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SUNDAY July 25,2004

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Amazing Campers discover inner workings of •x human body.


Memo Clarification

A story in Thursday's Observer about absentee ballots Incorrectly stated that the Canton Clerk's office would be open "this Saturday" (July 24). The office will actually be open f r o m 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 31.

McCotter to speak U,S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter will be the guest speaker at the Canton Chamber of Commerce luncheon at noon on Wednesday, Aug. 4, at Summit on the Park. Cost is $15 per person with reservations (made by calling 7 3 4 4 5 3 4 0 4 0 ) . Reservation deadline is Friday, J u l y 3 0 . T i c k e t s are $ 2 0 at

ii,e door.

fenders wanted The Canton Historical Society is preparing for its annual Flea Market Aug. 7 on the grounds of the historic BartlettTravis House on Ridge Road, just north of Cherry Hill Road. Members are seeking vendors and crafters to participate in t h e event. For more information or to sign up, call Ronni Curtis, society vice president, at (734) 3 4 0 - 2 3 0 7 or at the museum, (734) 397-0088.

The. Canton Police Department's Training Division is hosting a Carrying Concealed Weapons (CCW) permit renewal class. The class will be 5 - 8 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 11. Cost for the class is $ 4 0 and includes practice at the gun range and pistol safety training certification, which is required for all CCW renewals. The training will be at the Canton Police Gun Range, 5 6 4 6 S. Lilley (just north of Van Born). For more information or t o register, call (734) 394-5451.


Trustee hopefuls air views





Ten c a n d i d a t e s f o r Canton t r u s t e e got a c h a n c e t o air their views at a public f o r u m W e d n e s d a y night. T h e f o r u m , s p o n s o r e d by the L e a g u e of W o m e n Voters and t h e Canton Observer, was held at S u m m i t o n t h e Park. About 30 t o 4 0 people a t t e n d e d . T h e c a n d i d a t e s h a d no s h a r p d i s a g r e e m e n t s o n issues. To a q u e s t i o n a b o u t w h a t they t h o u g h t of police a n d fire f o r m i n g m u t u a l aid p a c t s with o t h e r c o m m u n i t i e s , m d s t of the candid a t e s w e r e in favor of such an arrangement. "Looking at o u r d e p a r t m e n t heads, we've t a k e n a leadership role," said Karl Z a r b o , an i n c u m bent. Fellow i n c u m b e n t J o h n Burdziak agreed. "Mutual aid is absolutely necessary," h e said. Todd Caccamo called t h e conc e p t "an excellent way t o keep costs down," while Vicki Welty added, "We n e e d t o share our knowledge." Melissa M c L a u g h l i n said she agreed w i t h t h e concept, but a d d e d a c a u t i o n : "Mutual aid n e e d s t o b e monitored." She said t h e t o w n s h i p n e e d e d to make s u r e t h e aid was "mutual" and n o t one-sided. A n d J a c k H a k a l a added, "Cooperation is t h e right way to go." Todd LaJov said, "Counties as well as cities are allowed to do this. There's legislation pending in the state t o allow townships to do the same." To a q u e s t i o n a b o u t the "growi n g t r a s h d u m p s " i n the t o w n ship, Burdziak replied t h a t PLEASE SEE FORUM, A5


James Gillig (left), Sandy Gillig, Donna Bone, and Dave Bone walk to their next restaurant stop.

Grub Crawl delights Canton restaurants and participants The 15 Canton restaurants a n d their m a n a g e r s who participated "were thrilled" with t h e g r u b crawl Tuesday evening according to Canton chamber director Diane dojei. The C h a m b e r sold about 5 6 0 tickets t o t h e event. Everyone received a bright green T-shirt as a n admissions ID and participants got on buses a n d w e n t f r o m place to place to sample a variety of foods. "We t h i n k it went very well. The m a n a g e r at Chili's was h a p p y because some Tuesday night customers were hack the next day to buy gift certificates. One group even p a ^ e d on the buses and went everywhere in their own limo," Cojei said. Participating Canton restaurants included: 4 Friends Restaurant, Ashoka Indian Cuisine, Bailey's Pub & Grille, Carrabba's Italian Grill, Chili's Bar & Grill, Crow's Nest, Damon's, LaShish, Mexican Fiesta II, Palermo's Pizzeria, R o m a n Forum, Rusty Nail, Shark's Club, T.C. Gator's, a n d T.G.I. Friday's. "It was a really f u n event, a good change of pace for the Chamber. We can't always b e talking a b o u t business," Cojei said.

Condos, apartments lead Canton building The n u m b e r of building permits issued by Canton Township is up 3.2 percent overall for the first six m o n t h s o f 2 0 0 4 . Favorable interest rates are among the factors leading to the j u m p . The biggest increase came in the apartment and condominium sector. Permits were issued for a total of 336 units compared to 3 0 3 a year ago — an increase of 10.9 percent. Canton Building Official J o h n Weyer isn't surprised by the numbers. "That's where we've been strong the past few years," h e said. Permits issued for single-family homes fell by 8.5 percent, from 201 units for the first six m o n t h s o f 2 0 0 3 t o 184 this year. Weyer thinks t h a t sector of the market will change dramatically in the final two quarters of this year and continue with fast growth in 2005. "Overall, I think we'll be u p 15 to 2 0 percent next year," h e said. The type of units developers seek permits for depends greatly on economic conditions and the availability of lots within a community, Weyer added. Interest rates, labor costs and the price of building materials also influence development. Currently; Weyer said, interest rates are good, while labor costs are steady. The price of building materials has gone up with wood products

'There's a lot of re-development going on along Saltz Road from Canton Center past Beck Road in the west.' John Weyer Canton building official

leading the way. Despite that increased cost, Weyer said permits issued for single-family homes are about t o take off in Canton because of increased lot availability. H e points to several new subdivisions leading the way. Heron Ridge North sits in Cantons northwest corner, while Antique Forrest is more centrally located at Ford and Beck roads. Cherry Hill Village, a neo-traditional mixture of single-family homes, condominiums and commercial facilities, is moving into phase three of development In-fill development is also picking up, Weyer said. "There's a lot of re-development going on along Saltz Road f r o m Canton Center past Beck Road in the west, h e added. 'These types of developments can range from a half-dozen h o m e s to 25 or 3 0 homes."

Lisa Dozier (left) and Patsy Stevens enjoy drinks and conversation at Damon's restaurant during the Chamber of Commerce Grub Crawl Tuesday night.

Wednesday night is last to talk with consultants about Ford Road woes BY JOANNE MALIS2EWSKI STAFF WRITER

Wednesday n i g h t at 7 p.m. is your final chance to offer y o u r o p i n i o n s about Ford Road a n d any possible solutions you c a n provide. T h e last of a series of public f o r u m s at the S u m m i t on t h e Park will culminate a p h a s e of t h e m o n t h s - l o n g discussions w i t h t h e public by T h e C o r r a d i n o Group, w h i c h was h i r e d by the M i c h i g a n : D e p a r t m e n t of T r a n s p o r t a t i o n t o s t u d y traffic flow andlaccess p r o b l e m s on t h e east-west corridor. "They will t h e n go b a c k t o t h e d r a w i n g board a n d based on t h e i n p u t develop solutions," said Kathleen Salla, D o w n t o w n Development A u t h o r i t y director. Final preliminary r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s will b e later p r e s e n t e d

voters may decide next president •mm your house lo

ihe While House This is the second in a series of stories looking at the 2004 presidential election.


Michigan voters are concerned a b o u t the economy a n d u n e m p l o y m e n t rates. They w a n t health care and, like t h e rest of t h e country, have mixed views of t h e military situation in Iraq. . Michigan voters might also decide this November who will b e p r e s i d e n t of the United States. "Michigan could make t h e difference between who is t h e

president a n d who is not," said Steve Mitchell, c h a i r m a n of Mitchell Research & Communications, Inc., official polling agency for WDIV-TV. "I mean, this could be the deciding state." Mitchell h a s seen u p d a t e d scenarios with Republican i n c u m b e n t George W. Bush leading challenger J o h n Kerry by as little as 15 votes a n d t a k ing Michigan's 17 electoral votes. "There are probably a d o z e n states right n o w t h a t are very

close," Mitchell said. "Bush is l e a d i n g M i c h i g a n right now. But if it switches, ( u n d e r t h a t scenario) Kerry wins." T h e diverse state cares a b o u t t h e issues t h a t m o s t A m e r i c a n s care a b o u t, state Rep. David W o o d w a r d said. "At t h e e n d of t h e day, people are going t o care a b o u t w h e t h e r t h e y have a j o b a n d w h e t h e r they have h e a l t h care," said W o o d w a r d , t h e O a k l a n d County D e m o c r a t i c Party c h a i r m a n . PLEASE SEE MICHIGAN, A3

t o t h e t o w n s h i p b o a r d , followed b y a p r e s e n t a t i o n t o t h e public s o m e t i m e in t h e fall. "They will c o m e u p w i t h t h e quicker fixes, s u c h as acceleration/deceleration lanes and then l o n g - t e r m fixes, i n c l u d i n g signal t i m i n g s a n d o t h e r safety improvements," said Todd Zilincik, a n e n g i n e e r with C a n t o n Township. Other recommendations that are expected f r o m T h e C o r r a d i n o G r o u p will b e incorp o r a t e d i n t o t h e township's zoni n g o r d i n a n c e s in. a n t i c i p a t i o n of r e d e v e l o p m e n t , Zilincik said. Despite m e a g e r a t t e n d a n c e at p r e v i o u s public f o r u m s , Salla is hoping residents a n d business o w n e r c o m e o u t in full swing f o r t h i s last g a t h e r i n g . For m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n , c o n t a c t Salla at (734) 394-5186. [email protected] (734) 459-2700

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games begin The 155th annual St. Andrew's Society of Detroit Ceilidh & Highland Games celebrate all things Scottish.

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Observer & Eccentric j Sunday, July 25,2004

Daycare intruder Township man may have had death wish BY TONY BRUSCATO STAFF WRITER

A Plymouth Township man, w h o may have had a death wish, was shot arid killed w h e n h e scuffled with police after barging into t h e daycare center Friday morning at the Church of the Nazarene o n A n n Arbor Road. Plymouth Township Police Chief Tom Tiderington said 35-year-old Robert Van Buren was shot and killed by police after two law enforcement officers tried unsuccessfully t o subdue the suspect with a Taser gun. Tiderington said there were a b o u t 10 children and three female workers at N e w Horizons daycare when Van Buren — who reportedly was talking incoherently — entered t h e building shortly before the 8:13 a.m. emergency call to t h e 9-1-1 dispatch center. "He was m e t by a school administrator, and she attempted to keep h i m from coming into the building," Tiderington said. "At the same time, she notified a co-worker to call police. ' "The caller reported there were several children in the

nine-year veteran. T h e second center, and they were frightened," he said. "One of the dayofficer is a five-year m e m b e r of care workers was able t o flee the township police force. Both the building with t h e children, have b e e n p u t o n paid adminwhile the two others continued . istrative leave d u r i n g t h e invest o struggle with the individual." tigation, which is b e i n g assisted by t h e Michigan State Tiderington said o n e of the daycare workers struggled, Police. enough with Van Buren to tear "They're very upset," a white T-shirt off h i m before Tiderington said. "They underh e was afcle t o get into the stood they did w h a t they h a d empty classroom. t o do t o save themselves and T h e chief said t h e first offithe children. But, at t h e same cer attempted to subdue the time, it's s o m e t h i n g t h a t no intruder with a Taser gun, b u t officer w a n t s t o go through." it h a d little-effect. Tiderington said a conversa: "The second officer arrived on tion with Van Buren's m o t h e r the scene and administered a gave some indication h e was second Taser strike," h e said. "It having problems. momentarily slowed t h e indi"The m o t h e r said t h a t over vidual, but h e continued to fight the past few days she was conarid struggle with the officer., cerned a b o u t his m e n t a l stabil"Fearing for their o w n lives, ity," Tiderington said. "When one of our officers fired one she h e a r d a b o u t t h e shooting, shot, striking the individual in she indicated she wasn't surt h e chest," Tiderington said. prised because of h o w h e was "He was taken t o St. Mary's acting. Hospital (in Livonia) where h e "He indicated h e w a n t e d t o was pronounced dead." die," Tiderington a d d e d . Tiderington said officers Lt. Robert Antal said Van arrived at the scene about Buren was self-employed. t h r e e minutes after t h e initial "He did h a n d y m a n - t y p e call for help, with t h e fatal shot work, deck restoration, lawn fired a couple of minutes later. work, any type of outdoor T h e chief said no weapon was activity," h e said. f o u n d on Van Buren. Tiderington said they are Tiderington declined to still trying to find out why Van n a m e the officers involved, sayBuren targeted t h e Church of ing only the shot was fired by a ; the Nazarene.



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A lone police car blocks the entrance to the church grounds.

before 9 a.m. to pick u p her two boys — 41/* years old and 17 m o n t h s old — f r o m t h e daycare center. "I t h i n k the kids saw t h e guy was at the classroom d o o r a n d trying t o get in, b u t t h e y got out t h e back door real quick," Vespaziani said. "I asked my older boy if h e was scared a n d h e said 'no,' b u t t h e n h e said, 'The m a n m a d e m e cry.' "I was a bit shaken u p w h e n I got t h e p h o n e call, a n d when I got t h e r e a n d received more details I was m o r e shaken," she added. "I was glad t o h e a r nothing h a p p e n e d t o anybody and t h e kids didn't see a whole lot. It sounds like t h e teachers did a great job."

"There is no connection between this individual and the church or t h e daycare center," h e said. "He was asking for someone n a m e d J o h n and was staring into space, speaking very incoherently. "We will b e working with the medical examiner's office to see if h e was on any type of drugs," h e added. "It's really early in our investigation, so it's h a r d t o say what his motive was, or why h e was there." Police say while Van Buren entered the building into an inner hallway and was attempting to enter the classroom, one of the teachers ushered the children through a door t h a t exited to the parking lot, and t o a nearby grassy area. "The children didn't see any of t h e interaction between our officers and the individual," Tiderington said. Laura Vespaziani of Canton Township said she received a telephone call at work shortly

Tiderington said o n e of the workers saw Van Buren parked on A n n Arbor Road in f r o n t of the church in his gray, Ford F150 pickup w h e n she arrived for work. "He was parked in f r o n t of the church for 10 to 15 m i n -

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chard looking forward o another crazy convention


im Blanchard r e m e m b e r s how h a r d h e f o u g h t to get to his first Democratic National Convention. He drove to United Auto Workers' h e a d q u a r t e r s in Detroit, slipped past a security guard, and sat for hours in t h e outer office of Millie Jeffries, a UAW vice president in charge of hiring pages. That was 1064, the year of Lyndon Baines Johnson's famous coronation in Atlantic City. ?I really wanted to get to t h a t convention," Said t h e f u t u r e governor, w h o was in t h e midst Of getting ready for this week's gathering of the Democratic clans in Boston. When she finally showed up, she n o t e d that h e was a little old to be a page, b u t was impressed by his eagerness. "She asked me if I supported civil rights. I was amazed. 'Of course — doesn't every Democrat?'" he said. The elfin Millie smiled. Well, he h a d a lot to learn . But he got in, a n d the experience helped hook him on politics for life. "One night Bernie Klein and I were going for a walk and we saw Jack Adlai Stevenson. Adlai Stevenson! I had h a n d e d out leaflets f o r him in f o u r t h grade." He ran u p to h i m a n d i n t r o d u c e d himself to his hero, who a d d r e s s e d him gravely as "old man." College a n d law school k e p t Blanchard away f r o m t h e next two conventions, which were two of t h e party's m o s t disastrous. But he's been going ever since, as congressman, governor, leader of t h e Bill Clinton forces in t h e state and, finally, as sort of an elder statesman. And he still loves every m i n u t e of th em, as his wife J a n e t noted with some amusement. "He'll be swinging f r o m t h e rafters next week," she chuckled. "The conventions have changed," Blanchard said, noting that national conventions once actually chose the party candidates and that, until recently, delegates arrived having no idea who their vice presidential candidate would be. Conventions past have seen titanic struggles over the party's positions — the so-called "platform" — with roll call debates on issues ranging f r o m civil rights to Vietnam to whether to seat a state delegation deemed to be insufficiently diverse or improperly chosen. "Now, they are all sort of coronations," said Blanchard, who says h e is nevertheless excited, in part because h e t h i n k s his party's ticket of John Kerry and J o h n Edwards "is maybe the strongest we've h a d in 4 0 years." That may be debatable; w h a t is not is t h a t for many of the delegates (and the press)

national conventions these days are in m a n y respects much more like high school reunions t h a n anything else. Politicians and reporters see old friends they haven't seen in four years; relive old battles; open new bottles. "You have to pace yourself," Blanchard said. You can easily spend all day talking politics and listening to speeches on the convention floor, and all night going f r o m hotel to hotel and party to party. Conventions are still politically worthwhile, he notes, because they serve two other key purposes: To introduce the party's candidates to the American people, m a n y of w h o m have, until now, been paying scant attention to t h e process, and also to fire u p the delegates to work h a r d for the ticket. The best recent example of that was probably 1992, when Bill Clinton arrived at the convention trailing both President Bush a n d H. Ross Perot, and left the clear front-runner. Four years ago, the convention was duller, b u t delegates still talk about the startlingly passionate kiss between A1 a n d Tipper Gore. Most conventions produce some memorable moments; Mario Cuomo's famous speech in 1984; Clinton's famously long and boring speech in 1988; and the bizarre scene in 1980 when Jimmy Carter seemed to be chasing Ted Kennedy around the platform, trying futilely for the traditional victory embrace. Democrats, who tend to be a more unruly lot than Republicans, have also h a d their presidential campaigns ruined by conventions. The worst of all time was the 1924 convention in New York City, when a deadlocked convention continued for three weeks and 104 ballots, until the nomination itself was worthless. The ultimate modern horrors were 1968 in Chicago, when out-of-control cops tear-gassed and clubbed demonstrators and delegates, a n d 1972, when anarchy prevailed; vice presidential votes w^re actually cast for Mao Tse-tung, and the nominee didn't get to speak till 3 a.m. — prime time only on Guam. Back then, networks prided themselves on so-called "gavel-to-gavel" coverage. Sadly, that's now a thing of the past. The m a j o r networks plan to show only three hours of coverage all week. That won't present many opportunities for the 155 Michigan delegates to see themselves in prime time. Yet questions remain. Will John Kerry finally electrify people? Will A1 Sharpton behave? Will Michigan's two party chairmen, who loathe each other, make nice for the cameras? Despite all the pre-packaging, something fascinating or bizarre is b o u n d to happen. W i t h Democrats, it nearly always does. Jack Lessenberry is editorial vice president of HomeTown Communications. He can be reached by phone at (248) 9012561 or by e-mail at [email protected]

Observer & Eccentric | Sunday, July 25,2004


Plan to protect the Great Lakes shouldn't be derailed by politics


his weekend my wife and I will be enjoying the beaches, bikeways and small towns along Lake Michigan. It is an annual ritual with suburban Detroit residents dating from the late 1800s, when trains ran regular schedules from Detroit to Traverse City, Petoskey and the Mackinac Straits. The sandy beaches of Lake Michigan, the rocky shores of Lake Huron and the wilderness reaches of Lake Superior are a welcome respite from everyday (S. & J MeBut we don t have to travel that far to appreciate the real value of our special position at the center of the Great Lakes. We need only drive over to the Detroit River and down to Lake Erie to see how we depend on these lakes for water to drink, to irrigate fields, generate power, transport raw materials, provide for a rich diversity of fish and as a playground for boaters. These lakes are our treasure. They are the reason that every suggestion for the state's quarter included Michigan's unique outline of two peninsulas defined by the lakes and why Gov. Jennifer Granholm chose the design which included all five Great Lakes. Even if we never boat or fish or own property along these lakes, they are a vital part of who we are. This past Monday, the Council of Great Lakes Governors and Canadian Premiers agreed on a draft proposal to protect Great Lakes waters from being siphoned away to other parts of the country or the world. The agreement requires that all eight Great Lakes ^states — Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York — must agree to any out-of-basin diversions of more than 1 million gallons of water per day. The agreement also would allow three states to veto any in-basin use of more than 5 million gallons a day. The premiers of Ontario and Quebec have agreed to the pact. Hearings are scheduled throughout the state to explain the agreement, which requires the approval all the state Legislatures and Congress. The nearest is 2 p.m. Sept. 14 at the Michigan Library in Lansing. The Great Lakes Charter was formed in 1985 to protect Great Lakes waters from diversion by the parched southwest and plains states. It was a minor issue during the last presidential election, when George W. Bush mused that such a diversion might be necessary someday. This year, it was candidate Sen. John Kerry who was caught off-guard and mused similarly. Last week on a visit to the

Since 1985, seven of the Great Lakes states and Ontario and Quebec have drawn up legislation to regulate large withdrawals of water. Only Michigan has failed to act. state, Vice President Dick Cheney promised that the president would "never" allow the diversion of Great Lakes water, showing that , some lessons do get learned. Water diversion has become a bit of a politi* cal football in Michigan. ; Since 1985, seven of the Great Lakes states and Ontario and Quebec have drawn up legislation to regulate large withdrawals of water. Only Michigan has failed to a c t Granholm not moving on a number of bills introduced earlier this year to protect the state's waters. GOP leaders respond that Granholm hasn't been working with them to get the bills moved and they are critical of some items that they feel will have a negative impact on business. What is clear is that our current laws do not adequately protect our water supply. Legal questions have been raised about whether a governor has the power to restrict diversion of water. T h e Great Lakes Charter draft proposal would make it difficult to nearly impossible to. divert water, while at the same time provide a | legal process that would probably pass muster. This should not be an issue that divides on party lines. Republican Majority Leader Ken Sikkma has been sensitive to envrionmental « issues. It's definitely time for the governor and the opposition to quit spitting and take u p a comprehensive program to protect the state's surface and groundwater supply and to sign on quickly to the draft proposal to prevent diversion from the Great Lakes. And while we're discussing the lakes. We've been asking readers to share some of their *'• favorite cottage memories for our Life ! Section. If you have a favorite getaway place, '• special inland lake or stream, pleasant forest j drive, we'd like to share it with our readers, jj Also, if you have a picture showing some f Michigan summer time fun, send it along to ? me at 36251 Schoolcraft, Livonia, MI 48150.1 (•

Hugh Gallagher is the managing editor of the Observer Newspapers. He can be reached by phone at (734)953-! 2149, by e-mail at [email protected] or b y ' fax at (734)591-7279.

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Observer & Eccentric | Sunday, July 25,2004


Memorial run to benefit Angela Hospice Farmington Hills resident M a r y Angela DiGiovanni h a d a J j r i g h t future, a n d deep desire t o h e l p o t h e r s . Sadly, i n J a n u a r y o f 2 0 0 3 , t h e 24-yearo l d w a s involved i n a fatal c a r accident. T h i s A u g . 15, M a r y A n g e l a will b e r e m e m b e r e d t h r o u g h t h e 2nd annual Mary Angela R u n for Angela Hospice beginn i n g at 9 a.m. o n Oakland C o m m u n i t y College's O r c h a r d R i d g e C a m p u s . T h e first e v e n t in M a r y Angela's h o n o r was held last August, a n d through t h e s u p p o r t of o v e r 1 , 0 0 0 p a r t i c i p a n t s a n d s p o n s o r s , it raised $ 6 0 , 0 0 0 to help care for t e r m i n a l l y ill c h i l d r e n a n d adults. "This r u n n o t only provides a way for us to remember Mary A n g e l a ' s w o n d e r f u l qualities," s a i d N a n c y J e s s , w h o is c o o r d i -

nating the event with her h u s b a n d , D a n , "it a l s o s u p p o r t s a n organization t h a t is providing h e l p t o so m a n y families in our community." All p r o c e e d s from t h e e v e n t g o t o b e n e f i t A n g e l a Hospice's p r o g r a m s f o r t e r m i n a l l y ill patients a n d their families, including inpatient and h o m e h o s p i c e care, p e d i a t r i c a n d p r e natal hospice p r o g r a m s , a n d grief s u p p o r t services w h i c h a r e o f f e r e d free-of-charge t o patient families a n d c o m m u n i ty m e m b e r s . Individuals m a y participate i n a n u m b e r of w a y s t o h e l p s u p p o r t this i m p o r t a n t cause. Registrations are n o w being t a k e n f o r t h e 5 K r u n , 10K r u n , o r 1-Mile fitness w a l k , w i t h a standard entry fee of $20. For a $ 5 0 donation, individuals can r e g i s t e r as a "Mary's Angel,"

receiving e n t r y i n t h e race e v e n t of t h e i r ch o i ce, r e c o g n i tion on event signs, a n d a special "Mary's A n g e l " T - s h i r t . " T h e c o m m u n i t y ' s s u p p o r t of t h i s e v e n t is t r u l y i n s p i r i n g , " s a i d D a n Jess, r a c e c o o r d i n a tor, a n d friend of M a r y Angela's parents, H u m m e r General Manager Mike DiGiovanni, a n d Angela Hospice Ethics M a n a g e r Chris D i G i o v a n n i . " T h e s u c c e s s of t h i s e v e n t is a g r e a t t r i b u t e t o M a r y Angela. It reflects h e r character, her d e e p desire to help others, and h e r commitm e n t to improving health care f o r t h o s e i n need."


For m o r e information on h o w you can help, or to register f o r t h i s e v e n t , p l e a s e call t h e r a c e h o t l i n e at ( 7 3 4 ) 9 5 3 - 6 0 1 5 o r visit t h e W e b s i t e a t

Race coordinators Dan and Nancy Jess are organizing the Mary Angela Run for a second year in a row. Pictured are (from left) Chris DiGiovanni, Nancy jess, Mike DiGiovanni and Dan Jess.

REUNIONS As space permits, the Observer & Eccentric Newspapers print, without charge, announcements of class reunions. Send the information to Reunions, Observer & Eccentric Newspapers, 36251 Schoolcraft, Livonia, Mi 48170. Please include the date of the reunion, one contact person, and a telephone number.

REUNIONS Winshtp School (Detroit) Class of 1960-66 ' A ciass reunion is being planned for Sept. -4,2004. For information, call Shirley Katz 'Kaplan at (248) 557-6532. E-mail 1 [email protected] Belleville High School Classes 1960 through 1969 A Sixties Blast II is being planned for '• Saturday, Sept 25,2004, at Crown Piaza, • Detroit Metro Airport. For more informa- ' tion,caii Belleville High at (734)6979133. Belleville High School , Class of 1979 • A 25-year reunion is planned for Aug,.21, 2004. For information, call Jeanne a t o \ (734)461-1861. Belleville High School All Classes An all-class-reunion is planned for Sept. 18,2004. For information, cail Millie Baker at (734) 633-5231. Berkley High School • Class of 1954 A 50-year class reunion is planned for • Sept. 25,2004, at the Royal Oak Elks. For more information, calf Pat Brennan Pahoiak at (248) 398-4641 or Audrey (Auman) Cowies at (248) 541-7313.

.Birmingham High School Class of 1954

A reunion is planned for Oct 22-24,2004, at the Troy Marriott. For more information, caii Joan Gassaway Berndt at (248) 335-7160 [email protected] Brighton High School Class of 1984 The class of 1984 is planning the 20-year reunion on Aug. 7,2004. For more information, call Sally Rectof-Langiey at (517) 505-4970.* Cabrini High School Class of 1984 ; if you're interested in working on the 20-year reunion, please contact Debbie • . (Scott) Paulus at (734) 737-9743 or Laurie (Marra) Makavewicz at (734) 981- 7263. Center Line High School Class of 1974 ' Center Line High School's Class of 1974 30-year reunion takes place Saturday, . Oct. 16, at the Ford Conference & Event Center in Dearborn. Tickets are $80 per person, which includes appetizers, strolling supper, open bar, entertainment and valet parking. For more information, cail Karen Hudak Miller at (248) 569-7739 or e-mail her at [email protected] Canton and Salem Class of 1994 A 10-year reunion is planned for Nov. 26, 2004, at the Doubletree Hotel in Novi. For more information, call Julie at (810) 227-4671 or e-maii < [email protected] Clarenceville High School Class of 1983-84 A double reunion is planned for Oct. 9, 2004, at Burton Manor. For more infor, mation call Julie (248) 889-8850 or at •' [email protected] Clawson High School Ciass of 1979

Ciass of 1963 and 1964 A 40-year reunion will.beSaturday, Sept. 25,2004, at Ypsilanti Marriott, at Eagle Crest, 1275 S. Huron, Ypsilanti. . (734) 487-2000. Doors open 6 p.m., dinner 7 p.m. $60 per person includes: din-. ner/dancing, memory book, cash bar. . Send check or money order to Cody * Cias.s Reunion, c/o Phil Varilone, 22911 -Sheridan, .Dearborn, Mi 48128-2801. For more information, e-maii the reunion-, committee a t 6 3 [email protected];net.' Class of 1974 A 30-year reunion is planned for Saturday, July 31,2004, at Laurel Manor, in Livonia. For more information contact, Dearborn High School Class of 1954 A 50-year reunion is planned for Saturday, Aug. 7,2004. For information, call Helen K r a m e r Turchan at (313) 5654816 or Sally Hicks Williams at (734) 464-8263.

Dearborn High School Class of 1974 A 30-year reunion is planned for Saturday. Aug. 7,2004, at St. Mary's • Cultural Center, 18100 Merriman, Livonia. Looking for classmates. Please pass the word. Contact Ann Kennedy Hutchins at (734) 591-6866. Dearborn Lowrey Ciass of 1954 Now organizing. Call Fay (Bolton) Reeves at (248) 349-2094. Denby High School Ciass of 1964 A 40-year reunion is planned for Friday, Nov. 26,2004, at The Barrister House in St. Clair Shores. For more information, contact Joel Pumphrey at (248) 8795978 or [email protected] Detroit Denby High School Class of 1949 A 55-year reunion is planned for Sunday, Oct. 3,2004, at Barrister Gardens Banquet Center, 24225 Harper Ave., St. Clair Shores. For information, call (586) 778-3541 or (586) 777-5812. Detroit Miller High School Class of 1954 For the classes of January-June-August a 50-year reunion dinner dance is planned for Saturday, Aug. 7,2004.6 p m until 12 midnight at St. George Banquet Center, 2160 East Maple Road, Troy; Tickets $40. For more information contact Edmund Spear at (313) 4188983. Detroit Pershing High School Class of 1974 A 30-year reunion is planned for Saturday, Aug. 28, at Casino Windsor. For more information, caii David Branch at (313) 331-9950, Debra Boatnerat (248)443-0223, or Gary Blackburn at (313) 521-4683.



^ V ^ - 7 r


A 25-year reunion is planned for Oct. 9, 2004, at Knights of Columbus Hall in Ciawson. For more information, call Tina (Robinson) Ulmer at (586) 530-8699. Cody High School Classes of 1950-1959 The ciass of 1957 has invited other interested frierids from al! the 1950s classes. Being held at 7 p.m. Oct. 9, 2004, at Fox HilisGolf and Country Club near Plymouth. Cost is $75 per person which includes sit down dinner, open bar, music, and many surprises. Cail for .more info on golf and reservations at the Hilton Garden Suites. For further information, call Loretta (Muciek) Nedwick at (800) 859-9502 or Leania . (Nizio) Rourk at [email protected] or (248)486-7333.











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Section B


SOFTBALL — South All-Stars capture win. HOCKEY -

Sunday, July 25,2004

Honored as one of the best sports sections i n t f i ^

n Brad Emons, editor (734)953-2123 Fax (734) 591-7219 [email protected]^t

Warriors, Huskies to play in final.

Area shooters place at national tourney BY PAUL BEAUDRY STAFF WRITER

A trip to San Antonio, Texas, proved to b e o n t a r g e t for several Observerland shooters as they picked u p a pair of bronze medals in the Scholastic Clay Target P r o g r a m national c h a m pionships. T h r e e of t h e shooters represented t e a m Michigan a n d the Wayne County Sportsman club t e a m in the Senior Experienced

Division of the skeet competition — Ryan Cafarelli of Canton a n d Steve Rais and Ryan Posler of Livonia. T h e trio, along with M a r k Birch of Dearborn and Bryan Jedinak of South Lyon, h a d 1,066 points out of a possible 1,125. "Actually, we could have done better," said Posler, who j u s t graduated from Franklin High School. "My n o r m a l average is 96-98 (of 100) and I averaged 9 0 . But this was definitely a n

experience. Cafarelli h a d t h e h o t trigger as h e scored a perfect 100 in t h e first round a n d 9 8 in the second t o finish t h i r d individually. "I missed one in t h e first r o u n d (of four) a n d one in t h e second," said Cafarelli, the recent Canton grad who took this u p competitively 3% years ago. "Two other shooters h a d perfect scores." The t e a m took h o m e a sixth in the sporting clays competi-

tion out of 14 t e a m s , b u t t h e Island Lake Wackers out of Brighton c a m e away with a third-place finish in t h a t event — as well as a f o u r t h in the skeets. "It w a s a b l a s t . I t w a s h o t , b u t it w a s f u n , " s a i d R e d f o r d Thurston sophomore Danny W i l l i a m s , a m e m b e r of t h e W a c k e r s . "I s h o t 8 0 a n d 8 4 o u t of 1 0 0 i n t h e clays ( a n event with different stations and setup t h a n skeet shoot-

Plymouth's Arapoff helps keep Lions in tip-top shape

ing) and 9 0 and 91 in the s k e e t . My g r a n d f a t h e r g o t m e i n t o t h i s a l o n g t i m e ago a n d I've b e e n s h o o t i n g c o m petitively for t h e last f o u r years." All the t e a m m e m b e r s received a bronze m e d a l a n d a $100 scholarship savings b o n d from t h e National Shooting Sports Foundation for their finish. [email protected] j (734) 953-2106



Jason Arapoff's Allen Park "office" is equipped with $ 7 5 0 , 0 0 0 worth of exercise equipment, a stereo sound system t h a t would m a k e Jay-Z envious a n d - m o s t of t h e t i m e - as m a n y as 6 0 of the strongest, fastest athletes walking on t h e face of t h e planet. Yes, Arapoff's office is unique, b u t so is his job. The 39-year-old Plymouth Township resident is t h e Detroit Lions' strength-and-conditioning coach, a position t h a t requires h i m t o do everything from m a k i n g sure t h e PLEASE SEE ARAPOFF, B2

Rams R u n s w e r e a t a p r e m i u m on Wednesday night, but the Michigan Lake Area R a m s were the ones who scored the p r e m i u m run. , Ryan Heath's bases-loaded single with n o one out scored A d a m Schulz with the winning r u n as t h e R a m s earned a 1 - 0 win over the L o n g h o r n s in Livonia Collegiate Baseball League play - as well as winning t h e league's b e r t h in t h e

TOM HAWLEYI STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Detroit Lions strength and conditioning coach Jason Arapoff of Plymouth runs the Lions' state of the art strength-and-conditioning facility in Allen Park.

AAABA National Tournament in Johnston, Pa.,beginning Aug. 8. As has bpen the story in several games this season, the Rams (20-9-1) were outhit by their opponents - in this case, 7-5, by t h e Longhorns (18-10-2). But the Longhorns scattered their seven hits over nine innings. The Rams h a d a pair of singles in the fifth off losing pitcher Rob Whipple, b u t came up with three in t h e ninth. Heath was 2-for-4 with t h e RBI, while Schulz doubled t o start the ninth. Nick

T h u r m a n and D a n Dobberowsky b o t h singled for the R a m s , with T h u r m a n ' s coming in t h e n i n t h t o load t h e bases. Todd Kalmbach a n d Todd Tindall b o t h h a d a pair of hits for t h e Longhorns, while Jamey Embree, Andy Brinker a n d Derek VanBuskirk all singled. Ben Darga got t h e win for t h e R a m s , allowing j u s t one walk a n d striking o u t six. Whipple allowed five hits, f o u r walks a n d struck out four. [email protected] | (734) 953-2106


M u c h like eight-track tapes, t h e Bee Gees and the video game "Pong," modified-pitch softball thrived in t h e Observerland area d u r i n g the late-70s a n d early-80s. But now, 25 years later, the sport is facing t h e same unfortun a t e demise as t h e previously m e n t i o n e d attractions. Modified-pitch softball is best described as slow-pitch softball with some spice. Pitchers cannot use a windmill delivery like in fast-pitch softball, b u t they can still generate 7 0 - m p h pitches with the straight-back and straight-forward style that is allowed. "I like modified because it's a lot more like regular baseball t h a n slow-pitch softball," said Livonia resident Rick Williamson, w h o h a s played modified for t h e past 33 years. "You can b u n t , steal bases, hit a n d r u n , a lot of things t h a t aren't allowed in slow-pitch softball. The g a m e is a lot quicker, too. It takes a b o u t a n h o u r a n d 10 minutes to play seven innings in modified." Judging by t h e steadily decreasing n u m b e r of active teams playing in t h e area, modified-pitch softball is a dying sport. Just 2 0 years ago, t h e r e were 16 t e a m s playing in the Plymouth league and over 3 0 competing in Livonia. Currently, there are 13 t e a m s playing i n b o t h leagues combined (four in Plymouth a n d nine in Livonia). "Unfortunately, t h e Plymouth league is in danger of getting canceled altogether," said J o h n Cunningham, a veteran of 36 modified seasons. "The rec d e p a r t m e n t h a s an eight-team slowpitch league t h a t would like t o take over Massey Field next year. If we can't find m o r e teams, modified will probably b e eliminate, which w o u l d b e a terrible thing." Why is modified-pitch softball fading from the sports landscape? "I think t h e n u m b e r one reason is because younger kids aren't playing baseball as m u c h as they used to," Williamson said. "There are m o r e a n d m o r e kids playing sports like soccer and golf, so they're steering away from sports like modified. Then w h e n they get older and they w a n t t o play softball, it's much easier t o hit t h e ball in slow-pitch t h a n it is in our sport."

anxious for Transplant Games BY KEVIN BROWN STAFF WRITER

Larry H a g m a n doesn't pull u p his shirt t o show his scars t o j u s t anyone. But h e did at t h e b a n q u e t h o n o r i n g last year's participants in t h e a n n u a l U.S. Transplant Games. H a g m a n h a d a kidney transplant, a n d therefore shares a n o r g a n transplant experience with 2 , 0 0 0 people expected to attend t h e 2 0 0 4 Games r u n n i n g Tuesday t h r o u g h Aug. 1 at t h e University of M i n n e s o t a in Minneapolis.

Interest slows for modified fastpitch

[email protected] | (734) 953-2108

• Wayne S t a t e University signed threearea a t h l e t e s t o l e t t e r s of intent for cross country. \ Thurston's Meghan Wafer and Livonia Stevenson's Sarah Kearfott will run with the women's team, while Catholic Central's David * Lucas will r u n for t h e m e n ' i team. B o t h Lucas and Wafer were f i r s t - t e a m A l l O b s e r v e r last season. • A d a m Miller (Livonia) signed a letter of intent t o play hockey for , Ferris S t a t e University. • Miller, a f o r w a r d , had 4 6 p o i n t s in 5 4 g a m e s for t h e Des Moines (Iowa) Buccaneers of t h e U n i t e d S t a t e H o c k e y league l a s t season.




College notes


TOM HAWLEY | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Team Budweiser pitcher Mike Culver of Canton rears back before delivering a pitch in the Plymouth Modified Softball League played at Massey Field.

Daniel H i m m of Livonia, 18, will b e there - 5% years after undergoing a h e a r t transplant. Himm "Theytell-youto j u s t keep working h a r d a n d b e grateful for getting a second chance at life," said H i m m , o n a b r e a k recently from his caddying job at Meadowbrook Country Club in Northville. In 1998,12-year-old H i m m needed a heart transplant as he'd been dealing with a weak h e a r t for years, d u e t o a birth defect which transposed t h e great arteries to opposite sides of the heart. After struggling with t h e weakening condition throughout childhood, doctors tried a new procedure. W h e n it failed, they p u t h i m o n life support for nine days, performed t h e transplant, then p u t h i m in a deep sleep for a m o n t h for the surgery t o take. After h e was awakened, "They say lake your son h o m e a n d t r e a t h i m normally," recalled Daniel's m o t h e r Carol W a t s o n - H i m m . "He's been relatively healthy the last 5/2 years." Kimm said h e feels m u c h stronger. "Now I can caddy a n d rock climb, Rollerblade and not even feel tired." At t h e games, t r a n s p l a n t recipients PLEASE SEE GAMES, B2

• Livonia Churchill will hold boys golf t r y o u t s on at 10 a.m. o n A u g . 5 and 6 at Whispering Willows Golf Course. For m o r e I n f o r m a t i o n , please call P a u l a t ( 2 4 8 ) 476-4493. • Garden C i t y w i l l hold preseason c o n d i t i o n i n g ; andtryoutsfor the u p c o m i n g boys s o c c e r \ season. Conditioning will begin ^ Aug. 2 and r u n until A u g f 5. Each session runs f r o m 6 - 8 p.m. and will be at Garden City Middle School. For m o r e information, call Bill Torni at ( 7 3 4 ) 5 2 2 - 4 0 9 4 or visit gcvsoccer. v

Track honors ; The U n i v e r s i t y of Detroit-Mercy honored > t w o area a t h l e t e s i n its*' annual t r a c k awards. Sophomore Tom G r a n t ; (Farmington Hills/ ' Catholic C e n t r a l ) > received t h e Coach's Award on t h e m e n ' s team; for his p e r f o r m a n c e in t h e hurdles, as w e l l as : • the long jump. \ Maura Mulcahy (Canton/ Liv. Lady wood) e a r n e d most i m p r o v e d honors in t h e long j u m p on t h e women's t e a m . Mulcahy is s i x t h all-time in t h e 8 0 0 : m e t e r s for t h e Titans.

PCJBA registration Registration for the Plymouth Canton J u n i o r Basketball A s s o c i a t i o n ' s 2 0 0 4 - 0 5 s e a s o n w i l l be:• held f r o m 6 - 8 p.m. TUesday a t t h e S a l v a t i o n : A r m y l o c a t e d a t 9 4 5 1 S.J"; Main in P l y m o u t h . ;• The registration fee is $115 for t h e league, w h i c h : includes boys and girls In ••; grades third through eighth; For m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n , c o n t a c t Al Flower at (734) 4 6 4 - 6 8 3 0 .

Golf notes T h r e e area g o l f e r s per* f o r m e d well a t t h e Bulck^ J u n i o r Open e n d i n g .r Thursday, held at t h e ; Spring Meadows C o u n t r y Club In L i n d e n . } For t h e boys, P l y m o u t h ' s A d a m Hogue- a Catholic C e n t r a l j u n - ' i o r - t o - b e - f i n i s h e d in a ; t i e for 2 4 t h by s h o o t i n g t h r e e r o u n d s of 7 5 for a : 2 2 5 t o t a l . Canton's j Phillip M a r s h t i e d f o r 3 4 t h overall w i t h r o u n d s of 76-74-78 - 2 2 8 . On t h e girls side, Livonia's Rachel I M c H e n r y f i n i s h e d in 17th; The s e n i o r - t o - b e a t . ' Stevenson had r o u n d s of 8 5 - 8 1 - 8 3 f o r a 2 4 9 totals -i, k




Observer S Eccentric j Sunday, July 25,2004


Detroit Lions strength-a nd-conditioning coach Jason Arapoff offered the following tips for high school footbali players who are gearing up for practices beginning Aug. 9: • Hydration - "Staying p r o p e r l y hydrated is very important. Drink a lot of water before, during and after practices." • frequently - "Get m o r e rest t h a n you think you need. Get off your feet after practice." • Eat right - "Eat three square meals a day w i t h healthy snacks in between. You should eat at least five pieces of fruit a day and t h r e e t o four servings of vegetables." • Sleep is vital - "Once practice starts, t r y t o go t o bed at t h e same t i m e every night, the earlier the better. Try t o develop a regular sleep routine." '

team's players are in optimal lysical condition to monitor; the facility's high-tech id system. ' "I control 1he volume of the Stereo, but I usually let the players choose the music," said Arapoflj feferringtohis least-important responsibility with the lions. "I tell tRem that as long as they would feel comfortable listening to the song in the car with their parents, tfien they can play it in here." s I The upcoming season will be Arapoff's fourth with the Lions. He spent the previous 13 seasons in a similar capacity with the Washington Redskins, i * "(Lions president and chief Executive officer) Matt Millen $,nd I developed a strong relationship during his last season playing with the Redskins," Arapoff said. "When Matt accepted the job with the Lions, he asked me to join him as the team's strength-and-con$itioning coach. It was difficult |0 leave Washington because I W e d it there, but I couldn't be happier than where I'm at now. "I love the community, my neighbors, downtown Plymouth. It couldn't be better for myself and my family (wife Jennifer* and daughters Julia, 4, and 2-year-old twins Anna and Alexa). In fact, I just told Matt that we have to start winning more because I don't feel

TOM HAWIEYI STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Detroit Lions linebacker Boss Bailey, a second year starter works on leg curls with Mondray Gee (right) strength/conditioning assistant at the Detroit Lions facility.

like moving again." Arapoff's worit days usually begin around 6 a m when the players startfilinginto the team's stateof-the-art training center, which includes everythingfrommountains offreeweightstowhirlpools equipped with exercise bikes. On most nights he doesn't leave the Lions' Allen Park practice facility until 7 p.m. Despite the long hours, there's nothing he'd rather be doing. "I love this job because of the players I get to work with," Arapoff said. "They're young, talented and in the prime of their lives. The average fan doesn't get to see the work that goes into being a professional football player. They see the players

out there on Sunday afternoons, but they don't see the commitment that goes into it during the week and the off-season. "Look at Boss Bailey over there," Arapoff said, gesturing in the direction of the Lions' second-year linebacker. "It's the middle of July and he's in here working his tail off. My job is to maximize the players' ability, but their dedication to getting better makes my job easier." Each of the lions players has a specific workout plan developed by Arapoff. The regimen is structured based on a number of variables, including the player's position, weight and age. "We start with a large blueprint for all the players in gen-

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• Don't stop lifting - "In-season training is very important. Even a f t e r two-a-days start, you need t o keep lifting because once t h e season begins it's more i m p o r t a n t than ever t h a t you're strong."

eral, then that is broken down into the different positions on the team," he explained. "For example, a 185-pound defensive back is going to have more cardiovascular work than a 350-pound lineman." A vital tool for Arapoff is a device that can measure each player's percentage of body fat.


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"A player may come in before r training camp and tell me he lost 10 pounds since the end of last .A, FROM PAGE B1 season," Arapoff said. "Well, I need to know if he lost 10 pounds of muscle or 10 pounds of fat" get a chance to talk about their, Arapoff said he works out on unique shared experiences, a regular basis himself and fol- which include taking medicalows the nutritional guidelines tion for life to head off organ that he designs for the players. rejection. They also strive to maintain white blood cells to "It would be hypocritical if I walked in here every clay with a guard against infection. big donut in my hand," he said.. "They tell you to get exercise "I think it's important that I and eat healthy," Kimm said. practice what I preach. I won't "You try not to eat too much ask a player to try something junk food, and not to stay up (with the exercise machines) too late. I hardly ever go to unless I've tried it first myself." McDonald's anymore. Maybe once every two weeks and I just During game days, Arapoff get a sundae." handles a number of administrative duties for head coach Participants typically sell raffle Steve Mariucci. He also serves tickets to earn money to attend. as the team's "get-back" coach. Kimm will play golf, his favorite sport, at the games. He "When we make a big play has scored in the 90s. He'll also and the players on the sidelines start celebrating and run- participate in bowling and volleyball. ning towards the field, it's my job to get between the players The games close with a large and the field and yell 'Get barbecue. back!,'"Arapoffsaid. "It's a l o t The home-schooled high like trying to prevent waves school senior said he'll seek a from crashing onto the beach." career in radio or as an air trafArapoff enjoyed a stellar col- fic controller. legiate football career at Transplant Games sponsors Division II Springfield (Mass.) include by Novartis College, where he played Pharmaceuticals Corporation defensive back from 1985-88. and Purefecta and Gift of Life Michigan. "Our goal is to show "I was pretty fast for that environment," he said, smiling. the world that transplant recipi"But put m e out there with our ents are leading healthy, active lives," said Dan Carney, presiplayers now, and, no, I woulddent and CEO of the National n't be considered fast. It's all Kidney Foundation of Michigan. relative, I guess." To commemorate the 50th anniversary of transplantation, [email protected] j (734) 953-2108 Dr. Joseph Murray who headed the Boston team that performed the first successful kidney transplant in 1954 will be honored. Boys 10-Champion: J o n a t h a n Zhou; There are more than 80,000 Finalist: Stephen Payne. Americans on the national Boys 10-Consolation Winner: A r t h u r waiting list for organ transPawJikowski: Finalist: Max Lee. plants, including more than Girls 18-Champion: Ashley Moccia; 2,700 in Michigan. Finalist: Lindsay Zuhlke. According to Joseph Maiuri, Girls 18-Consolation Winner: Kiersten Team Michigan Chairman and Pasley; Finalist: Chelsea Darouie. a kidney donor to his son, "By Girls 16-Champion: Jennifer Naiepa; participating in the games these Finalist: Saemee Chung. athletes can help draw attention Girls 16-Consolation Winner: Diana to the critical need for increased • Ticu; Finalist Elena Rose. organ donation in this country." Girls 14-Champion: Chloe K a r o u b ; For more information about Finalist: Karen Karoub. Team Michigan or to receive a Girls 14-Consolation Winner: Austin free organ donor card, contact Lavallii; Finalist Natasha Dabrowski. the National Kidney Girls 10-Champion: R e b e c c a Foundation of Michigan at Micheison; Finalist: Maria Mihailescu. 800-482-1455 or visit Girls 10-Consolation Winner: J a n e w w w . n k f m . o r g .





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Here are t h e r e s u l t s of t h e S i x t h Annual Jud Kingsbury Memorial Junior USTA Tournament, held on July 16-18 at the Livonia YMCA. " Boys 18-Champion: James Steward; Finalist Ronald Rodgerson. Boys 18-Consolation winner: Ryan Buck; Finalist: James Kiurski. Boys 16-Champion: Adam Williams; Finalist Ryan Kingsbury. Boys 16-Consolation Winner: Michael Nosanchuk; Finalist Michael Horgan. Boys 14-Champion: Kevin K a r o u b ; Finalist: Peter Rothstein. Boys 14-Consolation Winner: J o e l Siegel; Finalist: Alex Edwards Boys 12-Champion: Hunter Bielfield; Finalist Mihai Mihailescu. Boys 12-Consolation Winner: Corey Goodstein; Finalist: Patrick Bowers.

Ziecik; Finalist Monica Behera. '•

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Observer & Eccentric | Sunday, J u l y 2 5 , 2 0 0 4


South All-Stars take 'Incredible' all-star softball win Led b y t h e l e a g u e c h a m p i on N o r t h v i l l e Broncos, t h e S o u t h Division e a r n e d b r a g ging r i g h t s by w i n n i n g t h e Girls I n c r e d i b l e F a s t p i t c h Softball League all-star game. The South defeated t h e N o r t h Division in nine innings T h u r s d a y night at N o r t h F a r m i n g t o n High School, 4 - 0 . "It w a s a f u n e n d t o t h e s e a s o n a n d a g r e a t r e w a r d for s o m e of t h e kids w h o did t h e b e s t j o b d u r i n g t h e year," said N o r t h c o a c h M a r t y Gold, who guided the North F a r m i n g t o n Peaches t o a r u n n e r - u p finish. J e n n a Dumbleton, w h o led t h e Broncos to t h e league title, started a n d pitched f o u r innings for the South. She gave u p t h r e e hits, struck o u t five a n d h i t one batter. T h e South used t h r e e pitchers a n d allowed five hits overall. The winners h a d seven hits a n d t w o walks off six N o r t h pitchers. Stephanie Leeb (Hornets), Rachel Abruzzo (Peaches) and Stephanie Westcott (Flyers/Flash) t h r e w t w o innings apiece, a n d D a n a Velzy (Flyers/Flash), M e g h a n Bahr (Hornets) a n d Ashley Wrobel (Majesties) worked one


Canton's Erica Perkovich is ready to connect during the third inning. inning each. The South scored twice in t h e first inning and added single runs in the fourth and seventh innings. Christine Zawacki a n d Kristy Dadeen, b o t h of w h o m played for the Broncos, knocked in one r u n apiece with a double. Jessica Pepp (Livonia Lancers) drove in a r u n with a groundout, a n d

Kelly Behr ( T h u n d e r ) a d d e d an RBI single. Bridget H u g h e s (Broncos), Dumbleton and the P l y m o u t h Lightning's Allison P r o o d i a n a n d A m y Caves h a d t h e r e m a i n i n g h i t s for t h e South. The N o r t h hits came f r o m Stephanie Ramirez ( f l y e r s / F l a s h ) , Liz G h a n n a m ( H o r n e t s ) , Velzy,

Leeb and Marisa Ketchum (Rangers). T h e South all-star roster also included Laura Zima, Broncos; Bridget Long, Cat Sidor, Livonia Gators; Britney Scero, Erica Perkovich, Canton Cobras; Katie Zink, Kelly Behr, Plymouth T h u n d e r ; Katie Sandison, Brittriey Scarlett, Livonia Sharks; and Ashley Bonsall, Lisa Garbutt, Livonia Lasers.

Ladywood's Katie Saddison pitches for the South team in the 7th inning. A r i a n a Beers, F a r m i n g t o n Majesties; S a r a h Elkus, Michelle Lankowski, West Bloomfield Blizzards; Tricia Hackman, Amanda McCrittal, Walled Lake W i n g s ; a n d Kaitlyn Cahill, Beverly Hills H a w k s .

Also r e p r e s e n t i n g t h e N o r t h w e r e Katie Boland, Sydney Close, Jessica Gold, Peaches; Brittni A d a m s , R e d f o r d Rangers;, Molly McAuley, F a r m i n g t o n Flyers/Flash; Mo McNeil, F a r m i n g t o n Hills H o r n e t s ;

Farewell Ford Road, L U M B E R ' M I L L W O R K A Division of N.A. Mans and Sons * Family Owned Since 1900

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Hello Michigan Avenue! South All-Stars Shortstop Britney Scero of Canton throws to first base for an out during the second inning.

Redford's Marisa Ketchum (sliding) had a hit for the North squad in the game.

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Underdog Warriors BY PAUL BEAUDRY



three goals and an assist to lead the Wildcats, while Ryan Maki had a goal and two assists and Zach Pearson had a goal and an assist. Chris Bahash and J i m m y Spratt split time in the net for the win, while Paul Soli took the loss got the Wildcats. In the other semifinal, Dwight Helminen and Asher Hirshberg had two goals each to lead the Huskies to the win. Lars Helminen, Phil Pietila, Trent Daavettila, Todd Pietila and Dean Kangas all scored a solo goal. Chris Walsh, Zach MacVoy (Livonia), Brett John (Plymouth/Redford CC) and Adam Abrahamson (Livonia) all scored for the Broncos. Joe Rutherford got the win for the Huskies, while Stephen Yu (Garden City) took the loss.

The seventh-seeded Warriors continued their upset-minded stretch Thursday night and wound up playing for a championship. The Warriors dropped the fourth-seeded Wildcats, 8-5, thanks to a four-goal second period and advanced to the Metro Summer Hockey League finals against the No. 2 seed Huskies at 7 p.m. tonight at Suburban Training Center in Farmington Hills. The Huskies moved to the finals with a 9-4 win over the Broncos in Thursday's other semi. As for the Warriors, Ferris State University recruit Dan Riedel had three goals, while Jordan Black (Canton) had two. Brent Cooper had a goal and two assists, Jason Moul (Livonia/Thurston) had a goal and an assist and Jason Bloomingsburg had a goal. Brandon S ccro (Canton) had



B u c k e y e s

5: A

five-goal third period moved the Broncos into the semifinals

AiwgvtisMuj m'j it •


on Wednesday night. Pete.Pfeffer (Farmington Hills/Redford CC) had two goals and an assist, AJ Balaze had a pair of goals, Adam Abrahamson (Livonia) had a goal and two assists, Brandon Naurato (Livonia/Redford CC) had a goal and an assist, and Billy Burns (Livonia/Redford CC) and Adam Stoner (Livonia). Chris Walsh, Matt Fortier (Livonia) and Teddy Theodoroff had two assists each. Chad Kolarik scored three goals to lead the Buckeyes, while Ryan Ward and Brandon Marineau had one each. Stephen Madej got the win for the Broncos, while Brian Linley (Plymouth) took the loss. Warriors




The Bulldogs held a 2-0 lead after the first period, but the Warriors shut them down the rest of the way, scoring six unanswered goals on Wednesday. Jason Bloomingsburg

(Canton) a n d Jordan Black (Canton) h a d two goals and a n assist each, Dan Riedel h a d a goal and an assist and Justin Jagusz (Redford) had a goal for the Warriors. James Crank a n d Marco Trevino both had a goal and an assist for t h e Bulldogs. Jimmy Spratt and Chris : Bahash split time for the win, while Ryan Rathbun took the loss i








Warriors 12, Wolverines 3: A five-g^al second period broke the game wide open as nine different Warriors f o u n d the back of t h e net Tuesday. Brent^Cooprer, Adam Krug (Canton!) a n d Justin JagusZ ^Redford) scored twogoals each, while Ryan Bond, Jason Bloomir^gburg (Canton) a n d Jordan Black (Canton) h a d a goal and two assists. Jason Moul (I^vonia/Thurston), James Ciotti and Dan Riedel had a goal a n d an assist and Mitch d a n z a k h a d three assists. . . . Derek Patrosso had the lone goal for the Wolverines. J i m m y

• The Bernie Carbo Premier Baseball School will be holding individual, small group a n d te,am skill sessions in velocity improvement, power hitting and fielding. Former minor league all-star and Eastern Michigan University standout Mark Rutherford will assist in the instruction. For more information, call Gordie Rutherford at (734) 421-4928.

Spratt a n d Chris Bahash teamed u p f o r the win in.goal, whileBill Ruggerjo. and Ryan Gregory took t h e loss. Buckeyes 8 , Whalers 6: The Buckeyes scored three, goals in tess t h a n three minutes of the t h i r d period t o come away with the win Tuesday." Bill Loupee scored two of t h e t h r e e -T-. including t h e game winner — and wound u p with t h r e e on,the night. Scott M a r l i h g a h a d t h r e e goals a n d a n assist^whdle Brandon; M a r i n e a u had : two gd&ls and' a n assist with Ryan W a r d -kicking in With t h r e e assists: Chris Conner (Westland) led the Whalers with two goals ; a n d t h r e e assists,Todd Kesler h a d two goals and Mark McCreary arid Jordan Ingram h a d a goal each. ' Brian Linley (Plymouth) got the win in goal, while Brad Smith took t h e loss.

BASKETBALL • The seventh annual Schoolcraft-College Camp of Champs (boys in grades 1-12) will be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday, Aug. 2-6, at the Physical Education Building. The camp features Schoolcraft men's basketball coach Carlos Briggs, SC assistant and former NBA player Fred Cofield, along with Farmington High varsity coach Steve Norgrove. The cost is $125 per player. For more information, call the Schoolcraft College athletic department at (734) 4 6 2 - 4 4 0 0 , ext. 5249.

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The Canton Community Junior Baseball Softball Association will be holding its l O O ^ ^ p e n Fall Co-ed Baseball •eg^tr'ition on Saturday, Aug. 7 , from 1 p.m.-6 p.m. in the Arts II room of the Summit in he Park, located at 4 6 0 0 0 Summit Parkway in Canton. Registration is open to boys tnd girls ages 4-18 who are •esiderits of Canton, Plymouth >r who attend school in the 'CCS school district. All regisrants must show proof of age ind residency at the time of egistration. Fees will range rom $70-$110 for rec leagues. Forms are also available in h e lobby at the Summit and :an be mailed in with a copy of 'our child's birth certificate ind fee to t h e address on the Iyer. All fees are non-refundable. Payments should be made to HCJBSA in cash, money order >r personal check with a local tddress. Credit or debit cards ire not accepted. Practices will start during he final week of August with james starting after Labor Day. The season will run until h e latter part of October. For more information on eagues for kids aged 4-13, call :hris Angel at (734) 981-3007. Questions regarding leagues nvolving kids aged 14-18, conact Bob Unis at (734) 454>725. Those interested in coaching ;hould note their interest on h e registration form.

SOFTBALL LEAGUE The Plymouth Recreation Department will be running wo Men's fall softball minieagues. Class D and below will •un Tuesdays and Thursdays, vhile Open class will play on Mondays and Wednesdays. All games will be played at Don Massey Field in Plymouth. New team registration jegins on Aug. 9 and will end Vug. 13 or until the leagues are nil. Registration is for teams >nly. The season starts Sept. 7For more information, )lease call (734) 455-6620 ext. 302, or visit

JASEBALL TRYOUTS T h e M i c h i g a n Indians U15

baseball team will hold tryouts from 6-8 p.m. on Aug. 5,12 and 19 at Walled Lake Middle School. The team will play in the Michigan Superior League, play in six tourneys and train at Total baseball. For more information, call Aaron Knieper at (248) 6680166 or (248) 219-8205. He can also be reached by e-mail at [email protected]

CLASSIC CAR SHOW Toledo Speedway will hold its first Classic Car Show today. The event is an open run for individuals as well as car clubs. The highlight of the event held rain or shine - will be a cruise around the % mile paved oval track. Registration and set-up begins at 7 a.m., while the show runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Preregistration is $10 per car. The first 200 entrants will get a goodie bag, while the first 4 0 0 will receive dash plaques and a T-shirt. Other activities will include a 50/50 charity raffle, car club choice awards and a banner contest; I b p 10 awars, Best '50's car, a swap meet, a flea market and more. Admission is $2 per person with concession stands available. No outside coolers, bottles, cans or grills will be permitted. Entries are available at the track or by calling Larry Jacobs at (419) 476-4557, Rick Saam at (419) 353-1938 or Duane Golden at (41?) 833-7841. For more information, call the track at (4l9) 727-1100 or visit the'website at

FALL BASEBALL LEAGUE Total Baseball, 30990 Wixom Road, Wixom, will be running a series of fall baseball leagues on Saturdays including ages 7-8,9-10,11-12,13-14, along with a high school Saturday and Sunday wooden bat league beginning Aug. 14. There are 12 games per season (plus playoffs for qualifying team). The cost is $225 per individual or $1,399 per team (included is umpire and field fees). You can register online at For more information, call (248) 668-0166.

BASEBALL-SOFTBALL LESSONS Total Baseball, 3 0 9 9 0 Wixom Road, Wixom, is offering private lessons and training for softball and baseball (ages 6-18). Pro and college instructors wiH focUs in pitching, hitting and field. Lessons are by appointment only. Thie cost is $35 per halfhour or $165 for five lessons. The facility will also hold its annual baseball and softball hitting camps from 9 a.m.noon on Aug. 9-11. The camps are for ages 7-17. The cost is $120 per plays with a second child getting a $10 discount. For more information, call (248) 668-0166; or visit You can also e-mail

(*) B5

Observer & ECceritric | Sunday, July 25,2004

LCRC MAC gym. The fee is $250 per team with an $11 per team, per game fee for officials. There is a six-team maximum with 10 players per team. For more information, call (734) 466-2918.

offering a chance to watch golf and play golf. "Golf: The Musical," an offBroadway play will appear at the theatre f r o m Aug. 25-Sept. 19, in its only Michigan performance. The play features 18 songs and is perfect for the golfer or golf widow. The golfer will like the fact that by ordering tickets now, they will be entitled to golf Oakland University's private Katke-Cousins Golf Course. For more information, call the Meadow Brook Theatre's box office at (248) 377-3300 or visit

and National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics in that season. The sport will bring the number of varsity programs the school offers to 11. No coach has been named yet and the school will begin its search for one immediately. Athletic director Bryan Rizzo is beginning the search for a head coach for both teams. Resumes and cover letters can be sent to his attention at 36600 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia, MI, 48150.

MU X-COUNTRY Madonna University will offer cross country as a varsity sport for men and women, beginning with the 2005-06 school year. The programs will begin play and compete for championships in both the WolverineHoosier Athletic Conference

GOLF: THE MUSICAL Meadow Brook Theatre is

9th A n n u a

PLAYERS WANTED Waza FC is looking for players for an UlO and U13 girls soccer team. For more information, call Colleen Debolski at (248) 4771252 or e-mail [email protected]


SKATEBOARD CONTEST The Livonia Parks and Recreation Department is holding a skateboarding contest, sponsored by PLUSkateboarding, at 5 p.m. on July 3b at the Livonia Community Recreation Center Skate Park. The contest has divisions for beginner, intermediate and advanced boarders. Registration begins at 4:15 the day of the event at the park and the entry fee is $5. Helmets are required to compete. For more information, call Rob at (248) 426-0899.

LIVONIA REC LEAGUES The Livonia Parks and Recreation Center is looking for teams for its mens basketball and co-ed adult volleyball leagues. The basketball league will play on Wednesdays with game times each hour from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. The fee is $250 plus officials and will be held at t h e Livonia Community Recreation Center main gym. There is an eight team maximum with 12 players per team. The volleyball league will

Saturday and Sunday July 31 & August 1, 2004 • 10am - 5pm Outdoor juried art festival featuring the work of over 100 artists from across the nation. Located at Novi and Grand River Roads, south of i-95 in Novi.

FREE ADMISSION • FINE ART • LIVE MUSIC For more information call: 9 5 4 - 4 7 2 - 3 7 5 5 Sponsored By: «



also go o n W e d n e s d a y s at t h e


KOI 1 fRHOrXr.Y S e p t e m b e r 1 y' 1 —October 5 I st

Team ^ee: $500 £ ) o n ' t have a team? V M f i n d oneforyou. Individual f e e * $ 100 + $ 2 0 j e r s e y f e e



A u g u s t 2 n c *~-August 2 ) r d



,\RfcN, C|§

G a m e s

+ p l a y o f f s

Mixed Leagues

NOR rnePM i


•_-» fiOCHfc^TER *"•«— • "JT HCJ H t HVI..6" \ / _ f.ft'dTE-R NO\l - * f - r ^ ftOV»LOa| v ot , M O O H pea CRLvr*r

Half-Day W / w e e k

Ask about our



Instructional ^ o c c e r Q i n i c s

(8:^0 am— i 2:00 pm or 1:00 pm—4:00 pm)



S m a l l 5 t a r s ( j - 4 y e a r olds)

Muiti-sport camp f o r botjs and girls. S o c c e r , flag football, floor hockey, volleyball,

K j c k s with IC'ds-(+-7 y e a r olds)

basketball, & much more!

Do you need your advertising to be AFFORDABLE*AND AVAILABLE 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK? Then call HomeTown Directories at 1.800.338.5970. With 21 directories serving Southeast Michigan, well expose you to your customers and your customerstoyou. Don't miss this great opportunity to reach ths customers in your area.

2n£^ OiiU/Weelc, S a v e 3 ^ C M d / W




S k i l l A c c e l e r a t i o n C a m p (fi-12 yrs. old)

S a v e $J0\

G o a l k e e p e r , S i n k e r , & A d u l t classes.


E1-800-338-5970 =


w w w . f i -n d i •t i i o w . C G i R ® w w w » H• o m ^ t o w R l i f s »co

G o t o f o r a full schedule.

[email protected] DIRECTORIES

High velocity S

(734) H V - S P O R T







an Ave. in Canton

www.hv -

. —





Observers Eccentric |Sunday, July 25/2004


Area winners abound in GDBA tournament results


ong after the excitement of competition has subsided and-the'smoke has cleared, the official results are in for the 91st Annual Greater Detroit Bowling Association championship tournament. While the allocated space on this page would not accommodate all of the winners and those who cashed, the following is a list of bowlers from the Observer & Eccentric cities who finished in the top 10 in any category they would be competing in. Cash prizes are shown in parenthesis. Singles Handicap: seventh place winner; Richard E. Haist of Livonia, 780 ($100); eighth place, Matthew J. Kowalczyk of Garden City, 778 ($90); Singles Scratch: sixth place, Paul A. March of Southfield, 770 ($80); 10th place, Kowalczyk, 746 ($60); AllEvents Handicap, fourth place, Kowalc2yk, 2,244 ($180); eighth place, Michael J. • Motrinc of Livonia, 2,185 ($130); All-Events Scratch; third place, Kowalczyk, 2,148 ($125); fourth place, Jason G. Johnson of Southfield, 2,146 ($100); Team Scratch, seventh place, Plaza Lanes of Canton, 3,448 ($100); eighth place, Storm No. 1 from Garden City, 3,440 ($100); Doubles Scratch, 10th place, David Mahaz/Lonnie Jones of Southfield, 1,383 ($80). The first and second spots were top-heavy with the prize money, so it takes a few more strikes along the way to move up to the top in each category. Our local lads did pretty well, except that the East Siders came away


416-2925. • Redford Catholic Central • Hilbert Junior High in is looking for a varsity lacrosse Redford is looking for girls coach. basketball coaches for its sevResumes can be faxed to ath- enth and eighth grade basketletic director Bob Santello at ball, teams. (313) 534-7110. For more To apply, send a resume to Ten-Pin This is a unique service on information, call Santello at Redford Union High School, behalf of all leagues. The volun- (313) 534-2798. Alley 177H Kinloch, Redford, MI, - teer directors who run the show • Canton High School is 48240, attn: athletic director will also hand out the necessary looking for a girls swimming Brett Steele, or call him at supplies for the secretaries coach. For more information, (313) 242-4270. awards forms, rule books Al contact Canton athletic direc• Plymouth High School is schedules, secretaries instructor Sue Heinzman at (734) Harrison searching for head coaches for tion sheet, individual bowler record sheets and a yearbook. Even those officers of nonsanctioned leagues are wel, annual league officers' schools come to attend. There is no ' in a fejv weeks. The locations charge, and the information and dates for the Observerland given out can only make it easlocations are as follows: ier to run a bowling league. Redford: Beech Lanes, 7 p.m. Upcoming dates to take Thursday, Aug. 5; Mayflower action: Saturday, Aug. 14, for Lanes, 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. Brian Voss at Tim Wieczorek's "4; Farmington Hills: bowling clinic all day at Five(Drakeshire Lanes,7 p.m. Star Lanes, 2666 Metro Parkway 'Thursday, Aug. 5; Country (16 Mile Road) in Sterling (Lanes, Saturday r Aug. % eallfGr- Heights. Remember Monday, 1 exact time (248) 476-3201; Aug. 23, at 7 p.m. for the John P. Livonia: Cloverlanes, 6:30 p.m. Gavie Memorial Tournament at Life is alf about pictures. Pictures Tuesday. Aug. 10; Merri Bowl, Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen 6 rl5 p.m. Wednesday, July 28; Park. Get entries in early as this are everywhere, on your television, Woodland Lanes, 6:30p.jn. one is usually a sellout. your computer and in your piursday, Aug. 5; Wonderland • • The next American Lanes, 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug hometown newspapers. Bowling Congress national 17; Plymouth: Plaza Lanes, 7 convention will be March 16-20 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 10. . We take some great ones. If we ever publish one in Baton Rouge, La. Actually, it , Other nearby cities ~ will be the first United States taken by our staff photographer that you'd iike {o Dearborn Heights: C h e n y Hill Bowling Congress convention keep or share with your friends and family, just go Lanes, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 10; and tournament. It will be a Collier Lanes, Tuesday, online with your credit card handy and place your whole new ballgame this time, M y 27; Ford Lanes, call (313) ! 1 the merger having been voted order at ^ 292-1700 for date and time; on and enacted this year. Southfield: Plum Hollow Lanes, www. t i o m e t m n l i f e . com/oereprints. 6rl5 p.m. Monday, Aug. 2; Al Harrison is a resident of Livonia Taylor: Skore Lanes, 6:15 p.m. Your choices include reprints of individual photos, and a director of the Greater Detroit Tuesday, July 27; Tkylor Lanes, Bowling Association. He can be full pages and laminated front pages mounted on 6:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 2. • reached at (248) 477-1839.


tt 5 bocks pttis at FrfentJs' aw BSrafy store

Meijer totttkoff

quality wood plaques. PHOTO .REPRINT





8"x11" ®29.95 13"x19" s49.95


11 "x13" 79.95 16"x22" s99.95

was established OL r phot



Puoilc can witness cavalry ntry at civic center


5"x7" ®14~95 8"x10" $24.95 11"x14" s34.95 Note: Our photo


the following athletic teams* boys freshmen soccer, diving : coach for the boys and girls j-. swim teams, boys freshmen p basketball, boys varsity crossf country, girls varsity cross country, football coaches at all levels and girls freshmen basketballs < ; To apply for one of these positions, send a resume to:4 .,4 Plymouth High School - Tferryi Sawchuk, Athletic Director, 8400 N. Beck Road, Canton, MI 48187- For more informa-

in January

2004 and should


To^ndthfnhnt Ti " ^ ! °9 P since then. If you are unabfe to find the photo(s) you wish to purchase, dick on "Special Requests '' enter the information requested, and we will make every effort to find it





dDbseruer §




(734)5 Our

UNITED 71 8 9 1 9 Ml D D L


®r/ 'ATURE

vcd C 1 R G U J . T : C


Paiaioitoy.the coinmilloe lo elect , . -38Qt Ca»i(fldftT>

WHERE HOMETOWN STORBES UNFOiurOUSTOtVIEn S E R V I C E : 8 6 6 - 8 8 7 - 2 7 3 7 For custom prints for commercial purposes, contact the Marketing Depart CE08233726.EPS

• 9ni n



8 4 2 0 4 4 B E S T S


182664 SARA LEE



"ate Marketplace 4 0 0 Race*

Approx. S 5 - S , ! f r a n k s perpackage.

Approx. 3 B - 1 7 / a " x 2 y 8 " si

August 20, 21, and 22 a t ^ insernasionai Speedway

2K x 16* tray

Save at feast $10*/;,:


Winners receive overnight accommodations f o r •?. Friday a n d Saturday , , & will nights, c h a l e t s hospitality, a n d a pair of t i c k e t s f o r : Friday— Qualifying NASCAR BUSCH S e r i e s a n d t h e NASCAR NEXTEL Cup SeriesI S a t u r d a y — C a b e l a ' s 2 0 0 / N A S C A R BUSCH Race; and '


C&ckm Your choice; Honey S a r f e ^ t ^ r i @ s


of Fire or Ghite Lima Mpdrikiai:-V,.


^ L Cup Race,


First p r i z e vvinnei s r e c e i v e a p a i r of t i c k e t s t o Sunday's GR>

» ••

Marketplace 400/NASCAR



Btte-size crackers. Approx. 2 9 servings per 31 oz. container.

/ ^

. _

, ;-^EXT£{-

C u



c h a l e t h o s p i t a l i t y included.

Save at least $.PO Save at least $.20

Zesty sauce for fcortil|a;ohi^(; C; gallon container,


1 I Name; I I Address:

Sam at least $.30

Save at least $MO

Prices Effective July 25 - August 1,2004. We


Winners receive a pair of tickets t o Friday's Qualifying Day and ! Saturday Cabela's 2 0 0 / I NASCAR BUSCH Race, with chalet hospitality included.




125 plates per package.

I f Kf




Open to the Public No Membership Fee

[ ;

1 6 8 4 6 7 PACE

•Kl j

; j | ; ! \ s :

7 d fU

Save at /east $1,06


Approx, 5 2 wrings p e r 4 te, j3a^



right to limit quantities.

For a store location near you, visit us at




J Zip:.


I1 Ho purcha^ necessary. Aii entries mustfeereceived by Sunday. Aug. 1, 2004 ? i r 4 6 ® 1mu$S b 6 ^ « REMODELING * i tafttstSfeB&iCiifs&i* I toast I s w r i t e . I •?






P .

l 4* b


J ) 0




} }

11 ^



f .


% teamfeeteetefiiwfife c & t r | ^

t * -an p i m i mw a w

r;,~ - , s ,





i w n w a a c * • •*» -mw m i MM w t a w i a n a n -me wb> sw-






Observer & Eccentric | Sunday, July 25,2004




N, •

Every week the Plymouth District Library staff provides the Observer with their list of best sellers, based on the number of requests for titles by library patrons. The books are available by placing a request with the library on the Web at or by calling (734) 453-0750.

FICTION 1. "The DaVinci Code," Dan Brown 2. Sam's Letters to Jennifer," James Patterson 3. "Ten Big Ones," Janet Evanovich 4. "The Rule of Four," Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason 5. "Kill the Messenger," Tami Hoag


• GIFT OF LIFE: ORGAN AND TISSUE DONATION 1. "My Life," Bill Clinton Saturday, July 31,10 a.m. — A 2. "Dress Your Family in local donor and local recipient Corduroy and Denim," David of transplanted body organs Sedaris and tissue will speak about 3. "Shadow Divers," Robert their personal experiences and Kurson the Gift of Life. Gift of Life is a 4. "Eats,' Shoots ,and Leaves," . full-service organ and tissue Lynn Truss recovery agency that serves as 5. "Alexander Hamilton," an intermediary between Ron Chernow donor hospitals and recipient transplant centers. PARENTS' CHOICE Registration is requested for this program, beginning on CHILDREN'S PICTURE BOOKS July 17- Call (734) 453-0750, ext. 4 or register online at ply1. "Three Wise Old Women," Elizabeth Corbett • WRITING MY LIFE 2. "Raindrop Plop!" Wendy STORY: A SENIOR WRITLewison ING GROUP - Tuesday, July 3. "Scuba Bunnies," Christine 20,4-5:30 p.m. — Seniors can Loomis share and preserve their life 4. "A Little Story About a Big stories with the guidance of Turnip," Tatiana Zunshine Plymouth author, Jane Saylor. 5. "Reginald," Jeff Newman No previous writing experience or advance registration is required. • YOUR POETRY GROUP - No meeting scheduled for July. Next meeting will be held on Sunday, August 8 at 1:30pm. For more information, contact Don Hewlett, (313) 272-3548, or don"Truckin'" - The Grateful [email protected] Dead • ASTRONOMY DISCUS"Mustang Sally" - Wilson SION GROUP - Monday, July Pickett 19,7 p.m. — Join lively astron"Travelin' Man" - Bob Seger omy popularizer Mike Best in & the Silver Bullet Band this monthly discussion group. "Pink Cadillac" - Bruce Mike shares his affection for Springsteen the sky with adults and chil"Born To Be Wild" dren over the age of 6. No regSteppenwolf istration is required. For more The winning song will be information contact (734) 459announced in the next issue of BEST or [email protected] Drive, a quarterly publica- tion which encourages readers ' • BROWN BAG BOOK to experience everything autoDISCUSSION - Wednesday, motive in Southeast and July 28, noon — This month's Central Michigan. discussion invites members to Additionally, three random read Ella Minnow Pea by names will be selected to win a Mark Dunn. Copies of this Dream Cruise 2004 T-shirt. book are available at the circulation desk. Bring a lunch; beverages are provided. For more information about Brown Bag Books, ask at the Reader's Advisory Desk, call Dixie Cocagne at the Library,

Contest will select favorite cruising song As the 10th annual Woodward Dream Cruise rolls around, MotorCities National Heritage Area wants you to hop behind the wheel and let us know your favorite summer cruisin'song. Select your favorite song from the list below and email your pick to [email protected] "409"- The Beach Boys "No Particular Place to Go" Chuck Berry "Hit the Road Jack" - Ray Charles "Hot Rod Lincoln" Commander Cody "Route 66" - Nat King Cole

Casino Shuttle Service Get a $20 Value for only $15!

(734) 453-0750, or e-mail dcocagne @ plymouthlibrary.or g • CONTEMPORARY BOOKS DISCUSSION Wednesday, July 21, 7:30 p.m.— Members of this book discussion group are invited to join in our annual Book Lover's Choice. This is a chance for everyone to share and compare titles. Titles for the next year's discussion are also selected at this meeting. New members are welcome at any time. For further information, please call Sue Patterson at the Library, 734-453-0750, or e-mail [email protected] • GREAT BOOKS - This discussion group does not meeting during the summer months - details of the fall meeting schedule can be found in the next Library newsletter or by calling (734) 453-0750, Ext. 4. To learn more about The Great Books Foundation, see the Internet website: http: // -

• LAPSIT STORYTJME, Monday, July 12,10 a.m. and 11 a.m. and repeated on Saturday, July 17,10 a.m. — This 15minute song and rhyme time is for babies ages six to 24 months and their care-givers. No siblings please. • BABY PLAY, Monday, July 26,10 a.m. and 11 a.m. and repeated Saturday, July 31,10 a.m. — This f u n program is for babies ages 6-24 months. Baby Play is a less formal companion to our Lapsit program. Babies and caregivers listen to a story, followed by play with developmentally appropriate toys and interaction with other children. - The Baby Play program takes place on the fourth Monday of each month, and then repeated on the following Saturday. Registration is not required. • DROP I N STORYTIMES, Tuesdays at 10 a.m. and Wednesdays at 7 p.m. — More fup. in the Summer Reading Program for children ages 2-5 arid their families.

YOUTH PROGRAMS TEEN PROGRAM The Library announces its popular summer reading program - DISCOVER N E W TRAILS @ YOUR LIBRARY. Continuing through July, all children are encouraged to come to the Library, sign u p for the program and start reading. A wide variety of programs are planned throughout the summer; July programs include: • WILD ANIMALS I N MICHIGAN - Thursday, July 22, 2 and 7 p.m. — Meet some of the wild creatures that live in Michigan. • BIRDING IN MICHIGAN - Thursday, July 29, 2 and 7 p.m. — Make a bird feeder and learn to identify some of the birds that will visit your yard. Registration is requested for each program - one week prior to the event, call or stop at the Reader's Advisory Desk at (734) 453-0750, Ext. 4.

• GET LOST @ the LIBRARY, through Aug. 7 — Participants are encouraged to read, attend cool programs and win prizes. For more details, come on in to the Library or go to the teen webpage: • GET LOST IN SOME GREAT BOOKS - Read 3 books and do one activity like attending a Library program, volunteering at the Library, reading to a child or running 2 miles - or read one more book! When you have completed this, turn in your form at the Library and receive a paperback book and be entered in our grand prize drawing for a $100 gift certificate at Twelve Oaks Mall. Read 12 books and complete 4 activities and you'll receive a pair of movie tickets. B GURPS* ROLE-PLAYING GAMES WITH ERIC KAMP, Wednesdays, July 21


and 28, 6 : 3 0 p.m; —-Register, at the Reader's Advisory?©£sk or at (734) 453-0750, EstL participate in these *Generiti i' Universal Role Playing Systems. , • MOVIE NIGHTS, Wednesday, July 21 arid 28,7; '? p.m. — Check with the. ji Reader's Advisory Desk at (734) 453-0750, Ext. 4 forsjtecific movie titles. • SCIENCE FICTION BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP - Monday, July 26, 3:30 p.m. — Stop at t h e library and pick up your copy of Eva by Peter Dickinson. Registration may be made by stopping at the Reader's Advisory Desk or by calling (734) 453-0750, E x t 4.' • TEEN ADVISORY BOARD - Saturday, July 24,11 a.m.-noon — Do you like to volunteer in your community? If so, you should join the Tteen Advisory Board. Bring your ideas and opinions about the Teen Zone collection. TAB members help decide what kind of books, music and movies are purchased, help plan and carry out programs and share ideas on library services. Enjoy snacks while sharing their ideas for improving the Library's teen programs and services. Get community service hours wjiile making new friends and helping to make the Plymouth District Library a better place for teens.

DID YOU KNOW? • All Teen Zone programs are FREE t h a t means it costs you nothing t o participate! • The Friends of the Library provide FREE refreshments for every Teen Zone program. • The Teen Zone has its very own website at For more information about any of the Teen Zone programs, contact Cathy Lichtman, 734-453-0750, ext. 230 or [email protected]

Pay only $15 for your casino shuttlerideand you'll receive $15 In FREE SLOT PLAY and LUNCH* at Grand River Deli! Bay City Brighton Clinton Twp. Clio Eastpointe Flint Jackson

Lansing Livonia Monroe Pontiac Rosevitle Saginaw Southfield


Southgate St. Clair Shores Sterling Heights Toledo Troy Westland Ypsilant

Little Guvs 'N Dolls

Complete With f i a n i s 3 Math ess


SUV'!-ltJ frO'tJ S

1 9

Child Core / Pre School / Latch Key Kindergarten / Summer Day Camp 2 V2 years — 12 years

g O D

For locations and reservations cail Blue Lakes Charters & Tours:

1-866-2R0LLEM (866-276-5536)

Computers In Classroom • Transportation Available • Two Free Weeks • $25 Per Day Average Award Winning • Affordable • Commended References Available Directors have a B.A. & M.A. in Education


i a coupon for a tree regular sandwicn and beverage a! the Grand River Deli, or $5 oft at Classics Bullet

HOURS: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm

Includes Frame as shown with 8" Mattress

Service p r o v i d e d by Blue Lokus Charters & Tours 'd w i t h MotorCity Casino. Certain restrictions apply. M u s t be 00-1 Uel/ort

for f r e e , c o n f i d e n t i a l help.

H U M !


with this ad only


30900 6 Mile • Livonia, Ml 48152


ARIZONA Medium Oak Finish Includes Frame as shown with 8" Mattress


















C. M riglits rescrvfifl.

3 4 9 9 0 0 with this ad only

BEDS & COMPANY 29210 Ford Road • Garden City • 734-525-1188 Open 7 Days for Your Convenience: Mon.- Sat. 10-8; Sun. 12-5

Lost Toys


S S ^ L I V E ON I T j j g a P I

(/-) L E X U S O F l__F=ir~ȣEil!nUIi

590 Auto Mall Dr., Ann Arbor, Ml

5/01 Pennsylvania Ave.. Lansmq. IVil

866-645-3987 • 734-996-1662

8 0 0 - 5 3 9 - 8 7 4 8 • 51 7..394-8000


c k r e JL'HAP OF K M m t r n r n w m v

CO L E X U S F i n n H R B O R


w f e s ol m 'Create a Map of You? Homsfows'5 infest. Tns arapto gum Vers so ftome and wis!rosetCera and mm a Sgmii1/ 'm-pssk of i v M itoseeOosalteExplain iivg Thi four otiser wismsss recMm four-pacte of tickets m f t e c Karmoi of West B N m m , Auturm Tat of mmnSm. m Melissa G'&sen o? laraua.

»• f . '

Opens This m x m - w m t ' M . Tickets a? GlppsaBrtertainmefiicora the Fos Theatre box office,, aid al ! M s t m m ? oudets including toshall Fields.

Charge by phone {248} 433-151S

JULY 2 8

Joe Louis Arena

7:00 PM TICKETS AT THE BOX OFFICE, AT ALL ticketmaster OUTLETS & CHARGE-BY-PHONE (248) 645-6666. ONLINE AT Presented By AEG Live & Jack Utsick Presents

your weekend activities each Thursday with Filter



Observer & Eccentric | Sunday, July 25,2004


COMMUNITY CALENDAR To submit an item for the PlymouthCantom^fflfrmunity calendar, mail it t o 794&.'Majn;. Plymouth, Mi 48170; em a i l - i t i o [email protected] or fax/it t o (734) 459-4224.

and food vendors for the annual event, scheduled for 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 7. Craft booths are available for $40 per booth; food booths cost $100. Booths are eight-foot spaces. For more information, call Sally or Toni Genitti, (248) 349-0522. Hospice training Heartland Hospice, 3840 Packard in Ann Arbor, is looking for caring, dedicated people with an interest in serving terminally ill patients and their families in Washtenaw, Livingston and Monroe counties. Volunteers provide services such as friendly visiting, patient transport/patient outings, errand running and clerical services. Call Ann Christensen, volunteer coordinator, (734) 973-1145, for more information. Fish Fry The Plymouth VFW is again featuring Friday Night Fish Fry for only $7 from 57 p.m. Also, Sunday brunch is available from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. the third Sunday of the month. The oost is at 1426 S. Mill St. Foster Care Lutheran Social Services of Michigan is a foster care agency in the community that places children in loving foster homes. The agency is in need of loving and stable homes committed t o parenting children ages 10 to 17 years old. Call (734) 971-5776 t o find out how you can help.

AROUND TOWN Plymouth Council on Aging T}ie 19th annual Senior Fest will be heldMorfday, Sept. 13 at Waterford Bend Park, Six Mile and Northville roads from 11 a m. to 3 p.m. Tickets are $5 for residents of City of Plymouth or Plymouth Township. Tickets have to be bought ahead of time by Sept. 8. Purchase tickets at Plymouth Council on Aging on the second floor of City Hall. Enjoy music, lunch, information booths, ancfa prize drawing. Call 4531234. Klwanls breakfasts The Kiwanis Club of Plymouth-Canton Breakfast sponsors a series of pancake breakfasts at the Masonic Temple in downtown Plymouth to raise money to support its projects. The breakfasts will be served from 8-11 a.m. Aug. 7 and Sept. 4. Cost is $6 for adults, $3 for children 6-12. Children age 5 and younger served free. Proceeds from the breakfasts - which include all-you can-eat eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy and coffee, tea or juice - support community activities such as an annual scholarship, sweat suits for First Step, Bentley Elementary School read-a-thon, church directories for area' hotels/motels, Halloween Costumes for hospitalized children, Youth Leadership Canton and Leadership Plymouth. The Masonic Temple is located at 730 Penniman. Marquis Theatre The Marquis Theatre in Northville presents "Raggedy Ann and Andy" between Aug. 3-Sept. 26. Babette, a French Porcelain doll, has been kidnapped from the playroom by the Looniest Babette is Marcella's surprise birthday present and must be returned. Raggedy Ann and Andy venture bravely into Looneyland to search for her. Performance dates are 10:30 a.m. Tuesday-Friday; 11 a,m. Saturdays, Aug. 7,14,21 and 28; 2:30 p.m. Saturdays, Sept. 11,18 and 25; 2:30 p.m. Sundays, Sept. 12,19 and 26. Tickets are $7.50, no children under 3. For school reservations, birthday parties and group rates, call (248) 349-8110. Art center workshops The Ann Arbor Art Center offers a "Beat the Heat" workshop and more during Sundays @ 1, a weekly series in which Art Center staff is on hand to provide instruction and projects that spark creativity for adults, children, and families. Workshops are held every Sunday from 1-2:30 p.m. and the first Sunday workshop is free. Following the first Sunday, workshops are $12 per class. Participants may register at any time previous t o the beginning of the workshop, and dropins are welcome although space is timited. Pre-registration for the first Sunday is not required. Stop by the Art Center at 117 W. Liberty in downtown Ann Arbor, call (734) 994-8004, Ext. 101 or visit for more information. Dixboro Country Fair The 27th-annuai Dixboro Country Fair & Artisans on the Green takes place from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 7. The fair is a country fair on a pleasant shaded green with fun for ail ages. It features arts and crafts from more than 60 exhibitors, live music, a petting zoo, silent auction, ice cream social, homemade pies, hot dogs, sausages and corn on the cob, carnival games and a moon walk. Take US 23, exit 41 (Plymouth Rd.), two miles east on Plymouth Road to Cherry Hill. For more information call (734) 6655632. Art center workshops The Ann Arbor Art Center will be offering two new one-day workshops, Paper Making and Book Arts, for its Summer 2004 term. The Paper Making workshop will be held noon-5 p.m. • Saturday, Aug. 21 and will cover all the basic techniques for making hand-

Retired Air Force Master Sgt. James Kivell, a Plymouth Township resident, poses with his daughter at Fort Benning, Ga., after pinning her Airborne Jump wings to her uniform following graduation from the U.S. Army Airborne School. Stephanie Kivell will be a sophomore in the ROTC program at Central Michigan University in the fail, and receives a commission as a second lieutenant upon graduation in 2007.

CLUBS made paper with 100-percent cotton fiber and natural inclusions. Participants will learn basic skills for making paper at home. The Book Arts workshop will be held 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday, July 24 and will introduce some basic book binding techniques and students will create three different books that include an accordion, a pamphlet stitch and a Japanese stab binding. For more information or to register, call 734.994.8004 x101 or stop by the Ann Arbor Art Center at 117 W. Liberty. To view courses and register online, visit Craft show applications Applications are being accepted for the 18th-annual Holiday Magic Craft show at Leonard Elementary in Troy. Show is 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 6. Juried, $2 public admission. Sponsored by PTO. For info and applications e-mail craftshow Leukemia team The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training is recruiting volunteers to help in the fight against blood cancers by raising funds as they train to run, walk or cycle in honor of local patients. In addition to weekly training sessions under the guidance of a certified coach. TNT offers group training sessions and clinics on nutrition, equipment, injury prevention and safety. An information meeting takes place at' 6:30 p.m. Monday, July 26 at Best Western Laurel Park Suites, 16999 S. Laurel Park Dr., in Livonia. For more information, visit on the Web or call (800) 456-5413. Ann Arbor Symphony The Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra announces the following orchestral vacancies beginning fall 2004: Section viofin, section viola, section cello, section bass and third flute/piccolo. Auditions take place Sept. 7-10 at Bethlehem United Church of Christ, 423 S. Fourth Ave. Visit the symphony's Web site at for the repertoire list and audition specifics. Fine Art Show The second-annual Orchard Lake Fine Art Show is scheduled Aug. 6-8 featuring more than 140 juried booths. It's held at the Orchard Lake St. Mary's campus on Orchard Lake Road at Commerce. A preview is scheduled 69:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 6. For more information contact Patty Narozny at [email protected] or cail (248) 684-2613. Bird expo The Ann Arbor Cage Bird Club presents the 19th-annual Bird Expo from 10 a.m.5 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 1 at Weber's Inn, 3050 Jackson, Ann Arbor. Admission is


$3 for adults; children under 12 free. Speakers include Vickie Barlow, "Choosing a Parrot Species," and Leah Matejka, director of PEAC, "Better Bird Care and Behavior Problems." The event features birds, playstands, toys, T-shirts and raffles. For more information contact show chairs Melanie, [email protected] or (734) 662-4582, or Mary at [email protected] or (734) 326-0720. Alzheimer's Walk The Alzheimer's Association's 2004 Memory Walk for Alzheimer's Disease takes place at 9 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 28 at the Detroit Zoo. Some 2,500 people are expected t o participate in the annual walk-a-thon to raise funds and promote the progress surrounding Alzheimer's. To register or make a donation, contact the Alzheimer's Association at or call (248)351-0280. Red Cross heroes The American Red Cross is looking for nominees for its 2004 Red Cross Heroes. The 2004 honorees will be recognized at the Red Cross Everyday Heroes luncheon Nov. 17 at the Marriott Renaissance Center's Columbus ballroom. Anyone may nominate a Red Cross Hero. Nominees must live in or have performed the heroic act in Wayne, Oakland or Macomb counties between Aug. 1,2003 and July 31,2004. Those chosen must be available for video/photography in advance of the ceremony. Nominations may be submitted on-line at or by calling (313)494-3490. Deadline is Aug. 11. Madonna golf Madonna University in Livonia holds its ninth-annual Golden Classic Scholarship Golf Outing on Friday, Sept. 17 at the Links of Novi. Tickets are $175 per person or $700 for a foursome if purchased before Aug. 1, and includes golf, welcoming gifts, lunch, dinner prizes and more. Sponsorships are available. For information or t o reserve a spot, call (734) 432-5421. Crafters needed Crafters are needed for Delta Kappa Gamma-West Middle School's 18thannual juried show Saturday, Oct. 23. The show runs 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at West Middle School, 44401W. Ann Arbor Trail in Plymouth. E-mail [email protected] or call Jan, (734) 844-1707, for details. Hawgs for Hearts St. Mary Mercy Hospital sponsors a "Hawgs for Hearts" motorcycle poker run to benefit its cardiology services (today) Sunday, July 25. Registration is from 11 a.m,-1 p.m. the day of the event at St. Mary Mercy Hospital, 36475 5 Mile in Livonia. The ride to Hell, Mich.,

These areafloristsare standing by waiting to assist you with your floral arrangement FREE DELIVERY

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on how you your JElordl Bu here please ca'l? 1-800-579-7355

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Wesley Berry ffelowers 1-800-WBSLEYS 6 6 7 7 O r c h a r d Lake Road

and back starts at 1 p.m. and ends at 6 p.m. There wijj be five poker card drawings along the way, with food, awards, entertainment and motorcycle vendor booths. Sponsorships are available. Fee for the run is $10 per rider, $5 per passenger. Call (734) 6552980 for more information. Entertainment books The Plymouth Symphony League is selling 2005 Entertainment books t o support the symphony's 2004-05 con-

cert season. Buyers will receive a free 2004 Entertainment Book now and their 2005 book in late August. Buyers can pick the books up at the symphony office, located next t o the Cozy Cafe in downtown Plymouth, by. calling the symphony office, (734) 451-2112 or callingMary Thomas, (734) 4533016. The books cost $20. Crafters wanted Organizers of the annual Northville Sidewalk Sale are looking for crafters

DAR The Sarah Ann Cochrane ChapterDaughters of the American Revolution meets the third Monday of each month except January, July and August. A group with ancestors who fought in American Revolution. Members participate in community work involving veteran's hospitals, schools and community service. Call 734-420-2775 for further information.

Obituaries, Memorials, Remembrances 1-800-579-7355 • fax; 734-953-2232 e-mail: D O U G L A S K. LIVY, SR. Age 83, died July 23, 2004. Long time Birmingham resident. Graduate of Baldwin High School, Class of 1939. Retired automotive consultant with. NAD A. and formerly with American Motors and Genera! Motors Parade of Progress. Douglas served in the U.S. Coast Guard 1941-1945. Memberships include Elks Lodge #810, Nomads, Oakland Hiils Country Club, Birmingham Senior Men's Club and St, James Episcopal ChurchHusband of Barbara M. Livy; sons Douglas K. (Wendy), Daniel M. (Don), John A. (Darlynn) Livy; Jonathan M. (Caria) Thomas, Jeffrey C. (Janine) Thomas, Kathryn T. (Robert) Harper. Also survived by eight grandchildren. Memorial service Wm. R. Hamilton Co., 820 Maple Rd., Birmingham, Monday, July 26th at 1 i :00a.m. In lieu of flowers, tributes to American Diabetes Foundation or Beaumont Hospice.

FRANK SCHUCK, JR Age 85, born February 21, 1919 in Detroit, Ml. Mr. Schuck died peacefully in his sleep on Thursday, July 22, 2004. Juliana, his wife of 62 years, was by his side at his favorite place, the cottage in Lake Orion. Mr. Schuck lived most of his life in Michigan, growing up in Royal Oak, where he graduated from St. Mary's with his 2 brothers and 3 sisters. After graduating from the University of Detroit, he was Captain in the Army Air Corps JOSEPH VARNHAGEN during WWII. He later moved his Age 64. July 21, 2004. Dearest father family to Birmingham, where they of Kathleen Colucci-Russell, have lived since 1955, Mr. Schuck Kimberly C. Lamon, Deanna found his tme "vocation" at age 50 in Varnhagen, Melissa Hoover and real estate, and worked at both Weir Jennifer Lucas. Brother of Immogene Manuel and Fred Pierce in Parr, Kathleen Akinson, Jake, Phil, Birmingham. Mr. Schuck was a very Ed, Tim, John and Sam Varnhagen. active member of Our Lady Queen of Lifetime companion of Delores Martyrs Church-Beverly Hills, and Heffner and her children Robert, later at St. Regis Church-Bloomfield Delores M., Angela M. and Matthew. Hills. 'His heart was always in Lake Proud grandfather of fourteen and one Orion, where he spent almost every on the way. Funeral service at R.G. & summer of his life swimming, sailing G.R. Harris Funeral Home, 31551 and hosting his famous Trading Party Ford Rd., Garden City on Monday every August. He will be remembered 10:00 a,m. Visitation Saturday 4-9:00 with love by his friends and tkmily for p.m. and Sunday 12-9:00 p.m. his great joy and zesi for life! Survived by the love of his life, Juliana (nee: Dupnack), Daughters: Barbara MIL0 WALDORF Ann Strasbaugh (Alan), Deidre E. PLETCHER Etue; & Lori Schuck Rarresi, and Son: Age 91, of Plymouth, died May 26, F. Michael Schuck,. 11! (Susan). His 2004, He was born December 24, greatest joy came from his grandchil1912, in Ludington. He worked for dren: Scott, Matthew, and Jason the Traffic Safety Association of LeMiere, Andrea Giles, and Ryan and Detroit, and belonged to the First Kelly Etue; and great-grandchildren: Presbyterian Church of Plymouth. In Christopher, Savanah, Ben, Emily, 1963, he moved to Washington, D.C. Payton and Morgan. Mr. Schuck spent to work for the National Highway wonderful hours in the company of his Administration. He retired to Florida sisters: Mary Butler and Betty in 1976, and then moved back to Rhodes, and his brother: James Plymouth in 1999. He is survived by Schuck. Also survived by 45 loving his daughters, Margaret Brown of nieces and nephews. He was preceded Oscoda, and Barbara Judd of in death by his sister; Anne Griffin, Plymouth; his grandchildren, Barbara and his brother; Stanley Schuck. Standing of Memphis, Marie Standing Visitation held Saturday, July 24, of Santa Monica, James Standing of 2004 from 4-8pro and Sunday, July 25 New Orleans, and Margaret Judd of from 2-8pm at A.J. Desmond & Sons Ann Arbor; his sister-in-law, Marian Funeral Home, 2600 Crooks Rd., Troy, Davies of Holt; his nieces, Kay Ml 48084. Rosary service, Sunday Bongren of Mecosta. Jackie Slabaugn evening, July 25. Funeral mass will be of Gaylord, Deanna Boyko of Haslett, Monday, July 26, 204 at 10:30am, St. and Beverly Brighton of Boon. He is Regis Catholic Church, 3695 Lincoln preceded in death by his wife, Audrey. at Lahser, Bloomfieid Hills. Visitation Graveside services to be held in at church begins Monday at 10am. Lansing at. a later date. Local arrange- Burial at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, ments entrusted to Schrader-Howell Southfield, MI. Memorial Tributes can be made to: Monastery of the Blessed Funeral Home. (734)453-3333 Sacrament, 29575 Middlebelt, Farmington Hills, ML 48334. Share memories at Y V O N N E C. L E E Of Westland, age 52, died July 21, 2004. Beloved wife of Larry, Dear W I L L I A M D. H A C K E T T mother of Frank (Marilyn ), Catherine, Age 80. July 17, 2004. Former execKatrina Shehon and the late Michael. utive Chevrolet division, General Also survived by grandchildren Motors Corporation for over thirty Michael Lee, Ariel, Haley and Trevor years. Husband of Frances (Burton). Shelton, Sahle, Ferras, Haillah and Father of Darra-Lee Walker, Sarah Alturaigi and brothers James Grandfather of Robert and Andrew and Timothy Silvers. Service Sunday Walker. Brother of Charles (Joan) 2 P M at The Uht Funeral Hom£, Hackett. Funeral service and inter35400 Glenwood, Westland. Please ment private. Further information, visit and post a tribute at www.uhtfu- WM. R. Hamilton Co., 248-644-6000

NANCY ANN PORTER Age 68, Died July 21, 2004. Dear wife of Henry "Hank". Beloved mother of Donald (Betsey), Sarah (Michael) Daoust, Bradley (Elizabeth) and Scott (Andrea). Loving grandmother of Alyssa, Lucas, Abigail, & Gate. Sister of James Fraser, Kathleen (Jerry) Miller, Patricia Stuart, & Carol Kruszka. Visitation was at the O'Brien/Sullivan Funeral Home, 41555 Grand River, Novi. 248-3481800. Services were held at St. Mary Church, 34530 W. Michigan Ave,, Wayne on Saturday. Memorial donations to Arthritis Foundation Michigan Chapter, 17117 W. Nine Mile Rd.. #950, Southfield, Ml 48075-4508. On-line sympathy messages to

PAUL,!, O T T 77. of Aiden, formerly of Birmingham, died Wednesday, July 21, 2004 at-home. Mr, Ott was born Februaiy 5, 1927 in Lansing, the son of Paul and Marguerite (Rowland) Ott. He was a 1950 graduate of Michigan State University after serving in the US Navy during WWII. While living in Birmingham^ he was active in the St. Columbian Catholic Church. He moved to Alden in 1975 and worked as an. investment counselor in Traverse City for many years. He enjoyed golfing. He was preceded in death by his parents and two brothers, John and Doiiald Ott. On August 12, 1951 in Royal Oak, he married Louise D. Bentsen who survives. Also surviving are two children, Paul J. Ott 111 of McKinney, TX, Janis (Kevin) Kenny of Brighton, a sister, Barbara O'Connor of Manistique, three grandchildren, several nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held Saturday, July 24, 2004 at the Beilaire Chapel of Mortensen Funeral Home, with Fr. James Gardner officiating. Interment in Helena Twp. Cemetery. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Heart Association or the Arthritis Foundation.


OBITUARY POLICY The first five lines of an obituary are published at no cost. All additional lines will be charged at $4 per line. You may place a picture of your loved one for an additional cost of only $6. Symbolic emblems may be included at no cost (example: American Flags, religious symbols, etc.) The deadline for an obituary is 5pm Friday for Sunday's paper and 12 noon Wednesday for Thursday's paper. Obituaries received after these deadlines will be published in the next available issue. If you are including a photo, please e-mail the obituary and photo to [email protected] at least one-half hour prior to deadline. You may e-mail your obit to [email protected] or fax to: Attn: Obits, c/o Charolette Wilson at 734-953-2232. For more information call Charolette Wilson, 734-953-2070 or L i z Keiser, 734-953-2067 or toll free 1-866-8187653 and ask for Char or Liz.

Take it from Ernie

© t o s t e r w r < 3 X r t e n i rit

Sunday, July 25,2004

o Ernie Hugh Gallagher editor (734)953-2149 Fax: (734) 591-7279 [email protected]

Good health tips where you find 'em

New guidelines slash LDLs


'm always on the lookout

for tips on better health. They're everywhere lately. For instance, the following "Make Time for Fitness" tips flashed across the Pacific Bell Park scoreboard between innings at a recent San Francisco Giants game. Park two walks away — Park your car far enough away from your job, the mall or even the ballpark to get in a good walk when you arrive and another when you leave. While you're in the swing — While there, walk for 20 minutes (or for 10 minutes twice) without stopping, throw in a bit of stair climbing and you will have invested at least a half-hour's time toward better health. When you reach home — Instead of sitting down when you return home, take just one more brisk 10-minute walk and you're on your way to a healthier tomorrow. The U.S. Surgeon General says we can all stayfitwith just 30 minutes of moderate exercise cumulative each day. I think it's worth it to get out there and walk. And please remember to take care of your health before it's lonngggg gone!

'Most of the people in the heart world had been talking about achieving lower LDLs for some time.'


Researchers have finally proven what Dr. Stephen Smith suspected* Guidelines for low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol were set too high, and those at high risk for heart attack and death from cardiovascular disease could benefit from drug-lowering therapy and living a healthier lifestyle. Based on the July 13 release of updated recommendations from the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP), Smith is suggesting everyone check their numbers, especially LDLs.

Dr. Stephen Smith cardiologist

"I can remember talking about it at conferences for 4-5 years, but we didn't have evidence. What makes sense isn't always the way it works out in clinical trial. There was worry about certain types of cancer and intracranial hemorrhage with statin drugs like Pravachol. And there was concern for not just risks, but costs. When you apply therapy to millions of people, overall cost goes up. You might apply this intensive therapy and exclude other treatments. You want to make sure there's the potential to improve quality and quantity of life. It's important to be prudent iti offering therapies."

NCEP was founded in 1985 by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and National Institutes of Health to raise awareness of high blood cholesterol as a risk factor for coronary heart disease. After reviewing the results of recent clinical trials, the report in "Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association" says cholesterol lowering drug therapy does benefit patients at high risk, and that lifestyle changes remain essential in management. Based on new clinical evidence, there is a one percent reduction in cardiac events for one milligram of LDL lowered.

Ernie Harwell, "the voice of the Detroit Tigers" for more than four decades, retired after 55 years behind a major league microphone. Today, at age 86, Ernie's days are filled with serving as a health and fitness advocate for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, public appearances, writing, traveling and taking long walks with "Miss Luiu," his wife of more than 60 years. His latest book, a collection of his baseball columns titled Life After Baseball, is available at local bookstores or by calling (800) 245-5082.

Smith selects therapies for his patients only after categorizing their coronary heart risk as low, moderate, high, or very high. Now he can add the lipid risk factor to the fact he's never had a patient die from lipid lowering before deciding on treatment. He says the risk of taking cholesterol lowering drugs is small compared to the risk of dying from a heart attack.

"Most of the people in the heart world had been talking about achieving lower LDLs for some time," said Smith, a Birmingham cardiologist on staff at Henry Ford Hospital.

"It's important to have a risk

assessment," said Smith. "When someone walks into your office you try to get them into a category. I suggest if people have concerns to have a cardiovascular specialist risk stratify them. That's separate from evaluating them for symptoms like chest pain. Risk is when you'smoke, have physical inactivity. Risk is based on presence or absence of vascular disease, if you had a heart attack or stroke. Very high might include those with coronary heart risks like blocked arteries in legs, aneurysm in aorta, prior heart attack, diabetic, smoke, hypertensive, low H D L (good cholesterol), family history - a male with a first degree relative age 55 or less who had heart attacks, for female under the age of 65." Dr. Douglas Westveer stratifies his patients for risk as well. The new guidelines will help reinforce his recommendation for high riskheart patients to consider cholesterol lowering medication for LDLs higher t h a n 100 mg. "They lowered LDL from 130 to 100 mg per deciliter for

high risk, 70 for people at very high risk of heart attack or death," said Westveer, director of cardiology at Beaumont Hospital in Troy. "Treatment carries some small but some risk, and is recommended for only those in need of cholesterol lowering drugs. "Healthy or low risk is still less than 160 but should be less than 130. For those with high blood pressure or family history but haven't developed cardiovascular disease, it's 100; for those at high risk of another heart attack or bypass surgery, 70. Very few can do it on diet alone. That comes out of studies." Westveer, on the other hand, points out hardening of the arteries is exclusively human. "Other mammals have LDLs around 60 and underdeveloped countries where arteriosclerosis doesn't exist, around 60 to 70. That caused researchers torevisit the numbers," said Westveer of Oxford."Exercise and good diet are essential. In the vast majority of the public who are eating sensibly, exercising and

dieting is enough. For people at established and high risk of disease it's not. The use of these drugs is genetically determined. These drugs are powerful and very low risk. "Remember every risk factor for heart attack is a risk factor for stroke. When patients don't want to reduce their risk factors I remind them of stroke." Westveer takes Lipitor to combat four heart risks - high blood pressure, his age - 55, the fact that he's male and has a family history. "Most people do want to take care of themselves. They strive very hard and just can't do it," said Westveer. "The comparison I use is seat belts. Some have been badly injured b u t that's an exception. You never know what's going to happen on a car ride. "There have been deaths with Lipitor but it has to be balanced. It's a common sense approach. I watch my diet. You can't rely on the drugs. Higher dosage brings with it higher side effects." [email protected] | (734)953-2145

lower bad cholesterol BY LINDA ANN CHOMIN STAFF WRITER

No matter whether your risk factor for heart disease is high or low, Birmingham cardiologist Stephen Smith says everyone benefits f r o m making or sustaining healthy lifestyle choices. "I'm always talking to patients about therapeutic lifestyle change but they don't always listen to what I say," said Dr. Smith who's on staff at Henry Ford Hospital. "That includes people who are overweight to obese, sedentary. We live in a state that's fat. Lose ^eight. Control diabetes which is very often accomplished with weight control, and conijrol blood pressure. Having a blood pressure of 160 over 100 fen't a good idea. It exposes

you to a higher risk. Active smoking is a potent risk factor especially with coronary artery disease. "I always tell people don't smoke, lose weight, control diabetes. This is what we always said, even with the guy that doesn't have coronary artery disease." Smith believes communicating with patients does help them understand the importance of reducing risks. He suggests developing a rapport with your practitioner, for physicians - sit down for a one on one to achieve targets based on lifestyle - and set a good example. Smith runs on a treadmill and eats healthy. "I know that people sometimes don't listen to me, don't tell me the truth or take their medications," said Smith. "I

want to see patients who have a commitment, aren't in denial." Like Smith, Dr. Douglas Westveer believes cholesterol lowering medication is just part of the solution. Westveer, an Oxford resident, walks briskly four days a week and stays close to ideal body weight. "People have to stop smoking. It's more important than cholesterol in preventing heart disease," said Westveer, director of cardiology at Beaumont Hospital in Troy. "I don't want people to think that all they have to do is have a low cholesterol. "Couch potatoes and junkaholics can change. Exercise and diet have so many other benefits than heart health."





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Seniors need to be wary of summer heat "A U n i v e r s i t y o f M i c h i g a n H e a l t h S y s t e m p h y s i c i a n is w a r n i n g s e n i o r s a b o u t t h e dangers of s u m m e r heat. H e a t c a n cause serious illnesses, especially a m o n g older adults. H e a l t h concerns, or just the normal physiologigaj. c h a n g e s of a g i n g , m a y m a k e it d i ^ c u l t f o r t h e elderly t o h a n d l e h i g h tdn^ratures. M a r k S u p i a n o , M.I)., d i r e c t o r of t h e Geriatric Research, Education a n d Clinical Center, chief of G e r i a t r i c M e d i c i n e a t t h e VA A f m A r b o r H e a l t h c a r e S y s t e m , a r i d a p r o f e s s o r of i n t e r n a l m e d i c i n e / g e r i a t r i c s a t th'e . University-trf M i c h i g a n 'Jlealth Systeih,"offers advice o n k e e p i n g older people safe this summer.

JULY Hawgs for Hearts A Motorcycle Poker Run to benefit St. Mary Mercy Hospital's Cardiology Services will take place Sunday, J u l y ' 25. The ride to Hell, Michigan, and back begins at 1 p.m. and ends at 6 p.m. There will be five Poker card Draws along the way, along with food, awards, entertainment and motorcycle vendor booths. Registration is event day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at St. Mary Mercy Hospital, 36475 Five Mile at Levan, Livonia. For directions or additional information, visit the Web site at www.stmarymercy;org. Sponsorships are available and currently being accepted. All sponsors and in-kind donors will receive recognition. Fee for the Motorcycle Poker Run is $10 per rider and $5 per passenger. All street-legal motorcycles and enthusiasts welcome. For sponsorship details or more information, call (734) 655-2980. Whole foods evening A lecture for people with food allergies, intolerances, or Celiac disease by registered dietitian Beverly Price 78 p.m. Tuesday, July 27, at the Whole Foods Market, 7350 Orchard Lake Road, West Bloomfield. Spend an hour to learn new tasty and healthy tips, simpie solutions for adding variety' and nutrition to your diet. A cooking demo features quick meals and snacks for the kid in everyone. There will aiso be a Q & A with a nutritionist specializing in gluten- and wheat-free diets. Sample the latest in wheat-free, soy-free, corn-free, nut-free, dairy-free treats. For more information, (248) 390-4150. Volunteers w a n t e d Doctors at Beaumont Hospital are testing Comtan (entacapone)< and approved drug, to determine if it extends the benefits of levodopa treatment in people with Parkinson's disease. Needed to participate in this research trial are people who have been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease who are taking no more than four doses of levodopa each day, and who are not yet experiencing uncontrollable movements. Research subjects must not be taking or have taken Comtan (entacapone) in the past. For more information, call (248) 898-8595. G.E.M.S. Group Exercise for Multiple Sclerosis meets every Friday evening at the Livonia YMCA on Stark Road, Group swim from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Support group meeting 7-8 p.m. For more information, contact: Karolyn Davis at (734) 459-9715 or Mike Hickey (734) 522-0036. Volunteers sought Oakwood Healthcare System is seeking patients to participate in a study

"Heat-related illnesses a n d their problems begin to develop w h e n the t e m p e r a t u r e exceeds 9 0 degrees Fahrenheit for more t h a n two or three days," s a i d S u p i a n o . " W h e n t h i s i s coupled with very high humidity, t h e risks to o l d e r p e o p l e a r e even worse." O l d e r people w h o are a t risk for h e a t - r e l a t e d illness i n c l u d e t h o s e w h o have i m p a i r e d mobility, t a k e m e d i c a tions t h a t can impair t e m p e r a t u r e regulation, such as those with anticholinergic effects ( D o n n a t a l a n d Benadryl),. Thorazine, a n d Parkinson's disease medications^ Those taking diuretics or other m e d i c a t i o n s i o s e fluids which can c o m p o u n d the probl e m s of dehydration.

which utilizes computer-guided navigation for hip replacement surgery, If you are suffering from hip pain, and would like to be considered for enrollment in this study, please call 866-4NEWHIP. These surgeries are offered at Oakwood Heritage Hospital in Taylor.

UPCOMING Fibromyalgia workshop Dr. Kramer will reveal the shocking truth behind what can be causing fibromyalgia, which is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood, 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 4, at the Carl Sandburg Library in Livonia. No charge. To register, call (248) 4260201. Seating is limited. Massage techniques Noon to 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 8, learn energizing and relaxing massage techniques, at the Carnegie Institute, 550 Stephenson Highway, Troy. Cost is $50 per couple. To register, call (248) 219-7398. Deadline for reservations is Monday, Aug. 2. Parenting Classes St.-Mary Mercy Hospital is offering parenting classes called "Parenting with Love and Logic" 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday, August 12, (Toddlers and Preschoolers), and 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday, August 28, (Preteens and Teenagers), at 36475 Five Mile in Livonia. Please use the Five Mile Road entrance. For directions or additional information, visit "Parenting with Love and Logic" is a commonsense approach, teaching parents skills that cultivate confidence and good decision-making in children by offering them choices, empathy, and respect white adults avoid anger, threats, warnings, or lectures. There is a fee, and registration is required. Call the Marian Women's Center at (734) 655-1100 for more information, or to register. Karmanos benefit Friends and supporters of the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute wili be among the first to dine at Coach Insignia, the newest venue of Matt Prentice and Unique Restaurant Corporation, located atop Detroit's Renaissance Center at the 8th Annual "Night of Good Taste" fund-raiser 6:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 13, features a strolling dinner, silent auction and live music. Tickets are $80 per person and include valet parking or round-trip shuttle bus from Oakland County locations. For more information, call Denise Lowe at (248) 443-5800 ext. 4632 or send email t o [email protected] Ticket sales end August 9. Proceeds benefit stateof-the-science cancer research, world-class patient care and educa-

Seniors should also take precautions if t h e y h a v e a c h r o n i c d i s e a s e s u c h a s congestive h e a r t failure or diabetes, l i v e a l o n e , h a v e p o o r social s u p p o r t , o r l a c k access to air conditioning. "Even healthy older people are at risk of developing heat-related p r o b lems just because of the aging c h a n g e s i n t h e i r physiology," S u p i a n o captions.

"When outside temperatures are s u c h t h a t w e c a n n o t lose h e a t a s efficiently as w e otherwise would, we're a t risk of increasing t h e i n t e r n a l b o d y t e m p e r a t u r e , " s a i d S u p i a n o . "As h e a t builds u p in t h e body, t h e early w a r n i n g sign is h e a t e x h a u s t i o n . If u n r e c ognized and untreated, this can lead progressively t o heat stroke, h y p e r thermia, c o m a a n d death."

fcoor c i r c u l a t i o n is o n e b a r r i e r t o a d e q u a t e l y r i d d i n g t h e b o d y of excess h e a t . S w e a t i n g is t h e o t h e r m a j o r m e t h o d w e u s e t o d i s c h a r g e h e a t a n d t h i s ability, too, can b e i m p a i r e d in older people. Sujpiano.points out t h a t m a n y older p e o p l e a r e alone a n d vulnerable. Check o n o l d e r n e i g h b o r s a n d relatives.

Signs of h e a t exhaustion i n c l u d e extreme fatigue, muscle aches, n a u - . sea, fever, c l a m m y skin, r a p i d p u l s e , and/or vomiting. W h e n your body no l o n g e r is a b l e t o m a i n t a i n a n o r m a l temperature, heat exhaustion becomes heatstroke. Symptoms include confusion, agitation, hyper-

tion programs at the Karmanos Cancer Institute. Medicare Prescription Benefits Learn about the new Medicare prescription coverage and how the new prescription drug discount card can help save money, especially those with low-incomes, those who pay al! of their prescription drug costs, and those with no or limited health care, coverage at a "Let's Talk" presentation for seniors called "Understanding the New Medicare Prescription Benefits" 1-3 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 1, in the St. Mary Mercy Hospital Auditorium, 36475 Five Mile at Levan, Livonia. No charge, but registration is required. To register or for more information, call (734) 655-8950 or visit The speaker will be a representative from AARP of Michigan.

bers alike may take the course. There are no tests. Upon successfully completing the course, graduates of this program may be eligible to receive a state-mandated'multi-year discount on their auto insurance premiums.

ONGOING Divorce support The Women's Resource Center at Schoolcraft College offers a free Divorce Support Group 7-9 p.m. the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, in Room 225 of the McDowell Center on campus, 18600 Haggerty, between Six and Seven Mile, Livonia. The group provides a forum for discussion, receiving and sharing of information for those contemplating, in the process of or having difficulty adjusting to divorce. For more information, call the WRC at (734)462-4443.

The St. Mary Mercy Hospital Senior Health Connection program offers adults age 55 and over special programs and discounts, including free lecture series, AARP Safe Driving Program, free blood pressure screenings, Westland Mall and laurel Park Place Walkers Clubs, discounts on health education classes, women's programs, and more. Simply call to register for an event, identify yourself as a senior and enjoy the benefits.

Adult grief support group A self-help support group for any adult g r a v i n g the death of a loved one mee'ts the first and third Monday of the month at 2:30 p.m. at Community Hospice and Palliative Care, 32932 Warren Road, Suite 100, Westland. No charge. Open to all. For more information, call (734) 522-4244. Breast feeding support La Leche League of Livonia, offers breast feeding information and support 10 a.m. the 3rd Tuesday of every month. For more information, call Sarah at (734) 266-0632 or Jane (248)471-4232.

Safe Driving Program St. Mary Mercy Hospital and the American Association of Retired Persons offer the two-day AARP Safe Driving Program 5:30-9:30 p.m. Monday-Tuesday, Sept. 13-14, in Classroom 2 of the hospital, 36475 Five Miie at Levan, Livonia. Please use South Entrance off Levan Road. There is a $10 fee. Make checks payable to AARP. To register, call (734) 655-8940 or (800) 494-1650 (out-of-area callers only). For directions or additional information, visit

Grief support group Meets 1 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. every second and fourth Tuesday of the month, at the Angela Hospice Care Center, Livonia. All groups are free-of-charge and open to the community. For more information, call Joan Lee in the Bereavement Department at (734) 464-7810. Livonia CFS/Fibromyalgia Support Group Meet the second Wednesday of the month at the Livonia Civic Center Library, 32777 Five Mile, east of Farmington Road. For information about the group, calf (248) 346-3164 or visit the Web site at Attendance at both sessions is required. The AARP Safe Driving Program is the nation's first and largest classroom driver improvement-course specially designed for motorists age 50 and older. The course helps drivers refine existing skills and develop safe, defensive driving techniques. AARP members and non-mem-

Low carb support group Meets 7:15-8:45 p.m. Wednesdays, at Low Carb Depot, 32622 W. Seven Mile,

Doctor Nagler's Super-Saver Injection Program

Prenatal Yoga St. Mary Mercy Hospital is offering an ongoing Prenatal Yoga class 5-6 p.m. Thursdays, in Classroom 1 at the Marian Women's Center at the hospital 36475 Five Mile Road) at Levan Road, Livonia. For more information or to register, call (734) 655-1145. Through traditional yoga poses and postures, the mom-to-be will strengthen mind and body to help adjust peacefully to t h e daily changes of pregnancy, This ciass aiso includes guided meditation and relaxation techniques that will increase expectant moms' awareness, confidence and focus. Research volunteer opportunities Beaumont Hospital needs volunteers for a variety of areas including blood pressure, breast cancer, bronchitis, diabetes, Parkinson's, prostate cancer, urinary incontinence in women, and dialysis grafts. For more information, call Beaumont's Outpatient Clinicai Research Center at (888) 80-STUDY. Healthy cooking classes Classes continue w i t h Valerie Wilson, a whole foods chef who's been teaching cooking classes since 1997 and is the author of "Perceptions in Healthy Cooking." Cail (734) 261-2856 or visit Volunteer opportunities St. Joseph Mercy Hospital has multiple opportunities. Volunteers are needed to install Lifeline units in clients' homes. No experience need, training provided. There is also a need for volunteers t o escort patients t o departments within the hospital and to visit with newly admitted patients. For more information about these and other opportunities, call Volunteer

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M o n . , T h u r s . , F r i . 10-9; T u e s . , W e d . , S a t . 10-6,


Drum Circle 7:30-8:30 p.m. Tuesdays at Clean House, Inc. holistic treatment center, 24750 Swanson, corner of Franklin, one block west of Telegraph, between 10 Miie and 11 Miie, Southfield. Caii (248) 357-0600. $5 donation. Bring a drum or one will be provided. Grief support workshops Angela Hospice offers ongoing grief support groups every second and fourth Tuesday of the month, at Angela Hospice Care Center, 14100 Newburgh, Livonia. All groups are free of charge and open t o the community. Call Joan Lee at (734) 464-7810. Volunteers needed The Alzheimer's Association-Greater Michigan Chapter is looking for volunteers to answer its Help Line. For more information, call Brenda Bridgett at (800) 337-3827 or send email to [email protected]

Sometimes, but fortunately not too often, Sjogrens causes a numbness in the hands and feet, kidney pain and an inflamed liver. Rheumatologists are particularly sensitive to Sjogrens because it frequently accompanies rheumatoid arthritis. What ties these diverse effects of Sjogrens together is antibody production. For' unclear reasons, people with Sjogrens Syndrome make antibodies to tissues in the body that secrete fluids. In the eye, it is the lacrimal gland, in the mouth, the antibodies are directed against the parotid gland. In the throat and lung the targets are cells that line the trachea. In the joints, the cells affected secrete joint fluid. Treatment attempts to substitute for the fluids loss: using eye drops, drinking a lot of water, or taking medicine that stimulate the glands remaining to work harder. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, treating it, also helps.



do you have


If you are a g e d 18 or older a n d have moderate to severe psoriasis, y o u m a y be eligible to participate in a n e w research study for an investigational medication that can be administered at h o m e to treat the symptoms o f psoriasis. All participants in this study will receive, at no charge: •

Medical evaluations

Study medication

R e i m b u r s e m e n t for travel

If you think y o u m a y qualify for this study and woul d like more

fine furniture 240 North Main St. • PLYMOUTH (734) 459-1300

AA meeting 6-7 p.m. Tuesdays at Clean House, Inc. holistic treatment center, 24750 Swanson, corner of Franklin, one block west of Telegraph, between 10 Mile and 11 Mile, Southfield. Call (248) 357-0600.

The combination of dry eyes and dry mouth is called Sjogrens Syndrome. You notice the dryness because your eyes feel gritty in the morning and irritated throughout the day. If you wear contact lenses and develop Sjogrens, you can no longer apply the contacts easily and wearing them Injures the eye. Sjogrens carries with it a host of problems, I already mentioned the dry mouth which makes chewing food difficult and promotes dental cavities no matter how scrupulous you are in caring for your teeth. Other features of Sjogrens includes a dry throat and cough, swelling of the lymph nodes in your neck, enlargement of your salivary glands.

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Hospice volunteers needed Heartland Hospice of Southfield is looking for caring, compassionate and dedicated individuals that would like to be trained as a hospice volunteer. Heartland Hospice serves patients with a limited life expectancy and their fanv iiies in the tri-county area. Training ; classes are offered throughout the year at different times and in a variety,, of locations. For more information, call Mary Parmentier at (800) 770-9859.


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While early symptoms are easily m i s - , taken for the flu, bacterial meningitis > can result in death in as little as two hours. College freshmen living in dorms are six times more likely to get the disease than those living off campus. Vaccination reduces the risks of contracting the disease.

JOSEPH J . WEISS, M . D . RHEUMATOLOGY 1 8 8 2 9 F a r m i n g t o n Road, Livonia. Michigan 48152 Phone:(248)478-7860


NewTopamax and Zonagran stop sweet and starch cravings,

Services at (734) 712-4159. Meningitis Vaccinations Meningitis vaccinations for collegebound high school students are being offered through Visiting Nurse *• Association of Southeast Michigan by appointment only during May and June, in its office at 25900 Greenfield, Suite 600, Oak Park. The cost is $85. Call (800) 882-5720, e x t 8 7 5 5 for more information o r v i s i t

Arthritis Today

Enrollment $65/Week


F o r m o r e information, visit t h e W e b site,; s t r o crs.htm.

Livonia. No charge. For information, call (248) 476-3064. Volunteers needed The Alzheimer's Association is seeking individuals who are interested in providing information and support t o callers dealing with issues about Alzheimer's disease and related Dementias. Alzheimer's is a progressive brain disorder that gradually destroys mental capabilities. Help for individuals affected by Alzheimer's can be found at the association's help line and through other services provided by the offices in Southfield. To volunteer, call Rebecca Reiten at (800) 337-3827, ext. 240.


v e n t i l a t i o n , r a c i n g p u l s e , lethargy* , convulsions, high b o d y temperature, } a n d e v e n t u a l loss of consciousness. To avoid developing e i t h e r of t h e s e > h e a t related illnesses leave hot envir o n m e n t s . If outdoors, stay in the s h a d e . L i m i t activities. U s e f a n s o r seek areas that are air-conditioned, even if only f o r a f e w h o u r s at a t i m e . W e a r l o o s e fitting c l o t h i n g i n l i g h t c o l o r s . D r i n k p l e n t y o f fluids a n d e a t healthy. Avoid alcohol, a n d increase salt a n d electrolytes i n t a k e by eating salty f o o d s or c o n s u m i n g sports drinks like Gatorade.


Come On U.P.

information, call: Michigan Institute of Medicine

All prices based on double occupancy and availability, standard room only. Offer good through September 30,2004. *No$ all sites offer all of the above.

Keith Pierce, M.D. 3 8 5 2 5 8 Mile Road


look* h e r e

Place your ad toll free at

Too Late To Classifieds.

1 -800-579-SELL


if y o u m i s s e d o u r r e g u l a r T u e s d a y d e a d l i n e f o r T h u r s d a y ' s p u b l i c a t i o n , y o u c a n n o w c a l l us ' t i l W e d n e s d a y a t 11am a n d p l a c e y o u r a d i n o u r

Walk-In Office Hours: Monday - Friday

Publication Pav

8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Fax your ad: 734-953-2232

" T o o L a t e To C l a s s i f i e d " S e c t i o n .



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L o o k for t h i s t o a p p e a r in S e c t i o n C of t h e p a p e r !

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O n - l i n e a t w w w . h o m c t o w n l i f e . c o m • E - M a i ! U s : o c a d s -1 o e . h o m e c o m 3030 3 0 0 0


Real MO Homes m Open Houses .1040 Ann Arbor 3043 Auburn Hills 3045. Beiieville & Van Buren 3050 Birroingham-Bloomfield -5055 Bfoomfield '3060 ...Brighton Bflghto JHO 8yron -3080 Canton m Clarkston tin Cohoctah 3110 Dearborn 3115 Dearborn Hg 3120 Detroit 3130. . Chelsea 3135... .Deri* 3140 farmington 3145.. Famngtonl 3150 Fentori '3155 Ferndafe



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3230 3234 1235. 3S36. m 1240 •3250 "3280. in. 3270 32H

Howell Huntington Woods Keego Harbor Lake Orion lathmp Village linden Livonia Mliford Monroe New Hudson Northville

.3300 §395 3310 JJ§15 "33.18 §20 $40

Oak Grove Oak Park Orion Township Orchard Lake Oxford Perfy Pinckney



3350 Rochester 3370 Royal Oak $80...:....Salem-Salem Township 3390 Soathfield-lathrup 3402. South Lyon

3405 3410 3415 3420. 3423 3424 3430 3449

Stockbridge-Unadifla-Gregory Troy Union Lake Wailed Lake Waterford Wayne Webberville West Bioomfieid

3420 Walprf Lake 3423"IZwatefford 3424 3430 3440

Wayne Webberville West Bioomfieid

3450 White Lake 3460 Whitmore 3470 . Wiiiiamston 3480 VVixcm-Commercs 3430 vpsijimi 3500. .Genessee County 3510 Ingham County 3515 Lapeer County 3520 Livingston County 3530 Macomb County 3540 Oakland County 3550 Shiawassee County 3560 Washtenaw Count/ 3570 Wayne County 3580 LakefrontAVaterfront Homes 3590 Other Suburban Homes 3600 Out of State Homes/Property 3610 Country Homes 3630 fams/Horse Farms 3649 Real Estate Services 3700 flew Home Builders 3710 Apartments For Sale 3720. Condos 3730. Duplexes & Tollhouses 3740. Manufactured Homes 3750 MobilWomes 3755 Commercial/Retail For Sale 3760 Homes Under Construction 3770 Ukefront Property 3760 Lakes & River Resort Property 3790 Northern Property 3800 Resort& Vacation Property 3810 Southern Property 3820 Lots & Acreage/Vacant 3830 Time Share 3840 Lease/Option To Buy 3850 Mortgage/Land Contracts 3869 Money To Loan 3670 Reai Estate Wanted 3880 Cemetery Lots 3890 Commercial/Industrial For Sale


i n

_ E 3 H

3909 3919

Business Opportunities Business/Professional


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3940 3950 3955 3960 3970 3980

Great ranch home in great neighborhood. 3 bed, family room, basement, 2 car garage. Needs a little TLC. $259,900, S/14 Mile, E/ Pierce, 16220 Lauderdale

Industrie & Warehouse For Sale Office Business for Lease Office Space For Sale Commercial & Industrial For Lease Investment Property Land

CANTON Just listed! Open Sun Aug, 1. Noon -3pm. 4 bed, 2 bath, living and family rooms, finished bsmt. Large deck, natural fireplace, updated kitchen & more. Only $184,900. Hurry I!! 1-800-439-3703. Christopher Otteson Turnkey Realty, LLC.

Kathleen Robinson 248-646-2517, Ext. 208 or E-mail: krobinson®


Bsrele BIB... BIRMINGHAM 746 Bird. Sun. 1-5. Sharp home plus carriage house. See for sale ad.

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3 9 0 0 - 3 9 8 0 tanim

BROWNSTOWN Flowers Creek Sub. 3 bed ranch, built in '99. Finished bsmt, pool, 16x36 deck, many extras. $269,000. Open Sun. 1-4. 24465 Helene Dr. 734-818-0693

Beverly Hills OPEN SUNDAY 1-4

BLOOMFIELD HILLS OPEN SUN 12-4 or appt. Beautiful colonial backs to woods. 3050 sq.ft.. marble foyer, 4 Ced, 2.5 bath, family room w/firepiace. dsning & living rooms, library, finished bsmt. 1st floor laundry. CA, sprinklers, security system, Bioomfieid Hills schools. 7022 Cathedral Dr. $449,000. 248-851-0893

CALL 1-800-304-5058 I.D. # 8002 rt'max '0c 248-348-3000 TROY-BIRMINGHAM Schools 4 bed 2.5 bath colonial. Complete updates, from windows to granite kitchen, dining room, fireplaces, deck, bsmt., hardwood floors thru-out, c/a, 2 car garage. 1/2 acre, treed yard. $349,900.248-593-1386

BLOOMFIELO SUN., 1-5 RENOVATED 4 bed, 2.5 bath 3751 Quarton Rd. 248-433-1010

Bioomfieid THE HEATHERS Open Sunday 2-5 Deluxe 1900 sq.ft. condo in premier golf community w/lg master ste, volume ceilings thru-out, fireplace and much more. $259,000. 1904 Eagle Points. N/ Square Lake Rd., E/Opdyke.

Kathleen Robinson 248-646-2517, Ext. 208

Beverly Hills OPEN SUNDAY 1-5

or E-mail: krobinson® Sanis H i —

17830 Buckingham S/14 Mile, E/Southfield

EXCEPTIONAL RENOVATION Ranch on desirable double corner lot w/Birmingham Schools. New finished 700 sq.ft. lower level w/full bath & Berber carpeting. New kitchen includes granste counters, cabinetry, tiled floor w/ backsplash. Hardwood floors thru-out (except kitchen), new recessed lighting, New bath w/JacuzzI tub, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath. MLS#24085210. $339,500 Call (246) 646-1400

CANTON Open Sun 12-5.7370 Corbett, N/Warren, W / Lilley. 2605 i5 sq. ft colonial, 4 bed, 2.5 bath, i , library. Many updates. 6,900. 734-674-9885. $276,i CANTON Open Sun, 1-4 pm. 41805 Ravenwood Drive, Haggerty & Cherry Hill. 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car attach garage. Jen Parviainen, ReMerica Hometown One. 734-4203400 ext. 116. CANTON - Open Sun 12-5. 7572 Corbln Dr. 2400+ sq.ft. Colonial. 4 bed, 2.5 bath, den, finished bsmt. $279,900. By Owner. (734) 354-9355 CANTON - For Sale By Owner Open H o u s e r Sun. 1-4. Immaculate 4 bed, 3.5 bath, open floor plan, hardwood, Master ste. 43935 Mowland. $289,000. (313) 215-4670 CANTON • OPEN SUN. 1 - 4 Priced Below Value $209,900 for Quick Sale Gorgeous 1785,3 Bed., 1.5 Bath, Attached garage,,Bsmt w/ many updates on , Premium Lot Backing to Park. Call REP Brokers Recording for Directions 888-857-8787 Ext, 72362.

Don't take a chance....

Canton OPEN SUNDAY 1-5 45655 Morningside, N/Ford, W/Canton Center. 4 bed, 2 1/2 bath, Sunflower Colonial, immaculate. Private, wooded lot. 1st floor laundry. Wood windows & much more. SANDY LATACK 734-355-2717 [email protected]

Canton-OPEN 12-4 44741 Cherry Hill, (S/Cherry Hill, W/She!don). Immaculate 4 bed, 2.5 bath Colonial has it all! $349,900. Ask for Marianne.

CANTON- OPEN SUN. 1 - 4 532 Terrace Ct. 4 Bed.'s, 2.5 baths, 3069 sq.ft. Exquisite custom built colonial in one of the most desirable su&s. Grand foyer w / ceramic tile. Studio ceiling in family room w / lots of w i n d o w s . Huge kitchen w / a nook. Premium lot w / a huge backyard. One showing and you will iove It! SHEHZAO (734) 377-9247 REMERICA COUNTRY P U C E 44205 Ford Rd., Canton

Century 21 Towne Pride (734) 326-2600

coLouieu. BANKeR • 4*1644 Ann Arbor, Plymouth

MARK MAHAKIAN 248-767-2773 Virtual tour: Coldwell Banker Schweitzer 41860 6 Mile, Livonia



OPEN HOUSE 1 - 4 p m 435 Constitution. S. of Cherry Hill, E. of Ridge. Spectacular "Huron 1 model offering over $50,000 of updates, no closing fees and immediate occupancy. Updates include all fixtures, carpet, gourmet kitchen w / maple cabinets, jetted tub, brick patio, full porch.



at It's


MODELS OPEN 7 Days a week Noon to 6 PM

CENTURY 21 PREMIER (734) 453-4300 Canton O P E N HOUSE S U N 1 - 4 2491 Westgate Ct. S. of Cherry Hill, E. of Beck. Popular Huntington Place' Colonial, 3 bed., 2.5 bath, dining room & family room separated by classic French doors, finished bsmt, 2 car attached side entry garage. $312,500 JOHN HOSKO (734) 459-6222




• 2 & 3 Bedroom Floorplans • Full Basements • Hardwood Flooring • Ceramic Baths • O a k Cabinets w/Raised Panels • Open O a k Hand Rails • 12 x ! 2 Decks


• Central Air Conditioning


BRIGHTON 1960 sq. ft., 3 bed, 2.5 bath, Oak cabinets, great room w/fireplace. $254,900. For more info:, ID# 18406. 810-225-0262 BRIGHTON - OPEN 8UN 12-3 Golf/lake living. End unit condo featuring 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 lav, first floor master, finiahed walk out, 3400 sq. ft. $399,900. 248-885-1476

Canton - Open Sun. 1 - 4 4220 Pond Run ! S/Geddes, E/Beck Beautiful 2 story 1998 built home on premium lot. 4 bed, 2.5 baths, 2568 sq.ft. Hardwood floors, ceramic tile, kitchen has vented range hood. Unfinished basement with rough plumbing. Extra deep 2 car garage. Brick paver walkway, stamped concrete porch, backyard has great pond view.

3501S Ford Rd. Wesffond, Mi 48185

44523 Ann Arbor Rd Plymouth

Call For Your Private Tour N o w ! !


0608238301 your ad in T h e O b s e r v e r fit E c c e n t r i c Classifieds t o d a y !

A word to the wise, when looking for a great deal check the Eccentric

o£06222101 1-800-579-SELL

PLYMOUTH POINTE I M M E D I A T E S H O W I N G ! ( 3 1 3 ) 8 2 0 - 3 7 0 2


1 - 8 0 0 - 5 7 9 - S E L L







aepe/r4etwe (Ae ^Qwlrtwrctinavu.

IN OUR C A N T O N C O M M U N I T I E S F i n a n c i a l Services Can't Get A Mortgage?? Debt Problems?? WE OFFER • 1st 2 n d 3rd M o r t g a g e s • Personal L o a n s • Secured Credit Cards • Car Loans F i n a n c i n g f o r all P u r p o s e s ! ! Good, Bad, and Ugly Credit Accepted N o Application is refused Call Today and Take control of your Life!!

647-896-1244 888-810-2518

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s i (( \



0 O N A V A N

Condos that calm busy lifestyles" Qualify


I End Corner Unit

Large Private Individual Patio

I Updated Kitcchen I Side Entry 2 Car Garage I 2 Luxury BRAAs -

Stroll To Play Tennis




2 0 Minutes To Ann Arbor via Neighborhood Freeway • Home Warranty

I Walk-Out From Family Room mily Koom For more i n f o r m a t i o n

CHARLIE JACKSON (313) 820-3702 41860 Six Mile Road Northville, Ml 48167

CUsMlttU / hoinetownlife.iom

C R 0 S S 4 9 5

I Two Deluxe Gas Fireplaces o£08233925

Obsi k\ 11

[ N G -





H o m e s from the mid $300s*

WESTCHESTER Homes from t h e m i d $400s"t

H o m e s from t h e l o w $300s"t




• Homesites surrounded by wooded natural areas

• Luxury homes inspired by historic residences

• Ranch, Cape Cod and Colonial floor plans

• Ranch, Cape Cod and Colonial floor plans

• Acclaimed PlymouthCanton Schools

• Popular community ' selling fast

Exciting New Community!

2 New Plans/

On Beck Road just ntirth of Gedcks Roai

On Warren Road just west of Ridge Rood'

(734) 3 2 0 . 8 3 3 0

(734) 4 5 1 - 3 3 2 0



H o m e s Available


New R a n c h Plant . V/;, Q n (7*4)







At All Our Communities^

VISIT US TODAY! Realtors Welcome •

M o d e l s O p e n D a i l y 12 p m t o 6 p m

ivwi{\hometownl{fe. com


Observer & Eccentric j Sunday, Juiy 2-5,2004

at the heart of Tudor style Ascot Brick walls and half-timbering in the gables would be enough to establish the Ascot's Tudor styling. But massive medieval chimneys, ribbons of small paned windows, and an bay window at center on the second floor complete the image. A large kitchen packed with modern conveniences is at the heart of the Ascot. Features include double ovens, microwave, dishwasher, walkin pantry, and an island with a cook top and grill. Breakfasting in the sunny octagonal nook starts your day on a cheerful note. Formal dining takes place in the spacious vaulted dining room. A second floor balcony overlooks this bright space, and French doors open onto a dining deck. The elegant lobby is also vaulted. Stairs here lead to a second floor landing with a railed balcony facing the entrance. A small den or office is to the left, and a stately vaulted living room with fireplace is to the right. Stairs in the lobby are not








BEAUTIFUL ALL-BRICK 2&3 BEDROOM T0WNH8ME Scenic landscaping and pond views decorate this lovely community complete' a brand new clubhouse featuring an Inviting s w i m m i n g pool and large s o d a ! s

' f c -

18'oxm 74-0" X 74'-0

M l ! I .



148 x 118'



m2' x12d 1JOX1TO


i ve x io'b GARAGE 21'2 X 30*



striking feature of the sumptuous owners' suite. Tropical plants will thrive in this moist, bright environment. Other amenities include an enclosed toilet and oversized shower, his and hers walk-in closets, and twin basins in an extra long vanity. Storage space and three more bedrooms are upstairs. Each has a large walk-in closet. The back bedroom is

the only access to the second floor, by the way. Another staircase is in the family room with basement stairs are below. A unique set of doors in this area open to the kitchen, garage, utility room, powder room and master'suite, all at the same time. SPA A garden spa is the most

intended for use as a guest suite, but could be a den or office. It is larger and has a private bath with two basins. Occupants of the other two bedrooms will have to share a bathroom,; but what a bathroom! How luxurious it feels to bathe in a tub nestled into the nook created by the diamond-paned windows in the bay window-style projection. Order or search through thousands of plans on-line at Use the code *C0DE and save 15 percent on full set orders. Or call (800) 562-1151, making sure you have the discount code *C0DE and the plan name and number Ascot (332-043). Study plans for $24.95 are available for ail plans.

DELIGHTFUL STYLEAND CONVENIENCE, INCLUDING THESE EXCEPTIONAL FEATURES: • Spacious floorplans up to 1,835 sq. ft • Gourmet kitchens » First floor I • Full basements • Luxurious master suite? • Ceramic tile In baths • Special upgrades in select plans include three-way fireplace and cathedra! ceilings


OPEN DAILY 1 2 : 0 0 PM - 6 : 0 0 P M

734-844-8300 'tSr



Al ifltormatioii curtained herein was accurate at the time of publication. In order to maintain tlre'hlglt tlooree of quality pnd incorporate management wilh greater tactSity atul-actiiiomy. we reserve ths right to make Changs: in price. spscDicatinns, material!, or So ettanse or distant (tree models wi&oiit iwiice or obligation. Floor plan dimensions arc apBronm.ils. 'fl Alexamtei 803a oris S Associates » 3

Cassady Place Plymouth Ranch Homes Available

Meadowbrook T o w n h o m e s L

Condominiums Immediate Occupancy! 30 Luxury C o n d o m i n i u m s c o n v e n i e n t l y located in the city o f Plymouth, and just m o m e n t s from d o w n t o w n Plymputh. Stop by and see our model, beautifully decorated by Gabriala's Park V i e w Gallery.

Included Amenities:

Features: • Two bedrooms • T w o full bathrooms

Air c o n d i t i o n i n g • W h i r l p o o l Tub in m a s t e r bath • Fireplace/mantle • Garage D o o r O p e n e r

• Open floor plan • Garage • Basejnent

Our model will be

C o n v e n i e n t l y l o c a t e d S o u t h of 13 M i l e Road. West off M e a d o w b r o o k Eoad. E a s y Access to M-5 a ad T w e l v e O a k s Mall.


Jffordable Pricing Starting at $229,900 O t t e r i n g 32 d i s t i n c t t w o s t o r y f l o o r p l a n s , a f e w w i t h first floor m a s t e r suites, 2 & 5 b e d r o o m p l a n s , c e r a m i c baths. 0 ft. c e i l i n g s on m a i n floor, firs! a n d s e c o n d f l o o r l a u n d r y m o m s , full p m « i f f h a s t ' i i x ' n l u itli nxiirh p l u m b i n g fui b a t h , y t n i c daylight arid w u l k o u i Mi?":-., 1 uii" ^ a r a ^ e s , v o l u m e c e i l i n g s , w a l k o u t p o t h s . a n d low m a i n t e n a n c e fee. Walled L a k e S c h o o l s .

I N C L U D E D IN P R I C E • Electric R a n g e • 21 cu. f t RetVidgerator • Microwave • D i s h w a s h e r • Disposal • Central Air • D e c k (200 Series Units Only) • H a r d w o o d Floors in Kitchen a n d Nook (100 Series Units Only) ' • R o u g h P l u m b i n g in B a s e m e n t - 5 piece (buildings 16,18, 19, & 21 Only)

Amberleigh * Exciting floorplans up to 4,400 square feet! s Each home personalty customized Prestigious entrance, sidewalks & 3-car garages * Fabulous decorated models on display * Outstanding #1 ranked West Bioomfieid schools

For information call 734-416-9118 Priced from $225,000 OE082357Q4

Find your favorite recipe each Thursday in Taste

BEAUTIFUL ALt-BfifCK 2 BEDROOM 8A8CH Scenic landscaping and pond views decorate this lovely community complete with a brand new clubhouse featuring an inviting swimming pool and large social suite.




*500's !



., Maple 'Road, just west of Famttagton Road; ; ::-i^del:s'Operi;0 PTvl 06^.TOursclay -

For additional information call 248-549-6900 • Brokers Welcome

248-661-5353 w

Model H o u r s a r e S a t u r d a y & S u n d a y 12:00-5:00 p m . Weekdays 1 :00-5:00 p m (Closed T h u r s d a y ) .

wwvv.meadowbrooktownhomes.mfo or email [email protected]

12-5 pm

Brokers Protected

® Up to 1,655 sq. ft. of living space ' A t t a c h e d 1 - c a r i Kitchens complete with all appliances * First-floor « Balconies or covered porches • Ceramic tile in • Fireplaces and cathedral ceilings standard in many

& dryer

oe0323e286 OPEN DAILY 1 2 : 0 0 PM. - 6 : 0 0 P M


"^*g^ W P P P ? s . n K ' E ™



Al inlormatiuii contained herein was accurate at flia time o! publication. In ontoi 'u maintain ttic tiigli Jeyree vi quality anrt i'icoiiioiaii? management with greater Iscilily ami economy. we reserve (tie ngiit to male cliangos in price. sueciScalions materia!:.. 01 to change or discontinue modols Kitlivul ADlce or obligation. Floor plan dimensions st» approximate. & Ale water Oogaerts & Sssociat»s ?0B?




IN .


Traditions JSL.


AT w



c o H D. O M i N ! li M &



.mm *m\ i V '

As beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside...lush, o p e n vistas just b e y o n d your doorstep lighten your spirits

« Full appliance-packages

• PRIVATE entrances ® Attached Sldf^fiy-SIDE garages • CATHEORAL.^eilings

and heighten your senses in this, inviting condominium Warren

community. Every conceivable

FIVE furnished Models Open Daily & Weekends

amenity has been included for

from Noon to 6 p m Cherry Hill

or by Appointment Located just south of

your comfort and convenience, palmer

F o r d Rd„ o f f t h e w e s t s i d e

of Canton Center Rd. Gaddss

including membership in the spectacular Traditions Club

• Charming covered balconies

• FIREPLACES] • Inviting clubhouse showcasing a

state-of-the-ajt FITNESS CENTER, SPORTS COUhTS, swimming POOL and SPA • Plymouth-Canton schools



Observer £ Eccentric i Sunday, July 2 5 , 2 0 0 4

Ail Ads Run Online


k Value Of Up To $ 8 7 . 0 0 Open Houses

3036] Commerce-OPEN SUN. 2-5 2679 Kingstowne Dr. Updated brick 2-story condo, pool, f i n ished bsmt. 5 1 3 4 , 9 0 0 . Caii Ed @ 7 3 4 - 6 2 0 - 1 0 8 2 REMERiCA SIGNATURE 35200 Schoolcraft, Livonia

Dearborn Heights TOTALLY UPDATED! OPEN SUN. 1-4. 2 4 3 3 4 Hass. N. of Ford, W. of Telegraph. Updated K i t c h e n ; W i n d o w s , Bath, Furnace, A/C & M o r e ! Crestwood S c h o o l s ! $138,500 CALL BILL KOKENOS (734) 788-0109 bkokenos®

Dearborn Heights OPEN SUN 1-4 26120 Cherry Hill, N/Cherry Hill, W/Beech Daly. Sharp 3 bed brick ranch w / a family room, huge remodeled kitchen, partially f i n i s h e d bsmt, attached 2 car garage. $ 2 2 9 , 9 0 0

H O M E T O W N ONE { 8 8 8 ) 4 6 6 - 3 6 6 3 Ext. 107 Detroit

OPEN HOUSE 1 - 4 p m 16591 Lenore. W. of Telegraph. S. of 6 Mile/ McNicols. This is a m u s t see! Beautiful yard t o r s u m m e r activities, k i t c h e n has b u i l t in stove, oven and lots of cabinet space, living r o o m has built in shelves and large picture window, finished bsmt w / bath. Updated w i n d o w s & roof, C/A, one year h o m e protection plan. $104,000 CENTURY 21 PREMIER

CASTELU (734) 525-7900 Serving the ares for 29 yrs


DETROIT-OPEN SUN. 2 - 4 . 8 0 9 6 Brace. 3 Bed. rahch, recently remodeled w / r i u i l b s m t and Garage. $77,900 HELP-U-SELL

Farmington Hills OPEN SUN. 1-4 ; 30715 TANGLEWOOD : $375,000 Gorgeous detached c o n d o in a gated c o m m u n i t y . MLS #24085695. . DEBBIE HORNER 248-240-7204 248-675-1256 Cold well. Banker Schweitzer

(734) 454-9535 FARMINGTON 4 bedroom, cape c o d , h u g e great: r o o m , g o u r m e t k i t c h e n w i t h granite counters, hardwood floors, 32842 Annewood, btwn 8'&-9 m i l e E, of F a r m i n g t o n j R d : $289,900. Open Sun lfe-4: Home (248) 4 7 8 - 6 3 3 8 or^cafi office 2 4 8 - 9 3 2 - 9 3 5 0 ext 1 8 '



FARMINGTON DOWNTOWN Open S u n 1 - 4 p.m. 2 3 2 3 0 Prospect St. Great h o m e close to downtown 3 b e d r o o m , 2 Oaths, 2 car garage, partially finished b s m t . , fenced y a r d ; ' priced t o sell! $219,000. 248-426-7514

27983 QUAIL'HOLLOW Kendallwood S u b . . •" N/12 Mils, W / F a r m i n g t q n On beautifui cul-de-sac lot, ~3 bed, .1.5 bath ranch w / b s m t & 2 car garage. Living r o o m -w/fir«place, dining r o o m & "eat-in" kitchen. Screened . p o r c h overlooks perennial-garden. H a r d w o o d f l o o r s thrurout. $ 2 2 9 , 9 0 0 . " . MARCIA TERRY (248)980-5624 Century 21-Today. 28544"Orchard Lake Rd. .. Farmington Hiils

F A R M I N G T O N HILLS, 4 2 0 0 sq. ft,, 4 b e d r o o m s , 4 baths, p o o l . $ 7 9 0 , 0 0 0 . 1 14 Mile & Inkster. 2 4 8 - 7 3 7 - ^ 8 0 9

CLASSIFIEDS WORK! 1-800-579-7355

(734) 453-4300

Sharp 4 b e d r o o m colonial in family oriented C h a t h a m Hills w / 9 0 + a c r e c o m m o n s w/ walking trails'& ponds. U p d a t e d w i n d o w s , : roof, vinyl, s i d i n g . H a r d w o o d f l o o r s ist l i v i n g r o o m & d i n irtgroom..Spacious kitchen w/bay window. Family, r o o m w / f i r e p i a c e &- n e w . c a r p e t . Beautiful:'Space" w/privacy. 36545 SAXONY, S/Grand River, ; VWDrake, S. off G r a n d River onto Brittany HiM O r . , f o l l o w t o S a x o n y . ML#24088877. $299,900 Cail Paul M r u k 248-348-3000 RE/MAX 1 0 0 Farmington-


Call to p l a c e y o u r ad a 1-8GQ-579-SELL(7355

GARDEN CITY 5 7 0 8 DEERING... OPEN 123. N. off Ford Rd., E. of M i d d l e b e l t . Fine c u s t o m •built 3 bed., 2 full bath ranch on Ig. lot. Open f l o o r plan, 2 car attached garage. Just $ 1 4 7 , 0 0 0 CALL TODD 734-458-7720 1

OPEN HOUSE 2-5 3 7 1 7 5 B i r w o o d ; C t . .S. of . 9 Mile; E. o f Halstead.. Beautiful h o m e in -Green Valley.: Estates o v e r l o o k i n g : a p o n d and finished w a l k o u t . '• • $424,90O_(MM75BIR)' CALL MARGARET MOORE (248) 421-5961


NORTHVILLES.. .Northridqe Condos

Farmington-OPEN SUN, 1-4 3 3 8 2 5 J a m e s Ct. Beautifui 2 1 0 0 + sq.ft. h o m e w / u p d a t e s incl. w i n d o w s , roof shingles, ceramic m a s t e r bath, 2 A/C units, hot w a t e r heater, refinished h a r d w o o d floors, f o r m a l 'dining r o o m , new deck, lots more... Call Sandra @ 7 3 4 - 7 7 6 - 2 1 9 9 . REMERICA SIGNATURE 3 5 2 0 0 Schoolcraft, Livonia

Farmington Hills Open Sunday 1-4


INTEGRITY REALTORS(734) 5 2 5 - 4 2 0 0 . ;

Century 21 Dynamic (734) 728-7800 GREEN 0AK/S0UTH LYON 10834 Naturelle. Tranquil 10 acres w i t h w i l d f l o w e r s , trees and pond. (Possible split). W r a p - a r o u n d f r o n t porch w i t h 4 f l o o r s of S o u t h e r n c o m f o r t . Come west o n 10 Mile, left on R u s h t o n , r i g h t on 9 M i l e . Askina $539,900. Open Sunday 1-4. , r ONE WAY REALTY (248) 4 7 3 - 5 5 0 0


BRAND NEW CONDO w/1st floor master suite, kitchen with eating/spaee, '1st floor-: laundry, two car attached garage.-Library for relaxing! Dining room - perfept for entertaining! $239,900 SHA 248-855*2200


i GO Ycrcis to Shaded Pool Flanked by Wonderful W o o d s Minutes to Restaurants, Golf, Shopping, Quaint Downtowns, & Freeways. Reach Ann Arbor In 4 0 minutes H o n e Warranty, $ 5 0 0 . 0 0 Move-in M o n e y a n d More.

The Quiet Sedate c.ondc Place Green Rolling Hills, ForesK Wcilking Areas, Pool Big 1 2 0 0 Square Feet 2~Bed'oorr.s - 2 Complete Baths Great Kitchen/Diiv-g Area Living Roc - ! Divine - Nifty °atio N e w W i n d o w Glass/A!? Appliances Storage Gaiore Where You N e e d If



in formation



(313) 820-3702


LIVONIA - OPEN SUN. 1 - 4 . 1990 2-story contemporary w / s o a r i n g ceilings & open f l o o r plan. 3 bed., 2.5 bath. M a n y updates. 3 4 5 7 8 Dover Ave. S / A 2 Tr., E / W a y n e . $284,900. 734-421-0707 L I V O N I A - O P E N SUN. 1 - 5 3 b e d r o o m cape c o d , cathedral ceilings, c u s t o m kitchen, f i n i s h e d b s m t w / w e t bar, lots of closets & storage, 2.5 car garage, 2 7 9 0 6 W e s t e r n Golf Dr., $ 3 0 9 , 9 0 0 . 7 3 4 - 5 1 3 - 0 0 1 6

LATHRUPViLLAGEOpen Sun. (July 2 5 t h ) 124 p m . G o r g e o u s brown brick Tudor, 1 8 8 0 sq. ft., 3 bed., 2 full baths, lots of updates! Large fenced yard, s p r i n klers. h a r d w o o d f l o o r s & fireplace. MUST SEE! $ 2 5 9 , 5 0 0 . 1 8 8 4 0 San Jose, N of 696, W of Southfield. Livonia 8 9 1 4 Hartel. Off of Joy Rd, 2 b l o c k s east of M i d d l e b e l t . /•Open Sun. 1 2 - 5 . 4 bed h o m e , 1 5 6 0 sq. ft., large private lot, t o n s of updates. $ 1 6 2 , 5 0 0 . '>Extrs buildabie tree lined lot . avail. $ 6 0 , 0 0 0 . D i s c o u n t if purchased together. 734-458-3969, 734-421-3605

Livonia AFFORDABLE RANCH Open Sunday 1-4 2 8 1 1 4 Clements Circle. M o v e in c o n d i t i o n s o u t h Livonia 3 bed b r i c k ranch. Basement & garage. A s k i n g $ 1 5 4 , 9 0 0 . NICK EXARHOS 734-735-5547 734-432-1010 [email protected] RE/MAX Classic LIVONIA CONDO • REDUCED! OPEN SUNDAY 1 - 4 3 7 5 4 5 N e w b u r g h Park Cir., b t w n . 7 & 8 Mile. New ranch, 2 b e d r o o m , 2 full baths, full b s m t , 2 car attached garage. $255,000. 734-591-1389 LIVONIA Old Rosedale C o l o n i a l , 2 bed., 1.5 bath, d o u b l e lot. 3 1 7 1 8 W . C h i c a g o . Open Sunday, 1 - 4 . 7 3 4 - 5 2 2 0599. $219,900

Tony Sparks

Pat Robbins

Associate Broker

Associate Broker

"Gun- S i f t (A "fowi SttceeaA"

694 Chestnut Dr. * E. o f Maple* W. Of

.ELEGANT MODEL RANCH CONDO - 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, lower level has bonus living room. Hardwood floors in dining room. Kitchen and foyer. Built in 1998. $219,900 CHE 248-855-2200


B A N K E R •



LIVONIA - 3 2 4 6 0 Allen Ct. Open Sun. 1-4. Kimberley Oaks 4 bed colonial located o n private cul-de-sac. M e t i c u lously m a i n t a i n e d by 1 o w n e r incl. m a n y updates! 1965 sq. ft. $ 2 6 5 , 0 0 0 . 734-737-0749

Office: (248) 437-5966




o p e n s u n d a y i:'4


LIVONIA $154,900 OPEN SUNDAY 1 - 4 1 9 6 3 7 Antago, N/7 Mile, W / i n k s t e r . Brick 3 bed ranch w / 2 f u l l bath, finished b s m t . E v e r y t h i n g is already updated. A m u s t see! It's clean, it's cute & i t ' s ready to m o v e into. Re/Max Classic Anthony Durso734-231-4171

LIVONIA - OPEN SUN. 2 - 4 1 9 1 2 0 Levan. Off of 7 Mile, in Fox Creek Estates. G o r g e o u s , s p a c i o u s ranch w / m a n y upgrades. $379,900 810-656-0508:810-534-2144 KELLER W I L L I A M S REALTY

19575 Northridge Drive

607 Shady Maple • S. of Maple, W, of Beck

Livonia Brick updated 1 4 5 0 sq. ft. ranch w / 1 8 0 0 sq. ft. heated garage, 2 0 0 sq. ft. barn o n 3 / 4 acre. 734-968-4653

(248) 675-1271 Schweitzer

a i M B M m

R c A L c S 1 A I fc

4 1 8 6 0 Six M i l e R o o d NorHlvrlle, m i 4 8 1 6 7


O P E N S U N D A Y 1-4 p.m. 57220 TWeive Mile, N e w H u d s o n - West of Miiford Road. Country living at its best! Beautiful Colonial on 1.35 acres with pond features 4 bedrooms, 1-1/2 baths, family room, partially finished basement, 2 car attached garage.

LIVONIA, 8 MILENewburgh/l-275 2 5 0 0 sq.ft. Tri-Level, Ig m a i n level. 2 2 x 2 2 great r o o m , family r o o m w/fireplace, Fla room w/Jacuzzi. Many updates. Park-like .75 acre yard, insulated 3 car detached garage, pole b a r n , g a z e b o . 7/25, Open House, M o v i n g Sale; $ 2 8 9 , 9 0 0 . 7 3 4 - 2 1 6 - 2 5 9 2 Livonia- OPEN SUN 1 - 4 3 3 1 1 7 Allen, S/Five, E/Farmington. Sharp 3 bed brick ranch w j t h f a m i l y r o o m , fireplace, Ig kitchen, finished bsmt, garage, many updates. $199,900 DEAN CASTELLI CENTURY 21 CASTELLI (734) 890-1396

NOVI . $349 900 OPEN SUNDAY 1««/j 2 4 9 0 6 W h i t e Plains, N/10 Mile, W/Taft, Stunning Colonial w / 2 n d f l o o r laundry in prestigious Yorkshire Place Sub. Already .updated w/newer kitchen, hardwood f l o o r s & p r e m i u m carpeting. A w a r d w i n n i n g Novi s c h o o l s . Huge great r o o m W/gas f i f e place & vaulted ceilings w h i c h opens t o a m u l t i - l e v e l paver brick patio. Formal dining r o o m . 2 1/2 baths, finished bsmt, s p r i n k l e r & a l a r m s y s t e m . Newer r o o f . C/A. Re/Max Classic Joe D u r s o 7 3 4 - 2 3 1 - 7 8 0 0 A w o r d to the wise, when iooking for a great deal check the

& Eccentric Classifieds!

Livonia- Open Sun 12-4 30316 Navin. $204,000 Full brick ranch, 3 bed, 2 car attached garage, b s m t , huge beautiful yard. Mark Browne, 8 1 0 - 2 2 7 - 5 0 0 5

LIVONIA-PRIVATE & QUIET Beautiful 4 bed, ranch on private w o o d e d 1 acre lot. Many updates. A M u s t See! Open Sun., t - 4 p m . , 1 6 9 1 5 Mayfield. $374,900. 734-458-4138 LIVONIA: SAT. & SUN. 12-5 Brick ranch o n Vi acre. Completely updated. 2 large b e d r o o m s , 1 bath. 2 car garage with sunporch. Appliances included. 20420 Osmus, S./8, W . / M e r r i m a n . $169,900. 248-474-3616 LIVONIA: SAT. & SUN. 12-5 M o v e in n o w ! This h o u s e is ready f o r y o u ! Brick ranch. 30121 Mason, S. of 5 Mile, W. of Middiebeit. 1 5 5 0 sq. ft. Neutral decor, f i n i s h e d basement. 3 b e d r o o m , 2 . 5 bath. $239,900. 7 3 4 - 4 2 1 - 8 0 3 4 Northville - Open Sun. 1 - 4

IMMACULATE NORTHVILLE ESTATE Tri-level on b e a u t i f u l l a n d scaped mature 1/2 acre lot. Close t o schools, parks, t o w n . Priced t o s e l l ! $ 2 5 7 , 9 0 0 2 1 1 4 7 E. Chigwidden. N. of 8 Mile/ E. of Beck . THE GROSSARD TEAM (248) 380-8000 KELLER WILLIAMS NORTHVILLE COLONIAL In the C o m m o n s of Northville. 4 1 9 4 4 Baintree Circle. Home features 4 b e d r o o m s , VA updated baths, finished basement, 2 car attached garage. Completely updated w i t h new kitchen and granite, h a r d w o o d f l o o r s , bay w i n d o w s and appliances. Cozy f a m i l y r o o m leads to treed yard, S. of 6 Mile, W. of Haggerty. Enter off Winchester. A s k i n g $ 3 7 9 , 9 0 0 . Open Sunday 1-4. ONE WAY REALTY (248) 4 7 3 - 5 5 0 0 NORTHVILLE OPEN SUN. 1 - 4 2 0 4 St. Lawrence Blvd.N. of 7 Mile, W. of Sheldon. 2,127 sqft. Condo, 3 bed. 2.5 bath. finished bsmt 5339,500. 248-320-8940

NOV! - OPEN SUNDAY 1 - 4 2 2 1 1 1 C a s c a d e Dr., E. of M e a d o w b r o o k , S. of 9 Mile. Beautiful ranch, 3 b e d r o o m s , 2.5 baths. $ 3 3 4 , 9 0 0 . 248-756-6421 OAKLAND T W P - Open Sat & Sun., 12-5. 4 bed., 3 . 5 bath, colonial, 1st f l o o r master, 3 6 0 0 sq. ft., built 2 0 0 0 . 3 car garage, Rochester schools, i m m e d i a t e occupancy, offered below cost @ $749,900. 4706 Goodlson Place Dr. 2 4 8 - 6 0 8 - 6 7 7 7 OPEN SAT & SUN, 2 - 5 . 20082 Garfield 3 bed brick ranch o n 1 / 2 acre w i t h p o o l 8i slide. S off 8 Mile, E/Beech. Asking $160,500. Ralph Gannon, Keller W i l l i a m s . 2 4 8 620-8777, 313-729-9585. OPEN SUN. 1 - 4 11326 Ingram. Lovely 4 bed. 2 1 / 2 Bath h o m e in popular "Old Rosedale". Oak kitchen. Family r o o m w / natural f i r e p l a c e , h a r d w o o d floorsmost refinished. Updated 1/2 bath, n e w m a s t e r bath, finished b s m t , n e w roof, new w i n d o w s - m a i n f l o o r . 1900+ sq.ft. $257,900 LENDA STECKEL ( 7 3 4 [ 673-5876 KELLER WILLIAMS 2 2 2 6 0 Haggerty, Northville

In3 Open Sunday, 1 - 4 P M 34771 Bridge, Livonia N . of 7 Mile Rd., W . of Gill Rd. 4 bed., 2.5 b a t h colonial in Bicentennial Estates. Features 2 0 x 1 2 master suite w / w a l k in closet & bath. Private study, f a m i l y r o o m w / g a s fireplace. Attached 2 car garage. N e w roof, carpet, tile f o y e r & n e w e r w i n dows. (P71BRI) $379,900. Call Sara Tozer (734) 3 2 0 - 4 3 7 3

(734) 451-5400






Loft-Style Condominium Homes from the $180's in downtown Plymouth £ §


!£§• 1

TURTLE HOMES FROM t h e 5 3 0 0 ' $ One-half acre wooded lots nature area and park, municipal

••'.'dec Sc sewer.

-sl M e a d o w



LeZAP CPfchK E i m c s HOMES FROM THE $260's

Family community, railing wooded setting, sidewalks, many walk-out sites


setter's f^inte





The perfect I




• five minute walkto bustling downtown Plymouth • five minute drive to I-275 or M-14

thlu f NALHOM FHOr-- i HE $ 3 * 0 !

L U X U R Y HOMES FROM THE $55G'S Wooded landscapes, beautiful takes and streams, architectu rat integrity,

access to complete

your own

mftutb* 4-Hamsurs

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C H A D W I C K FARMS HOMES FROM THE $280's From one-half to one acre sites, ctose to shopping & dining, easy freeway access.




0EER VALLEIfJStATES H O M E S FROM T H E M I D S 4 0 O ' s Five, acre to ten acre Walk-out & meado available. Paved r.



» ic

f» m 5 u .


From I-275 exit Ann Arbor Road go west to Main Street ,turn right on Main Street, then right on Penniman (1 block), then left on S. Union to sales center on the corner of Hamilton and S. Union.



734.207.2300 LOFT MODEL NOW OPEN! Open Every Day: Mon.- Fri. 11 -6, Sat 10-5,and Sun. 11 -5.





8 S 0.229.7838




• vie' over i? uy t ;"i... I ij l:i: d'v'/UL'C NOC::-

cabinets. Versatile 1st flo (B53MUE) 248-524-1600

I • •• • .••.






LEONARD Beautiful Country Estate u n approx. n acres oi roiling nms ano wnaiire. Spacious soft contemporary w/4 BR, LR and step-down formal DR. Soaring ceilings, granite kitchen & hdwd floors. Finished LL w/o, hot tub & 3 car att gar. (B73CUR) 248-642-8100 $750,000

NORTHVILLE Incredible Value Waterfront estate in Stonewater sub. Largest sq, ftg built by Moceri. Upgrades: marble, granite, cust cherry cabs, 2-story enclosed porch, spiral staircase, MBR w/3-way frplc, sitting rm + BA. Fin LL w/kit, bath & BR, (B02MAN) 248-349-5600 $1,199,000

TROv Elegant Two story w/4 beuruums. » baths, library, dining room, FFC, three car side entry garage and brick paver patio. Sprinklers, alarm system and intercom t/o MBR w/bath and walk-in closet. Secluded wooded area (B91TRE) 248-524-1600 $509,000

FARM I NGfONT?(LLS "Jewel Inviting private 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath cedar custom built contemp. Oak/mex tile floors, cathedral ceilings, walkout to woods and stream. Second floor master suite to die for. Kitchen with granite counters. (B19SHA) 248-626-8800 $519,000

Custom Built Colonial. 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, large great room w/frplc, kit w/center island & MBR suite w/bath & separate shower. Fin bsmt w/kit, bedroom & full bath. 3 car garage, sprinkler system & more. (B19BR0) 248-642-8100 $749,000

S O U T H LYON Welcome Excellence Your search Is over for a luxury 4 bedroom, 5% bath home. Neutral w/Brazilian cherry floors on main level. Granite kitchen w/tumbled marble FP. Spacious hearth rm. Custom lighting. Spectacular. (B78POI) 248-349-5600 $849,900

CHESTER Unique Ranch With 6 bedrooms, 4.5 baths and gorgeous lot. Finished walk-out lower level with guest apartment, full kitchen, wet bar, stone fireplace, sauna/steam, room. MBR with fireplace. Great room with wrap around windows. (B35NOR) 248-524-1600 $649,900

OAKLAND T W P / Classic 4 bedroom colonial nestled In the hills. Personal home of interior designer and It shows. Beautifully appointed with many fine upgrades. 3 car garage, daylight basement, located in a swim and tennis community. (ABCDE1) 248-112-3456 $320,000

SOUTH LYON tvery upgrade is possiole in exclusive Tanglewood condo. Two tier decks overlooking fairway, finished Itfwer level, complete with wet bar and den.

OAKLAND in great condition. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1.5 story w/first floor master. GR w/cath ceiling & gas fireplace. Gourmet kitchen w/top of the line stainfess appls & granite counters. C/A, sprinklers, deck & 2 car gar. (B98TRE) 248-652-8000 $449,977

(B64SAW) 248-626-8800



Dramatic GR w/cath ceilings, lib/judges paneling & walk-In closet. 2 frplcs, huge walk-in pantry in kit, dual staircases, foyer w/overiooking bridge, ceramic firs, part fin bsmt w/daylight windows. Painted int & ext. (B86SPR) 248-626-8800 $869,900

INGHAM Fabulous Newer construction, in town w y i c a i huui men. Wonderful condition, neutral & best of everything. Hdwd firs, FR w/Plasma TV, kit w/granite & fin bsmt w/daylight windows, paver walkways, 2 car garage. (B99CHA) 248-642-8100 $639,800

DEARBORN Gorgeous Executive Condo 3350 sq. ft. ranch w/large bedrooms, 3.5 baths, finished basement, 2 car attached garage, gated community at TPC golf course overlooking fairway. Master suite w/jetted tub & sep shower, spacious kitchen w/granite. (B5PRES) 734-455-5600 $749,900

ROYAL OAK Stunning Home Located on approx. 1/4 acre, Beautiful elevation introduces you to this spacious 4 bedroom, 2 bath home. The 4 car tandem garage, fenced yard and updates in and out truly sets this home apart. (B12LEX) 248-524-1600 $450,000

Approx. 850 ft of waterfront peninsula, priv OR in this 4 BR, 3.5 BA, masterpiece fin w/out, custom detailed thru-out. Hard to find beauty & tranquility in this intimate setting, Lower Straits treasure.

WEST BLOOMFIELD Bioomfieid On The Lake Super clean 4 BR, 3.5 BA colonial w/Aupere suite, impeccably well maintained family home. Formal LR & DR, den or office. Great room with wet bar, master has private deck & bath suite. Bioomfieid schools.

BIRMINGHAM Walk To Town From this '94 colonial offering 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, family room, 2 fireplaces, formal DR, hardwood floors & kitchen w/islano. Walk up attic, finished basement w/8 ft ceilings and 5th BR & 2 car garage.

(BQ5C0M) 248-363-1200

( B 8 5 W 0 0 ) 248-626-8800

(B45CAT) 248-642-8100

CANTON Expectations And Beyonc Spotless 4 bedroom, 2,5 bath colonial w/2.5 car attached garage, full basement, great room w/fireplace, luxurious master suite, hardwood floors & professionally landscaped, kitchen appls & much more. (B70STA) 734-455-5600 $405,000

4 bedroom, 2.5 bath colonial with Troy schools Three year old home located deep in the sub. Lots of upgrades Including beautiful hardwood flooring and u o w n molding, Three car attached side turned garage (B81ASH) 248-524-1600 $429,900

On approx. 8.2 acres, defines comfort & luxury, bedrooms, 7.3 baths. All on private 20 acres, 60' at spring fed lake, heated barn for the toys, horses welcome. Call to make your appt. today. (B65MIL) 248-620-7200


^JtfHltE CSTKE Unusual Opportunity All sports lakefront ranch ted on over 3/4 acre lot. includes 3 spectacular garages, complete w/workshop, newer kit, updated baths, extensive custom 2 tier deck, huge rms, over 50 ft of dock. (B81C00) 248-363-1200 $549,900

room With wooded lot. Loving 4 bedroom colonial is waiting for new family with room to grow. Large wooded lot, master bedroom w/private bath, walk-in closet and dressing area. Formal LR w/frplc & DR, eat-in kitchen. (BOOWOO) 248-626-8800 $399,999

Relocation S e r v i c e s 800-448-5817 p » » %. 9




FARMINGTON HILLS Contemporary On wooded 3/4 acre lot (approx.). Jacuzzi, MBR w/balcony, GR w/vaulted ceilings & wall of windows overlooking private wooded yard. FR w/full BA on LL w W/O. Marble firs, newer carpeting, frplc in DR, cer in kit. (B66STO) 248-642-8100 $469,900

Spacious 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath cape cod sitting on the 5th green, offers full basement, 3 car attachedgarage, large suite w/cathedral ceiling & elegant bath + 1st floor master suite w/Jacuzzi & double shower. (B66HEA) 734-455-5600


Custom FamFy Home 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath contemporary with first floor laundry, great room, formal dining room, full basement and 3 car garage. Custom cabinets, 2 furnaces and C/A, Jacuzzi, dimensional roof, great pond view. (B32D0N) 248-524-1600 $634,500

Birmingham 248-642-8100

Clarkston 248-620-7200

C o m m e r c e Twp. 248-363-1200

Northville 248-349-5600

Rochester 248-652-8000

Royal Oak 248-280-4777

Troy 248-524-1600

West Bioomfieid 248-626-8800

St. Ciair S h o r e s 586-778-8100

Shelby Twp. 586-731-8180

Chesterfield Twp, 586-949-5590

Clinton IWp. 586-286-6000

Fraser 586-294-3655

Sterling Heights 586-939-2800

G r o s s e Pointe 313-886-5040

Plymouth 734-455-5600


: it) ml'jf.) irl'n'iiw K.'u.v.

Visit o u r website at lor m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n .

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W E S T L A N D - Seller's h a t e t o leave! Y o u ' l l love t h e p o n d v i e w f r o m y o u r d e c k . N i c e floor p l a n w / f r e s h p a i n t , b r a n d n e w f r i d g e & dishwasher, new w i n d o w s & drywall, Call M a r k Riegal.

S O U T H L Y O N - O n t h e Golf C o u r s e ! 3 BR, 3 . 5 BA, a p p r o x . 4 2 0 0 f i n i s h e d s q . ft. Details available at toll free 877.WE.4MOVE ID 706. Visit w w w . l o c a l g e m . c o m for p i c t u r e s a n d tour. Call Derek Bauer.







R E D F O R D - 1 7 6 7 6 Brady, N. Six Mile, E. B e e c h Daly. 1st t i m e b u y e r s d r e a m ! 3 BR, h e a t e d 2 . 5 c a r gar, n e w e r kit c a b s , s e p DR w / b l t in c h i n a c a b s , w a r r a n t y & m o r e ! M a n y u p d a t e s : roof, CA, elec. H W H & sprinkler s y s t e m . C a l ! Sylvia F l o r e n c y Albert. $119,900 (B17676) 734-216-4942

L I V O N I A - G r e a t h o m e in g r e a t n e i g h b o r h o o d ! 3 B R , 1.5 b a t h s in l o v e l y Rosedale Gardens. N e w e r roof a n d w i n d o w s , full b a s e m e n t , fireplace in living r o o m , well m a i n t a i n e d w / b e a u t i f u l large b a c k yard. Call J u d e e Taormina. $179,900



R O M U L U S - Adorable 3 bedroom brick 1 3 0 0 s q . ft, b u n g a l o w o n d o u b l e lot! N e w furnace w / C A , roof, w i n d o w s , bath, electric. Gorgeous finished basement w / c e r a m i c floors, oak trim, laundry room, s h o w e r r o o m , & 4 t h b e d r o o m . Call Sylvia Florence-Albert. $159,900. (S12081) 734-216-4942

S O U T H F I E L D - Half p e t r e e d lot, c o p p e r piumb, newer w n d w s , roof, furn & s e c s y s . Fin b r e e z e w a y w / h a r d w o o d f l o o r s u s e as f a m i l y r o d m , l i v i n g r o o m w/bay wndw, large; eat-in kit w / d i s h w a s h e r . Call S y l v i a F l o r e n c e Albert, $129,900 (M20125) 734-216-4942


14 LIVONIA - Sharp Laurel Park ranch, Updated & maintained to perfection. O p e n f l o o r plan, 1st fi laundry, e n o r m o u s prof. fin. l o w e r level, great iot, circular drive, m o v e - i n c o n d i t i o n . C a i l M a r i l y n Handloser.

N O R T H V I L L E - 4 0 1 4 5 F a i r w a y III, N. S e v e n Mile, W. H a g g e r t y , 3 9 0 0 s q . ft. r a n c h o n 1,3 a c r e s in Northville. E x t e n s i v e r e m o d e l i n g a n d u p g r a d e s in last 3 y e a r s . Call B a r b B r u n e t t e .

L I V O N I A - Q u e e n ' s Park c o n d o m i n i u m s . Only 3 c o z y units, o v e r 1 5 6 0 s q . ft. of living s p a c e . E a c h f e a t u r e s 3 BR up. Enjoy a d e n o n t h e m a i n floor, 2 . 5 b a t h s , full b a s e m e n t , 1st floor laundry. Call M a r k Riegal.

S O U T H LYON - Walk to downtown! C o r n e r lot w / d e c k that o v e r l o o k s nature area, h u g e m a s t e r ste, large k i t c h e n . Visit w w w . l o c a l g e m . c o m f o r p i c t u r e s or call 8 7 7 - 9 3 4 - 6 6 8 3 a n d enter 708. Call D e r e k Bauer.

L I V O N I A - Like n e w c o n d i t i o n . " O n t h e Pond Condominiums". A 1 bedroom, 1 b a t h , f u r n i s h e d & all a p p l i a n c e s stay. Enjoy poof, t e n n i s , c l u b h o u s e s u r r o u n d e d b y p r i v a t e nature area. Call M i k e J u d g e .

SOUTH LYON - Wow! k bedroom, 2.5





$ 9 1 , 0 0 0 (E33805) 7 3 4 - 5 9 1 - 9 2 0 0 ext. 1 5 5




i !







b a t h , a l m o s t 2 , 0 0 0 s q . ft., l i v i n g r o o m , f a r p i i j r r o o m w / f p l c , kit w / b r e a k f a s t area & sep dining room, m a s t e r ! w / b a t h & WIC, n e w s u m p p u m p , ail h p p l stay. 2 . 5 g a r a g e . Cai! D e r e k Bauer. (F736)



D E A R B O R N H T S . - H a w t h o r n e Hills s u b , 3 BR, 1.5 B A , fin b a s e m e n t , 1 0 x 1 4 Florida r o o m , 2 c a r s i d e entry g a r a g e . All n e w items: roof, w i n d o w s , furn w / a c , h w h , kit. All a p p l i a n c e s stay. Call M i k e J u d g e .

C A N T O N - 4 B R , 2 B A , o v e r 1 7 0 0 s q , ft., backs t o park. Ply-Canton schools. Many u p d a t e s . Visit w w w J o c a l g e m . c o m f o r p i c t u r e s or call 8 7 7 - 9 3 4 - 6 6 8 3 a n d enter 7 0 9 for details. Caii Derek Bauer,

R E D F O R D - Charming 3 bedroom, 1 bath brick r a n c h built i n t h e d a y s of quality craftsmanship. Updates incl: roof, w i n d o w s , furn, C / A , bath, alarm sys, fin b s m t , c u s t o m d e c k & m o r e ! Call Jeff Kovatch.

C A N T O N - Beautiful Canton ranch. L o c a t i o n ! L o c a t i o n ! G l e n g a r r y Village S u b o n a great iot! F o r m e r m o d e l h o m e w i t h o v e r 2 2 3 8 s q . ft. f i n i s h e d b a s e m e n t a n d m o r e ! Call M a r k Riegal.


s p e c t a c u l a r lot o n W h i t m o r e L a k e is a v a i l a b l e . O n e a c r e lot o f f e r s 9 5 ft. of sandy peninsula frontage & sunsets year r o u n d . 2 , 2 5 0 sq. ft. 1 or 2 f a m i l y h o m e . Call M a r i l y n H a n d l o s e r .

f t . , b u i l t in 1 9 9 0 , h u g e g r e a t w / c a t h e d r a l ceilings, h a r d w o o d i n dining room, huge BRs„ master b a t h & large closet, w o b d e d lot, l a u n d r y area. Call Derek B'auer. .







>734-591-9200 x155

W A Y N E - 3 BR, 2 b a t h r a n c h h o m e features u n i q u e o p e n l a y o u t . D R has b e e n e x p a n d e d t o incl d o o r w a l l t o d e c k , kit u p d a t e d , partially f i n b s m t , g a s F P & more. Call Virginia K a u f m a n n . $209,500





R E D F O R D - What a dollhouse! N e w Wallside w i n d o w s , steel entry doors, newer garage, c e m e n t driveway & patio, furnace w / C A , roof, c o p p e r plumbing, s e c u r i t y s y s t e m , l a r g e e a t in k i t c h e n w/appliances, warranty. Call Sylvia Florence-Albert, $J 39,900 (F10013) 734-216-4942

(024317) .


, (L45377)








FARMINGTON HILLS - Almost 1,500 sq,


room kit & w/full large


P L Y M O U T H - Walking distance to d o w n t o w n P l y m o u t h , 3 b e d r o o m s , 1.5 bath, 1,236 s q . ft., g r e a t u p d a t e s , family r o o m w / f i r e p l a c e & b r i c k paver patio! Call Jim Donohoe.

L I V O N I A - I n s i d e & out, t h i s h o m e s h o w s beautifully! 4 BR, 2 . 5 b a t h , u p t o d a t e d e c o r & clean! B r e a k f a s t a r e a o v e r l o o k s large deck, s o m e hardwoods, famiiy room, crown moldings & more! Page M a r y Marinella @ 3 1 3 - 2 3 8 - 9 2 1 1 or call.

R E D F O R D - N e w kitchen w/ceramic floor & glass oak cabs, vinyl w i n d o w s t h r o u g h o u t , roof t e a r off, u p d a t e d m a i n bath, master w/haif bath, refinished h a r d w o o d f l o o r s , fin b s m t w / b a t h , w e t bar. Call N a n c y W a r s o n ,

C A N T O N - 1 5 5 4 Valentine, N, Palmer, E. S h e l d o n . 3 BR, 2 . 5 B A c o l o n i a l , o p e n f l o o r p l a n & a p r i c e t h a t yo!u c a n d f f o r d . . U p g r a d e s : eat-in kit w / o a k c a b s , d i n i n g r o o m w / f i r e p l a c e , finished' b a s e m e n t , o n p r e m i u m lot. Caii J e f f K o v a t c h .












734-748-5187 S|



Observer & Eccentric | Sunday, J u l y 2 5 , 2 0 0 4

AH A d s R u n O n l i n e trtrit A Value Of Up To $ 8 7 . 0 0 3250] NORTHWEST LIVONIA Deer Creek Cape Cod, 2 6 0 0 sq. ft. 2 0 2 6 8 Wayne. 3 bed, 2 Y i bath, g r e a t r o o m , library. Formal dining, family r o o m , k i t c h e n w / i s l a n d & dinette. First f l o o r master suite w/jetted tub. Partially finished bsmt, 2 car garage, mature landscaping w/sprinklers, large deck, m a n y other extras. $399,000. By owner. (248) 4 7 3 - 0 4 6 1 SHARP CONDO W i t h a 3 seasons r o o m . Clubhouse, pool, exercise r o o m . C/A, appliances stay, large great r o o m . Seller is anxious to sell! $124,900 ( 2 J 5 0 U N I ) CALL ZiGGY JONCA (734)748-4154

[ERICA INTEGRITY REALTORS (734) 5 2 5 - 4 2 0 0 SPECIAL PRECONSTRUCTION PRICING) 3 Bed., 2 . 5 bath cape cod. 1 s t Floor master w / bath, baths w/ ceramic floors, gas fireplace, 25' country porch. Call office for floor plan! $ 1 9 9 , 9 0 0 (63HUG)

CENTURY 21 ROW (734)464-7111 3260] BUILDER'S HOME Next t o State land. 4 bedr o o m s , 3 . 5 baths, f i n i s h e d b a s e m e n t w i t h kitchen, heated i n g r o u n d pool. $ 3 1 0 , 0 0 0 . 248-684-9896 EASY TO ENJOYI Nice 4 b e d r o o m brick ranch on double lot includes hardwood floors, 3 baths, finished basement & 2nd 2Vfe car garage. Walk t o d o w n t o w n too! $249,900. (24090990). Call Bill Law ext. 104 Century 21 Hartford (248) 478-6000 SPECTACULAR 4 BEDROOM 3 7 0 0 + sq. ft. of l u x u r y plus w a l k o u t in prestigious s u b . G o u r m e t granite kitchen, i n c r e d i b l e m a s t e r suite & bath, inground pool, acre + lot. Too many extras to list. Motivated seller. $ 5 6 2 , 5 0 0 248-685-9188

3280 BEAUTIFUL 2700 SQ.FT. 4 b e d r o o m , 2.5 bath, colonial. Many upgrades. $439,900. By Owner. Call 2 4 8 - 3 4 8 - 5 1 2 1 CONDO-2 Bed, 2 bath. OPEN SUN. $ 1 4 4 , 9 0 0 . (734) 4 5 5 - 6 8 9 4 NORTHVILLE B e a u t i f u l 4 bed, 2 . 5 bath, colonial, backs to c o m m o n s in W o o d s i d e Village. 9' ceilings o n 1st fir, large family r o o m w / g a s fireplace, bay w i n d o w s , 8' finished basement, 3+ car side entry garage, prof, landscaped & decorated $499,900 734-5^2-3332

DEEDED LAKE ACCESS • on P o r t a g e Lake'. 4 b e d , 2.5 baths, fireplace, large lot, priv a t e d o c k w / b e a c h , great neighborhood. 1387 Arthurs Ct. $ 3 4 7 , 0 0 0 . 7 3 4 - 8 7 8 - 2 6 5 4 .

BY OWNER Quail H o l l o w Sub. 4 bed, 2.5 bath brick colonial, finished b s m t , large lot. Immediate occupancy. $ 3 2 4 , 9 0 0 . 734-453-4925/734-718-6274 BY OWNER Walnut Creek. 13300 Haverhill. 4 b e d r o o m , 2.5 bath "Farmhouse" colonial. 2 8 0 0 + s q . ft. Backs t o creek and wooded c o m m o n s . $397,500. 734-455-6253 734-416-9585

3290] Oesirable Carriage Hill Sub. 4 bed h o m e , Ig lot. $ 4 2 5 , 0 0 0 . 248-344-9723, ID#20086125 ' OPEN HOUSE SUN. 7 - 2 5 , 1 - 4 p m . 1 2 5 0 sq. ft., 2 bed, 2.5 bath c o n d o . Desireable location facing w o o d s . H a r d w o o d floor. C s u n t r y Place Condos, 4 2 1 3 8 Pellston. $ 1 5 4 , 9 0 0 . 248-348-0365. View on: #18160.

3305] Berkley Schools 14040 LaBeile, 3 bed, 2 . 5 bath, totally remodeled. OPEN SUN 1-4. $168,900. 248-765-6390

CHARMING - brick bungalow w i t h m a n y updates! This 3 bedroom home includes n e w e r r o o f , c a r p e t i n g and W a l l s i d e W i n d o w s ! Partially finished b a s e m e n t . offers workshop area. Concrete patio In the f e n c e d back yard f o r s u m m e r e n j o y m e n t ! South Redford S c h o o l s . $125,000. ENGLAND REAL ESTATE 888*211-9560, 810-632-7427 CHEAPER THAN RENTING Less t h a n $ 5 0 0 t o move in. Good credit/bad credit okay. $ 6 5 0 / m o . 2 bed; Ig fenced yard. 2 0 4 1 0 Macarthur, S/8 Mile, W / 8 e e c h . Seller will pay all costs. Avail, immediately. Call n o w ! Al, 7 3 4 - 7 5 1 - 7 4 0 0 , Re/Max 100, 2 4 8 - 3 4 8 - 3 0 0 0


BY OWNER T w i n A r b o r Sub. 3 9 6 7 2 B i r c h w o o d . 3 b e d r o o m , 1.5 bath colonial. 1 4 5 0 sq. ft. $ 2 2 5 , 0 0 0 . Cail Chris, 2 4 8 - 7 6 3 - 3 3 4 6

13926 Garfield, N. I96 Service Dr., W. Telegraph, Excellent value on 3 bed. brick ranch, 1.5 baths, 2 c a r g a r a g e , J u s t needs decorating. $121,900

HEATHER HILLS • Luxury detached h o m e . 2 7 0 0 sq. f U + Totally updated. A m u s t see. $379,900.

13938 San Jose, N. I96

NEW CONSTRUCTION 2 0 0 4 . 4 bed, 3 full baths, 2 kitchens, 2 car garage, 1 8 5 0 sq. ft, finished walkout. $245,000. (734) 3 5 4 - 1 9 2 6 PLYMOUTH Immaculate 4 bed colonial w i t h newer kitchen, furnace, A/C, roof and m o r e . Built-in oak e n t e r t a i n m e n t center and fireplace In f a m i i y r o o m . Nice rec r o o m . Lovely back yard w i t h large tree shaded deck. $344,OC S E L L E R REAL ESTATE Office: ( 7 3 4 ) 5 2 2 - 0 8 3 0 Pager: ( 3 1 3 ) 2 0 1 - 2 1 2 2

PLYMOUTH CHARMER! 194 Rose St. Beautiful h o m e just off Main St. in walking distance t o Old Village. 4 Bed.'s, 2 baths, remodeled kitchen and family r o o m . Original Owners. 2,200 sq.ft. M a k e an offer! $ 3 2 4 , 9 0 0 CALL SANOY FERCHO (734) 751-9048

[ERICA HOMETOWN ONE 4 4 7 8 5 Five Miie, P l y m o u t h RANCH 3 bed, 1 bath, c/a, all a p p l i a n c e s , 2 + car garage, m a n y updates. 1 4 0 0 Junction. $180,500/060 734-612-2448 SELLER OFFERING TERMS Colonial, 3 bed, b s m t , 2 car attached garage. Good credit/bad credit okay. Payments $ 1 4 0 0 / m o . Avail, immediately. Call n o w ! Al, 7 3 4 - 7 5 1 - 7 4 0 0 , R e / M a x 100, 2 4 8 - 3 4 8 - 3 0 0 0 UPDATES GALORE!! 3 Bed. b u n g a l o w in the heart of P l y m o u t h . NEW roof, vinyl siding, w i n d o w s , carpet, paint, A/C, furnace. $234,900 M U S T SEE!! MARY SIMKOW (734) 812-7793 REMERICA COUNTRY PLACE 4 4 2 0 5 Ford Rd . Canton

N o r t h v i l l e Schools 4 bed.. 2.5 bath Colonial, large lot, many recent updates. 2 2 0 0 0 Taft (no sign) $276,000.248-344-9301 OPEN SUN. 1-4PM 1.5 Acre treed, 3 bed. w / 3 baths. B s m t & garage. $349,700 CALL GERT 734-953-0035 CROSSROADS 734-453-8700



AFFORDABLE S. Redford 3 b e d r o o m brick ranch, 2.5 baths, finished basement, C/A. W o n ' t last at $ 1 6 4 , 9 0 0 . Call for recent i m p r o v e m e n t s . 313-532-2700 3 B e d r o o m Brick Ranch 2 car garage, 1.5 baths, i m m e d i a t e o c c u p a n c y . FHA m o v e - I n cost $ 1 0 0 0 . A s k i n g $134,900. Realty W o r l d First Choice (313) 5 3 2 - 2 7 0 0 CANTON CHARM PLYMOUTH CANTON SCHOOLS 4 Bed., 2.5 bath colonial w / b s m t & 2 car attached garage. Over 2 , 0 0 0 sq.ft. of updates - roof, w i n d o w s , furnace, carpet, cherry w o o d kitchen, brick patio, 3 car driveway. Affordable 3 bed. ranch w / full b s m t , h a r d w o o d floors, new w i n d o w s , roof, gutters, t r i m . Big family r o o m t o o ! OENISE McGUIGAN 734-554-4318 734-357-2012 REMERICA HOMETOWN III

Service Dr., E. Inkster Rd., Lovely 3 bed. brick ranch, 2 baths, c o u n t r y kitchen, b s m t w / w e t bar, new root, 2 car g a r a g e & H o m e Warranty. $134,900

CENTURY 21 JOHN COLE REALTY (313) 937-2300 (734) 455-8430 RANCH 3 bed, 2 bath, on double lot, finished bsmt. w / o f f i c e / 4 t h bed, Ig. deck, paver patio w / h o t tub, applia n c e s i n c l u d e d . 5/lnkster. $145,500. 248-231-3819 REDFORO BEAUTIES Ranch on a triple lot. 3 Bed.'s, 2 . 5 baths updated w / n e w k i t c h e n , baths, windows, C/A, roof, concrete. Full bsmt, 2 car attached garage. $190,000 Nice b u n g a l o w w i t h 3 b e d . ' s , 2 b a t h s , finished b s m t . U p d a t e s in 2 0 0 4 kitchen, w i n d o w s , baths, carpet, floors, garage roof, t r i m & gutters. $135,000 OENISE McGUIGAN 734-564-4310 734-357-2012 REMERICA HOMETOWN ill

REDFORD-OPEN SUN 1-4 9 6 6 5 W o r m e r , N. of W. Chicago, E/Telegraph. Must see t h i s nice brick bungalow w i t h a full bsmt, 2 car garage, m a n y updates. $129,900 COZY 3 BEDROOM h o m e w i t h a n updated kitchen, nice bay window, garage, newer w i n d o w s & furnace, only $ 1 0 7 , 9 0 0


WALL TO WALL CLASS One of a kind o p p o r t u n i t y t o o w n this beautifully landscaped 2 - s t o r y walkout. Gorgeous half acre site w i t h a h u g e kitchen, vaulted ceilings, f o r m a l living & dining, paver w a i t & patio, tiered deck & p o n d . Truly outstanding. $234,900. ( 5 9 3 N 0 ) A L M O S T 1 6 0 0 S Q . FT, contemporary tri-level! Offers 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, & balcony of master bed, f a m i l y r o o m w / natural fireplace, living r o o m & 2 . 5 car attached garage. Updates inci. newer furnace, upd c/a, w a t e r heater, carpet, sprinklers & more. Asking $ 1 6 7 , 9 0 0 . (248) 5 5 7 - 5 6 4 5 BRICK RANCH 3 bed, 2 bath, Florida r o o m , c/a, living r o o m w/fireplace, f i n i s h e d b s m t . Extra large fenced backyard. 2 car garage. $164,900. 248-552-3762 SOUTHFIELD - The Ravines. 2 3 0 0 9 Lake Ravines. 3 bedr o o m . No b s m t . $ 2 7 5 , 0 0 0 . SOUTHFIELD - 8 Mile/ Southfield. 17160 Westland. 5 b e d r o o m , 3 baths, $ 3 2 0 , 0 0 0 . Agent 3 1 3 - 4 4 3 - 5 7 8 5 South Lyon Immaculate 3 bed, 2.5 bath Colonial, approx 1 5 0 0 sqft in desirable sub. Finished b s m t , n e w carpet thru-out, sprinkler & professionally landscaped. $247,000. 248-437-3787 Three b e d . , 2 1/2 b a t h colonial, living r o o m , dining r o o m , f a m i l y room w/fireplace & cathedral ceiling, large eatin k i t c h e n , library, m a s t e r b e d r o o m w/cathedrat ceiling, walk in closet, bath w/jetted tub & separate s h o w e r . Unfinished bsmt, 2 car garage. Large d e c k & more. $ 3 1 9 , 0 0 0 Ursula Happold Century 21 Town & Country (248) 6 4 2 - 8 1 0 0

IMMACULATE COLONIAL 2 9 3 5 Sq. ft., 4 bed., 2.5 bath, 3 car garage. $ 4 3 4 , 9 0 0 . Call 2 4 8 - 6 5 0 - 3 1 5 0 . For more info ID# 18531

OPEN HOUSE SUN., 1-4 PM. 1 5 2 3 L o n g f e l l o w . 3 Bed, 1 bath, 1 1 6 0 sq, ft., completely remodeled. Ready to move-in, $184,900. 586-254-1878


3 BEOROOM, 3.5 bath 1,600sq.ft. ranch duplex ( 6 0 0 new build), finished bsmt, new kitchen & appliances, Ig. deck, w o o d e d yard, Near M - 5 . $ 1 9 9 , 9 0 0 . 2 4 8 - 6 2 4 - 3 3 0 3 eves,

HICKORY HOLLOW COOPERATIVE Multi-family, non-profit housing cooperative located o n 13.5 acres of open landscape. Near major freeways. WayneW e s t l a n d School District. I m m e d i a t e occupancy for 1 & 2 bedrooms. Equities: $ 4 3 7 5 - 4 4 9 5 . For m o r e info, contact 734-729-7262.

3440] Colonia: en cm-de-sac. Deeded d o c k and r e n o w n Bioomfieid schools. 3 5 6 0 , 0 0 0 . 2 5 5 0 Chare! Ct. Call f o r inquires 2 4 8 - 7 0 6 - 1 0 0 7 W. BLOOMFIELD 7 3 2 0 W i l l o w Oak Dr. Colonial 2 6 5 0 sq. ft. 4 bed, 2 . 5 bath, large master suite, open floor plan, finished b s m t , o f f i c e . 2 . 5 garage*. Walled Lk. schools. By apt. Open H o u s e Sun 1 - 4 p . m . $359,900 248-366-6845

3445] MUST SEE HOME-UPDATED! W. of N e w b u r g h S. of Cherry Hill. 3 t e d r o o m , family r o o m , air, full brick ranch, 2 4 x 2 4 garage. 3 8 5 2 7 Scott. (734) 5 9 5 - 0 1 4 5 For t h e best auto classifications check out the Observer & Eccentric Newspaper. " I t ' s all a b o u t RESULTS I V ,

OPEN SUN. 1 - 4 30855 Cooley Blvd, M e r r i m a n & J o y Rd. I m m a c u l a t e 3 bed, 2 bath ranch, c o r n e r lot, lanscaped, finished bsmt., family r o o m w / g a s f i r e p l a c e , 1.5 car. garage. Livonia Schools. $179,900/best. 734-762-2065 RANCH IH WEST WESTLAND Great b r i c k & vinyl ranch, finished b s m t , 2 car garage. Since ' 9 9 - n e w vinyl siding & tear off roofs on h o m e & garage, gutters, landscaping and deck. Vinyl w i n d o w s , bath redone, h a r d w o o d f l o o r s t o o l $160,000


OENISE McGUIGAN 734-564-4316/ 734-357-2012 REMERICA HOMETOWN III

REALTORS® is proud of our contributions in support of the Fair Housing Act and other Fair Housing Compliance

3 bedrooms, 2 baths, aii appliances, C/A, Jacuzzi tub & more! $49,900

SKYLINE 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, ail appliances, C/A, Jacuzzi, beautiful porch & more! $40,500

MARLETTE Our REALTORS^ have led the housing industry in promoting fair housing and are committed to choice.

PREFERRED 734-392-6000

La kef ro n t / W a t e rf r o n t Homes

BY OWNER Remodeled 3 bed, 2 bath + 1 bed w a l k - o u t apt. 2 acres Grass Lake, m a n y extras. $290,000. (248) 8 8 9 - 8 6 4 3 Wixom-Commerce

BEYOND COMPARISON Lake Angelus lakefront. Contemporary w/lndoor waterfalls into hottub/spa, o v e r 7 0 0 0 sq. ft. of elegance t h r o u g h o u t . $ 1 , 9 0 0 , 0 0 0 . For details, call Shirley 2 4 8 - 3 4 3 3 4 1 2 or Gloria 2 4 8 - 5 6 8 - 9 0 1 8 . W i l h e l m & Associates.

CALL NOW! 4 BEDROOM 2-STORY J u s t listed- o v e r 2 4 0 0 sq.ft., built in 1 9 9 1 . 4 Ig beds, 2 1/2 baths, living room, dining room 21' kitchen w/appliances, f a m ily r o o m w / f i r e p l a c e , Ig t r e e d and f e n c e d b a c k yard. Oeck. B s m t . 2 c a r a t t a c h e d garage. I m m e diate occupancy. P o p u l a r W e x f o r d M e w s Sub. $289,900 MARLENE KLIMECKI Cell: 2 4 8 - 9 3 3 - 7 6 5 5 2 4 8 - 3 4 8 - 3 0 0 0 ext. 2 6 1 RE/MAX 1 0 0 UPDATED COLONIAL 4 bed, 2.5 baths. W a l i e d Lake schools. Beach & park. Highgate. $267,500. 2 4 8 - 5 6 8 - 1 0 7 3

WATERFRONT SECLUDED VA acres o n Lake Erie. 150 ft. of private sandy beach, 6 0 m a t u r e trees, ravine. 6 0 0 0 sq. ft. c u s t o m h o m e w i t h all amenities o n e w o u l d hope for. Located 35 min. from the Ambassador B r i d g e in L e a m i n g t o n . A short walk to the m o s t desirable m a r i n a o n Lake Erie. $ 1 , 6 8 5 , 0 0 0 (US). Qualified interested parties call TIM CAMPBELL R e / M a x Preferred Realty 519-988-8888

Country H o m e s

Others Priced From $14,000 to $60,000

in h i s t o r i c S e m i n o l e H i l l s ! D o u b l e lot w / p r o f e s s i o n a l perennial gardens, butler's pantry, Pewabic tile, French d o o r s , maids quarters, leaded a n d stain glass w i n d o w . Sandstone fireplace in l i v i n g r o o m , deck & flagstone patio. 4 b e d r o o m s , 3 full and 2 half b a t h s . Great n e i g h b o r h o o d ! $399,000.. E C H - 4 9 0 T T Call (248) 646-1400


real estate

auctions Selling Foreclosed Hums Ho Buyer* Premium. CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Ml

23262 Patterson St Newer 2000sf+ 4 8 R 2.5BA single story manufactured home on 0.4 acre - ready to move Into. Est. taxes $2500 {'01). Directions: From I04 & N River Rd (exit 237), W approx^ 1 mile on N River Rd to SR-3 / Northbound Gratiot Ave, N approx. 1.25 miles to Patterson St., W to property.

Opening Bid: S10.00Q Open House: 1-5pm

Situated on 2 lots in H i s t o r i c Pioneer Highlands. Incredible lakeviews. secluded backyard w / p r i v a c y fence ?nd p a t i o Beautiful n a r d w c o d f l o o r s , coved ceilings, spacious r o o m s w / f l o w i n g f l o o r plan. Partially finished b a s e m e n t . Sylvan Lake privileges. $ 2 1 9 , 9 0 0 ECH-64JAM Call (248) 646-1400

Sunday July 25th Sells: 9am Wed., Jul. 28th Sale location: 520 N. 5th St. in St. C l a i r

ALSO SELLING FORECLOSED HOMES IN: St. Ctair, Port Huron, Reed City and Dowagiac.

For more details and auctions, visit er call


AUCTIONEERS C h a n g i n g trie way t

Sylvan Lake EXCEPTIONAL RANCH! Renovated thru-out with quality and attention t o detail. Hardwood floors, updated baths. Granite island k i t c h e n w / m a p l e cabinets & stainless appliances. Family r o o m w / stone fireplace and d o o r w a l l t o d e c k i n g . Full b a s e m e n t . Gorgeous private secluded lot. Sylvan Lake p r i v i l e g e s . $ 2 6 9 , 0 0 0 . ECH-14STR Call (248) 646-1400


R e a l Estate S e r v i c e s


ACT NOW! Local c o m p a n y can buy or lease y o u r house FAST. A n y area, any price range. Call 1 - 8 0 0 - 3 2 1 - 3 6 0 9 24/7 recorded message BAD CREDIT NO PROBLEM! WE HELP YOU BUY YOUR DREAM HOME Call 734-455-0993/734-262-5500

Distress Sales/ Fixer Uppers FREE List of H o m e s Available No A g e n t s Please

DEXTER SCHOOLS Open Sun. 1 - 4 , Cape cod o n 2+ t r e e d acres, w/detached office. V i e w at: r e a l t o r . c o m # 2 4 0 7 4 1 4 . $324,900 Call (734) 9 0 4 - 0 8 4 4

CALL 1-800-304-6058 I.D. # 8003 RE/MAX 100 248-348-3000

3570] Ailen Park GREAT STARTER HOME] 3 Bed., 1 bath ranch. M o v e in condition w / m a n y updates. Newer windows, carpet & f l o o r i n g , remodeled bath, & updated kitchen, new roof & garage d o o r 04. $127,000

CENTURY 21 PREMIER (734) 453-4300


POOLS FREE Info Package of homes for sale with in-ground Pools BE SWIMMING THIS SUMMER SEASON!! FREE R e c o r d e d Message

CALL 1-800-304-6058 I.D. # 8005


RE/MAX 100 248-348-3000

MALL MEW WB3 MODELS • 3 B e d r o o m s • 2 Baths • GE Appliances • Skylights & More QUALITY H O M E S SALES OFFICES In N o v i

at Novi Meadows

on Napier Rd. 1 mile west of Wixom Rd. ami 1 miie S. of Grand River

(248)344-1988 at Kensington place on Grand Diver i-96, act 153 across from Kensington Metroparit

(248)437-2839 In W i x o m






High Rate M o r t i s * ? High Interest Credit Card Debt? Delinquent ftxes? Good or I s d Credit OK • Refinance er Purchase

FREE Consultation South Lyon, Southfield

248-437-3130 Eveninos and WeeVends


2 YEARS ON ALL NEW W 0 3 MODELS • 3 B e d r o o m s • 2 Baths • GE A p p l i a n c e s • Skylights & More

In Canton

on Wixom Rd., 4 mftes N. of (-96


Novi Schools

(248) 684-8798

at Sherwood Village


at Stratford Villa

In W i x o m on Wixom Rd., 34 miles N. of 1-96

HIGHLAND HILLS ESTATES on Seeley Rd. N. of Grand River bet. Meadowbrook & Haggerty Rds. Call Joanne or Sue

(248) 474-0320 or (248) 474-0333 i&

BIRMINGHAM- BY OWNER Open S u n . , 1 7 8 4 Graefield. Remodeled 2 bedroom, 1 bath, basement. $ 1 5 6 , 9 0 0 . Or call 2 4 8 - 6 4 9 - 7 3 4 4 BLOOMFIELD HILLS Lg. colonial c o n d o , 3 bed w / h u g e master suite & walk-in-closet, 2.5 baths, updated kitchen, new roof & sprinkler system. Luxury living for only $209,950. 2 4 8 - 7 0 5 - 7 6 7 7 BLOOMFIELD HILLS 2 Bed., 3 r d In f i n i s h e d bsmt., atrium hot tub. $205K. ( 2 4 8 ) 8 5 3 - 1 4 4 2 Bioomfieid Hills ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is move i n t o this immaculate, exquisite one bed. Bioomfieid Hills condo. Impeccably refinistied cherry h a r d w o o d floors throughout, large distinctive f o r m a l dining r o o m w/custom mirror, vibrant vogue kitchen w/stainless steel appliances & euro-style cabinetry, 15x11' bed. w / d o u b l e closets and d r e s s i n g area w / m i r r o r , opulent bath w / c u s t o m m i r r o r & elegant sliding d o o r s , all appliances included. $ 1 1 9 , 9 0 0 . (HG100) ASK FOR ADAM SAFFAR, RE/MAX PARTNERS. (248)435-1100 Take and INSIDE TOUR at detroit.adamsaffar

Bioomfieid NEW LISTING Fox Hills

NOVI - 2 b e d r o o m c o n d o , 1 0 4 8 sq.ft., f a m i l y r o o m , CA. New paint & carpet. $137,000. 616-745-3443


Detached Ranch Condo 4 1 4 2 0 Belden Circle 2 beds, 1st f l o o r laundry, 2 car attached garage, f i n i s h e d b s m t , C/A, d e c k , f r e s h l y painted. I m m e d i a t e possession. $ 1 8 6 , 0 0 0 . MICHELLE M I C H A E L Re/Max Classic 248-737-6800 NOVI End Unit w / Nature Setting in M a p l e s of Novi. 3 Bed., large deck. Open feeling, neutral, f i n i s h e d b s m t w / w i n e cellar. M a k e it y o u r s . 1 1/2 Story. DEBORAH CHENE (246) 736-9137 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY 2 2 2 6 0 Haggerty, Northville NOVI

You Won't Believe you're In a Novi condo when you see the deer & wildlife from your deck! 4 1 5 0 6 Cornell Drive Beautiful neutral decor o n t h i s w e l l m a i n t a i n e d 3 bed d e t a c h e d c o n d o . Newer carpet, neutral decor, new roof, fireplace, b s m t , 2 1/2 baths, 2 car attached garage. $ 2 2 9 , 9 0 0 MICHELLE MICHAEL R e / M a x Classic 248-737-6800

Canton 3 bed, 1.5 bath, great sub. Updates, move-in c o n d . $121,900. 734-459-7289 CANTON ABBEY WOODS CONDOS (Joy Rd & M o r t o n T a y i o r ) . Aii end units with 1st Floor master suites, den, loft and 2 car garage. 2 units ready f o r immediate occupancy. 2 units ready f o r y o u r selections. From $ 2 6 4 , 9 0 0 . Models Open 1 2 - 5 except Thurs. 7 3 4 - 3 5 4 - 1 5 5 3 CANTON CONDO - 2 b e d r o o m . 2 1 / 2 bath, den, 1st floor laundry, 1 8 0 0 sq.ft., end-unit, 2 car garage. 734-459-0219 CANTON- CONDO Plymouth-Canton schools, 2 Bedroom, 1.5 baths, garage, fireplace finished b s m t . , $159,900 (734) 394-1409. CASS LAKE 2 Bed, 2 bath. Living & dining r o o m s , kitchen. Completely updated. Pool, beach, & marina. Garage, elevator & storage. $ 2 5 9 , 9 0 0 . (248) 6 8 2 - 5 8 9 5

ROYAL OAK Location - L o c a t i o n ! 1.4 Mile to B e a u m o n t . 1 Bed. 1 bath. Pets OK. L o t s of new. $ 7 2 , 0 0 0

CALL CHERYL @ CENTURY 21 ROW (734)464-7111 Manufactured Homes $0 DOWN- Save up t o $ 3 0 , 0 0 0 on a n e w e r b a n k repo. M u s t pay sales tax. D i s c o u n t H o m e s 866-251-1670

' Foreclosure Sale: 4 H o m e s . 2, 3, & 4 bedr o o m s . M o v e - i n Ready. Call f o r p r e - a p p r o v a l .

L.V.H. 248-474-6500

NOVI Open Sun., 2 - 6 p m „ 5 2 7 Eckschtay. 2 bedroom, $40Q0/best. 2 4 8 - 7 6 7 - 3 2 7 6 Westland



Open Sunday 1-4 pm. July 25, 2005, Northville, 19111 Surrey Lane, Northridge C o n d o s - 7 M i l e - W e s t Of Haggerty. First f l o o r e n d unit. Two b e d r o o m s , t w o Full b a t h s , u p g r a d ed kitchen appliances remain. Hunter Douglas window treatments, new w i n d o w s , roof, flooring, and light fixture. Best priced c o n d o and with private location. Carport and Enclosed patio. L o w e s t p r i c e in c o m plex-Si 32,000 Hostess; Carol Clark, The Michigan Group Realtors. 8 1 0 - 8 4 4 - 2 3 9 5 (direct) or 8 1 0 - 5 9 9 - 9 8 6 6 (cell)

save over $ 2 5 , 0 0 0 1 1 9 9 8 Patriot 3 bedr o o m , 2 bath m u c h m o r e only $14,900. ( 8 1 0 ) 8 3 4 - 9 4 8 1

Lakelront P r o p e r l y IRISH HILLS Beautiful 1 9 9 8 double-wide mobile home at Deep Lake Recreation Park. Furnished, ca, deck & p o n toon. $ 5 2 , 0 0 0 . 7 3 4 - 6 2 4 - 4 6 2 9

3780] LAKE CHEMUNG - WHAT A VIEW! 35' x 1 2 ' Park m o d e l trailer & site m e m b e r s h i p f o r sale at beautiful Lake C h e m u n g in Ho we l l , M l . M a n y extras Including enclosed porch,, w a s h e r & dryer. Beautifui c o n dition. Priced t o sell $ 8 4 , 9 0 0 . Call for appt. 5 1 7 - 2 3 0 - 6 2 2 4 .

3790] Plymouth

Development or Hunting Land

Detached Ranch in PLymouth Greatest n e w p r i c e too, for premium luxury m o d e i "loaded" & giant Pellas t o f r a m e private woodsy and fresh pond v i e w s . Cares are f e w & S u m m e r t i m e ' s e a s y in this dynamite location. Now merely $359,900; HONEST!

5 & 1 0 acre parcels or 6 0 acre tract, Benzie Co.

Farmington Hills R e d u c e d ! Open Sun. Gorgeous River Pines, 9/Drake. Finished bsmt, 2.5 bath, 2 bed. $ 2 5 2 , 9 0 0 . 248-830-6872; 248-887-9296

Call J A N FOSTER (734) 502-0448


Farmington Hills • 1 bedr o o m c o n d o . In-unit laundry, updated kitchen, new appliances, new furnace/AC. C o n v e n i e n t location o f f e r s pool, carport, intercom, security, l o w a s s o c i a t i o n fee. $91,500. 248-437-7081

PLYMOUTH TWP. CONDOA hidden jewel on Colony Farms Circle. Only 5 m i n u t e s to downtown Plymouth & 20 M i n u t e s t o A n n At;bor. W. of Beck R d „ S. of A n n A r b o r Rd. 2 - 3 bed, 3 . 5 b a t h s , l o v e l y w a l k - o u t f a c i n g s m a l l lake. N o w available at $ 2 6 9 , 9 0 0 , W i l l consider o f f e r s 8t o p t i o n s . 4 8 0 5 3 Colony Farms Circle. Open Sat & Sun., 1 - 5 . Or call 7 3 4 - 7 7 6 - 4 0 2 2

FARMINGTON HILLS O p e n July 25th & Aug. 1st. 1 2 - 5 p m . River Pines Condo ranch, 2 bed, 2 bath, Drake & 9 Mile, finished w a l k - o u t lower level w / 1 bed, & 1 bath. $285,000. (248) 4 7 7 - 5 5 7 0

FARMINGTON HILLS 2 8 4 1 8 W. Eight Mile Rd. A 75,000 steal!! updated-2 bedroom, 1 bath with appliances and air. MIN COM REAL ESTATE K i m D e l k s 313-408-9522

LIVONIA - 1 BEDROOM 1 Bath COMPLETELY undated condo. Association fee $ 1 5 7 / m o . includes heat and water. Clean pool area in great area of Livonia. 15075 Hubbard. $74,900 CALL SANDY FERCHO (734) 751-9048

IERICA* HOMETOWN ONE 44785 Five Mile, Plymouth Livonia OPEN SUNDAY 1 - 4 31442 Merriwood S of 8 Miie, W ott M e r r i m a n Immaculate End-Unit Condo Private entry. 2 . o r 3 bed. 2.5 bath. Master w/private bath. Gas fireplace, 2 car att. gar. B s m t . Private deck. 1,550 sq. ft. $ 1 9 8 , 0 0 0 Deborah J o h n s o n RE/MAX New Trend (248) 5 5 3 - 4 4 4 8 NORTHVILLE - K i n g s M i l l offers -cooperative living w i t h 2 & 3 b e d r o o m Townhouses, 1.5 baths, incl. full basement. Price r a n g e $ 8 3 , 0 0 0 t o $ 1 1 5 , 0 0 0 , negotiable. Cash sale only. 248-349-5570 NOVI Updated c o n d o ! 2 bed, b a s e m e n t . Good l o c a t i o n ! Fenced patio. $ 1 3 9 , 9 0 0 . 2 4 5 5 3 Olde Orchard. 2 4 8 - 3 0 2 - 1 8 8 9

With 1st floor master bdrm. Private e n d unit and sunny porch. Breakfast hook w/door to patio. Loft overlooking great room, $229,900


ROCHESTER HILLS - Lovely 2nd floor c o n d o v i e w s w o o d s & river. 2 bed., 1 . 5 baths. Newer C/A. In u n i t laundry. Balcony. C a r p o r t . P o o l & tennis. $ 1 2 1 , 9 0 0 . S u s a n Payne Century 21 T o w n & C o u n t r y Birmingham 248-901-0286 Take a n inside t o u r

Quit R e n t i n g ! L o w d o w n p a y m e n t c a n get y o u t h e quality housing y o u can afford. Call M o h a w k M.H.C: at 734-513-4108

or E-mail: k r o b i n s o n ®

(734)397-7774 ft

s t u f f in t h e Observer &

Hills by owner, Meadowfleld s u b d i v i o n , specially a p p o i n t e d 2 n d f l o o r ranch, 2 bed.,1 bath, attached garage. $ 1 4 8 , 9 0 0 . 2 4 8 - 6 5 0 3317

Kathleen Robinson 248-646-2517, Ext. 208

Wayne-Westland Schools on the soutiieast corner of Michigan Ave.

We always f i n d t h e b e e t

ROCHESTER 2 bed, 2 bath, attached garage, 1 3 0 0 sq. ft., vaulted ceilings, 2 n d floor, $159,900. 586 2 9 2 - 3 5 3 3

NOVI - OPEN SUN 1-4 Rochester 2 2 9 , 9 0 0 , Ultra s h a r p , 3 bed, 3 bath, e n d u n i t - w / p i u s h f i n i s h e d b s m t . Have f u n a n d w a t c h the golfers. 4 1 7 7 0 Independence, S/!4 Miie, E/Novi. BOB L A M K I N R e / M a x Classic 2 4 8 - 7 3 7 - 6 8 0 0

1 0 2 3 sq.ft. 2 bed w / m a s t e r bath, washer & dryer in unit and m a n y more updates. Great quiet location w / courtyard views. M u s t see! $124,900

j £ B m Battle igi bordering Westland


(734) 425-0930

734-451-5213 [email protected]




Observer & Eccentric ( S u n d a y , J u l y 2 5 , 2 0 0 4



Apartmenls/ Unfurnished

Apartments/ Unfurnished EHO

Swimming into the Savings

NEWLY RENOVATED APARTMENTS! Our S p a c i o u s , A f f o r d able, C o n t e m p o r a r y ' Liv i n g is nestled o n acres of m a n i c u r e d lawns & m a t u r e landscaping. P L U S w e are renovating!!!

Hawthorne Club 1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom -



Some of our amenities include:


(866) 241-5111

• B r a n d New Cabinets and Fixtures • B r a n d New Appliances • S p a r k l i n g Pool w / Expansive S u n d e c k and H o t Tub •Professional Business Center •Fitness Center •Great R o o m m a t e Floorplans •LeasEquity H o m e Purchase P r o g r a m On Msrrtman btwn Ann Arbor Limited Time on Select Units.


"MOVES YOU IN" No fine print in this ad! - Heat/Water included - $ 2 5 . 0 0 Application Fee

WEST BLOOMFIELD Pine Lake A p t s . , 1 Bed., bath. Available A u g u s t 15, 2 0 0 4 . 248-682-0095 WESTLAND U p p e r unit, 1 bed, includes w a t e r & heat. $ 5 0 0 / m o . + Sec. No Pets. (734) 7 2 2 - 4 3 1 7


734-722-4700 Westland

APARTMENTS NEWLY RENOVATED KITCHENS & BATHS - 1 & 2 b e d r o o m apts. s o m e w i t h fireplace - Clubhouse


(734) 261-7394

1st Month $300 $200 Security Deposit $25.00 Application Fae

1 M o n t h F r e e ! Free heat & water, ready in August. 734-261-4830

2 Bedroom, 1.5 bath 9 3 6 s q . f t . $510 1 bedroom, 700 sq. ft. $475


Heat/Water included.


(New residents only with approved credit & 1 y e a r lease) Very clean apartments Excellent maintenance, Central air, intercom, Appliances include dishwasher, and more. N o pets.

(734) 7 2 9 - 6 6 3 6

SAVE UP TO $1270 + ONLY $339 MOVE IN • Central Air and Pool • 1 & 2 Bedroom • Now Pet Friendly

For The Most Complete

$610 Plus

Listing In

1st Months Rftat

the Detroit Area...Look NO Further!

Birmingham • Novi Royal Oak • Troy

Furnished Apts. • M o n t h l y Leases • i m m e d i a t e Occupancy • L o w e s t Rates • Newly Decorated






WESTLAND1 bedroom, peaceful bldg., heat & water, cable ready. $ 5 1 0 / m o . + security. 2 4 8 - 5 5 3 - 4 5 2 2

WESTERN HILLS APTS (734) 729-6520


EHO 'limited time o f f e r / r e s t r i c t i o n s apply

WESTLAND Brand New Studio Apartments

Mon-Fri. 8am-6pm Sat. 12-5, Sun. 1-5

(866) 395-0746

$500 Moves you in




N e w b u r g h between J o y and W a r r e n

$300 Off

Live here! $ 1 4 9 site fee f o r the first year, $199 f o r the second year. Call M o h a w k M.H.C. f o r details at 734-513-4108.

' Westland Park Apts.

Call For Special Savings





Washer/ Dryer

Huntington on the Hill


1 & 2 Bedrooms


• 1 bedroom from $565 1 Heat & w a t e r included •Cathedral ceilings ' Balconies ' Carport • Fully carpeted • Vertical b l i n d s • Great location to malls • Livonia s c h o o l system (734) 261-5410




2 MONTHS FREE RENT* ' C o n d i t i o n s apply






WESTLANO CAPRI • MOVE-IN SPECIAL" $14.00 (wltti good credit) California Style Apts.

New Resident's Only

~ WESTLAND Barsudor Arms. 2 bedrooms, new management. Quiet, clean, free heat & water, starti n g at $ 5 7 5 1 yr. lease. $ 6 0 0 m t m . * $ 9 9 sec. deposit special. 7 3 4 - 5 1 3 - 8 5 4 7 WESTLAND Barsudor Arms. 2 bedrooms, new management. Quiet, clean, free heat & water, starting at $ 5 7 5 1 yr. lease. $ 6 0 0 m t m . * $ 9 9 sec. deposit special. 7 3 4 - 5 1 3 - 8 5 4 7

Blue Garden Apartments

Westland 3 4 6 3 0 GLENWOOD E, OF WAYNE ONE MONTHS FREE RENT!' 1 Bedroom - $530 Heat & Water Included 734-641-9623

Call for Details*


WAYNE 1 & 2 b e d r o o m apt. $ 5 0 0 & $ 5 5 0 / m o . FIRST M O N T H FREE. (734) 7 2 8 - 7 8 6 5


Cherry Hill near Merriman


950 Village Green Lane, W a t e r f o r d ( B t w n . Scott Rd. a n d Cass Lake Rd.) VILLAGEGREEM.COM


• Pet Welcome




ORCHARDS OF NEWBURGH Larger A p a r t m e n t s 1 & 2 B e d r o o m plans • Playground Area • Pool & Clubhouse • Carport Included

BLOOMFIELD LAKES Short term. Large studio. 1 & 2 b e d r o o m apts.. fully furnished (includes dishes, • mens & household items), in small, quiet complex, next to park. Rents f r o m $ 7 5 0 . includes heat & water.. 248-681-8309 COMMERCE - Cozy Lakefront 30 min: P l y m o u t h , Pontiac. S o u t h f i e l d , Northville, Novi. Lg. deck, dock, dishes, linens. Utilities. $ 1 0 5 0 . 2 4 8 - 4 7 0 - 5 1 6 9 DEARBORN Ford/Greenfield. 5417 Kenilworth. Clean upper 1 bed, carpet, appliances. $550. No pets. 3 1 3 - 5 8 4 - 9 3 8 0

(734) 729-5090


BIRMINGHAM 1791 Graefield. S h a r p 2 bed c o n d o , 1 bath, hardwood fioors throughout, w a s h e r & dryer. 1 mi. to t o w n . $ 1 0 2 5 / m o . (248) 3 2 0 - 6 7 0 0 BIRMINGHAM ONE STOP SHOPPING See o u r ad under A p a r t m e n t s for Rent-Birmingham. The Beneicke Group (248) 6 4 2 - 8 6 8 6 BLOOMFIELD HILLS 2 bed, 1 bath, 2 n d f l o o r w / b a l cony, convenient location, avail 8/1. Discount l o n g - t e r m . (248) 3 6 3 - 3 5 7 1 BLOOMFIELD LAKEFRONT 2 b e d r o o m , 2 bath, p o o ! , m o d e r n , Includes carport, heat, water, w a s h e r / d r y e r , appliances, balcony. $ 1 2 0 0 / month. (248) 8 5 4 - 6 2 9 3 CANTON 1 2 0 0 s q . f t . c o n d o , 2 b e d r o o m , 2 bath upper, o p e n f l o o r plan, a/c, appliances. N o pets. $ 8 9 5 / m o . 8 1 0 - 4 1 7 - 9 9 5 0

^ D o g Walking Service _ Beauty/Barber Services • M i n i - B u s Transportation _ Personal Care Service _ Pinochle Games ^ C e r a m i c s Class _ l a u n d r y Service

/ H a p p y Hours _ Exercise Programs

WESTLAND Ford & Newburgh area. Very clean 1 bedroom efficiency. $ 4 3 5 / m o . (313) 5 6 3 - 6 3 4 0

•Pool/Spa w i t h Expansive Sundeck •In-Unit Washer/ Dryer Included •Clubhouse w i t h Fitness Center & Business Center •Private Entrances and Gated Entry S y s t e m • W o o d b u r n l n g Fireplaces and Cathedral Ceilings

1 Bedrooms from $760 1 Bedroom/Dens from $870 2 Bedrooms from $965


(248) 348-5100 #738 www.richterassoc. com

CLAWSON HUGE 2 bed, 1 1/2 b a t h t r i level t o w n h o u s e w i t h basement, family room, pretty y a r d , c a r p o r t , c e n t r a l air. Being freshly redecorated w i t h new flooring, new carpet, new countertops, updated bath cabinetry and m o r e . H u r r y one of a kind. Available late July, only $ 9 9 9 . EHO The Beneicke G r o u p (248) 6 4 2 - 8 6 8 6 DEARBORN 2 bed, fireplace, c/a, f i n i s h e d b s m t , 1 car a t t a c h e d garage, a p p l i a n c e s included, $ 1 0 9 5 .

RICHTER & ASSOC. (248) 348-5100 #763 FARMINGTON - 1 & 2 BED. Remodeled. Lease o p t i o n o r c o n t r a c t available. Easy t e r m s . $699/mo. & $799/mo. (248) 982-1774 KELLER WILLIAMS 2 2 2 6 0 Haggerty, Northville Farmington Hills


3 9 3 6 5 Village Green Blvd. VILLAGEGREEN.COM LIVONIA 1 b e d r o o m , screened b a l c o n y , c a r p o r t , p o o l , all appliances, heat included, no pets, $ 6 7 5 . (734) 5 2 2 - 0 3 5 7

• 1 4 0 0 - 1 6 0 0 sq. ft. •Central Air •Full Size W a s h e r / D r y e r • S p a r k l i n g Pool •Covered Parking • S h o r t Term Leases •From $1,225 •Halsted between 11 & 12 Miie

NORTHIVILLE - LAKEFRONT 3 bed. Totally remodeled. $ 1 4 5 0 / m o . Lease o p t i o n or contract available. Easy terms. (248) 982-1774 KELLER WILLIAMS 2 2 2 6 0 Haggerty, Northville

REDFORD 1 b e d r o o m condo. a/c, appliances, pool. $ 6 5 0 / m o . plus deposit, heat & water included. 7 3 4 - 8 1 2 - 9 3 5 9 ROYAL OAK large 2 bedroom, newly renovated, including b a t h r o o m and kitchen, all a p p l i a n c e s i n c l u d e d , great location w i t h pool, water & heat included. $ 8 7 5 + security. Call (586) 9 7 8 - 9 5 7 2 ROYAL OAK CONDO Walk t o B e a u m o n t , 2 bed, 1 bath, washer/dryer in b s m t . , water included. C/A. $ l 0 0 0 / m o . Cats welcomed. 313-585-6119 WESTLAND 2 bed condo, full basement, a/c, deck, $ 8 0 0 / m o . + 1 m o n t h d e p o s i t . Avail, immediately. 8 6 6 - 7 8 7 - 8 6 6 6 WESTLAND 2 bed, 2 bath, appliances, pool, o v e r l o o k s w o o d s , Livonia schools. $750. 734-207-9022/ 734-788-7636.

i r t g

^ S h o p p i n g , Shopping, Shopping r e

^ D i n n e r in Restaurant ^ H o u s e k e e p i n g Service


_ Red Hat Society

® " e n t



save $9oo/

^ M o v i e Night / O t h e r W n » ?[«• M s on hm«bb


g l



Jfanklin Square Aptrteitnts ** f 1 & 2 Bedrooms p • Livonia Schools f • Close to 1-96 : l | p ^ • Free Heat & Water

TTY {Hearing Impaired) 1 - 8 0 0 / 6 4 9 - 3 7 7 7 Hours Monday-Friday 9:00 to 6:00, Saturday 10:00 to 2:00

34601 Elmwood • Westland, Michigan • 48185 Equal Housing Opportunity

seeks a Laborer for one of our new communities in the Novi, M i area. Must have own transportation & valid driver's license. Please fax letter of interest to 248-932-0647.



please submit resume ib:

Help Wanted-General

Cnurch. Fax to (248)349-5716 email: office®

CARPET CLEANERS Experience preferred for commercial carpet cleaning company. 313-359-6032

ity Editor


frenzied domestic focus, lacked sufficient awareness of people outside of their home zones to ask about a brother's work, or even his life. What do people fear in communicating with others? Will the bewildered, angry husbandfindout that the woman he Dr. Gulp recommends "Just Enough: married has changed Tools for creating success In your irreparably? Will he work and life." A book by Laura learn that she worked Nash and Howard Stevenson. as long as she did because it was stylish j and expected, rather than being driven by a need to contribute something outside of the domesticfront?Why aren't they negotiating circumstances that will create a win-win instead of living a win-lose? If their relationship > has a strong foundation, the couple and their children will survive this crisis. The burden of facing years as a sole provider when the foundation of the relationship was a work-based partnership ought to spur the man to action. Personal and )usiness partnerships are dynamic. Throwing up your lands and giving up when one of the partners changes places the objective of "just enough" in another galaxy.




include job code: SE

CONSTRUCTION WORKERS Multi-Family Builder seeks laborers for new construction sites in Livonia. Experience preferred, but will train right individual. Contact Matt at: 248-476-1545

CONTROLLER for large Construction W i x o m . Must have construction experience. 401k, benefits. Email resume to [email protected] EOE Custodial instructor needed for Alt. Ed. (16-19 yrs.) program in Hazel Park. Minimum 2000 hrs. w o r k exp. req. E-maii: [email protected] fax (810) 227-1344 EOE Customer Assistance

$9-$13/HR (Average Earnings) American Blinds, Wallpaper & More has permanent positions available for inbound telesales reps in our Plymouth location. No Cold Calling, Our Customers Call Us! We offer a wage guarantee, paid training, advancement opportunities & business casual attire. Positions are-also available for Customer Service professionals. Qualified candidates must have excellent communication skills, problem solving abilities, and experience in a fast paced, high volume call center. Cail Todayl

1-800-346-0599 Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm Customer sales/service COLLEGE STUDENTS 2004 HS GRADS Great pay, immediate openings, all ages 18+., conditions appiy. 248-426-0733 CUSTOMER SERVICE With 1 year experience. Part time, Monday through Friday. Call (313) 532-6905. ' CUSTOMER SERVICE Milford area credit union seeking to fiil fuil time customer service position. Must have good math, computer, and people skills. Excellent benefit program. Salary beginning at $10.00/hour. Fax resume to 586-264-0056 or email to humanresources®

Help Wanted-General

Customer ServiceRepresentative Full-time position available. ' Qualified applicants must possess excellent verbal communication and written skills. Ability to work independently and handle multiple tasks. Knowledge of credit reports beneficial. Experience in lend- ; ing is preferred. Fax. resume with salary requirements to 734-522-8296 or email : [email protected]

DECK BUILDERS Lead Builder Only. Must be able to run crew. (734) 658-4643 Deillvery ROCK'N'ROLL Sound company looking for men and women to deliver and set up live sound equipment full time. Vehicle provided. Earn $800-81000 weekly. Driver s license and good attitude a must! Call Ashley at 1-866-293-2263.

DIRECT CARE STAFF Needed for group homes. Call 734-722-7880, o r . 734-422-4012 between 10-3.. DIRECT CARE staff needed. South Lyon, Highland & Novi Up to $8/hr to start w / Benefits. 248-486-5368 DIRECT CARE WORKER For Canton Group Home needed afternoons. Highly independent residents. Competitive wages/benefits. 734-397-69$5 DIRECT CAREGIVERS.. For afternoon & midnight , shift in Dearborn Heights and for afternoon shifts in Wayne and Detroit. ' Cail Garin (246) 980-3300 For days/ afternoons in Taylor, And Afternoons in Plymouth, Caii Patty - (248) 980-3307. For afternoons in Farmington Hills & Northville and p a r t . time days in Livonia Call Cynthia - (248) 980-3305 Good driving record required; $7.30-$7.80 per hr DISPATCH/ASSISTANT To Project Managers, for insurance restorations contractor. Salary commensurate with exp. & skills. Knowledge of construction, good computer and organizational skills. Job scheduling and time records. Manage warehouse materials and equipment. Responsible for fleet of. vehicles. Send resume and salary requirements to: Observer & Eccentric Newspapers 36251 Schoolcraft Rd. Livonia, Ml 48150. Box# 0944 DISPATCH/OPERATIONS Transportaiton co. looking for person full or part time. Exp preferred. Send resume to: A'ir: Group Express, 28474 Highland, Bldg 6, Romulus, Ml 48174

Oread Going to that Same Oid Dead End Job? Factory Work have you singing the summertime blues? Change is whSt you need!! Now hiring 5-7 outgoing, highly motivated and. energetic Individuals to work in our field marketing dept. Nj) exp. necessary. Paid Training!. Call Jerry today and start tomorrow! (248) 640-3214.

DRIVER Must have CDL license B, w i t h air brake & good driving records, driver to make local job site deliveries, excellent benefit program, and working conditions. Call Paul Riemer Fioors, (248} 335-3500 extension 3082 or apply at 1865 Telegraph Rd., Bioomfieid Hills or email [email protected] DRIVER - WHEELCHAIR VAN Part time. $8-12/hr. 248 223-1050

CLASSIFIEDS WORK! 1-800*579-7355

O b s e r v e r & Eccentric | Sunday, J u l y 2 5 , 2 0 0 4



All Ads Run Online




A Value Of Up To $ 8 7 . 0 0 Help Wanted-Generaf DRIVER For P l y m o u t h m a n u f a c t u r i n g c o m p a n y . M u s t be d e p e n d able and have current CDL. Great b e n e f i t s . A p p l y in person at 1 4 7 0 7 Keel St. DRIVERS Trucking co. looking for S e m i Drivers. Experienced only. Cail M o n - F r i , 9 a m 4:30pm 734-455-4036

* * * * * * * * Drivers

Foifow The Leader

USA TRUCK • • • • •

Dedicated & Regional Over the R o a d S o l o ' s & Teams O w n e r Operators Student Graduates 800-237-4642 eoe m / f / h / v * * * * * * * *

0RIVERS, FULL & PARTTIME • For auto p a r t s w a r e h o u s e in A n n A r b o r . Retirees w e l c o m e . Benefits f o r full-time. Call (734) 3 0 2 - 0 1 4 0 . ORYWALL HANGERS Experienced only. Great pay. Exc. g r o w t h & income. Call Jack after 6 p m : 2 4 8 - 6 8 4 - 6 6 8 6 ELECTRICIANS M i n i m u m 4 y r s . exp. in o l d w o r k . Redford area. Call ( 2 4 8 ) 5 2 1 - 2 5 5 0 ELECTRICIANS WANTED 1 yr. of d o c u m e n t e d hrs. o r m o r e . Good Benefits. Please d o n ' t call unless qualified. 2 4 8 - 4 3 1 - 1 0 0 0 or fax r e s u m e t o : 2 4 8 - 6 9 8 - 8 6 0 1

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT PLANNER A c c e p t i n g applications f o r the position of Emergency M a n a g e m e n t Planner. Salary: S20-S23 per hour. Job description with complete qualifications will be available on the Canton Township website at www.cantonm i . o r g or m a y be viewed at The Canton T o w n s h i p H u m a n Resources Division, 1 1 5 0 S. Canton Center Rd., Canton', M l 48188. Applications may aiso be p i c k e d up at t h e Canton Administration Building, H u m a n Resources Division, o r o n the C a n t o n T o w n s h i p website. A C a n t o n Township application f o r m m u s t be c o m p l e t e d in its e n t i r e t y and o n file in t h e Human Resources Division prior t o 4 p m , A u g u s t 2 , 2 0 0 4 . Faxed o r e - m a i l e d applications w i l l n o t be accepted. T h e Charter T o w n s h i p of Canton does not discriminate o n t h e basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age o r disability in e m p l o y m e n t o r the p r o v i s i o n of services. A n Equal O p p o r t u n i t y Employer EXECUTIVE SECRETARY NOV! seeking a executive secretary to provide a d m i n i s t r a tive s u p p o r t t o include scheduling a p p o i n t m e n t s , c o m p o s ing, editing and typing d o c u ments. maintain calendars and screening calls and visitors. M u s t have c o m p r e h e n s i v e k n o w l e d g e of a d m i n i s t r a t i v e s u p p o r t services. Three years exp. supporting executives, ability to t y p e 60-65 w o r d s per m i n u t e required. H i g h level of c o m f o r t with c o m p u t ers, to a p p l y send resume to [email protected] EXPERIENCE ACTIVITY ASSISTANT P a r t - t i m e p o s i t i o n available f o r a long term/assisted living f a c i l i t y f o r retired r e l i g i o u s w o m e n . Salary negotiable w i t h education & experience. Send resume: M c A u l e y Center, A t t n : C. Nguyen, 2 8 7 5 0 1 1 M i l e Rd., F a r m i n g t o n Hills, M l 4 8 3 3 6 .

EXPERIENCED FLOWER DESIGNER Full-time/immediate opening in Southfield. 2 4 8 - 3 5 3 - 1 8 9 0 or 248-506-3701 FRONT DESK CLERK, SERVERS 4 BARTENDER F u l l - t i m e p o s i t i o n s . Offer g r e a t pay & benefits. Four Points Hotel by Sheraton. Call Kathy, 7 3 4 - 7 2 9 - 9 0 0 0 x . 1 2 6 or fax 7 3 4 - 7 2 8 - 5 5 8 0 FULL-PART TIME LABOR Needed f o r N o v i S a w M i l l . Good job f o r college student. 248-349-2359 General Help SUMMER OPENINGS Excellent pay, 4 - 6 week w o r k p r o g r a m , sales/ service, no exp., all ages 18+, c o n d i t i o n s apply. (248) 4 2 6 - 0 6 3 3 CALL MONDAY! J GENERAL HELPER Part-time for medium-size W e s t l a n d apt. c o m m u n i t y . M u s t be a hard w o r k e r & w i l l i n g t o p e r f o r m a variety of tasks. Knowledge of ceramic tile a m u s t . (734) 7 2 2 - 4 7 0 0 GENERAL LABORERS - 2ND SHIFT W e are A Past paced, h i g h v o l u m e facility l o o k i n g f o r p e o p l e w h o are h i g h l y industrious, have g o o d attend a n c e a n d are d r u g f r e e . Heavy, continuous lifting up to 5 5 lbs is required. Starting $ 9 / h r w/benefits after 9 0 days. If y o u are looking f o r a t e a m oriented atmosphere, apply in person Mon-Fri between 9 a m 3 : 3 0 p m at The Crown G r o u p , 3 1 7 / 4 Enterprise Dr., Livonia, (located in the Allied Commerce Center off Plymouth Rd, between M e r r i m a n & Farmington) EOE GET TRAINED! Get a Career! Heavy E q u i p m e n t Operator. I n t e n sive, S h o r t Term T r a i n i n g . Bulldozer, Backhoe, Trackhoe. J o b Placement Assistance. Call Today!! 1 - 8 0 0 - 5 8 9 - 1 4 5 1 GRINDER Experienced Centerless Grinder for QS9000/ I S 0 9 0 0 2 Metal F i n i s h i n g Company. Infeed and/or t h r u f e e d experience r e q u i r e d . W e offer excellent benefits, i n c l u d i n g Blue Cross, life insurance, dental, vision and 4 0 1 K . Qualified applicants s h o u l d apply in person to: International Hardcoat 12400 Burt Rd Detroit, M l 4 8 2 2 8 EOE

Help Wanted-General Gutters Reliable p e r s o n e x p e r i e n c e d in gutters, roof related sheet metal & s i d i n g . 313-937-2016 ' HAIR STYLIST -opening available. Licensed. Full/partt i m e , A p p l y at 4 5 2 5 1 C h e r r y Hill, Canton. See Wendy. HAIR STYLIST M a s t e r C u t s is p r o u d t o a n n o u n c e w e w i l l be G r a n d O p e n i n g o u r n e w s a l o n in Westland Mall, Monday, A u g u s t 2. We are now hiring f u l l & part t i m e stylists. For m o r e information, please call Terry at 1 - 8 8 8 - 8 8 8 - 7 7 7 8 , ext. 1 6 6 1 o r fax resume to: (317) 8 6 1 - 0 6 8 9 . HAIR STYLIST WANTED Nice W e s t l a n d Beauty Shop. Call after 6 p m , 7 3 4 - 4 2 1 - 0 5 2 6 . Handyman Exp. reeded. General repairs, plumbing, electrical, c a r p e n t r y . Valid d r i v e r s license. Pay based o n exp. A s k f o r Ken, 7 3 4 - 2 0 7 0802. HANDYMEN ( M / F ) 5 + y r s e x p . F u l l - & part t i m e . Driving, d r u g & b a c k g r o u n d checks. Send r e s u m e , references & w a g e req. to [email protected]/fax 734-468-5896 HARTLAND LUMBER N o w a c c e p t i n g applications for y a r d laborer/supervisor. Full t i m e w / b e n e f i t s . W i l l i n g t o train o r pay f o r exp. A p p l y in person: 1 0 4 7 0 Highland Rd. or online at: h r @ h a r t l a n d l u m b e r . c o m HEAD CASHIER Joe's Produce 3 3 1 5 2 Seven M i l e Rd, Livonia. Apply within.

HIGHLY MOTIVATED PERSON TO ASSIST PROPERTY MANAGER W i t h day to day operations of p r o p e r t y . Directly responsible for Leasing department, m a r k e t i n g , resident retention, c u s t o m e r service and profici e n t o p e r a t i o n of a d m i n , o f f i c e s . Candidate m u s t have m a r k e t i n g experience, c u s t o m er service skills, s u p e r v i s o r y experience, extensive c o m p u t er skills, professional attitude a n d appearance. Excellent s a l a r y and benefits package. R e s u m e s m a y b e faxed t o (313) 5 6 2 - 3 0 8 6

Hotel Opportunities The Best W e s t e r n in Livonia h a s i m m e d i a t e openings f o r t h e f o l l o w i n g positions: • Experienced Hotel Sales Manager • F r o n t Desk Clerk • Night Auditor Competitive compensation & b e n e f i t s package. S e n d resumes to: Best Western, 16999 S Laurel Park Dr, Livonia, M i 4B1S4. Fax: 734-464-5869 o r email [email protected] EOE M/F/V/D HOUSECLEANERS Up t o $ 1 0 / h r . M o n . t h r u Fri, days. Car r e q u i r e d . 4 9 0 2 D e w i t t , # 1 0 1 , Canton. 7 3 4 - 3 9 4 - 1 7 7 1 HOUSEKEEPER P a r t - t i m e for Southfielc Apts. 248-353-9050

HVAC Service Tech Residential/Commercial. M u s t have a t least 3 years exp. g o o d pay, benefits. Call Joe o r Art 1-800-245-9080 HVAC SERVICE TECH 3 yr. c o m m e r c i a l exp. Fullt i m e . Complete wage & benefit package. Cail (734) 4 5 9 - 1 9 5 4 HVAC Techs & Master Plumber Experienced C o m m e r c i a l & Industrial Service/Maintenance/ Installation Full time, BC/BS, Dental, 4 0 1 K , Vacation, Holidays, Education & a truck, + $ 1 , 0 0 0 new hire b o n u s . Fax r e s u m e to: 3 1 3 - 5 3 5 - 4 4 0 3 $ 1 8 - $ 3 2 per hour

INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICIAN International Extrusions, Inc. n o w has an opening f o r an I n d u s t r i a l Electrician. D u t i e s include wiring of new machinery and trouble s h o o t i n g existing e q u i p m e n t . K n o w l e d g e of Allen & Bradley S l i c k 5 0 0 PLCs is a plus. M u s t be a b l e to w o r k flexible h o u r s w i t h o v e r t i m e . Send r e s u m e a n d salary requirements via fax o n l y t o 7 3 4 - 4 2 7 - 3 6 3 2 . For the best auto classifications check o u t the Observer & Eccentric Newspaper. "It's all a b o u t RESULTS!1'

INSURANCE Agency experience in Auto/Homeowners, or C o m m e r c i a l Lines Fees C o m p a n y Paid A n n Bell Personnel B i n g h a m Farms, M l 48025-4348 (248)540-3355 Fax 540-8165 24044 Bingham Polnte Dr. INSURANCE AGENCY COMMERCIAL CSR Min. 3 yrs. w / rating & Applied systems. Fax (248) 557-1589

INVENTORY ANALYST N o n - A u t o m o t i v e p o s i t i o n at m a n u f a c t u r i n g assembly f i r m for candidate with strong inventory c o n t r o l experience. Requires Bachelors Degree in Materials M g m t and m i n i m u m one-year experience in "cycle counting, w o r k orders, ERP/ M R P S y s t e m s , route cause analysis, and procedures. G o o d c o m m u n i c a t i o n and people skills w i t h i n a union facility. Health, Dental and 401k. Equal Opportunity Employer. Send r e s u m e to: Box 0936, Observer & Eccentric, 3 6 2 5 1 Schoolcraft, Livonia, M l 4 8 1 5 0 . JANITOR: PART-TIME ACO H A R D W A R E accepting applications for janitorial maintenance. RETIREES and all others W E L C O M E . Partt i m e hours M o n d a y t h r u Friday 4 : 3 0 a m - 1 0 : 0 0 a m . $8/hour. Send r e s u m e Attn: Human Resources/O&EJAN, 2 3 3 3 3 C o m m e r c e Drive, F a r m i n g t o n Hills, M l 48335-2764 o r fax: 2 4 8 - 6 1 5 - 2 6 9 6 o r visit our w e b page and see all of our career opportunities at w w w . a c o h a r d w a r e . c o m . EOE JANITORIAL Plymouth area MondayThursday from 6-8:30pm. $8.50/hr. (248) 4 4 9 - 4 8 8 0 JANITORIAL • Office Cleaning, Wixom area. Part-time evening h o u r s , 6 p m start time, $7.50/hr. 2 4 8 - 3 4 9 - 6 2 3 0 JANITORIAL Cleaning in P l y m o u t h . $9/hr. To apply 7 3 4 5420598. ENVIROCLEAN.EOE.

JANITORIAL Quiet, easy, flexible nights, in the W i x o m area. $ 8 10/hr. (313) 5 3 7 - 2 4 5 1

JEWELER Diamond setter/jeweler skilled in ail phases of repair. Pay based upon exp. Exc. Benefits. Send Resumes to : Jeweler, P.O. Box 1194, Novi, Ml 48376-1194

JOB FAIR Murray's Discount Auto Stores is g r o w i n g again, and plans t o open a new store in L i v o n i a , M l . We are l o o k i n g f o r highenergy i n d i v i d u a l s w h o enjoy w o r k i n g in a fast pace environment. We are currently seeking qualified candidates for:

Retail Managers- ideal candidate m u s t have previous m a n a g e m e n t experience in a high v o l u m e retail environment.

Parts and Counter s t a f f - Ideal candidate m u s t be highly motivated w i t h s o m e auto parts or mechanical knowledge. M u r r a y ' s offers an excellent benefits package w i t h opportunities for advancement. Come see us at our new location, Job Fair • July 27, 2004 from 10:00AM to 5:00PM: Murray's Discount Auto Stores 37167 Six Miie Rd. Livonia, M i 48152 If y o u are unable t o attend the job fair, please fax or mail y o u r resume to: Murray's Discount Auto Stores Attn: E m p l o y m e n t Manager 8 0 8 0 Haggerty Road. Belleville, M l 4 8 1 1 1

INSIDE PART SALES AND WARRANTY REPRESENTATIVE Receive, process & track i n s i d e part sales and w a r r a n t y o r d e r s . Excellent M S Office, c u s t o m e r service & phone s k i l l s required. General f a m i l i a r i t y w i t h larger i n d u s t r i a l m e c h a n i c a l parts and. control s y s t e m s desired. Interface w i t h Technical & Manufacturing groups. Varying shifts b e t w e e n 8 a m - 8 p m , Mon.-Fri. after training. I S 0 9 0 0 1 exp. h e l p f u l . Send r e s u m e to HRIS, 2 2 7 0 0 Hesiip Drive, Novi, M l 4 8 3 7 5 , fax 2 4 8 - 3 4 8 - 6 1 5 7 , email: [email protected] or. apply in p e r s o r .

INSTALLER S35K-S50K + HEALTH BENEFITS I n d u s t r y leader in h o m e r e n o v a t i o n s seeks career o r i e n t e d person w i t h carp e n t r y / r e n o v a t i o n experie n c e t o install o u r unique p r o d u c t . Full-time, year r o u n d position. Requires clean d r i v i n g record. C o m p a n y provides vehicle, health benefits, unif o r m s & t o o l s . Fax r e s u m e to 7 3 4 - 2 6 1 - 6 1 9 0 .

INSURANCE O a k l a n d County agency needs c o m m e r c i a l CSR. 3 y r s . insurance experience required. Excellent salary & benefits. R e s u m e to: 2 4 8 - 6 4 9 - 2 7 3 5 .

When looking to buy o r sell a home check us out!

We work for you! (Dbsttwr


Classified Advertising LABORERS C o n s t r u c t i o n Co. seeks full-time highly motivated individuals f o r light construction. M u s t possess a s t r o n g w o r k ethic, valid d r i v e r ' s license, ability to drive a stick shift and w o r k as a team m e m b e r in a drug free w o r k environment. $1518/hr. Year r o u n d w o r k . Call: ( 7 3 4 ) 5 4 7 - 8 2 4 6 ask f o r ext. 202. Mon.-Fri. 9 a m - 3 p m only. LANDSCAPE ESTIMATOR, EXPERIENCED Needed at Crimboli Nursery, 5 0 1 4 5 Ford Rd., Canton, M l 48187. Call: 7 3 4 - 4 9 5 - 1 7 0 0 Fax: 7 3 4 - 4 9 5 - 1 1 3 1 LANDSCAPE FOREMAN (M/F) NEEDED. M u s t be experienced. Crimboli Nursery Inc., 5 0 1 4 5 Ford Rd., Canton, Ml 48187 Call: 7 3 4 - 4 9 5 - 1 7 0 0 Fax: 7 3 4 - 4 9 5 - 1 1 3 1 LATHE HAND Experienced, great benefits, great pay. A p p l y in person. 1 1 9 1 5 Market St., Livonia

Help Wanted-Generaf

LEASING CONSULTANT {Part time (Monday, Wednesday, Friday -. n o o n 5p.m., and Saturday, 1 1 : 0 0 a . m . - 4 : 0 0 p . m . ) , at apartment c o m m u n i t y in Troy, M i , located near t h e Somerset Collection. M u s t possess excellent people skills and ability to close leases. P r e v i o u s sales experience preferred. Leasing experience helpful. Please contact B u c k i n g h a m Square Apartments 3 1 0 0 GSouchester Troy, i Fax: (248) 6 4 9 - 0 5 6 2 or call ( 2 4 8 ) 6 4 9 - 5 6 6 0 . Join F O R M I D A B L E t o d a y ! EOE

When seeking out the best deal check out the Observer & Eccentric Classifieds! 1-800-579-7355 v LEASING CONSULTANT Full-time, i n c l u d i n g weekends, f o r D e a r b o r n H e i g h t s area apt. c o m m u n i t y . C u s t o m e r service exp required, leasing exp. preferred. Great o p p o r tunity f o r right person. Please fax resume to: 3 1 3 - 2 7 4 - 1 9 2 7

LEASING CONSULTANT M e a d o w o o d Park Apts. has immediate o p p o r t u n i t y available In W i x o m . Sales, c u s t o m e r service or retail experience required. Great pay w i t h b o n u s incentive program and exc. benefits! Fax resume to 2 4 8 - 3 4 4 - 7 1 8 7 (REF # 0 4 5 9 1 - C S ) or email j o b s @ c e d - c o n c o r d . c o m . For fastest consideration, please Include Ref. #. EOE.

LEASING CONSULTANT Singh M a n a g e m e n t C o m p a n y is seeking to fill immediate Fuil Time positions in the Novi and Rochester Hills area. M u s t be able to w o r k weekends. W e offer competitive wages, c o m m i s s i o n s , health, a n d dental insurances. EOE. Send resumes to: A t t e n t i o n A.S., PO Box 2 5 5 0 0 5 West Bioomfieid, M l 4 8 3 2 5 or fax t o 2 4 8 - 8 6 5 - 1 6 3 0 LICENSED ELECTRICIAN For energy efficient lighting and lighting c o n t r o l s contractor. Please Call Monday-Friday, 8 : 3 0 - 5 : 0 0 p m . (734) 4 ^ 6 - 9 2 4 6 LOAN OFFICERS & BRANCH MANAGERS W i t h Experience. Caii 5 8 6 - 4 8 4 - 0 5 0 0 Or Visit: EOE Love Candles? Need Cash? PartyLite needs Consultants! No cash investment o r experience necessary. Call Gail at 2 4 8 - 2 8 0 - 2 9 5 7

MACHINE TECH FULL TIME Operating, t r o u b l e s h o o t ing, & repair of .injection molding machinery. Qualified candidates m u s t have s t r o n g mechanical and e l e c t r i c a l aptitude and related work/educational experience. Stability, excellent benefits/wages,& advancement opportunities. Email: [email protected] or mail to: 1351 Hix Westland, Ml 4 8 1 8 5 EOE MACHINIST 2 yrs. exp. m i n i m u m . CNC exp. a plus. Vacation, Health, Dental, 401K, profit sharing. A p p l y at: Nu-Core 2 4 2 4 Beech Daly, Dearborn.

MAINTENANCE Village Green C o m p a n ies, t h e n a t i o n ' s leader in the development, construction, m a n a g e m e n t and o w n e r s h i p of l u x u r y apartment c o m m u n i t i e s has i m m e d i a t e o p p o r tunities for customer service oriented experienced Maintenance Technicians f o r o u r Sutton Place a p a r t m e n t c o m m unity in Southfield. Light maintenance, grounds k e e p i n g , s n o w removal & other odd jobs. Excellent benefits, bonus, housing discounts, training programs and opportunity for g r o w t h a n d advancement. Fax resumes to (248) 5 3 8 - 2 7 8 9 EOE

Heip Wanted-General

MAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN Exp'd. in ail aspects of m a i n tenance including painting. Aldingbrooke Apts. Please fax r e s u m e t o ( 2 4 8 ) 6 6 1 - 3 2 4 6 , EOE

Maintenance Technicians Seeking "experienced" Maintenance Technicians t o w o r k In o u r M a i n tenance Department. R e s p o n s i b i l i t i e s w i l l inc l u d e preventative m a i n t e n a n c e to p r o d u c t i o n equipment, work f r o m manual and/or electrical s c h e m a t i c , sketches, m a n uals, s p e c i f i c a t i o n s a n d written/oral instructions, p e r f o r m mechanical skills including, but not l i m i t e d to, mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and h y d r a u l i c , prepare and set up equipment for production, w o r k directly f r o m w o r k orders with minimal directions, p e r f o r m o t h e r related activities as a s s i g n e d and needed, handle e m e r g e n c y w o r k o r d e r calls, ability t o w o r k flexible w o r k schedules. REQUIREMENTS: Strong electrical and/or m e c h a n ical background and equipment troubleshooting experience. High school d i p l o m a and a m i n i m u m of 3 y e a r s experience in industrial maintenance required. S o m e t e c h n i c a l t r a i n i n g p r e f e r r e d . Relocation assistance will n o t be provided. Samuel, S o n & Co. Ltd. offers excellent w a g e s and benefits. EEOC. Al! q u a l i f i e d a p p l i c a n t s send r e s u m e to: Samuel,' Son & Co., 20001 S h e r w o o d Ave., D e t r o i t , M l . 4 8 2 3 4 . Attn: H u m a n Resources Department (#100) or email to: [email protected] ( M S W o r d Format), o r fax (313) 893-9275 NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE.

MANAGER & ASSISTANT MANAGER Needed at Self Storage facility. Please fax r e s u m e t o 248-538-4327. EOE

MANAGER LIVONIA ELKS Fax r e s u m e w/salary requirement to: 734-425-6897. MANAGER NEEDED Busy retail produce m a r k e t . Full t i m e w/beneflts. $50k plus. Exp. preferred. Please send r e s u m e s to: Observer & Eccentric Newspapers, P.O. Box 0 9 2 1 3 6 2 5 1 Schoolcraft Rd. Livonia, M l 4 8 1 5 0 MATERIAL HANDLER Glass c o m p a n y seeking t o fill production positions. M a n u f a c t u r i n g exp. preferred. Faxresumeto 734-354-0310.

LIVONIA, Ml AT S y s t e m s , one of t h e nation's largest a r m o r e d t r u c k c o m p a n i e s seeks a FT Fleet Mechanic. The successful candidate w i l l be responsible f o r c o n d u c t i n g preventive maintenance services and r e p a i r s / a d j u s t m e n t s to l i g h t and medium duty Ford a r m o r e d t r u c k s . M u s t have exp. w i t h g a s & d i e s e l e n g i n e s , h y d r a u l i c a n d air brakes, electrical s y s t e m s and air c o n d i t i o n i n g s y s t e m s ; ability t o c o n d u c t c o m p a n y designed preventative maintenance services to aii classes of t r u c k s and ability t o w o r k w i t h m i n i m a l supervision. ASE certification a plus, m u s t possess c o m m o n hand tools and have t h e ability to acquire Class B CDL license w i t h i n 6 m o n t h s of hire. P r e - e m p l o y m e n t backg r o u n d checks and other t e s t i n g r e q u i r e d . To a p p l y , fax resume w i t h cover sheet to: J o h n Ricevuto, 3 0 2 - 7 6 2 - 8 7 8 9 o r mail t o AT Systems, Attn: J o h n , 11 Eastlawn Ave., W i l m i n g t o n , DE 19802. EOE. D r u g Free Workplace. MECHANIC/TRAINEE G o o d d r i v i n g record. M u s t w e l d . O w n tools. No m e d ical insurance. R o m u l u s . Leave message 734-326-8905 MEMBERSHIP SALES MGR Full-time, 2 yrs sales req. See d e s c r i p t i o n at: MERCHANDISERS - PT t o service magazines &• b o o k s at 'retail s t o r e s in the Farmington, F a r m i n g t o n Hills & L i v o n i a area. 1 - 8 7 7 - 7 7 4 - 0 8 0 0 x 6 3 4 0 Mortgage • Loan Originators Experienced, 5 0 - 7 5 % . W e pay the best! Birmingham. 248-203-9933

MAINTENANCE TECH Experience w i t h Floor care, m i n o r repairs, painting. Full t i m e days includes weekends. St. Jude Convalescent, 3 4 3 5 0 A n n A b b o r Tr. Livonia

Mortgage Processor Part time. Experience required, earnings based o n p r o d u c t i o n . Send r e s u m e : to A l e x a n d e r Home Loan. 1 1 6 5 5 F a r m i n g t o n Rd., Livonia M l , 4 8 1 5 0 . O r fax: 7 3 4 - 4 2 7 - 8 5 4 4 .


Mortgage Processor/Servicer

A licensed s e n i o r a s s i s t e d living facility in the Canton area is s e e k i n g a f u l l - t i m e maintenance tech. M u s t have p r e v i o u s m a i n t e n a n c e exp. and possess o w n tools. A p p l y in p e r s o n : W a l t o n w o o d at Cherry Hill, 4 2 6 0 0 Cherry Hill, Canton, M l 4 8 1 8 7 or call 7 3 4 - 9 8 1 - 7 1 0 0 for m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n .

F u l l - t i m e p o s i t i o n available. Qualified applicants m u s t p o s sess excellent verbal c o m m u n i c a t i o n and w r i t t e n s k i l l s . Ability t o w o r k independently and handle multiple tasks. E x p e r i e n c e in p r o c e s s i n g s e r v i c i n g f i r s t and s e c o n d m o r t g a g e products required. Fax r e s u m e to (734) 5 2 2 - 8 2 9 6 o r email [email protected]

Maintenance Tech


Singh M a n a g e m e n t C o m p a n y is c u r r e n t l y s e e k i n g experienced maintenance techs to fill positions in the Novi & Rochester Hills area. Candidates m u s t have p r e v i o u s apt. m a i n t e n a n c e exp. a n d possess o w n tools. We offer competitive salary, apt. discount o p p o r t u n i t i e s , medical & dental benefits. Apply in p e r s o n at: 7125 Orchard Lake Road West B i o o m f i e i d , Ml 4 8 3 2 5 or fax r e s u m e s to 2 4 8 - 8 6 5 - 1 6 3 0 attention A.S.

We've promoted senior processors to underwriter p o s i t i o n s & need t o f i l l their s h o e s w / e x p ' d , proc e s s o r s . Exp w i t h f HA, VA 8 l Conventional loans req u i r e d . Positions available in B r i g h t o n & C a n t o n . Excellent pay & benefits plan.

Shore Mortgage FAX or EMAIL Resume A t t n : Processor Fax: 2 4 8 - 4 3 3 - 0 2 3 3 Email: c a r e e r s ®

Help Wanted-General

MORTGAGE SALES No experience necessary. Will train. Experienced reps, w e pay better than anybody. Concord M o r t g a g e , Inc. 7 3 4 - 6 7 3 - 9 6 3 4

MORTGAGE UNDERWRITING AND CLOSING ASSISTANT M u s t have experience w / Calyx s o f t w a r e and preparation of closing documents. Some administrative duties required. Only qualifying candidates may f a x resume to ( 2 4 8 ) 8 4 8 - 0 9 5 8 MORTGAGE/CONSUMER LENDER W e s t e r n W a y n e County bank l o o k i n g t o r experienced m o r t g a g e / c o n s u m e r lender. Fax r e s u m e t o 7 3 4 - 3 5 4 - 0 9 6 0 . No p h o n e calls please. M a l i Tech P o s i t i o n avail, in b u s y R o c h e s t e r Spa. A l s o , rental space f o r part o r full t i m e massage therapist. Call 2 4 8 - 6 5 0 - 4 3 3 0 f o r appt.

For The Most Complete Rental Listing In the Detroit Area...Look NO Further! NORTHVILLE LUMBER C o m p a n y accepting a p p l i c a t i o n s f o r c o n t r a c t o r sales & y a r d labor. W i l l i n g t o t r a i n o r pay f o r exp. A p p l y on line at: [email protected] o r In person: 6 1 5 Old Baseline, Northville. NOW HIRING I FOR ALL POSITIONS A p p l y in p e r s o n 4 1 1 9 0 Ford Rd., Canton; Ask f o r manager. * Oil Change Technicians * Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change experience or will train. Full & / o r part-time. Apply in pers o n : 3 4 6 8 0 W. 8 Mile Road, Farmington Hills, % mile W. of F a r m i n g t o n Rd., o r cail f o r appt. (248)476-1313 OPTICIAN-DISPENSER Experienced, private practice. Top salary and excellent benefits. No nights o r Sundays, full or part t i m e . Excellent career o p p o r t u n i ty. Call Bob. 3 1 3 - 5 6 5 - 5 6 0 0 PAINT & WALLPAPER STORE Full time paint technician w a n t ed. Exp preferred or will train if necessary. Call 2 4 8 - 3 4 8 - 1 5 9 9 . PAINTERS Residential, experience required, transportation a m u s t ! Needed f o r full t i m e , s o m e benefits. Call Greg. 2 4 8 - 6 8 4 - 8 5 9 2 PAINTERS & HELPERS M u s t have m i n i m u m 5 yrs exp. O w n hand tools, reliable t r a n s p o r t a t i o n , will pay extra f o r w o r k van. M u s t have g o o d references. Immediate employment. 586-421-1860 PAINTERS EXPERIENCED Possibly w i t h spray tools. 313-506-9618. PARTS COUNTERMAN WANTED f o r Heavy-duty Truck parts store. G o o d wages, c o m mission, 401K and health insurance. 7 3 4 - 7 2 9 - 4 5 8 8 , Ask f o r Ralph.

PARTS DRIVER PART-TIME Immediate o p e n i n g f o r a part-time parts driver and utility person. 2 5 - 3 0 h o u r s per week. Duties include parts p i c k - u p and delivery and general building maintenance. A chauffeur's license, good driving record, and pree m p l o y m e n t physical and d r u g screen are required. Please s e n d r e s u m e to: M i c h i g a n CAT Attn: H u m a n Resources Position # 2 0 0 4 - 9 0 P.O. Box 1020 Wixom, Ml 48393 A n EOE M/F/V/H

PLANNER MILL OPERATOR Steel industries Inc. is c u r r e n t l y l o o k i n g f o r a Planner M i l l Operator f o r milling of large f o r g i n g s . Exp. helpful. M u s t have g o o d m a t h skills a n d t h e ability t o read a tape measure, calipers and micrometers. W e offer a competitive, salary a n d benefits, it i n t e r e s t e d , a p p l y in p e r s o n M o n . - F r i . , 9 a m t o 4 p m @ 12600 Beech Daly Road, Redford. No Telephone calls

PLANNING ANALYST N o n - A u t o m o t i v e p o s i t i o n at m a n u f a c t u r i n g assembly f i r m f o r candidate w i t h s t r o n g p l a n n i n g a n d material m g m t exp. Requires bachelor's degree In Materials M g m t and m i n i m u m one-year exp. w i t h w o r k orders, MRP/ERP s y s t e m planning, and supplier expediting. Good c o m m u n i c a t i o n a n d people s k i l l s w i t h i n a union facility. APICS certification preferred. Health, Dental and 4 0 1 k . E q u a l O p p o r t u n i t y Employer. Please s e n d resumes t o : Box 0 9 3 6 Observer & Eccentric, 3 6 2 5 1 S c h o o l c r a f t Rd. Livonia, M l 48150

Help Wanted-General

PRO SHOP ASSISTANT Accepting applications f o r Pro S h o p Assistant. $ 7 . 7 3 - 5 1 0 . 8 2 per hr. J o b description w i t h c o m p l e t e quaiifications will be available o n t h e C a n t o n Township website at w w w . c a n t o n - m i . o r g o r may be viewed at the Canton Township H u m a n Resources D i v i s i o n , 1 1 5 0 S. C a n t o n Center Rd., C a n t o n , M l 4 8 1 8 8 . Applications may also be picked up a t the Canton Administration Building, H u m a n Resources Division, o r on the Canton Township website. A Canton Township a p p l i c a t i o n f o r m m u s t be completed in its entirety and on file in t h e Human Resources Division prior t o 4 p m „ A u g u s t 6, 2004. Faxed o r e-mailed applications will not be accepted. The Charter T o w n s h i p of Canton does not discriminate o n t h e basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age o r disability in employment or the p r o v i s i o n of s e r v i c e s . A n Equal Opportunity Employer.

PRODUCT COORDINATOR PART TIME SEASONAL Key r e s p o n s i b i l i t i e s include: A b l e t o pack o n e line o r display efficiently and accurately in accordance w i t h guidelines and schematics • Ensure conditions of display cases and all b o x e s are clean and in g o o d c o n d i t i o n • Maintain proper stock levels on a line • Assure that al! warehouse e q u i p m e n t and t o o l s are properly utilized t o increase p r o d u c t i v i t y , efficiency, and safety: r e p o r t a n y unsafe c o n d i t i o n s / e q u i p m e n t or injury to Supervisor o r Manager • Maintain a clean, safe, and productive w o r k environment • Participate in warehouse sales and inventory counts • Other duties as assigned QUALIFICATIONS • High School D i p l o m a or GEO Certificate preferred • Ability to lift/carry 50 lbs., p u s h / p u l l up t o 3 0 0 lbs. • Available t o w o r k overtime and weekends as needed • Ability to w o r k in a nonclimatically controlled environment throughout the year • M u s t be a t t e n t i v e t o deadlines Scholastic Book Fairs believes diversity leads t o strength. EQE/AA/H/V/DFWP interested candidates m u s t apply in person at 41460 Haggerty Circle Canton Township, M l 48188. For directions, please call 1-734-394-2780

PROJECT MANAGER/ SUPERINTENDANT Reputable c o m m e r c i a l & residential remodeling contractor seeking experienced manager. Min. 5 yrs. p m mgr. exp. Competitive salary & benefits, unlimited g r o w t h potential. Piease send resumes to: Observer & Eccentric Newspapers Box 0 9 3 4 3 6 2 5 1 Schoolcraft Rd. Livonia, M ! 4 8 1 5 0

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Management co is seeking an exp. property manager for a s m a l l apartment c o m munity located " in Farmington Hills. Candidate m u s t be knowledgeable in all phases of a p a r t m e n t management. Please fax r e s u m e to: 2 4 8 - 6 4 6 - 3 6 4 0 . Property Manager Nat'! P r o p e r t y M a n a g e m e n t Co. seeking exp. property m g r f o r apartment c o m m u n i t y in A n n Arbor. M i n . 3-5 y r s . e x p , exc. b e n e f i t s . Email: j m o r r i s @am1 s t . c o m

PROPERTY/ RESIDENT MANAGER Property/ Resident Manager f o r Senior Bldg. in NW Suburb w i t h s t r o n g m a n a g e m e n t experience. HUD Subsidized Housing experience a plus. Excellent w a g e s / benefits. Piease fax resume t o (248) 6 8 4 - 9 0 9 6 o r send resume to P.O. Box 5 0 3 , M i l f o r d M l 4 8 3 8 1 EOE Real Estate



SALES ASSISTANT Personal A s s i s t a n t t o assist h i g h e n e r g y p e r s o n in f l o o r c o v e r i n g business. M u s t have g o o d paper skills & c o m p u t e r knowledge. (734) 729-6200. 1400 N.Wayne R d „ Westland. C o m e in o r ask f o r Fran

SCHOOL EXECUTIVE OFFICE MANAGER Hlllel D a y S c h o o l , a K - 8 s c h o o l , is seeking a multi-task o r i e n t e d individual w i t h exc. interpersonal skills w h o w o u l d be r e s p o n s i b l e f o r o f f i c e o p e r a t i o n s , bldg m a n a g e m e n t and security. This person w o u l d be r e s p o n s i b l e f o r m a n a g i n g and maintaining t h e school purchase order system and all s c h o o l s u p p l i e s as well as all t a s k s i n v o l v e d w i t h m a n a g i n g t h e d a y t o day operations of a school. The candidate is responsible f o r working with parents, a d m i n i s t r a t i o n , teachers and students to ensure timely, practical, c o m p a s s i o n a t e and fiscally responsible s o l u t i o n s t o issues. The i n d i v i d u a l m u s t have excellent t y p i n g and c o m p u t e r s k i l l s o n W o r d a n d Excel. Familiarity with publishing s o f t w a r e is a plus. The person m u s t have exc. organizational, c o m m u n i c a t i o n & managerial skills, be self motivated, and be able t o w o r k w i t h little supervision. Excellent benefit package.. Candidates s h o u l d fax r e s u m e to Director of Operations at 248-851-5095. SERVICE REPAIR PERSON WANTED Must know Standing Seam C a p p e r R o o f s . At least 5 years experience necessary. Truck and t o o l s a M u s t . M a k e up t o $42,000/yr. Please call M a r k at (248) 888-9323 SERVO TECHNICIAN Experienced or wifl train b r i g h t individual w i t h t e c h n i cal d e g r e e . W e s t l a n d , f u l l time/benefits. SHIPPING & RECEIVING Full t i m e & Part t i m e . Heavy Lifting, Packing & u n p a c k i n g material Physical & d r u g testing. Required salary: $9.00/hr. Applications accepted: Mon-Fri, 8 - I O a m 4 1 2 4 9 V i n c e n t i Ct. Novi SPRAY APPLICATORS needed: $ 1 3 & up based o n exp. Tree t r i m m e r s & g r o u n d staff.: $ 9 t o $ 1 6 ++ based o n exp. M u s t have a valid drivers license w i t h a g o o d d r i v i n g r e c o r d . Exc. benefit package available. M o u n t a i n Top Tree Service, Northville. 248-349-1870 STYLIST COME GROW WITH US Great Clips is seeking licensed c o s m e t o l o g i s t s f o r stylist and m a n a g e m e n t level positions w i t h great pay and benefits. If y o u are c u s t o m e r f o c u s e d and g r o w t h orientated, call Lisa n o w f o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n at(248)921-0767 Guaranteed Satisfaction. Guaranteed Style.

Tax Research Associate Avfuel Corporation, the nation's leading independent s u p p l i e r of aviation fuels and related s u p p o r t services, has an i m m e d i a t e o p e n i n g in its technical tax department. D u t i e s i n c l u d e r e s e a r c h of federal, state and local tax l a w s r e l a t e d t o f u e l sales, c o m p l i a n c e and audit c o o r d i nation. Experience in tax envir o n m e n t a l required.

Steve Lelbhan • Sales Mgr. 2 4 8 - 8 5 1 - 4 1 0 0 ext. 4 0 5

TEACHER ASSISTANT B i o o m f i e i d M o n t e s s o r i Pres c h o o l . G o o d pay, flexible hrs. Exp. needed. 248-646-5770



L u x u r y apt. c o m m u n i t y in F a r m i n g t o n Hills is l o o k i n g for a part-time p e r s o n w h o h a s leasing experience, sales ability & good communication skills.

Needed f u l l - t i m e f o r children ages 2 - 3 % . C e r t i f i c a t i o n o r child development degree required, as is exp. Training begins 8 - 1 6 . 248-357-1740 o r fax: 2 4 8 - 3 5 7 - 6 3 6 1

If interested, please fax r e s u m e to: 248-352-6737 A t t n : Mike Forrest RETAIL SALES THE JEWELRY FACTORY . . Jewelry Sales D i a m o n d Sales w / e x p . F/T, P/T, Top Pay/Benefits. 734-525-3200.

(734) 6 6 5 - 6 4 3 3

POLITICAL TELEMARKETERS Needed immediately, no sales, $ 6 per hr. (248) 349-3143

ROUTE OPERATOR H o u r s : 5 a m - 2 p m Mon.-Fri. $ 4 0 0 - $ 6 0 0 per week. G o o d opportunity for motivated i n d i v i d u a l . A p p l y In p e r s o n : 5 0 7 7 0 Pontiac Tr., W i x o m , o r call ( 2 4 8 ) 9 6 0 - 9 1 0 0 .

Piease Review our website at Forward s a l a r y a n d qualifications t o : email>[email protected]; fax>775-213-3742 or m a i l > H u m a n Resources Dept., Avfuel C o r p o r a t i o n , PO Box 1 3 8 7 , A n n Arbor, M l 4 8 1 0 6 1 3 8 7 EOE/M/F

PLUMBER PLUMBER NEEDED Experienced and j o u r n e y m a n licensed a plus. For new c o n struction and residential p l u m b i n g . Please contact Ed or Judy 248-446-0088

Retail Sales Opportunities! A m e r i c a n Blinds, Wallpaper & More, the nation's largest d i r e c t m a r k e t e r of h o m e d e c o r a t i n g p r o d u c t s , has career opportunities for Shop-atHome Sales C o n s u l t a n t s . P r e v i o u s sales, decorating, o r shop-at-home experience a p l u s ! Reliable t r a n s p o r t a t i o n and excellent c o m m u n i c a t i o n skills needed'. Candidates w i l l possess s t r o n g organizational and interpersonal skills, a w i n n i n g attitude, and a d r i v e t o s u c c e e d in a f a s t - p a c e d e n v i r o n m e n t . P a r t - t i m e & fullt i m e p o s i t i o n s are available. Please e - m a i l r e s u m e - t o [email protected] Fax r e s u m e t o (734) 207-0947 o r c a l l (800) 3 4 6 - 0 5 9 9

Real Estate appraising and sales. F a r m i n g t o n Hills- W. Bioomfieid. Seeks 2 people. Will t r a i n . Attend our career seminar Wednesday, Juiy 28th, Noon-1:00 p.m. 32961 Mid-dlebelt, S W corner of 14 Miie & Middlebelt.

J o u r n e y m e n (male/female) o r equivalent.

Help Wanted-General

i t Classifieds


TELEMARKETER Livonia based Insurance Co., Great e n v i r o n m e n t . Full t i m e , S a i a r y , b o n u s 8t b e n e f i t s . Experienced, good phone skills a m u s t . Call f o r interview. 7 3 4 - 5 2 2 - 2 5 1 0 TREE CLIMBER Tree s e r v i c e in F a r m i n g t o n area seeks a climber. M u s t have exp. & drivers license. Budget Tree. 1 - 8 0 0 - 9 6 4 - 7 7 8 5 WANTED: GREAT STYLISTS If y o u ' r e a great stylist w h o is s e e k i n g a c o m p e t i t i v e w a g e and a p o s i t i v e upbeat w o r k e n v i r o n m e n t , t h e n look no further. Cail t o d a y : Canton, (248) 3 4 8 - 3 6 6 3

"It's All About Results" Observer & Eccentric


Help Wanted-General

WAREHOUSE i m p o r t e r of m a r b l e & granite looking for self-motivated t e a m player t o a s s i s t w i t h warehouse functions. Responsibilities include receivi n g and unloading s h i p m e n t s , daily deliveries, and a s s i s t i n g w i t h c u s t o m e r 'orders. Qualifications include excellent communications and math skills, ability t o lift u p t o 7 0 lbs., and Hi-io experience helpful. Benefits include B C / B S m e d i c a l and dental,paid holidays and vacation. Fax resume (248) 4 7 6 - 5 5 4 3 , Attn: Rich H o m e r

WAREHOUSE PERSON Electronic c o m p o n e n t s distributor seeking an individual to perform general warehouse d u t i e s t o include s h i p p i n g and receiving. This is a fullt i m e position W e offer a comprehensive benefits package. Pieaee mail, fax, o r e-maii r e s u m e t o : RS ELECTRONICS 34443 Schoolcraft Rd. Livonia, M l 48150 Attn: Warehouse Mgr. FAX: 734-525-1184

E-mall: pbrown® WAREHOUSE/ LIGHT ASSEMBLY Fuil time, immediate o p e n i n g . Apply in person, ECA E d u c a t i o n a l , 1 9 6 0 W. W e s t M a p l e , Wailed Lake, M l 4 8 3 9 0 .

WARRANTY/ SERVICE TECH Immediate opening-NW Wayne County residential builder. Prior experience a p l u s . Please fax r e s u m e t o : 248-646-3529

WATCHMAKER EXPERIENCED Ail responses confidential Fax response: 2 4 8 - 5 5 2 - 0 0 9 0 WHOLE SELL/OISTRIBUTOR Seek coordinator f o r f a s h i o n shows. Permanent position. W i l l train. (Lori) 2 4 8 - 3 5 8 - 9 8 5 9 WINDOW CLEANERS Exp. preferred but will train. Valid d r i v e r ' s license req. Call E r i e ® 7 3 4 - 6 3 4 - 8 4 7 1 .

WOOD INSTALLER, SAND & FINISH SUB-CONTRACTOR f o r f l o o r i n g c o m p a n y in N o v i . Call 2 4 8 - 7 3 5 - 8 4 0 5 .

DATABASE PROGRAMMER Detail oriented p e r s o n needed f o r database p r o g r a m m i n g position with multimedia c o m p a n y in F a r m i n g t o n Hills. Requires t h o r o u g h k n o w l e d g e of W i n d o w s O.S. u n d e r s t a n d ing of ODBC and ADO c o n n e c tivity, experience in SQL p r o g r a m m i n g , database a d m i n . D e l p h i 5 or later. C r y s t a l R e p o r t s 8 o r later. V i s u a l Basic, HTML p r o g r a m m i n g . Applicant needs to be ah organized, proficient, selfdirected p r o b l e m solver, also able t o w o r k as part of a t e a m as required. This is a f u l l t i m e p o s i t i o n w i t h excellent benef i t s a n d 4 0 1 k . Send cover letter, resume and saiary requirements to: H u m a n Resources, Database, 2 3 6 8 9 Industrial Park Dr., F a r m i n g t o n Hills, M i 4 8 3 3 5 PC HARDWARE/SOFTWARE REPAIR ENGINEER 2 0 Year established C o m p u t e r Company looking for additional experienced field/bench technicians. As a n IT professional engineer y o u w i l l be providing PC, LAN, W A N and HP Laser Printer hardware and software support. You will have responsibility f o r repair a n d installation f o r a w i d e variety of c o m p u t e r e q u i p m e n t . Y o u must .possess strong interpersonal a n d oral skills. Qualified candidate m u s t be A + certified w i t h 3 + years o f computer field. service experience. Candidate m u s t also be very familiar w i t h t h e f u l l range of Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printers. Strong k n o w l e d g e of W i n d o w s / I n t e l based e q u i p m e n t required. Dynamic Computer Corporation offers excellent c o m p e n s a t i o n and o p p o r t u n i t y for ongoing training and technical certifications. F o r w a r d r e s u m e and s a l a r y requirements t o : Attn: FKA Dynamic C o m p u t e r Corporation 3 9 2 0 5 Country Club Drive, Suite C - 3 0 F a r m i n g t o n Hills, M l 4 8 3 3 1 e m a i l at f a l i @ d c c - o n i i n e . c o m o r fax 2 4 8 - 8 4 8 - 1 0 6 4 Help Wanletl-Olfice Clerical LEGAL SECRETARY For 1 attorney office. Exp. necessary. B i n g h a m Farms area. Call 2 4 8 - 5 4 0 - 4 6 6 5 o r Fax r e s u m e t o : 248-540-4738

For The Most Complete Rental Listing In the Detroit Area...Look NO Further!


Observer S Eccentric | Sunday, J u l y 2 5 , 2 0 0 4

t Jobs and Careers


Accounts Payable Manager R M S Services-USA, inc. is an i n t e r n a t i o n a l h e a l t h records management company with offices in t h e US, Canada and Australia. W e offer our clients a fuil range of records m a n agement services. W e are seeking a n experienced A c c o u n t s Payables Manager for our corporate accounting office in M a d i s o n Heights, Ml. Qualifications required are a Bachelor's/Associate degree in accounting, 5 years accounting experience w i t h at least 3 in AP and c o m p u t e r skills in M S Excel and M S W o r d . Familiarity w i t h ACCPAC will be a plus. Responsibilities include verifying and recording vendor invoices in a c c o u n t i n g system, paying v e n d o r invoices, handling v e n d o r p h o n e calls, issuing 1 0 9 9 s at year end, processing payroli t h r o u g h automated payroll administration system and assisting Controller in financial analysis and other a c c o u n t i n g projects. R M S S e r v i c e s is an equal opportunity employer. We offer c o m p e t i t i v e salaries c o m m e n s u r a t e w i t h backg r o u n d and experience and an excellent benefit package. Send resumes via e-mail to [email protected] , o r fax t o t h e attention of 'The Controller' at ( 9 0 4 ) 695-8895. E.O.E M/F. Please refer to ad # 1219.

CLASSIFIEDS WORK! 1-800-579-7355 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT $ 1 2 - 1 6 . L o o k i n g f o r a professional individual w i t h a minim u m of 3 - 5 years experience as an administrative assistant. M u s t have s t r o n g skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, & Power Point. E-mail r e s u m e s to [email protected]

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Part-time nights & weekends. Busy Real Estate office. Computer & real estate knowledge helpful. Send r e s u m e to: Real Estate One, 3 4 6 N. Lafayette St., S o u t h Lyon, M l 48178 or e-mail southlyon®

A d m i n i s t r a t i v e Assistant • The S o u t h f i e l d C o m m u n i t y Foundation seeks a c o m m u n i - . ty oriented individual t o . s e ) v e as assistant t o t h e Executive Director. T h e position w i l l f^ro^ vide the clerical, secretarial^ administrative and v o l u n t e e r m a n a g e m e n t s u p p o r t required to implement . the F o u n d a t i o n ' s general operations, f u n d raising, grant giving and c o m m u n i t y leadership activities. Fax cover letter and resume t o (248) 7 9 6 - 4 1 9 5 :

BOOKKEEPER/ACCOUNTANT Needed at Crimboli Nursery, 5 0 1 4 5 Ford Rd., Canton, M l 48187.. "Must have knowledge •Itr.-computers (Excel, W o r d , Quickbooks, etc). Full or parttime. ' Caii: 7 3 4 - 4 9 5 - 1 7 0 0 '••• ' F a x : 7 3 4 - 4 9 5 - 1 1 3 1 BOOKKEEPERS WHE. train conscientious people .who are good w i t h figures. M i c r o s o f t Excel experience p r e f e r r e d . F a r m i n g t o n Hiils location. Cail 2 4 8 - 5 5 3 - 8 5 3 4 .

CUSTOMER SERVICE ADMINISTRATIVE ASSOCIATES ASSISTANT Enjoy p e o p l e ? C o m m u n i c a t e w e i l ? Gardner-White is n o w Needed, f o r a h o m e infusjon hiring Customer Service c o m p a n y . Excellent phi^ne Associates at our Southfield skills and excellent w o r l d n g store. .You will be responsible k n o w l e d g e of W o r d , Excel, Access necessary. Full-time, f o r e n t e r i n g orders In our c o m puter- system; verifying inforMon.-Fri. w i t h benefits. cust-omers; Email r e s u m e to: b p e t r o f f ® * m a t i o n •' w i t h answering customer questions . a n d a s s i s t i n g in t h e .sales Fax t o : 2 4 8 - 9 6 0 - 9 1 7 2 ' effort: f h i s is an entry-level Or mail to: v. positiom To qualify you s h o u l d Operations Manager be a b l e l o type 35 w p m end be Critical Care Systems, • available evenings and week4 6 9 9 8 Magellan Dr., Ste 3 0 0 ; ends: College students w e l W i x o m , Mi 4 8 3 9 3 c o m e . A p p l y in person at ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 2 1 1 0 0 West 8 Mile Road, between-Evergreen and Lahser. to $37,000 Plash Bioomfieid Hills f i r m . 3 years Customer Service/ exp. S t r o n g W o r d , Excel andScheduler/ Office Access. Benefits. Full/part-time, Seasonal. DetCail Ginger 5 8 6 - 7 7 2 - 6 7 6 0 ail oriented, fast learner, m u l t i Snelling Personnel Services tasKer, w i t h exc. phone skills. ASSISTANT/ Exc. w/direction/maps. Office/ computer skills required. RECEPTIONIST Westland. 734-564-9193 Self-motivated individual f o r . a progressive chiroprsictifc CUSTOMER SVC. clinic. C o m p u t e r k n o w l e d g e a SECRETARY NEEDED m u s t . Saiary negotiable M u s t be k n o w l e d g e a b l e in Application meeting : M i c r o s o f t office, g o o d c o m Tues. Juiy 2 7 , 1 : 0 0 p m . m u n i c a t i o n s skills, organizaO'Connor Chiropractic Clinic tion-skills, and 4 0 w . p . m . Great 16771 Middiebelt, Livonia benefits,-' 401k. A p p l y w i t h i n 1 2 7 0 0 M e r r i m a n Rd., Livonia. A U T O CLERICAL 734-422-7110 CRESTWOOD DODGE EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATIVE (734) 421-5700 ' ASSISTANT to $57,000 + BONUS-, - 7 - 1 0 yrs exp. s u p p o r t i n g . a director level and BOOKKEEPER a b o v e (V.P. President, CEO Full Charge Bookkeeper,' etc). oStrong M i c r o s o f t Office. S o u t h f i e l d Co. Candidate . Call Barb 5 8 6 - 7 7 2 - 6 7 6 0 m u s t have 3+ years exp'. Snelling; Personnel Services Potential applicants wiil FRONT OFFICE ASSISTANT be tested o n skills. M o n . position;avaiiable full-time f o r -Fri. 8 a m - 5 p m . C o m p e t i ; Farmington Health Care Office. tive salary and full bene-, Fax r e s u m e to: 2 4 8 - 4 7 1 - 6 6 8 2 fits. Applicants fax your, resume to 2 4 8 - 3 5 6 - 3 5 0 9 GENERAL Reorganize h o m e Office. Set up filing s y s t e m s , & streamline clutter. PT/FT. BOOKKEEPER/ S t u d e n t s ok. 2 4 8 - 3 9 0 - S 2 4 1 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Ciawson area. Full time. Detail: GENERAL o r i e n t e d , m a n a g e m e n t e^p OFFICE/CUSTOMER SERVICE helpful. $ 1 4 - $ 1 7 per hr. Fax Builder s exp. helpful. Fax -0; r e s u m e : (248) 5 4 1 - 0 0 7 3 r e s u m e t•o 5 1 7 - 5 5 22-0338.


BUSINESS/ACCOUNTING ANALYST F a r m i n g t o n Hills based t e c h nology company seeks a c c o u n t i n g / b u s i n e s s analyst. Responsibilities include preparation of budgets, review of financial statements, oversee billing procedures, assist in preparation of proposals. College degree with f o c u s o n business or accounting required. M u s t be organized, self-starter w i t h g o o d c o m m u nication and c o m p u t e r skills. 2 to 4 years experience in public a c c o u n t i n g dr business operations preferred. Full t i m e posit i o n w i t h excellent benefit package including 401K. Send r e s u m e a n d salary r e q u i r e m e n t s t o : Business A n a l y s t 2 3 6 8 9 Industrial Park Drive, Farmington Hilts, Ml 4 8 3 3 5

New Alt. Ed. ( 1 6 - 1 9 p r o g r a m s located in Southfield & Hazel hiring the following positions-

REAL ESTATE iS B O O M I N G Excellent C o m m i s s i o n s . Great Training. TIM COURTNEY Oakland/ Livingston area (248) 4 3 7 - 2 6 0 0 DOUG COURTNEY W. Wayne (734) 4 5 9 - 6 2 2 2

Help Wanted-Saies

MORTGAGE LOAN OFFICERS A t t e n t i o n sales p r o f e s sionals; S h o r e M o r t g a g e is e x p a n d i n g ! S e e k i n g selfstarters for Brighton, Canton & A n n A r b o r areas. Join a t e a m w i t h t h e best t r a i n i n g in t h e m o r t g a g e i n d u s t r y . Earn 1 0 0 k , be paid w h a t y o u ' r e w o r t h . W e offer full benefits and a n excellent s u p p o r t staff. T r a i n i n g c l a s s b e g i n s in August.

Shore Mortgage FAX R e s u m e (248)433-0233 Attn: H R / L o a n Officer or Email: c a r e e r s ® (888) 4 6 2 - 7 4 6 7 x 2 8 0

OUTSIDE ADVERTISING SALES Independent Contractors An established newspaper company In s u b u r b a n Detroit needs t w o independent c o n t r a c t o r s t o sell advertising space. This is approximately a four month assignment in eastern Oakland County. Base e x p e n s e c o m p e n sation p l u s c o m m i s s i o n . If y o u are a talented print m e d i a sales p r o f e s s i o n a l looking for a challenge, please s e n d y o u r c o v e r letter and r e s u m e , t o : Observer & Eccentric Box 0943 3 6 2 5 1 S c h o o l c r a f t Rd. Livonia, M l 4 8 1 5 2 Email: o e r e s u m e s ® (Ref # 0 9 4 3 )

OUTSIDE SALES Opportunity w i t h Direct Mail Advertising c o m p a n y f o r m o t i vated sales people. Excellent earnings potential. W o r k close t o h o m e . Outside sales experience necessary. Email r e s u m e t o b h i n e s @ c o u p o n v a l u e . c o m or fax r e s u m e : 5 8 6 - 7 7 7 - 4 1 4 1 o r mail to EMI, 2 8 5 1 0 Hayes Rd., Roseville, M l 4 8 0 6 6 - 2 3 1 4 , Attn: Hines o r call Bob Hines at 5 8 6 - 7 7 7 - 3 2 2 3 ext. 214. PRINT and/or PROMOTIONAL PROD. SALES PERSON Experienced. Expand your p r o d u c t lines. Sell print and promo items. Double the sales, d o u b l e t h e m o n e y . Excellent benefits, retirement, great c o m m i s s i o n rates. Email o r fax r e s u m e to: s a l e s @ r e l l a n c e g r o u p . c o m or Fax 2 4 8 - 4 7 8 - 8 8 5 7 RADIATOR SALES G r o w i n g c o m p a n y in m e t r o area needs inside a n d outside saies rep, radiator sales exp. needed. A p p l y at 3 5 7 9 9 Industrial, Mon-Fri, 8 - 3 p m . Fax r e s u m e 7 3 4 - 5 4 2 - 9 3 0 4 Bea> Estate Time to Change Y o u r Life?

Seeking abitious, career-minded Individuals. Maximize y o u r earning, w o r k with an i n d u s t r y leader. We offer o n - t h e - j o b t r a i n i n g , flexible h o u r s and $ 5 0 , 0 0 0 first y e a r i n c o m e p o t e n t i a l . For m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n , call:

(734)455-7000 £ f l n l a w e las—

Help Wanted-Sales

CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!! Start a new career.

CALL SANDRA @ REAL ESTATE ONE 248-208-2917 £RmI Battle 8br.~ Real Estate

FREE CAREER SEMINAR G e t t i n g s t a r t e d , . . S t a r t up c o s t s ? Potential e a r n i n g s ? Training? S u p p o r t ? C o m m i s sion split? We'll a n s w e r all, these q u e s t i o n s and more. Sat., July 17 @ 10 a m Wed., July 28 @ 6:30 p m Call 734-459-4700 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY Plymouth

Real Estate Openings •Free Trainings •Prime Livonia Location •Full Time •Flexible Hours •Guaranteed Success Program •Unlimited Income Hartford North 734-525-9600



LOOK NO FURTHER If you desire to work in western Wayne county, be with number 1, see our other ad for details. Call Denise Setser 734-392-6000 COLOUJeUL BANKCR a






Schweitzer Real Estate

Resumes and cover letters may aiso be s u b m i t t e d by email: [email protected] Visit our website: EOE

Real Estate A g e n t s

A CAREER IN REAL ESTATE! ALL REAL ESTATE COMPANIES ARE NOT THE SAME If y o u are s e r i o u s a b o u t entering the business and p r o f e s s i o n of Real Estate Sales, y o u o w e it to yourself t o investigate w h y w e are # 1 in the market place a n d best suited t o insure your success. •#1 Rated Franchise System •Continuous Individualized Training •100% Commission Plan • G r o u p Health Coverage •Free Pre-Licensing •Latest Technical Computer Programs Enable You To Have The Competitive A d v a n t a g e • U n s u r p a s s e d Local and National A d v e r t i s i n g Exposure DISCOVER THE

DIFFERENCE Call Jim Stevens or Alissa Nead cOLOuieix



84 LUMBER COMPANY Manager Trainees W e are seeking career-minded individuals w h o are l o o k i n g f o r a career t h a t i n c l u d e s c u s t o m e r service, h a n d s - o n w o r k , g r o w i n g sales, and management.. Manager Trainees earn $ 2 6 k - $ 3 0 k per year, w i t h the possibility of earning $ 5 0 k - $ 1 0 0 k w i t h i n 2 5 y e a r s ! College preferred. No construction knowledge necessary. T h r o u g h o u r paid training, y o u will b e c o m e an industry professional! We offer an excellent b e n e f i t s package in a great w o r k i n g environment. Come see t h e Store Manager on M o n d a y f r o m 7am-10am/2pm-4pm or see Larry Nickoli on Tuesday f r o m 1 0 a m - 6 p m at: 84 LUMBER COMPANY 5600 S. State St. Ann Arbor, M l Fax: 724-228-2888 Email: [email protected] Visit our website: EOE M/F/O/V D r u g Free E n v i r o n m e n t Sales Assistant - new h o m e c o n s t r u c t i o n . Northville area. Dependable & friendly p e r s o n to greet & assist prospective h o m e o w n e r s & assist sales manager. Computer skills preferred. Excellent w o r k i n g c o n ditions, 20-30 hrs. per week. Please fax resume t o (248) 9 3 2 - 3 2 5 5 Sales

Career Opportunity Real Estate Sales Professionals

Find out what a career in Real Estate can do lor you! Attend an upcoming

REAL ESTATE CAREER SEMINAR for information Tues. Aug. 3 r d @ 7 : 0 0 P M Call Tricia to reserve y o u r seat 734-464-6400 or e-mail: [email protected] .biz

Hartford South, Inc.

RETAIL SALES, DIRECT SALES AGENTS, COLLECTIONS EXPERTS & AUTO SALES ASSOCIATES Old Cornerstone Financial, LLC has o p e n i n g s in its Livonia, M l l o c a t i o n f o r Loan Officers. We provide an a g g r e s s i v e c o m p e n s a tion package, benefits, 401K and 4 0 h o u r w o r k week. M o s t importantly, we offer business development leads to tiie Loan Officers We wilt train highly motivated sales professionals to succeed in the mortgage industry. This is an o p p o r t u n i t y of a lifetime to join a c o m pany that recognizes people are its greatest asset! Please fax or email y o u r resume to: Old C o r n e r s t o n e Financial, LLC Fax: 8 7 7 - 2 9 6 - 7 6 0 4 [email protected] com EOE

SALES Real Estate A g e n t

Business Opportunities Sates

Real Estate

General Electric Capital A s s u r a n c e Co.,, a w o r l d leader In long t e r m care i n s u r a n c e p r o t e c t i o n , is experiencing tremendous g r o w t h . W e are looking to fill positions in the g r o w i n g Eastern M l . market. L o n g t e r m care Insurance protection is an expanding specialty market & this o p p o r tunity can provide the right individuals w/competitive c o m m i s s i o n s , leads t o help y o u launch y o u r business & a pathway to future opportunities, if you w a n t to set y o u r o w n goals & be rewarded f o r hard w o r k & creativity, send your resume t o Karen.Erickson® g e n w o r t h . c o m or call 2 4 8 - 3 4 8 - 6 5 7 4 .

Leasing Consultant FOOD SERVICE POSITIONS Eurest C o r p o r a t e D i n i n g i n o w h i r i n g all p o s i t i o n s : p o r t e r s , runners, servers, p r e p c o o k s , utility, grili .cqojc-,- s o u s chef, managers, etc. Benefits. Corporate setfing.Monday-Friday. Days & Evenings. Piease fax r e s . u m e . w i t h c o v e r letter m 3-741,-8700

TRANSCRIPTIONIST A CONTINGENT WEEKEND position is available in o u r busy Radiology Departm e n t . A m i n i m u m of.,one year exp, c o m p l e t i o n of certified-course i n M e d i c a l Terminology ( o r - 4 - y e a r s e x p . as an equivalent)required. M i n i m u m t y p i n g speed of 6 5 w p m . M u s t pass prescribed test.

Noodles & Company, f a m o u s f o r o u t s t a n d i n g service and fresh, healthy global noodle dishes, is hiring Cashiers and Kitchen Staff f o r o u r Northville location. •Great e n v i r o n m e n t •PT Flexible.schedule • B o n u s potential •Meal Plan A p p l y In person at Noodles, 1 7 9 3 1 Haggerty Rd o r call Dawn at 2 4 8 - 3 8 0 - 7 7 7 7 .



Registered Nurse


Breakfast Cook

COOK, ASSISTANT BANQUET CHEF part t i m e . Meeting House -Grand Ballroom, Plymouth. 7 3 4 - 4 1 6 - 5 1 0 0 .

T h e Futures HealthCore, a clinician owned/managed healthcare co, seeks a RN m n g t level. A d d i t i o n a l RN's f o r contingent o p p o r t u n i t i e s in t h e Tri County Area. Call 8 0 0 . 2 1 8 . 9 2 8 0 fax r e s u m e 8 6 6 . 6 5 6 . 6 1 1 1 o r email [email protected]



Excellent egg cook needed Top Pay/Health Ins/401 K

Westland. Recent 1 yr. c o v i nous exp. in medical office a m u s t . Full/part-time, 1 0 - 6 : 3 0 , no w e e k e n d s . S 1 0 / u p . Fax resume: 2 4 8 - 4 7 7 - 7 7 1 3

Full time days, very b u s y Dearborn doctors office. Exp. only Fa.- ; s s u m e to 313-274-8717.



H e i p W a n t e d - M e d Seal

Momentum Lincoln Mercury

We are an 80 yr. o l d Co. located in Livonia, M l w / a c u s t o m e r base of over 1 4 , 0 0 0 n o w interviewing f o r outside Acct. Reps. W e offer H i g h c o m m i s s i o n - flexible h o u r s & u n l i m i t e d a d v a n c e m e n t . Req u i r e m e n t s are: ' P o s i t i v e Attitude "Professional Attire " W i l l i n g n e s s to succeed/excel Caii 7 3 4 - 5 2 5 - 5 6 5 6 for interview SALES REP - outside sales 5 + yrs exp. • construction services. C o l d calling req. Send resume, references & w a g e req. t o i n f o @ h b p r o . n e t / f a x 734-468-5896 The people who work at Saks Fifth Avenue are our greatest asset, essential to our mission of delivering personalized style and expert service. We are seeking dynamic;' highly motivated individuals who are enthusiastic about connecting with our customers.

The following o p p o r t u n i t i e s are available f o r talented individuals at Saks Fifth Avenue, S o m e r s e t W o m e n ' s Designer Sportswear/Salon Sales Cosmetics Sales/ Business M a n a g e r Men's Apparel Sales Visual Staff Piease apply m person at: SAKS FIFTH AVENUE 2901 WEST BIG BEAVER TROY, Ml 4 8 0 8 4 MON. TO SAT. 1 0 - 6 PHONE: 2 4 8 - 6 1 4 - 3 3 0 6 FAX: 2 4 8 - 6 4 3 - 9 1 8 4 Saks offers a variety of scheduled competitive compensation, i n c l u d i n g c o m m i s s i o n in s o m e areas, merchandise d i s c o u n t s , and 401K participation. EOE



Sales/service STUOENTS/OTHERS Good pay, flexible w o r k week, no e x p e r i e n c e n e e d e d , all ages 18+., c o n d i t i o n s exist. 248-426-0633 STORE CLERK Part t i m e retail and bakery e m p l o y m e n t P o s i t i o n includes stocking shelves, cashier and cake decorating. M u s t be able to w o r k days and a f t e r n o o n s including weekends. A p p l y in Thrift Store at A w r e y Bakeries 12301 F a r m i n g t o n Rd, Livonia NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.

Planning a business? Nead heip repairing c r e d i t ? . Budget planning? Call us before going bankrupt W e c a n h e l p even if y o u already have bad credit, o r have already g o n e bankrupt. Trained professionals. Fast reliable service. T 0 L L F R E E 1 8 8 8 - 8 1 0 - 0 1 5 3 Or Email us y o u r n a m e and phone n u m b e r : S t a n d a r d J [email protected]

AAA ATTENTION READERS: Since m a n y ads are f r o m outside t h e l o c a l area, please k n o w w h a t y o u are b u y i n g before s e n d i n g money.

COMPANION & ERRAND SERVICES A t reasonable rates. Call (734) 7 2 8 - 4 2 5 1 SLYLINE CLEANING CO. L i v o n i a & N o r t h v i l l e area. Cleaning - 1 9 0 0 sq. ft. is $60. Call Mable ( 2 4 8 ) 4 7 6 - 4 2 2 9

ALL ADORABLE, AFFORDABLE Openings f o r n e w b b r n s / t o d dlers. P l y m o u t h & Middlebelt Rd. area. Judy, 7 3 4 - 5 2 5 - 4 2 1 9 . CRAFTY CRITTERS DAYCARE Childcare o p e n i n g s f o r all ages. Latch-key & s u m m e r . Irene o r Debbie 7 3 4 - 3 2 6 - 8 8 6 8

CHILD CARE OPENING In R o m u l u s , o p e n 24 hrs. 7 days a w e e k , r e f e r e n c e s . Heidi. 7 3 4 - 3 3 1 - 2 3 0 3 LINDA'S LIL ANGELS DAYCARE Full-time o p e n i n g s , ages 1-5. Meals & snacks, learning! Linda. Canton. 7 3 4 , 4 9 5 - 1 6 1 1

CHILDCARE NEEDED For 3 m o n t h old, 3 days, 9 - 5 p m , in our Canton home. NonSmoker. References required. Jason. 7 3 4 - 4 5 3 - 4 5 4 5 IN HOME • Daycare Provider needed in m y P l y m o u t h h o m e f o r 2 daughters a g e s l O & 8 . 1 4 hrs. per w e e k 6 a m to 8 : 4 5 a m s t a r t i n g w i t h s c h o o l year. Leave message 3 1 3 - 2 6 8 - 7 9 4 9


NANNY PART T I M E f o r 1 sweet c h i i d in our B i o o m f i e i d Hifls home. M o n . t h r u Fri. 3 6 : 3 0 p m . M u s t be loving, non smoker, and have o w n reliable transportation, references. Call Jill days 2 4 8 - 6 4 7 - 2 2 9 9 . NANNY WANTED Northvile location. A p p r o x i m a t e l y 30 h o u r s per week. Call (248) 8 0 8 - 0 6 1 6

Care for children & elderly Part time basis. M o n - T h u r s . days/evenings. References available. 2 4 8 - 5 4 2 - 8 2 2 2 . CERTIFIED C a r e g i v e r / C o m p anion. Will take care of y o u r elderly o r disabled loved one. Transport avail. 7 3 4 - 4 5 9 - 9 1 4 3 VISITING ANGELS W e heip seniors live at h o m e . Up t o 24 h r care & assistance. Call f o r free brochure, 2 4 8 - 3 5 0 - 8 7 0 0

CANVASSORS C o m p e t i t i v e w a g e s t o start based on exp. Call and ask for Jerry (248) 640-3214 W o r k for M i c h i g a n ' s #1 producing CENTURY 21 Firm,

CENTURY 21 Town & Country! • Full-Time Sales Positions! • Flexible Hours • Unlimited i n c o m e Potential • Highest quality new agent training in the industry • State of the A r t 1 8 , 0 0 0 square foot facility Call today f o r y o u r confidential Consultation PAT RYAN [email protected]

TEACHERS - P r i v a t e , K-8 school for gifted children needs FT c e r t i f i e d m i d d l e s c h o o l teacher; FT early childhood coordinator. Exc. benefits. Also, PT K-8 S p a n i s h / f o r eign language teacher; i n s t r u m e n t a l / v o c a l m u s i c teacher. Degree/teaching exp. a plus. Fax resume: 3 1 3 - 5 3 7 - 0 2 3 3 or call 3 1 3 - 5 3 7 - 6 6 8 8 .


BANKRUPTCY House In Foreclosure? G a r n i s h m e n t ? Repo T h r e a t ? Cail Danton & S m y k f o r a FREE CONSULTATION and a FRESH START! Telegraph & 12 Mile. 248-351-9311

5740] Use your, experience in appliance, teievision/video, o r furniture sales t o take the next step in improving y o u r financial position. M o m e n t u m L i n c o l n M e r c u r y Is i n t e r e s t e d in t a l k i n g to salespeople w h o w a n t t o earn $ 5 0 K - $ 1 0 0 K a year. If y o u are currently an autom o b i l e sales person that needs a s t r o n g helpful m a n agement staff to take you f r o m 10 t o 2 0 units a m o n t h , M o m e n t u m Lincoln M e r c u r y w a n t s to talk to you too. W e offer training, benefits, 401K and an industry leading compensation package. If you w a n t to be a part of a w i n n i n g team and w a n t to m a k e t h e m o n e y y o u d e s e r v e t o m a k e , call Elizabeth Kajuia o r Patrick Dunn at 7 3 4 - 2 4 1 - 2 0 6 0 .

Our Classified Department is ready to take your ad at 8:00 a.m. 800-579-SELL (7355)

5200] AVON NEEDS Representatives N o w ' Call 734-522-0993

$3000-$5000 Per Week Potential ANYWHERE! Not M L M . 8 0 0 - 5 1 7 - 8 7 1 9 24 h r s . AAA ATTENTION READERS: Since m a n y ads are f r o m outside the local area, please k n o w w h a t v o u are b u y i n g before sending money.

CLEANING HELP N e e d e d evenings. M u s t be dependable. Livonia area. (517) 5 4 6 - 2 9 6 6

Avon's Calling Exciting opportunity. W o r k o w n hours. Call t o d a y ! 7 3 4 - 3 9 7 - 5 0 5 0 . Email:[email protected]

Janitors - Multiple o p e n i n g s in your, area f o r part t i m e evening cleaning. Needs o w n transportation. Please call 1-800-770-0552

LOOKING to increase my s m a i l vending m a c h i n e business. Only Vendstar. (734) 4 1 4 - 9 9 9 3


eHising Sales The award-winning Observer & Eccentric Newspaper is looking for an enthusiastic, result-oriented saies professional to sell advertising to community retail businesses. The ideal candidate wili have a bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience with at least 2 years of outside saies experience (media experience preferred). Must have own transportation. Do you have a flair for presenting creative sales presentations and know how to close a deal? If you are a highly motivated, self-starter who is also • organized and persistent, you are the talented sales professional we're iooking for. We offer a great work environment and excellent benefits, Please submit resume to: (preferred) email: employ me nt-Soe.. homecomm. net

The Observer & Eccentric Newspapers 36251 Schoolcraft Rd. Livama Nil 4 8 1 5 0 »FAX 734-953-



Observer & Eccentric 1 Sunday, J u l y 2 5 , 2 0 0 4

Place your ad toll free at







Home S Service

H a s

For Sale



an » n r



Garage mill Moving Sale










tawIM iolicSos

Us: o e a d s @ o e . h o m e c o m m . n * E-Mail OBSERVER SALES OFFICE 36251 Schoolcraft, Livonia, Ml 48150


Ileal M e mBent/Lease i *



- ~ S » S E L i .




1 = g € J 3 - §

4U l. in Garden City Ca;i P,,r.. M,skoi! 989-588-31'9

BEVERLY HILLS 2 0 7 5 0 S m a l l w o o d Ct., off 14 Mi., b t w n Evergreen & Lahser. J u l y 3 1 - A u g . 1 . Our f i r s t garage sale ever! Tons of cool stuff at great prices, and aiso s o m e free i t e m s . BLOOMFIELD Upper L o n g Lake Estates. July 29-31, 9 4 p m . Years of treasures and stuff 1 9 4 6 L o n g Point Dr. BLOOMFIELD HILLS July 29*.• -i f b r 1 v ".sud o m e s , toys etc 507b Ct I 5 '"'."

o:wi' i'rankiir; an;: .nksi£: rc BIRMINGHAM Garage Sale - 746 Suffield, Thursday-Friday, 7/29 & 7/30 (8am-3prn). 2 4 8 - 6 4 5 - 2 9 5 2 PLYMOUTH - Moving/Estate Sale - 11740 Beacon Hill Dr., W / S h e i d o n S/Ann Arbor Trail July 29 & 30, 8 a m - 5 p m . Home furnishings, bedroom set. china cabinet, a n t i q u e dishes & more.

CANTON 2 f a m i l y . Lots of t o y s , misc. household. Juiy 29-31, 8-4. 6318 Willow Creek. N. of Ford, W. of Lilley. FREE FIREWOOD Seasoned 3 y r s . (248) 5 9 4 - 6 5 5 8 PICK UP CAMPER A l u m i n u m , bad condition, you pick up, fix it or use for ether reason, Stove & refrigerator. Livonia. 734-323-7263 SMALL BRICK SHRINE Good for outside yard, c h u r c h or cemetery. 7 3 4 - 4 6 4 - 9 4 9 4 x22.

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING In a c c o r d a n c e w i t h the p r o v i s i o n s set f o r t h in Section 4 of Act 207 of the Public Acts of Michigan of 1921. as amended; Section 8 of Act 285 of the Public Acts of Michigan of 1931, as a m e n d e d , and Article XIX and XXIII of Ordinance # 5 4 3 , the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Livonia, as amended, the City Planning C o m m i s s i o n of the City of Livonia will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, August 1 0 , 2 0 0 4 , in the Livonia City Mall, 3 3 0 0 0 Civic Center Drive. Livonia. M i c h i - g a n beainnino at 7:30 n.m. on the following item: Petition 2004-11-06-08 submitted by the City Planning Commission, pursuant to Council Resolution # 3 0 1 - 0 4 , and pursuant to Section 23.01(a) of Ordinance # 5 4 3 , the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Livonia, as a m e n d e d , to determine whether or not t o a m e n d Sections 2.08, 9.08, 10.03 and 11.03 of Z o n i n g Ordinance # 5 4 3 , as a m e n d e d , t o allow m y o massologists (massage therapists) to either open their o w n office, or to w o r k in health clubs, hair salons, day spas, f o r c o r p o r a t e chair massages, o r in a Y M C A within the City limits. The above mentioned petitions will be on file in t h e City Planning C o m m i s s i o n office, 3 3 0 0 0 Civic Centr Drive, Livonia, M l d u r i n g the period of five (5) days immediately preceding the said hearing and may be examined by any and all persons during the normal working hours M o n d a y t h r o u g h Friday. CITY PLANNING COMMISSION J o h n Walsh, Chairman

Wood desk, 7 7 x 3 8 x 2 9 . Pick up 7-28 or 7-29. (248) 3 5 7 - 2 9 9 9

Antiques Bought! Postcards, paper dolls, dishes, p e r f u m e bottles, Shelley b o n e china, military. 248-524-3385 BARBIE DOLL SHOW Aug. 1st. W a y n e Tree M a n o r , 35100 Van Born Rd., Wayne. 1 1 - 3 p m . 55. (734) 4 5 5 - 2 1 1 0 FABULOUS COLLECTOR'S PLATES!!! $499. Many Christmas. Wii! email list. 7 3 4 - 9 8 3 - 9 2 9 9 or [email protected]

DETROIT- 1 8 2 3 4 W i l d m e r e . Clothing store going out of b u s i n e s s . Vintage c l o t h e s , houseware items. J u l y 26 to Aug 1 . 1 - 6 p m . Items $ 1 - 3 . Everything m u s t go! ESTATE SALE Coins, glassware, lots of tools & tool chest, hand-made hooked rug, f u r r i t u r e , moped. House is full! Wed.-Fri., 9 a m 3pm, Sat. 1 0 a m - 1 p m . 4315 Cooper, 1 block E. of W o o d w a r d , S. o*f 14 Mile. ESTATE SALE Fri S Sat, 7/30 & 31, 9 - 4 . 32225 f o l s o m Rd., Farmington Hills ( b t w n Orchard Lake & F a r m i n g t o n Rds., S. of M - 5 ) . A n t i q u e s incl. 1 9 3 0 s d i n i n g r o o m set, kitchen table, brass bed & m o r e , TV's, s o f a s , c h a i r s , dishes, f l a t w a r e & m i s c . household goods.

• ESTATE • SALE Thursday, July 29th Friday, July 3 0 t h 9am Each Day

14125 Newburgh Livonia, Mi LOST & FOUND


Between Five Mile & Schoolcraft R d d . " L o o k Fo r S i g n s " CONTENTS OF RESIDENCE "FILLED TO THE BRIM"

CANTON Garage sale Wednesday July 28th & T h u r s d a y 2 9 t h 9-5. At 4 2 9 0 2 L o m b a r d y Dr. N. of Warren S. of Joy. E. of M o r t o n Taylor W. of Lilley. A n t i q u e s e w i n g machine & chair, Lots of misc. CLARKSTON Thurs-Sat., Juiy 2 9 - 3 1 9 - 5 p m . 6 4 2 5 Pine Knob Rd., S a s h a w b a w & i-75. Home Furnishings, computer, hobby, web: i.html GARDEN CITY Gigantic g a r a g e sale. July 2 9 - 3 1 , I 0 a m - 6 p m . Glassware, pot & p a n s , k n i c k - k n a c k s , linens, Nascars, w o m e n ' s clothes 1 x & up. 1971 Pontiac, Barbie dolls & lots more. 30835 Rosslyn, b e t w Ford & Cherry Hill, E. off M e r r i m a n . LiVDNIA 39201 Plymouth Rd. btwn N e w b u r g h & Eckles. H o u s e h o l d . 1 9 7 0 s Barbie, Party-Lite, dryer, m o r e ! July 29 & 30 10-6. July 31st 10-3. UVONIA 2 0 0 2 9 S t a m f o r d (Fmgtn, S. of 8 Mi, W. on Norfolk). r t u G E 3 FAiviiLY REDECORATING SALE. FURNITURE, h o u s e w e a r s , software, b o o k s / g a m e s , bikes, quality clothes, ect. Fri-Sat, 8 - 6 p m . LIVONIA HUGE! Lots of everything. July 29-31, 9 - 5 . 1 9 3 7 4 S o u t h a m p t o n , E. off Gill, 1 block N. of 7 Mile. LIVONIA Multi-Families sale. 1 5 4 2 2 G o l f v i e w .July 2 9 - 3 0 31, 9-?, . (5 & Levan) A n t i q u e s , c o l l e c t o r s plates, furniture, tools, household i t e m s , c l o t h i n g & more. LIVONIA Wed-Fri., July 28-30. 1 4 7 2 9 R i v e r s i d e , S/5 Mile, between Levan & N e w b u r g h . LOTS OF GOOD STUFF! LIVONIA-1 b l o c k f r o m 5 Mile & Levan. 3 6 2 3 2 Roycroft, FriSun, 9 a m - 6 p m . E v e r y t h i n g m u s t GO! LIVONIA-2 f a m i l i e s . TuesThurs, 9-5, 36981 Dardanella, S/7, E/Newburgh. Clothes, toys, books, games. NOVI: M o n . , Tues. & Wed. July 2 6 - 2 8 , 9 - 5 . Off of Taft, b t w n . 8 & 9 Mile. Go W. o n Gatway to 2 1 8 7 0 Daleview. Furniture, Twin Mattress Set, King Waterbed, newer K e n m o r e Gas Stove, GE Gas Dryer, double j o g g i n g stroller, sit & stand stroller, garage d o o r opener, clothing 25«r

FORD WINOSTAR_1999 SE 42K, new tires, rear Sir. Good cond. $ 9 5 0 0 . 7 3 4 - 8 4 4 - 8 1 0 4

(734) 4 5 5 - 8 7 4 0

HOLIDAY RAMBLER ALUMALITE 1 9 8 8 , 25 f t . , sleeps 6, HVAC. $ 4 1 0 0 . 7 3 4 - 4 2 1 - 0 0 6 4

FLYING SCOT 1999 Like new, m a n y extras, trailer, 2 hp Honda motor. $ 8 , 9 9 5 . (248) 4 4 6 - 0 1 4 6

Trucks for Sale


FOUR WINDS 2000 23A, 20k, Chevy chassis, sleeps 6, clean, $31,5k, 7 3 4 - 7 7 6 - 4 3 2 9 .

NEWMAR 1997 K o u n t r y Aire, 3 8 ' , Ford chassis, Banks, US Gear u/d, a l m o s t all options, exc. c o n d i t i o n . Mo s m o k i n g or pets, $ 6 1 , 0 0 0 . 2 4 8 - 4 7 4 - 3 0 1 1

FORD 1993 E - 1 5 0 h i g h - t o p , conversion, good cond., 1 5 4 K , $ 3 5 0 0 . (734) 5 3 6 - 2 5 9 9

f o * m i l s

Dutchman Light 10th Anniv. ' 9 9 , 4 0 6 0 lbs., 26 ft., sleeps 8. Loaded. $ 8 9 0 0 . 7 3 4 - 4 2 5 - 4 2 7 5

HARLEY DAVIDSON 1999FXSTS, s o f t tail Springer, Aztec o r a n g e / s i l v e r . M a n y extras, m u s t see. Only 2 , 8 0 0 mi. $15,000. 734-721-6781

FORD WINDSTAR 2 0 0 0 , EXT, 5 6 k , f u l l y -loaded. $ 9 0 0 0 . (734) 4 6 4 - 3 9 1 5

DODGE 1999 R a m 1 5 0 0 Quad Cab, 50K, $ 1 1 , 9 9 5 .

DUTCHMAN 5TH WHEEL 2 0 0 1 , 3 5 F t , 2 slide outs, fiberglass wall, 2 bed, 2 bath, extra large frig., & water heater, electric jacks, lots of extras. $19,500. (248) 249-5362

MEMBERSHIP in Walden, W o o d s Resort. Call A f t e r 6pm: 313-535-1556

JUNK CARS & TRUCKS R u n n i n g o r not r u n n i n g . Top Dollar Paid! 3 1 3 - 8 9 5 - 1 4 7 8

CHEVY SILVERADO 1 9 9 9 . S t e p side, 2 w d , am/fm casette, air, m a t c h i n g topper, n e w tires. 17" tires & r i m s $900. $11,500. 313 532-3631

DUTCHMAN 2000 Lite 26 ft., loaded, used 6 t i m e s , $ 8 2 0 0 , After 4 p m 3 1 3 - 2 9 5 - 3 8 1 0

MALLARD 1988 21' Sleeps 6, 74K, air, bath, kitchen. $ 7 9 0 0 . (734) 2 6 1 - 5 4 3 0

CAP - Green fiberglass f r o m 1998 Dodge, 8' box, g o o d cond. $ 2 0 0 . 7 3 4 - 3 9 7 - 2 6 4 8


FQRO F 150 1 9 9 4 , s t i c k , $2800. 313-255-4170 • or 313-520-1104 FORD F-150 XL 2002 5 speed, air, cab, f a c t o r y warranty, 27K, $10,600/best 2 4 8 4 7 1 - 9 4 9 8 GMC 2003 Sierra E x t e n d e d Cab, V - 8 , auto, $ 1 6 , 9 9 5 . BOB JEANNOTTE PONTIAC (734) 4 5 3 - 2 5 0 0 SONOMA 2002 air, 28K, o n l y $ 7 995 B O B J E A N N O T T E PONTIAC (734) 4 5 3 - 2 5 0 0 TOW TRUCK-1989 F - 3 5 0 , Superduty, w / w h e e l lift, V-8 gas, $ 1 5 , 0 0 0 . 3 1 3 - 9 9 5 - 3 1 7 1

CARAVAN 2003 SE, t i l t , c r u i s e , CD, rear air, 5 to choose. $ 1 4 , 9 9 9 & up. DICK SCOTT DODGE 734-451-2110 CHEVY VENTURE LS 2002 5 8 K miles, great c o n d , CD & more. $10,200. 248-202-7256 CHEVY VENTURE 2000. W a r n e r B r o t h e r edition, 76K, warranty, loaded. $ 9 4 5 0 / b e s t . (248) 7 0 5 - 4 6 0 2 Chevy Venture 2000 LS red, ext, 37K, w a r r a n t y , d u a l air, $10,500. 248-375-9002 DOOGE 2003 Grand Caravan SE, 23K, al! f a c t o r y o p t i o n s , $14,995.


Junked, Wrecked or Running. E & M 248-474-4425 Evenings 7 3 4 - 7 1 7 - 0 4 2 8

1980-1997 Class C MOTOR HOMES WANTED. Call Dale, ( 5 1 7 ) 2 3 0 - 8 8 6 5 .

( M

CHEVY S10, 2002 XR2 Package 3 8 K , exc. c o n d . $13,500/best. 7 3 4 - 4 5 5 - 3 3 6 2

COLEMAN POPUP 1995 Sleeps 6 - 8 , awning & screen porch, i n / o u t stove, v e r y g o o d cond. (734) 4 6 4 - 6 1 5 5

14 ft., Triw/trailer, Dan T. 422-7540

CHRYSLER 1975 Haul, 55 hp $ 1 2 0 0 / b e s t . Ask f o r (734)

PROCRAFT 1997, 2 0 5 bass boat. 20.5 ft. 150 hp. M e r c u r y o u t b o a r d , GPS, f i s h finder, d e p t h finder, m o t o r g u i d e t r o l l i n g m o t o r . R u n s great. Very low hours. A s k i n g $ 9 , 5 0 0 o r best offer. (586) 2 0 2 - 8 4 5 5

Cail 1-900-226-9950 $2.19 per minute, $2.19 per call connect fee

Junk Cars W a n t e d



H i l l s

Chrysler-Jeep (734) 4 5 5 - 8 7 4 0

HONDA ODYSSEY EX 2001 Exc. cond. W e i l maintained, 45K. $ 1 6 , 8 5 0 / b e s t . (734) 4 2 2 - 8 1 4 5 MERCURY VILLAGER 1998 1 owner, runs great, clean! 83K, $6,000. 7 3 4 - 5 6 4 - 2 4 8 0 MONTANA 2002 E x t e n d e d A W D , quad captains, leather, rear DVD, $ 1 4 , 9 5 0 . ROGIN BUICK-LIVONIA 734-525-0900

4 Wheel Orive



H i l l s

Chrysler-Jeep (734) 455-8740 F-3501999 - 4x4, low miles, dually, 9 f o o t Fisher s n o w plow, $ 1 8 , 5 0 0 . 2 4 8 - 3 4 7 - 6 0 8 9 RANGER 2082 S u p e r Cab 4x4, $14,995. 8 0 B JEANNOTTE PONTIAC (734) 453-2500 WRANGLER 2002 Sport loaded, m a n y extras, l o w m i . $16,900. 734-578-5346

PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1995 Auto, cruise, t i l t , radio/cassette. $ 3 2 0 0 . (248) 4 7 7 - 9 4 9 6

2 Honda 258EX Sportstrax Under 2 0 hrs., like new, $ 3 , 0 0 0 or both $5700. 248-539-0693

SILHOUETTE 2001 Exc. c o n d . 7 0 K h i g h w a y m i . Original owner. $8250. 2 4 8 - 8 5 5 - 0 4 2 0

Acura 2 6 0 1 MDX T o u r i n g , 39K, black w / tan Ithr, loaded, perfect cond., nonsmoker; $27,900. 248-889-8642

TOYOTA 2002 Sienna CE 1 owner, great c o n d . , new tires, 65K. $ 1 3 , 3 0 0 . ( 2 4 8 ) 8 7 9 - 2 7 0 1 VENTURE 1 9 9 9 LS 4 dr., leather, quad captains, dual air, $ 7 , 9 5 0 . ROGIN BUICK-LIVONIA 734-525-0900

CHEVY 1994 S u b u r b a n 4 x 4 , sharp, leather, d u a l air, loaded! M u s t see! $ 7 , 9 9 5 . BOB JEANNOTTE PONTIAC (734) 453-2500 DURANGO 2001 SLT P l u s 4 x 4 , leather, p o w e r heated seats, 3rd r o w seats, $ 1 3 , 9 9 9 . DICK SCOTT DODGE 734-451-2110 ESCAPE 2003 XLS, full power, 16K, s h a r p , $15,900.

VENTURE 2001 LT 48K, loaded, leather, DVD, clean, $12,000/best. (734) 718-2330

(734) 425-4300

WINDSTAR 1996 GL Clean, 1 0 1 k m i l e s , 1 o w n e r , tan, $3600/best. 734-453-8647

EXPLORER 1997 XL Exc.cond. Air, 4 w d , great tires, r e m o t e start. $ 3 9 9 0 . 7 3 4 - 8 1 2 - 9 6 7 7

WINDSTAR 1996, $ 4 , 9 9 9 . DICK SCOTT DODGE 734-451-2110

Explorer 98, Eddie Bauer Loaded, 83K, moonroof, $7495. 734-455-1430

WINDSTAR 1998 Super clean, 71k, cd/vcr, new tires/brakes. $6,995/best. 734-260-8634

EXPLORER XLT 2004 Brand N e w - Low Mileage. $26,500. 248-865-0862 FORD 2602 Escape leather, m o o n , $ 1 3 , 8 8 8 .

Foa? 1992-2000 HANDICAP VANS WANTED. Call Dale anyday. (517)230-8865. DODGE 2002 Starcraft High t o p Conversion Van, big screen TV, leather, p o w e r rear seat, 20K, c h r o m e wheels, $17,999. DICK SCOTT DODGE 734-451-2110 FORD 1 9 8 7 E150 Conversion van, loaded, 47k mi., i m m a c u late, $5950. SOLD.


H i l l s

Chrysler-Jeep (734) 455-8740 FORD ESCAPE-2001 XLT, 4X4, f u l l y loaded, exe. c o n d . , l o w mileage. (734) 4 2 5 - 1 0 9 9

FAITHFUL Outgoing, compatible SWF, 19, 5'6", who currently is a stay at home mom, enjoys movies, dining and spending special times with an honest, sweet SM, under 30, who is more of a "thug". Ad#:483283 MARRIAGE-MINDED Professional SWF, 50, who enjoys socializing, the outdoors, cooking and more. Seeking a compassionate, caring SWM, 43-52. Ad#;482898 INTERESTED? SBF, 44, enjoys church, plays, good conversation, singing and more...Looking for a SBM, 40-46, with similar interests. Sincere replies only! Ad#:4826l6 ALL MY LOVE' SNAF, 37, who is hoping tc meet a SNAM around the same age. If this is you, call me! Ad#:482471 SOMETHING REAL SWF, 25, blonde hair, blue eyes, bubbly, friendly and easy to get along with. Enjoys computers, movies, good conversation with friends and more. Seeking a SM, who Is honest, trustworthy, humorous and open. Ad#:482193 NOT PERFECT SBF, 38, with two teens, physically .challenged, walks with cane. Seeking relationship with SM, 3858, understanding and special. Ad#:473738 LIFE IS TOO SHORT SWF, 61, medium height, with blue eyes and blonde hair. Enjoys staying active and having fun. Looking for a N/S, SWM, 58-66, who doesn't play head games. Ad#:4200i0 CUTE BLONDE WIDOW I'm 5', 105 lbs., 58, romantic, secure SF, seeking a nice-looking male, 5'7" to 6', slim to medium build, who enjoys dancing, golf, live theater and good conversation. Macomb County. Ad#:403562 LOOKING FOR... ...Fun-loving relationship. 59, 5'2", SWF, brown hair, medium build, good personality. Friendly, compassionate, like to meet a man, 6572, with the same. No games. Someone that l can be fun-loving with and also serious, pretty versatile with going out. Ad#:444245

TAHOE 2003 4 x 4 , rear air, t o w p k g , CD, a l u m i n u m w h e e l s , $23,999. DICK SCOTT DODGE 734-451-2110 TRAIL BLAZER 2062 LT D a r k blue, 4x4, 39K, clean, • $ 1 6 , 0 0 0 / b e s t . (734) 7 1 8 - 2 3 3 0

8300] ALPHA ROMEO 1985 Spyder, 4 3 k mi., exc. cond., silver, 5 speed manual, CA car, n e w roof, $9000. 248-799-3161 BMW -M3- 1 9 9 8 , 4 dr. sedan, 6 8 k , exec, c o n d . , l o a d e d . $18,700. 734-427-6797 BMW 1998 3 2 8 1 - 5 speed, convertible, silver w / black t o p , excellent c o n d i t i o n . H K s o u n d , 27K. $22,500. 2 4 8 - 6 4 4 - 4 3 1 8 CHEVY CORVETTE 2 0 6 2 A u t o , glass t o p , m a g n e t i c red/tan interior, absolute m i n t ! S t o r e d w i n t e r s ! Less t h a n 5 , 0 0 0 miles. $ 3 5 , 0 0 0 . (248) 613-5275 CORVETTE 1994. Red, ragtop, exc. low mi. loaded. $21,000/best.734-397-0845 CORVETTE 1 9 9 9 Pewter, c o n vertible 27K, m i n t . Loaded, $27,000. 248-496-1488 CORVETTE 2001 COUPE- 10K m l . , red, a u t o , w a r r a n t y , Stored winters, flawless! $ 3 2 , 9 0 0 . (248) 6 5 0 - 3 7 2 1 DATSUN 280ZX 1982 T-tops. $ 1 4 0 0 248-231-2673 JAGUAR X J S Convertible, 1993 6 cyl, white/tan, s t u n n i n g southern car, no w i n t e r s , . always garaged, loaded, 6 2 K , absolutely pristine cond. $12,500. 248-398-7666

MERCEDES- 2 0 0 1 E - 3 2 0 , 1 9 K m i l e s , loaded. C o s t $ 5 2 K . Mint. $ 3 5 , 0 0 0 . 2 4 8 - 3 3 8 - 4 5 8 6


BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT SWF, 57,5'4", red curly hair, brown eyes, Enjoys movies, theater, boating, swimming, cooking and time with family. Seeking a SWM, 5579, who is ambitious, spiritual, successful and fun. Ad#:473611

RENDEZVOUS 2002 CX, blue, sharp, $11,995. BOB JEANNOTTE PONTIAC (734) 4 5 3 - 2 5 0 0

GRAND CHEROKEE 1998 LTD loaded, leather, trailer, hi.mi. sunroof, $6900 734-453-7012

Ath-etic. o u t g o i n g . er,erget:c a n d

GOOD-NATURED SWF, 55, 6 T , medium build, college graduate, non-smoker. Enjoys working out, theater, movies, walking and more. Seeking a SWM, 6'3" plus, 53-62, who is well-groomed and professional, for friendship first. Ad#:470261

(734) 4 2 5 - 4 3 0 0

MERCEDES 1998 E320 clean, very good cond., loaded. $19,500. 248-952-1483, 586246-4072.

SWF. 33. s m o k e r , occasional Mrirkpr Ei'irws s w i m m i n g bicycling. works on aquariums Seeking SWM. 28-43 Scu'-d esting? Ad#:485274

HOLD MY HAND @ j f ) SWF, 43, 5 5", with a wonderful personality. My hobbies include camping, walks on the beach, bowling, horses, sports and sunsets. I would like to meet an honest, caring SWM, 35-55. Ad#:481648

MOUNTAINEER 2002 A W D , nice miles, leather, $ 1 6 , 9 0 0 .

GMC YUKON SLT 2001 • Black, loaded, g o o d c o n d , 5 4 K m i . $ 2 1 , 0 0 0 . (248) 6 4 7 - 1 4 4 3


GOOD FRIEND Semi-retired SWF, 59, 5'6", with blonde hair, stays busy. Like home life, family gatherings, dances, fitness. Seeking reliable, good-hearted SM, any age. Ad#:484727

MERCEDES ML320 1 9 9 8 , Silver, V6, Auto, 4 WD., leather, s u n r o o f , aii power, p r e m i u m s t e r e o m u l t i / CD, r u n n i n g b o a r d s , exc. c o n d . , 5 2 K . $15,500 (248) 855-3444

PATHFINDER SE 1995 4 x 4 , 113K, runs flreat. Asking $ 4 5 0 0 / b e s t . (248) 4 7 6 - 5 5 2 9

OLOS SILHOUETTE 2001 ext, loaded, w a r r a n t y , 54K hwy, $10,700/best. 248-647-4320

TOYOTA Sienna 2 0 0 0 XLE, 97 K miles, loaded, t o w i n g package. $ 1 0 , 5 0 0 / O B O . 2 4 8 - 6 2 7 4247

LAND ROVER 2002 - 1 o w n e r , a title, c o m p l e t e s e r v i c e history, $ 1 8 0 0 below black b o o k , only $ 9 9 d o w n . TYME (734) 455-5556

:ien:v SWtv 43 5 9 who enoy. s p o r t s , w o r k i n g out. animals a n d m o r e S e e k i n g an caring w a r m a n d s e n s i t i v e S - 35-50. v ^ n o can carry o n an intelligent c o n v e r sation. A d # : 4 6 8 0 6 5



Place your


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RELAXING TALKS Extravagant SBM, 31, who enjoys working out, softball games, music and shooting pool. Seeking a fun and exciting SF, over 31. Ad#:482397

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p r i n t ad, call 1 - 8 0 0 - 4 8 7 ^ 2 0 3 8

24 h o u r s / / days a week

N O W THERE'S © G R E A T WAYS TO RESPOND TO THESE ADS 1-900-226-9950 $ 2 . 1 9 PER M I N U T E 2 . 1 9 PER CALL C O N N E C T FEE charges w i l l a p p e a r o n yojur m o n t h l y telephone billj SHARE LIFE S8F, 38, 5'2", medium build, kind, loving and communicative. Enjoys reading, picnics, nature, boating, time with friends and family, good conversation and much more. Seeking a S8M, 35-50, who is handsome, religious, pleasant and has similar Interests. Ad#:478614 CUTE Petite, SWF, 51, loves many activities. Seeking a SWM, under 48. Please call me. Ad#:478478 LETS SEE WHAT BLOOMS SWF, 64,5'2", 118lbs. Blonde who is happy and outgoing. Interests are the outdoors, movies and gardening. Seeking a lovable and honest SNAM, 60-70, who is outgoing for companionship and possible relationship. Ad#:477392 GRACE AND ELEGANCE SWF, 50, caring mother, loves life. In search of SWM, 45-55, for friendship possibly leading to longterm relationship. Ad#:476Q66 WHERE ARE YOU? 50 yrs. old, DWF, 5'2', 110 lbs., blue eyes, brown hair. Enjoys music, concerts, outdoors, Harley's, the Bed Wings, dancing, etc. Searching for an honest, loyal, SM to enjoy life, someone who wants to casually date and has a sense of humor. Ad#:403942 RECIPE FOR LOVE SBF, 30, 5'5 - , dark brown hair/eyes. Interests are fun times, watching basketball and wrestling and cooking. In search of SWM, 30-35, tall, dark hair, enjoys a good chef for possible relationship. Ad#:476002 IN GOD I TRUST SWF, 45, 5'5", brown hair/eyes. Interests are Church, afternoon strolls and good conversation. Seeking SWM. 30-65, Christian, enjoys children, who Is honest and caring, for companionship and possible relationship. Ad#:475986 ROAOTO HAPPINESS This family-oriented, outgoing SWF, 32, enjoys scary movies, carnivals and long walks. She Is seeking SWM, 28-40, who Is caring, likes children, down-to-earth and is sincere for a relationship. Ad#:475521



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CHECK ME OUT Loving, loyal and down-to-earth SWF, 37, with long bionde hair. Seeking a taller man, 5 plus, secure within himself, over 25. Ad#:474958 FRIENDS TO START M SWF, 4 7 , 5 5 ' attractive, employed, bionde, is seeking SWM, 42-50, for a fun relationship that may lead to more. Ad#:446329 BROWN EYED LADY SWF, 5'4", 48, enjoys barbecued ribs, funny movies, page turning books. Desires SWM, N/S, 40-55, that I can look up to, who can make me laugh, is sort of handsome and secure in finances and self. Ad#:473551 A COMPANION SBF, 48, professional, full-figured. Enjoys concerts, time with family, travel, walking and more. Seeking a SM, who is open, honest, loving and reliable. Ad#:473235 COMPANIONSHIP Classy, blonde, WWWF, 65, 5'3", 120 lbs., who enjoys dining out, golf and travel. Searching for a SW, gentleman, 65-72. Ad#:473072 GOAL-ORIENTED SWF, 29, 5'9", With bluish green eyes and a full figure, interests are fishing, camping, swimming and much more. In search of a SWM, 26-37, for friendship to start, that can lead into a long term relationship. Ad#:471960 SHY, BUT OUTGOING § j ]


SWF, 42, petite, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Interests are the outdoors, working out, gardening, etc. Searching for an attractive, fit SWM, 35-47, who has similar Interests, with good morals. Ad#:418148

NEW TO THE ADS Loving, reliable SBF, 21, 5'2", 150 lbs., caramel complexion. Enjoys basketball, football and more. Looking for a confident SBM who knows what he wants out of life. Ad#:471866 ENJOY LIFE M SWF, 37, 5'7', with blue eyes and brown hair. Interests are time with her children, camping, basketball, golfing, music and concerts. Looking for a SWM, 30-45, who is fun to be around. Ad#:444655 ALWAYS SMILING SWF, 4 4 , 5 7 ' , with brown hair and hazel eyes. Interests are swimming, shopping. NASCAR, fishing and much more, in search of a SWM, S ' H ' - S T 34-50, who Is honest and trustworthy. Ad#:468434 WHATS IMPORTANT TO YOU? SWF, 56, 5'6", average build with brown hair & eyes, interested in gardening, dancing, swimming, cooking & romantic evenings. Looking for an honest, faithful SWM, 51-60, with great eyes, who loves children and intelligent conversation. Ad*:469108 AWESOME COOK! Fun loving, outgoing SWF, 44,57", brown hair and green eyes, loves to laugh. My hobbies include travel, swimming, boating and shopping. I'm searching for an honest, loving, outgoing SWM, 34-52, 5'11 - -6'2', with a husky build. Ad#:469027 READ THIS! SWF, 32, 5'7", enjoys long walks, roller blading, biking, good conversation and motorcyclas. She is searching for a sincere, attractive, financially secure SBM, 26-37, no drugs and no games! Ad#:469008


Call 1-900-228-9950 $2.19 per minute, $2.19 per call connect fee SOAR WITH ME M 1 am a SWM, 60, pilot who enjoys sand and sun, beaches, warm weather, flying, travel, flying, etc. I would like to meet a SF, 48-58, in the White Lake area. All calls returned. Ad#:48l076 ALL AROUND GUY SBM, 26. 6'3", 275 lbs., pretty smile, straight teeth, student, with vehicle. Seeking SF, under 40, to spend time with. Ad#:497132

A REAL MAN SWM, young 53, long brown hair, 5'9", 165 lbs., semi-retired, N/S. Seeking a nice-looking AF, 21-35, who is non-materialistic and marriage-minded. Ad#:495677 GOOD CATCH Kind, warm, sensitive SBM, 39, 5'9U, enjoys many interests. Seeking a well-read, balanced SBF who knows herself. Ad#:495635 YOU AND ME SWM, 35, 5'11", 175 Ids., outgoing, likes meeting new people in the area. Seeking educated SF, under 55, who knows who she is. For dancing, drinks and much more. Ad#:485057 YOUR OPENING LINE f H


Amusing, easygoing SWM, 33, 6', medium build, with brown hair and eyes. Likes going places. Desires to meet likeable SF, 18-35, open, and no hang ups. Ad#:484159 BIG HUGS SWM, 54, 5'11", enjoys dining, shooting pool, good movies and quiet times at home together. Looking for an accepting SF, 18 plus. Ad#:473348

HARLEY WILL TRAVEL •Seeking adventurous woman, under 55, for fun times with this SWM, 54, who has a Harley bike. Ad#:496428

WAITING FOR YOU Single white male, 29, 155 lbs., blue eyes, self-employed, outgoing, interesting, intelligent. Likes fishing, seeking single female, 2435, career-oriented. Ad#:481711

WAtiNA FALL IN LOVE? M Well-built, 5'9", 185 lbs., 38 yearold SWM, very hardworking, likes to have fun and enjoys quiet times with that special woman. Looking for an honest, trustworthy SWF, 25-45, for dining out, movies and dancing. Ad#:442480

TRUSTWORTHY SWM, 55, tall, financially secure and loyal. Enjoys water skiing, boating, motorcycles and more. Seeking a SWF, under 50, for a possible relationship. Ad#:447049

WHY NOT? Divorced, slim white male, 5 9 , 6 T , enjoys outdoors, gardening, working in the house, the water and much, much more. Searching fora slim white female, family oriented, for friendship and possibly mors. Ad#:403951 MILK CHOCOLATE Charming, outgoing SBM, 25, 6', 160 lbs., light complexion. Interests include basketball, friends and culture. Seeking a SBF, under 32, with a great sense of humor. Ad#:495724



A COMPANION SWM, 32, 5'9', 170 lbs., brown hair and eyes. Seeking a SF, under 40, for a long term relationship. Ad#:482287 ALL MY HEART Outgoing, nice, SBM, 27, who enjoys basketball, classic cars and more. In search of caring, sincere, SBF, 21-35. Ad#:482276 EASY TO TALK TO! Single white male, 45, 6'2", 209 lbs., muscular, athletic, brown hair, blue eyes, clean cut, degree, never married, no dependents, outgoing personality, enjoys roller blading, working out, etc. Seeks a friendly single female. Wayne County Ad#:404066 LIFE'S BETTER SHARED M White male, dentist, 6', 173 lbs., 54, very successful and attractive. Seeking white female 38 to 53,5'4' plus, slim, non-smoker, very attractive and physically fit, who loves fine dining, travel, cuddling and seeks a best friend. Ad#:403950

LOOKING FOR ME? I am a SWM, 28, 5 9", with dark hair/eyes, outgoing and fun to be around. I like playing guitar, fishing and outdoor sports, and am looking to meet an attractive SF, 18-38. Ad#:481886

Bob decides to call 1-800-487-2038 to respond to this ad: rue best fg m .

Wliiie or the phone, Soli discovers 10 other women that match his search


WHO ARE YOU INSIDE? WWWM, 48, 5'tO", 200 lbs., with brawn hair/ayes, and a mustache. I'm fun to be with and enjoy biking, ilve concerts and nature walks. I am in search of a SWF, under 65, who is happy with herself and wants to share time together. Ad#:481479 TO HAVE AND HOLD SWM, 23, dark hair, shy, sensitive, loves outdoors, long walks, shooting pool, fun activities. Seeking SWF, enjoys skyline, holding hands, for companionship, possible relationship. Ad#:481127 SEIZE THE DAY Energetic SWM, 4 5 , 5 1 0 M 7 0 lbs., blonde hair, blue eyes, with varied Interests. Seeking talented, fun SWF, 30-40, who likes outdoors, Ad#:481086 EMPTY HOUSE SWM, 54,6', 200 lbs. Loves keeping fit and eating healthy. Seeking SFwlth similar values and loves life for a relationship. Ad#:480753

THE TIME OF MY LIFE Laid-back SWM, 57,6', who enjoys video games, sci-fi, art fairs and antiquing. Seeking an energetic, humorous SF, under 50. Ad#:482880

FIND OUT MORE SWM, 55, soclal-drlnker. Enjoys theater, fine dining, music, festivals, camping and more. Seeking a SF, under 63, who is gentle, loving, kind-hearted, compassionate and pleasant. Ad#:480488

M-Male, B-Biack, El-East Indian, F-Female, C-Christian, W-White, A-Asian, S-Single, WW-Widowed, N/S-NonSmoker, NA-Native American, H-Hispanic -

He's looking for m attractive woman 30-40 yeans o i l

SPECIAL TIMES AHEAD This quiet and easygoing, SWM, 40, is seeking an outgoing and humorous, SWF, 32-40, who shares similar interests with me, such as sports, traveling and riding motorcycles. Ad#:481989

SWM, 52, with brown hair and a mustache. Enjoys dining out, the outdoors, etc. Looking for a SWF, 40-53, who is looking for a longterm relationship. Flint area. Ad#:420370

Q u e s t i o n s ? C o n t a c t C u s t o m e r S e r v i c e • c a l l 1 - 8 6 6 - 2 8 1 - 2 9 7 6 . H o u r s : Mon.-Fri., 9 a . m . - 1 0 p . m . EST o r v i s i t u s online a n d c l i c k CONTACT U S t o s e n d u s a n e - m a i l . C u s t o m e r S e r v i c e provide d by DRMOC.

Hem s hod.

A NEW START SWM, 22, 510", dark hair, green eyes, 175 lbs., outgoing and humorous. Enjoys sports, music, movies, going out with friends and more. Seeking a SWF, under 26, who is honest, outgoing, kind hearted and fun loving. Ad#:480407

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PORSCHE BOXSTER 2002 9K, take o v e r lease, $ 5 3 0 / m o no $ down. 248 207-7153 SUBARU FORESTER S 1998 82K, auto, exc. conO. $ 8 6 0 0 (248) 8 5 1 - 3 5 1 7

Corvette 84 Like new, loaded, 5 5 K , $ 8 0 0 0 f i r m . Dream cruise ready! 7 3 4 - 3 9 7 - 8 2 5 8 . ELCAMINO 1987 34K, s h o w r o o m new, $10,200. (248) 2 4 5 - 1 4 2 1 ELDORADO'S 1983, 2 s o u t h e r n cars, needs repair. $2300/best. (248) 4 2 6 - 9 8 1 2

CADILLAC Coupe de v i l l e CONVERTIBLE 1968 Blue, w h i t e leather, runs g o o d . Needs minor repair. S4900/best. (734) 4 2 7 - 6 1 8 3

FORD GALAXY 1965 - 390, black/black, 69K miies, original p a i n t $3900. (248) 3 4 7 - 6 0 8 9

CHEVROLET CAPRICE 1975 W h i t e c o n v e r t i b l e . V8. exc. cond. $ 8 5 0 0 2 4 8 - 5 4 5 - 1 3 9 1

1936- Marlene Kit, by Classic Roadsters, never assembled. Rolling chassis w / rebuilt Ford 302 V8 and C3 Automatic. Wire wheels. M o v i n g forces saies. $9000/ best. 734-453-9031

Chevy Standard 1936 Coupe Original, 6 cylinder, 3 speed, V6C, $9500. 248-524-4667

MUSTANG 1968 2 d o o r coupe, straight 6, $5000. (734) 7 0 9 - 8 9 4 1

MUSTANG 1979 "Dream Cruise Classic' 2 dr, all original, 4 spd manual, 12K actual mi, stored since 86, car cover, $5800. 734-422-3833

CENTURY 2000-2003, 7 to choose f r o m , price f r o m $6,990. ROGIN BUICK-LIVONIA 734-525-0900 LESABRE 1999 4 door, 3 7 k , dark b r o n z e , leather, f u l l y equipped, superb cond. & value, $ 8 9 0 0 . 2 4 8 - 6 6 1 - 0 5 4 6 .

INTEGRA 2000 GSR- Exec, c o n d . , w h i t e / b l a c k leather, coupe, 4 cly., 5 speed, ac, p o w e r s e a t s / w i n d o w s , tilt, cruise, abs, m o o n r o o f , cd, alarm, tint. $14K/best. 586-344-0531

A4 1998 V6, 5 speed, all power, 50k, always garaged, mint, $13,900. 2 4 8 - 3 7 3 - 0 4 9 6

LESABRE 2001 Custom, loaded, 1 owner, only 1 0 , 0 0 0 miles, $ 1 3 , 9 5 0 . ROGIN BUiCK-LIVONIA 734-525-0900

kmtownlifexom LESABRE 2003 Limited, Celebration Edition, c h r o m e wheels, leather, loaded, 6 , 0 0 0 miles, $21,890. ROGIN BUICK-LIVONIA 734-525-0900



LESABRE 2003 Silver, 26K, cloth trim, $12,995 BOB JEANNOTTE PONTIAC (734) 453-2500

SEVILLE DHS 2000. - C r i m s o n Pearl, neutral leather, excellent appearance & mechanical condition, 44K, $ 1 7 , 0 0 0 (248) 6 4 4 - 6 3 6 6

ROADMASTER 1992 W a g o n Classic, V - 8 , s h a r p o n l y $6 995 BOB JEANNOTTE PONTIAC (734) 4 5 3 - 2 5 0 0

PARK AVENUE 1994 Ultra. 3 . 8 L s u p e r charged, loaded, 108k. $ 3 8 0 0 . 7 3 4 - 7 2 8 - 3 6 6 4 PARK AVENUE 1994 Ultra, m a r o o n , leather, loaded, 1 owner, 6 5 , 0 0 0 miles, $ 7 , 9 5 0 . ROGIN BUICK-LIVONIA 734-525-0900 PARK AVENUE 2000 dark blue, o n e owner, $ 1 2 , 9 9 5 . BOB JEANNOTTE PONTIAC (734) 453-2500 REGAL 1989 GRANSPORT, Exc. c o n d . , 136k, loaded, $2300. 248-345-2787.


A Value Of Up To $ 8 7 . 0 0

SEDAN DEVILLE 1993 - 140K, mechanicaliy sound, good cond. $3500. 2 4 8 - 6 2 6 - 8 4 2 3 BROUGHAM 1990 Elegante, 1 owner, Florida car, white w / n a v y rag t o p , w h i t e leather interior, loaded, w i r e wheels, w e l l maintained, m u s t see! $ 3 , 5 0 0 o r best offer. (248) 9 0 1 - 0 2 7 6

PACIFICA 2 8 0 4 silver, 1 4 K , o n l y $21,995.

M O N T E C A R L O 2 0 0 3 LS, oaded, 1 owner, m u s t see! $14,950. ROGIN BUICK-LIVONIA 734-525-0900

CAVALIER 2001 2 9 K , $7,995. BOB JEANNOTTE PONTIAC (734) 4 5 3 - 2 5 0 0 IMPALA 2000 - Loaded, all pwr, very clean, 73K, looks great, $ 6 2 9 5 . ( 2 4 8 ) 8 8 5 - 0 4 1 2






(734) 4 5 5 - 8 7 4 0


Z-34 COUPE 1992 S h o w car quality, 6 0 k , black, 18° c h r o m e wheels, $ 6 , 9 7 5 . 7 3 4 - 9 5 3 - 1 3 0 4

PT CRUISER 2004, 9 0 0 p miles, $13,999. , p DICK SCOTT DODGE 734-451-2110 ... 1

CLASSIFIEDS WORK! 1-800-579-7355

SEBRING 2004 C o n v e r t i b l e GTC, 9 0 0 0 m i l e s , leatbej;, p o w e r seat, $17,999. ' ; DICK SCOTT DODGE • 734-451-2110 . £

MALIBU 2003 4 dr., 29K, w o n ' t last, $ 9 , 5 8 8 .

DEVILLE 1996 b l a c k / b l a c k leather, chrome wheels, 6 0 , 0 0 0 miles, $ 7 , 9 5 0 . ROGIN BUICK-LIVONIA 734-525-0900


H i l l s

Chrysler-Jeep (734) 4 5 5 - 8 7 4 0



Drive awa with wheel d
. a' a.. iTiM'i' r.Tit, po/^er wrxKws tff iX'v'vSr s>oro ars. sctws sec crT-emcry pecK #4T815 Wa r * 2 * " " *




1 - y


nan •Plus WitHie.des&iation. includes all rebates to deatomi«qualfyforA£


V:Z r

A Value Of Up To $ 8 7 . 0 0



.300 2WD 2000, silver, leather, mint, 58K, : $18,800. 248-661-4518





cylinder, low miles, nice car, $4,995.

(300 2001 Exc. cond., 4 and new tires, moving, l i t sell. 734-981-9295

GRAND PRIX 1998 3.8 Liter, 122K, new brakes, tires, CD. $3950. (586) 904-5425 GRAND

(734) 425-4300 M Y S T I Q U E 1 9 9 8 6 cyl, loaded, 76,500 h w y mi. Moonroof, CD. $4500. 248-478-9486


jtTINENTAL 1998, black, HHJjier, $6,995. BOB JEANNOTTE PONTIAC — {734) 453-2500 70K, S ^ e r / g r e y . New items & extras. $5300. (734) 905-4185 CAR



Sable - Brand new engine, new breaks, no rust, 30K. 248-684-2825, after 6pm. SABLE




DOHC, 101K, sunroof, cd. Exc. cond. $4500. 248-561-9316 TRACER 1993 5-spd. radio, new tires, $750 - 248-689-7339

JEANNOTTE PONTIAC (734) 453-2500

JTA 1994 • Convertible. cond. 28K mi. 5 speed. 500. (248) 546-0595

-Geugar 1999, super cond. tires and clutch, must 8§e! You'll be impressed. SfaOO/best, 734-777-9546 CQDGAR 1995 newer 3,8, SfcSh, -112K, $3,400 or best. 2 ® ) 274-9686

JGAR XR7 1990 Loaded, eH&! cond., Navy 68K. Sftfet Deal! (734) 427-3906 MARQUIS



very clean, low miles, $6,900.





R a m



speed, 46K, $19,995. BOB JEANNOTTE PONTIAC (734) 453-2500

VUE 2003, 27k miles, Black, sun roof, 28. mpg, pw/pl. $13,000. (734) 834-5801






3 3 E exc. cond, leather. Loade&SlljOO. 734-765-1310 MARQUISE


exc. cond. $6500. (248) ^ 1 7 1 1 after 6 pm. -for sale Navy, low mi, new $9000. 248-553-3199, 4pm

SFTFTRQUIS G S - 2 0 0 0


1998 Conv., exc. cond., 62k, Sr owner, garaged, $5,500. 248-349-2593


1995 IE Sunroof, leather. 4 cyl.. good cond., 1 owner. $5200. 248-644-0486



Sharp, $3699 TYME (734) 455-5566


N e w





75K, auto, 4 dr., loaded, runs exc. $1650. (248) 486-6383 FORD





1988, Black, 4 " x 4 , 2.8 litre, run good, clean body. $1500/best. (734) 513-5840 . BLAZER

' & Eccentric

4 dr, 81K miles, clean, $1250. 734-464-1073

Landau, 4 door, 4 cyl: auto, cold air, grandma's car, exc. cond., $1,400. 586-549-6892

GRAND MARQUIS (2) 1987, runs/good, looks ok, bad trans. 1989 great body/interior, good trans, bad motor. 2 new tires, lots of good parts. Both=$1000. (313) 218-1248

Elderado 1989 - .82,000 miles, remote starter. S1800/best. 734-525-0412

Mercury 1986 Lynx 87K miles, runs great, $1500/best offer. 734-326-4093


A word to the wise, f when looking for a great deal check the



brakes, body good cond. High highway miles, $2000. 248-390-7819

NISSAN 1985 300 ZX. Runs but needs work. $700 or best offer. (313) 550-4852 OLDS 1988 Tornado 165k,jj/c, loaded, runs/iooks-' ^ o o d , clean. $875. 248-363-1435


roof, runs great, looks great. $5000. 248-553-2586 CABRIQ-1996 Cinnabar, 1 owner, 4 cyl, air. 80K, new top. $9,500. (734) 495-1721

1998, GT, 4 Door, loaded, great cond. $4100. (248) 210-9631



Saturn 1994 SL1,4 dr, 5 sp manual, 123K,ABS,a/c,pd, pw. $1800/best. 734-427-1044 For t h e best a u t o classifications check out the Observer & Eccentric Newspaper. "It's all a b o u t RESULTS!"


2001 GXE Special Edition, exc cond, 26k, loaded. $10,500 734-394-1874

2002 fully loaded, just in off lease, 1st $5500 takes. TYME (734) 455-5566 ALERO


s j


b j f

Warranty, sunroof, spoiler, loaded. 45K. $11,900. (734) 422-1973 GLS




Monday & Thursday 9-9; Tuesday, Wednesday Friday 9-6

Aurora 1997 Loaded, black, moonroof, CD/Cass., leather, heated seats, new tires & air. 183,000 hwy. mi. $4,000 OBO. 517-546-8495, carfax avail.

j MJA6624JW


Cutlass 72' Conv, mint, appraised @ $17,500, asking $16,000 o.b.o., 734-422-6101. INTRIGUE




gundy, 45k, loaded, leather int., $10,975. 734-455-8870

9 Extra Far Your Trade-In


Loaded, maintained, exc. q f i n j j „ $ 4 8 0 0 , 248-217-7593





(734) 425-4300




leather, loaded, $11,999. DICK SCOTT DODGE 734-451-2110


Loaded, recent brake work. $1400/best. 734-383-3545




S L 2 2 0 0 0 4 Dr., air, Auto, CD, 1 owner, ps, am-fm stereo. Very clean. Non-smoker, approx 4 3 0 0 0 miles. Must sell, leaving country. $6700. 734-459-5087

TRANS AM 1 9 9 4 White w/white wheels, tan leather, t-tops, loaded. 63K, exc. cond. $8595/best. (248) 489-9009

Corolla 2 0 0 0 Exec, cond., 47K, 5 speed, air., fully equip $ 7 5 0 0 / 0 6 0 . 248-647-7841

86K, black,

CAR 1 9 9 6 ,

leakier 34 195




SL2 1995- 73k, great condition, gold, 5 speed, everything works, $2,500. 734-377-6616




leather, loaded, sharp, $11 995 BOB JEANNOTTE PONTIAC (734) 453-2500 GRAND

CONTINENTAL 1997, looks /runs great, 1 3 3 k miles,


sunroof, CD, clean, well-maintained, $4200. After 5pm. (734) 591-1133.

Bonneville 2 6 0 0 S L E Leather, loaded, 57K miles, exec, cond., $10,880. 248-478-1230


i mm mam mmmmmtat

AM 2002 SE, burgundy, 29K. $11,995. BOB JEANNOTTE PONTIAC (734) 453-2500 2000-04,



choose, loaded, low miles, starting at $7,950. ROGIN BUICK-LIVONIA 734-525-0900



AWD on demand, leather, moonroof, CD, htd seats, 6 disc CD chngr, Michelin tires, prem. alloys & more!

Automatic, air, power w i n d o w s & locks, cruise, til wheel, AM/FM/CD, alloy wheels & much more.












Visit our



Suburban Acura • 1-800-968-0014







Member of The Suburban Collection

make the choice

1/4 Mile West of Wonderland Mall




30777 PLYMOUTH RD. LIVONIA Michigan Ave., Dearborn







c - V v

1 per customer • expires 7-30-04



I Auto, air, pwr windows & locks, 118" aiioy wheels & tires, custom ! ground effects, six disc in-dash ! CD, power m o o n & more!

Conveniently located on Haggerty Rd North of Grand River Farmington Hills, MI 48335 Showroom Sale Hours: Mon. &Thurs. 9-9 Tues., Wed. & Fri. 9-6

48 mo. lease,totaldue S3S00. (Ind. 1st payment & SO security Payment plus tax,totaldue, plus license. On approved credit through preferred source. Must take delivery iry from dealer stock. Prior sales excluded. Picture may not represent actual vehide. Expires 07/30/04.

Offer g o o d on GMAC leases exp. 8 / 1 / 0 4 - 5/S1/0 u m s t p n


1 A C • PONTIAC^ • P O N T I A C • P O N T I A C - P O N T I A C 2004 AZTEK



2004 VIBE

Air, auto trans, p w r locks, pwr w i n d o w s , tilt, A M / F M & CD. Stock #040596

Air, 4-speed auto, tilt, cruise, p w r drivers seat, PW, PL, 3.8 V-6, a l u m wheels, A M / FM/CD.Stoek # 0 4 1 2 5 1

4-speed auto, air, tilt, p w r wind/locks, alum wheels, A M / F M & CD. Stock# 041099

Auto, air, p w r locks, A M / FM,CD, tilt & m u c h more. Stock # 0 4 0 6 4 4

H 6,771 24 Mo. Lease **

24 Mo. Lease **

mo. $ 1 9 9 5 " Due At Lease Signing

24 Mo. Lease

mo $1995** Due At Lease Signing

24 Mo. Lease **



24 Mo. Lease


$1995** Dee At Lease Signing


24 Mo. Lease


Due At Lease Signing

36 Mo. Lease **




i f v


36 Mo. Lease **


$1995** Due At Lease Signing I $1995** Due At Lease Signing


$1995** Due At Lease Signing

$1995** Due At Lease Signing



V-6, p w r w i n d o w s , locks, tilt, cruise, pwr seat, mats, auto, air and more. Stock # 0 4 4 5 0 6

36 Mo. Lease **

36 Mo. Lease **

24 Mo. Lease

Due At lease Signing

mo. $1995**

Due At Lease Signing

Leather, p w r seat, air, auto, A M / F M CD, p w r w i n d o w s , locks, i t , cruise and m o r e . S t o c k # 0 4 4 3 5 6

24 Mo. Lease


mo. $1995**

3 8 0 0 V-6, auto, air, p w r w i n d o w s , locks, tilt, cruise, A M / F M CD. Stock # 0 4 4 3 2 3

Auto, air, V-6, p w r windows, locks, tilt, cruise, A1WFM CD, & m u c h more. Stock # 0 4 4 5 0 3

36 Mo. Lease **

mo. $1995**

36 Mo. Lease **


Sue At Lease Signing

$1995** Sue At Lease Signing

mo. $1995** Due At Lease Slonins

GMC T R U C K • G M C T R U C K • G M C T H I C K • GMC T R U C K • C M C T R U C K • G M C T R U C K 2004 GMC ENVOY 2004 YUKON 4x4 Auto, air, CD, 2.8 engine & more. Stock # 0 5 5 3 9

SLE pkg., p w r w n d w s / l o c k s , keyless entry, CD, trailer pkg. & m o r e ! Stock # 0 4 5 5 7 1

m 36 Mo. Lease **

36 Mo. Lease **


W / T pack, air, locking differential, 4.3 V-6 & m u c h more. Stock #045603


36 Mo. Lease

36 Mo. Lease **


mo. M

| $2221** Due At Lease Signing | $ 2 2 4 3 " Due At Lease Signing | $1995** Due At Lease Signing [ $1995** Due At Lease Signing

i JEANNOTTE 14949 Sheldon Road •

(734) 453-2500 m

$1995** Que At Lease Signing


(between M-14 & 5 Mle Road) • •Plus tax. title, licenss. I

SLE Pkg., p o w e r w i n d o w s , locks, ' keyless, cruise, 5.3 V 8 , 3 r d r o w seat & more! Stock # 0 4 5 4 4 8

36 Mo. Lease **

mo. $1995** Due At Lease Signing

36 Mo. Lease **

mo. $1995** Due At'Lease Signing

mo. $1995** Due At Lease Signing

Hours: Mon. & Thurs. 9-9 ¥ P O N T I A C Tues., Wed., Fri. 9-6



s ifBludsd where applicable.

i approved credit, 12.WG miles per year w/20c excess r • at lease signing is plus tax, title and license. With approved creiit through is. Security Deposit subject to lease loyalty on select Models. GMS Employee /family member must give authorization number. Certain vehicles mist finance thru GMAC t See dealer for details.

Ann Arbor Rd

G M C GM Employees * QMS • GM0 PEP Suppliers Welcome

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Four door, five speed Mdl. #cm5534plw/Stk. #133531

Stk. #872961 #943572

test mummnm siAir conditioning, CD, power windows, cruise control. Stk. #575438





VPhjs^.Ws.p^.8 8- - 3 5 3 - 1 3 0 0 M o n . & T h u r s . 8:50-5:15; Tues., W e d . , F r i . 8:30-6:15 ' "fi'us fa< We p&'es destination & rebate :

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28101 Titer a J M J

2 4-88 - 3 5 3 - 1 3 6 0

M o n . & T h u r s . 8:30-9:15; IXies., W e d . , F l l . 8 : 3 0 - 6 : 1 5

39 & 48 montfiieeses based on approved cietk 7cl3idije$l995a*cepi Afoma and Armada MkI *s&995 total due All leQalesio dealer Sate e31/V4

Sale ends 7/31/04.

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Trustee hopefuls air views Grub Crawl delights Canton - Last modified

Your hometown newspaper serving Canton for 30 years S 2 r \ 4 CANTON SUNDAY July 25,2004 75 cents VOLUME 3 0 NUMBER 7 Ruth Riiey of the Detroit Sh...

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