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VOL 96 NO. 83


RED BANK-MIDDLETOWN, N.J. MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1973 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiHniiiiimiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiMiiiHtiii

Egypt, Israel Accept Cease-Fire Call American resolution worked out by Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger and Soviet Communist-party chief Leonid I. Brezhnev in Moscow during the weekend.

By The Anedated Press

durable peace in the Middle East." The U.N. Security Council The 1967 resolution calls for called in (or an in-place ceaseIsrael to withdraw to "secure fire in the fourth Arab-Israeli boundaries" from the Arab war by 12:52 p.m. EDT today, territories tt occupied in the and both Israel and Egypt 1967 war. The Arabs contend said they would heed the ' In addition to a halt in the that this means a withdrawal council's call. fighting, the resolution calls from all occupied territory, There was no immediate re- on the Arabs and Israelis for while the Israelis have made sponse from Syria, but It was an immediate start toward clear that they intend to hold assumed that it would follow implementation of the 1987on to certain areas thai they the Egyptian lead. council resolution on the consider necessary to give The council at a late-night Middle East and immediate them secure boundaries. meeting adopted a Soviet- negotiations for a "just and The council action came af-

ter another day of hard tank fighting on both sides or the Suez Canal and a Syrian report that Israel was trying to expand its lines in Syria to the Lebanese border, Israeli officers claimed that their forces in the 17 days of fighting had taken 775 more square miles of Arab territory, including 475 square miles on the west bank of the Suez Canal and 300 square miles in Syria. They said that their army had given up only

a strip two to four miles wide along the east bank of the canal. The Israelis claimed that their bridgehead on the west bank of the canal was 19 miles deep and 25 miles wide and that their forces destroyed 60 Egyptian tanks and 32 Arab planes in fighting on both sides of the canal yesterday. Egypt reported "the largest and most violent" battles, claimed its forces "repelled a number of enemy counter-

attacks and gained fresh tracts of land east of the canal," and estimated Israeli losses in the fighting yes-. terday at 70 tanks, 40 halftracks, 13 planes and 12 helicopters. On the northern front of the fourth Arab-Israeli war, Syria said its forces were battling an Israeli force that made an airborne landing yesterday afternoon on Mt. Hermon, on the border between Syria and

Lebanon west of the previous the United States continued Israeli penetration into Syria. with Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar The Syrians also reported and Bahrain announcing they tank and artillery battles on were cutting off oil shipments the main front southwest of to the United States because Damascus and said their of its support of Israel. This forces knocked out a total of brought to eight the total of about 30 tanks, six bulldozers, Arab oil producers banning three copters and II planes. exports to the United States. Iraq also announced that it Israeli communiques said nothing about the Syrian front had nationalized Royal Dutch except to report 12 Syrian Shell's 23.75 per cent holding planes and three helicopters in the Basrah Petroleum Co. because of the Netherlands' downed. The Arab oil war against support of Israel.

Impeachment Talk Mounts InNixon Firings Aftermath WASHINGTON (AP) - Im- ternative a few days ago, is the weekend firing of special recordings authenticated by a peachment of the President, suddenly a war cry for some Watergate prosecutor Archi- senior senator. It was that plan that precipan almost unthinkable al- and on the lips of many alffF baWCox. Members of Congress, away itated the latest Watergate from Washington for the Vet-. crisis when special prosecutor erans Day holiday, expressed Archibald Cox rejected it, shock and dismay at the ra- saying a summary could not pid-fire developments that left be used as evidence in court President Nixon in legal limbo and his acceptance would and the attorney general and block further efforts to obtain White House documents he his deputy out of their jobs. needs to make his case. At least 28 members of the Richardson Quits House, where impeachment President Nixon then orproceedings must begin, supdered Attorney General Elliot ported initiation of steps to reL. Richardson to fire his spemove Nixon from office. Most cial prosecutor, and Richardwere liberal Democrats, but son resigned rather than comdozens of others in both House ply. The job fell to Richardand Senate, including some son's deputy, William D. ranking Republicans, said imRuckelshaus, who also repeachment would now be givfused and was fired. en serious consideration. Solicitor General Robert H. Action Tomorrow Bork. No. 3 in command at The first -formal steps are the Justice Department, thus expected to come tomorrow became acting attorney genwhen Congress returns from eral and fired Cox. The Wathe long weekend. Several imtergate special prosecution peachment resolutions are force was dissolved. likely to be introduced, and Nixon is under federal court Chairman Peter W. Rodino order to surrender the tapes Jr. of the House Judiciary to U.S. District Judge John J. Committee will be asked to Sirica for the judge's inlaunch an inquiry to deterspection and decision on mine if grounds for impeachwhether to turn them over to ment exist. a grand jury as evidence. SiWhite House aides Melvin rica's order was upheld by the GONE FISHING - William Ruckelshaus, who R. Laird and J. Fred Buz- U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, was fired as deputy attorney general by President hardt sought to dismiss the and Nixon declined to seek a Nixon Saturday night, holds one of the bluefish he talk, predicting that Congress Supreme Court review before caught yesterday during a day of fishing on would await the outcome of a the order went into effect at Chesapeake Boy near Deale, Md. Ruckelshaus White House compromise plan the end of the week. was fired after he refused to fire Archibald Cox as to release partial transcripts Sirica, who is out of the city Watergate special prosecutor. of Watergate-related tape until tomorrow, directed his

staff to research alternatives for his next step, which could include holding the President in contempt of court. ' Meanwhile, a spokesman for Cox's 80-member special prosecution force, announced that the team was determined * to carry on under the mantle of the Justice Department and would show up for work tomorrow without Cox. But whether the force will be allowed to remain apparently is up to Bork, who is to announce the future of the Watergate probe tomorrow. There were reports of possible mass resignations at the shaken Justice Department Outside of government, AFL-CIO President George Meany was reported ready to demand the President's resignation or impeachment and seek support from leaders of his 13.4-million-member. unions for a congressional lobbying campaign. The Ripon Society, an organization of liberal Republicans which supported Nixon in his 1968 and 1972 presidential campaigns, called for immediate commencement of impeachment proceedings. The president of the American Bar Association. Chesterfield Smith, urged Congress to re-establish the office of special prosecutor. Sen. Sam J. Ervin Jr., D-N.C, chairman of the Senate WaSee Impeachment, Page 2

PROUD MARCHERS - Members of New Jersey Naval Brigade, Sth Batalllon of Union Beach, joined two-mile-long parade yesterday co-sponsored by Middletown VFW Post and Middletown Township Committee for 16th annual Veterans Day parade. They were-part of large contingent of marchers which included 100 Legionnaires of Verdun No. 4 Branch of Canadian Legion, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, military groups, high school bands and local fire companies, first aid squads and police department. Ft. Monmouth Signal School and Electronics Brigade were also represented. Middletown hosted Canadian Legionnaires for second successive year and received friendship cup from vlsitiors. Traffic was directed by Middletown volunteer police reserve unit.

Judge IsTape Crisis' Unpredictable Factor

WASHINGTON (AP) - The* Watergate trial judge, whose search for the truth about the bizarre burglary helped expose the cover-up, looms as a major unpredictable factor in President Nixon's moves to end the White House tapes controversy. U.S. District Judge John J. Sirica ordered the President on Aug. 29 to give him the tapes subpoenaed by special Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox. ' "Beyond that, we will con- saying: "We won't have anyMOSCOW (AP) - Secretary by the United States and the said in a statement at the airThe U.S. Court of Appeals port. of State Henry A. Kissinger Soviet Union." tribute to a solution of the thing on that." upheld the decision and gave He voiced hope that "we conditions that brought about He was seen off by Foreign Nixon until last Friday to left Moscow today, and the It was all very reminiscent Minister Andrei C.romyko, obey White House announced that of last winter, when Kissinger have made a contribution to the hostilities," he said. who would not comment on en route back to Washington and I,e Due Tho of North Viet- ending the hostilities in the But the President refused. he would stop in Israel to dis- nam would negotiate cease- •Middle East" and said: "We Asked about the possibility the talks. "I think the secre- Instead, he offered a sumcuss the U. N. cease-fire reso- fire terms for the Vietnam expect that the resolution the of joint Soviet-American polic- tary is the guest and he had mary and, when Cox rejected lution he and Soviet Commu- war in Paris and then Kissi- Security Council passed this ing of the cease-fire, Kissi- the privilege of saying some- the compromise, Nixon fired nist party chief Leonid I. nger would fly to Saigon to try morning will be implemented. nger declined to comment, thing." Uromyko said. him. Brezhnev worked out. to sell them to President The resolution, adopted by Nguyen Van Thleu. That efthe Security Council early fort won the 1973 Nobel Peace today, calls for a cease-fire at Prize for Kissinger and Tho. Kissinger said as he left 12:49 p.m. EDT today, a start toward Israel's withdrawal Moscow that his two days of from Arab territories It occu- talks with the Kremlin leaders pied in the 1967 war and nego- "will contribute to peace in tiations to bring peace to the the world in general and to a Middle East. further improvement of SoThe White House said Kissi- viet-American relations." nger was flying to Israel "in "We have completed two connection with the current days of very extensive, very efforts to end the hostilities constructive, very fruitful and to hasten the full imple- conversations which were mentation of the Security conducted in a cordial and Council resolution submitted warm atmosphere," Kissinger

Kissinger Leaves Moscow for Israel


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But that court order remains in force, with the President, in Cox's words, "in noncompliance." Sirica was out of town for the three-day holiday weekend and not due back in his office until Tuesday. But he called his senior clerk and told him to research all possible approaches to the situation. J. Fred Buzhardt, White House special counsel, said yesterday that the President's lawyers would go to court, possibly tomorrow, to propose a resolution of the crisis. Obviously, the White House proposal will center on the President's plan to prepare a summary of the Watergate portions of the tapes and have it verified by Sen. John C. Stennis, D-Miss., who would be given complete access to


Gyp' DeCarlo Dies

MOUNTAINSIDK ( A P ) Angelo "Gyp" DeCarlo, the reputed Mafioso whose 12year extortion sentence was commuted by President Nixon last year because he was suffering from terminal cancer, died at his home here Saturday. He was 71 DeCarlo was pronounced dead by Dr. Joseph Fcraldo, who had been treating him for nietastatic spreading cancer, according to the Union County medical examiner's office. DtCtrto was the lubjed of s t a t e and f e d e r a l investigations i.f Mafia activi ties, lie was sent to prison anil fined 130,000 fOT MtOfilon in 1970

Nlxon'a orders ng DeCarlo Irani prlnon last war prompted separate inquiries liv tin- New Stale Commit8lon of Investigation and Iht U S llenlti permanenl inveiti •ubcommltttc headed b Henry Jickion, n Wa AT T H I RACES — Flying hooves and bright racing silks against a background of fall foliage typify the color and excitement of the Monmouth County Hunt Race Meet,«43rd edition of which was staged at Mlddletown's Woodland Farm Saturday before

a crowd of 8,000 spectators. Here the early leaders take the first hurdle In the first race of the day, The Holmdel (Story and photo* on page 15; race results, page 13.) • n u l l ' Halt fhtl« HI Oun l o t *

the disputed recordings. The President said the summary would be given to Sirica and also to the Senate Watergate committee. But would such an arrangement satisfy Sirica, who earned the nickname "Maximum John" from the tough sentences he meted out in criminal cases? "I was not satisfied during • the trial . . . and I'm still not satisfied that all the pertinent facts that might be available have been brought out," Sirica said last February when he set bond for convicted conspirators James W. McCord Jr. and G. Gordon Liddy. During the trial, Sirica frequently took over questioning of witnesses when he wasn't satisfied that government prosecutors were getting the whole story.

F.xercltr-Dunn1 I

u, i n i • :» in Broad Red Bank Maureen Deiikln 191 l\d\ I

DeCarlo was convicted with Daniel "Red" C'eiere of att e m p t i n g to c o l l e c t extortionate loans from Newark insurance broker Louis Saperstein. Saperstein later died in a hospital of a mysterious arsenic poisoning, Cccere is still in jail. On AUK 24. DeCarlo was rolled into court on a stretcher and ordered to pay the $20,000 fine within two months or be returned to prison When questioned In I he jud^e about the fine, the reputed Mafia lieutenant said from the stretcher. "1 understood that when i cams out the fine was Included " Although DeCarlo claimed he didn't have the money to pay the fine, the flrsl In •tallmenl was paid a week lal ordered bj the court. Save Hun Cleaning Cash ,inil Carry Bhehadl, 8c> «; i rt. Shrewsliui >

| \iK )

I will not be responsible fur any delils other than con-

(iary Aie \ e w ShII si I

The Daily Register, Red Bank-Mlddietown, N.J. Monday, October 22,1173

m Byrne Outlines Q In Deal Club Speech

Impeaehmen t Talk Mounts in Capitol


y 1

• ; ' "

(Continued) tergate committee, and Sen. Adlai E. Sleveftson 3rd, D-lll., said they were in favor DJ such legislation. Two experts in (he field of legal evidence said summaries would not be accepted in court as evidence in pnisecutions Abraham Goldstein, dean of the Yale Law School, and Harold Korn of Columbia Law School said they would be inadmissible. Across the nation, calls for impeachment mingled with

Patrolman Is Cleared Of 3 Charges

cries of amazement in an emotional outpouring of reaction from Americans. Switchboardsyal Western union offices arib local newspapers started blinking within minutes of Nixon's announcement that Cox had been fired. And, outside the White House, the normal weekend' quiet was shattered by motorists spontaneously demonstrating their support of sidewalk pickets who flashed placards reading "Honk for Impeachment'" Republican state chairmen around the country expressed surprise at Nixon's abrupt actions but were cautious about impeachment. Predictably, their Democratic counterparts were more outspokenly opposed to Nixon, and several urged Congress to move toward Nixon's removal. The embattled President, found some support among the GOP minority in Congress, but the. more general reaction was shock and even alarm. Vice President-designate Gerald R. Kord, his own confirmation suddenly cast in a shadow, expressed support for the President and said he hoped the l a t e s t c r i s i s wouldn't affect House and Senate hearings on his nomination.

NEW SHREWSBURY Borough Patrolman David Jordan is back at work today after having been cleared of •' - three charges following u *••'•• three-day departmental hear: ing by the Borough Council. Patrolman Jordan had been, '• charged with conduct unbe' coming an officer; neglect of J -duty, and committing an indecent act with a person under investigation. He had been suspended from the 14-member force since Sept. 19, four days after Mrs. S h i r l e y Gorham of Grand Ave., Long Branch, charged the patrolman had molested her. The charges were filed by Chief James A. Herring. Milton Mausner represented the borough, and Patrolman JorNEW BRUNSWICK (AP) dan was represented by Ed- Democratic ' gubernatorial ward A. Wise or Red Bank! candidate Brendan T. Byrne Mrs. Gorham contended is leading his Republican opthat Patrolman Jordan had ponent, Charles W. Sandman stopped her around 3 a.m. on Jr., by at least 20 percentage Shafto Road to check her points, according to the latest car's lights. She said the pa- poll by the Eagleton Institute trolman forced her into a sex of Rutgers University. act. The poll gave Byrne 47 per Patrolman Jordan denied the charge and said Mrs. Gor- cent and Sandmln 27 per cent ham had got into the police of the votes, but indicated car without being asked. He that" 26 per cent of those said he warned her that her polled had still not made a left rear directional light choice between the candidates. wasn't working. Following the hearing, MayThe poll was conducted beor Robert F. Henck said he tween Oct. 5 and 13. hopes there will be changes in Byrne was favored by 70 police procedure to make sure all aspects of investigations per cent of the Democrats and Sandman 11 per cent, while 19 are properly recorded. Chief Herring said he ex- per cent of the Democratic pects to meet soon with the vote was yet undecided. RePolice Committee to deter- publicans support Sandman mine what measures can be by a £4-20 per cent margin, taken to upgrade police oper- with 16 per cent of Ihe vote undecided. ations.


Reflttet IMH M W

TOGETHERNESS — Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Brendan T. Byrne, second from left, meets with two of his Republican supporters after a speech Friday at the Deal Golf & Country Club. Third from left is GOP state Sen. John Brown of Ocean County, and at right is Eatontown Mayor Herbert Werner, also a Republican. Both men have said they cannot support the candidacy of GOP gubernatorial candidate Charles W. Sandman Jr. At left is Rep. James J^Howard, Mohmouth Couhty's sixterm Democratic congressman.

Ex-Gov. Hughes Scores Sandman's Candidacy

Poll Shows Byrne Lead

SPRING LAKE HEIGHTS — Former Democratic Gov. Richard J. Hughes said the election of Republican gubernatorial candidate Charles W. Sandman "will make New Jersey the laughing stock of the nation." "If this candidate is elected," he told more than 400 Democrats here Friday, "he will ruin .education in New Jersey, he will ruin our environment, and he'll be the ruination of the,entire state." Gov. Hughes along with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brendan T. Byrne and Rep. James J. Howard, D-N.J., shared the speaking duties at the annual Monmouth County Democratic Executive Committee finance dinner. The roast beef was $50 a plate. "I think half the Republicans in New Jersey will vote for Brendan Byrne," Mr. Hughes said, "because they can't stomach Sandman. The people won't go tor an extremist lie said Mr. Sandman "is a man who talks out both sides of his mouth. He's a cross between Damon Runyon and Willie Sutton.

Ocean Wants State To Lift Sewer Ban OCEAN TOWNSHIP - The Sewerage Authority has asked Richard Sullivan, state Commissioner of Environmental Protection, to rescind an order banning new sewer hookups here until the treatment plant is enlarged. #The state agency halted plans to connect the 18-house Bess-Kir subdivision at Deal and Monmouth Roads along with any other new applications since Aug. 15. The plant's daily operating capacity is set at 3 million gallons. Commissioner Sullivan said plant records indicate that the daily flow exceeds the limit. Albert Schwartz, authority secretary, said that the limit was exceeded during wet spring weather. He claims the plant's capacity is 5 million

"1 had a bad opinion of him (Mr. Sandman) when I left the governor's office," Mr. Hughes siud. "and now that I have checked his record, I gallons per day. The limit set have a doubly bad opinion." by state standards, he said, is Mr. Byrne, for the first time far below the unit's capabi- in a major campaign appearlity. ance in Monmouth County, Charles J. Kupper. author- didn't talk about the issues. ity engineer, told CommisInstead he praised the counsioner Sullivan that surface water being fed into the sani- ty and local Democratic cantary sewer system also hikes didates and said he was the daily flow. He said the "proud to be part of the Democratic team." sources of surface waters will be sought out and corrected and that a program to up- "C want to stress," he said, grade the plant will get under- "that I'm running for governor as a team player The way soon. only thing you can do in politics by yourself is to lose." He predicted again he would carry Monmouth County and by a large margin.

4 Candidates To Air Views On Kenewal

OCEANPORT - All four candidates for Borough Council have been invited to •present their views on urban renewal at a meeting Of the Project Area Committee (I'AC) u! Sltll o'clock tonight V. A T O N T O W N - Three per- at the Oceanport Kirehouse Mjns, including two police deThe Republican candidates, t e c t i v e s r e c e i v e d minor in- incumbent Councilman Clejuries Friday night in ;i twoment Sommers and Herbert car accident outside police Coiyer, are wing with Demoheadquarters ITall Waller Karas and WalPolice siiid ;i far driven by ler Piracy for two vacancies 17-year-old Betty Jones of •).' on the council The. seats are Shorebrook Drive, Neptune, now held by Mr Summers and collided with a police car as it liv Councilman Holier! .1. 01was turning into the munici- sen. a Republican, who is not pal parking lot seeking reelection ' The two detectives, John After ihe four candidates imc and Thomas Stone- have made ,\ (ornial presentaham, were treated and re- tion of their views, they will leased ill MonmoilUl Medical IM1 open to questions from ihe Center, Long Branch Miss audience, Recording to the was treated il Patter- i'\i' program ion \rmy Hospital. Ft MoriPAC is an organization mouth made up ol i esldenl > and Tin' l e i Ident i s still under businessmen In Ihe borough's investigation Urban renewal at

Three Injured In 2-Car Crash


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i"iiitiii r o w

iiniiy and continued mild High in the low PI

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bridge, add iwo Hrighl dcdui'l la nilnuli i; Lung Branch deduct It nun


Sandy Honk Ilighlnnds i.M.irr ll|gh < I'M1 hi l l l u h n "• inimili"

,,iiii i n

FREEHOLD - Superior Court Judge Merritt Lane Jr. has ruled that Marlboro failed to establish newly discovered evidence to warrant giving the township another chance to stop a property owner from operating a junkyard. Judge Lane said the evidence the township, offered could not be described as newly discovered evidence, noting that the township offered various township zoning ordinances and reports from township officials. If the township had exercised due diligence at the time of the first hearing, this evidence could have been introduced then, he said.

A LIGHT MOMENT — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brendan T. Byrne is shown during one of the lighter moments of his speech Friday before more tha/i 400 Democrats at the annual AAonmouth County Democratic finance dinner in the Spring Lake Golf & Country Club. From the left, seated, are Rep. James J. Howard, D-N.J.. and former Demnrrntir Gov. Richard J. Hughes, sporting what he called "my vacation mustache." Behind the ex-governor is state Democratic Committeeman Paul Klernan.

May 3 that the township had failed to show that the nonconforming use of a junkyard off Tyler Road was abandoned. Marlboro had sought to stop John Sevafc from using his prdperty as a Junkyard. Mr. Sevak commenced litigation and obtained a favorable ruling from the court. After Judge Lane's May J ruling, the township appealed to the Appellate Division of Superior Court and that court remanded the matter so the township could file a motion for relief on the ground of ob-' taming newly discovered evidence. Litigation must end at some point, said Judge Lane, adding that it.would be unfair to allow the municipality to have two chances. By no stretch of the imagination has the township made out a case, ruled Judge Lane.

SPRING LAKE HEIGHTS - The Monmouth County Planning Board next year is expected to complete a plan for the integration and coordination of all forms of mass transportation operating In the county. E. Donald Sterner, board chairman, made the announcement at the board's 20th annual conference and dinner at Doolan's Motor Lodge here. Mr. Sterner said preliminary work on t h e transportation program is being conducted - through formal participation in the state Department of Transportation's two-year Mass Transportation Needs Study.

"As soon as the state's portion of the study is completed, our staff will build on that study and develop a detailed county plan," Mr. Sterner said. The chairman also said the staff will work with the county's consulting engineer on an updated countywide solid waste management plan.-

(iirl Seoul* I KEANSBURG - F o u r t h , fifth and sixth-grade girls may sign up for Girl Scout Troop 638 tomorrow in the cafeteria of Keansburg Grammar School. Registration is from 2 until 4:30 p.m. Girls 9, 10 and 11 years old are eligible.

Man Enters Innocent Plea To 29-Count Indictment Gain more leisure time,

COUrl .Indue M

David Anthony of .'I Jetei

a in anil f, | ] p in and low I:' (Hi a MI and 13 J2p.m > " i Keil Hank anil Id

He appeared also at a senior citizens really in Bradley Beach, a headquarters opening in Long Branch, and a tour of Midland Glass in Matawan Township, before attending the annual Democratic $50-aplate fund raising dinner that night at the Spring Lake Golf 4 Country Club.

Marlboro Loses Bid To Close Junkyard

R*tlM*r IWI Mwt.

lortd Mctiowa'n sel bail at W,000for U i t i m o w . *

In Long B r a n c h , yest e r d a y ' , high temperature was M I and ihe i"« 11 tie

several campaign stops he made in Monmouth County during the day.

County Is Preparing Transportation Plan

FREEHOLD - Raymond Laltimore has pleaded innocent to a 29-count indictment which charges him with robbing an employe and six patrons of Mary Anne's Tavern, Rt. 5117. Colts Neck, July 29 at gunpoint. Lattimore was one of four men indicted on the charges The others were not arraigned Friday No address is available for Lattimore. The indictment charge! l.attrmorc with robbing John Bennett, tavern employe of $396.50; Harold Park, 97 Hockhock son Road, New Shrewsbury, $140; John Ben"We have worked hard in nett of Gravel Hill Road, Monmouth. " Mr. Byrne said, Freehold of $12(1; Donald and "and we will carry this county Marge Messier of Woodsend because we have exhibited the Road, Colts Neck of $30 each; concern for the problems that Eugene Szalanklewicz ol Hi. has gained us the confidence 34, Colls Neck, of $12 and Paul of the people." Itunge of Muhlcnhnnk Road, Colts Neck, of an unknown Mr. Byrne warned the amount of money. Democrats thai they must Ix1 He also is charged with on the lookout for "irreiDOS: silile attacks" from the Re- committing an assault upon Mr Messier and Mr Szlanpublicans. klewlci with Intent to kill; "] have already lieen told committing assault with a that this will be Ihe case In revolver upon Mr S/lankiewIhe final days ol Ihe election " lot, Mr Park, Mr Bennett, Mr and Mrs Donald Messier. lledidn t elaborate Mi Howard stressed Ihe Mr Runge, -lack Tashen of 46 need for brinnin^ mil Ihe vote Hudson St . Freehold and on election day saymn thai Charles Howard. .7 A\e (', apathy should be the Demo- Freehold Also, committing assault crat'! biggest concern with intent lo rob II|MIII Mr He said a light vote on olec lion day will only serve the in- Szlanklewlcz, Mr Park. Mr Bennett. Mr and Mrs Mesleresis ol the Republicans, sier. Mr Runge, Mr Tashen John J Florfno, county and Mr Howard, committing Democratic chairman, said -an atrocious assault and lint more than 425 tickets for the lery upon Mr S/lankicwuv 111• Iri(• i were io|d making il and Mr Messier*, and entering the must successful "f Ihe in the tavern without breaking nual a11.i11. with intent to rob

Weather: Sunny, Mild

He also pledged as governor to travel in the state to where the problems are. "1 don't think you can be an effective governor unless you know first hand what the problems really are," he said. "My administration," he said, "will be responsive to the people it serves." Mr. Byrne's appearance at the monthly meeting of the Monmouth Ocean Development Council wasyone of

MarltJbro was seeking to either have the matter remanded to the Zoning Board of Adjustment or to have the earlier court judgment dismissed. Judge Lane had ruled


Bunny anil mild today, hi^li around 70 Clew tODsJhi patchy fm; developing during the early morning hours Low m the Ms Inland

DEAL - Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brendan T. Byrne says his one objective in seeking the governor's office is "to make New Jersey state government work." ' And, Mr. Byrne said, his first target will be the Depart-_ merit of Environmental Protection. In a speech before ISO persons at the Deal Golf & Country Club Friday, Mr. Byrne said the environmental protection agency isn't responding to the many applications it is receiving. He said he wants the department to strive for a "balance between progress and maintaining a decent environment." Mr. Byrne said the department should speed up the processing of applications for construction to the point that every application would be processed within three months Among those applications, he added, "will not be one for an offshore oil port." Mr. Byrne also pledged to meet on a regular basis with New Jersey's 15-member congressional delegation saying "there is a real need for a coordinated, cooperative effort between Trenton and Washington to resolve the state's pressing needs."

si . Cllffwood, has denied breaking Into Ihe home »f Mr and Mrs Uoosevell Bethunc, 30 LlnCOlfl Ave . flifhvood. June 23 ind • leli -I valued al I'-'IMI

: K) denied ipd |61 tt check In ihe Mat*

wan office of Franklin' State Manalapan police Sgt. RichBank May 22 and allegedly ard Kirk and Patrolman Robthereby obtaining the money ert Fausak March 7 in Manalapan. under false pretenses Joseph T. Ne2goda, 23. of CarJames Acker Jr., of 115 Maple Ave., Fair Haven, de- tcret pleaded innocent by nied issuing a forged loan ap- mail to charges of possessing plication to Beneficial Fi- a credit car allegedly stolen nance Co., 713 Cookman Ave , from Charles Robinson, no adAsbury Park, by allegedly dress available, June 2, atfalsely signing his parent's tempting to use the credit card names names as cosigners to defraud the Plum Tree, Eaand obtaining $1,000 under tontown, and possessing a legend of drug. false pretenses Aug. 4, 1972. Daniel J. Brennan 19, of 605 Frank J. Vitola Jr., 20, of Sixth Ave., Asbury Park, and Rivington Ave., and James W. Clare Witterschein, 18, of 106 Chasey, 19, of 67 ThroekmorLake Shore Drive, Middle- ton S t . , both West Long town, denied possessing mari- Branch, have denied robbing juana May 6 in. Red Bank. an employe of the Community Clare Wilterscheln also de- T h e a t e r , F.atontown, of nied possessing marijuana $1,200 Nov. 19. with intent to distribute. Neil Lucas, 21. or 1023 Jerry K. Goad, 26. of 35 Locust Ave., Red Bank, pleaded B r o a d w a y , West Long innocent by mail to a charge Branch, pleaded innocent by of possessing a rifle without a mail to charges of fraudulently permit in a c;rr March 3 in procuring a credit car from Abraham and Straus Co.. llazlet , Frank A. La Rue. 35, of 10 Brooklyn, by allegedly using Second St., Highlands, denied the references of another perthree counts of open lewdness. son Dec. 2, 1971, in West Long June 5, Oct. 19. 1972 and Oct. Branch. Arthur Slover of Highland 23, 1972. in Red Bank Robert Yanccv. 21, of Coun- Lakes has denied impairing ty Road (22, Freehold, denied the morals of a four-year-old (urging a bank check foe boy during September, 1972, in $178.46 belonging to Mr. and Ml'ddletown Mrs. Frank Warner. 1 Tyson LEGAL NOTICE l.ane. Freehold, and issuing PUBLIC N O T I C I that check to Central Jersey Tofce notice mot the Board of Ad|mt men! of lh« Borough ol Red l a n k ol 111 Hank and Trust Co., Freehold, regular meeting htld on October 10th. (tie variant:*; . plication and attempting to obtain mon- ofIMJ* tapproved W Car 4 T r u t t Rental!. Int., il 11 Shrtwtbury Avtnu*. R M ih,'M.J ey under false pretenses from (or ptrmltilon to contlnui tttt talittnce ot motor wthlcl* ilorogv t t w H ond for the hank May 14. ptrmltilon lo continue Iwo 53 toot wlttf Hughes Darby, «!l, of 1117 drlvfwny* with t ^ r t i t and fngrtm onto Sixth Ave . Long Branch, d« . iROWER Secretory hied threatening to kill Merle Board of Adlutlmenl Borough of fled l e n t v. 127 Grant st, Long Oct. n U j; .Branch, April 23 In Long PUBLIC NO


Take notice that the Board ot Adjuti ment of the Borough of Red Bonk ol thf regular meeting held an Oct 10. H71 ae nled the variance application of Grace I Lawrence. » Wmhlngton StrMt. Red Bank, N.J. tor permliilon lo allow unre toted odulti lipeclflcaliy n u r i . t from Rlverylew Hospital) te e maximum ot »even odullt to leilrte In the prcmlto* In quettlan The variance wot denied l i n e it v>« determined that II would have a detrimental effect upon the area pro pottd and upon the toning ordlnanre and tone plan ot Ihe Borough of Red Bank, Thlt rti*termlnullon hm been tiled In the office of the S e c r e t a r y of Ihe Board ol Adluilment ond U available Jr., it, of N for Inspection BARBARA A BP.OWEH Engllshtown,

Charles B Brantly, 01, of .1 Coral Way. Neptune, denied committing an assault with » upon Oeorga Karavas. ipei Ave , Long Branch, May 15 in Long Branch and liy pistol without a


Floyd A Gofl Wilson \vr . pleaded Innocent by mull to a Ing ai iv.i by

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AteMtural • « • * « « • *»««>y ftucti • W««l» • ft Me»«»utti • Frufield HI. • Long BVanMi II) • M O T m . ' M 1 H « O I F • OMt l».w»»ufy • fe|K Mrs. Raymond Tuttle, matron Debra Thorpe) of honor, and Miss Doreen Bayshore Community Church nlse Crimaldi was flower girl was the setting here Saturday and Michael Govich was the Thorpe. Lou Netta was best man for the marriage of Miss Anna page. Marie Crimaldi, daughter of than and the ushers were Mr. and the ushers were Udo Richard Pasko was best Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. CriKlemm, Alfonso Netta and Hickey, and Richard Brower. maldi Sr., 35 Monmouth man and the ushers were AnDaniel Thorpe. Mrs. Brower was graduated Pkwy., and George J. Govich, thony A. Crimaldi Jr., John from Cedar R i d g e High son of Mr. and Mrs. George R. Govich, Al Scott. Richard School and Is employed by Govich. 45 Hialeah Ave., Mid- Walters and William Walters. The Travelers Insurance Co., dletown. Mr. and Mrs. Govich are' Parlin. The R e v . R i c h a r d R. greduates of Middletown The bridegroom attended EATONTOWN - St. Do- Schwartz, pastor, officiated. Township High School. She is Madison Township-High rothea's Catholic Church was employed at Ft. Monmouth School and Is employed by the setting here Oct. 13, for The bride wore her moth- and Mr. Govich is a television Bradlee's, Hazlet. the marriage of Miss Marga- er's bridal gown. She was at- technician at Hazlet TV SerAfter a wedding trip to the ret Ellen Muller and Ronald tended by Miss Anita Brig- vice. Pocono Mountains, Mr. and James Kranchalk. The Rev. ndla, maid of honor, Mrs. AnMrs. Brower will reside in After a wedding trip to the Michael Vona celebrated the thony A. Crimaldi Jr., Miss Parlin. Nuptial Mass. There was a re- Jean Govich, Miss Darlene Bahamas, the couple will reception in the Molly Pitcher Herr. Miss Sue Birnbaum and side in Keansburg. Inn, Red Bank. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. George E. Muller, 21 Cloverdale Circle, New Shrewsbury, and Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kranchalk of. Rahway. Attending the bride were Bk Miss Jean Ann Linney, maid of honor, Mrs. Jeffrey Greenspan, Mrs. Kevin Macpherson and Miss Debra Lukowitz. Cheryl Ann and Jay Michael Kranchalk were flower girl . and ring bearer. ' Michael Kranchalk was best man and the ushers were Mr. Macpherson, John Muller and Albert Richard Juelis. Mrs. leaaM Kraachatk Mrs. Kranchalk was gradu(The former ated from Monmouth Region»p wir««Mla *M m i l (ram L Margaret Muller) al High School, New ShrewsROYAL WEDDING STAMP — Princess Anne and bury. She and Mr. Kranchalk, Capt. Mark Phillips, photographed by Lord Lita graduate of Holy Trinity chfield, Queen Elizabeth l l ' s cousin, appear on High School, Westfield, are two stamps to be Issued to mark their wedding for alumni of Morris Harvey ColKlov. 14. They are a 3Vjp in violet and 20p in light lege, Charleston. W. Va. He is brown, each with the Queen's head in silver. HOLMDEL - In St. Ben- employed by Cascade Inedict s Catholic Ch" 14"

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charging: "We have installed sewers and changed zoning policies (or the improvement of the township. "Our recreational facilities could be better, but they are certainly much better than they were six years ago under the last Democratic administration." When Mayor Powers said he favored the employment of a full-time recreation director for the township, Mr. Wolfe charged that the recreation director should have already been appointed. "Everything isn't rosy in Matawan," said the Democratic spokesman. "We spend 160,000 a year on recreation. The money is there. We especially need a teen recreation center now. We also need more than pocket parks." • Retorted the Incumbent mayor, "It's amazing that we haven't heard from Mr. Wolfe before this." When a voter in the audience asked Mr. Wolfe where he would locate the teen center he proposed, the Democratic candidate answered, "We have the closed Acme Supermarket in Strathmore.. It's possible that we can rent | It from month to month.11 Mayor Powers announced, "I've investigated the Acme store, too. It has a $55,000 a year rental." After a brief skirmish about the need for a traffic light on Lloyd Road at Cambridge Drive, a question addressed to Councilman Valanzano by a * member of the audience touched off one of the most |. caustic exchanges of the eve-' ning. The questioner asked: "Has the township been paying insurance on the M & T Chemical Company property on Church St.?" The mayor and council voted months ago to condemn the property so it can be acquired as a municipal com' plex to house township offices and public recreational facilities. "We have protected it as far ' as liability and fire," said Mr. Valanzano. Mr. Wolfe argued, "Why do we have insurance on the building in the first place?' Only the land is important. If the building Is destroyed, the land will still be there." The outspoken Democratic candidate opposes plans to, renovate the old M 4 T structure. He favors the construe| tion of a new municipal center on a different site. Mr. Wolfe told The Register that, as far as a new township office complex goes, "The Freneau section Is the key." He also suggested that the police department should use Ihc current township hall as its headquarters. . At that point, he declined further comment on the matter. Mayor Powers refused to comment publicly regarding the M & T controversy "because Ihc condemnation matter is still in litigation." The cost of the M ft T property, according to the mayor, lit approximately $302,000 The Republican incumbent estimated that a final answer from the courts regarding the condemnation action "may take t h r e e or fnur more months." "I'm angry," said Mr. Wolfe In his two minule m n . eluding statement. "I've wailed tor 5Vi years U> sec the Republicans do lornethlng. They haven't dom- anything " He concluded by saying his i nod lor progress while its Republican opponents repfalrc modlo

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12 The Daily Register, Red Bank-Middktown, N.J. Monday, October 22,1973

At the Movies

Television Today

MDtAMK CINf M4 I I I Cloc*wo>« Oroat) l:Mi t: 15 Du«k taw; tally M i l e FleMt II M

New York ChannelH-2.4,5.7,9,11.13 All prommmlnf an these channel! will be luted u Chuuiel 51 unlessi (otherwise " noted. DAYTIME MOVIES »«> S "AaUm't Rib" lOflO f t "Moon Ovar Miami" 100 m "Tsla of Two Citis." 0 "Manila Calllna" 1:00 O "Angel In My Poclwt" 4i30 B "My Favorite Srunatfa" • "Samson and Dalileh" (Par! I) • "Gun lor a Coward"





a o NEWS

"MM-V and Winter Krortt"

0 CELEBRITY BOWLING 01 BLACK PERSPECTIVE O N THE NEWS O HOSPITAL Maater documentarlan Fred Wiseman leads hia well-known investigative cameras Into the Incredible drama of a major city hoapltal. 123) (52) CANDIDATES '73 Tofi*jrnta program features Senate and Assembly rnndldatea campaigning in election district 14. ID CONSULTATION (50) | 5 I | CANDIDATES 73 Tonlght'a program features Senate and Aasembly randldatea campaigning In election dlatrict 40.


"A Hint of Darkntai. A H I M of Light"

0 TAKE I I 0 W H O IS MAN 0 HODGEPODGE LODGE (521 MAN BUILDS. MAN OESTROYS "AH the Fiih in the Pam." The spectacular r l » of Ptm aa a fishing nation 11 examined alone; with the effect of thta burgeoning flatting tnduilry on the country'a environment.


Queer. Lloyd Haynen

10:30 O NEWS



Shop MS; ATLANTIC H I O H L A N D s ••30


a a a a o to NEWS 0 IT TAKES A THIEF "The Susie Simone Caper"


0 Ot THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW 0 DRA6NET A etelewlde search la launched for two doga that have bitten a child who Is allergic to the anll-rablaa serum.



SHMWtlUHY CINCMA I HII 1:N; t.ii; 1:». tfU CINf MA t—

his mother over whether or not he should rentals In the email town or seek tha world out on Ma own. IRI-

(tot (it) (si) N.J. runic MOADCASTINS

NtPTUHiCITYftMutt oni Jell ) 00 Pfaj It Afalr S«m MOPopsfMowiiOS OCIAN TOWHIHI* CIKCLl- . Cop. end Robbsf. I:M; tXl • M HKCHOID









in DELIVERANCE Jesus, portrayed by Ted Neeley IN











"LAUGHS; • II utrr Ihr plan', l.r Scy g*


Rt. 36 & Middle Rd.



| M 0 N

Matawan Rt. 34


-Q«mi Shalll, WNBC-TV g )





• •

Town East



Return Engagement

m a t al An>u,y n.Cirtle Ott.n lo.oih., 774 UIO


to Keypon




Starring Linda Lovelace No one under 18 admitted Proof of Age Will Be Required

Town West

Open Daily from 2 P.M. KARL MALDEN



Lyric ^








DUSTIN HOFFMAN nuin West UUpct Town

OHiK^MfiartbyCMeMATrOfiir.CU'.tHi! , ,

i'. «l F'al>r> A M..|flittuo" b ' i


TOM LAUGHLIN • OEIORES TAYLOR . C ^ * nm mt n*u owtNi • M M * mm MM mn. >**, 1.11 mm


.m. Nov. the way they name their picas an entry trained by Russell on a trophy are held by a half- 3 in the auditorium of the tures — 'Ivan the Terrible dozen stables in the 28 pre- Markham Place School. B. Jones Jr. Part I, Part II.' It seemed The Little Silver PTA is "like a good idea to me." Both Neilson and Jones, vious runnings of the Gold who rode Jacko, held their Cup and by one stable each in sponsoring the event, which is mounts off the pace set by Al- the Hunt and Holmdel Cups. for "children of all ages." The performance, Mr. Ranexandra L. Ilanna's Bam- None of those contenders, di says, "will stress audience however, had an entry in Satboola over almost two miles participation.. .1 promise that of the three-mile contest over urday's events. Mrs. Wright now has had everyone will be surprised." fences. HIGHWAY 35 Tickets will be available at The two moved up together three winners in the four runover the last two of the 21 nings of the Middletown Cup. the door.

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ately to have Brando appear It was reported that he in the sequeL How would that be possible, since Brando as wanted $2 million salary plus Don Corleone died in the first 10 per cent of gross receipts.




LOS ANGELES - On Oct. 1, 1873, a n e * Mafia production began on the shores of Lake Tahoe, where the Sierra scenery combines with the glittering facades of huge gambling casinos.

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I clllS m i



14 , The Dally Register, Red Bapk-MMdletown,' N.J. Monday, October 22, U73

Sandy Hook Legion Post Sets Service ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS — American Legion Sandy Hook Bay Post 141 will conduct a Veterans Day wreathlaying ceremony today at the memorial monument across from the Borough Hall. The post, however, h a s Joined with those in 30 other states to urge the return of Veterans Day to Nov. 11. Harry B. Murtha Jr., new commander, has pledged to follow through, with the new Legion slogan "Stand Up and Be Counted Again." He announced that the next county meeting is scheduled for 8:30 p.m. Nov. 7 at the post home here, Second and Mount avenues. C. Eugene Allen, post and county service officer, announced that a special meeting for service officers of Monmouth and Ocean counties is scheduled for Nov. 15 at New Egypt, Flumsted Township. The post is hoping to buy new flags and is planning two fund-raising events. Emile Bissonnette is chairman of a "trash and treasure" sale and a raffle is being arranged by Mr. Murtha, Mr. Allen, and Al Sahrbeck. Appointed to the past commander's dinner committee were Mr. Allen, Mrs. John Cooper, and Leo Rossi.

Program Volunteers Are Sought MIDDLETOWN - T h e .school district will accept volunteers for the right to read program t o m o r r o w and Wednesday from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Board of Education administration building, 59 Tindali Road. Volunteers who missed the spring workshop and orientation sessions can make them up tomorrow, while those who missed fall orientation may attend Wednesday's meeting. A workshop for new reading tutors and volunteers will take place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Oct. 30 in the New Monmouth School. Robert Andrews, a professor of education at Newark State College, will lead the workshop. Volunteers who wish to improve and acquire additional tutoring skills may attend the Community Evening School from 8 to 10 p.m. in Room 241 in Middletown High School.

. Evaluation Report Set On Program RUMSON — An evaluation report of Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School's Senior Year Alternative Program will be made public at the school's board of education meeting tonight. Dr. John F. Kinncy Jr., school superintendent, is uring p a r e n t s j o attend the meeting to hear the report and express views on the program's future. The presentation will be. made by Dr..Bruce W. Tuckman and Thomas Hill, consultants from Rutgers University, who conducted their study of the senior program earlier this year. . Federally funded and locally directed by Newton Beron, assistant superintendent in charge of curriculum, the pro•gram features modular scheduling, mini-courses, independent study options, group precepts and flexibility of rules. '

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NEW RESEARCH BOOKS RUMSON - Now available i t the Oceanic Library are/ basic r e f e r e n c e books "Moody's Industrial News Kcports" nnd "Moody's Industrial Manual." The library also has the Weekly News deports and Slock Surveys and I hi1 Quarterly Handbook or Common Slocks




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LWV to Have A Coffee Hour MIDDLETOWN - All women interested in promoting effective government are invited to attend the Middlctowri League of Women Voters' Membership CoPfM tomorrow morning. The coffee will benin al 9 30 a.m. at the home of Mrs. Barbara Kelly, 27 Crest Road. Membership in the League of Women Voters is open to all women of voting age. Information is available from Mrs. Barbara Krera. 20 Twin Oaks Ave., New Monmouth.

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Caupan (aaa On. I I Ihru Oct. 17 »nly.

1 o Mater Det's scoring drive break up a pass yesterday afternoon. LaMura iinOtiam, ) I Matted on the Pius 12-yard line couldn't hold onto the ball for an interception of a • M«ii OIKIIIM after But Glow/enskl recovpass Intended for St. Plus X's Tom Laudlno (90), ered a Panzarella fumble. behind LaMura. Pius had another opportunity to score at the outset of way to the Mater Dei 12 in up 102 yards on passes to 29 the p m e after Seraph quar- nine plays before Seraphs' for the Seraphs. Malnnr hii on tOf. n Say terback Skip McLaughlin was Mike ix-Hohbw latched onto a R of 16 flips and was Inter Intercepted on the first play Maltinr HOhnl. snuffing out •repted t w i n Ml Iff Rtl'i wtturn Ditniu from scrimmage by Jim I'ai- t h e Hitr,,i Mrl,Mii|(hlin compli>U!d just '/ ko at the Pius 32. si Plus' superiority in Ins of II and was also intercepted The winners drove all thr air was apparent Plus rfillad twice.

starting to come into its own. Shore way in trouble more than once against the Panthers. The losers recovered a Shore fumble in the first quarter at the Blue Devil 34-yard line, and moved to the three before Dowling was dropped for an eight-yard loss on fourth down. Shore's kicker. Bell, attempted a 43-yard field goal late In the game and almost fooled a lot of people His boot fell just short of its mark. Shore (4-1) Is still unbeaten in the "D" Division. Point Beach, Holmdel and Keyport are the teams standing in the way to a second-straight division crown.

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,088 Mo«l Anwrican Cart Improve «(••

UndyingLion Effort FallsShort RUSSELL

ykJH W



teammates Bill Moran (48) and Dan Trezza (58) BRINGING DOWN A DRAGON — Brick Townalso close in for the kill. ship's Dan AAcCullough (32) is brought down by •.•alii* MXf Photo *t stew cnn Middletown Township's Mike Schmidt (53) as

The Lions roared back and By CHUCK TRIBLEHORN could have managed a tie, but MIDD^ETOWN — Nor- the damage already had been mally, 27 points are enough to done. Brick quarterback Dan win a high; school football Duddy had punched the Midgame. But Saturday's Shore dletown secondary into what Conference " A " Division, resembled a piece of Swiss showdown between Middle- cheese with his passing bultown Township and Brick lets. Township wasn't a normal The Dragons' senior slinger football game, as the 689 net completed 7 of 11 passes for yards, nine touchdowns, M 140 yards and three touchtotal points and final 37-27 downs. He also ran 17 yards score Indicates. for his team's first TD five As a result, a game Middle- minutes after taking the opentown team was left with a 3-2 ing kickoff and directed a record (3-1 in "A") and some ground attack that piled up satisfaction in its neversay- 235 yards. die effort. Unbeaten Brick, "He picked us apart where the divisional leader with four it counted," said Amabile. straight victories and fifth "We knew he could throw, overall this season, extended and he demonstrated it, no t its undefeated streak to 21 in question about that." a row and winning skein to 22 Middletown played without in succession. its stellar two-way senior "What can I say after put- back, Fred Chalmers, recovting 27 points on the board?" ering from a.n injury sussaid losing Lion coach John tained in an auto accident, but Amabile without waiting for junior Tom Keys, his replacean answer. "I give my kids a ment In the offensive backlot of credit. They came back field, carried 13 times for 64 of arid made a game of it."' 'the Lions' 159 rushing yards Amabile was being realistic. and two TD's from short The game wasn't as close as range. the final score indicates, alQuarterback Bruce Abbot though Middletown threw an passed for 155 yards (7 of 12) Uth hour scare into the Green and two touchdowns. Dragons. Brick led, 23-7, at After Duddy's opening TD half time; 29-7 late In the third capped a nine-play, 66-yard period, and 29-13 with only six march, Middletown wasted no minutes left to play. time bouncing back to take its only lead of the game, going 55 yards in just five plays. A 50-yard bomb from Abbot to Don) Picclni put the ball on the Dragon seven and two and found KClA fflUndhimself hllDSelfclear ClMfdown plays later Keys went over the left sideline. from inches. Pete DeNicola's It was not a picture play. placement made it 7-6. The blocking was non-exisMiddletown then halted the tent, and Asbury evidently re- Dragons' ensuing drive at the laxed when he, was apparently five, but Brick salvaged three stopped. points on Tony Aulisi's 22The Bishops' grind-it-out of- yard field goal for a 9-7 lead it fense had produced a touch- never relinquished. down the first time it had the Successive passes from ball. BuUer led them 31 yards Duddy to end Keith Whitaker in 7 plays after a Perry Car- covering 28 and 21 yards, the ter kick had carried only to last of which scored a TD, the Bile 31. Butler went over and Brian Ayers' first of two from the two, and then he also conversion kicks made it 16-7.. kicked the PAT. At that point, Middletown Red Bank then went 57 was still very much In the ball yards in IS plays to tie it. Big game, but the Lions' hopes plays were a 12 yard reverse quickly diminished when Dudby Carter and a fourth down dy hooked up with halfback pass from Chris Ward to Jack Joe Guigliardo for a 40-yard Boyle which carried to the touchdown pass with only 27 Bishop 9. Ward then fired to seconds left before halftime. Boyle again for the TD, and A 43-yard touchdown run by Steve Scoppetuolo converted. Drew DeBendictis widened The Bucaneers scored again the gap to 29-7 in the third peon their next possession. Bob riod. Middletown was down, Tomaino got 24 yards, and but far from out of it. The Lions promptly went 67 Ward rolled out for gains of 13 and 22. Red Bank was penal- yards in nine plays for a ized back to the 26 for an ille- touchdown that came on a gal crackback block, but fourth down, eight-yard pass Ward found Carter all alone from Abbot to Piccini. Abbot's on a post pattern for the 13-yard run and 29-yard pass to Hal Mottershead were the score. The kick failed. Asbury tied the score after big gainers. Keys ran 24 yards and an receiving the second half kickoff. Quarterback Tony Abbot-to-Piccini pass for 19 Bonyton picked up 20 on a yards, plus a face mask penalbootleg, but Butler did most ty on Brick, highlighted an of the work. He carried six eight-play, 81-yard march that times in the drive and bulled excited the fans with six minover from the 2. However, his utes remaining. Keys went placement, which would have over from the one and Abbot given the Bishops the lead, hit Steve Spratford with a two-point conversion pass to flopped weakly to the right. Red Bank drove to the As- narrow the margin to 29-21. Visions of a tie were quickly bury 1 after Keith Miller recovered a fumble. With the erased when Brick churned 70 clock1 winding down and only yards in seven plays for the seconds remaining, the Bish- clinching TD, a three-yard pass from Duddy to Whitaker, ops stopped the threat. Red Bank Regional is now after Don Gethard and De4-1 on the season and 3-0 in the Bendictis had ripped off gains of 25 and 31 yards. conference.

Buccaneer Plan: A Sky Raid • u JONNIFALK inklUI F i l If By

__J we ..._ worked ..,_.J,«J on »_ it II all „!! lusalr and week. "We hadn't thrown much RED BANK - While John this season, and that was to Summonte's 88-yard run was our advantage because they getting most of the credit for hadn't been able to scout our Red Bank Regional's 19-13 win passing game," he continued. ' over Asbury Park here SaturThat passing game brought day, coach Bob Stangia was the Buccaneers two of their talking' about the scouting re- three touchdowns although port that created the winning the statitistics will show only game plan. four completions in. nine at"They were so big and tempts for 59 yards. However, tough up front we knew we the Bucs had other receivers had to do something," Stran- open who were overthrown as gia said. "We threw the whole the wind played tricks with play book at them. We had to, the ball.

Tho m o nlilnH iimi The m game pitted ilun two lteams which were undefeated in "C" Division play against each other and evolved into a bitter battle up front where all games are won or lost. Asbury Park, which lqst its first game after tour wins, matched its outstanding back, Lindsey Butler, against Red Bank's explosiveness, and Butler turned in 119 yards in 24 carries. It usually took two or three Buccaneers to stop him, but they did stop him on what turned out to be the

,___. . W . most. important defensive play of the game for the Bucs. The score was tied, 13-13, with about six minutes left to play when Butler drove into his left side on a fourth and three from the Red Bank 10. He got to tie 8, and that was about a yard short. Two plays later, from the 12, Summonte ripped off his 88-yarder, which turned out to be the winning margin. Summonte should have picked up a yard at best, but he broke free from a pair of Bishops


Caseys Victory *D'Plus ORANGE — To correctly evaluate Red Bank Catholic's football team this season, you have to take a long hard look at its schedule. Thus far, the Caseys have met five teams - all with explosive runners - and they have given up just 23 points. Saturday, RBC met its firth explosive foe, Clifford Scott, threw a wet blanket on that touted offensive with a better defense, and went on to win, 21-S. Meanwhile, RBC put its offense to good use with end Dave Bauer catching an Andy Bott pass for a three-yard score in the second quarter. Jim Catalane, the heavyweight fullback, went In from the one in the fourth period and Jim Micloni ran back a Scsttie pass for a 39-yard TD to complete the day. Old reliable, Bob Largey hooted three extra points, giving him 13 for the year. Complete is a good way to describe this year's version of * Red Bank Catholic. If its offense you want, there's Jay Sciortino, who gained 120 yards on the ground Saturday, and running mates Dave Howell and Catalano. The RBC passing game is one of the best around. Dave Bauer and John Schaffer are ready targets for quarterback Bott. But on Saturday it was the big " D " which did in the Scotties. Clifford Scott wound up on the minus side In rushing yardage — something new to the fans who come to see senior running back Bill Harris. Harris did provide one thrill and put six points on1 the board i t the same time. He ran back the second-half kickoff for a 99-yard touchdown. It took a while for the Casey ffense to click, but when It iid, it ran up 16 first downs to ;hat of two for the Scottles, HBC gained Just over 200 total yards.


"'•"OIVIIIM trick T wp It. Mlddetcwn V Lane Ironed ». Tomi Iflvir South 0 TwRVvtr Norm I). Ntplim* I "•" Olvlllon *Umion|olr Hovtn Hot 0 Monomooo J1. *Umion.|>olr MenmuMi Ret, Jt Jt. Jotlnon Jotlnon Two Two. t Odon Towmrilp 0



«t»liur Itsf) Phol.

THWARTED BISHOP — Jim Ferguson (83) of Asbury Park was the intended receiver on this pass, one of only five the Bishops threw Saturday. Clarence Slater (24) of Red Bank Regional almost came up with an interception in the end zone. The Buccaneers Won, 19-13.

Lancers Join Hornets' Victims By CD W/VI.SH

two offensive plays later, that play." Holmdel broke out to a 14-0 Stroman dashed 48 yards for lead after a scoreless first his second tally. Mauro on a roll-out made it 14-0. quarter. St. John's then put on its Three plays into the second period Stroman swept right best drive of the game scoring end, cut left, and a host of after a 16 play 60 yard march. would-be t a c k l e r s w e r e The touchdown went to halfstrewn in his path as he scam- back Jim Lcnahan on a great pered 3) yards for the first second effort from four yards Holmdel touchdown. Stroman away. DeNicholas looped a hit the line in an attempt for pass to end John Mairs for the two extra points but the Lan- - extra pair and St. Johns was within six points of the leadccrs held. On the ensuing series St. ers. But then came the "conJohn's quarterback Bill DeNlchols had a pass picked off servative" bomb and the by LoBello near mid field and starch was gone from the Lancers. Stroman, who picked up 130 yards in 14 carries, from his safety position applied the real clincher when he snared a DeNichols pass and raced game. A Smith-to-Munoz extra point pass ac- 36 yards unmolested to the counted for the final eight-point margin. end zone. Mauro added the Kcyport scored first on a 20-yard pass 29th and 30th points again on a from Smith to Burlew and converted on the rollout. . Smith-Munoz combination. Rutherford came back to tic the score in SRC PICKS LEADERS the second period on a 65-yard touchdown run BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) by (ilen Walters, but a fumble rtCOVi mid field by Raider Al Webb set the stage for a Field |udge AC. (Butch) Lamgo-ahead TD and a 14-8 halftime lead. Rich bert, of Tupelo, Miss., is the Thompson got the six points on a two-yard new president of the Southeastern Conference football offibuck cials. Ho succeeds umpire HarTD's in the third and fourth period gave vey Hui'tly, uf Lakeland, Fla. Rutherford a 22-14 advantage, but Kcyport reBack jndtti Dick Pace, of mained determined. Maltland, V|8,, | | the new vice Well int the final period the Raiders tallied president, succeeding head lineon mother tWO-yard plunge by Thompson and ItuMiy C; stun, i f Atlanta. Smith's two-point tying conversion pass to Oortfi! liardnirr, of Atlanta, is Roberts, the new secretary.






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variety, the touchdown that room with a six point lead. Stroman didn't figure in was The book says he does. Tho perhaps the oBt that broke St. John's players thought he the spirit of St. John's. would. But he didn't Keep In mind that Demarest likes to play conservative . Instead he sends in a pass football. There are 32 seconds play and his quarterback Joe remaining to be played until Mauro bombs one to halfback haltime. Holmdel is leading Tony Lobellow, who got bethe Lancers by a 14-8 score. hind the Lancer defense, and The Hornets have a second six more are on the board. down and five situation on St. Mauro on a roll out got two John's 45 with the clock run- more and the score at halftime was 22-8 ning. Docs Demarest call for a " W h e n you play conrunning play that,will JuSt servative it can work to your about kill the clock so his advantage," Demarest said. teams goes into the locker "I knew they wouldn't expect

HOLMDEL — Did someone yell out before the game, "Remember last Thanksgiving Day?" "No, I don't think so." Holmdel Coach Jay Demarcst said Saturday afternoon after his underdog Hornets s(iellavked their cross town rivals St. John Vlanney by a store of 30-8. Last time, the schools met St. John's Was the 42-0 victor. "1 think you can best describe oar team as having arrived," Demarest continued. "We are getting a great effort from many individuals." How true the coach's post game remarks are. For when he talks bf an Individual effort, the one man. show put on KEYPORT - Keyport's first victory of the by his senior fullback Mike Stroman was one of tho bwt football season couldn't have been sweeter for .coach Rich Moscii . . in i he Shore this season Stroman, who Is listed in the Saturday's 3O>22 success not only repreprogram at 6 feet 180 but ap- sented the firsiyeHr mentor's maiden victory, pears to be taller and heavier but it came against Rutherford which had dc in uniform accounted for feated lls first four opponents. Keyport, meanthree touchdowns on offensive while, could show only a (It- against tht • runs of 33 and 48 yards and I back*. 36 yard return of an InterA mismatch? Don't tell that to he Red Raicepted pass with only seconds ders or their beaten foes who had a lonu ride to play in the gao back to North Jersey. That Is what Coach i>maWith the scored tltd sport's Jim rest calls ah Individual effort. i fumble il the Ruthi Holmdel'f win and the Latv Speck Ion Rive both.teams a 3- 46. A long past from quarterback Jot smith to end (Id Burlew put the ball mi the I, from 2 record where Greg Munoz cracked over for the fltcktWhile all of Holm were of the explosive inn touchdown with only 35 seconds left In the


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Jt Keansburg Attack I Gets to the 'Point*

18 The Dally Register, Red Baafc-Mlddkt«w», NJ. Monday, October 22,1171

'Squan Makes Best Of Bulldog Boners fumble recovery by Rumson's Larry Harrington and put the RUMSON - Rumson-Fair ball back on the Bulldog 27Haven Regional literally fum- yard line for 'Squan. bled and tossed away any Two plays later Warrior hopes of winning a Shore Con- quarterback Jim Dickson ran ference "B" Division football around left end for a 20-yard championship this season. score, and then lugged the Three mistakes cost the ball for a two-point conBulldogs three touchdowns version. and a 22-0 defeat at the hands The next costly error, also of unbeaten Manasquan. in the first quarter, was a The Bulldogs are math- fumble by Dave Diggins, on a ematically out in the cold be- punt return which was fallen cause both Manasquan and on by Manasquan's Stew Lakewood are still perfect in Whitman at the Rumson 11 the league. John Banta, the Warriors' 5Those two teams will meet 6 halfback, got the call three next Saturday, and even if plays later for an eight-yard they tie, they will eliminate TD. Rumson. Rumson's defense, led by The same bug that bit the tackle Geoff Kieburtz, proBulldogs in their 18-0 loss to vided Manasquan with its Lakewood came back to toughest test to date, but the haunt them again Saturday. Bulldogs' juggling offense The first mistake was an continuously put the team in off-sides penalty, in the first the hole. period, which wiped out a The Warriors hardly ever By RICH NICOLETTI


Huskies Bell RingsBombers SAYREVILLE - A pair of touchdowns by Jim Bell carried Matawan Regional over the .500 mark for the season here Saturday. Bell scored on runs of 4 and 75 as the Huskies came alive in the second half to down winless Sayrcville, 19-8. Ironically, Sayreville scored first on a fumble by Bell recovered in the end zone by Joe Dekanski. The score remained 8-0 going into the third period. Freshmen tailback Ken Mandeville got the Huskies going by engineering an 80-yard drive in 11 plays capped by Bell's four-yard run. Mandeville connected with end Mark Wojcik for passes covering 45 and 10 yards to feature the march. Later in the period, Bell put the Huskies out front for good when he raced 75 yards to [taydirt. Matawan netted an insur-

ance TD early in the final period when after recovering a Bomber fumble, a 16-yard pass from MandevUle to Paul Casagrande settled the issue.

passed, but when they did, they found no success at all. Defensive back Mike Olshao and end John Emery saw to it that the Warriors gained zero yards in the air. Manasquan was held to just 164 yards rushing, which by comparison, is a real feather in the Bulldog defensive cap. The Bulldogs, however, didn't find much success with the pass either. They were Intercepted three times — once for a touchdown by Dave Williams from 25 yards out at 8:35 of the fourth quarter. The Warrior defense is one of the best you'll see in the area. It held Rumson to 29 yards on the ground and 51 in the air. The bright spots were few for the Bulldogs. The only pass completed by quarterback Dan Miles In the first half went for a three-yard loss. However, on the first play of the second half he did hook up with end Kevin Kelly for a 31-yard pass to the Manasquan 49-yard line, but the drive stalled after a one-yard loss to the 50-yard line. Rumson's only genuine chance at scoring came at the end with the help of three major 'Squan penalites. That drive was halted by the clock on the Manasquan 10-yard line.

The up hill Titans withstood a bus mixup, a key injury to a top player and a series of game miscues on their road to victory. "We made mistakes, but this team held up when they had to. They didn't fall apart. They held their poise," said a proud LaBarca.

(•fitter Stiff PMt*


BULLDOG - Rumson-Fair

Haven Regional end Dick Crichlow (89) is hit by Manasquan defensive end Tony Onto (84) as he goes up for a pass from quarterback Dan Miles in Saturday's 22-0 loss In a Shore Conference " B " Division game.

Phillipsburg, Forecasters Put in Orbit by Rockets PILLIPSBURG - Raritan High School's unpredictable football team is playing a game of foil the forecasters this fall. When the Rockets are underdogs, they win. When they're cast in the favorite role, they lose.

Jim Bell

Matawan Stops Plazamen, 14-7 Matawan came from behind with two touchdowns late in the fourth period to beat River Plaza, 14-7, and virtually wrapped up the Jersey Shore Pop Warner "B" Division North title yesterday. Middletown Township kept its unbeaten record by crushing Neptune, 6-0, in the "A" 'Division. In other games, EatontownFt. Monmouth belted Berkeley Township, 26-6; -Red Bank downed ShrewsburyNew Shrewsbury, 6-0; Fair Haven tripped West Long Branch, 19-0, and Ocean T o w n s h i p t o p p e d Long Branch, 14-0. A 50 yard run by John McQuarrie with three minutes left in the game, gave Matawan its win over River Plaza. The Plazamen scored first when Phil Trezza scrambled 90 yards on the first play of scrimmage in the game. Matawan tied the score with 4:00 left in the game on a 14yard run by BUI Bader. Matawan's Pee Wees won, 13-0. and Junior won, 13-7. Middletown remained undefeated on the strength of Dun Kelleher's two touchdown passes and his 20-yard run (or another TD. The TD aerials went to Dennis Jacques covering 20 and 15 yards. The Middletown Pec Wees and Junior Pec Wees also won, 19-0 and 70, respectively Mark deRouen was the big man for Eatontown, scoring two TD's on 50 and 45-yard trips. Jim Alter opened the Katontown scoring with a 25yard run and Ty Davis fell on a blocked kick in the end zone for a fourth-period score. The final tally came on a

lyALTOOZE ' POINT PLEASANT BEACH - For the Titans of Keansburg, Saturday was a day of adversity and up hill battle*. But it all ended in a sweet victory for coach Chip LaBarca and his gutty team. They combined poise and the grinding running of Jeff Schulte, to record a 24-16 victory over Point Pleasant Beach, in this Shore Conference "D" Division encounter. With the score knotted at 16 apjece and 47 seconds left in the game, Schulte stuck his head down into the Gull's line and rammed it over from the four for the margin of victory. The outstanding back scored all three of his team's touchdowns.

pass from deRouen to Gary Dodd. F a i r Haven (5-1) w a s sparked in the first period when Pete Bennett passed 57 yards to Cal Williams. The winners scored another in the second period when Kevin Reed plunged over, and again in the fourth when Mike Scotti rambled 51 yards. A 20-yard touchdown pass, Mark Lewis to Alton Palmer, was the only scoring in Red Bank's win over New Shrewsbury.

Last Friday night was no exception. Coming off an upset loss to Neptune, coach Joe Oxley's boys took to the road and rudely upset Phillipsburg, 21-0. While the victory wasn't all that surprising, the final score was. Raritan completely bottled up the Stateliners' attack, lim-. iting them to just three first downs, and a net yardage of 75 yards, only 45 of which came on the ground. The Rockets scored singled touchdowns in each of the first two periods and added an insurance TD in the final period to win going away. Guy Ricca put the Rockets on the board late in the opening quarter when he scooped up a Phillipsburg fumble at the home team's two-yard line and stepped into the end zone for a t o u c h d o w n . Brian Flynn's extra point kick was true to the mark. Halfway into the second pe-

riod, the Rockets resorted to a wild play to score on a 34-yard pass. Quarterback Kevin Brady handed off to fullback. Tom Smith who reversed to Ricca who pitched back to Ed Carroll. The latter then hurled a pass to end Jim While who caught the ball all alone in the end zone. Flynn's block of a Statelincr punting attempt put the Rockets in business on the hosts eight. Several plays later Brady took the ball in from a yard out and Carroll threw to White for the two-point conversion. Us record back above the

Freehold Township ran up a 22-0 lead before Marlboro scored near the end of the first half. Tackle Scott Sternlieb s c o r e d t h e first P a t r i o t touchdown by running 11 yards with a recovered fumble in the opening quarter. Frank Signorelli passed to Jay Collins for the two-pointer. Signorelli threw a 23-yard pass to Steve Gilbert for the next touchdown, and Chris Wright booted the point. Jerry Cicero got the third touchdown of the first half on a two-yard plunge, and Wright converted again. Mike Kwiatkowski's 96-yard return of an interception put the Mustangs In position to score, and Bob Boyce sneaked over from the 2. Boyce then passed to Mike Domenico for the two-pointer. Township's Dan Kinney closed out the scoring with a two-yard dive in the fourth period.

Piners Set for 'Squan LAKEWOOD - Lakewood kept its perfect season intact here Saturday with a 23-0 win over Ocean Township. It was the fifth win for the Ptners, who are 4-0 In the Shore Conference "B" Division The Spartans, 2-2 in "B", are now 2-3overall Lakewood plays Manusquan next Salurdtv Cecil Jones got the first touchdown nn a three-yard dive In the second period, and Je-

rome Pulliam took a two-point convirilon DIM Jones scored again from the 7 In Iho second period and then caught a two-point conversion pitch. The final Plncr touchdown pass from Jeff Theibault lo George Ksmart. The Lakewood defense slopped the Spartan ground i Id and cume up with three Interceptions, nil leading to touchdowns.

The Titans running from the power I, under the direction of Bob Sullivan, went to work, after John Von Bargen recovered a fumble. Schulte began to ground it out: six, seven, yards at a clip. Jim Roberts and Kerry Truax were doing a strong job of opening up the holes. To keep the Gull's defense honest, George Boyce came through on some crucial

Rams Kick Wall Knights WALL TOWNSHIP - Russ Asay's three conversion kicks enabled Southern Regional to nip Wall, 21-20. here. The win sets up Southern's meeting with Red Bank Regional for the "C" lead Saturday. Joe DePasquale threw two touchdown passes for the

Rams.'One went to Larry Dunfee, and the other to Ken Frederickson. Howard Berry got the other TD. John Eldridge scored twice for Wall and Doug Bower got one. The Knights went for a two-point conversion after a fourth period touchdovn. When it failed, it cost them the game.

JACKSON TOWNSHIP - Saturday's trip here may have been just the medicine Monmouth Regional needed to face the final four games of the year. Not only did the Falcons register an easy 29-6 win over the Jaguars, but all the wounded were able to rest while the younger members of the team earned their spurs. Even without six players who should be regulars, Monmouth Regional had too much experience for the young Jaguars, who lost their fifth straight. The Falcons are now 2-3 and host Rumson-Fair Haven Regional Saturday. Veteran tackle Vester Rivera helped the Falcons to their first touchdown by recovering a fumble. Dave Smith, subbing for Jack Napier, flipped a 27-yard scoring pass to Keith Miller. Later in the period, Monmouth was stopped at the Jaguar one, but that only set up a safety. Dave Brown got credit for it when he nailed Reggie Williams in the end zone.

teUiforat-Olead. Late in the second quarter the Titan's Bob Crelghton picked off a Santelli aerial and started destiny going in the opposite direction for the Titans. Five plays liter, Schulte, on. a solo effort, out bulled the Gull's defense and scored a 26-yard touchdown for Keansburg. He went right up the middle to tie the score on the conversion. The Titans surged In front. 16-8, after the half. Schulte took it over from the one to cap a sustained 60-yard drive in 12 plays in the third quarter. A pass from Bob Sullivan to Crelghton added two more. Adversity reared its ugly head again. Keansburg's kickoff was returned to the Titan 45 and a 14-yard personal foul,, put the Gulls on the door step of the Titan goal. But the Titan defense stiffened and stopped the threat at the eight. "Our interior line put it together and played good defense," said LaBarca. The defense was led by Roberts, Truax, Art Leaman and Tim Brien.

BranchersFind Balina's Mate LONG BRANCH - Long Branch coach Ken Schroeck isn't in the habit of losing football games and he doesn't like it when his team doesn't come through. On Saturday, Schroeck decided to make a few changes both in personnel and plays and came out with his first win of the season, a 6-0 verdict over Shore Conference "A" Division rival, Toms River South. . Fred Balina h a s b e e n Schroeck's "workhorse" on offense all season long, much to the coach's dismay. "He's a great athlete, but he's not big and he's not the type of player who can carry a team. He needs somebody else to compliment. him," Schroeck said. On Saturday, defensive back Don Covln became the man. While Schroeck had

Young Falcons Have Big Day

Howell Has TD Flurry Against Wingless Eagles While four of the Freehold area teams were indulging in inter-dlstrict competition, Howell clipped Central Regional, 34-18. Back in the district. Freehold Township rolled to a 28-8 win over Marlboro, and Freehold and Manalapan battled to a scoreless tie. Howell streaked to a 20-0 lead and then held on. Ed McCarthy ripped off a 40-yard touchdown run for the Rebels on their first offensive play. Then Steve Pascarella plunged 2 and 1 yards for TD's in the second period. Brian Daly got the Eagles on the board in the third period by blocking a punt and running 36 yards for the score. Bob Ticmcns then caught two scoring passes for the Rebels in the final quarter. Gene Drumwright ran 69 yards with a fumble recovery for an Eagle score and Russ Kadlac ran five yards for their final TD in the last minute.

.500 mark (3-2), Raritan will return home this Saturday to take on Toms River North in a Shore Conference "A" Division game.

After staging a hard-fought comeback, Titan mistakes appeared to have nailed the lid on a Keansburg victory. But the Titans, took destiny in their own hands. With seven minutes to play they fought the clock as well as the Gulls. They ground out a 91-yard march to gain their fourth straight win against one opening defeat.

gains. •When it came down the stretch and we were running out of lime, we were confident we could take It in," said LaBarca. They drove to the Gull's 10 with a minute to play. Three plays later Schulte scored the gamer. A two-pass conversion pass from Sullivan to Joe .Memmolo resulted in the final score. The d a y b e g a n on an ominous note for the Titans. Kickoff time arrived and the Titans were nowhere to be found. Five minutes later, due to a mix up, the Titans piled out of their bus. On the second play of the game, starting flankerback John Donnelly, who also does the teams, punting, was injured and lost to the team for the game. One minute later a Titan fumble placed the Gulls In good field position at the Titan 48. Twelve plays later Point Beach scored xm a sixyard slanting run of Keith llerling. He then added two more on a pass reception from quarterback Jack San-

The Falcons marched for another TD following the free kick. Greg DeRouen did most of the work, but Ken Andrews got the touchdown on a four-yard slant. Greg Sliwa kicked the first of his three conversions. After Smith intercepted a pass in the Falcon end zone to stifle a Jaguar drive, Monmouth marched 80 yards to another touchdown. Rich Taylor got the six-pointer on a two-yard dive to make the score 22-0 at the end of three periods. Smith got the final Falcon score on a 20-yard run, and Jackson came back to score in the waning minutes on Bob Johnson's quarterback sneak. Jackson turned over the ball five times-twice on interceptions and three times on fumbles. The Monmouth Regional running attack rolled up 27S yards. The 27-yard touchdown pass was the only one the Falcons completed.

used Covin somewhat on offense before, he became Balina's running mate in earnest on Saturday. "Covin rushed 20 times and < Balina carried 18 times. They both came out with 98 yards rushing. I'd say that he complimented him," laughed Schroeck. Schroeck has abandoned the p l a t o o n s y s t e m at L o i g Branch. Some of the ktdi we've counted on from last year's club just haven't met up to my expectations, so now I'm going both ways with many of my starters," related Schroeck. Covin Is an all-around player who has been dynamite on defense in his linebacker position, but when a team loses four straight garnet, a star such as Covln sometimes goes unnoticed. That would be a disaster in Covin's case. He is the brother of Olen Covin. a 1969 Daily Register All-County back, who was a tremendous runner. "He's not quite as graceful as Glen," noted Schroeck, "but that's the only real difference between the two." While the Brancher defense was keeping the team out of trouble, the offense was getting dogged down after a number of threats. The Wave finally went in early in the fourth quarter when Balina found a hole in the middle of the TRS line and ran for a 21yard touchdown. The game ended with Covin dashing to the Indians' oneyard line.


Neither team was able to generate a sustained offense in the Freehold-Manalapan deadlock. The game was noteworthy for the fact that Manalapan has yet to score a point this season. The Braves are 0-3-1 while the Colonials are 1-3-1 Freehold lost the ball twice on fumbles, and the Braves went them one better with three.

Canadiens Outclass NEW YORK (AP) - Serge Savard's power play goal at 17:18 of the second period led the Montreal Canadiens to a 3-2 National Hockey League victory over the New York Rangers Sunday night. Yvan Cournoyer had given the Canadiens a 2-0 lead, scoring on the rebound of a Jacques Lemaire shot at 6:27 of the first period, then taking a pass from Lemaire and beatinn New York goaltender Kd (llacomin in the second period. The Rangers (led the score In the second period when Walter Tkaczuk scored from a ibla In front of Montreal homas and il took a pass from Gene Carr and fired home n 18-ffl

Thit I* tha naw 911 Carrara. Brad on tha hairpin curves am* 200-mlla-an-hour straight•ways of fhe most demanding racatracka In iha world. Carrara carrlaa tha largatt Porsche 911 angina ever told In thlt country, A 2.7 lltar. Carrara la Poncha anglnaarlng at if llnatt. Thla same Inganloua Portcha

anglnaarlng alto bring* you tha Porsche 91410 for 1974. H't powered by In* blaoaat angina In tha 914 tarlaa. A 2.6 Mar angina thai Poncha engineers took almost 2 years to develop. Tha 914 2.0. Tha mid-analna coupe with tha prec/se, quick handling you'd

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Tke Daily Register, Red Bank-MkUletown, N.J. Monday, October 22,1*73 19

Benfus Worth Watching

By ROGER E. SPEAR Q - In 1«72 I bought 200 shares of Benrus Corp. (ASE) at 8% a share. Is there any hope that the stock will recovsmall group fly together to er? - P . C . and from their destinations." A — A good surge in earn"A tour package has a pre- ings for the year ending Jan. determined price, number of 31, 1974, is probable. In the features and period of time, first six months, Benrus but within those limits, the tripled earnings, reporting 27 traveler can do whatever he cents a share, on a 2 per cent pleases when he pleases," gain in sales. The company's adds Sylvan Barnet, formerly new "Techniquartz" quartz vice president of American crystal timepieces have been Airlines and now president of big sellers since their inthe travel public relations troduction It months ago. A firm bearing Ms name. "The new digital readout quartz greatest advantage to the timing device is also in the traveler is that the cost of the works. Watches accounted for land tour arrangements and air fare in the package is far less than the costs the traveler would otherwise pay for each item separately." Where can you buy tour packages? •From about 9,000 travel agencies located all over the ELIZABETH - United U.S. — and each travel agent Counties Trust Company has will help inform and guide reported income before secuyou. r i t i e s t r a n s a c t i o n s of Where are the best coun- 12,884,553, or $1.68 per share, tries for U.S. tourists now? for the first nine months of Among the best from a 1973, compared with the yearpocketbook viewpoint are ago figure of $2,313,563, or England, Ireland, Spain, Por- $1.35 per share. tugal, Greece, Yugoslavia, The financial results reflect Austria (for skiing), Mexico. the combined figures accountAnd the very best is right ed for on a pooling of interests here at home in the U.S. basis of the former Union Check Into these bargain County Trust Company and vacations on your own. Com- Keansburg-Mlddlctown Napare costs. Reach your own tional Bank, which merged conclusions. April 2, 1972, under the new name of United Counties • Trust Company. Net income after securities' transactions for the 1973 period was $2,919,305, or $1.70 per share, up from $2,428,220, or $1.42 per share, earned during the same period in 1972. Deposits at Sept. 30 were $325,507,558, compared with the year earlier total of $303,194,057. Total loans increastd from $199,737,808 in 1972 to $230,923,843 in 1973.

Merger Of Banks Ups Profits

SUCCESSFUL INVESTING 45 per cent of sales last year, jewelry 31 per cent and precision components and electronic power supplies 24 per cent. With sales now above the break-even level and all divisions contributing to profits, the company's more aggressive marketing posture could move earnings ahead significantly. The stock is an interesting speculative turnaround candidate and should be held for recovery.

Q — Please advise me on General American Oil Co. of Texas (NYSE). The stock has been as high as $80 and recently below $28. I have 500 shares and would like your opinion on whether to hold or sell. - E.R. A — General'-American Oil has paid, in addition to cash dividends, 3 per cent in stock annually since 1966. Thus, if your 500 shares were purchased in 1969, when the stock reached its all-time high, you should hold 561 shares at the present time. Recovery from the low this year has been excellent, with GOA rebounding 46 per cent. Although earnings for the year ended June 30, 1973, were off, cash flow was

up. A 27 cents a share writeoff was taken in the final quarter, reflecting the close down of melamine operations. Exploration activity has been stepped up with encouraging results particularly the offshore Louisiana and Adriatic areas. As a result, reserves, which for GAO have been eroding, may be in for a substantial boost. For the time being the shares are worth holding. •

THE 'FURNISHING' TOUCH — Old-World Furniture is what's new at the Black Sheep, 769 River Road, Fair Haven. Stephen Muckey, left. Is learning the craft from his brother, Jon, who has been making furniture for seven years. The brothers, who reside in Rumson, work with African and South American woods. They use pegs and glue instead of nails and say they'll build "just about anything that no one else w i l l . " The shop Is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. And customers can choose from the selection at the shop or arrange to have the articles of their own design built to scale.

6500 Sq. F t - A l l or Part

Next to Sipersteins Paints CALL OWNER:

222-6384 Between 9 ft 12

A PIECE OF THE ROCK — Martin A. Rubin CLU (College of Life Underwriters), right, manager of the Prudential Insurance Company office in Deal, presents his firm's corporate United Fund gift to AAonmouth County Freeholder Director Joseph C. Irwin, left, honorary chairman of the 1974 United Fund drive, and Edward J . AAoran, director of community relations at Bell Labs, Holmdel, and president of the AAonmouth County Unlted^und.

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Capt. William L. Rich Jr.

Participates In Dedication Of Buildings FAIR HAVEN - Capt. William I,. Rich Jr. of 22 Grange Ave., research director of the International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots (IOMM&P), participated in dedication ceremonies in the residence center of the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS) in Linthicum Heights, Md. Capt. Rich has been active many years in the IOMM&P training programs for deck officers and was a prime mover in establishment of the institute, dedicated in February. 1972. Three buildings were dedicated In ceremonies: the Charles M. Crooks Residence Center, the Thomas W. Gleason Institute Administration Building and (he Kdwln A. Link Institute Simulator Laboratory. ThP building1' rBpfBWnt the \piinsion in a program designed to assemble the most expert academic intelligence ami technical expertise to proiliiii' training study curricula, facilities and cHpiibllltlos to fulfill now requirements nf the modtra Merchant Marine, Capl Rich tald

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Midget, wire wheels, AMFM radio. 6.600 miles.


wheeh tomile


Party who nttdi 100% llnancing. with no monty down, on o 1970 IMPALA CUST O M . Air conditioning. 44.400 milts l\m. For aulck crtdil O.K., call OASIS MOTORS at (2011 721 7100. STATION WAGON - I M t Bulck Special M M . Automatic, all powtr, radio, htolt f , tnow tlrei. Good condition uA. Coll


IIO.Aulos for Salt



Established 1925



3290 HWY 35

E v t i until t



71 MG

I Plumoutfi

F/ttttvood Brougham I sJumt Henna, betas vinyl lop, Matching Interior, lull power HMludlng factory air, AM FM etereo. low mlecge. Immacu.ksieUifoiighout. -»it( DISC BRAKES. AM-FM STEREO. WAS 6777.00


747-0787 CORNER - HWY


Starring The Fabulous




Friday — Saturday — Monday









At The Monmouth Shopping Center—|


NOW ' 4 0 6 3 STOCK


M1 W




W 3 l l Shrewsbury, NJ. Shrewsbury Ave. at S y c a m o r e 7 4 7 - 5 4 0 0


The Daily Register, Red Bank-Mlddtetown, N.J. Monday, October 22, lift 110. Airto* lor Salt 110. Auiotfor SOU W. AtHoi lor W o


RASSAS r m l St.

74ISII* Eva. until *



CHEVRQI.Et I«J CMEVELLE MALIBU • four " jr door. d« Foctory elf, tinted plois. ng, with no 5« I Party who needs 110%/fnancliPA VI P o « down,g, conditioning. onditio N,000 I M t C H E V R O L E T T M P A L A - Power money onoa I»»J IMPALA. VI. ck credit O O.K.. call mtm. UJtS Fir quick steering, radio. Bill otter. Mt Ml 71 OASIS MOTORS at IMtl 7100. 1*71 V E O A — Two-door. Low mileooe. I N I CHEVROLET IMPALA WAGON Excellent condlllon. Snow tires. Call otter Power Meet' (leering. }»] tnglno. Spotless con* p.m.. 747-0143. dltlon. lew. • A Y l F l O R E CHRYSLER P L Y M O U T H 1S1 F l n l Ave.. Atlonllc Hlohlonds jei-tJOl

Party who needs 100% financing, with no I T K M * down, « n a 1 M I C A D I L L A C . A i r 1H» V O L K S W A G E M - Rtbulll engine, ntii A M / F M stereo. 27.000 0 miles. mles. ntw kingpins. Possibly needs generator. »I75. Collatler • p . m . . 144-lilt.

11*. Autos lor Solo

I H » C H E V R O L E T I M P A L A — Two door. WOO or bml offor. Good condition. Must sell. e71-oM*or tti.Mot. 1M7 V O L K S W A O E N S T A T I O N WAGON - Good running condition. Now tlrot. Radio. Nice and clean. »7M. 74IJJJJ. 1*71 N O V A Good condition. Asking »1»M.

110. Autos tor Solo





So**? OtVlllt Brown, btlgo lop, aaddla laithor Interior, Ml pomi Including factory air. AM FM alarao, power door loeka, crulaa control. Immaculalt throughout.

Chamois Gold, k o l f * lop, •MteMnf Ifrttrtor. Full pom*' taehMlM AM-m eorno, om»or doortoefca,M who*, »«•« powor aaal, lac lory air. In ahoaroom condlllon tii for Boo fotir






100 Nlwmon Springs Rd Red Bonli I

1Q0 Ntwmon Springs Rd. Red Bonk


IM7 MUSTANG GT JtO - Four-barrel, tour-speed, power itoorlng, power brakes, front dies. A M / F M radio, air. Under 10.000 m l l n on cwnpletely rtbullt engine, under 10,000 miles on Brakes. Olo-Hard tottery. Excellent throughout. Complelely slock. The best ol the Muslonos, toon a dottle. Coll after 1p.m.. M MM K i t F I A T WAGON — Four-speed on floor. J4.000 miles. Four new white sidewall tires, radio, heater. Asking J1WS or best otter. Call 717 u«4


lfO. Wanlod Aulomollvt


wi MHO into CMS WE WILL PAY TOP PRICES TOM'S FORD 11*. Autos for Solo

110. Auiot for Solt H7I VOLKSWAOEN VAN - Excellent condlllon Seven paisenoer or four possenoer with btd. A M / F M radio, good tiros. tloOO M I W

i n . OL

t l L * T6R6ttA.M UAH


1M. True*, wid Trollort r-'B


l U 0



REPROCESSED CARS 100% financing. N o money d a w n . I f t f Pontlac FlroblrS, IMJO. I W f Oodoe ~ oer, full power, SIMS. I f 70 Dodge W o o o r hardtop. 114*6. l»70 DOOM . net. two-door hordtop, S I 4 » . Coll Town ono country Doage tor information.

halper springs M 4 0 I U .

•fi.miW!' -AT M. Eotentown. MJ

otter 7

O R R E C T I O N A L OPPICER - Storllrig •lory I M i l . Manmovtti County res dents W fun*. Lloerol Irlnae beneHli. Jmrne. i . T. — J L r _ . • «.e >• le evening. Apply Menmoulh County Oftennel Dept., Moll ol Record*, Moln W P t R l H T E N D E N t - f o r J m n l l apartrants in *rod»ey aeoch.


l i t . Autos fttnt/Loaso

4II-I3M NEED MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE? Call tar auole. Flnonclnt ovollabjo. I J or 1J month coverooe avalloMo. Robert C. M a m , AcatKmy Aatney. « U Mwy U.



Wn KAWASAKI MO — In very good conoitlon Coll m-Mf* between I o.nv and I I

1*73 HONDA ISO - Helmet, many exlrai. 700 miles. Like now. M M firm.

"" P Cil477 lr 8Mr 1 ' » N OR LPN - 7 to J every alritr woojnd. Apply In person, 10 lo 4, Arnold-Wotir tfuolno home, « f l l o u m Lourel Ave.,


NEED CAR INSURANCE? Call for a ajwote. Financing available. I . t o r 13 month coverage available. Robert C. Meyer, Academy Agency, m My i t ,

Moiiet. n t - i m

LORIST — Mult have designing e»-

111. B M I M M lorvicos

IM. Auto liwuronco

OOO J O a t -

Additions, ponellno. A l l iry. OfTvewoyi. Coll 4*>-

CHAMBERMAIDS M/W - Full tin '• Apply ki person, Molly Pitcher Inn, 1 Rlverslde Ave., Red Bonk. DRIVER -

1H. Wontotl Automotlvo * 'TOWN « COUNTRY DODGE

mmn TWINBROOK Auto Wrecking Eolontown 542-2235

I f e t C H E V R O L E T - * - t o n utility pickup. Good condition. S I M . 1*0.7)77 H7J D A T S U N P I C K U P - W i t h camper If73 H O D A K A W O M B A T 115 - Knobby cop, step bumper a n d m i r r o r s . 10.500 tiros. Good condlllon. I47S. Coll a l U r 5 p.m.. 747-0*47. miles. Must sell. Stl-ITM.

WANTED no. Autos for Solo

111. Autos for Solo



rtiMiest prices paid far all used cars 0 « R WHOLESALE I tuyer en premises -


EO DAY C O N t T R O C f ION - Since 1*45 Over I O N satisfied cvslomert, AdStlans, aiterotlpn, Carpentry. M a oration, new Homo*. ham wy. CaU 7411144.

M r l n * Corp., manufacturer ol wHboats, I seoWnf trainees and experienced personnel for following easltlom: Fiberglass, mill worker, lolntermen m/w ond a » e m lers. Many company paid benefits Inluao molar medical, f l u * Cross. » l u * N W Rld J denial proarom. vocation.

SLIPCOVERS Plastic and fabric. Guoranleod low prices. Deal direct with manufacturer, eliminate middle man. Call M r . T u a t . M M ) I * .

HOUSE PAINTING interior and exterior. Free ml Rich Poulln, 79*441* HOUSE PAINTING - Interior ond exterlor. Roaeenoble rales. Pro* estimates. 7t7*ifa. LIGHT1 HAULING — Cleanup work and tree removol. Free estimate*. «S-RII or 7I7-4S4O PAULS UPHOLSTERY SERVICE Furniture upholstery, repairs, dinettes recovered, slipcovers and draperies. Col CUSTOM ReUPHOLSTERY - Slip covers, draperies. Your fabric or ours. Call * 10 5. 442 4o»4. Alter .4, 747»llt. HOME REPAIRS - Remodeling. Attics, baeemenli finished. Cloiets. kitchens, par dies. Free estimates. Call 141-Saw or 741

SERVICE STATION ATTENDANT • Port-time evenings, * lo I I , Monday trough Friday. Must have experience. «aly In penon, Eddie Mini Sunoco, 41* Breed St. t Mwy M, Keyport I T O P I A M - Two hours o u -In the mornh overr Hours flexible. Also dishwasher, Port or full lime, evening! Apply In ion. Rum Runner, 116 Oceon Ave., Sea

NURSES AIDES - J 10 11. Full llmf. e«ellent bmeflli. Apply In person, 10 to 4, irnold-Woller Nursing Home, 411 South' •el Ave., Hoilet. DESK CLIRK - Mature. Medium s ted ceonfronf motel. Yeor round position, yrlto P.O. Box 213, Oceon Grove, N.J. 7754. •EOISTERED NURSE - 3 P m. to 11 ,m. hill lime. Excellent poy ond benefits. raokdole Nursing Center, Hwy 15, Hoi-


GAS HEATING SERVICE Pre winter checkout. Blowers, control! cleaning, Prompt and' courteous service Coll 741-fatl after 4 p.m. PAINTING Interior, exterior. Reasonable. Coll 471-45M

a Electronic Assemblers (We will train) • Mechanical Assemblers * Material Handlers

LIGHT A N 0 HEAVY HAULING General landscaping, tree removal. Call otter 4. 7W-US* or 40* * M 1447

The best of both years!

Trodor trailer, gas and fuel

. LAW*) MAINTENANCE - Fertlllllng. sod. fields cut. «»JgJ«J»|

L I K E N E W - On* owner 1M4 Scout pickup, four-wheel drive, snow plow.

111. Autos for Sato


!•». iirto Jorvlco/forts

IH7 OLDSMOBILE M - Luxury Supremo lfM HONDA 7M . U N miles. Sedan. Power steering, brakes, air, dual speaker, radio, tape dec*, outornatk door w m t i J t V locks, powor window controls. Excellent 1»>1 I O N N I V I L L E — WOO miles, mim rubber, plus mow tires. t * M . 7O-W0I. condlllon, 11050. Completely cuitomliod 4M Trlumpn. engine rebuilt end boredMuch chrome, nice paint, many new ports. HO*. Call M M M . I N . Trucks ond Trailtrs 1*71 SUZUKI MO .»*» O O O C f PICKUP O I 0 0 — Mi-cyliisExcellent condlllon. Asking MO). •JW, stick i M t l . Rodlo, • ' box. ' . I o n . wilt, I f o j D O O G E P I C K U P - All oood tires. 15,000 miles. Good condition. tllso. 4»J-MU

^rtlolly chopped,

m . Motorcyclos

Ite* «0«O LTb - O o o d condition. New 171 W. brakes and tire*. Asklna «1V». Call 741-13** after s p.m. TRIUMPH SPITFIRE 1*71 - With hard-

JU. Holo Wonlod

m. tvontto1 Automotlvo

l i t . Motorcyclos

DROP CEILINGS - Do It yoursell or stalltd. Our prices can't be beat. J 1 S Ceilings. 4*5-1470 H I G H GRASS AND W E E D C U T T I N G Postures and fields 741-1144

Permanent positions. Day thill only. Fully paid Insurance benefits.


ALTERATIONS Dormers, porches, stolrs. oddltfont, etc Free estimates. Insured. Reasonable I do Ine |ob myself. Call Jim 77e-*7>4.

An Eauol Opportunity Employer HARD W O R K E R W A N T E D - Slorlln» pay. S I M per week plus. The more yov w o r k , the m o r e money you c a n e a r n . Guaranteed Income It tlSO per week plus commission. Hoipltolliatlon benefits plus advances. NO experience M e m o r y , will rain. Coll Del Rossos 100% Klean, beweeri 7:30-1:10 p.m.. Seo-7471 D E P A R T M E N T A L A I D E - For central sterile supply. Must be high school groduS e . We will train. Apply Personnel D e p l , weekdays, • to 1 , Jersey Shore Medical Center, IMS Corlles A v e . , Neplun*. An OQJOI opportunity employer.

311. Holp Wantod Malt or Fomalo MECHANIC'S HELPS*

Apply In person Werners Automlovie. Hwy M. Sellord WAITRESSES M/W - Experiment are terred. Apply Tomahawk Reslauront. I4J LPN - Relief nipw* Coll (oyview Nursing Home WI0440 NURSES' AIDES -



D a y and evening

DRIVERS - Fuel oil ond gasoline tankIroller driver needed. Minimum 2 years experience required. Good opportunity. Full lime or^port-time positions ovollable. IF YOU'RE NOT DEPENDABLE DO NOT APPLY. Coll 2S4-77H. CLERKS - Must be I I years or over, t o work port lime at Somerset Forms Food Stores, Rt. 79 I School R d . , M a r l b o r o . Moll. Marlboro, N.J. For appointment, call 411 M7J or apply In person



It's all right here! We've truly got the best selection and largest inventory of both 1974 and 1973 Buicks and Opels! To you that means choice and value..


. . . Choice of selecting the car you want with the options you want, at your price!

SCHOOL BUS D R I V E R S - No e> paTlence necessary. Slorllno lolary U per hour. Apply In person lo Mr. Michael Gor mley, Trompoftation Co ordinator. Hallt Towmhlo Board of Education n aeman> Rd.. Hailet. N.J REAL ESTATE SALES -Licensed 1 pr« lerred Aggressive growinq oilier re quires a large slolt due lo expansion oro gram. Only Interested In uletSeoifve. a* Slrous or earning over 120.000 per yeor Office leads, extensive odvertlllng nation ol referral service. Member ol two MLS' training progrom All replies held In sine test confidence. Send resume lo Box C 77 The Dolly Register, Red Bonk RN — Days, weekends only. Call layvlow Nursing Home , Wl-0440 ITCHBOARO OPERATORS - • a.m " ) p.m. to 11 p.m. openings full time. Long form work NO. I COOK - Full lime or part time Good salary. Please call lor appointment Happy Apple Inn. 4 H M i l .



O E N E R A L INSURANCE - With e ptrlence In rotlng and writing. » 5. tlve dry week Fringe benefits, protll shoring pton Write Insurance. P O Box M7. Rei lank. N j QUALIFIED MACHINIST - For ponero machine shop work. Blue Cross, Blu Shield, paid holidays. WINSLOW TELE TRONICS407 Induslrlal Way West. Eaton town. Contact Mr. Rinoidi. WIRKRSANDSOLDERERS—E« perlence preferred. WINSLOW TELE TRONICS. 407 Industrial Woy W i l l , Ea tonlown Conlacl Mr. Rlnoldl.

Experienced on dlesel trucks. Must have necessary tools. 414-elOO. GASOLINE A T T E N D A N T ~ Apply In person. Little Silver Exxon, 7 M Branch Ave.. Little Silver. ORTHODONTIC ASSISTANT - Motawan area Mutt type well, be reliable. Please Bhone 227-11*4. LEGAL SECRETARY - Freehold oroo. Typing, ileno. Intelllgenc* and perionollly o must. Experience preferred but oblllty required. Salary cammensurot* with experience ami ability. Send resume to Box F w , The Pally Register, Red Bank. N.J. FULL A N D P A R T - T I M E - (Mornings * lo I ) ond some Sot. and Sun. help, for modern automatic cor wash. Apply In person, Scrub-A-Dub Car W e t h . Cambridge Or. ond Rt. S4. Matawan.

PERSON — For driving and geiioral work. Full time. Permanent position. Meway, Long Branch. See Frank CLERK~— Payroll and billing. So perlence. Typing necessary. Excellent opportunity with Long Branch manufacturer CalHM-74>4. GAS A T T E N D A N T W A N T E O — Full ond part-time. Experience preferred. Apply In person. Town t, Country Gas, MO Shrewsbury Ave.. Red Bonk. I4197M.

LPN - 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. fulltlme. Homelike atmosphere and accompanying benefits Broakdale Nursing Center. Hwy 15, Hailel PERMANENT POSITION - Available tor qualllled person. Driving ond selling. Apply In person, MARINE LUMBER CO., lift Ocean Ave., Sea Bright. SERVICE STATION ATTENDANT — Must do repairs. Apply In person, Brlttoln i Sunoco, t i l l Hwy 35, Mktdletown. BARTENDER M/W Neat. Days. Call 47IIS41 DISHWASHER-WAITRESSES M CASHIER, REFERENCES Martini's Diner, Hwy M. Keansburg

LPN N Full time. 4 to 17 shift DAY CASHIER — And night waitresses Coll Bayvlew Nursing Home. 2*1 0440 M/W Full time. Apply In person. Red Oak OUARDS AND PATROL CAR OPER Diner, Nwy IS, Hailel. ATOR — Full ond port time. Good op N E E D S O M E O N E T O L I V E I N - And portunlty for advancement Call 531-}])* help core tor stroke victim. Family atmosphere. Mature References. 791.3705. EXPERIENCED CARPENtf R With hand looit CLERICAL A N D SALES - Musi be very Call 244 155* alert See M r s . Roberts, P R O W N ' t , 1 ! SALf S — Representative. Experienced. roodst • Red Bonk. 741-7500. Roots, siding, etc. Leods. Phone »:30 10 ENTAL ASSISTANT - Cholrslde, m o d ' am.. 775-1407. V5: IS p.m. 1*1-0)01. n oflce. Red Bank. Solory open. Send EXPERIENCED — Wallers antfwoit^ sume lo Box B-271, The Dolly Register, resses wanted Also second cook. Port- ed Bank. time or full lime. Call •41-7575. N — For busy two-doctor office. Full me. Llncroll area Write Box F 257. The ally Register, Red Bonk.


. . . Value of ownership — just knowing you bought a Straub car will assure you of Buick quality and a dealer to back it up!

RDERLlES M ' W — For nursing home. solory. Full fringe benefits. DO NOT SmiONE. Apply In person, weekdays. 10 to 1 p.m. ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS

Wonted, a mature Individual with service odvlsory experience or mechonlcol experience, G M pref e r r e d , who con talk to people, dlognose cor problems. A l l benefits Including uniforms, pay plan, solory plus commission. 741 0*10, osk for Mr. Ebel. Russell Oldsmoblle-Cadillac, 100 East Newmon Springs Rd.. Red Bank.

URSING H O M E . • Mlddlelown Ave., Atmile Highlands.

Moro Classified on Ntxt Pogo 111. Htip wantod Molt or Ftmole



P A R T - T I M E SECRETARY 741^553



A M m s l v t Monmoulh Covniy rtaltor Int f f r t i t c d In CKpandlnQ t a i t s f o r c e E N ctplionol opportunity for trt» right p t r i o n . HAIRDRESSER Full flm« or port Hme Good salary, EAST OF E D E N . Coll »7I »/6S. CLERK - Mcriurt ptriofl t o ' M l ! M a r f n * •upplltt atxl port), full Urn*. Call tor ap polntmtnt, H. Loot. 291 M M . REAL ESTATE SALES ASSOCIATE - To htatf c o m m t r c l o l and l n v t » t m t n t divl Horn of ocllvt optney, L t m ond Millng* ovidttl. Complett broktr cooperation. K p t r l t n c t p r t f t r r t d , For appointment coll Comaito Agtncy. R»ottori. 772 4100

Fast growing trust depaflmsnl in citnlral Nsw Jsisey has opening lor Number 2 person In trust and estate administration Applicants musl have 3 lo 4 y e a i s experience and knowledge ol Irduciary lax returns.


MANAGEMENT TRAINEE Laro* coniutntr ((none* ctxiln t t f H t two odartsslvi Irolnttt to tnttr our training Ul i| We otter a . starting salary, excellent benefit) rapid advancement for Individuals who enloy working with — l e . Apply Locol Flnonce Company, I rfnSI, Keyporl

"We are different —because we caret" Centrally Located

310. Htip Wanlod Malt or Ftmatt

• e n d Rwtume to

Box F-262

The Daily Register Rod Bank, N.J.

PRODUCTtON EMPLOYEES We netd people to work rotating shifts. Wo oiler;

HWY 35


- Steady employment close to home • Excellent wages Including shift differential payments < HMpltoiiiotion JUIO - , < Lite Insurance Disability and sick benefits Retirement plan Opportunity lor advancement Apply at

f t l l lIHIM. KIR'tlRs'lOS IM( K U . I M . PRODI I IS DIVISION Beers ond •rands I I I . Keyporl An ee,ual opportunity employer

111. H»M

111. Help Wonted

•f PlIMll

I t e Dally Begkter, Red Ba^-Mkhlletowi, N J . Monday, Oct.b«r 22,1!7J 23 HO. Help Wontad Mole er female

_ — Pull lime, 1 f t plus good b«o»lll. " ^ O r e v e Can-

TRUCK OftlVER - Loc* deliveries Maeyw*«« Call Mr. SttMVIck, 741 Moo

ORIENTAL RUG - Genuine hand mode foyer rug, rich colors, mint condition BEAUTICIAN - Pari-ttmt. Eiparlancad Must sell. SJOO. Also Karaslan Orlenlol ariiy. CXI Moratii's Coiffures. f r rug lor holt original price, J75 III Mt-7411 . Sun! through Thuri.

i Z f O J M f M i l S ! - EkMrltnc**-? Fut?*r aen-tirVta/ceii lor esgelMnwai, Sftrtwioicy IJttareltri. ltl-On.





M0. laby lltttnfl/ CHIld Car*

GRILL HELP NEEDED - Alt* potni « f portmtnl.RetOll llort. Full llmt. 6x- MRVICESTATION ATTENDANT — Experleniedprelerred. Company benefits f id ly, hill'llm* * * y t . Apply py , *" »'• " * Maple * • • '

BABYSITTER Fair Havon. 75c an haur C M MI-4S3S INFANT CA CARE

isSr I I * . Help Wonted

MUftflS AIOES j r Ixsarleiicee'


M I M I N G - Full tlini H sttfc •Hpack. iMrcMndlM far a lixi ntell ordtrflrm. Allaawtlngoor*... e M many elhtr " H i l l * known7' odven- peory bu« * « t r en excellent cnanct to t a r a j j eurpetjrem. C*H Collict: (Ml)


\j&JSmap- '



I tins*. I n Part*

I0r#f*i1rt*j|l0li. in f o.m. o


1Hha,m. tti M



"m-Jimt- "•e«en0 rn

iMrtfien^CeijifryCh*. Coll


T t R f - Apply Ivy H U M Nurtlnf Hanw, I I Klnas Hwy, Mlddlolown, «r call *7|.


BEAUTICIANS - Full llme/ltmpwory. I m m t d l a U , itotonol optntniu « l i t lor

MtCOND COOK OR FAN^RY WORKER — Call M atrtan, *ft*r 5 p.m. at SlrianM't Frlonaiy Colt, 151 •riahten Avo., Long

(12 p.m. to 8:30 a.m.) r If you are looking for full time employment on a year round basis, we have an excellent opportunity for you. Many fringe benefits provided. Floor waxIng experience pref e r r e d . Apply Sfore Manager


"McDonald's Is Your Kind Of Place"

Mutt baMihy *juat«l*d. Strong hi •ton. andTyalnT Srlelle Furnllur*. H U w b l t , a r l t l l * . MJA *fh% MBJH A * k lTf _ flll-ln. fill-in. Apply In jwrion. p«rIO Royot Motel. A t bury Clrcl*. 775-7M0. RN OR L F N - 7-1 p.m., 1-11 p.m. ond I 7 o.m. ihlttl. Pull and part-time. Ubera benelltl. Coll 741M17.


New Jersey's fastest growing chain of Home Centers needs men and women who are interested in a rewarding career in retailing. Full time sales positions are available throughout our stores in New Jersey. Excellent starting salary and benefits await the eager applicant.


Man, woman, 18 and ovar, no expatlanca, earn $40 to $70 extra one weekend a month. Laam new jobrelated' akllla. quality for technical schools. Improve pay scales, benefits.



» M u ^ ^ _ - J A., M VErf RaMajat kBarl Equal Opportunity Employer

Truck Driver

Interviews will be held Wednesday, October 24 from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Ask lor Mr. Kazbek.

Local. Deliver coramie III* through Now Joriey, New Vork City. Philadelphia wllh M Ft. Mack 41*1*1 van. Mult b* mature, reliable, good rotoro n e * * . Paid holldoyi, paid vocations, ond other fringe bertoflM. Role I ] JO »4 per hour. Apply Alco Ceramics

CHANNEL CO.. INC. 146Rt.1,Edl«on,N.J.

Hwy SS




pidly growing company hot opmlngt opm A rapidly xperienced woodworkers. Train*** Trai for experi Must be dependable. olio netd*d. netd ble. Ex-



Diamond* Bought or Reslyled

MACHINES — Typewrlteri Let us buy Ihe dlamondi you don't

seht.mouth St.,

Painting and Decorating CARL I , JONES - Painting and wollpapeflno fulty imured. tor Iree nllmain



General Contractor*

Pearl and Bead Restrlnalng

INI p.t)ilflain iili I J I H I of • Remodeling, paneling, 1 a ttrand H.»o.»! i. Bruct Eleenrauch. guilder. closets, doors, additions. Odd lobs. Rio Siperlly on oroide* nylon. tt.M Slwllno claipi trom 7fc. R E U S I I L L E F * sonoblt ralel 147 4MI. Brood St.. Red Bank.

Bulldtr RALPH A. COLE, BUILDER > Homei - AMIIIont - Alloratlont Rooli. Call 74I.UOS

Ceramic Tilt


Rooting, Siding & Insulation Stratolll*. lhalch, cedar. Written ouoron lee on oil work, labor. 6M Urt.

Pointing ling owl ond Decorating Decora! LINI MCRO'T

Clocks and Watch Rtpalr


I K . H l 11*111 INC. C . I I O M . «nrage% cleaned up Free nlMwtei M I l l A otter I p.m.


PINO 7414*10 . J v * Wlrt Routers — repairs, shingle work



J.A, Smith

Xntlfiw Clecki, w l t t h e i . line lewal'y • « • No lob too small eerily *V»e Don Pant jeweleri. ' t * »u«r FRANK F. WMITmO I d . , Pair Haven 1411

Slip Cover* CUSTOM MADE H I P COVERS - Z i p

741 I t / 4




•rmantnt Msition. Write Rflfttlf R 4 B M Fait Service, raaianaMt prices Work per formed by a man who ho* reviewed, revised ana written ffnvsonde of resumes over the years, Pom 4W4I7* tor convenient location Central and Norm Manmouth County Middle ond South Monmtuth County




P.O. ten m Oathurst. N.J. O77U

d/r Personnel


1S7 Bread Id St. St.. Red Bonk

ELSCTBJIC RANGE - Never used and Htlly crole* Combination c ond mlcrowove. Holpolnl. A S423W1 Itlmolo In cooking. Retails tor efttr. t l l S T U .


JWRorlton Avt., Highland Pk.

572 5*00

PROFESSIONAL REALTOR W* have lull onf owning for o proles tlonal realtor who wonts lo earn in excess of 130,000. Full training prpgrom. Call for on appointment. 747-0H1. r WAffTED - For W»»lst*ty and drep*ry aoaartmant. pickup and deliver furnltur* and other duties o> required. M . silbtrtteln Inc., t» Broad St., Shrewsbury.

M0 Rte M

Hoilel, N.J


j . filing end gtnerol duties. Fine _ unity f t r bright beginner. Excellent


741 1272

Red ion




Prlyete Duly coses, home or hospital. :holce of days, shifts orea. Excellent . poy, no f t * . Travel allowance.


Ceramic Tile Hwy 35 264-8000 Keyport


CLERK TYPIST - Varied dalles. For montrrl position ond posslblt advonctmtnt far right Indfvliypl. Address replies fa P.O. B O X " I H Red Bonk HEAD COUNSELOR — Per ( r i v a l * group homo lor leenoge girls. Mostly days. Llv ing orrongtments ond solary negotiable Send detailed resume to Group Home Foundation, Inc.. P.O. Box 250. Red Bonk, N.J. 07701 " *MAiNflNAN£f FOREMAN M/W To supervise oil building and eaulpmen maintenance of a 200,000 so. ft. plant. M u l l have experience background i n HVAC, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, carpentry and custodial or Jos, Will man age work schedules and apply own ttchnl col skills t * more complicated malnle roodtt.RjdBl >ur qualifications EXPERT •dry. C


, IIndicating [ I — Cor neces I p.m.

WAITRTM - M/W Hoilot reslauronl. Experienced preferred, but will consider emblllays tfolne*. Top poy. For Inter view, colt 7J»TJ7I attwetn noon 4 p.m.

d/r Personnel

157 Broad SI. Red Bonk OS!..


55771 no Rariian Avt,. Highland Pk. OT-WOO OFFICE TEMPORARY

PRODUCTION MECHANIC Rate S4.S0 to $5 per hour. Experience In maintenance and repair of production machinery ana equipment. Some electrical knowledge essential. Only those experienced In factory maintenance or equipment need opfily. Hospitallzatlonv ho.days, vacation, etc.

af Asbury Park Brand new oraon with Rhyltim Immediate delivery. Bench, music ond lessons Included.


Prlvole duly costs tar experienced aides. lor weekends, few days, longer t e r m Work when you wish and help families In note. Excelieni pay benefits, no fee. Troveloli—

AUTO AND TRUCK MECHANIC Top poy. ell benefits Including pension CLERICALS plon, live day week, excellent worKino conditions. Apply Ih person to Service Manager. M . Schwarti 4 Sons, 141 W ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK — Unusuol position wllh excellent firm. For sharp Front St., Rtd Bank. person with heovy flour* background and P O R T E R - D R I V E R M / W - Molure. 40 secretarial skills. ToVISO. FEE PAID. hour week. Good driving record. Call Mr RECEPTIONIST - Personable Individual to meet public, for buiy locol company. SALESPERSON - Full lime ond port Some typing and slena necessary. Excellent beneiTis. To 1100. «. Exporli 05S) SECRETARY - Active firm needs sharp tEAUTICIAN Individual lor key spot In organllatlon. Good skim ond solid knowledge af bookkeeping required. To 1150. FEE PAID. SANDWICH COUNTER HELP Port lime, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Rtd Bonk CLOSED VETERANS' OAY

UNUSUAL JOB O P F O R T U N I T V - For molure Individual to weor many hols. Port-lime delivery, maintenance, carefeH*r. handymen M/W end gardener. Furnished opertmenl, with olr conditioning ond uillilles Included, plus UOO salory per month, interested cod between • ana 3, W-SUL DISHWASHER — Otntrol kitchen help. ' reliable. Toe tolory and fringe DO NOT PHONE. Apply In perily, lOo.m. son, weekdays only, 10 a.m.t o 5 p m , Atlantic Highlands Nursing Hem*, (Middletown Ave.. Atlantic Highlands.



International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.


REFRIGERATOR - 120. Corner coblnct, 125. Coffee table. 13. Coll 741-0557 NORGE GAS DRYER — Like new. Orlglnolly 1250. now 175 5*3-2*70 1 COUCH — Eosy chair ond ottoman, by carriage, boby cor-seat and Inlant al. 741-32SC 10 REDWOOD PORCH SCREENS Height V. 175. •42-2124 •

BATHROOM BASIN PHONE »1-SM3. Part-time, temporary and longer I t r m FURNITURE ANO APPLIANCES work to fit your Iree days. Choice live- Wellort and people with credit problems In else ovoitobie Excellent pay, benellli insiont credit Immtdlote delivery. Call Mr. Orand. 173 U U . No lee. References, pitas*

Interesting, permanent polltlonl wllh a growth company. Mult possess a minimum two years experience on batch process*! in tint organic chemical proctMlng. Ekcttksnli trinaja bent f l l l IntjKdt profit sharing, cosh

Temporary Services {343


NEW SPORTING GOODS STORE - Going vs In Middleiown and other oreos. Fdnfettlc business opportunity. Please ontocl Coin Way Equipment Company


Rotating Shifts

11 p.m. to 7 o.m. Night coordinators of nunlng core. Previous niohi supwvltory experience would be desirable. Coll lor 4 W. Front St. Red Bonk Asbury Park appointment or apply In writing to Mr. 311 Mem Nolon Feeler, Rivervlew Hospltol. 1! Union St., Rod Bonk, N.J. 07701, 74M700, Ext. 1M. An equol opporlunlty employer.

3 p.m. to 11 p.m. or 11 p.m. lo 7 a.m. for Medical Surgery Units. No exoerlence necntory.r. Coll Call for for aepoimmeni or apply In writing lo Mrs. Chris Connelly, Rlv •rvlew Hospital, IS Union St., Red Bank. N.J. 07701, 7412700, Ext. 374. An equal opportunity employer. M/W.

PARTNER WANTED - Far established itatl star* In Matawon oreo. Write Box MO, The Dally Register, Rtd Bonk.

$1«- Merchandise lor Sale

PHOTOENGRAVER ITS GREAT TO HAVE PROCESS CAMERAMAN MONEY IN YOUR POCKET HOMEMAKERS/UPJOHN M/W « Rarllan Ave.. Highland Pk. 572-9*1 EXPERIENCED , It's easy to — when you To work on dally newspaper work l vaar oia


LUNCH WAITRESS WANTED - Hour* 11: JO t * 1:3$, M M . thru Frl. MOTHER HUtBARO RESTAURANT, 1SS Main « . , Eatontswn. Hwy 15. ORILL WORK AND SANDWICHES — Par tavern" 11 o.m. to 1 p.m. J**y Mint Tavern. Ifi-tSM,


lie. Htip Wonltd Mali or Ftmait


w t n l l yew.


BEHIND THE TIMES ANTIOUES 77 Shrewsbury Ave. Rtd Bank 747-5020

iTOVE — Four-year-old Modern Mold, counter top, with oven obovt. 1100. Coll 0713277


SEWING MACHINE OPERATORS - Ex loncod. Thro* wookt paid vocation lon«, plus mony olhor bonoflli I O Q * W 6 r T , » } E A R , 24f •rldg A * R d Milk 7471 j n WE HAVE AN OPENING FOR - A Ctrl tor to cut our nowipopori. Should b quick with handt. Limited training r*

OupIN h*ovy oMy trwk.. bullSl rloli yard. ««p*rl«ntod. tUIIO*.

y work ytor round, No • * • rr.«net nttdtd. omt o p t m n g \ Mondoy lo Friday onfl olnert which r i q u i r t 5 GO

We *r* teeklng a evellfled wcrtlory wilts at l*e»t J yeori solid exaarimca, This position rtavlrn

566-4000, E x t . 264

C E N T R A L O F F I C E OPERATOR. NEEDED FrttAold arm. Fort-tlm* Sat; ond Sun. Coll far oppolntmml, 4)1-4141.




MACHINISTS M/W — E«p»rlone*« In too idi * dl lotting Stoody work



mather WILL lARYSIT — For working workl myntme, West Ktanseurg oreo. orti

An teyal eppartunHy tmpioyer

forlntorvlow. Aik far Tod »r«hbc» 0*0/80 FafleytloB.

•EAUTtCIAN - For thampoolng. Frl M M . IhMWIlKiry.

111. Help Wonltd MfpJa A r


PATIO BLOCKS - I V x l " x l e " . Several m ol coal (will deliver) Deep well woer p y i p . 741 OPS


M0. Situotlent Wanted Female

CORPORATION 186 Wood Ave., South Iselln, N.J. 08830

ranauM, fork in*, materiel handitri, vtrs, office, end ell other skills needed, m er nlgtit. vary high pay. Car It t v * M . Fr»t hbielloHidllon. hover of**.

POTTERY KILN - Electric. 21" dlomeer. never used. 1200 plus volue, will sell or 1140 717 2M7. coll Sun. through Thurs.

H O U S E K E E P E R - Monday through Thursday, 12 to 4. Own transportation. Sofa and two choirs In plastic. S9».«. In Please call otter 4, S*t-M*7. fabric, l i « »5 complete. Deal direct with HOUSEKEEPER - Al Itost two days a nanufacturer. Call Controcts Slipcovers, week. Some cooking. Must hove own trantportotlon. Relerences. I4M7S*.




J Bank Convalescent I A v t . , R e * Bonk, sn



MMlrM SIDlHOMICIHANICS . - All y*or round -nfy. Goodtalary, ward. Experienced• only. far oggrmlv* p*r

I7S Ib.

i n 4144 or 2724141 WANTEO - A lovely person on who who wAild THREE - Metal desks with c h a i n , I N Hko I * be port of our family In In Colts Nec Neck each. Three office typewriters, »24 each. c*j»lr«Lei7l.r»*-ln or daily. l W* W h hove, a M-07U SeSy girl, on* year. Own room with TV IRES - Two GOODYEAR 100'120-lS >lue Streak Special, on ET aluminum with lugs tlOOIIrm. 747-tSlS. EXPERIENCED OAV WORKER — Own APARTMENT SIZE - Refrigerator and transportation and references. One lull gas stove. Good working order. Hi each. • C or two half days. Marlboro area. 4)1 426271, 741 7601.

Fw on ImmeXflafe) lnttrvMw«

SINGER OR INSTRUMENTALIST — For locol group, to work wookondt. Mutt hov*

AIOMNI Sefttfnt.

i r * >> ™ air*


McOomld'i family rattourant I t looking I Of fTHfl O M WOHWH

Shifts available 11 a.m. -3 p.m. 11 a.m. -4 p.m. 11a.m.-5 p.m. 5 p.m. -12 midnight 5 p.m. -1 a.m. 7o.m. -1 a.m..

n* salaries, btn_ I pleasant work. our mtdtrn t f n e n . cwalUnalng and diverI I M i t 16 mtdtum Ironsr t i p * n d * n c * an an lul l . To o quollfy, q u o f y , you must

WSRroodSt. Red Bonk An Equal Opeortunlty Employr



Work for a large multinternatlonal ElectCASHIER ronics organization, Quality men i clothing tloro no* ap*mna ar a coihler. TMi I f a permanent, fun where your talents are hn* potlllon for an ol*rf, psrtanoM* hlah ictiaal orad who en|*yi working with recognized.

M e l * and ha» an avtiludo far flaurm, 'revloui eicperltnc* helpful. Plea»oM working conditions with excellent ban* *m>. Call Mr>. Hugh**. 1773)41.

5HPP-BITE ' INITALLERS Automotive « I 764. The Dolly Rtgisltr, Rod Bonk. Call otter 5:30.74I-3MS TOP SOIL SCREENEO FROM FARM LAND L. LUCAS INC., 264-1415

TWO GOLO — UpRolslered matching '.hairs. S4S lor set 7170330

SEDROOM SET — DariTwood. Doubie ANTIQUES I (fining lables. 77 dining chairs, 6 China jed. good mottress, chest of drawers, josets. '9 sideboards, 7 gome tobies. 13 dresser, nigw lobie. >IOO 471 0312 tok tobies, 12 desks, S armolres, SO occo- S P A N I S H BAR — C o m p l e t e l y hand llonol choirs, I grandfather clocks, 2! grafted, 10' long, 5' deep. Formica lop, chandeliers. 117 oil pointings. pressure spout tor keg beer, mirrored INTERNATIONAL GALLERIES Hick, two Targe cabinets, drawers and te Riverside Ave., Red Bonk nu illdlng drawers on bottom ol unit, eleotrltltdfor lights, Iwn no bor chairs, appeoronce like a tavern bar, all lor 5900. Coll otter 6. S4O65U HAZLET: SO Moilet Avt,, 364 3131. Dally y*tr ISO unlli at warehouse price*. Conn, ir>3 p.m.: closed Frl. I block off Rt. 35. Klmboll. Yamaha. Chicktrlng, Grond. TWO S.W-13 WHITEWALL SNOW TlTflS opposite Field's Shopping Center. Lots of Irodt-in pianos and oroon*. from - Two 5 40-15 snow tirrs %7$. Unlimited r t n l a l t (rom .7 SO per Ul 1043 WE ALSO HAVE A PERMANENT OEPT. month. Turn your Chrltimos Club Into a NO FEE I f r t l m t of enlovmtnl Chriitmoi Evt d«- I A ' B Y ' T R T B - Motlreis. ticellenl coodlI v t r l t t ; loy-owoyi. Wttttdays t-9. Sat. lion Ploypens. car beds, changers, elc. 747 WI5 CHEMICAL OPERATOR T R A I N E E - until*. Exctlltnt opportunity for bright person FRIGIOAIRE S.LECTRIC RANGE wllh Interest In biology or chemistry to 30' . yellow loin production group with established life Call 717 (Hit MH7N sciences compony. High school diploma necessary. Will Involve shlll work. Apply TIRES - fwVPoiyglcirH7H5. Good~con-" dltlan On rims. t2S. In person. Worthington Biochemical 7471170 Corp., Halls Mills Rd.. Freehold GENERAL M*7lNT>N*NC? WORKER Mmt h hovt? pointing t o t r l t n t t 40 hour wttk Permontnt po^Hfon. Apply In M I Air-hockey. 1350 Toble soccer, 1250. Com Enioy i h t w o r m l h and chorocltr of a «on, Chltf Ifwliwi Englnttr, Molly Pltchtr Inn, merclol air hockey. loSO 'Pochlnko" trtouiiful bfomKt ceiling E(ny lo ifMiaii N 150. Financing available. Call S« 9 M I tor Rttf Bank. r ir il|i: olnlm*nt or see at Fun Center. Super NURSES - Rtglsttrtd or LFN't. 7 o.m. Shopping Center, Rl 35 ond Shrews to 3 p.m., full or port-tlmt. Excellent pay Wry Av*., New Shrewsbury v d benefits. Brookdol* Nursing Center, tyyatisireef K M Bnm '41 «oo Hwy 35, Hoillt. N T E R I O R PRE HUNG DOORS 13) Open Saturdays until i p m 24" wide. 115 each Overhead goCOUNTER HELP ANO CHECKERS - Used, e e * door, needs ntw windows, e11 >s . (II n W A I N i l I Full time employment. Must be neot, persomeone to lov» ii S8i Alto 3 ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS - Smafl holel' wall carpeting, four large bedrooms. Low and kitchen. Garage apartment In rear •Free Jobto Guidance. REO BANK — Unfurnished three room which hat living room, kitchen. Iwo bed Rooms by week or month axes. All located on a lorge wooded lot. present |oo t n t j o bwhile i " training. and both $700 monthly, lloo security, roomt ond den. Rents for H I S a month. Call 391 0046 1433490. • Approver; Anoroved for Vets utilities paid. No pets. »43 V ROOMS — With kitchen privileges Asking 145,000 Training. SUBLET — Ont-btdroom garden opart | T H E W I L L I A M S B U R G / R E A L T Y CO tlt-STO per week. mcnl. Freehold. 1100 o monlh. 447-1604 . Realtor. Rt. 34, Colts Neck. American Training Services Phone 717-5040 HARRY weekdays, anytime weekends. j 1000 Hwy 9, Engltshtown, N.J. 431-9100 NAVESINK R I V E R F R O N T - For rent until June I . Exceptional three-bedroom, two-bath house designed tor elegant living. Fabulous view. Call 747-4100.

Write or send for f r e t copy ot " H O M E S FOR L I V I N G ' '










VA and FHA terms

(Killington Area)

EXPANSIVE TRI-LEVEL With Overhanging Decks and Balcony Living area 2,940 sq. ft. Deck areas, over 660 sq. ft. Five bedrooms, three and one-half bathrooms, kitchen, dining room/living room area, bar area, recreation room, two fireplaces, laundry room. Over one acre of land including parking area, wooded terrain, park-like landscaping, and slopes suitable for a practice ski-hill. Two fifteen foot fireplaces in living and recreation rooms.

•10. Houses for Rtnl Rl. JS

II7SIO 1150 Per Month THE BERG AGENCY Mlddletown 671 IO0O

WIDE SELECTION OF RENTALS - Furnlshed and unfurnished Immediate occuncy S A M U E L T E I C H E K A G E N C Y . eonporl Avt . Oceonport 147 1500.


C O U P L E W A N T E D — T o m a n a g e ond core lor small rental property In Asbury, for discount on rent of four-room house W r i t e 401 S e w a l l A v e . , Asbury P a r k 07711.

4*0. Commarclal Rentals


S M t t w S B U R Y - Space available, suit'rime hlohwoy r'M for stares or offices. Pr ocotlon. M2 I R I D BANK - Professional office spoct ovolloble. Second tloor. prime locoilan. OBpru. t00 sq It. Air candltlonlna MMi a month. Avalloblt Immedlotely. coll 741 ORE — 169 Main St.. Part Monmauth. 430 sq. n Equipped with Iphose wiring. 1150 per month, t o i l 717 0116 LONO BRANCH - Under 14 p t r i q T t T ' vdat dolly cleaning service, air condl Ino. fret on tltt parking, all utllltlti and ttcurlty system. Single room offices start from (60 per month. 222-3000. WALNUT P A N E L E D - Flrtl lloor office 300sq ft., olr conditioning ond all utlllllt' Included. Can be rented furnished or un furnished Answering service available Two could share. Unfurnished fISO. fur nlshed 1175. A L L A I R E


AGENCY, 741 J4S0.


201-549-4105 (Metuchen, N.J.) Privite) morlgago (VilloMt

dlate occuponcy One monlh security re q u i r e d . M a y be s e t n a l t e r 1 p . m . , 19 Mople Drlvt, Hoiltt. M0. Commorclal Rontalt GARAGE APARTMENT - Red Bank. V.i rooms. H I S per month plus utilities, one PROFf SSIONAL OFFICE - Four rooms, monlh security. Adults No pets. Adull nsiy renovated, near Rlvervktw Hosplcouple or single girl pretcrred. Coll 747 l. eis sa. I I . Coll 741 1000


FAIR HAVEN - Office or stare. 650 sq ft. Air conditioned. 741 2699 or 741-2041

Ceninlly localtd ki Red Bank Approx 325 tq ft. Halt, llr condlllonlng. itnrtorlel Mrvtces, salf-Mfvlc« tksvdoi, fret parking Occupancy Dae l i t . CALL 7417-1100 or your M O K E R


70S. Houtot for Solo


CALL 842-3888

HUSBANDS "DREAM" COME TRUE! We mean you don't neod lo paint, scrap or otherwise exlend 'elbow great*'' lo anioy Ihis immaculale 7 rooms anc) 1 balh home Wall-to wall carpeting. c»nIral Air Condilioning, lull batwrneni. new Iwo-car garage. iust to menlion a lew ot ihe extras included For me one cat lamily. walk lo schools, downtown, buses and slalion. All this lor only tll.SOO

HORSEMEN... ARTISTS.. OR NATURE LOVERS Expansion ranch wiin haunting charm and beauty, 18x22 living room, lireplace, lormal dining room, 21 (I. kitchen, counlerlop range, dishwasher and ralngaralor 3 spacious bedioomi. one bath. 1500 i q . II unlmished wiin plumbing and heal capped. Located on Mmiwooded 7 aces with brook and '4 acre pond. This spotless and unusual home mult be aeen Only 174) »00

II no antwor call 291-0763

INVESTMENT or RETIREMENT Modem Income property Mattel ranch, living room, kilchen. 20*20 enclosed porch, 3 Bedrooms 2 lull baths Attached (2) 5-room and balh aparlmenti. Three separate heating umu Two unite, Air Conditioned :)? It lencedm pool Three dogrunt For thote who want lo beat the coal ol living m a lovely couniry willing Financing available W I . 0 M

RANCHER - J44.900 Large Assumable Mortgage

Three bedrooms, living roam wltn stone fireplace, country kilchen with picture window overlooking woods, finished rec reatlon room In basement, two-car ooroge. A l l of this l o c a t e d on d e a d t n d street. Only 144,900. PAUL BRAGAR A G E N C Y WEST E N D - SHREWSBURY 7470771




842-7900 7*0. Lot* ond Acreooe IVi acrt lot, eX»»«ile)tnllal arta.

NEW BI-LEVEL $46,900

A T T E N T I O N B U I L D E R S — Wast deslr able garden a p a r t m t n l or condominium t l t t In Sto • r j j h t - Southern section. 735 Move right Into thlt lovely four bedroom. of bulkhead. Phone me for particulars ond IVr-bath home. Features huge paneled llv- survey. H A R R Y O R A I I N . Realtor. 141 ng room, lovely kilchen n with bow wln- TWO. Eves. SJI J40» daw, all ceramic bath ond »cor . M A R L B O R O I N D U S T R I A L 5» ACRES All In 1 WILi MOO- front. Near four highways. Utllllles. Level. S H W p t r ocrt. 31*7111. Colts Neck. GOLF ENTHUSIAST'S ORfcAM 431-9100 Build your home on one ocre lot opposite Bomm H o l l o w Golf Club, M l d d l e t o w n . LONG AND L A N K Y Comlorloble In Ihe right spots Delightful 120,000. Many other land listings. 17000 upliving room, dining room ond gloss en- wards! Coil W I N O J A M M E R R E A L T Y closed porch overlooking p r e t l y green CO.. 542-MM. towns. Four-bedroom, two-bath rancher N e w SHREWSBURY - Three ocres. per with eat.In kitchen, great recreation room l t d far mini-estate. Private. Adlacont ta ond basement. Transferred owner atklng f o r m a n d government protected sanctuary. Sewer In. 126.000 1424499 Call I a.m.-1) noon. V. ACRE LOT - 146' fronlagt. MO" deep. Realtor! Hwy. 35 '415311 Shrewsbury Ready to build an. 112,500. Seller wilt take mortgage 671 1279. Tennenl Rd., Morganvllle. MATAWAN BORO-$38,840 tanker wonts to sell three.bedroom ranch LOT - NORTH LONG BRANCH A R I A with pool Full basement, new appliances. m e t blocks from I h t t Five minute walk N.Y. City bus. Five minute ride fo train station. Taxes less than 11000. Financing a r r a n g e d . Principals OCiANPORT - Two building slitd lOt! Incl. IJfclOO. Prime area, 11J00 each. Pr only. 56*-5211. The Dally pah only. Write lo Box F » l , The C L I T T L E S I L V E R — Quiet lane Three Register. Red Bank, N.J, bedroom ronch. Beautiful trees I36.too.


THE MILL RUN BUILDING Highway 35 Now renllng 10.000 sq. n. tar February occuponcy Fully Air Conditioned All Utllllles Included On Site Parking Offices Designed lo Suit 600 sq. It lo 1100 i q . It Sulles


BbD BANK O l t k e ipnce 7000 so ft on Broad I t . , second lloor. O i l stree parking, n sq. tf. 147 5M0 NEW S H R t W S B U R Y - 6000 sa It. avail able In discount department store. Will d vide. Choice location Call S47 )0oo. N e w SHREWSBURY - 3500 i q II store alossed front, in chapping center. Aval able Sept > Call w i w o RED BANK - One room office, oil utll lies supplied. Air conditioned. 1115 p t rnonlh. 747.7706 BE!) HANK I'm M I " prime localon. Excellent parking tocllllltl. For further Information, 7419029 M A I A W A N - (nine Mroir-. three rooms carpeting, heat. Second floor. 546-7627 REO BANK DOWNTOWN - New .lor or office odlocent to municipal parking K.0N M . PT. — Suitable fin luring. In Atlantic Highlands. Five over head e d doors, o , olr conditioned offices, piu rude, shel sheltered slorag 10,000 10 ft oulsldt. g ond plenty at off tlreel parkiing, will lutxi vide tor sultoble lenonfs Calll 791 OMn M A T A W A N - Large one room orrir. i modern air conditioned building. All utll Met Included 1140 monthly I VAN I AGENCY, Realtor Strothmore Professional tldg HI. M. M a t m v a n l i e - I I I


Realtor 13 W. River Rd . Rumson 147 3700 Member inlerCliy Relocation Service)

m . Mobllo Homo* GARDEN PARK MOBILE HOME I * Bethany Road, off Hwy 3S. Hailtt, New Jersey Walk lo shopping area. 744 3»ll.

W A T E R F R O N T — Little Silver 10-vtor Colonial. Four bedrooms. 7'1 baths, full basement, fireplace Acre-plus wooded lot. Baal dock 177.000 Owner, appoint- WEST KEANSBURG — Two bedrcomi olr conditioning, awningt. Stay! on lot. ment only. 747. » I 4 OAK HILL — New mortgage ovo'tooie on four-bedroom Colonial in mint condition. 71/) baths. Exceptionally spacious floor on. Poneled den with lireplace, lorgt imllv r o o m , biaqer than usuol laundry room ond mud room Parquet Moors closets galore 7 lone hot water heat wltn two furnaces. Ounllly throughout. Asking 177,100. Musi be seen 671 WJfs.


LEONARDO — Country French stucco. six bedrooms, IW boths, ultra modern kitchen wltn nitnwotner large living room with wall lo-wall carpeting and mas s:vt stone fireplace, heated porch, large age Principals only.

REOWOOO CONTEMPORARY - Mlddletown Mint condition Three bedroom. IVbath ronch. Privacy, trees. Cathedral ceilings, massive brick fireplace, Anderson windows, wollfo-woll carpeting, mad ern kitchen 15),too 74t T R A N i F B R B . I Q . OR JUST O U T GROWING YOUR H 0 M I 7 - Call t r write tor your c complimentary o m p l e a y copy o of Applelroek's monthly Homes for Living magdilne Otleri pictures, prices, a t scrfptlons A P P L I B R O O K A O t N C Y , Rea'tort. t50 Hwy 31 Mlddleltwn 471 7300

i OWN Hwy J» Prime proles llona" space 960 ta ft. suite. Alia (M0 sq It ot 14A0 per >q rt 671 1636 BUY OF THI YIAR - ISOOO Thret-btdrotm cottage in Folr Haven. MutF be P T F C F I C A C I - Freehold To«nthl professional building. Two rooms, 400 t< mavtd from present location If you awn a lei. it's a Heal Coll tti-lIOO. Nlghlt. ft IMoi Fully eltclrlc, heat and tlr condl Honing. 461 7)71.

1*73 C O N C O R D " - Two-bedroom. » « t 0 On lot in Florida. HJOO. lake aver pay menll. 67I-3S2J otter 5. ^ ^ ^ MOBILE HOME FOR SALE For Information ntormallon nd

— 7. They will open lines of communication between the borough and Keyport to resolve the current dispute about Union Beach students attending Keyport High School. Mr. Dodig said he will seek state legislation to give' the borough a say in curricula offered borough students in Keyport. — 8. The candidates promised provision for senior citizens on fixed incomes so they will not be forced from their borough homes by ever rising taxes. — 9. They will seek and obtain federal and state grants whenever they are available. — 10. The Industrial Commission will be reactivated in an effort to attract ratables to the borough and hold down the tax rate. Union Ave. will be cleaned up to make it attractive to light industries. The two Republicans offered to debate the issues with their Democratic opponents "at their convenience and under their rules." "We're making no promises to clean up the town overnight. It took 15 years for it to get in the condition it's in • now. But we'll start the job with the people's mandate Nov. 6," Mr. Dodig declared. Mr. Dodig, a lifelong Bayshore resident, was born in Keansburg and moved here as a child. He is 35 and is employed as a^-sales representative for Towne Chevrolet, Rt. 35, Middletown. He served three years in the Army. A member of the local Republican Club, he is also active in Pop Wamer football. He is a former member of Union Beach Fire Co. No. 1. Mr. Dodig and his wife, Patricia Noreen Dodig, have three sons, Kevin, Keith and Kyle. Mr. Pinkos, 38, was born in Newark and grew up there. He moved here five years ago. Employed as a branch manager by Public Finance Service in Old Bridge, Mr. Pinkos has been in the consumer finance field 13 years. A two-year veteran of the Army, he is a former secretary of the Union Beach Athletic Association and is active in Pop Warner football and Little League baseball. He and his wife, Mrs. Kathleen Pinkos, have two sons and a daughter.

Mu Chi Sigma Inducts Four WEST LONG BRANCH — Four Monmouth College seniors and two 1973 graduates of the college were inducted Into Mu Chi Sigma honorary chemistry fraternity. Included were Eileen Desmond and Spencer Fields of l-ons Brunch, Teresa Piecara of Hoothwyn, Pa., and Mlchiicl Trama of North Bellmore, N.Y., seniors, and Nancy Hamilton of Mew Brunswick, and Edward of Oakhurst, both 73 graduates, who are continuing studies at the mil The society, which was organized at Monmouth In 198ft recognition to outstanding scholarship m chemistry.



An Italian Table Collection Tables, commodes, curio cabinets and more tables. All are distinctively designed by Drexel to blend with your most luxurious look-of-ioday decor. Handsomely crafted in the grand tradition of the 18th and 19th Century Italian style, San Mart ino offers exquisite clarity of form in delicate proportions finished In a lustrous medium brown on walnut veneers. Add the elegance of the sparkling richness of satinwood to your home now!


OF A SELECT GROUP OF AWE-INSPIRING "ET CETERA A Traditional American Occasional Collection The rare charm of I8lh Century America comes .ilive with unusually exquisite adaptations inspired by net mil museum nieces! Drcxcl hns chosen cherry solids and walnut veneers wild rosewood inlays to fashion beautifully proportioned highboys, hand decorated card tabled, bachelor's chests and accessory tables. Occasional furniture thai iidds the finishing touch to your decor.





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