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Herr Štefan Füle: EU Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy

The Macedonian Question: Dear Mr. Füle: Over the years I have had an ample opportunity to study Macedonian history, but never the courage to tackle such a serious historical subject (for a political scientist not a historian) as history of Alexander the Great; perhaps, I thought, it too difficult to handle in my younger days. In any case, being in advanced years (I’m going on 75 years of age), I had read a great deal on Alexander and Macedonia generally, that some of my academic friends and associates talked mi into it, and so I finally acquiesced last year to write a book on subject, which I have since finished, soon to be released in the English language in London, joining a parade of more than 30,000 volumes written on Alexander of Macedon, only my book is much more different from the typical sort of surface writing, the avalanche we have witnessed in recent years, though I managed to somewhat accent both the language and the country name controversy over Macedonia. Of course, I have been aware of the Greek veto, which irked me, personally, because, if I had any sense of history, I sure have had my share in reading classical history and literature, indeed, the Greeks. But until I started actually tracing Phillip II and his tragic years spent as a hostage in Thebes for a decade-long period of persecution (the Theban city-state just northwest of Athens), rescued by his countrymen (shortly thereafter becoming King of Macedonia, the Argaed Dynasty, dating back to 800 BC), I realized then and there how much ancient Macedonia suffered from the Greek city-states adverse behavior, including the Persian incursions, hence clairvoyance suddenly arrived before me in a parade of hundreds if not thousands of facts and documents. In other words, it’s preposterous to think that a country like Macedonia, which gave such famous sons and daughters to world history, has fallen into a ludicrous Greek diplomatic trap, an impasse with no end in sight; not only in losing 67% of its territory donated by the blind continental Intelligentsia to the Greeks (at the fateful 1913 Bucharest Conference), but now the Greek government is even blackmailing its people for the country’s name. What are they supposed call themselves – Kunga-munga-hunga, like some storybook aborigines in the jungles of Africa? Now then, in conducting a very serious analysis of the father and son kings, Phillip II and his son Alexander of Macedon, suddenly it struck me. My god – that the often warring Greek city-states, why…they were forced to join the Corinthian League in 337/38 BC, after the famous Battle of Chaeronea (338 BC); therefore at that time, the Macedonian King Phillip II and his son Alexander, had de facto formed the first Greek nation-state, something the European Commission has overlooked. Indeed, it was Alexander who beat the Thebans to a pulp and some other states, sending the Greek city-states population into slavery, impaling the belligerents on stakes and even crucifixions were applied long before the Roman habit and the Spartacus fate. 15,000 Greeks fighting for Persia were returned from Anatolia to Greece and Macedonia to work in the mines as POWs. Altercations with the famous Athenian orator, Demosthenes, who called Phillip a Macedonian "barbarian" and committed suicide instead of facing Alexander, the Macedonian Conqueror of the civilized world...are historically well-known, illustrated graphically in my essay on King Phillip II (attached). Written history is full of it - Greeks vs. Macedonians and vice versa... The reason is very simple: various city-states, including Athens and Sparta, especially Thebes, made many incursions into the Macedonian kingdom proper, raping the country for gold, raw material resources, taking women and children as slaves, and killing young men, the battle worthy Macedonian youth, so that they would never become soldiers, etc. What is also amazing, the continental Intelligentsia failed to read crucial Macedonian history, in order to realize that such Macedonians as Alexander, father Phillip II, Cleopatra of Egypt (a Macedonian Ptolemy) and the famous philosopher Aristotle, and many other profiled Macedo-


nians have been falsely claimed throughout history by the Greeks as their own nationals, which is criminal to say the least! You will find attached in the essay on Phillip II what they did with his capital of Pella, robbing his grave and promoting it throughout the world as Greek arts and letters, another historical fraud (see attached). Even the historical period, 330-30 BC, titled Hellenic, is a misnomer, i.e. it was created by the Macedonians, period.(!) Also, it came to my attention in recent weeks that EU representatives have declared how there is no Macedonian language, which is another serious historical misnomer and a Greek manipulative lie, because even the Rosetta Stone had ancient Macedonian in it (of course, the Egyptian Ptolemaic Dynasty was Macedonian for 300 years). However, Macedonian was not a written language per se but certainly the national language of the nation-state of Macedonia. Likewise, it’s a historical fact that 30,000 infantry and 5,000 cavalry of Alexander’s army which conquered most of the known world of the day from 334-322 BC, spoke ancient Macedonian, a separate language from the Greek, though the Greek lingua franca was used as a written language, just as English is today by such countries as India, and they have a right to call themselves Indians! Alexander’s elitist expeditionary force was made up of Macedonians and he spoke to his army in the native Macedonian tongue, while Greek remained the written language of the Macedonians, until they acquired the Slavic language and writing, which was named Macedonian already in the 8th century AD, with the rise of Christianity in the Balkans. There are some enclosures here which tell a very different story of the origins of Macedonians and Greeks, which your staff can study, and write a proper report to you and other ministers at the EU Commission. Moreover, I'm willing to immediately forward to your office a CD copy of my book, if your staff requests so... In retrospect it’s preposterous to think that the EU doesn’t have the expertise to dispel such silly games played by the current Greek Government. Its one thing to appreciate the classics, and another to realize that those famous Greeks; the original Greeks no longer exist. The current Greek population was in fact Turkish slaves, brought from all over the Ottoman Empire, including Anatolia, Ethiopia, the Arab Peninsula et al. The last original Greeks of the Byzantine Empire died out by the end of the 8th century AD, so declared in correspondence between the Patriarchs of the Eastern and Western Christian Church. The same fate met the Turkish population as well, with the last original Seljuk and Ottoman race dying out 240 years ago. Therefore, I find myself into expertise which cannot overlook such ghastly historical errors with the invidious offensive launched by your member in the EU, i.e. the Greeks don’t have a leg to sand on! In fact, even though it’s impossible to change borders anymore, but cities such as Thessalonica, Pella, and even Kavala (Philippi, where King Phillip II was born) are strictly Macedonian. At least the Greek government can be thankful that there was such a famous, proud and hardy race of people as the Macedonians, who formed their nation-state and saved the profiled vertical race of the Greeks from the marauding Persian Empire. In fact, legal steps should be taken to recover the national treasures stolen by the contemporary Greeks from Pella and other places, because those are nationally and originally Macedonian: why let the Greek business community rake in the humongous profits from tourism, travel and culture on the Macedonian original sons, which is down and out stolen property?! Whether the ancient Macedonian race was finally eclipsed by the Slavs, demographically (and so were the Bulgars), the country is still called Bulgaria, the language Slavic; in other words, the territorial base was there, and assimilation took primacy over the old languages. Why should that be a problem, all of continental Europe was assimilated and acculturated the very same way? Modern Macedonian as a state language is recognized by at least 130 members of the World Organization, including the name of the country – Macedonia. Frankly, I don’t understand the offensive which has taken a strange direction at the EC?... My god, gentlemen of the jury, do your homework in ancient and modern history and let the two million Macedonians, as original continentals, join WesternCiv, I mean the EU, which is the best


system of governance and the very future of the planetary society at large, and I personally herald its successes. It's good to remember, that of all the people, the Macedonians have contributed so much to Western culture, arts and letters, including military science. I have read all of your reports, which I wish not to turn into an argumentative free-for-all--it’s just that the attitude towards modern Macedonia has to change; honestly and professionally, you continentals know it’s a mistake, and even a fraud by the Greek government! Sincerely, Prof. Paul Cutter Trg Basilike, bb. Old Town – Budva 85310 MONTENEGRO, Europe mob: +382-67-607-045 e-mail: [email protected] Dated: October 30, 2011 PS. Don’t let the Stonewalling Doctrine offend you—you’re a young and impressive continental leader—it’s the EU, which has to save the crucial civil and civilizing process of Humanity per se; indeed, WesternCiv itself, the norms and values and the vital planetary high-tech progress, because those which I have criticized have turned their nation(s) into military machines. A dangerous game to play at this stage of human development, including the financial meltdown—and, that’s only the beginning. THIS is the 4th historical doctrine: I wrote 3 in my life, which were academically recognized, that might be the most important one; they were: 1. Mirror Doctrine 1962 (for my Kishlak HQ team in Siberia) 2. Umbrella Doctrine 1975 (for Russia) 3. GEO Bombing Doctrine, January 1996 (for Washington) 4. Stonewalling Doctrine, Sept. 27, 2011 I know, a lot of flack will fly back in Washington over this doctrine as we formalize it, but it’s time to stop the wayward dominance parade, to let it all hangout to dry, especially after the disastrous 2,008 financial meltdown I predicted... On my website:, your staff will find my downright serious critique of Washington; I just don't mince words.The worldwide public reads it; many thousands of letters or messages were written to me about the essays on the site and, of course, the ©2005 OPEN SPACES—Conflict & Resolution trilogy on the Cold War. PPS. The essay attached in the Macedonian language is No. 12 (of 21), excerpted from my book on Alexander, and is published weekly in the PUBLIKA Magazine, Skopje, Macedonia. Attachments: 1. Phillip II of Macedonia 2. Ancient Macedonian Language 3. Dura-Europs, analysis of the ancient language 4. Multipolar World, English and Macedonian version (published in PUBLIKA, weekly magazine, Saturday July 30, 2011); I write a weekly article for this political magazine, owned by the daily DNEVNIK newspaper of Skopje, Macedonia 5. 12th essay (of 21) is in Macedonian (only) from the Publika magazine, Saturday, October 29, 2011; excerpted from my book on Alexander the Great of Macedonia 6. The Rosetta Stone photo and brief comment 7. Macedonian Vergina Sun ancient state emblem 8. Photo of this writer in front of the Alexander the Great 58 meters monument in Skopje 9. Epilogue from my book on Alexander… 10. Stonewalling Doctrine of 2011 by this writer


Communications confirmation with EC/EU

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European Commission BERL 09/247 200, Rue de la Loi B-1049 Brussels tel: +322/295.64.44 e-mail:[email protected] From: sos [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Monday, November 07, 2011 10:08 AM To: BOUDA Pavel (CAB-FULE) Subject: Macedonian Question Importance: High Please Note: there were 13 attachments with the 3-page cover letter to Mr. Fule. I'd like to know whether the attachments arrived in my first message to You or Mr. Mordue for the Commissioner. Thanks, prof. Cutter ------------------------------------------------------------------- Original Message ----From: [email protected] To: [email protected] Sent: Monday, November 07, 2011 6:24 AM Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: Macedonian Question Thank you for your e-mail. I am currently out of the office until Monday 7 November and may not be in a position to respond promptly to your email. In the case of an urgent matter, please contact Pavel Bouda at the address below. [email protected] Simon Mordue


Herr Štefan Füle: EU Commissioner Attention: Arlette De Bruyne, Administrative Assistant to Simon MORDUE, Head of Cabinet Dear Arlette: Would you please be kind to bring this letter on the "Macedonian Question" to the attention of your boss and thereby to Mr. Stefan Fule, the EC Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy. The subject matter is quite important, therefore this request. Thank you kindly, prof. Paul Cutter ------------------------------------PS. There were in fact 13 attachments and several communications since; and, of course, the flack from Washington is in progress, however, it ONLY legitimizes the STONEWALLING Doctrine as Academia is jumping in to confirm it! Fore example, leading newspaper in India is publishing every word, with pertinent commentary… In time, sooner than later, someone “brave,” will decide to publish my Cold War trilogy mega-opus, which you can read on my same site – it sells for $34.95 on Internet Publishing, Ok.

----- Original Message ----From: [email protected] To: [email protected] Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2011 4:24 PM Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: cont. Macedonian Question Thank you for your e-mail, and sorry for any inconvenience. Please, note I am not in the office today, and have just limited access to my mail-box. I will be back in the office on Monday, November 28. In case of any emergency do not hesitate to contact my colleague Ann van Mello Thank you in advance for your understanding. PB



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Herr Štefan Füle: EU Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy The Macedonian Question: Dear Mr. Füle: Over the years I have had an ample opportu...

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