Public Involvement Records, 1986 - Sept. 2002, Weldon Springs


Public Involvement Records, 1986 – Sept. 2002

Weldon Spring Remedial Action Project

Location: 25/3/2-4

Box 1 Visitors Register 20-07-07 Raffinate Pits and Quarry Report (June 1, 1967; received August 6, 1974) 20-07-10 Quarry Waste Removal Position Paper 20-03-03 Mailing Lists 20-04-02 Environmental Impact Statement 20-07-06 Preliminary Ground Water Study (December 1951) 20-06-03-01 Letters Received Weekly Highlight Reports 1991-1992 Community Relations Plans Box 2 Radio News Clips 1991-1992 (Transcripts of news programs)

20-02-03-11 Media Training Workshop (folder one) Bids, Proposals, Training Outlines

20-02-03-11 Media Training Workshop (folder two)

Steve McCracken’s Speech Abstract for Waste Management Conference, 1992

Telephone Conversation Reports (folder one)

Telephone Conversation Reports (folder two)

B-4 Tour Registrations/ On-Site & Off-Site Presentations (folder 1/8)

B-4: Odyssey of the Mind Contest (folder 2/8 )

Box 3 B-4: Student Participation in Radiation Measuring (folder three)


B-4: Technologies Workshops Plans (folder four)

B-4: Public Hearings, Document Control, (folder five)

B-4: World Affairs Council Tour (folder six)

B-4: Community Relations (folder seven)

B-4: Tours Conducted/ Visitor Registers/Corr. Relating to Tours (folder 8/8)

DOE General

D1 Audio Visual Production (Script outines)

F1 Telecopier Transmittal Reports and Clippings

Box 4 F1 Telephone Conversation Reports F1 FH (Francis Howell) School F1 School Meetings (Contingency Plan drafts) F1 Missouri Coalition for the Environment St. Peter’s Chamber of Commerce St. Charles Chamber of Commerce AV Withdrawal: 8 Betacam Tapes Interoffice Correspondence (folder one) Box 5 Interoffice Correspondence: Metal Trace (folder two)

Interoffice Correspondence: Leukemia Studies (folder three)

Interoffice Correspondence: Document Control System (folder four)

Interoffice Correspondence: Weekly/Monthly Highlight Report (folder five)

Interoffice Correspondence: Memorandums (folder six)


Interoffice Correspondence: ORPS (folder seven) Interoffice Correspondence: Incident Reports (folder eight) Publications: Waste Management/Handouts (folder one) Publications: Print Jobs (folder two) Box 6 Publications: Fact Sheets/WSSRAP Updates (folder three) Publications: Miscellaneous (folder four) Community Relations Files: August 1992 Community Relations Files: September 1992 Community Relations Files: October 1992 Community Relations Files: November 1992 Box 7 Community Relations Files: December 1992

Community Relations Files: January 1993 (Volume One)

Community Relations Files: January 1993 (Volume Two)

Community Relations Files: February 1993 (Volume One)

Community Relations Files: February 1993 (Volume Two)

Community Relations Files: March 1993

Box 8 Community Relations Files: April 1993 Community Relations Files: May 1993 Community Relations Files: June 1993 Community Relations Files: July 1993


Community Relations Files: August 1993

Community Relations Files: September 1993

Community Relations Files: October 1993 (Volume One)

Community Relations Files: October 1993 (Volume Two)

Box 9 Community Relations Files: November 1993 Community Relations Files: December 1993 Community Relations Files: B-4 Tours Community Relations Files: Broadcast Information Community Relations Files: Presentations Community Relations Files: Telecons Community Relations Files: C-5 DOE General Community Relations Files: C-6 ATSDR Community Relations Files: E-2 Incident (folder one) Box 10 Community Relations Files: E-2 Incident (ORPS Reports) Community Relations Files: F-2 Chamber of Commerce Community Relations Files: F-3 Citizens Group Community Relations Files: F-4 WS Heights Community Relations Files: F-8 Fax Community Relations Files: F-10 Public Awareness Groups Community Relations Files: F-11 General Correspondence Community Relations Files: G-2 WSSRAP Update


Community Relations Files: G-3 1993 Fact Sheets Community Relations Files: H-2 Press Releases Community Relations Files: I-4 Audit Box 11 Community Relations Files: I-5 Risk Assessment Community Relations Files: Mid-Year Reviews Community Relations Files: K-7 Army Community Relations Files: 1993 Site Environmental Reports 1994 Files: Telecons 1994 Files: News Clippings 1994 Files: Site Presentations and Tours 1994 Files: Purchase Orders/Memorandums Box 12 1994 Files: Overtime Reports 1994 Files: ORPS Reports (folder one) 1994 Files: ORPS Reports (folder two) 1994 Files: Scissor Lift Incident 1994 Files: WSSRAP Notable/Incident Report 1994 Files: PC ORPS Occurrence Reports Series 15 Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis, May 1989 Box 13 Quarry Bulk Waste Public Meeting, March 29, 1990

Public Meeting, August 16, 1990 Site Water Treatment (Volume One)


Public Meeting, August 16, 1990 Site Water Treatment (Volume Two) Partners In Education Meeting, January 10, 1991 Geo-science Workshop, February 12, 1991 Box 14 Contaminated Structures EE/CA, May 24, 1991 Technologies Workshop, August 8, 1991 WSSRAP Expo, May 12, 1992 Risk Assessment Workshop, June 30, 1992 Public Hearing and Expo II December 16, 1992, Volume One Public Hearing and Expo II December 16, 1992, Volume Two Box 15 Public Hearing and Expo II, December 16, 1992 Public Hearing and Expo II, December 16, 1992 WSSRAP Briefing Book, 1992 Open House, September 18, 1993 Box 16 NPDES Public Hearing/Expo III, February 17, 1994 U.S. Department of Energy Advisory Board Public Meeting, March 1994 Public Affairs Plan for Survey & Assessment of Weldon Spring Chemical Plant WSSRAP Presentations Daybook Record, January 1994-April 1994 Box 17 Daybook Record, May 1994-August 1994


Daybook Record, September 1994-December 1994 B-S Presentations Daybook Record, January 1995-April 1995 Daybook Record, May 1995-August 1995 Box 18 Daybook Record, September 1995-December 1995 QWTP Volume One (Quarry Water Treatment Plant) QWTP Volume Two QWTP Volume Three Box 19 Position Justifications ATSDR Army Area Risk Assessment (Childhood Leukemia in St. Charles County Mo.) “Time Out For Safety” Westcott Communications Story (“Environmental Compliance” script) Labor Tribune Bobcat “Worksaver” Publication Exposystems/St. Louis Purchase Order Blustein’s Shirts (WSSRAP t-shirts) Media Pulse Contract Environmental Management Advisory Board Minutes US Army Corps of Engineers- Kansas City District


TNT Line Burning Interpretive Center Original Design Performance Indicator Report 1997 Tim Holmes - Partners In Education Government Equipment Report – Skyline Display ASER Mailing List Spectrum Conference Planning and Program Miscellaneous Box 20 Telecon Files 1995-1997 (folder one)

Telecon Files 1995-1997 (folder two)

Telecon Files 1995-1997 (folder three)

Daybook Record, January 1996-February 1996

Box 21 Daybook Record, March 1996-April 1996 Daybook Record, May 1996-June 1996 Daybook Record, July 1996-August 1996 Daybook Record, September 1996-October 1996 (Joe Garigiola clipping/visit to school) Daybook Record, November 1996-December 1996 WSSRAP News Clippings – 1940, 1970-1983 WSSRAP News Clippings – January 1984-July 1984 Box 22 WSSRAP News Clippings – August 1984-September 1986


WSSRAP News Clippings – October 1986-April 1987 WSSRAP News Clippings – May 1987-May 1988 WSSRAP News Clippings – June 1988-December 1988 Box 23 WSSRAP News Clippings – January 1989*

WSSRAP News Clippings – February 1989* (folder one)

WSSRAP News Clippings – February 1989 (folder two)

WSSRAP News Clippings – March 1989*

WSSRAP News Clippings – April 1989*

WSSRAP News Clippings – May 1989*

Box 24 WSSRAP News Clippings – June 1989*

WSSRAP News Clippings – July 1989*

WSSRAP News Clippings – August 1989*

WSSRAP News Clippings – September 1989*

WSSRAP News Clippings – October 1989*

20-01-06-04 Hollenbeck Junior High 04/10/1987 (Photograph)

20-01-06-06 Public Information Meeting 03/13/1987

Box 25 20-03-01 Press Releases Transcript of Public Meeting 09/15/1987 (Francis Howell High School) 20-01-06-03 Lindenwood College 12/06/1988 Public Meeting Notes and Questions 1990


Correspondence 1994

WSSRAP News Clippings – November 1989-March 1990*

WSSRAP News Clippings – April 1990-June 1990*

WSSRAP News Clippings – July 1990-September 1990*

Box 26 WSSRAP News Clippings – October 1990-March 1991* WSSRAP News Clippings – April 1991-August 1991* WSSRAP News Clippings – September 1991-January 1992* Telecons 1997 Daybook 1997 Daybook and Telecons, January 1998-July 1998 Daybook, August 1998 Daybook, October 1998 WSSRAP News Clippings – February 1992-December 1992* Box 27 Community Relations Daily Activities, January 2001-June 2001

Community Relations Daily Activities, July 2001-December 2001

WSSRAP News Clippings – January 2001-March 2001*

WSSRAP News Clippings – May 2001-December 2001*

Community Relations Daily Activities and News Clippings, January 2002-June 2002*

Community Relations Daily Activities and News Clippings, July 2002-December 5,


Box 28


Newspaper Series on Weldon Spring, 1989 Attendance Sheets DOE Public Meetings, 1987 and 1988 1990 Public Meeting Transcript Community Relations Activities (folder one) Community Relations Activities: Weldon Spring Open House, October 19, 1997 WSSRAP News Articles – January 1993-September 1993* Box 29 WSSRAP News Articles Prior to 1990*

WSSRAP News Articles – October 1993-July 1994*

WSSRAP News Articles – August 1994-December 1995*

WSSRAP News Articles – January 1996-December 1996*

WSSRAP News Articles – January 1997-December 1997*

WSSRAP News Articles – January 1998-December 1999*

Weekly Activity Reports 2000

Telecons, January 2000-August 2000

Telecons, September 2000-December 2000

Box 30 WSSRAP News Articles – January 2000-December 2000* Miscellaneous Site Information Daybook Morgue, September 1998* Daybook Morgue, November 1998 Daybook Morgue, December 1998 Daybook Morgue, January 1999


Daybook Morgue, February 1999* Box 31 Daybook Morgue, March 1999 Daybook Morgue, April 1999 Daybook Morgue, May 1999 Daybook Morgue, June 1999 Daybook Morgue, July 1999* Daybook Morgue, August 1999 Daybook Morgue, September 1999 Daybook Morgue, October 1999 Daybook Morgue, November 1999 Daybook Morgue, December 1999 (slide included) FRC Boxes 9, 10, 11, 13, and 18 are Audio/Visual *newsprint content Box 32 Correspondence: Copies of Answers (A-G) Correspondence: Copies of Answers (H-Z) Correspondence: Copies of Questions (A-G) Correspondence: Copies of Questions (H-Z) Box 33 Correspondence: Copies of Kay Drey Answers (1/2) Correspondence: Copies of Kay Drey Answers (2/2) Photographs and Other Graphic Materials


Box 1 Weldon Spring Remedial Action Project, 1993-1998 (68 items, 8x10 color prints) WSSRAP Progress Photographs and Briefing Material, Volume I (119 Items. Power Point? Digital photographs, textual paper. From Agency box 10) 1 of 2 WSSRAP Progress Photographs and Briefing Material, Volume I (From Agency box 10) 2 of 2 WSSRAP Progress Photographs and Briefing Material, Volume II (52 items) All on textual paper. Box 2 Self Assessment Documents (Maybe mislabeled) (148 Items, all on Kodak paper save 1 item) 1 of 2 Self Assessment Documents 2 of 2 Box 3 Miscellaneous Site and Activities (101 Items Color photos on Kodak paper) 1 of 2 Miscellaneous Site and Activities, 2 of 2 Tour Book Extras (11 items) Paper stock scans Tour Book Extras -Conduct of Operations (59 Items) Paper stock scans AV: 403 Images See Finding Aid “Photographs and Other Graphic Materials” picture list for individual descriptions.



Public Involvement Records, 1986 - Sept. 2002, Weldon Springs

NRE-434-05-001 Public Involvement Records, 1986 – Sept. 2002 Weldon Spring Remedial Action Project Location: 25/3/2-4 Box 1 Visitors Register ...

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