OMB - E-Status Municipal Cases

Current E-Status Case List For Toronto The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed. PROPERTY ADDRESS

Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed

CASE NUMBER DC990002 DC990035 DC990036 DC070007 DC070011







Open Open Closed Closed Open Open Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Open Closed Closed Open Closed Closed Open Closed Open Closed Closed Open Closed Closed Open Open Open Open Closed

DC130026 DC150005 DC150008 DC150011 DC160016 DC170004 FI080012 JB040003 LC990018 LC990020 LC990030 LC000032 LC020017 LC040025 LC050023 LC060020 LC060041 LC060050 LC070001 LC080020 LC080029 LC090045 LC100017 LC110029 LC110036 LC120016 LC120020 LC130007 LC130029 LC130033 LC130038 LC130054 LC140007 LC140041



Open Open Open Open Open Open

LC150016 LC150017 LC150029 LC160001 LC160006 LC160009



Open Open Closed Open

LC160021 LC160038 LC160042 LC170008



Open Open Open Open Open Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed

LC170019 LC170030 LC180001 LC180006 LC180010 MM070012 MM070017 MM080007 MM080010 MM080015 MM080020 MM080021 MM080026 MM080030 MM080031 MM080034







MM090008-2046478 Ontario Limited Open MM090009-B-Major Homes Closed MM090019-2109655 Ontario Ltd. Closed MM090026-TCDSB Closed MM100013-MJB Corporation Closed MM100016-Seventy-Six Davenport GP Ltd. Cash-in76 Davenport Rd Closed lie MM100017-Context (Market Wharf) 18 Lower Jarvis 18 Lower Jarvis St Closed St 1359 Dupont St MM100029-Dupont Terrace Limited Open 35 Carl Hall Rd, 1035 Sheppard Ave W, et al MM100030-Parc Downsview Park Inc. Closed 483 Dupont St MM100039-Annex Loft Houses Inc.parkland levy Closed 530 St. Clair Ave W MM100043-530 St Clair Ave W Cash in-lieu dispute Closed MM110002-205 & 215 Sherway Gardens - Parkland 205 and 215 Sherway Gardens Rd Closed Levy 1 to 17 Anndale Dr, 22 to 70 Glendora Ave, et al MM110007-Savvy Residences Inc. Parkland Levy Closed 743 St. Clair Ave W MM110008-743 St. Clair West Inc. Parkland Levy Closed MM110009-1-1844-1854 Bloor St. W., 35 & 37 1844 Bloor St W Closed Pacific 215 Markham Rd MM110023-CAPREIT - 215 Markham Road Closed MM110026-115 Torbarrie Rd Ringley Construction 115 Torbarrie Rd (Pt Lots 13 & 14, Conc. 5 WYS Closed Ltd MM110032-2164522 Ontario Inc. 892 The 892 The Queensway Closed Queensway 11 Thornwood Rd MM110034- 11 Thornwood Rd. Demolition Permit Closed 1675 & 1681 Lakeshore Blvd E MM110041-Metro1 Development Corporation Ltd. Open 40 Dovercourt Rd MM110046-Triangle West Dev. Inc. - cash-in-lieu Open 5799 to 5915 Yonge St MM110051-Silvercore Inc.- Payment under protest Open 1 Valhalla Inn Rd MM120008-Dorsoduro - Cash in lieu Closed 21-33 Widmer St and 299 Adelaide St W MM120012-Daniels Corporation-Land Value Closed 295 Adelaide St W & 100-104 John St MM120013-Pinnacle International Closed 23, 25, & 27 Hobson Ave MM120014-Stafford (Hobson) Ltd Closed 85 The Donway West MM120015-Donway West Inc. - Land Valuation Closed 3180 Bathurst St MM120017-AW United Church - Value of Land Closed 2756 Old Leslie St MM120019-Great Land Inc- Park Levy Payment Closed 1864 Queen St E MM120020-Karsten Riedel - Cash in Lieu of Parkland Open 1 Bloor St E MM120022-1 Bloor St. E. - Parkland payment Closed 2169-2173 Lakeshore Blvd W MM120027-Kingbird Developments protest of fees Open 2 & 4 Dale Ave MM120029-Park Levy - 2221023 Ontario Inc. Closed 2 True Davidson Dr MM120040-Jasamac Holdings Ltd. fee protest Closed 2 Chatham Ave MM120042-2 Chatham Protest of Parkland Levy Open 3138 Bayview Ave MM120052-Three Prong Properties Protest of Fee Closed MM130007-Onni(Westlake)Lands Corp./land 2200 Lakeshore Blvd W Closed valuation 2500 Bayview Ave MM130009-2500 Bayview Avenue Protest of Fee Closed 18 Graydon Hall Drive MM130013-Argento Inc 18 Graydon Hall Drive Closed MM130015-11, 11A, 15 & 17 Roslin Avenue 11, 11A, 15 & 17 Roslin Ave Open Cashinlieu 1 and 7 Yonge St MM130017-Pinnacle Payment in protect Open MM130033-Goldman Ellesmere Devs Inc.-Paymt 1051 Ellesmere Rd Closed Protest MM130042-L Gomes, Protest of cash in-lieu 487 Markham St Open Payment 95 & 99 Broadway Ave and 197 Redpath Ave MM130048-Sentinel (Broadway) Holdings Closed 91 Sheppard Ave E MM130049-SheppBonn Ltd - Commercial School Open MM130052-50 Firewood Crescent, valuation of land Closed MM130062-FCHT Holdings- Humbertown 259 & 270 The Kingsway & 1144 Royal York Rd Closed redevelopment 160 Pears Ave MM130064-160 Pears Avenue Open MM130070-Sorauen Developments-11 storey mixed Closed use City of Toronto (Scarborough District) MM130074-Matthew McGuire - Ward Boundaries Closed City of Toronto (Scarborough District) MM130079-Kevin Wiener - Ward Boundaries Closed Low Floor Light Rail Vehicle (LFLRV) MM130081-Toronto Transit Commission (LFLRV) Closed 2200 Lakeshore Blvd W MM130084-2200 Lakeshore Blvd W, Onni (Westlake) Closed 25 Fontenay Crt MM140005-25 Fontenay Court Parkland Levy Closed 299 Roehampton Ave MM140007-K&G Apartment Holdings - Park Levy Closed 66 Isabella St MM140011-66 Isabella St., Mohican Holdings Ltd. Closed 2345 Finch Ave W MM140012-2345 Finch Ave. W., cash-in-lieu Closed MM140014-Oxford Properties 100 & 104 Adelaide St 100 & 104 Adelaide St W & 12 & 22 Sheppard Ave Closed W 81 & 87 Peter St MM140016-Noir Residences Peter St. Cash-in-lieu Open MM140017-Fabrik Residences Richmond StCash-in431,441,443 & 445 Richmond St W Open lieu 1 York St & 90 Harbour St MM140018-1 York St. & 90 Harbour St. Cash-in-lieu Closed 636 Evans Ave MM140019-636 Evans Avenue Inc. Cash-in-lieu Open MM140020-Parkset Developments, motion 41 Chatsworth Dr Closed completeness 693 Bathurst St MM140027-TDSB, Upgrade to Sport Facilities Closed 265 Queen St E MM140028-2235434 Ontario Ltd., Demolition Permit Closed MM140029- 743 Warden Ave -The Goldman Group Open et al 170 North Queen St MM140034-BRI Holdings Inc Commercial/Office Closed MM140038-The Harlowe Inc.14-storey mixed use 604-618 Richmond St W Closed bldg MM140039-Geofre Properties Inc. Protest of Fee Closed 2 Holiday Dr MM140057-Dwell Residences Inc. 2 Holiday Dr Closed 365 Church St MM140058-365 Residences Inc., 365 Church St Closed 2175 Lake Shore Blvd W MM140059-Phantom Dev., 2175 Lakeshore Blvd W Open 1100 King St W MM140062-King Liberty North Corporation Open 117, 121, 123 and 129 Roselawn Ave MM140063-Urbanquest - Townhouse Units Closed 2655 and 2659 Bayview Ave, 15 Old Colony Rd MM140064-Seeb Developments Inc. Open 840 Queens Plate Dr MM140068 - Royal Laser Site Plan Closed MM140081-Weston Golf & Country Club, 50 St. Phillips Rd Open Assessment 2 Keelesdale Rd (25 Photography Dr) MM140084-CP REIT, Determination of Value of Land Closed 72 Bankview Cir MM140088-72 Bankview Circle -Protest of Fee Open 2313 and 2323 Lakeshore Blvd W MM150003-Shoreline Towers, Incomplete application Closed MM150005-Urbancorp (Bridlepath) Inc, 40 2425 and 2427 Bayview Ave Open townhouses 982 Kipling Ave MM150010-Steve Stojanovic, Protest of Fee Open 245-255 College St, 39 & 40 Glasgow St MM150014-245-255 College et. a.. Value of Land Open 18 & 20 De Savery Cres MM150015-Narain Thadani, Parks Levy Closed 2 Atlantic Ave MM150017-2 Alantic Ave. Cash in lieu Value of Land Open Historic Yonge Street MM150018-Historic Yonge St. Heritage BL 277-2015 Open 1325 Danforth Rd MM150033-Monarch Corp. - Cash In Lieu Closed 98 Robert St MM150051-F.G.P. Holdings, Demolition (Heritage) Closed 836-850 Yonge St & 1-9A Yorkville Ave MM150052-1 Yorkville Inc. - Cash-in-Lieu Open 23 Spadina Ave MM150053-Concord Adex Dev. Corp. redevelopment Open MM150054-Gemterra 195, 205 215 Bonis Cash-in195, 205 and 215 Bonis Ave Open lieu 424-460 Adelaide St E MM150058-Larino Holdings Corp. Value of land Closed 94 Cumberland St MM150059-MSB 94 Cumberland Value of land Closed 2143-2147 Lake Shore Blvd W MM150060-B-Major Determination of Value of Lands Open 36 Overlea Blvd MM150063-Racko Dev. Inc. Incomplete Application Open 300 Commissioners St MM150067-Belleterre self-storage warehouse Open MM150071-Empire Cash-in-lieu 2183 Lake Shore 2183 Lake Shore Blvd W Closed Blvd. 396 to 404 Hopewell Ave MM150075-Southwynd Estates Inc., valuation of land Open North West corner of Gerrard St E and Clonmore Dr MM150078-GCD Trustee Limited, site plan Open MM150083-Appointment of Acting Secretary Closed 343 to 355 King Stret West, 119 Blue Jays Way MM160007-Greenland 355 King St. W., cash-in-lieu Open MM160009-2462529 Ontario Inc., 16 Kirtling Pl Open townhouses/detached MM160010-Curlew Gardens Development, cash-in1970 Victoria Park Ave Closed lieu Madison Ave MM160011-Heritage BL 1329-2015 Open MM160013-Wellesley Residences Corp. Value of 50 Wellesley St E & 31-35 Dundonald St Open land 2932 to 2942 Bayview Ave MM160016-2325968 Ontario Inc. 48 apartment units Open MM160020-Heritage BL 1328-2015 St. Lawrence St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Open Area 8817-8825 & 8833 Sheppard Ave E MM160022-Actonbridge Holding Corp. Site Plan Open 8 Swansdown Dr MM160025-Morrison, 42(10), 69(3) Open 70 and 100 Edward St, 636 Bay St MM160028-Bay-Elizabeth et al, protest of fees Open MM160029-Brimley Progress Dev. 4 tower mixed1680 Brimley Rd Open use 1179 King St W MM160030-2396927 Ontario Inc. Value of Land Open MM160035-Historic Yonge St. Heritage BL 235-2016 Open 53, 55 and 95 Lake Shore Blvd E et al MM160036-Menkes 55 Lakeshore Inc. Protest of fee Open 1A Vyner Rd MM160041-Barsoum Determination of value of land Open MM160045-Hullmark low-rise townhouse 50 Humberwood Blvd Closed development MM160047-Hullmark (952 Queen) LP, cash-in-lieu Open 31 Parliament St MM160052-1150782 Ont.Inc. Payment under Protest Open 150R Sterling Rd MM160057-Castlepoint Greybrook Sterling SP Closed MM160069-115 Dupont Holdings Ltd. Site Plan Open 844 Don Mills Rd, 1150 and 1155 Eglinton Ave MM160071-Diamond Corp., protest of fees Open 1040 Islington Ave (Buildings 6 & 7) MM160072-Tiffany Park Buildings 6 and 7 Open 2 Laird Dr MM160074-KCAP Determination of Value of Land Closed 96-100 Ossington MM160075-Hullmark, Determination of Value of Land Open 5365 Dundas St W MM170007-Concert, cash-in-lieu Open 311 Sumach St MM170010-Heritage Property at 311 Sumach St Open MM170015-Toronto Ward Boundary Petition Closed 179-181 Sheppard Ave E MM170016-179-181 Sheppard Ave, site plan Open King-Spadina Area MM170021-King-Spadina Heritage, BL 1186-2016 Open MM170028-BL232-2017 Designate Garden District Various Addresses Open HCD 3580 Lake Shore Blvd W MM170030-Lakeshore EMPC Two Ltd. et al SP Closed 3526 Lake Shore Blvd W MM170031-D'Alessandro, residential development Open MM170032-RA King/Portland Nominee Value of Land Closed MM170033-Ward Boundaries, BLs 267-2017/464Closed 2017 75 The Esplanade MM170034-CarHar 3-Esplanade GP 29-storey dev't Open 150 Bronoco Ave MM170035-i2 Developments (Bronoco) Inc. Dev't Open 71 Kincort St MM170037-Art Shoppe Ltd. Determine Value of Land Open 3401 Dufferin St & 1 Yorkdale Rd MM170040-Oxford Payment under Protest Open 392 Parliament St MM170046-Blair Magil Land value determination Open 1955-1985 Yonge St et al MM170048-Yonge Millwood Dev. Ltd. Site Plan Open 29, 33, 37, 41 & 45 Firgrove Cresc MM170049-3818830 Ontario Ltd. Value of Land Open 794 Gerrard St E MM170053-Grid 6-storey mixed-use building Open 752 Glengrove Ave MM170057-Joseph Lofaro, Payment Under Protest Open 433 Front St W MM170058-P.I.T.S. Dev't Application status motion Closed 3401 Dufferin St & 1 Yorkdale Rd MM170060-Oxford Prop. Group, OP motion Open MM170063-Castlepoint Greybook Sterling Land 158 Sterling Road Open Value 200 Keele Street & 203 Oakmount Road MM170065-1756392 Ontario Ltd. 52-unit Condo Bldg Open 1926 Lake Shore Blvd West MM170073-DF Lake Shore Ltd. two 38-storey towers Open 105 The Kingsway Ave MM170074-Emma Tardella Payment under Protest Open 21 Don Roadway, 30 Booth Ave et al MM170077-First Gulf Don Valley et al Resub. Fee Open 944-952 Queen St W MM170079-Hullmark determination of value of land Open 165 Tapscott Road MM170080-Tapscott Birch Properties Inc. Site Plan Open 260-264 Finch Ave E MM170081-260-264 Finch Avenue East Inc., SP Open 2433 Dufferin Street MM170083-Rainberry 10-storey mixed-use bldg SP Open 50-52 Finch Ave E MM170085-The Hounslow Horsham 9-Storey Bldg Open 1250 Markham Rd MM170090-Global Kingdom Ministries Site Plan Open MM170091- 2035 Kennedy Road Tarn Financial 2035 Kennedy Rd Open Corp. 49 Cranfield Road MM170093-G. C. Jain Investments Ltd. development Open King Spadina Heritage Conservation District MM170097-Heritage BL 1111-2017, King-Spadina Open 3237 Bayview Ave MM180001-1877298 Ontario Inc, site plan 14-storey Open 808 Mount Pleasant Road MM180002-2245883 Ontario Inc. Motion request Closed 160-162 Old Forest Hill Road MM180003-D. & K. Jackson Value of Land Open MM180004-CAPREIT, motion for complete 141 Davisville Ave Closed application 9 Kintyre Ave MM180005-Au, park levy payment under protest Open MM180006-RK (Sheppard Centre) 4841-4881 Yonge 4841-4881 Yonge Street Open St. 2370 Finch Avenue West MM180007-HS4 Finch Investments Motion request Open 3621 Dufferin St MM180009-Dymon Capital Corp protest of fee (ZBA) Open 3621 Dufferin St MM180010-Dymon Capital Corp protest of fee (SP) Open 52-66 High Park Avenue & 51-65 Quebec Avenue MM180011-High Park Bayview Inc. Value of Land Open MM180012-2128 Yonge St Motion completeness 2128 Yonge Street Open ZBA 25 Glen Watford Drive MM180014-KBIJ mixed-use development Open 497, 505 & 511 Richmond Street West MM180016-Woodcliffe MOD Inc. Value of Land Open MM180017-Valermo Cash in Lieu of Parkland 300 Valermo Drive Open Dispute 55 Eglinton Ave E Closed RAILWAY LANDS Closed IPCF (now Loblaws) - Golden Mil Closed Crown Cork & Seal Closed Toronto Secondary Plan Closed City Plan Closed Adult Entertainment B/L Closed Sherway Secondary Plan Closed Closed By-law-Prohibition of Waste Inc Closed Annadale/Crestview - residentia Closed OPA No. 127/ZBA 3623-97, second Closed FILE IS INACCESSIBLE Closed High Park Area Closed Deep Pocket Investments (Golden Closed Greatwise Development Open North York Secondary Plan Closed Goldlist -320 Tweedsmuir Ave Closed OPA No. 2 Rental Housing Closed Kenneth Sheppard Rental Housing Closed 980 Islington Avenue Closed FILE IS INACCESSIBLE Closed 200 Church Street Closed Downtown Chinatown - OPA Closed Village Securities - subdivisio Closed 39 Madison Ave - Lot Severance Closed 34 Canadine Rd (SC) Closed R. & G. Management Inc. Closed OPA No. 495 Closed Hutchings - Increase in units Closed 10-12 Market Street Closed Brimley Progress Dev ts Closed Cadilac Fairview - fees protest Closed OPA No. 480, Yonge/Eglinton Ter Closed H&R (Fleet Street) - #627-2000 Closed Canderel-res.comunityopenspaceClosed City Parking Lot By-law 480-200 Closed High Rise Residential - Avenue/ Closed Quebec Ave, Residential OPA Closed Arbouville Apartments/1200-1202 Closed Gates of Bayview-residential de Closed Samonas - Day Care - Residentia Closed 102 Castlefield Ave Shram-divide lands for semi-detached Closed High Park - High Rise Residenti Closed Dimassimo 4storey & restaurant Closed Rivermill Developments Ltd - Re Open Ridgevest - Residential Mix Closed Wittington Properties - Bathurs Closed New City of Toronto Official Pl Open Central Waterfront Secondary Pl Open Nasr Holdings - 2nd storey addi Closed Monarch Construction Ltd-Reside Closed First Spadina Place Inc. - Mixe Closed 1341665 Ont Ltd.-Home Improveme Closed St Gabriel Church - Site Plan n Closed 717-731 Yonge St, 1 Bloor St E23 Bloor St E & 14 Nastapoka Limited 60 Storey Mixed-Use Closed Hayden St 577,579,581 Old Orchard Grove Dunedin - lot addition/new dwelling Closed 185 Davenport Rd 364808 Ontario Ltd.- Parking Spaces Closed 20 Bond Ave Georgian Bond Ave Inc- Residential Closed Closed Sundance Development Corp- Resi Closed Paul Lamoureux & C. Faulkner Closed Bathurst-Sheppard Apartments Closed 11 Aldbury Gardens Eric Cohen attic conversion Closed Paul Pearl, Auto Repair replace Closed Paul Pearl, Auto Repair replace Closed 20 Triller Ave Coletti - Residential Care Facility Closed Stockton & Bush CL Limited - Re Closed 1288031 Ontario Ltd-Second stor Closed 33 Greenbelt Dr Grand & Toy office space conversion Closed Prime Properties Commercial/Off Closed 31 Governor`s Rd Marotta - walk-out stair addition Closed 218 Richmond St W Carter/Agresti stairway expansion (M.V.) Closed 8-10 Community Circle Sethi Residential Severance - new lot Closed 8 Community Circle Sethi Residential Severance - new lot Closed 8 & 10 Community Cir Sethi Residential Severance - new lot Closed Sterling Silver Dev. Corp. Closed PIC Prop. Mgmt. Ltd., 9 apartme Closed 2276-2284 Gerrard St E Metrosphere Townhouse Development Closed 11 Manitou Blvd Increase in GFA, and below grade garage Closed 530 St. Germain Ave Mitchell & Holly Garfield - new dwelling Closed DDS Investments Ltd - site plan Open Halsall Associates Ltd. Demolit Closed Bracondale Condo & Commercial B Closed Kolter Property Co. Residential Open Loblaw (Wittington) - Blocks 8, Closed Amexon Holdings - Mixed Use Dev Closed Retail store, car wash & gas ba Closed 693316 Ont Ltd-site plan concre Closed Sherway Gate - Residential Deve Closed Sheppard/Don Mills Redevelopmen Closed Davenport Developments - High R Closed Shafrir-rezoning for apt buildi Closed Site Plan - Danforth Mercantile Closed B. Joyce- re-zoning, consent, s Closed Berkley Homes (Botham) Inc. Apa Closed Hucknall Rd. Comm. & Res. Subdi Closed Hucknall Rd. Comm. & Res. Subdi Closed Ontrea/TEC Holdings Inc./1 Dund Closed High Tech Realty Closed Fogler-front house renovation Closed TDSB - Protest of Fees Closed Third Floor Rear Addition - Bro Closed Homestead Land Holdings Ltd-res Closed Royal St. George s College - e Closed Victoria University-highrise re Closed Chipridge Inv -site plan Closed Monarch Corp. - high rise resid Closed Broadview Mercantile - Mixd-use Closed Citadel Development, 3-storey d Closed Concepcion, restaurant/guest ho Closed New Residential Lot - Sotirakos Closed Brandt - Toronto (NY) - shed Closed Ambercroft Const. Ltd - stacked Closed Concert Properties - ZBA & OPA Open Olympia Elevator Service Limite Closed Binnington, floor space index Closed Reid/Stephanian - Consent appea Closed Mona Co. Flowers - res/com rezo Closed Princeway Inv - residential inf Closed Landmark (Canada) Inc. - com su Closed 2059946 Ont Ltd. - high rise re Closed Warden Woods Secondary Plan Open S. Godfrey Co. Ltd. - Site Plan Closed McDonalds - OPA 31 Closed Holly Downs Dev. Inc. vs City o Closed McGregor, variance, zoning code Closed MV - 3 storey addition - Zucker Closed Sheppard Valley Holdings - res. Closed Retail site, interim zoning C/C Closed Toronto Film Studios - Eastern Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed JDC Property Mgmt, 50 unit cond Closed Bicycle Parking OPA 567 Closed OPA 1146 Transmetro site specif Closed Kaufman Condo Townhouse - OPA, Closed Verdiroc Dev. Corp. - affordabl Closed Fisherman Holdings Limited Closed ZBA & OPA - 3773001 Ontario Lim Closed 22unit apartment Russell Hill I Closed 18 Brownlow Holdings Ltd. Closed 230 - 250 Front St W Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Closed Mixed use building -2060580 Ont Closed Zid, legalize bsmt/1st floor ad Closed 475 Patricia Ave - ZBL,Site Pla Closed Frank Shu Sum Lam- addition Closed RioCan Real Estate Development Closed Daniels HR Corp. Closed Landmark Dev. - residential bui Closed St. John s McNicoll Centre - OP Closed Herron Gardens Inc. - OPA & ZBA Closed Dejonge - V - 33 Rosedale Heigh Closed Andon Fine Homes -V-188 Stratha Closed Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeter Closed TAS Design Build - Z/M Closed 2130 Bayview Ave. Inc. - OPA, Z Closed Gross Realty Group, retail stor Closed Mario Ribeiro-5 storey resident Closed Zotalis, garage/front wall Closed Metro Ontario Inc. - OPA Open Pieckenhagens - V - 185 Graydon Closed Parking Space - McCain/Blair Closed 2277-2295 Sheppard Ave W, 100 Mainshep Rd 2277 Sheppard - OPA 573 & ZBA 4 Closed Rexton Residential Development Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Splendid China Square Inc. - ZB Closed BL 632-2006: Townhouse Developm Closed Terrasan Corporation Closed 12 Live/Work Units - ZBA & OPA Closed 3-storey bldg with 14 live/work Closed 3018-3020 Yonge St Ltd.- OPA & Closed Campagna, technical severance t Closed Concord Adex, mixed-used, parki Closed Stanley Grandison - 3 storey ad Closed College Park Ltd. & Canderel St Closed Drakestone Investments Ltd. Closed Roehampton Birch Properties Inc Closed 475 Patricia Ave Vianovus Capital Corp-C-475 Patricia Ave Closed King-Spadina Secondary Plan Are Open Gladstone Tire, 8-storey res, m Closed 2709 2741 Yonge St - ZBA Closed 35 lot Subdivision - ZBA & Subd Closed Royal Queen Developments Inc. Closed ZBL /Site Plan2081679 & 2082039 Closed 5245 Dundas St W PL071073-Henry Lopes Variance Closed St.Clair Invstmt Grp-Subdivison Open Closed Closed Closed Closed Semi-detached rezoning (Irvine) Closed York Dev. Co-O/Z/M- 1759,1761 L Closed 262 Warren Rd Wendy Eisen - two bay window additions Closed Dorsay Inv.-Mixed Use Devel. Closed Dunpar Developmen Inc.-Residen Closed St. George's Church-new church Open Annette Street Lofts Inc. Closed Premium Properties Ltd.- interi Closed R. Einhorn Heller-V-39 Glen Rus Closed Westside Lofts & Towns Inc. - s Closed Isaac- converted semi Closed Tiger Japanese Auto Parts Vehic Closed Luciano Cruceru Maintain Drivew Closed Apt. to Condo Conversion Closed P Laberge/L Broten Closed Petr Davidenko - Sideyards/Rear Closed Protest fees-Ringley Constructi Closed Cadillac Fairview: Parking Stru Closed Sony Centre - Protest of Fees Closed D.Alpay Lot Creation & New Resi Closed NW of Gerrard St E at Clonmore Dr ZBA for max unit floor area-GCD Closed Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric C Closed Neville Buchanan Closed Spiros/Peter Armenis-residentia Closed J & F Da Costa Closed Steeles Markham Dev. Ltd. Closed Domingues - 2 house lots Closed A.Mantella & Sons Ltd. Zoning b Closed Michael James Devine, Variance Closed Edward Gadzola Closed Almedia-3-plex dwelling Closed Johnson - Garage Extension&Conv Closed Panache Residences Inc. Closed Loretta Hwang,majorvariances Closed Shopping Centre w/drive through Closed Gray - new house Closed Townhouse and single detached d Closed T Sharp & G Gavine- 3 storey du Closed Erica & Erwin Maier- 2 storey a Closed Domenica Violante Closed Yuri Kholodov/Shupak Variance Closed Gas Bar redevel. - Shell Canada Closed PL070528-V070273-18A Deer Park Cres. Closed Parking By-laws 493, 494 ,495, Closed Communities & employment distri Closed Glenvale Estates Inc- Park Levy Closed InterimControlBL 490-2007 Closed Balega-restaurant expansion Closed Reybel Leon-Lara - Residential Closed First 7th Day Baptist Church of Closed 32 Richview Rd Richview Gate Building-Retireme Closed 6 Queen Mary's Drive Closed Blair - rear sunroom Closed Bellavista (FBM) Ltd.-1 storey Closed Cantena Chiarenza Closed Oliveria- rear detached garage Closed Lisle Memorial Baptist Church Closed Hydro One (Province of Ontario) Closed Menkes Gibson Square Inc. Closed Dhinendra Singh - 19 Maple Bush Closed Paul Dicker & Geleff Variance Closed Don Mills Centre - OPA, ZBA (Ph Closed Reposado Bar-patio extended hou Closed Graham-front addition and deck Closed Sciscente rezoning for 20roomi Closed Richard/Steve Barisic Closed 42 Mervyn Ave - Leo Kanardis Closed 2 2-storey dwelling - Hatzianto Closed Grant-2nd & 3rd Storey Addition Closed MARSICA CONSTRUCTION Closed Anthony Lombardi Closed XIAO Song Yi Closed Joyce Rogers- two storey additi Closed Mozzone - new dwelling, MV and Closed Kevan Detchuk Closed Mike Ford Closed David Frattaroli Closed Enzo Spatone Closed Chris Grimaldi Closed Eran Shram Closed Skuy/Holmes, addition, dormer, Closed Swain/Brown-1 storey detached,w Closed Harry Littler Closed Eriksson/Jones, multiple additi Closed 38 Gibson Ave Johnston, addition, garage Closed Martins, dwelling conversion, a Closed Marlies Hendricks Closed Damaris Dev. Inc. Closed Paul Lechtzier Closed Side yard setback for garage-Do Closed Heathwood Manor (Raglan) Inc. Closed New 2 storey det. dwelling-Dent Closed Mahshid S Nogourani Closed 1322104 Ontario Inc. Closed Distillery SE Development Corp. Closed Medallion Properties -new lot Closed Dupont Victoria Homes Ltd. Closed James Meloche Closed M Troychanskiy Closed Gary Mazin Closed Simone Norman Closed Lew Pliamm/Leslie Sole Closed Tsur Moses Closed Barry & Gayle Green dwelling Closed Bradley Nullmeyer Closed Franton Homes Inc. Closed Domenic Di Serio Closed Kathyrn Farbridge-Jones Closed Paul James Closed 32 Fallingbrook Cres Closed 38 The Esplanade and 1 Scott St Scott & Esplanade Residences In Closed Gross Floor Area Closed Closed Issac Michaelov Closed Rajinder Sethi Closed Shelly Leibman Closed 1632561 Ontario Inc./Mike Chara Closed Dylan Smith Closed F. & T. Felice Garage and Secon Closed 70 Ardwold Gate PL070966-Frances Bloomberg Closed 582 Sherbourne St & 28 Linden St PL070968-Nazcan Inc. - 582 Sherbourne St. Closed 44 Blakley Ave PL070973-Aaron Hunter Closed 1 Clarendon Ave PL070974 - 1 Clarendon Avenue OPA/BL Closed 363 Old Kingston Rd and 27-31 Morrish Rd PL070980-Romlek Enterprises - A227/07SC Closed PL070993-New Frontiers Aboriginal Residential Corp Closed PL071001-Barkley Developments (Avenue) Inc Closed 58 Colin Ave PL071002-Graham Brown- 58 Colin Ave. Closed 419 Coxwell Ave PL071008-New Aboriginal Residential Corp Closed PL071010-Paterson-3 STORY HOUSE ADDITION Closed 29 Glenrose Ave PL071016-Bruce Burton Closed Castlefield Caledonia Design and Decor District PL071017-Toronto ZBL 1151-2007 Closed 1844 Bloor St W PL071031-W.J. Holdings Ltd. et al- Demolition Closed 28 Millbank Ave PL071067- Zandra Shore Variance Closed 6 Cardell Ave PL071068-Bernard Cassar - Variance Closed PL071078-Ringley Construct - 115 Torbarrie Rd. Closed 8 Little Rock Dr PL071079-Stephen McKechnie Closed 403-417 Keele St PL071081-403-417 Keele St. Closed 342 Glengarry Ave PL071094-Tavone New 2 storey dwelling Closed PL071104-Domenic Pariselli - Variance Closed Wilson Ave between Keele St & Bathurst St PL071106-Wilson Avenue Study Closed 41 St. Leonards Ave PL071110-Eamon Rigan - 41 St. Leonard's Ave. Closed 681 Craven Rd PL071124-Raja Appeal Closed 609 Avenue Rd PL071128- Demolition Permit 609 Avenue Rd. Closed PL071130-Streetcar Development Appeal Closed 63 Bernard Ave PL071131-Maika Appeal Closed 478 King St W PL071135-Windsor Appeal Closed PL071160 Variance Closed 31 1/2 Grove Ave PL071169-T. Broadway-Rear 2nd/3rd storey add Closed 38 Brunswick Ave PL071170-P. Tseng- Rear 2-Storey Addition Closed 123 Warren Rd PL071174-D & E Feldberg Closed 216 St. Clair Ave W PL071176-Shram Development Inc Closed 1725 Kingston Rd PL071181-2109655 Ontario Limited Closed 394 Balliol St PL071185 - Natalie Artioukh Closed 9 & 15 Bales Ave and 34 & 44 Avondale Ave PL071196-Lean Bros Farms Limited et al Closed 13 Heathbridge Park Rd PL071217-Eric Kauffman Closed 45 Kingsway Cres PL071219-Julianna and David Odgen Closed 19 Oakland Ave PL071220-Church of Jesus Christ minor variances Closed 155 Legion Rd PL071231-iLoft Building Group Inc Closed 272 Horsham Ave and 278 Horsham Ave PL071236-Vita Maria & Rocco Di Trani Closed 9 Vernham Ave PL071241-M & A Sharifzadegan Closed 9 Hillhurst Blvd PL071243- Kuhn Closed 1 Marshfield Crt PL071244-Ray Davie Closed 185 Yorkland Blvd PL071270-Toronto Public Storage Warehouse Closed Loblaw Properties (Golden Mile) Closed 86 Deforest Rd PL071264-Toronto A502/07EYK Alpeza garden shed Closed 2355-2367 Warden Ave PL080022-Kilbarry Holding Corporation Closed 2061-2065 Weston Rd PL080023-Demolition Permit 07-149462 Closed 34 Dundonald St PL080026-Shayten, minor variance Closed 315 Wellesley St E PL080027-Janet Nagasuye Closed 11 Orchard Green PL080028-Lajos Dallos Closed 52 Yorkleigh Ave PL080044-First Union Closed 24 Oxton Ave PL080065-2142106 Ontario Limited Closed 406 Adelaide St E PL080075-BL 1412-2007 Residential Builidng Closed 224 Willowdale Ave PL080078-Maryam Pazuki Closed 188 Pemberton Ave PL080079-M.Gelgor, deck extension Closed 840-842 York Mills Rd & 16 Lesmill Rd PL080085 - Home Depot Holdings Inc. Closed 10 Langton Ave PL080087-Monique Anne Symons Closed 60 McGillivray Ave PL080128-Falconnin Holdings 2-SDR Closed 3250 Midland Ave PL080131-Parkshire Holding Inc. Closed 33 Berryman St PL080139-Joel Weinberg - 33 Berryman St Closed 17 Glen Cedar Rd PL080142-Eric Beutel Closed 6 Edgewood Cres PL080143-Jacqueline Jensen-Roy Closed PL080147-Lee Steinberg- 2 storey Closed 85 Wells Hill Ave PL080148-Fromstein/Sernick-2 storey addition Closed 38-40 Charles St E & 35 Hayden St PL080149-Bloor St.Neighbourhood Inc. Closed 107 Ava Rd PL080158-Frank Williams - 107 Ava Rd. Closed 2 Croydon Rd PL080161-Brenda Doyle Closed 585 Queen St W PL080168-RioCan PS Inc. Closed PL080175-Mohammed Khurshide - 68 Donlands 68 Donlands Ave Closed Ave. 21 Weybourne Cres PL080176-Donna Becker Closed 218 Banbury Rd PL080177-Pang Closed 12 Doon Rd PL080180-Soudabeh Majidi Closed 357-359 Cortleigh Blvd PL080185-Bronfman - 2-storey dwelling Closed 154 Cortleigh Blvd PL080188-Nicosia Closed 0 Staines Rd, South of Steeles Ave PL080229-Cedar Brae Golf and Country Club Closed 9 Bayview Wood PL080230-Fish Closed 78 Cheritan Ave PL080232-Glenna De Hann Closed 128 Ellendale Dr PL080233-S. Wang & Wei Tan Closed 19 Boem Ave PL080238-David Hutchinson Closed 491 Glencairn Ave PL080253-2057928 Ontario Limited - A0833/06NY Closed 85 Lake Promenade PL080260-Diana Demers Closed 3 and 5 Frankdale Ave PL080261-Paulo Oh Closed 1 & 3 Cloebury Crt PL080266-Rajinder Sethi - B-0092/07NY Closed 8-10 Sussex Dr PL080270-Whyte Closed 48 and 50 Hewitt Ave PL080275-Bharmal/Gorfolova Closed 42 Argyle St PL080276-Andrew & Jennifer Love Closed 134-162 Broadview Ave PL080278-134-162 Broadview Avenue Closed 3520 Danforth Ave PL080299-Danforth Avenue Study Closed 247 Forest Hill Ave PL080310-Roland & Randi Amber Closed 1143 Broadview Ave PL080312-Stylianos & Anastasia Frantzis Closed 177 Lyndhurst Ave PL080320-Daniel Macdonald Closed 106 Wychwood Park PL080323-Tsur Moses - 106 Wychwood Park Closed PL080329 LynHaven Holdings Inc. - 31-35 Bales 31-35 Bales Ave Closed Ave. 207 Beverley St PL080339-809058 Ontario Limited Closed 586 College St PL080341-Maria Cianfarani Closed Part Lot 1, Registered Plan 96-Y PL080343-319 Carlaw Closed 41 Bennington Heights Dr PL080357- 41 Bennington Heights Drive Closed 42 Hawksbury Dr PL080358-42 Hawksbury Drive Closed 526 Cedarvale Ave PL080359-526 Cedarvale Avenue Closed 123 Macpherson Ave PL080365-123 Macpherson Avenue Closed 443 Heath St E PL080379-Kauffman Closed 5 High Point Rd PL080381-Jeffrey Feldberg - 5 Point Road Closed 270 Ryding Ave PL080386-Anwar Qureshi - 270 Ryding Avenue Closed 234 Rose Park Dr PL080402-Shram Closed 16 Collingsbrook Blvd PL080419-Mario Stumpo - 16 Collingsbrook Blvd. Closed PL080427-McFarlane Closed 105 Queens Plate Dr PL080438-551841 Ontario Inc. Closed 165 Parkhurst Blvd PL080451-Christopher Schneck Closed 695-717 Sheppard Ave W PL080452-Elm Sheppard Inc Closed 363 Old Kingston Rd and 27-31 Morrish Rd PL080453-Romlek Enterprises site plan Closed 21 Orchard Cres PL080462-Paul & Anne Kmet Closed 28 Elmsthorpe Ave PL080470-Christopher Robinson Closed 35,47,49 & 57 Roselawn Ave, 479-487 et al PL080492-Top of the Tree Development Inc. Closed PL080498-Highland Creek Montessori Pre-School 226 Morrish Rd Closed Inc. 216 Hamilton St PL080500-Dennis Konstanjelos Closed 2955 Kingston Rd PL080510-Dorota Dabrowska - 2955 Kingston Rd. Closed 94 Applefield Dr PL080518-Jodi Zimber Closed PL080521-Honorata Lukiewicz Closed 18 Kingscourt Dr PL080522-Mayfield R K Real Estate Holdings Inc. Closed 110 Crockford Blvd, Unit 2 PL080536-QSI Holdings Inc. - A-097/08SC Closed 763 Coxwell Ave PL080539-Antonio Mule Closed PL080543-Risa Spring Closed PL080557-Terranova Dev. 148 & 156 Rowntree Mill 148 & 156 Rowntree Mill Rd Closed Rd 25 Queens Quary East PL080561-Pier 27 Inc Closed 158 Parkview Ave PL080581-Mohammed Samari Closed 453 Sutherland Dr PL080582-Sam Anagnostopoulos Closed 8 Cassandra Blvd PL080596-Michal & Renata Dobrik Closed 2529 Yonge St PL080611-KCAP Yonge Inc. Closed 31 Wychwood Ave PL080615-Michael Duma Closed 152 Forest Hill Rd PL080624-Jan & Jana Rozehnal Closed 3 Millbank Ave PL080626-Eric Gangbar & Lisa Markson Closed 407 Brunswick Ave PL080628-Shram Development Inc. Closed PL080639-New Life Ministries Closed 1201 Dundas St E PL080640-Lamb Development Corp. Closed 580 Spadina Ave PL080645-Barry W.E. Bragg Closed 54 Maresfield Dr PL080653-Vladimir Dounin Closed PL080655-Dunpar Developments-1145 Ossington 1145 Ossington Ave Closed Avenue 888-900 Don Mills Rd & 55 Barber Green Rd PL080658-Kwan & Kwan Limited Open 5 & 5B Thornwood Rd PL080662-Design Management Inc. Closed 135 Liberty St & 47-47A Fraser Ave PL080663-Allied Properties Closed 26 Cranfield Rd PL080665-2113044 Ontario Ltd. Closed PL080673- Wynn Bitton OPA 169 & 362, ZBA 3552442 Bloor St W Closed 2008 PL080690 - Toy Factory on Hanna Dev. -43 Hanna 43 Hanna Ave Closed Ave PL080700-Tippet Developments Inc. Closed 265-267 Glenforest Rd PL080701-1745297 Ontario Inc. Closed 1 Carluke Cres PL080711-Abid Rizvi Closed 199 Forest Hill Rd PL080714-Project Core Inc Closed 121 Roncesvalles Ave PL080715-Ying Kang Tang Closed 402 Rosemary Rd PL080716-Adriano Iannucci Closed 129 Baldwin St PL080717-Negar Bahardoust Closed 214 York Mills Rd PL080719-Stevan P. Corp Closed 160 Barker Ave PL080722-Yvonne Wright Closed 112 Heddington Ave PL080724-Marilyn Goldman Closed 150 Avondale Ave PL080758-Natasha Saigol - 150 Avondale Ave. Closed PL080764-2133716 Ontario Ltd & HP Bloor Street 1638-1650 Bloor St W Closed Ltd 39 Don Valley Dr PL080768-Leon Tsapralis Closed 56 Tilson Rd PL080770-Paul Grennell Closed 399 Russell Hill Rd PL080771-Cyril & Risa Drabinsky Closed 257 Rusholme Rd PL080782-Gasparina Costa - 257 Rushholme Rd Closed 254 Christie St PL080792-David Real Closed 378 Manning Ave PL080793-Johanna Manning Closed 59 Roberta Dr PL080797-Mabilde Costa Closed 8 Barbara Cres PL080802-George Stamatakos Closed 629 St. Germain Ave PL080806-Francesco Di Sarra Closed 10 Inverdon Rd PL080808-Nancy De Guia Closed 21 Donmore Ave PL080816-Kapetanos - child care Closed 763-765 Woodbine and 1945-1955 Gerrard St E PL080819-Yan On Investments Limited Closed 233 St. Leonard Ave PL080821-Marshall - new two-storey dwelling Closed 280 Searle Ave PL080824-Luxor Homes - new res. bldg. lot Closed PL080838-330 King St E Closed 20 Curity Ave PL080840-Toronto City Church Closed 114 Simpson Ave PL080841-David Nunes Closed 559 Fairlawn Ave PL080850-Daniel Miller Closed 393 Princess Ave PL080854-Petroiu - new 2-storey SDD Closed 402-404 Russell Hill Rd PL080855-Chiu - new 3-storey SDD Closed 20 Glen Cedar Rd PL080856-Azran - new 2-storey SDD Closed All Wards, City-Wide Financial Incentives Prog. PL080858-City-Wide CIP Closed 685 Kennedy Rd PL080878-G. Parasco Closed 233 Carlaw Ave PL080880-Navhar Properties Closed 400 Walmer Rd PL080882-1212765 Ontario Ltd Closed PL080883-M.H. Milford Holdings Closed 515 Drewry Ave PL080885- Imperial Oil Closed 46 Exmoor Dr PL080886-ES Builders Inc - new 2-storey SFD Closed 117 Inglewood Dr PL080887-Roxanne Collins Closed 116 Wolfrey Ave PL080891-Grey Wolf - 3rd storey addition Closed 40 Fairside Ave PL080897-Vandelis - renos & garage Closed 106 Dunblaine Ave PL080906-Rossetti Closed 5 Harding Blvd PL080909-Jessup Closed 31 Dacre Cres PL080921-S. MacKenzie & J. Bontemps Closed 49 Snowdon Ave PL080922-S. Abba & A. Naseri Closed PL080924-Cabbagetown Northwest-Heritage 433 & 435 Sherbourne St Closed Designat. 92 Willingdon Blvd PL080925-Carolyn Cullen Closed 59 Northwood Dr PL080927-Farzam & Sherry Gholampour Closed 347 Manor Rd E PL080933-Ghasem Nafaji ASL Closed 1917 Queen St E PL080937-Julie Siu Wong and Grace Lum Closed 59 Palmerston Sq PL080947-Hugh Thomas - 59 Palmerston Sq Closed 115 Gladstone Ave PL080949-Jonathan Cheszes Closed 19 Governors Rd PL080950-Michael Gray & Elizabeth Champlin Closed 250 Front St W PL080951-Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Closed 484 Spadina Ave PL080956-The Wynn Family Properties Closed 189-195 McIntosh St PL080964-1706690 Ontario Limited Closed 1481 Yonge St, et al PL080966 - Wittington Properties Ltd. OPA & ZBA Closed 17 Hycrest Ave PL080971-Mavuk Holdings Inc. Closed 30 & 32 Euclid Ave PL080972-Janine Flanagan Closed 1181-1183 Queen St W PL080978-2132397 Ontario Limited Closed 820-822 Gerrard St E PL080983-Gerrard Street Mercantile Inc. Closed 132 Ridley Blvd PL080985-Felipe & Adriana Lima Closed 100 Castlefield Ave PL080986-Drita & Rexhep Bruci Closed 9 York Rd PL080987-Valeri Serper Closed 9 Hillhurst Blvd PL080988-Susan Nicosia Closed 146 Dawlish Ave PL080989-Caroline Ferrand Closed 51 Montressor Dr PL080990-Hossein Kusha Closed 121-125 Rusholme Rd PL080991-Green Harvest Holdings Inc. Closed PL080993-1477677 Ontario Limited (Baywood 1093 Queen St W Closed Homes) 15 Austin Cres PL081002-Molly Shoichet Closed 15 Delavan Ave PL081003-Tsur Moses Closed 2 Traymore Cres PL081014-Rachael Kelebay - Now OK Holdings Inc. Closed 742 Scarlett Rd PL081031-Fotopoulos - 2 new residential lots/homes Closed 307 Springdale Blvd PL081046-Ali - new residential home Closed PL081049-Katherine Newman Investment Inc144 Davenport Rd Closed addition 45-1/2 Ellerbeck St PL081050-Frank - house extensions Closed 93 Glen Albert Drive PL081051-Ryan - convert basement to garage Closed 96 Heath St PL081052-Charney - rear addition Closed 27-1/2 Dunbar Rd PL081053-Magwood/Conacher - side deck Closed 1325, 1351 & 1365 Bayview Ave PL081065 - ADMNS Kelvingrove Investments Corp. Closed 348 Joicey Blvd PL081075-Taheri - new residential lot Open 606 Woburn Ave PL081080-Kvartyrmeister Closed 152 Annette St PL081091-Victoria Lofts Closed PL081096-Foram Avenue Rd.) Holdings Inc. Closed Franton Homes-556, 558 Scarlett Rd.&13 Chapman 556, 558 Scarlett Rd Closed Rd. 7 Ormsby Cres PL081145-Sharp - 2 storey addition Closed 21 The Bridle Path PL081155-Frankfort Closed 4 Astoria Ave PL081159-Franton Homes Inc Closed 103 Rose Rose Park Dr PL081177-Shawn Faddavi and Mojgan Delavar Closed 31 Walder Ave PL081179-Aghaei Closed 620 King St W PL081180-Natasha Krickhan Closed 36 Halton St PL081181-Alan Bowman Closed 33 & 35 Glen Rush Blvd PL081183-Laurell Salcman Closed 975 Kennedy Rd PL081192-Inaugural Source Inc - 975 Kennedy Road Closed 96 Johnston Ave PL081195-Laura Cantera Closed 975 Kennedy Rd PL081201-Inaugural Source Inc. - 975 Kennedy Rd Closed 32 Clarendon Ave PL081209-Sheilah Ruth Closed 192-194 Adelaide St W PL081213-180 University Mgmt Inc Closed 52 Alentejo St PL081215-DaCosta Closed PL081217-Sheilah Ruth Closed 212 Glenview Ave PL081220-Pastakia Closed 18 Sherwood Ave PL081230-Reynolds/Slutzky Closed 410 Rosemary Rd PL081236-Archer Closed 12 Sully Cres PL081237-Rites Closed 268 Howland Ave PL081238-Chaggaris Closed 1239, 1241, 1247 Avenue Rd PL081245-Nexxt Rankin Corp Closed 25 Lower Simcoe St, 19 Grand Trunk Cres PL081246-Fancy Dell Dev. Inc. Closed 148 Shelborne Ave PL081258-Toronto Hydro Closed 248 Warren Rd PL081262-Inwentash Closed 0 Sheppard Ave E PL081269 - R & D Investments Inc. Closed 37 Axsmith Cres PL081273-K. Chan Closed 397 Glen Park Ave PL081274-Luis Felipe Matias Closed 6 Glen Rush Blvd PL081282-Jesse Frankel Closed 55 Owen Blvd PL081294-Christopher Loftus Closed PL081297-Amir Ghasabi Closed PL081311- FC 515 Land Corp. & Accentia 505-515 Centennial Rd Closed Development 58 Pinecone Dr PL081317-Cynthia Gabriel Closed 74 & 76 Portage Ave PL081318-124519 Ontario Ltd. Closed 90 Eastdale Ave and 2 Secord Ave PL081372-Preston Group Closed 3717 Sheppard Ave E PL081375-Jarmila Filipko Closed 15 Braemore Gdns PL081404-R.G. Robinson Closed 2952-2958 Bayview Ave PL081407-Weston Consullting Group Inc Closed 475 Brookdale Ave PL081417-Shahla Emami Closed 477 Brookdale Ave PL081418-Mahdi Behnamjou Closed 67-69 Logan Ave PL081419-Lois Scott Closed 14-16 Wineva Ave PL081422-Darryl Jessop Closed 440 Woburn Ave PL081428-L Tomlin & R Monas Closed 241 Golfdale Rd PL081436-Ellen Keindel Closed 444 Russell Hill Rd PL081437-Donal Finn Closed 73 Walmer Rd PL081438-Garry Shapiro Closed 267 Forest Hill Rd PL081439-Marie Cowan Closed 2-4 Neville Park Blvd & 438, 440 Lake Front Lane PL081443-Beaches Condo Dev. 2-4 Neville Park Closed PL081448-Karen Birch Closed 11 Cottingham Rd PL081455-Mary Shechtman Closed 389 Berkeley St PL081457 - William Vasiliou Closed 88 Lyndhurst Ave PL081464-Schuster and Weinbaum Closed PL081467-Bernice Hoffinger & Marylin Lampard Closed 179 Hanna Rd PL081471-Sara Loconte Closed 124 Glen Albert Drive PL081472-Helen White Closed 30 Pemican Crt PL081478-Mount Zion Apostolic Church Closed 134 Brookdale Ave PL081488-AnnMarie & Jeff Armstrong Closed 356 Kane Ave PL081489-Monica Rocha Closed PL081495-Rainbow Developments on 35 Hollywood 35 Hollywood Ave Closed Ave. 27 Marcelline Cres PL081502-Patio Enclosures Inc Closed 8 Onslow Cres PL081514-Nila A. Samad & Garnet C. DeSouza Closed 42 Hawksbury Dr PL081524-Armina Nathoo Closed 2-6 Lisgar St PL081527-2147789 & 2132397 Ontario Limited Closed 1152 Islington Ave PL081537-Ninkovic Malden Closed 200 Madison Ave PL081539-St Clare's Multifaith Housing Society Closed PL081542-One Bloor St E Limited Closed PL081546-Allied Properties REIT Closed 70 St. Clements Ave PL081547- St.Clement Eglinton Anglican Church Closed 8 Bridlegrove Dr PL081548-Mauel & Matilde Papa Closed 74 Glengrove Ave W PL081564-Tony Giancola Closed PL081575 OPA 38 Sec.37 Funding of Heritage All Wards Within The City Closed Studies PL081576-Canadian Shooting Sports Association Closed 544 King St W and 1-9 Morrison St PL081578-Allied Properties Closed 98 Glen Rd PL081580-Arash Kamali Closed 115 Richview Ave PL081582-Larry Robbins Closed 89 Chiltern Hill Rd PL081588-Sandra Temes Closed 229 Willow Ave PL081592- Kostadin Demirov Closed PL081604-House of Hounds Inc. Closed 182 & 184 Norton Ave PL081606-Fetemeh Fazaeli Closed 1 St. Edmund's Dr PL081613-Charles John Schumaher Closed 24 Alderbrooke Dr PL081614-Donna Redmond Closed 3 Banbury Rd PL090025-Yashmin Valani Closed 209 Old Yonge St PL090026-Beatrice Bindman Closed 10 Stayner Ave PL090035-1152030 Ontario Inc. Closed 37 Smithwood Dr PL090046-Allan Verry Closed 180 The Kingsway PL090047-Angela & Mark Del Vecchio Closed 7 Sheila Crt PL090050-7 Sheila Court Closed 90- 100 Broadview Ave PL090058-2009591 Ontario Limited Closed 88 Chiltern Hill Rd PL090065-88 Chiltern Hill Road Closed 82 Robert St PL090069-82 Robert Street Closed 3101 Kennedy Rd PL090075-Scrillion Developments Inc. Open 62 Glen Manor Dr PL090083-62 Glen Manor Drive Closed 36 Marmot St PL090087-Reza Talebi Closed 961 Broadview Ave PL090092-Lee Severance and Variances Closed 340-342 Brooke Ave PL090103-340-342 Brooke Avenue Closed 102 Robert St PL090107-F.G.P. Holdings Closed 22 Walmer Rd PL090108- Pang Closed 487 St. Clarens Ave PL090109 Maximo Labarrera Minor Variance Closed 1 Minto St PL090148-Szafranski Residential Variance Closed 317 Rosemary Rd PL090151-Deluca Addition Variance Closed 620 Avenue Rd; 215-217 Lonsdale Rd PL090162-Minto 201 Developments Inc. et al Closed PL090163-100 Cresthaven Dr Severance and 100 Cresthaven Dr Closed Variances 15, 17 & 17R Leuty Ave PL090166-Jessop Severances and Variances Closed 405 Gordon Baker Rd PL090168-Mil Al Church Minor Variance Closed PL090172-Eric Casalese Closed 79 Bedford Park Ave PL090173-Casalese Residential Variance Closed 3 Hamilton St PL090175-Onesun Victory Inc. Closed 192 Forest Hill Rd PL090176-Dalton Addition & Carport Variance Closed 56 Caribou Rd PL090184-Ebrahimian Residential Variance Closed 142 Morse St PL090186-Khoan Han & Kin Siu Luong Closed 2 Denvale Rd PL090192-Sukunda Garage Variance Closed 25 Oakmount Rd PL090226-Mroz & Conery Residential Variance Closed PL090231-By-law 98-2009 Closed PL090232-By-law 99-2009 Closed By-law 100-2009 PL090233-By-law 100-2009 Closed PL090235-By-law 102-2009 Closed 200 Pape Ave PL090238-200 Pape Avenue Closed 34 Fulford Place PL090239-34 Fulford Place Closed 65 Cleveland St PL090244-Ferguson Gross Floor Area Variance Closed 23-25 & 27 Hobson Ave PL090247-Stafford (25 Hobson) Ltd & Stafford Ltd. Closed 2885 Bayview Ave PL090251-Daniels HR Corporation Closed 6 Nantucket Blvd PL090253-Kiriakou Vehicle Storage Variance Closed OPA#66, All lands - City of Toronto PL090258-OPA No. 66 -Site Plan Control Powers Closed PL090259-2006804 Ontarop Inc. Body Repair Shop 2321 Keele St Closed MV 235 Forest Hill Rd PL090264-Sarshar Residential Dwelling Variance Closed 2154 Dundas St W PL090277-2154 Dundas Street West Closed 14 Normanna Ave PL090278-Santos Residential Addition Variance Closed 60-62 Oriole Rd PL090279-Palavenue Gp Inc. Closed 46 Balsam Ave PL090289-Baran Residential Addition Variance Closed 184 Strathearn Rd PL090294-Paul Pascal & Ruth Rohn Closed 17, 19, 21 & 23 Kenaston Gdns PL090313-Daniels HR Corporation Closed Eglinton Ave/Berwick Ave/Yonge St/Duplex Ave PL090314-Yonge-Eglinton Centre Closed 198 Snowdon Ave PL090322-198 Snodown Avenue Closed PL090333-Sedona Development Group (High Park) 200 Keele St Closed Inc. 8 Hillholm Rd PL090337-Khavari Residential Variance Closed 1031 Shaw St PL090338-Salsberg Residential Minor Variance Closed 4 Midburn Ave PL090339-Pierre-Louis Res. Severance & Variances Closed 91 Perry Cresc, 7 Orrell Ave, 1412 Islington Ave PL090356-Decaria & Hornibrook Severance Closed 21 Parkwood Ave PL090365-Metzer Residential Minor Variance Closed 25 Ritchie Ave PL090368-Ribeiro Residential Minor Variance Closed 878 Palmerston Ave PL090379-E.Lawson & K. Kurdyak Closed 133 Harding Blvd PL090380-133 Harding Boulevard Closed 10 Jopling Ave S PL090384-Zhang Conversion Minor Variance Closed 212 Dunvegan Rd PL090385-Waisberg/Greenwood, 2-story dwelling Closed 195 Glen Cedar Rd PL090388-Mernick, 2-storey dwelling Closed PL090401-Yousefzadeh Residential Addition 4 Montclair Ave Closed Variance 51 Lake Shore Dr PL090404-Dunpar Developments Inc. Closed 251 Palmerston Ave PL090419-Vetsch Residential Minor Variance Closed 850 Dundas St PL090422-Andrew Hickey Closed 1221 Markham Rd PL090434-Kingsberg Monetary Corp. Closed 1648 Bathurst St PL090436-Bathurst-Hillview Condo Conversion Closed 14 Tranby Ave PL090444-Sorger, Carmen Closed 763 Coxwell Ave PL090445-Mule, Antonino Closed 12 Raeburn Ave PL090447-Michele Himelstein Closed 136 Ossington Ave PL090448-Macfadyen, John Closed 375 Glenholme Ave PL090452-Abdi, Hamid Reza Closed 165 Shelborne Ave PL090461-Jakubovic, Ezra Closed 77 Glen Rush Blvd PL090463-TDSB School Severance Closed 38 Tideswell Blvd PL090474-Ramco Canham Inc. Closed 1163 Bloor St PL090477-Paul Emery Closed PL090478-102-110 Shuter Street,6645411 Canada 102-110 Shuter St Closed Inc. 59 Stuart Ave PL090482-Alexander Patinios Closed 198 Phyllis Ave PL090497-Paras Garage Addition and Variance Closed 251-255 King St E & 37 Sherbourne St PL090501-Rams Head Development Inc. Closed 16 York St PL090503-Fancy Closed PL090506-Ortis Automotive Centre Car Wash 370 Weston Rd Closed Variance 35 Bethnal Ave PL090524-Sirvinskas Single Car Garage Variance Closed 2, 4 & 6 Eva Rd PL090525-By-law 600-2009 and OPA No. 85 Closed 230 Delta St PL090530-Nazir Residential Addition Minor Variance Closed 2451 Birchmount Rd PL090531-Birch Mount Park Inc. Closed Growth Plan, Greater Golden Horseshoe PL090550-Toronto - City Wide Growth Plan Closed PL090551-21 Avenue Rd.-Avenue-Yorkville Devlop 21 Avenue Rd Closed Ltd 23-29 Stafford St PL090553-25 Stafford Inc. Closed 770 Lawrence Ave W, 3083-3095 & 3101 Dufferin St PL090556-Duflaw Reality Ltd et all Closed PL090575-2084560 Ontario Ltd & 2084362 Ontario 34 & 38 Hazelton Ave Closed Ltd PL090581-Bridgepoint Health Remove the "h" 430 Broadview Ave et al Closed symbol 12-22 McMurrich St PL090612-2158118 Ontario Inc. Sales Centre MV Closed 1688 Queen St W PL090619-Lokos, Sandor Closed 1185 Dundas St W PL090620-Pa & Phu Patio Minor Variances Closed 2 St. James Crt PL090626-Rogers Residential Minor Variance Closed 790 Queen St W PL090637-Loft Community Services Closed 21A Lipton Ave PL090641- Antoni Residential Addition Variance Closed Real Storage GP Inc. PL090644-Ken McLachlin / Kent Sheppard Closed PL090645-Frank Riedel - 1864 to 1876 Queen St. E. Closed 2500 Bayview Ave PL090658-Reza Akbari Closed 84 Harper Ave PL090659-Lombard Residential Minor Variance Closed 4759-4789 Yonge St & NY Secondary Plan PL090676-Patrick Giglio Closed 138 Thompson Ave PL090680-Abramowicz Residential Addition Variance Closed 3 Harcroft Rd PL090695-Mcgregor & Day Residential Variance Closed 1411 Warden Ave PL090697-Costco Gas Station Variance Closed 435 Westmoreland Ave N PL090705-Vidal Residential Triplex Variance Closed 289 Keewatin Ave PL090730-Byron Garby Closed 1540 Bloor St W PL090733-1540 BSW Developments Inc Closed 165 Shelborne Ave PL090737-Erza Jakubovic Closed 218 Ossington Ave PL090807-Papatragiannis & Potter Patio Variance Closed 40 Fairside Ave PL090810-Mule, Antonio Closed 70 Ossington Ave PL090811-Homewood, Michael Closed Markham-Ellesmere Revitalization Area PL090814-Markham-Ellesmere Revilitazation Study Closed 60 Blantyre Ave PL090819-Michel Jones & Stephen Thursby Closed 195 South Woodrow Blvd PL090825-Cheeseman, Russell Closed 248 Scarborough Rd PL090833-952 Kingston Road Inc. Closed 4 Queensbury Ave PL090843-Joan Horton Closed 118 Caribou Rd PL090864-Rosie Friedman Closed 122 Anndale Dr PL090867-Pedro M. Vieira Closed 5 Deauville Lane PL090880-1199403 Ontario Inc. Closed 53 & 55 Alexis Blvd & 56 & 58 McAllister Rd PL090883-Rajinder Sethi Closed 3362-3370 Yonge St PL090890-Pelican (Yonge) Commercial Inc. Closed 350 Briar Hill Ave PL090892-Mahmoud Joulani Managhani Closed 34 Latimer Ave PL090893-Kambiz Kazemi-Moud Closed 62 Grey Rd PL090894-Guy Assif Closed 363 Grace St PL090916-Joe Farruggio Closed 65, 75 and 85 East Liberty St PL090917-King West Centre (II) Corp. Closed 2170 Gerrard St E PL090951-Demirov, Kostadin Closed 520 Roxton Rd PL090965-Klein, Paula Beth Closed 45 Henderson Ave PL090972-Schatzker, Mark Closed 12 Gresham Rd PL090978-Richard Pietro Meikle Closed 9 Prince Authur Ave PL090979-Dewarkim Inc. Parking Pad Variance Closed 117 Paton Rd PL090983-Bryant, Christine Closed 869 Bathurst St PL090985-Wong, Corinne Closed 206 Holmes Ave PL090987-Davood Morad Closed 87 Baldwin St PL090988-Chaoqin Lin Closed PL090993-Lawrence Park Ratepayers Association 238 St. Leonard Ave Closed Inc. 1115 Lodestar Rd & 150, 160, 170, 180 Rimrock Rd PL091006-Rimrock Rlaza c/o Sreve Ruse Closed 218 Randolph Rd PL091007-Castleton Homes Closed 3144 Bayview Avuenue PL091012-Fernando Callegos c/o La Piedra Inc. Closed 178 Hammersmith Ave PL091015-Mark Niebergall & Kathleen Ruby Closed 3480 Lake Shore Blvd W PL091021-Dobson, Timothy Closed 36 Brentwood Rd N PL091023-36 Brentwood Road North Closed 628 Fleet St PL091032-West Harbour City (1) Residences Corp. Closed 12R Dewson Ave PL091035-12R Dewson Avenue Closed 102-134 Hucknall Rd PL091052-University Square (Hucknall) Limited Closed 224 King St W PL091057-224 King West Inc. Closed 35 Rochester Ave PL091058-Alison Reid Closed 48 Norman Ave PL091068-Silva, Armindo Closed 150 Charles St W PL091070 - U of T Goldring Student Centre Project Closed 181 Nugget Ave PL091072-Friends of Jesus Christ (place of Closed 111 Gloucester Grove PL091076- Grossman Residential Minor Variance Closed 233 St. Leonard Ave PL091077-Taylor Brooke St. Leonards Ltd. Closed 204 Manor Rd E PL091086-Daukant, Kathy Closed 7 Ava Rd PL091087-Wenus, John Closed PL091088-Erin Amelia Cornaccia Closed PL091092-Mitra Yousefi & Kouraj Rahimi, 246 246 Holmes Ave Closed Holmes 98 Park St PL091093-Wayne Robert Skinner Closed 27 Farnham Ave PL091097-D Colson Closed 96 Rivalda Rd PL091098-1203949 Ontario Inc. Industrial Variance Closed 0 Khedive Ave PL091100-Landbank Inc. Closed North east corner of Markham Rd & Passmore Ave PL091109-Bradgate Investment Limited Closed 126 Peter St PL091111-Andrew Chau Closed 47 Wolcott Ave PL091118-Mandos, Constantine & Ourania Closed 69 Forty First St PL091120-Nicola Monno Closed St. Clair Ave W from Old Weston Rd to Bathurst St PL091129-OPA 84 St. Clair Avenue Study Closed 69 & 71 Natal Ave PL091135-Svera Ontario Ltd. Closed 69 & 71 Natal Ave PL091138-Svera Ontario Ltd. Closed 1276 Yonge St PL091163-159453 Ontario Limited Closed PL091164-Eric Silber Closed 20 Albany Ave PL091169-Vaia Mastoras, 20 Albany Avenue Closed 151 Blantyre Ave PL091180-Daniel Kimura Closed 1028 Shaw St PL091190-Aaron Letki Closed 367 Brock Ave PL091191-Mark Dedvukay Closed 50-116 Fort York Blvd PL091192-City Place, 50-116 Fort York Blvd. Closed PL091196-Tapscott Employment District Closed PL100834-48 Oriole Parkway Co-owernership Inc. Closed PL100005-Starbank Development Corporation Closed 89 & 91 Bogert Ave PL100026-Mike and Elizabeth McNally Closed 1540 Bloor St W PL100036-1540 BSW Development Inc Closed 45-47 Aspenwood Dr PL100037- Forrest - Proposed Home Office Closed 5379 Yonge St PL100042-Kourosh Shahbazian Medical Office Use Closed Ossington Avenue Restaurant Study PL100051-Ossington Avenue Restaurant Study Closed 150 Bloor St W & 162,164 & 175 Cumberland St PL100054-BL 1171-2009, 150 Bloor St W et al Closed 528 Bedford Park Ave PL100063-Manny and Kathy DiFilippo Closed 18 Sunnycrest Rd PL100064-Diana Boltinsky Closed 21 Old Mill Rd PL100065-Santex Investments Inc Closed PL100074-New Century Homes Ltd 482-484 Lytton Blvd & 285-289 Strathallan Wood Closed Consent/Townhouses Various Properties(2) PL100076-ZBL 1196-2009 - Below grade garage Closed 2301 Brimley Rd, 2329-2361 Brimley Rd et al. PL100084-First Capital (Chartwell) Corporation Closed 10, 20 & 30 Dean Park Rd PL100090-BL 1227-2009 - New Condos Closed 88 Lyndhurst Ave PL100094-Carol Weinbaum Closed PL100131-Al Reisman Limted ZBA Increase 3241, 3251, 3261, Kennedy Rd, 19, 23, 25, 27 Pas Closed Commercial 144 Waverly Rd PL100132-N. Boulton & P. Lawson Closed 19 Lynwood Rd PL100133-Ryan & Jessie Kimel Closed 9 Beaty Ave PL100134- Oakley Residential Variance Closed 19 Humewood Dr PL100135 - Sabato Residential Variances Closed 127 Sears St PL100136 - Conley Residential Variances Closed 82 Rhodes Ave PL100150-1765758 Ontario Ltd Duplex Variances Closed 372 Coxwell Ave PL100157- Vavaroutsos Residential Variances Closed 374 Coxwell Ave PL100158- Vavaroutsos Residential Variances Closed PL100162-Robert Mounsey & Collette Rutherford Closed 65 Thorncliffe Park Dr PL100163-1140971 Ontario Limited Closed 106 Collinson Blvd PL100177-Michael Firanski Closed 1, 35 & 40 Fountainhead Rd & 40 Sentinel Rd PL100181-Maplegrove York Apartments Ltd. Closed 37 South Kingsway PL100195- Belfiore New Residence Varainces Closed 250 Hanna Rd PL100207- Scott Residential Variances Closed 59 Forest Heights Blvd PL100208- Mandel Residential Variances Closed 202 Riverside Dr PL100209- Bowie Residential Variance Closed PL100217-By-law Toronto Closed 75 Howden Rd PL100220- Underhill Landscape Parking Variance Closed 194 Burnett Ave PL100225-Louise Ferrari Closed 469-471 Merton St PL100229-ZBL 100-2010 Closed 1811 Avenue Rd PL100234-ZBL 107-2010 Closed 17 Orchard Cres PL100236- Sprajcar & Beldycki Addition Variance Closed 102 Waverley Rd PL100248- Gallos Residential Variance Closed 124 Dewbourne Ave PL100249-Christina Jong Closed 999 Danforth Ave PL100252-BRL Realty Limited Site Plan Appeal Closed 88 Glenforest Rd PL100262-Harold Gross & Sharon Erlichman Closed 8 Highbourne Rd PL100281- Dason Four unit Variance Closed 42 Playter Blvd PL100292- MacDonald/Lam Addition Variances Closed 73 Orchard Park PL100293- Lafave Addition Variance Closed 5 Ava Rd PL100298-Emma Kenley Closed PL100309-Mhrim Holding Ltd Automotive Use 30 Racine Rd Closed Variance 219 Newton Dr PL100311-Akhavan Sohell Closed 2 Ludlow Ave PL100318- Brkic Deck Variance Closed 25 Mill Cove PL100319- Hauck Front Setback Variance Closed 1100 The Queensway PL100321- 748485 Ontario Ltd Adult Retail Variance Closed 260 Beechgrove Dr PL100322-Flora Valley Homes Ltd. Closed 12 Dawlish Ave PL100340-Thomas Kitsos Closed 3 Heathbridge Park PL100341-Armen Kulidijian Closed 63 Tisdale Ave PL100344-Salimkhan Jivani Closed 2 True Davidson Dr PL100346-Jasamax Holdings Ltd. Closed 32 Brumell Ave PL100374-Harvey Minuk Closed 183 Forest Hill Rd PL100375- Khashayar New Dwelling Variances Closed 37 Fulham St PL100396-Yi Jin Accessory Structure Variance Closed 380 Elm Rd PL100397- Kheradmand New Home Variances Closed 87 Summerhill Ave PL100403- Caramico Addittion Variances Closed 50 Glen Elm Ave PL100413-W. Greenberg Closed 416 Palmerston Blvd PL100420- Jauhal Addition Variance Closed 85 Pintail Cres PL100429- Fernandes Sunroom Variance Closed 35 Don River Blvd PL100431-Ayjan Kavehei Closed 973 Glencairn Ave PL100434- Marchetti Severance Closed 96 Glengarry Ave PL100435- Bruzzese 3rd Floor Variance Closed 65 Buckingham Ave PL100437-Gregory & Michele Harber Closed 230 Upper Highland Cres PL100438- Wassenaar/Loftus New Dwelling Variance Closed 34 Anglesey Blvd PL100441- Hyrtsyuk Addition Variances Closed 13 St. Clair Ave W PL100443-Manic Investments Ltd Closed 11 Armstrong Ave PL100444- Violo Rear Addition Variance Closed 23 Sheppard Ave E PL100450-Minto L8 Inc., 23 Sheppard Ave E Closed 436 Markham St PL100453-Consent - 436 Markham Street - TO Closed 110 Alcorn Ave PL100457- Chong Addition Variance Closed PL100459- 41 Ossington Ltd. Open 34 Albertus Ave PL100479- Draper & Morales Rear Addition Variance Closed 413 Douglas Ave PL100480-Stacie Pollack Closed 51 Dockside Dr PL100481-George Brown College 51 Dockside Dr. Closed 190 Roslin Ave PL100482-Margaret Nye Closed 12 Glen Edyth Dr PL100484 - Consent/Variances for 4 homes Closed 2157-2183 Lawrence Ave E PL100489-Birchmount Lawrence Plaza Closed 25 Dacre Cres PL100494-Philip & Marcela Oreopoulos Closed 171 Gore Vale Ave PL100498-Rosaria Turkiewicz Closed 31 Dunkirk Rd PL100499- Wood New Dwelling Variance Closed 438 & 440 Lake Front Lanel PL100507-Gordon Edward Kaiser Closed 791 Millwood Rd PL100524- Fleming Rear Addition Variance Closed 79 Dawlish Ave PL100525-Joan Donnelly Closed PL100535-1603 Eglinton Ave.W. Inc. Closed 8 Haddon St PL100541- Neilson New Dwelling Variance Closed Part of Lot 31 & 31, Concession C PL100548- Rexton Development Ltd. Closed S/Etobicoke Lands Review Area PL100554-Interim Control Bylaw No. 298-2010 Closed PL100560- Fatehi Consent and Variances - New 53 Balmoral Ave Closed homes 95 Lonsdale Rd PL100563- Gavris & Klimova Consent Closed PL100566-Goldman Consent & Variances - 3 New 602 Roselawn Ave Closed Homes 73 Furnival Rd PL100570-David Lazaridis Closed 37 Daniels St PL100573-Mark,& Melinda Coimbra Closed 23 Tangmere Rd PL100578-Alfonz Pavli Closed 149 Westbourne Ave PL100582- Mohammed Consent and Variances Closed 73 Kimbourne Ave PL100585-John Tucci Closed 498 Brunswick Ave PL100591-Nicholas & Veronika Mazilu Closed 12 Austin Terrace PL100592-Gordon Masters & Joanne Shi Closed 84 Scarden Ave PL100593- Morra Garage and Porch Variance Closed 2699 Kennedy Rd PL100594- Cheng Variance for Massage Parlour Closed 508-516 Wellington St W PL100595-Portwell Developments Inc. Closed PL100597- Khan Garage Variance Closed 257-259 Oakwood Ave PL100607-James Alberto Oh Closed PL100610-Fetterly Consent & Variances - New 140 Westbourne Aveneue Closed Homes PL100642-Paul/Monica Caruana 3645-3647 3645-3647 Lakeshore Blvd West Closed Lakeshore B 23 Kingdom St PL100644-Charles Magalhaes - 2 lots Closed 7 Conrad Ave PL100654- Allan Addition Variance Closed 558 Woburn Ave PL100656-Oscar Stapleton Closed 30 Westglen Cres PL100659-Caliber Developments Inc. New Home Var Closed 9 Orrell Ave PL100660-Pickett/Limanni Closed 7 Ashwood Cres PL100661-Joyce Kite Closed 28 Kirkton Rd PL100664-Rory Berman Closed PL100666-Steve Chen Closed 100 Applefield Dr PL100669- D'Avolio Shed Setback Variance Closed 43 Annesley Ave PL100670- Paul & Joanne Blatherwick Closed 210 Albertus Ave PL100671- Alvi & Hui New Home Variances Closed 125 Euclid Ave PL100693-Steven Chen Closed PL100694-Fernando and Clara De Melo Closed 31 Northern Place PL100696-Thirty-One Northern PL Ink. Closed PL100700-David Constancio Closed 212 Vesta Dr PL100723- Serebryay- Harris Attic Variance Closed PL100724-1436318 Ontario Ltd. Restaurant 1365 Gerrard St E Closed Variance 490-492 College St PL100725-Arijo Investments Limited Closed 42 Morningside Ave PL100730- Sparks Addition Variances Closed 29 Lightbourn Ave PL100731-Roy Kostuk Closed 231 Dunvegan Rd PL100733-Brian Maguire Closed 57 Wineva Ave PL100734-Ronald Scott Burns Closed 1901 Bayview Ave PL100736-499968 Ontario Limited Equity Co-oP Closed PL100764-162 Cumberland Holdings By-law Closed Amendment PL100793- OPA No. 92Toronto Catholic School Surface Transit Priority Network Open Board 2489 Bayview Ave PL100794-Canadian Film Centre Variance Closed 26 Alderbrooke Dr PL100801-Vera & Paul Straka Closed PL100804-Rosedale Developments Inc. - The Pearl 4917-4975 Yonge St Closed 2 30 Bethnal Ave PL100805- Lelli New Construction Variances Closed 192 Grenadier Rd PL100820- Gliosca New Home Variances Closed 71 Morningside Ave PL100822-Szott Maciej Closed 124 Browning Ave PL100823-Larry Kielbowich Closed 28 Playter Cres PL100831- Gatsis New Garage Variances Closed 2 Bloor St W PL100851-By-law 787-2010 - 2 Bloor St. W. Closed PL100854-1800381 Ontario Ltd - 4 Consents & 6 11 to 17 Roslin Ave Closed Home PL100864-Michael Beallor Closed 169-175 Jones Ave PL100870-OPA 118 & ZBL 40-2010 Sonterlan Corp. Closed PL100876- 36 Park Lawn Rd. - 1772014 Ontario Inc. Closed 142 Bexhill Ave PL100887-Orella Homes Ltd. Closed 66-76 Kippendavie Ave PL100895-Worsley Beach Ltd 4 Storey Condo Closed 1860 Bayview Ave PL100896-MJB Corp Closed 1560 Avenue Rd PL100902-Cimetia Residential Variance Closed 66-67 Laing St & 67 Rear Laing St PL100909-Victoria Dinnick Closed PL100912- Adent Corp. Consents and Minor 177 & 179 Caribou Rd Closed Variances 30 Mason Blvd PL100918-Gutierrez Residential Minor Variance Closed 1030 King St W PL100919-1030 King General Partner Inc. Open 75 St. Nicholas St PL100932-Nicholas Mary Property Inc Variance Open PL100933-116 Follis Avenue A0511/10TEY Closed 116 Follis Ave PL100934-Zhong Residential Variance Closed 16 Jacinta Dr PL100939-Veiga Residential Minor Variance Closed PL100941-3180 Bathurst St. Dell Park Co-op 3180 Bathurst St Closed Housing 30 Harshaw Ave PL100944-Rosiak Residential Minor Variance Closed PL100959-Hi Res Inc. Consent & MV's for New 1100 King St W Closed Condo 32 Glenayr Rd PL100970-Golnaz Govdazi Closed PL100971-1741283 Ontario Inc. 35 Peyton Lane Closed Severance/Variances 81 Dawlish Ave PL100972-Estate of Nancy Catherine Closed 130 Old Orchard Grove PL100973-Edwards Residential Variance Closed 260 McKee Ave PL100989-Chee Residential Variance Closed 56 Fairfield Rd PL101002-Mutter Residential Variance Closed 570 St. Clements Ave PL101006-Wagman Residential Variance Closed 2055 & 2057 Danforth Ave PL101007-By-law 1027-2010 Closed 953 Dufferin St E PL101010-Joel and Paula Domingues Closed 126 A Spadina Rd PL101061-Joy Residential Variance Closed 1000 Bay St PL101062- By-law 1009-2010 Closed 14 Strachan Ave, 39-51 East Liberty St,et al PL101080-King Liberty Village Area Closed PL101081-Lafarge Canada Inc. Closed PL101091-OPA 388 & 389 Keating Channel Precinct Various lands in the municipality. Open W. 2500 Bloor St W PL101102-By-law 1162-2010 - Toronto Closed 310 Rosemary Rd PL101109-Picao Residential Variance Closed 9-21 Grenville St PL101110-7338520 Ontario Inc. Residential Variance Closed City Wide PL101111-City of Toronto's City-Wide Zoning By-Law Closed 611-625 Queen St W PL101118-OP - Toronto Closed PL101118-OP - Toronto Closed PL101120-Commercial Floorspace Requirements. Open 16 Oriole Rd PL101122-Joan Farrar Closed 61, 65, 69, 71 Churchill Ave, et al PL101130-Common Elements Condominium Closed 621 King St W PL101140-621 King Developments Ltd Closed 1529 Royal York Rd PL101152-Helen and Salvatore Abbruzzino Closed 151 Balsam Ave PL101178-Malcolm Norman Roberts Closed 173 Strathearn Rd PL101180-Jonathan Barr and Malka Leah Somerton Closed 151 Parkmount Rd PL101181- Rod Robinson & C. Novello Closed 46 Russell Hill Rd PL101182- John & Christine Drake Closed 210 Vesta Dr PL101183- Silverberg New Dwelling Variances Closed 4151 Kingston Rd PL101199-2083276 Ontario Ltd Condo Variance Closed 580, 590 & 592 Kingston Rd PL101201-Kingston Road Development Corp. Closed PL101202-Kumar Residential Consent and 267 Linsmore Cres Closed Severance 428 Markham St PL101206-Lachlan Cheng Closed PL101223-1282100 Ontario Inc. Closed 3163 Weston Rd PL101257-Shangara Mand & Madan Singh0 7 Closed 0 Harlton Cres PL101259-Zerucelli Residential Severance/Variance Closed PL101262-Jakub Kuzminski Closed 2844-2846 Bloor St W PL101297-1568662 Ontario Ltd Residential Variance Closed 60-80 Park Lawn Rd PL101298-Amexon Holdings Inc. Closed 194 New Toronto St PL101313-St Mary's Cement Variance Closed 2350 Yonge St PL101319- Chung Rear Commercial Addition Closed 271 Kingsdale Ave PL101320- Yekta New Dwelling Variances Closed 71 Balmoral Ave PL101323- Timofeev New Home Variance Closed 243 Rose Park Dr PL101324-Adelaida Lakhina Closed 163 Heath St E PL101325-Ross Residential Variance Closed 6039 Kingston Rd PL101376- Namara Developments Ltd. Closed 7 Austin Terrace PL101393-7 Austin Terrace 1626829 Ontario Limited Closed 801 Sheppard Ave W PL101413-Urbancorp Communities Inc. Closed 7 Pine Cres PL101418- Aziz New Home Variances Closed 76 Lowther Ave PL101419- Varadi Variances Closed 62 Twenty Seventh St PL101420- Lennox New Home Variances Closed 47 & 49 Celt Ave PL101442-Anna Kwan, Eddie Chua, Dina Aversa Closed 66 Nordan Cres PL101447-Peter Galanis Minor Variance Closed PL101452-Minmike Holdings mixed-use dev 1744-1750 Ellesmere Rd Closed variances 415 Glengrove Ave PL101453-Michael Hetil Minor Variance Application- Closed 323 Sheldrake Blvd PL101454-Catherine Anne McCarthy Closed 30 Colonnade Rd PL101455-Sandy & Shelley Lew Closed 53 Hemford Cres PL101456-Chris Cavan In Trust Closed PL101459-Agraso Residential Severance and 224 Barton Ave Closed Variance 10 Elderwood Dr PL101465-Iryna Ratayeva Closed 369 Ontario St PL101466-Dama Residential Variance Closed PL101469-CentreCourt Ventures (Adelaide-Peter) 328-340 Adelaide St W Closed Inc 6 Dorchester Dr PL101470-Pearson Residential Variance Closed 34 Edgevalley Dr PL101471- Besner New Home Variances Closed PL010101-1299089 Ontario Limited Closed PL110519-Lorelei Jones & Assocaites Closed 298 Markham St Olga Mihailovich addition Closed PL110007-Bohemian Embassy Queen St Residences 1155 & 1171 Queen St W Closed Inc. 1140 Bloor St W PL110023-Metropolitan Toronto Closed PL110024-Urban Fabric Development- 59 Colgate 59 Colgate Ave Closed Ave 18 Montclair Ave PL110025- Simmons New Addition Variances Closed 14 Chater Crt PL110037-Bilah Medjuck Closed 26 Donino Ave PL110049-Paul and Vicko Von Stedingk Closed 35 Hemford Cres PL110053-Cheryl Joaquim Closed 156 Glencairn Ave PL110064-Done Residential Variance Closed 3010 McCowan Rd PL110073-Wolf Lebovic Charitable Foundation Open 43 Drewry Ave PL110084-Rivermill Homes - 43 Drewry Avenue Closed Downsview Park Secondary Plan Area PL110098-Downsview Park Secondary Plan Open 101 Bannock Burn Ave PL110099- Elmaleh Variances w/below grade garage Closed 2 Highland Hill PL110102- Da Silva New Home Variances Closed 112 Mason Blvd PL110106- Eickmeier New Home Variances Closed 4 Bridgeview Rd PL110107- Green & Freedman Addition Variances Closed 276 Searle Ave PL110108-Variance A-0463/10NY Closed 25 Hanson Rd PL110115-25 Hanson Road Closed PL110116-28, 30, 32 Leafield Drive Closed 332 Sammon Ave PL110121-332 Sammon Avenue Closed 606-618 Yonge St et al PL110126-5 St. Joseph Development Ltd. Closed 4 Bracondale Hill Rd PL110127- 2 Semi-Detached Triplexes Closed 521 Danforth Ave PL110130-Variance A0876/10TEY-Toronto Closed 16 Vesta Dr PL110131-Halahel Residential Variance Closed PL110138-Legalize Duplex & Rear Addition 473 Bathurst St Closed Variances 288 Mount Pleasant Rd PL110139-Ramin Borzoui Closed 482 Cranbrooke Ave PL110145- J. Paras Closed 7 Bridgeview Rd PL110157-Liberata & Christos Sarellas Closed 15 Runnymede Rd PL110158- Bisci Basement Unit Closed 70 Lavinia Ave PL110159-Cole Residential Variance Closed 229 Douglas Ave PL110160-Cooke Residential Variance Closed 103 Elmwood Ave PL110161- Ahmaid New Dwelling Variances Closed 143 Alexandra Blvd PL110174- Blakely Garage Conversion Variances Closed 78 Westgate Blvd PL110175- Hornak Garage and Rear Additions Closed PL110176-King Charlotte Corp. Site Plan Closed 193 Forest Hill Rd PL110178-Variance-Toronto-Ipchil Closed 372 Coxwell Ave PL110180- Vavaroutsos Addition Variances Closed 110 Heath St W PL110182-Sharam Home Developments Inc. Closed 219 Hollywood Ave PL110193- Khalili-Shavarini New Dwelling Closed PL110196-Kingsway Manor Homes. Garage 102 Felbrigg Avenye Closed Varaince PL110197- Agrippa Extension & 2nd Storey 44 Poplar Rd Closed Variances 233 St. Leonards Ave PL110199-Taylor Brooke St. Leonard's Ltd. Variance Closed 37 Glenayr Rd PL110228- Wolfe New 3 Storey Dwelling Closed 258 Brunswick Ave PL110230-Tzvi Steynovitz Closed 47 Hill Cres PL110233- Sweet & Duggan 2nd Storey Addition Closed PL110241- Manno Consent and New Home 20 James St Closed Variances 79 Fishleigh Dr PL110244-Hall Residential Variance Closed 348 Hillcrest Ave PL110245-Sadri Residential Variance Closed 3747-3757 Keele St & 11 Le Page Crt PL110253-Craft Aquistion Corp. Retail Variances Closed 58, 60 , 64 & 68 Orchard View Blvd et all PL110264-Orchard View Holdings Inc. Closed 0 Rivalda Rd W/S PL110267-1817646 Ontario Inc. Closed 300 Woodmount Ave PL110270-Sarta addition & det. garage varainces Closed 1566 Queen St W PL110272-1796447 Ontario Ltd. Closed 5 Langbourne Place PL110276-Kanda & Kovac carport/covered porch mv Closed 390 Markham St PL110277-Edward and Djanka Gajdel Closed 276 Horsham Ave PL110280- Di Trani Residential Site Plan Closed 21 Glenallan Rd PL110288-Lori and Richard Elder Closed 36 Spencer Ave PL110291-Crans Montana Enterprises Inc. Variance Closed 40 Belcourt Rd PL110292- Adli 2 Storey Additions Closed 119 Soudan Ave PL110293-1485319 Ontario Inc. Closed 496 Fairlawn Ave PL110301-Nancy Woodman Closed 50 Firwood Cres PL110308- 50 Firwood Cres. 2255781 Ontario Inc. Open 3003 Bathurst St PL110312-Kosher to Go addition & shed variances Closed 5959 Yonge St PL110316-7 mixed use towers & townhouses Open 300 Nugget Ave PL110328-2264201 Ont. Inc. Waste/Recycling Statio Closed 21 Lower Links Rd PL110330-Farnnoush Residential Variance Closed 473 Woburn Ave PL110336-Palavicino garage variances Closed 435 Midwest Rd PL110346-Ganesh Parking Variance Closed 0 Alton Towers Cir & Goldhawk Trail PL110355-By-laws 379-2011 & 380-2011 Closed 40 Woodbury Rd PL110362-Joseph Papas Closed 167, 169, 177 & 181 Maplehurst Ave PL110369-Nedmar Enterprises Inc. Maplehurst Ave. Closed 90 Niagara St PL110384-Fiieldgage Infill (Niagara) Limited Closed 25 Hadley Rd PL110385-Matthew Justin Bogart Closed 512 Jarvis St PL110387-Maya Records Inc. Closed 24 Wineva Ave PL110389- Dewhurst Basement Unit Closed 315 Mutual St PL110390-El-Farouki Khaki Closed 155 Morningside Ave PL110392-Timothy Melnichuk Closed PL110393-English Lane Residential Development 39 Green Belt Drive Open Ltd. 364 Lake Promenade PL110395-Chris Zhi Qiang Li Closed 329 Winona Dr PL110400-Gustavo Escobedo Closed 687 Woburn Ave PL110423-Kleiman consent and variances Closed 1717 Bathurst St PL110429-Prime Street Properties Inc. 2 Semi Dwell Closed 173 Strathearn Rd PL110435-Jonathan Barr Closed 33 Davisville Ave PL110436-New Age Development Closed 249 Manor Rd E PL110438-Majid Mahboubi Closed PL110441-Annex Loft Homes amenity space 483 Dupont St Closed variance 21 Claremore Ave PL110449-Demetri Hatziantoniou Closed 24 White Pine Ave PL110490-Mangoff.Attic living space varaince Closed 40 Beaufort Rd PL110491- Cole Rear Addition Variance Closed 78 Willow Ave PL110508-August. Third floor dwelling addition Closed 225 Wellesley St E PL110509-Willowfield Winchester Inc. Closed 14 Batavia Ave PL110516-Ricardo & Sandra Hermenegildo Closed 8 Gloxinia Cres PL110529-2267713 Ontario Inc. New Dwelling Closed 18 Evans Ave PL110530-Martin residential addition variances Closed 316 Blackthorn Ave PL110531-Jose Faustino & Clara Da Mata New Deck Closed 50 Glengowan Rd PL110534-Hanif & Zenobia Nanji Closed PL110535- Goldman Parking Variances Closed 138 Sutherland Dr PL110538-Lila Kocev & Chan Ming Leung Closed 102 Chaplin Cres PL110541-Jelica Blanusa Closed 328, 330, 332, 344, 358 & 374 Dupont St PL110543-328 Dupont St. - 1095909 Ontario Ltd. Open PL110552-357-363 King St.W. River Oaks 357-363 King St W et al Closed Investments PL110553-36-44 Eglinton Ave W. Premium 36-44 Eglinton Ave W Closed Properties 323-333 King St W PL110554- 323-333 King Street West Open 602-604 Browns Line PL110563-Breuer/Kepecs. Parking Space Variance Closed 92 Ridge Hill Drive PL110565 - 92 Ridge Hill Drive Closed PL110566-World Vietnamese Buddhist Order 101 Lisgar and 1118-1122 Queen St W Closed Addition Northeast corner of Weston Rd & Oak St PL110600-By-law 615-2011 Closed 1602 Queen St E PL110606-Goldenrod Investments Ltd. Closed 26 Deforest Rd PL110611-26 Deforest Rd. - Oliveira Closed PL110620-55 Latimer-Cunningham New Home 55 Latimer Ave Closed Variances 507 St. Clements Ave PL110621-507 St. Clements Ave - Bolourian Closed 53 Latimer Ave PL110628-53 Latimer Ave. - Finegold & Fraizinger Closed 3965 Keele St PL110629-3965 Keele Street - City of Toronto Closed 131 Church Ave PL110630-131 Ave. - Chung Variance Closed 18 Dublaine Ave PL110633-18 Dunblaine Ave - Howard Variance Closed PL110637-Variance A0467/10NY-Toronto Closed 73-79 Keewatin Ave, 88 Erskine Ave PL110639-ZBLs 438-86 & 362-67, Residential Bldg Closed 140 Westbourne Aveneue PL110643-Fetterly-creation of 2 Lots & Variances Closed 224 McCaul St PL110668-Tran - 3rd Floor Addition A0191/11TEY Closed 129 Baldwin St PL110669-Mazzawi/Bahardoust A0168/11TEY Open 29 Southwell Dr PL110679-Armindo Joaquim - #A177/11NY Closed 41 Saintfield Ave PL110681-Steven Leyzac - A0384/10NY Closed 22 Creston Rd PL110684-AMLD Investments Inc. New Dwelling Closed 1035-1037 Kingston Rd PL110688- Mulock Variances For Multi Use Building Closed 13 Crown Park Rd PL110689-Gabriele rear addition gfa variance Closed 214 Broadway Ave PL110691-Edward Boyd - 214 Broadway Ave Closed PL110700-41 Ossington Ave- Condo redevelopment Closed 25 Fontenay Crt PL110704-Perspective Dev. Ltd Apartments Variance Closed 66 Munro Blvd PL110714- Esfandiari New Dwelling Variances Closed 238 St. Leonards Ave PL110719-Hossein Amini - 2 storey dwelling Closed 176 Alfred Ave PL110720-Variance-Toronto Closed 43 Drewry Ave PL110721-Zoning By-law No. 801-2011 Closed 59 Four Oakes Gate PL110725-N. Phardis New Dwelling Variances Closed 61 Overlea Blvd PL110730- 61 Overlea Blvd. Imperial Oil Ltd. Closed 90 Montrose Ave PL110738-1395577 Ontario Inc.- 90 Montrose Ave Closed 149 Strachan Ave PL110748-Bert Schmitz - 149 Strachan Avenue Closed 376 Glen Manor Dr PL110749-Jonathan Mainwaring- 376 Glen Mnr Dr Closed 185 Geoffrey St PL110750-Nelson & Beaudoin addition gfa variance Closed 344 Brunswick Ave PL110753- Na Basement Unit and Balcony Var Closed 12 Mercer St & 60 John St PL110772-12 Mercer St. and 60 John Street Closed 111 St. Clair Ave W PL110773-2246299 Ontario Inc - 111 St Clair Ave W Closed 130 Garfield Ave PL110774-Jennifer Reynolds - 130 Garfield Ave Closed 1046 Avenue Rd & 55-57 Banbury Blvd PL110794-Slubor Group Ltd. Site Plan & Rezoning Closed 57 Riverview Heights PL110795-A. Recchia & S. Mark - 57 Riverview Hts Closed 21 Astor Ave PL110797-Antonio Paglialunga - 21 Astor Ave Closed 116 Frontenac Ave PL110798-Iced Snowberries Est Inc New Dwelling Closed 31 Saulter St PL110810-940412 Ont Ltd 2 New Lots w/Semi Closed 62 Old Oak Rd PL110813-A. Papadopoulos - 62 Old Oak Rd Closed 10 Marilyn Ave PL110814-Sunny Fan - 10 Marilyn Ave Closed 6500-6550 Lawrence Ave E PL110825-Mattamy (Lawrence) Limited Closed 114 Frontenac Ave PL110833-Iced Snowberries Est. Inc. New Dwelling Closed 2388-2398 Lake Shore Blvd W & 13 Superior Ave PL110834-By-law No. 995-2011 Closed 66 Baby Point Rd PL110852- Bozinoff 3 Storey Dwelling Closed 2 Spencer Ave PL110860- Ruprecht Rooming House ZBA Closed 194 Glendonwynne Rd PL110865- Pavic/Narvali 2 Storey Addition Closed PL110875-393,395,397,39, 401&403 Spring Garden 393, 395, 397, 399, 401,403 Spring Garden Ave Closed Ave 78 Salem Ave PL110892-Chen & Ni third storey addition variances Closed 683 Carlaw Ave PL110893-Sarah McColl Cooper Closed PL110894-Turcke/Mcilquham 2nd/3rd Storey 209 Rosedale Heights Dr Closed Additions 220 Rosemary Rd PL110895-Victor Butko Closed 161 Waverley Rd PL110896-Donald Joseph Brean Closed 118 Glenayr Rd PL110897-George Fantus and Ellen Fantus Closed 781 Adelaide St W PL110899- Martins 2 new dwellings/lots Closed PL110907-Mendes existing second dwelling 440 Ashdale Ave Closed variances 74 Walmer Rd PL110908-Remtulla addition minor variances Closed 161 August Ave PL110919-Charalambos Lazaridis Closed 18 Evans Ave PL110923-Tamara and Steven Martin Closed 48 Norval St PL110925-Sergei Siromskii, new 2-storey Closed 2615 Lakeshore Blvd W. PL110944-Marc Marciniak - 2022909 Ont. Limited Closed 189 Strathgowan Ave PL110946-Pamela Zakarow & George Buckles Closed 1183 Queen St E PL110949-1521863 Ontario Ltd. 10 Townhomes Closed 1668 Islington Ave PL110976-St. George's Golf and Country Club Closed 57 Cheritan Ave PL110980-Michael Klubal and Karen Leonard Closed 526 Glengrove Ave PL110981-Avigdor new home minor variances Closed 115 Lawrence Cres PL110982-Coleman new residential home variances Closed 484 McRoberts Ave PL110991-Frank Falco, Luis Vieira Closed 58 Bessborough Dr PL110993-Chong new home minor variances Closed 197 Cameron Ave PL110994-Zaree new 3 storey home minor variances Closed 39 Deloraine Ave PL110998- Leslie & Daniel Closed 42 Hi Mount Drive PL111000-Margarita Torres Closed 545 Glencairn Ave PL111001- Harnish Detached Garage Closed 25 Hampton Ave PL111002-Camille Marie Lemieux Closed 50 Scarboro Ave PL111006-2138929 Ontario Ltd 5 New Lots/Homes Closed PL111031-Omaninan new home garage & gfa 46 Jedburgh Rd Closed variances 332 Roselawn Ave PL111032-Elizabeth Svirsky Closed 83 Glengrove Ave W PL111033-Danics new home minor variances Closed 206 Haddington Ave PL111034-Morris Schwartz & Rachel Schwartz Closed 378 Brookdale Ave PL111036-James Cook & K. Morgan Closed 41 Alcorn Ave PL111049- Zielinsky Skateboard Ramp Closed 9-21 Grenville St PL111050-Grenville Residence Inc. Closed 109 Banff Rd PL111057-Adeel Khan Closed 51 Warwick Ave PL111058-Lei additions minor variances Closed PL111059-1696385 Ont comercial add'n over car 1901 Danforth Ave Closed wash 125 Bannockburn Ave PL111069-Goldstein new home minor variances Closed PL111070-Deljou two new dwelling 58 Florence Ave Closed consent/variances 105 Grace St PL111080-Giuseppina Zampino Closed 172 The Kingsway PL111082- Pavlovic 2 Storey Additions Closed 201 Hymus Rd PL111092-2116707 Ontario Limited Closed 195, 205 and 215 Bonis Ave PL111093-Gemterra Developments Corporation Closed PL111094- De Filippo & Molinari 2 New Lots & 76 Ash Cres Closed Homes 850-858 York Mills Rd PL111112-850-858 York Mills Rd.Kingsberg Property Open 620 Avenue Rd; 215-217 Lonsdale Rd PL111115-Minto 201 Lonsdale Developments Inc Closed 32 Cassels Ave PL111118-Holvay gazebo minor variances Closed 33 Tarlton Rd PL111119- Shram, Inbal-Toronto Closed 0 Dufferin St PL111124-By-law No. 1129-2011 Closed PL111131-Islamic Society of Willowdale Closed 205 Elmhurst Ave PL111144-2269107 Ontario Inc Closed St. Clair Ave W between Keele St and Runnymede PL111146-OPA No. 144 & ZBL 1170-2011 Open Rd 10 King George's Dr PL111149-Girolamo Di Rosa, Maria R. Di Rosa Closed 1001 Sheppard Ave E PL111158-Concord Adex Development Closed 431, 441 & 445 Richmond St W PL111163-Menkes Residences Ltd. Closed 504 Soudan Ave PL111164-Craig Anderson Closed 700 Huron St PL111165-Burnac Holdings Limited Closed PL111166-Robert Corey Hawtin Closed 2A Croydon Rd PL111169-Brenda Doyle Closed 1 Yonge St PL111170-One Yonge St. 1428501 Ontario Limited Closed 2885 Bayview Ave PL111183-Daniels HR Corp. 2885 Bayview Avenue Closed 206 Hillhurst Blvd PL111186-Fausto Palombo Closed 30 Lawrence Cres PL111187-Marion Oliver Closed 62 Glenforest Rd PL111191-Emma & Neil Davies Closed 30 Burnhamthorpe Park Blvd PL111221-Ihor Sahan Closed 73 Twenty Seventh St PL111222-Ruza Kamber Closed 3024 Kennedy Rd PL111227-Colangelo Fruit Market Ltd. Closed 1057 Kipling Ave PL111228-Nedd Velagic Closed 98 Esgore Dr PL111232-Rawlings new residential lots Closed 23 Wanless Cres PL111244-Tolfo new two storey home variances Closed 215 Glengrove Ave W PL111245-Henry Sung-Yol Yu & Susan So-Yun Yu Closed PL111246-Luganov & Emery Drewry Ave consents & 378 Drewry Ave Closed mvs 8-28 Inez Crt and 51 Drewry Ave PL111252-Yolanda Flanders Dev. Inc. and other Open 18-26 Rean Dr PL111262-Daniels HR Corporation Closed 1001-1019 Sheppard Ave E PL111266-Concord Adex Investments Limited Open PL111277-361 The West Mall -West Mall 361 The West Mall & 24 Eva Rd Open Investments 68 Merton St PL111281-ZBA No. 1239-2011 Closed 50 Ardwold Gate PL111283-Michael and Denise Dorfman Closed 114 Robinson St PL111285-Benedetto addition variances Closed PL111286-Benedetto (913255 Ont) addition 116 Robinson St Closed variances 154 Front St E PL111300-FMC Front Street Developments Inc. Open 4121 Lawrence Ave E PL111306-Lawrence Glen Holdings Ltd. Closed 45 Edenbrook Hill PL111323-Justin Naworynski Closed 357 Roncesvalles Ave PL111334-Dagmar Radwan Closed 1192 Dufferin St PL111359-Fernando Melo Closed 85 Vickers Rd PL120001-By-law No. 1325-2011 Closed 4186 Finch Ave E PL120003-Torgan Construction Limited Closed 370 & 372 St. John 's Rd PL120008-M.Assensoh & C.Scott-Fisher Closed 1051 Ellesmere Rd PL120014-Toronto By-Law 1363-2011 Closed 43 & 50 Upton Rd PL120016-Goldman Ltd - Appeal conditions Closed 61 Long Branch Ave PL120017-Vito&Giuseppina Iozzo - B-22 Closed 2145 Danforth Ave PL120026-Belchevski mixed-use reno variances Closed 5 Portneuf Crt PL120027-Mirvish residential addition variances Closed PL120028-1399550 Ont. Kippendavie detached 19 Kippendavie Ave Closed homes 12 Bonnycastle St PL120032-Great Gulf Properties-12 Bonnycastle St Closed 127 Summerhill Ave PL120033-Marc Sibonney-127 Summerhill Av Closed 68 Merton St PL120034-By-Law No. 1361-2011 Closed 280 Princess Ave PL120040-Gabra Hanna - 280 Princess Ave Closed 62 Donegall Drive PL120041-S&A Balm - 62 Donegall Drive Closed 500 Cummer Ave PL120049-TDSB educational property variances Closed 14 Chelford Rd PL120056-F. O'Brien - 14 Chelford Rd Closed 45 Charles St E PL120060-45 - Charles Ltd. Closed Lawrence Allen Secondary Plan PL120063-By-law 1414-2011- OPA 162 Open 1390 Don Mills Rd PL120076-Don Mills Development Inc. Closed 71 Hounslow Ave PL120082- Zotov 2 New Homes - Consent/Variances Closed 567, 569, & 571 Fairlawn Ave PL120085 S.Ali - -571 Fairlawn Ave Closed 229 Wilfred Ave PL120103-Massimo Cerilli Closed 56 Florence Ave PL120105-Ronit & Namita Sharma Closed 621 King St W PL120107-621 King Dev Ltd.-ZBA Closed PL120119-365-375 Church St. Menkes Church 365 to 375 Church St Open Holding 1792 Bloor St W PL120123-Peter, Nick, George Konidis Closed 229 Holmes Ave PL120135-E. Karimi - 229 Holmes Ave Closed 50 Bannockburn Ave PL120136-M. Toder Severance Closed 14 Stuart Cres PL120139-E.Papp - 14 Stuart Crescent Closed 16 Athlone Rd PL120143-Z.Kassum - 16 Athlone Road Closed 15, 25, 29 & 33 Singer Crt PL120145-Concord Limited-15,25,29,33 Singer Crt Closed 710 Bathurst St PL120154-Yu rear addition variances (710 Bathurst) Closed 708 Bathurst St PL120155-Efantis/Stecky addition mv (708 Bathurst) Closed 2 Harlow Cres PL120156-V&A Sharma - 2 Harlow Crescent Closed 432 Armadale Ave PL120157-G/T Hintze - 432 Armadale Ave Closed 212 Howland Ave PL120158-R&S Sharda - 212 Howland Ave Closed 25-35 Warrender Ave PL120159-Princess Apartments-25-35 Warrender Av Closed 27 Devondale Ave PL120164-K. Foon - 27 Devondale Ave Closed 58 Mason Blvd PL120165-S. Nicosia - 58 Mason Blvd Closed 86 Plymbridgr Rd PL120166-Remy Silver - 86 Plymbridge Rd Closed 154 Front St E PL120179-FMC Front Street Developments Closed 9 Lee Ave PL120185-N.Krikorian - 9 Lee Avenue Closed 105 Pine Glen Rd PL120187-Goodacre & Kim new home variances Closed 146 Kingswood Rd PL120188-K. Walmsley - 146 Kingswood Road Closed 1844-1854 Bloor St W et al PL120190-Daniels Corp Closed 64 Covington Rd PL120195-R.Fenwick-64 Covington Rd. Closed 18 Nuffield Dr PL120209-Prata addition & garage minor variances Closed 42 Charles St E & 39 Hayden St PL120212-42 Charles St. Ltd - Resid Devel Closed 75 Coverdale Cres PL120213-Zhong Ying Li - 75 Coverdale Cres Closed 140 Spring Garden Ave PL120215-Springer new home minor variances Closed 20 St. Hubert Ave PL120226-L. & D. Gubino - 20 St. Hurbert Ave Closed 775 King St W PL120228-Minto KWT Inc - 775 King St. W. Closed 6 Dartnell Ave PL120229-Martha Crowley - 6 Dartnell Avenue Closed 27 Chestnut Park PL120230-M. & S. Remtulla - 27 Chestnut Road Closed 176 Lawrence Ave E PL120232-K. Mansoori - 176 Lawrence Ave E Closed 77 Ferrier Ave PL120237-Campbell Chow - 77 Ferrier Avenue Closed 8 Casimir St PL120238-Variance- Toronto A0847/11TEY Closed 440 Rustic Rd PL120253-Guiseppe Campana - 440 Rustic Rd Closed 426-444 Adelaide St W PL120256-Brant Park Inc - 426-444 Adelaide St. W. Closed 80 Glen Echo Rd PL120260-C. Boulougouris - 80 Glen Echo Rd. Closed 27 Vesta Dr PL120263-Harvey Wise - 27 Vesta Drive Closed 145 Spalding Rd PL120264-Jose Santos - 145 Spalding Rd Closed 90 Eastdale Ave PL120274-Preston Group - 90 Eastdale Avenue Open PL120286-Shahsavar 2 new res. lots severance& 56 Kingsdale Ave Closed mv's 185 Horsham Ave PL120290-M. Mazaheri- 185 Horsham Ave Closed 4 James St, Plan 2180, Lot 102 PL120293-R. Fiorucci- 4 James Street Closed 243 Glenview Ave PL120296-J. & K. Stanger -243 Glenview Ave Closed 1A Mattice Rd PL120297-Roth rear addition minor variances Closed 332 Sutherland Dr PL120298-Delic new home minor variances Closed PL120299-A. & M Mohajer-Ashjai-45 Cheltenham 45 Cheltenham Ave Closed Ave 233 Elmwood Ave PL120300-D. Tsang & S. Yau - 233 Elmwood Ave Closed PL120302-Hercezeg three new homes severance & 200 Yonge Blvd Closed mv's 153 Rumsey Rd PL120310-Ali Ahmad - 153 Rumsey Rd Closed 4 Camwood Cres PL120311-Shabana Alvi -4 Camwood Cres Closed 64, 66 & 70 Pemberton Ave PL120312-K.;T.&G. Lee-64,66&70 Pemberton Ave Open 155-163 Dundas St E & 200 Jarvis St PL120315-By-Law 161-2012 - Mixed Use Building Closed 3874 Bathurst St PL120316-Fieldgate Dev - 3874 Bathurst St Closed 27 Almore Ave PL120318-876330 Ontario Ltd- 27 Almore Ave Closed 218-224 Finch Ave W PL120321-222 Finch Ave Inc - 218-224 Finch Ave W Closed 2 Lumley Ave PL120322-Reitano below grade garage variance Closed 202 Bentworth Ave PL120323-Israelite Nation Inc - 202 Bentworth Ave Closed 245 & 251 College St, 39 & 40 Glasgow St PL120328- KCAP Rresidence 245 & 251 College St. Open 2223 & 2225 Gerrard St E PL120330-By-Law No. 138-2012-6 Story Building Closed 10 Karen Ann Cres PL120337-George Axiotis -10 Karen Ann Crest Closed 2200 Lakeshore Blvd W et al PL120338-Onni (Westlake) - 2200 Lakeshore Blvd Closed 438 Lake Front PL120343-Kathryn Nelson-438 Lake Front Closed 70 Otter Cres PL120345-Tsur Moses - 70 Otter Cresent Closed 41 Burbank Dr PL120347-Variance, Toronto A-785/11NY Closed PL120355-Haley &Simmons third unit minor 185 Delaware Ave Closed variances 1986 Queen St E PL120366-1986 Queen St E. Ltd - 1986 Queen St. E. Closed 140 Dinnick Cres PL120381-Toronto - Demolition Permit Closed 541 Euclid Ave PL120387-S. Kwong - 541 Euclid Ave Closed 34 Rowanwood Ave PL120391-Island Sheep fourth storey addition mv's Closed 195 Davenport Rd & 131 Hazelton Ave PL120397-OP-368-2012 - Mixed Use Rezoning Closed 538 and 540 Eglinton Ave E PL120400-BL - 333-2012 - Toronto Closed 66 Isabella St PL120401-ZBA-374-2012 - 66 Isabella Street Closed 85 Eagle Rd PL120404- Sternak FSI Variance Closed 15 Cleveden Ave PL120412-Dan Hornibrook - 15 Cliveden Ave Closed 615 College St PL120415-Pilajo, Add patio to restaurant Closed 27 Dominion Rd PL120426-Mary Tabusam Tocher Closed 508-516 Wellington St W PL120429-Portwell Developments Inc. Closed 2540 Gerrard St E PL120431-GCD Trust Ltd., New Appartement bldg Closed 983 Glencairn Ave PL120448-Celeste Batista - 983 Glencairn Ave Closed 320 Brookdale Ave PL120451-Dimitre Kerelski - 320 Brookdale Ave Closed 384 Manning Ave PL120454-Emilio Taddeo - 384 Manning Avenue Closed 56 Vanderhoof Ave PL120465-Variance- Toronto - Mitrakos Closed 140 Dinnick Cres PL120470-Stanley - 3 storey dwelling Closed 2 Silverton Ave PL120471-Jordan Menashy - 2 Silverton Ave Closed 92 Truman Rd PL120472-Walton - C & V for 2 new dwellings Closed 145 Dewbourne Ave PL120475-Rose-New 2 storey single family dwellg Closed 7 Ellsworth Ave PL120479-Turtledove Management Corporation Closed 516 Eglinton Ave W PL120489-2113408 Ontario rear yard patio variance Closed 96 Durie St PL120490-Pinnock variances for additions to home Closed 360 Tapscott Rd PL120491-Yeung Yuen-Man & Yeung Kam-Yuk Closed PL120495-Ross GFA variance for new 2 storey 19 St. Leonards Ave Closed home 39 Deepwood Cres PL120497-Ivetta Demopoulos - 39 Deepwood Crest Closed 58 Scarboro Cres PL120508-Slagter-C&V for 2 detached dwells Closed 94 Cumberland St PL120514-BL 523-2012-22 storey Mixed Use Bldg Closed 56 Maple Ave PL120520-Adheel Hahn - 56 Maple Avenue Closed 1056 Gerrard St E PL120521-Kouisogiannopoulos patio variance Closed 152 Kenilworth Ave PL120528-Iain & Magdelina Giles - New Dwelling Closed 744 Woburn Ave PL120536-Albborz Mohtashami-744-48 Woburn Closed 38 Glengrove Ave W PL120541-I. Sretenovic-38 Glengrove Ave W. Closed 72 Bankview Cir PL120544-G.K. Dhaliwal-72 Bankview Circle Closed 29 Ashton Manor PL120545-Strath Dimakos-29 Ashton Manor Closed 49 Fairlawn Ave PL120549-M.Troiani - 49 Fairlawn Ave Closed 239 Carmichael Ave PL120577-L&C Fuhrer-239 Carmichael Ave Closed 147 Cambridge Ave PL120580-V.Bregman-3 storey detachached house Closed 48 Ferrier Ave PL120581-Kartzali - New 3-storey duplex Closed 7 Page St PL120582-R.Kelln-Variance for 3 units Closed PL120593-847-873 Sheppard Ave.W. Larkwood 847-873 Sheppard Ave W Open Develop. 47A and 47B Donside Dr PL120603- Parimal Das- 47A & 47B Donside Drive Closed 1352 Mount Pleasant Rd PL120605-A&J Violante-1352 Mount Pleasant Road Closed 218 Culford Rd PL120617-218 Culford Rd, Aldridge, Rear Yard Shed Closed PL120625-404 Briar Hill Ave, Mohtashami, New 404 Briar Hill Ave Closed House PL120631-440 Soudan Av, 1769638 Ont Ltd. 440 Soudan Ave Closed Consent 7, 15, 25R,29 and 39 Queens Quay East PL120635-OPA 393 & ZBL 680-2012 -Pier 27 Open 15 Vesta Dr PL120637-Levine - New 2-storey detached dwelling Closed 410-446 Bathurst St PL120648-Riotrin PS Inc. 410-446 Bathurst St. Closed 18 Ardmore Rd PL120649-18 Ardmore Road Closed West Forest Hill Zoning Study PL120656-By-law No. 672-2012 Closed 595 Bay St PL120657-Atrium on Bay Port Folio Inc. Closed 962 Coxwell Ave PL120658-F. Rana - 962 Coxwell Ave Closed 6 McBain Ave PL120661- 2 storey dwelling 6 McBain Ave Closed PL120662 Goldfisher Coldstream Ave 2story 463 Coldstream Ave Closed detached 325 Hillcrest Ave PL120663-A. Hosseini - 325 Hillcrest Ave Closed 188 Snowdon Ave PL120665-188 Snowdon Ave. G. Lukic Closed 24 Mercer St PL120669-2071430 Ontario Inc-21 Storey 27 unit res Closed 243 Niagara St PL120677-Don Desrocher - 243 Niagara St Closed 68 Hogarth Ave PL120678-S&G Moumouris - 68 Hogarth Ave Closed 702 Crawford St PL120679-A. Tucci & H. Vaughn - MV for 4 unit dwel Closed 1648 Bathurst St PL120680-1648 Bathurst St. Bathurst Hillview Co-op Open 36 Rowley Ave PL120682-Naghibzadeh/Farhangnia Closed 1 Valhalla Inn Rd PL120683-Dorsoduro Development Closed 58 Walder Ave PL120688-Castleton Homes Ltd.-58 Walder Ave Closed 4155 Yonge St PL120694-IRE-YONGE Developers Inc-12 storey use Closed 22 Delavan Ave PL120728-Guido Doria Closed 105 Golfdale Rd PL120730-Moktassi/Behroozfard, new dwelling Closed 45 Connaught Ave PL120735 Rosebrook Estates, 4-story condo Closed 133 Church Ave PL120739-Tony Chuang, new dwellings Closed 1200,1210 & 1220 Sheppard Ave East PL120752-Amexon, 6 new residential bldgs Open 154 Windermere Ave PL120758-James Oh, 3 single dwellings Closed 484 St. Germain Ave PL120769-Emil Toma, divide lot for residential use Closed 28 Hanson Rd PL120776-Edward Lamberti, 3 storey rear add. Closed 168 Lake Promenade PL120777-Volpati/Carreiro, new semi-det. dwellings Closed 15 Burton Rd PL120782-Michelle Gordon, new 3-storey dwelling Closed 2720 Victoria Park Ave PL120786-Luke James Williamson, new dwelling Closed 62 Fairfield Rd PL120788- Peake & Elliot, 2-storey addition Closed 44 Montclair Ave PL120798-Aurelio, alter existing dwelling Closed 184, 186 & 190 York Mills Rd PL120799-Mahmoudi five new 2-storey houses Closed 30 Brookview Drive PL120807-Faigie Garfunkel, existing deck to remain Closed 119 Latimer Ave PL120808-Xin Zhu Zhu, new 2-storey dwelling Closed 47 Roblin Ave PL120809-Luigi Nunno, 2nd flr addition with garage Closed 34 Grenview Blvd S PL120814-Tom Rosa, 2 new detached dwellings Closed 1960 & 1962 Queen St E PL120820-BL 772-2012, 6 storey mixed use dev. Open 49 South Marine Dr PL120822-Majid Rezaee, new 2-storey dwelling Closed 1717 Avenue Rd PL120825- 1717 Avenue Rd. Tribute (Avenue) Ltd. Closed 42 Greenfield Dr PL120826-Galle Construction Inc., new dwelling Closed 333 Bering Ave PL120827-333 Bering Inc, new office spaces Closed 490 Rathburn Rd PL120828-Marie Colella, 2 residential lots Closed 221 Joicey Blvd PL120831-Andre S. Kutyan, new 2-storey dwelling Closed 2400 Bathurst St PL120837-2400 Bathurst Upper Forest Hill Suites II Closed 15 Shaunavon Heights Cres PL120839-Colin & Alice Round, attached garage Closed 159 Owen Blvd PL120854-Kwan Sur Park & Bora Lee Closed 30 Maybourne Ave PL120858-Elias Katsis, 2 new residential lots Closed 121 Bexhill Ave PL120861-Rahul Saha, 2 new residential lots Closed 1 Northglen Ave PL120864-Kamelia Sadr, 2-storey det. dwelling Closed 280 Ellerslie Ave PL120872- Tabib, severance & two new dwelling Closed 42 Caswell Drive PL120877-Rahman Rahimi, new 3-storey dwelling Closed 414 Vesta Dr PL120895-Joanne Cohen, new 2-storey dwelling Closed 770 Lawrence Ave W & 3083-3095, 3101 Dufferin St PL120904-Duflaw Realty Ltd. rezoning Closed 227 Glebemount Ave PL120911-227 Glebemount Avenue Alteration Closed 38 Brunswick Ave PL120925-Pauline Tseng, maintain addition Closed 860 Pape Ave PL120926-2234900 Ontario Inc.,car wash conversion Closed 605 Logan Ave PL120928- Radhika Raj, integral garage Closed 499 St. Clarens Ave PL120929-Antonio Borges Araujo, two to four units Closed 1443-1451 Bathurst St PL120931-1451 Bathurst St Ltd., 25-storey bldg Closed 123 Sheldrake Blvd PL120936-DiVito new 2-storey dwelling Closed 9 Bales Ave PL120937-Avongate 12 storey residential bldg Closed PL120938-172 Sandringham Dr. Second Floor 172 Sandringham Drive Closed Balcony 19 Vesta Dr PL120948-Roth, New 2-storey detached dwelling Closed 302 & 304 Brookdale Ave PL120951-Peltonen Variance Closed 571 Dundas St et al PL120962-OPA 189 - Alexandra Park & Co-op Closed 45 Cuthbert Cres PL120963-Eaton, severance & 2 residential lots Closed 230 Sheldon Ave PL120978-Carandale two residential lots Closed 32 Cassels Ave PL120988-Holvay Alteration of Gazebo Closed Sugarbush Sq, East Side PL120992-Ellesmore Dev Ltd, 3 residential lots Closed 984, 990 and 1000 Bay St PL121000-2302686 Ontario Ltd. et al, 32-storey Closed 14 Laurel Ave PL121001-Dinyar new 3-storey single dwelling Closed 215,217,221,223,225,227,229 Erskine Ave PL121014-Elvina Gardens Development Closed 36 Deep Dene Dr PL121025-Kaur Flora Severance Closed 16 Barbara Cres PL121035-Kollias/Anagnostu, new dwelling Closed 251 Golfdale Rd PL121038-Jackson new dwelling Closed 288 Erskine Ave PL121039-Mortazavi new dwelling Closed 50 Lorindale Ave PL121040-Saka second storey addition Closed 31 Glengowan Rd PL121041-Serenity Prestige Residences Inc. Closed 28 Millgate Cres PL121042-Steinberg covered porch Closed 401 Kingsdale Ave PL121043-Besharat dwelling under construction Closed 52 Hillcrest Ave PL121044-City of Toronto new art club Closed 208 Mortimer Ave PL121051- Iankov/Gueorguiev dwelling convert Closed 2 & 4 Dale Ave PL121052-2221023 Ont Inc. Residential Dev. Closed 280-282 Scarborough Golf Club Rd PL121053-Guildwood Development Closed 50 McMurray Ave PL121063-El-Houni/Coghlan 5 residential units Closed 265 Eddystone Ave PL121066-ICBL 939-2012, 265 Eddystone Ave Open 18 Graydon Hall Drive PL121067-Residences at Argento Inc. Revision Closed 77 MacLeod St PL121068-Cryer existing single family dwelling Closed 81 Elmwood Ave PL121069-Keshavarzian Severance Closed 40 Ealing Drive PL121073-Jacobs Severance/New Dwellings Closed 15, 25 & Automall Dr & 958 Milner Ave PL121096-Morguard, Retail Commercial Plaza Open 152 Glencairn Ave PL121105-Susan Done, 152 Glencairn Ave Closed 186 Caribou Rd PL121108-Steve Newman, 186 Caribou Rd Closed 115-117 Cheritan Ave PL121111-Schiavone, 115-117 Cheritan Ave Closed 6 Risa Blvd PL121112-Maria Dorado, 6 Risa Blvd Closed 145 Shelborne Ave PL121113-Hirsh, new dwelling Closed 187 Poyntz Ave PL121114-Navin Gangadin, 187 Poyntz Ave Closed 286 Melrose Ave PL121119-Sadeghi, new dwelling Closed 302 Richview Ave PL121121-Dobrowolski/Filiourskaia, new dwelling Closed 62 Melbourne Ave PL121122-Y. Sollbach, 62 Melbourne Ave Closed 412 Manning Ave PL121123-Izenberg/Ruskin, 1-storey addition Closed 53 Dunblaine Ave PL121124-S & A Song, 53 Dunblaine Ave Closed 33 Bayview Wood PL121125-Geoffrey Browne, 33 Bayview Wood Closed 79 Evelyn Ave PL121127-Ouellette/Bonsall, 79 Evelyn Ave Closed 14 Fordham Place PL121128-Conway/Solway, new dwelling Closed 210 Hillhurst Blvd PL121129-Rise Schwartz-Klaczkowski, Variance Closed 34 Woburn Ave PL121130-W & A Maxwell, 34 Woburn Ave Closed 461 St. Germain Ave PL121131-Farnaz Sabri, 461 St. Germain Ave Closed 66 Douglas Ave PL121132-Kisel & Wong, 66 Douglas Ave Closed 468 Coldstream Ave PL121133-Sanjay Kaith, 468 Coldstream Ave Closed 39 Clyde Ave PL121134-Mihalcea, new dwelling Closed 112 Dell Park Ave PL121135-S & F Adler, 112 Dell Park Ave Closed 80 Lorraine Dr PL121136-Jin Zhi Wang, 80 Lorraine Dr Closed 486 Bedford Park Ave PL121137-Janice Babins, 486 Bedford Park Ave Closed 141 Earlton Rd PL121138-David Fung, 141 Earlton Rd Closed 1990 Bloor St W & 26 Parkview Gdns PL121139-NDI (1990 Bloor Steet West) Inc. Closed 152 Maybourne Ave PL121151-152 Maybourne Ave Makol Consent Closed PL121155-Spacedino Inc. Carport & Deck- 128 128 Willow St Closed Willow 32 Bexhill Ave PL121156-Chan - Consent - 32 Bexhill Av - New Lot Closed 21 Pinehurst Cres PL121189-J & J Ferris ,21 Pinehurst Cres Closed 35 Edgevalley Dr PL121192-F & I Nanfara, 35 Edgevalley Dr Closed 280-282 Scarborough Golf Club Rd PL121198-Guildwood Development Closed 116 & 118 Cameron Ave PL121201-Mehrdad Adli, 16 & 18 Cameron Ave Closed 2 Dunblaine Ave PL121213-Joanne Janes, 2 Dunblaine Ave Closed 170 Westwood Ave PL121214-Lynbury Inc., 170 Westwood Ave Closed 24 Frankdale Ave PL121225-Lena Ohanjanians, 24 Frankdale Ave Closed 24 St. Annes Rd PL121231-M & E Katzman, 24 St. Annes Rd Closed 177A Caribou Rd PL121247-Adenat Corp., 177A Caribou Rd Closed 1246 Avenue Rd PL121251-1246-1248 Avenue Rd Parkland Levy Closed 356 Bedford Park Ave PL121253-Moghadampoor, 356 Bedford Pk Ave Closed 1100 King St W PL121264-King Liberty North Corp.,1100 King St Open 3 Heathbridge Park PL121275-Kulidjian, 3 Heathbridge Park Closed 103 Glengrove Ave W PL121276-M LeFlair, 103 Glengrove Ave W Closed 18 Privet Rd PL121277-Sunset Valley Homes Inc., 18 Privet Road Closed Protect View Ont. Legislative Assembly Bldg PL121286-OPA 203 Protect views of "OLA" Bldg Closed PL121287-Dun West mixed-use development Closed 15 Amaron Ave PL121293-Pires & Silva, 15 Amaron Ave Closed 64 Eleventh St PL121294-Gomes & Ferreira, 64 Eleventh St Closed 219 Queen St W PL121297-Arrowhead Ventures, mixed-use condo Closed 326 Lytton Blvd PL121298-Associated Prop. Corp., 326 Lytton Blvd. Closed 240 Snowdon Ave PL121308-Christine Wong, 240 Snowdon Avenue Closed 172 Donlea Dr PL121309-Bruce Amos, 172 Donlea Drive Closed PL121316-R.Strachan-G.Kennedy-31 Maple Ave Closed 305 Chaplin Cres PL121319-HW.Jang - 305 Chaplin Crescent Closed 21, 23 and 25 Price St PL121322-Battlestone Capital-Office Development Closed 4 Valleyview Gdns PL121324-G. Ritchie - 4 Valleyview Gardens Closed 10 Ruddington Dr PL121334-10 Ruddington Drive Inc., Site Plan Closed 235 Rosemount Ave PL121339-Danny Neto, 235 Rosemount Ave Closed 32 Strathearn Blvd PL121344-Uster, 32 Strathearn Boulevard Closed PL121345-1644137 Ontario Inc., 1941 Yonge Street Closed 11 Garnet Ave PL121346-Hafezi/Moinaddini, 11 Garnet Avenue Closed 103, 109-111 Ossington Ave PL121360-109 Ossington Ltd., 6 Storey Building Closed 204 Balmoral Ave & 0 Poplar Plains Rd PL121371-S. Makow Hlgs Ltd , 204 Balmoral Ave Closed 63 & 65 Danby Ave PL121379-63 and 65 Danby Avenue Open 185 Cortleigh Blvd PL121389-Olga Timofeeva, 185 Cortleigh Boulevard Closed PL121394-Freed Inv. Ltd., 101 King St E et al Open 37 Roxborough St W PL121413-Stephen Pumple, 37 Roxborough St W Closed 14 Martin Grove Rd PL121424-V & J Condarcuri, 14 Martin Grove Rd Closed 1770-1778 Albion Rd PL121425-2230434 Ont. Inc., 1770-1778 Albion Rd Closed 295 Byng Ave PL121428-Zhang/Gao, 295 Byng Ave Closed 28 Glen Rush Blvd PL121429-V Domingues, 28 Glen Rush Blvd Closed 4640 Jane St PL121430-Fitpac, 4640 Jane St Closed 148 Leacrest Rd PL121431-Jason Bunn, 148 Leacrest Rd Closed 48 Finch Ave W PL121434-Matthew Moyal, 48 Finch Ave W Closed 103-111 Bathurst St PL121438-111 Bathurst Inc., 17-storey building Closed 787 Midland Ave PL121447-Michelle Alexander, 787 Midland Ave Closed 347 Clinton St PL130003- 347 Clinton St - 2 Storey Garage/Studio Closed 426 Markham St PL130004-Vibe Speer/Flynn, 426 Markham St Closed 299 Pacific Ave PL130005-G Musi & S Loutskou, 299 Pacific Ave Closed 17 Robinglade Dr PL130014-Bogdan Sekh, 17 Robinglade Drive Closed 53 Berner Trail PL130015-Zahir Shah Talash, 53 Berner Trl Closed Queen St W between Dufferin St and Roncesvalles PL130016-IC BL 1393-2012, Queen St W restrictions Closed 19 New St PL130017-Kramer third floor addition variances Closed 559 Euclid Ave PL130018-N & T Seto, 559 Euclid Ave Closed 848 Carlaw Ave PL130019-Himsworth/Jeffs, 848 Carlaw Ave Closed 448 Cosburn Ave PL130021-Abdul Gafur Shaikh, 448 Cosburn Ave Closed 30 Menin Rd PL130022-David Bain, 30 Menin Rd Closed 297 College St PL130023-BL 1631-2012, 297 College St Closed 24, 28, 30, 60 & 66 Howard Park Ave PL130031-BL 1594-2012, 24-66 Howard Park Ave Closed O'Connor Drive Avenue Study PL130033-OPA#207-By Law 1652-2012 Closed 1650 Military Trail PL130037-OPA No. 187 Closed 109 Elmwood Ave PL130053-D & A Sishaw, 109 Elmwood Ave Closed 145 Kingsdale Ave PL130065-Francesco Franco, 145 Kingsdale Ave Closed 352 Parkview Ave PL130068-Miladinovic/Rakovic, 352 Parkview Ave Closed 93 Bocastle Ave PL130069-David Jankovic, 93 Bocastle Ave Closed 28 Cranbrooke Ave PL130071-Justin Lee, 28 Cranbrooke Avenue Closed 70 Weybourne Cres PL130073-Hamidreza Shafiei, 70 Weybourne Cres Closed 14 St. Ives Ave PL130086-C & A Alderman, 14 St. Yves Ave Closed 350 Glengrove Ave W PL130087-Rubin/Breslin, 350 Glengrove Ave W Closed 31 Montford Dr PL130090-Paulo Oh, 31 Montford Dr Closed 79 Lorraine Dr PL130094-A Abramovich, 79 Lorraine Dr Closed 363 Lytton Blvd PL130095-Jordan Pearl, 363 Lytton Blvd Closed 542 Briar Hill Ave PL130097-Jennifer Rosenberg, 542 Briar Hill Ave Closed PL130098-Brant Park Inc., Reduced Indoor Space Closed 118 Kingsdale Ave PL130100-Mehrdad Rashidkhani, 118 Kingsdale Ave Closed 12 Tacoma Ave PL130103-Diafari/Yekrangian, 12 Tacoma Avenue Closed 91 Cottingham St PL130104-940412 Ontario, 91 Cottingham St Closed 353 Greenfield Ave PL130106-Zhang/Zhiang, 353 Greenfield Avenue Closed 57 Blyth Hill Rd PL130109-Ghasem Najafi Asl, 57 Blyth Hill Rd Closed 240 Fulton Ave PL130114-James Rigas, 240 Fulton Ave Closed 32 Government Rd PL130115-Traudi Engele, 32 Government Rd Closed 63 Norton Ave PL130118-Fengping Lu, 63 Norton Ave Closed 139 Buckingham Ave PL130120-P. Criminsis, 139 Buckingham Avenue Closed 3018-3020 Yonge St PL130123-3018-3020 Yonge St. Ltd. & Lanterra Ltd. Closed 45 Nipigon Ave PL130133-Farizy, 45 Nipigon Avenue Closed 106 Castlewood Rd PL130134-Zubrzycki, 106 Castlewood Road Closed 77 Mason Blvd PL130135-Rondinone/Panetta, 77 Mason Boulevard Closed 7 Torryburn Place PL130136-Draghici, 7 Torryburn Place Closed PL130139-Synagogue Clanton Park Machzikei 11 Lowesmoor Ave Closed Hadas 210 Dunforest Ave PL130143-Howard Ryan, 210 Dunforest Ave Closed 135 Markham St PL130146-Xian Jin Zhang, 135 Markham St Closed 10 Macey Ave PL130147-M & Z Kasmani, 10 Macey Ave Closed 545 Bellamy Rd PL130155-Jose Cabrera, 545 Bellamy Rd N Closed 223 Burndale Ave PL130156-Nastaran Yadollahi, 223 Burndale Ave Closed 66 Princess Ave PL130157-Liya Fu, 66 Princess Avenue Closed PL130158-373 Elm Rd - Sliver/Brozovsky Closed 1376 Danforth Ave PL130169-Allen Yee, 1376 Danforth Ave Closed 4246 Bathurst St PL130173-Lisa Menchynska, 4246 Bathurst St Closed 219 Willow Ave PL130178-Taryn Properties Inc., 219 Willow Ave Closed 28 Maryland Blvd PL130182-Karyn Jones, 28 Maryland Blvd Closed 212 Howland Ave PL130183-R&S Sharda, 212 Howland Ave Closed 325 Oakwood Ave PL130186-Perreira 2 storey addition and balc add Closed 688 Conacher Dr PL130193- 688 Conacher Drive Closed 1884 Queen St E PL130195-Queen EMPC Six Limited - Mixed Use Closed 2 Juniper Ave PL130198-Sever into multi-res lot & single res lot Closed 43 Shannon St PL130202-Variances to legalize and maintain add Closed 55 Mac Frost Way PL130219-Cedar Brae Golf - Subdivision Closed 228 Vaughan Rd PL130221-1047157 Ontario Ltd - 228 Vaughan Road Closed 1330 Queen St W PL130227-7843658 Canada Inc. - 1330 Queen St W Closed 22 Edinburgh Dr PL130229-L & M Rosenblitt - 22 Edinburgh Drive Closed PL130231-M. Cowan/D. Usprech, 68 Castle Knock 68 Castle Knock Rd Closed Road 1880 & 1882 Queen St E/196 Woodbine Ave PL130233-Frank Riedel - 1880 Queen St E et al Open 10 Glenaden Ave W PL130240-G & B Andeljelkovic - 10 Glenaden Ave W Closed 40 Kingsway Cres PL130241-J & C Young - 40 Kingsway Crescent Closed 701 A The Queensway PL130242-Stanescu-Variance to legalize basemt unit Closed 11 Lake Promenade PL130246-Robert Stern - 11 Lake Promenade Closed PL130247-Robert Stern - 11 Lake Promenade Closed PL130253-L Sheff & J Solomon - 59 Bude Street Closed 451 Old Orchard Grove PL130254-Sterling, 451 Old Orchard Grove Closed 3300 McNicoll Ave, Units 211 and 213 PL130266-J. Wei, 3300 McNicoll Ave., Units 211/213 Closed 69 A Harshaw Ave PL130274-B Keppenne-Attic to habitable space Closed 69 Harshaw Ave PL130275-S. Shaw-Attic to habitable space Closed PL130277-Stravropoulos/Moulatsiotis, semi123 Torrens Ave Closed detached 89 Avenue Rd PL130285-89 Avenue Road GP Ltd. Open 1216 Royal York Rd PL130295-360 Project Management Inc, Residential Closed 35 Cassels Ave PL130298-S Pickup & L Gillingham, 35 Cassels Ave Closed 340 Carlton St PL130299-J Renwick & K O'Neill, 340 Carlton Street Closed 34-50 Southport St PL130301-OPA 198 & ZBL 264-2013 Closed 143 Gledhill Ave PL130303-E Carter, 143 Gledhill Avenue Closed 2 Laird Dr PL130311-2 Laird Drive KCAP Laird Inc. Closed 2 Buttonwood Ave PL130317-M Yousseff, 2 Buttonwood Ave Closed 115 Roslin Ave PL130319-R Rad, 115 Roslin Avenue Closed 11 Peel Ave PL130330- 11 Peel Avenue Ltd. Closed 587-599 Yonge St, 2-4 Dundonald, 7-9 Gloucester St PL130332-Stancorp Properties Yonge/Dundonald St. Closed 2968 Islington Ave PL130340-471477 Ontario Limited Demo Permit Closed 198 Dunview Ave PL130343-A Boros, 198 Dunview Avenue Closed 431,441,443 & 445 Richmond St W PL130346-A Brown, 431-445 Richmond Street W Closed 13 Holmstead Ave PL130347-Caren Zhu, 13 Holmstead Ave Closed 1065 McNicoll Ave PL130357-Alathena Int'l Academy, 1065 McNicoll Av Closed 44 Milner Ave PL130358-Rai Architect Inc, 44 Milner Ave Closed 906 Yonge St PL130359-906 Yonge St. One-Ten Yorkville Ltd. Closed 201 Atlas Ave PL130363-T Sawatzky, 201 Atlas Avenue Closed 1000-1002 Bathurst St PL130364-,2031430 Ont.Ltd, 1000-1002 Bathurst St Closed 355 Church St PL130373-Deltera Inc, Mixed Use Closed 588 Logan Ave PL130379-N Gray, 588 Logan Avenue Closed 158, 164, 181 & 200 Sterling Rd PL130380- Castlepoint Studio Partners Sterling Rd Closed 182 Moore Ave PL130398-C. Kwong, 182 Moore Avenue Closed 81 Kenilworth Ave PL130409-M & M Jalsevac, 81 Kenilworth Avenue Closed 2522-2542 Keele St PL130416-Mizen Holdings Corp.-8 stry mixed use bld Closed 18 Sunnylea Ave W PL130418-P DaCunha Architect Inc,18 Sunnylea Av Closed 107 Kennedy Ave PL130419-V & V Roslin, 107 Kennedy Ave Closed 11 Munro Park Ave PL130429-M Sain, 11 Munro Park Avenue Closed 750 Crawford St PL130432-N Discenza, 750 Crawford Street Closed 308 Rose Park Dr PL130433-R Cimetta, 308 Rose Park Drive Closed 3738 St. Clair Ave E PL130436-E Starr, 3738 St. Clair Ave East Closed 26 Birchmount Rd PL130437-M Hakimi, 26 Birchmount Road Closed 45 Brule Cres PL130439-Lundy/Iacovelli, 45 Brule Crescent Closed 128 Scarboro Ave PL130440-M & F Salih, 128 Scarboro Avenue Closed PL130446-B Dorland, 10 Strathearn Road Closed 66 Humber Blvd PL130447-D & R Saulean, 66 Humber Blvd Closed 6 Wendigo Way PL130448-C Gane, 6 Wendigo Way Closed 84 Lowther Ave and 505 Huron St W PL130458-Campus Co-Operative, 84 Lowther Ave Closed 31 Strath Ave PL130459-F Di Carlo & D Fabris, 31 Strath Avenue Closed 10 Lynn Rd PL130460-B Prusakiewicz, 10 Lynn Road Closed PL130463- 1486 Bathurst Street & 11 Raglan 1486 Bathurst St & 11 Ragian Ave Closed Avenue 126 Manor Rd E PL130468-Z Sretenovic, 126 Manor Road East Closed 164 Ossington Ave PL130472-The 100 Group Corp, 164 Ossington Ave Closed 3 Frizzell Ave PL130473-W Brennan, 3 Frizzell Avenue Closed 254 Oriole Parkway PL130474-M & D Stefanovic, 254 Oriole Parkway Closed PL130487-First Capital Holdings 55 Avenue Road Closed 1254 Avenue Rd PL130494-Consent and Variance for 3 townhouses Closed 350 Joicey Blvd PL130498-F. Taheri-Sarband-350 Joicey Blvd. Closed 332 Roselawn Ave PL130499-L. Green - 332 Roselawn Ave Closed 136 Roslin Ave PL130500-A. Romanovskiy - 136 Roslin Ave Closed 130 Fairglen Ave PL130501-Relief for street yard parking Closed 100 Ranleigh Ave PL130503-By-law 469-2013 Closed 327 Royal York Rd PL130504-L. Santaguida- 327 Royal York Road Closed 6125 Yonge St PL130505-M.Fayaz-6125 Yonge Street Closed 400 Glengrove Ave PL130507-S.Feldstein 400 Glengrove Ave Closed 259 & 270 The Kingsway & 1144 Royal York Rd PL130518- 259-270 The Kingsway FCHT Holdings Closed PL130522-Empire Communities 2183 Lakeshore Open Blvd W 2 Twenty Seventh St PL130528-D.Aujila - 2 Twenty Seventh Street Closed 88 Teddington Park Ave PL130531-E.Casalese - 88 Teddington Park Ave Closed 1185 Eglinton Ave E PL130533-Bannockburn Lands Ltd. - ZBA Closed 279 Manor Rd E PL130541-M.Mahboubi - 279 Manor Road East Closed 20 Oxford St PL130542-S. Diu&F.Ong - 20 Oxford Street Closed 249 Dunvegan Rd PL130543-S.Finkelstein - 249 Dunvegan Road Closed PL130554-64-70 Shuter St. Queensgate 64-70 Shuter St Closed Development 67 Tidworth Sqaure PL130557-Y. Ou - 67 Tidworth Square Closed 6 Smithfield Dr PL130561-Basciano new residential variances Closed 362 Wallace Ave PL130562 - 362 Wallace Ave.Somerset Wallace Dev. Closed Queen Str. E. Between Coxwell Ave & Nursewood Rd PL130564-By-law 607-2013 Closed 30 Ordnance St PL130565-Fernbrook Homes-30 Ordance Street Closed 409 Belsize Dr PL130566-D.Gavrilovic-409 Belsize Drive Closed 6 Killarney Rd PL130567-J.Stearn- 6 Killarney Road Closed PL130568-2329990 Ontario Inc.-11 storey mixed 383 Sorauren Ave Closed bldg 2 Dilworth Cres PL130569-D & A Taylor - 2 Dilworth Crescent Closed 403 Woodfield Rd PL130570-S. Azizi - 403 Woodfield Road Closed 31 Albemarle Ave PL130574-To construct new 3 storey dwelling & deck Closed PL130577-Fuoco & Wenta semi-det 48 Oriole Gdns Closed consent/variances PL130582-OPA 215 Humber Bay Landowners Group 10 Park Lawn Rd Closed Ltd. 281-289 Avenue Rd PL130587-By-law 11 184731 STE 22 OZ Closed 0 Regent Rd and 20, 48, 54, 62 Murray Rd PL130592-New City Wide Zoning By-law 569-2013 Open 291 Brooke Ave PL130593-F. Maiolo - 291 Brooke Ave Closed 214 Sheldrake Blvd PL130595-A.Saber - 214 Sheldrake Blvd Closed 11 Kirkdale Cres PL130602-Kapoor buildg length & balcony variances Closed 15 Clyde Ave PL130612-A.Perry - 15 Clyde Avenue Closed 70 Harlow Cres PL130613-S.Kul&B.Bhardwaj- 70 Harlow Cres Closed PL130627-213 & 219 St. Clair Holdings Ltd. Closed PL130629-266-322 King St. W Ed Mirvish 266-322 King St W Closed Enterprises 282 St. Clair Ave W PL130636-282 St. Clair Ave. W., BLVD St. Clair Closed 4027 and 4031 Ellesmere Rd PL130638-4027 and 4031 Ellesmere Road Closed PL130645-McMullen two new homes consent 21 Evergreen Gdns Closed &variances 146 Strachan Ave PL130651-James Oh - 146 Strachan Ave Closed 88 Glenrose Ave PL130654-A. Ozdemir - 88 Glenrose Ave Closed 36 Eaton Ave PL130661-A. Ozdemir - 36 Eaton Avenue Closed 563 Arlington Ave PL130662-T. Dejak, 563 Arlington Avenue Closed 397 Soudan Ave PL130663-D. Sabnay - 397 Soudan Avenue Closed 110 Palmerston Ave PL130665-Landmark Bldg Corp-110 Palmerston Ave Closed 202-204 Bathurst St PL130666-202-204 Bathurst Street Closed PL130667-888-900 Don Mills Rd 55 Barber Greene 888-900 Don Mills Rd & 55 Barber Green Rd Open Rd PL130684-Kwan&Kwan-Don Mills&Barber Greene 888-900 Don Mills Rd & 55 Barber Green Rd Open Rd. 2360 Yonge St PL130686-KCAP Helendale 2360 Yonge Street Closed 2 Page St PL130691-A. Beserman - 2 Page Street Closed 8 Vesta Dr PL130692-H. Donenfeld - 8 Vesta Drive Closed 0 Khedive Ave PL130703-M. Sherman - 0 Khedive Ave Closed 1765 Victoria Park Ave PL130704-Midland Place Inc.-1765 Victoria Park Ave Closed 30 Bertrand Ave PL130706-Intercell variance to permit retail uses Closed 16 Glen Castle St PL130711-N&D Siliverdis-16 Glen Castle Street Closed 65 Threadneedle Cres PL130712-D.Salvatore-65 Threadneedle Cres Closed 268 Hollywood Ave PL130713-E.Azadi- 268 Hollywood Avenue Closed 625, 629 and 637 Yonge St, 1, 3, 5, 7 Isabella St PL130718-RML, corner of Yonge St. and Isabella St. Closed 413 Valermo Dr PL130723-J.Luzadas&M.Lao-413 Valermo Drive Closed 212 Queens Ave PL130724-Alves/Azzoli, 212 Queens Avenue Closed 27 Chudleigh Ave PL130727-T&H Szpargala - 27 Chudleigh Ave Closed 56 Kingsdale Ave PL130728-V.Shahsavar-56 Kingsdale Ave Closed PL130729-Zhu & Yue new 2 storey dwelling 115 Alfred Ave Closed variances PL130730-Schipano & Zoric, 417 Prince Edward Dr 417 Prince Edward Dr N Closed N 57 Devondale Ave PL130731-X. Fernandes, 57 Devondale Avenue Closed 39 Willingdon Blvd PL130732-S.Meleca - 39 Willingdon Blvd Closed 243-255 Consumers Rd PL130738-By-law 802-2013 Closed 17 Madoc Dr PL130739-17 Madoc Drive, 2161014 Ontario Inc. Closed PL130740-Chiang & Chou new 2 storey dwelling 51 Elmwood Ave Closed varia 233 Dawlish Ave PL130751--233 Dawlish Avenue, S. Davis Closed 26 Park Lane Cir PL130752-C.Black - 26 Park Lane Circle Closed 237 Dunvegan Rd PL130767-2309162 Ontario Inc., 237 Dunvegan Rd Closed 1544 Dundas St W PL130769-ZBL No. 747-2013, 6965083 Canada Inc. Closed 8 Forest Wood PL130772-J. Silver, 8 Forest Wood Closed 92 Crockford Blvd PL130787-2317575 Ontario Ltd. 92 Crockford Blvd Closed PL130811-2244762 Ontario Inc., 19 Government 19 Government Rd Closed Road 2 Keelesdale Rd PL130822-Loblaw Properties Limited - Gas Bar Closed 229 Crawford St PL130824-L. Klapstock - 229 Crawford Street Closed 915 Greenwood Ave PL130826-P.Kocev - 915 Greenwood Avenue Closed 24 Burton Rd PL130831-S. Darvish, 24 Burton Road Closed 44 Burton Rd PL130832 - 44 Burton Road -G. De Alba Closed 26-28 Boustead Ave PL130833-M. Lipiec - 26-28 Boustead Avenue Closed 30 Dalton Rd PL130834-Wesix Properties - 30 Dalton Road Closed 72 Wells Hill Ave PL130835- 72 Wells Hill Avenue Closed 15 Ballyronan Rd PL130840-V&A Papaevangelidis - 15 Ballyronal Rd Closed 6 Memorial Park Ave PL130844-Becris, 6 Memorial Park Avenue Closed 620 Church St PL130848-620 Church St, Church-Isabella Properties Closed 48 Millbank Ave PL130849-R.Yong Lin - 48 Millbank Road Closed 150 Franklin Ave PL130851-R.Barzilay - 150 Franklin Ave Closed 643 Glencairn Ave PL130860-P. Tishchenko-643 Glencairn Ave Closed 21 Brumwell St PL130864-Linderwood Holdings Inc-21 Brumwell St. Closed 26 Prestwick Cres PL130866-Wang variances for new two-storey home Closed 295 Byng Ave PL130867-C.Zhang - 295 Byng Avenue Closed PL130868-Rondinone/Panetta, 77 Mason Boulevard Closed 3765 St. Clair Ave E PL130870-ZBL No. 1052-2013, Ascalon Lands Ltd. Closed Southwest Corner Of Morningside Ave & McNicoll PL130872-OPA 216 Open Ave PL130876-Goldstein new three storey home 238 Haddington Ave Closed variances PL130877-31,33,35&37 Helendale Ave. Comar 31, 33, 35 & 37 Helendale Ave Open Holdings City Wide PL130883-By-law 1054-2013 Closed PL130885-OPA 197-Mimico-by-the-Lake Secondary Open Plan 1926 Lake Shore Blvd West PL130888- 1926 Lakes Shore Blvd W. GP Inc. Closed 51 Stuart Cres PL130895-D.Salerno - 51 Stuart Crescent Closed PL130898-K.Murray&M.Rosenblatt-152 Glencairn 152 Glencairn Ave Closed Ave 180 Joicey Blvd PL130899 - 180 Joicey Boulevard Closed PL130900-Chung &Wu residential 352 Lawrence Ave W Closed severance/variances 375, 375R and 381 Queen St W PL130918-375, 375R and 381 Queen Street West Closed 2590-2594 Midland Ave PL130919-2590-2594 Midland Avenue Closed 951-971 Bay St and 36 Wellesley St W PL130922-Sutton Place Hotel/The Britt Closed Various Addresses PL130923-By-law 1085-2013 Closed 2131 Yonge St and 32 Hillsdale Ave E PL130924-2131 Yonge St Art Shoppe Site Closed Queen St W between Dufferin St & Roncesvalles Ave PL130926-ZBL Nos. 1049-2013 & 1050-2013 Open 120 Donside Dr PL130931-I. Jassal - 120 Donside Drive Closed 410-446 Bathurst St PL130935-410-446 Bathurst Street, Riotrin Closed 40 Pine Ridge Dr PL130938-E.Lopes&R.Kabbabeh-40 Pine Ridge Dr Closed 323 Westlake Ave PL130941-M.Efstathiadis-323 Westlake Ave Closed 325 Westlake Ave PL130944-G.Skoubouris-325 Westlake Ave Closed 271 Glebemount Ave PL130947-A.Masci-271 Glebemount Ave Closed 106 Newlands Ave PL130948-K.Butt- 106 Newlands Ave Closed 94 Aylesworth Ave PL130953-K.Daulatram - 94 Aylesworth Ave Closed 475 Hillsdale Ave East PL130954-MA&D Liut - 475 Hillsdale Ave E. Closed 164 Wheeler Ave PL130967-A&S Balm - 164 Wheeler Ave Closed 103 Hallam St PL130971-M.McNabb - 103 Hallam Street Closed 5833 Steeles Ave E PL130976-Mady Steeles - 5833 Steeles Ave E. Closed PL130981-Norseman Apartments-800 Royal York 800 Royal York Rd Closed Rd. 90 Castle Knock Rd PL130982-D.Sellitto&C.Han-90 Castle Knock Rd. Closed 932 Royal York Rd PL130983-S.Naslenas - 932 Royal York Road Closed 104 Martin Grove Rd PL130986-B.Jakupi - 104 Martin Grove Road Closed 26 Grace St PL130992-J.Dos Santos & C. Cabral-26 Grace Street Closed 24 Grace St PL130993-K.Cabral & U.Pereira - 24 Grace Street Closed 240 Lawrence Ave East PL130997-Serenity Prestige Residences Closed 7 Forest Wood PL131000-S&A Seidenfeld - 7 Forest Wood Closed 478 Melrose Ave PL131001-B.Hariri - 478 Melrose Ave Closed 67 Wanless Cres PL131002-M.Tsombanakis- 67 Wanless Cres Closed 97 Hillmount Ave PL131003-M. Seidenfeld - 97 Hillmount Ave Closed 77 Clansman Blvd PL131008-B. Song - 77 Clansman Boulevard Closed 2945 Dundas St W PL131009-Dyer&Clementi-2945 Dundas St. W. Closed 401 Kingsdale Ave PL131011-S. Besharat- 401 Kingsdale Ave Closed 46 Wembley Rd PL131038-K. Unger - 46 Wembley Road Closed 92 Briar Hill Ave PL131040-G. Brown - 92 Briar Hill Avenue Closed 833 Wilson Ave PL131043-S. Taghavi - 833 Wilson Avenue Closed 835 Wilson Ave PL131053-S. Taghavi - 835 Wilson Avenue Closed 15 Wanita Rd PL131059-E. Popo - 15 Wanita Road Closed 179 Wicksteed Ave PL131062-Lincoln Electric - 179 Wicksteed Ave Closed 175 Stibbard Ave PL131063-F&L Thouret - 175 Stibbard Ave Closed 10 Macey Ave PL131070-Z&M Kasmani - 10 Macey Ave Closed PL131081-S.Sabagpour&B.Farrokhi-32 Cranbrooke 32 Cranbrooke Ave Closed Av 454 Rhodes Ave PL131082-L. Horst - 454 Rhodes Avenue Closed 125 Sandringham Drive PL131086-J. Rosenberg - 125 Sandringham Dr Closed 599 Soudan Ave PL131093-M.Behnamjou - 599 Soudan Ave Closed 70 Chestnut Park Rd PL131096-B. Emery - 70 Chestnut Park Rd Closed 59 Barton Ave PL131108-N&K Whistler - 59 Barton Ave Closed 740 Eglinton Ave W PL131114-Albany Court Apartments - Condominum Closed 5 Donside Dr PL131136-D. Fetterly - 5 Donside Drive Closed 9 Scarborough Rd PL131140-S. Wang- 9 Scarborough Road Closed 2213 Bloor St W PL131146-Barbara's Pharmacy Ltd. 2213 Bloor St W Closed 210 Oakridge Dr PL131152-A & B DeCosta - 210 Oakridge Drive Closed 22 Hursting Ave PL131153-T.Ohori & M. Duruyne - 22 Hursting Ave Closed 105 Scarborough Rd PL131154-R&L Sewlal - 105 Scarborough Rd Closed 2 Chatham Ave and 579 Jones Ave PL131157-P. McNeil - 2 Chatham & 579 Jones Ave Closed 80 Willcocks St PL131163-J. Allison - 80 Willcocks St. Closed 0 Verona Ave PL131165-Downing Street Homes - 0 Verona Ave Open PL131176 - 484 Spadina Ave, Wynn Group of 484 Spadina Ave Open Company PL131192-17 Island Rd Prime Real Estate 17 Island Rd Closed Developmen 160 Vanderhoof Ave PL131193-D. Rybak - 160 Vanderhoof Ave Closed 53 Linnsmore Cres PL131194-R. Deleskie - 53 Linnsmore Crescent Closed 777 Eastern Ave PL131195-S. Zhao - 777 Eastern Ave Closed 2221 Yonge St PL131208-2221 Yonge St.- 56 Storey Residential Open 28 Rumsey Rd PL131212-K Hall - 28 Rumsey Rd. Closed 41 St. Leonards Cres PL131213-S.Lisanti-41 St. Leonard's Cres Closed 17 Thorndale Ave PL131218-G. Nema, 17 Thorndale Ave Closed 58 Eagle Rd PL131221-S. & E. Bogdanets, 58 Eagle Rd Closed 157 Forest Hill Rd PL131222-Rajacan, 157 Forest Hill Rd Closed 17 Hillholm Rd PL131224-Rajacan, 17 Hillholm Rd Closed 22 Cavendish St PL131226-R. Dasilva/M. Heslin, 22 Cavendish St Closed 312 Gladstone Ave PL131227-The Gladstone Group, 312 Gladstone Ave Closed PL131231-39 Green Belt Dr. English Lane Homes 39 Green Belt Drive Open Inc 228 Deloraine Ave PL131247-A&W Geddis - 228 Deloraine Ave Closed 139 Parkview Ave PL131249-B.Barati - 139 Parkview Ave Open 105 Pine Glen Rd PL131265-G. Gabriele, 105 Pine Glen Rd Closed 20 Thorncliffe Ave PL131266 - Champion Addition Open 131A Winchester St PL131267-B. Vachon, 131A Winchester St Closed 205 The Bridle Path PL131269-M. Punjani - 205 The Bridal Path Closed 441 Jane St PL131272-441 Jane Street, TACT Development Inc. Closed 8 Deforest Rd PL131274-M.Chodorowicz&R.Fahrer- 8 Deforest Rd Closed 5 Valleyview Gdns PL131278-M.Nowina-5 Valleyview Gdns Closed 1 & 2 Meadowglen Pl PL131280-R.A.B. Properties - 1-2 Meadowglen Place Closed 41 Turner Rd PL131283-A. Homem - 41 Turner Road Closed 585 Castlefield Ave PL131288-J.Nellicks-585 Castlefield Ave Closed 20 Rochefort Dr PL131300-S.Ahmed&A.Alam-20 Rochefort Dr Closed 264 Dunforest Ave PL131301-A. Asadinik-264 Dunforest Ave Open 26 Fairfield Rd PL131304-F.Pourdeilami - 26 Fairfield Road Closed 600-620 The East Mall PL131305-Lanterra West Mall Ltd., 24 storey res. Closed 52 Airview Rd PL131318-MTCC #786, 52 Airview Rd Closed 32 Edgehill Rd PL131319-Roman Lichak, 32 Edgehill Rd Closed 29 Farrell Ave PL131320-M. Asgarian - 29 Farrell Ave Closed 349 Queen St W PL131322-FKY Investments - 349 Queen St. W. Open PL131323-Toronto Official Plan Amendment No. 199 Open 118 Brooke Ave PL131324-M.Helfant&L.Jenkins-118 Brooke Ave Closed 118 Melrose Ave PL131328-Behrooz Raz - 118 Melrose Ave Closed 15 Rutherglen Rd PL131330-A.Wilson & A.Dowson - 15 Rutherglen Rd Closed 155 Church Ave PL131331-Y.Wang - 155 Church Ave Closed 861 Shaw St PL131337-M&F.Taverniti-861 Shaw St. Closed 81 Dagmar Ave PL131338-H. Manson - 81 Dagmar Avenue Closed 633 Brock Ave PL131339-T. Moore-Jones - 633 Brock Avenue Closed PL131341-51-77 Quebec Ave. and 40-66 High Park 51-65 Quebec Ave & 52-66 High Park Ave Closed Ave 88 Brewster Cres PL131342-W. Gaudet - 88 Brewster Cres Closed PL131349-Hossein-Khani&Ravadquar-168 Holmes 168 Holmes Ave Closed Ave North Downtown Yonge St & Area Specific Policy Are PL131355- Toronto OPA - 183 Open 197, 197R, 199 & 201 Yonge St, et al PL131358-OPA 219 - 197 Yonge Street et al. Closed 129 Baldwin St PL131366-N.Bahardoust&E.Mazzawi-129 Baldwin St. Closed 115 Scarboro Ave PL131385-Variance-115 Scarboro Cres-Balasingam Closed 2 Victoria Park Ave PL131386-B. Erskine, 2 Victoria Park Ave Closed 448 & 456 Kenneth Ave PL140001-By-law 1466-2013 Closed 2800 Keele St PL140007-2800 Keele St Closed 1 and 7 Yonge St PL140008- 1 & 7 Yonge Street Pinnacle Open 944-952 Queen St W PL140017-Urbancorp, mixed use residential building Open PL140018-73-79 Keewatin Ave. 88 Erskine Ave.Site 73-79 Keewatin Ave & 88 Erskine Ave Closed P 875 Dovercourt Rd PL140019-P. Spiliotopoulos - 875 Dovercourt Rd. Closed 75 Ingham Ave PL140020-D. Underwood - 75 Ingham Ave Closed 12 Bonnycastle St PL140024-Redpath Sugar - 12 Bonnycastle St Closed 93 Cummer Ave PL140025-D. Kim - 93 Cummer Ave Closed 148 McKee Ave PL140026-Eco Friendly Construction-148 Mckee Av Closed 68 St. Hubert Ave PL140027-G. Marrelli - 68 St. Hubert Ave Closed 3560, 3580 and 3600 Lake Shore Blvd West PL140030-OPA 232 - 3560-3600 Lake Shore Blvd Closed 2A Elm Grove Ave PL140032-J. Novak - 2A Elm Gove Ave Closed Warden Ave & Birchmount Rd (Land Surrounding) PL140034-Principal 21 Inc. - 21 Principal Rd Open 100 Roe Ave PL140035-C. Allen - 100 Roe Ave Open 30 Bertrand Ave PL140036-S.A. Armstrong Ltd.-30 Bertrand Av Closed 206 Park Home Ave PL140046-G&A Iannitti - 206 Park Home Ave Closed 25 Richmond St E and 20-26 Lombard St PL140047-Richmond Victoria Ltd, Yonge + Rich Closed 101 Truman Rd PL140049-R. Morkos - 101 Truman Road Closed Various Locations PL140059-By-1675-2013 Closed 595 Bay St & 306 Yonge St PL140063-By-law 1725-2013 Closed 103 Burndale Ave PL140065-G. Strzeszewski - 103 Burndale Ave Closed Ossington Ave, between Queen St W & Dundas St W PL140068-OPA 237 Closed 44 Randolph Rd PL140070-J. Menna - 44 Randolph Rd. Closed 262 Bessborough Dr PL140082 - Vitale Residential Severance (3 lots) Closed 29 Lake Promenade PL140096-V&B Sedlasek - 29 Lake Promenade Closed 682 Oriole Parkway PL140097-V. Tregubov - 682 Oriole Parkway Closed 310 Riverview Drive PL140098-B. Merling-Goodman - 310 Riverview Dr Closed PL140100-N.Hanan & C.McKenna - 139 Glenrose 139 Glenrose Ave Closed Ave 5799-5915 Yonge St, 45,53 Cummer Ave & 46,47 PL140111-Silvercore Properties Inc. Open Averi 18 Belmont St PL140117-C. Duerden- 18 Belmont Street Closed 763 Coxwell Ave PL140118-T. Van Deven - 763 Coxwell Ave Closed 50 St. Joseph St PL140119-St. Joseph Corporation Closed PL140124-Mallpaks Development 500 Sheppard Ave 500 Sheppard Ave East Closed E 399 Dundas St W PL140130-2348613 Ontario Inc 399 Dundas St W Open 591 and 593 Sheppard Ave E PL140131-1834373 Ontario Inc., mixed-use dev. Closed 6 Coral Cove Cres PL140133-R. Sultana New Two-storey Det. Dwelling Closed 16 Foxden Rd PL140134-D&S Ricci Residence Addition & Carport Closed 33 Brumwell St PL140138-J. Hughes Land Severance Closed 289 Hounslow Ave PL140142-A. Moshaver Land Severance Closed 343 1/2 Belsize Dr PL140151-H. Aminian 343 1/2 Belsize Drive Closed 73 Donegall Drive PL140158-A. Poorsina Two-storey Dwelling Closed 142 Cameron Ave PL140159-A & E Durmus 142 Cameron Ave. Closed 108 Bayview Ridge PL140160-2341853 Ontario Inc. OPA/BL Closed 103 Bayview Ridge PL140161-2341853 Ontario Inc. OPA/BL Closed 15 Pennard Crt PL140162-S & E Demidenko 15 Pennard Court Closed 155 Church St PL140163-M. Ali Commercial Basement Closed 27 Edmund Ave PL140164-Malen Capital Corp semi-det'd severance Closed PL140170-Temple Emanu-el Synagogue Prop 120 Old Colony Rd Closed Severance 719 Sheppard Ave W PL140172-719 Sheppard Ave. W Open 6,8,10,12,14 & 16 Glen Rd et al PL140174-6, 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16 Glen Rd. (Block A) Closed PL140176-Phantom Dev. Ltd. 2175 Lake Shore Blvd 2175 Lake Shore Blvd W Open W 250 Byng Ave PL140192-N&S Soltani - 250 Byng Ave Closed 23 Ivanhoe Crt PL140217-X. Duhanxhiu - 23 Ivanhoe Crt Closed 61 Snowdon Ave PL140218-S. Kligman - 61 Snowdon Ave Closed 122 Snowdon Ave PL140219-H. Fakhapour - 122 Snowdon Ave Closed 68 Vermont Ave PL140220-A. Yaphe - 68 Vermont Ave Closed PL140221-M.Hendrikus&M.Coffeng-154 Deloraine 154 Deloraine Ave Closed Ave 22 Eriksdale Rd PL140232-Moghadam/Nonakaran, 22 Eriksdale Rd Closed 441 Brookdale Ave PL140236-S. Kashi Kalhour 441 Brookdale Ave. Closed PL140237-BMP Group Inc. 103 & 105 Chatsworth 103 & 105 Chatsworth Dr Closed Dr. 8 Knollview Cres PL140238-K. Rahimi & M. Yousefi 8 Knollview Cres Closed 157 Church Ave PL140244-A. Jorak - 157 Church Ave Closed 241 Pellatt Ave PL140247-2386725 Ontario Inc., 241 Pellatt Ave Closed 109 Malvern Ave PL140250-D. Silva - 109 Malvern Avenue Closed 476 Cosburn Ave PL140251-M. & L. Ngotzamanis - 476 Cosburn Ave Closed 788 King St W PL140252-788 King Street West Inc. 788 King St. W Closed 1273 Broadview Ave PL140253-N. & M. Sezer - 1273 Broadview Avenue Closed 155 Durant Ave PL140254-J. Petropoulos - 155 Durant Avenue Closed 693 Bathurst St PL140270- TDSB - 693 Bathurst Street Closed 430-444 Dufferin St and 41 Alma Ave PL140271-430-444 Dufferin St. & 41 Alma Avenue Open 384 Ruth Ave PL140273-Igor Martsenyuk, 384 Ruth Ave Closed 84 Glencairn Ave PL140280-Gennady Timofeev, 84 Glencairn Ave Closed 101 Forest Heights Blvd PL140281-R. Madadi Noei, 101 Forest Heights Blvd Closed 33 Vesta Dr PL140291-J. Wexler - 33 Vesta Drive Closed 1181 Queen St W PL140295-YOLO (1181 Queen St) Inc., Mixed Dev. Open 125 Donside Dr PL140296-Mahbuba Aktar, 125 Donside Dr Closed 46 Maybourne Ave ` Closed PL140302-Wicksteed Dev.Ltd.,Retail Commercial Ctr Closed 331 Walmer Rd PL140311- Chesler Sunroom Open 82 Twenty Seventh St PL140319-Camilli Alessio, 82 Twenty Seventh St Closed 177, 183 & 197 Front St E et al PL140323-Sentinel Land Corp., Mixed-use bldg Open 36 Park Lawn Rd PL140326-1772014 Ontario Inc., 36 Park Lawn Rd Closed 32 Westglen Cres PL140327-Milan Todosjevic, 32 Westglen Cres Closed 6 Shamrock Ave PL140328 - HGI Severance/New Dwellings Closed 19 Friars Lane PL140331-David d'Aprile, 19 Friars Lane Closed 19 Red Deer Ave PL140334-Karim, variances for additions/deck Closed 123 Winchester St PL140344-Grant & Robison, 123 Winchester St Closed 1574 Dundas St W PL140345-1874178 Ontario Inc., 1574 Dundas St W Closed 2135 Sheppard Ave E & 299 Yorkland Blvd PL140351-Hiltin Hills, 2135 Sheppard Ave E et al Closed 139-143 Tyrrel Ave PL140358-F. & R. Antonio, 139-143 Tyrrel Ave Closed 708 Jane St PL140363-1862558 Ontario Inc., 708 Jane Street Closed 128 Jay St PL140364-I. & A. Pereira, 128 Jay St Closed 1100 Briar Hill Ave PL140368 - Madison Briar Hill Ltd. Site Plan/ZBA Closed Southeast quardrant of Don Mills & Eglinton Ave E PL140388-OPA 238, density distribution for Area 76 Open PL140391-1001 Ellesmere Road Goldman Group 2 1001 Ellesmere Rd Open Dev. 120 and 130 George Henry Blvd, 32-50, 65 and PL140414-Emerald City Developments et al Closed 49 Hendon Ave, 26 & 28 Greenview Ave, 11-25 PL140421-Eldora Dev., site plan, cash-in-lieu Open Eldora 145 Bathgate Dr PL140431-1908292 Ontario Inc., 145 Bathgate Dr Closed PL140435-2265-2279 Bloor St W & 116 & 240 Durie 2265-2279 Bloor St W and 116 & 240 Durie St Open St 1727 Dundas St W PL140437- Bateman Outdoor Patio Closed 3130 Dufferin St PL140438-C.Y. Vehicle Ent. Inc.,3130 Dufferin St Open 88 Amsterdam Ave PL140442-William Hugh Grant, 88 Amsterdam Ave Closed 2800 Bloor St W PL140452-NDI (2800 Bloor St W) Inc. Closed 205 St. Leonards Ave PL140454 - Kelilharani New Residential Dwelling Closed 120 Donlands Ave PL140462-Louisville Homes Ltd., OP Application Closed 180 Roe Ave PL140471- Helforoosh New Dwelling Closed 29 Judson St PL140472-Remicorp Industries Inc., 29 Judson St Open 70 & 72 Carlton St PL140475- 70 & 72 Carlton Tribute (Church St) Ltd. Open 7 Ballacaine Dr PL140484-Lucia Iacovelli, 7 Ballacaine Dr Closed 28 Hedgewood Rd PL140486-A. Ehsani-Armaki, 28 Hedgewood Rd Closed 37 Dudley Ave PL140500-G. & N. Dahdaly, 37 Dudley Ave Closed 136 Deloraine Ave PL140501-Karen Petch, 136 Deloraine Ave Closed 21 Principal Rd PL140502-Principal 21 Inc., Recycling Facility Open 383 Glen Park Ave PL140503-Vittorio Marfisi, 383 Glen Park Ave Closed 192 Neville Park Blvd PL140514-H. & W. Amarshi, 192 Neville Park Blvd Closed 194 Neville Park Blvd PL140517-H. & W. Amarshi, 194 Neville Park Blvd Closed 342 Delaware Ave PL140523-Giffen/Morningstar, 342 Delaware Ave Closed 19 Rathnelly Ave PL140524-Victoria Gardiner, 19 Rathnelly Ave Closed 63 Markham St PL140525-H. & Z. Zhao, 63 Markham St Closed 83 Linnsmore Cres PL140527-Hammill/Christamtsis, 83 Linnsmore Cres Closed 101 McGill St, Unit 1 PL140528- Dhatt Garage Conversion Variance Closed 372 Roxton Rd PL140529-A. & J. Rodrigues, 372 Roxton Rd Closed 5, 7, 9, 11, 15 Kenaston Gdns et al PL140530-Pine Ridge, 12-storey residential bldg Open 1678-1704 Avenue Rd, et al PL140531-BL 436-2014, 7-storey mixed-use bldg Closed 300 Valermo Dr PL140537- 300 Valermo Dr. Urbancorp. Closed 485 Ridelle Ave PL140539-Polsinelli residential severance Open 100 Rivalda Rd PL140549-Nguyen/Pham, 100 Rivalda Rd Closed 114 McRoberts Ave PL140550-R. & N. Anacleto, 114 McRoberts Ave Closed 1-25 Glendinning Ave PL140551-Ashine, 1-25 Glendinning Ave Closed 1911-1921 Eglinton Ave E PL140552-S. Sarick Ltd., 1911-1921 Eglinton Ave E Closed 4 St. Marks Rd PL140553-M. Otanez & T. Hrkac, 4 St. Marks Rd Closed 81 Wellesley St E PL140555-81 Wellesley Street East, Aragon Closed 25 Lynch Rd PL140562-Theodore Jiujias, 25 Lynch Rd Closed 35 Robaldon Rd PL140565-John Mazzocca, 35 Robaldon Rd Closed PL140566-Adey-Simpson variances rear yard 56 Burnhamthorpe Park Blvd Closed cabana 64 Brentwood Rd S PL140567-Zaspalis variances for new 2-storey home Closed Lot 49 on Plan 9846 PL140569-BL 402-2014, Medical Marihuana Facility Closed 433 Ashdale Ave PL140584-Trevor Chan, 433 Ashdale Ave Closed 667 Manning Ave PL140586-Paulo Oh, 667 Manning Ave Closed 135 Humberside Ave PL140587-Kuk & Ness variances for 2storey addition Closed 150 Dowling Ave PL140588-Chalmers, variances for additional unit Closed 132 Strathearn Rd PL140589-Jamie Orzech, 132 Strathearn Rd Closed 562, 564 and 566 Spadina Cres PL140590-Eudoglena Holdings, 562 Spadina Cres Closed 153 Ellerslie Ave PL140593-Parimal Rawal, 153 Ellerslie Ave Closed 59 Sherwood Ave PL140603 - Singer Residential Severance Closed 24 Lowesmoor Ave PL140606-Gestetner, residential severance Closed 350 & 352 Sheppard Ave E PL140612-2140322 Ont Ltd, eating estbmt variances Closed 17 Beechwood Dr PL140613-R. & C. Solmito, 17 Beechwood Dr Closed 357 Birchmount Rd PL140636-Habitat for Humanity, rezoning Closed 50 Kingdom St PL140653-Rende, variances for backyard platform Closed 132 Heddington Ave PL140657-Meheriuk/McNally, 132 Heddington Ave Closed 40 Reading Crt PL140661-House of Praise, 40 Reading Court, OP Open 12 Bannockburn Ave PL140666-TDSB, 12 Bannockburn Ave Closed 277 Belsize Dr PL140672-Sadegh Nasr, 277 Belsize Dr Closed 106 Parkway Forest Dr PL140673-2322270 Ont Inc., variance for 16 units Closed 81 Castlewood Rd PL140674-Lori Track, 81 Castlewood Rd Closed 297 Manor Rd E PL140675-Fari Madani, 297 Manor Rd E Closed 179 Poplar Plains Rd PL140676-J. Vanstone (Estate) 179 Poplar Plains Rd Closed 63 Lurgan Dr PL140677 - Ceccacci New Dwelling Closed 7 Dunblaine Ave PL140678-Ghassabei, variances for new dwelling Closed 88 Sunrise Ave & 22 Hobson Ave PL140686-Islamic Community, etc., 88 Sunrise Ave Open 9 Brussels St PL140695-Bhanu & Dilip Patel, 9 Brussels St Closed 36 Pine Cres PL140696 - Johnston New Dwelling Closed 5 New Haven Dr PL140703-L. Peregoudov, 5 New Haven Dr Closed 64 Anewen Dr PL140704 -Karsakis/Trigilidas New Dwelling Closed PL140705- 170 Spadina Avenue Tri-Win 170 Spadina Ave Open International Various Addresses PL140709 - OPA 242 Site Specific Policy #9 Closed 2929 Dufferin St PL140710 - 2176562 Ontario Inc Rear Addition Closed 137 Florence Ave PL140711-Vincenzo Ruffolo, 137 Florence Ave Closed 101 Caribou Rd PL140712-Anthony Heller, 101 Caribou Rd Closed 102 Blantyre Ave PL140717-Michael Quinn, 102 Blantyre Ave Closed 113 Homestead Rd PL140718-R. & F. Mandlsohn, 113 Homestead Rd Closed 4300 Lawrence Ave E PL140723-Roy Rupchand, 4300 Lawrence Ave E Closed 4640 Kingston Rd PL140726 - Taher New Dwelling and Addition Closed 4 Partridge Lane PL140727 - Cyril Senior Community House Closed 86 Confederation Dr PL140728 - Oca Sunroom Addition Closed 45 Cardigan Rd PL140754-N. & G. Kolesnik, 45 Cardigan Rd Closed PL140755-Murchmount Homes, 8, 3-storey 191 & 193 Empress Ave Closed Townhouses 1183 Dufferin St PL140757-OPA 103, Convert church to residential Closed 32 Edgehill Rd PL140760-Lichak, cupola variance Closed 48 Thirty Fifth St PL140761-Ashbury Victoria, 48 Thirty Fifth St Closed 38 Van Dusen Blvd PL140764-Sain/Shahbazi, 38 Van Dusen Blvd Closed PL140773-OPA 243, Bermondsey O'Connor Empl. 32 & 36 Curity Ave, 1450, 1500 & 1550 O'Connor Dr Closed Area 2550&2560 Kingston Rd, 7 St.Dennis Dr, 10 PL140776-BL 572-2014, Residential Apt. Comm. Closed Grenoble Zone PL140780-B-Major, 2143-2147 Lakeshore Blvd W Closed 124 Belsize Dr PL140782-124 Belsize Dr.Inc., 6 3-storey semi-det Closed 4917-4975 Yonge St et al PL140790-Rosedale Developments Inc. Open PL140793-C&M Rathgeb/R Horvath - Prop. 39-41 Scarboro Beach Blvd Closed Severence 7 Chilton Rd PL140794-F Temprile - Detached Dwelling Addition Closed PL140795-S M Armandzadeh - 358 Manor Road 358 Manor Rd E Closed East 21 Roxborough St W PL140796-Ebers, variances for addition and carport Closed 313 Ontario St PL140797-D. Poechman - 313 Ontario Street Closed 102-134 Hucknall Rd PL140798-University Square (Hucknall), site plan Open 30 Wychwood Ave PL140811-M & C Lovrics - 39 Wychwood Avenue Closed 9 Tippett Rd PL140840-Tippett Developments Inc. - 9 Tippett Rd Closed PL140846-Design District Properties Site Plan Closed 126 Fulton Ave PL140857-George Kozoronis, 126 Fulton Ave Closed Entire City of Toronto PL140860-OPA 231 - Employment Areas Lands Open 1477 Bayview Ave PL140861-1477 Bayview Ave. 1330192 Ontario Inc Open 99 Atlantic Ave & 40 Hanna Ave PL140865-Design District Properties ZBL Closed Bathurst St between Dupont St & Queen St W PL140866-BL 714-2014, Building restrictions Open PL140873-ZBL No. 712-2014, 464-468 Winona 464-468 Winona Dr Closed Drrive 32 & 34 Danby Ave PL140880-Losiggio, consents/variances 3 res. lots Closed 1 Rutherglen Rd PL140886-Anna Goh, 1 Rutherglen Rd Closed 425 Belsize Dr PL140888-S. Moharramzadeh, 425 Belsize Dr Closed 134 Hanna Rd PL140890-George Civello, 134 Hanna Rd Closed 991 Kennedy Rd PL140896-Trentvitale Holdings, eBingo variances Closed 3300 McNicoll Ave, Unit A211 PL140897-Jane Wei, 3300 McNicoll Ave, Unit A211 Closed 33 Holly St, 44 Dunfield Ave, and 86, 88 Soudan Av PL140898-1030553 Ontario Limited/Hollydun Open 41 Dovercourt Rd PL140899-BL 690-2014, 41 Dovercourt Rd Closed 2359 Danforth Ave PL140900-ZBL Nos. 697-2014 and 698-2014 Closed 2849, 2851, 2853, 2855 and 2857 Islington Ave PL140903-2849-2857 Islington Avenue Open Eglinton Ave, between Jane St & Kennedy Rd PL140905-OPA 253, Eglinton Connects Study Area Open PL140906-OPA 258, Development Permit System Open North York Centre Secondary Plan Area PL140914-OPA No. 249 Open 26 Belvia Rd PL140916-Pallas, exotic animal shelter variance Closed 591 Finch Ave West PL140917-BL 702-2014, Res.Bldg. 591 Finch Ave W Closed 37 Rockbank Cres PL140918-Reyes', variances to legalize front porch Closed 8 Deeth Dr PL140919-Gabriele & Antonia Cinelli, 8 Deeth Dr Closed 42 Talwood Dr PL140924-Rezvani, 42 Talwood Drive Closed 9 Fordham Place PL140925-S. Dhanji & S. Khimji, 9 Fordham Pl Closed 144 Kingsdale Ave PL140926-Xiuhua Guo, 144 Kingsdale Ave Closed 1008 Briar Hill Ave PL140929-Visha, 1008 Briar Hill Avenue Closed 176 & 178 Caribou Rd PL140932-Moldofsky, consent for 3 residential lots Closed PL140941-Charles Arymowicz, 458 Coldstream 458 Coldstream Ave Closed Avenue PL140942-Michael Youssef, 149 Upper Canada 149 Upper Canada Dr Closed Drive PL140943-Bahman-Bijari, 265 and 267 Greenfield 265 and 267 Greenfield Ave Closed Ave 252 Haddington Ave PL140948-Sacco, consent for 2 new residential lots Closed 237 Euclid Ave PL140954-Liu variances for new home with 3 units Closed PL140955-Z. Subota & O. Oleshko, 222 Wychwood 222 Wychwood Ave Closed Ave 35 Davies Cres PL140956-Ramazan Ali Ghassemi, 35 Davies Cres Closed 35 Davies Cres PL140956-Ramazan Ali Ghassemi, 35 Davies Cres Closed 5 Forest Wood PL140957 - Kuhl Accessory Building Closed 3083-3095 & 3101 Dufferin St & 770 Lawrence Ave PL140959-Duflaw Realty, 3083-3095 Dufferin St, etc Closed W 536 Oakwood Ave PL140960 - Mohamed Parking Variance Closed 131 Yeomans Rd PL140961-D. & D. Abrahams, 131 Yeomans Rd Closed 2915 St. Clair Ave E PL140962-Choudhry Holding, 2915 St. Clair Ave. E. Closed 61 Dagmar Ave PL140965-Craig Race, 61 Dagmar Avenue Closed 222 Centennial Rd and 35 Acheson Blvd PL140968-222 Centennial Rd., 35 Acheson Blvd. Closed 217 Cedric Ave PL140974-Paulo Bernardo, 217 Cedric Ave Closed 443 Fairlawn Ave PL140980-Lev Roitberg, 443 Fairlawn Avenue Closed 16 Elynhill Drive PL140981-Mehta/Harrietha, 16 Elynhill Drive Closed 225 Forest Hill Rd PL140991-2328884 Ontario Ltd., 225 Forest Hill Rd Closed 20 The Queensway PL140992-TTC, 20 The Queensway Closed 1 Henderson Ave PL140993-Burtscher, variances for addition Closed 119 Curzon St PL140994-Suzanne Halliday, 119 Curzon St Closed 4 Glen Stewart Ave PL140999-S. & S. Torrance, 4 Glen Stewart Ave Closed 4780 Eglinton Ave W PL141002-Fernbrook, 4780 Eglinton Ave W Site Plan Closed 784 Sheppard Ave E PL141009 - MEC Townhouse Development Closed 27 Caronport Cres PL141010-A & N Safar - 27 Caronport Cres. Closed 67-71 Heath St W PL141028-FGP Holdings Limited, 67-71 Heath St. W. Closed 63 Hogarth Ave PL141032-S. Schmidt - 63 Hogarth Avenue Closed 68 Wineva Ave PL141035-Evdemon, variances for addition Closed PL141036-Kalogeras/Foutsis, variances for new 8 Derwyn Rd Closed home 10 Lowther Ave PL141037-M. Boguslavskaya, 10 Lowther Avenue Closed 214 Yonge Blvd PL141039-F. Pezeshki - 214 Yonge Blvd. Closed 75 Bannockburn Ave PL141040-J. Dastmalchian - 75 Bannockburn Ave. Closed 144 Castlewood Rd PL141041-E. Zarrabi - 144 Castlewood Road Closed 31 Bayview Wood PL141046-P. Gonda - 31 Bayview Wood Closed 27 Auburn Ave PL141054-D. Bergeron - 27 Auburn Avenue Closed 18 Daisy Ave PL141055-A. Ramolli - 18 Daisy Avenue Closed 33 Kingsway Cres PL141058-H. Caira - 33 Kingsway Crescent Closed 172,176 & 180 Finch Ave W & 1-11 & 23 Grantbrook PL141059-Anndale Properties Limited, mixed use Open S dev 161 Locksley Ave PL141071-R. & R. Malinsky, 161 Locksley Ave Closed Bathurst St, between Dupont St and Queen St W PL141074-Toronto OPA No. 246 Open Area bound by Bathurst St, Strachan Ave, Wellingto PL141078-OPA 273, South Niagara Region Study Open 68 Olive Ave PL141083-Peterson, 68 Olive Avenue Closed 1352 Mount Pleasant Rd PL141084-J & A Violante - 1352 Mount Pleasant Rd Closed 11 Ridgewood Rd PL141085-L & L Vernich - 11 Ridgewood Road Closed 120-122 Sherbourne St PL141086-1524335 Ont. Inc Technical Severance Closed 1181 Dufferin St PL141087-A. Melo, 1181 Dufferin Street Closed 995 Lansdowne Ave PL141089-BL 1023-2014, 995 Lansdowne Ave Closed 57 Spadina Ave PL141095-Toronto ZBL Nos. 1061-2014, 1062-2014 Closed PL141097-ZBL Nos. 1039-2014 & 1040-2014, 50-60 and 62-64 Charles St E, 47-61 Hayden St Closed Cresford 86 Twenty Third St PL141102-Edmond Visan, 86 Twenty Third St Closed 67 North Edgely Ave PL141105-67 North Edgely Avenue, Mahfuz Rahman Closed 27 Sunshine St PL141107-Saul Anisfeld, 27 Sunshine St Closed PL141111-ZBL No. 1035-2014, 99 Finch Avenue 99 Finch Ave E Closed East 104 Norton Ave PL141114-Marnie Bremner, 104 Norton Ave Closed 186 Dawlish Ave PL141115-Robert Ursini, 186 Dawlish Ave Closed 243 Yonge Blvd PL141116-Frank & Mary Leone, 243 Yonge Blvd Closed 109 Dawlish Ave PL141117 - Theodoropoulos/Psarris New Dwelling Closed 287 Old Orchard Grove PL141128-Moghaddam, 287 Old Orchard Grove Closed PL141130-199 Bogert Avenue, Stonebrooke Homes 199 Bogert Ave Closed Ltd. 3571-3609 Sheppard Ave E PL141133 - Variances for Parking/Restaurant Use Closed Various Addresses Dupont Regeneration Area Study PL141134-OPA 271 - Dupont St. Study Open 142 Davenport Rd & 202 Davenport Rd PL141136-By-Law 1032-2014 Closed PL141139-Wellesley Residences Corp. 37-storey 50 Wellesley St E, 31 to 35 Dundonald St Open res. 412 Church St PL141140- 412 Church Street (32 Storey mixed use) Open 200 Ridley Blvd PL141144-BL 1072-2014, 200 Ridley Blvd Closed 220 McRae Dr & 327-329 Sutherland Dr PL141149-BL 1004-2014, 220 McRae Dr et al Closed 27 Evergreen Gdns PL141151-Y. Yang , 27-Evergreen Grdns Closed 31 Evergreen Gdns PL141152- Y.. Yang, 31 Evergreen Gardens Closed 570 Arlington Ave PL141157- Bogacheva 3 Storey Home w/Int. Garage Closed 5 Frankdale Ave PL141158-Armstrong/Matier, 5 Frankdale Avenue Closed 108 Balmoral Ave PL141159-Masci, 108 Balmoral Avenue Closed 78 Glenside Ave PL141160-Ngoc Bich Giang, 78 Glenside Avenue Closed PL141163 -TDSB Residential Development and 1555 Midland Ave and 2740 Lawrence Ave E Closed School 44 Irvington Cres, 48, 50, 52 Granlea Rd PL141171-12471750 Ontario Inc., Irvington/Granlea Closed PL141182-Conney Romundt, 46 Teddington Park 46 Teddington Park Ave Closed Avenue 23 Riverside Cres PL141184-23 Riverside Crescent, Afsar/Charkiw Closed 67 Lothian Ave PL141185-A. & L. Quendro, 67 Lothian Ave Closed 73-75 Kincort St PL141187-Toronto Commadery Hospice, variance Open 777 Dundas St E PL141190-1844448 Ontario Ltd. Car Dealership Closed PL141197-Coal Harbour, 350,370,390 Queens Quay 350, 370 and 390 Queens Quay West Closed W 20 James St PL141217-Fiorucci Residential Severance Closed 4366 Kingston Rd PL141220-1259504 Ontario Ltd. - Drive-through Closed 176,178 & 180 Sheppard Ave East PL141224-Marpake, 176, 178 & 180 Sheppard Ave E Open 100 Melrose Ave PL141226- Callum & Jurman-New detached dwelling Closed 397 Fairlawn Ave PL141230-Afshin-New 3 storey detached dwelling Closed 3246 Lakeshore Blvd W PL141251-Humber, 3246 Lake Shore Blvd W Closed 149 Kingsdale Ave PL141254-V. Grigoriev Severance & Variances Closed 80 Berkindale Dr PL141257-Shee Yar Sarah Ng, 80 Berkindale Dr Closed PL141260-Manse Developments Inc.-Townhouse 280 Manse Rd Closed Devlmt 309 Cherry St PL141264-2034055 Ont. Ltd. 309 Cherry St. Phase 1 Open 302 Richview Ave PL141270-Emi Taguchi, 302 Richview Ave Closed 85 Bellwoods Ave PL141271-Jyll Saskin, 85 Bellwoods Ave Closed 188 Lippincott St PL141272-A. & E. Saskin, 188 Lippincott St Closed 121 Lyall Ave PL141273-M. Moffet-Variance Conversion Closed 53 Burnside Dr PL141274-Preger-2 storey addition Closed 1163 Broadview Ave PL141280-1704932 Ontario Ltd..-4 storey dwelling Closed 41 Chatsworth Dr PL141282-Parkset, 6-storey Residential Apt. Bldg. Closed 614 Manning Ave PL141283-C. Bryce & M. Elliott, Coach House Open 318 Mc Roberts Ave PL141303-Melsoc International, 318 McRoberts Ave Closed 323 Deerhide Cres PL141304-323 Deerhide Cres Ltd, Place of Worship Open 853 Garyray Dr PL141305-Rin Gin Holdings Ltd., 853 Garyray Dr Closed 239 Beverley St PL141315-Betty Ha-Pik Lee, 239 Beverley Street Closed 241 Beverley St PL141316-512899 Ontario Ltd., 241 Beverley Street Closed 22 Cottingham Rd PL141317-22 Cottingham Road, Goose/Turk Closed 17 Westridge Rd PL141330-1829192 Ontario Inc., 17 Westridge Rd Closed PL141332-282 Upper Highland Cres, Southoak 282 Upper Highland Cres Closed Estates 456 Oakwood Ave PL141334-Ontario 1061243 Ltd-Construction of shed Closed PL141335-Centurion Properties-no comm space on 3443 Bathurst St Closed grd 232 Glenforest Rd PL141346-Daneshvar , 232 Glenforest Road Closed 230 Glenforest Rd PL141351-Bozorgpour/Fathi, 230 Glenforest Road Closed 428-430 Spadina Ave PL141354-2418305 Ont. Ltd., 428-430 Spadina Ave Closed 623 Lonsdale Rd PL141355 - Williams & Oriol New Dwelling Closed 140 Boulton Ave PL141356-Yoke Kwan Chan, 140 Boulton Ave Closed 360 Lawrence Ave W PL141357-Azzinnari & Skinner, new lot severance Closed 46 Shaftesbury Ave PL141360-2405324 Ontario Inc., 46 Shaftesbury Ave Closed 44 Belmont St PL141364-Sheikh-Alter 3 stry townhouse Closed 360 Bloor St W PL141366-475920 Ontario Ltd./Shoppers, 1st fl. add Closed 169 Belsize Dr PL141367-Zahra Mortazavi, 169 Belsize Dr Closed 165 and 167 St. Clair Ave E PL141368-1862558 Ontario Inc. Closed 387-403 Bloor St E and 28 Selby St PL141371-Bloor St E/Selby St, 49-storey mixed-use Closed 2779, 2781 Yonge St, et al PL141372-1655584 Ont. Ltd., 11-storey res. bldg Open PL141390-Padoin/Bassani-Construction of new 285 Erskine Ave Closed home 141 Palm Drive PL141391-Occhicone/Ros, 141 Palm Drive Closed 17 Chelford Rd PL141392-Trinh, 17 Chelford Rd Closed 6 Stuart Ave PL141407-Sharma, 6 Stuart Avenue Closed PL141416-Triumph Homes Inc.-New Dwelling 25 Twenty Fourth St Closed w/garage 143 Avenue Rd PL141418-Dash 143 Avenue Road Closed 57 Horsham Ave PL141420-Charmchi, 57 Horsham Avenue Closed 128 Wigmore Dr PL141428-O'Neill-Variances for addition Closed 2968, 2972 and 2974 Islington Ave PL141429-471477 Ontario Ltd., 2-storey addition Closed 510 Donlands PL141440-Esmaeil Feiz Arbabi, 510 Donlands Ave Closed 177 Belsize Dr PL141443-Yeku Min, 177 Belsize Drive Closed 2 Chesley Ave PL141444-Cardoso, variances for additional unit Closed 296 Crawford St PL141445-Daniel Hartrell, 296 Crawford St Closed 64 Highland Ave PL141446-Theresa Charron, 64 Highland Ave Closed 23 Brian Cliff Drive PL141447-Zade/Zargarzadeh, 23 Brian Cliff Dr Closed 251 Manitoba St PL141454-Etabbey, 48-storey mixed-use bldg Open 89 Dunloe Rd PL141455-Antonio Cruz, 89 Dunloe Road Closed 108 Barrington Ave PL141456-108 Barrington Ave., 2-storey duplex Closed 298 Lee Ave PL141457-Saab, 298 Lee Avenue Closed 175-191 Dundas St E and 235 Jarvis St PL141461-Dundas Res. Inc., 47-storey mixed-use Open 167 Shelborne Ave PL141464-Nathan Bleeman, 167 Shelborne Avenue Closed 6921 Steeles Ave W PL141467-6921 Steeles Ave. W., holisitic/wellness Closed 385 Albion Rd PL141468-1877561 Ontario Ltd., 385 Albion Road Closed 34 Smithfield Dr PL141469-Paul Andre, 34 Smithfield Dr Closed 372 Roxton Rd PL141470-Rodrigues, additions for 2units variances Closed 24 Oliver Mews PL141471-Bonaldi Di-Filippazzo/Di Marco Variance Closed 3100 Keele St PL141473-3100 Keele Corp., 422 residential units Closed PL150001-Freedent Sheppard, 4181 Sheppard Ave 4181 Sheppard Ave E Open E 1895 Queen St E PL150006-Aaron Cheng, 1895 Queen St E Closed St. Clair Ave W, from Walker Rd to East of Forest PL150015-OPA No. 279 & 200 St. Clair West Open 308 to 314 Jarvis St & 225 Mutual St PL150016-Duration Investments Ltd. 43-storey res. Open 28 Maybourne Ave PL150017-Peter Katsis, 28 Maybourne Ave Closed 8 Farmbrook Rd PL150020-Y. Singh, 8 Farmbrook Rd Closed 1572 & 1574 King St W PL150022-Apple Group et al, 1572-1574 King St W Closed 283 Adelaide St W PL150038-Pinnacle, 48-storey mixed-use building Open 500 Cummer Ave PL150043-TCDSB, new secondary school Closed 97 St. Leonard's Ave PL150044-Darren Myers, 97 St. Leonard's Ave Closed 170 Sheppard Ave E PL150045-Shenglin Holdings, 170 Sheppard Ave. E. Closed 72 Briar Hill Ave PL150047-Lingard, 72 Briar Hill Avenue Closed PL150059-Rockport (Queen & Leslie) Inc., mixed1327 to 1339 Queen St E Open use PL150069-Ghermezian Variances for roof and 357 Cortleigh Blvd Closed cabana PL150070-Khaksarfard-Variances-New 2 storey 224 Deloraine Ave Closed dwell 45 Lawrence Cres PL150072-Terzian-Variances for porch and garage Closed PL150075-Consent & Variances-2 underszied res 520 Prince Edward Dr N Closed lots 40 Old Oak Rd PL150078-Katkouskaya, new dwelling variances Closed 24 Ashwood Cres PL150079-Kia-Variances for front addition Closed 110 Prennan Ave PL150080-Vuckoski-Variances for new dwelling Closed All Lands Within The City of Toronto PL150081-OPA 274, Transportation Policies Closed PL150083-Paul Heakes, 85 Carlaw Ave Closed 123-129 Walker Ave PL150084-Clayton Place Estates-2 semi detached Closed 283 Snowdon Ave PL150087-Hadjibaba, new dwelling variances Closed 2-8 St. Thomas St PL150088-2-8 St. Thomas Street Holdings Inc. Closed 1 Lilywood Rd PL150090-M. & G. Cipollone, 1 Lillywood Rd Closed 39 Empire Ave PL150093-Scratch/Wallace, 3rd floor addition Closed 36 Delaware Ave PL150094-Jagjit Bhathal, 36 Delaware Ave Closed 147 Hazelwood Ave PL150095-Mintsopoulos, new duplex variances Closed 162 Huron St PL150099-TM Corp, 4th floor addition Closed PL150100-Cheesemans, garage conversion 12 Ormsby Cres Closed variances 26 Strathearn Blvd PL150101-Aeinechi-New 3 stry detached house Closed 2114-2130 Bloor St W PL150122-NDI, 10-storey residential building Closed PL150130-Feizarbabi-2 new 3 storey detached 254 Monarch Park Ave Closed dwells 195 Christie St PL150132-Lee-To legalize and maint. add 2 units Closed 113A Cosburn Ave PL150133-486178 Ontario Ltd-Variances for addition Closed 37 Gledhill Ave PL150134-Manzoor-MV for 2 storey addition Closed 58 Chestnut Park PL150135-Mark Shoom, 58 Chestnut Park Closed PL150136-Goldberg-Variances for new 3 sty 592 Rushton Rd Closed detached 742 Avenue Rd PL150137-Sylvia Bielak, 742 Avenue Road Closed PL150142-Hashemi Variances for new 2 storey 34 Joicey Blvd Closed dwell. 10 Abbott Ave PL150143-Pires, variance for 2storey rear addition Closed 191 Roe Ave PL150148-F. Dana & A.Tasbaz, 191 Roe Ave Closed 11-25 Industrial St PL150151-FCHT Holdings Corp.-Fitness Centre Closed 67 Glengowan Rd PL150152-James G. Mills, 67 Glengowan Rd Closed 1050 Sheppard Ave W PL150153-OPA & ZBA for 15 stry mixed use bldg Open 271 Poyntz Ave PL150157-Kalsi Harwinder, 271 Poyntz Ave Closed PL150163-Dastmalchian-New 3 stry dwelling 211 Glencairn Ave Closed w/garage 655 Crawford St PL150165-Tahlan, 3-storey detached duplex Closed 7 Hook Ave PL150166-549317 Ontario Ltd., 7 Hook Ave Closed 89 Forest Hill Rd PL150167-Zvi Ben-Ishak, 89 Forest Hill Rd Closed 55 Redwood Ave PL150168-Zofeen Ahmad, 55 Redwood Ave Closed 57 Redwood Ave PL150169-Anwari Begum, 57 Redwood Ave Closed 1238-1240 Avenue Rd PL150173-Lytton Park, 1238-1240 Avenue Rd Closed 8 Kingscourt Drive PL150176-Pimentel/Belanger, additions variances Closed 336 Culford Rd PL150183-Cunsolo, 336 Culford Road Closed 130 Windermere Ave PL150184-Basta/Sirvinskas, detached dwelling Closed 241 Willowdale Ave PL150185-Shao, 241 and 243 Willowdale Avenue Closed PL150193-CP REIT Ontario -1stry bank drive 330 Queens Plate Dr Closed through 31 Aldgate Ave PL150194-L. Valent 31 Aldgate Ave. Closed 28 Downing St PL150195-Marfatia-Variances for 1 stry addition Closed 39 Thirty Third St PL150196-Drummond/Palamarevic, semi-detached Closed 119 Playfair Ave PL150203-M & M Ferraz, 119 Playfair Ave Closed 88 Hollywood Ave PL150204-Chuang-Consent for 2 undersized res lots Closed 91 Queensbury Ave PL150207-Veron-To maintain existing rear 1stry add Closed 212-214 Randall Cres PL150208-Akter/Jesmin, 212-214 Randall Crescent Closed 13 Pine Ridge Dr PL150213-Lazarevski/Sterijevski, 13 Pine Ridge Dr Closed 870 Manning Ave PL150218-Adam Franklin, 870 Manning Ave Closed 195 Exbury Rd PL150219-Finca Building Establishment ZBA Closed 438 Broadway Ave PL150227-Zaman, new two storey dwelling Closed 10 Glen Rush Blvd PL150228-Candoo Design&Build;New 2 stry dwelling Closed 109 Anndale Dr PL150229-Davood Khavarian, 109 Anndale Dr Closed 463 Coldstream Ave PL150230-Paul Goldfischer, 463 Coldstream Ave Closed PL150231-Khashe-New 2 stry dwell w/integral 150 Snowdon Ave Closed garage 31 Norden Cres PL150232-M. Neill & S. Smith, 31 Norden Cres Closed 154 Hillhurst Blvd PL150236-Donchenko, 154 Hillhurst Blvd Closed 106 Almore Ave PL150237-Ky Thi Lee & Phuoc Ly, 106 Almore Ave Closed PL150238-2122498 Ont. Ltd.-OPA,ZBA 3 mxed use 459 Eastern Ave Open bldg PL150240-2122498 Ont. Ltd.-OPA,ZBA Mixed use 462 Eastern Ave Open devel 290 Fairlawn Ave PL150243-Amir Monfared, 290 Fairlawn Ave Closed 13 Queensbury Ave PL150247-H.X. Chen, detached dwelling Closed 15 Queensbury Ave PL150248-M. Chen, detached dwelling Closed 665 Euclid Ave PL150249-Gill, 665 Euclid Avenue Closed 31 Albemarle Ave PL150250-S.David & R.Wallman-new 3 stry det dwell Closed 164 St. Leonards Ave PL150251-Al Bargash-New 2 stry dwel w/intg.garage Closed 330 Byng Ave PL150253-Shameti, new two storey dwelling Closed 110 and 114 Kingsdale Ave PL150254-2431561 Ontario Inc., 2-storey dwellings Closed 153 Parkview Ave PL150276-Maleki/Arkadani, 153 Parkview Ave Closed 224 St. Leonards Ave PL150279-Ario Shakebaein, 224 St. Leonards Ave Closed 24 Sutherland Dr PL150291-M. & S. Hussain, 24 Sutherland Dr Closed 18-30 Erskine Ave PL150293-Erskine Park Holdings 35-storey Res.Bldg Closed 133 Avondale Ave PL150294-R. & E. Vender, 133 Avondale Ave Closed 91 Prennan Ave PL150297-Dominika Cieciura, 91 Prennan Ave Closed 4 Twenty Seventh St PL150298-Kujawa, 2 detached dwellings Closed 2 Madoc Dr PL150301-Naomi Zolty, 2 Madoc Drive Closed 321 Silver Star Blvd PL150302-1652155 Ont. Ltd., 321 Silver Star Blvd Closed 332 Roselawn Ave PL150310-Elizabeth Svirsky, 332 Roselawn Ave Closed 38 Bocastle Ave PL150312-Moradian/Karimi, 38 Bocastle Ave Closed 51 Talwood Dr PL150318-Wu & Chen, residential addition variances Closed 949 Logan Ave PL150319-Hayes-Rear 3rd flr addition Closed 70 Gwendolen Cres PL150336-Ghadirian, 2-storey dwelling Closed 102 Dinnick Cres PL150337-S. Nicosia-New 2 stry dwlg w/integ garage Closed 938 Eastern Ave PL150340-2440761 Ontario Ltd., 4 three-storey semi Closed PL150350-Bandarchi-New 2 stry detach dwel 37 Farrell Ave Closed w/garage 471 Dovercourt Rd PL150351-J. & D. Carvalho, 471 Dovercourt Rd Closed 29-51 Florence St PL150352-Silver Lynx Dev. Inc., 29-51 Florence St Closed 119 Steeles Ave East PL150354-Shafagh Azhandeh, 119 Steeles Ave E Closed 8 York Downs Dr PL150355-Soberano, variances for a new home Closed 102 Northdale Rd PL150356-Eugenia Iannuzziello, 102 Northdale Rd Closed 146-150 Laird Dr PL150360-146-150 Laird Drive, VIVA Retirement Open 327 Cedarvale Ave PL150364-Young/Zenkovich, front yard parking pad Closed Garden District Area PL150374-OPA 82 Garden Dist. Area Specific Policy Open Queen-River Area PL150375-OPA 287 Queen River Secondary Plan Open 656 Gerrard St E PL150383-S. Jiang & L. Xue - 656 Gerrard St. East Closed 200 Heath St W PL150384-Dr. N. Azrieli - 200 Heath St. W. Closed 4684 Dundas St W PL150385-Alpha Dev. Inc., 2 detached dwellings Closed 417 Clendenan Ave PL150388-F. & K. Szymanski - 417 Clendenan Ave. Closed 1 Ridgecross Rd PL150389-Markovic, pool cabana variances Closed 3401 Dufferin St & 1 Yorkdale Rd PL150390-Yorkdale Shopping Centre expansion Closed PL150396-O'Shanter Dev. Company Ltd. 17, 23 and 25 Lascelles Blvd Open Townhouses PL150399-Cosmopolitan Homes-Clyde/Carmichael 108 Clyde Ave & 82 Carmichael Ave Open Av. 110 Frontenac Ave PL150404-Violetti Arch Build. Corp. 110 Frontenac Closed 35 City View Drive PL150407-Hano Invest. Ltd. - 35 City View Drive Closed 39 Fairfield Ave PL150408-I. Zariczniak - 39 Fairfield Ave. Closed 21 Yewfield Cres PL150410-V. Auciello - 21 Yewfield Crescent Closed 28 Bexhill Ave PL150418-D&S Hatziantoniou - 28 Bexhill Ave. Open 3406-3434 Weston Rd PL150422-Di Battista Gambin Developments Ltd. Closed 34 Maybourne Ave PL150423-Peter Katsis - 34 Maybourne Ave. Closed 700 Bay St & 77 Gerrard St W PL150428-KS 700 Bay St. Inc. - 45 Storey Tower Closed 21 Cardiff Rd PL150429-K. Moyser & C. Inglis - 21 Cardiff Road Closed 17 Knight St PL150431-Remon Toma - 17 Knight Street Closed 71 Saulter St PL150434-940412 Ontario Ltd. - 71 Saulter Street Closed 278 Hillcrest Ave PL150449-Z. Ahmadian - 278 Hillcrest Ave. Closed 253 Waterloo Ave PL150450-R. Kulszynski - 253 Waterloo Ave. Closed 33 Davies Cres PL150468-Si, 2-storey detached dwelling variances Closed 134 Brookside Dr PL150470-A. Wolch & S. Rubin - 134 Brookside Dr. Closed 450 Harvie Ave PL150476-Michael Varajao - 450 Harvie Avenue Open 62 St. Ives Cres PL150477-R. Mohammad Tasbaz - 62 St. Ives Cres. Closed 62 St. Ives Cres PL150477-R. Mohammad Tasbaz - 62 St. Ives Cres. Closed 15 Oakley Pl PL150478-Julie Chabonneau - 15 Oakley Place Closed 916 Keele St PL150479-Danclair Const. Ltd. - 916 Keele Street Closed 914 Keele St PL150480-2410142 Ontario Inc. - 914 Keele Street Closed 32 Millgate Cres PL150481-D Liu & L.Yang-2nd flr addition Closed 83 Morningside Ave PL150482-Hospedales/Kurup - 83 Morningside Ave. Closed PL150483-Mohammadizaniani, new detd home 54 Esgore Dr Closed variances PL150484-C.Creatura & A.Amelio - 421 Horsham 421 Horsham Ave Closed Ave. 88 Risebrough Ave PL150500-M.A. Fan Lun & C. Ke Jian Sun Closed PL150505-N.Koutsoukis&P.Cheema-309 309 Bessborough Dr Closed Bessborough Dr 45 Churchill Ave PL150515-J. J. Oulahen, 45 Churchill Avenue Closed 370 & 372 Willowdale Ave PL150518- - Hosseini- 370 & 372 Willowdale Ave Closed 2 Wilket Rd PL150527-236277 Ontario Inc., Rezoning Open PL150539-Yonge & Lawrence Inc., 3080 Yonge St Closed 3080 Yonge St PL150539-Yonge & Lawrence Inc., 3080 Yonge St Closed 58 Claremont St and 11 Mathias Pl PL150540-N. Hanning& R. Burnett, Minor Variance Closed 3 St. Aubyns Cres PL150541-Eccleston, 3 St. Aubyns Crescent Closed 1100 Queen St W PL150542-Kakridonis, 1100 Queen St W, restaurant Closed 6 Edmund Gate Lane (179 Poplar Plains Rd Part 1) PL150543-Chisholm, 2-storey detached dwelling Closed PL150544-1518491 Ontario Inc., 888 Danforth 888 Danforth Ave Closed Avenue 34 Smithfield Dr PL150545- Minor Variance 34 Smithfield Drive Closed 5 Edenbrook Hill PL150546-M. Daoud-MV for new detached dwelling Closed 23 Rusholme Park Cres PL150547-Robert Grover, 23 Rusholme Park Cres Closed 169 Strachan Ave PL150548-Rhodes Corp., 169 Strachan Ave Closed PL150549-2425300 Ontario Ltd., 929-931 Queen St 929-931 Queen St W Closed W 50 Belmont Ave PL150550- J. Green - To permit 3rd storey addition Closed 65 Langley Ave PL150551-John Payne, 65 Langley Ave Closed 160 Beaconsfield Ave PL150556-S. Benedetto, 160 Beaconsfield Ave Closed 26 Fairfield Rd PL150557-Fardin Pourdeilami, 26 Fairfield Rd Closed 8 Parkwood Ave PL150580-Robert Hawtin, 8 Parkwood Ave Closed 3105-3133 Sheppard Ave E PL150586-Liberty, 30-storey mixed-use bldg Closed 67 St. Edmund's Dr PL150588-Budininkas/McQueen, 2-storey dwelling Closed 483 Hopewell Ave PL150590-Huyen Thi Thu Vu, 483 Hopewell Ave Closed 3 Hermit Crt PL150604-Joaquim, consent, 2 dwellings Closed 97 Elmwood Ave PL150607-Elham Hajarian, 97 Elmwood Ave Closed 73 Donegall Drive PL150608-Poorsina, 2-storey dwelling Closed 317 Laird Dr PL150609-Sethi, 2-storey dwelling Closed 261 Golfdale Rd PL150610-Akbari/Mohajer-Ashjai, 261 Golfdale Rd Closed 24 Mercer St PL150612-2071430 Ontario Inc.,MV for 4 add floors Closed 44 Sullivan St PL150613-Janet Nga Yang, 44 Sullivan St Closed PL150614-Yakimovich/Milandinovic, 123 Welland 123 Welland Ave Closed Ave 35 Fleming Cres PL150621-Nojan Sattar, 35 Fleming Crescent Open 133 Duncairn Rd PL150622-Hua Deng, 133 Duncairn Road Closed 3237 Bayview Ave PL150625-1877298 Ont. Inc., 14-storey mixed-use Closed 36, 38 and 40 Churchill Ave PL150631-2397623 Ont. Ltd. & 2426684 Ont. Ltd. Open PL150634-Lifetime St. Mary, rezoning new mixed10 St. Mary St Open use 836-850 Yonge St, & 1-9A Yorkville Ave PL150639-By-law 645-2015, 58-storey development Closed PL150641-Mackenzie MV for basemt apt & 3rd flr 85 Hammersmith Ave Closed add 340 The East Mall PL150642-IMH 340 The East Mall Ltd., Variance Closed 350 The East Mall PL150643-IMH 350 The East Mall Ltd., Variance Closed 150 Ellins Ave PL150644-Wang/English, 150 Ellins Ave Closed 86 Leroy Ave PL150645-Michael Tremakis, 86 Leroy Ave Closed 105 Memorial Park Ave PL150646-Ispas-Variances for additions Closed 740 Dupont St PL150654- RioCan Holdings Inc. 740 Dupont Street Open Ellesmere Employment Study Area PL150656-Toronto ZBL Nos. 649-2015, 650-2015 Closed 328-358 Dupont St PL150658-AnX 1 GP Inc. 328-358 Dupont St. Open Various Addresses PL150661-By-law 607-2015, Technical Amendments Open 83 Chudleigh Ave PL150662-Aranovsky/Prokoudine, 83 Chudleigh Ave Closed 107 Rochester Ave PL150663-Keith & Kelly Haskins, 107 Rochester Ave Closed 44 Braeside Rd PL150664-MV for new 2 stry dwelling w/int. garage Closed 151 Airdrie Rd PL150665-Arzhang Sohrabi, 151 Airdrie Rd Closed 271 Glengrove Ave W PL150670-Andrea Starkman, 271 Glengrove Ave W Closed 38 Wendover Rd PL150672-Kruppe/Shaw, detached dwelling Closed PL150673-851653 Ontario Inc., 170 & 194 Evans 170 & 194 Evans Ave Closed Ave 289&291 The Kingsway and 1,3,5&7 St. Stevens Crt PL150676- The Elia Corp. 289 & 291 The Kingsway Open Yonge-Eglinton Secondary Plan PL150678-OPA 289, Yonge-Eglinton Secondary Plan Open PL150687- 200 Keewatin Developments Ltd. 200-214 Keewatin Ave Open Rezoning 15 Blyth Dale Rd PL150689-Gloria Yusishen, 15 Blyth Dale Rd Closed 26 Bayberry Cres PL150690-Qing Ma & Ping Xu, 26 Bayberry Crescent Closed 349 Glengrove Ave W PL150706-Golger, 2-storey dwelling Closed 22 Knollview Cres PL150707-Liu-MV new 2 stry dwell with integ garage Closed 79 Chudleigh Ave PL150708-2439187 Ontario Inc., 79 Chudleigh Ave Closed 228 Rumsey Rd PL150709-Korkuti/Lulya, 2-storey dwelling Closed 57 Roseneath Gdns PL150711- J.Goldstein 57 Roseneath Gardens Closed 433 Ashdale Ave PL150718-Trevor & Ada Chan, 433 Ashdale Ave Closed 325 Cedarvale Ave PL150719-Young/Zenkovich, front yard parking pad Closed 34 Durie St PL150721-E. Fernandes - 34 Durie Street Closed 8 Lorene Dr PL150724-J & S Tucic - 8 Lorne Drive Closed 351 Centennial Rd PL150726-F. Vaccarro/M. Rio - 351 Centennial Rd. Closed 347 Centennial Rd PL150730-J. & T. Scharkov - 347 Centennial Rd. Closed 53, 61, 65 Ontario St and 102 Berkeley St PL150732-Bel-East Corp.&Bel Ont. Inc Berkeley St Open 65 Grand Magazine St PL150733-Onni Development (Fort York 2009) Corp. Open 1 Lillian St and 132-142 Soudan Ave PL150735-ZBL 809-2015 & 810-2015- Apt Building Closed 107 Woodbine Ave PL150736-Conciatori/Sparkes - 107 Woodbine Ave Closed 426 Roehampton Ave PL150737-Alishahinorani, new det'd home variances Closed PL150742-OPA227 & ZBL762-2015-Baytree Estates 6 Baytree Cres Closed Inc. PL150753-Conica Glen Homes Corp. Oakland & Open Farnham 55 Bloor St W PL150756-Manulife Centre addition Closed 64 Cree Ave PL150757-Nikolaos Syrakos, 64 Cree Ave Closed 78 Constance St PL150758-D. Roman & B. Forest, MV for rear addin Closed 67 Johnston Ave PL150759-Gheshlaghi/Hashemi-Dehaghi consent Closed 75 Lytton Blvd PL150762-Fenech-MV new 2 stry addition Closed 29 Huntington Ave PL150763-Gautam Paul-Consent and Variance Closed 46 Valhalla Blvd PL150766-A.Le Saux & N.Guillot, 46 Valhalla Blvd Closed 1 Lovering Rd PL150767-Bo Zhang, 1 Lovering Rd Closed 62 Cliffcrest Dr PL150768-Trojniak/Geropoulos, 62 Cliffcrest Dr Closed 24 Barwick Dr PL150774-Comparelli/Huttoni, 24 Barwick Drive Closed PL150775-Somasundaram, variances for 2 storey 22 Bellbrook Rd Closed home 52 Unsworth Ave PL150776-Nan Li, 52 Unsworth Ave Closed 23 Ivanhoe Crt PL150777-Xhaferr Duhanxhiu, 23 Ivanhoe Crt Closed 455 Castlefield Ave PL150778-Bergman, 2-storey dwelling Closed PL150794-By-law 818-2015, Ordnance Triangle 10, 11 & 25 Ordnance St & 45 Strachan Ave Closed Lands 242 Elmwood Ave PL150817 - Zadeh-Rahvar new dwelling variance Closed 259 Ossington Ave PL150818-Russell Parker, 259 Ossington Ave Closed 156 Palmerston Ave PL150819-J.He-MV for new 3 stry 4 plex Closed 75, 77 & 83 Mutual St PL150821-77 Mutual St. al mixed-use bldg Open PL150825-Jaegerman, new 2storey dwelling 21 Stuart Cres Closed variances 72 Clanton Park Rd PL150826-Yehuda Rotenberg, 72 Clanton Park Rd Closed 97 Twenty Seventh St PL150828-Tristar, 97 Twenty Seventh St Closed 160 Parkview Hill Cres PL150831-Jovanovski/Koumarelas Variance Closed 86 Roosevelt Rd PL150832-Seema Kohout, 86 Roosevelt Rd Closed 67 Inwood Ave PL150833-L. Ran Li-New 2 stry dwell w/int gararage Closed 190 Gloucester Grove PL150834-A. Zeren & F. Dinek, 190 Gloucester Gr Closed 840 & 860 Dupont St PL150838-Sobeys Capital Inc.. mixed-use dev. Open 38 Edgehill Rd PL150841-Julia & Colin Stewart, 38 Edgehill Rd Closed 2 Keane Ave PL150842 - Amlashi New Dwelling Closed PL150843-Mak, new single detached home 31 Killdeer Cres Closed variances 225 Jarvis St PL150845-Amexon Dev. Corp., 45-storey mixed-use Closed PL150847 - Borghei/Nabavi Severance and 36 Clissold Rd Closed Variances 123 Cornelius Pkwy PL150850-Morriello/Barbosa, garage variances Closed 29 Judson St PL150851-Remicorp Industries Inc. 29 Judson St Closed 71 Baby Point Cres PL150855-Christopher Payne, 71 Baby Point Cres Closed 1878, 1880 Queen St E, 196 Woodbine Ave PL150860-Two Hundred Inc. Variance Closed 36 Vesta Dr PL150861-Lewis Rose, 36 Vesta Drive Closed 360 Bloor St W PL150862-475920 Ontario Ltd., 360 Bloor St W Closed 585 Hillsdale Ave E PL150863-Robert Weisz, 585 Hillsdale Ave E Closed 39 Bobmar Rd PL150892-Dingyi Liu, 39 Bobmar Rd Closed 84 Portage Ave PL150903-I. Rodrigues & E. Soares, 84 Portage Ave Closed 14 Lakeside Ave, Plan 1538, Lot 21 PL150919-A. & S. Manganaro, 14 Lakeside Ave Closed 19 Royal Oak Dr PL150922-Weiwen Ma, 19 Royal Oak Drive Closed 19 Chipping Rd PL150928-S. & I. Ischiropoulos, 19 Chipping Rd Closed 21 Courtwright Rd PL150931-Hung & Sam Ho, 21 Courtwright Rd Closed 31 Westbourne Ave PL150934-Y. Liang & J. Arzu, 31 Westbourne Ave Closed 199 McKee Ave PL150941-Zi Chao Luo, 199 McKee Ave Closed 98 Dawlish Ave PL150942-Donna Becker, 98 Dawlish Ave Closed 323 Sheldrake Blvd PL150943-D.Granzotto;New 3 stry dwell. w/integ gar Closed PL150944-Jame Financial Corp. 1912-1914 Avenue 1912-1914 Avenue Rd Closed Rd 280 Glengrove Ave W PL150945-Carinci/Cambone, rear addition variances Closed 29 Westbourne Ave PL150954-Emre Baran, 29 Westbourne Ave Closed 29 Ash Cres PL150959-Gretchkova-To legalize exisiting dwelling Closed PL150960-Auro ChemicalsCanada, badminton 39 Bertrand Ave Closed variances 179 Snowdon Ave PL150970-Qi Liu, 179 Snowdon Ave Closed 5 Caronport Cres PL150972-Lilia Marchina, 5 Caronport Crescent Closed 10B Randall Cr PL150973-Zenkovich/Young, 10 A & B Randall Cres Closed 33 to 45 Avenue Rd, 140 to 148 Yorkville Ave PL150988-Empire Communities, 40-storey building Open 943 Castlefield Ave PL150994-Welat, semi-detached dwelling Closed 16 Carney Rd PL150997-X. Yang & F. Wang, 16 Carney Rd Closed 807 Willowdale Ave PL150999-Talat Muinuddin, 807 Willowdale Ave Closed 30 Palomino Cres PL151000- A. Lotfalizadeh, 30 Palomino Cres Closed 19 Otter Cres PL151005-Yadollahi/Boreshnavard, 19 Otter Cres Closed 137 Heddington Ave PL151006-Stephan Dymond, 137 Heddington Ave Closed 211 Johnston Ave PL151007-Mir Dezfouli, 211 Johnston Ave Closed 130A Glendora Ave PL151012 - Larisa Kuznetsova, 130A Glendora Ave Closed 168 Windermere Ave PL151014-William Cooper, 168 Windermere Ave Closed 4 Bluebell Gate PL151015-Felicetta Saratsiotis, 4 Bluebell Gate Closed 25 Haddon St PL151016-D'Alessandro, new resid'l home variances Closed 688 Oriole Parkway PL151020-Alexopoulos-MV for additions Closed 222 Finch Ave W PL151023-Mansour Sheikh, 222 Finch Ave W Closed 15-35 Mercer St PL151029-35 Mercer St Ltd. 57-storey building Open 217 Adelaide St W PL151030-217 Adelaide Holdings Ltd. 56-storey Dev Open 107 Codsell Ave PL151032-Georgantonis/Papadogiannis Variance Closed 270-288 Church St, 101-105 and 111 Bond St PL151035-BL 1042-2015 & 1043-2015-Ryerson Closed 2 Brisbane Rd PL151037-1118038 Ontario, 2 Brisbane Rd Closed 8 Eastview Cres PL151038-K. & R. Babber, 8 Eastview Crescent Closed 244 Byng Ave PL151039-L. & S. Langer, 244 Byng Ave Closed 78 Berkinshaw Cres PL151040-Myio & Martin Shaw, 78 Berkinshaw Cres Closed 76 Emmeline Cres PL151046-Jackie Fung, 76 Emmeline Cres Closed 1 Pitfield Rd PL151055-Samji, variance for two storey addition Closed 331 Joicey Blvd PL151056-Tatiana Kouznetsova, 331 Joicey Blvd Closed 186 Euclid Ave PL151060-G. & H. Arruda, 186 Euclid Ave Closed PL151061-JMZ Dev., 2 two-storey detached 325 Westlake Ave Closed dwellings 256 Chaplin Cres PL151067-Khosrow Chubineh, 256 Chaplin Crescent Closed 233 Rhodes Ave PL151068-Ashkan Mehdi-Azad, 233 Rhodes Ave Closed 146 Manor Rd E PL151069-ICI Construction & Dev. 146 Manor Rd E Closed 411 Victoria Park Ave, 2510 and 2350 Gerrard St E PL151072-OPA 288 Build Toronto development Open 1120 Dupont St PL151076-Talus (Dupont) Ltd., 1120 Dupont St Closed 13 Earnbridge St PL151077-Gerald Berg, 13 Earnbridge St Closed 225 Holborne Ave PL151078-Deslauriers, rear add./rooftop terrace Closed 48 Elderwood Dr PL151079-M. Lehberg-New 3 stry detached dwelling Closed 881 Cosburn Ave PL151080-C. Yao-MV for new 2 stry detach. dwelling Closed 146 Crawford St PL151081-Paul Icke, 146 Crawford St Closed 98 Squires Ave PL151082-Salih Baran, 98 Squires Ave Closed 41 Doncaster Ave PL151088-Quart &Gillies, resd'l addition variances Closed 16 Chauncey Ave PL151091-Pavic, consent/variances for 2 new homes Closed 23 Brule Gdns PL151094-Pinnock/Pollack, 23 Brule Gardens Closed 30 Virgilwood Dr PL151095-Igor Iakovlev, 30 Virgilwood Dr Closed PL151097-Wang-New 2 stry detached dwell 10 Langbourne Pl Closed w/garage 29 Killdeer Cres PL151105-Mak & Su, new single detached variances Closed 84 Holmes Ave PL151106-Jiang, 2-storey dwelling Closed 51 Shields Ave PL151107-McNevin/Prashker, 2-storey dwelling Closed PL151108-Saberyghomy/Jalilzadehgholami 30 Fleming Drive Closed severance 49-51 Lawrence Ave E & 84 Weybourne Cres PL151111-Yonge Lawrence Dev LP OPA Open 31A Parliament St & 370 & 370A Cherry St PL151116-31A Parliament & 370A Cherry Streets Open 60 Mill St PL151118-Cityscape Holdings Inc.60 Mill St. Open Jethro Rd, Adele Ave & Desmont Rd PL151129-Ringley Construction Ltd. Subdivision Open 15 Mallow Road PL151138-Urbancorp (Mallow) Inc. Rezoning Open 63 Norton Ave PL151139-Fengping Lu, 63 Norton Ave Closed PL151145-Doreen & Terry Darling, 284 Hounslow 284 Hounslow Ave Closed Ave 491 Glencairn Ave/278,280 &282 Strathallan Wood PL151148-Bathurst & Glencairn Square Ltd. OPA Open Rd PL151158-Terracap Management 401-415 King St. 401-415 King St W Open W 328 Passmore Ave, Units 26 & 27 PL151166-Liu, 328 Passmore Ave, Units 26 & 27 Closed 2020 Ellesmere Rd PL151167-2390897 Ontario Inc. 2020 Ellesmere Rd Closed 629, 633 and 675 Eastern Ave PL151170-Toronto ZBL No. 1174-2015 Closed 88 & 100 Harbour St (90 Harbour St) PL151171-Harbour Plaza Residences Inc. Variance Closed 1217 Woodbine Ave PL151172-Imran, variances to legalize and maintain Closed 76 Lowther Ave PL151173-Benjamin Varadi, 76 Lowther Ave Closed 249 Booth Ave PL151174-Ayllon, variances for addition Closed 111 Belsize Dr PL151175-James D. Taylor, 111 Belsize Dr Closed 160 Old Forest Hill Rd PL151176-Jackson, consent for lot addition Closed 106 Glen Rd PL151177-Haci Ahmet Demir, 106 Glen Rd Closed 9 Kintyre Ave PL151178-Bodega Dev. Inc., 3-storey triplex Closed 123 Furnival Rd PL151180-S. Yousaf & K. Rashid, 123 Furnival Rd Closed 38 Brock Ave PL151183-1215629 Ontario Ltd. 38 Brock Ave Closed 15 Wiley Ave PL151184-Lastovetska, 15 Wiley Avenue Closed 6 Dunloe Rd PL151185-Adi Rakowski, 6 Dunloe Rd Closed 316 Bloor St W PL151186-316 Bloor W Toronto Dev., 42-storey Open Lands bound by John St, Adelaide St W, PL151187-Toronto OPA No. 297 Closed 1417, 1421-1425, 1427,1429 & 1431 Yonge St PL151188-Kale Management al 42-storey bldg Open 351 Sammon Ave PL151190-Zakkai, 2nd/3rd-storey addition Closed 30 Widmer St & 309-315 Adelaide St W PL151191-Widmer-Adelaide Corp et al Open 189 Dupont St PL151192-MV for 3 storey rear extension Closed 48 Russett Ave PL151193-D.Perry-MV & Consent for 3 res lots Closed 40 Moccasin Trail and 50 Green Belt Dr PL151208-H-M Apartment Moccasin Inc. OP Open 34 Southport St PL151211-Southport St Development Corp. Variance Closed 58 Ash Cres PL151212-Cassar, residential severance w/variances Closed 4601 Steeles Ave W PL151215-Renzo Moser, 4601 Steeles Ave W Closed 9 Atherton Cres PL151216-Czaplinski, residential severance Closed 118 Fifth St PL151219-M. Jerina-MV addition to ancillary bldg Open 86 Elsfield Rd PL151220-Keen/Senior, detached dwelling Closed 53-63 Sheppard Ave W & 62-68 Bogert Ave PL151222-Grmada mixed use mid-rise building Open 29 Machockie Rd PL151226-Choudhury/Yasmin, 29 Machockie Rd Closed 7 Chilton Rd PL151227-F. Temprile-MV for additions Closed 184 Dunvegan Rd PL151228-Elian Aviv Terner, 184 Dunvegan Rd Closed 388 Ellerslie Ave PL151240-Samimi, residential severance Closed 642 Pape Ave PL151245-Amado & Evelyn Tigno, 642 Pape Ave Closed 30 Rusholme Rd PL151246-Zhen He, 30 Rusholme Rd Closed 133 Toynbee Trail PL151254-R & J Schwind - 133 Toynbee Trl. Closed 41 North Woodrow Blvd PL151255-R. Sowamber - 41 North Woodrow Blvd. Closed 3266 Danforth Ave PL151256-D. Lovatsis - 3266 Danforth Ave. Closed 18 Windy Ridge Dr PL151257-J. Bower - 18 Windy Ridge Drive Closed 356 Greenfield Ave PL151262-Cai, residential severance with variances Closed 374 Spadina Ave PL151265-Spadina Court Ltd. - 374 Spadina Ave. Closed 332 Montrose Ave PL151266-Chan, 2-storey detached garage Closed 55 Duggan Ave PL151267-C. O'Neill - 55 Duggan Ave. Closed 1573 Dundas St E PL151268-Ronaghi, rear addition variances Open 67 Roxborough St W PL151269-Bannock, parking pad Closed 0 Carson St PL151272-Armando Carreiro, 0 Carson St Closed 26 Meadowcrest Rd PL151273-Miller, variances for new dwelling Closed 24 Wayland Ave PL151274-Lee/Correia, 24/24A Wayland Avenue Closed 1745 Keele St PL151276-Teotonio, additions/triplex variances Closed 161 Palmerston Ave PL160002-Evans Saskin, 161 Palmerston Ave Closed 23 Beaconsfield Ave PL160003-E. & V. Amaral, 23 Beaconsfield Ave Closed 215-229 Church St, 117 Dundas St E PL160006-Sentinel (Church), 46-storey mixed-use Open PL160010-Churchill Three Develco Inc.;OPA, 75 Canterbury Place Open ZBA&SPs 99 (101) Erskine Ave and 66 Broadway Ave PL160027-Beaux Properties, Erskine/Broadway Closed 93 Bogert Ave PL160029-Shu Zhou, 93 Bogert Ave Closed 29 Donwoods Dr PL160032-Touraj Mirzakhani, 29 Donwoods Dr Closed PL160033-BL 1363-2015, Queen St E & E Don 77-79 East Don Roadway Closed Roadway 10 Bainbridge Ave PL160039-Kollel Yismach Moshe-Place of Worship Closed Tippett Road Area Regeneration Study PL160041-OPA 309 Tippett Rd Area Regener. Study Open 194 Hounslow Ave PL160052-Gavrilenko, 194 Hounslow Ave Closed 221, 223, 225, 227, 229 & 231 Finch Ave W PL160055-BL 1362-2015 Edward Village Inc. Redev. Closed 3057- 3067 Bayview Ave & 1 Burleigh Heights Dr PL160059-2445225 Ontario Inc. OP Open 42-46 Overlea Blvd PL160064-BL 1308-2015 Retail store/gas bar/prkg Closed Dufferin Street Avenue Study PL160073-OPA 294 Dufferin Street Secondary Plan Open PL160081-L.Richmond Corp.18 storey mixed-use 452-458 Richmond St W Open bldg 8 Chater St PL160082-Sara Bracha Sommer, 8 Chater Court Closed PL160085-RioCan (Sunnybrook) 600 Eglinton 660 Eglinton Ave E Open Avenue E 2680 Midland Ave PL160086-Lanying Wu, 2680 Midland Ave Closed 119 Stafford Rd PL160089-Anna Gorbunova, 119 Stafford Rd Closed 155 Warren Rd PL160093-Ling He, 155 Warren Rd Closed 61 Spruce Hill Rd PL160094-Davidson/Thornton, 61 Spruce Hill Rd Closed 209 Kenilworth Ave PL160095-A. El-Asfahani, 209 Kenilworth Ave Closed 211 Kenilworth Ave PL160096-M. & P. Readings, 211 Kenilworth Ave Closed 3 Stinson Ave PL160097-Kajari & Gautam Paul, 3 Stinson Circle Closed 176 Balmoral Ave PL160098-D. & A. Belcastro, 176 Balmoral Ave Closed Hydro Corridor north of 3050 Lawrence Ave E PL160108-Ontario Hydro, 3050 Lawrence Ave E Closed 8 Oak Street PL160109-Satin Finish Hardwood Flooring Ltd. OPA Open 164 Parkhurst Blvd PL160114-Ginou/Ferguson, 164 Parkhurst Blvd Closed 248 Hillhurst Blvd PL160117-1495068 On Inc, 248 Hillhurst Blvd Closed 25 Old Forest Hill Rd PL160120-B. Goodman-Bloom, 25 Old Forest Hill Rd Closed 99 Maplewood Ave PL160121-J. & R. Goldberg, 99 Maplewood Ave Closed 500 Dupont St PL160135-500 Dupont Street Holdings Limited ZBA Open 524 Dupont St and 903 Palmerston Ave PL160142-Palmetto Holdings Inc. site plan Open 411 Church St PL160145-Church/Wood Res. Ltd. Partnership ZBA Closed 1884 Queen St E PL160148-1884 Queen Dev. Ltd. Minor Variance Closed PL160149-2276806 Ont. Ltd. 1419-1421 Danforth 1419-1421 Danforth Ave Closed Ave 100 Scarborough Rd PL160150-Forbes Lilford, 100 Scarborough Rd Closed 56 Ash Cres PL160151-Bernard Cassar, 56 Ash Cres Closed 4 Lovering Rd PL160155-Xiao Yan Liu, 4 Lovering Rd Closed 35 Bertha Ave PL160156-James McArthur, 35 Bertha Ave Closed 5 Green Valley Rd PL160157-J. Sultana & K. Uddin, 5 Green Valley Rd Closed 839 Ellesmere Rd PL160158-Xiaobin Lu, 839 Ellesmere Rd Closed 9 Killarney Rd PL160159-S. Ma-New 3 stry det dwellg w/int. garage Closed 145 Dunblaine Ave PL160160-Joan & Robert Gibson, 145 Dunblaine Ave Closed 109 Hanna Rd PL160164-Remy Basu, 109 Hanna Rd Closed 125 Ridley Blvd PL160169-Paula Clairman, 125 Ridley Blvd Closed 14 Wycliffe Cres PL160170-Khalili, 2-storey dwelling Closed 141 Elmhurst Ave PL160171-Renee Lipka, 141 Elmhurst Ave Closed 532 Glengrove Ave W PL160172-L&E Israel-New 3 stry det.dwl w/int garag Closed 1087, 1091 & 1095 Leslie St PL160173-IOTP 4 Res. bldgs & 20 3-storey THS Open 84 Willingdon Blvd PL160180-Michael Walton, 84 Willingdon Blvd Closed 3008 Dundas St W PL160181-Kevin Smith, 3008 Dundas St W Closed 51 Bayview Wood PL160189-J Pendrith - 51 Bayview Wood Closed 12 Pembury Ave PL160193-E. Belyea- 12 Pembury Ave. Open 7 Donino Ave PL160203-Sencer Erkaya, 7 Donino Ave Closed 73, 77, 79 & 83 Woodbine Ave & 3 Buller Ave PL160211-BL 104-2016 Woodbine/Buller Avenues Closed 97 McGillivray Ave PL160213-G. Chong & L.Chong, 97 McGillivray Ave Closed PL160218-OPA No. 299, Queen St E/Ashbridge 1266 to 1612 Queen St E, 1233 to 1617 Queen St E Open Precinc 275 Albany Ave & 420 Dupont St PL160220-Deltera 270 Albany Ave. 12-storey mixed Open 875 & 887 Queen St E PL160222-OPA 335 Trinity Urban Properties Inc. Closed 169 The Donway West PL160225-169 The Donway West Inc. ZBA Open 100 Ranleigh Ave PL160226-100 Ranleigh Inc, 4storey condo rezoning Closed 64 and 70 Cordova Ave PL160227-BL 110-2016 Deltera 3 residential bldgs Closed 336 Cortleigh Blvd PL160228-A. Kala & S. Solway, 336 Cortleigh Blvd Closed 2 Carnwath Cres PL160229-Y. & D. Udagedara, 2 Carnwath Cres Closed 17 Lankin Blvd PL160230-Bill Mbabatsikos, 17 Lankin Blvd Closed 45 Pendrith St PL160231-G&R Fera-MV to legalize & maintain Closed 142 Colin Ave PL160232-Wiggan, variances Closed 21 Bellman Ave PL160240-Kenfield Homes Inc. 21 Bellman Ave Closed 35 Edgevalley Dr PL160243-Ingrid & Frank Nanfara, 35 Edgevalley Dr Closed 82 Charleston Rd PL160244-Jacqueline Hawkins, 82 Charleston Rd Closed 42 Bannon Ave PL160245-S.Simmonds-MV for new det.dwellg w/gar Closed 10-12 Thorncliffe Ave PL160246-Lauda/Anagnostopoulos Severance Closed PL160249-S & Z Chowdhury, Consent & MV 5 new 74 & 78 Oakridge Dr Closed lots 85 Oakridge Dr PL160257-S-J & M Casey, 85 Oakridge Dr Closed 578 Indian Rd PL160260-Smoljanovic, severance, 3-storey dwelling Closed PL160263-Mixed Use building 543-553 Richmond St 543-553 Richmond St W Open W 203 College St PL160264-Parallax (203 College) Dev. Inc. ZBA Open 2504 Lake Shore Blvd W PL160265-2486526 Ontario Ltd., 2nd/3rd-storey add. Closed 25 Elsfield Rd PL160267-Mroz & Conery, addition variances Closed 8 Phenix Dr PL160274-C. Harrison & S. Gazmin, 8 Phenix Dr Open 739 Milverton Blvd PL160278-Eracon Holdings (Milverton) Ltd Variance Closed 564 Main St PL160279-Harmandeep Dhaliwal, 564 Main St Closed 10 Roblin Ave PL160280-Platonov, variances Closed 229 Sorauren Ave, Toronto PL160289 - 229 Sorauren Ave alteration/addition Closed 1201 Dundas St E PL160290-Lamb Dundas Corp.-Live-work units Closed 100 Ardwold Ave PL160291-Jugenburg, variances for new home Closed 321 Carlaw Ave PL160292-319 Carlaw Inc.-Live-work units Closed 1 & 2 Meadowglen Place and 1021-1035 Markham PL160302-R.A.B. Properties Ltd.& Other, Severance Closed Rd 40 Divadale Dr PL160314-Cotroneo Vincenzo, 40 Divadale Dr Closed 86 Mason Blvd PL160315-Yaghmaie, 2-storey dwelling Closed PL160317-IMH 1303-1307 Wilson, amenity space 1307 Wilson Ave Closed varia PL160318-ASLI 49-storey mixed-use 263 Adelaide 263 Adelaide St W Open St. 342-346 Davenport Rd PL160319-346 Davenport (Yorkville) Dev. Ltd. Open Murray Rd & Wilson Ave PL160329-IC BL 71-2016, Concrete batching plants Open PL160330-100 Davenport Rd 39-storey mixed use 100 Davenport Rd Open bldg 21 Divadale Dr PL160342-Zhiyang Yao, 21 Divadale Dr Closed 12 Rodney Blvd PL160343-Mehrad Razmara, 12 Rodney Blvd Closed 50 Millwick Dr PL160344-570417 Ontario Inc., 50 Millwick Dr Closed PL160345-381883 Ontario Ltd, townhouses 2850 Jane St Closed variances 4671 Dundas St W PL160346-Cordero/Burke, 4671 Dundas St W Closed 225 Douglas Dr PL160351-C. Johnston & G. Cole, 225 Douglas Dr Closed 451 Manning Ave PL160352-Elizabeth McCaig Rao, 451 Manning Ave Closed 2191 Gerrard St E PL160353-Leimonis, day nursury/private school Closed 200 Heath St W PL160354-Naomi Sara Azrieli, 200 Heath St W Closed 5 Bermondsey Rd and 1200 O'Connor Dr PL160356-TCI Realty Holdings Inc. new addition Closed 20 Norden Cr PL160357-M. Dostmohammadi, 20 Norden Crescent Closed 112 Harbord St PL160358-Irani, consent, conversion Open 338 Glebemount Ave PL160363-L. Lin & M. Chen, 338 Glebemount Ave Closed 212 Dunvegan Rd PL160364-Hoffmann/Gagliano, 212 Dunvegan Rd Closed 422-436 Roncesvalles Ave and 76 Howard Park Ave PL160368-Worsley Dream Roncesvalles ZBA Open 12-18 Marquette Ave & 7 Carhartt St PL160375-OPA 328 - 48 residential units apt. bldg Closed 1 Larwood Blvd PL160378-Peng Zhichun, 1 Larwood blvd Closed 11, 13, 15, 19 Altamont Rd PL160390-Heathwood Homes (Altamont) Ltd. OPA Open 82 Willingdon Blvd PL160397-Z. & T. Ramzan, 82 Willington Blvd Closed 65 Holyoake Cres PL160398-Gurwinder Brar, 65 Holyoake Cres Closed 38 Ridgevalley Cres PL160399-Y. & T. Bhesania, 38 Ridgevalley Cres Closed 100 Delaware Ave PL160400-Michael Kaufman, 100 Delaware Ave Closed 56 Strathearn Rd PL160401-Levy/Kulik, 2-storey dwelling Closed 356 Eastern Ave PL160404-Talus Capital, selfstorage unit variances Closed PL160405-Y. & P. Charbonneau, 460 Wellesley St E Closed 2 Durham Ave PL160406-Stanley Marcovici, 2 Durham Ave Closed 16 Chestnut Park Rd PL160411-Jean/Pantelidis, 16 Chestnut Park Closed 820 Cosburn Ave PL160412-Andrew Corkill, 820 Cosburn Ave Closed 72 Northridge Ave PL160413-1265494 Ont. Ltd.-MVs for addition,deck Closed 446 Summerhill Ave PL160414-B. McMullen Junvir, 446 Summerhill Ave Closed 3049-3051 Bayview Ave and 2 Blithfield Ave PL160416-Nyx Capital,11 4-storey townhouse units Open 201 Chaplin Cres PL160422-Giany Vivic, 201 Chaplin Cres Closed 29 Delavan Ave PL160423-Chandra, new residential home variances Closed 26 McKayfield Rd PL160424-I&K Gikas-MVs for additions & pkg pad; Closed 89 Rhodes Ave PL160425-Nighat, additional variances required Closed 26 Nesbitt Drive PL160426-Shamira Dewshi, 26 Nesbitt Dr Closed 60 Atlantic Ave PL160427-Hullmark Ltd.-MV & Site Plan Closed 1070 Queen St W PL160428-2105167 Ontario Ltd. 1070 Queen St W Closed 2185 Gerrard St E PL160430-Kiosses/Leimonis-MVs Gas Bar Closed PL160431-Mizrahi 80-storey tower at Yonge & Bloor Open 62 Dell Park Ave PL160438-2257625 Ontario Inc., 3-storey dwelling Closed 115 Macdonell Ave PL160439-Glenda Manuel, 115 Macdonell Ave Closed 148 Borden St PL160440-Magda Fis, 148 Borden St Closed PL160450-BL 280-2016 Place of worship/day Closed nursery 343 O'Connor Dr PL160455-2473963 Ontario Inc., 343 O'Connor Dr Closed 20 Garden Place PL160457-Leca, 2 detached dwellings Closed 27 Fairholme Ave PL160460-Basser, variances for a new dwelling Closed 3 Haliburton Ave PL160461-Hazell/Huha, 3 Haliburton Avenue Closed 1233-1239 St Clair Ave W PL160462-Shoppers Drug mart 3-storey bldg Open PL160466-Marr/Simpson, new detached home 26 Standish Ave Closed variances PL160467-Yadav/Graham, new detached home 41 Jackman Ave Closed variances PL160470-1936559 Ontario Ltd. 44-48 Lesmount 44 and 48 Lesmount Ave Closed Ave 157 Ridley Blvd PL160480-Farid Ravaei, 157 Ridley Blvd Open 17 Creston Rd PL160494-D. & A. Cugliari, 17 Creston Rd Closed 720 Marlee Ave PL160495-Korkmaz, consent two new residential lots Closed 75 McGee St PL160502-Brett Van Sickle, 75 McGee St Closed PL160507-S.Nedzka-MV additions & conversn to 43 Norton Ave Closed 3plex 4 Greenview Ave PL160512-"201" Residential Demolition Permit Closed 218 Jane St PL160516-Studio 7 Holdings Inc. 218 Jane St Closed 43 Elm St PL160517-Y. Butta-Polishchuk, 43 Elm St Closed 65, 71-75, 95 King St E & 46 Colborne St PL160519-Citypark Inc. et al 19-storey Office Dev Open 30 Thirty Sixth St PL160520-2425456 Ontario Inc. 30 Thirty Sixth St Open PL160525-Prosper Living Development, new 384 Ruth Ave Closed variances PL160526-Prosper Living Development, new 382 Ruth Ave Closed variances 48-54 Power St and 113-135 Parliament St PL160543-Great Gulf (Power) Ltd. et al ZBA Open 722 Brimley Rd PL160550-Jing Yin Temple, Buddhist Temple Closed 553 Church St PL160551-2105305 Ontario Inc. 553 Church St Closed PL160554-35 Wabash Avenue Holdings Ltd. SP Closed 701-713 Soudan Ave, 1674-1684 Bayview Ave, et al PL160558-2400048 Ontario Inc. et al Site Plan Open 18 Brownlow Ave, et al PL160564-1908843 Ontario Inc. et al ZBA Open 169-175 Jones Ave PL160566-2427451 Ont. Inc.Residential Conversion Closed 39 Twenty First St PL160571-Alexander Louie, 39 Twenty First St Closed 2 Ash Cres PL160572-Cardona, variances for new home Closed 82 Roxaline St PL160574-C. & A. Moots, 82 Roxaline St Closed 1771 St. Clair Ave W et al. PL160578-1771 St Clair West Ltd. six-storey bldg Closed 15 Raymond Ave PL160582-N. Esfahani, 15 Raymond Ave Closed 117 Wimbleton Rd PL160583-2497158 Ont. Inc. 117 Wimbleton Rd Closed 321 Queensdale Ave PL160584-Shu Y Cho-MV for rear 2 stry addition Closed 99 Oxford St PL160585-Jian Meng, 99 Oxford Street Closed 119 Oxford St PL160586-He, new home with rear decks variances Closed 182 Birkdale Rd PL160612-Squires second storey addition variances Closed 99 Sudbury St PL160613-2090416 Ontario Inc. ZBA Open 59-71 Mutual St PL160615-Mutual Street Inc. 36-storey apt. bldg. Open 387R, 395 & 413R Leslie St PL160616-Leslie Mews Inc. 18 4-storey TH units Open 80 Twenty Third St PL160622-Liani, severance create 2 residential lot Closed 4 Shamrock Ave PL160625-Adriano Molinari, 4 Shamrock Ave Closed 218 High Park Ave PL160628-McClure-Poulos, severance, lot addition Closed 63 Ashburnham Rd PL160629-Manuel Fernandes, 63 Ashburnham Rd Closed 813 Cosburn Ave PL160632-D. Ly & K. Chan, 813 Cosburn Ave Closed 20 Warren Rd PL160634-Donnelly, side 2nd storey deck variances Closed 31 Russell Hill Rd PL160635-David Purdy, 31 Russell Hill Rd Closed 148 Manor Rd E PL160636-J. Bell & S. Gray, 148 Manor Rd E Closed PL160644-336-340 Queen St W Ltd, 4storey 336 Queen St W Closed commercia 195 Silver Birch Ave PL160645-Wilson/Richardson, severance for new lot Closed 39 Barker Ave PL160648-Walli/Baqi- MV and Consent for 2 lots Closed 123 Donside Dr PL160663-Chowdhury, 123 Donside Dr Closed PL160666-Hydro One Networks Inc. 4595 Dundas St 4595 Dundas St W Closed W 49 Orley Ave PL160669-M. & T. Enowaki, 49 Orley Ave Closed 35 McCaul St PL160671-1864364 Ontario Inc. 3 Storey Addition Closed 40 Warwick Ave PL160672-A. & M. Lichtblau, 40 Warwick Ave Closed 84 Wiley Ave PL160673-Khanna, variance residential addition Closed PL160684-19 Duncan Property Inc, rezoning mixed19 Duncan St & 219-223 Adelaide St W Closed us 400 Front St W PL160685-City Front Dev., 4 mixed-use buildings Open Multiple Properties PL160686-OPA 343, Broadview Ave Planning Study Open Mimico-Judson Secondary Plan PL160692-OPA 331, Mimico-Judson Secondary Plan Open 61 Strathearn Rd PL160693- Goldberg, New Home Variances Closed 2783 Victroia Park Ave PL160694-Mario Rossi, 2783 Victoria Park Ave Closed 740 and 750 York Mills Rd & 17 Farmstead Rd PL160704-LYM Developments LP THS developmentt Open 5 Carluke Cres PL160708-Habib/Fadali, 5 Carluke Crescent Closed 159 Parkview Hill Cres PL160712-V. & M. Orlando, 159 Parkview Hill Cres Closed 32 Chester Ave PL160715-Adam Yichun Sun, 32 Chester Ave Closed 41 Wenderly Dr PL160718-Sante & Amalia Vertolli, 41 Wenderly Dr Closed 939 Eglinton Ave E PL160720-Diamond Corp.& 939GP-Redevelopment Closed 271 Poyntz Ave PL160722-Harwinder Singh-271 Poyntz Avenue Closed 25 Elford Blvd PL160723-2273933 Ontario, 25 Elford Blvd Closed 26 Threadneedle Cres PL160726-Birchland., 26 Threadneedle Cres Closed 31 Castlefield Ave PL160727-Yin, severance&variances for new homes Closed 58 Cheritan Ave PL160730-Xiaoan Wu, 58 Cheritan Avenue Closed 8 Hillhurst Blvd PL160731-Allahdiny Hesaroeieh, 8 Hillhurst Blvd Closed 70 Weybourne Cres PL160732-Hamidreza Shafiei, 70 Weybourne Cres Closed 103 Cranbrooke Ave PL160733-M. & R. Rivela, 103 Cranbrooke Ave Closed PL160735-Aliaksandr Zhytkou, 171 Burndale Avenue Closed 92 Kings Park Blvd PL160742-Lin, two-storey addition variances Closed PL160751- Alpeza MV Treehouse Open 16 Risebrough Ave PL160753-Majd Dwelling Variance Closed 201 McIntosh St PL160766- Mostafavi, 201 McIntosh St, Closed 31 Overton Cres PL160769-1945078 Dwelling Addition Variances Open All Lands Within The City of Toronto PL160771-City of Toronto OPA-320 Open 6 Seneca Ave PL160793-6 Seneca Ave 2 Storey Addition Closed 89-101 Roehampton Ave PL160796-Pabs & Roehampton Apts, 36 Storey apt Open 160 Cedric Ave PL160797-Geofre Properties Inc., 160 Cedric Ave Closed 47 Cleta Dr PL160800-Donna Fetterly, 47 Cleta Dr. Open 10 St. Mary St PL160803-Lifetime St. Mary's, Demolition Permit Open 122 Ridley Blvd PL160805-Steve Keilhauer, 122 Ridley Boulevard Closed PL160806-Arrowhead New Tororonto East 260 Eighth St & 124 Birmingham St Closed Severance 203 Drewry Ave PL160808-Ailing Wang, 203 Drewry Avenue Closed 53 Carney Rd PL160816-He, variances for building height Open 390-398 Spadina Rd PL160825-ZBA 9 stry mixed use bulding Open 56 Eaton Ave PL160839-Adebimpe Oyemade, 56 Eaton Avenue Open 112 Delaware Ave PL160840-Joshua Sharetski,112 Delaware Ave., Closed 30-32 Edmund Ave PL160841-Douglas M Grand, 30-32 Edmund Avenue Closed 723 Glencairn Ave PL160847-Hasan Farooq, 723 Glencairn Ave Closed 5840 & 5870 Yonge St PL160863-1831988 ON. Ltd, Redevelop 29 storey Open 66 Newcastle St PL160869-Etobicoke Noodles Inc.,66 Newcastle St Closed PL160872-55 Eglinton E Ltd. mixed use building Open 55-65 Broadway Ave PL160873-Times 5565 Inc.,Two 45 Storey Res. Bldg Open 1255 York Mills Rd PL160876-Adventpath Ventures Inc, Redev. 3 blocks Open 816 Ellesmere Rd PL160890-Christos Chapsalis, 816 Ellesmere Rd Closed 2187 Victoria Park Ave PL160891-D'Souza Mgt Inc. 2187 Victoria Park Ave Closed 10 Lamont Ave PL160892-Jia Xue Yuangang Xie, 10 Lamont Ave Closed 66 Brooklyn Ave PL160902- Asling-Snee Rear Addition Variance Closed 45 Thyra Ave PL160903- Hosain, 2 Storey Addition Variance Closed 21 Badgerow Ave PL160904-R. & R. Pradhan,21 Badgerow Ave Closed 352 Euclid Ave PL160905- Brownlee, Roof Top Garden Variance Closed 100 Broadway Ave & 223-225 Redpath Ave PL160910-100 Broadway Dev.- 34 storey apt bldg Open PL160912-Khoshsohbat, variances new detached 30 Westridge Rd Closed dwell 20 Edward St PL160913-Lifetime Edward Street Inc-30 stry bldg Open 16 Kuhl Ave PL160914-Lynch, New Detatched Dwelling Variance Open 123 Massey St PL160922- Ho, New 3-Storey Dwelling Variance Closed 77 Indian Road Cres PL160923- Fleming, Detached Garage Variance Closed 117-127 Broadway Ave PL160941-Rezoning for 2 apartment buildings Open 350, 370 and 390 Queens Quay West PL160942-Coal Harbour redevelopment Open PL160945-Finch Developments, rezoning 4-storey 57, 59, 61 & 63 Finch Ave W Open res 288 Dawlish Ave PL160946- Smykov New Rear Deck Variance Closed 375 Ellerslie Ave PL160947-Zarkhanli Legalize and Maintain Variance Closed 30 Otter Cres PL160948- Roy, Construct New Dwelling Variance Closed 973 Danforth Rd PL160952-Keller, severance condition (archaeologic Closed PL160953-M M & J Schawrtz, commerical addition 384 Sheppard Ave E Closed var 381 Ontario St PL160954-Guo- Three Storey Triplex - Variances Closed 2619 Bayview Ave & 6 Heathcote Ave PL160955-ZBA for 6 townhouses & 1 det. dwelling Open 96 John St PL160957-Inacio, 96 John St Closed 2 Shamrock Ave PL160960-Kolinas, consent two residential lots Closed PL160963-Carvalho, New Detached Dwelling 1498 Dufferin St Closed Variance 174 Chambers Ave PL160964- McKean, 2-Storey Rear Addition Variance Open 68 Daisy Ave PL160965-Dunpar, 73 4-storey townhouse units Open 14 Pepler Ave PL160969-D & K Ruston Legalize Rear Garage MV Closed 18 Agincourt Dr PL160970-18 Agincourt Dr Consent to Sever Open 511 Woburn Ave PL160973- Valeh Severence Closed 16 Foxden Rd PL160976-Ricci Legalize Detached Garage Open 286 Betty Ann Dr PL160981-Jorak, new dwelling variances Closed 315 Laird Dr PL160982-S. Chen, 2-storey dwelling Closed 85 Westbourne Ave PL160986-Tryklja, Consent to Sever 2 Lots Closed 492-498 Eglinton Ave E, 3-7 Cardiff Rd PL160996-492 Eglinton Avenue East LP Open 35 Berkindale Dr PL161002-Salesi, residential parking variance Closed 4954-4990 Yonge St PL161003-Ultima Retail Inc. Closed 240 Burnett Ave PL161005-Sanaz Razzagh, 240 Burnett Ave Closed 82 Twenty Seventh St PL161006-Tristar, 2 detached dwellings Closed 314 Rumsey Rd PL161010-Ognian Kerelska 2 Storey Rear Addition Closed 430 Lauder Ave PL161013-Secondary Suite, 2 Storey Addition Closed 15 Hesketh Crt PL161014-Szegedi, 2nd Floor Addition Closed PL161015-1921526 Ont. 1 Storey Temp. Sales 625 & 627 Sheppard Ave E Closed Office 210 Byng Ave PL161016-M. Pasaran-MV for new 2 stry dwelling Closed 46 Valhalla Blvd PL161025- HGH Design Build Inc., Consent to Sever Closed 46 Charlotte St PL161030-Fortress Charlotte, 46-storey mixed use Open 8-20 Widmer St PL161031-ZBA for 56 storey res building Open 85 Cleta Dr PL161034-Walter Lozinski, 85 Cleta Dr Closed 200 Sunnyside Ave PL161037-John/Carter, 2nd Storey Addition Variance Closed PL161038-Bregman Convert 1st Floor Office 515 Logan Ave Closed Variance 216 Heath St W PL161039-Frank Serpa, 216 Heath St Open 106 Maybourne Ave PL161040-Muthmanna/Kader, 106 Maybourne Ave Closed 40 Berryman St PL161043-Kan, 3-storey dwelling w/integral garage Closed 114 B Hazelton Ave PL161044-Peter Smyrnios Rear Addition Closed PL161045-R.Tucci-MV for new 3 stry detached 41 Kippendavie Ave Closed dwellg 44 Ellis Ave PL161046- Savage New Detached Dwelling Variance Closed 70 Regal Rd PL161047-Mark Winemaker, 70 Regal Rd Closed 9 Meaford Ave PL161048-Consent & MV for 2 lots Closed 20 Elton Cres PL161057-W5H Group Inc, residential severance/vari Closed 29 Strathcona Ave PL161061-Jacquin/Hull, 2nd/3rd storey addition Closed 85 Galloway Rd PL161064-Highland Creek Lofts Inc. Rezoning Open 5 Thirty First St PL161070-Yousef Al Qshat, 5 Thirty First St Closed 24 Thirty Third St PL161073-2104986 Ontario Ltd., semi-detached Closed 51 Walker Ave PL161076-Marciello & Wood, addition variances Closed 9 Memorial Park Ave PL161077- Korkontzilas 9 Memorial Park Ave Closed 53 Pearson Ave PL161078-Lewis & Marquet, variances for addition Closed 87 Huron St PL161079-L.Soleymani-MV for Secondary Suite Closed 36 Cherrywood Ave PL161080-John & Anna Ellis, 36 Cherrywood Ave Closed 293 Rhodes Ave PL161081-Mahboubeh Rafiay, 293 Rhodes Ave Closed 700 Bathurst St PL161087-K. & A. Perme, 700 Bathurst St Closed 43 Russell Hill Rd PL161088-Prince, 3-storey dwelling w/int. garage Closed 450 Pape Ave PL161089-Eracon, apartment expansion Closed 83 St. Hubert Ave PL161090-Natural Can & BD Inc. 83 St. Hubert Ave Closed 11 Gough Ave PL161091-De Francesca, variances for addition Closed 103 Beatrice St PL161092- Rioux Rear Detached Garage Variance Closed 111 Emerson Ave PL161097-P. & L. Skanes, 111 Emerson Ave Closed 8 Nursewood Rd PL161099- Hussain Legalize and Maintain 3rd Storey Closed 16 Bright St PL161100-Fuller, residential addition variances Closed 435 Concord Ave PL161101-Soh & Mun Goh, 435 Concord Ave Closed 44 Gerrard St & 55 Mill McGill St PL161102-Ryerson University, 44 Gerrard St E, etc Closed 1680 Midland Ave PL161103-2492626 Ontario Inc, vehicle garages vari Closed 59 Bexhill Ave PL161104-G.Petritaj,-2 lots single family houses Closed 260 Gamble Ave PL161107-Akelius Canada Ltd., 260 Gamble Ave Closed 79 Harcourt Ave PL161108-Kunal Adhikari, 79 Harcourt Ave Closed PL161109-Roman, detached dwelling, attached 17 Hardwick Crt Closed garage 101 Government Rd PL161110-Jackson, 2 detached dwellings Open 625-627 Sheppard Ave E, 6, 8, and 10 Greenbriar PL161113-625 Shepard Bayview Village GP Inc. OP Open 57 & 65 Brock Ave PL161123-Brock Seaforth 7-storey residential bldg Open 7 Linton Ave PL161124-Tsilfidis, semi-detached consent/variancs Closed 669 Euclid Ave PL161127-Sarin & Khullar, third storey add'n varia Closed 411 Hillsdale Ave E PL161128-Das, residential addition variances Closed 541 Roxton Rd PL161129-Sameer Jalees, 541 Roxton Rd Closed 116 Belsize Dr PL161130-Christine & Jean Moore, 116 Belsize Dr Closed 40 Norwood Terrace PL161131-Gray/Ridgeway, 40 Norwood Terrace Closed 1 Holland Ave PL161132-Melissa & Andrew Spencer, 1 Holland Ave Open PL161133-North American Muslim Found'n, Place of 4140 Finch Ave E Open W PL161134-2418832 Ontario Inc./2419732 Ontario 250 Lawrence Ave W, 219 Glengarry Ave Open Inc. 17 Gore St PL161141-Poce, residential addition variances Closed 122-128 Peter Street and 357 Richmond Street West PL161152-Fortress Carlyle 46-storey mixed-use Open 4000 Eglinton Ave W PL161153-Lanterra, 5 tower mixed-use Open PL161159-Yonge & Scollard Dev, 59-storey res 874-878 Yonge St & 3-11 Scollard St Open tower PL161162- Pagano 156 Locksley Ave. Garage 156 Locksley Ave Closed Addition 77 Chatsworth Dr PL161163-Chegini/Mostaghimi, 77 Chatsworth Dr Closed 239 Bedford Park Ave PL161170-Springgay/Scarfo, 239 Bedford Park Ave Closed 9 Ballyronan Rd PL161171-Voula & Peter Tzioumis, 9 Ballyronan Rd Closed 158 Olive Ave PL161172-Rick Soon Kim, 158 Olive Ave Closed 18 Kirkdale Cres PL161173- Lam 18 Kirkdale Cres. New Dwelling Closed 33 Glen Park Ave PL161174-Fried & Herzog, variances for new home Closed 255 Berkeley St PL161175-McIntyre/McKitterick, 255 Berkeley St Closed 257 Berkeley St PL161178-Jones, 257 Berkeley Street Closed 255 and 257 Berkeley St PL161181-Jones/McIntyre/McKitterick, Berkekely St Closed 230 Niagara St PL161186-John Lamb, 230 Niagara St Open 358 Willowdale Ave PL161191-Zhan, legalize garage Closed 276 Yonge Blvd PL161192-Fried/Herzog, 276 Yonge Blvd Closed 21 Dellbank Rd PL161193-Assaf Benun, 21 Dellbank Rd. Open 45 Roosevelt Rd PL161198- Marchello, Alter Existing Dwelling Closed 44 Morningside Ave PL161199-A. & M. Singh Dhoot, 44 Morningside Ave Closed 105 Kenilworth Ave PL161203-Tafung Chou, 105 Kenilworth Ave. Closed PL161211-Kanthaswamy Temple, temporary site 1380 Birchmount Rd Closed varian 72 Gooderham Drive PL161212-Jhung/Kim, 2 detached dwellings Closed 258 Calvington Dr PL161223-Mercurio, garage extension Open 73 Vanderhoof Ave PL161226-D.Estrella-MV for new 2 storey dwelling Closed 240 Robert Hicks Dr PL161227- Rabiski One Storey Rear Addition Closed 1 Hedgewood Rd PL161228-Lazinski & Hany, new home variances Open 32 Gwendolen Ave PL161229-Robert Kiss, 32 Gwendolen Ave Closed 10 Banton Rd PL161230-Liora & Naftali Sturm, 10 Banton Rd Open 245 Airdrie Rd PL161233-Sam Mojtahedi, 245 Airdrie Rd Open 27 Baltic Ave PL161237- Hillar & Lee New 2 Storey Detached Closed 59 Metcalfe St PL161238-R. & D. Skjodt Rear Sunroom Closed 91 Summerhill Ave PL161243-Paliare/Delva, 91 Summerhill Ave Closed 40 Thirty Seventh St PL161248-Daniel Fabrizi, 40 Thirty Seventh St. Closed 5 Ramsgate Rd PL161251-C. Commisso-MV & Sever for 2 lots Open 34 Twenty Seventh St PL161254-Ho & Dimitrov, new home variances Closed 3 Orchard Cres PL161255-Ofelia Nema, 3 Orchard Cres. Closed 633 Rushton Rd PL161263-Baghi, new home variances Closed 125-155 Queens Quay E PL161264-City of Toronto, 125-155 Queens Quay E. Closed 301-317 Queen St E PL161267-Berkeley redev.of the Berkeley Church Open 8 Elm St PL161269-8 Elm Park Properties mixed-use bldg Open 1700 Bathurst St PL161271-Beth Tzedec Synagogue 1700 Bathurst St Closed 46 Shaftesbury Ave PL161272-2405324 Ontario Inc. 46 Shaftesbury Ave Closed 4 & 6 Tippett Rd PL161278-Tippett Yorkdale et al redevelopment Open 273 Donlands Ave PL161288-V. & D. Papadatos, 273 Donlands Ave Open 1074 Glencairn Ave PL161289-J.& E.Cerqueira-MV New 3 stry dwelling Closed 28 Threadneedle Cres PL161290-B. & Z. Liu, 28 Threadneedle Crescent Open 217 Armour Blvd PL161291-Jun Zhou, 217 Armour Boulevard Closed 57 Lawrence Ave W PL161292-E. Mohebat, 57 Lawrence Ave W Closed 50-60 Marmora St PL161293-Marmora Freezing, legalize industrial bui Open PL161300-Canadian BAYT Developer-MV & Sever 2 59 Jones Ave Open lots 52 Sultana Ave PL161308-R. & D. Kestenbaum, 52 Sultana Ave Closed 18 Goulding Ave PL161309-J. Kane-MV for addition Closed 23 Page Ave PL161310-Gal/Han, legalize 3-storey dwelling Open 25 St. Dennis Dr PL161311-25 St. Dennis Inc. Residential Building Open 187-189 Brunswick Ave PL161314-First Narayever Congretation Variance Open 301 Wychwood Ave PL161315-Cerqueira & Pires, new dwelling variances Closed All Lands Subject to OPA 352 PL161316-OPA352, BLs 1106-2016&1107-2017 Open PL170017-2520485 Ontario Inc, laneway home 583A Dufferin St Closed varianc 273 Manor Rd E PL170018-Siddiqui & Manan, new home variances Closed 16 Ranleigh Ave PL170023-Terra McSkimming, 16 Ranleigh Ave Open PL170028-OPA 321, Steeles-Redlea Regeneration Steeles-Redlea Regeneration Area Open Area 104 Wendell Ave PL170029-Colasanti/Miranda-C & MV 2 resid. lots Closed 30 Thirty Eighth St PL170030-HGH Design Build Inc., 2 dwellings Open 32 Kirk Bradden Rd W PL170033-Dalemont, 32 Kirk Bradden Rd W Closed 160 Thirtieth St PL170034-F. & A. Sciscente, 160 Thirtieth St Closed 347 Manning Ave PL170038-Grimaldi, 2nd storey garage add'n varianc Closed 14 Villa Rd PL170039-Saccone/Fortunato, 14 Villa Rd Closed 157 Lippincott St PL170053-M. Teitelman,C & MV for 2 res lots Open 85, 87, 89 & 91 Broadway Ave & 198 Redpath Ave PL170059-Broadway Holdings Inc. new development Closed 812 Duplex Ave PL170063-Posner, rear 1-storey addition variances Closed 2915-2917 Bloor St W PL170069-2915 Bloor St W Ltd. 9-storey building Open 422-424 Wellington St W PL170076-Wellington House Inc., 23-storey tower Open 419 Glengrove Ave PL170077-Madonik, new 2-storey dwelling variances Closed 93 Poyntz Ave PL170078-Pebe Construction second storey addition Closed 2 Dinan St PL170079-Robtser, new 2-storey dwelling variances Closed 310 Rumsey Rd PL170080-Amini, variances new 2-storey dwelling Open 293 Bogert Ave PL170081-Tavakoli/Sadeghian, 293 Bogert Ave Closed 35 Bayview Ridge PL170082-Yong Mi Yu, 35 Bayview Ridge Closed 385 Keewatin Ave PL170083-Patel, additions/roof deck Closed 767-773 Yonge St PL170084-Menkes, 48-storey mixed use building Open Various Addresses PL170085-Freed multi-block mixed-use development Open 1 Ranstone Gdns PL170087-1044774 Ontario Inc. Residential Suites Closed 160 Calvington Dr PL170088- Forrester new two storey dwelling Closed PL170091-159 Augusta Ave Inc, severance 159 Augusta Ave & 10A Kensington Ave Closed &variances 28 Glen Echo Rd PL170094-Michael J. Clark, 28 Glen Echo Rd Closed 8 Eastview Cres PL170096-Mary Decaria, 8 Eastview Crescent Closed PL170099-Manga Hotels 35storey Hotel & 203 Jarvis St Open Residential 31 Parliament St PL170101-1150782 Ontario Inc. 49-storey bldg Open Bathurst-Bloor Four Corners Study PL170103-Bathurst-Bloor Four Corners Study Open 137 Goulding Ave PL170105-Shufang E, 137 Goulding Ave Closed 220 Willowdale Ave PL170107-Mei/Zhang, 220 Willowdale Ave Closed 394 O'Connor Dr PL170112-Spyros Agouros, 394 O'Connor Dr Open 84 1/2, 86 & 88 Adelaide St E PL170115-Muslim Association of Canada, Expension Closed North of railway lands, btwn Strachan & Dufferin PL170125-OPA 363, Liberty Village New Street Open 1985 Queen St E PL170130-1770554 Ontario Ltd., 1985 Queen St E Closed 28 & 32 Evergreen Gdns PL170134-2482841 Ontario Inc., OP Open 28A Givins St PL170144-J-P Adamo & C. Vena, 28A Givins St Closed 28B Givins St PL170145-N. Niessner & R. Campbell, 28B Givins St Closed PL170146-Ka Tam, Julie Tin Shu Fung, 30A Givins 30A Givins St Closed St 30B Givins St PL170147-Brown/Rossteuscher, 30B Givins St Closed 175 Bellefair Ave PL170150-X. Guo & Z. Yang, 175 Bellefair Ave Closed 350 Palmerston Blvd PL170160-Abigail Cook, 350 Palmerston blvd Closed 248 Byng Ave PL170161-S. Akhavan/B. Him Lo, 248 Byng Ave Open 28 Moore Park Ave PL170162-Thi Nguyen, 28 Moore Park Ave Closed 97 Burnett Ave PL170163-Karen Efendiev, 97 Burnett Ave Closed 4 Rolland Rd PL170164-F. & G. Velentzas, 4 Rolland Rd Closed 30 Glen Echo Rd PL170165-Mitko Taskov, 30 Glen Echo Rd Closed PL170176-Phantom, OPA & ZBA residential 2, 4, 6, & 10 Teagarden Crt Open apartment PL170187-2483497 Ont. Inc. Townhouse 2 Harrison Rd Open development 21 and 23 Franklin Ave PL170188-Moini/10940844, 6 three-storey dwellings Open 245, 249, 253, & 255 Sheppard Ave W PL170200-Pinelake Group-OPA&ZBA Open 5 Kirk Bradden Rd W PL170202-Agarwal/Gupta, 5 Kirk Bradden Rd W Closed 26 McRobers Ave PL170203-Machado/Oliveira, 26 McRoberts Ave Closed 17 Avondale Rd PL170205-Anthony Caputo, 17 Avondale Rd Closed 609 Harvie Ave & 25 Thornton Ave PL170206-Haltro & Ryspice consent/variances Open 93-95 Berkeley St & 112-125 Parliament St PL170213-Berkeley Parliament Inc. 3 add'al flrs Closed 9 Garnet Ave PL170216-Grant, two-storey addition variances Open 299 St. Clements Ave PL170227-Etemadi, 2-storey dwelling Closed 385 Melrose Ave PL170228-2477763 Ontario Inc. 385 Melrose Ave Open 52 Norton Ave PL170229-Eshtiaghi/Shayesteh-Alam Severance Open 56 Norton Ave PL170230-Eshtiaghi/Shayesteh-Alam Severance Open 6 Park Lane Circle PL170231-Natalie Wong, 6 Park Lane Circle Closed 155 Drewry Ave PL170232-Jin Soo Kim, 155 Drewry Ave Closed 118 Hollywood Ave PL170235- Abadi severance Closed 215 Elmhurst Ave PL170241-Seyed Amir, 215 Elmhurst Ave Open 217 Elmhurst Ave PL170243-Poorya Bayani, 217 Elmhurst Ave Open 271 St. Leonards Ave PL170245-Adel Dous, 271 St. Leonards Ave Closed 253 Poyntz Ave PL170246-Zehni 2 storey dwelling Closed 30 Parkhurst Blvd. PL170247-A. Safaviamineh, 30 Parkhurst Blvd Closed 12 Howland Ave PL170251-Fong fourplex addition variances Closed 22 Chester Ave PL170252-City of Toronto, TTC's Chester Station Closed 29-31 Chester Ave PL170253-City of Toronto, TTC's Chester Station Closed 1186- 1188 Woodbine Ave PL170254-1186-1188 Ontario Inc. residential dev. Open 1190 Woodbine Ave PL170258-1190 Woodbine Inc. residential dev. Open PL170265-Moishe&Rebecca Einhorn, 15 Stormont 15 Stormont Ave Closed Ave 70 Norden Cres PL170266-W. Luo & S. Cheng, 70 Norden Cres. Closed 53 Brookview Drive PL170267-Miriam Polatsek, 53 Brookview Dr Closed 73 Elmhurst Ave PL170268-Angro Homes Ltd., 73 Elmhurst Ave Open 198 Randall Cres PL170272- Paul, 198 Randall Cres Consent + MV Open 90 Eastdale Ave PL170275-90 Eastdale Inc., proposed/existing dev. Open PL170278-Coleman & Matthew Bent, 42 heathfield 42 Heathfield Dr Closed Dr PL170279-ZBL Nos. 124-2017/125-2017, The Well Closed 35 Annette St PL170286-Wheatcroft rear addition variances Closed 883 Avenue Rd PL170287- Runco/Engenheiro add. unit variances Closed 49 Dunvegan Rd PL170288-Sina Kashani, 49 Dunvegan Rd MV Closed 63 Spencer Ave PL170289-M.G.B.E. Spencer Inc., 63 Spencer Ave Closed 63 Stafford St PL170290-Ramos residential addition variances Closed PL170291-K. Termkrtchyan, 1090-1092 Danforth 1090-1092 Danforth Ave Closed Ave 149, 151, 153, 155 & 157 Bathurst St PL170294-CCB Bathurst St. 19-storey building ZBA Open 254-266 King St E, 427-435 Adelaide St E & 157 Pri PL170298-ODC Holdings, residential towers rezoning Open 307 Sherbourne St PL170299-Oben Flats Sherbourne GP Inc. ZBA Open 301 Woodmount Ave PL170308-Gregory Haddad, 301 Woodmount Ave Closed 302 Cummer Ave PL170311-Rajinder Singh Sethi, 302 Cummer Ave Closed 304 Cummer Ave PL170313-Shalini Sethi, 304 Cummer Ave Closed 89, 97 and 99 Church Street PL170328-Lo Presti, 49-storey mixed-use building Open 216 Dixon Rd PL170329-2415961, Ontario Ltd. 216 Dixon Rd Open 249 Patricia Ave PL170334-Momena legalize dwelling variances Closed PL170335-Wenhao Chen, 200 Lawrence Ave W Closed 10 Second St PL170336-Iozzo, 10 Second Street, Minor Variance Closed 118 Beechwood Ave PL170337-James Camelford, 118 Beechwood Ave Closed 88 Glenrose Ave PL170338-Ivano Varlese, 88 Glenrose Ave Open 1 Leona Dr PL170339-Feng, 2-storey dwelling Closed 235 Deloraine Ave PL170340-Sepehri-Raad, new home variances Closed 97 Lesmount Ave PL170341-Chong new dwelling variances Closed 18 Ivor Rd PL170342-Mirhamid Sadremajles, 18 Ivor Rd Open Sheppard Ave Commercial Area Secondary Plan PL170343-OPA 367, Sheppard Ave Commercial Open area Area Sec Dufferin-Wilson Regeneration Area PL170347-IC BL 63-2017 Dufferin-Wilson Reg. Area Open 485-489 Wellington St W PL170348-Lifetime Wellington St W, rezoning 16-sto Open 7 Windley Ave PL170349-Dan Mayer, 7 Windley Ave Open 50 Lippincott St PL170350-C Garbe & M Lee-Garbe, 50 Lippincott St Closed 14 Rolyat St PL170351-Saskin residential addition variances Closed 27 Oriole Gardens PL170352-A. & S. Kulidjian, 27 Oriole Gardens Closed 8 Lamont Ave PL170353-L. Min Shang, D. Ming Li, 8 Lamont Ave Closed 24 Oswald Cres PL170356-Evgeny Shenderey, 24 Oswald Cres Open 115 D'Arcy St PL170357-Ye dwelling addition variances Closed Bloor Corridor/Annex Block Study PL170366-OPA 365 to provide spacing framework Open Bloor Corridor/Annex Block Study PL170367-OPA 368 Knox College view protection Open 3415-3499 Weston Rd PL170370-Medallion Phase 2-Two residential towers Open 7 Gaylord Drive PL170376-Haifeng Sun, 7 Gaylord Dr Closed 186 Dunvegan Rd PL170379-Rubin, variance rear addition with terrac Closed 97 Campbell Ave PL170380-2373422 Ontario Ltd. 97 Campbell Ave Closed 25 Hillsboro Ave PL170381-Jennette Leyland, 25 Hillsboro Ave Closed 15 Dunbar Rd PL170382-Atif & Dalia Zia, 15 Dunbar Rd Closed 150R, 158, 164, 181 & 200 Sterling Rd PL170393-Castlepoint Greybrook Sterling Inc. Sub. Open 37 Grandview Ave PL170394-Robert Kiss, 37 Grandview Ave Open 19 Lankin Blvd PL170396-Kristina Tachkova, 19 Lankin Blvd Closed 76 Don Valley Dr PL170397-Dirk Lubker, 76 Don Valley Dr Closed 255 Wellington St W PL170398-Wellington Windsor, 255 Wellington St W Closed 162 Heward Ave PL170399-Gillian Krause, 162 Heward Ave Closed PL170400-ZBL 238-2017 & 239-2017- Lalu Canada 650 Bay St & 55-71 Elm St Open Inc. 85, 87, 89 & 91 Broadway Ave & 198 Redpath Ave PL170407-Broadway Holdings Inc. new development Open PL170408-Menkes 55 Lakeshore Inc. new 53, 55 and 95 Lake Shore Blvd E et al Open development 30 Thorndale Ave PL170410-Kenneth Ramsay, 30 Thorndale Ave Closed 22 Thirty Third St PL170413-Conti Homes Inc. 22 Thirty Third St Open Utility Corridor - N of Rexdale Blvd & E of Hwy 27 PL170414-Co infrastructure Ont. parking & storage Closed 68 Redwater Dr PL170415-K. Teixeira & M. Virtu, 68 Redwater Dr Closed 181Swanwick Ave PL170418-J. Smith & M. Huth, 181 Swanwick Ave Open 2535 Gerrard St E PL170424-OPA 372, Halo 37 residential townhouses Closed 5131 Sheppard Ave E PL170430-City of Toronto, 5131 Sheppard Ave E Closed 20 Sandringham Dr PL170431-Janet Minas, 20 Sandringham Dr Open 1153 Glencairn Ave PL170432-Stojanovic, 1153 Glencairn Ave Closed 357 Hillhurst Blvd PL170433-Moshe Eichorn, 357 Hillhurst Blvd Closed 517 Glencairn Ave PL170434-Chung Tong Lee, 517 Glencairn Ave Closed 93 Grey Rd PL170437-Ali Aryana, 93 Grey Rd Closed 261 Poyntz Ave PL170447-Rensch, new home variances Closed 58 Unsworth Ave PL170448-Siyuan Liu, 58 Unsworth Ave Closed 593 Oakwood Ave PL170449-Peter Monticciolo, 593 Oakwood Ave Open 30 Bayview Ridge PL170450-Almasian, two new homes severance Closed 3234 Yonge St PL170453-Erri Holding Inc. 3-storey rear addition Closed 19 Viamede Cres PL170454-Helforoush, new 2-storey home variances Open 18 Pleasant Home Blvd. PL170455-S Blaca-MVs for secondary suite Closed 78 Cameron Ave PL170456-Alireza Kasharafifard, 78 Cameron Ave Closed 150 Deerhide Cres PL170464-1467525 Ontario Inc. 150 Deerhide Cres Closed PL170465-Divana Holdings Inc. 4270-4272 Weston 4270-4272 Weston Rd Closed Rd 232 High Park Ave PL170466-Carlota/Mardy, 232 High Park Ave Closed 143 Fred Young Dr PL170467-Mirza Shahnawazi, 143 Fred Young Dr Open 560 Willard Ave PL170468-Raymond Zabieliauskas, 560 Willard Ave Closed 55 Long Branch Ave PL170469- Mohan/Tupil rear addition variances Closed 98 Seventh St PL170470-Tremonti Construction Ltd. 98 Seventh St Closed 22 Roe Ave PL170471-Ramandi, new 2 storey home variances Closed PL170478-1618950 Ont. Ltd, rezoning 10 14-16 Elvina Gardens and 197 & 197R Erskine Ave Open townhouses 79-85 Shuter St PL170492-HPH, rezoning 32 storey residential tower Open 33 Gerrard St W & 22 Elm St PL170493-Great Eagle-3 towers & mid-rise bldg Open 307 Augusta Ave PL170500-Lotfi, variances rearyard restaurant pati Closed 8 Baby Point Terrace PL170513-Mitrovic & Pusica, variance for addition Open PL170515-McCaffery-Balan/Balan, 4 Queen Marys 4 Queen Marys Dr Open Dr 7 Memorial Park Ave PL170518-G. & I. Cotoulas, 7 Memorial Park Ave Closed 49, 53 & 55 Judson St PL170519-Dunpar redevelopment for a mix of uses Open 12A Kensington Ave PL170521-Michael Jewett, 12A Kensington Ave Closed Various Addresses PL170525-Symington mixed-use development Open 901 Lawrence Ave W PL170528-Villa Charities Inc, joint use building Open 128 Elmer Ave PL170530-T. Rotchell & M. Peters, 128 Elmer Ave Open 22 Whitaker Ave PL170531-Tang, garage roof top deck variances Closed 23 Latimer Ave PL170541-M2C Investments Ltd. 23 Latimer Ave Open 301 McKee Ave PL170542-Nazal, new home variances Closed 1 Norcap Ave PL170548-Xuezhi Na, 1 Norcap Ave Closed 1830 Ellesmere Rd PL170553-Sri Nagapooshani Temple converting bldg Open 2442-2454 Bloor St W & 1-9 Riverview Gardens PL170556-Bloor Riverview Residences, 14-storey blg Open 4800 Yonge St PL170562-Menkes 4800 Yonge St. 49 storey building Open 124-128 Pears Ave PL170564-Summercove Estates, 124-128 Pears Ave Open 3621 Dufferin St PL170565-Dymon 3 storey mixed-use building Open 221-245 Wilmington Ave PL170585-Kilbarry new townhouse development Open 34-36, 50 King Street East & 2 Toronto Street PL170587-LARCO 33-storey mixed use building Open 297 Hillcrest Ave PL170589-Lin Wang, 297 Hillcrest Ave (MV) Closed 283 Keewatin Ave PL170590-lois Winstock, 283 Keewatin Ave Closed 52 Teddington Park Ave PL170591-Daniel Worboys, 52 Teddington Park Ave Closed 6 Brendan Rd PL170592-Mary Catherine Falzone, 6 Brendan Rd Closed 413-435 Roehampton Ave PL170596-Mt. Pleasant Roehampton 2 4-storey THS Open 30 & 44 Zorra Street PL170604-1127792 Ontario Ltd. 36-storey res. bldg Open 111 Plunkett Rd PL170605-Gaspar 42 3-storey semi-detached units Open 1677-1679 Bathurst St & 73-75 Elderwood Dr PL170612-Elderwood 4-storey apartment building Open 698, 700, 702, 704, 706 Spadina Av & 54 Sussex Av PL170621-Governing Council of U of T rezoning Open 28 River St PL170622-28 River Street Holdings, 15 storey rezon Open 6 Noble St PL170623-6 Noble Street Developments ZBA. Open 18-32 Eastern Ave & 2 Sackville St PL170624-Alterra-Finer Corktown mixed-use dev't Open PL170626-ZBA 477-2017, Global Fortune mixed-use 4665 Steeles Ave E Open de 3224 Danforth Ave and 2 Wanstead Ave PL170648- Moulatsiotis/Stavropoulos Rear Addition Open 1650 Sheppard Ave E PL170649-2076203 & 2076204 (ZBA) Open 11 Newton Dr PL170651-F Mansoorifar et al, Medical Office Bldg Open 2795-2799 & 2801 Bathurst St PL170696-Riverking, rezoning mixed-use building Open 289 College St PL170723-1709492 Ontario Ltd Demolition Permit Open 319, 321, 323 Jarvis Street PL170739-Jarvis Residences LP proposed dev't Open City Wide PL170754-BL 579-2017 Accessible parking spaces Open 280-290 Jarvis St, 102,104,110 Gerrard St etc PL170765-Antorisa mixed-use development project Open 49 Spadina Ave PL170820-Portland Property Spadina Inc, ZBA Open 150-158 Pearl St and 15 Duncan St PL170831-Soprano et al, 59storey mixed use bldg Open PL170832-457 Richmond St W Ltd, rezoning 57451-457 Richmond St W Open storey PL170833-OPA 379, guide development on College College Street Site & Area Specific Policy Area Open St 23 Buckingham St PL170834-1282555 Ontario Inc., mixed use area Open 25 Audley Street PL170835-1066266 Ontario Ltd., mixed use area Open 80 Bloor St W PL170855-Krugarand Corp., ZBA Open 421 Roncesvalles Ave PL170857-Propeller Developments Inc., ZBA Open 321 Davenport Rd PL170861-Alterra (321 Davenport Road) Ltd., ZBA Open 111 Pacific Ave, 255 Glenlake Ave & 66 Oakmount PL170866-Minto Property Inc., mixed use dev't Open Rd 45 Floyd Ave PL170870- Site Plan - Additional Storey Open 45-58 Scolland St & 1315-1325 Bay St PL170880-By-law 740-2017 MTCC #683 Closed 713, 715, 717, 719, 721 & 723 Lawrence Ave W PL170889-OPA 373, Wycliffe Marlee Lawrence Dev. Open 183-189 Avenue Rd, 109 & 111 Pears Ave PL170892- Permit 11 storey mixed-use building Open 470, 472 & 474 Wellington St. W PL170893- Permit 15-storey residential building Open 314-317 & 325 Bogert Ave & 305-308 Poyntz Ave PL170905-567485/887343 Ont. Ltd. redevelopment Open 90 Eglinton Ave W and 17 & 19 Henning Ave PL170907-OPA 356, ZBL Nos. 825-2017 & 826-2017 Closed All Lands Subject To OPA 304 PL170913-OPA 304, Gooderham & Worts SIA Open PL170914-Stewart & Main Urban Prpty, 19storey 663-647 King St W and 60 Stewart St Open rezo 2187 Victoria Park Ave PL170918-D'Souza Management Inc.Veterinary clinic Closed 2851 Yonge St. PL170923-Muir Park Developments Inc.7-storey bldg Open 160-200 Chalkfarm Drive PL170953-Greenboard 36-storey mixed-use bldg Open Various Addresses PL170954-High Park Ave Intensification Open 6040 Bathurst St and 5 Fisherville Rd PL171014-Fisherville & Bathurst Ltd. 2 add bldgs Open 230 Oak Street PL171048-Akelius Canada/Oak Heights Apts. Dev't Open 815-845 Eglinton Ave E PL171057-RioCan Redev't Eglinton Ave E & Laird Dr Open 470, 490 and 530 Wilson Ave PL171059-2186836 Ontario Inc. et al, res. devt. Open PL171101-1071 King St. W. 14 storey mixed-use 1071 King St W Open bldg Various Addresses PL171103-Sun Life 59 storey mixed-use bldg Open 2525-2545 Lawrence Ave E, etc. PL171104-Arsandco multiple buildings on 4 blocks Open 22 Balliol Street PL171113- 22 Balliol St. Shiplake 38-storey Open 128, 130 & 132 Gorman Park Rd PL171127-128, 130 & 132 Gorman Park Rd. 9-storey Open 1750, Etc The Queensway & 290, Etc North Queen PL171129-FIMA Dev.Three 27-storey mixed-use Open St. bldgs 45 La Rose Ave PL171144-1012502 Ontario Ltd. et al development Open 135 Fenelon Drive PL171145-Beaux Properties two mid-rise apt bldgs Open 83-97 River Street & 2-4 Labatt Avenue PL171162-10033626 Canada Inc. 38-storey bldg Open 555 The West Mall PL171165-IMH 555 The West Mall Ltd.14-storey bldg Open 3429 Bloor St. W PL171166-DCMS Realty (Bloor-Islington) Inc. ZBA Open 39 Newcastle Street PL171173-Dunpar mixed use development Open Honest Ed's & Mirvish Village PL171175-OPA 378, Honest Ed's & Mirvish Village Closed 504 Wellington St W PL171178-Uxland Development (West) Inc. ZBA Open 406 & 410 Keele St. PL171197-406-410 Keele Developments Ltd. ZBA Open Various Addresses PL171216-KS Eglinton Square et al mixed-use dev. Open 3019 Dufferin St PL171221-Pauline Centre, 8-storey mixed-use bldg Open 400 The East Mall PL171225-400 The East Mall redevelopment Open 489-539 King St W PL171227-Allied ZBA for 16-stry mixed-use bldg Open Various Addresses PL171228-2457182 Ont. Inc. et al 2 mixed-use bdgs Open 187 King St E & 65 George St PL171230-187 King St E & 65 George St Residential Open 488 Wellington St W PL171231-Doubledown Holdings Inc., 16 storey bldg Open 2522-2542 Keele Street PL171258-Mizen Holdings Corp., 8 storey mix-use Open 444-450 Richmond St W PL171261-Richmond Street W. Ltd., Mixed-use bldg Open 5, 7 & 9 Dale Ave PL171267-Dale Inc.& Dale II Inc. four-storey bldg Open PL171269-MCD (Roehampton) LP 46-storey res. 39, 41 Roehampton Ave & 50 Eglinton Ave E Open bldg 258, 260, 264, etc. Sheppard Ave W et al PL171273-2250310 Ontario, 8-storey mixed-use bldg Open 363-391 Yonge St. & 3 Gerrard St. E PL171277-363-391 Yonge St. & 3 Gerrard St. E. Open 33 Rosehill Ave & 44 Jackes Ave PL171281-bcIMC Realty 29-storey rental apt tower Open 286 Finch Ave E PL171287-Lengold residential infill development Open 245-285 Queen St. E, 348-410 Richmond St. E et al PL171288-Richmond GP et al mixed-use dev. Open 1-25 Devries St PL171290-Project Don Valley Plan 2-point towers Open 227 Gerrard St E PL171292-RoseWater mixed-used development Open 3000 Dufferin St PL171293-3000 Dufferin St. et al residential dev. Open PL171294-Kooby Investment residential 2 St. Lawrence Ave Open development 75 Broadway Ave PL171295-Timbercreek residential development Open 55 Erskine Ave PL171307-Frastell 12-storey residential bldg Open PL171317-RioCan & Talisker Queensway 1001, 1007, 1011, and 1037 The Queensway Open development 240 Markland Dr PL171321-S-K Sportwear/Windsor Prop. Mgt. ZBA Open 1 Dean Park Road PL171324-Dean Park development Open PL171325-RioCan, 2075936 & 2076031 1966-2050 Eglinton Ave E and 50 Thermos Rd Open development PL171337-Dundas Ossington 8-storey mixed-use 1200 Dundas St W Open bldg 314-326 Davenport Rd PL171338-Designer's Walk Inc., mixed-use bldg Open 2161 Yonge St PL171355-2161 Yonge St, 36-storey mixed use bldg Open 3636 Bathurst St PL171356-3636 Bathurst St. mixed-use development Open 599 Kennedy Road PL171365-Harplin Inc., 8-Storey building OP Open 572 Church Street PL171367- 572 Church St. Church Weldun Devt. Ltd. Open 844 Don Mills Rd, 1150 and 1155 Eglinton Ave PL171369-Diamond Corp., redevelopment Open PL171386-2400, 2430, 2440 & 2444 Yonge St. 2400, 2430, 2440 & 2444 Yonge St Open Roselaw PL171395-Queen Leslie Dev.6-storey mixed-use 1285 Queen St E Open bldg 2706 Bayview Ave PL171398-Lulu three 3-storey townhouse units Open 5 Scrivener Square, 4-10 & 10R Price St et al PL171410-Diamond/Tricon Capital mixed-use dev. Open 324 Cherry St and 429 Lake Shore Blvd E PL171414-3C Lakeshore Inc. 324 Cherry St Open Dufferin Wilson Regeneration Area PL171416-OPA 362 Dufferin-Wilson RA Open 445, 447, 449 & 451 Adelaide St W PL171452-445 Adelaide Street West Inc. ZBA Open 66 Wellesley St E and 552-570 Church St PL171453-WAM Montez C & W Inc. redevelopment Open PL171458-Westmoreland & Main Urban Prop. Inc. 980-990 Bloor St W & 756 Dovercourt Rd Open ZBA 105-109 Vanderhoof Ave & 10 Brentcliffe Rd PL171472-Rockport Holding Ltd. development Open 286-294 Main Street PL171473-Tribute (Danforth) Ltd. development Open 193-197 McCaul Street PL171476-BJL McCaul Inc. 19-storey mixed-use bldg Open PL171480-Bellegate & Gates of Humber Ridge 6480, 6482 & 6484 Kingston Rd Open redev. 582-590 King St W et al PL171510-738489 commercial office bldg Open 2706-2730 Dundas St W PL171511-2720 Dundas Junction Inc. redevelopment Open 301-319 King St W PL171514-301-319 King Street W. 48-storey building Open 5294-5304 & 5306 Yonge Street PL171520-5300 Yonge GP Ltd. 33-storey tower Open 284 King St E PL171522-Lamb Bauhaus Inc. 30-storey bldg Open PL180019-64 Prince Arthur LP, 29-storey 64 Prince Arthur Ave Open developmen 292-298 Dundas St W et al PL180020-Tribute (McCaul St) Ltd, 38-storey develo Open 30 Merton St PL180021-bcIMC Holdco Inc. 37-storey rental bldg Open PL180021-bcIMC Holdco Inc. 37-storey rental bldg Open PL180033-110 Broadway Inc & Broadway Redpath, 110, 114 & 120 Broadway Ave Open rezo 1376-1386 Kingston Rd PL180036-Cornell & Kingston Dev't Corp, 9-storey r Closed 135-143 Portland St PL180067-ADI Dev't, rezoning 16 storey mixed-use Open Lands west of Murray Rd, north of Wilson Ave & sou PL180069-OPA 208, Murray Road Study Area Open PL180080-110 Broadway Inc & Broadway Redpath, Open rezo City Wide PL180082-BL 1452-2017, Permit short term rentals Open PL180084-BL 1445-2017 Live music/Performance 722, 750 and 783 College St. Open use PL180086-ZBA 1470-2017, Graywood PA Ltd. 102-118 Peter St & 350-354 Adelaide St W Open mixed-use 475 Yonge Street PL180094-By-law 1472-2017 CYM mixed-use bldg Open 859 The Queensway PL180105-Latch Development mixed-use dev. Open 33 & 37 Parliament Street PL180112-2547575 Ontario Inc.39-storey bldg Open 4155 Yonge Street PL180139-14-storey residential building dev't ZBA Open 2901 Bayview Avenue & 630 Sheppard Avenue East PL180148-bcIMC Realty mixed-use developments Open 3002-3014 Islington Avenue PL180156-Cal-Muir Subdivision Open 120 & 166 Sheppard Ave E, 160 Greenfield Ave et al PL180167-Kenneth-Sheppard Ltd. redevelopment Open PL180179-OPA 387 - Portlands (South of Eastern) Open

MM090008 MM090009 MM090019 MM090026 MM100013

2388 Jane St 865 York Mills Rd 205-215 Sherway Gardens Rd Various locations 2157 Lake Shore Blvd W Whole Municipality Entire City of Toronto 752 Glengrove Ave

2171 Lakeshore Blvd W(former City of Etobicok

1 Botham Rd

390-444 Dufferin St 3711-3715 Keele St 701 Sheppard Aveue West 18 Graydon Hall Drive 3955 Keele St 1300 Finch Ave W 1300 Finch Ave W, Unit 42 1300 Finch Ave 1290 Finch Ave W, Unit 12 and 18 60-62 Vulcan St 3223 Kennedy Rd 8 Sam Frustaglio Dr 10 Sam Frustaglio Dr 14 Dundonald St 8, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 Bonnington Place, 515 Carlingview Drive 956 Islington Ave 956 Islington Ave 1843-1845 Eglinton Ave W 1601 Eglinton Ave W 256 Laird Dr 3348B Bayview Ave 274 Eglinton Ave W 962 Islington Ave 40 Eglinton Ave E 2400-2440 Dundas St W 16A Leslie Street Queen St W (between University and Bathurst) 500 Consumers Rd 311 Bay St 9 McKee Ave, 18 & 22 Norton Ave 100 Yorkville Ave 4687 Yonge St 90 Eastdale Ave and 2 Secord Ave Lands adjacent to 33 Boydwood Lane 90 Eastdale Ave and 2 Secord Ave 3771-3775 St. Clair Ave E 100 Spadina Rd 443 Duplex Ave 1000 Mount Pleasant Rd (110,140 & 160 Erskine Ave) 10 & 14 Prince Arthur Ave 2143-2147 Lake Shore Blvd W 1725 Kingston Rd 60 Rowena Rd 1860 Bayview Ave

CASE DESCRIPTION 16 Thomas Street By-law 476-1999, Development Ch By-law 476-1999 Dibri Inc. - DC By-law 547-2004 DC BL 547-2004-Upper Canada Col DC080013-DC Complaint-Oakdale Golf & Country Club DC090013-EDC By-law 163 DC120009-Sherway Gate Dev.205-215 Sherway Garden R DC130026-DC By-law 1347-2013 DC150005-OCRI, DC complaint DC150008- City of Toronto DC By-law 525-2015 DC150011-EDC By-law 2015-186 TCDSB DC160016-KH College St Inc., DC Complaint DC170004-J. Lofaro, DC Complaint FI080012-TRCA Per Diem Allowances Re-Use Files 2109&2113 Lakeshore Blvd TRCA vs Etobicoke Motel FILE IS INACCESSIBLE 2171 Lakeshore Blvd W (Etobicok DDS Investments vs.Toronto Downtown Chrysler - Injurious A Yorkville North Dev. Ltd vs Tor I. & J. Y. Gemeiner, Y.Architec Ronald Annis vs Toronto & Reg. A&P vs. City of Toronto - Yonge Simone Grp. etc. vs City of Tor LC080020-Berkley Homes Vs TCDSB LC080029-Donald Walter Reainhart LC090045-Montevallo Dev Ltd vs City of Toronto LC100017-Topana Investment Ltd. LC110029-Imperial Oil Limited 1797 St. Clair Ave W LC110036-Leo & Sarah Goldstein v City of Toronto LC120016-Kingbird Developments vs Ciry of Toronto LC120020-Norstar Portrait Inc. vs City of Toronto LC130007-Residence at Argento Inc/City of Toronto LC130029-1409460 Ontario Ltd v. City of Toronto LC130033-Access Motors Inc. v. City of Toronto LC130038-Auto Cruiser Inc v. The City of Toronto 1156891 Ontario Inc. vs. City of Toronto LC140007-Auto Happy Inc.&1738343 Ontario v.CoT LC140041-Purolator vs Metrolinx LC150014-3223 Kennedy Rd. SCBC vs City of Toronto LC150016-Lin/Wu vs Metrolinx LC150017-Linthorne/Wakefield vs Metrolinx LC150029-Veritas Consultants Inc. vs. TTC LC160001-Oulahen et al vs. Toronto LC160006-Art Lofranco/Chrisalex v. Metrolinx LC160009-Candykerr Limited vs. TCDSB LC160013- 956 Islington Avenue Urbancorp vs. TCDSB LC160021-1628831 Ont. Inc. & other vs Metrolinx LC160038-Bensher Holdings Ltd. vs. Metrolinx LC160042-Chen & 2335600 Ont. Inc. vs. Metrolinx LC170008-Wayne McLennon v. TCDSB LC170014-Foremost Fitness/2065610 Ont vs Metrolinx LC170019-Ronsen Corp. et al v. TCDSB LC170030-Perrella/2230905 Ont. Inc. vs. Metrolinx LC180001-Li Limited v. Metrolinx LC180006-RNG Restaurants vs. City of Toronto/TTC LC180010-Li Limited vs. Metrolinx MM070012-Heritage Act- Queen & University MM070017-Toronto (NY) Enbridge MM080007-Talon International Dev. Inc. MM080010 MM080015-1398129 Ontario Ltd MM080020-Yorkville (2001) Limited MM080021-Enterprise Rent A Car Ltd MM080026-Preston Group - IBI Group MM080030-R & D Investments Inc. MM080031-Preston Group (Gonte Constr) MM080034-Walton - Protest of Fees MM080049-Parkland Dedication-Hanfrow Holdings G.P MM080053-Orchard View Holdings Inc. MM090004-Homestead Land Holdings Cash-in-lieu


MM100016 MM100017 MM100029 MM100030 MM100039 MM100043 MM110002 MM110007 MM110008 MM110009 MM110023 MM110026 MM110032 MM110034 MM110041 MM110046 MM110051 MM120008 MM120012 MM120013 MM120014 MM120015 MM120017 MM120019 MM120020 MM120022 MM120027 MM120029 MM120040 MM120042 MM120052 MM130007 MM130009 MM130013 MM130015 MM130017 MM130033 MM130042 MM130048 MM130049 MM130052 MM130062 MM130064 MM130070 MM130074 MM130079 MM130081 MM130084 MM140005 MM140007 MM140011 MM140012 MM140014 MM140016 MM140017 MM140018 MM140019 MM140020 MM140027 MM140028 MM140029 MM140034 MM140038 MM140039 MM140057 MM140058 MM140059 MM140062 MM140063 MM140064 MM140068 MM140081 MM140084 MM140088 MM150003 MM150005 MM150010 MM150014 MM150015 MM150017 MM150018 MM150033 MM150051 MM150052 MM150053 MM150054 MM150058 MM150059 MM150060 MM150063 MM150067 MM150071 MM150075 MM150078 MM150083 MM160007 MM160009 MM160010 MM160011 MM160013 MM160016 MM160020 MM160022 MM160025 MM160028 MM160029 MM160030 MM160035 MM160036 MM160041 MM160045 MM160047 MM160052 MM160057 MM160069 MM160071 MM160072 MM160074 MM160075 MM170007 MM170010 MM170015 MM170016 MM170021 MM170028 MM170030 MM170031 MM170032 MM170033 MM170034 MM170035 MM170037 MM170040 MM170046 MM170048 MM170049 MM170053 MM170057 MM170058 MM170060 MM170063 MM170065 MM170073 MM170074 MM170077 MM170079 MM170080 MM170081 MM170083 MM170085 MM170090 MM170091 MM170093 MM170097 MM180001 MM180002 MM180003 MM180004 MM180005 MM180006 MM180007 MM180009 MM180010 MM180011 MM180012 MM180014 MM180016 MM180017 PL901200 PL892144 PL920858 PL931507 PL931509 PL934310 PL956637 PL967700 PL968175 PL968623 PL957598 PL968690 PL970382 PL970736 PL980437 PL981009 PL990139 PL990391 PL990495 PL990621 PL991053 PL991180 PL000113 PL000123 PL000639 PL000888 PL000995 PL001105 PL001235 PL001376 PL010201 PL010379 PL011153 PL897152 PL001302 PL020411 PL020655 PL020670 PL020786 PL021010 PL021011 PL021014 PL021089 PL021126 PL030047 PL030139 PL030172 PL030379 PL030412 PL030514 PL030539 PL030692 PL030693 PL030721 PL030736 PL030910 PL031081 PL031094 PL031156 PL040001 PL040014 PL040027 PL040139 PL040235 PL040236 PL040236 PL040427 PL040456 PL040543 PL040566 PL040608 PL040617 PL040618 PL040644 PL040644 PL040644 PL040659 PL040745 PL040834 PL040845 PL040876 PL040917 PL040938 PL040967 PL041180 PL041192 PL050003 PL050069 PL050109 PL050120 PL050227 PL050331 PL050355 PL050362 PL050374 PL050392 PL050402 PL050402 PL050429 PL050452 PL050536 PL050544 PL050550 PL050590 PL050662 PL050720 PL050724 PL050777 PL050819 PL050895 PL050942 PL050979 PL050984 PL051010 PL051070 PL051085 PL051115 PL051136 PL051142 PL051144 PL051180 PL051203 PL051208 PL051209 PL051215 PL051233 PL051260 PL051284 PL051265 PL051301 PL051314 PL060003 PL060003 PL060004 PL060005 PL060005 PL060046 PL060066 PL060081 PL060084 PL060087 PL060114 PL060121 PL060214 PL060299 PL060326 PL060339 PL060363 PL060386 PL060397 PL060411 PL060415 PL060443 PL060449 PL060477 PL060488 PL060491 PL060502 PL060524 PL060541 PL060607 PL060608 PL060630 PL060668 PL060673 PL060683 PL060687 PL060728 PL060812 PL060812 PL060812 PL060812 PL060812 PL060812 PL060812 PL060812 PL060812 PL060812 PL060812 PL060812 PL060812 PL060812 PL060812 PL060812 PL060827 PL060832 PL060854 PL060907 PL060910 PL060944 PL060949 PL060960 PL060965 PL060973 PL060987 PL060990 PL061007 PL061032 PL061044 PL061102 PL061126 PL061204 PL061217 PL071073 PL061248 PL070001 PL070001 PL070001 PL070001 PL070015 PL070034 PL070041 PL070048 PL070056 PL070065 PL070082 PL070089 PL070103 PL070109 PL070179 PL070200 PL070209 PL070211 PL070222 PL070236 PL070278 PL070280 PL070294 PL070297 PL070317 PL070350 PL070374 PL070377 PL070398 PL070401 PL070405 PL070419 PL070428 PL070463 PL070464 PL070465 PL070468 PL070476 PL070485 PL070490 PL070494 PL070499 PL070500 PL070504 PL070506 PL070525 PL070528 PL070529 PL070530 PL070557 PL070559 PL070566 PL070571 PL070572 PL070573 PL070576 PL070597 PL070628 PL070629 PL070630 PL070631 PL070632 PL070651 PL070653 PL070658 PL070673 PL070680 PL070681 PL070685 PL070704 PL070708 PL070716 PL070718 PL070720 PL070721 PL070723 PL070724 PL070729 PL070739 PL070740 PL070741 PL070742 PL070763 PL070764 PL070765 PL070766 PL070767 PL070775 PL070776 PL070778 PL070781 PL070782 PL070785 PL070793 PL070794 PL070799 PL070819 PL070822 PL070831 PL070838 PL070842 PL070843 PL070850 PL070856 PL070857 PL070858 PL070859 PL070868 PL070873 PL070877 PL070908 PL070912 PL070913 PL070914 PL070918 PL070935 PL070936 PL070937 PL070938 PL070945 PL070946 PL070947 PL070948 PL070966 PL070968 PL070973 PL070974 PL070980 PL070993 PL071001 PL071002 PL071008 PL071010 PL071016 PL071017 PL071031 PL071067 PL071068 PL071078 PL071079 PL071081 PL071094 PL071104 PL071106 PL071110 PL071124 PL071128 PL071130 PL071131 PL071135 PL071160 PL071169 PL071170 PL071174 PL071176 PL071181 PL071185 PL071196 PL071217 PL071219 PL071220 PL071231 PL071236 PL071241 PL071243 PL071244 PL071270 PL980945 PL071264 PL080022 PL080023 PL080026 PL080027 PL080028 PL080044 PL080065 PL080075 PL080078 PL080079 PL080085 PL080087 PL080128 PL080131 PL080139 PL080142 PL080143 PL080147 PL080148 PL080149 PL080158 PL080161 PL080168 PL080175 PL080176 PL080177 PL080180 PL080185 PL080188 PL080229 PL080230 PL080232 PL080233 PL080238 PL080253 PL080260 PL080261 PL080266 PL080270 PL080275 PL080276 PL080278 PL080299 PL080310 PL080312 PL080320 PL080323 PL080329 PL080339 PL080341 PL080343 PL080357 PL080358 PL080359 PL080365 PL080379 PL080381 PL080386 PL080402 PL080419 PL080427 PL080438 PL080451 PL080452 PL080453 PL080462 PL080470 PL080492 PL080498 PL080500 PL080510 PL080518 PL080521 PL080522 PL080536 PL080539 PL080543 PL080557 PL080561 PL080581 PL080582 PL080596 PL080611 PL080615 PL080624 PL080626 PL080628 PL080639 PL080640 PL080645 PL080653 PL080655 PL080658 PL080662 PL080663 PL080665 PL080673 PL080690 PL080700 PL080701 PL080711 PL080714 PL080715 PL080716 PL080717 PL080719 PL080722 PL080724 PL080758 PL080764 PL080768 PL080770 PL080771 PL080782 PL080792 PL080793 PL080797 PL080802 PL080806 PL080808 PL080816 PL080819 PL080821 PL080824 PL080838 PL080840 PL080841 PL080850 PL080854 PL080855 PL080856 PL080858 PL080878 PL080880 PL080882 PL080883 PL080885 PL080886 PL080887 PL080891 PL080897 PL080906 PL080909 PL080921 PL080922 PL080924 PL080925 PL080927 PL080933 PL080937 PL080947 PL080949 PL080950 PL080951 PL080956 PL080964 PL080966 PL080971 PL080972 PL080978 PL080983 PL080985 PL080986 PL080987 PL080988 PL080989 PL080990 PL080991 PL080993 PL081002 PL081003 PL081014 PL081031 PL081046 PL081049 PL081050 PL081051 PL081052 PL081053 PL081065 PL081075 PL081080 PL081091 PL081096 PL081125 PL081145 PL081155 PL081159 PL081177 PL081179 PL081180 PL081181 PL081183 PL081192 PL081195 PL081201 PL081209 PL081213 PL081215 PL081217 PL081220 PL081230 PL081236 PL081237 PL081238 PL081245 PL081246 PL081258 PL081262 PL081269 PL081273 PL081274 PL081282 PL081294 PL081297 PL081311 PL081317 PL081318 PL081372 PL081375 PL081404 PL081407 PL081417 PL081418 PL081419 PL081422 PL081428 PL081436 PL081437 PL081438 PL081439 PL081443 PL081448 PL081455 PL081457 PL081464 PL081467 PL081471 PL081472 PL081478 PL081488 PL081489 PL081495 PL081502 PL081514 PL081524 PL081527 PL081537 PL081539 PL081542 PL081546 PL081547 PL081548 PL081564 PL081575 PL081576 PL081578 PL081580 PL081582 PL081588 PL081592 PL081604 PL081606 PL081613 PL081614 PL090025 PL090026 PL090035 PL090046 PL090047 PL090050 PL090058 PL090065 PL090069 PL090075 PL090083 PL090087 PL090092 PL090103 PL090107 PL090108 PL090109 PL090148 PL090151 PL090162 PL090163 PL090166 PL090168 PL090172 PL090173 PL090175 PL090176 PL090184 PL090186 PL090192 PL090226 PL090231 PL090232 PL090233 PL090235 PL090238 PL090239 PL090244 PL090247 PL090251 PL090253 PL090258 PL090259 PL090264 PL090277 PL090278 PL090279 PL090289 PL090294 PL090313 PL090314 PL090322 PL090333 PL090337 PL090338 PL090339 PL090356 PL090365 PL090368 PL090379 PL090380 PL090384 PL090385 PL090388 PL090401 PL090404 PL090419 PL090422 PL090434 PL090436 PL090444 PL090445 PL090447 PL090448 PL090452 PL090461 PL090463 PL090474 PL090477 PL090478 PL090482 PL090497 PL090501 PL090503 PL090506 PL090524 PL090525 PL090530 PL090531 PL090550 PL090551 PL090553 PL090556 PL090575 PL090581 PL090612 PL090619 PL090620 PL090626 PL090637 PL090641 PL090644 PL090645 PL090658 PL090659 PL090676 PL090680 PL090695 PL090697 PL090705 PL090730 PL090733 PL090737 PL090807 PL090810 PL090811 PL090814 PL090819 PL090825 PL090833 PL090843 PL090864 PL090867 PL090880 PL090883 PL090890 PL090892 PL090893 PL090894 PL090916 PL090917 PL090951 PL090965 PL090972 PL090978 PL090979 PL090983 PL090985 PL090987 PL090988 PL090993 PL091006 PL091007 PL091012 PL091015 PL091021 PL091023 PL091032 PL091035 PL091052 PL091057 PL091058 PL091068 PL091070 PL091072 PL091076 PL091077 PL091086 PL091087 PL091088 PL091092 PL091093 PL091097 PL091098 PL091100 PL091109 PL091111 PL091118 PL091120 PL091129 PL091135 PL091138 PL091163 PL091164 PL091169 PL091180 PL091190 PL091191 PL091192 PL091196 PL060905 PL100005 PL100026 PL100036 PL100037 PL100042 PL100051 PL100054 PL100063 PL100064 PL100065 PL100074 PL100076 PL100084 PL100090 PL100094 PL100131 PL100132 PL100133 PL100134 PL100135 PL100136 PL100150 PL100157 PL100158 PL100162 PL100163 PL100177 PL100181 PL100195 PL100207 PL100208 PL100209 PL100217 PL100220 PL100225 PL100229 PL100234 PL100236 PL100248 PL100249 PL100252 PL100262 PL100281 PL100292 PL100293 PL100298 PL100309 PL100311 PL100318 PL100319 PL100321 PL100322 PL100340 PL100341 PL100344 PL100346 PL100374 PL100375 PL100396 PL100397 PL100403 PL100413 PL100420 PL100429 PL100431 PL100434 PL100435 PL100437 PL100438 PL100441 PL100443 PL100444 PL100450 PL100453 PL100457 PL100459 PL100479 PL100480 PL100481 PL100482 PL100484 PL100489 PL100494 PL100498 PL100499 PL100507 PL100524 PL100525 PL100535 PL100541 PL100548 PL100554 PL100560 PL100563 PL100566 PL100570 PL100573 PL100578 PL100582 PL100585 PL100591 PL100592 PL100593 PL100594 PL100595 PL100597 PL100607 PL100610 PL100642 PL100644 PL100654 PL100656 PL100659 PL100660 PL100661 PL100664 PL100666 PL100669 PL100670 PL100671 PL100693 PL100694 PL100696 PL100700 PL100723 PL100724 PL100725 PL100730 PL100731 PL100733 PL100734 PL100736 PL100764 PL100793 PL100794 PL100801 PL100804 PL100805 PL100820 PL100822 PL100823 PL100831 PL100851 PL100854 PL100864 PL100870 PL100876 PL100887 PL100895 PL100896 PL100902 PL100909 PL100912 PL100918 PL100919 PL100932 PL100933 PL100934 PL100939 PL100941 PL100944 PL100959 PL100970 PL100971 PL100972 PL100973 PL100989 PL101002 PL101006 PL101007 PL101010 PL101061 PL101062 PL101080 PL101081 PL101091 PL101102 PL101109 PL101110 PL101111 PL101118 PL101118 PL101120 PL101122 PL101130 PL101140 PL101152 PL101178 PL101180 PL101181 PL101182 PL101183 PL101199 PL101201 PL101202 PL101206 PL101223 PL101257 PL101259 PL101262 PL101297 PL101298 PL101313 PL101319 PL101320 PL101323 PL101324 PL101325 PL101376 PL101393 PL101413 PL101418 PL101419 PL101420 PL101442 PL101447 PL101452 PL101453 PL101454 PL101455 PL101456 PL101459 PL101465 PL101466 PL101469 PL101470 PL101471 PL010101 PL070055 PL070865 PL110007 PL110023 PL110024 PL110025 PL110037 PL110049 PL110053 PL110064 PL110073 PL110084 PL110098 PL110099 PL110102 PL110106 PL110107 PL110108 PL110115 PL110116 PL110121 PL110126 PL110127 PL110130 PL110131 PL110138 PL110139 PL110145 PL110157 PL110158 PL110159 PL110160 PL110161 PL110174 PL110175 PL110176 PL110178 PL110180 PL110182 PL110193 PL110196 PL110197 PL110199 PL110228 PL110230 PL110233 PL110241 PL110244 PL110245 PL110253 PL110264 PL110267 PL110270 PL110272 PL110276 PL110277 PL110280 PL110288 PL110291 PL110292 PL110293 PL110301 PL110308 PL110312 PL110316 PL110328 PL110330 PL110336 PL110346 PL110355 PL110362 PL110369 PL110384 PL110385 PL110387 PL110389 PL110390 PL110392 PL110393 PL110395 PL110400 PL110423 PL110429 PL110435 PL110436 PL110438 PL110441 PL110449 PL110490 PL110491 PL110508 PL110509 PL110516 PL110529 PL110530 PL110531 PL110534 PL110535 PL110538 PL110541 PL110543 PL110552 PL110553 PL110554 PL110563 PL110565 PL110566 PL110600 PL110606 PL110611 PL110620 PL110621 PL110628 PL110629 PL110630 PL110633 PL110637 PL110639 PL110643 PL110668 PL110669 PL110679 PL110681 PL110684 PL110688 PL110689 PL110691 PL110700 PL110704 PL110714 PL110719 PL110720 PL110721 PL110725 PL110730 PL110738 PL110748 PL110749 PL110750 PL110753 PL110772 PL110773 PL110774 PL110794 PL110795 PL110797 PL110798 PL110810 PL110813 PL110814 PL110825 PL110833 PL110834 PL110852 PL110860 PL110865 PL110875 PL110892 PL110893 PL110894 PL110895 PL110896 PL110897 PL110899 PL110907 PL110908 PL110919 PL110923 PL110925 PL110944 PL110946 PL110949 PL110976 PL110980 PL110981 PL110982 PL110991 PL110993 PL110994 PL110998 PL111000 PL111001 PL111002 PL111006 PL111031 PL111032 PL111033 PL111034 PL111036 PL111049 PL111050 PL111057 PL111058 PL111059 PL111069 PL111070 PL111080 PL111082 PL111092 PL111093 PL111094 PL111112 PL111115 PL111118 PL111119 PL111124 PL111131 PL111144 PL111146 PL111149 PL111158 PL111163 PL111164 PL111165 PL111166 PL111169 PL111170 PL111183 PL111186 PL111187 PL111191 PL111221 PL111222 PL111227 PL111228 PL111232 PL111244 PL111245 PL111246 PL111252 PL111262 PL111266 PL111277 PL111281 PL111283 PL111285 PL111286 PL111300 PL111306 PL111323 PL111334 PL111359 PL120001 PL120003 PL120008 PL120014 PL120016 PL120017 PL120026 PL120027 PL120028 PL120032 PL120033 PL120034 PL120040 PL120041 PL120049 PL120056 PL120060 PL120063 PL120076 PL120082 PL120085 PL120103 PL120105 PL120107 PL120119 PL120123 PL120135 PL120136 PL120139 PL120143 PL120145 PL120154 PL120155 PL120156 PL120157 PL120158 PL120159 PL120164 PL120165 PL120166 PL120179 PL120185 PL120187 PL120188 PL120190 PL120195 PL120209 PL120212 PL120213 PL120215 PL120226 PL120228 PL120229 PL120230 PL120232 PL120237 PL120238 PL120253 PL120256 PL120260 PL120263 PL120264 PL120274 PL120286 PL120290 PL120293 PL120296 PL120297 PL120298 PL120299 PL120300 PL120302 PL120310 PL120311 PL120312 PL120315 PL120316 PL120318 PL120321 PL120322 PL120323 PL120328 PL120330 PL120337 PL120338 PL120343 PL120345 PL120347 PL120355 PL120366 PL120381 PL120387 PL120391 PL120397 PL120400 PL120401 PL120404 PL120412 PL120415 PL120426 PL120429 PL120431 PL120448 PL120451 PL120454 PL120465 PL120470 PL120471 PL120472 PL120475 PL120479 PL120489 PL120490 PL120491 PL120495 PL120497 PL120508 PL120514 PL120520 PL120521 PL120528 PL120536 PL120541 PL120544 PL120545 PL120549 PL120577 PL120580 PL120581 PL120582 PL120593 PL120603 PL120605 PL120617 PL120625 PL120631 PL120635 PL120637 PL120648 PL120649 PL120656 PL120657 PL120658 PL120661 PL120662 PL120663 PL120665 PL120669 PL120677 PL120678 PL120679 PL120680 PL120682 PL120683 PL120688 PL120694 PL120728 PL120730 PL120735 PL120739 PL120752 PL120758 PL120769 PL120776 PL120777 PL120782 PL120786 PL120788 PL120798 PL120799 PL120807 PL120808 PL120809 PL120814 PL120820 PL120822 PL120825 PL120826 PL120827 PL120828 PL120831 PL120837 PL120839 PL120854 PL120858 PL120861 PL120864 PL120872 PL120877 PL120895 PL120904 PL120911 PL120925 PL120926 PL120928 PL120929 PL120931 PL120936 PL120937 PL120938 PL120948 PL120951 PL120962 PL120963 PL120978 PL120988 PL120992 PL121000 PL121001 PL121014 PL121025 PL121035 PL121038 PL121039 PL121040 PL121041 PL121042 PL121043 PL121044 PL121051 PL121052 PL121053 PL121063 PL121066 PL121067 PL121068 PL121069 PL121073 PL121096 PL121105 PL121108 PL121111 PL121112 PL121113 PL121114 PL121119 PL121121 PL121122 PL121123 PL121124 PL121125 PL121127 PL121128 PL121129 PL121130 PL121131 PL121132 PL121133 PL121134 PL121135 PL121136 PL121137 PL121138 PL121139 PL121151 PL121155 PL121156 PL121189 PL121192 PL121198 PL121201 PL121213 PL121214 PL121225 PL121231 PL121247 PL121251 PL121253 PL121264 PL121275 PL121276 PL121277 PL121286 PL121287 PL121293 PL121294 PL121297 PL121298 PL121308 PL121309 PL121316 PL121319 PL121322 PL121324 PL121334 PL121339 PL121344 PL121345 PL121346 PL121360 PL121371 PL121379 PL121389 PL121394 PL121413 PL121424 PL121425 PL121428 PL121429 PL121430 PL121431 PL121434 PL121438 PL121447 PL130003 PL130004 PL130005 PL130014 PL130015 PL130016 PL130017 PL130018 PL130019 PL130021 PL130022 PL130023 PL130031 PL130033 PL130037 PL130053 PL130065 PL130068 PL130069 PL130071 PL130073 PL130086 PL130087 PL130090 PL130094 PL130095 PL130097 PL130098 PL130100 PL130103 PL130104 PL130106 PL130109 PL130114 PL130115 PL130118 PL130120 PL130123 PL130133 PL130134 PL130135 PL130136 PL130139 PL130143 PL130146 PL130147 PL130155 PL130156 PL130157 PL130158 PL130169 PL130173 PL130178 PL130182 PL130183 PL130186 PL130193 PL130195 PL130198 PL130202 PL130219 PL130221 PL130227 PL130229 PL130231 PL130233 PL130240 PL130241 PL130242 PL130246 PL130247 PL130253 PL130254 PL130266 PL130274 PL130275 PL130277 PL130285 PL130295 PL130298 PL130299 PL130301 PL130303 PL130311 PL130317 PL130319 PL130330 PL130332 PL130340 PL130343 PL130346 PL130347 PL130357 PL130358 PL130359 PL130363 PL130364 PL130373 PL130379 PL130380 PL130398 PL130409 PL130416 PL130418 PL130419 PL130429 PL130432 PL130433 PL130436 PL130437 PL130439 PL130440 PL130446 PL130447 PL130448 PL130458 PL130459 PL130460 PL130463 PL130468 PL130472 PL130473 PL130474 PL130487 PL130494 PL130498 PL130499 PL130500 PL130501 PL130503 PL130504 PL130505 PL130507 PL130518 PL130522 PL130528 PL130531 PL130533 PL130541 PL130542 PL130543 PL130554 PL130557 PL130561 PL130562 PL130564 PL130565 PL130566 PL130567 PL130568 PL130569 PL130570 PL130574 PL130577 PL130582 PL130587 PL130592 PL130593 PL130595 PL130602 PL130612 PL130613 PL130627 PL130629 PL130636 PL130638 PL130645 PL130651 PL130654 PL130661 PL130662 PL130663 PL130665 PL130666 PL130667 PL130684 PL130686 PL130691 PL130692 PL130703 PL130704 PL130706 PL130711 PL130712 PL130713 PL130718 PL130723 PL130724 PL130727 PL130728 PL130729 PL130730 PL130731 PL130732 PL130738 PL130739 PL130740 PL130751 PL130752 PL130767 PL130769 PL130772 PL130787 PL130811 PL130822 PL130824 PL130826 PL130831 PL130832 PL130833 PL130834 PL130835 PL130840 PL130844 PL130848 PL130849 PL130851 PL130860 PL130864 PL130866 PL130867 PL130868 PL130870 PL130872 PL130876 PL130877 PL130883 PL130885 PL130888 PL130895 PL130898 PL130899 PL130900 PL130918 PL130919 PL130922 PL130923 PL130924 PL130926 PL130931 PL130935 PL130938 PL130941 PL130944 PL130947 PL130948 PL130953 PL130954 PL130967 PL130971 PL130976 PL130981 PL130982 PL130983 PL130986 PL130992 PL130993 PL130997 PL131000 PL131001 PL131002 PL131003 PL131008 PL131009 PL131011 PL131038 PL131040 PL131043 PL131053 PL131059 PL131062 PL131063 PL131070 PL131081 PL131082 PL131086 PL131093 PL131096 PL131108 PL131114 PL131136 PL131140 PL131146 PL131152 PL131153 PL131154 PL131157 PL131163 PL131165 PL131176 PL131192 PL131193 PL131194 PL131195 PL131208 PL131212 PL131213 PL131218 PL131221 PL131222 PL131224 PL131226 PL131227 PL131231 PL131247 PL131249 PL131265 PL131266 PL131267 PL131269 PL131272 PL131274 PL131278 PL131280 PL131283 PL131288 PL131300 PL131301 PL131304 PL131305 PL131318 PL131319 PL131320 PL131322 PL131323 PL131324 PL131328 PL131330 PL131331 PL131337 PL131338 PL131339 PL131341 PL131342 PL131349 PL131355 PL131358 PL131366 PL131385 PL131386 PL140001 PL140007 PL140008 PL140017 PL140018 PL140019 PL140020 PL140024 PL140025 PL140026 PL140027 PL140030 PL140032 PL140034 PL140035 PL140036 PL140046 PL140047 PL140049 PL140059 PL140063 PL140065 PL140068 PL140070 PL140082 PL140096 PL140097 PL140098 PL140100 PL140111 PL140117 PL140118 PL140119 PL140124 PL140130 PL140131 PL140133 PL140134 PL140138 PL140142 PL140151 PL140158 PL140159 PL140160 PL140161 PL140162 PL140163 PL140164 PL140170 PL140172 PL140174 PL140176 PL140192 PL140217 PL140218 PL140219 PL140220 PL140221 PL140232 PL140236 PL140237 PL140238 PL140244 PL140247 PL140250 PL140251 PL140252 PL140253 PL140254 PL140270 PL140271 PL140273 PL140280 PL140281 PL140291 PL140295 PL140296 PL140299 PL140302 PL140311 PL140319 PL140323 PL140326 PL140327 PL140328 PL140331 PL140334 PL140344 PL140345 PL140351 PL140358 PL140363 PL140364 PL140368 PL140388 PL140391 PL140414 PL140421 PL140431 PL140435 PL140437 PL140438 PL140442 PL140452 PL140454 PL140462 PL140471 PL140472 PL140475 PL140484 PL140486 PL140500 PL140501 PL140502 PL140503 PL140514 PL140517 PL140523 PL140524 PL140525 PL140527 PL140528 PL140529 PL140530 PL140531 PL140537 PL140539 PL140549 PL140550 PL140551 PL140552 PL140553 PL140555 PL140562 PL140565 PL140566 PL140567 PL140569 PL140584 PL140586 PL140587 PL140588 PL140589 PL140590 PL140593 PL140603 PL140606 PL140612 PL140613 PL140636 PL140653 PL140657 PL140661 PL140666 PL140672 PL140673 PL140674 PL140675 PL140676 PL140677 PL140678 PL140686 PL140695 PL140696 PL140703 PL140704 PL140705 PL140709 PL140710 PL140711 PL140712 PL140717 PL140718 PL140723 PL140726 PL140727 PL140728 PL140754 PL140755 PL140757 PL140760 PL140761 PL140764 PL140773 PL140776 PL140780 PL140782 PL140790 PL140793 PL140794 PL140795 PL140796 PL140797 PL140798 PL140811 PL140840 PL140846 PL140857 PL140860 PL140861 PL140865 PL140866 PL140873 PL140880 PL140886 PL140888 PL140890 PL140896 PL140897 PL140898 PL140899 PL140900 PL140903 PL140905 PL140906 PL140914 PL140916 PL140917 PL140918 PL140919 PL140924 PL140925 PL140926 PL140929 PL140932 PL140941 PL140942 PL140943 PL140948 PL140954 PL140955 PL140956 PL140956 PL140957 PL140959 PL140960 PL140961 PL140962 PL140965 PL140968 PL140974 PL140980 PL140981 PL140991 PL140992 PL140993 PL140994 PL140999 PL141002 PL141009 PL141010 PL141028 PL141032 PL141035 PL141036 PL141037 PL141039 PL141040 PL141041 PL141046 PL141054 PL141055 PL141058 PL141059 PL141071 PL141074 PL141078 PL141083 PL141084 PL141085 PL141086 PL141087 PL141089 PL141095 PL141097 PL141102 PL141105 PL141107 PL141111 PL141114 PL141115 PL141116 PL141117 PL141128 PL141130 PL141133 PL141134 PL141136 PL141139 PL141140 PL141144 PL141149 PL141151 PL141152 PL141157 PL141158 PL141159 PL141160 PL141163 PL141171 PL141182 PL141184 PL141185 PL141187 PL141190 PL141197 PL141217 PL141220 PL141224 PL141226 PL141230 PL141251 PL141254 PL141257 PL141260 PL141264 PL141270 PL141271 PL141272 PL141273 PL141274 PL141280 PL141282 PL141283 PL141303 PL141304 PL141305 PL141315 PL141316 PL141317 PL141330 PL141332 PL141334 PL141335 PL141346 PL141351 PL141354 PL141355 PL141356 PL141357 PL141360 PL141364 PL141366 PL141367 PL141368 PL141371 PL141372 PL141390 PL141391 PL141392 PL141407 PL141416 PL141418 PL141420 PL141428 PL141429 PL141440 PL141443 PL141444 PL141445 PL141446 PL141447 PL141454 PL141455 PL141456 PL141457 PL141461 PL141464 PL141467 PL141468 PL141469 PL141470 PL141471 PL141473 PL150001 PL150006 PL150015 PL150016 PL150017 PL150020 PL150022 PL150038 PL150043 PL150044 PL150045 PL150047 PL150059 PL150069 PL150070 PL150072 PL150075 PL150078 PL150079 PL150080 PL150081 PL150083 PL150084 PL150087 PL150088 PL150090 PL150093 PL150094 PL150095 PL150099 PL150100 PL150101 PL150122 PL150130 PL150132 PL150133 PL150134 PL150135 PL150136 PL150137 PL150142 PL150143 PL150148 PL150151 PL150152 PL150153 PL150157 PL150163 PL150165 PL150166 PL150167 PL150168 PL150169 PL150173 PL150176 PL150183 PL150184 PL150185 PL150193 PL150194 PL150195 PL150196 PL150203 PL150204 PL150207 PL150208 PL150213 PL150218 PL150219 PL150227 PL150228 PL150229 PL150230 PL150231 PL150232 PL150236 PL150237 PL150238 PL150240 PL150243 PL150247 PL150248 PL150249 PL150250 PL150251 PL150253 PL150254 PL150276 PL150279 PL150291 PL150293 PL150294 PL150297 PL150298 PL150301 PL150302 PL150310 PL150312 PL150318 PL150319 PL150336 PL150337 PL150340 PL150350 PL150351 PL150352 PL150354 PL150355 PL150356 PL150360 PL150364 PL150374 PL150375 PL150383 PL150384 PL150385 PL150388 PL150389 PL150390 PL150396 PL150399 PL150404 PL150407 PL150408 PL150410 PL150418 PL150422 PL150423 PL150428 PL150429 PL150431 PL150434 PL150449 PL150450 PL150468 PL150470 PL150476 PL150477 PL150477 PL150478 PL150479 PL150480 PL150481 PL150482 PL150483 PL150484 PL150500 PL150505 PL150515 PL150518 PL150527 PL150539 PL150539 PL150540 PL150541 PL150542 PL150543 PL150544 PL150545 PL150546 PL150547 PL150548 PL150549 PL150550 PL150551 PL150556 PL150557 PL150580 PL150586 PL150588 PL150590 PL150604 PL150607 PL150608 PL150609 PL150610 PL150612 PL150613 PL150614 PL150621 PL150622 PL150625 PL150631 PL150634 PL150639 PL150641 PL150642 PL150643 PL150644 PL150645 PL150646 PL150654 PL150656 PL150658 PL150661 PL150662 PL150663 PL150664 PL150665 PL150670 PL150672 PL150673 PL150676 PL150678 PL150687 PL150689 PL150690 PL150706 PL150707 PL150708 PL150709 PL150711 PL150718 PL150719 PL150721 PL150724 PL150726 PL150730 PL150732 PL150733 PL150735 PL150736 PL150737 PL150742 PL150753 PL150756 PL150757 PL150758 PL150759 PL150762 PL150763 PL150766 PL150767 PL150768 PL150774 PL150775 PL150776 PL150777 PL150778 PL150794 PL150817 PL150818 PL150819 PL150821 PL150825 PL150826 PL150828 PL150831 PL150832 PL150833 PL150834 PL150838 PL150841 PL150842 PL150843 PL150845 PL150847 PL150850 PL150851 PL150855 PL150860 PL150861 PL150862 PL150863 PL150892 PL150903 PL150919 PL150922 PL150928 PL150931 PL150934 PL150941 PL150942 PL150943 PL150944 PL150945 PL150954 PL150959 PL150960 PL150970 PL150972 PL150973 PL150988 PL150994 PL150997 PL150999 PL151000 PL151005 PL151006 PL151007 PL151012 PL151014 PL151015 PL151016 PL151020 PL151023 PL151029 PL151030 PL151032 PL151035 PL151037 PL151038 PL151039 PL151040 PL151046 PL151055 PL151056 PL151060 PL151061 PL151067 PL151068 PL151069 PL151072 PL151076 PL151077 PL151078 PL151079 PL151080 PL151081 PL151082 PL151088 PL151091 PL151094 PL151095 PL151097 PL151105 PL151106 PL151107 PL151108 PL151111 PL151116 PL151118 PL151129 PL151138 PL151139 PL151145 PL151148 PL151158 PL151166 PL151167 PL151170 PL151171 PL151172 PL151173 PL151174 PL151175 PL151176 PL151177 PL151178 PL151180 PL151183 PL151184 PL151185 PL151186 PL151187 PL151188 PL151190 PL151191 PL151192 PL151193 PL151208 PL151211 PL151212 PL151215 PL151216 PL151219 PL151220 PL151222 PL151226 PL151227 PL151228 PL151240 PL151245 PL151246 PL151254 PL151255 PL151256 PL151257 PL151262 PL151265 PL151266 PL151267 PL151268 PL151269 PL151272 PL151273 PL151274 PL151276 PL160002 PL160003 PL160006 PL160010 PL160027 PL160029 PL160032 PL160033 PL160039 PL160041 PL160052 PL160055 PL160059 PL160064 PL160073 PL160081 PL160082 PL160085 PL160086 PL160089 PL160093 PL160094 PL160095 PL160096 PL160097 PL160098 PL160108 PL160109 PL160114 PL160117 PL160120 PL160121 PL160135 PL160142 PL160145 PL160148 PL160149 PL160150 PL160151 PL160155 PL160156 PL160157 PL160158 PL160159 PL160160 PL160164 PL160169 PL160170 PL160171 PL160172 PL160173 PL160180 PL160181 PL160189 PL160193 PL160203 PL160211 PL160213 PL160218 PL160220 PL160222 PL160225 PL160226 PL160227 PL160228 PL160229 PL160230 PL160231 PL160232 PL160240 PL160243 PL160244 PL160245 PL160246 PL160249 PL160257 PL160260 PL160263 PL160264 PL160265 PL160267 PL160274 PL160278 PL160279 PL160280 PL160289 PL160290 PL160291 PL160292 PL160302 PL160314 PL160315 PL160317 PL160318 PL160319 PL160329 PL160330 PL160342 PL160343 PL160344 PL160345 PL160346 PL160351 PL160352 PL160353 PL160354 PL160356 PL160357 PL160358 PL160363 PL160364 PL160368 PL160375 PL160378 PL160390 PL160397 PL160398 PL160399 PL160400 PL160401 PL160404 PL160405 PL160406 PL160411 PL160412 PL160413 PL160414 PL160416 PL160422 PL160423 PL160424 PL160425 PL160426 PL160427 PL160428 PL160430 PL160431 PL160438 PL160439 PL160440 PL160450 PL160455 PL160457 PL160460 PL160461 PL160462 PL160466 PL160467 PL160470 PL160480 PL160494 PL160495 PL160502 PL160507 PL160512 PL160516 PL160517 PL160519 PL160520 PL160525 PL160526 PL160543 PL160550 PL160551 PL160554 PL160558 PL160564 PL160566 PL160571 PL160572 PL160574 PL160578 PL160582 PL160583 PL160584 PL160585 PL160586 PL160612 PL160613 PL160615 PL160616 PL160622 PL160625 PL160628 PL160629 PL160632 PL160634 PL160635 PL160636 PL160644 PL160645 PL160648 PL160663 PL160666 PL160669 PL160671 PL160672 PL160673 PL160684 PL160685 PL160686 PL160692 PL160693 PL160694 PL160704 PL160708 PL160712 PL160715 PL160718 PL160720 PL160722 PL160723 PL160726 PL160727 PL160730 PL160731 PL160732 PL160733 PL160735 PL160742 PL160751 PL160753 PL160766 PL160769 PL160771 PL160793 PL160796 PL160797 PL160800 PL160803 PL160805 PL160806 PL160808 PL160816 PL160825 PL160839 PL160840 PL160841 PL160847 PL160863 PL160869 PL160872 PL160873 PL160876 PL160890 PL160891 PL160892 PL160902 PL160903 PL160904 PL160905 PL160910 PL160912 PL160913 PL160914 PL160922 PL160923 PL160941 PL160942 PL160945 PL160946 PL160947 PL160948 PL160952 PL160953 PL160954 PL160955 PL160957 PL160960 PL160963 PL160964 PL160965 PL160969 PL160970 PL160973 PL160976 PL160981 PL160982 PL160986 PL160996 PL161002 PL161003 PL161005 PL161006 PL161010 PL161013 PL161014 PL161015 PL161016 PL161025 PL161030 PL161031 PL161034 PL161037 PL161038 PL161039 PL161040 PL161043 PL161044 PL161045 PL161046 PL161047 PL161048 PL161057 PL161061 PL161064 PL161070 PL161073 PL161076 PL161077 PL161078 PL161079 PL161080 PL161081 PL161087 PL161088 PL161089 PL161090 PL161091 PL161092 PL161097 PL161099 PL161100 PL161101 PL161102 PL161103 PL161104 PL161107 PL161108 PL161109 PL161110 PL161113 PL161123 PL161124 PL161127 PL161128 PL161129 PL161130 PL161131 PL161132 PL161133 PL161134 PL161141 PL161152 PL161153 PL161159 PL161162 PL161163 PL161170 PL161171 PL161172 PL161173 PL161174 PL161175 PL161178 PL161181 PL161186 PL161191 PL161192 PL161193 PL161198 PL161199 PL161203 PL161211 PL161212 PL161223 PL161226 PL161227 PL161228 PL161229 PL161230 PL161233 PL161237 PL161238 PL161243 PL161248 PL161251 PL161254 PL161255 PL161263 PL161264 PL161267 PL161269 PL161271 PL161272 PL161278 PL161288 PL161289 PL161290 PL161291 PL161292 PL161293 PL161300 PL161308 PL161309 PL161310 PL161311 PL161314 PL161315 PL161316 PL170017 PL170018 PL170023 PL170028 PL170029 PL170030 PL170033 PL170034 PL170038 PL170039 PL170053 PL170059 PL170063 PL170069 PL170076 PL170077 PL170078 PL170079 PL170080 PL170081 PL170082 PL170083 PL170084 PL170085 PL170087 PL170088 PL170091 PL170094 PL170096 PL170099 PL170101 PL170103 PL170105 PL170107 PL170112 PL170115 PL170125 PL170130 PL170134 PL170144 PL170145 PL170146 PL170147 PL170150 PL170160 PL170161 PL170162 PL170163 PL170164 PL170165 PL170176 PL170187 PL170188 PL170200 PL170202 PL170203 PL170205 PL170206 PL170213 PL170216 PL170227 PL170228 PL170229 PL170230 PL170231 PL170232 PL170235 PL170241 PL170243 PL170245 PL170246 PL170247 PL170251 PL170252 PL170253 PL170254 PL170258 PL170265 PL170266 PL170267 PL170268 PL170272 PL170275 PL170278 PL170279 PL170286 PL170287 PL170288 PL170289 PL170290 PL170291 PL170294 PL170298 PL170299 PL170308 PL170311 PL170313 PL170328 PL170329 PL170334 PL170335 PL170336 PL170337 PL170338 PL170339 PL170340 PL170341 PL170342 PL170343 PL170347 PL170348 PL170349 PL170350 PL170351 PL170352 PL170353 PL170356 PL170357 PL170366 PL170367 PL170370 PL170376 PL170379 PL170380 PL170381 PL170382 PL170393 PL170394 PL170396 PL170397 PL170398 PL170399 PL170400 PL170407 PL170408 PL170410 PL170413 PL170414 PL170415 PL170418 PL170424 PL170430 PL170431 PL170432 PL170433 PL170434 PL170437 PL170447 PL170448 PL170449 PL170450 PL170453 PL170454 PL170455 PL170456 PL170464 PL170465 PL170466 PL170467 PL170468 PL170469 PL170470 PL170471 PL170478 PL170492 PL170493 PL170500 PL170513 PL170515 PL170518 PL170519 PL170521 PL170525 PL170528 PL170530 PL170531 PL170541 PL170542 PL170548 PL170553 PL170556 PL170562 PL170564 PL170565 PL170585 PL170587 PL170589 PL170590 PL170591 PL170592 PL170596 PL170604 PL170605 PL170612 PL170621 PL170622 PL170623 PL170624 PL170626 PL170648 PL170649 PL170651 PL170696 PL170723 PL170739 PL170754 PL170765 PL170820 PL170831 PL170832 PL170833 PL170834 PL170835 PL170855 PL170857 PL170861 PL170866 PL170870 PL170880 PL170889 PL170892 PL170893 PL170905 PL170907 PL170913 PL170914 PL170918 PL170923 PL170953 PL170954 PL171014 PL171048 PL171057 PL171059 PL171101 PL171103 PL171104 PL171113 PL171127 PL171129 PL171144 PL171145 PL171162 PL171165 PL171166 PL171173 PL171175 PL171178 PL171197 PL171216 PL171221 PL171225 PL171227 PL171228 PL171230 PL171231 PL171258 PL171261 PL171267 PL171269 PL171273 PL171277 PL171281 PL171287 PL171288 PL171290 PL171292 PL171293 PL171294 PL171295 PL171307 PL171317 PL171321 PL171324 PL171325 PL171337 PL171338 PL171355 PL171356 PL171365 PL171367 PL171369 PL171386 PL171395 PL171398 PL171410 PL171414 PL171416 PL171452 PL171453 PL171458 PL171472 PL171473 PL171476 PL171480 PL171510 PL171511 PL171514 PL171520 PL171522 PL180019 PL180020 PL180021 PL180021 PL180033 PL180036 PL180067 PL180069 PL180080 PL180082 PL180084 PL180086 PL180094 PL180105 PL180112 PL180139 PL180148 PL180156 PL180167 PL180179

OMB - E-Status Municipal Cases

Current E-Status Case List For Toronto The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed. PROPERTY ADDRE...

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