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This page is dedicated for Public administration optional for UPSC civil service exam.


Including Syllabus, question Papers, toppers blogs, strategy , answer writing and tips which are useful for the optional.

How to read Yojana Magazine for UPSC and Free Download Yojana. Download kurukshetra magazine Free archives

Toppers Strategy and books list.

UPSC Interview Transcript Important Links

All About Public Administration by Harshal Pancholi

Suggested Articles for 19th January 2018

Public administration Strategy by Rahul Pandey .

Explained : Parliamentary Secretaries Telegram Channels for UPSC preparation.

Public Administration– Mains by Anay Dwivedi

Vision IAS current affairs December 2017

Public Administration Optional – Prem Ranjan Singh HIDDEN SYLLABUS OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION FOR CSE

Vision IAS 2017 Current affairs UPSC Topper Tina Dabi Marks

Approach to Public Administration (Basics) prince Dhawan

UPSC 2015 topper’s Answer booklets

Approach To Public Administration (Advanced- Unit wise strategy) prince Dhawan Public Administration Strategy by Prabhat Malik We pour tremendous time,

Tackling Public Administration – Arpit Sagar

thought, resources, to bring you Parivarthan. If you find it useful,

Public Administration – by Rakesh Chintagumpula

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Strategy by Tushar Singla (AIR-86)

Some standard books for Public Administration are : 1. Awasthi and Maheshwari- Public Administration Search this website …

2. Prasad and Prasad – Thinkers 3. Ramesh Arora – Indian Administration 4. Mohit Bhattacharya – New Horizons in Public Administration.

How to read Yojana Magazine for UPSC and Free Download Yojana.

5. Maheshwari – Indian Administration

Prelims Book list and Important Links.

6. IGNOU books.

Download kurukshetra magazine Free archives

7. Fadia and Fadia

UPSC Topper Tina Dabi Marks

8. Sharma and Sadana

IAS Preparation Notes by Gaurav Agrawal

9. Aribam

Ira Singhal blog book list,Answer and Essay Writing Strategy. Downloads & Resources

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UPSC Civil service IAS Preparation guide. Economic Survey 2016 Highlights and PDF download


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Public Administration Parivarthan

Public Administration Email Address This page is dedicated for Public administration optional for UPSC civil service exam. Subscribe Including Syl...

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