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Welcome to The Sanmar Group The Sanmar Group embarked on a quest for excellence back in the early seventies. The Group had its beginnings in 1972 in a single business operation. It is now a multinational US $ 1 billion conglomerate headquartered in Chennai, India and has manufacturing facilities in India, the USA, Mexico and Egypt. Sanmar is engaged in three key business sectors grouped under two distinct ownership structures. SHL Chemicals Group - owned by Sanmar Holdings Limited Engineering and Shipping businesses and JVs - owned by Sanmar Consolidations Limited. Strategic forward and backward integration, combined with prudent financial management, has been responsible for the Group’s steady progress and the leading position it occupies in different segments. The Group has set the benchmark for global partnerships, the oldest over 35 years, in a range of industry segments which have stood the test of time. In its journey of excellence, Stakeholder prosperity, Integrity and Professional excellence have been the pillars on which Sanmar rests. The Sanmar Group’s motto “Where Integrity Meets Excellence” says it all.


Engineering Technologies


Chemplast Sanmar Limited — over fifty years old and the flagship company of The Sanmar Group — is a major manufacturer of PVC resins...

Sanmar Engineering Technologies Limited is a well-integrated, synergistic group of engineering companies and foundries in India and USA...

Sanmar Shipping Limited commenced operations in September 1994 and acquired its first ship, a bulk carrier in February 1995...

Green Initiatives

Beyond Business


As a responsible corporate citizen, the company has continuously improved upon its manu- facturing processes, tapping new technologies...

At Sanmar, we have pride in our consistent record as a responsible citizen, discharging our duties to the community around our businesses and society...

Sanmar In The News Lifetime Achievement Award for N Sankar - Vinyl India 2012 Group Publication ‘MATRIX’ : house journal

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The Sanmar Group: Welcome

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