the High School senior at your home. Service on going for the school year, write for particulars :C.S. & C.G., RD 3, Box 371A, Neshanic, N.J. 08853 NEED MATH HELP??? Expd. H.S. teacher will travel. All subj. 609-4661165. EXPERIENCED Tutor. Licensed teacher. Help your child to develop ability & confidence in reading and language skills. 609-4435346.

CLOWNS to entertain and delight at y.ouij party, Reasonable rates. •609-921-1369. PARTY TIME - Affair Time? Ed & Sue Cedar, vocal & instrumental duet. Reasonable-rates. Call 609-443-5163.

Furniture Restoration

Business Services

AT C U S T O M RESUMES UNLIMITED REFINISHING - Service - Your complete one stop we can safely strip your resume service featuring, furniture without using resumes professionally'' water or hot dips. written to highlight youri Repairs & refinishing. qualifications, expertly Free estimates, pick up typed & duplicated. For confidential & delivery. 201-359-5206. personal, service call 609-448-0701.

DIP ' N Strip - free pickup & delivery. Hand stripping, Fefinishing,' repairing, caning Sc IT'S MAGIC rushing. Our reference; neighbors. DIP 'Ni1 From spectacular stage your 49 Main St., shows to intimate close1 STRIP, Kingston, NJ. 609-924up magic. Children's 5668. b i r t h d a y ' p a r t i e s , ; pm. Open Mon-Sat 9-5 banquets, any event.} Each show personally' planned to your needs by THE STRIP KING a professional magician. Professional furniture Reasonable rates. Call •-stripping / refinishing / after 6 pm 201-545-9670. supplies. Monday -" Ask for Ed. Sr>oot. Saturday, 9-5. 201-3591250. Highway 20(i DISC JOCKEY FOR1 Belle Mead. N.J. 08502 HIRE - Weddings ,' I rear of All Work Bldg.] Parties, Dances, Live Band Sound. For low cost, any type music - BIX FURNITURE .Disco, 50's, Pop, Elvis, 'Stripping-'There is none etc. Barry Davison, 609- "better" Route .519.' 466-2709, 466-1141. llosemont, NJ. "At the Cane- F a r m " . 609-3978498. Furniture repairs & ED KLEIN offers Disc refinishing. Safe for Jockey Service for any' antiques &'veneers. occasion. From Disco to Oldies. 201-821-9664 •• FURNITURE Refinishing & Repair custom * build ' to FALL PREVIEWS specifications! THE YARDLEY CABINET Theatre-Music MAKER, 215-493-2654. Art,-Dance

PROFESSIONAL TYPING SERVICE - Carduner's Shopping Center, Rte. 130 & Princeton / Hightstown ' Rd., Hightstown, NJ 609-448-, 6707. Your complete) secretarial service: featuring Error Free, Automatic Typing every page an original. Also letters, resumes, theses, dissertations, addressing & mailing, Xerox copies. Equipment: IBM Correcting Selectric n and an IBM Memory typewriter. HARRIS JANITORIAL. SERVICE Floor waxing, rug shampooing. Completely insured. 609882-2251.

Week of July 30 -August 1, 1980

Special Services Special Services BARTENDER - for private parties in your home. 609-896-1252. SANDBLASTING & Welding - Mobile units. 201-521-0690. ALTERATIONS AND PRIVATE sewing lessons. Call Sue. 201-7222625.

. .

TROPICAL FISH Aquariums set up in home or office, periodic maintenance avail., reasonable, 609-443-3338. POOLSIDE SERVICE Specializing in in-ground pools. Pool openings, repairs done on pool filters & heaters, etc. 201821-6022.

• '•

MAILING LISTS maintained - Specializing* in non-prof orgs, churches, schools. Add, correct, delete. Selected print on labels, envelopes, date sheets. Eliminate time consuming, cumbersome file cards and selection work. Call PRINCETON PRINTOUTS, 609-9241188.

LAWN MOWER REPAIRS Hand mowers or tractors, also complete sharpening service. Saws, knives, scissors, grass or hedge clippers*," reel mowers, or rotary mowers. R'.'A. Grooms & Son, 385 Ward St., Hightstown, N.J 609-448-1792.

WE ARE go afters. We run errands for you. Whom can a home owner call when the stove goes on the blink or when they EVA KORZENIOWSKI need aluminum siding Skin Care Expert and installed? Who is the best Make-Up Artist, [for- for the price in your merly Bamberger's area? We can comPrinceton & Vis-A-Vis] is parison shop for you & offer reliable, courteous now available for: service. 609-392-1733. Facials [including Acne Treatment], Make-Up Lessons, Manicures & H'YE SIGNS - Engraved ;Hand Beautifying name &' door plates,* Treatments, Body deskplates, badges, Waxing, & Pedicures. luggage tags, plaques. Mr. Tom Hye, 201-3594706. COMPLIMENTARY SKIN ANALYSES & CONSULTATION. COLLEGE SELECTION Please phone early for & APPLICATION appointment. COUNSELING - individuals & small 609-924-4875 groups. Dr. Michael L. Artistic Hairdressers Rosenthal, 609-737-2236. 42 Witherspoon St. Princeton, N.J. 08540

TYPING & BOOKPIANO INSTRUCTION KEEPING Service. •recording artist will Former Executive teach rock & roll' Secretary can provide technique to inoffice services at termediary students and economical rates. PIANO LESSONS - given will also teach beginners. Guaranteed proin my home or yours. Very patient with fessional, quick & acBeginners of advanced children. For afternoon curate. Correcting beginners. Reasonable and evening lessons 609Selectric. Call 609/448rates. After 5:30 pm, 609- 443-4117. 397-1138. Reserve your space now B.M. RIDER Furniture - 6770. in TIME OFF's annual repaired & refinished. GUITAR LESSONS Jazz; Fall Preview, which Antique restoration. BASS LESSONS - Classical? Folk, Pop. presents the calendar of Caning & Rushing. Hand NEW TYPING SERteacher- wHh 'music -Experienced teacher of events for the coming stripping. Pick up & VICE - 16+ years office college experience, beginning &. advanced season. For further in- delivery service. Our : experience w/letters, G09-924-2946. formation, contact your only location rear of 76 r e p o r t s , theses, reasonable rates. 609- students. billings, sales representative or Main St., Kingston. C jen manuscripts, 924-2755. call Fredrika Schwerin, Mon.-Sat. 9-5, 609-y24- statistical, etc. IBM 0147. Correcting Selectric, "DISCOVER FLYING 609-924-3244. choice of type styles. LESSON" - $10. Raritan Pickup/delivery. High SECRETARIAL / TUTORING TIME OFF Valley Flying School; T R A I L - TYPING done my home, READING ENGLISH Kupper Airport, Man 8-way OUR 17th YEAR devoted quantity output, quality S'TORAGE STUDY SKILLS ville. Appointment: 201- newspaper supplement to the restoration of presentation, reasonable ERS - for rent by week or also theses, reports, WRITTEN AND ORAL 722-5111. Copy Deadline: antique & fine furniture. rates. 609-585-6793 (or month. 40-45 ft, pick up & manuscripts, corresleave delivery. 609-395-0045 or p o n d e j i c_e in COMMUNICATION Hirschmann Antiques, 587-5583 August 28 t 799-8811eves: "" gerierap3r~tapes. IBM Adults & Children -formerly Gunsser An- message). Publication Date: "TUTOR - Certified Selectric II. Correctible. THE LEARNING tiques, River Dr., September 17 \_ teacher in Spanish. Also .EXCHANGE Titusville, 609-737-0800. Will pickup/deliver. Will BOOKKEEPING SER- AIRBRUSH MURALS, occasionally go out on will tutor Algebra, 157 S. Main St. VICE - Small & medium paintings, lettering, for call. 201-297-0872. Biology, Reading, & Hightstown business accounts. 201- your truck, van, or most nigh school sub- DISCO Extravaganza 609-443-4113 Weddings, Parties. Any CANED & Rushed - 788-1679 after 5:30 pm. other? Call Jef£ 609-896jects 609-443-6476. Occasion. D. J. Ralph Make an old chair better. 0473. SEAMSTRESS, alteraMatarese, 609-921-9797 8- Give it a new seat. Extions & repairs, 1 GUITAR - Lessons all 5. pertly done. 609-395-0342. KC ASSOCIATES day service. levels, all styles, taught CERAMIC TILE InSecretarial Services by Berklee College of stallation & Repair. Dressmaking. Call Mary Music graduate. Call E d PM SOUNDS in motion Special offer with this ad. Kay, 201-297-8336. Business For a quick response, Your paper can be Alterations — Janice visement. For brochure perience, reasonable 'leredTues-Fri. Catering write Box 03252, c/o The printed on regular 30# Wolfe.-Call 609-448-2125 Cleaning Service - Snow Plowing. Phone 609-393call Anna Willinghaffi, rates. 609-924-2755. lor cocktails, dinners ana Princeton Packet. newsprint or 50# white 4438-. M.A.. M.S.W. 20 Nassau small receptions, etc. 'offset stock. There is a ' St., Princeton, 609-921Menus avail. 201-874-5785 nominal extra charge for O F F I C E BLDG. 1 or 1)09-466-2184. 8638. GUITAR LESSONS: All LOANS TO NJ - a second spot color, if maintenance, janitorial MARIA IDA NACHomeowners. $3000 to you so desire. Levels. Vocal coaching, CARATO - designer services. 201-359-4722. $50,000 for debt contape facilities avail. Bob ladies clothing, blouses INSTRUCTION-in piano Korman (609) 921-3669. solidation, home im- Our capacity for your embroidered in Photography and music theory, acprovements, autos or any , needs is 32 pages stanflorentine style. ANGELO'S • CLEANcompanying and other purpose. Phone dard and 64 pages lor Monograms, alterations, ING service, residential & coaching in chamber AKHALDAN II is a your application to your tabloids. lessons. 609-896-1577. cleaning. 609-890-0685. music. Available for any school in "the FOURTH , NIKON F2AS, black National Credit Corp., level. Call 609-896-2771 WAY, a method of work- body, unused, still under Trenton, NJ, 609-396- Call Mr. Hutchinson or mornings. J e f f r e y on-oneself, utilizing the: warrantee, $550 firm. 7500. Fast, courteous Ms. Lang at (609) 924GARAGE DOOR - hard Farrington, B.M. New teachings of G.I. Gurd-, Leitz Minolta CL, black service. to open? Call for all :>244 tor particulars on WANNA DO IT England Conservatory jieff, P.D. Ouspensky,.' body, F2.0 Rokkor lens. points springs, your printing needs. YOURSELF? Painting cables, check, and M.F.A. Princeton Wilhelm Reich, . and Spotless, $275. 609-587pulleys. Free the outside of your house others, & led by an University. Hover, 4326. MANUSCRIPT TYPING by an amateur painter estimates. Steve experienced teacher. 609vacuum, - Reasonable rates. Call TRUCK & WINDOW can look very nice, but C e n t r a l .443-1898. Lettering - show cards, gets very costly to redo If Burglar, Fire Alarms, 609-395-0710. NATURAL Color SWIMMING LESSONS paper signs. Herbert C. that new paint is flaking Garage Door Openers & Portraits, Bar Mitzvahs, Beginners, i nRodgers, 201-297-1648. off in a short time due to Repairs. 201-297-1816. termediates, juniors, PRIVATE SWIMMING Weddings, social events poor preparation, lessons in private pool by TYPING SERVICES from $125. Remarque adults, private and moisture problem or the experienced, Studio. 609-448-7938. All types - Theses, roups. Daily, Mon thru mature, Financial use of the wrong types of ANTIQUE TOOLS teacher. Resumes, Scripts, etc. 25 ri. Certified Instructor. professional paint.. Before you start, Weapons & Eqpt. FaithHandicapped & timid pages or under done Services Nassau Racquet & adults a specialty. Call consult Julius H., Gross, fully restored to working in/under 48 hours. Call Tennis Club. Call 201-359- 201-359-4217 between 5-7 BLACK & WHITE Prn with 25 yrs condition. Parts made Yvette at 212-926-2367. 8730 for appointment. anything. Leyzorek, PHOTOGRAPHY - Home eves. d e l i v e r y , 24 HOUR MONEY Hot professional painting for Hollow Road, Skillman Competently executed; reasonable fees. Line - 609-799-0613. Home experience to analyze the 08558, 609-466-3399. reasonably priced: moisture Owner loans for any s u r f a c e , BASS& GUITAR lessons, Phaedrus: 609-392-2688 in testing, recommending purpose. Refinance with with an experienced Entertainment P.M. s u r f a c e TONY'S CLEANING TYPING at home. Quick,, government backed p r o p e r professional musician. R o s e d a l e preparation & type of Service - Apts., offices & accurate, n e a t , dollars. Creative & affordable. reasonable. Selectric! Associates, P.O. Box 244, primers & finish paint to houses. For the lowest, Also very good with L A R K RING -Correcting. 609-466-1708! Plainsboro, N.J. 0853R be used. Consultation fee rates around call 609-799beginners. Call Dan at QUARTET - SaTtouch of Piano Tuning or 924-9600, ask for $25 in most cases. Call 1410 Mon-Fri before 9 609-924-6934 or 924-7039. classics for weddings, Julius H. Gross at 609- AM, after 6PM, Sat. & Madri. p a r t i e s , receptions, anytime. "A PERSONAL FINAN- 924-1474 for an appt on Sun. PIANO, THEORY w/optional recorder. Professional Company" CIAL - & tax counselling your job. PIANO TUNING lessons with experienced 201-297-4267, 297-4170, 249- Regulating Repairing EDITOR/ RESEARCH- for divorced & separated specializing in windows. pianist-teacher. B.MUS., 5460, 609-924-6037. ER/ Writer available for people. Call Split ROBERT IIALLIEZ M.S. -Julliard. All levels, books, brochures, ar- Decisions, at 609-448- G&L PROFESSIONAL E*UROPE BOUND? P.T.G. Registered children & adults con- EXPERIENCED string 1 ticles & technical 3099. office cleaning - floors Insure your travel enCraftsman sidered. Recommended musicians for hire. Add a material. 609-799-1982' or carpets, etc. Call 201-231- joyment by planning SINCE 1951 in Juilliard Private pleasant touch to your ahead. We help you map 201-359-3827. 0566 after 6 P.M. 609-921-7242 Teacher Directory. 609- party or special occasion j out your routes and find INDIVIDUAL INCOME921-0802. those small, cozv hotels 'Tax returns prepared. from classical to popular COMPLETE Secretarial along the way. Plan to Furniture Both federal & state. music at your request. FIELDS & WOODS Service - Pick up and Licensed CPA. Call 609Call 201-359-1662 or 359mowed - brush cleared. enjoy! Call Byways of delivery. Reasonable 448-4766 after 6 pm. Restoration 7876. ,609-924-8110 or. 924-6250. Travel, 609-924-1899. Sellers rates. No job too big or too small. 609-921-7585. SOUTH BROOK COLLEGE STUDENT WEDDINGS are our '•CHAIRS - CANED PAVING with truck. Experienced Buyers Classifieds reglued, specialty. Good dan- i Rushed in: Moving of furniture, TYPING-STATISTICAL, tightened. Furniture, in the ceaBle music for all ages SELL landscaping, painting, Driveways, Parking lots, Technical, Thesis, at reasonable prices. We refinished. Years ol Legal, roof repairs, etc, etc, etc. Patching, S e a l e r ' s . Letters, Proposals, 16001924-3250 Classifieds coordinate everything. experience. Free pick up Manuscripts, 201-359Reasonable a n d Excavating Equipment. and deliver. 609-896-0057. 201-359-1830. 246-3075 Reliable. Kirk, 609-443- 201-560-0155 (609)924-3250 3673. 5846. JeffWoisznies




HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week of July 30 - August 1,1980

Home Services Home Services, NOW IS THE TIME - to have your heating system cleaned. Call now for special summer rates. Davison's Heating Service, 609-466-1141. 15 yrs. experience. WINDOWS DIRTY need washing? Call 609924-7307 for low prices and good service. Free estimates. \ ATTIC FANS INSTALLED 10% Discount Now Save by home remodeling Decks, Additions, included. FREE ESTIMATES 201-359-4565 WE ARE RE-. INSULATION SPECIALISTS. . — Using! Cellulose Fibre To Save! You Money Year Round. Energy Conservation Inspection. No Obligation. Wasco Builders. 609-586-6230. CUSTOM MADE SLIPCOVERS BRIGHTEN YOUR HOME YEAR ROUND A Your fabric - Labor only. Call for yardage needed. References on request. BOB'S SLIPCOVERS 609-655-1573. TREE WORK - ALL Types Pruning, Topping, Feedind, Removal. Storm Damage, Land Clearing & Chipper Service. Firewood & wood chips available. Competent work at a fair price. Fully insured. Free estimates. Consumer bureau registered. 609-737-3126. I'M OFFERING MORE services than before to complement our fine upholstery. We now offer custom draperies, bedspreads, vertical & horizontal blinds, woven woods, additional accessories & decorating advice for your home. Call Becky Rogdrs, 609799-2807.


MAKE YOUR HOME beautiful economically by yourself. All you need is some professional advice & shopping lips. Call 609-921-6662.


CUSTOM HOMES, remodeling, custom fireplace. & stove installations. Free ests. 201-329-6265.

AMERICAN COLONIAL Reproductions, Limited -alterations & additions colonial design. Professionally planned & detailed . old . home CARPET Cleaning r e s t o r a t i o n or Special - Any size room renovation. Brick & steam cleaned by ex- stone work. Fireplaces, perts. $19.95. New Dawn.^ walls, walks & fencing. 201-446-4313/ 800-622-8928. Outbuildings. Exterior & interior painting. Traditional styling. WOOD STOVES IN- References. Call 609-397STALLED - Hearths & 3645. chimney systems. Please call Scott Demme, 201ENERGY CONSCIOUS 788-1046. Construction Company Energy efficient ad& heating HOMESTEAD CHIM- ditions remodeling; NEY SWEEP - Clean, systems; solar 'Efficient, Reliable restorations; systems; Service for all chimneys h e a t i n g (wood, oil, coal, gas). skylights; insulation; Our Services Include: wood & coal stoves; Cleaning, Inspecting, chimneys & hearths; Repairing, Relining. We multi-fuel furnaces. 10 also install chimney 1 yrs. experience in the business. caps, spark arrestors, construction clampers, stoves, etc. No job too small. Local Fully Insured. Certified references. Please call Member of National Scott Demme, 201-788Chimney Sweep Guild. 1046. 009-924-1760 Emergencies Call: 201-735-7708. G & J Construction Co. Roofing, GuttersMasonry, General FLOOR SANDING -. Contracting, Repairs. hardwood floors sanded Free Estimates. 609-448a,nd finished. Phone 609- 1395 '585-8235.. 20 Years Experience 201-873-2534 201-356-5800

Building Services S & T EXCAVATING CONT. INC. - Commercial - Residential. 50 yrs. exp. Fully insured. Save! Start with the best. Expert Excavating & Grading, Septic Systems, Stone Driveways, Farm ponds & field drainage. No job too big or small. Calf anytime, 609-8960333 or 466-3032. • HOME IMPROVEMENTS, additions, alterations & general repairs. G. DiBenedetto Contractors 201-782-4436.

SOLAR ENERGY don't get burned! Come to ECCO-Energy Conservation &Construction organization - books design - & information. Center of Princeton, -14 Moore St. 609-924-4793.

MASTER CRAFTS Quality home improvements & repairs done with old fashioned UPHOLSTERY SER- pride. Reasonable rates. VICE - Upholstering, Twin Rivers - 609-448furniture repairs. Free .2186. shop at home, your fabric or ours. Stephen Weingart, 609-921-8485. MASON/CARPENTER Patios, walks, drives, foundations, roofing, (OBBS FLOOR Sanding carports, small ad&. in-finishing. Free ditions. John: 609-882F.slimates Call 609-298- 1690. 3424.

Building Services


.LAMP SHADES - Lamp mounting and repairs. MASON CONTRACTOR: 'Nassau Interiors, 162 Patios, wood decks, 'Nassau St.j Princeton. driveways, sidewalks, garages & cellars. New construction as well as HOUSE CLEANING - repairs. Free estimates. Window cleaning, floor Call 609-896-1656 after washing & waxing, 5:30 p.m. general cleaning on weekly & monthly Dasis. jCall 609-587-8857 after 5 DONALD GIERSCHCarpenter Contractor. p.m. Fully experienced and insured to take care of PRACTICO Assoc. - your remodeling needs or even your small jobs. expert house cleaning. .•Local reference supplied Call 609-396-8735. .^ipon request.- Call 609 259-7557. FIREWOOD - 1/4 of a cord, $18. Delivered and stacked, woodchips $l/bag. 609-882-2928 after 5 pm.


GENERAL CONTRACTORS Sew homes, additions, garages, driveways, roof, ng, custom masonry, fireplaces, swimming pools and patios. Full line of aluminum products. -WMJHSHER _ _ BUILDER'S, INC. Serving Princeton area for 30 years. Financing arranged 609-799-3818 MASON CONTRACTOR - Patios, driveways, brick fronts, fireplaces, steps or ANY type brick, block, stone or concrete work. Free estimates. No job too small. Est. 1948. Call 201-521-0621 or after 5. 329-3064. CONTRACTOR / DESIGNER for remodeling, additions, solar homes. Richard E. Helgesen, 609-443-4178.

Home Repairs LEAKS - tub & shower specialist in repair & vyaterproofing. Ceramic tile expertly installed. Mr. Tile, 609-882-0378. HOME ' REPAIRS & Renovations. Meigs & Sehlinski, Box 188, Rnosovell. NJ. 009-4435180, 448-757(i. ALUMINUM - siding & roofing specialists. Vinyl coated alum, seamless gutters & leaders; Emilio Caprip 201-521-0349. HAVE HAMMER will travel! Quality workmanship by skilled craftsman. Siding, roofing, alterations & additions. No job too large or too small. Fully insured. Free est. Call Doug Renk, 201-329-3616 or 201-329-2489.

CARPENTRY WINDOW WASHING Yes, I do windows. I'll start your Spring housecleaning by letting the sun shine in now. All windows thoroughly cleaned inside & out at a reasonable price. Call Maryann 201-329-3064 after 4pm,

YOUR TRENCH IS OUR WORK BENCH Drainage work, septics and sewers. Driveways cut, graded, stoned and paved. New Installations and repairs. Land c l e a r e d and leveled.General backhoe and hauling services. John W.Hoff and Assoc.



Residential & Industrial Refuse Collection Cranbury Station Rd. Cranbury, NJ 609-443-4818

HILLSIDE BUILDERS, INC. General Contractors All types masonry & ceramic tile work. New construction as well as repair work. 609-921-9099.

G&L HOME REPAIR services - painting, insulating, carpentry. Roofs & sidewalks repairs. 201-231-0566 after 6 P.M. CHIMNEY SWEEP Fireplaces, wood stoves, oil burners. Clean efficient system. A dirty chimney Is a fire hazard! Call Robert Ackers, home confidant. 609-4663011.

C.ALBANESE PLUMBING REPAIRS INSTALLATIONS Servicing Princeton area 25 years. 609-452-1666 License #3129

ADDITIONS REMODELING KITCHENS RESTORATIONS CUSTOM BARNS 609-259-7940 Peter Wikoff CARPENTRY - Exoert ctiiftsiiKinship. Reasonable rates. .All 'phases of construction. 20 \ is. ex p. 201-297-7080. CARPENTER - All. forms of carpentry, some masonry. Additions, garages,' remodeling, decks,, repairs. 609-4661752. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ HOME REPAIRS Superior Craftsmanship. Reasonable rates. "Hutch The Handyman" 609-466-3017. ADDITIONS, ROOFING, aluminum siding, gutters, replacement windows, Stephen J. Denarski Home Improvements, 609-393-6940.



• ••

Hom# Repairs



Home Repairs

Painting &




Roofing & Siding


Gardening & Landscaping

M.ERCER LAWN MASONRY & Carpentry PAINTING - Interior, ...SERVICE Lawn Work - Fireplaces, ad- .exterior, wallpapering,, mowing for residential / ditions; remodeling, '.'ight carpentry, Quality'kitchens & home im- work. Call John: 6(|?-€55f PlRONE commercial properties. F r e e :i598/655-2O15. property Kendall Park carpenter, p r o v e m e n t s . Drivewav Construction Complete ROOFING maintenance. 609-896with references, is ready estimates. W.A. WorStones of Any type 0139. to build your deck, finish telman. 609-448-0165. Asphalt Paving the basement, replace PROFESSIONAL PA- ASPHALT & FIBER Seal Coating windows, install sliding GLASS SHINGLING & [6O9J452-9182_ GARDENING & LandREPAIR & INTING. Ed Noebels. REPAIRS. Prompt, free glass doors. Free TILE 609-443-3559 after 6 pm. scaping - If you need estimates. 201-297-1441 Grouting - Expertly .estimates and in. gardening and landdone. Early attention after 5 pm. spections. l,o n g scaping, lawn mowing will prevent major & interior &_aintin£ exterior, guarantees and out- S & F PIRONE CO. - for RESIDENTIAL & costly repairs. Call' for •reasonable rates, fully standing reputation. Fair Driveway constructed - commercial just call free estimate. 609-259prices, local references. 'insured. 609-883-1537. Vittorio Pirone, 609-924* CARPENTER - Craft- 9112. • IKI Carter Rd., Princeton with asphalt, paving, 6489. sman since 1952, i;0!l-'.m-l277 <»2l-77:i7 crushed stone or concrete. Septic systems qualified for any size installed & repaired. custom job. Clal 609-655Painting & MIKE'S PRO. PAINBackhoe service. Call TOP SOIL, STONE & Fill 2064. TING of Dayton. Reas. COMMERCIAL Paperhanging Free ests. 201-329-3165. anytime 609-924-9555 or * Bulldozer work, trenROOFING CO. G09-882-4078. F r e e ching and land clearing. 201-297-9224 or 297-3091. estimates. BUILDER - Robert Specializing in hot Novobilsky. Interior & DO IT RESIDENTIAL ,, i n d u s t r i a l , Exterior Work. Addition, WANNA MULCH HAY for sale, COMMERCIAL, roimnorcial, roofing & YOURSELF? Painting Alteration, Siding & will deliver half ton Gardening & the outside of your house PETER FIUMENERO repairs. Bonded roofs. Roofing. 609-466-0926. minimum (23 bales i, by an amateur painter JR. Roof maintenance Landscaping reasonable distance, can look very nice, but programs avail. Free PAINTING save energy - split a load gets very costly to redo if estimates. Bonded & & HOME OWNERS! with your, 'neighbors. that new paint is flaking insured. 609-394-2669 or PAPERHANGING Save $ on all repairs! off in a short time, due to .Eves. 609-466-3596. L A N D S C A P I N G :«4-H803 collect SPRAY PAINTING Siding - Alum. - Vinyl. poor preparation, Planting, pruning & Gutters Roofing Storms moisture problem or the 609-799-3657 eves. designing. Railroad ties GROUND COVER:. Sun Decks - Carpentry use of the wrong type of ALUMINUM siding,Brick and Myrtle (periwinkle), Low Estimates, Call Joe paint. Before you start, PAINTING - Quality gutters, roofing, Stephen sinstalled.' t o n e p a t i _o §_. pachysandra, ivy; sod, Fully insured - 20 yrs. consult Julius H. Gross, interior, exterior. Free j ; Denarski Home Im- Professional service. shrubs, trees. Inexp. Princeton, with 25 years estimates. Reasonable provements, 609-393-6940. Free estimates. 201-725- stallation, delivery. 609609-443-5667 professional painting prices. 201-874-4837. 9878. 921-8632. experience to analyze the ALLIED ROOFING surface, moisture BOB's LAWN SERVICE, New and old roofs of all EXPERIENCED - for testing, recommending K & M LAWN SERVICE - c o in in e r c i a 1 & types repaired. Fill and PAINTERS Exsurface house repairs, property p r o p e r t r i m m i n g , residential, spring cleandriveway s t o n e mowing, maintenance, inside & preparation and type of perienced, interior / delivered. feeding & weeding; Free up, thatching, garden All w o r k exterior, quality workout painting, etc. primers and finish paint No job too- estimates, 609-883-7753. rolotiling. call 009-883Responsible & to be used. Consultation manship, reliable, prices guaranteed. small. 609-448-5707. Free 8072. reasonable. Call Bill 609- fee $25 in most cases. estimates. LANDSCAPING -. by Call Julius H. Gross at eves. 924-5792 after 6pm. Raymond. Have your Driveways Constructed 609-924-1474 for an aplawn designed, increase Asphalt or Stone pointment on your job. MASON REPAIRS the value & look of your Back Hoc Work R. P. ADAMS Roofing : Sidewalks, steps and property. Many ideas in Electricians Septic systems. Etc. Slate roofs a specialty. patios. Phone 609-924all areas of design Export Landscaping Also tile & asbestos. or 6489. i m p r o v e m e n t . Sod. seeding & shrubs. Gutter & spouting work. Reasonable rates. For C o m m e r c i a l INTERIOR & EX& ELECTRICAL Free estimates. All types information call 609-771- residential. TERIOR Painting and Residential of roofing repairs. 6090806. • paperhanging. Fine Fret' Estimates Commercial CERAMIC TILE Repairs quality work done by 448-4653 or 448-2007. (all (;O!I-!I24-I7:i."» Industrial Wiring - tile installed per- professional craftsmen Free estimates manently with new R.H.DEVLIN In Princeton since B09-443-5268 cement board. Bathroom only. LANDSCAPING by LANDSCAPING 1958. Julius H. Gross, remodeling, lowest Inc. 609-924-1474. college student, inexWhy wait until the roof prices. Tile for do-it leaks? Plan anead for Call - a professional pensive, all plants N.W. MAUL & SON yourselfers. DELAyour roofing needs service that will enable guaranteed. 609-587-4086. U.S.Hwy.l30& WARE VALLEY TILE, NEW ROOFS REPAIRS you to grow with your Griggs Drive 29-years- of^ experience.- - JOE'S _EAJN.T.LN.G__^_ landscaping in 201=329^1656. M'S TRF.F. SERVICE 609-888-1067. Interior - exterior. COOPER & SCHAFER progressive stages. - Tree cutting. Nashua Residential-commercial. 63 Moran Princeton Repair Service wood stove dealer. We Free estimates. Insured. 609-924-2063 CALL Electrical Power & also carry "Quartz 201-297-2964. Lighting Installations Energy Saver" heating 201-526-6510 EXTERIOR & INIndustrial Maintenance units. For more inTERIOR p a i n t i n g , formation call 609-466aluminum siding, win- PROFESSIONAL ROTOTILLING - let us 2666 or write P.O. Box dows, door frames Paperhanging & Pain- ELECTRICIAN Moving & plant your inflation 133, Pennington, N.J. with trimmed, all type ting. Call Santos, 609-799- over 10 yrs experience. lighting garden. 201-572- 08534. Hauling repairs; quality work 4160. 6334. Reasonable rates. Call since 1967, licensed & 609-448-7467. • insured, free estimates. LANDSCAPING & TREESCAPE - Tree Call Jeff. 609-896-0212 INTERIOR & Exterior •Gardening work MOVING & HAULING care & Landscaping. 1 after 4:30 pm. Painting - free estimates, ALL TYPES of electrical Trucking and odd jobs Residential or com- Create outdoor living mercial. sidewalks, done. Call 609-466-0978 reasonable rates, clean work. 201-359-3387. spaces, Design & f e n c i n g , Maintenance, days, leave message. p a t i o s , work. Call T. Laski 609Tree driveways constructed, CARPENTER & .799-1462. . 609-466-1827 eves, ask for removal & pruning. 609lop soil, etc. Call anytime 466-3755 MASON, no job too Ed. or 201-846-0251. 609-924-9555 or 609-882small, insured, call aft. 6. Heating & P A I N T I N G & 4078. 609-466-3388. Paperhanging - Frank Air Conditioning HAULING, professional Janda. 292 Dutch Neck GARDEN & LAWN L A N D S C A P I N G Design, equipment and handling Rd. Call (609) 448-3578. FERTILIZER Slighty Maintenance, HOME REPAIR WORK for fine furniture and lumpy. S2.75 bag. Cut up Construction. Quality All Construction. All ! AIR CON. CO. -Heating, Hoods, low rates, no job RR Ties. 201-297-9224 or work at fair prices. Call types of home im- C H A R L I E 201-821-9186 or 297-8814. THE c o n d i t i o n i n g loo big or small, local or 3091. provements, additions, PAINTER. Interior h- a i r Ions distance.' ("all refrigeration. Sales & repairs. Winter prices exterior. Free estimate. Service. Also all types of Bernie 609-882-1915 or LAWN CARE Servicenow in effect. Free 609-448-6563. control service. 609-394- 599-1158. call Sean-609-586-2876 aft. LAWNS CUT - Weeds estimates. 201-545-3199. pulled, leaves gathered. 8906. 4pm. Joseph Small. Phone 609-893-4103. STUDENT HAULERS PAINTING - Interior & Experienced with all C&C Landscaping. Lawn Exterior, 13 years exBUILDING REP- p e r i e n c e . kinds of furniture. No job maint.. seeding, sodding, Very Plumbing fertilizing. Wanted To Rent AIRS - Roofs (metal, reasonable prices. Many too small. Local or long rototilling. distance. V e r y 201-521-1721. shingle, slate, tar),, r e f e r e n c e s . Free reasonable. Kirk, 609*. chimneys, g u t t e r s , ' estimates. Call anytime Don, 201-743downspouts, Flashing, J&B Painting, 609-882- P A R K A C R E S 443-5846, water proofing, dry 5492. DUMP TRUCK for hire. PROF. WOMAN to rent P L U M B I'N G & 6039. wells, sheds, garages, Basements, attics, yards unfurn 1 BR or Eff in Prn HEATING - Installation porches, steps, cleaned. Sand gravel & or nearby. Rent and util & repair of all your basements, driveways, INTERIOR PAINTING - plumbing needs. Lie FURNITURE, bedding, filler. 8am-10pm. 201-572- $180-5250 mo. Sept. 1 for 1 yr. Call collect 212-271fences, hauling, pruning, Quality work, low prices. #5648. 201-297-7538. appliances, household 6334. 5678 eve. landscaping, brush Free estimates. 201-246goods. Moving and clearing, demolition, 4697 or 609-443-6254 eves. deliveries. Our price DOERLER rough carpentry, PLUMBING - Lie #4621.' may be less than doing it LANDSCAPES painting, caulking, PENNINGTON AREA glazing, m a s o n r y WATLINGTON'S PA- Need a plumber, free yourself. 201-356-82B8 or Young couple w/2 Landscape Designing pointing-patching, in- INTING - Interior & estimates - all types of .201-356-6871. children needs house or and spections, guaranteed- Exterior, and gutter plumbing. Call Mike 2/3 BR apt. 609-448-2908. Contracting insured. 609-921-1135. cleaning. 609-799-2020 no anytime day or night. MOVING & HAULING, .Phone 609-586-0266. 609-924-1221 answer 443-4790. quality service, 609-9242 BEDROOM APT. - for 3329, 201-246-7525. OVERHEAD GARAGE LAWN MOWER -& small ass't golf pro and family DOORS. Elec. operators. DOMINICKPintinalliJr. engine repairs. Lawn reasonable rates asap Roofing & Factory to you. Over the ' - Painting Contractor LIGHT HAULING, call mowers sharpened. Pick 609-466-3063 9-6. counter or full service Interior & exterior, up & delivery can be 609-448-734 L Siding parts & repairs. Call Residential & coma rra nged. 609-395-0428. APARTMENT WANfree, for free info. 800- mercial. Free estimates. TED - One bedroom in .or 872-4980. Ridge Door, W. Call any time, 609-882GIRAFFE T R E E near Princeton. Looking ROOFING MOVING & HAULING - SERVICE New Rd., Mon. Jet. 1631. Tree for long term rental! All Kinds Quality service at toppings, Please call 609-924-3285. Free Estimates reasonable rates. 609-924- removal, trimmings, hedges & 3329 or 201-246-7525. HOME IMPROVE- PAINTING - glazing, shrubs, lanscaping. EXECUTIVE TRANWILLIAMSON MENTS & repairs, gutters, minor home Reliable & inexpensive. SFER - 3-4 BR house or CONSTRUCTION CO. carpentry, painting & improvements. 10 yrs. WILL HAUL IT-Cellars, Free estimates. 609-452- apt. wanted for 1 or 2 vr. exp. Reas. rates. Call etc. 609-448-6563. attics and garages 1718. lease. Occupancy for 609-921-1181 609-921-9473. cleaned. Call 609-799Sept. 3 grown children. 1680. Consumer Bureau Ref. provided. Before 5 CUSTOM PAINTING FIELDS & WOODS 609-586-3325, after 5 201Service - Residential, REROOFING - REPAIR Registered. mowed - brush cleared. 946-276L commercial. Interior, J.A. WIG - Carpenter. - Asphalt, shingle, slate, 609-924-8110 or 924-6250. MATURE WOMAN exterior. All work 609-586-4120; 587-2272. roll, tar, coatings, metal guaranteed. Call now for Princeton references. roofs a specialty, gut- MOVING? Reasonable employed in the PlainMAINTENANCE sboro Special Spring rates. 10* ters, spouts, chimneys, 18 ft. van. Rent by day LAWN area, no pets, nonCommercial + years experience. 609flashing, etc. Insured - with driver, helpers smoker, non-drinker, Diefen- quiet, seeking (124-1760. CHEAP WORK is not guaranteed. 609-921-1135. available. Also tractor Residential. clean, 1 with driver. 201-369-3819. bach's Lawn Service. good, good work is not bedroom apartment Call Le Roy Diefenbach cheap, I'm reasonable. "BELLE MEAD Roofing -' preferably Plainsboro, 609-448-4757! Princ. Jet., Hightstown. CARPENTER - repairs, '609-448-4819. 28 yrs. in business. Free Call after 5pm 609-587remodeling. 609-921-7795. estimates on all type PROBLEMS GETTING roofing and leaders and rid of leaves, grass, TREE WORK - ALL 8874. DARBEE BROS. gutters and chimney brush, junk, etc.? Need a Types. Pruning, TopInterior- & exterior, flashing. Call anytime, small move or a haul? ping, Feeding, Removal. Storm Damage, Land. RIDER PROF - seeks 1painting & home repairs, 609-924-2040 or 201-359- 201-247-4847. Clearing & Chipper bdrm apt. near Rider. 'jfully insured. Free 5992 (local call from Service, Firewood & Call 215-235-3384, 7-8am ieslimates. 609-882-0847. Princeton) DEPENDABLE COL- wood chips available. or ll-12pm. LEGE students-for Competent work at a fair E-Z ROOFING - & hauling / delivery / price. Fully insured. PAPERHANGING BY general contractor. AIL moving. SEPTReasonable Free estimates. Con- EFFECTIVE Donald, 609-585-7598. b u r e a u EMBER 1st - seek rental work guaranteed. At low rates, experienced. Call s u m e r registered. 609-737-3126. cost. For free estimate Phil 609-924-6332. of one family house with call 609-448-9155. 3 or 4 bedrooms for one NANAK'S SERVICES year, with option to Professional Painters SCENIC CREATIONS., purchase at $70,000 or Work done in every room • Interior Specialists INC.. Designing and less. of your house. Repairs, Hillsborough, Custom Paper Hanging planting, lawn main- H o p e w e l l alterations, carpentry, Valley Longstanding tenance, sodding. Regional, or Monporch, patio & window Reputation C o m m e r c i a l and repairs, weather tgomery schools only. Local References residential. Free Phone 201-247-7142 days, stripping & more. Free Fully Insured estimates. Call 609-890estimates. or 874-8895 evenings and 609-799-1686 9086. " weekends. 609-883-7398 GENERAL CARPENTRY * HOME REPAIR

HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week of July 30 - August 1, 1980



csio&6Aoad& ptunciton





Van Hise Reali


REALTOR Pennington, New Jersey Tel: 609-737-3615 or 609-883-21101 REALTORS



" • • ~



DIFFERENT & EXCITING - is this attractive Cape Cod on wooded lot, just outside of Pennington, Kitchen, formal dining room, living room with fireplace with french doors leading to rear brick patio, family room. 3 bedrooms, 1 Vi baths, 2 car garage, large screened-in breezeway. $86,000.

This owner built Colonial is less than one year old situated on 4 acres of beautiful wooded tranquility. This masterpiece features: Oak cabinets, Island, Ceiling pot racks, Wine racks, Jennaire range, French doors to patio, a magnificent fieldstone fireplace and hearth, wide plank oak peg board flooring in sun room, 4 BR, LR, 2 car garage, formal DR, 3 baths, Central Air Conditioning plus much much more. $189,500.


LOVELY LAWRENCE • NEW LISTING- Charming 3 Bedroom 2 bath Cape with formal dining room, finished basement fi 2 car garage, $79,900.

ATTRACTIVE RANCHER • on a wooded lot. Modern k'itchen, dining room, 3 bedrooms, dual bath, family room, office, laundry room, rear wooden deck. $69,900. HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP

SMASHING TOWNHOUSE! - Immediate Occupancy in Princeton's Forrestal Village. 4 bedroom end unit enjoys wooded view. Many extras! " $136,000.



ON THE EDGE OF PRINCETON 3 bedroom Montgomery colonial on beautiful one acre lot with mature trees* A great buy! ' asking $99,900.

Linda Carnevale Aniuta Blanc Lois Pee Hazel Stix Joan Wojcik Carolyn Hills Lenore Barish Jeanette Stager Anne Hoffmann Roslynn Greenberg

I T3

PRINCETON-RANCH Wooded setting, charming family home,






OUR NEW LAWRENCEVILLE LISTING Charming 3 bedroom 2 bath Cape with formal dining room, finished basement $79,900. 2 car garage.

11 ACRES - with restored farm house. Dwelling offers fireplace, 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 2 story barn with 4 car garage-workshop-storage room-studio with bath, other outbuildings, electrified fence, excellent for horses. Coll for Details. INDUSTRIAL BUILDING - 4000 square feet, 8 acres, 300 foot frontage, Route # 3 1 , convenient to all major highways. Call for Details.

ATTENTION! NEIGHBORHOOD BUSINESS ZONE! Open your own business in the quaint village of Cranbury - right on the Main Street - in this charming old house. $92,000.

WEST WINDSOR 4 BEDROOM SPLIT COLONIAL Stone fireplace in living room, den and office and basement. In-ground pool. Sewer hook-up completed. Move in tomorrow and enjoy vour summer in this marvelous house! All this for onlv $78..~>OO.

SOMETHING SPECIAL • is this quality built Rancher. Entrance foyer, modern kitchen with breakfast area, family room with fireplace, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, full basement, 2 car garage, central air, many extras. $115,000.

ATTRACTIVE RANCHER - with contemporary flair. Modern kitchen with breakfast area, formal dining room, family room with fireplace, laundry room, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1 car garage, Anderson windows thru out. $98,500. LAND Approximate 25.5 acres - West Amwell Township country setting with privacy. $2,500. per acre. MEMBER Multiple Listing Service Holidays Call: Bev Willever, 737-0462 Cathy Nemeth, 737-3051 Theresa Jarvis, 737-0033 Beverly Glasson, 737-3727 Jim Carlson 737-1821



at Hamilton Township

the Possible Dream

PRINCETON 2 YEAR NEW COLONIAL! - Has everything incl. 4 BR's, 2 V2 Baths, family room., basement, central air, 2 car garage; Walk to schools & shopping. MAKE US AN OFFER



ELEGANT NEW HOME in exclusive Elm Ridge Park. Quality brick construction with 6 bedrooms and 4 baths on 2 acres. Owner financing available to a qualified buyer. $235,000.

I "MANUFACTURER'S DELIGHT"|Commercial Industrial Acreage. 7 acres in Lawrenceville. Perfect for industrial enterprise. $63,900.




BEAUTIFUL, WOODED 2 + ACRE LOTS in prestigious Stuart Rd. area. SEWER! WATER! & GAS! This is the perfect weather for seeing this property. Call us for further details. Three sold already!



Welcome. We are pleased that you have stepped into the possible dream. Come, journey with us through acres of a country setting; witness the green elegance that adds just the right touch of warmth and peace for family living. Featuring 3 and 4 bedroom homes, ranches, colonials, multi-levels all with 2-car garages.

RENTALS: $625. $725. $300. $650. &


g. P


I NEW LISTING: IDoctors and Professionals: Ideal in-home practice, 4 air conditioned and paneled offices plus 8 room, 2 story Colonial featuring: 4 Bedrooms, 2!4 Baths, Living room with fireplace, Dining room, eat-in Kitchen, Family room, wall-to-wall carpet, and much much more $94,900.

[NEW LISTING:/Horse Lover's perfect starter farm, 10 acres, with 5 box stall barn. Features include: 7 room Colonial style house with 3 Bedrooms, bath, Living room, Dining room, eat-in Kitchen, Hardwood floors. House needs T.L.C. For your inspection at $79,500.

PRINCETON COLONIAL - 2700 SQUARE FEET Adjacent to Herrontown Woods. 4 Bedrooms, 2 Vi Baths. . $167,500.


Colonial" situated in one of the nicest neighborhoods in West Windsor. This model features: Full Basement, 2 car oversized garage, Central air, Fireplace, Hardwood floors, Redwood deck, large foyer, dishwasher, Self cleaning oven. All on a 3/4 acre treed lot. Plus much much more. $140,000.


MINUTES FROM PRINCETON & BORDERED BY WOODS & A STREAM. Lovely 4 Bedroom, 2'/2 Bath Colonial. Large redwood deck; outbuilding 16 x 16, lends itself to many uses. Call for details. $125,000.

Princeton Crossroads Realty, Inc. • 342 Nassau Street (corner Harrison) • Princeton

IBRAND NEW IN WEST WINDSOR:! 4 Bedroom "Tudor Style



Princeton 4 BR's, C/A, fireplace Princeton Contemp. 3 or 4 BR's, G/A Princeton 2 rms. w/kitchen facilities West Windsor 3 BR townhouse



I WOODED LOT.I2.43 Wooded acres located in Franklin Township. Convenient to shopping and public transportation. OWNER ANXIOUS. $22,500.


Gloria Nilson

M o d e l p h o n e ( 6 0 9 ) 586-5085 Exclusive Agant Maguire-Burke Agency , (609)587-2707


(609) 448-8600

Direction*: From Turnpike Exit 7A West 1-95 to Exit 3B {second Interchange). Proceed towards Hamilton Square. First tight (second intersection) make right turn. Modeli % mile on left. From US 1 take jughondle to Quakerbridge (Whitehorse-Mercerville Road 5 miles South. Make left at first light past Rt. 33 (Klockner Road). Moke left turn 1 1 mile beyond second light (High School).

P.O. Box 177, Highway 571 Princeton Junction, N.J. 08550

Wanted To Rent Wanted To Rent Wanted To Rent Wanted To Rent Wanted To Rent Wanted To Rent Wanted To Rent



THE HOUSE - we're renting has been sold. Must relocate by Sept. 1. Responsible business couple wants to rent 4 room house or apartment in Hopewell - Princeton vicinity. Excellent references from present landlord. If you value responsible tenants more than high rent, call 609883-4263.

NEED A HOUSESITTER FOR for month of Sept? (or will pay nominal rent). Mature woman with recent glowing references will pamper your pets & plants and leave your home spotless. Call 609921-7379.

VACATIONING! Leaving your home unattended today can invite problems! This professional fulltime housesitter will ensure security, indulge your pets, and maintain your plants. Featured in the Princeton Packet Nov. 7. Call 609-924-0191.

WOODWORKER / Handyman looking for place to live & set up shop. Bob 201-549-2677. WANTED TO RENT - 2 bdrm apt. under $350. by prof, women. Princeton vie. by Sept. 609-883-3104 eves. FURNISHED - apartment or house wanted by responsible older couple for next several months. Call 609-924-8907. RESPONSIBLE couple with 1M> yr. child needs 2 to 3 bedroom house or apartment, or housesitting opportunity. Preferably Princeton or vicinity.' Excellent references. Robert Royal, Dept 22, 240 JN&ssau St., Princeton 609-924-8182.

PROF. WOMAN - seeks 1 bdrm apt. under $300, Princeton area or north of for Sept. 1.201-347-3948 eves. Responsible mature male looking for apartment to share or rent. Hillsboro or Princeton area, call 201-359-6003.

AUSTRALIAN FAMILY - of 4...visiting Fellow at Princeton University, seeks furnished home. Would take exceptionally good care of it. From Aug. or Sept. 1980 to end of June or July 1981. Call collect 301-366-4241.

PHYSICIAN to rent apt/house, 1-2 bedrm, 15 min. drive from Rutgers, COLLEGE Ad- wash/dry, yard. ministrator & family (2 $450/mo. Aug. 1. Dr. children plus small dog) Pistone. 609-546-1562 seek 2-3 bedroom apt or keep trying. duplex in PrincetonHillsborough area. Call 201-526-1200 ext. 270 AUSTRIAN COUPLE (no children, no pets) between 9am-5pm. seeks furnished apartment in center of 2 BEDROOM APT - Princeton. From Aug. to wanted by executive end of Dec. 1980. Call H. relocating to. Princeton. Lehner, 9am-5pm, 201Reply Box 003228 c/o 981-1116. Princeton Packet.

WANTED FOR RENT: PROF. WOMAN House or farm. M.D. seeking 1 bdrm. or efseeks beautiful setting, ficiency apt. before Sept. fireplace, pool and/or 1. Call 609-452-1237 eves. waterfront. Yearly. 212777-5713.

OUTDOOR HANDY wk in exchg low/no rent. Postdoc, wife, baby need liv. qtrs, 9/1. Reliable, quiet, decent 617-524-4748 RESPONSIBLE, MA- anytime or Nachbar, c/o TURE - woman, children K. Mislow, Dept. Chem., grown, selling large Prn. U., X2-3941. house, looking for cottage or 2 rooms in your LOOKING TO RENT large house. References. barn for Company Contact Mrs. Morgan empty Picnic/Dance that will 609-896-0618, 896-0323. accommodate 400 people and parking for 200. Need electricity and water. LADY SEEKING APT - Call for details 609-7993/4 rooms, please call 2600 ext. 2367 ask for 609-466-1175. Jeannie.

TOM HUGHES - P'82 requires lodgings near Firestone Library. Call collect 212-838-5632.

RN WANTS room with BUSY NON-SMOKING - kitchen privileges within gentleman needs single 5 miles room in Kendall Park Smoker. Somerville. area. Call 201-297-6681. reduction in (Possible cost for some nursing aid). Call RESPONSIBLE COU- 201-722-4450 after 6. PLE - wants to rent 2-3 bedroom house or apartment in country. Housesitting Prefer Hopewell or Montgomery Townships. Please call 609-924-9393 PROFESSOR ON YEAR persistently. LEAVE - will housesit. Have done same in the past for colleagues. within COMMUTER WANTS Prefer location distance of room and bath. Fall walking Univ. library. semester. Twice weekly. Princeton 201-964-9584, collect. Call 516-267-8347.

EXPERIENCED Housesitter for Princeton avail, for Aug. and/or Sept. Experience with pets & plants. Have excellent references. Call eves. 609-921-3349. RESPONSIBLE College girl seeking housesitting job during summer & fall months. 609-921-3491.

CONCERNED ABOUT leaving home unattended? Local mature professional man available for housesitting. Excellent references. Will care for pets, plants and maintenance. Avail. Aug. 1 through next year. Reply Box 154, Hopewell, N.J. 08525.

Week of July 30 - August 1,1980 5-C


NORTHGATE APARTMENTS On»MIURo«»d and Princcton-Hightstown Rd. lopposite McGraw Hijl)

East Windsor, N. J.


MODEL APARTMENT OPEN DAILY (609)448-5935 Apts./Houses To Share

Apts./Houses To Share

SPACIOUS - beautifully furnished house (1 other tenant). Private bedroom, dining room, living room, kitchen, yard, off-street parking. Center of Princeton. Near Shopping, swimming, busline. Avail, now. Lease plus security. $225/monthly + share utils. 609-924-1076 or leave message at 212-9661594.

HOUSE TO SHARE w/owner. Young professional woman pref. Hamilton Sq. 609890-0556.

CO -. OPERATIVE HOUSEHOLD on 200 acres, 8 miles south of Princeton is looking for 1-2 people to share rent, expenses, good times & bad. No pets or smokers please. Vegetarians pref. 609-448-4310. ROOMMATE - Female, wtd. to share 2 BR Princeton Meadows apt. 609-799-1982.

SHARE a comfortable country house with swimming pool near Princeton. Call 609-7991385 eves, or weekends. FEMALE ROOMMATE wanted to share townhouse in Twin Rivers. Own room, tennis, swimming. $200 -HA utilities. Call 201-8744974. ROOMMATE WANTED •to share Co-op house. 249 Washington Rd, Princeton. $138/mo. 609-452"1684.

NEED PERSON - to apt. center of LAWRENCEVILLE Apt. share Available - to share. $175. Princeton. Non-smoker preferred. Immed. 609-921-1488. Avail, now. Call after 6pm, 609-896-1837. Ask for Joe. HOUSEMATES WANTED - for charming 5 Princeton LARGE ATTIC bedroom bedroom house, 2 mi. from avail - now in shared campus. meals. Prn. Jet. farmhouse. $140 util. Share incl. Call 609Also 3 rm. studio or 924-2789 evenings. workshop plus barn avail, for storage or workplace - has electricity & security. 609- TRENTON (Hiltonia 799-4881. area) apt to share, lovely 2 bedroom is only $100 per month plus utilities & SHARE LARGE - sunny $175 security deposit, call house on 3/4 acre, 2 miles 609-394-8250 after 9 pm. from Princeton. Avail, irhmed. $140-150/mo. • + Util. Call 609-452-1861 anytime. WOMAN WANTED - to share beautiful 5 WOMAN - Early 50's, bedroom house 1 mile responsible, lively, from Princeton campus. creative looking for apt. Rent $138/mo. Call 609or house to share 924-6179. beginning Sept. Contact Mrs. Morgan 609-8960618, 896-0323. LAWRNVL - M/F share apt. with a young profl. $150/month. 609-896-1560 SEEKING A - single eve. parent and child (ren) into a healthy, loving, environment to share our A P A R T M E N T TO country home in SHARE: Sunny, wood Skillman. 2 bedrooms floors, central location. available in Aug. or Walking distance to Sept. 609-921-7204 leave public transportation, message. Nassau Witherspoon, etc. Parking available. ROOMMATE WANTED Maximum privacy. - to share farmhouse Extremely spacious Robbinsville/ Allentown bedroom. $265 per month area, $125 + utilities. plus utilities and Must like animals. 609- security. Friendly and 259-3896 eves & quiet health minded weekends. professional woman, prefer same or serious student. 609-921-8782. HOUSEMATE WANTED - to share large Princeton house with three other 1 LARGE BEDROOM in females in mid-twenties, secluded 100 yr. old ideal central location, Avail, $132.50/mo. plus utilities. Farmhouse. immediately to single or Avail on or before couple. Located in West September 1. Call 609- Windsor, 10 min. from 924-6176 after 5:30 p.m. Princeton. 609-799-3937. FEMALE - Housemate needed to share house in Skillman, 15 mins to Princeton. $150/mo plus Utils. 201-359-1639. CUT YOUR RENT COSTS IN HALF! Select a compatible roommate safely. References thoroughly checked. Call for information, Roommate Finding Service 609-924-5153.

Rooms For Rent FURN. RM. - Quiet bus. man. Non-smoker. Pvt. bath. Pvt. eht. Frig., ac/TV. 609-924-1767. FURNISHED ROOM - in Hightstown. Gentleman preferred. References required. Call after 8 p.m., 609-758-3115.

KROL, REALTORS 1000 State Road , Route 206, Princeton

CARNEGIE 609-921 T61 77

609-924-7575 201-874-8700

SCS AGENCY REALTORS South Main & Mercer St. Hightstown

REALTORS 229 Nassau St., Princeton

Princeton Circle, Rt. 1



Each office Is independently owned and operated "Working Partners for People on the Move"


Each office is Independently owned and operated

Each office is independently owned and operated

OPEN HOUSE Sat. August 2 • 12:00 - 2:30 P.M. 90 Princeton-Hightstown Road

CONTEMPORARY MULTI LEVEL — "newly offered". Featuring beautiful landscaped grounds in a neighborhood setting with a winding macadam drive, sunken rear patio, 24 x22 family room with fieldstone fireplace, three bright picture windows in the living room with pass-through fireplace to dining room & sliding glass doors to enclosed 28 x9 enclosed porch/cathedral ceiling, modern kitchen with the works, 3 + bedrooms/super master suite and many more amenities too numerous to mention! $137,000! (Princeton North address, Montgomery Twp.)

BRICK AND FRAME 4 Bedroom Colonial. Very Spacious — could be used as Residence/Office for Professional. Family Room with Fireplace, Plus First Floor Recreation Room — 214 Car Detached Garage, Ideal Parking. $103,000.

NEW LISTING IN HIGHTSTOWN — 3 bedrooms, formal dining room, lovely modern kitchen. Aluminum siding. Conveniently located to schools and downtown. Possible assumption to qualified buyer. ' $59,900.

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SWIMMING POOL YOU'LL SEE THIS SJJMMER! Let us introduce you to one of the most desirable homes we are offering with a fully private treed rear yard & tile pool, 4 bedrooms, 2Vi baths, 2-car oversized garage, 14 x 18 living room with cathedral ceiling/newly carpeted, modern kitchen, family room with brick hearth/glass doors to patio — & more! $122,900. (Belle Mead) '" BELLE MEAD Center Hall Colonial and certainly a tremendous home for a nineties value! Featuring 3 bedrooms, 1V4 baths', full landscaped lot, one ,car garage, sunken living center, formal dining room, deco kitchen, raised hearth in family room, macadam drive and great 20 x 12 out-door patio. (IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY). $95,000. PRINCETON Colonial Split offering 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, full finished basement, 20 x 20 patio and a great investment at $110,000. DYNAMIC CEDAR AND BRICK RANCH in Montgomery Township featuring living room with Pennsylvania bluestone fireplace, dining room with bow windows, large spacious kitchen, four bedrooms, 2V4 baths, beautifully landscaped plus fruit trees. MUST SEE. Asking $112,900. 'OUR NEWEST LISTING" 155 Weber Ave., EwingTwp. This perfect starter home in a great neighborhood, close to everything. Maintenance free aluminum siding, living room with wall-to-wall carpeting, large country kitchen with lots of cabinets for storage, two bedrooms, one bath. Full basement, central air conditioning, completely fenced in back yard. Act now, this one won't last! $42,900. "HOUSE BEAUTIFUL" Nassau Court Montgomery Township is the picture setting for this gracious nearly new Colonial, Spotless kitchen with Central Cutting island, charming family room with floor to ceiling brick fireplace, picture perfect dining room, elegant living room, four large bedrooms, plus additional den, two and a half baths. . $159,900.

RIVERSIDE - PRINCETON TOWNSHIP - Ideally located for utmost convenience to heart of Princeton - walk to New York Bus. Beautifully landscaped Patio and Pool make this delightful 3 Bedroom Ranch special. Beamed Ceiling Living room, homnal Dining Room opening to outdoors. $145,000.

1915 VINTAGE with lovely Chestnut trim. 4 spacious bedrooms, formal dining room. The fenced backyard has several fruit trees & bushes. Assumable mortgage to qualified buyer. $69,900.

PENNINGTON — Dublin Road - New Kitchen house freshly painted inside & out. Air Conditioned Excellent Condition. , $84,900. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY — Dairy Inn Restaurant Montgomery - includes* Building and Restaurant, upstairs office, small apartment. Call for details. 3 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE WITH ASSUMABLE 7% MORTGAGE Beautifully maintained, professionally finished Basement with Bar, Lovely Patio. $66,000. WEST WINDSOR — This home has many fine details - builder's home - adjacent to RCA's parklike setting. You must see the extras. $157,000.

CHARMING COLONIAL in the Village of Windsor. A 4 bedroom home built around the turn of the century. Updated with aluminum siding, modern kitchen. Formal dining room, 2 story barn, mature landscaping. Lots of room for $64,900.

KINGSTON — COMMERCIALLY ZONED — Historic Colonial on Main Street - 5 Bedrooms - 2 Kitchens - some wide pine floors - in beautiful condition. $120,000.


A VIEW OF THE PARK — 3 Bedroom Victorian with formal dining room, eat-in kitchen, new bath. Large corner lot with 2 story barn. Very desirable area. ' $89,000.

PRINCETON COMMERCIAL LISTING - A unique opportunity is now available with land and future parking possibilities. Call our professional investment desk today to learn all the exciting business details $407,00011 (Terms Available). 9 BROOKSIDE AVE. PENNINGTON, Townhouse, Professionally landscaped, Aluminum sided duplex featuring four bedrooms and 2Vi baths. Living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen, laundry area. Additional floor for extra bedroom or studio. Professionally redecorated. Must be seen $82,000.

ELEGANT COLONIAL on a magnificent treed acre. A discriminating buyer will appreciate the custom features of this nearly new 4/5 bedroom, Vh bath Montgomery Residence! A quiet private setting with a great view located in the Bedens Brook Area $159,900. EWING TOWNSHIP: Center Hall .Colonial, slate entry, front-to. back living room and family center, eat-in kitchen, in-ground Pool/covered patic.NEW TO THE MARKET $89,900!

ZONED VILLAGE BUSINESS — this 5 BR Colonial is situated on a 400' x 300' lot on Rt. #130. Aluminum Siding, some wide pine floors. Excellent Residence/Business situation - suitable for shop, store, restaurant. $99,900.

A HOME FOR ALL REASONS — country living on 1 + acre wooded lot in Millstone Twp. Room for kids in this 3 bedroom ranch with super kitchen, formal dining room. Relax or play in the finished basement which has fireplace, bar & stools, Pool Table, paneled den, and more. Call today. $84,900.

DAYTON - 100 year-old Colonial - was a 2 Family and possibly could be again. Barn & outbuildings. . . $65,000.

MONTGOMERY CAPE COD IN THE 7O's!l In-ground pool, wooded, private setting.

TWO FAMILY in East Windsor. 4 bedrooms in upstairs apt. 2 bedrooms in downstairs apt. Zoned commercial and priced right. $45,000.




$42,000!! . $48,000. Princeton.

TWO FAMILY...Great Investment


PRINCETON TWO-FAMILY: All Brick, 2 bedrooms, one bath on each side. BEAUTIFUL INVESTMENT! PRINCETON THREE-FAMILY...walking distance to town, immaculate shape!

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS — Mercerville - Beautifully maintained, this gracious 4 Bedroom Colonial has all the amenities, PLUS located within walking distance of schools. Fenced yard, and professionally landscaped. This exceptional home is available now. $99,500. y

3 B R TH - architect owner FOR RENT — OFFICES OR STORES 2000 sq. ft. - $400 per mo. + util.

INDUSTRIAL OFFICE ZONE — 10 acres in East ^Windsor Township near Rt. 33 & N.J. Turnpike Exit 8. Water available. $130,000.



A DELIGHTFUL Country Expandable New England Colonial Cape sure to appeal to the discriminating mini-estate purchaser. Featuring a bright entry foyer, maintenance free exterior, family garden room 19 x 19, super sized bedrooms (4), 21 x 13 living center, fireplace & wood-burning stove, 2-car garage, full basement...all situated on almost 3 acres of mature trees/gardens/brook-bridge with a beautiful country view! Outbuilding fot horses '. $129,900.

$55,000. $68,500. $81,900. buyer $76,900. $68,900.

Highway frontage, good exposure, ample parking, E. Windsor Twp.

CUSTOM CONSTRUCTION IS OUR SPECIALTY) We will con struct on your lot or ours...from $90,000. Contact Krupp Bldrs. Inc. (921-1084 eves.) ' J>

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS: 3 bedroom, 1 V4 bath horne.,

BR TH - part, finished basmt w/den 3 B R T H , fin. basmt, den & patio 3 BR detached-brick front 3 BR detached - Assum. mort. to qualified

Coll Holidays 8. Evenings

WEST WINDSOR — JEFFERSON PARK — 4 Bedroom Garrison Colonial - Formal Dining Room, Kitchen with Breakfast area, Master Bedroom Suite, City Sewers. Excellent Condition. $99,500.

Stanley Catoe Maria Forrara Jack Hulblrt Alice Hutchlnion Marilyn Kescoui Paula Shearer Cheryl Sterling.

448-0967 448-0183 443-1057 446-7192 448-6668 443-6244 443-6568

Joe Broun Joel Larien Nelson Mount RoieSlconolf! Betty Bunting Wei Archer Ernl.Turp

446-2082 446-4304 655-2830 655-1746 448-4394 448-2097 448-2151


Week of July 30 - August 1, 1980


Your last chance at the Princeton area's home value of the 80s.



Realtors 609-924-3822 247 Nassau St. Princeton

Karl Light, Broker

First section sold out! Second section opens today!

Condominium Terrace Homes from $39,990

THE OLD AND THE NEW and the Best of Both are combined in our newest listing - a charming 200 year old farmhouse with a stunning contemporary addition by Bob Hillier. Beamed ceiling and slate floor in the great country kitchen, spacious living room with fireplace, 4 bedrooms (the first floor master bedroom opening to the ground and pool) study, family room and 2V4 baths. All on an acre of land with mature trees and clipped hedges, and in a most convenient Lawrenceville location. •> Offered at $125,000.

The Home Value of the 8 0 s . You have to see to believe them! Truly luxurious 1, 2, and 3 bedroom condominiums that simply defy comparison. With features you'd never expect for the price. Like GE built-in dishwasher and 14 cu. ft. frost-free 2-door refrigerator, decorator gas oven-range with outside exhaust, economical GE central air conditioning and gas-fired heating unit, wall-to-wall carpeting, 2 full baths in 2 and 3 bedroom condominiums with oversized bedrooms and walk-in closets. Spacious living rooms with private balconies and separate dining rooms — truly the homes for the 80's — with all the tax and equity advantages of ownership for no more than the cost of a luxury rental apartment!

Your Style of Recreation. You'll have it all at Windsor Mill. Your own private swim and tennis club complete with pool, tennis courts, tot lots — all on-site and ready for your enjoyment.

The Ideal Location. So convenient to all your needs. Imagine, just 4V2 miles to Princeton Junction train station, lxk miles to Quaker Bridge Mall or Nassau Street, Princeton. Only a mile to local supermarkets, theaters and restaurants on Rt. 130. The New Jersey Turnpike is a mere 3 Vi miles from your door and Route 1 is only 5 miles away. That's convenience as you want it.

A MOST UNUSUAL FIND a small house in the exclusive western section of Princeton Borough. Slate roofed house of Tudor design features ceiling high gothic fireplace in the living room, separate dining room, spacious new first floor master bedroom and bath, and a large efficienty apartment over the garage (easily converted to a 4th floor bedroom with bath!) Private terrace overlooking delightfully landscaped grounds. Call for a preview - we haven't had time yet for the sketch.

A Word to the Wise. Our first section sold out in just a few weeks — so don't miss your second chance. A Terrace Home this affordable is the opportunity of a lifetime you won't want to miss. Join us today! 1 Bedroom from $ 3 9 , 9 9 0 2 Bedroom from $ 4 8 , 4 9 0 3 Bedroom from $ 5 7 , 4 9 0 Mortgages Available to Qualified Buyers. Phone: (609) 443-6100 Models Open Sat. & Sun.ll-5; Mon., Tues., Thurs. & Fri.11-6; Closed Wednesdays.

OFFICE SPACE RESEARCH PARK $3.50 per square foot net, net areas up to 30,000 square feet.

427,000 square feet in Park Occupied by approx. 50 Tenants Princeton Mailing Address and Phone Number CALL: Research Park 609-924-6551

ROOM & BOARD - tor retired. Private & Semiprivate. Starting at $450/mo. Hotel on lake. Year round. Call 609-8908319. ROOM FOR RENT - in Lawrencevijle. Complete house privileges & parking. 609-896-9467. ROOM FOR RENT, central Nassau St., low rent, newly decorated 609-924-2040.

ROOM & SEM1Efficiencies - at weekly rate. Princeton Manor Motel, Monmouth Jet. 201-329-4555. US Hwytfl. MANVILLE - ROOM for gentleman. Northside. Quiet street, res. neighborhood. 201-722-0070, 201-722-5524. LAWRENCEVILLE Two furnished bedrooms, private bath and entrance, on bus route, partial utilities, $60 per week, 609-8961063.

FURNISHED Motel Rooms with TV, a/c, panelling, w/w car- LAWRENCEVILLE -. peting. Hightstown / rm. for gentleman withA Windsor area. From $70 without bath, nonbeV- week. 609-448-8637. smoker, ref. 609-883-0916.


north or south toward Princeton to Rt. 571. East on Rt. 571 toward Hightstown to Rt. 535 (Old Trenton Rd.). Turn Left on Rt. 535 to Windsor Mill at the intersection of One Mile Rd. Via Route 130 — to Princeton Hightstown Rd.(Rt.571). West toward Princeton to One Mile Rd., turn right to Windsor Mill.

Windsor Mill

REDUCED! Near Littlebrook School. Dramatic living room with cathedral ceiling and fireplace, spacious dining room, den or family room and 4 bedrooms, 2 baths. All on a pretty lot with trees and privacy. Reduced to $127,500.


The Home Value of the 80's

Apts. For Rent

Apts. For Rent

EAST WINDSOR Garden apt. avail. Aug. 1. 1 bdrm, 1st floor, air cond, patio, pets/kids OK. $275 includes heat & cooking. 212-437-7161 days, 609-448-9471 eves.

GROVILLE - Country 4- 2 BDRM APT located room, new decor, w/w across the street from Prn. Univ. carpets, heat paid, $255, the Quadcall & see! — Ads subject Engineering to availability. Home rangle. Asking $435/ excluding all Seeker Bkr $60 [609] 394- mo utils, 609-452-1234, 6095900. 924-0746, 609,-924-0633.

THE HEAT IS ON THE TENANTS in this Hamilton Township income property - and that is a good deal in this time of high energy costs. There are three rental units in this stucco and frame house near the Mercer County Community College (great potential source of tenants). The first floor 7 room apartment - 3 bedrooms, living room with fireplace, dining room and panelled family room - could easily be owner occupied. Live here and let the other 2 apartments pay your expenses. Offered at $90,000.

Apts. For Rent


Constance Brauer IJARIEN AT NEW Shirley Kinsley HOPE Lid Village 2, 1 2 or 3 BDRM APT avail HAMILTON TWP John Cortwright Stuart Minton bedroom apartments for immed. occup or Woodmere Apts Hughes Marcy Crimmins Braxton Preston $300 per month; 2 Sept. 1. Starting at Drive, 1 & 2 bedrooms, Cornelia Dielhenn Laura Procaccino $395/mo. excluding all bedroom I den some / den 609-587-2414. Nancy Scott lownhouses $525 per utils. 106 Spruce St. 609month. Plus electric. 215- 452-1234, 201-297-6651, 609924-0633. LAMBERTVILLE-New 1 862-9133. Lawrecevil/e Marge Dwyer bdrm apt. overlooking REALTOR Delaware, carpeting, air Specialists Gladys Wright NOW RENTING - 1 & 2 ALLENTOWN - 1 bdrm cond, & dishwasher, bedroom garden apts. kitchen liv rm, din rm, $330/mo. plus util. 201Wall/wall carpet, to washer/dryer, 782-5425, eves 609-397walking distance to access private yard, heat & elec 0741. Apts. For Rent Apts. For Rent A P t s - For Rent schools; shopping center paid, $345 + 1 month & churches. Bus stops in front of apt. Rent $275- security. 609-259-7976. RIVERS - modern LAMBERTVILLE - 3 EAST WINDSOR - 1 TWIN $300/mo. 200 W. Bridge garden apts. furnished or rooms & bath, heat paid, FRANKLIN CORNER bedroom apt. to sublet Garden apt. in St., Morrisville, Pa. 215Sept. 609-448- unfurnished. Excel, cat only, Aug. 1. Lawrenceville, spacious 295-0504. LAWRENCE TWP - 2 starting lease 448-7792. Security. 201-996-4151. 1 bdrm apt. starting at •bdrm plus loft, $285 heat 0964 after 5pm. $325. 161 Franklin Corner incl. 609-882-3619. Rd, Lawrenceville, 609MONMOUTH JCT 1 ROOM EFFICIENCY WHOLE DOWNSTAIRS 896-0990. Carpeted 3-room, on SMALL PLEASANT apt. quiet, comfortable,, of cute little hse on ML acreage, $275, utilities apartment. BR, LR near NEAR RT 206 - colonial bed-sitting rm, kit- Lucas Rd., in Prn. Boro, paid, pets ok, plush! — shopping center. $225 or, farmhouse duplex, den, chenette, bath. Private avail. Sept. 1; will show Ads subject to less to person or couple air, panelleq, pantry, entrance. $225/mo + immed. Has bdrm, liv availability. Home able to supervise' 12 yr. $285, neat paid. — Ads security & references. rm, din rm, kitchen, OFF EDINBURG RD Seeker Bkr $60 [609] 394- old boy after school some subject to availability. Reply Box 003247, c/o bath, parking & big Cozy 4-room cottage, 5900. days. Exact arrange- Home Seeker Bkr $60 Princeton Packet. country, trees. Recommendation sunporch, ments negotiable. 609-921- [609] 394-5900. from prior landlord req. kitchen, all extras, $250. 0136 eves, $455/mo incld heat & — Ads subject to LAWRENCEVILLE - utils. 609-921-6612, eves availability. Home LAWRENCEVILLE - 4 eves. Panelled farmhouse bef. Aug. 2. Seeker Bkr $60 [609] 394room 2nd floor, furnished 5900. or partly furnished, large HILLSBORO - Brand duplex on 10 acres, picturesque living room, EWING - 5-room duplex, new 2 bdrm. luxury apt., washer/dryer, more! eat-in kitchen, porch, bay windows, wall to w. latest appliances, Under $400, call! — Ads $365 includes util. No wall, kids ok, heat paid, including washer / subject to availability. NEAR,RT 33 - Cape Cod pets, prefer non- $300. —' Ads subject to dryer. Clubhouse / pool Home Seeker Bkr $60 duplex, heat paid, all APT IN LAMBERTextras, $235, yard to VILLE lge panelled liv smokers, avail. Sept. l. availability. Home privileges. Oct. l oc- [609] 394-5900. relax! —• Ads subject to rm, sleeping area, dining 609-882-6337. cupancy. 201-297-9215. Seeker Bkr $60 [609] 394Rooms For Rent availability. Home rm, kitchen w/built-ins, 5900. MONTGOMERY TWP - 3 Seeker Bkr $60 [609] 391- bath, porch, garage for room apt avail, immed., 5900. storage, 3 fam. name, ATTRACTIVE ROOM - LAMBERTVILLE 1 TWP - I ,*, months security quiet street, $370, utils in townhouse, 1 min. Q u a i n t 4 - r o o m , HIGHTSTOWN - 2 ba rm HAMILTON required, $250/mo. plus Panelled duplex, w/w incld with cap clause, from Univ., no kitchen & washer/dryer, country duplex apt lovely setting, util. Call The Miller non-smoking person. kitchen, sunporch, $330, 5 rms & lg bath attic & carpets, open lease, just Agency, 609-924-3366 or WASHINGTON CROS- 609-396-3400 days 609-989Avail.' end of Aug. heat pd. — Ads subject to bsmt. Avail Aug. 1st. Call $225, hurry! — Ads 201-874-8000. SING - Pa., restored 9781 eves. beginning of Sept. 609- availability. Home 609-443-4647 if no answer subject to availability. house & barn on Home Seeker Bkr $60 924-2841. Seeker Bkr $60 [609] 394- 201-884-2831 after 5. canal, random width [609] 394-5900. 5900. floors, skylights, beamed LAWRENCE - Charming ceilings, 2-3 bedrooms & PRINCETON - Plush 3 EWING - Near airport, 4-room on acreage, large closets, new kit- bdrm, near University, FURNISHED ROOM available July 30, 1980. FIRST FLOOR APT - panelled, w/w carpets, MANVILLE - 4 RM. Apt. kids/pets welcome, cozy chen & bath, with carpet, $400, heat paid, kids ok, $300! — Ads cent, air, all utilities smile! — Ads subject to $170/mo. K i t c h e n , Ewing Twp, 4 bdrms, 2 1st floor, utilities paid,. 2nd fir. with 1 car & private, to availability. included. $550/mo. 215- availability. Home laundry, piano & parking baths, lge kitchen, din. $300. — Ads subject to garage. Call 201-373-9440 subject Home Seeker Bkr $60 968-2411 after 5:30pm. Home bet. 9 A.M. - 12 noon. Seeker Bkr $60 [609] 394privileges. Bus every V2 rm, liv. rm, music room, availability. [609] 394-5900. 5900. hour to University. Call central air, $750/mo. Call Seeker Bkr $60 [609-394609-921-0845 evenings & 609-882-0488 or 882-2552. 5900. HIGHTSTOWN - 2-bdrm, weekends. 2-bath, $335, utilities pd, A T T R A C T I V E 2 ESCAPE! Plush country FURNISHED OR un- kids/pets ok; also 7-rm, bedroom contemporary, furnished apartment studio. Wooded area, 2 ROOMS efficiency apt. MANVILLE - Spacious 22-bath duplex, panelled, ceilings, large FURNISHED ROOM - bedroom; yard for - furnished, kitchen, $125 pays all, fireplace, avail, immediately thru w/w carpets, deck, treed cathedral yard, quiet neighbors, Oct. 15. Second & third pool to cool! — Ads quiet horse farm setting, So, Brunswick, ideal for kids/pets, open lease, lot, heat pd, $400, a energy-efficient. college student $175/mo $300, check it! — Ads 5 miles from downtown subject to availability. floors of old farm-house beauty! — Ads subject to private, Duplex in Rocky Hill, or less in exchange for subject to availability. Princeton and 1 mile Home Seeker Bkr. $60, in the country. No pets, availability. Home available August 1. No no smokers. Call 609-466- Seeker Bkr $60 [609] household duties. Aft. Home Seeker Bkr $60 from US/Sfl, women only. [609] 394-5900. 394- pets. $450/mo, + 2096 eves, or 466-3797 5900. $275 incl. util. Call week2pm 201-329-2871. [609] 394-5900. utilities. 609-924-9370 aft after July 26, days 9-5:30, 609-924-4522. 7pm. • v

1101 State Road, Princeton, N.J.

Rooms For Rent Rooms For Rent

DIRECTIONS: Via Route 1 -take Rt.l


HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week of July 30 -August 1,1980

Specialists Since 1915

OUTSTANDING WEIDEL LISTINGS One of the areas oldest, largest and most active Real Estate Companies.

YOU'LL FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS - 2-story Home on a tree-lined avenue in Hamilton Twp. Spacious rooms, lots of storage, large living room w/built-in book shelves, separate dining room, eat-in kitchen w/easy care floor
INCOME PRODUCING PROPERTY - live in one unit and use the rent from the upstairs apartment to help pay your mortgage. Two apartments with separate entrances, aluminum siding for low maintenance and a new oil burner are some of the pluses of this fine Hightstown home. Owner willing to hold a 12% mortgage for a qualified buyer $63,500.

ENJOY LIVING AND ENTERTAINING - in this beautiful contemporary Colonial. Large living room, formal dining room, step-saver kitchen, den and powder room on first level. Three spacious bedrooms and two full baths upstairs. Finished basement, garage and professionally landscaped yard with patio. Easy access to swim club and recreational facilities. All offered for a reasonable $85,500.

HOPEWELL TWP. ESTATE Custom built "Arizona " contemporary ranch hidden away on 7 acres, 10 rooms, 2Vi baths,.3 or 4 bedrooms, lftVi x 18 dining room, living room with beamed cathedral ceilings, floor to ceiling fireplace, 20 x 24 ultra modern kitchen with beamed cathedral ceilings and skylights, 27' screened patio plu9 a spacious deck overlooking a beautiful Anthony pool, 3 car garage and an adjoining 18 x 24Vi workshop, truly magnificent in every de'.ail, Don't miss it-call 737-1500 now.

ROUTE 130, EAST WINDSOR 609-448-6200

VAIUYISION Interior S: Exterior Color Photos

FANTAST1C PLA YLAND - in your own back yard, including a Hallmark heated pool, pool house and redwood deck. The house has 8 rooms, a partially finished basement, fireplace in the family room and a master suite. Move in condition $97,900.

THIS REAL NIFTY RANCH located in the desirable Brooktree area of East Windsor is a real find. Some of the many special features include beamed cathedral ceiling, new plush carpeting in the living/dining rooms, gas heat, no-wax kitchen floor, central air. full basement, side entry garage and redwood deck overlooking park property affording extra • privacy in the rear. Owner will consider FHA/VA FINANCING TO-QUALIFIED BUYER. . . . $78,500. A WORLD YOUR KIDS WILL NEVER OUTGROW 2.66 acres for this handsome stone and cedar colonial with 8 rooms, 2 full baths plus 2 powder room including 4 big bedrooms, 13x15 dining room, ultra modern eat in kitchen, 20x25 loft room perfert for in-laws or teens over the 2 car garage $139,900.

A VERY DISTINCT DIFFERENCE Between good and excellent and we can honestlys a( 'his beauty is excellent, over 3 acres with a view from*«..''* window, 8 rooms. 2 Va baths, 4 bedrooms, pegged oak floors, family room with fireplace, less than 1 year old
PENNINGTON BORO-REDUCED LARGE. BEAUTIFUL .shaded Colonial with five bedrooms. 2V± baths, paneled and beamed ceiling family room with fireplace, lovely back yard. Magnificent landscaping, central air and too many extras to ••numerate. Ki-alislirully priced at $105,000.

ONE OF LAWRENCE'S PRIME LOCATIONS is the scene of this 3 bedroom, 2'/2 bath ranch that we think is a cut above the rest. All the ingredients are here to bring a happy ending to your search for the perfect home. The newly decorated interior, with its very generous rooms such as a 24' x 15' living room, family room with fireplace, large basement, covered patio, hardwood floors, and a 2-car. garage are enhanced by a well landscaped corner lot, lovely design and super floor plan . Asking $149,900.

fi room cape cod with 3 or 4 bedrooms, modern kitchen, living room with fireplace, formal dining room with picture window, 200' deep private lot, just reduced to . . . . $76.«00.

ROUTE 31, PENNINGTON, N. J. 609-737-1500 609-882-3804

HEADLEY. PA., TOWNHOUSE - Near historical Newtown with extras ranging from central air, a heat pump, and a self cleaning double oven, to an electric garage door opener. 3 bedrooms. 2 Vi baths. 2 car attached garage. Call for your own tour of this immaculate homi ' $89,900.

OWN A PIECE OF HISTORY When you move into this delightful colonial home begun in 1760 with an 1840 addition. A graceful open staircase, random floors, beamed ceilings and built-in corner cabinets all add to the original antique features of this large four-bedroom home. Warmed by a working kitchen fireplace and a living room Franklin stove, this home invites a family to share its wooded seclusion near Princeton. SPECIAL 10'/.% INTEREST MORTGAGE AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED BUYER. . . . . $129,900.

LIKE A PAGE OUT OF HOUSE BEAUTIFUL This 4 bedroom, 2Vi bath colonial on a professionally landscaped 3A acre wooded lot at the end of one of the beautiful streets of Birchwood Estates will tempt you to move right in without changing a thing. Each room is special; but the piece-de-resistance is the master bedroom suite with its beautifully appointed sleeping area, room sized sitting-TV area, drressing room with huge closet, full bath and many windows to view the lovely surroundings. This is truly a dream home — let us prove it to you • $156,000.

WEIDEL REAL ESTATE 11 Offices and (> Multiple listing Services


Apts. For Rent

Apts. For Rent

Apts. For Rent

Apts. For Rent

HOPEWELL BORO Avail. 9/1, spacious 2 bdrm apt, all appliances incl. dishwasher, washer/dryer, plus large yard on quiet cul-de-sac, garage, no pets, $400 plus util. & security. Call 609466-9112 after 6pm.

MERCERVILLE Fenced in duplex, enclosed porch, worksaver kitchen,- $250. Nice!. — Ads subject to availability. Home Seeker Bkr $60 [609-3945900.

HOPE, PA - Artistic one bedroom unit in restored Carriage House on estate with patio or roof deck; private & secluded. No dogs, Rental $325 & $355 inc. heat; suitable for one person with good employment record and references. Mr. Curtis 215-862-9300.

PRN BORO apt, 2 rms full bath & kitchenette, $385/mo includes utils. Avail Sept. 1, Broker, W. Brickley, 609-924-7474.

LAWRENCE TWP. - 4 rooms. Ideal for working mature person or couple. Convenient to public transp, church & shopping ctrs. Avail. Aug. 1. 609-883-1928.

LAMBERTVILLE VICSMALL BACHELOR - TORIAN - 1 BR. apt. apt (furnished), 2 rooms,' on quiet street. Spacious kitchenette & full bath. LR & kitchen. $300. inAvail. Aug. 1. Call after clds. heat & hot water. 6pm 609-924-3692 or 921- Adults. No pets. 609-4663654. 2363 or Henderson Realtors, 397-2800.

- 30 YEAR - NO POINTS MORTGAGE - To the qualified buyer of this fine Lawrenceville home. Builders own special home with fireplace and vaulted ceiling in master suite, formal living room and dining room, work saver kitchen, family room with fireplace, full basement, rear deck, quiet cul-de-sac, treed lot . . . . $149,900.

2681 MAIN ST. (RT. 206) LAWRENCEVILLE 609-896-1000

164 NASSAU ST., PRINCETON 609-921-2700

Apts. For Rent

LAMBERTVILLE - 2bdrm, central location. NEAR TSC - Carpeted 3- Modern, carpeted. No bedroom, worksaver pets. $400. including kitchen, fenced yard for utils. 609-397-3402 after kids/pets, $310, heat 6pm. paid. — Ads subject to availability. Home Seeker Bkr $60 [609-394- 1 BDRM. APT. -. E. 5900. Windsor. $290/mo. includes heat, hot water & air conditioning. Avail. Naviil. 609-443-1378 after LG. 1 BDRM. APT. • in 6pm. pre-civil war mansion. Marble fireplace, country kitchen, coal & PRINCETON - 5 rms wood burning stove, side carriage house apt. veranda, rear porch, 2 Immed. occup. Close to priv. entrances, 15 ft. town. $500/tho. 609-921ceilings, horsebarn, fruit 2801. orchard. Situated on five acres next to river in EFFICIENCY FOR Neshanic Station, 20 min. RENT - Center of No. of Princeton. Princeton Boro. 2nd fl., $450/mo. includes heat or w/w carpet, a/c, no pets, utils. 201-369-3916. off street parking avail. $275/plus utils. 609,-7991396 bet 7 & 10pm. SUBLET - 2 bedroom upstairs garden apt. 2 ROOM SUITE - in East Windsor area. $330., country house, 7 winincludes heat, hot water, dows, lg. closet, kit. extras. Call 609-448-2964, privileges, 7 mi. from ask about building 49, Palmer Sq. $ apt. 14. utils. 609-799-5989. .

DESIRABLE UNIVERSITY PARK - In Lawrence is the setting for this stone front multi-level home featuring 4 bedrooms, 2'/j baths, formal living room with fireplace, family room, with screened rear patio. Adjacent to Green Acres Country Club $ 114,000.

SPACIOUS 4 and 5 room apartments. Prn. Boro available either early, mid, or late summer. Rentals range from $425 & up. Telephone 609-9240633 or 201-793-7993.

MOPE WELL - 1 li, bedroom apt. All utilities OWNERS APT. - $450 per paid. $350. 609-466-3498. month, unfurnished, 2nd fl. Liv. room, bedroom, hall, bath & kitchen. Includes heat & water, BRAND NEW 1 bdrm private entrance. 609-924Condo, wooded setting, 0607. private balcony, c/a, w/w carpet, dishwasher, parking, pool, tennis, 1 ONE & TWO BEDROOM mi. from Cranbury, 7 mi APTS - for immediate from Prn, close to N.Y.C. occupancy at Windsor bus & train. $385/mo + Castle, E" Windsor Twp. utils. 609-443-3798, 201- From Princeton take 571 to Old Trenton Rcl.. make, 647-5068, eves. a right then proceed lo the first left beyond a WEST TRENTON - 1 couple hundred feet from bdrm, new carpet, near Old Trenton Road. 609bus & all utils paid. 609- 448-5995. 737-9360. MANVILLE • 3 room 3 BEDROOM APT. - apt., $287 & 4 room apt., Avail. Sept. 1. Living $297. Heat, hot water, room w/fpl. large FR. security, reference. Call Lease and security. 201-685-9523. $415/mo plus util. 201-5495149 or 549-2912, leave GUEST COTTAGE - on message. horse farm, 1 bdrm. On the canal, in Griggstown. Liv. rm, • w. fireplace, CHARMING Lam- dining rm., kit., full bath, bertville - 2 BRs, LR, full lg. sunporch. Fully bath, kitchen w/all furnished. Air conappliances, air cond, elec ditioning & utils. inheat. $300/mo plus util. cluded. Ideally located 609-695-1685 ask for . for medical resident. Barbara. $630/mo. 201-359-835G after 7pm.


Hirhanl A. » <•»/,-/. I'n-s.

Lifestyle at Riverview I

FURNISHED 3 room/4 room Cottage / apt / house with equipped kitchen, a/c, TV, carpeting at Motel in Hightstown / Windsor area. No lease required. From $135 per week incl all util. C09-448-8637.

It Happens Inside and Out

LAMBERTVILLE - 2 bdrm. w/yard, includes heat. $'390/mo. + security. Call 609-3971169. LAWRENCEVILLE -1.& 2 bdrm Apts & Townhouses. White Pine Apts & Sturwood Hamlet Apts (609) 883-3333. PRINCETON BORO - 2 apts. for rent. Avail. 9/1. 1st fir. - 4 rooms, washer, dryer, dishwasher, including heat. $460. 2nd fir - 2 bdrms, liv. rm, kitchen, dinette, bath, washer/dryer, heat included. $575/mo. Reference & security deposit req'd. Not suitable pets or children. Phone 609-921-1928. UNFURNISHED - new luxury apartments. 1 & 2 bedrooms. $340 and up. Meadow Lane Apts. 5 minutes to Princeton Jet. Call 609-452-2104.


Included Not Options • • • • •

3-4-5 Bedrooms Central Air Fireplaces 2-Car Garages First Floor laundries

Full Insulation Full Basements First Floor Family Rooms Formal Dining Rooms Wall to Wall Carpeting

• Eat In Kitchens • Gas Heating • Builder Pays All Closing Cost.




OPEN FOR INSPECTION — SAT. & SUN. 1 to 5 P.M. DIRECTIONS: 1-95 to Rt. 29 to West Upper Ferry Rd. (Villa Victoria Academy), proceed % mile to site on right. Short distance from 1-95 ON/OFF Ramp. . CALL ANYTIME


6 8 9i%°6r





HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week of July 3Q-August 1,1980








a i

a new concept in luxury housing

OPEN HOUSE SAT. & SUN. 1-4 P.M. From Princeton take Rte. 206 south to Fackler Rd. (Rte. 569) left on Fackler Rd.

Four houses currently available for sale. Builder will also consider lease-purchase, land contract or rental with option to buy.

LOOKING FOR A TOWN HOUSE? Convenient small house in walking distance to everything. A perfect house for a "Mr. Fix it!" Lovely yard, nice neighbors in charming Princeton $112,500.

RACE YOUR HORSES On 55 acres in desirable West Amwell. A nicely renovated 150 year old colonial farmhouse with 4 bedrooms. 3 full baths, formal living room with fireplace, family room with franklin stove and a country kitchen with a brick fireplace. Horse barn, chicken coops, pastures and woods. PLUS a separate 2 bedroom tenant house. Additional acreage available. $225,000. Call (6091397-2800.

In the " D " series - Two-story living room with fireplace and cathedral ceiling and clerestory windows, huge family room with fireplace, large master bedroom suite with study, walk-in closet, and luxurious bath. Three other spacious bedrooms. Full basement and two car garage. Many, many extras! $210,000.






LIKE NEW! 4 BEDROOM COLONIAL IN Montgomery Twp., 5 minutes from Princeton. Some outstanding features are sliding glass doors to concrete patio leading to an in-ground swimming pool. 22 ft. master bedroom with walk-in closet, private bath. Wallto-wall carpeting and many more extras $144,500.

4 CharltonStreot, Princeton, N«w Jersey 08540 (609) 921-2776


43 BEECH HILL CIRCLE in Princeton Living room, dining room, kitchen, study or extra bedroom, four bedrooms, two and one half baths. UNFURNISHED. Available September 1st. $850 per month plus utilities.

Immediately Available


LAN WIN REALTY COMPANY (609)799-1800 TWO STORY COLONIAL with 3,000 sq. ft. of living area, bay windows in living, dining rooms and kitchen, paneled family room with stone wall fireplace and french doors to rear deck. 2 zone heating and air conditioning, full basement and two car garage. $144,900.

15 LORRIE LANE in West Windsor - Living room, dining room, kitchen, family room, covered porch, four bedrooms, two and one half baths. UNFURNISHED. Available upon one month's notice to housesitters. $900 per month plus utilities. 9 HEATHER LANE in Princeton - Living room, dining room, kitchen, family room, study, four bedrooms, two and one half baths. Swimming pool. UNFURNISHED. Available immediately. $880 per month plus utilities.

New Jersey Licensed Real Estate Broker

38 WEST SHORE DRIVE in Hopewell - Living room, dining room, kitchen, huge study, family room, four bedrooms, two and one half baths. UNFURNISHED. Available immediately. $1,200 per month plus utilities. PARK LIKE SETTING - Fully wooded lot in West Windsor Twp. Brick Ranch custom built by owner for charm and comfort. Living room, dining room, kitchen, paneled family room with fireplace. Enclosed patio, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, garage. Good for commuting and excellent schools Offered now at: $99,700. RANCHER with 4 bedrooms, 2'A baths, and centrally air conditioned. Located 5 miles north of Princeton. Close to shopping and transportation. Excellent schools! Countryside is beautiful and neighbors friendly. $140,000. STAY HOME THIS SUMMER. Large 5 bedroom 2 story Colonial. Covered porch, 20 x 20 family room, big kitchen. Living room with a view as far as the eye can see. l'/£ acres. In-ground pool. Other extras $143,000. NEW 5 BEDROOM COLONIAL. Features foyer with slate entrance, spacious modern kitchen with breakfast area. Family room with fireplace, additional den or 6th bedroom. 2'/$ baths, central air conditioning and a deck in rear of house $159,900. RENTAL - 1st FLOOR IN PRINCETON on N. Y. and local bus lines. Living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bath. Unfurnished. RENTAL: 8 ROOM HOUSE NEAR 1-95. Convenient for commuters. Immediate occupancy. 3-4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 car garage. $600. Month. '


OPEN 7 DAYS TILL 5 P.M. 609-921-6060 194 Nassau St. Hilton Bldg., 2nd Floor


Princeton Real Estate Group Mercer & Somerset County MLS Affiliated Independent Brokers (Nationwide Referral Service)

V ' «£••••'•' V


EVENINGSAND WEEKENDS CALL: William Schuessler. 921-8963 Harvey Rude, 201-3^9-5327 RitaMargolis Allen D'Arcy, 799-0685 Russ Edmonds, 201-449-9357 . Jim Ajamiari, 466-1592 Asa G, Mowery, 395-1671 Emma King, 609-799-1694

1OV>% MORTGAGES No Points—No Prepayment—30 Vrs. A prestigious executive community in the historic Village of Lawreneeville with the utmost in quality, elegance and design. Complete home with "Special Mortgage Program" & closing package offered by builder to qualified buyer. JOPEN FOR INSPECTION - SAT. & SUN. 1 to 4 P.M. j Dlrectioni: From 1-95/1-295 Lawrenceville exit (Rl. 206 North), (ok* |ughandle to Pennlngton. protend I block I turn led onto OENOW ROAD to lite 7001 on right.



TT J_J A J L / A j J_J (New Homes Division) 2681 Main Street Lawrenceville, N.J. PHONE 609-896-1000 ALL BROKERS WELCOME

Apts. For Rent


P t s - F<>r


LAFAYETTE HOUSE LAMBERTVILLE - Berkeley Sq. historic contemporary hillside district. Convenient 3 storyTwnhse. 3 BR's, location overlooking 2'2 balhs, fully carpeted, balcony, 24 hr. doorman, f i r e p l a c e , balcony ideal for professional, 1 & overlooking Swan Creek. 2 bdrm. apts. from $355. C/A, energy efficient, all Call 609-393-2626 for appliances, & private appointment. parking. $550 month + utils. Lease or lease PENNINGTON - Pleaw/option. Call John T. sant apt. for rent in Henderson Inc., Realtor, Penningtbn. Living 201-397-2800. room, kitchen w. breakfast area, 2 bdrms. & tile bath. Attic storage. Walk ONK & TWO BEDROOM to stores & shopping. $395/mo. plus utils. ..APTS FOR RENT Avail. Aug. 1st, please Central air, patio & call 609-737-2261 after balconies. Heat, hot 6pm. water & cooking gas supplied, l bedroom from $300, 2 bedrooms Houses For Rent from $360. PRINCETON MANOR Office open Mon-Wed- 1 family home, 4 bdrms, 2V2 baths, air conThurs-Fri, 10am ditioning, fireplace, 5 4:30pm, Sat. 12-4. min. to trains, schools, WINDSOR REGENCY shopping. Principals only. $650/mo. After 7pm APTS. call 609-799-9062 or 799East Windsor, NJ 609-448-2964 609-448-6553 0147.

CASTINE in Maine Living room, dining room, kitchen, enclosed porch, two bedrooms. FURNISHED. Available September 1st to June, 1981. $250 per month plus electric. 168 MOUNTAIN AVENUE in Princeton Living room, dining room, kitchen, family room, screened porch, three bedrooms (other reserved for landlord), two baths. FURNISHED. Available September 1st. $750 per month plus utilities. 34 WESTCOTT ROAD in Princeton - Living room, dining room, kitchen, sun porch, study, five bedrooms, three baths. FURNISHED OR PARTIALLY FURNISHED. Available immediately to September 1,1981. $1,200 per month plus utilities. Stewardson-Dougherty Realtor 366 Nassau St. Princeton 609-921-7784

WEST WINDSOR - 3 bdrm modern ranch. 2 baths, LR/DR, fireplace, kit, garage, well-finished basemt, dish-washr, washr/dryer, refri; 0.8 mi to RR-statn. Avail Aug 15, $675/mo ($650 if w/out appliance) 609-4528215, 7:00-9:30 p.m. LAWRENCEVILLE Lovely 4 bedroom, 2'/i> bath colonial with family room and fireplace available July 19. Furnished $800/mo or Unfurnished $650/mo. Country Heritage Real Estate, Realtors, (609). 799-8181.

NEW LISTINO DIVE IN! An inviting in-ground custom pool with Cabana in the backyard of this lovely 3-story brick lownhouse. 4 airy bedrooms, 2'/2 baths, high ceilinged living room and dining room with corner cupboard. On desirable Jefferson St. in Lambertville. In the 7()'s. Call 1609) 3972800.


LEASE WITH OPTION TO BUY A Delaware Township horse farm with rental apartment, 9 stall barn and fenced corrals. Main house has 4 bedrooms, 2'/2 baths, country kitchen, dining room, den, living room with stone fireplace and sliding glass doors to large deck. With 11 acres, $145,000. or lease with option.

STOCKTON OVERLOOKING THE DELAWARE A beautiful rancher with a 20 x 40 in-gTound pool, surrounded In terraced flagstone patios. Featuring 2 fireplaces, large rooms, enclosed breezeway and garage. Finished walk-out basement includes bar. 2nd kitchen, family room' with bath and laundry room. Ideal for mother/daughter. $77,500. Call «>0')l 3')7-28(K). NEW LISTING LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP On Stonicker Drive, a lovely .'i bedroom, 2V> bath colonial on !/i acre of mature trees and shrubs. Slate entry, large living room, dining room, pat-in kitchen, and family room. Extras include hardwood floors, new gas furnace, washer, dryor. and freezer! A buy at $85,K(H). CalllM)9i:59T-280ll. NEW LISTING I'ADDLE YOUR CANOE Past this side by side duplex in Yardley Boro, Pa. Living room, eat-in kitchen, 2 Bedrooms and bath, full attic (1 finished I and basement on each side. A good buy at $4').«)00. for both! Call IWWI 397-2800. Heavily wooded building lots on llarbourton-Mt. Airy Rd. Perked and ready to go! $25,0(10. each. Call I6(«| 3«7-28OO.






Houses For Rent Houses For Rent Houses For Rent PLAINSBORO - Princeton Collection 4 bdrm COUNTRY BUNGALOW Edwards mocjel - Off Rt 206, private 5executive Colonial. FR, room, den, extras, just fireplace, c/a. $695/mo. $220! — Ads subject to Avail. Aug. 1. 609-737- availability. Home 9478 after 6pm. Seeker Bkr $60 [609] 3945900.

KINGSTON COL. - 4 BR, 2 1/3 baths, central air, fireplace. $675. Princeton Crossroads Realty, Inc, Realtor, 342 Nassau St. Princeton, 609-924-4677.

SMALL HOUSE-for rent in Princeton. John St. 2 bdrms., Avail Sept 1. Call bet. 9 am & 9 pm. 609-9247039.

COTTAGE IN KINGSTON - 3 bdrms, 1 bath, din rm, sun porch, Ige yard, avail Aug. 1, $490/mo + utils. 609-7345827.

WALK TO TRAIN STATION from this beautifully maintained 4 bedroom, 2V2 bath Colonial situated on a cul-de-sac in Princeton EAST WINDSOR - 3 Jet. Gas heat, central bdrms, fully carpeted, air, electrostatic air. finished bsmt, all ap-- $650. per month. pliances. Swimming Walter B. Howe, Inc'. • pool, tennis, close toN.Y. One Palmer Square bus. $550 or less acPrinceton, N.J. 08510 cording to lease. 609-448609-924-0095 0660 day, 609-443-1814 eve. CONDOMINIUM • 2 bedrms; family rm; patio. Modern, spacious; MONMOUTH JCT, - all appliances; fully Modern 4-bdrm, on carpeted. 1 yr. lease' 1 acreage, fireplace, mo. security. Hillsgazebo w/gas grill, borough. $650/mo. + priced right! — Ads util. Call 201-359-4121 subject to availability. or 874-4121. Eisenhower Home Seeker Bkr $60 Gallery of Homes," Inc. [609] 394-5900. •Realtors.

KENDALL PARK Modern 5 room house, 3 bedrooms. Also 3 rms 201-297-1149. ALLENTOWN - Plush Cape Cod, finished basement, washer/dryer, freezer, large fenced lot, $435, kids/pets ok; also country colonial farmhouse w/option, 8-rm, den, patio, worksaver kitchen, $365! — Ads subject to availability. Home Seeker Bkr $60 [609] 394-5900.

HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week of July 30 - August 1,1980



A distinctive grouping in Montgomery Township, Belle Mead of 16 Classic Colonial Homes conveniently located in a country setting of elegance, prestige and accessibility. Full 1 acre ,+. parcels (some wooded), "Anderson" thermo windows, energy efficient, gas heat, 10 year Homeowner's Warranty.

15 Spring St., Princeton


Realtors & insurors


since 1927 For All Area Listings

Joan Alpert • Marilyn Magnet • Dan Faccinl • Jane Lamborty • Edyc« Rotenthale • Joan LoPrlmi • Natalie Kati * Clalro Sudol . Phylls Leyln • Ed Kimblo Jr. • Sarah Lerach • Rotary O'Neill • Suk4 Lewln • Barbara Plnkhom • Esther Pograbln • Dorothy Kramer Marlene Horovitz • Erlko Voltrauer • Elaine Halberttadt '

Our competent staff can show you any and every home in the area! Members: Multiple Listing Service, Princeton Real Estate Group

IMMEDIATE SUMMER OCCUPANCY From $134.900. DIRECTIONS: Route 206 to River Road, River Road, Griggstown Road approx. V4 mile.

MONTGOMERY— AN ELEGANT COLONIAL ON A MAGNIFICENT TREED ACRE. An extremely spacious house, well settled in one of Montgomery's nicest established neighborhoods, perfect for you and your family. An air of gracious formality surrounds this 25' living room, oversized formal dining room, family room with cozy fireplace off a real eat-in kitchen, library and powder room. Four bedrooms and 2 full baths. Full basement with outside entrance, central air, 2 car attached garage, lovely landscaping. $144,900.

ONE PICTURE is worth 1,000 words. Our new listing is a must-see! Immaculate, large 5 Bedrooms, Vh baths, dream kitchen, family room with F/P, full basement, 2 car garage, professionally landscaped, C/A - w e could go on and on and on and —. It would be our pleasure to show you this lovely home. Please call. $119,900!

Unique, custom built Ranch, 2 years old...offering large family room with raised hearth fireplace, pegged floors and beamed ceiling, spacious living room, 2Vi baths, 4-5 bedrooms (fifth could be used as sewing room or studyl, 2-car garage. Only minutes to Princeton. Call today for an appointment to inspect Asking $128,900.


A HOME YOU'LL BE PROUD TO this four bedroom Colonial in a marvelous nieghborhood. This home boasts a living room with fireplace, formal dining room, and extra large kitchen with breakfast room, great traffic pattern for family living, central air, and a patio with gas grill. The lot is picturesque with mature plantings and fruit trees as an added bonus...first time offered $139,900.



NEW LISTING — IN A RURAL SETTING and only minutes from the bus and major shopping centers. Centrally located on over an acre of land, this lovely 3 B/R ranch features living room w/fireplace, large dining room, eat-in kitchen, panelled family room, 1 'A baths, full basement and two car garage. Call for more details. $79,900.

Routo 206, Belle Mood, New Jersey 08502


IMMACULATE FIVE B/R COLONIAL — on Vi acre. Large entrance foyer, l/r with cathedral ceiling, d/r, kitchen with snack bar, family room, den, 214 baths, central air and 2-car garage. Just reduced to $104,900.

KENDALL PARK • 4 B/R, 2 Vi bath Colonial, 2 car garage, approx. % acre, with lots of extras such as stone fireplace, new wall to wall carpeting in living room, 33' x 14' rec room, partially fenced, large outside brick patio, wooded in rear for privacy, 10' x 10' garden shed, etc., Reduced to $79,9Q0. A BACKGROUND OF WOODS enhances the beautifully treed and fenced-in lot of this 3 B/R ranch home. Enclosed porch entrance with flagstone floor, special all butcher block kitchen, living room, dining room, bath, central air and one car garage $52,900. LOVELY RENTAL - Charming 3 B/R. Totally restored by top architect in shady residential area 10 mins. from University. $675. per mo. OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE — 1,700 + sq. ft. Unlimited parking. Convenient to Route # 1 and Jersey Turnpike. $9.00 per sq. ft.

PERFECT FOR A BACHELOR OR COUPLE, this geodesic dome home on 2 acres in Princeton has a living room with free-standing fireplace, study, B/R, bath, kitchen & utility area. Skylights and siding glass doors hightlight this unusual home. Call to see! $125,000. NEW REDWOOD COLONIAL UNDER CONSTRUCTION- still time to choose some options! This natural wood sided home features living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen, family room w/fireplace, study or den, 4 B'R's, 2V? baths ard 2 car garage. On a 1.6 acre lot with a beautiful view. $190,000. LOVELY LANDSCAPED V, ACRE CORNER PROPERTY — spacious living room with fireplace between living room and dining room, family room with sliding doors to 12 by 20 ft. deck, four bdrms., 2Vi baths, central air and 2car garage. Just reduced to $64,900.

TRUE CENTER HALL COLONIAL on 1 acre in convenient, attractive neighborhood. Only 6 years old. 4 bedrooms, 2Vi baths, formal dining room, panelled family room w/fireplace. Full, dry basement - extra high. Air conditioned and many extras. $119,000.



NEW CUSTOM COLONIAL on wooded lot. Very spacious 4 B/R, 2V2 baths, separate D/R, family room with fireplace, central air, gas heat, full basement. $139,900.

CLEARBROOK — ADULT CONDO. 3 Bedroom Braeburne; New Section - New Condition Excellent Location. All Appliances. Professionally Landscaped. AAA Community. $82,500.

SPACIOUS RIVERSIDE COLONIAL - This 4 B/R, 214 bath home features front to back L/R w/fireplace, family room, dining room, eat-in kitchen, sewing room or study, full basement, covered rear porch and 2 car garage in ideal Princeton area. $185 000.

This immaculate South Brunswick home is waiting for the right owners to move in. You will love the Family Room w/fireplace, three bedrooms, 2 baths, study, eat-in kitchen, living room and dining room all beautifully decorated. Shopping and the New York City express bus is just minutes away. Convenience and charm make this a home you will want to see .. $89,500.

, v 0.

NEW LISTINQS:'10 ACRES - with 3 B/R home recently remodeled with income apt. + 2 additional rental units. $159,000. ADJACENT 40 ACRES -with historic home. A VERY SPECIAL RANCH • w/2nd story addition L/R w/stone fireplace, D/R, family room, 4 bedrooms (including master bedroom suite w/dressing room), sliding glass doors to balcony, swimming pool, aviary and many other features.. $98,000.


ONLY 7 YEARS YOUNG, this stunning home features living room w/fireplace, family room w/fireplace, dining room, kitchen1, 4 B/R's, 2Vi baths, central air and 2 car garage. $76,000.

COMFORT AND CONVENIENCF IN PRINCETON' In close proximity to Princeton Shopping Center, schools and buses, our 3 bedroom ranch features living room with fireplace, dining area, kitchen, 1 Vi baths, breezeway, full basement, central air and garage. $89,900. UNUSUAL & INTERESTING — Geodestic Dome Home - many sky lights throughout - living room, dining area, family room w/fireplace, eat-in kitchen, 2 plus bedrooms, 2 full baths, and full basement. Beautiful wooded lot 25 minutes from Princeton. $108,900. A VERY LARGE LIVING ROOM W/FIREPLACE enhances our 4 B/R ranch, which also features eat-in kitchen, dining room, 2 baths and one car garage. A brick barbecue in rear yard of the half acre property is perfect for summer entertaining $54,900.


in medical building - 1,344 sq. ft. $8.50 sq. ft

LAND & COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES BUILDERS — INVESTORS. Just listed in West Windsor. 8 8 + acres. Residential. Partially $5,500./acre wooded. ONE STORY COMMERCIAL BUILDING — 2,500 sq. ft. - Financing available to qualified buyer. Liquor license included in price. $140,000. OUR IMMACULATE - aluminum sided colonial home boasts foyer, eat-in kitchen, living room, fining room, 4 bedrooms, 2Vi baths, full basement and 2-car side-turned garage all on a manicured 3/4 acre lot $138,900. CUSTOM HOME — on 1 acre commercial and multi-use zoning. Good investment. 1014 % mortgage available to qualified buyer. $85,000.

PRINCETON — Commercial business district zoning - 2 story building presently used as apartments.

$145,000. RD PRINCETON • Hwy. commercial site in front of shopping center. $148,500. STAINED GLASS BUSINESS — in heart of Princeton. $25,000.

(201)874-5191 Each Red Carpet Office is independently

owned and operated.

"Call Us Today"

Financing Now Available to Qualified


Houses For Rent Houses For Rent Houses For Rent Houses For Rent Houses For Rent Houses For Rent Houses For Ren1 Houses For Rent Houses For Rent Somerset County Belle Mead Colonial Split located in Fine established neighborhood. Family room with fireplace. 4 bedrooms, 2VZ baths, 2car garage. Available immediately. Lease ... Security deposit ... and references required. $700/month plus utilities. Call 201-658-3688.

niaxe. UX*., Realtors Koute 202/206 Pluckemin, NJ

PRINCETON - opposite Prn. Medical Center, 1 family dwelling, 3 bdrms, laundry rm, fireplace, recently renovated. $500/mo + utils. 609-883-7534 aft 6pm.

HAMILTON SQ - 9bedroom farmhouse, 4 fireplaces, 25 acres, garage, den, more! $500, a steal! — Ads subject to availability. Home Seeker Bkr $60 [609] 3945900.

3 BEDROOM - Kendall Park ranch avail. Sept. 1. Beautifully landscaped fenced yard. $490 plus util. 201-549-5149 or 5492912, leave message.

FRANKLIN PARK Charming 7-room, carpets, air, washer/dryer, bow windows, $325. — Ads subject to availability. Home Seeker Bkr $60 [609] 39459001

TWIN RIVERS Beautiful 3 bdrni Twnhse WEST WINDSOR, imfor rent. 201-386-1369 aft. pressive 5 bedroom, 3' 2 6:30pm of wkends. oath home, convenient to train, schools and shopping. No pets 4 BR DUTCH Colonial on $900/mo. Country 1 acre in pleasant Heritage Real Estate, country area, 4 mi. from Realtors, 609-799-8181 Prn. Univ., $725/mo. M.any attractive features. 609-921-2714 PLAINSBORO - Brand eves. & wkends. new house, 8 rooms, 4 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths, PRE-RE VOLUTIONARY near transp. $700 or best -6 room, 1 bath brick. Bo- offer. 201-460-1537 after 5 ro of Princeton, $650/mo. pm. John T. Henderson Realtors, 609-921-2776. HAMILTON TWP Spacious 4-bdrm, laundry room, wall-toKENDALL PARK - 4 wall, all extras, $275. — bdrm Ranch, 2 full baths, Ads subject to Rarage, private yard, availability. Home $570/mo., 1 yr lease plus Seeker Bkr $60 [609] 394security. 609-924-3914. 5900.

LARGE OLD country home on 65 ac. estate in HopewellTwp. 4 bedrms, 2 full baths, personal & financial references required. Family preferred. $550 per mo. Call for appt. only between 10am & 4pm. 609^ 924-5318.

BRUNS. ACRES - So. Bruns. 4 lee. BR. 2v-2 baths, Fam. Rm. w/fpl, lge. kitchen, c/air, 2 car gar. Walk to NY bus & superb elem. school. Avial. Sept. 1. $650. 609896-1426.

2 STORY CONTEMPORARY - with 4 bedrooms, 2'A baths, central air, finished basement w/wet bar. $615/mo. 609-799-4500. John T. Henderson, Inc. Realtors.

GRIGGSTOWN secluded ccottage, 5 room, firepalce, air, wall to wall, utilities pa, — ads subject to availability. Home Seeker Bkr $60 [609] 3945900.

LAWRENCEVILLE Luxury Townhouse. 3 bdrms, liv. rm., din. rm. Completely equipped kit-/ chen, full basement, w/\y carpet, all appliances, sm. patio, reserved parking. Immed. occupancy.$550; $550/mo. 609-921-0117 after 9 am.

EXCEPTIONAL VALUE in E. Windsor at $415/mo, 3 bdrms, full bath, eat-in kitchen, lge liv rm, & a country yard. All between Hightstown & Prn. 609-448-4272 ask for Gloria, bet. 8:30am-

NEAR RT 206 - Contemporary 3-bdrm, foyer, laundry rm, den, breakfast nook, $375! — Ads subject to availability. Home Seeker Bkr $60 [609] 39459O0.


• r

PRINCETON BOROUGH Classic, cozy cottage secluded in one of Princeton's nicest neighborhoods on private street. Immaculate condition. 2 bedrooms, 1 and •'_> baths, kitchen, living room with RENTAL: 3 bedroom fireplace, dining room, country cottage, lvg rm, plenty of storage, dng, rm kitchen, $500 d e t a c h e d garage, plus utilities, 609-921- flagstone terrace graced 1034. by cathedral pines. Easy maintenance lawn and PRINCETON 4 garden. 7 minute walk to bedrooms. Charming theatres. University and Cape Cod in Riverside shopping. New York bus area near University & stops at your door. Lake. $800/mo, Sept. Available Sept. 1. A gem occupancy. 609-921-6936 at $775.00 per month. Call 609-921-3639 during the eves. day; 609-924-7597 evenings. References WESTERN SECTION of please. Prn. charming half house, 2 bdrm, fpi, beautiful grounds, LAMBERTVILLE COT$450/mo (rooms can be TAGE - Charming 1 rented separately) 609- room efficiency with private enclosed patio in 924-4793, 924-6376. secluded area at rear of Coryell St. property. EAST WINDSOR-3 bdrm Modern kitchen, bath, Ranch, fpl, appliances, air cond. Easy to heat gar, $565/mo. 201-297- /$300 a month plus 6470. Utilities. 609-397-8358. ALL AREAS & PRICES 100s of vacancies. 7 cobroking offices to serve you. Call about your needs! Home Seeker Bkr $60 [609] ;i94-5900.

UNIQUE TWIN RIVERS TOWNHOUSE New listing-2 bedrm Twnhse extensively modified to a Triplex. Built-in stained wood bookshelves & cabinetry. Entire hse recarpeted & carefully maintained. 609-448-4312. SPACIOUS - country home for rent. 7 rooms, 2 baths, full basement, 1 car garage. $600/mo, 1 yr. lease minimum. 201249-5722 days, 201-3293101 eves, and weekends.

PRINCETON - off Nassau St. near uptown stores in walking distance to University, near local schools. 3 bedrooms, i->2 baths, kitchen, dining room, living room, basement. Also 2 car parking & back yard. 609-924-1788 after 3pm. TWIN RIVERS - charming 2 bdrm Twnhse, fully carpeted, a/c, avail, immed, $485/mo + utils. 609-799-2678.

IMMACULATE COUNTRY home located near Allentown N.J. 3 PRINCETON COL- bdrms, 3 full baths, -iiECTION x - 4 BR fireplace in den, large colonial, 1 k baths, fam. sunny kitchen w/disnrm with fpl., 2 car gar., wasner, carpeting, centr. air. Sale or rent. screened-in porch, $650/month 201-828-5900. $575/mo + utils. Security, lease & refs. req. 609-259-2950. NEW TOWNHOUSE - 1 bdrm in Jamesburg BEDROOM - house for conveniently located 20 4rent in Princeton. Call min from Princeton, cent collect, 212-285-3013. air, lg eat-in kit, all appl, $275/mo. 609-443-6148.

HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week of July 30 - August 1,1980



201-874-8000 609-924-3366


Miller Agency NEW LISTING Located on cul-de-sac in one of Montgomery's Township's most desireable neighborhoods, this home has 4/5 bedrooms, family room with brick fireplace and built-in bookcases. Call today for your private showing . . $159,900'.




THE WOODSIDE 3 bedrooms, 2'/i baths

Telephone (609) 924-4505 An Association of Indapandant Realtor*


THE BROOKVIEW 4 bedrooms, 21/$ baths.

X X. and Oardens®

OPEN HOUSE THURSDAY, JULY 31,1980 • 10:30 AM -12:30 PM

Village Shopper Plaza Rt. 206 & 518, Rocky Hill, Nj MEMBER SOMERSET & MERCER MLS


8 Chambers Street, Princeton

worries,, and Gardens


THE SADDLEBROOK 4 bedrooms, 2Vi baths


Comfortable country living in the midst of Montgomery Township's rolling hills. Each home is on over an acre, and has economical gas heat and hot water, ceramic tile, and fireplace with raised hearth. -OPEN HOUSE, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, 1-4. Route 206 north to left onto Dutchtown-Harlingen Road (at church), then right on Holly Drive, right on Heather Lane, right on Johnson Drive.

CUSTOM BUILT FRENCH COLONIAL surrounded by WOODS. Welcoming center foyer. Spacious rooms. Family room (23.6 x 19.4) with Wet Bar. Four large bedrooms including Master Bedroom (29.8 x 13) with decorative vanity in dressing area. 2Vi Attractive ceramic tile baths. EVER SO MANY EXTRAS!!! JUST SPECTACULAR!!! MUST SEE THIS ONE!!! Call us for appojntment. DIRECTIONS: From Rte. 206 to Cold Soil Rd., second rigltf on Wood Lane to Laurel Wood Dr., left on Ivy Glen Lane, to Holly Lane and our sign on 18 Holly Lane.

CHESTERFIELD COLONIAL - on a gorgeous V? acre wooded lot. There's an extra wide driveway leading to the 2 car attached garage with electric garage door opener. The gracious entry foyer leads to a large living room, formal dining room, 20' family room with brick"fireplace and eat-in kitchen. The laundry room and powder room complete the first floor. On the 2nd floor there are four bedrooms and two full baths...It has central air and is in top condition.




SCENIC VIEWS from patio, dining room with French Doors, and kitchen with butler's, pantry are only 3 reasons you'll want to see this Montgomery Township 4 + bedroom hillside ranch today. $118,700

LAWRENCE TWP. $96,900.

LARGE FAMILY? This 5 bedroom Belle Mead expanded ranch with additional kitchenette is perfect for teenagers or in-laws. Raised hearth fireplace in the family room and 20' kitchen make this a real family home $119,500.

BRIDGEPORT AREA Custom-built 3 bedroom ranch offers family room, living room with fireplace and 12' wall of glass opening onto red basement includes den. Only $91,900.

SPACIOUS TWO STORY BRICK FRONT COLONIAL backing up to a woods. This well-built home features a large living room, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen, paneled family room and powder room on the first floor and four bedrooms and two full baths on the 2nd floor. There are also central air, a full basement, and a two-car garage.

HAMILTON TWP. $54,900.

MIDDLEBUSH $73,400 ROCKY HILL Perfect office for attorney, accountant, or retail sales with high visibility and parking area to accommodate 15 cars. For a private showing of this commercial-zoned property, call today .$79,900.

MINI HORSE FARM 3-stall horse barn, hay storage, pastures, 3 acres of rolling countryside near Clover Hill, inground pool with brick patio and 4 bedroom home available for $115,900.

CHARM OF YESTERYEAR Lovely 80 year old colonial with secret stairway, wine cellar, modern eat-in kitchen, spacious dining room on half acre in Hopewell Boro. Offered at $89,900.



Cozy Red Rancher in a historic village. Brick fireplace, pegged hardwood floors, and a 1 year old Congoleum no wax kitchen floor are just two of the features of this delightful home.

A New Office Center in Princeton



4bedrooms,2'/2 baths $149,900. 4 bedrooms, 2 fireplaces .$179,900. 4/5 bedrooms, 3 54 baths .$179,900. Luxury homes at affordable prices of $149,900 to $199,900. Imported ceramic tile, whirlpool tubs in master baths, all on 3 acres or more, some heavily wooded, in Montgomery Township's Sourland Mountain area.

Herrontown Road between Rt. 206 and Mt. Lucas Road

Fall 1980 occupancy on 2-story 20,000 square foot building

OPEN HOUSE, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 1-4 Route 206 and 518 west, then right on Co. Rte. 13 at blinker, left on Grandview, right on Pin Oak.

FOB SALE BY OWNER Call collect Robert F. Kiely Helmsley-Spear, Inc., Rental Agent 212-880-0472 or Benedict Yedlin, Builder, Developer 609-921-6051

Houses For Rent Houses For Rent CRANBURY Wynnewood • 1 acre lot. 5 bedroom, 3 bath, new kitchen with dining area, dining room, living room, family room with fireplace. 2 car attached garage, carpeted full basement, gas, hot air heat, central air conditioning. $169,000. Phone 609-655-2656 for appointment. You will find the PEAK OF PERFECTION in this three bedroom ranch in Hillsborough Township. From the outside to the inside you will find little to do other than move in and enjoy the fenced yard and pntio. cozy family room with fireplace, and a flexible floor plan for family living, two car jjarage...worth the time to investigate. $112,500.


Now Building Section II BROOKMEAD in Montgomery Township 10% Mortgage Money Available to Qualified Buyers

REALTORS Route 206, Belle Mead, New Jersey 08502

Wm. Bucci Builder, Inc.


For information call: 609-924-0908


Houses For Rent Houses For Rent Houses For Rent Houses For Rent Houses For Rent TWIN RIVERS beautiful 3 bdrm Twnhse for rent. 201-386-1369 aft 6:30pm or wkends. PRINCETON - brand new beautiful Twnhse, $695/mo. 3 bdrms, f/r baths, deck, library, full bsmt, 5 mins to Prn. Univ-, 7 mins to train, swimming & tennis. Call day 212-269-0110, 609-7994397 eves & wkends.


ft •

LAWRENCEVILLE - 2 FARMHOUSE - 8 rooms, bdrm townhouse, liy. rm, NICE HOUSE TO LET V2 baths, 2 fireplaces, 2 din. rm, modern kitchen $350 + utils. To couple or acres, East Windsor. with breakfast alcove, 1 other willing caretake & $550/mo. + utilities. bath plus'2 V2 baths, w/w mind pets. Sept., Oct. Available Sept 15. Reply carpeting, cent, .air, Write owner 234 Twin WHH #0963, Box 146, ample storage, garage, Rivers Dr. North, E. Hightstown, NJ. all appliances, outside Windsor, N.J. 08520. patio, swim club & tennis HIGHTSTOWN 3 included, many custom LAWRENCEVILLE for rent, avail bdrms, walking distance extras, $695/mo plus Twn-hse Sept. 1,1 or 2 yr. to town. Avajl. Sept. 1. utils. Occupancy mid around August/Sept. 1. Call 609- lease, 3 bdrms, Vk. baths, $395. 896-1660 daily except a/c, fully carpeted, all appliances, $550/mo, call Weidel Real Estate Thurs, 10am-5pm. 609-799-0214 aft 5pm. 609-448-6200

PRINCETON RENTAL 3-4 BR's, in-town location $6 50. Princeton Crossroads Realty Inc., Realtor, 609-924-4677.

PRINCETON CONTEMPORARY - 3 to 4 bedrooms. Walking distance to town. $725. Princeton Crossroads Realty, Inc., Realtors, • 342 Nassau St., Princeton. 609-924-4677. NEWTOWN/ LANGHORNE, PA. - Three bedrooms, living room with fireplace, Family Room, Separate Dining Room c/a, attached garage. Walk to shopping. Convenient 1-95, Conrail. 215-355-5173. HOUSE FOR RENT Family going abroad. Wishes to rent large beautiful country house on 6 acres, barns, etc., 8 mi. from downtown Princeton. Family or couples preferred. Avail. Sept. 1. for lor 2 yrs; Call 609-452-5716. FdR LEASE - 2BR, Twin Rivers Townhse. For info, call 609-443-4228 between 7-8pm.

"LOVELY COUNTRY house - 4 bedrooms, full basement, gazebo, fireplace, quiet horse WEST WINDSOR - farm setting, located Princeton Ivy East. 4 approximately five miles bdrm split Colonial, 2-V-z from downtown Prinbaths, 2 car garage, ceton and one mile from Highway . 1 central air, $650/mo. 609- U.S. $650/month. Call week799-0186. days '(609) 924-7757"

Mountain View area of Ewing Twp. Almost new Colonial with panelled family room, sliding glass doors to brick patio, professionally landscaped half acre lot, three bedrooms, formal dining room, and full finished basement.

N.T. CALLAWAY REAL ESTATE PRINCETON ADDRESS - Lovely 4+ BR Colonial, available. Sept. 1st, gas heat, all appliances included, country like setting. $725/mo. Call Mrs. Bleacher 609-921-1050 TWIN RIVERS Twnhseideal Quad I, 3 bdrms, 2M; bath, fm rm, cent/air, dw, dryer, enclosed patio, outdoor gas grill, nr pool & tennis. $500/mo, avail. Sept 1st. 201-277-1809 after 6 pm or 201-540-2159 M-F 9-5. MERCERVILLE spacious 4 bdrm. Colonial w/lge, liv. rm, din, rm, den w/fpl, 2V-> baths, in-ground pool, lge. private backyard, walking distance to school. 10 mins. to train. 1 yr. lease Sept. 1st. $650/mo. 609-924-8924.

DUTCH COLONIAL - well-built home with amenities such as the brick fireplace in the spacious, living room, formal dining room, four corner bedrooms, wall-to-wall carpet and an extra lot to be sold with the house.

NOW RENTING Princeton Arms Luxury Apartments ' 1 and 2 Bedrooms

Starting at $280. per month Features: Wall-to-Wall carpeting over concrete in 2nd floor apts. All utilities except Electric Individually controlled heat 2 air conditioners Private entrances Walk-in closets Individual balconies Storage room within apt. Laundry Rooms Superintendent on site.

Open Mon.-Fri. 12:00-5:00 p.m. 609-448-4801 Directions: From Princeton: Princeton-Hightstown Rd., turn right on Old Trenton Rd., V, mile turn left and follow signs.

Houses For Rent Houses For Rent NEW HOPE, PA. INGHAM MEWS CONDO All new luxury Twnhse, unfurn, 3 bdrm, 21;. bath, w/refrig, stove & double oven, etc. Sunken liv. rm, fam. rm w/fireplace, dining area, full bsmt, private garage, swimming pool at Back door, heat pump w/central air, 30 mins. to Princeton, Prefer no small children or'large pets. $695/mo. Call owner 215-862-2143.

KINGSTON - lge completely renovated 3 bdrm unit, 1st fl of 2 family hse, quiet residential street, exc. location. Walk to HAMILTON TWP - 3 brand new bus, 5 mins to Prn. Wall bdrm, to wall carpet, modern Colonial, U-> baths, air cond, fireplace, 2 car eat-in kitchen, ample garage, basement, & storage & laundry, more. $600/mo util. secluded shaded yard. 609-890-8075 or plus 201-382$675/mo + utils. 609-924- 3635. 3990.

E. WINDSOR - Colonial, 4BR, 2'/2 B, W/W carpeting, 2-car ear., washer/ dryer/ refrig./ dishwasher/ CA. Avail, immediately - $600/mo. 4- util. Call Tighue Realtors 609-924-4505. E. WINDSOR - Hickory Acres, 3 bdrm, 2'^ bath Rancher, newly decorated, long or short term lease, security deposit required, $650/mo plus util. 609-4436057 after 7pm Thurs. EAST WINDSOR - 4 bedroom Colonial, 2 baths, w/w cpt, air conditioned. 2 car garage, $570/mo + util + l-'zmo. security. 609-4435272 or 452-1055.

Week of July 30 - August 1, 1980


Choose your next apartment carefully... you'll live there for many years.


_ J f s So Easy with __^

Mieieii&ai i


v^v .1- i i-a tsa L>JI HJ

Consider the finest... • Robbinsville Rural setting with acies of breathing space around lovely apartments. Extra large rooms with wall-to-wall carpetings. Free parking for 2 cars Con vemeht to all highways.

So easy to sell

So easy to buy




SHARON ARMS Sharon Rd. across from the Country Club. Just East on Rte. 130 at Rte. 33 North of I95 at Exit 7A, N.J. Tpke. . Mr. Sheehan 259-9449

SPECIAL - 'TWO FOR THE MONEY" Very large turn of the century colonial home on 1.79 acres with magnificent trees & shrubs built by one of this areas leading industrialists using only the finest in materials and workmanship, such as wide natural oak trim, spacious center hall with impressive open stairway, Spanish tile roof, a total of 13 rooms, 3'/£ baths including an ultra modern fully equipped kitchen, plus a separate 3 room and bath guest cottage or rental unit (shown above), impossible to duplicate at this low price of $139,900. •

• East Windsor In the Princeton Hightstown area. Luxury garden apart merits in quiet, suburban set tings. All have private' balconies spacious, well kept grounds Wall-to-wall carpeting. Free off street parking Swim Club

1001 DECORATING IDEAS ARE POSSIBLE HERE The rooms and hallways are spacious and sunny. The beautiful setting - partially wooded, overlooking a small lake, can be used to enhance the interior. The brick fireplace, inground pool, central air, attached greenhouse, and finished basement'provide the features demanded by today's discriminating buyer. $159,900. Montgomery Twp. Call 874-4121.

BUY NOW AND SAVE $10,000. Owners anxious for a quick sale have drastically reduced the price on this outstanding property. The advantage is yours. Located in Montgomery in the desirable Mill Pond area and bdasting spacious rooms, wide hallways, and a beautiful screened porch. 5 bedrooms, fireplace, central air. $124,900. For appointment to inspect call 874-4121.

SIMPLY SPLASHING Avoid weekend traffic jams; save gas; swim at home in your beautiful inground pool. The large yard is private for entertaining or sunbathing. The 5-bedroom Bi-Level is tastefully decorated and coordinated in earth tones. There's a lot more hot weather ahead - call 359-4121. Belle Mead. $109,900.

SAVE YOUR SOLES No steps to climb in a Ranch. Open kitchen/family room design gives a feeling of spaciousness and promotes family togetherness in the center of the house. Entertaining is easier too in this wellplanned 3-bedroomhome. Central air, central vacuum, intercom/Belle Mead. $97,500. Call 359-4121.

1 BR from $275

2 BR from $315

WYNBROOK WEST Dutch Neck Rd. Mr. & Mrs. White 448-3385

BRO0KWO0D GARDENS Hickory Corner Rd. Mr. Ptashinski 448-5531

FOR ANTIQUE LOVERS & DEALERS Charming village Victorian circa 1880 with 11 delightful rooms, IVz baths, 5 or 6 bedrooms, tastefully restored to accommodate a large family or perfect for a professional, approx. 1 V'l acres complete with a tennis court plus a large 2 story barn (shown above) ideal for antiques or restoration trade, convenient to Princeton. New Hope
CHESTNUT WILLLOW Dorchester Dr. Mr. & Mrs. Sheehan


• Ewing Township Luxury apartments with private pools Efficiencies to oversized 2 bedrooms Large rooms Beautiful landscaping. Conveniently located Free offstreet parking For future oc cupancy. call our Resident Managers.


OWNER SAYS SELL Circa 1800 - 7-room beautifully restored Colonial in Neshanic. Beamed ceilings, wide pine floors, authentic details preserved. Country kitchen with all the modern conveniences you want; antique brick fireplace. Room for horses. Unbelievably priced at $89,500. Call 722-9020.

DON'T WORRY - EVERYTHING WILL FIT The neutral colors of the walls and plush carpeting in this Split will match your colors; the spaciousness of all 8 rooms will easily accommodate your furniture. Central air will keep you cool; Green Acres land in the rear assures your privacy. In Belle Mead at $109,900. Call 874-4121.

UNSTACK THE KIDS It's safe outside on a quiet culde-sac, in the woods, or on the deck; It's roomy inside with 4 bedrooms and a family room. Central air, appliances included. Convenient to Routes 22, 287, 206. Millstone. Call 874-4121. $93,900.

HEATED GARAGE You may not need it now but it's a plus in the winter. Very large yard can be used by ballplaying children all year long. Also the large basement, rec room and 1st floor family room. There's a lot of extra value in this 3-bedroom Hillsborough Ranch. See for yourself. Call 35*4121. $85,000.

865 Lower Ferry Rd. 4 story elevator bldg. Mr. Laz/ari 883-3335


PENNINGTON BORO Hero we offer a "Three for one" - ff\ is a quaint 100-year—old Victorian with 7 rooms, 1 '/•: baths plus a separate 5 room and bath office suite plus a modern up to date 2 bedroom rancher that features a 25' living room with fireplace and modern kitchen. All this for $137,500.

Olden Ave. at Parkway Ave. 5 story elevator bldg. Mr. & Mrs. Van DeWeghe


EASTGATE 1501 Parkside Ave. 2 story garden apts. Some with private balconies and completely carpeted. 883-7537

WEIDEL REAL ESTATE, INC Route 3 1 , Pennington, N.J.


609-737-1500 • 609-832-3804

1465 Parkside Ave. 2 story Garden Apts. 882-3930

VERSAILLES 220 Sullivan Way


Opposite Trenton Country Club

East Amwell Valley

Mr Pergola 883-4550

2 story garden apts

11 acre parcel, farmland assessed, perc and soil log done. Priced at $39,900 and 14 acre parcel also farmland assessed, view overlooking valley, priced at $49,900. For more acreage and large farms in Hunterdon County call:



Property management

Commercial and Office Space Available from 650 sq. ft. to 2,350 sq. ft.

REALTOR Twin Rivers Town Center

Horse Farms are our Specialty

MuctrCo Bd

2505 BALMORAL COURT, HILLSBOROUGH TOWNHOUSE/CONDOMINIUM Perfect for working couples, families in transition, young familes...3 bedrooms, paneled rec room, central air, attractive decor. $67,900. Directions: Route 206; west on "New Amwell Road; left on Bloomingdale Drive; first right to sign. For additional information call 359-4121.


Town Center

Resort Properties

STEELE, ROSLOFF AND SMITH 609-655-0080 609-448-8811

Manny Wolf Real Estate

OPEN HOUSES • Sunday August 3 1-4 PM BLACKPOINT MONTGOMERY ROAD, NESHANIC CITY BOY'S COUNTRY DREAM 7 + acres; 5 bedroom custom home; stream; pond; two fenced paddock areas for horses. Plus a 2-bedroom aluminum sided Ranch provides rental income. $155,000. Directions: 206; west on Amwell Road; left on Blackpoint-Montgomery Road to sign. First drive on left after Camp DeWitt. For additional information call 722-9020.


POCONO ROUND HOUSE - 3 bdrms, deck, tv, weekends/weekly available. 609-890-8775. FOR RENT

FOR "THE YOUNG AT HEART Young Bi-Level (1% yrs.); young development; young neighbors with young children. Here's a place to build a dream on. 4/5 bedrooms for your expanding family; comfortable family room; fully equipped easy-care kitchen for the busy woman of today. Get ready to feel young - call 3594121. $93,900. Belle Mead.

ROOM FOR YOUR HOBBY -Photographer - Collector - Artist • Creator - Use the oversized laundry/utility area or the large dormer room on the 3rd level of this super spacious Split. Nice neighborhood, conveniently located; nice lot with tree border, mature plantings. 2% -car garage offers additional space for tools, storage, etc. 4 bedrooms, 1 % baths. Hillsborough. $83,900. Call 8744121.

THE MOST VALUE The nearness to Princeton makes this property an excellent investment for your family. The surrounding farm land provides a quiet country atmosphere. Invest your time to see this well-cared for 4bedroom Bi-Level in Montgomery Twp. Central air, recently painted, custom features, and decor. $99,900. Call 874-4121.

KING SIZE MASTER BEDROOM offers room for oversized furniture plus a sitting area in this value-filled custom Ranch. Steel beam construction, plaster walls, aluminum siding and stone exterior, central air are just some of the easy-care features that leave more time for swimming in the pool, walking in the woods, or wading in the brook. See this in Hillsborough for $110,000. Call 359-4121.

Houses For Rent Houses For Rent

illage &


Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 $460 to $600, Two, three PRINCETON - So. bath home, modern and four bedroom Brunswick. Beautiful kitchen, large living homes, condos and single new Townhouse, 3 room w/firepjace. Aafamily homes. Many bdrms, 2V2 baths, rec rm, jacent to Basin Harbor with appliances, car- cent, air, all appliances. .Club & golf, tennis peting central air and Exc. location. NYC fishing, bar, dancing. available immediately. transportation. Near $540 + Reduced rates for Sept. Richardson Realty Co. utils. Owner, 212-631^7302 215-493-5561. 609-448-5000. eves.

10°o down p a y m e n t FOR RENT IN PRINCETON

1I % Mortgages available to qualified buyers PRICED FROM


Super 4 bedroom Colonial. All amenities. $K50/mo. Call evenings «0!f-924-044«or 924-1380

DUPLEX FOR RENT Married business couple preferred. No children, 1 pet. Quiet country setting midway between Princeton & New Brunswick (Dayton area) 609-443-3559.

VERMONT - Lake front cottage available for rent Sept. & Oct. on 8 mile long Lake Bornoseen, near Rutland. 3 bedrooms, boat, pvt. dock. $175/wk, $120 long weekend. 609-448-7439. After Aug. 15, 802-2732219.

5 Models 3 to 4 bedrooms up to 2'r b.iths

Ranchers-Splits Colonial-Bilevels Gas heat, City sewers and water

• I . M CVVMI.'.




models open 12 to 5, Daily

r.a.dePaoia inc. 1320 Pennington Rd. Tn-nton. N.J. 0801«. I00<)l 883-4280 Realtor

Model Phone (609) 883-0083


FURNISHED 3 room/4 room Cottage / apt / house with equipped kitchen, a/c, TV, carpeting at Motel in Hightstown / Windsor area*} No lease required. From $135 per week incl all util. 609-448-8637. AMHERST, MASS - 3 bdrm, 1 bath, all electric home on 3/4 acre rural lot, avail. Sept. 1, 3 mi. from all major Universities, on free public bus route, $475/mo + utils (aver. $100/mo) call 609-921-7282.

WE£>T WINDSOR, convenient, lovely, air conditioned, 3-4 bedrooms, family room, fireplace. $650/Mo. Country Heritage Real Estate, Realtors, (609) 799-8181.

Resort Properties SEPTEMBER RENTAL - 3 bedroom ocean-front condominium, Long Beach Island, 609-9211034.

POCONOS - Big Bass Lake, Swim, tennis, etc. Special rates, wk/wknd rental. 609-448-0751.

COME HOME TO RELAX The a_rt of living and the quality of life can only improve when you own instead of rent - when you come home to tennis and relaxation instead of lawn maintenance or snow removal. Discover the advantages of owning a condominium. Call us today. See a fine selection of condos, from 1 to 3 bedrooms, spacious modern kitchens, central air, some with finished basements, decks, patios. In Hillsborough from $44,900. to $67,900. Call 359-4121 or 874-4121. IT'S THE EXTRAS THAT COUNT - And this 2 story home has a long list of them - beginning with slate roof, brick patio and fish pond to chestnut woodwork, cherry paneling, hardwood floors and carpeting to 5 appliances and no-wax floor in the kitchen. There's more - call 2311200. Offered at $74,500. in Milltown.

OLD HOUSE TOO SMALL? Move up to 4 bedrooms, 2 Vi baths, family room, modern eat-in kitchen, 2-car garage and an acre of land. Move into a friendly family neighborhood in Belle Mead. Asking $99,500. Call 8744121.

LOCATION! LOCATION! Packed with Potential - this attractive 8-room house plus 2 oversized garages plus 5 , acres is located on Route 206 in Hillsborough. The house boasts a modern kitchen, 3 large bedrooms, living room with fireplace, finished basement and a long list of fine features and extras. Call 359-4121. $150,000.

11 Vi % Financing

CLEARWATER Beach 2 bdrm, 2 bath, monthly 2 wks. Beachfront. 716461-2496. FOR RENT - Green Mts. of Vermont. Luxurious 3 bdrm. Townhouse, fully equipped. Living rm., dining, area, fireplace. Heated pool, tennis courts & paddle tennis. Horseback riding & golf nearby. Sleeps 8. $300/wk. 201-254-2857 after 6 pm weekdays.

LOOK AT THE BENEFITS OF THIS HOME - Like children of all ages for your children; the safety of a culde-sac; the all-important 4th bedroom; central air; the convenience of an inground pool; a well-cared for home inside and out. It's all here in this Belle Mead home for $101,900. Call 359-4121.

AvatobJe for qualified buyers Now Is The Time To Buy!!

EIS E NHOWE Gallery of Homes


A n International

691 Routn 202 208

Independent Brokers Bridgewator

722-9020 962Routo202

359-4121" ' IMRiHita.-M

Branchburg Hillsborough

HOMFS,INC. RCAITORS 874-4121 Roiitn 706, Hmliriflon


HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week of July 30 - August 1,1980






Irresistible and ready for immediate occupancy! Buy one of our luxurious Colonials and

Preview this lovely three bedroom townhouse offering finished basement, five major appliances, upgraded carpeting, custom window treatments, brick wall kitchen and more...f&9,500. assumable with $25,500. Balance at 7 V4%. NEW LISTING on quiet street in East Windsor in excellent condition. Enjoy a lovely screened in porch off the eat-in kitchen. Living room, formal dining room, family room, formal dining room, family room with fireplace, 4 bedrooms, 2V4 baths, partially finished basement and 2 car garage all add up to make this a truly special home. Warranted for one year" Priced to sell at $89,900.

^ V


THE QUALITY FEATURES OF OUR THOMPSON DESIGNED, Hopewell Valley Builders home must be seen to be appreciated, set on a wooded lot, only minutes from train, schools and shops, this 5 bedroom, 3V4 bath home includes separate guest bedroom and bath, an attractive den or home office, dark stained floors and new carpeting. Warranted for one year* $165,000.

TAKE YOUR CHOICE OF: Completely sodded lot plus a G.E. washer & dryer and refrigerator/freezer


HIGHTSTOWN: Beautiful Georgian home in' prime location near Peddie School with Dutch front door, high ceilings, 90 year old charm, four bedrooms, studio in attic, three room office, full basement and prime lot. $132,000.

$ 2 0 0 0 OFF!

Fireplace in living room or family room





Three bedroom townhouse with immediate occupancy $500.



PRE-REVOLUTIONARY IN THE HISTORIC VILLAGE OF LAWRENCEVILLE. This colonial masterpiece, totally preserved with 7 bedrooms, 6 fireplaces, 4Vi baths, double parlor, family room with original beams and huge fireplace with crane, sun room, modern kitchen with back staircase is situated on 3 acres with maqnificent old trees. Warranted for one year* a . $375,000.

Granor-Prlce Q makes It easy! We'll buy your home, take It In trade or sell it for you.

CONVENIENT, CLEAN, COMFORTABLE. These important words describe our attractive 4 bedroom, 2!6 bath colonial in Princeton Jet. This immaculate home is located within walking distance of the train, bus, schools and shops. You will enjoy year-round comfort with central air conditioning this summer and a fireplace during the winter. Only $131,500.

Four bedroom colonial in Golden Crest, Hamilton Township $705. Three bedroom split with two bedrooms in finished basement in East Windsor with , immediate occupancy $650.


DiDONATO REALTY CO., Inc. Princeton-Hightstown Rd. E. Windsor/Cranbury, N.J. (609)448-6555



$90,990 Includes Basement


ONE OF THE BEST LOCATIONS IN EAST WINDSOR — spacious, easy to maintain 3 bedroom, 2V4 bath ranch on a lovely wooded lot. Large living room, dining room, family room, eat-in kitchen, wall-to-wall carpet, central air and double car garage make this home an excellent value. Warranted for one year* $96,000.

W) HISTORIC CRANBURY — searching for a home, not a development? Then consider this custom built and beautifully maintained 4 bedroom center hall colonial. Its maintenance-free exterior on a professionally landscaped lot makes this home an excellent value. Warranted for one year* $129,900.

just moments from the heart of historical Princeton


MODELS From $430 OPEN DAILY Inc. Heat


A CLASSIC COLONIAL with 'magnificent entrance foyer and impressive 32' x 16' living room and lovely hardwood floors and fireplace. This home offers 6 good sized bedrooms and is just waiting for your taste in decorating. $165,000.

OFFICE SPACE, Princeton Jet., 350 sq. ft., private entrance, private bath, parking. $3O0/mo. IDEAL FOR YOUR BUSINESS. Over 2 acres in prime location of Washington Twp. and loaded with potential. Call for details today! ,• $48,900. •Telephone for details. Shiela Bramande Joy Capwcll Connl* Darrow Howard Eldrldga LoU Fox


Emily Hunter . Marta Kissh Sharon Knight Jerry Lancaster ArleneMulry Potricla S. Bell

Alice O'Donnell Fern Priestley Janice Reeber KayTighe Ruth W. Bly

Members of Mercer County Multiple Listing Service and Princeton Real Estate Group REALTOR

Open 7 Days a Week • 799-8181 50 Princeton-Hightstown Rd., Princeton Junction



RENT BRAND NEW DUPLEX APARTMENTS Looking for luxury inYardley? Come see us!

JUST LISTED — NEW I NEW I NEW) Cedar-shake raised ranch on wooded % acre lot located in ROOSEVELT, a unique community 25 miles from Princeton. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, ULTRA kitchen. A BUY $73,9001 LAWRENCE TWP. — 5 bedroom expanded COLONIAL, 2'/4 baths, ULTRA family kitchen, living room with BRICK fireplace, patio and BASKETBALL court, tall trees and flowering shrubs, family room, 2-car oversized garage. Walk to schools and shopping. YOURS FOR $98,9001 I NEW LISTING — 4-bedroom ROOSEVELT rancher on Vi I acre lot. NEW peaked roof with storage. Oak-floored family room, modern kitchen. A BUY. $59,9001 ROOSEVELT — 4 bedroom rancher on J4 acre lot, 1 Vi baths, living room with wood-burning stove, eat-in • kitchen with frost-free refrigerator. FHA/VA financing f6r qualified buyer. A BUY. $54,9001


LAND I — 18-acre lot with many birch trees in ROOSEVELT. Financing available if qualified. A BUY. $60,0001





Apts./2 Duplexes Only four private, spacious apartments in each residence. All with garage parking, wall-to-wall carpeting, separate washer and dryer, decorator designed kitchen and baths, energy saving heat pump, air conditioning, and complete appliance package. Commuter trains and 1-95 minutes away. 1-Bedroom with Denor2-Bedroom/ 2-Bath Apartments. From $400/month. Call 609-890-2989

Noon to 5 PM daily. in New Jersey, call collect. Dir: Take I-95 south to Newtown Exit. Take 332 west t o stony Hill Rd. GO.IV* miles, right on Heacock Rd. to samples on right. Gr?GftANOR PRIC€ HOflK/.


Immediate Occupancy


Princeton CONVENIENT WEST WINDSOR ranch offers 3 bedrooms, solid cedar kitchen and bathroom cabinets,. oversized rooms throughut, fireplace in living room and a 16 x 22 in-ground pool. Our custom built home is located on approximately 1 acre of land. Call for more details. $93,900.

11 3/4% mortgages F.L.I.P. a n d VA finance plans also available.

The ultimate in gracious living, this prestigious, new complex offers spacious 1 and 2 BR apts and rental townhnuses of up to 1300 s^.feet , Exclusive luxury features include: • Optional den vv/custom wet bar • Private entrance • Color-coordinated kitchen • Private balconv

DIRECTIONS f-.-i Njih i
toI'riruMon Hill or ntf f v i f n * ^ " r-t-i.-n Ri 2f>> Nooh ID Pnrwrti Avf (*r Sunrxo Sutmni *nd c

PHONE: 609-921-1155 Princeton Ave., Montgomery Twp.

(215) 6384510 or 885-2600, ' 12-6 daily or by appt.

DIRECTIONS: I-95. Exit 25E. Lett on Oxford Valley Road. Right on Big Oak Rd Left on Stony Hill Rd. (light) to samples.

DIRECTIONS: I-95. Exit West on Street Rd. (Rt. 132). Right on Hulmeville Rd. (513). Right on Park Ave. to samples.



Resort Properties

Business Properties

LONG BEACH ISLAND Barnegat Light overlooking bay. New 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, 2 decks, modern appliances, oversized garage. Near Marina and Yacht Club. Excellent location. Avail, all of Sept. 609-921-6578.

OCEAN COUNTY Homes For Living Magazine For your free copy call 201-270-4100 or write Real Estate Professionals, 814 Fischer Blvd, Toms River NJ 08753.

OFFICE SPACE - approximately 1750 sq. feet. Available on 3 year sublease in prime office building, between Princeton Jet. & Hightstown. 8 private offices, store room and large central area,. 609448-3200.

WINDHAM, NY (Cat- LONG BEACH ISL. - last skills) 3 BR Chalet wk in Aug, special rate w/fireplace, all ap- Aug. 30-Sept 6, V2 price pliances, w a l k i n g rate Sept & Oct, 609-655distance to NY bus, 2656, 609-492-8259. shopping. Close to lake w/boating . facilities, horseback riding, hiking STONE HARBOR - on a to trails, 18 hole golf double lot Vi block from course, swim & tennis the ocean. 7 bedrooms club. Avail wkly or plus. Sweeping wrap ninthly. 609-452-9440 9-5. around porch. A superb family vacation home. Fully furnished and PLAN YOUR SUMMER available now at $139,500. vacation in Big Bass Call Jim or Gloris Chase. Lake of Pocono. The Chase Agency 609Swimming, tennis, 737-1330. fishing, etc. Weekly or wkena rent avail. For P O C O N O VACAfurther info 609-799-9140 TION home - Clean, new, or 883-4IU5, eves. 3 bdrm, 2 bath, dishwasher, washer/dryer, OCEAN FRONT - Long; lake, tennis court, in-Beach Island. Beautiful' door/outdoor pool & new 3 bdrm., I 1 - bath. health spa no extra Washer/dryer, dish- charge. Call after 6 pm i washer, w/w carpet, 609-587-9279. Spectacular view. 201445-5856. LONG BEACH ISL. attractive ocean front HILTON HEAD IS., SC. - hse, 3 bdrm, l'/2 bath, 2 bedrm/2 bath Condo. - sleeps 6-8, avail. Sept. & golf-tennis-pool-weekly Oct., $45/day, also low rental. For info, call: 609- weekly rates. 609-799924-5560. 2235. SUNSET BEACH, Hawaii, 2 brm. house on beach, by wk./mo. 40 min. to Honolulu. Write: P.O. Box 760, Kalaheo, Hawaii 96741. RESORT PROPERTY Ocean City NJ. Beachfronl deluxe duplex - 4 bdrm. 3 bath & 3 bdrm, 2 bath units; 2 yrs old, all modern conveniences; have off-season or season "pollings. A.C. skyline.
POCONO MANOR, PA. House 7 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, kitc*hen, sundeck, championship golf course. $250.00 per week. Call AC 215-4933664 during day or AC 215-295-2040 after 9 P.M. and weekends. MARGATE - Longport & others. August Rentals still available. Call Russ Hill, 609-822-1141.

Classifieds Work for YOU (609) 924-3250


(215) 493-6575 or 885-2600, 12-5 daily.

Resort Properties

BEACH HAVEN TERRACE - 3 bdrm. house & 2 bdrm apt. BIG BASS LAKE - ski, available in Sept. Very pool, fplc, wkends & reasonable rates. Call eves. 201-874-5296, 201-. 609-737-1818 after 6pm. 524-6900 clays.



GRAND OPENING! "I flipped when I saw Private entrance Excellent parking Northgate • Carpeting throughout Village!" • Air conditioning • Modern kitchens Closets galore • Beautifully landscaped On-site swim club and much more!

LiM> rvofyont' who vtsils our ,Tpm!mt.'ntS

1,250 SO. FT Office or Store Space on Main St, Hopewell Boro, immed. occup., presently divided into 5 sections. 609-8961625, keep trying. .1 & 2 BEDROOMS

FOR SA'LE - commercial property in Hopewell. Store & 2 apartments. Driveway & backyard. $75,000. Call 609-466-1708 bet. 6 & 7:30am & 5:30 & 9pm.

from $225. per month


Northgate Apartments / Swim Club

FIRST FL. OFFICE - on Nassau St. Approx. 600 Sq.Ft. Heat & parking included. $550. Associates Realty of Princeton, 162 Nassau St., Princeton, NJ 08540. 609-924-6501.

Rt. 541 just 1/4 mile north of 1-295 exit 47B Burlington Twsp. Phone (609) 387-2475 SAMPLE APT. & RENTAL OFFICE OPEN DAILY

Business Properties

Resort Properties

HILLSBORO TWP, Rt 2nd FLOOR OFFICE 206 - 9,000 sq ft of prime AVAILABLE NOW office, light manufacCenter of Hightstown turing, or warehouse : space built to buy. Call Panelled office approx 800 sqft-private entrance Derelco Industrial Park, off-street parking 201-359-7500. storage area. Separate heating/air conditioning. OFFICE SPACE - sublet, Especially suitable for 10x12, private office, research or architect's Research Park, Rt. 206, office, etc'. $300 per mo. arrangements $200/includes everything. Lease negotiable. Call 609-921-3686. BUSINESS OFFICE SPACE E. Windsor, 2 rm. mod. off. suite. Warren Plaza West. 2nd fl, carpeted, panelling. $275/mo inclds a/c & heat. 1 mo. security & 6 mo lease. Off; furn also avail for rent. 609-4486586 wkdays 9-4.

OFFICE RENTAL: Princeton North/206 near Airport, 3 rooms & private bath. $590. Call Linda at 609-921-7943 95pm, 201-874-8700. Century 21, Krol, Realtor. OFFICE SPACE Princeton Jet.,350 sq. ft., private entrance, private bath, parking, $300/MO. Country Heritage Real Estate, Realtors, (609) 799-8181.

Call your Broker or Art Wilson Gordon & Wilson Co 609-448-0507

OFFICE SPACE OFFICE TO SUBLET - Available - 22 Chambers available 3 days per Street, Princeton. Call week. Suitable for 609-924-0660. professional person. Call after 6pm, 609-896-0764. COLONIAL HOME 1st offering w/private ofWhite Horse BUSINESS PROPERTY fices inExc. for acOFFICE SPACE For for rent center of town, area. attorneys, rent - 400 sq. ft. Choice' perfect for interior countants, etc. Paved offNassau St. location. designer or architect, doctors, street parking apFurnished or un- avail immed. 609-924- prox. 12 cars. for Lighted furnished. G a r a g e 4794. sign near Kingston & available. 609-924-7865. Kemp Funeral Home, & Destribats &;. Hamilton OFFICE SPACE FO~fl Attorney's f offices. RENT - central Nassau OFFICE SUITE - 3 St. Small or large, avail/ $74,900. Call for an appt. rms/bath, 625 sqft heat & now, low rent. Telephone Ken Bird Agency elec. Suitable for Ar- secretarial services Realtor ch/Engr/Prof. $295/ available. 609-924-2040. 609-585-6782 month. 609-448-6504.

t V ; - * . j * .'*•- ^'•'-•T-- •, •


















HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week of July 30 - August 1,1980







NEW LISTING Looks can be deceiving — this marvelous Lawrence Township multi-level house will surprise you with more space than you expect. There is a most attractive living room with bookshelves and fireplace, a charming dining room paneled to chair rail height with a door to the back and a well planned kitchen just waiting for your own decorating. In addition to the 4 bedrooms and 2 full baths, there is a family room, laundry room and garage. The property is convenient to Village and to bus transportation. We think this won't last long so call today . . . . . . $89,000.

This magnificent brick Georgian residence situated on 5 prime Princeton acres is so located that you have a feeling of country yet is convenient to the center of town. Outstanding living rooms, stunning paneled and carved dining room that has a sweeping view from a series of large windows, delightful library south overlooking totally private garden with reflecting pool, green house and plenty of bedrooms. This is one of a kind of•ferat . . ...$398,000.

Probably the finest country property in all of Hopewell Township. We don't think you will find any other place so beautifully planned, so well maintained and so delightfully layed out. This handsome colonial house, portions dating back to the 1800"s, has several living rooms, a number of fireplaces, master suite, plus 4 other bedrooms and upstairs sitting room, as well as adjacent guest house with a cathedral height living room, large double bedroom, . kitchenette and bath. Other buildings, swimming pool, etc. are of course part of the property. An extraordinary offer.

HOPEWELL TWP. MINI-FARM — Two story 3 stall barn, 3 bedroom Cape with living room with fireplace, dining room, eat-in'kitchen and much more! Call 924-0095 for details. WHERE'S THE HOUSE? This well located Princeton Township lot bordered by trees is centrally located near shopping, bus. and schools. The foundation is finished and the builder will be framing this 4 bedroom, 2 V2 bath house any day now. Please stop by our office to see the plans for this beautifully layed-out two story colonial at . . .' $132,900. NEW LISTING - HAMILTON MOVE RIGHT IN — to our newly listed three bedroom, 1 Vi bath Split Level, Features living room, dining room, family room with brick wall, eat-in kitchen, newly painted exterior and interior, and fenced in yard with tool shed. All this can be yours for only $69,900. Call 7991100.

Here's your chance to own up to ten acres in Hopewell Township with a handsomely constructed, totally efficient colonial residence. There is a large living room with fireplace, big formal dining room opening to deck, kitchen with eating area, oversize family room with fireplace, laundry and powder room. Upstairs, 4 large bedrooms, lots of closets with 2 big modern bathrooms, extra insulation and easy care exterior finish. Let us take you up this gracefully curving driveway to this splendid spot. Builder will listen to offers . . . $189,000.

NEW LISTING - EAST WINDSOR THIS THREE BEDROOM BI-LEVEL - on a 1 '/« acre wooded lot features family room with new fireplace, laundry room, powder room, kitchen with new cabinets, living and dining rooms, 3 bedrooms, full bath, redwood deck, patio, new wooden storage shed and 1 car garage. Excellent condition, priced to sell at $78,500. Call 799-1100.

SOUTH BRUNSWICK TWP. DOCTORS, LAWYERS, ACCOUNTANTS & ENGINEERS Take advantage of this opportunity for home/office purchase. Well maintained 3 bedroom Ranch with addition which may be used as an office or family room. Excellent location in Dayton. Priced at $94,500. Call 9240095. MOVE RIGHT INTO THIS LOVELY WEST WINDSOR 4 BR FORMAL COLONIAL. This splendid home features aluminum siding, oversized lot, attic fan, central air conditioning, hardwood floors, fireplace and built-in bookcases. What more could you want - so make your appointment today. Call 799-1100. $133,500. ATTENTION PROFESSIONALS - Strategic Plainsboro location between Rt. #1 & Rt. #130, 2-story aluminum sided building plus one story frame building currently has use variance for newspaper management business with parking for 12 cars. Tremendous potential. Call 9240095 for more details and appt. $175,000.

Available for immediate occupancy this spectacular Lawrence Township colonial has a center hall plan with spacious living room, big family room, formal dining room with chair rail and a great big eat-in kitchen. Upstairs there are 4 light airy corner bedrooms.There are 2Vi baths, central air conditioning, secluded patio and fenced yard. This could very well be the house you have been dreaming of. All ready to move in — splendid appearance.. . $92,500.

TWO TERRIFIC LOTS PRINCETON TOWNSHIP: Almost 3 acres of splendid woods with the kind of sloping terrain that allows a real choice in architectural design. City water and sewer adjacent. . . • •• Asking $75,000.

BUSINESS INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY for professional or service/store business in a growing busy West Windsor location. 3 bedroom house with attached office/store space. Presently has variance for village commercial use. Parking for 7 spaces. Call 9240095 for an appt. $89,500. HEAT WAVE UPON US - This 2'/4 year old 4 bedroom, 2% bath Colonial with wall-to-wall carpeting in Hamilton Township is completely air conditioned for your comfort. It also features a completely finished full basement with a built-in TV and stereo. Cell 799-1100. ONLY $94,500. GRIGGSTOWN — Six year old 3 bedroom Split Level in quiet, desirable, rural community. Convenient to N. Brunswick, Princeton and N.Y.C. bus line. Freshly painted inside & out. Attractively landscaped. Call 799-1100. $83,500.

HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP: The perfect country setting with tall trees and open meadow, 4 V? acres of perfect location for that country dream house. Asking $40,000.

Peyton Associates 921-1550 Beverly Crane Jane Evans Pam Geiger Michele Hochman Marjorie Jaeger




Theodore S. (Tod) Peyton Ginger Lennon Pat Light Berit Marshall Nancy Mittnacht





On- 29 North. Showplace of New




Rd. first left after church.

overlooking Many


finished basements

1 & 2 B R . Apts. From $350./Mo.

1 & 2 BR. APT. From J370/MO. Inclqdes Heat. Hot Water & Dishwasher. Tennis Courts & Extraordinary Playground.

Includes Heal. Ho! W^rei A Dishwasher

Tennis courts, swimming pool |

Largest swimming pool in the

at nominal cost

area available.


Business Properties LAWYERS DOCTORS... 2 acres zoned commercial 'across K-Mart w/200 ft. frontage buildings suitable for conversion to offices. Future use Strip Shopping Center. Call for details. Ken Bird Agency Realtor 609-585-6782

STUDIOS AND/OR OFFICES, 5,000 Sq. ft, will subdivide downtown Somerville. 201-545-5070,. 201-572-0735 eves.

Richard Schwartz Judy Stier Robin Wallack Judy Weiss

SECOND FLOOR OFFICE Center of Hightstown

One Palmer Square

Panelled office with approx. 800 sq. f t ; outside entrance, off street parking, storage area. Separate heating/air conditioning system specially suitable for research or architect's office, etc. $300. per month with lease arrangements negotiable.

or contact your broker

Business Properties

Business Properties

Business Properties

N.T.CALLAVVAY HEAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL OFFICE space in Hopewell Boro, 750 sq. ft, $480/mo. Call Mrs. Bleacher 609-921-1050


LAWRENCE TWP neighborhood business district, 600 sq. ft, if you do not need a street entrance but would enjoy looking out over a nicely landscaped area & are interested in doing your -own renovations you can enjoy the low rental, of $300/mo. Owner will provide heating, plumbing, & air conditioning facilities. 609396-3511 or 882-1209.

NEW OFFICE SPACE Ground floor in new building. 850 to 2600 sq. ft Ideal location. Off street parking. Complete to suit. Avail, for-summer occupancy. Call Mustang Realty, a construction company. After 4 P.M. 201-369-3237.

CRAFTSMEN who are looking for a unique space to work, write: The Allentown Feed Co., Allentown, N.J. 08501.

WAREHOUSE SPACE 4,000-5,000 sq. ft., 15' high, Prn. Jet., $2/sq.ft./net, 609-7993435.

LAWRENCE MAKE AN OFFER — on this cozy Ranch located on lovely Vi acre treed lot in good,neighborhood, convenient to schools, shopping and public transportation. Features a brick fireplace in family room, central air, 3 bedrooms, basement & attached garage. Call 799-1100. $85,900.

LAWRENCE TWP. PRETTY LOT & QUIET LOCATION - This charming Bi-level with 4 bedrooms, 2'/2 baths, family room and 1-car garage is ideal for the growing family. Convenient to public transportation, schools and shopping. Realistically priced at $82,500. Call us today at 924-0095.

PRINCETON TWP. IN A LOVELY SETTING — A private % acre yard in Shadybrook provides the setting for this 4 bedroom, 2% bath Split. All the extras — including heated Sylvan pool, central air, screened porch and office/den. Call 924-0095. $150,000. STARTER HOME! — You've been looking for a long time? Well, here's one for you — 4 bedroom Cape on a shaded corner lot in Hamilton Twp. Immediate occupancy!! Call 924-0095 today. Asking $49,900. NEED LAND? — We have two parcels or just one — 52 beautiful acres $288,000.; 15 beautiful acres $75,000. Call 924-0095 today. JUST REDUCED - GROVERS MILL - An invitation to see our 5 bedroom, 3'A bath Expanded Ranch. It has all the amenities from a cozy fireplace in the family room to delightful central air, and a workshop in the basement. Call 799-1100. NOW $134,900. MONTGOMERY TWP. — In the village of Blawenburg, convenient to Princeton, sits this expanded 4 bedroom Cape on a heavily wooded V4 acre lot. Large rear deck for outdoor living. Unfinished addition has many possibilities. Oversize 1-car garage. Call 924-0095. $93,500. MONTGOMERY TWP. IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS when you welcome them to this inviting center hall 4 bedroom Colonial. The first floor offers a flowing floor plan for entertaining inside while the beautifully landscaped brick patio and tremendous yard facilitate summer parties. Conveniently located on a nearby low traffic street with a Princeton address. Call 9240095. $142,000. Member of Multiple Listing Service

HOWE serving people since 1885 realtors • insurers


Mercer and Somerset Counties

WEST WINDSOR Princeton-Hightstown Rd. Princeton Junction




OPEN SUNDAY: 10-4 p.m.

OPEN SUNDAY: 11-4 p.m.

Call Art Wilson | Gordon & Wilson Co. 609-448-0507


OFFICE SPACE HIGHTSTOWN, 3 min. to Turnpike, Exit 8. Single offices available minimum 150 sq. ft. or any multiple up to 1200 sq. ft. starting --at $175/mo. including utilities and on-^ite parking. Call 215-295-0557 anytime or 201-297-4200 95pm.


Available for immediate occupancy

NEW LISTING - HIGHTSTOWN SPIC AND SPAN FROM TIP TO TOE - Move right in our prestigious Bi-level located at the end of a cul-de-sac near schools, shopping and recreation. It's economical to maintain this spacious four bedroom home with many extras including central air, modern kitchen, large family room with double doors opening to brick patio overlooking many large trees and beautiful flowers and garden. Call 799-1100. $89 900.

Business Properties

Business Properties

Real Estate Wanted


OFFICE SPACE - up to 1500 sq ft, newly renovated, downtown Hightstown inquire at The Shoe Buckle, 609-4487895.

WANTED TO BUY Small residential lot in Princeton near the center of town if possible. 609-921-1702.

Finished Offices; estate environment. Ideal for small businesses or individuals seeking prestigious location and reasonable rent. Daytime Answering Services, Kitchen and Conference Facilities available. Suites or single offices. Utilities provided. Bank, Post Office and Stores within-1 block. Close proximity to 1-95. PENNINGTON "PROFESSIONAL CENTER 65 So. Main Street Pennington, N.J. CALL: William W. • Augustine 60!)-7:t7-9604 Eves. & Weekends 924-9012 or 924-2345


Investment TAX SHELTER - income $7200/yr. Doctor's office & apt. Owner may finance if qualified. $48,000. W.S. Borden, Realtor. 609-883-1900.

INVESTOR WANTED $92,000 first mortgage available in Princeton Duplex. Principals only. 609-921-8610.

Classifieds Work for YOU (609)924-3250

WANTED - Princeton Twp. Choice residential lot. 2 acres or more. Desire beautiful location. All utilities pr /erred. Call 609-392-0847'after 6pm.

Garages/Storage For Rent

A very special Cumrmi";ty in a totally private and protected world where you will find a new high level of executive livinn Twn-, three-, and four-bedroom custom-built townhomes offer may grand touches; spiral staircases, b'ick enclosed garden patios, and many mure One level homes or multi-level. Ideally located in Bucks County with Philadelphia and New York within easy commuting distance. Major shopping minutes away, Call us for your personal tour. Model open Sat. & Sun, 1-5.

HOPEWELL - 2-car garage storage space $60. (>2 $30) 609-466-2363. STORAGE SPACE FOR,1 RENT - HIGHTSTOWN: AREA. 609-448-0325. FOR RENT LOFT storage space over double garage. 609-9246879.

$pcohman Heal (Petatf '


HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week of July 30 - August 1 , 1 9 8 0






160 Stockton St.

Hightstown, N.J.


7.6% mortgages ATTRACTIVELY LANDSCAPED split level home in Princeton Collection - within minutes of Route 1 and Princeton Junction trains. This home features oil heat, central air, 3-4 bedrooms, family room with fireplace and 2Vi baths. Many other extras as well as a 10 year home warranty. Priced to sell at .$114,500.



ENERGY SAVING HOME FOR T H E 80's. Reap the benefits of this T R I P L E INSULATED home with double pane windows and maintenance free vinyl siding. A truly handsome property featuring 5 bedrooms, 2 '/£ baths, and full basement. All this and more in a quiet park-like setting, only minutes to Princeton Junction.

Last New Construction in Twin Rivers • Easy NYC commuting—bus at corner • Own your own townhouse and private, fehced-in backyard • 2 BR & den, 3 BR, 4 BR models • Swimming pool, tennis and playgrounds ready for your enjoyment DIRECTIONS: Nj Turnpike south to Exit 8 (Twin Rivers), then east on Route 33 to Lake Drive (2nd traffic light). Turn right on Lake Drive to next intersection (Twin Rivers Drive South), then left to models on right. MODEL: 609-4484222 WEIDEL, Realtor: 609-921-2700 or 609-448-6200 "Graduated poyment mortgoges with on effective T 6% rale tor first yeot to qualified buyers


THE CHATHAM BI-LEVEL IN EAST WINDSOR: 4 bedrooms, 1 Vi baths, family room, 1 car garage. Midlevel foyer entry w/stairway to upper and lower levels. Cathedral ceiling living room, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen. Beautiful home for a growing family. A really good area for children. $83,900.

CRANBURY CHARMER: This home sports a second-story where there used to be an attic, bringing the total number of rooms to 8. The downstairs has newly refinished pine floors consisting of living room, dining room, kit. w/dining area, den, T.V. room and bath. The upstairs contains three bedrooms and an unfinished room slated to be a bath. New furnace and electric service. Three car garage. $75,900.


HOME + INCOME: Provide a home for your family and , have two income producing apartments to help with the expenses. 16 rooms + ' 3 full baths. This home^could have a variety of uses. Located in Hightstown in a Professional zone. $120,000. COMMERCIAL TRACT: Highway 130 in East Windsor Township. Approx. 1J4 acres with 640 ft. of road frontage and an office building in good condition. $90,000. EAST WINDSOR RANCHER: Alum, siding and central air. Great for entertaining. $74,900. LIKE RURAL LIVING:, East Windsor Cape Cod w/4 bedrooms, central air. ' $46,000. FAMILY LIVING AT IT'S FINEST: 4-5 bedroom rancher, beautiful location. $89,900. CRANBURY MANOR COLONIAL: Immaculate condition. - 8 rooms, 154 baths. Gas heat. $79,500.

. 'm

WORKSHOP IN DETACHED GARAGE: Located on a tree lined street in Hightstown, this 8 room, two story contains a carpeted living room, bay window in the formal dining room, den, eat-in kitchen, laundry, three bedrooms and 2 full baths. There is plenty of storage in the basement and walk-up attic. The two car garage has plenty of electricity for power tools. Large front porch. $64,900. TURN OF THE CENTURY COLONIAL: 8 rooms, 2 baths on 2.07 acre lot in Creamridge Area. $86,500. RURAL WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP: Immaculate 4 bedroom country home on 2 acres. $86,000.



•Ml —^—_„



•• ^ ^ P M * * H H «

T I ^ —

- -j I'1 rTTil

I*CH'"~"'^'.THWT.ri 1 .

D 11 |i<

448-8042 448-1178 259-2482 443-5228

Warren Olsen Larry Murray Jane Cox

448-8388 448-2570 448-3322



i . ',

LAWRENCEVILLE TOWN HOUSES Single story, 1800 sq. ft. office building. Fully leased. Located in Lawrence Township, the heart of Mercer County's fastest growing professional office area. On Princeton Pike adjacent to The National State Bank and I-95. Drive by and inspect. Look for the LANWIN

sign. Call for complete details.

NEWLY LISTED, and within walking distance to schools, and shopping, this beautifully maintained and tastefully decorated bi-level features 4 bedrooms, 214 baths, with lovely kitchen, formal dining room, family room with healilator fireplace, and oversized 2 car garage. Many custom features, plus central air conditioning in a park-like setting. Asking $89,900.



nm i t' 11r 1 fr V11 t ^nl 'i itirf"ft• I M M I M [i llM. JtllMrUMjni H • • t JWl

SPACIOUS A N D REALTY for immediate occupancy is this 4 bedroom home with a fireplace in the family room, central air conditioning, formal living and dining rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting, in a parklike setting. asking$89,900.


Richard Van Hise Jean Esch Maurice James, Jr. Barbara Schnedeker

$ 175,000.

LANWIN REALTY COMPANY (609)799-1800 New Jersey Licensed Real Estate Broker

A distinctive comrhunity is being built in a picturesque setting of Lawrenceville From $66,900. VA & FHA Mortgages available at 11 1 / 2 % To Qualified Buyers

THE VILLAGE Your Town House features 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, large living room and dining room, kitchen with Hotpoint appliances, wall-to-wall carpeting, full basement, professionally landscaped lots plus ENERGY SAVING PACKAGE including heat pump, centra! air.

PRINCETON APPRAISAL & INVESTMENT CO. Specializing in real estate appraisals and investments. E X E C U T I V E COLONIAL in Princeton Ivy East - lovely 4 bedroom, 2'A bath colonial on a lightly traveled street with central air, living room, dining room, kitchen, and family room, with side entrance garage $119,500.

Telephone 609-921-3110

195 Nassau St. Princeton, N.J.

The VILLAGE is ideally located in the hub of the cultural and educational areas of the Garden State. Commuting is made simple by easy access to Rtes. I-95, I-295, 1, and 206. Come and see THE VILLAGE and enjoy a totally new living environment.

Sales Office Open Daily & Weekends 10 to 6 P.M.

DIRECTIONS: From Rte. 1 to Rte. 546 west 3 mi. on right. From Rte. 206 to Rte. 546 weit 1 mi. on right. From 1-95 or 1-295 to Rte. 206 north to Rte. 546 west 1 ml. on right.

Apnomlmenls Available


by Request

Each Town House is constructed of quality materiols and backed by HOW. America's new 10-year homebuyers protection plan. Equal Housing Opportunity

Call Josephine Emann for information.

609-924-0011, ext. 657 N E W TO T H E M A R K E T and ready for your inspection is the classic colonial only two years young, with 4 bedrooms, ,2V2 baths, fireplace in the family room, and central air conditioning plus hardwood floors throughout. A family delight and good storage space throughout $92,900.

HENDERSON" REALTORS^ PrincetorvHightstown Road Cranbury, New Jersey 08512 (609)799-4500

Land For Sale WANTED TO RENT - for car storage and maintenance 609-452-1612 before 4pm or 924-2454 after 7pm.

Land For Sale

Land For Sale

TWIST RD. LAKE W A L L E N - FEDERAL 4+ acres, pleasant rural PAUPACK Estates - (countryside. $19,500. Greentown, P a . Lot W.S. Borden Realtor, 1 100x150. $5000. Call after 609-883-1900. 5pm. 609-259-3504.

SACRIFICE 9 1/2 acre beautifully wooded LOT - Zoned Combuilding lot w/stream, mercial. Franklin Pk. P e r r i n e v i l l e , N . J . (So. Brims.) % acre, Minutes to N.Y. bus,sewer & water, asking Brokers train, Rt. 33, 9 & 130. 20 $35,000. mins. to center of Prn. protected, Call 201-494• Sacrifice $54,000. 201-244- 1132. 44%, 201-446-6870,201-2448687.

^LM RIDGE PARK-1'2 acre lots. $47,500 & up. Wooded lots, $70,000 net. Call 609-737-2203. HOPE WELL TWP. -1.23 wooded acres, recent perc & soil log, $24,500. Owner will finance. 609737-3882.

Land For Sale




Land For Sale

Land For Sale

Real Estate For Sale

Real Estate For Sale

WOODED LOT - 2.8 SITE -100 acres 30 ACRES - PRIVATE LAMBERTVILLE acres. 150" frontage, OFFICE PRINCETON Collection zoned " R D " Monlake, surrounded by 190 brick Townhouse, liv. rural location, Monroe Plainsboro. Near Montgomery Township tgomery Twp. close to acres of woodland & open rm, din. r m , k i t e , Twp. $18,500. Forrestal 3 miles to covered porch. Upstairs, Princeton. Offered with f i e l d s . Secluded Edwards liberal terms for a mountain top property 3 bdrms, 1 with balcony, Princeton, 5 room cottage w/garage, 10 ACRES zoned executive 1 bath, 3rd floor, studio m o d e l qualified buyer at $6,000. 2 bedrooms - new tiled located in Windsor, N.Y. research and light in- per acre. Will sell an or bdrms, many extras, Colonial. 4 bdrms, 25' bath - new kitchen - full dustrial. Washington office site of 5. 10 or 20 only 3 hours from NYC, $69,000. W.S. Borden, FR, fireplace, a / c , basement - small yard lake fully stocked, great Twp. $59,000. premium lot, out-" acres with road frontage fishing & hunting. Cabin Realtor, 609-883-1900. ideal for a couple. No pets standing value a t on Rt. 518. Zoning allows or children. $425 effective BUILDING LOT - last on office research and light situated on lake front. $112,000. 609-737-9478 July 1st. Brainard Lake, Cran- manufacturing. An ideal Perfect summer & fall after 6 pm. spot for family TWIN RIVERS - By bury. $50,000. long term investment vacation for development by Owner. 5 yr old 3BR 2'/2 CALL 609-4661371 offering tax shelter. or hunting or fishing club. bath detached house, 4.46 ACRES - 282' Attractively priced. Must sacrifice. $175,000 garage, pvt St, pnld den. ROSSMOOR frontage on S. Main St., Walter B.Howe, Inc. or reasonable offer. Days formal Dr, lg LR, patio, RESALES One Palmer Square Cranbury. Excel, 212-255-4646, eves. 609- full bsmt, appl & more. 8 1st floor (Putnam) coop Princeton, N.J. 08540 Land For Sale potential for growing 799-4448. 1/4% assume mtg or $51,500. 609-924-0095 nursery, $50,000. financing at 10'/,>%. 1st floor (Massachu2 BUILDING LOTS - in FHA/VA welcome. 201- setts) condo $69,500. BLDG. LOT - 3 acres, 250 11.2 ACRES - - on NJ Plainsboro Twp, perc 462-8655. (Lafayette) coop $77,500. ft. frontage, wooded, Turnpike near Exit #8 on All in desirable locations perc. & logged. Near Rt. 571. Zoned light in- Low down payment. approved. Call 609-799dustrial and research. 12',^%. 13 year mortgage. 2113., Princeton. $28,500. 609and in excellent conExcel, investment. Term 25 year pay-out. Owner ELM RIDGE PARK just dition. Available im466-2952. avail, $90,000. |. completed 5 BR Cape on mediately. Jinancing. Available to Real Estate I1/-, acre lot. A house you (Pennsylvania) manor in qualified buyer for 2.7 must not miss.. $190.000.; exclusive wooded area MONROE TWP - 2 2+ ACRES - wooded, on acres with 402 feet highFor Sale 10'•••°o mortgage. Call Owner must be 48 yrs building lots. 125' x 150' Long Hill Rd. inway frontage on Route 309-737-2203 or 737-3639. old front. All utilities. $14,000 Hillsborough Twp. 130/33 in growing or more. per lot. 201-270-4971. Washington Twp.' in- 50 ACRE TREE farm, Terms avail. $39,900. north Lawrence Twp., PRtf JCT 3/4 bdrm cluding 2400 sq. feet REALTY CO. address, Ranch, 2 baths, 2 car STULTS Stults Realty Co. masonry building zoned Princeton Realtor Realtor commercial. Owners terms available for garage, full bsmt, 2 EAST AMWELL Twp., Cranbury 609-395-0444 must sell asking $100,000 qualified buyer. $9,000 acres, $95,000. 609-799Hunterdon Cty., 3.7 609-395-0444 37 N. Main St. range. Call Nick per acre, principals only. 3409 aft 5pm, all day acres, perced, soil Eves, call Fred 655-1881 wkends. Cranbury Manukas, Richardson 609-896-0321. 609-466-0537. Realtors, 609-586-1000.



Week of July 30 - August 1,1980










Fairfield Split level home located on mature 138 x 160 corner lot in East Windsor. Huge entrance foyer, recently carpeted cathedral ceilinged living room with overlooking formal dining room, eat-in kitchen with new no wax flooring, 12 x 25 paneled family room, basement and attached 2 car garage. Central air carpeting and more. $89,900.

RENTALS $460. to $600. Two, three and four bedroom single family homes and townhouses. Many with appliances and available immediately.

East Windsor Residential Building lot. Well and septic. I{Call for details and location. $14,900. Hopewell Building Lot, 2.002 acres. $42,000.


Adult community located just I east of Cranbury offers you all ; the comforts of your own home but retire from exterior maintenance. Ranch style 'condos with garages. Bedrooms from 1 to 3 available. Many with enclosed patios, appliances and more. Security, golf, swimming and tennis. Prices begin at $62,900.



Panelled family room, 4 bedrooms, 1 % baths, formal living room and dining rooms and located on established Vt acre in the Cranbury Manor section of East Windsor. This split-level home .also features central air, brick patio viewing private rear yard, basement and garage. Ready for immediate occupancy. $74,900. LIKE NEW Is the condition of this lovely renovated ranch on spacious 1 % acres in convenient West Windsor. Large living room, formal dining, kitchen and new full basement. Three bedrooms, 2 full baths, and garage all wrapped in new aluminum siding. Carpeting and more. $78,000.



is the setting for this lovely older 2 story home, 16x16 entry foyer, large living room with brick wood burning fireplace, formal dining, eat-in kitchen, mud room and den. Three or four bedrooms, 2 full baths, full basement with outside entrance, 10x18 front porch and 2 car garage. Call to see this one of a kind lovely home today. $81,900.

Is what you have from the rear patio of this lovely recently listed 3 bedroom townhouse in Quad IV. Bright living room, formal dining room, combination eat-in kitchen and family room with no wax flooring, 3 bedrooms, 254 baths and full basement. All appliances, carpeting and energy saving thermopane windows. Assumable mortgage to qualified buyers. $64,900. FOUR BEDROOM End unit townhouse located in Quad IV. Entrance foyer, huge living room, formal dining, eatin kitchen with adjoining paneled family room with new carpeting. Four, good size bedrooms, 2'/4 baths and full basement. Extras include central air, carpeting throughout and assumable mortgage for qualified buyers. $69,900.

Lawrenceville — The perfect family colonial over 2,700 sq. ft. of comfortable living,.4 oversized bedrooms, 2'/j baths, den with a fireplace. Situated on 14 acre that backs into woods in Lawrenceville. Immediate occupancy so you will be in your new home by the start of school $124,900.

Directions: Route 1 N. to Plainsboro Road, left on'Shalks Cross Rd. to Parker Road - 1st left on Quick Lane then rt. on Krabs #36.



Your entire family throughout this 7 room home including a finished basement with a cozy fireplace. Picture windowed living room, formal dining room & large eat-in kitchen. Three bedrooms, 1 Vi baths, garage and family room viewing back patio with grill. Has everything you'll need: Carpeting, central air, added insulation and includes 5 appliances. Located on treed half acre in West Windsor. $76,900.

Piainsboro - PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE,-SUNDAY August 3, 1-4 PM. Energy efficient, 4 bedrooms, Th bath. Colonial, Central air, fireplace in family room, full basement. Like new. Heat pump system qualifies for special low utility rate. Convenient commuting. $120,000.

Princeton — Hunt & Augustine contemporary on 9Vi wooded acres. Stone fireplace in living room and dining room, 4-5 bedrooms, 5 baths, 3rd floor studio, terrace & inground pool. Many custom details $348,000.

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, AUGUST 3 1-5 P.M. Beginning at 799 Twin Rivers Dr. No. Quad IV. Follow signs. Complete community, single family home and condominiums. 20's to 70's. Many models available. All include tennis, pools, shopping, commuter busing, central air,'| carpeting and much more.


Lawrenceville — Exceptional buy. 4 bedroom split level, one full bath, 2 powder rooms, brand new kitchen. Featuring beautiful inground pool surrounded by redwood fence & deck Only $76,500.



Princeton Address — West Windsor schools. Well constructed home with character & charm. Convenient to train, RT. 1 8 RCA. Must see! Just reduced...$92,500.

Hunterdon County — Situated on almost 2Vi acres in West Amwell. This custom Cape Cod is a very special buy offering a 16 x 42 living room with stone fireplace and wide plank floors, handmade Brazilian pine doors, 25 x50 inground pool, greenhouse and much more. Additional acreage available. Call today, only. .. . $132,900.

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Affordable Charm

Extravagant, Luxurious. The Talk of the Town

• 150 Amp Service • Brick Fronts • 2 Car Garages. • City Water, Curbs, Sidewalks, & Macadam Driveways and much more . . .

• Natural Gas • 1/2 Acre Lots • Wood Double-hung Windows • Full thick insulation • 4 Bedrooms • 21/2 Baths


Onty*83,990 Fireplace included until August 31

Tired of cuttirifi i;rass? shoveling snow? Here's the solution in this outstanding 3 bedroom townhouse with 'IVi baths, central air and decorator kitchen. Plus a fantastic yard with a cedar deck and gas firill that you must see to appreciate. Priced at $03,000. Convenient community of Twin Rivers near shopping, and express buses to New York City, is this freshly painted, immaculate two-bedroom townhouse, featuring gas heat, central air, 5 appliances, and private backyard. In move-in condition with an assumable mortgage of $30,400 at '(?•%%. All this and priced right at $">().a00. Call for details today.


609-6550080 609-448-8811 REALTOR

Be near shopping, schools, and express buses to New York in this lovely !i bedroom townhouse, in Twin Rivers. This house features central air, fias heat, ") appliances and a beautifully landscaped oversized backyard with u brick patio and {{as (jrill, overlooking the lake. All this and priced riialistienlly. $04,500.


REALTORS Prlnceton-Hightstown Road Cranbury, New Jersey 08512 (609) 799-4500

PHONE: 201/462-4484 or 431-^292 I in [ROM NY UNO It USE * N l Tmnpihp south lo MiBhlslown »il R! 33 tasl In Wnodftd'd HA luin nghr & onKefd appionm.»!pl> (if M l iTiilf la mildi'ls nn ngfjl [)i Rl 9 to R! 33 West luin ii'tl nil conlinue as .itrovp •

R?al Estate For Sale

Real Estate For Sale

MEDFORD LAKES Beautiful lakeview rancher; 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 fireplaces, large greenhouse, Florida room, many extras. Must be seen, to be appreciated. High $70s. 609654-9633.

ROSSMOOR - Jackson apt. 1 block from activity ctr. Lge. liv. rm. w/fpl, 2 bdrms. 609-655-4415. PRINCETON JCT. - New listing. Walk to train or schools. Mint condition, 4 bedroom, 2\-i bath Colonial. Eat-in kitchen, living rm., formal dining rm., family room with fireplace. Full finished basement. Located on cul-de-sac. Must be seen! Mature landscaping. Offered at $128,000. Peter L. Oliver, Realty, Realtor. 609-799-2058 anytime. NEW LISTING - Twin Rivers, 3 bdrm, 2>2 baths Split Level twnhse, cathedral ceiling, upgraded carpet, no wax floors, 5 appliances, new vert, blinds, fin. bsmt, extra insulation, gas grill, C/A, humidifier, good location. Assume 7% mortgage. Must see. 609-443-1850.

Constitution Hill Condominium Houses at Historic Constitution Hill Princeton, New Jersey (60") Q21-23O0 Collins Development Corporation


CENTRAL PRN TWP LOCATION - 2 story, 3 bdrms. + study w/builtin bookcases, wood panelled, liv rm w/brick fireplace, bright modern kitchen + informal din rm, 2 baths, laundry closet, c/a, 1 car gar, surrounded by mature trees on a small private lot, $99,900. Principals only. 609-921-3186 eves.




HILLSBORO CONDO Spacious 2 bdrm, 2 bath condo located in rural setting, w/w, Ig rooms & closets. Pool, tennis. In the 50s. Principals only. 201-874-8309 for appointment.

3 Bedrm, 2 Bath Town House with all appliances - very good condition, asking ; $59,750. 3 Bedrm Town House newly decorated, new carpeting and all appliances, many extras Asking $69,900.

Real Estate . For Sale

Real Estate For Sale TWIN RIVERS-Condo, 2 BR, 1 bath, $37,000. 609443-1178 Sundays. No brokers please.

Real Estate For Sale

TWIN RIVERS Spacious lakeside condo. 1 bdrm, den, easy NYC commute, lighted tennis courts, pool, walk to NY bus, shopping, schools. SO. BRUNSWICK 609-448-4899 eves & Landscapers - Nur- wknds. serymen - Investors Home Buyers - potential Mini-Farm: 6.79 acres SLEEPY HOLLOW in A-3 agricultural zone Toms River. Hidden in w/2 family house income the woods. 4 bedroom of $6600 per year. $59,500 Cape, family room, 2 takes all. Call ACA fireplaces, spacious Realty, Broker, 201-297- outdoor porch. Best area 1944. schools. Crossroads Realty, Inc. 201-244-4900; Pat Haines, 201-270SYLVAN SETTING - eves. compact Ranch, 3 5821. TWIN RIVERS - 3 bdrm, bdrms, 2 baths, c/a, 2l2 bath, modern eat-in shady terrace off liv rm, NORTH HANOVER kitchen, a/c, gas heat, fam: rm, fireplace, TWP - 3 bdrm Spanish gas grill, financing FHA $98,500. In Lawrence. Rancher with authentic VA or assumable. End W.S. Borden Realtor, details, cent. air, unit by pool. $68,500. 609- 609-883-1900. fireplace, 2'i> baths, 2 car 443-4171. garage, 1 yr. old, near golf course. Asking ALLENTOWN - Ellisdale BRANCHBURG -' im- $87,900. Gale Realtors, area. Play tennis & swim med. possession ,, new 609-890-8636. at your 2 lU acre mini custom-built Tudor Biestate. Lovely 3 or 4 Level, 3-4 bdrms, lge liv. VICTORIAN - pleasant bdrm all brick Rancher,' rm & din. rm, fam rm, hillside, lawn, old shade, 3 fireplaces, cent, air, fpl, 2 car garage, $91,900. veranda, 3 bd/ms, lMz barn, many extras. Blair House baths, 2 story workshop, Asking $169,000. Gale Real Estate, Realtor $76,000. W.S. Borden, Realtors, 609-890-8636. 201-725-8870 Realtor, 609-883-1900.

TWIN RIVERS - 3 bdrm twnhse, Quad IV, 2V2 bath, maj appl, upgrd cpt, cent air, gas grl, cable TV. Independent Broker willing to assist with financing or assumable mortgage avail. 609-443-4649.' E, WINDSOR - 4 bdrm. Colonial, 10 yrs. old, near Kreps School. 2>2 baths full bsmt. cent, air, good condition. A great value at $80,000. Call 609-4486586 weekdays only, 9am to 4pm. No brokers please.

REALTORS 166 Nassau Street Princeton, N J . (609)924-1600

18 Offices Equal Housing Opportunity SINCE 1886

54 Princeton-Hightstown Road Princeton Junction, NJ (609) 799-2022

Real Estate For Sale LAMBERTVILLE - at Byroad Farm Northfield we're finishing a single family home of unusual interest. Active & Passive Solar Air Heat, with wood stove back-up as well as reg. oil fire & C/A. Optional domestic Solar Hot Water in addition to oil fire. Exterior of natural cedar & fieldstone. 3,000 so. ft. area includes LR, DR, & Entry w/flagstone floors; 12'x23' kitchen w/cathedral ceilings, overlooked by Solar guest rm/study; 2>L» baths; Master & 2nd BR's both w/Solar Clerestories & cathedral ceilings; bsmt family rm w/wood stove & Solar Greenhouse. Plus lg 2 car garage; storage bsmt; wood deck; screened porch; drilled well; city sewer; professionally landscaped 4/10ths acre lot in an established area of quiet serenity. Priced at about $179,500 plus options. Located on Northfield Court at Studdiford St. Open daily 3-5; Sat. & Sun. 1-5. William M. Hunt, Architect & Builder, 609397-0737. EAST WINDSOR - 4 BEDROOM Colonial, exc. condition, 5 yrs. old. Central air in Warren Park Estates. Avail, immed. $76,500. Call 609.448-6586 weekdays 9am4pm. No brokers please. TWIN RIVERS - Quad IV, 3 bdrm townhouse with assumable mortgage. Completely upgraded with many, many extras + decorator features. Must see to appreciate, 609448-4072.

3692 Nottingham Way Hamilton Square New Jersey (609) 890-3300


Real Estate For Sale FOR SALE OR RENT Two story Colonial townhouse condominium in Montgomery Township near Rocky Hill. Downstairs- living room with entry area, powder room with laundry, family room with wood burning fireplace & sliding doors opening onto deck overlooking wooded area & stream, electric kitchen with dining,area. Upstairs large Master bedroom with walk-in closet & private bath, 2 additional bedrooms and full bath. Living area fully carpeted, pull downstairs to floored attic with very large storage space. Electric heat pump & central air conditioning, attached utility shed. Sale - 895,000, Rent $700/per month. Call Lorraine Tams, 609-9212720. HILLSBORO - Brookside Sq. exec, split level townhouse. 3 BR, 21.2 Baths, E.I.K., DR. gas ht., basement, swim pools, tennis cts, much more. $73,900. 201-5911357 after 5 WD, all day Sat. & Sun. WASHINGTON CROSSING - 2 bdrms, 1 bath, nice old shade, garden, $57,500. W.S. Borden, Realtor, 609-883-1900. TWIN RIVERS - 4 ..bedroom Townhouse in beautiful condition and featuring fully equipped ultra-modern kitchen, 24 baths, living room, dining room and den. FHA:yA financing for qualified buyer. Only $69,900. Call: Lambert Realty, Realtor, 609-5861700.

MANVILLE — OWNER WILL HOLD FIRST MORTGAGE Rve room ranch, full basement, 1 bath, 2-car garage, vacant. Immediate occupancy. '. $45,000.

MANVILLE-NORTH SIDE 3 FAMILY INVESTMENT PROPERTY Owner will hold first mortgage. Call for details $79,900. MANVILLE - MAINTENANCE FREE HOME A premier home in a premier location is this 9 room custom built bi-level featuring 4 bedrooms, rec room LR, DR, modern kitchen with DW, 1 Vx baths, laundry room, utility room, 3 zoned hot water heat, cen- , tral air, 1 car garage, fenced in yard. Beautifully landscaped parcel. Lot size 126' x 100' $99,900. HILLSBORO - OWNER MOVING OUT OF STATE , Is this 6-room custom-built rancher. Tastefully done Coldnial - finished interior. Manteled fireplace, huge two-car garage, 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, full bath, "rec-room, full basement, many, many extras. Will sell V.A. or F.H.A. to qualified buyers. Will accept any reasonable offer. ' MANVILLE - NORTH SIDE To be constructed. 5 room ranch, full basement, bath and a half. Call for details.

Charneski it Bongiorno Ro.iltor. Insurance nnri Appraiser

42 So. Main St., Manville

(201)722-0070 Evening Hours on Tues., Thurs and Fri. Lntu i-vcs ?01 7?? 55?4

;,;....;• V...:....:.":. ^...'.^....^-X.^-W '

HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week of July 30-August 1, J980




PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE 72 Dempsey Avenue Princeton Township SUNDAY AUGUST 3 • 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.


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8ii!i| jjfi||;"


TRY A TUDOR FOR A CHANGE! Marvelous five bedroom home

N1NGTON BORO! A charming cape cod on a treed half acre lot. Large, bright living room, dining room with chair rail and wainscoting, kitchen, family room & powder room on the first floor. Three bedrooms, two full baths, one car garage, plus special features such as a cedar closet, hardwood floors, & built-in cabinets and bookshelves. Ride your bike or walk to schools, church and shopping. . . . . $92,500.

with beautiful redwood deck overlooking very private fenced in garden and green lawn. Many deluxe features including air conditioing, gas heat and wood burning fireplace. All this plus walk to village and the New York bus line $139,500.


Visit this especially attractive'one-story contemporary with cathedral living and dining rooms, big country kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, all located in a very special Princeton neighborhood $129,900.

Peyton Associates 921-1550


"Tlmjftnij.. •

Nice location. 5 room, 2 story home. Full basement. 50 x 100'lot. Low taxes. Asking $34,900.

A lovely two story colonial on a large wooded lot with mature plantings. Living room with fireplace, formal dining room, large eat-in kitchen, study with Franklin Stove and built-in bookcases. On the second floor 4 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Basement completely finished. Addtothis a lovely built-in pool $162,500.

MANVILLE • 2 FAMILY Duplex. Aluminum siding. 4 rooms and bath each apartment. 2 full basements. Separate heat and utilities. Close to Main St $69,900. APPROVED BUILDING LOT Place. 127' x 170.' Over 10,000 sq. ft Asking $14,000.


JOSEPH BIELANSKI AGENCY 212 South Main St.. ManvllU, N.J.

201-725-1995 EVM. . 201-722-0761 or 359-3245 MEMBER MULTIPIE USTING Silt VKC

Real Estate For Sale Professionals — Unique opportunity in Montgomery Township. A large four bedroom, two bath colonial BiLevel on an acre plus. Work at home with approximately 900' of office space. Excellent for doctors, lawyer, dentist, accountant, photographer. There's even a darkroom! Two car attached garage and small barn. Please country l o c a t i o n . . . . $108,000.

New Listing: A lovely four bedroom colonial in desirable Princeton Farms. Living room, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen, family room with fireplace, powder room and laundry on first floor. Four large bedrooms and two full baths on second. $107,000.



R ' Nestled, in the Northern Hills of Hopewell Township is this custom contemporary with 4/5 bedrooms. 3 full baths and its very own brook. Family room with two-story window wall, stone fireplace. 2 car garage and over 2 Vi acres of mature woods. Offered at $127,000.





Hopewell House Square, Hopewell, New Jersey 08525 (609)466-2550

Real Estate For Sate

Real Estate For Sale

Real Estate For Sale

CUSTOM DESIGNED Contemporary Colonial home in Ewing Glendale area. 2 fireplaces, air cond, 3 bdrms, din. rm, den. new kitchen, 2>/fe baths & more. Fully landscaped for sale by owner. $69,000. 609-7719249.

BELLE MEAD -10 miles north of Princeton. 4-5 bdrm. house on 3/4 acre, semi-wooded lot; 2 car garage; cent, air, gas neat, 20x45 patio plus many, extras. $105,990. Principals only. 201-3592769.

EAST WINDSOR Sacrifice, must sell by August 3rd, largest model built, 4 bdrm, 2'/ij baths, eat-in kitchen, appliances, C/A, gas heat, carpeting & hardwood floors throughout. Many extras. Reduced to $79,900. 609-443-5649.

Real Estate For Sale

EAST WINDSOR - By HOME INSPECTIONS-owner, 3 BR, lxk bath by licensed professional Ranch; large new kit- engineers with conchen, central air +struction experience. humidifier; fenced 1/2 Princeton Home Inacre lot, two-car garage; spection, 20 Nassau St., good quiet location; close 609-921-3775. to schools, shopping, train, Tpke; clean, wellinsulated, trouble-free; CONSTITUTION HILL immed. occup; ap- IN PRINCETON - the estate of praised $79,900, asking historic restored $75,900, 609-448-4238 beautifully eves; 609-683-2115 days. mansion apartments & tastefully designed individual ConRIVERSIDE AREA - dominium houses. at its very close to L. Car- best just aliving walk negie. Contemporary from Palmerbrisk Square. house, 4 bedrooms, Vh. Prices starting a t baths, large living room $243,000." lins with fireplace, large D e v e l o p m e n tC o lCorfamily room, game room poration, Sales Office (with separate endaily 10am-5pm, trance), central air open conditioning, 2 c a r609-921-2390. garage, lovely treed corner lot. $175,000. By ASSUMABLE %% owner, 609-924-8481 or MORTGAGE - Twin reply Box ((03219 c/oRivers 3 bdrm, 2% bath, Princeton Packet. 5 appl + many extras. Must be seen to be appreciated. High $60's. CLEARBROOK CON- 609-448-5219. DOMINIUM - Resale specialists - We have Braeburne, Timberline, FOR SALE by Owner Master-Lodge, Ever- Contemporary house, 4 glade and Delray 2'£ baths, Models. One, two and bedrooms, large living room, large three bedrm. Most with family room, pool room,: enclosed patios, ap> fireplace, a i r conpliances, carpet and ditioned, 2 car garage, many extras incl. For lot. Carnegie Lake excellent values starting lovely Riverside area. Close to at $49,900. Call us now. -everything yet private. Levinson Associates, $175,000. No realtors. 609Licensed Real Estate 924-8481 or reply Box Broker, 201-548-2244 - #03154 c/o Princeton Evenings & weekends. 609-655-4519 or 609-655- Packet. 0909, SOMERSET - 3 bedroom Ranch. Full wall ECONOMY BRICK fireplace w. blower. HOME - 2 bdrms, a i r , newly spacious tree-shaded lot, Central decorated country kitstone sun porch, car- chen, skylight, gar., peted throughout, eat-in 2 thermo-sliding2 car doors to kit. exc. cond. $31,900. landscaped grounds, Call 609-695-6636. many extras, 1 blk. to NY bus. Low taxes. $86,900. LONG LANE FARM - 201-545-2771. marvelous Colonial Farmhouse w/acreage, stream, farm pond, pool. TWIN RIVERS Quad IV. Separate studio, stable, 4 bdrm Twnhse, c/a, all barn, just about appliances, recently everything. W.S. Borden, redone inside & out. No Realtor 609-883-1900. brokers please. 609-4486622. EAST WINDSOR 4 BEDROOM HOUSE 1/2 ACRE LOT TWIN RIVERS - Quad FOR DETAILS IV, 3 bdrm, 2M: bath cent 609-443-4794 air, w/w cpt, all appl, full bsmt, gas grl nr pool & tennis. For more info call 609-443-3628. No Brokers SLEEPY HOLLOW - please. Toms River. Hidden in the woods, 4 bedroom Cape, family room, 2 fireplaces, spacious TWNHSE - Brookside Sq. outdoor porch. Best area 3 bdrm, 2'^ bath, w/w school. Crossroads carpet, slate entrance, Realty, Inc. 201-244-4900. cent, air, gas heat, full Eves Pat Haines at 201-C basmt. bkyard, private swimming & tennis club. 270-5821. $75,500. 201-359-2318.

Real Estate For Sale R0SSM00R - CONDO/ COOP resale specialists. NY & Conn, models avail. Lovely locations. Enclosed patio or porch. Many extras. Excellent values starting at $54,900. Also Madison coop, with large enclosed patio. Corner location facing golf course $38,900. Stock Certificate. Approx. $23,000 mtg a t 5'/4%. . Very desirable home, beautifully decorated. Close to NY bus & rec. facil. Call now for appt. Levinson Associates, he. real estate broker, 201548-2244, eves & wkends 609-655-4519 or 609-6550909. HIGHTSTOWN - well constructed low maintenance, 3 yr. old BiLevel. 2 living areas. Garage, cathedral ceilings, oak floors. $68,000. 609-443-6398 eves aft 9pm. ROSSMOOR MUTUAL 4B CondoGolfswimming - tennis. Fantastic view from 3 exposures. Liv. rm, din. rm, fam. rm, enclosed porch, 2 bdrms, 2 baths. Kitchen has self-cleaning oven, garbage disposal, GE appliances in laundry & kitchen. Freshly papered & tiled, drapes & carpets. Short term mtge avail to qualified buyer. Priced at $67,000 or avail, for rent. Minimum age: 48 yrs. 609-799-8811 or 609395-0045. HIGHTSTOWN - energy efficient 3 bdrms, 2V-. baths, bsmt, garage, carpeted, drapes, all appliances, cedar shingle siding, well insulated, thermopane windows, gas heat, c/a, 8 yrs. old, exc. cond, large well kept very private yard, lawn furn., gas bar-b-que, walk to market & express bus to NYC. Assume 7% mtge, sale by owner, $75,000 call 609-448-0214. TWIN RIVERS - Quad I, Orig owner. 2 bdrm converted to 3. fin sbsmt, assumable mtg. Mid 50's. 609-448-7365 evenings 201826-5010 days.

A SPECIAL BRICK RANCH! Surrounded by trees and secluded yet convenient • Princeton address in Lawrence Township. Custom details arc evident throughout - living room with stately stone fireplace, cathedral ceiling and paneled with distinction: dining area with bay window: eat in kitchen: paneled study or bedroom: two large bedrooms; bath and a half: basement, two car garage, central air
DRAMATIC HILLIER CONTEMPORARY IN LAWRENCE WITH A PRINCETON ADDRESS...nestled on private 1 Vi acres with meticulous detailing. Start with soaring 2-story foyer, step-down living room/fireplace Ihealolatorl, dining room, super efficient kitchen, family room/fireplace, laundry and powder rooms. Go up to a master suite with large bedroom, sitting room, spacious closets and a bath to win awards! 3 other bedrooms and full bath...all well designed! Add 2-zone heat and central air, oversized 2-car garage, great attention to energy conservation, finest materials, and much more for another outstanding Henderson House. , $298,000.

LAWRENCEVILLE COLONIAL! This five bedroom, two and a half bath, newly redecorated house is great. Living room, dining room, family room with brick raised hearth fireplace, two and a half baths, full basement, two car garage, central air, landscaped patio . $124,900.

LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP our newest listing in the desirable academy manor is this 4 bedroom. 2'/$ + '/$ bath. Colonial situated on a beautifully landscaped lot with numerous flowering shrubs and mature trees. Large kitchen with dining area, family room with fireplace, basement with outside exit to patio plus 11XA% financing to qualified buyer! Call us today! 921-2776. Price reduction ••$ 113,500.


ROSSMOOR CONDOS-CO-OPS Models Available DELAWARE, CONNETICUT, NEW YORK, MAINE, VERMONT, JEFFERSON, MASSACHUSETTS, VIRGINIA, NEW YORK II, WASHINGTON, ADAMS. Most units with enclosed patios, 2 units with fireplaces. Allen & Stults Co. Realtors 127 Sussex Way [Rossmoor] Jamesburg, N.J. 609-655-2770 FORRESTAL VILLAGE Twnhse. - for lease or sale. Immed. occup. 2 bdrm, den, Vk baths, swimming pool, tennis courts, all appliances, carpeting, outside deck, brand new. Priced for quick sale or lease. 609452-1736 before 9am or after 6pm, or 259-7339, leave message.

A Lawronceville charmer




4 Churlton Street. Princeton. N.J. 011540


Real Estate For Sale

Real Estate For Sale

Real Estate For Sale

TWIN RIVERS Assumable 7V2% mortgage. Mint condition. 3 bedroom townhouse. All appliances, finished basement w/workroom, new carpeting, patio, gas grill, double sned. New Oversized central air conditioner. 609-443-3594.

ATTENTION HORSEMEN - 60 acres standard bred training farm for sale. Half mile training track, 150 stalls, paddock, storage barn. Convenient location to major tracks. Many extras; For info, call 609396-9689.

BORDENTOWN - lovely Twnhse 3 bdrms, 1 1/2 baths, gas heat, exc. location, walking distance to shopping, bus & church, 25 mins to Prn., 10 to Trenton. 609298-4768

HOME HUNTER'S GUIDE Week of July 30 -August 1,1980

Real Estate For Sale



Real Estate For Sale

.Real Estate For Sale

Pa. Properties

Too Late To Classify

Too Late To Classify

Too Late To Classify

Too Late To Classify

FOR HISTORIC MASTER- C L O S I N G AVAIL IMMED. - 2 SEEKING - Professional YARD SALE -10 Taylor PIECE - built on land VACATION-8/9-9/2. The bdrm. 2 story home on M> at Mont- acre lot in Roosevelt (5 to share large townhouse Ave. Hightstown (off purchased from Wm Greenery Penn in 1681 and listed in gomery Center is having mi..outside Hightstown), apt. on the Delaware. South St) 9 to 3 pm Aug: 2 & 3. 609-883-8068. Pa. register of historic a gigantic sale. modern kitchen, sites. & landmarks. $400/mo, 1V month 2 GAL/GUY FRIDAY 1974PLYMOUTH-2 dr, 8 This 4 bedroom, 2y2 bath Magnificent fieldstone security, tenant to pay •76 PACER $1700. cyl, auto, a / c , good colonial is just waiting residence, original all utils. Contact 609-452-8043. running cond, price section built 1706, on 75 N.J. Monthly-is looking S u s s m a n for the family looking for Realty, reduced to $950. Eves acres of woodland, for a bright individual to Realtors, 609-896-9300. ample living space & a BI-LEVEL - 4 bdrms, 2 BRIDGEWATER East 609-924-0990. rolling meadows & large assume diverse duties gracious style of living. baths, F / P in fam. rm. '70 INT'L SCOUT - 6 cyl, spring fed pond in including mail room, The panelled family Historic Allentown, by 4-5 bedroom raised brick auto, good cond, $750. fullfillment, Buckingham Twp. 12 order room with its beautiful owner, $59,900, 609-259- ranch on IV2 plus heavily SHEET METAL InMOHAWK - luxury 4 BR wooded, acres. rooms, 3 full baths, 2 errands. Must have car. Lakefront, $400/wk-Aug. 'After 6. 609-466-0914. colonial fireplace is an 9258. staller - residential Livingroom w/fireplace, Permanent full time, powder. rooms, 4 ideal location for the reduced Sept. 201-725- SOMETHING FOR apartment work. 609-395dinjngroom, kitchen minimum exp. nee. Call fireplaces, beautifully children while the large 0350. • 3168. Everyone - Carnival updated with modern Nancy Pritchard, 609living room remains CENTER HALL Colonial (needs remodelling), 2 921-7576. glass, depression glass, amenities while intact for formal en- - Large living room, baths, full basement, 2 EWING - 1 bdrm, liv rm pewter, tools & many KIMBALL PIANO - exc retaining the authentic tertaining. A big entry formal circular dining car attached garage, w/fpl, din rm, eat-in kit, collectibles. Also cond, upright, dark old Bucks Cnty. charm. '72 MUSTANG II GHIA foyer, kitchen, 2 c a r room, large modern eat- screened porch. New wood. Reasonable. 609many built in hutches & fishtanks, some furniture roof, new oil burner. Excellent stone barn 4 spd, radials, am/fm, cabinets, washer/dryer, garage & full basement in kitchen, family room 443-5578 after 5 "(655-4245 NICE RURAL RANCH, & many household items. Asking $120,000. Call 201with stalls and tack air, 15,000 mi., $5700. 609- a/c,"| part provide all the living with brick > fireplace 945 sq. ft. of comfortable carpeted, Sat, Aug. 2, 9 to 5, Rain 9 to 5) space & storage most raised hearth and wood 722-4450 after 6:30 p.m. living space. LR, eat-in room, carriage house, 799-9345 aft. 5. porches, 2 family home date Aug. 9th. 222B guest cottage, 20x40 HORSE TRAILER. any family could want. box. 4 bedrooms, 2Vfe Principals only. kitchen, 2 BR's, 1 title inground pool with pool on quiet street. Garage Stockton St., Hightstown. 2 baths. Basement with Step-up. New paint, good Well landscaped & bath, porch enclosed GASOLINE POWERED avail. Avail Sept. 1 $375. house, and many more cond. Make an offer. 201ideally situated this finished playroom, office with aluminum storms & features for gracious - Edger, excellent con- 609-396-3400 days 609-989359-8438. property is reasonable and workshop. Lots of '72 PINTO only 43,000 screens, full dry country living with dition, $25; 28" window 9781 eves. O W N E R - basement, some wall to, complete privacy. Good fan,$10. 609-586-1224. priced at $105,000. storage space. 2 c a r B Y mi, brand new trans, exc PRINCETON COLgarage, large fenced in PRINCETON area home wall carpeting, lge air, commuting to Princeton, DIRECTIONS: Rt. 130 cond in & out. $1375. 609- LECTION new PART TIME - Per- 448-0300. one-half acre conditioner,allsitting on Phila. or New York. North, left on Hickory yard, play area, kennel on Colonial, 4 bdrm, 2 ! 2 and patio. Many extras. manent typist to work in surrounded by mature YORK BARBELLS 6' Corner, right on Dutch bath, 2 car, fpl, c/a, wall at $900,000 1.85 acres & connected to Offered Neck, left on Wiltshire, Near train and bus trees & shrubs, masonry city water & sewer. Elliott Realty, Realtor, steel bar & 160 pounds word processing center. C H E M I S T A P - to wall, option to buy, service. Gas heat, Knowledge o f Mag A and exterior and attached plates & collars, comright on Cherry Brook, PLICATIONS - In- $700 + ufils. Security, 609-771-9133. New Hope air. Kensington garage. Living room $63,000. plete, $65. York heavy dictaphone skills a plus. dustrial.' applications refs. Immed occup. 201left onto Wickham. Look central Office, 215-862-5211. Estates, East Windsor. Suburban Princeton Allen &Stults Co., with fireplace (opening duty belt, $15. 609-924for our sign. Eves: 215-297-5319. 609-443-4379 or 443-4448. to screened porch), location. Hours Tues & work on surfactants & 257-6745 day, 201-821-9727 Broker 8312. chemicals. eve. $98,500. Fri, 8:45am-5:15pm. specialty dining room, kitchen 106 North Main St. Third day hours & day Industrial exp. req. All adjoined by breakfast W S BORDEN Hightstown, N.J. 08520 WATER negotiable. If interested benefits. Reply in con- WASTE room, two bedrooms, 609-655-0110 or DREAMS COME TRUE- WILL TRADE my '79 please call Debbie Bart fidence to A. Chris ten- treatment. Assistant Realtor 609-8.83-1900 expandable attic, full UNIQUE 609-448-0110 In your 3 acre paradise Caprice Classic, fully 609-921-2806 ext. 210 for sen, The Miranol operator, experienced & basement. Well built, TWIN RIVERS Chemical Co., Box 411, able to assume just outside New Hope equipt, 12,000 mi or gas interview. EOE. -well cared for home only TOWNHOUSE Dayton, NJ 08810, 201- responsibility. Mainwhere your secluded pool or diesel small car one mile from train on getting 25-35 mpg + TWIN RIVERS: Two 329-3900. tenance man, exo v e r l o o k s t h e TEMPORARY OPENbedroom Townhouse, New listing-2 bdrm quiet street. $89,500. 609p e r ie nc e d & magnificent landscape cash. 609-448-9088. extensively 452-8297. ING - for person to Quad II, all five major Twnhse TWIN RIVERS-3 bdrm abounding in fairyland mechanically inclined & work days on a weekly ART DECO bdrm chest willing to learn. Trainee, appliances included, modified to a Triplex. twnhse, cent air, w/w perennials, flowering & dresser, $50/both, Art Built-in stained wood basis, 7am-3pm to pack semi-finished basement, cpt., upgrd appl., full shrubs, mature shade .'71 SUPER BEETLE willing to work & learn course Deco brass bed, parts all phases. Write to assumable VA mortgage bookshelves & cabinetry. bsmt., many extras. trees and softly New eng, McPhearson educational missing, $50. Many more Entire hse recarpeted. SALE, SUITABLE FOR 7V2% assume mtg. Byc a s c a d i n g with $34,700 balance at Linpro Utility Co, Attn: s t r e a m strutts, great mileage, materials. If interested home owner. Mid $60's. 609-443- through a natural ravine. exc. runingcond, $1095 or call Debbie Bart 609-921- unusual items for sale. Mr. Pesce, P.O. Box 279, 9' 2 %. Priced in mid 50's. Fully painted inside & home owner, 609-799-4815, eve, 609-683out last summer. Ideal owner w/rental income 6189. 2806 ext. 210 for inRED CARPET Plainsboro, 08536 or call Plastered stone home best offer. 201-874-5524. terview. EOE. 2173 day. DIDONATO 609-448-6555 location for N.Y. com-from 2nd unit or small Mr. Pesce, 609-799-0030 circa 1752 tastefully days, 609-448-4134 muter, 1 block to bus for investor, Single hse on or eves 799-1093. restored and added to. N.Y.C. Walk to school Lytle St. Double hse on evenings. '78 HONDA CIVIC, gd. ADVERTISING ASST30' living room, dining WILL SACRIFICE w/out crossing street. All John St., or store front MANVILLE - 4 BR Cape cond, 32 mpg, reg gas, RESPONSIBLE appliances, central a/c & w/apt unit on John St. with alum, siding, room with fireplace, den $3600 Pecan dining room $3300. 609-466-0897. Specific experience in roommate wanted to vac. Thermo pane Priced for immed. sale awnings, carport. LR, with fireplace, terrace set by Heritage;., 81" MEDIA selection & room, 2 Bedrooms, Pecan couch & coffee share country duplex ROCKY HILL - New 3 windows and doors. from $26,500 to $37,500 kit., basemnt.. patio, modern kitchen and bath'' table. Call 609-921-8796. '79 HONDA ATC110- placement, BUDGET apartment in Hopewell. 7% mtge. w/financing avail. 609- w/w. Principals only. bdrm. Cape Cod with Assumable New, $760. 201-3694663 management, all aspects Lots of privacy. $195 plus Carefully maintained. 452-1234, 609-924-0633, 609- $69,900. Call 201-722-2564 on 1st floor. 2 bedrooms, maintenance free ex- 609-448-4312. of agency BOOK- utilities. Call 212-873-9759 after 4pm. sitting room and bath on between 6 & 9_p.m._, 924-0746. terior. Attached 2 car KEEPING, FILING, eves or 212-790-8960 days. 2nd, old charm in CLEANING PERSON garage. Call The Miller TYPING. abundance, beautiful for offices, days, Miranol 23,500 BTU, Chrysler systems, Agency, appointment at in agency floors, i n t e r e s t i n g Chemical Co. Dayton, Titan air conditioner, 3 Fluent 609-924-3366 or 201-874- SPRAWLING RANCH jargon. Able to cre- CHEMIST R&D - syn201-329-3900. p a n e l i n g , e x p o s e d spd, 240 volts, ideal for thesize s u r f a c t a n t s , Toms River. Spaciously ELLISDALE RD., just 8000. working control specialty natural stone walls. garage, store or wall ate chemicals. laid out family room, outside ALLENTOWN. systems where none $189,500. Elliott Realty, Pa. Properties unit, $250, call 201-359Experience req. AH country kitchen. VA HVz acre farmette. 3 b/r, exist & to maintain them. THE DEADLINE FOR Realtor, 609-771-9133 New 3387. benefits. Replv in confiCrossroads l>/2 baths, 1/r, d/r, kitCordial & emphathetic. dence to A. Christensen, SOUTH BRUNSWICK - appraised. Word Hope office, 215-862-5211. TIME OFF's chen, laundry room. Knowledgeable about the Rural Ranch on 3/4 acre Realty, Inc. 201-244-4900. FULL BASEMENT. 2 Games contest #21 is '78 KAWASAKI KZ650, Eves: 215-297-5319. The Miranol Chemical' in mint condition with all Eves Pat Haines 201-270- car attached garage. 1 August 11. See page 2 of 6,300 mi, many extras, way the world works. Co., Box 411, Dayton, NJ 5821. CONSIDER PA. utilities on cul de sac TIME OFF for details. exc. cond, $1575 or best Focused, efficient & 08810 201-329-3900. car detached garage. TAX ADVANTAGES street. Excellent mother/ NEW ENGLAND FARM Farmland Assessed. 1500 offer. Mon-Fri, 9-5, 201- effective. Able to seize daughter facility. 8 BEFORE YOU BUY responsibility with zeal. HOUSE Xmas trees now planted. PACKER - willing to 874-2321,- aft 5 & wkends Willing rooms with 2 full & 2 '•• COLONIAL Split Level - Stream. Excellent for to support FOUND - Female dog, 201-821-7989. shepherd, 7 mos. work full time packing & baths. g a r a g e , 5BR, 2 ' 2 baths, LR DR, truck farm, fruit or- We are offering a 5 bdrm Located in the heart of overloaded nitpicker. part very affectionate, basement, huge screened family room w/brick chard, horses, etc. Call 3 1/2 baths, expanded historic Bucks County, lifting heavy cartons EST graduate preferred. old, free to good home. Days porch, Tennessee marble fireplace, laundry room for appointment and Cape on a professionally convenient to the quaint must have drivers lie. BICYCLE - men's 10 spd, 609-639-2331, eves 448for an appt if in- Kahlkoff, brand new, 609raised hearth fireplace, with clothes chute, attic, more details. landscaped double lot shops 609-924-2333 5-6pm only of Peddlars Call 5096. with Irees, trees & more. basement, and attached close to 1-95. Superb Village-New Hope. This terested, 609-452-1505, 799-473R All replys are held in APPLE REALTY, INC. ACA REALTY, Broker, 2-car garage. Hardwood Newtown neighborhood classic country charmer ask for Ann. strictest confidence. EOE 609-758-3900 DAYBREAK 201-297-1944. BABYSITTER - My • m/f. & schools. Downstairs is blended into this floors throughout, LABRADORS Master bedrom suite, ecologically balanced FLOWER SALE - Fresh home, on call basis. $1.50 central air conditioning, Labrador Retriever per hour, experienced wood panelled fam rm, community through the daily flowers at 25-50% sundeck adjoining DR, puppys. Show, field, pet. off. 8/1-8/9 at The T W I N R I V E R S only. 609-921-2639. SECRETARY for GE family kitchen, & use of stone & cedar fully stocked kitchen Older dogs. Stud service TOWN- s c r e e n e d Research & Sales Dept. avail. AKC/OFA. 609-883p o r c h siding. Quality con- Greenery, Montgomery side/side refrig.-freezer, DETACHED Center. super overlooking a very struction, excellent dishwasher, double oven HOUSE . in LANDSCAPE - Ar- of Chemical Co. Dic- 4505. stove, disposal. Located condition with 4 good- private patio & pool area. detail & design. 2 acres of LAMBERTVILLE - 2 c h i t e c t u r e student tation, typing, Spanish landin one of Princeton's sized bedrooms with a Extras too numerous to p r o f e s s i o n a l seeking room or apt. in helDful. All benefits. '71 BMW BAVARIA bdrm central location, most desirable areas on walk-in closet and full list. Quality construction s c a p i n t F a b u l o u s $340/mo + utils. 201-574- exchange for work in the Miranol Chemical Co exc. cond, a/c, leather int, very reasonable Poe Rd. Beautiful tree bathroom. The main & decor. Asking $210,000. country kitchen, French 6436 days, 609-924-2680 Princeton area. Ex- 201-329-3900. price, 609-89fi-il7i. perienced gardener. shaded, acre size lot with bath features a double doors leading from liv. eves. Male, 30 yrs. old. Ref. E L E G A N T variety of shrubs, stream vanity and there is a .We also have several rm to covered porch, 4 TOWNavail. 609-921-3356 leave HOUSE rental. Lawrunning along property powder room on the first other listings in the New bdrms, 3 fpls, library, renceville ... 2 bdrm, '77 KAWASAKI 1000-low boundary, w i t h i n level. There is a formal Hope area, convenient gameroom, a r e just a LOST GOLD CHARM message. 2 oaths, liv rm, din rm, mileage, many extras, walking distance of living room and dining for the NJ commuter, Few of the outstanding bracelet, in vicinity of SECRE- patio. Very reasonable reg gas, $2000. 609-466Carnegie Lake. This room and a recreation which we'd like to show features. Call for com- Nassau Inn, Prn. $200 MEDICAL Reward offered. If found TARY 0897. Experi- price. 609-896-1171. home is available for room with a wet bar, wall you. plete details. $225,000. call 201-297-5263. wall carpeting enced, office manimmediate occupancy. to ager / executive $159,500. Owner will throughout, central air New Hope Penn Valley secretary position. New CLASSIC '64 XKE to PLANT SALE - At least finance. Call 201-521-1313 conditioning and atReal Estate, Inc. Real Estate '77 VW SCIROCCO Brunswick office, week- restore, many extras. 50% off all plants 8/1-8/9 eves for appointment. tached garage. $77,500. Paul Delany Broker 215-348-8750 The Greenery, Special Ed., 34 mpg, reg days. Call 201-246-1332 $3000. ONO 609-921-9079 at Call 393-0579. 215-862-2058 215-76G-7060 gas, $4200. 609-466-0897. bet. 9-4. eves 8-9. Montgomery Center. OPEN HOUSE SUN.,AUG3 2-4pm lOWickhamLa. E.Windsor


Real Estate For Sale


MOTHER DAUGHTER, Bridgewater, 2 apts 1 BR up, 2 BR down, up to date conveniences, alum siding, well insulated, asking $89,900 Principals only. 201-526-4523.

TWIN RIVERS - 3 bdrm twnhse, Quad I, good cond., cent a i r cpt., ready to move in. $55,000. Call 609-448-6671 wkdays, 9 to 4 p.m. only.

CLEARBROOK - Master Lodge, ideal location. Close to clubhouse, commuter bus stop. All appliances including new micro-wave oven, icemaker refrig, washer dryer, compactor, disposal.' Mirrored doors.,. 2 enclosed sunrooms, panelled insulated 2V-> car garage w/'/2 car garage w/12' base & wall cabinets, auto, door opener. Avail immed. Elves. 609-655-4083.


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WEEK OF JULY 30 - AUGUST 5, 1980

>3§il«^>P^l T I M E OFF Is a weekly feature of the Princeton Packet, Lawrence Ledger, Wlndsor-Hlghts Herald, Central Post, Manvllle News, Franklin News-Record, Hlllsborough Beacon and Cranbury Press.




Word Games By HELENE HOVANEC Competition tt — Marriages not made in heaven

Readers are asked to mate two people to produce an unlikely name, an unlikely situation or simply a play on words. Examples: 1. If Hope lange married Clifford Case and then divorced him, she would be a Hope less Case. 2. If Regine married Jesse Jackson she'd be Reggie Jackson. 3. If Chris Evert Lloyd married Wilbur Wright and had a son he'd be Frank Lloyd Wright. RULES: Submit as-many entries as you wish on one postcard or send entries written on index cards and mailed in one envelope. Pseudonyms (other than "Anonymous") may be used, provided that some information is given on how to reach you in the event that you are a Winner. The deadline for receipt of entries for this competition is Monday, August 11. Send them to T I M E OFF Word Games, c/o The Princeton Packet, Box 350, Princeton, N.J. 08540.

KALEIDOSCOPE Cyclists celebrate August bike month in Somerset


INDEX ON THE COVER is a bicycle now mercifully obsolete. Today's cyclists prefer to roam paths and roads on light frames, and to celebrate the new Interest in cycling a series of events has been planned for August. See Kaleidoscope for details. FEATURES Why not name a town for yourself? That's what Hezekiah Smith decided to do in Smithville in the 19th century. His mansion and grounds are explored by Ruth Woodward ;,,,..... 3 David Salowitz casts a few stones at Top-40 music stars COLUMNS Sew What's New: Working with sheer fabrics can be tricky ., '0 On Bridge: At the right moment, an end-plan can clinch the contract 13 At Face Value: Souvenir cards mark new issues . . . 13 DEPARTMENTS AND REVIEWS On View: Seniors are the focus of two exhibits at the State Museum in Trenton 5 On Stage: The beauty is in the eye of the beholder, where "Macbeth" is concerned 6>7 Calendar


Table Talk: Italian food to please Old Country devotees , 11 Crossword Puzzle


On Screen: Brian De Palma's new movie owes a debt to Alfred Hitchcock ... 14 Now Ploying:

Editor; Ellen KoltorvWaton Advertising co-ordinator: Fredrika Schwerin


The Environmental Education Center in Somerset County will offer several bike trips this summer to places of interest in New Jersey. All excursions will begin and end at the Center in Basking Ridge, and will be limited to about 15 persons through preregistration. On Aug. 3, a tour of approximately 15 miles (round trip) will depart at 12:30 p.m. for Buck Gardens and Moggy Hollow. Designed for those with some biking experience (minimum age 12), this four-hour trip will pass through a formerly private arboretum recently added to the County Park System and will stop at Moggy Hollow, former site of the post-glacial Lake Passaic outlet. On Aug. 13, an Evening Cycle Run, designed for the whole family will leisurely explore the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, between 6:30-8:00 p.m. For experienced bikers, a trip to Jockey Hollow and the Morristown Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge will take place on Aug. 24, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This 30-mile trip includes the historic sites of Washington's headquarters in Morristown and Jockey Hollow, where his troops spent the terrible winter of 1779, winds along bike paths and back roads through the horse farms and estates of Morris County, and then returns through the Great Swamp. Although the course is mostly flat and the pace will be leisurely, this tour is not recommended for beginners. For more information on bicycle trips and August Bike Month, call 201-766-2489.

A trip to the 18th century 'Interpreting Early Moravian Life and Culture' is the theme of the Historic Bethlehem Folk Festival to be held in the restored 18th century industrial area on Saturday, Aug. 2. from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on Sunday, Aug. 3, from noon to 7 p.m. The festival, sponsored by Historic Bethlehem Inc. in cooperation with the Moravian Museums and Tours, will depict the daily life of Bethlehem's Moravian settlers through special events, lectures, outdoor concerts, crafts demonstrations and museum tours. The festival, sponsored by Historic Bethlehem Inc. in cooperation with the Moravian Museums and Tours, will depict the daily life of Bethlehem's Moravian settlers through special events, lectures, outdoor concerts, crafts demonstrations and museum tours. Also, a variety of summer foods will be served. , The industrial area is within walking distance from the Greyhound Bus Terminal, and free parking is available adjacent to the site. Children younger than six years old will be admitted free. For information write Folk Festival, 516 Main St., Bethlehem, PA 18018, or call 215691-0603.

Designers create 'Mansion in the Park' The creative talents of over 40 prominent interior designers and landscapers from the tristate area Will be on display at the historic Claflin Mansion from Aug. 9 through* Sept. 14. Located in Lakewood Township's Pine Park, the showhouse will be South Jersey's firs designers' exhibition and has been titled "Mansion in the Park." The 36 rooms and 13 fireplaces enhance the charm of this turn-of-the-Century house and the designers will focus on a "gentlemen of the manor" theme with a game room, a bachelor's suite, a hunt room and a wine cellar. Other rooms, such as the Peacock Music Pavilion and Pascha's Place, are in the process of creation. Outside plantings, a rose garden, gazebo, and fountain will adorn the grounds surrounding the mansion. A preview show will take place on the evening of Friday, Aug. 8, and will feature a champagne party, fashion show by Flemington Furs, an participating designers. All admission donations will help benefit the Paul Kimball Hospital Building Fund. Tour hours will be Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6 to 9; and Sundays, 1 to 5 p.m. Forfurther information call 201-363-1900, ext. 327. ' '




Mr. Smith goes to Smithville A look inside a one-man town By RUTH WOODWARD Since there is a Smithville, one assumes there must have been a Smith who built his own town, gave it his name, and sowed seeds of history for his progeny to harvest. And indeed, there was Hezekiah Smith behind Smithville, New Jersey — a man who lived in 19th century baronial splendor on the banks of the Rancocas Creek. Echoes of his Victorian life reverberate through his still-standing Greek revival mansion, which is how open for public tours two days a week. Located in East Hampton Township, Burlington County, southeast of Mount Holly, the complex has been designated as the County Cultural and Heritage Center.

worth a trip In the early 1800's the Rancocas Creek was easily accessible from Philadelphia across the Delaware, and the site of the Smith mansion was the farthest point at which the creek was navigable. In earlier days a mill had been the first structure at the site, and in the 19th century it became a busy textile manufacturing center owned by Jonathan and Samuel Shreve. TheShreve brothers built the mansion and various other outbuildings. They also put up workers' housing, a school and a store, and called their small community Shreveville. They built a canal to Mount Holly to facilitate transportation and manufactured cotton thread and yards and yards of calico. Until 1850, the business prospered; then a national depression claimed the cotton industry as one of its victims. During the Civil War there was a sharp drop in the amount of cotton grown and the mills stood idle for long periods. The Shreve property was soon mortgaged to the hilt and finally sold at a sheriff's sale. For a while Shreveville became one of the neglected towns of South Jersey. In 1865 Hezekiah Smith visited the deserted village and decided it was just right for his purposes. A pioneer in the woodworking machinery business, Smith held 65 different patents on woodworking machines, and his business in Lowell, Massachusetts had outgrown its quarters there. HEZEKIAH MUST have had tremendous energy. He set to work converting thread mills into machine shops, replacing old water wheels with turbines, and building a foundry. The H.B. Smith Company eventually manufactured 150 different styles of machines and produced a quarter of the country's woodworking machinery. Smith also looked over the town and envisioned himself as its baronial master. He remodeled the old workers' homes and added new ones. He built a boarding house for the unmarried apprentices, which included a theater with the grandiose name of the Opera House. Town bands were a popular form of entertainment, so a grandstand was built and the H.B. Smith Military Band played for the entertainment of the villagers on summer evenings. He continued buying surrounding farmland whenever possible, until he had more than 300 acres under

The Smithville mansion reflects a 19th century life of splendor.

Cultivation, supplying much of the meat, vegetables and dairy products used in the village. And the town was rechristened Smithville. THE LIVING QUARTERS for the master himself were improved. The three-story brick mansion was renovated to include extra servants' quarters and "The Annex," Smith's private entertainment center, which also served as his political headquarters. Here he designed a gaming room, a large billiard room and a bowling alley. The mansion was completely surrounded by a high brick wall topped with cast iron pickets. Inside the wall were boxwood gardens and that favorite conceit of English estates, a maze. No longer standing is a 110-foot high brick and iron observation tower, where on a clear day Smith could see all the way to Philadelphia. And the marble statue of Agnes Gillkinson that once stood in the garden was long ago smashed into small pieces. Agnes had been a Lowell mill, girl, living in one of the mill boarding homes when problems of the cotton industry were reflected in lower and lower wages for the workers. Smith befriended Agnes, brought her to New Jersey with him, and paid her tuition to Penn-

sylvania Medical College. Known in Smithville as Madame Smith, she used her knowledge of chemistry to develop and market a hair restorative lotion. She also edited the weekly "New Jersey Mechanic," a trade journal distributed to woodworking shops nationally. FOR A WHILE it was an idyllic life for lord and lady of the manor house.. Smith's manufacturing company flourished and he tried his hand at manufacturing a number of bicycles and tricycles. The best known was the "Star" bicycle which had the large wheel at the back — in a spill the rider landed on his feet rather than over the handlebars. Ever flamboyant, Smith had his workmen form racing teams and trick riding teams to demonstrate the bicycle at fairs and other public events, and one occasion he hired a famous athlete to ride a Star bicycle down the steps of the Capitol. Smith served a term in Congress and one in the New Jersey State Senate, with the H.B. Smith Military Band helping to attract crowds while he was campaigning. But the zest went out of his life when Agnes Gillkinson died, and Smith spent more and more time with her marble likeness in the garden. Only after his own death did the people of Smifhville learn of a wife and

family who had been left behind in Vermont. SMITH left his entire estate to establish a school for apprentices and young mechanics in Smithville. His eldest son Elton sued on behalf of his mother, who died before a long court battle decreed the Smith family in possession of the estate. Elton Smith took over the business, which was operated successfully until the Depression. He renovated the manion, installed a heating system, got rid of all of his father's furnishings and smashed the statue of Agnes Gilkinson to bits. Many of the buildings are no longer standing, but the main building is a testimony to the way of life of a 19th century entrepreneur with mechanical ingenuity, business ability, a zest for living, and perhaps a share of flamboyance. The magnificent iron eagles flanking the front gate are only one of many architectural details in cast iron. THE COUNTY is gradually refurnishing the mansion in the style of the period when Smith was in residence. Some of the rooms of the Annex are being converted into exhibit space and the back courtyard is ready to serve as a performance arena for outdoor drama, dance, or music programs:

if you go Smithville is open to the public on Wednesdays and Sundays, from noon until 5 p.m., with tours of both the house and the village. Tours start on the hour and the last tour begins at 4 p.m. Admission is one dollar for adults; 50 cents for senior citizens and students, with small children free. If you plan to bring a group of more than 15 people please call the Friends of the Mansion office at 609-261-3780 for an appointment.




Looking hard at a rock heap By DAVID SALOWITZ

Most rock critics are veterans of the 1960s who actually get paid for reviewing records by glue-sniffing punks young enough to be their illegitimate children. To save time and money, I have decided to go to the crux of the problem and review the performers themselves. I might add, with little or no modesty, that my ' qualifications are impeccable. My Bachelor of Amphetamines was earned at Filmore East College. After picking up my M.A. in Mescaline at Woodstock Nation U., I received my doctorate from the Studio 54 School for Advanced Snorting. Neil Young band resembles the Osmonds on acid.








SAT. AUG. 2 and SUN. AUG. 3 NOON - 10 PM


AISO Featuring: (Bands not pictured] JERSEY GRASS Sai MAIL POUCH EXPRESS sun

What's more, I was once pistolwhipped by Dick Clark for accidentally touching him while I was dancing the Watusi on American Bandstand. I was also one of the first people Joe Cocker vomited on. My competence established, here now is my capsule critiques of 40 stars who have clawed their way to the toD of the rock heap. 1. Blondie—Whatever she has, .Marilyn Monroe had more of it. 2. Paul McCartney — What's cute at age 20, is not so cute at 40. 3. Paul Williams — Short people have no reason to live. 4. The Beach Boys — Grow up already and get jobs. 5. Bob Dylan — This year's marketing problem: will Jesus play in Vegas? 6. John Denver — Thinks Marie Osmond is growing up too fast. 7. Donna Summer — Brought prostitution, S&M and obscene phone calls to AM radio. 8. Barry Manilow — Really Marvin Hamlisch. 9. Paul Anka — Not Old Blue Eyes. In fact, ever wonder why his eyes are brown? 10. Dolly Parton — Climb every Mountain. 11. The Rolling Stones — If they were born women they would want to be men. 12. The Grateful Dead — We're grateful too.

13. The Village People — One might suggest putting a padlock on their closet, but they'd probably like it. 14. Debbie Boone — A virgin birth. 15. Elton John — Everybody will be a star for at least 15 minutes. - A. Warhol. 16. Linda Ronstadt— You're no good, you're no good, you're no good, baby, you're no good. 17. Yes — N6. 18. Neil Young — Rx: see Wayne Newton's doctor. 19. Tony Orlando —Personal friend of Mike Douglas. 20. Diana Ross — Would be ugly if she were white. 21. Carol King — Would be pretty if she were black. 22. Kiss — Off. 23. Bette Midler — Used to room with the Village People. 24. Peter 'Frampton — See Elton John. 25. Chicago — Another reason this is the Second City. 26. The Who — Why? 27. The Eagles — Take them off the endangered species list. 28. Fleetwood Mac — The Osmond Family takes acid. 29. David Bowie — Borrows Bette Midler's clothes. 30. Rod Stewart - Makes love, not war. 31. Johnny Rotton — Makes money, not music. 33. Frank Zappa — Yes Frank, we know what that yellow snow is. 34. Stevie Wonder — If Stevie said the damn plant talked, the damn plant talked. 35. Billy Joel —Beware of people with two first names. 36. Elvis Costello — Last year's model. 37. Earth, Wind and Fire —Used to be Blood, Sweat and Tears. 38. Neil Sedaka — Bad then, bad now. 39. Bruce Springsteen — His motorcycle's on fire, his girlfriend's a junkie and he's crying all the way to the bank. 40. Elvis Presley — Roll over Elvis, tell Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin the news.


SWEET DIXIE All Women Band Sat MATTY LEVINE Sat & Sun THE DAVE GRIFFITHS BAND Sun GLEN BORDEN sat. & sun B E V E R L Y C O T T E N An Original Green Grass Clogger Sat S Sun

17 BANDS IN ALL! | JERSEY CORNBRED Sal. piesenled by Battleground Arts Center. P.O. Box 678. Freehold. N J 07728 in Association with Geoll Berne-AmericanArts Productions. Inc.


462-8811 • Free Parking • Food & Refreshments • Held Rain or Shine



TICKET PRICES: (add 50c at door) Daily - S7 50 Both Days • S12.00 . Special Seniors' & Children's Prices



Sat. 4 Sun


Mozart serenade highlights concert The Soclair Music Festival's second outdoor concert will feature Carlotta Wilsen, soprano, at the Clinton Historical Museum Village on Saturday, Aug. 2, at 8 p.m. The Soclair Festival Ensemble, under the direction of Edward Brewer, will open the concert entitled "A Little Night Music" with the famous Mozart

serenade. Miss Wilsen will perform two Bach cantatas, No.s 202 and 51., Picnicking is permitted on the grounds after 6 p.m., and in case of rain, the concert will be performed at the Education Center located opposite the Red Mill. For more information call 201735-4101.

Bluegrass fest part of city's 300th anniversary The Old Queens Campus, outside the Voorhees Art Gallery in New Brunswick, will be the site of a bluegrass festival on Thursday, July 31, at 8 p.m. The festival is part of New Brunswick's 300th Anniversary program, "Ten Evenings of Music in the Parks." Geoff Berne, currently the producer of a popular bluegrass series at Lincoln

Center in New York, will be bringing together such performers as Late Nite Garage, Beverly Cotton, Transatlantic Bluegrass (from France) and Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver. The rain site for this concert will be the State Theater on Livingston Avenue. For further information call 201-7455063.

Watchung Art Center has photo exhibit and sale The Somerset County Photography Club will have an exhibit and sale of its members' works at the Watchung Art Center on Stirling Road in Watchung, from Sunday,7Aug. 3, through Saturday, Aug. 16.

.Photographers will be present and refreshments served at the opening on Sunday, Aug. 3, from 7 to 9 p.m. The gallery will be open Monday through Saturday, from'l to 4 p.m. For information, call 201-526-1186.




ON VIEW State museum salutes old age

Paintings by Princeton artist Dorothy Bissell will be featured at Gallery 100 on Nassau Street from Aug. 1 through Aug. 16, but Ms. Bissell will be seen all over the region come fall. She is planning a series of traveling workshops, taking students to historic areas — such as the Quaker village in Fallsington, Pa., -*- and ethnic niches, such as the Russian shore community, Cassville. She is seen here with two acrylic works, "Gla dio las" and "Artichoke Flowers and Apples. "

The New Jersey State Museum on West State Street in Trenton, has two exhibits on display through the summer and two exhibits on display through the fall. 'Images of Old Age' 1790 to the Present' and 'Art by New Jersey Senior Citizens,' are two exhibits with particular interest to old people. They will be on display through Aug. 24. Organized by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service and researched by the Institute of Gerontology at the University of Michigan, "Images of Old Age" uses photos and text to examine the realities of aging in three different eras of American history. The 'Art by Senior Citizens' exhibit, which features award-winning paintings from county-level competitions conducted throughout the state this spring, is being presented by the museum in cooperation with the Division on Aging in the N.J. Department of Community Affairs. A public reception for the artists and their friends will be held on Friday, Aug. 8,.from 2 to 4 p.m. '.. •. . ; Also, 'Adolf Konrad Retrospective,' a contemporary artist exhibit, will be on display in the main gallery, through

Sept. 14, and 'The Scientific Illustrations of Kenneth L. Gosner,' will be on display in the lower level gallery through Oct. 26. Mr. Konrad, now an artist in residence at Somerset County College, has had his art displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Academy of Design, the Whitney Museum, Butler Institute, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the New Jersey State Museum, The Newark Museum and the Montclair Art Museum. The Retrospective was organized by the Montclair Art Museum and includes 50 paintings and a dozen drawings which cover a span of 30 years. ' Mr. Gosner, curator of zoology at the Newark Museum, creates detailed drawings for nature textbooks, magazines, and field guides. He has illustrated more than 20 books, has written articles for scientific journals, and has been an active participant in research expeditions in the Caribbean and South Atlantic coastal waters. The State Museum, a division of the New Jersey Department of Education, is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. and on weekdays from 1 to 5 p.m. Admission is free.

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Paintings...Anything that can be framed!

Open Molt., Tuts., Wed. S Sal. Thurs. L Fri. I0-S


Closed Sundays July ft August

Route 1 it Quakerbridge Rd. (Across from Quakerbridge Mall) Lawrenceville





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Reserve your space now in M l / I f ' O f f 's annual Fall Preview issue which presents the calendar of events for the coming season. For further information contact your sales representative or call Fredrika Schwerin (609) 924-3244


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Copy Deadline: August 28 Publication Date: September 17 . PPTO







Treat for the eye, not for the ear By COLLEEN ZIRNITE Shakespeare by the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival in Madison is always a visual triumph. Regulars have grown to expect the authentic and aesthetic pageantry that marks the production fo Macbeth being performed in repertory this summer on the Drew University campus. Artistic director Paul Barry has an ingenious creative instinct. Yet, although his dramatic inventions and familiarity with the times never cease to thrill, they do not quite obliterate a basic fault in the presentation. It is a dominant operatic in-

review clination that limits Mr. Barry's own performance as Macbeth and that of several other players in lesser roles. Mr. Barry's rich baritone speaking voice quaveFS with emotion. It soars to booming peaks and wanes to whispering hushes with a dramatic intensity that may fit the mood of the play but ignores the script. As in operas, the lyrics are often subordinate to the musical measure. He may as well be speaking in a foreign language; it is difficult for listeners who catch only the cadence and miss the sense. Richard Graham's deliveries are similarly spasmodic. He plays Duncan, the ill-fated king, in this production. Luckily Macbeth murders Duncan early in the play — before Graham has too many lines to spoil the regal image he otherwise projects. Robert Grossman, who is Ross, one of •the Scottish noblemen, seems at times to be leaning in the same misguided direction in this show. Their performances contrast distinctly with the more natural and realistic portrayals of Dana Mills as MacDuff; Phillip Pruneau as Lennox," Ron Coralian as Banquo and Michael Goldstein as Banquo's son, Fleance. Equally credible, and drenched in drama, is Callan White's portrayal of the sinister Lady Macbeth. Her own sensuous beauty augments the words of Lady 'Macbeth as she calls upon the spirits to unsex her and fill her "top-full of direst cruelty." She writhes in evil as she prods Macbeth to commit the murder and then chides him for his remorse. Later, when he is confronted at the banquet table by the ghost, she makes us feel the cold shiver of her fear that he will give himself away. Mr. Barry's real gift is in directing. He brings to life scenes like that of the banquet table and other gatherings, such as when the soldiers rally together. He adds homely nuances that make the characters immediate and lends spontaneity to their actions. A playful gibe to the shoulder, a whack on the back, a little pinch of the serving girl's bottom, and a tumbling of the wine waitress to the floor give colorful dimension to background tableaux. His attention to these significant little touches is particularly effective when Lady Macbeth concludes the banquet scene by vacantly emptying a wine glass down the length of the table as she follows Macbeth to bed. It is a superb

gesture portending her madness. Mr. Barry is also gifted in the creation of mood scenes like those featuring the three weird sisters. As the witch trio meets Macbeth and forecasts that he will be king, they grovel in hideous likeness to the witch's wail, "And like a rat without a tail, I'll do, I'll do, and I'll do." The stage seethes in eerie foreboding as the three hags appear again at a witches' haunt where they stir foul and loathsome ingredients into their steaming cauldron. To provide Macbeth with answers to his anxious queries, they brew mystical apparitions that enigmatically assure him "none of woman born shall harm Macbeth," and that he shall "never be vanquished until Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane Hill shall come against him." Fencing is yet another of Mr. Barry's accomplished arts and under his direction sword play delights with swashbuckling excitement. Shakespeare is truly a spectacle at the festival. Spectacles, however, do not necessarily move and this production of Macbeth drags at times. It will be performed in repertory through Sept. 10.

Rutgers arts fest presents musical Rutgers University 'Arts for a Summer Evening' festival, presented by the Mason Gross School of the Arts in association with Douglass College and the Summer Session, will present Joe Taylor Ford's musical The Last Minstrel Show, in the Levin Theater at Douglass College Tuesdays through Sundays, Aug. 5 through Aug. 17, at 8 p.m. Gospel singer Linda Hopkins will star in the production which deals with the struggle of artists to survive when faced with a new culture that has no place for them. The show also features Tiger Haynes, whostarred in "The Wiz" on Broadway. The Last Minstrel Show will move to New York following its run at Rutgers. Avery Brooks, professional actor and assistant professor in the Douglass College theater arts department, is directing the musical. Also, photographs by Sandi Fellman will be exhibited in the Walters Hall Gallery, adjacent to the Levin Theater, on theater performance nights, from 6 to 8 p.m. Tickets are available at the Levin Theater box office. For information, call the theater at 201-932-9892.

The murderous tragedy, "Macbeth," stars Paul Barry (left) in the title role and Ron Coralian as Banquo.

Crossroads begins apprentice program Crossroads, New Jersey's professional black theater company — a project of the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick — has begun an apprenticeship program available to all residents of the Middlesex County area. Apprenticeships are available in theater administration, publicity, stage managing, and technical theater.

Participants can volunteer one to 20 hours of their time per week either during the day or in the evenings. Volunteers will gain professional theater experience under the supervision of the theater's director. College credit for the work can be arranged. For an interview, call Dan Irvin at 201-249-5560.

Night comedy at John and Peter's Wednesday night comedy at John and Peter's Place on South Main Street in New Hope will present Dennis Wolfburg on Wednesday, July 30, at 9:30 p.m. Mr. Wolfburg is a New York City laffoff competition finalist, and has performed in comedy clubs in California, Florida, and throughout the east coast. Also featured will be Ben Kurland,

who recently appeared at the Bijou Cafe in Philadelphia. Comedian Andy Scarpati of Langhorne will be host and producer of all Wednesday night comedy shows. Mr. Scarpati is also the Master of Ceremonies at the Jailhouse on 32nd and Market Street in Philadelphia.

'Mound Builders9 opens at Murray The Princeton Summer Theatre will open its third production with Lanford Wilson's The Mound Builders on July 31 at 8 p.m. The show will run Thursdays through Sundays, July 31 to Aug. 3 and Aug. 7 to 10, at Murray Theatre. Perhaps best known for his popular comedy, The Hot L Baltimore, Mr. Wilson recently won the 1980 Pulitzer Prize for the Broadway play Talley's Folley. His play The Mound Builders

was first produced in 1973 and is a humorous, sophisticated drama about a summer-long archaealogical excavation of "mounds" built by early American cultures. As in Wilson's other plays, there are no minor characters and the action and language flow with dizzying speed. For additional information call 609452-8181 between noon and 7 p.m.

Foothill Players stage 'Fallen Angeb' next The Foothill Playhouse in Middlsex will present its sixth production of the summer, Noel Coward's Fallen Angels through Aug. 9. Directed by veteran director Don Sheasley and starring Judith Allwyn as Julia, the comedy will run Wednesday through Saturday at 8:30 p.m. For further information call 201-356-0462 between 4 and 9 p.m.

LoaGallaand Molly Hickok rehearse fQr."Th3,Mogod Buijde/s..".




ON STAGE Weekend festival held at Mercer The second of two Tomato Patch Workshop Weekend Festivals of the Arts will be held at Mercer County Community College's Kesley Theatre on the West Windsor campus, on Friday, Aug. 1, at 7:30 p.m., and on Saturday, Aug.-2, at 1 p.m. Art exhibits will also be displayed in the Kelsey Theatre lobby. The Tomato Patch Workshop is a comprehensive learning and'•performing experience now in its eighth summer. The workshop, a selfsupporting non-credit program sponsored by the Mercer County Community College Cultural Events Office, receives scholarship assistance from the Mercer County Cultural and Heritage Commission.

The weekend festival includes selections from Broadway musicals such as Bye, Bye, Birdie and Fiddler on the Roof, modern and jazz dajice, mime, ballet, musical comedy, improvisational theater, original radio tapes and films, a choral group and theater for children. Art exhibits will feature two and three dimensional works created in commercial art, textiles, outdoor sketching, batik, life drawing, animation, caricature and ceramics. For reservations call 609-586-4695. The box office is open weekdays from 1 to 5 p.m.

Seniors, students get reduced rates The George Street Playhouse, 414 George Street, New Brunswick will offer special discounts to students and senior citizens for the 1980-81 season. The Playhouse has added performances on Wednesday at noon and Saturday at 4 p.m. for the upcoming season. Reduced subscriptions will be available for these shows. The 1980-81 season will feature six productions, including two world premieres, Parley Parley by David Richmond and Viaduct by Aleen

Malcolm. Also scheduled are Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, Candida by George Bernard Shaw, the gospel musical, Purlie, and Two for the Seesaw by William Gibson. Post-performance discussions with performers and artistic personnel can be arranged for groups of 40 or more people. For additional information about these reduced rate subscriptions call 201-246-7717 between noon and 5 p.m. on weekdays.

History rides again in Allentown John Saverman and Carol LaCross will perform in the Open Air production of "Carnival, which opens this week.

'Carnival9 debuts at open-air theater Studio Ensemble Theatre will make its debut at Washington Crossing's Open Air Theater with its production of Carnival, July 31 through Aug. 9. The musical will run Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 8:30. Carnival is about an orphan girl, Lili, who leaves her hometown for the excitement of carnival life, only to find out

she is not quite carnival material. Directed by Michael Lawrnece and choreographed by Avalon Bartolini, the show will feature such well-known songs as "Love Makes the World Go Round" and circus acts with jugglers, unicylists, clowns, acrobats, and many others. For further information call 609-7379721.

foothill Playhousesummer tliealre in u burn


"a comedy by yoel Coward"

Directed by Don Shcasley

. ,^&<^L


A Delightful 193O's Spoof August 2,8,9,10,14,15,16,17 Reservations 609-392-1704

July 31 - august 7

Fallen Angels


Final Performance:



wed. thru sal. curtain 8:30. all seats reserved ^ ^ ^ H ^ ^ ^ H B i ^ r i box otlice hours tues.-sat. 4-9 p.m. ^^^^^^^^^HPMW- 1


Artists Showcase Theatre 1150 Indiana Ave. (off Rt. 1) Trenton, N.J.

History will be remade at the Library Playhouse, 16 S. Main St., Allentown, with the award-winning musical 1776 on July 31 and Aug. 1, 2 at 8 p.m., and Aug. 3 at 2:30 p.m. Directed by Joel Underwood, the show depicts the long, hot days of the summer of 1776 when representatives of the 13 colonies drafted the Declaration of Independence to the tune of much

THE MOUND BUILDERS by Lanford Wilson Thurs.-Sun. 8 p.m. July 31 -Aug. 3, Aug. 7-10

Murray Theatre, Princeton University (609)452-8181 "One of fhe best plays of fhe decade!"

For further information call 609-2597649.

eighth annual


THE KING AND I July 31, Aug. 1,2 (raindate Aug. 3/10)

8:30 p.m. Tickets $3.00 Under 12 $1.50 Box Office open on performance dates only at 4 p.m. 737-9721

Coming I

CARNIVAL July 31, Aug. 1,2,

Aug. 7,8,9


bickering, compromising, and persuading. The musical will be the first, of a two-play showbill offered as a fundraiser for the. Allentown Public Library's project to convert the historic old Baptist Church building into a multipurpose community center.

One of New Jersey's finest o<;eon resorts I •2 miles of sand, surf and boardwalk •Cozy guest houses and elegant hotels •Fine restaurants •Boating, tennis, golf and racetracks nearby For Information Kit: Spring lok. Hotel ond Cu*tt Houf* Afin. to, \U. Spring lok., N.J. 07742 Mt-44«-M70

tomato fetch workshops

WE EKEND FES IVAL OF THE ARTS Mercer County Community College Kelsey Theatre Friday, August 1 7:30 p.m. Saturday, August 2 1:00 p.m. Entertainment includes .. .Selections from Broadway musicals .. .mime.. .improvisation theatre.. .original films and radio tapes... theatre for children .. .drama.. .dance.. .and more. Art exhibits feature.. .commercial a r t . . . textiles.. .outdoor sketching.. .batik.. .life drawing.. .animation.. .caricature.. .ceramics. Performances and exhibits by 7th, 8th and 9th graders;

Admission: $1.50 Call 586-4695" A self-supporting non-credit program operated by the Cultural Events Office of Mercer County Community College, the Tomato Patch Workshop receives scholarship assistance from the Mercer County Cultural and Heritage Commission.




CALENDAR Week of July 31-August 6, 1980

IN CONCERT BRIDGEWATER Lowery Organ Co.ncert, Aug. 10; Archer, Aug. 17; Flute Ensemble, Aug. 3 1 ; outdoor concerts, Duke Island Park, Old York Road, 8 p.m., 201 -722-1200. CLINTON Concerts in the Park, Soclair Festival Ensemble, Aug. 2; How To Change a Flat Tire, Aug. 9; Fifth Street Symphony, Aug. 16; Bob Smith's Lamplighters, Aug. 23; Clinton Historical Museum Village, behind the Red Mill, 8 p.m., 201-735-4101. FREEHOLD

Bluegrass Festival in New Jersey, Monmouth Battlefield State Park, Rt. 33, Manalapan (just west of Freehold); Aug. 2 & 3, noon - 8 p.m., 201 -462-8811. HIGHTSTOWN

DAY BY DAY Thursday HOPEWELL Carnival, Post Home Grounds, Van Dyke Road, 7 - 1 1 p.m., also Friday and Saturday.

Stella Review with Brian Jay, organist; Over The Bridge Inn, Applegarth Rd., Fridays & Saturdays, 9 p.m. - 2 a.m., 609-448-5090. MADISON Chamber Music Series, Lenfell Hall, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Aug. 1,8:30 p.m., 201-347-4700. NEW BRUNSWICK Noon-Hour Concerts, Dixieland group, Aug. 6; rock group, Aug. 13, ethnic group, Aug. 20, chamber group, Aug. 27; George & Albany Streets, 201 -932-7591. NEW HOPE, PA.

PRINCETON Princeton Country Dancers With the Tripping Up Stairs Band, 185 Nassau St., 8 p.m.

George Hackett and Friends, July 31; Duke Williams and the Extremes, Aug. 1 & 2; Flamin Harry's Blues Band, Aug. 3; Receiver, Aug. 4; Daedalus, Aug. 5; Comedy Spotlight, Aug. 6; Pure Pleasure, Aug. 7; John & Peter's Pface, 96 S. Main Street, 215-862-9951.

TRENTON PRINCETON Lunchtime Art Shows, with music. Mill Hill Park, Broad & Front Streets, noon - 2 p.m., raindate Mondays, 609-989-3038, free.


Handbell Recital, Bristol Chapel, July 31, 7 p.m.; Duo-Piano Recital, Playhouse, July 31, 8 p.m.; Duet Piano Recital, Playhouse, Aug. 3, 8 p.m.; Hymn Sing, Bristol Chapel, Aug. 4, 8 p.m.; Summer Sing, Bristol Chapel, Aug. 5, 8 p.m.; Voice Recital," Williamson Lounge, Aug. 6, 8 p.m.; All at Westminster Choir College, 609-924-7416..



Singles Dances, Washington Crossing Inn, Routes 532 & 32, evenings.

Barbara Trent on piano, Boston's Cafe, 200 Fulton Street at Roebling, Tues. & Thurs., 609-695-1274.

Sunday MILLTOWN Stamp Collectors Open House and Sale, Aallstamps, 38 North Main Street, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., 201-247-1093. PRINCETON Singles Dance of Greater Central Jersey, Treadway Inn, Rt. 1 South, 8 - 12 midnight, 609-924-5154. ' TRENTON Illustrated Science Lecture, "Nature Photography Close Up," New Jersey State Museum, West State Street, 2:30 p.m., 609-292-6308. Stamp Collectors Bourse, King's Fairground Mall, Nottingham Way, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m., free.

Monday TRENTON Summer Activities, gallery walks, Indian programs, State House tours, movies, planetarium shows; daily, 10 a . m . - 2 p.m., N.J. State Museum, W. State St., call 609-292-6308 for free brochure.

Tuesday NEW HOPE, PA. Single Set dances, Fabulous Fountainhead, Routes 202 & 179,9 a.m. -12:30 a.m. PRINCETON Dancing for Kids, Princeton Folk Dance Group, Princeton University Graduate College, through the summer, kids session: 7:30 - 8:30 p.m., adult session, 7:30 10:30p.m.,609-924-7350or92M462. '


Puerto Rican week, New Jersey style

EAST BRUNSWICK Singles Social, Unitarian Church, 176Tices Lane, 8:00p.m., 201-251-3142. TRENTON Noon-Hour Concert, Hy Frank and the Ambassadors of Dixieland, outdoors, New Jersey State Museum, West State Street, 609-292-6308.

Spanish dance and contemporary Spanish art will highlight Puerto RIcan Week at state museums this week. On Friday, Aug. 1, the Ballet HIspanIco from New York's Young Artists's Company will perform at the State Museum auditorium In Trenton at 7 p.m. And an exhibit of wood and linoleum prints by Puerto RIcan artists will be featured at the Newark Museum through Sept. 1.

< 30 •AUGUST 5,1980


ON VIEW NEW SHOWS BASKING RIDGE Bike trip to Buck Gardens and Moggy Hollow, Aug. 3, 12:30 - 5 p.m.; Ride On,bicycle exhibition, Environmental Education Center, 190 Lord Stirlinq Rd Aua 2 31,201-766-2489. " CLINTON Kites 8 Kimonos - Interior Fabric, A New Approach, the art spirit, 5 Leigh St. through Aug. 17, 201-735-8707. CRANFORD

The Ballet Workshop of Princeton will present "La Sylphide" at the Unitarian Church In Princeton on Aug. 1. Produced in 1832 for Marie Taglioni, the first ballerina to dance on her toe tips, the ballet will feature guest artist Nicholas Cramm of the Lyric Ballet in Chicago. For information, call 609-921-6271.

Lithographs by Bruno Bruni, Pisces/Capricorn Graphics Gallery, 15-17 North Ave. E., through Aug. 9, Mon.-Wed., noon-8 p.m.;-Thurs. & Fri., noon-9 p.m.; Sat., 10 a . m . - 6 p.m.; Sun., 11 a.m.-3 p.m. EAST WINDSOR Pen 8 ink drawings by Martin Timins, N.J. National Bank, Princeton-Hightstown Rd. & Rte. 130, through August 1.



HIGHTSTOWN Oil Paintings by Jane Swift, N.J. National Bank, Mercer St. & Rogers Ave., through August 31. LAWRENCEVILLE

1776, Allentown Community Hall & Playhouse, 8 North Main St., July 31, Aug. 1 & 2,8 p.m.; Aug. 3, 2 p.m., 609-259-7649. CRANFORD

Watercolors by Linda Lombard! 8 Pamela Wagner, Lounge B, ETS, Rosedale & Carter Rds., through Aug. 29, 9 -11 a.m. & 1:30 - 4 p.m. PHILADELPHIA

P.S. Your Cat is Dead, N J . Public Theatre, 118 South Ave. East, Aug. 1,2, 8, 16, & 22,8:30 p.m.; Aug. 10 & 17, 7:30 p.m., 201-272-57047— MADISON Macbeth, Aug. 1, 3, 9, 12, 15, 17, 21, 23, 26, 28, & 30; Comedy of Errors, Aug. 2, 8, 14, 20 & 24; Volpone. Aug. 5, 6, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 27, 29 & 31; J a n Impact with Harold Lieberman, Aug. 4; Richard Morse Mime Theatre, Aug. 11; Festival of Liberation - a mosaic, Aug. 18; Just Friends, Aug. 25; Shakespeare Festival, Drew University, Rte. 24, Mon. - Fri., 8 p.m.; Sat. 6 & 9:30 p.m.; Sun., 7 p.m., 201-3774487.

100th Anniversary of American Impressionist and Academy teacher Daniel Garber , exhibit; Wade Sounder's and Richard Bottwin's sculpture, & Millard Warren'spainting; Morris Gallery, through Aug. 24, PA Academy of the Fine Arts, Tues. Sat., 10a.m. - 5 p . m . ; Sun., 1 - 5p.m. POTTERSVILLE Antique Show 8 Sale, Pottersville Volunterf Fire Company, July 31 and Aug. 1 & 2, 11 a.m. - 9 pirn., 201-439-2786. , ' PRINCETON

MIDDLESEX Fallen Angels, through Aug. 9; Foothill Playhouse, Beechwood Ave., 8:30 p.m., 201-356-0462. NEW BRUNSWICK The Last Minstrel Show, Levin Theater, Douglass College, Aug. 5 - 17, 8 p.m., 201932-9892.

Language and Space, lecture by artist Vito Acconci, Princeton University McCormick Hall 101, July 31, 5 p.m. Mixed media exhibit, Henry Chauncey Conference Center, ETS, Carter &• Rosedale Rds., through August 29, weekdays, 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., 609-734-5569. Betty Carothers, oil, acrylics & collage; Medical Center at Princeton, through August and September; reception; Hospital Lobby, Aug. 3,1 - 3 p.m. TRENTON

On the Corner, musical cabaret, Crossroads, 320 Memorial Parkway, Thurs. - Sat., through Aug. 9,7:30 a 9:30 p.m., 201-249-5560. NEW HOPE, PA Man of La Mancha, through Aug. 10; Bucks County Palyhouse, Wed. - Fri., 8:30 p.m., Sat. 5 & 9 p.m., Sun. 7:30 p.m., Wed., Thurs., Sat. matinee, 2 p.m., 215-8622041. PISCATAWAY

Works by Ruth Bruh, Jacqueline Burke, Stefanie Mandolbaum, Miriam Weininger, and Elizabeth Shore, N.J. National Bank, Rte. 33 West & White Horse Rd., through Aug. 31.


Taming of the Shrew, Aug. 2, 8 & 10; The Imaginary Invalid, Aug. 1, 7 & 9; Livingston College Theater, State Univ.'s Kilmer campus, 6:45 p.m., 201-932-7084.

Joint Exhibition of Paintings by Minna Kirzenbaum, Pat Clendienin, and Lois Godfrey, Colonial Savings and Loan Assoc, Jamesway Shopping Center, Route 130, through Aug. 15. .



. . .

The Mound Builders, Princeton Summer Theatre, Hamilton Murray Theatre, July 31, Aug. 3,7 - 9 , 8 p.m.; Aug. 10,2:30 p.m.; 609-452-8181.

Chinese Treasures from the Collection, through Sept. 30; Newark Museum, 49 Washington St., daily noon - 5 p.m., free, 201-733-6600. (NEW BRUNSWICK

SOMERSET Knockout, The Franklin Villagers Barn Theatre, Demott.Lane, through August 10, Fri. & Sat., 8 :30 p.m., Sun., 7:30 p.m.; 201-873-2710.

Works by B.J.O. Nordfeldt, Rutgers University Art Gallery, through Aug. 15, weekdays, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.; Sundays, 1-4 p.m.; 201-932-7096. PRINCETON

TRENTON All That J a n , Aug. 3, 7:30 p.m.; Dames gt Sea, Aug. 2,8, 9, 14, 15 & 16,8:30 p.m.; Aug. 10 & 17, 7:30 p.m.; On Broadway, Aug. 3, 7:30 p.m., Artists Showcase Theatre, 1150 Indiana Ave., 609-392-1704.

Rotating Exhibition of Students' Work, Princeton Art Association, New Jersey National Bank, 194 Nassau Street, through Sept 30.

TULLYTOWN, PA Lovers and Other Strangers, Saturdays through summer; The Fanlastics, Sundays through summer; A Night With Tevye, Aug." 8; Classically Yours, Aug. 15; The Best of Broadway, Aug. 22; An Evening witKMr. T., Aug. 1 & 29; The Dreadful Dragon,Sundays through summer; Sandbox Theater, 156 Fallsington Ave., 215-943-7035. UPPER MONTCLAIR

Italian Baroque Paintings From N.Y. Private Collections, through Sept. 7; Chinese Painting 8 Calligraphy: The Jeanette Shambaugh Elliott Collection at Princeton Museum's Collection of Chinese Snuff Bottles, through Sept. 14; Ancient Art From • Princeton Collections, through Sept. 14; Princeton University Art Museum, Tues. Sat.,10a.m. 4p.m., Sun.,1 -5p.m., 609-452-3600.


Sly Fox, Siimmerfun Summer Theater, Montclair State College, through Aug. 2, 201-746-9120.

TRENTON Sevres Porcelain, through Aug. 24; Images of Old Age In America, Art by N.J. Senior Citliens, through Aug. 24; N.J. Indians Today, through Aug. 3 1 ; Indoor Sculpture Garden, through Oct. 5; Adolf Konrad Retrospective, through Sept. 14; The Scientific Illustrations of Kenneth L. Gosner, through Oct. 26; N.J. State Museum, 205 West State St., Mon. - Fri., 9 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.; weekends, 1 - 5 p.m., 609-292-6308, free. .

WASHINGTON CROSSING WEST WINDSOR Carnival, musical, Washington Crossing's Open Air Theatre, July 31, Aug. 1, 2, 7, 8 & 9,8:30 p.m.

Drawings and Watercolors by Lee Stang-Harr, Center for Health Affairs, jMexander Street, through Aug. 15.





Sew What's New

Sewing for the sheer fun of it times finished width plus one-eighth inch for turning.) Piece on the straight grain as needed. Baste this strip in half lengthwise. Then, with raw edges even (three layers) and right sides together, stitich to garment one-half inch from raw edges. Turn binding to the wrong side and slipstitch its fold to the line of machine stitching (figure B). Do not press flat; this is meant to have a soft roll.

By ALIDA MACOR What's new? Mandel Fabrics has a new idea. It is selling quilted lace placemat panels, ready to cut, with no-fray edges for $1.50 each. Optional, matching lace trim for the edges costs 45 cents more. "That's Our Baby" quilts ($7.98 a panel) has added several new designs to its line. Handling sheer fabrics If you have been shying away from sewing with sheer fabrics, you are not alone. Crisp sheers such as voile and organdy are easy to sew, but require special finishing techniques because their seams are visible from the outside. Soft sheers, like chiffon, slip and slither posing a sewing problem as well. The following suggestions should make handling these fabrics easier: 1. Select a pattern with soft fullness and a minimum of seams and darts. 2. Leave enough ease in the fitting since the fabric is fragile. 3. Use a large surface for cutting. Place an old sheet or pieced tissue paper under slippery fabric; pin and cut through all layers if this is easier. A towel pinned over your sewing surface also helps. Use fine pins. TEL. 201-782-4900

4. Try marking darts with only a tracing wheel. The indentations should be visible. 5. Use a new, size 11, ballpoint needle in the machine. 6. Selfrfabric is often sued to interface sheer solids. Flesh color voile is a possibility for prints. 7. Many designers underline (or double) a sheer bodice, leaving the sleeves single. This opaqueness usually eliminates the need for special seam finishes. To underline, hand baste two identical sections together on a flat surface; thereafter treat as one. 8. Eliminate a separate front facing, if possible, by pinning facing and front patterns together on their seamline and cutting out as one piece. Eliminate neck facings with self-fabric bias binding. 9. If machine stitching is difficult, try slipping thin typing or tissue paper under your work. Tear away carefully

HWY. 202 and 31 FLEMINCTON, N. ]. 08822


after stitching. 10. Buttons and snaps work better than zippers. You might even hand sew the buttonholes, or use thread loops and tiny buttons. 11. For an easy seam finish when your fabric doesn't ravel, simply stitich again one-eighth inch away and trim or pink. 12. Finally, there are two Frenchinspired finishing techniques that are particularly appropriate for sheers. The French (or Enclosed) Seam is used for straight seams, especially those that ravel. Place WRONG sides of fabric together and stitch in a three-eighth's inch seam. Press to one side; then trim very close to the stitching. Fold, with right sides together, and stitch on the pattern's seamline, encasing the raw edges (figure A). French (or Double) Binding is an attractive finish for the outer edges and hems of sheers. For a half-inch finished binding, cut bias strips 3 and one-eighth inches wide. (Bias width equals six




201- 7B2 4900


ROUTE 202-31 FLEMINGTON.N.J. ''i mile south ol circle



Absolutely Homemade: Soups, Salads, Crepes, Sandwiches, Quiche, Desserts, Pastries 21 Phillips Ave. Lawrenceville, N.J. (609) 896-2770

Do you have a sewing question? Send it to me at, "Sew What's New," "Time Off," c/o The Princeton Packet, Box 350, Princeton, N.J. 08540. Reservations Preferred

Bring your favorite beverage


Timely tips: Choose bobbin thread for hand sewing while at the sewing machine, because its "spool-curl" was removed when it was wound on the bobbin. To determine the right side of knit fabric, check the small selvage holes. They will appear "pushed in" on the right side. Wooden doweling, in various diameters, is useful for pressing tubing seams open before turning. If you're planning to make a coat this fall, try out the pattern first as an inexpensive summer robe. It's not necessary to buy a special pattern for a beach jacket. Use any favorite button-down dress or blouse pattern and adjust the length. Tablecloth lace, by the way, makes a, pretty, if not too practical beach coverup.

Luncheon Mon.-Sat, 11:30-2:30 - VVe also cater small parties •

the sea and the earth, prepared simply in a way to enhance the natural flavors of the food. Selections from our Lunch Menu-' ZUCCHINI OMELET '. 3.50 QUICHE OF THE DAY 3.50 HOTSALAD PLATTER 3.75 SEAFOOD STRTJDEL 4.50 SEAFOOD FRITTATA 3.00 FISHOFTHEDAY ."7...3.75 CHICKEN ORIENTAL 4.25 ROMAINE SALAD 4.00 SPINACH SALAD 4.00 RAINBOW FRUIT PLATTER 4.00

Dinner 5:30-10:30 (closed Tues. I Lunch Wed.-Sat. • Sunday Brunch

8'/2 Coryell St. Lambertville • 609-397-8035 l.itinbertvillc's newest restaurant tit the I'nrkynrd

Superb Steaks, Seafood & Italian Specialties Cocktails & Fine Dining Weekend Entertainment • Banquet Facilities

Lunch: Mon. thru Sat. 11:30-2:30 . Dinner: Mon., Tues., Wed., Sat. 5-7 Thurs. & Fri. 5-9:30 of the Market Place Rt. 27 B 518. Princeton (201)821-8822

(201)359-6300 (local call from Princeton) rj Hours: Mon.Fri.Lunch 11:30a.m.-3p.m.;Dinner5p.m.-11 p.m. Sat. Dinner 5 p.m.'-12 p.m.; Sun. Dinner 4 p.m.-9 p.m.



NORTH CfflNA RESTAURANT MANDARIN & SZECHUAN Mon.Thurs. 11:30a.m. -10 p.m. Friday 11:30 a.m.-11 p.m. Saturday 11:30a.m. • 11 p.m. Sunday 4 p.m.-10 p.m. B.Y.O.B. LUNCHEON SERVED DAILY $2.25 • $3.95 per pcuon

t£ ='**'


36 Witherspoon Street, Princeton 609-924-5640

HSagen-Dazs Ice Cream Shoppe of Princeton Cones Banana Splits 7 Sundaes Sodas Shakes Parfaits Ice Cream Cakes N.Y. Egg Creams. 17 Exotic & Luscious Flavors • Delicious Hot Coffee, Cider, Cocoa" Witherspoon 1 Spring Streets Hours: 11-11; Weekends 12-12 • 609-921-1160



ENTERTAINMENT ^ r V Tues & Thurs BARBARA TRENT on piano Wednesday, the unforgettable voice of

BILL DOWD , Dinner Served 5-11 p.m. Nightly Lunches Served Tues. thru Fri. 11:30-2:30 200 lulion Streefat Rocblintr Trenton. Y J . 609-0%-U74





Pure Italian without tomatoes By DIANNE WILLIAMS I have been waiting a long time for a place like Ristorante DiLullo. To give you an idea just how long, let me backtrack a bit. I grew up in an Italian neighborhood during the early 50s. Those were the days of horse drawn vegetable carts and arranged marriages. The houses were modest, but in the warmer months, backyards looked like the terraced gardens of sunny Italy with their fig trees, grape arbors, herbs and vegetables — every square inch of space was cultivated for table use. And every self-respecting cook had her own definitive recipes which were closelyguarded family secrets. My interest in Italian food really began when the woman next door presented her son with a bride from the old country on his 30th birthday. He was handsome; the girl was gorgeous and the situation became a focal point for my budding interest in romance. Each day while the two women were'tending the garden, the mother would give her new daughter-in-law an English lesson. I would always try to be within earshot, hoping to learn a thing or two about love and marriage. Instead, I found out a lot about northern Italian cooking. SINCE THEN it has always astonished me that Italian restaurants only offer a small fraction of the dishes that are regularly served in Italian

homes. The wealth of regional recipes carefully handed down from generation to generation are all but ignored. One exception to the dreary spaghetti and meatball routine is Ristorante DiLullo. Bolognese cooking is offered here without compromise and it is worth the trek into northeast Philadelphia to enjoy a meal that would even meet the exacting standards of my old next door neighbor. The restaurant, is about a 15 minute drive from the Tacony-Palmyra bridge, on Oxford Avenue, a seemingly-endless street of undistinguished shops and row houses. In sharp contrast with its surroundings, the interior of DiLuIlo's is a dazzling combination of high tech and Italian modern decor. The idea that it once was a Kiddie City is laughable. In the maze of glass and mirrored room dividers, soft lighting makes it difficult to distinguish between view and reflection. There is enough gleaming chrome and sparkling white woodwork and walls to keep an army busy cleaning. Try and get a table on the ground floor. The newer dining rooms downstairs are lovely, but far more conventional. Even before July's Philadelphia Magazine named DiLuIlo's "Best Italian Restaurant," the place was not exactly a well-kept secret. Marcella Hazan; the Italian counterpart of Julia Child, is its menu consultant. Celebrities galore have their names affixed to individual wine bins downstairs. But you

don't have to be famous to enjoy the food. PLAN ON ORDERING an appetizer or soup, a pasta dish and an entree because the portions are not large. Neither are they cheap. The menu is a la carte and a complete meal will run between $20 to $25 per person, but if it is any consolation, the cooking is exquisite and only the finest ingredients are used. Supplementing the regular menu are specialties of the day. In the appetizer category beefsteak tomatoes were topped with chopped onions, capers, peppers, and Parmesan cheese. Manzo Marina to is a cold beef salad; thinly sliced fillet, medium rare, marinated in red onions and fresh herbs; Mushrooms . are stuffed with excellent mortadella sausage, prosciutto ham and Parmesan. Don't ask me to pick a favorite. A large wedge of peasant bread is moist and crusty. With sweet butter, it is totally irresistable. The soup of the day was a freshtasting minestrone flavored with basil pesto. Tortellini in beef broth is one of the two soups always on the menu. On the evening we were there, the meat filled tortellini was undercooked and the returned portion came back to the table only slightly less crunchy (proving, I guess, that even wonderful restaurants can goof.) . All the pasta is ;made in a glassed-in section of the restaurant. Certainly the high point of the meal, the paper-thin sheets of dough are cut and stuffed


V 0

Every Sat. 8:30 p.m.

Carolier Lanes

Specializing in Szechuan And Hunan Cooking

IN GAZEBO LOUNGE Rt. 1 North, North Brunswick


We're having an old-fashioned family-style Gam bake

Live Music, Ad. $3.25. In our 10th year. All ages, late 20's to 60's plus. Public invited, No Club to Join. Additional Information call Helen, 201-3507055.

(At U.S. 1 & Brunswick Circle)

(609)392-1122 HOURS: Mon.,Iues. Weds. &Thurs. 12-10, Fri. &Sat. 12-11. Sun. 4:30-10


Back By Popular Demand Every Monday Evening

$1 2.95 per person

Including Steamers, . ; Shrimp, Fish, Whole ,^,,.,, f ^,^ l t t ,,,-., . Lobster, Clam Broth, Corn : ' . ' . T * % i ^ o n the Cob, Coleslaw and French Fries, ' V / ' >[:/]::• ice Cream or Sherbet with Coffee or Tea.


THREE SMALL VEAL scaloppine, sauteed with the faintest trace of Marsala wine in the sauce, are topped with a thin layer of melted Fontina cheese — a dish to be savored but definitely not for the large appetite. A portion of veal rollatine looks even smaller, although it probably isn't. Slices of veal are wrapped with prosciutto, sage and Parmigiano and are cooked in a white wine sauce. Looking at the dish gives you a feeling that you are staring through the wrong (Continued on page 12)

We're Having A Seafood Festival!



every which way. Cappeletti or "little peaked hats" are made with spinach pasta stuffed with meat and served in a deliciously-light cream and tomato sauce. A similar sauce coats extraordinarily good tortelloni — small rectangular pasta pillows filled with swiss chard. Nowhere is the difference between northern and southern Italian cuisine more apparent than in the sauces and at DiLuIlo's; if tomatoes are used at all, they are used sparingly. There is a classic meat sauce on the tagliatelle alia Bolognese, a whipped cream sauce on the ricotta stuffed tortelli and fettuccine is served Alfredo or tossed in a rosy shrimp sauce. Tiny fresh peas and unsmoked Italian ham accent the "straw and hay," a white and green noodle dish. A waiter grates cheese over each portion and believe it or not, the added effort makes a difference.

Beginning Tuesday, July 29 through Saturday, August 2, 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.


Reservations Accepted. Regular ... Menu ,vailable.

Relive the Spirit of the 50"s with Top Oldies Groups you won't want to Miss Nominal Entertainment Charge N.J. Turnpike Exit 8. Monmoulh SI. Eilension East Windsor. N.J.

(609) 448-7000

' , ! ! ! ! •

f I




Off Crossword Puzzle Edited by Margaret Farrar and James C. Boldt

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by Willian Landis ACROSS 1 Thwack 5 Flaccid 9 Recipe direction 13 Whence 17 Sedan 18 Landed estate 19 Open courts in buildings 20 Pasternak heroine 21 Lion: Phrase 25 Neural interconnection 26 Say 27 Opportune 28 Sandbag 29 Like some juleps 30 Certain mascot 31 Equilibrium of a sort 34 Propound song 35 36 Daft 39 Bull: Phrase 44 Skater Heiden 45 Solicit 46' Eats out 47 Furze genus 48 Mil. unit 49 Has a yen for 51 Bias 52 Bestowal 53 English poet Alexander

54 Word with women and song 55 Quell 56 Tiger: Phrase 63 Kudos for Escamillo 64 Theorbo's cousin 65 Islands off Galway 66 Silly one 67 Raise the price 68 Butterfly type 70 Any ship 73 Dep. 74 America 75 CPA 76 Neb 77 Goat: Phrase 83 Disconsolate 84 Ivy school 85 "Candy is dandy" man 86 Took a break 87 Inflates 88 Serpentine 90 On to 91 Savory jellies 94 de resistance 95 Land of poteen 99 Bear 103 Cistern 104 Moslem VIP 105 Spills the beans 106 Sinewy

19 Wait 107 Memorial 67 Outcries Day race (plant with 68 Flip hooked thorns) 69 Certain 108 Pinches 109 Regretful miss 22 Vision-oriented hormone of song 70 Red, Dead and 23 Copier chemical 110 Evian Black and Ems 24 Spring bloomer 71 Harness item 29 Fras 72 out 30 •Musical piece (made do) 74 Soundings 31 Raced taker 32 31 Down alternate 76 Sunday DOWN constraints 33 Got off Bankrolls 34 One of the 78 City on the Long tenses Hudson Memo 35 Aromatic herb 79 Execute abbr. 36 Salon patron 80 Likes a lot Swampy 37 Thoroughfare 81 Neighbor .of Wear on. Macedonia 38 Right hand timewise 40 Louvre artist 82 City on the GIs • Rhine 41 Improvise Sound heard 42 Actress Rigg 87 Hard to suit at old MacDickensian 43 Sikh headgear Donald's thief 49 Like sheep Stipulation 50 "...baked --do-well Keach of in " Candle parts show biz 51 Win them all Sparkling 10 Perry's 52 Of the throat wine creator 53 PDQ Be under 92 Ollie's pal the weather 55 Nimble 93 Body of water Ecstasies 56 English actor 94 Kind of sch. Girl friend Robert and 96 En pointe Comedienne family 97 Ibsen role Martha 57 Hebrew 98 Volstead supCity on prophet porters the Oka 58 Got uptight 100 "...a good boy Nursery Spirit" 59 " rhyme 60 TV component 101 One of the gardener 61 Conned Boones Maltreat 62 Fastener 102 Whiffenpoof

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Please use this convenient order form today. The Princeton Packet, 300 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, N.J. 08540. And remember, Time Off is included, at no extra charge with each week's newspaper. Please send a subscription of To: NAME STREET CITY

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(Continued from page 11) end of a telescope and once you have given everyone at the table a taste, you are left with the vegetable of the day: sauteed spinach and pine nuts. Fillet of beef and sweetbreads were the two evening specials. The steak was good, but the sweetbreads, in a delightfully rich and complex sauce, . were even better. When it comes to a choice between quality and quantity, there is really none as far as I'm concerned. No amount of trattoria food can compare with one perfect morsel at DiLullo's. A light refreshing salad is served after the main coWse. Skip the fruit course and go right into dessert. Italian gelato (ice cream) is made daily in the kitchen. That evening it was pistachio and chocolate rum: very, very good and so was the zuppa, a custard, rum and cake combination. At least one person at the table should try

the hazelnut torta if it is available. We did and wound up ordering two more slices, it was so wonderful. Meringuelike cake, butter cream, nuts and chocolate make it a scrumptious end to a delightful meal. Drinks are large and well-made: the wine selection is adequate although a trifle high in price. Service is prompt but, needless to say, this is no place to rush through dinner. With our espresso came an invitation to visit the newest offspring of owner Joe DiLullo, a private disco club. Saturday Night Fever all over again and kind of a culture shock for someone who grew up in the 50s. Ristorante DiLullo 7955 Oxford Ave., Fox Chase, Pa. 215-725-6000 Dinner: Mon.-Sat., 5-11; Sun., 4-10; All major credit cards accepted.


On Bridge


All's well with end-play

By CHARLOTTE and PAUL DOBIN NORTH • Q J 54 9 J3 • K J 42 •'QJ6 WEST * 10 7 6
EAST 4 9 8 32
South dealer North-South vulnerable Opening lead — diamond ace South 2 H* 4 NT 6H

West P P All pass


East P P

North 3 NT 5C

End-plays, Squeezes, Coups, and others are all tools used in the game of bridge. It is often not clear-cut, however, as to when and where each one is to be used — and why. The.most important reason for their use is to make the seemingly unmakeable contract. Take the above hand for example. Glancing at the hand, it is obvious there is a sure heart loser plus one or two club losers, depending upon the play of the hand. But since the contract is six hearts and Declarer can only afford one loser, how can he possibly avoid the club losers? Now's the time for an end-play which the opening lead has" made possible. Let's follow Declarer's line of play step by step. He ruffed the diamond ace opening lead in his hand and when he played his two high trumps, he got the bad news that he had a heart loser, in addition to the obvious one or two club losers. Being faced with a minimum of two losers, he decided to end-play West,.*, who was known, at this point, to hold a sure heart trick. Therefore, Declarer first played out his-A'and K of spades

and then gave West the lead with his heart queen. Poor West! Any lead he made gave Declarer access to the Dummy and three discards for his losing clubs. The end-play had done its job.

UPCOMING EVENTS During the month of August most area clubs will be participating in the Grand National Open Pairs country-wide elimination. This event is scheduled for the Princeton YM-YWCA Tuesday evening game on Aug. 5, 8 p.m. Paul Robeson Place Y. Watch for other area club GNOP games. CLUB RESULTS Princeton YWCA Bridge for Fun: 7/22 N-S 1 — Dick Mayer, Madelyn Plattus; 2/3 — Elizabeth Bennett, Jane Monk tied with Elaine Totten, Nectar Sanders; E-W 1 — Rose Mintz, Amy Raynor; 2 — Marge Blaxill, Julie White;

3 — Carol Stoy, Ann Abeles. Princeton YM-YWCA: 7/22 N-S 1 • — Richard Gustafson, Lauren Zissman; 2 — Jim Luce, Jon Schafer; 3 — Peter Wright, Natalee Rosenthal; 4 — Betty Irish, Polly Beidler; 5 — Jack Boland, Dale Zabel; E-W 1/2 — Jane Ball, Ann Finelli tied with Vivian Stern, Carl Garfing; 3 — Maury Kott, Ruth Felton; 4 — Gail Barcelo, Wendell McPhee; 5 — Shakti Routh, Tom Molnar. Cosmopolitan Duplicate: 7/23 N-S 1 — Steve Shulman, Beverly Blauth; 2 — Erwin and Yvonne Panitch; 3 — Tom Curley, Clarence Johnson; 4 — Eliane Phillips, RichKuti; 5— N. Puri, J. Wu; E-W 1 — Leonard and Booth; 2 — Robert Boikess, Tin Botnick; 3 — Julie Rowe, Gail Fishner; 4 — Sheryl Anapol, Jerry Zahs; 5 — Abbott Grossman, .Al Pollara. Mercer County Duplicate: 7/23 N-S 1 — Zevah Pyne, Perry Venkatesen; 2 — Tess Papp, Connie Rhodes; 3 — Everett Harris, Madelyn Plattus; E-W Daisy Goecker, Ruth Leopold; 2 — Jules and Hanah Wagner; 3 — J. Lowenstein, R. Schwartzkopf.

At Face Value

NFL Rams, Buffalo Bill stamped for approval By JOE GORDON Much of the philatelic activity this summer is centered on the issuance of some very handsome souvenir cards. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing released a card illustrating the U.S. $10 "Buffalo Bill" in honor of the International Paper Money Show held last month in Memphis, Tenn. Cards are $3 each postpaid. Earlier this month, the BEP issued a card in conjunction with NAPEX, National Philatelic Exhibition, held in Washington, DC. This card reproduces a block of four of the U.S. $5 stamp issued in 1923 which depicts the head of Freedom statue on the Capitol dome. This card is also priced at $3 postpaid. These cards will remain on sale for 90 days from first day of sale and can be ordered from Office Services Branch, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, 14th and C Streets SW, Washington, DC 20228. .Payment to, accompany your order should be made by check or money order.

The'U.S. Postal Service currently has available two souvenir cards. The first of these honoring the LONDON 1980 stamp exhibition held May 6 to 14 reproduces the U.S. two cent Jamestown issue of 1907. The cost of this card is $2 (mint only). The second card also honors a stamp exhibition, NORWEX '80, which was mentioned here last month. This card is available at a cost of $2 mint or $2.15 with a show cancel on a 15 cent U.S. Winter Olympics stamp. Cards are generally on sale for one year from date of issue. Orders should specify whether mint or canceled cards are desired and payment in the form of personal check or money order should be sent to Philatelic Sales Branch, U.S. Postal Service, Washington, DC 20265. There is a service chargg of 50 cents per order, plus a $5 minimum requirement for mail orders. A current Philatelic Order List will be sent free on request from the above address. This year-marks the inaugural season for the NFL Rams, who will be playing

in Anaheim. The International Stamp Collectors Society is taking note of the event with a set of two limited edition commemorative covers. Designed by Los Angeles artist Allan Dordick, they are cacheted with action scenes on the football field and carry an exclusive USPS pictorial postmark which is also in the football motif. Captions are: "Commemorating the first 'Year of the Rams' in Anaheim" and "1980 Rams Official Inaugural Season Souvenir." PICTURE FRAMING

Rams Covers are available by mail at $5.95 per set of two. With each order comes a complimentary copy of the 1980 edition of "Football Digest," the annual guide to NFL and college schedules, statistics and rosters, to be published in late August. To obtain covers, write: International Stamp Collectors Society, P.O. Box 854, Van Nuys, California 91408. Further information is available by calling 213997-6496.

Nowhere can you get better tram ing for more or less money We can make your

Hopewell Valley American Legion



or degree look like Ihe million it cost but for much less of course BRING IT IN FOR A PREVIEW and free estimate



6 Nights

J f July 24, 25, 26 July 31 /August 1,2 GAMES • WHEELS • STANDS

NEW DISCO SOUND & LIGHTING!!! Open Daily: 1 to 4 P.M. . Tues., Wed.. Thurs. Niles 7:30 to 10:30 P.M. Fri. & Sat. Nites 7:30 to 11 P.M. Sun, Nite Special "SOUL" DISCO Music -6:30 to 10:30 P.M. Call for Special Group PRIVATE Skating Parties & EJirthday Parties.


FAMILY FUN! Come on out to Dutch Wonderland. The great amusement park with more than just great amusements. Ride the Monorail. Or make a splash in our Log Flume. Enjoy a dolphin show, tour the Wax Museum and our Botanical Gardens or get in on the lun ol All-America's Family Games." And that's only the beginning. It's a lun-lilled must at family prices. S3.95 and SB.75 (Group Rates available). For more information, call (717)291-1888.

Dutch Wonderland

Rl. 30. 4 miles Hast o! Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in beautiful Pennsylvania Dulch Counliy. Open Daily. 10AM-BPM Sunday. I1AM-6PM The area's exclusive host for ihe Alt Amenra s Family Games H


ENTERTAINMENT Live music every night Free dancing

FOOD 50/50 " A M P L E FREE PARKING SOMETHING FOR KIDS OF ALL AGES LOCATION - Post Home Grounds , Van Dyke Road, Hopewell, N. J. HOURS - 7 pm till 11 pm nightly 7 pm til 12 pm Saturday




ON SCREEN 'Dressed to kill': fashioned from Hitchcock „»„<. ••

What DePalma has yet to learn from Hitchcock is that a suspense film must be somewhat believable; that audiences can only take so much manipulation of occurrences. Hitchcock might have told him of the great disappointment with The Wrong Man (1957), which, although based on a true story, was too fantastic for audiences to buy.

By MICHAEL PALLAS It is probable that long before the ending of Dressed to Kill you will be able to figure out whodunnit. That should not have you dashing off a mystery novel, applyjngi for the police force, or acting on your suspicions about those weird people who live down the block. A more appropriate response might be that director Brian DePalma has

Those viewers who don't care so much for originality might be turned off by "all of Dressed to Kill's flesh and blood ... two ingredients Hitchcock usually worked around, not over. Although, Angie Dickinson's revealing all (and I mean all) will probably be a big drawing card.

review quite a way to go before he is considered more of an equal and less of an aficionado of Alfred Hitchcock, whom he so obviously emulates. Before DePalma is worthy of serious comparison with Hitchcock, he will have to be more original. He will have to avoid plagiarizing techniques and settings of the great British master of suspense. And, as was the case with some techniques in Dressed to Kill (especially the final sequence, which bears remarkable similarity to his Carrie], he will have to avoid the folly of copying himself.

this slasher. The prime suspect is an elusive patient of the psychiatrist and the viewer is treated to some chilling moments before the denouement. There are also some moments of high technical enterprise and skill. For example, tracking shots and close-ups make the almost totally silent museum sequence quite memorable. If you like thrillers, I think you will


find Dressed to Kill every bit as suspenseful as others of the genre released this summer. And, finally, if the plot is too simple for you, you might further your detective skills by figuring out a basic miscalculation by the film's amateur sleuth, which would have led to the discovery of the villain about halfway through the movie.

The story of Dressed to Kill is not an unfamiliar one. A woman (Dickinson) yearns for ... let's call it sexual satisfaction. After confiding her needs to her psychiatrist (Michael Caine), she goes to an art museum and finds what she's looking for with amazing dispatch. But a straight-razor-wielding maniac brings a not-so-happy ending to her assignation. Soon her son (Keith Gordon) and a hooker (Nancy Allen) are in pursuit of

Museum screens 'Women in Art' Five documentaries about celebrated female artists will be shown during the Newark Museum's "Friday Film Series" beginning Friday, Aug. 1, at 12:15 and 1:15 p.m. The films were initially featured on the WNET broadcast The Originals: Women In Art. There will be no charge to the screenings which include Mary Cassatt: Impressionist from Philadelphia, Aug. 1; Louise Nevelson in Process, Aug. 8;

Helen Frankenthaler — Toward a New Climate, Aug. 15; Spirit Catcher — The Art of Betye Saar, Aug. 22; Georgia O'Keeffe, Aug. 29. This is the first series of films to concentrate solely on women artists who have always been outnumbered by male artists throughout history. The Newark Museum is located at 49 Washington Street. For information call 201-733-6600.

Film classics aired on summer public TV New Jersey Public Television will continue its film series "Movies, Movies, Movies" during August on Channel 52. Designed to celebrate New Jersey's obscure but historic role in the filmmaking industry, the series will air two films each week on Tuesdays at 8 p.m.


and Saturdays at 9:30 p.m. Movies scheduled for the next four, weeks are: Angry Silence, Aug. 9; A Novel Affair, Aug. 12; Folly to Be Wise, Aug. 16; The Man Upstairs, Aug. 19; Swept Away, Aug. 26; Monty Python & the Holy Grail, Aug. 30; 7 Beauties, Sept. 2; Black Like Me, Sept. 6.

Academy Award Winners The African Queen

For more summer chills... ..."The Shining" is another much-trumpeted thriller guaranteed to raise goose bumps on the summer moviegoer. Jack Nicholson stars in the Stanley Kubrick film now playing at Quaker Bridge IV Theatres.


A Man for All Seasons



The French Connection

The Sound of Music

The Godfather



Woodstock I & II

ROUTE 130 (Bohlnd Solomon Dotsuri) HIGHTSTOWN.NJ 08520 (609) 448-5580

Women are spotlighted in McCarter films Julia and The Turning Point — two films centering upon the relationship and conflict between two strongly drawn women characters — will comprise the ' sixth week of SUMMER CINEMA '80 at Kresge Auditorium on the Princeton campus, from Wednesday, July 30, through Sunday, Aug. 3. Directed by Herbert Ross (The Seven Percent Solution) and written by playwright Arthur Laurents, The Turning Point is an old-fashioned backstage movie-musical transformed to the world of big-time ballet. The result, in the words of Newsweek Magazine, is a combination of "glorified soap-opera, stormily human melodrama, and ballet slice-of-life." Shirley MacLaine plays Deedee, a one-time potential ballet star who chose to leave her dancing career to marry and raise a family, which includes husband Tom Skerritt and daughter Leslie Browne. Anne Bancroft is Emma, who stayed with her dancing career to become the prima ballerina Deedee thinks she could have been. The Turning , . . Point t examines their lifelong rivalry


and friendship, as it also follows the rise to stardom of Deedee's daughter, who chooses the career her mother abandoned. The film includes many dance sequences and segments of various ballets danced by . members of the American Ballet Theatre, and the supporting cast includes Mikhail Baryshnikov in his film debut. Directed by Fred Zinnemann, Julia is based on an episode in playwright Lillian Hellman's autobiographical Pentimento. The story relates an actual incident in Miss Hellman's life when, at her friend Julia's request, she (Hellman) smuggled money through Nazi Germany to help secure freedom for Jews and other political prisoners. The film also examines Hellman's relationship with writer Dashiell Hammett, played by Jason Robards, whose performance won 1978's Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Jane Fonda is Lillian Hellman, and Vannessa Redgrave's portrayal of Julia won her the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Julia also won a third Oscar for Alvin Sargent's screenplay.






Cinema IV: The Shining.


Hillsborough Cinema: Caddyshack, Fri.-Tues., 7:20,9:20; Sun., also 5:20.


Rutgers Plaza Cinema I & II: Call for show and times, 201-828-8787.


The Cinema: Kramer vs. Kramer/Justice For All.Weekend, 2,7:30/4,9:30. Weekdays 7:30/9:30.


Eric I & II: Call 609-882-9494.for show and times.


Capitol Plaza I & II: Temporarily CLOSED.

Mercer Mall I: Caddyshack, Fri.-Thurs., 1, 3:15, 5:30,7:45,10. Mercer Mall II: Raise the Titanic, Fri.-Thurs., 1, 3:05,5:15,7:45,10:15. Mercer Mall III: Airplane, Fri.-Thurs., 1:30, 3:30, 5:30,7:30,9:30.

Montgomery Center Theatre: My Brilliant Career. Fri.-Thurs., 7:10,9:20; Sun., 5:20,7:20,9:20.


Q.B. AMC IV Theatres: Call for showtimes, 609799-9331. Cinema I: Brubaker. Cinema II: Cheech and Chong's Next Movie. Cinema III: Blue Lagoon.

Prince Budco I: Final Countdown, Fri., Sat., 6:30, 8:25, 10:20; Sun., 2, 3:55, 5:50, 7:45, 9:40; Mon.Thurs., 7:30,9:25.

PRINCETON Garden Theatre: My Bodyguard. Call for showtimes, 609-924-0263.

Prince Budco II: La Cage Aux Folles, Fri., Sat., 6:30, 8:15,10; Sun., 2:30,4:15, 6, 7:45, 9:30; Mon.Thurs.; 7:39,9:15. '

Kresge Auditorium (Washington Rd.): Wed., Thurs., Sun., Turning Point, 7:30/Julia, 9:30; Fri., Sat., 8/10.

Prince Budco III: Dress to Kill, Fri., Sat., 6:20, 8:10, 10; Sun., 2, 3:50, 5:40, 7:30, 9:20; Mon.Thurs., 7:30, 9:20.

=Mini Movie Reviews1 THE SHINING



Stanley Kubrick's haunted hotel film, based on Stephen King's b e s t - s e l l i n g novel,, is a fascinating thriller about horror, rage and frustration. Yet as sumptuous and spellbinding as it is, many horror scenes wind up in puzzling dead ends. Kubrick seems to be trying too hard to be diabolical. Jack Nicholson gives a smashing performance as a congenial father who is gradually transformed into a snarling demon bent on killing his family with an ax. Shelley Duvall and Scatman Oothers also star. (R)

Space opera maestro George Lucas, creator of "Star Wars," scores again with another lulu, of a fantasy adventure in a galaxy far far away. It's a worthy and sumptuous sequel with action galore and imaginative special effects that are special indeed. Old friends are backLuke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3POgalantly adventuring among the stars and planets. And there's a startling plot twist involving archvillain Darth Vader. MarR Hamill, Harrison Ford, David Prowse star. To be continued. (PC)

Willie Nelson picks a J^j mean guitar and sings rousing countryWestern songs. He does a lot of that rather well in this film. But when the music stops there's only a wisp of a plot (mostly borrowed from "Intermezzo") about Nelson's infidelity while on the road. The scenario is a rather dull hillbilly soap opera. Dyan Cannon plays the long-suffering wife and sings country with style and gusto. Slim Pickens and Amy Irving also star. (PC)






IB Boring

Poor (Walked out)

Mini movie reviews are provided by Cineman Syndicate and do not necessarily reflect the views of Michael Pallas, TIME OFF'S film critic. .

SUN. 5:20,7:20.9:20

No wonder the audience cheered!


Answers to last week's puzzle

gay p e o p l e ! Hillsboro • prJnceTon,nj" •••'••ao6- 359448° Men & Women of all ages welcome For information call N.J. Gay Switchboard 609-921-2565 Meetings held at Unitarian Church Thursday at 8:00 p.m.

July 31 Balkan Folk Dance


0 0 0 0

Everyday 7:20, 9:20 Sundays 5:20. 7:20.9:20


Rodney Dangarfield

THIS WEEK: Wed. thru Sun. July 30 - Aug. 3

m 0 FILMS: FOUR WOMEN Shirley MacLaine/Anne Bancroft in a Herbert Ross film v

Chevy Chasa


2 0 G 0 CADDYSHACK ( R ) G Bill Murray




with Tom Skerritt, Leslie Browne and Mikhail Baryshnikov "Best Film of the Year (1977)" — National Board of Review "Movie of the Year!" —Judith Crist —PLUS CO-FEATURE—

Winner: 3 Academy Awards


Vanessa Redgrave/Jane Fonda in Fred Zinnemann's

The First

JULIA The Adult Community Theatre On Peddie School Campus

Adult Social Dance Studio featuring

Fox Trot Waltz Rumba Cha-Cha Swing


Hustle Samba Mambo Tango Merengue

FREE Complimentary Lesson to 1st 100 Callers Call Now (609) 695-7290 All lessons By Private Appointment Only! Mon. - Fri. I p.m. till 10p.m. 1101 South Clinton Ave. (At Chestnut Ave.l Trenton, N.J.

in Hightstown, N.J.

(S. Main & Ward Sts.)

-proudly presents"OVER HERE!" The wonderfully exciting Andrews Sisters big-band musical-comedy delight. Come enjoy this 40's'war-time excursion into the good time swingband era, USO tours and some of the* best dances ever. Fri. & Sat. Aug. 15th & 16th and Aug. 22nd & 23rd 8:30P.M.-ALLSEATS$4.25& $4.75 RESERVATIONS EVENINGS 7-9 P.M. INDOOR THEATRE •443-4!

Based on a True Story by Lillian Hellman/with JASON ROBARDS Wed., Thurs. & Sun.: Turning Point 7:30, Julia 9:30/Fri. & Sat.: Turning Point 8, Julia 10

AND COMING NEXT WEEK: Aug. 6-10 William Holden/Peter Finch/.Faye Dunaway/Robert Duvall in Paddy Chayevsky's'

NETWORK Directed by SIDNEY LUMET/Plus: , PETER O'TOOLE as the Earl of Gurney in


11. conditioned KRESGE AUDITORIUM on the

S O A A ,? 4 i U v

Road & William St. FREE PARKING! Information: Call McCarter Theatre 921-8700




ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS I THEATRE • MUSIC • ART • DANCE Reserve your space now in Hl/IE O f f 's annual Fall Preview issue which presents the calendar of events for the coming season. For further information contact your sales representative or call Fredrika Schwerin (609) 924-3244.

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