The Aviator - Heli-Mart

The Aviator Thin. Light. Comfortable. Durable. Safe.

Because It Happens™

Constant Wear Aviation Life Preserver


Features • Innovative dual opening, zipper closure design • Designed to transfer the load away from your neck • Low profile, triple layer/dual chamber design inflatable chamber redundancy • Oral inflation capabilities on both chambers • Breathable protective cover fabric for reduced thermal burden • Replaceable life preserver and/or cover option Specifications Weight: 1 lb 5 oz (595.3g) Buoyancy: Over 35 lbs Inflation System: 1 33g CO2 cylinder Cover Fabric: Crusader® 790 Nomex® / Kevlar®

Thin. Light. Simple Safe. The new Switlik Aviator Life Vest’s low profile design is supremely more comfortable to wear, and specifically designed for the seated position in your aircraft. It’s the vest you’ll forget you’re wearing.

Prices and Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

SWITLIK PARACHUTE COMPANY 1325 East State Street Trenton, N.J. 08609 Phone: (609)-587-3300 Fax: (609)-586-6647 E-Mail: [email protected]




The Aviator - Heli-Mart

The Aviator Thin. Light. Comfortable. Durable. Safe. Because It Happens™ Constant Wear Aviation Life Preserver TSO# TSO-...

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