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Watertown Dally Times


Wttertowu, N. T. Wed.. J«n. 17,1968

'Vi* 61

Guard To Be Wholly Realigned

By MAXINE CHESHIRE ?J > State department officials have a. very "hot" diamond on their hands. The stone is a large, uncut gem which Congo President Mobutu present ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) ~\& ed to Vice President Hubert massive reorganization of New • By DANIEL SOUTHERLAND York State's 25,000-mem b e r SAIGON (UPI)~The United H. Humphrey's wife, Muriel, Local Paragraphs States has urged South Vietnam on their recent African trip. Army National Guard, compressing it into a tighter, more. The regular dinner meet- to release some North Vietnamobile force, will become efY ing of the Jefferson County mese prisoners of war in the Under United States regufective Feb. 1, a spokesman Council of Social Agencies hope that the Communists lations, the gift has been said today. will be held at 6 p.m. Jan. 25 would return some American turned over to the government for a ruling on whether at Asbury Methodist church, POWs, diplomatic sources said The reorganization will not afit is something Mrs. Hum in the new building, Sterling today. fect the individual guardsman's — Time* Staff Photo street. Ford Tucker, case- Normally South Vietnam does phrey may be permitted to HISTORICAL SOCIETY MEETS—The annual dinner of military obligation, although he the Jefferson County Historical society was held Tuesday Daacke, senior historian of the State Education depart- may find himself in a different worker of t h e children's di- send back a symbolic number of keep. vision of the county social prisoners for "humanitarian Diplomatically and politi evening at the Hotel Woodruff. From left: Mrs. Ernest ment, guest speaker; Mrs. Ward B. Gorman, corre- type of unit. No state armories s e r v i c e department, will purposes" to mark Tet, the cally speaking, the diamond G. Halley, society third vice president; E. Way Clarke, sponding secretary; Miss Kathryn F. Wright, treasurer; will be closed and men will conspeak on "Child Protection." lunar new year, which begins at presents the state department first vice president; Gen. G. Stanley Smith, past presi- Howard A, Lennon, second vice president, and Ernest C. tinue to train in their own The divisions of t h e council the end of January. Last year with a many-faceted problem dent; Kenneth E. Chapman, president; John F. von Gould, recording secretary. neighborhood^. will meet separately follow- the government released 80 "Here at home," one highAs expected, the realignment ing the program. marks the "end of the 27th ArmCommunist prisoners. ranking official .explained But there 4s a complication Monday, "the vice president T h e Country Parson ored Division, which has units in 40 upstate communities. The this year. Tb,e Ben Hai bridge, would be better off to have it Today & Tomorrow the only land link between the known that he turned the gift 17th Corps Artillery of Brooklyn Watertown City Lodge 291, Vietnams, has been destroyed over to something like the also will be reactivated. I.O.O.F.—Meeting -at 8 p.m. by shelling- The United States Smithsonian. But it would Brig. Gen. John C. Baker, deThursday at the temple. puty commanding general of the now has asked South Vietnam send the Congolese ambassaF.O.E. auxiliary — Meet- to investigate the,possibility of dor here straight up the wall Army Guard in New York, told ing Thursday at 8 p.m., in using a boat to get a group of to be told that Mrs. Huma news conference in the Capitol club rooms, Polk street. So- Communist POWs across the phrey's gift is being bandied that the change will bring about We must realize that leaders Kenneth E, Chapman was cial evening. Members bring Ben Hai River, the sources said. about by bureaucrats." additional drills for many memSTONY BROOK, N.Y. (AP) - elected president of the Jef- of the past were men, not sandwiches and small gift. bers of the guard. The Geneva Convention of No one knows at this point A small army of narcotics de- ferson County Historical so- gods. They were, however, The 27th Armored Division, 1949 calls for the release and exactly what the diamond is tectives raided the State Univer- ciety at the annual meeting able to rise above life and Born the Artillery Corps and the 4d exchange of ailing and wounded worth. But it is described by sity campus here early today Tuesday afternoon at the HoCARTER — In tha. Home of th« were more than mortals," adInfantry Division, will become Good Samaritan, Jan. 12, 1968, to prisoners. North Vietnam sub- those who have seen it as and arrested 30 students on nar- tel Woodruff, succeeding Brig. ded Mr. von Daacke, Mr. and Mrs. John M. Carter, Do- scribes to the Geneva Conven- "sizable" and apparently quite the 27th Brigade, assigned to Gen. G. Stanley Smith, who cotics felony charges. pauvilta road, Clayton, a daughter, "No history was ever creatthe 50th Armored Division. The tion and the United States and valuable. Pamela Ann. The raiding party of 198 police served three terms. ed in a vacuum," he said, emDONATO — In tha House of the its allies have urged Hanoi to new division will be headquartMobutu presented the stone armed with warrants hit the Other officers are: E. Way Good Samaritan, Jan. 11, 1968. to phasizing that local history ered in New Jersey. release or exchange sick and to Mrs. Humphrey at a din- campus at 3 a.m. and went di- Clarke, first vice president; Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Donate, Point Salubrious road. Chaumont, a wounded POWs as a possible ner where . M thage. Burial, Fain/lew cemetery, ning. . The timepiece, relied upon historic timepiece." Carthage. c l o c k was retained and Surviving Mrs. NeWton, are: ROLLINS — In Detroit. Mich., H box I by millions, of pedestrians The three-faced clock was PULASKI—Mrs. Leah M.j Jan. 16. 1968,' Mrs. Margaret Dono- Three daughters, Mrs. Lewis placed on the building markover the past five decades, deDavis, 76, of .7388 Lake erected about 50 years van Rollins, 809 Jutland. Place, wiAnnise, Ann Arbor, Eighteen boys passed judo veloped operating problems first BOILED HAM dow of .Earl J. Rollins, aged 86 (Alice) ing the bank's relocated quar- street, Pulaski, widow of ago when the Watertown Na years. Funeral Saturday 8:30 a.m. Mich., Mrs. John (Alma) Kelly, tests given at the Watertown lb ; at Slmpfjn funeral home and 9 in instructor, r e c e n t l y and replacement tional bank, predecessor to ters. The "bank with the Grover A. Davis, d i e d early Holy Family church, Rev. Arthur Heron, Mich., and Mrs. Harold Y.M.C.A. , by the parts were unavailable. the National Bank of North- clock" trademark was eventu- t h i s morning in Evergreen Loveley, S. J., University of De- (Mabel) Busier, Therm; two Rev. s^nny Peic Ho Oey. troit, officiating. Burial in GlenBrainard C. Rushlow, bank sons, James Johnson,: LaFarge- Nine passed tests that qual- president, said the clock, was ern New York, was located in ally dropped with a change nursing home, where she wood cemetery. the old Safford block at in name of the banking in- had been a patient since June R U N f O N ~ t n Rochester, Jan. 16, vilie, arid Walter Johnson, Mel- ified theni as yellow belts, the FRANKS..* 39c ! 1968, Gilbert F. Runion, Scottsville. first plateau above beginner 1. vlndale, Mich.; a step-son, Ed aged 76 years. Funeral Friday, stitutions. With fb'uif being graduated Nichols funeral home, OgdenaOgder OSkP p.m., Nfchol* Newton ThpresA' two fitfenThe funeral will be Friday ar w w n n e W0 i e bur*. Kanneth Lord, pa»tor,W "f »* J5*f» „ j ^ with honors. Mechanism in the three- at 2 p.m. at Foster funeral I. Rev. I— MtUroditt church, Ogdtntburg. offl' daughters, Mrs. Viola Woodard, faced clock was activated by home, with Rey. Nelson Rep- FRYERS....K29C • Passing• with honors were: elating.. Burial, Ogdemoyrg c a m * Plessis; and Mrs.. Gordon (Gen- Steve Olin, Robert Baysinger, once-a-week winding, using a pert, pastor, Park Methodist Horn* M i d * "sftYOEfc-^n. 1-owvlHt, Jan. 16, eva) Hutchinson, C l a y t o n , Derek Wapman, Carthage, control system inside the church, officiating.- B u r i a l v % 1968, Cllfitot|L. Snyder, R. D. 1, BREAD 4 '" " l Copenhagen, »g«d 79 year*. Fu- grandchildren, arid great grandbank. The outside hands were and Joe Fitzgerald. . will be in Adams cemetery, neral, Friday. 2 p.m., Vlrkltr fuNEW YORK (AP) DetecPolice said they observed CarAtftorttd neral horn*, Lowvllle. Rav. Milton children. Others passing were: Tom tives tbday probed to determine men Santiago, 29, mother of powered by a set of batter- Adams, in the spring. Vahay, pastor, Copenhagen United She was.bom at Williamsies. •v Grant, Steven Frattali, David the extent of a possible welfarechurch, offllcatfng. Burial, RiverFriends may call at the fu- COOKIES dot. 1 three, iash her semimonthly aid* camatt/y, Copenhagen, in tha town, Ont, Feb.. 14, 1885, a Palmer, Todd Atkinspn and neral home Thursday from 2 tprlng. •• . '.daughter of Donald and: Janet Kenneth Wapman, Carthage. check fraud after three persons welfare check for $96, then go to SPniQQS-H. In Ogdantburg, Jan. to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. were.arrested in the Bronx on Pllltbury 14, i m , Jojaph Jama* Sprlggs, S17 Parser Kennedy, v pkt Passing to the orange belt the' precinct and report her Mrs. Davis is survived by: charges of having cashed their Covington atraat. Ogdansburg, aged . After attending schools (here, Cake Mixes 4 ' »1 classification from the yellow, checks and then reported them handbag containing the money 69 year*. Funeral wae (hit mornin Vc A daughter, Mrs. L e i g h the Laionde-Brlgga Lai at 11"it tfti funeraa she came to the United States, with honors, were:' Steven (Helen) Pratt of Pulaski; a Robin Hood stolen. •: homo, Ogdatitburrg, F Rav. Nelton had been snatched. of _St.;John'tjEpjaeo and'married Jaraies'Johnson of Goyette, David Drake, Adams SMnnar, cu^ata curate ol son, Allen F. Davis, Colorado FLOUR. 25&'1.99 The arrests occurred at the pal church, Ogdensburg, officiating. Alpena, Mich. Center, Stuart M c C r e a r y , Simpscjn Street station . where When she signed a complaint Springs, Colo., two grandchilBurial '.ln;>Oga*naburC'e|nMiii$... , Afer his death, she came to tronald Warner, .Paul Kelly, Marty hetpital, of a missing check, she was ar- SYRACUSE — Sub-zero temp- dren, and five great-grand- Gr«en nearly ,100 complaints of lost or Leslie H. Stavensdn, LaFarieville and married Ernand Charles Dufresne, •treat, ajtad 71 ya»£*. 612 Burcfia stolen checks had been received rested and booked on charges of eratures throughout the week children. PEPPERS .*»•• 49c day a t . » a.m. I n St. est Newton in-i©36.C They operAchieving a passing score front; welfare- clients since the perjury, petit larceny and mak- of Jan. 8 resulted in record-set- She was-born in Worth, p a d * ? i t f f o ' a i ' c h u i c h , Ray. Roi ated farms in LaFargeville and ting-outputs of electricity and Dec. 20, 1891, daughter of well j3;*WH>m», rador. officiating, weref John Fish; Terry Heap first of the year. 4 do*. $1 ing a false report to police. Tangerines t w i n vin 'r•,'•':.' Funerals March 1 with beginners and Because.of the large number 27, then proceed to the precinct. tomers in the seven-day period Davis died Jan. 24, 1957. * LANCEHPunaral for Chaatar A advanced c 1 a a « e a. -Applica-of complaints, detectives were After signing a statement, she ending Saturday. The old rec- She was a member of the .ance, t V f i o I n t jPenlnaula, wM be Congregational In tha Hdusa of the tions and information may be assigned Tuesday to the areas was booked on similar charges, ord was 514,000,000 kilowatt Pulaski ThuradaySatnoma, it, p.m. a! tha .Ciark Wamoriel Chaumont, Rav. Good Samaritan, 99c Jan: 12. 1468, t< r hours, set during the week end)btained by calling the Y.M. and Gonzalez was booked on a church, and a past member of CULLS.. where the crimes had been re../pastor of tha T h r t * FMnfc Harpell,, pi Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Byrns'. i l W e \ a a y Jfaptlat i t . church, offIciating. ling, Dec* 46, 1K7. charge of acting in concert. the Pulaski Rebecca lodge. ported, -'-. mail burial In Dexter cemetery.

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Old Fulton NY Post Cards By Tom Tryniski - Fulton History

• ' " " . ' u Watertown Dally Times VGift Wttertowu, N. T. Wed.. J«n. 17,1968 'Vi* 61 Guard To Be Wholly Realigned By MAXINE CHESHIRE ?J >...

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