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Products and Departments Create an unlimited number of products, departments and sub-departments, accounts for select customers, groups or companies and track special event deposits and league prize funds. Tabs Management This feature allows you to create a customer tab and add to it from any POS station. You can split tabs and take individual payments, tracking by name, table or lane number. Will also conveniently create one bill that combines bowling, food and beverage, billiards, etc. Payment Collection & Processing Accepts and processes credit card, debit, game and gift card payments. Available with an optional integrated payment card interface, as well. Percentage or dollar discounts can be applied to individual products or transaction totals and gratuities can also be added or adjusted later with tip included. Scan coupons via smart-phone interface with customizable receipts. Security Improve your cash security and employee accountability by defining user roles. The session control terminal with manual and automatic log off are perfect for F&B server stations and the login/log off feature comes with optional access cards. Supports virtual cash drawers to better track employee sales and productivity. Accounts Management Creates accounts for select customers, groups or companies and allows tracking of special event deposits and league prize funds. Rates and Periods Establishes rate periods so you can offer tiered pricing and day-part specific products. Pricing Increases sales and speeds up operations with package pricing—such as two games of bowling, shoes and pizza. Establish rate periods so you can offer tiered pricing and day-part-specific products. Food & Beverage Modifiers Can set up modifiers associated with appropriate products—such as pizza, hamburgers and other sandwiches— providing more accurate orders and reduced product waste. Remote Order Printing This feature makes it easy to send orders from any POS station to the bar, kitchen…or any other location. Also available with remote order printing. Tax Management Tax control mode allows products to be switched from taxable to non-taxable status. Select applicable taxes by product and add up to 15 taxes per product. Hardware Vector Plus HD integrates the world’s best and most energy-efficient technologies, including Intel®-powered hardware, Windows® operating system, commercial-grade Dell computers, keyboards and mouse

VeriFone VX810

The Vx 810 and MX850 both work equally well with Vector Plus HD and can be used by any center that wants to take payment cards with Vector Plus HD. It is possible (and supported by Vector Plus HD) to order a combination of devices for a center (i.e. two MX850s for the front desk and one Vx810 for the bar). For many centers this may be the best configuration. PIN Pads The “Vx 810 PIN pad is ready for future changes in the payment environment. Comes with Secure Digital Input Output (SDIO) expansion port to allow merchants to upgrade the device. The modularity of the Vx 810 offers many options, including contact-less payment, and a base unit with a printer and modem to make it a complete payment device. Multimedia The MX 850 offers Ethernet connectivity for content delivery, a scratch-resistant touch screen, and outstanding

durability. Consumers benefit from different programs – loyalty enrollments, price checkers, instant credit, product locators and gift card loading – which support easy and convenient consumer checkout.

“Open Architecture” Means Greater Upgradability Vector Plus HD and its open architecture design deliver greater flexibility for future upgrades, compared to products that are locked into proprietary designs. You’ll be supported with a continual release of new features that will keep adding more capabilities and higher performance to your system. Numerous Upgrades and Support for Legacy Systems For centers with Frameworx®, AS 80/90 and Classic scoring that would like to take advantage of new technologies without changing their current scoring setup, Brunswick offers legacy system support. Call your Brunswick representative to find out about all the features that integrate with legacy systems.

Flexible and Comprehensive Reporting Generate more than 150 different reports, including detailed management and Brunswick League Record Service (LRS) reports—at regularly scheduled intervals or on the fly—to monitor your center’s performance, pinpoint lagging operations, and identify opportunities for growth and improvement. Track everything from sales by individual areas in your center or employee activity to memberships and frequency program participation.


POS - Brunswick Bowling

Payment Products and Departments Create an unlimited number of products, departments and sub-departments, accounts for select customers, groups or co...

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