The Amps treatment for motor symptoms in Parkinson's disease


AMPS treatment: a therapy for a better Quality of Life The Automated Mechanical Peripheral Stimulation (AMPS) treatment is a powerful therapy based on the stimulation of the peripheral nervous system. The GONDOLA ® device has been designed to make the AMPS treatment available for patients, conveniently at home. Reduction of Freezing of Gait and improvements in movement capabilities and in balance have a positive effect on daily living: through an increased independence patients can participate more to social life and can interact more actively with other people. The device has no known side effects and does not interfere with pharmacological treatments or with other devices such as Pacemakers or DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation). Any ongoing medical treatment must be continued under the guidance of the treating specialist.

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The Amps treatment for motor symptoms in Parkinson's disease

( AMPS treatment: a therapy for a better Quality of Life The Automated Mechanical Peripheral Stimulation (AMPS) tr...

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