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Professor To-hai Liou(劉德海)

South Korea's Foreign Economic Relations (韓國對外經貿關係) Thursdays: D56 Fall, 2013 Classroom: Office hours: by appointment Phone #: 2939-3091-5 ext.50917 (O) Office: 207903 e-mail: [email protected] Taught in English, this course is designed to introduce South Korea’s foreign economic relations. Sept 19: National Holiday Sept 26: Introduction: Approaches to studying Korean Foreign economic relations: a major characteristic of South Korean foreign policy Oct 3: economic diplomacy: a major characteristic of South Korean foreign policy Oct 10: National Holiday Oct 17:

Korea’s FTA Policy and Strategy

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SYLLABUS College of International Affairs Professor To-hai Liou(劉德海) South Korea's Foreign Economic Relations (韓國對外經貿關係) Thursdays: D56 Fall, 2013 C...

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