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Shopping Malls and Shopping Passages in Prague > Lifestyle > Shopping in Prague > Shopping Malls and Shopping Passages in Prague Surprisingly there are plenty of shopping malls in the city of Prague and they are big shopping malls at that. After years of nothing but gray clothing under a horrible regime the capitalist society of Prague has taken control and shoppers needs are becoming increasingly important and more urgent than ever. This is a new culture of want. The majority of the shopping malls may have the same stores, but no worries, slowly, but surely, more posh shopping malls are happening. Prague is becoming more Western than ever and let us pray that means a better selection of stores in the future. Everywhere you look there are malls, some in new modern complexes and some in 200 year old renovated buildings. Prague also has many fascinating passages in Old Town and New Town that lead you to new mysterious sections you may never find again (especially in Old Town), as it is so winding and confusing. Many passages offer interesting unique boutiques, wine shops, places to gather, such as coffeehouses, and art shops, and make for an interesting adventure. It has been said by Egon Erwin Kisch that one can traverse whole districts of Prague without having to use the public streets for anything other than crossing. Many passages or arcades in Prague were created during the 20th century as part of a modernization effort to connect residential streets to shopping areas as Prague experienced rapid development in trade, culture, and architecture. Shopping Streets were changed into arcades or fancy promenades, which became the perfect places for entertainment, evident as you notice the movie theater and concert hall located in the Lucerna Passage. The passages in Old Town are rebuilt on medieval passage sites, which connect a dense portion of Old Town in a crisscross pattern.

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Myslbek Shopping Gallery The Myslbek Shopping Gallery is a passage between the New and Old Town connecting the busy street Na Příkopě with Ovocný Trh. The Myslbek building, opened in 1996, received its name after the famous sculptor Josef Václav Myslbek. On the facade of the building on Na Příkopě Street you will find a remarkable metal gate from stainless steel weighing 8 tons. Its two gigantic sliding wings, symbolizing the gate between the Old and New Prague, open every morning and after... Read more

Palladium Located in the former 19th century George of Podebrad military barracks, the Palladium mall is an attractive example of the popular architectural concept of blending new modern elements together with an important historical building. Having little to no use during the second half of the 20th century, the Ministry of Defense decided the direction of the barracks future needed a worthwhile fate. And so the building of the modern Palladium mall within the structure of the barracks commenced in 2005,... Read more

Slovansky Dum On the street of Na Příkopě sits the “Slovanský Dům” (Slavonic House), a spacious and modern shopping center featuring top stores, restaurants, cafes, beauty salons and a multiplex cinema often showing movies in their original languages instead of dubbed. This unique complex sits on the foundations of 2 medieval houses one of which was supposedly bought by Jan Zizka, the famous Hussite leader in 1414. The current design of the complex has its roots in the 17th century Baroque renovation... Read more

Arkády Pankrác Located in the bustling business and residential area of Pankrác is the Arkády Pankrác shopping mall. The area of Pankrác, a modern urban district not far from Prague’s historical center, boasts the most inhabitants and thanks to its excellent accessibility by public transportation is home to many business professionals as the area features a number of corporations and companies. Because of the high density of people and professionals, the building of Arkády Pankrác shopping mall was a natural decision. This... Read more

Nový Smíchov Shopping Center Nový Smíchov shopping center is a western style mall located in the heart of Anděl, easily reached by the metro line B and many tram and bus lines. The huge shopping center designed by architects from the Prague-based D3A architectural office has everything from clothing shops such as H&M, Benetton, Jackpot, Marks & Spencers, and Zara, to shoe stores, specialty shops, cosmetics shops such as Yves Rocher, Sephora, L'Occitane, and more, as well as a large Tesco and Cinema City... Read more

Chodov Shopping Center Conveniently situated next to the Chodov metro station is the Chodov Shopping Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in Prague and the Czech Republic. Opened in 2005, the Chodov Shopping Center features many shopping and service options covering four flours. At the Chodov Shopping Center you can find fashion shops, perfume and makeup boutiques, flower shops, bookstores, jewelry boutiques, electronic shops, sporting goods, restaurants, cafes, dry cleaners, shoe repair services and more. The mall also features banks, travel agencies,... Read more

Lucerna Passage An intricate system of passages runs under the Art Nouveau Lucerna Palace from 1920 connecting Vodickova and Stepanska streets; this is the Lantern passage. New Town is full of passages leading you to winding streets, small shops and interesting secret cafes. The Lantern passage, or Lucerna Passage, seems to be one of the largest and the most interesting. It is connected in a maze of passages to the Novak Arcade as well. Underneath the Palace you will find the entrance... Read more

Atrium Flora This shopping mall with 4 levels is located in Prague 3 above the Flora metro station. It features a large cinema multiplex with one of the only IMAX screens in the Czech Republic. A variety of 120 stores featuring clothing, shoes, accessories, services, and specialty stores, coffee shops and a food court (with a great variety of fast food and restaurants) make the Atrium Flora mall a good option in a convenient location. Underground parking accommodates 800 vehicles. Some of... Read more

Koruna Passage Located at the bottom of Wenceslas Square, is the Art Nouveau Koruna Palace. Notice the top of this interesting building; a golden crown of pearls sits perched atop of the gray structure, surrounded by massive muscular statues hauntingly acting as sentinel to the palace. The passages offer clothing boutiques such as Oilily, an ice cream stand, a Coloseum Pizzeria (a popular pizza chain in Prague), jewelry and watch stores, a cafe, Body Basics, a jewelry store, and Bontonland Megastore. Bontonland... Read more

NC Fénix Vysočanská For the best shopping in Prague's Vysočany district, head for the NC Fénix Vysočanská shopping center in Prague 9. This great shopping mall houses an abundance of useful shops such as fashionable clothing, accessories and shoe stores, shops with baby and children's clothes and accessories, a pet shop, stationary and book shops, flower shops, grocery stores, cosmetic and perfume stores, electronics and toy stores, and so much more. The Fénix mall is also very family-friendly with regular children's workshops and fairytale... Read more

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Shopping Malls and Shopping Passages in Prague | Prague Stay

Shopping Malls and Shopping Passages in Prague > Lifestyle > Shopping in Prague > Shopping Malls and Shopping Passages in Prague Surpr...

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