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MIDDLESEX TOWNSHIP “Recreation Building” RULES AND REGULATIONS Location The Recreation Building is located at 50 Beagle Club Road in Carlisle. Security Deposit A $75.00 refundable security deposit is required when using the facility by all groups or individuals. This security deposit MUST BE SUBMITTED with the application and rental fee. Cancellations 

All rental fees and security deposits will be refunded for reservations cancelled at least 3 weeks (15-21 days or more) prior to a scheduled event.

A 50% refund of fees and deposits will be given for reservations cancelled between 8 and 14 days prior to a scheduled event.

No refund of fees or security or security deposits will be given for reservations cancelled 7 days or less prior to a scheduled event except in emergency situations with the approval of the Township Manager or Recreation Director.

Key Pick-Up 

The key to the Recreation building may be picked up Monday through Friday during the week of the rental between 8am-4pm (unless otherwise noted on your rental form) at the Township Office Building, 350 N Middlesex Road, Carlisle, PA. Keys must be returned to the Township Office within 72 hours following your event, unless prior approval is granted from the Recreation Director. If the keys are not returned in that time frame, your deposit will not be returned.

You may enter the “Recreation” Building at 7:00am on the day of your event, unless there is an event prior to yours. You must be out of the Recreation Building by 11:00pm.

Representative’s Name 

The Representatives listed on the rental application form, must be in attendance at the event.

Disc Jockey 

Disc Jockeys and amplified music are permitted with prior permission by the Recreation Director. Disc Jockey / Music must be at a reasonable level and must end by 10:00 pm.

Decoration and Clean-Up 

All decorations must be removed immediately after the event. Please do not attach decorations to the walls or doors. No nails, tacks, tape of any kind should be used. PLEASE DO NOT USE GLITTER OR CONFETTI.

All trash and paper must be gathered and placed in the proper container. ALL TRASH MUST BE REMOVED FROM BUILDING AND PLACED IN DUMPSTER LOCATED OUTSIDE. The dumpster is located by the stone parking lot closest to the playground/splash pad.

Cleaning should include, but not be limited to: sweeping, table/chairs returned to proper place, decorations removed and bathrooms left in a reasonable condition. Should the Recreation Building not be left in a clean condition, you deposit will be kept.

Revised 5/20/2011

Security Deposit Refund 

Security Deposit will NOT be refunded to the applicant if any of the following conditions occur: 1. Any damage occurs to the facility during the time of the event as determined by the Township Manager, Recreation Director. 2. The Recreation Building is not restored to the condition in which it was found prior to your event. 3. Additional costs may be assessed if repair or replacement exceeds the security deposit.

Any person/persons violating any of the Rules and regulations may be asked to leave the Township property by the Township Police or other Township official in charge.

I understand as the Representative I am responsible for adherence to these rules and regulations and the condition of the Recreation Building and any damages to it. I have read and understand the rules and regulations governing the use of the “Recreation Building” at the Middlesex Township Park and I agree to comply with all the requirements as stated. I agree to assume all responsibility for any damages incurred beyond normal wear and tear and also assume all liability for personal damages or injuries incurred through use of the facility and relieve Middlesex Township and its officials of any responsibility for such activities. SIGNATURE: __________________________________ Print Name: _________________________________________

Revised 5/20/2011

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Revel Casino Phone Number

MIDDLESEX TOWNSHIP “Recreation Building” RULES AND REGULATIONS Location The Recreation Building is located at 50 Beagle Club Road in Carlisle. Securit...

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