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The British Psychological Society Test Collection Test title A-B-C Vision Test for Ocular Dominance AAMD Adaptive Behavior Scale Able (aptitude for business learning exercises) ability and aptitude ACER Mechanical Reasoning Test ACER Speed and Accuracy Test AH Vocabulary Scale AH2/AH3 AH2/AH3/AH5/AH6 AH4 Ai3Q Alexander Performance Scale Alexander Performance Scale An Assessment of literacy and numeracy level, Basic Skills Agency ASTON Index Balthazar Scales of Adaptive Behaviour Barking Reading Project Basic Number Diagnostic Test Basic Number Screening Test Basic Skills Test, Occupational Test Series Beck Hopelessness Scale Bell Adjustment Inventory Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test Bender Visual Motor Gestalt Test Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test Benton Revised Visual Retention Test Betts QMI Vividness of Imagery Scale Blacky Pictures Boehm Test of Basic Concepts Books entitled "Adolescent Fantasy" by Symonds and "Projective Techniques" by Bell Bristol Achievement Tests: Maths and Study Skills




USPTC/01/01 BPS/005/05/13 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/02 USPTC/01/03 USPTC/01/04 USPTC/01/05 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/06 USPTC/01/07 USPTC/02/01 BPS/005/05/06 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/09 USPTC/01/10 USPTC/02/02 USPTC/01/10a USPTC/01/10b BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/11 USPTC/01/12 USPTC/01/13 BPS/005/05/29 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/14 USPTC/01/15 USPTC/01/16 USPTC/01/17 BPS/005/01 USPTC/01/18

1996–1998 1954 1962 1978 1974 1968–1970 pre 1968–1970 1971

nd 1976 1973–1976 1980 1979 1988 1988 1932–1962 1946 1949 1974 nd 1949 1971 nd 1969–1972


Bristol Social Adjustment Guide: Child in Residential Care & Child in School Bristol Social Adjustment Guide: Child in Residential Care Bristol Social Adjustment Guide: Child in School Bristol Social Adjustment Guide: Child in the Family British Ability Scales Special Interest Tests British Ability Scales, basic arithmetic British edition of the General Clerical Test British Picture Vocabulary Scale (BPVS) Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency Burt Word Reading Test California Test of Mental Maturity California Test of Personality Caliper Profiles Campbell Leadership index Campbell-Hallam Team Development Survey (TDS) Cattell Intelligence Tests (Dartington Scale) Cattell Intelligence Tests, revised Checkpoints Assessment Cards Chicago Non-Verbal Examination Children's Apperception Test Children's Apperception Test (1970) Children's Attention and Adjustment Survey Children's Personality Questionnaire (CPQ) Chricton Vocabulary Scale Claybury Selection Battery Clerical Tests EITS Clinical Analysis Questionnaire (CAQ) College Qualification Test (CQT) Columbia Mental Maturity Scale (CMMS) Columbia Mental Maturity Scale (CMMS) Comparability Project 1966 Test (CP66) Comprehensive Behavior Rating Scale for Children Computer commands & rules: New Technology Tests Computer Programmer Apt. Battery

1974 1970–1971 1969–1975 nd ?–1983 1971 1946–1978 1976 1963 1953 1964–1998 1991–1998 1994–1997 1935 1981 nd 1949–1975 nd 1990 1959–1975 1961 1982 1983 1980 1956–1961 1972 1966 1988 1987 1964

BPS/005/05/24 USPTC/01/20 USPTC/01/19 USPTC/01/21 USPTC/01/21a BPS/005/02 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/05/09 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/22 USPTC/01/23 USPTC/02/05 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/05/10 BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/24 USPTC/01/25 USPTC/01/26 BPS/005/01 USPTC/01/27 USPTC/01/28 USPTC/01/38 USPTC/01/29 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/30 USPTC/01/31 USPTC/01/32 BPS/005/05/07 USPTC/01/37 USPTC/01/33 BPS/005/02 USPTC/02/04


Computer Programmer Aptitude Test (CPAB) Concept Assessment Kit- Conservation Concept Formation Test Concept Mastery Test Concept Mastery Test: Form T Conceptual Systems Test Contact Personality Factor Questionnaire (CPF) Cornell Index Criterion Attribute Library Questionnaires Critical Reasoning Tests (CRT) Crowley Occupational Interests Crown-Crisp Experiential Index CS & RAQ Culture Fair Intelligence Test (Scale 1) Culture Fair Intelligence Test (Scale 2) Culture Fair Intelligence Test (Scale 3) D48 Test Depression Adjective Check Lists (DACL) Design Judgement Test I, II & III picture book (3 manuals) Diagnostic Arithmetic Test, 8th edition Differential Aptitude Tests Differential Aptitude Tests (1 specimen set) Differential Aptitude Tests (Bennett et al) Differential Test Battery (DTB), Compound Differential Test Battery (DTB), General-Verbal, Perceptual, Numerical Test Differential Test Battery (DTB), Mechanical Test Differential Test Battery (DTB), Numerical & Speed Tests Differential Test Battery (DTB), Shape & Perceptual Tests Doren Diagnostic Reading Test Early School Personality Questionnaire (ESPQ) (16PF for 6-8 years) Eating Disorder Inventory 2 (EDI-2) Educational Abilities Scales Edwards Personal Preference Schedule Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS)

1964–1999 1968 nd 1950–1973 1956 1954 1949 1996–1998 1992 1976 1979 1997–1998 1950 1960–1965 1959–1963 1961 1967 nd 1945 1959–1963 1963 1973–1986 1955 1955 1955 1955 1955 1973 1966 1991 1982 1959 1959

BPS/005/02 USPTC/02/03/01 USPTC/02/03/02 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/34 USPTC/02/03 USPTC/01/36 USPTC/01/35 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/39 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/40 USPTC/01/41 USPTC/01/42 USPTC/02/29 USPTC/01/43 BPS/005/01 BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/44 BPS/005/01 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/49 USPTC/01/46 USPTC/01/45 USPTC/01/47 USPTC/01/48 USPTC/01/50 USPTC/01/51 USPTC/01/52 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/53


Effectiveness Motivation Scale Eight State Questionnaire Employee Aptitude Survey (EAP) English Picture Vocabulary Test English Progress Tests Essential Intelligence Test Ethical & best practice regulations for testing (1 pack of literature) Examining for Aphasia Eysenck Personality Inventory (EPI) Eysenck Personality Inventory (Junior) Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (Junior) Eysenck Personality Scales Eysenck-WithersPersonality Inventory for Subnormal Subjects (50-80- IQ) Fairview Scales Family Relations Test Family Relations Test (Adult) Family Relations Test (Child) Family Relations Test (Married Couples) Fear Survey Schedule Firo B,Firo elements, Firo F Frostig Developmental Test of Visual Perception Frostig Developmental Test of Visual Perception Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behaviour (FIRO-B; FIRO-BC; FIRO-F) Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behaviour (FIRO-B) Garnett College Test in Engineering Science Gates-MacGintie Reading Tests General Ability Tests, including Destiny CD (GAT1 & 2) General Clerical Test (GCT) General Health Questionnaire Gesell Development Schedules Gesell Development Schedules Gibson Spiral Maze Golombok Rust Inventory of Sexual Satisfaction (GRISS) Goodenough-Harris Drawing Test

1976 1975 1985 1962 1953–1976 1940 nd 1954 1963–1990 1965–1978 1975 1991 1965 1982 nd nd 1976 1977 1977–1987 1963–1973 1978 1966 1965 1988–1999 1950 1969–1981 1949 1949 1965 1983 1963

USPTC/01/54 USPTC/01/55 BPS/005/02 USPTC/02/06 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/02 USPTC/02/07 USPTC/01/56 USPTC/01/57 USPTC/01/58 USPTC/01/60 USPTC/01/59 BPS/005/06/02 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/62 USPTC/01/61 USPTC/01/63 USPTC/01/64 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/65 BPS/005/05/25 USPTC/01/66 BPS/005/05/28 BPS/005/02 USPTC/02/09 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/67 USPTC/01/68 USPTC/01/69 BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/70 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/71


Gordon Tests including: Personal Profile Inventory (GPPI), Survey of Personal Values, Survey of Interpersonal Values Gordon's Survey of Interpersonal Values Grace Arthur Stencil Design Test 1 Graded Arithmetic-Mathematics Test Graded Word Reading Test Graded Word Spelling Test A Graded Word Spelling Test B Graduate and Managerial Assessment (GMA) Graves Design Judgement Test Grid Test of Schizophrenic Thought Griffiths Mental Development Scales Guilford (& Christensen) Fluency Tests Halstead Aphasia Test Handedness Questionnaire Hanfmann and Kasanin Concept Formation Test Harris Test of Lateral Dominance Harrison-Stroud Reading Readiness Profiles Harvard Group Scale of Hypnotic Susceptibility High School Personality Questionnaire Hiskey-Nebraska Test of Learning Aptitude Hogan Personality, Development, Motives, Values & Preferences Inventory & Survey Hostility and Direction of Hostility Questionnaire (HDHQ) Hysteroid-Obsessoid Questionnaire (HOQ) Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Ability InpatientMultidimensional Psychiatric Scale (IMPS) Insight Inventory, 1988, Employee Aptitude Survey Insights Discovery preference evaluator, Intelligence Scale for Children Intelligence Test, Scale I: Form A (Non-Verbal), new edition, revised Intelligence Test, Scale III: Form A, new edition, revised IPAT Anxiety Scale Questionnaire IPI-MD5 Mental Ability Test Ishihara's test for colour-blindness



1993 1947 1969–1980 nd nd nd 1985–1990 1948 nd

BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/72 USPTC/01/73 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/74 USPTC/01/75 BPS/005/06/10 USPTC/02/08 BPS/005/06/03 USPTC/01/76 BPS/005/01 USPTC/01/77 USPTC/01/78 USPTC/01/81 USPTC/01/83 BPS/005/06/11 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/79 USPTC/01/80 USPTC/01/82 USPTC/02/10 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/08 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/02

1967 1970 nd 1955 1956 1962 1963 1987–1998 1967 1967 1968 1966 1980 2003 1949 1930 1930 1963–1975 1981–1995 1983


Jenkins Activity Survey Jesness Inventory Kent Emergency Scales Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory (KAI) Kohs, S.C. Krug Adult Personality Inventory Kuder Preference Record Kuder Preference Record, Vocational, Form CP Kuhlman-Anderson Measure of Academic Potential Kuhlmann-Anderson Measure of Academic Potential Language Imitation Test (LIT) Leicester Number Test Life Style Questionnaire (LSQ) Lowenfeld Mosaic Test Lowenfeld Mosaic Test Lowenfeld Mosaic Test plates MacQuarrie Test for Mechanical Ability Make a Picture Story Make a Picture Story Test (Schneidman) Manchester Personality Questionnaire (MPQ) Marlow- Crowne Social Desirability Scale Maslach Burnout Inventory Maudsley New Junior Inventory Maudsley Personality Inventory (MPI) Maxfield-Bucholz Scale of Social Maturity McAdory Art Test McCarthy Scales of Children's Abilities Mechanical Ability Test, Morrisby Profile Mechanical Comprehension Test Meier Art Judgement Test Memory-for-Designs Test Memory-for-Designs Test Mental Ability Test Mental Ability Test: Elementary I Level

1979 1962 1946 nd 1984 1960–1973 1951 1962 1960-63 nd 1978 nd 1962–1963 nd 1953 nd nd 1993–1994 1986 1966 1969 nd 1972 1955–1996 1969 1942 1960 ? 1967

USPTC/01/84 USPTC/02/11 USPTC/01/85 BPS/005/05/27 USPTC/01/86 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/87 USPTC/01/88 BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/89 USPTC/01/90 BPS/005/02 USPTC/02/12 BPS/005/01 BPS/005/05/05 USPTC/01/91 USPTC/02/13 BPS/005/01 BPS/005/02 USPTC/02/14 USPTC/01/92a USPTC/01/94 USPTC/01/93 BPS/005/06/08 BPS/005/01 USPTC/01/95 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/96 USPTC/01/97 USPTC/01/98 BPS/005/06/04 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03


Mental Ability Test: Elementary II Level Merrill-Palmer Scale Metropolitan Readiness Tests MFF20 Cards & Directions Mill Hill Vocabulary Scale Miller Assessment for Preschoolers (MAP) Minnesota Counselling Inventory Minnesota Multiphastic Personality Inventory (MMPI) Minnesota Paper Form Board Test Minnesota Rate of Manipulation Tests Minnesota Teacher Attitude Inventory Miscellaneous Manuals, Books, Keys, Forms & Questionnaires Miscellaneous Odds & Ends Modern Language Aptitude Test (MLAT) Mooney Problem Check Lists Moray House Picture Test 1 Moray House Picture Test 2 Moray House Verbal Reasoning Test (Adult) 1 Morrisby Tests including: Compound Series Test (CST), Shapes Test, General Abilities Test, Office Skills, Differential Test Battery Motivation Analysis Test (MAT) Multiple Affect Adjacent Check List (MAACL) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) National Institute of Industrial Psychology Group Test 33 National Institute of Industrial Psychology Group Test 70/1 National Institute of Industrial Psychology Group Test 70/23 National Institute of Industrial Psychology Group Tests Neale Analysis of Reading Ability Neale Analysis of Reading Ability Need for Achievement NEO Personality Inventory NEO Personality Inventory (NEO PI-R) & NEO Five-Factor Inventory (NEO-FFI)

1967 nd 1965 nd 1948 1957 1983 1970 1969 1951 nd nd 1959 1950 ? 1961? 1961 nd 1959 1965 1985–1998

nd nd nd 1966


BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/99 USPTC/01/100 USPTC/02/24 USPTC/01/101 BPS/005/05/02 USPTC/01/102 USPTC/01/103 USPTC/01/104 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/105 USPTC/03 USPTC/04 USPTC/01/106 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/107 USPTC/01/108 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/06/05 USPTC/01/109 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/110 USPTC/01/111 BPS/005/05/23 USPTC/01/112 USPTC/01/113 BPS/005/02


NeuroticismScaleQuestionnaire NSQ Non-Verbal Test BD Non-Verbal Test DH Northumberland Mental Test No. 1 Nufferno Tests Nufferno Tests of Speed, Accuracy, and Level Object Relations Technique Occupational Interest Inventory Offer Self-Image Questionnaire for Adolescents Oliver & Boyd Maths Tests Orally Presented Group Test of Intelligence Otis-Lennon Mental Test OtisQuick-ScoringMental Ability Tests P.E.N. Psychoticism, Extraversion, Neuroticism Inventory P.I.P. Development Charts Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test Perceptual Speed (Identical Forms) Performance Style Tests Personal Adjustment Inventory Personal Orientation Inventory Personal Questionnaire Rapid Scaling Technique (PQRST) Personality Deviance Scale Personality Deviance Scale: Delusions-Symptons-States Inventory Phonic Crosswords (50 items) Pictorial Completion Tests Picture Test A Porch Index of Communicative Ability in Children (PICAC) Porteus Maze Test Porteus Mazes Power and Performance Measures Test (PPM) Preschool Embedded Figures (PEFT) Present Affect Reactions Questionnaire Prevue Assessment, including software ICES Primary Mental Abilities (PMA) Readiness Level !

1961 1964-65 1951 nd 1963 1963 1974 1956 1977 1952 1967 1937 1976 1959 1956 1961 1963 1978 1978 1977 nd 1971 1979 1952 1991–1995

1999 1956–1972

USPTC/01/114 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/115 USPTC/01/116 USPTC/01/117 USPTC/02/18 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/119 USPTC/01/118 USPTC/01/120 BPS/005/03 USPTC/02/15 USPTC/01/121 USPTC/02/16 USPTC/01/122 USPTC/02/17 USPTC/01/123 BPS/005/05/26 USPTC/01/124 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/01 BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/125 BPS/005/05/21 USPTC/01/126 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/127 USPTC/02/19 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/128


Primary Verbal Test 1 Primary Verbal Test 1 Primary Verbal Test 2 Profile of Mathematical Skills Profile of Mood States (POMS) Profile of Mood States-Bipolar (POMS-BI) Prognostic Test of Mechanical Abilities Progress Assessment Chart (PAC) Progressive Matrices (Advanced) (APM-1962) Progressive Matrices (Coloured) Progressive Matrices (Standard) (SPM-1938) Progressive Matrices (Various) Psyassess for Windows Psygna personality questionnaire Purdue Pegboard Queensland Test (QT) Questionnaire Measure of Empathic Tendency (QMET) Rapid Personality Questionnaire Raven's Matrices & Mill Hill Vocab. Scale Reading Vocabulary Test & Wide Span Reading Test Reasoning Tests Reynell Developmental Language Scales Reynell-Zinkin Scales Richmond Tests of Basic Skills Richmond Tests of Basic Skills, Level 1-6 Rorschach Psychodiagnostic Test Rorschach Psychodiagnostic Test Rorschach Psychodiagnostics Rosenzweig Picture - Frustration Study (P-F) Rothwell-Miller Interest Questionnaire Rotter Incomplete Sentences Blank Rotter Internal-External locus of Control Scale Rust Inventory of Schizotypal Cognitions (RISC) Scale of Non-Verbal Mental Ability

nd nd 1959 1979 1971 1983 1947 1962 1965 1938–1956 1996 1997 ca 1975 1970 1990–1995 1958–1998 1979 1954 1969 1975–1982 1971

1947 ?–1990 1950 1966 1989 1945?

BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/129 USPTC/01/130 USPTC/01/131 USPTC/01/135 BPS/005/05/01 USPTC/01/132 USPTC/01/133 USPTC/01/134 BPS/005/05/15 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/04 USPTC/01/136 USPTC/01/137 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/02 USPTC/02/20 BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/138 BPS/005/06/06 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/139 BPS/005/05/12 BPS/005/06/07 USPTC/01/140 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/142 USPTC/01/141 USPTC/01/143 BPS/005/03


Schonell Diagnostic English Tests, 18th edition Schonell Reading & Spelling Tests Seashore Measures of Musical Talents Secondary Verbal Test 2 Self-Directed Search (SDS) Semantic Differential Sentence Comprehension Test (SCT-Experimental Edition) SHL Advanced Test Battery SHL Skills analysis checklist Silent Reading Test A SixteenPersonalityFactor Questionnaire Skillscan starter set Sleight Non-Verbal Intelligence Test Sleight Non-Verbal Intelligence Test Social Climates Scales Southgate Group Reading Tests Spatial Test 1 Spatial Test 2 Spatial Test 3 Spatial Test EG Stanford Profile Scales of Hypnotic Susceptibility Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, 3rd Revision Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale: Form L-M Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale: Form L-M State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory (STAXI) State-Trait Anxiety Inventory for Children (STAIC) State-Trait Anxiety Inventory Form (STAI-Form Y) State-Trait Anxiety Inventory Form X (STAI-Form X:) Stenographic Aptitude Test Stromberg Dexterity Test (SDT) Strong Interest Inventory Strong Vocational Interest Blank Stroop Neurological Screening Test Study Habits Inventory

1962 1944 1960 1965 1970 1969 1974 1979 1980 nd 1986 1961 1931 1974 1959 1959 1951 1959 nd 1967 1960 1967–1972 1988

1967 nd 1981–1994 1966–1968 1989 1941

BPS/005/03 USPTC/02/22 USPTC/01/144 BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/145 USPTC/01/146 USPTC/01/147 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/148 BPS/005/02 USPTC/02/22/01 BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/149 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/151 BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/150 BPS/005/05/18 USPTC/01/152 USPTC/01/155 USPTC/01/154 USPTC/01/153 USPTC/01/156 USPTC/01/157 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/158 USPTC/01/159 USPTC/01/160


Study of Values Study of Values Stycar Hearing Test Survey of Study Habits and Attitudes Symonds Picture-Story Test Symptom-Sign Inventory (SSI ) Sympton-Sign Inventory Systematic Interview Guide (for interviewing mother re child’s health and functioning) Szondi-Test Terman Group Test of Mental Ability Terman Test Material Form L (Stanford-Binet) Test Anxiety Inventory (TAI) Test of Behavioural Rigidity (TBR) Test of Children's Learning Ability-Individual Version Test of Social Insight Thanet Mental Test: English Thanet Mental Test: School Aptitude The Basic School Record Card The Dynamic Personality Inventory (Experimental Edition) (DPI) The Sixteen Personality Factor Test (16 PF) The Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPSSI) The Wechsler-Bellevue Intelligence Scale (WBIS) Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Thematic Apperception Test and Children's Apperception Test (TAT & CAT) This I believe Test (TIB) Thomas Software Reports including Personal Profile Analysis Thurstone Interest Schedule Thurstone Test of Mental Alertness TMS profiles including: QO2, Windows on work profiles, Linking Skills, Linking Leader, Team Performance Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCP) Using the Strong and MBTI workbooks by J Grutter Verbal & Non-Verbal Test 1

1965 1965 1958 1953 nd

nd 1990-2003 1947 1952 2002-2004

USPTC/02/21 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/161 USPTC/01/162 BPS/005/01 BPS/005/05/11 USPTC/01/163 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/01 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/05/19 USPTC/01/164 USPTC/01/165 USPTC/01/167 USPTC/02/23 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/06/01 BPS/005/06/09 BPS/005/05/14 BPS/005/05/03 USPTC/01/166 BPS/005/05/16 USPTC/01/168 BPS/005/02 USPTC/01/169 USPTC/01/170 BPS/005/02

1966 1974 1998 nd

BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/171 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/03

1968 1967 nd nd 1980 1960 1979 1959 nd nd ?

1943- 1954


Verbal Reasoning Test Verbal Test BC Verbal Test C Verbal Test CD Verbal Test D Verbal Test EF Verbal Test GH Verbal Tests Vernon's Graded Arithmetic-Mathematics Test Vineland Social Maturity Scale Vineland Social Maturity Scale Visual Pattern Recognition Test Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) and Revised Scale Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale Revised (WAIS-R) Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC) and Revised Edition (WISC-R) Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children Revised (WISC-R) Wechsler Memory Scale Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI) Williams Intelligence Test Wilson-Patterson Attitude Inventory Wilson-Patterson Attitude Inventory (WPAI) Wing Standardised Tests of Musical Intelligence Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests (WRMT) Word Order Comprehension Test Word Recognition Test Work Attitude Scale Y Mathematics Series Youth Inventory (YT)

1960 1970 1970 1970 1970 1970 1965 1963–1970 1969 1947–1965 1979 1964 1964–1991 1955–1981

1949–1974 1945 1971 nd 1975 1961 1973 1979 1989 nd 1979 1953

BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 BPS/005/03 USPTC/01/172 USPTC/02/30 USPTC/01/173 BPS/005/05/22 USPTC/01/174 USPTC/01/175 BPS/005/02 BPS/005/05/04 USPTC/01/176 BPS/005/05/20 BPS/005/05/08 USPTC/01/177 BPS/005/05/17 USPTC/01/178 USPTC/01/179 USPTC/02/27 USPTC/01/180 BPS/005/05/30 USPTC/01/181 USPTC/01/182 USPTC/01/183 USPTC/01/184 BPS/005/02 USPTC/02/31 USPTC/01/185



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