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Observer endorses in school election — 10A C a n t o n Volume 9 N u m b e r 91


Thursday, J u n e 7, 1984

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Canton, Mifhigan

Twenty-Five C e n t s


Sterlini absent among 21 local candidates By M B. Dillon Ward staff writer As of Jan I, Canton officials and res idents won t have Treasurer M a n a Sterlini to kick around anymore In a move that surprised even politi cal pundits, the township treasurer currently on a 60-day medical leave and vacationing in Greece didn't file for re-election by Tuesday's 4 p m deadline Sterlim's decision not to seek a se< ond term in the August primary shocked employees throughout town hall including those m her own depart ment

Her own people kept wondering and calling to see what was going on (Tuesday) -Her secretary hadn t even heard from her said a staffer in the clerk's office We were awaiting a cable from Greece at any moment." another employee said tongue-in-cheek, hours before the filing cut-off I'm not shocked, I'm not surprised, I'm not interested, said Supervisor James Poole, who to no one^s surprise is going a f t e r a second t e r m "I did think someone would file petitions for Mana. though THOSE WHO did file for the treasur er s post include Republican Gerald

Rest of incumbents running Brown of 7387 Derbey. and two Democrats. Trustee Carol Bodenmiller and political newcomer Mabel Chastain of 4017 Sheldon Road Only Brown has run for the office before In the supervisor's race, the expected happened Poole is seeking re-election on the Republican ticket The supervisor will be unopposed in the primary but will square off with the winner of the Democratic contest - to feature former Supervisor Harold Stein of • 1955 North Drive and former Westland resident John Barnette of 7420

Windsor Woods. Apt 2B Longtime Canton Clerk ,lphn Flodin. a Democrat, also will be unopposed in the p r i m a r y R e p u b l i c a n Linda Chuhran of 44184 Wiclif Court, a first time candidate, will challenge him in November Eight trustee hopefuls filed petitions including Republican incumbents Stephen Larson of 2457 Brookfield. Robert Padget of 48236 Geddes Road and Loren N Bennett of 2780 Denton P a d g e t and Bennett a r e seeking their second t e r m s Larson was appointed to


fill a vacancy on the board prior to the 1980 election. Challenging the incumbents are four Democrats, all making their first bids for the office of trustee Tbey include Wayne County Deputy Sheriff Edwin N Rasmussen of 42066 Brook view Court. James Bridenthal of 6196 Canton Center Road, Frank A McMurray of 39605 John Dr and Paul Denski of 3156 S. LoU Road F o r m e r Democratic Trustee Robert Myers, who announced his candidacy several months ago. opted not to run for personal reasons Voters in August will narrow the field to two in the supervisor, treasurer



and clerk's races, and to four in the trustees' face-off IN THE race for state representative in the 37th District. Canton Township Planner James A Kosteva has filed, as have fellow Democrats Patricia Cullin of Belleville and John Sheridan of Romulus Please turn t o P a g e 4

They met by accident By Margaret Meobecher Staff writer Two Frenchmen riding their bikes around the world stopped in Canton by accident last week Before landing here, the cycling duo had plowed their way through Africa s steamy jungles, negotiated passes in South America s Andes Mountains and traveled, unscathed, through war zones In El Salvador and Nicaragua Their journey c a m e to a halt in Can ton, when cyclist Francois Gobillot, 24 was knocked off his 10-speed bike by a c a r driven by a man later charged with drunk driving Gobillot and best friend Yves Baunex, 23, were pedaling through Canton about 7:30 p.m. Memorial Day. They were heading west on Michigan Avenue with plans to spend the night in Ann Arbor Just west of Hannan Road. Gobillot was hit from behind by a westbound car traveling in the lane closest to the shoulder Gobillot's head hit the car's windshield and he landed on the shoulder of the road He was treated for cuts and bruises Witnesses told police the driver of the car, a 24-year-old Canton man walked away f r o m the scene of the ac cident He later was apprehended by police and charged with drunk driving when

Breathalyzer?results showed his blood alcohol level to be above the legal lim it The driver is presently f r e e on $300 bond and will appear before 35th Dis t n c t Judge James C.arber In 35th District Court July 3 GOBILLOT was down but not out of luck in Canton Residents went out of their way for the next three days to help the sidelined Frenchmen The Canton Fire Department transported Gobillot to Oakwood Canton Center Hospital Another driver went ahead to catch Gooillot's friend Baunez, who had been ruling a couple miles farther up the road Someone else lent Gobillot a coat. THE HUNT family, in front of whose Michigan Avenue residence the accident had occurred, gave the cyclists a home for the next few days "They showed me on the globe where they had been It's unreal how far they've traveled." 21-year-old E m m e t t Hunt said. Firefighter Claude Gersky admits be had his doubts when Gobillot told him he was riding his bike around the world But those doubts were quickly erased "When the squadman found Gobillot's passport, it had been stamped in places all over the world," Gersky said After leaving Gobillot at the hospital, firefighters started looking a new

rim for Gobillot's badly damaged front wheel The owner of the Easy Rider Bike Shop on North Sheldon Road. Gordon Wrenbeck, was spending a quiet day at borne Memorial Day when the firefighters called "They said s o m e Italian bikers had an accident, and one needed a new rim for his bike." Wrenbeck recalls "I told my wife Sue about it. and she told me to call the fire department back to make sure it wasn't a joke "I called back and sure enough it was true Next thing I know there's a fire truck in my driveway," Wrenbeck said But the rim didn't fit Gobillot's bike The next day. Hunt, their host, took the cyclists over to Wrenbeck's shop. "This is weird," Wrenbeck said, "today two F r e n c h m e n need a wheel, yesterday it was two Italians Wrenbeck quickly put together that these were the "Italians" the firefighters had tried to help the night before After taking one look at the damaged bike, he opened his workshop for the cyclists GOBILLOT r e f e r s to his bike as his wife, and although it's evident she's loved, she's now well past her prime "We wanted to replace the front axle, but Gobillot wouldn't let us, beP t e a s e turn t o P a g e 5

ART EMANUELE;staff photograph Easy Rider Bike S h o p owner G o r d o n W r e n b e c k g a v e t h e cycling F r e n c h m e n Yves B a u n e z (left) a n d F r a n c o i s Gobillot p a r t s a n d r o o m to work on

what's inside Brevities . . . . . . . 8A Business 6C C a b l e TV . . . . 9A Canton Chatter 26 6-7B Church . . 3B C l u b s in A c t i o n C r e a t i v e Living 1E 10D Crossword 7-10C Entertainment Obituaries 2A Opinion . 10A Sports . . 1-5C . 10A Stroller S u b u r b a n Life. 1-5B Travel 11C 6A WSDP Classified.... S e c D-E

"OWNER FOUND" E. Shifman was gratllled with the results of the Observer 4 Eccentric Newspapers ANNOUNCEMENTSlost and Found Classified ad "I wanted to thank you for the service you have because it was a very touching reunion! (A dog and owner.) I tMnk you are greai1 because your FOUND ADS are free "

Remember... O n e call d o e s It a l l !

Perk up at the parade! Cantonites will be treated to Marine Don't let the p a r a d e pass you by* Canton"« Country Festival gets under Band performances during the parade way at 1 p m Sunday when trumpets and a f t e r w a r d s at the New Towne Plawill Mare, flags flutter, clowns clown ta Shopping Center at Ford and Shelaround, the Cow Chip Queen waves and don Roads floats please as they move down Ford Throw your lawn chairs and lunch Road during the annual township paInto the trunk, round up the kids and r a d e It's a sight sure to m a k e you sigh, laugh and applaud as nearly 60 parade en)oy either the 114 or 4 p.m. concerts Sunday afternoon. ntranU entertain yon. P S The recommended spot for paA first this year will be lbs appear nee of President Lmeeto's e w e 1st r a d e viewing is along Ford Reed beMarine Band, a unit being sponsored by tween Sheldon and Canton Center roads the Canton Chamber of C o m m e r c e


The seven hopefuls vying for the six year term and non-partisan office Include: Northville Township Supervisor John Mac Dona Id, 16272 Edenderry Drive, North villa, f o r m e r Canton Police Chief R o b e r t E . Greemtein, 47500 Hanford Road, Canton; Westland attorney Jacqueline George, 42150 W. Seven Mile. Northville; f o r m e r Wayne County assistant pioeacutor Stephen Foley,

Court battle unlikely for commissioners By M a r g a r e t Meubecher staff writer

Voters may choose two candidates in the Aug 7 primary, and one In November The winner will preside with Judge J a m e s Garber over the 15th District Court, in the Dunbar Davis Hall of Justice at 660 Plymouth Road, Plymouth Judge G a r b e r ' i s i i y e a r term expires in four years The court has jurisdiction over Plymouth. Plymouth Township. Canton Township. Northville and Northville Township

While its likely the Merit Commission will put the incident behind them, Sterlini never verified her allegations which appear now to he directed at

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7 candidates to compete for judicial seat Plymouth-Canton voters will be presented with a diverse agd weJJ-quali fied slate of candidates in OJ* S5th District fudge's r a c e in the August prima ry The judicial seat is being vacated by District Judge Dunbar Davis. 70. who will have served on the bench for near ly two decades when be retires J a n 1

Peace nears An attorney representing Loe Merit Commission in its battle with Treasur er Maria Sterlini over unspecified allegations of wrong doing in Canton Township, recommends investigation of the incident be closed Several months ago, Sterlini accused unnamed township officials of committing serious violations of the law " Despite being subpoenaed, the treasurer refused to detail or document the charge In a letter to the commission. Detroit attorney Aloys ins Suchy said. "After careful review of the letter dated May 1. sent to the Canton Township Merit Commission by (attorney) J a m e s Canham on behalf of Maria Sterlini. I suggest that the investigation be closed." Merit Commissioner Bruce Patterson said. "I think It (the letter f r o m Suchy) will conclude the incident " Patterson will be resigning f r o m the commission soon to run for 35th District judge The Merit Commission has jurisdiction over matters relating to wage scales and fringe benefits for the township's approximately 120 classified employees Its next monthly meeting is scheduled for June 27 Merit Commission Chairman Phil LaJoy said classified employees were the m a j o r concern in this incident 'We wanted to know that there were no violations by classified employees." LaJoy said Sterlini made allegations that illegal and unlawful acta were taking place within the government of Canton Township last December


Scarlet-coated musicians a n d the blue-coated guard comprising t h e 1st M a r i n e B a n d will r e k i n d l e r e m i n i s c e n c e s of P r e s i d e n t Abraham Lincoln for t h o e e a t t e n d i n g S u n d a y s Country Feethral p a r a d e . T h e u n i t , r e - c r e a t e d in t h e s p i r i t of 1383, wHI p e r f o r m t h e m u s i c a n d drills p o p u l a r w h e n Lincoln lived o n P e n n s y l v a n i a Ave-

G o b i l l o t ' s b a d r y d a m a g e d b i k e in h i s s h o p o n N. Sheldon Road.

39764 Fox Valley, Canton. Canton Mer It Commissioner Bruce C. Patterson 42479 R e d f e m Drive. Canton; Alan Davis. 6192 Runnymead. Canton, and Brian J. Stacey, 303 W Ann Arbor Trail. Apt 1, Plymouth. (All judicial candidates must have law degrees.)

Township Supervisor J a m e s Poole and the board of trustees Evidence of this is spelled out in a May 1 letter written by Canham, former chief judge of Wayne County Circuit Court and Sterlings attorney. Writing on Sterlim's behalf. Canham said, "..her (Sterlim's) duties and ebli-

(Sterlini'a) duties and obligations are prescribed by statute. Implicit in that * statutory prescription is s dear prohibition from any incursion by , sny other person in the performance of such duties. There have been, in the opinion of the treasurer, her counsel and a representative of the attorney general's office, actions that appear to violate that statutory prohibition. — Jem— ML Canham attorney gations a r e prescribed by s t a t u t e Implicit in that statutory prescription is a clear prohibition f r o m any incursion by any other person in the p e r f o r m a n c e of such duties. T h e r e have bean, ia the optakm of the treasurer, her « * m s e l and a r e w r ^ senUUve of the attorney general's o | f < ' turn t o P a g e 4

2A4P.C; Thursday. June 7. 1994

Sheriff, prosecutor unopposed in race By T i m R i c h a r d

staff writer Tbe d e a d l i n e for filing for county political o f f i c e p a s s e d Tuesday without serious c h a l l e n g e to two top Wayne County o f f i c e holders who w e r e appointed to their jobs


Canton Township w e r e held recenlty in RG Ac GR H a r r i s F u n e r a l H o m e in Gar den City with burial at C a d i l l a c Memorial G a r d e n s in W e s t l a n d Officiating was the Rev R a y m o n d Babb f M e r ' : man Road Baptist C h u r c h Mr Pyle who died J u n e 2 at home was a .ongtime r e s i d e n t who had beer, a machinist for 2J y e a r s for B u r r o u g h s Corp Survivors include w i f e Berdie daughters [la G r e g o r y and J o y c e An drews brother J a m e s t h r e e grandchil dren and t w o g r e a ; g r a n d c h i l d r e r

F u n e r a l services for Mr T a y l o r 78 >f C u m m i n g Ga were held r e c e n t l y at the .Schrader F u n e r a l Home with burial at Riverside C e m e t e r y O f f i c i a t i n g was the Rev Stephen E Wenzel M e m o r i a l contributions m a y be m a d e to th* Michigan Heart Association Mr Taylor wbo died May J1 in At lanta was born in Detroit and w a s a longtime resident of P l y m o u t h He had moved to Rochester in 1957 and had lived in E a s t T a w as f r o m 1970 to 1983 A f o r m e r m a y o r of P l y m o u t h , he served on the P l y m o u t h City C o m m i s sion and was active with the P l y m o u t h C h a m b e r of C o m m e r c e He w a s a for mer vice president of the N a t i o n a l Bank of Detroit retiring f r o m N B D in 1970 He was a P a s t Master of P l y m outh Hock Lodge 47 F 4 A M a m e m ber of the Rochester C h a m b e r of C o m m e r c e and was involved in e s t a b l i s h mg C r j t t e n t o n Hospital in R o c h e s t e r

IN CONTRAST, v e t e r a n D e m o c r a t i c o f f i c e h o l d e r s all found t h e m s e l v e s with long lists of opponents C l e r k Killeen who got the o f f i c e by a p p o i n t m e n t a decade a g o found him self with three I>emocratic p r i m a r y opp o n e n t s — all with Polish s u r n a m e s T h e y a r e Thaddeus J Z a m b o r o s k i of Sheriff R o b e r t A Ficano. the Livonia Livonia J a m e s F Malinowski of Ta*. attorney who won an a p p o i n t m e n t ear lor and Robert A Zwolak city c l e r k of ly in 1983 a f t e r a bitter, four months H a m t r a m c k Winner will f a c e R e p u b l l court battle, in opposed by one political c a n Henry Lauve of G r o s s e P o i m e unknown in t h e D e m o c r a t i c p r i m a r y Woods in November and a R e p u b l i c a n unknown in the gen T r e a s u r e r R a y m o n d Wojtowicz a p era! election Survivors include son J a c k of Atlanpointed to the office four y e a r s ago. has t a stepsons Charles and J a m e s L a p t h r e e p r i m a r y opponents Joseph Pa FICANO WAS deputy county clerk h a m . both of Northville and two g r a n d trick Walsh of D e a r b o r n Heights when he w a s appointed sheriff by a children J a m e s A Gallagher of Deroit and Jopanel of c o u n t y officholders, including seph Gulvezan

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