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At Sea-Temp Refrigeration we are highly experienced at helping you select from the wide variety of commercial industrial refrigeration options available. Your requirements begin with knowing exactly what your commercial refrigeration needs are. Our staff is skilled at helping you determine your refrigeration requirements and has a great selection of products to choose from made by the top refrigeration manufacturers in the industry.

COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION REPAIR At Sea-Temp, our certified HVAC/R (Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning - Refrigeration) technicians can install, service, and repair all your commercial industrial refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heating ventilation systems for any commercial establishment located in the Great Northwest. Our technicians are trained to diagnose and fix any problem you may encounter with your commercial refrigeration products to keep your systems operating efficiently. Once the repairs are complete, the team will test the performance of the system using the proper tools, and equipment to be sure the products are running optimally.

Our maintenance programs keep your equipment running at peak performance by routinely inspecting and/or adjusting all controls to factory recommended settings. Sea-Temp Refrigeration's technicians are capable of installing, maintaining and servicing motors, compressors, condensing units, evaporators, piping, and various other components of refrigeration systems. For more information about our commercial industrial refrigeration repair programs or to speak to someone about all of our services, please CONTACT US now for your free estimate!

COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION INSTALLATIONS At Seatemp Refrigeration, all of our commercial industrial refrigeration installation projects are completed on time, within budget and exceeding our clients' expectations. We can design a custom refrigeration system to meet all specifications for any industry or manufacturing process application. Our staff is dedicated to making our customers' satisfaction our number one priority. Providing reputable professional services is the foundation of our excellence and commitment to you. From design to completion, all of our refrigeration installation projects receive our expertise and guidance in order to successfully accomplish your commercial refrigeration installation needs.


~Modifying Existing and New Commercial Kitchen Equipment New Construction or Just Remodels of Commercial Kitchens may come across challenges based on original designs. As your business needs change, don’t feel stuck with a Commercial Kitchen that does not work for you. As Professional Installers, we have a solution for you and we will assess you Commercial Kitchen needs to get the problem resolved. ~Field Dimensions Sea-Temp Installers can come out to your location to make sure that your Commercial Kitchen Equipment will be manufactured to the right size for your space. Field Dimensions are an important part of the Commercial Kitchen Installation process. ~Special Orders Need a specific item for your Commercial Kitchen? We can assist you in getting that custom piece you need for your Commercial Kitchen. ~Emergency Repair Maintenance and Repair is always a necessity with a Commercial Kitchen, but sometimes it is not always planned when you need someone to come out. Our Installers are available to fix your Emergency so don’t worry about your Commercial Kitchen. The next step is to CONTACT US!

~Welding and Refinishing All of our Commercial Kitchen Installers are trained and able to fix your damaged stainless steel equipment. Our goal is to make the stainless steel looking as though it was never damaged. ~Demolition of Your Old Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment Sea-Temp can remove and dispose of your old Commercial Kitchen Equipment. Our Installers can remove any equipment, large or small, from your property.

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Seatemp LLC - What we do.~Refrigeration Sales ~Refrigeration

SEA-TEMP LLC Seattle Temperature Control,LLC IF YOU'RE NOT COOL YOU'RE NOT WITH US! 23444 30th Ave South Kent, WA 98032 ph: 206-870-8367 fax: 425-432-...

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