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We, though many, are one body in Christ ROMANS 12:5

Generous God,

you are the giver of all good gifts; you are the source of all that we have and are. Our talents, our possessions, our minds, our hearts, our lives are all your gifts. Teach us to be good and faithful stewards. May we cherish, tend, and share the good things you have entrusted to us. By our prayer and action may we help to lead others to Christ your Son who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.

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Sunday Giving 2017

Dear Friends, “WĊ, ęčĔĚČč ĒĆēĞ, ĆėĊ ĔēĊ ćĔĉĞ Ďē CčėĎĘę.” Those words of St. Paul describe our wonderful Cathedral parish, don’t they? What a diverse community we are, in every way! And yet, in spite of all our differences, our faith draws us together, day after day, week after week, to build this community of faith by our prayer and by our service. It is Christ who forms us into one body, into a community. Our giving is one way we as Catholics express our oneness in Christ. Our giving makes possible so many of the good things that go on here at the Cathedral parish, week in and week out. Our giving allows us, in a very real way, to reach out to one another and to the poorest in our midst with love and compassion. Our giving is one way we build up the Body of Christ. TčĊ ēĊĊĉ ĆėĔĚēĉ ĚĘ ĎĘ ČėĊĆę, ćĚę ĆĘ Ć ċĆĒĎđĞ Ĕċ ċĆĎęč, ĜĊ ĆėĊ ĆćđĊ ęĔ ĉĔ ĘĔ ĒĚĈč ĒĔėĊ ęčĆē ĜĊ ĈĆē ĆĘ ĎēĉĎěĎĉĚĆđĘ. Together, we can celebrate in a powerful and itting way the mysteries of our faith. We can reach out in the name of Christ to the homeless, the poor, the elderly, and the immigrant. And we can provide a refuge and a gathering place for the city in times of sorrow and rejoicing. I pray that this November, each one of us will experience the joy of Sacri icial Giving: of giving freely, giving back to God a small part of what he has given to us. Thank you for your prayerful and generous response and for all the ways you make this parish family what it is! Father Michael G. Ryan

YĔĚė ČĊēĊėĔĚĘ Ćēĉ ėĊČĚđĆė SĚēĉĆĞ ČĎěĎēČ ĒĆĐĊĘ Ďę ĕĔĘĘĎćđĊ ċĔė Sę. JĆĒĊĘ • To celebrate the Church’s liturgy with beauty and dignity; • To reach out with love to the poor, the needy, and the elderly; • To offer faith formation programs to children and adults; • To pay our staff a just and living wage; • To sustain our acclaimed musical and cultural programs; • To maintain our magni icent Cathedral and other parish buildings. WčĆę ĎĘ ęčĊ ėĎČčę ĆĒĔĚēę ęĔ ČĎěĊ? • When I am at peace with myself about the size of my gift... • When I do not ind myself making excuses for its size... • When I know in my heart that I have been completely honest with myself and God... • ...then my gift is the right size. MĞ ČĎċę ĘčĔĚđĉ ćĊ... • PđĆēēĊĉ Plan ahead of time what you intend to give, and have your gift ready at collection time. Don’t be content to just drop a spare dollar in the basket. • PėĔĕĔėęĎĔēĆęĊ Our giving should be in proportion to how greatly God has blessed us. • SĆĈėĎċĎĈĎĆđ We ought to give more than just what is left over after taking care of all our needs and wants. • JĔĞċĚđ! Our offering should be a grateful response to the immense love God has shown for us.

Sunday Giving Commitment 2017

In prayerful gratitude for many gifts received from God, I/we intend to return a gift to St. James Cathedral Parish of:

$ ____________ per week or $ ____________ per month or $ ____________ annually

 I am unable to make a inancial

commitment at this time, but I will give what I can in the coming year.

Please print:

N ( ) _______________________________________ A _______________________________________ __________________________________________________ C _________________ Z _____________________ P _________________________________________ E-M _________________________________________

 I participate in Direct Debit. I understand my

new withdrawal amount will begin in January.

 My credit card is charged monthly; please continue to charge the card on ile.

 Please send information about electronic giving options.

 I have remembered the Cathedral in my will.

Please detach and return this card to the offering basket on Sunday or mail it to the Parish of ice. Please turn in this card even if you are unable to make a commitment at this time. You may also make your pledge online: Thank you!


SG Brochure - St. James Cathedral

We, though many, are one body in Christ ROMANS 12:5 Generous God, you are the giver of all good gifts; you are the source of all that we have and ar...

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