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New Year Message Front RabM Local Jewish Leader ^ "Back The Attack'' Yesterday began the Jewish New i Tear or the day of atonement, one *t the moat holy of holy days of the Jewish people. Rabbi' Arthur H. Eershon, over since he has been In Rod Bank In charge of the Congrogatlon B'nal Israel, has sent to the leaders of Ttio Register an annual

Will Break Ground .

Edwin L. Best Named Foreman Of Grand Jury

Silver Star For Walter Tyluki, Wounded In Action

Justice Perakle Stresses Secrecy Among Jurors With perhaps one eye on the forthcoming trials growing out of 150 Indictments as the.result of & grand

Airplane Class Graduates At Eatontown Post

Had Previously Been Awarded Purple Heart; Brother Also Wounded

Tocca mwunpe, -rlldfa w» ha** lawn jSnasai to c o n y ts euroefausBS. TRfttiM Su&ghoirs) n u t u a n f w t&l year qppaait tatow. It 1* not ally of Itanfly hrrparianoa to tbm> c l Wi . Campbol), Mrs. Burton XI romus nncl.Mrs,4 Mathlason, i Dr. O. Tlmtchor Pnrhor hns ronumod thn practlco 1of vetorln ivry'modlofno. Tiimiiorory 611166; 0! Mapio avenuo, Rod Bank, phone 3030. Ofllco hours 0 to 11 a. pi,; 5 to 0 am' 7 to 8 p. m,—Advertisement. Mabel Colnmnn Hcliool of Danolntf. Fall term' begins September 20, . ISO. Studio, It) Reotor placi, n« Bank, phon* 3011^—Advertlstmtnt.

Graduation exercises for members of the second airplane Identification class of Observation Post 168-A were held last Thursday night in tho municipal hall at'Eatontown, Members of the graduating clods were Mrs. Agnes Caffyn, Edward Caffyn, Polly ^lerk, Mrs. Emeline L. Field, Wlllam Raymond, Anthony Graham ihanley, Joseph Sanford Shanley and 'heston Simmons, Jr. "Wings" were awarded to the folowing observers; Misses Dorothy M. Irown, Betty V. Crossman, Tina J. lannella, Dorothy Gerrlty, Carolyn Hance, Daisy Loud, Ruth N. Lamarche, Elsie H. Minton, Chloe H. Maddox, Kane Mackey, Elizabeth lead, Virginia M. Roos, Abble Itrlckland, Nettie Stavola, Mildred £. Waltrip.- ' Mrs. Elizabeth Anson, Mrs. Stanley Brown, Mrs. Ruth H. Blackman, Mrs. Gordon C. Blddle, Mrs. CoraJP. laffyn, Mrs. Claire R. Connant, Mrs. era H. Crelln, Mrs. Mao E. Clay, Mrs. Ida Cherry, Mrs. Elsie Dey, Mrs. Hazel L. Gotzoff, Mrs. Helen E. Hahnock;""Mrs. Mary Ann Hasler; Mrs. Esther R. Irwin, Mrs. W. E. ilcln, Mrs. Miriam M. Krldel, Mrs. es Lagomarsino, Mrs. Eleanor M. Marko, Mrs. Agnes M. Patterson, Mrs. Ann J. Redden, Mrs. Harriet C. Read, Mrs. Loulfio B. Say re, Mrs, Lillian H. Schonck, Mrs. Howard Imlth, Mrs. Ruth.Thunn, Mrs. Enaey M, White, Mrs. Jamea Wolcott, r., Mrs. Edith H. Worth, Mrs". Mabel L. West. fey'S; Barrow, Franklin W. Balloy, John Bailey, Frank Baird, John E. Caffyn, Arthur B. Capen, William C. Caffyn, Harry Clay, Victor M. Dorn, Robert de la Reussllle,. William T. Emmbns, Harold O. Ely, Sergo R. Etlenne, John Fix, Edward M. Getioff, J, Walter Gorsuch, Osborn Harlaon, Francis .J. Marcksteln, Peter J Mlntz, Spencer M. Patterson, Loula Rlbustelll, Dudley F. Shaffer, A. T. Smith, Norman Stofflot, Harry Smock, Edward Schwartz, John Truman, Rev. Charles A. Thunn, Benjamin F. VanVllet, Sr., H. E. Werner, X J. Willey, James N. Wolcott, Jr., George Winning and Ken A. West. > "Wings" for the chief observer wore awarded to Mortimer E, VanSautor and for his assistant chief ibservers as follows: Mrs. Mary Leldner., Mrs. Eleanor V. Morris, Mrs. Emily L. Murfltt, Mra. Donald I. Oakley, Joseph E. Coddlngton, Warren DeBrown, Lester Morgan) Howard E: Morrto, Fred Phllipp, John S. Read, Sr,, and Kenneth R. Smith and to the junior assistant chlof observer, Jack Read, Jr. • The meeting Thursday was the first of the monthly meetings which will bo held througout tho""winter. At each of these meetings one of tho two hours will be devoted to airplane recognition for those who have graduated to review their work and for thoso who wish to start tho new ' recognition claBS. Full "two hours" post duty credit will ho glvon to all attending these classes. The officers of-the post were more than pleased with the splendid attendance and the hearty co-operation of all members, It was suggested by Fred Phillip that ono or two . bowling teams bo organized to represent tho post in tho aircraft warning service league of tho ground observer corps ^

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Request Made For Road Funds Rumson Council Asks State Aid Tbe Rumson mayor and council adopted a resolution Thursday nlghl asking the Stato Highway Depart mont for $4,600 toward tho cost o: rebuilding Buena Vl£ta avonuo ncxi year, It Is planned to rogrado, wld en and resurface tho road. This Is a separate project from tho storm scwor on Buena.Vista avonuo, th funds for which have boon allottod Fair Havon will sharo equally In th cost of both Improvements an th road Is the djvlding lino botwoon thi two boroughs. Anothor resolution was adopto commending Joseph J. Clancy, whi recontly reslgnod as chlof air ral wardon becauflo of prcssuro of prl vato business, Mr, Clancy's ooi'Vlcc on tho dotenso council'woro praise highly by Mayor Louis M. Hague. An nppoal to tho'residents of Rum son to koop up. tho good work a ready accomplished in tho third wa loan drlvo wnq, mado by Mayo Haguoi' " . . An offer of $100 by John Rlahmom of Jorsoy City for tho former Don ahuo proporty oh First Btreot, no owned by tho, borough, was roforro to tho llmiuco committee

Junior Aeheivement Resumes Activities

New Year Greetings Through a rapidly changing world wo "still adhere to the custom of setting aside business ' problems In favor of Friendly Greetings' to our numerous Hebrew friends, at this, their Holiday Season. Wo thank you most sincerely for your Patronage, Friendship and Good Will, and extend our best wishes for a Happy Now Year and with the hope that It will bring all of us a Glorious Victory with Peaco and Lasting Happlne&a. The Red Bank Register,

Recent Riverview Hospital Campaign Goes "Over The Top The board of trustees of Riverview lospltal met Monday night to hear he report of Treasurer Seejy B. TutIII on the recent financial campaign o secure funds to build a new wing to the hospital. Mr. Tuthlll reported hat although the campaign had not et officially closed and contributions ere still coming in, enough money 'as at hand to assure the comple,on of the new wing and that work ihould begin at once. In speaking about the campaign, it /as the unanimous feeling that had hero been more time to prepare it a eater amount would have been 'eallzcd, the recent canvass "only cratching" the surface as hundreds if folks were not even contacted., 'his was principally true of the dlsrlct north of Red Bank through to. he Raritan bay shore. President Newton Doremus conratulated the workers connected diectly with the hospital and also ther civic groups and Individuals for heir earnest endeavors In the hoslital's behalf, which made the campaign so successful. Great praise was extended to Mayir Charles' R, English for having ake-n time oift from his multltudlnIUS duties and devoting so much me to the campaign. Mayor EngIsh was Instrumental in receiving overal large, contributions' through Is personal efforts. An anonymous donor, living near


Local High School Students Study Business Methods

Red Bank Soldier Gets Jap Bomber Over New Georgia Corp. Joseph DeFazio Says It Was Like Bagging a Duck Corp. Joseph DeFazio of Pearl street, who la In the Infantry engaged In battling the Japs in New Georgia, recently shot down an enemy dive bomber, according to word received this week by his sister, Miss Antoinette DeFazio, also of Pearl street. Edward P. Egan of Kiver Plaza, pressman In the mechanical de lartment of The Register,, passed iis physical examination at Newark Tuesday and was Inducted In the U. I. Navy. He will report for active luty next Tuesday at Newark. Mr. Egan has been employed on The Register seven years. Ho is marled. His wife is the former Miss Ruth McAvoy of Long' Branch.

Red Bank, promised $5,000 toward ho campaign under proviso that a oal of a certain amount be reached. Mthough the total figure has not icen announced, Mr. Tuthill stated hat this promise of $5,000 had been made good and the money was in the iank. Mrs. Ada B. Nefow of Eatontown, no of the oldest and most active members of tha group of hospital .uxlliary workers, turned in an enelope containing quite a Bum from ler endeavors as additional money Irom her district toward the hosplal'o now wing campaign. Mr. Tuthlll also submitted, a comlarlson report of the receipts and Irst eight months of this year with a imllar period for last year and figures for August of this year and last •ear. Comparison reports, whlchnre submlttod by Mr. Tuthlll monthly, repeatedly show an Increase In "business done" and that the hospital is being operated at capacity. Mr. Tuthlll stated, "It may.seem hard to iustlfy reports of 'operatig at capaity' when subsequent reports show 'lirther increases in 'business done'; however, such a record is only made losslblo by our having the good will if tho community and of tho medical staff and by tho high morale, team work, tho ever-increasing efficiency f the personnel and the able supervision which Riverview has had in recent years." ' Mr. Tuthill further stated, "Riverview Is a'better operated and better maintained hospital today than It was prior to our country's entry' Into tho war, since which time many opratlng problems have appeared and been cared for," showing that River. lew is making Its contribution to tho war effort by providing an ever-improving service, which Is essential to the best Interests of the general welfare and health of tho community. Mr. Tuthlll submitted an architect's prospectus of tho new wing as It would tie In to the present hospital, together with tentative floor plans: Theso plans show it would bo possible to add 20 beds to the hospital. Tho trustees, by unanimous motion, authorized tho hospital officials nd Its building committed to proceed at once to get estimates and have ..round broken for the now addition as soon as possible. It la expected this can be done within the next few weeks and that the foundation for tho now wing will bo completed long before tho extreme cold weather sets

Soldier Returns From The Pacific PFC Thomas Robinson Was On Guadalcanal PFC, Thomas A. Roblnaon, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Robinson, Sr., of Little Silver arrived at his homo last week on a 30-dny sick leave. Ho has boon In Konnody general hospital at Memphis, Tennessee, since roturnlng from Guadalcanal, where ho saw actlvo service . PriviUo Robinson, who enlisted In tho Army Juno. 23, 1041, was sont to Hawaii for liln basic training and was elatlonod thoro during tho nttack'on Poarl Harbor. Hov remained in the South Pacific and Borvod ,7!'j months on Guadalcanal bofore being hospitalized,

Plans Started For Halloween Party At Fair Haven Councilman Hunting Says Parade MayBe CORP. JOSEPH DEFAZIO


Details are lacking but Corp. DeFazio, in a letter to his sister, writes, "It sure made ,me feel good to see the plane come down. And the boys who saw it felt good, also. It was just like shooting down a duck." The Red Bank soldier states that he Is In good health and reports hav" ing met Monroe Marx of Shrewsbury and Walter Scott of Westslde avenue in tho South Pacific area. Accom panying the latter was a package containing bracelets made from parts of a Jap Zero, part of a Zero wing, Japanese knives, shovel- and Jap aneso coins and stamps. DeFazio was Inducted August 7, 1941, and wag stationed at Fort Dlx, Camp Croft, South Carolina, Camp Blandlng, Pensacola and Fort Barrancas, Florida, Camp Shelby, Mississippi, and Fort Ord, California, be fore going overseas. Besides iserving In New Georgia, where he took part in the assault on Munda, he has seen action in New Zealand, New Caledonia and the Russell islands. • Before entering the service, he was employed at tho Roobiing wire works at Trentoh. Ho lexcelled In bowling and In 1040 and 1941 was a member of the three-man team that won Recreation bowling league title. Three brothers are also in service Staff Sergeant Valleo DeFazio, with a Signal Corp unit in Maine, recently received a good conduct pin. Prl vate Peter DeFazio is with an ordnance company In the Hawaiian Islands. PFC. Mltty DeFazio Is sta tloned In California, in the .medlca corps.

Raritan Township Soldier Wounded o Willard O. Aumack, 25, In North Africa Pvt, Willard Oris Aumack, 25, so of Mr. and Mrs. Willard Wilson Au mack of Middle road, Raritan town ship-, and nophew of W. Warren Au. mack, principal of Koansburg publl school, was reported wounded in notion by tho War Department loaf week, Fvt, Aumack, a nmchino gunne with an infantry unit In Norf Africa, was wounded in tho Sicllla: campaign August* 3,' his family wai informed. iHo was among thoflrs to land In Africa and saw much nc tlon thcro. Ho was also a momboi o( tho first forces that lnvadmJJSiclly Tho family was not Informod n to tl>i naturo or 'sorlouanoss of hi woundH, nor in what spoclflc nctlo thoy woro recolvod. Ho was aon to a North African hospital and hai boon awarded the Purple Heart. ' Pvt. Aumnclc, who la a graduate o Koyport high school, was1 indiictc into tho Army Fobruary 20, 1012, an In tU'ptombm' of thut month was sen to Englnnd. A month lutor ho wti transferred to Africa, llcfoip ontii ing tho sorvlco ho WAS omploycd b Charles Boyco, a florist, at Koypor Bofpro that ho helped his fathor o: the farm,

When ho arrived In Lotbrmnn general hospital at San Francisco last AuitUBt suffering from malaria nnd u »kln (IIBCIIBO contracted In tho tropic, ho wroto his parents, staling that ho hoped .to return homo during the latter part of Soptombor, Tho Llttlo Silver soldlor is In a ilolil artlllory unit, whloh played a lnrifo part In driving tho Japnnene from tho Inland. . ' Bnrplco's for Service Upon tho expiration of his leave, p p TypowiiUirn, milling machines gold l f l t d t " "Br\' Mr no's t' V, lleyhi'dh' wIU'resiuTii Hal)lriuoit"l»i-oxpcflt»d' to-be b t d 'i'Mbd' and" rupWftjtT' Complotinin his practice, on Monday, October 4, I to tho Memphis: hospital for further of statlonory nnd ollloo equipment lOH Monmnutli stroot, phon* 489, Rod Bank und Highlands.—Advo troutmont. Advortlaomont. tlsemont, _ : Fuel Oil Fuel Oil; Bnvo Fuel—Insulation to finlt your burner: bast grnrtes and DollvorloB subject to governman by Johns-Manvllle, Phono A, Lin prices, Untxcellsd service, Fred D. mayor, Atlantta Highlands 710-M.- wikoft Co.. .Had Bank, phont BBS regulation!. Hanco Ik Davis, phom A4v»rtlum»nt, Rid Bank 103.—Advirtlwnint. A.dvirtl»mint.

Councilman Tony Hunting, chairman .of tho community actlvltlci committee o£ the Fair Haven borough council, announced at Monda; night's meeting of the. mayor ani council that preparations are boln mado for tho annual communlt; Halloween party. . No parado wai held last year, but Mr. Hunting sail t is the intention of the commute to hold one this year. He also sale efforts will be mado to secure a band. A resolution containing a requesi for ?4, stato highway funds foi the rebuilding of Buena Vista avenue next year was adopted on motion by Councilman H. Lynnwooc Minton, chairman of tho road commlttec. A similar resolution was adopted last wook by the Rumsoi mayor and council. According to th borough engineer, Gcorgo K. Allen, tho plans call for rcgradlng, widen Ing and resurfacing tho road. Hi told tho Fair Haven omclals Monday night that'plans for tho storm sewer project on Buena Vista avenui had been tentatively approved b; highway department officials pending the signature of Stato Highway Commissioner Miller, who Is in England. Mr. Allen said work on the storm sewer could bo carried on well ihti tho winter. Tho foad chairman, Mr. Minton, reported that work on tho installatio of a catch basin under the sidewalk onRlvcr road to help drain the pom on tho western end of the Schwcn ker property had to be stopped whe: workers came In contact with'a stom culvert. Tho work was being dom by tho borough.under the supervlsio: of Oscar Becker, road superintendent. Mr. Minton said It now will b necessary to install the catch basil on the Schwcnker property. M Hunting said Councilman Harold 3, Allen of Red Bank haa promlsei that clean ashes collected by th1 Red Bank sanitation deportmen will be dumped Into the pond to holi fill it up. Much of tho water tha goes into the pond Is surface wato from streets In Red Bank. A request fronviha board of edu cation for $8,057,.wns granted. H. Edgar Smith, clerk of thi achool board, cnlled tho council's tentlon to tho signs on tho ropes uoei to shut off Willow street durln school houra. Ho said tho bloc sign's could bo seen only a short dis tnnco away nnd that tho ropes hav hpen broken several times by etirj Ho suggcitod substituting n. whit sign or a red flug. Tho mattor \vn; rcforred to the pollco committee. Just bofore tbo meeting niljournoi Mayor IMgnr v. Denlso pralBcd th thi-co advisors of tho Fair Havoi Boys' club for tho lino work tho; lmvo boon doing. Mr. Denlso sal tho organization, which rocontl; opened new quartet's on nivor roai Is nn unset to tho borough. Tho ad visors aro Wilfred Mc'Crnckon, Rob crt VanBrunt and Holinit Kroger, Anynno doslrlng to buy a homo o mulco ropiilrB enn obtain a mortgnK at a rnducad I'nto of Interest, N nreinluni.H.' Cull bo palil on month, installment:! over iv period of year' to suit nwnor, In amounts of $1,001 to $8,000. Property locntod within ton-mllo radius of Rod Hnnk. Wrli MortcnKo, box nil, Hod Bank,—Ai vdrtlsomont. w'UffH'-'P'flc* »ny CTOttm&rtffatr buy and unll mortgages. Inusrei rate no low an 411%. Doyntnn Iloyntun, R Dnimmond place, phon Hod Hank DM.—Advertlnninont,

The .seven junior Aohl«vem«nt ^ j jmpinles of Red Bank, organised ! . ' : last spring, to acquaint pupils of high '-y\ chool age with business operations, i iave resumed their weekly activities : ' their headquarters In a building .' White street, adjacent to the ' -. '.ons and much enthusiasm has been f): anlfestcd at the Fall meetings al-." 4 •eady^held. . -, W Representatives of each of.. the . ompanles next Saturday will attend • pre-conventlon conference' of thS) :yitate Junior Achievement organize- ;; Ion to be held at the offices in N e w .% rk when committees will be selected / : o conduct the annual state conven- ' ; J on, which will probably bo held In ;;; Newark hotel Saturday, October; /• nanagcr of which, George E|dredgo, .' ,'. s a sales adviser of the J. A. com- ; iany of Victory Printers. Later on J| it is probable further displays will :.: >e made in.some of the Broad street J tores... ., _ ' .: ,--~V-# Former Councilman J. Daniel Tul- 1 ler, owner of the Tuller construction ' 5 ompany, engineering contractors, , and chairman of the Red Bank branch of 'Junior Achievement, was : ji host Monday night at a. dinner and •• meeting at the Molly Pitcher hotel ^S of the advlBers of • the local. com- , j i panles, at which the special guest ;§i speakers were Richard G. Boyd, fori ••.:* imr state director and now an execu- • mentj Howard Merrlck, the new state director; Dallas G. Reach, Newark advertising executive and state chairman of J. A., and William Fret* man of Newark, assistant state director. Chairman Tuller presided at the meeting and introduced the speak- "• ers. Mr. Boyd gave an interesting description of a tour.,this summer of the eastern and mid-western cities , where J. A. companies are engaged in various activities, detailing in particular visits at Verona, Jersey City, Rome and Hudson, N. T.; Middletown, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Chicago and Milwaukee. Unusual activities mentioned Included the manufacture of home dehydratora, the soliciting of advertising for a youths' supplement In department stores' circulars, a shoppers' messenger service, furnishing entertainments for parties, the mak"ng of a chemistry formula for cleaning glass, making a metal polisher and cleanser, glass blowing of articles, toy machine guns, bird feeders, clothes pin aprons, photo enlargement work, and the servicing of electrical appliances In homes. Chairman Reach asserted that the Junior Achievement movement, par* ticularly-in_theae_t!mea,--by.-.j>repatw. • Ing tho young people now for bus- r ness activities, was real post-war planning, and that business wlll'neeoV all the pre-tralncd talent it can get. • "It is a wonderful job for tho com? munlty, state and country. This war is educating the young people fast and they are no longer kids. They are young women and young mon and they are preparing to shoulder the responsibilities that wlU come later." Besides thoso mentioned, Mr. Tuller's guests included Mr, and Mrs, Raymond B. Llpplncott, Mrs. Fran- ' ces T. Backe, Miss Dorothy Schlloting, Miss Lois Asendorf, John P. Mulvlhill, Gcorgo S. Soons, W. Harrison Shnmpanore, George Eldr«dg», Charles B. Gallagher, Harry C, Barnard, Jr., Fred Zollmann, Jr., Donald Lawos, Edward Conway and Albort W. Worden, PRE-ELECTION MEETING, Tho annual pre-election mooting of tho l-S-8 Woman's Republican club of MIddlotown township will be . held Monday -night at Cherry Tree ' farm, MIddlotown, home of Mrs, Thomas Morford. All ths Republican candidates have been invited, A short program on election In-' formation will also be glvon. ANNUAL BALE TUESDAY^ ?* Tho annual rummage sale of Mary ;; Mount chapter of tho World Wide , | guild of tho Rod Bank Baptist % church will bo held Tuesday morning of next woolc in tho bunoment of th« A. M. 13. Zlon church on Shrewsbury ; nvonuo. Mrs. Ilomoi- O, Methot. Is '": chairman, . ' \"j'k .Vucclnntlon Nollc«, •".'\:M Finn .vaccination against imall po* >« will bo olTurod to all school ohllilrin /;• living within tho borough of I t l d S Xlnnlt, N, J,, on Friday, Ootobtr 1st,M and VVcdnnodny, October Oth. 10, A native of Kansas City, Missouri, Sergeant Gllok was an all-around athlote new aggtciiWa wa» ol INVASION. ' Thtr « • font iOM, huabnnd, brothers, rweethtart, l»thA, relatives and friends. Thvf aiV only CB * thlnp—that you back lh«m up All. THE WAT.' With Violorr coming nearar, you moat not 1*11 our boy»—your soldier, tailor or xnarin*. You'r* not aiked to give a cant—only lo put

dollar TOO mn lonpo ap inl» lh» world's salost inTattraant—War Bonds. Bay «1 Usit one oalra fiaa War Bend during ihU $19,000,000,000 l i d W u Loan Drlr* In addition to jora ragolir bondbaying, ftrsryon* who pottibly emn muit InvMt at lnaat flbo. Some.oi yo« Mail Invert thousand!, lake it out ol inaom*, like it out ol Idle) and »ocumu« laied Ininda, Start "•eratahlng '"nowl

W< Mail. and rocreational center, .Rose Fen- ity. more pounds of fish and shellfish 'Metro" of Paris or by means of one ton farm was established in' 1807 by than in any other year In history to of the old one-horse "flacjes" that Sent to Prison for Nonsupport, Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Kelly, fameet food production demands. Re- still linger about Buenos Aires, the William Morton, 62, of Freehold mouB actors known as Charles J. who had been on probation since quisition of fishing craft by the Illusion Is perfect. Ross and Mabel Fenton. February, 1042, for failure to support armed services, loss of manpower If not only Argentines, but all his two minor children, was sen- and limitation of materials we're the South Americans are proud-of Buen' Detective Named In Suit. Police Sgt. John J. Flood, Mata- tenced to state prison for one year principal cause necessitating this Aires as;tho second Latin city of wan detective, has been accused In last week by . Judge J. Edward superlative effort, Ordinarily, ac- the world, they are also proud of its CARTON OF 10 BOXES I ?~' a civil suit instituted In the Long Knight on recommendation of John cording to OWI, American fishermen lnte!lectualipre5tIgir,-of-theT>Uice^iton -coastal—waters, the h i g h seas; L. Montgomery, referee; In tho doBranch district court of committing lakes and rivers, catch about 1% bil- holds aa one of the liiost Important • WITH EVERY MAIL?GIFTS OVERSEASBYVOCTYK 15 assault and battery on Chris Fal- mestic relat!on s court, PURCHASE OF lion pounds annually. Last year, be- cultural centers of tho Hemisphere. mlero after he had left his Job as SCHOOL Like that of Paris, Argentine society Engllshtown Girl Engaged. cause of war handicaps, the catch g SUPPLIES .baggage master at the Matawan staMr. and Mrs. Baylor Palmer of fell to 3% billion pounds. has good taste, a 20-INCH COLLAPSIBLE "restrained'' eletion Soptembor 16. Palmlere claims Kngllshtown have announced the en"Tho catches made by non-commer- Kanco of manner." Jules Romalns lhat tho dotootlvo accuaod him of gagement of their daughter, Karjyn READY FOR MAILING 1 taking a sum of money and a coast Jean, to Karl M. Smith, son of Mr. cial fishermen can aid "materially, again "was impressed by the Interest of the middle class in cultural said Mr. Hand, "for according to a guard pass. and Mrs. Tunis, Smith of West Free- report by Dr. Ira N. Garrlelson, di- and intellectual subjects; he felt alhold. The wedding will take placs rector Fatally Injured in Grovel Pit. of the United States Fish and most as though he were in France Harry T. Cottrell, 61, of Neptune, Saturday of next week in the Eng- Wildlife Service, sports fishermen In and Indeed, ho found everywhere a was fatally Injured Saturday 1 after- IlshtownJPreabyterlan church. profound knowledge of the French t *1Wffn?l1*irrtl1I18^iragm-1H 'th6= . end' saw/ Anoited pounds "of "flsh~in"l942! It Is esti- TffigualB&tfna''6fTfcTKn=ltteffitul-e:' -^""fieaiirW8ff°KcsTaSfc" grinding wheels of a conveyor belt Like the capital of France, Buenos clttt; M i bu. mated that at leaBt two thirds of roachlno -In-the Bonnott gravel-pita Augustus Aumaek/ 87, one of the this poundage wajTtaken from boatsV Aires-is well-knownJToE Jta.good.theatin ui'simt. 7-IN. SIZE oldest residents-of Koypbrt, died m pltlft. in Wall township. When Cottrell Black bass, pickerel, pike and dozens ter. • Besides the many local theatri. Tfct Vty to. Foldl fl»L wad found by follow workmen both his home Friday, September 17. Hi of. other varieties of lake fish arc cal companies and musical ensembles 1 cooltimt. Ceokc f«it*r, legs had boon smashed and tie was was born in Keyport, the. son o caught from boatsymany of the craf • • * • • fvat. • * * 11 » Injures internally. Cottrell' .Is sur- Thomas 8.; and Permella Walling being powered. Salt water fish are vived by a widow, one sdh and a Auraaok., Mr. Aumack'was a painter almost entirely sought in boats, the and. paperhanger by trade and redaughter. • ' ' tired several years ago. He Is sur- Burf casters and pier fishermen be Tavern Faoes. Five Charges. vived by his wife and two daughters. Ing relatively few in number." The consumption * of self-caught Tho Sea Beach corporation, operFreehold Property Sold. fish' by the boat""owning amateur ators of tho Plantation restaurant at The Clayton Transportation com Sheepskin FORECASTER MIDDLETOH .Long Branch, faces flvo charges pany of Freehold has bought the for- angler and, devotees of fishing from 3-PC. EMBASSY party boats helps to provide greater 'brought by A. B. C. offlsers. Tho VARIETY KIT BRIAR PIPE WALLETS mer Statoslr Lumber company propSHAVE SET fish supplies to the armed forces. charges ale permitting a brawl on $ $ the promises, making false state- erty at that place. Tha company The particular worth of fish-as a warments In Its application, serving will use the property as its head- time food Is Indicated by figures drinks other than thoso ordered, em- quarters and part of tho property from the. OfficB of Co-ordlnator of IE5W1HRT ploying non-citizens and finally with will be offered for use as a bus ter- Fisheries, showing that men in the minal to the highest bidder. United States military training selling liquor on election day, camps eat about 18 pounds of fresh Reported Hilled In AoUon. Forced from Home By Fire, and frozen fish yearly, as compared Mrs. Stanley JohnBon 'of Southard Fire of undetermined origin gutted SKYLARK »1 « to the general civilian averago of v tho kitchen of the William H. Sut- SB received official word from tho V& pounds. These figures do not in phen home at Matawan early Mon- war i department that her husband elude canned or cured fish. ' Per REVLON VICTORY $1.50 day morning and .forced the former had died overseas on September 9 capita consumption by civilians va* Ensemble O»HP«« CHATE congressman and his 4amlly to fleo from Injuries received either In Sicily ries widely, ranging form aB much FOR or Italy. Pvt. Johnson waa 22 years STURDY MILK 1 the burning building in their night 1 SCHERK COLOGNE Jfl.10 as S O pounds in certain seacoast comVICTORY •20 Ermt.pij. clothing. Damage to the house from of age and was drafted July 9; 1042. munities to a negligible amount in o> TOIHT WATER ' •» FIBRE ALMOND fire, smoko and water, amounted to He was sent overseas last February. some interior sections. BIK ID. earrcfptndmu tkHd Drawer tn«dcl with Buy ; Clolunne, Utmx*- FOLOW ME TOILET $ 1 00 several thousand dollars. < Takes Husband's Job. i n ! BUttcbtoi ettret^M. . «ne. Art Enamel*. WATER and F»CE POWDIR. .... * . AH cnlor«. Mrs. Arthur Robblns, of English WAR BONDS Death of Avon Man. town, has replaced her husband as WED AT FORT MONMOUTH '_ And Criarlos.-E_Hetzal,J8,... prominent a Prudential—InsuranoB'~company Nowarlt manufacturer-,' died Sunday agent In that vicinity. Her husband PFC. and .Mrs. Samuel Warren DRINK RICH at his homo at Avon after an Illness was recently. Inducted into the Navy. Harbin, Jr., are being congratulated of two weeks. Mr. Hetzol headed Mrs. Robbins Is the first woman In on'their recent marriage performed C SANIFLUSH GROVE'S CREAM-TOP VITAMINS PLUS •47 tho Hotzcl roofing company founded v at the home of Army Chaplain J. R. 10-01. CAN 36 CAPSULU P-Complex. $1 65 years ago by his father, the late that section to assume such work. Smallwood at Fort Monmouth. PFC. She is the former Miss Edna Grlggs. MILK John G. Hotzol. Ho .la survived by MOTH BALLS Harbin, whoso home is in Orlando; 30o HILLS LEDERLE "B" .79 a widow, one daughtor and two sons, Wedding Trip to California. Florida, was recently transferred to COMPLIX CAPS.. SO'a . COtD T*BttT« DRAKE E Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Quirk ol another station from Fort Mon C 20cWINDEX Retired Salesman Bead. .09 I. V. C. OL'VITUM Elbnron have announced the mar mouth, where he had been on duly DOflN'S PILLS WINDOW CLUNCH . . ' Georgo Blakoley, 77, of West Long rlago of their daughter, Mrs. Mary at the - postofflce. CAPSULU, a » ' l 7 » e PACKAOt MILK COMPANY Branch, died Sunday afternoon at C. Kratntlor, to Bert'F. Fread ol C His brldo is the former Mildred GOo FLIT 30c HUMPHREY'S SQUIBB A. B. D. G. Phone Red Bank his homo, Ho had been sick several Anbury Park, a well known organ- Persson Keansburg and Is em MOMKO R I M I D U a IMIICTieiDI. Quart . HIQH POT, CAPSULE! 23'*, , years and seriously ill the past three ist. Following the wedding, the couple ployed inofthe 686 Signal Corps labora HIGH POTENOY C weeks. Mr. Blakeloy, who waB a re- left for a trip to California. SI.OOLARVEX STAMS VITAMINS torles'at Fort Monmouth. 60c FATHER tired salesman, hnd lived at West' JOHN'S MEDICINE Dill Supplitnsnt and MINERALS; H't , Long Branch 70 years and was woll TAYLOR DRY known In that section. , He. is' surVI-PENTA PERLES 100 100 = ! R O G E R S ' P E E T " . MAKERS OF FINE UNIFORMS FOR O F F i r . F B S — — CLIANIK, aallsn . . . . , vived by two sisters. 29 CAPIULIS

By Catching More Fish For Home Consumption

Heon Signs

Road-Ad Service, inc. MONEY LOANED

Broadway Loan Coi





At New Low Price!







ZB£PER BAG $2-59




Heatproof Glass














7 3-25° 13 29 A-B-D-G 79 VITAMINS


Killed In Plane Crash. Martin Dlgglnu of Marlboro has teen notified of the death'of his nephow, Ensign John J, Long, at Fort Laudordalo, Fla., on August 25 In an ,»lrplano aocldont. Ensign Long was the son of John J. Long of Ohio and tho late Sara Digging Long of Marl boro. Ho wos born at Wlckatunk about 20 years ago. Engaged to Royal Navy Man. Mr. and MrB. Harry G. Carpenter of Asbury Park have, announced the engagement of tholr daughter, Shir, ley May, to Able Soaman Gordon H, Barnes of Somerset, England. Mr, Barnes la now on active sea duty. No dato hns boon sot for tho wod. ding.


Will Wed Saturday. Miss Mario E. Trncy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Stanloy M. Tracy of . Allonhurst, and Lt. ' Rodney W. Homsworth, U. B. Marino corps re. servo, of Bt, Paul, Minn,, Will bo marrlod Saturdny In Sti Androwa, church. Lt. Homsworth, la, temporarily atationod at Fort Monmouth. '

Deal Filer a Trlionor. ' Mr, and Mrs. Samuel.Nussbaum of Deal havo boon officially notified that tholr son, Second Lt, Codrlo.L. NUBSnnunv Is a prisoner of war of the German govornmont. Ho had been reported ns missing In action since August 17.. Lt, NusBliaym was nay I... -gator».ffortr»(Ui,..Ho.was sent to England ln»t June, . Long- llranqli Dutohcr Dead. Alfred l'almlerl, OP, of. Long Branch, died In tho Hazard hospital Wodnondny of last week. He was born In ltnly. Ho enma to this country S3 years ngo and had lived lit Long Branch 18 y«ari. Mr.


•lnturi, iravv, Ittf nil. tmtUr, you jmt cut down! tl>c tlullifi 111 and Di linn, (Vliluin nml rhoiiihoitit HIM] r * | niiii|*ni«.VniHJVfl|inchiiitrj , Monty E i c h |

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25c PHILLIPS Tooth Paala


Bendix Corp. Buys National Newspaper $100,000 In Bonds Week October 1 To 8

what sort of system vr» can afford. if the Governor should die or b« re, Those who wish to fix the t a s > a t e moved from office. now at a level far above what Is re- Should Qte new effloa b« created quired to" keep the present system New Jersey would do well to take to ESTABLISHED IBIS operating would, in (Sect) commit heart the lesson Hew York learned •BIGHTS OS BBEB KRESS ABB Congress at least t o n general out- too late. When this State'* ConstiTHOMAS mVING BBOWN line of tomorrow's legislation. That tution w u rewritten.five,years ago Purchase it Made rnonam SATEQUABD" -O-O-CWMM)Editor and Publisher legislatlon would Inevitably ba ho provision was Inserted concerning to tb» Kfewpaper Publisher* ot Through Local Bank succession to th» office of Lieuten:es In the tax shaped America; (Ti« oplnlom (xpruud la th, Idltcrl*) ant-Qovernor, teone. the death of Third W a r Loan Drive * JAMES t. HOOAN, Associate Editor Vi»w« h«reuad«r da not nmuwrllr curf level now.—New York ^ Thomas Wallace last July leit In, Red Bank's purchases of bond* In National N«w»p«p«r VftX »g»ln U< maiontmtat of Tit BetrliUr) Is Unusually Successful OAMBUNQ AOAIK. , mid-air the question of naming his tho Third War l o a n drive have been afford* an opportunity for us to reAssistant Editors successor. The conclusion of the swelled by $100,000 with the an- new our faith In tha principles ot New Jersey li breaking out in « court H, HALOID KELLY CHESTER J. BEAMAN According to official sources there is less TUB MESSAGE OF THE IXAG. that an eleotlon was required nouncement that" Bendix Aviation Democracy and to re-appraise our rauti of gambling Investigation!. Themade an awkward political.Issue of corporation is buying this amount of efforts to snutaln that Democracy HAVES,7Mtt%lpug Editor than $1,000*000,000 to go to reach. the1fl5,Q0Q,- It has been proposed that )t would local law enforcement official), as be helpful for the ohurohw of Amershould Have been an ordinary government securities through sv.lo. against our enemies.: In this suusual, are* unaxed over the revela- what 000,000 goal of the; third war loan drive. Inica to emphasize at this time ,the preme war effort the daily and veelcfotutrlptlon PrtoM In Advanca: Ooo rear, 12:50: i l l ' o«JWlnlcr : tions and accusation*, and the press, "egal"" proceeaingr ~ If New :Jeraey •J"Wlnlcr * M , ll.EQ; t b n t mimtbs, 75 centa; alngla copr. 1 i i i t l , dications point to art over subscription before spiritual significance of the flag. This as usual, Is lull of honest indignation rotors act favorably iq November on Amnouncement of the purchase, ljr-iiewsp»i>ens »f ^ America', are ^ can be made an opportunity for cltithe referendum, calling for revision was made by H, A. Fool*, manager charged with great 'responsibility, the drive ends this week. zens to illumine their thoughts of tha about auoh goings-on, It Is their task to keep the people of the State Constitution, the legisMEMBER THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Well, it's* never been any aeoret lators who engage in it should hava of the Radio division plants of the flilly and wisely Informed, to record flag with the light of universal Truth. An example of the splendid response corporation located in Red Bank. Th« Associated Praia ia exclusively .ntltlod to th« me for Mthat In many places In New Jersey What is the flag's message? MliUoa of «ll n e w «.pat«h.i otcdlt.d to It'Sr act «therw a. no difficulty in displaying more for*-' "This purchase mean* that the and publleh tho»o sober facts that dlUd n tbl» vncr «nd alio t i . JOMJ new. publl.hcd th.relo. throughout the United States is the Red Bank It speaks not of Ignoble pride, sor- public officials have for many years sight than New, York State's did. corporation Is Joining Qte thousands will steady the helm and even the been accumulating comfortable com. district, which takes in Red Bank, Fair Ha- did greed, or tyrannical power. To ua petonces , —New York Times. ot men arid women worker* at Ben*! keel of a nation tossed on the »ea by privately disposing of Member Audit Bureau of Circulations. the emblem of America's, beat—dlx who are buying war bonds in of wartime uncertainty. .Today the ven, Little Silver and Shrewsbury. About itof isPilgrim aspirations, and Revolu- local gambling concessions op by the current drive, over and above war news la better: than. It was a, THE ARMY STOLE. their regular purchases through pay- year ago. We are on the offensive; Tba Bed Bank ft«ff!ater assumes no financial raivonalbtlitlea 4,600 persons in this district subscribed ?1,- tionary courage, of the Founding Ignoring the establishments > which Ipr typographical errors In fldvertlsemelita but will reprint Home Fronters, reading war dis-roll deduotlons," Mr. Poole said. the enemy has been dislodged in Fathers' wisdom and pioneer sacri- cater tp those who don't core bow T;his represents approximately 30 fices, Bat B*rt of an advertiseioent in wlilcb tho typographical error 039,685. patches dealing largely with planes, of emancipation for the slaves they loso their money, The local ; plant it flying tha many quarters. Tet the need for a Koura. Advertisers will please notify tha mannsement Imrne* per cent of the population of 15,984, which is and reruge for the oppressed. It tells Tho only new angle Is that now leeps, trucks and tanks, have asked: "Treasury sharp perspective, for a sure balance Minute Man ,Flag," iiguliUtaly of any error whlcb may occur. home and opportunity, freedom to the grafting oflclalg seem t o . b e a "What has become of the Army fylg' that mope than 00%, of the em- for an Intelligent evaluation of our high considering the fact that the census fig- of little bolder and more numerous. A mule?" It can'be stated that ha la,ployeos are buying war bonds reg- gains and a cautious weighing of our worship and to speak. It lifts our National Advertising Representative!, Barry T. Hints Co., S East Sit)) EL, N.w York, 133 West Madison St., Ohlcuo. ure of 15,984 takes in children and others who eyes to wider horizons where Amer- good part of the blame for this rest* playing an active though little pub- ularly. Bonds purchased each month future tasks is imperative, Tha on the people of New Jersey, They licized part In the current conflict, total more than $25,000, according to enemy would confuse and dlslnte. . 1) 1508 Oheitnnt St., Phlladolphia Pa. ica looms anew as the champion of are not wage earners. made a Joke of the constitutional Just as he has in all wars In which company officials. grate us with rumors and mUunoer- .' liberty and justice, Weakly, entered u Beeond-Clais Hatter at t h . PottAnother example is the fine work of aux- The flag Is the face of our best, our prohibition against gambling, by America has lieen engaged. H e had The securities are being purchased standing*. Our moat effective weapon rt Sea Bu*. W. J-, under to. A,et o< March I. int. amending It to. permit parl-mutuol a finger in driving Rommel out of through the Second National Bank against his malicious falsehood! Is iliary firemen ana women in the 11th district, ruest nationhood, a reminder of ourbetting. From this form of gamb- Africa and acquitted himself with the truth, an accurate, full, and fair & Trust Co. " need to seek God's guidance ling, the constitution specifically InTHURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1943. presentation ot tha news In a fres who raised more than $20,000. I t has been Nation's and express His goodness.—Christian structs the state to take a rakeolf. credit In the Sicilian campaign. Instead of being relegated to the rear press. the most extensive solicitation job ever under- Science Monitor. It Is a little difficult for a logical as a result ot the many new InstruThe rights of a free press are the taken in the history of the world due to the ments of warfare which have recent|mlnd to understand why one form of safeguards of the people; the re' William E. Mount, pioneer SOCIAL SECURITY TAXES. ly come into use, large numbers of gambling" should be legalized, while sponsibilities of a free press are tho urgency and need for the purchase of war Automobile Salesman In the search for greater tax yields 1 other forms a™ barred^ commandments of the people. ^ Or why, y, ilosgated—eared, vociferous - voiced bonds, and it has proved by far the best drive. Jt Is again being suggested that social ,'if gambling bli IIs morally ll wrong, the th 'rookies" are now undergoing boot Franklin T>. Roosevelt. The passing of William E. Mount, who training In the United Sjtates to Sgt. Elmer Hanson, 24, son of Mr. It proves conclusively that we are advanc- security taxes be raised to alphoh off state should accept a part of the evil camp and Mrs. Christopher Hansen of East part of the excess purchasing power revenue. The parl-mutuel iunen(l- fit them for military duty, in 1904 started what has turned out to be one ing on the home front with onr boys who are held by wage-earners. Two aspects m'ent has made absurd the reBt of Students of the Nation's history Keansburg, recontly wrote his par* Governor Edison. Says: of the oldest and niost successful Ford auto- fighting and dying on the world's battlefields of this proposal may bo considered: the prohibitory article. ents that while watching a baseball On the first Wednesday of March, (and they Include not a few grizzled game In North Africa ~a short time the rise to 2, per cent already sched- Either tho pari-nuituel amendment mobile agencies in the nation, will be felt keen- daily. v Spanish War veterans, ago he met Robert Fltimyer of 1789, a, new Constitution governed => . uled for n6xt January, and proposed or the whole article should be, re- campaigners, the Infant United States of America, and those who served In World War ly by all persons with whom he had business Keansburg. Both boys were over- The first amendment thereto conncreoses which might raise the rate pealed. o-o-o-o-o-o One) will welcome the word that the If gambling is wrong, all forms of Army mule is being retained, not as Joyed-at seeing each other, and re-tained these words: relations during his long career. The head of :o 6 per cent "Congress shall make no law • • • The tax levied on workers and em- it are wrOng. If one form is per- a "pensioner" because of his past called the times they played basetlie Mount-English company and other allied October 15 Is Deadline For together on a nine managed by abridging the freedom • • • of th« ployers- had been scheduled to in- missible, all should be permissible. services to the country, but because ball Sgt. Hanson's father. —Newark Sunday Gall. companies in this section, enjoyed business Xmas Packages For A r m y M e n press • • •"• crease from.l per cent to 2'per cent he cannot well be .replaced. Sgt. Hansen entered the service in' In January of this year, but this was In the pre-gasoilne era, he was April, 1941. He ie now with the This amendment through the years prosperity because he and his associates used lias been a rampart of our domocPENSION FUND IN PERIL. As the weeks go by, Christmas comes postponed until 1944 by Congressional both truck and tankj. Lightweight ] Coast Artillery.searchlight battalion, raoy; it has molded a glorious past, methods that made lasting friendships for him One argument advanced closer and the time left for sending packages action. In the growing recognition by local howitzer, carried by pack mules, and was sent overseas in February, and holds forth an even more gloragainst allowing- the Increase to beand MB companies. and played an Important part In bringing He attended Jilddletown township ious future. to our boys in service overseas gets shorter. come effective was the size of the re- governing bodies of the injusticeIn the peace to the Philippines. Huge mules, high sohool and before entering the i j - this n'erlnd of stress whan M « . Mr. Mount was a good example of Amer- These packages should be mailed before Oc- serve fund, which aggregated more over muddy was employed at the Cruolble L J J J ^ e c f f i " curbed" lomewhat of the the pulling p g army y transports p y aorvico w p y d at than 1942, .bankrupt condition of most of than $3,000000,000 $3,000,000,000 a, as of of June, June, 1942, ican sagacity, far-sightedness, courage and tober 15 for Army men to insure their reach- and figured forcefully Steel works Han- j b th exigencies d t T the ce nd roads figured forcefully In In many many of of .Steel works at at Newark Newark. JSgt JSgt Hanby the of war, it Is is now about $4,000,000,00. How- P ° " * »re pension .funds of the roads General Grant's campaigns. Tho War sen has another brother, in public and private duty of all of ua s lonesty. His life was typical of men who ing their destinations by Christmas, and be-ever, In planning the system provl- Robert Fltzmyer, who has been In town, he came to the conclusion that the auto- war will make this impossible this year for when tlve. Because of the high level of In- corned, local officials are becoming tion and breaking the stubborn sod. the service for five years, is also with of New Jersey, It 1* my slncero hope and wish that Newspaper Week, to comes, the present time is very fav- increasingly aware that pension sys- In a day when the old-time cavalry- the Coast Artillery. mobile; which had been -introduced-a few years Tnillionsof^Americans.-— —- be observed thin year from October orable for the accumulation of such tems are approaching the crashing man rides a tank and the Infantry earlier, was to become an essential part of the 1 to October 8, will help to Inculcate point and they are'more Insistent We can help brighten this holiday im- reserves. The scheduled increase in THANKS FOR KIND WORDS. In trucks, admiration Is ineradlcabiy the noed for the presAmerican economic life, llaybe he didn't ex- measurably for them by sending a gift or gifts. the tax, therefore, should now be upon reform through proper leglsla- "marches" aroused for the Irreplaceable Army ervation of tho freedom °f the prow pennltted. The annual yield would tlon. Shrewsbury Post No. 188 press such a thought in such language; people The maximum weight of theae gift packages be mule which'tenaciously eeems to be and of all of the other great freeI Developments in Hontclalr, where approximately $1,000,000,000. • American Legion mechanization.— The doms and rights guaranteed by the who get things done as a rule do not view the is five pounds. The maximum length is 15 An increase1 beyond this amount t h e t o w n commission has taken a | withstanding 80 Riverside Avo., R e i Bank, N. J, constitutions ot the state ot Now Christian Science Monitor. fall Into a different category '.o couragedus stand against the demand September 28, 1948. future with such profundity. Let us say, rath- inches, and the. maximum total length and would Jersey and the United States of t unless it were accompanied' by a policemen and firemen for salary Mr. Thomas Irving Brown, Editor, America. er, that he felt that the horseless carriage was girth is 36 inches. These gifts will be appre- corresponding liberalization of benefit tIntte&sefl because of their effect upon THE YEAR OF THE TOMATO. Bed Bank Register, ne Charles Edison, payments. If the levy were Inalready bankrupt pension system, A goodthing"fl]i(l'tlint-in'due«tim6=tl!0«pcopl&= ciated no = doubtr whenever=>they«or© received, creased prior to.thodetermlnatiop of should Red Bank, N. J. It won't go down in the history Governor ot Mew Jersey. bring home to the members Dear Mr. Brown: jgnks _4jn«jer that name, but 1043 would want them. So, when he expanded his but it would be so much nicer if they reached the benefits, it is less Ukely that don-';"«»f. thafundhow vitally their- inter«»U would glvo an extension ol the a r 6 jeopardized by tha condition of might •Weil 1bo 'ratteoT'ttie If ear i) J'Oio' business to include the sale of: automobiles, their destination, before-Christmas. So let's gress Tomato.. Is there any gardener wlthr only a few days away from ending system sind careful, consideration It.these funds. In times of stress like the present hearing my year as Commander of Shrewspeople who had been shouting "Get a horse" not put off buying and sending Christmas gifts requires. In the absence of a slmul-1 Policemen and firemen of Mont- In alghtor sg g who hasn't ail but my Shrews hen emotions run high and JudgDuy iosi, region, himsolt under tomatoes? Of , bury Post, iNO. No. JOB, 168. American American Legion, is of ton distorted by rumor began getting low-priced Eord cars instead, to our boys. Remember the deadlines, October tanoous determination of benefits, an clalr have been demanding an ln- burled Of Red Bink. To mo, it has been a* increase in social security taxes crease of WOO a year in pay, but be- course not. They have even been misinformation,, an especially of pleasant memories; memories py and the birth of what was to become one of the 15 for the Army, and October 31 for the Navy, mlght lead prematurely to the adop- cause such an increase would place harvesting tomatoes from window year t h t ill li f i t h h t n boxes. And^s/lght now suburbanites that will live forever in my thoughts, frave reBponsiblUty rest* upon the $ , p tlon of plans which we could not nor» additional $400,000 burden upon largest automobile sales businesses in this sec- Coast Guard and Marines. To all of the officers and members of j press. Tha newspapers of tha count p ll afford. ffd the town's unsound penBion fund In frost-haunted regions are rapidly the post, I am taking this moans ot, try have the task of reporting tha. ally I the mally tion had taken place. tn t off burying themselves under green to- expressing my very sincere thanks news, interpreting it and giving it Yon can save yourself and postal employ, Moreover, " commission, at the Initiative Mr IIf there were an increase matoes while they frantically scald, __ tfor the part that they took to making its proper emphasis. Only through Continued expansion of the business came ees considerable trouble if you are sure your In tlie employer's contribution as well Public Safety Director Faulkner, has crush and strain the last high tide of-'taysternv^Bo'"«uccessfui""and ha' a free-press, conscious not only of as that of the employee, costs would denfed it. Instead, a bonus of $240 a ripe ones and fill tha ketchup and and to also request that they q yd about because Mr. Mount, once he had intro- package comes within the above weight and rise, thus adversely affecting earn-, year wilt tm given, o- lt« frandom but conscious of its- rel for f my successor, c o Com chill sauce kettles. Our own core- wlse Commander sponslblllty as wall, shall Wfl achieve duced his product to the com inanity, did not dimensional limitations before presenting it Ings and creating pressure for higher This policy Is sound and Is so eco- fully unconfirmed statistics show that Mortimer E. VanSauter, well known that public- enlightenment which is prices. The reduction in earnings, in nomically justifiable that It Is likely two of every throe Jars sold for home Red Bank postal employee. elect to sit back and let things take- their at the postoffice. to find general approval and adopturn, would maan a lower yield from Needless to say that in carrying essential in the preservation Ot course. He kept abreast of the times and was corporation taxes, which would offset tion by local governments now com- canning this jPear are now full of to- out my program so successfully la al- demoeretio Institutions. Tha pro*, matoes and looking around for a -o-o-o-o-o-oso due to the very Mud assistance mutt be free. It must be responsible, to a large extent the higher yield pelled to carry bankrupt pension fortunate in his choice of associates who had from social security taxes. In this funds. It does not .however, offer the place to park themsolvos. Maybe that 1 have received from Tho Reg- too, even more. later, especially to the very kind pub-1 Prophesies of the shape of things similar characteristics. As the automobile in- The Pigskin Spirals connection it should be noted there ideal solution of this problem, which Nobody would soy anything but tho llclty that you have given to our to come are dinned Into our ears Is a fundamental difference between Is becoming increasingly gra,ve. dustry grew, his business grew with it, and Through the Air kindest words for the tomato. It Is i Cigarette Fund for Soldlorm This daily.^ There are » thoutana blutg social security taxes and other taxes. | The Montclalr Commission Insists hfl tbl f i t W M p r o b a b l y one of my pet pro- j in liia passing we can look back and reflect that In many respects social security tax- , that the State law must be amended a friend y, healthful vgetable, or fruit. WMproba^bly one of my pet pro- p r j n t ta ff o r a p 0 B tt. w a r w o r M TO u Bed Bank high school opena its football es are similar to compulsory savings to place these pension funds on a —and lot's no while he brought success to himself he con_, bond purchases out of current in- 'sound basis. It Is In the Interests of cations. I t oi te^sVd £s ^f^ 1 tributed much to the communities in which he season at Manaaquan Saturday. With prac- or unless wo wo learn learn . b ° our reward unless comes, since they represent, liabilities the men themselves that they take more delectable things. It has flavor ant time, over .ono hundred cities ia™ |vln tically a green -team, prospects for a successand substance and color. If it doeshave lead, and mora art t° I n a k o intellootual and moral followed our lead and mora art 8 carried on. which must subsequently be met— Immediate steps through their assoIn line eaoh week. , integrity the bases for governmental ful season.are not bright, but what the boys although the "maturity" date Is long- elation to remedy the glaring defects n't help you to see at night, It ought falling Dcs3plte the very few comments, and economic procedures. A reaponeTo Mayor Charles R. English, his son-iner than that for bonds. To the ex-1 and injustices In the law.—Sunday to, for It outsells carrots on most ta- and on the Maroon and Gray squad may lack in tent VT TJ. bles. And It Certainly helps you to _ _ I emphaslzo the words, "very lble press will exert its influence In Tlmes-Advertl»er, Trenton, 1N. that higher social Bocurity taxes "— " " " — ™—'— \aw and close business associate, to his other few," that have been said in criticism , favor ot establishing morality and see on the morning after. mean a lower yield from corbusiness associates, his friends and his family, experience they will make up in spirit and would In any normal season there are of this work, it is, In the opinion of | Integrity and government and buslporation taxes or appear to obviate PLENTY OF O. O. P. MATERIAL the National Commander, one ot the fight. ' . just enough tomatoes to go around, The Eegister_oJIer^H^_heartfelt condolences, the necessity to Impose other taxes, The question most frequently asked finest things that could bo done for ness. The influence of the New Jersey generously. Somebody sees to such these boys overseas. We, of the other A^gooi deal of _ the. glnmour_aM_enthus-Jjiherefpre^the proportion of the war eB they, and we, too, have lost a reaTTriciid tne proportion oi xoo wari Presa things. But this season every- war, know what comfort we found In j " » Blassociation through its mem. el iasm of the football season this year naturally financed oilurorcurrettt-incomea-wUl -about 8r a the Republicans in 1944 has body "wltir"a-spadeblister on his o.BuuuB.0,. u...«s U.U.. «», P P Pors has been wholesome and a smoke, during.those..never-to-be-i? .£ ?' s .-™-- u - bl! b e e n be smaller o-o-o-o-o-c— than it should be. | . "Where is their man?"- Tho hand set out tomato plants, and the forgotten days over there. How , neflclal. The state of Now Jersey will be somewhat dulled by the war. Some Finally, using tho social' securityt, l a , nl>wor m ' e n t b o t h a t l l i s a r a r e season. In these parts anyway, Was many of your readers, may I ask, owes' muoh to Us press. Rutgers Newspapers Accurate And for this purpose carries R a t i o n .when any minority party ju»t right for tomato oulture. We've know the fooling of desiring a smoke, university Is proud of its construe. may contend that it is not the riglit thing to mechanism - additional -JJUI i danger. j__n.. , , the »>,„ rate ,„,„ lhaa an obvious leader a year ahead If been stuffed to the ears with them only to find out that he has none at. tlve relationship with the FreBS an. of an election campaign. , Fair Says OPA Director foster sports while others are sacrificing their an were now Increased primarily as a and no where to obtain a cigar- sociatlon. But a better answer for the Re-for two months, and now we've hand Then, suddenly, unexpectedly, fiscal measure, there would be agita- publicans lives in defense of their country. To eliminstuffed every Jar in sight with them. ette. Dr. Hobjit C. Clothier, now could be that they A newspaper in expressing its frank from nowhere, comes a full pack! tion to lower It in periods of depresPresident of have not one man but several We're about ready to call It quits. Needless to say, many of us have opinion of events of tlie day and of the nctivi- ate sports would accomplish nothing and sion. This would fit in well with the may Until along about Thanksgiving. By gone through the former, but very Rutgers University. men. In faot, there might be a pump-priming theory which has wide slight Jam at the gate right at thethat time we'll be back to our normal few ot us the latter. So, I repeat, to would have, no effect on the war itself. Footties of officials, governnient agencies and othacceptance In Washington. But if moment. The Star's Washing- vitamin deficiency and ready to say, those few critics, send a contribution FAMILY TBEE. er public bodies, usually stops on the toes of ball is one peacetime sport which puts the the tax were lowered in bad times, last ton correspondent refers to the ex-from the heart, "And'we are thank- to this fund now, and when the boys It would be politically difficult to reAmerican hoy on his mettle. I t develops char ful, too, for all those Jars of wonder- cohio home again and relate their exquite a few persons .during the of a cellent impression created by various Somewhere, Sicily. store It to the required level when G. 6 , P. governors at tho party's ful tomatoes — if they haven't porlances, and you hear them tell ot September 4,1848. the pack of cigarettes that they, reyear. The bitsis of such criticism should be acter, team piny and thnt intangible asset conditions Improved. This has been Mo/cklnaa spoiled."—New York Times. Island conference last ceived In the Jungles of Guadalcanal, Red Bank Register, by tho past reluctanco of week. Included especially were Govaccuracy and fairness. One government ngeiicy Culled "Yankee ingenuity" which the Germans Illustrated or the frozen mountains of Attu, do* Congress to permit even scheduled ernor Earl Warren of California and Red Bank, N. J. nated byaho people of Red Bank, Dear Sirs: which has been in dm pulilic eye and.Has been and Japs nre well aware of by this time. increases. The soundness of the Governor Raymond E, Baldwin ot PUIXET LOSSES. you will proudly say, "I am glad to whole social security program may This Is rather a long range request criticized probiiJily more (him any other govsay, that I contributed to that solMany a yonrigman fighting in the Solobe endangered If It it converted into Connecticut. , .'. Governor Dewey of : housing of pullets each fall dier's happiness, and to the happi- but I sincerely hope that It can pi eminent body in recent months i« the Office inons, in Alaska and in Italy and.over Europe a mechanism to Implement a fiscal New York, who has been pretty well Is The complied with. A fellow soldier ol * often followed by" losses from so- ness of others." out In the lead and Governor Brlcker mine by the name of Kldon J. Mount designed to stabilize the econ- of Ohio, who has been watched care- called "blow-outs" or prolapsls of tha of Price AdmiiuKlnitioii. has relied on thoBe faculties sharpened by hiB policy As I am writing this, I have bofore Is desirous of tracing some ot his omy.—New York Times. oviduct and pick-outs, Contrdry to mo a copy of your odltorial of July ancostry, some of whom originally fully. . . . experience on the gridjron to pull him through And what doi'H.lliL'Ol'A tliink of iliis crit1043, entitled, "Why We Should migrated from Now Jersey to Ohio, To this list could be added such goneral belief this duUculty is not 15, Support tho Amorlcan Legion CigarCART BEFORE HOBSE. iclBin. Tlie answer in in n letter from RnipU tho tough spots. This war is far from being Governors as Saltoiutall it Massa- confined to only heavy layers, but ette Fund." It Is to the critics that ffildon J. Mount lives in Mlamlsburg, Hli father Is Thomas Mount, Stasucn of Minnesota (now according to Richard O. Rico, assist- you have referred to in this editorial Ohio. W. Hnckett, district, director jof-jtlie OPA at won, say our high-ranking officers, and who Unless Congress n c t s l n the mean- chusetts, his uncle, who came from New Jertho Navy), Hlckenloopor of Iowa ant cqunty agricultural agent, may that I make tho abovo plea. The sey, one Andrew Mount, and hl« time, tho social security taxes levied in occur to pullets that have only laid Trenton, to Edvsird Knemlc, president of the knows but that the experience our high school on amounts of tho Individual donations, omployorg and employees to pro- —to mention only tho best 'known. a very f ow eggs. This would lead us New Jersey 1'resn iiKsncintion, in which ho boys acquire in conibnt on tliese sunny Satur- vide old-ago and survivors' benefits In varying dcgroeB theso state load- to beltevo that the real cause may ers have been commanding attonday afternoons niny yet come in handy in the will be doubled oh January 1 next, tlon. . . . havo occurred while tho bird was tho borough, praioed the pupetK (if this state, for "the Blip" available to anyone with .the rate for employer and emgrowing or perhaps duo to Inher' .port they have afforded to tlie war effort on greatest light of nil times. ployee 2 per cont each. This w"l in* This view of tho party's governors itance. Whatever tho causa tho poul- ling 1 docs not exclude consideration of creaso tne yield of theso taxes by trymnn will want to do all within tho borough's woll-known. citizens, tlio home front," The ncwHp.npers, Mr. ITncI am ft resident of Bolford, Middlemore than a billion dollars annually. Mr. Wlllklo aa tho titular head of tha his power to koop down losses from and their honesty and . Integrity Is town township, Monmouth county. kett stnteH, "have reported HCWH of.this abovo reproach, oven by their most Now Jersey, •There will probably bo a move by party today. nnd the uncertain fac- this source. and am a lover of geneHome Nursing Should Be tor of his power as a canndldate a bitter enemy, and my doubts are •agency's office accurately and luive shown a 'aorite members ot Congress to post- second tlmo. Nor does It excludo Chickens, particularly Loghorns, hereby expressed as to whether any ology and historical aooounts In oonfor nnother year, if for no nection with the history of tho state. pone A Popular Red Cross Course ot them can boast of an enemy. Bo •; fair attitude in their editorial comments." longer, the Increase to tho 2 por cont the Influence of Mf. Hoover and Mr. tend to bo nervous and flighty and to' tho abovo mentioned critlca, allow I have spent about sovon years tracbut thero is likely to bo an Landon and of congressional loaders. very often lossos will tako placo af- mo to say, "Instoad of hindering tills ing flvo of my own Immediate fam;'.•• * Mr. Hnckett, continues: "I should he reNext week has been officially, designated rate, —Kansas City Times. ter they have boon frightened. namely, Comptons, Wlllett, equally vigorous attempt, according which will not bring enjoy- ily trees; Bennett 1 i miss if I did not acknowledge the constant in as Red Cross home nursing week, and Redto tho Bun's Washington bureau, to Thoroforo, every precaution should program, and Johnson, and mcnt.(o any bravo soldier, boost It Walling, havo numerous records in connection bo made to maintain quiet In tho '•formation the press IUIH furniNlied the public Cross chapters tlirougluoiit the country will raise tho taxes to five times their LESSON FOB NEW JERSEY. laying house.. Generally, this means by contributing to the fund, which Any Information that will provide more enjoyment U\ one atlvo to any of thoso Although tho present primary cam- following the same routine, from cigarette than any of us hack home , i n essential matters nf-rutioninn'nnd price con mnlce special efforts to enroll men, women and present lovol. also be of great interIt van be argued—aa It surtly will paign across tho HudBon Is dull for day to day arid soolng that thtyblrds can derlvo from an entire carton." trol. ITiiderHtnmlliiB tho difficulties the; induH- Children in home nursing classes. est to mo, bo— that an Increaso In .social se- lack of Intor-porty contests for Gov- ara not unduly dlaturbod. Also, In closing allow mo again, both Your, co-operation in this matter ernor, citizens may UBO the oppori try facefi •with roBpcct to curtailed paper trapof mo tha memIt is the aim of Urn county Red 'Cross curity tnxoa of Homo six billions a tunity to'learn some Instructive facts avoid over-crowding on.that may ln- personally personally and ana In n bohnlf Donnir or mem-' .., h ~ . . i i i . ; . , k : r . i ' j " r Til would serve a useful purpose In orease nsrvouaness. \ piles and rifling'circuliitionH, I appreciate the chapter to have ouo individual in every fam- year the fight against inflation,- slnco It about their state, government In a slncorost thanks for tho abovo men' mornlo builders that wo hava had more thorpURlily the 'HiRiiiflcnnee you Imvc at- ily trained in home miming. Individuals will would drnln off Into tho Federal speech, tho other evening, for ex- It may be found advlBablo to let tloncd odltorial; also tho one In your while In North Africa and tha Sicily tho puliota run outsldo for a fow IsBua of September 23d, tho large adample, Governor xtalnon, who Is not Treasury monoy that would othorcampaign. .After bombing, strafing tached to OPA newn." b(i taught to miiinhdna liualtliy hoUlc and towlso bo available for competitive a candldato this year, rcforrod" to hours each day. This -will allow vortlsemont that you lnsorted free ot and fighting subsides ws have noth!'• Now«piiper« Imvc waved the government a glvu simple nursing care, thereby relieving spandlng. What la overlooked In th 0 Stnte'n inch of a LleutcnnnUGov- thorn a chance to pick up some green charge In another Issuo, the labels ing to fall back on but lottera and food and temporarily give them more that you so kindly donated Irco, and papers from home. The Sicilian camornor as n possible. Rource of trouble. such an argument' is that If taxes •'treinehdoiiH amount of expeiwe and extra work niuiiy. dSctom and mirnefl. thg many kind words that you have at this high level were enacted,and An emergency would put Into the room. Darkened neats may prove spoken In favor of this worthy causes paign Is over—It was a groat fight iilMUldl^ing.rat.ion point values. Thm is only lovlod Iho social «oourlty

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