U - There are a few of

Shell museum fund raising crests at $500,000; Raymond Burr returns 'onnerly malacologlst with Smithsonian In-j By Max Fricdcrsdorf Staff Ur.frr „ Fund nlsirij* momentum fur the r cw. 0 ii k> Miitthiut bhell Museum on S inlbcl Is limi li isticst d ibo\c tin. $500 000 « irk Ktordinj, to i n innaunremcnt to en thusl-istir supporters by Bo mi Ch ilnn m

Will'im f- IHIlstud 111 ofsinthrl

Hit drun ltfc milestone in Hit M 2*5 mi! lion drl\e wis disclosed last Saturdiv tvLiiin^ during i b i n q m t n the Sonesti S->nibtl Hotel utcndelb\ ISO stiuTklTsuppo lerstiflru. nui stnm 11 iHste i d s tncour^ing report cliiii-wtd i Uitk tif various activities on bih ill of iht inn i urn fund m^inri L,O \\ fc iturmg i sctuti • \i U t o S n b e l i m i r i p U \ i l j \ the ruirovniri ttlLM^lon ictor Kivnioi d Bun '.ho jiorii u s

>i st n i d Iro isidrs r I (ift i ed md enthusi isiir 1 long f J i Du r ?ust I R i Rtivt toie In his pi> sitioi r horn r iry cu (li in i n with his IUIKJ r ttsing effr rls, El ir r pild in i npoi* ui! \isii to thr is! mds ! ist sninimr to in u .,( i i f tin d m r p n n u s i 11« to rtturn thib J in i in n d titd his tiif'i ti i S itur ji> ri£l t tli il 1 f < \jittts tobi b i r k in 11> tii u s t K ntu i inu iK\t Apr 1 is T spe tilit time \ s i oi l) ind ri r Hi'- j u] i t w n s l h I o b m i u c k t r Abb >tt r! Vit'tjour it Flo-id i tht Fou ldfnc PlntUor of the Sl» il MUMUIII A uorl 1 rccni'ri/td iulhuril\ on shells \libntt is the mtl ur of m n n T it, ^ n t - s

' - - - slitution and Philadelphia Academy of Nniur il Sciences; fonncr Assistant Director, ' Delaware Museum of Natural History: for 10 \tars a trustee of of the Bcnnuda DIologicaF. Sntiori, and editor for 28 years of the The \ nitilus, America's oldest scientific mollusk

Tucker presenter] a slide presentation during the week's fund-raisini* actMtles, and T so was a featured speaker with Raymond Burr at the Saturday night banquet. .. I* iking a low profile at the^anquel were the time prominent Bailey brothers: Sam and I i i icis. of Sanibel, and .John, of Jacks nvillt. !,, ': • .


/island '4.

• please sec pago 2A JANUARY 18,1991 VOLUME 19 , NUMBERS a SECTIONS, 48 PAGES


u Sanibel prepares to sue Captlva over erosion By Caren Herman Sfnff Writer The clt> of S uilbel Is prtp irfng to s u e C i p t l v i s Froslon Prevention District claiming Us j( tty Is destroj ing clt\ beitiit P o b c n rrlit r i i \ ittorru v re ccived permission from Snnibel's Cilv Council to hire an outside law fin I (xptrftnttd in i.oist-'l fltlgitlou to nm\c ift linst Cnp tt\ i if tl L IH.p irttncnt of Nittiril ResoiiiCts doc1- not i I to protect Isl md be H i t s G iry I riri cit> nnn if cr llso ! rtccU ed pi rruts'sion lo hire =v cro-iion c\ptrt Dr Rubeil d D" in for a third opinion on what.Is c uislng Sjnibrl s northern bt iches lo i rode it tnonmuslj 'li^h rates > Tht D p irlrncnt if Nitunl Re sunn t s \ ns j*oin^ to dctidt w tliln i week of list T m i i s r i i y ^ h n t , In l i l h l n s s c t . il C ipti\i t u t id t it trtjslon mu should repair ^ STiiibtls bi ich s SinlbLl uill Tjk for i 30 d ij ixttnslon so It n n prcpirc a bet ttrcasc nfiiinst UicCipUvaJHly The engineers nnd Gary ire more optimistic about the DNR n sohini* the problems It Is pm dint and csscnttit th it \\L tnkt steps Befort. we finish with Ihib we re going to br in lltlgition ftinicd Sinlb"! M-»>or Mikc^Mir

i k

•\th ^ I ricL md vlir K le attended he irinfis in TiUih i s s c - getting (In U lpi ^ )ii t i n t t h t s t i l e did IH t ui C pin i s t Hfjineu or the cits i t r-imilt mt is unb ion 3 n ibtl Inrtt i iltiinstn i e I d> Loisi i! t-njinttr C ; I'-I I n n t s in fiiKi out wli it h ij , ti < d nlike L ipti a s t ngm ei loni C imj h 11 u HI n u<.( dr! nd i t t i ) is nf tin < tost i l distm i ! rju i r qui(l ^Jr


m uo




COIISI ' . i


in (\])< n <• itnt ss n i o i I ind i kns tli tt Ui j t!\ is tin i lust of *i tnismii \vl il< smdv mi, mt Uit r s ind luss. bi*i itlin In

Northern beach front homes threatened^ By Caren Herman '•-. Staff Writer . , Rg&deMts along north Sanlbe! bcacrles need emergem^y relief to keep their homes fiom toppling lnio the Gulf of Mexico as erosion destroys what little Is left oftfieir front yards. [ ".--'' (f." Representatives from Chaieau* StiiMer.'West Shore and Ouif Pines Subdivisions said Water is already underneath two. area homes, another dozen are threat- , encd ;ind if something is not done, some 50 or so homeowners could be displaced by rising waters and Mnishing sand. City codes prohibit erosion . control devices on the beach, Vind the stale is demanding Illegally phce.sandbPgs be removed Beach renourishment Is a time consuming process that willtio! ifford Innncdlate solutions and \ ould cost some SI-fThillllon for the more than mile stretch of erosion, continues to threaten large beachfront homes bcacri. on Satvhcl's northwestern Gu]fshores in the area south of Blind Pass "There are a dozen of "so Bridge. Homes at 6111 San3>et-Captiva Road and 635VBanibel-Captiva (homes) that arc one storm away Road have been particularly hard hit by advancing Gulf waters despite from catasO-ophe." sold Gil Bursheavy sandbagging measures with preparations underway for seawall ley, of Gulf I^ncs. blaming huge emplacement lapping Gu\f waters have eaten away tht! shore and •sand loses ovefthe past two years advanced to within about 20feetofthc home at 6111 Sanfbd-CapHva on a jetty .al-.Blind Pass conRoadi one of the largest private fumes on Sani&eL __ -structcd by the Captiva Krosion Prevention District.-. "My house is 25 io 27 feet from the front door patio to.breaking waves when Ihe tide comes up. 1 By Carcn Herman olers p rtlrlpitcd in the second lost 28 feet tn the last two years ^laff Hn'cr diction council nrctings were after that damn groin was exIsl ind \o t r s ui'l be asked to suspended (Surin^ the timt betended up on Captiva." com- = th ingc ihi i t t s s t h i r t t r jnd tn-cn the elections btciusc one plained KcUrf Funslon. t l t t t round! candid Uts bv l st-;it remained open until run-off Like all of" the- residents at •-, stmpU plunllU l i s t e d oi n\\ ri suits were dLtermincd ind a Tuesday's hearing. FunMon's i tH olt roup of fslindcrs ipproTched front yard was about 125 feei Kobf n 1 rill utv ittom \ tin s n t e s A t l o n k r isking to Irani tlic gulf when he-built his ijrongl t four possible elitlion \ nr] (lie first November contest home In the 1970s. Normal h i u t s htlort S i n t b t t s L tv cioslon was always follovred by re-. i (s C sitii Tiifbd p ii[ l«-ii bN > wire forcid lo the poils .years of more sand, dependl.'ig on c onfiiNfnn TIKI alki, ilions ( n u t in one month -nd due to ; stomis and the natural tidal pro- 1 k \ 1 f1 I i i t d i b t r i h u (i(\ (I tl t number o1* t al tt' qmstluns (ess, hcNiid. ! i ' i'> !i 1 nut (i ujKrK lullovud I ist \t tr isl uidcrs found thontOut CapUva's firoin h a s s t h t s it the polls live tines In < i d r s (ut'LH-d b \ v o ' i r s rluingctLlhe natural flow of sntui, i n months* tiunni* 1'19O r _ illustrated best by statlsllra th;it m d i s were firs I il Of tiS Tour s ^ r n r l o s Pritt show sand loss in cubic-yards up d in \ u w m b t r s ( t n * il pi stntcJ thrt*. «» ild "st II re500 percent from JaTmary of 'i * u-lng hiSIots Ui bi quire mijonlv \olts md I iveri1989s to June of I990.-Froin Janu 1 In li i id imi forlln^ i l tbH i n i of t i n i n n ip uary 1982 to J a n u a r y ' i989, ff k t t i o n onl thret I h r u i off is consult re i.'lhc •13.168 cubic yards of sand were ifui fiecirlv N n u n l u r i n\ slpuld csl ibllsli a beptemlost compared to 2-H.G3fJcubKP r |inifiir\ I rllt s\id yards in the year and a half since h i f (f ill is! ind tb • please see page TA • please see page 3A

Election law changes weighed

• A grouD of Sanibe! citizens who noipea ^ id tne effort which defeated the planned destruction of the Causeway met this1 wee* 11 county officials to'review tne couniys maintenance plans for the Causewcy. -Story on Page Aft. ~ - . •' •-

ji to right are Actor Raymond Burr, Dr. Tucker Ablxjtt and UIUT'S business ptutncr Robert Denevtdes at banquet at Sonesta Sanibel :

SHELL • from page 1A




• An expert on beach erosion1'orri Duke 'r ve sily this week told islanders that he bee J^a theCaptfvo jetty is causing much of the en n now being expe:ienced on Sanirfel lory on Page A7.

• Children who have slutfed about recycling ot thirSdnibel Elementary School were ; honored by the citythis week Story on Paqe Uons last year on the subject of shells and the A9. , •",";-• Bailey-Matthews Museum could be a central place for these materials. -•The obituaries are on Pago AU. "We havg no aspiration lo be a research facility, bul will gladly share our expertise." Dr. °* The Softball league for over 50-yeais-olds Abbott added. on Sanibel has some strange ru!e:f-But the Creation of this museum Is important. Dr. players are young al heart. Page A12. " Abbott concluded, "because we owe it to SaulWildlife Refuge. be! because we have all benefited from these I he museum, designed by Captlva Architect • Golf and tennis news is on Page A13. i: wonderful shelling shores.*' George- TitUte. .Jr., will Include approximately Raymond Hsur told the attentive audience ° Fire calls on Sanibel csct Captiva are cv_ olf).000 square feet and will have an exhibit thai he bad Joined the effort in behalf of the hall, 150-seat auditorium and reference liPages A14"ond 15.'' • :" ' ~~ museum because of a request from Dr. Abbott brary. whom be had known and respected for many •. In his opening remarks. Hallstead said the . years In the field of conchology. museum project "had really gotten underway , Burr said he looks forward to the day that with the donation of the land from the Bailey the museum will send out educational slides, -family." pictures, and [apes throughout the nation and Sam BalJey remarked before the formal • O n 5onib&! (here are two general"cate-the world to help educate the young people on program that the credit for the museum really the man-els of our oceanic resources. •<•> - gcries of trees-good and Ijpd. if belongs to his parents, Frank and Annie Bai'The destruction of our natural resources is Newcomers often have a difficult !! Icy who stuck it out and kept Sanlbei "alive horrifying, but we have a tremendous oppor'ime telling them apart, much less . back in the days when living here was very tunity with Ujc museum to influence coming understanding why^sorne-of Gods difficult and hard. Tilings were easy by the generations oVi the benefits of conserving our creations are labelled in a neganye time I came along," Sam, 67, recalled. • environment," Durr added. fashion. So as crpublic service the Dr. Abbott, infills remarks, praised the resBurr siatcd that he plans to produce, at his good, the bad arid the ugly cro disidents of Sanibel and Captlva for being in the own expense, material that can help in raisforefront of conservation and environmental ing funds for the museum; to produce "a docuv/ cussed on Page 81,' efforts against the forces of over-population mentary which be will narrate; be on hand for • Permits and deeds are on Page B2. G and and urbanization that threaten our nstumeetings, and hopes to return in April to fur(.j nil resources. •,, ' ther boost the museum fund drive. • Guides at the conseiyation foundation Dr. Abbot I opined that he docs not envision The Baiicy-Matthews Shell Museum will be need a lot_of training, and there are lols of the only accredited museum in the United them too, See story on Page"S3. - „ Stales devoted entirely to shells. r -; Anyone desiring further information oh • The police watch is of average sf/e ana the museum or wanting to contribute may call interest this week1. See it on Pages B3 and 9. lishing of Information. ^ the Shell Museum Campaign Office 3 ^ 9 5 Dr. Abbott said there were 4.624 publlca2233. • Florida's intangible persona' property tax SANIBEL—; r r — is the topic of It's Your Money on Page B16. fhc Bailey brothers arc the sons of Sanlbel pioneers Frank p. Bailey and Annie Mend Matthews Dallcy, for whom the Shell Museum has been named.



•frompage 11A ihe Blind Pass area, although on a narrow .srale. Price added. " '- ' £ "Historically the DNR doesn't decide anything. It's a battle of experts...we can either lick our wounds and tell our people we can I do anything about it. or litigate." warned Prftt. "! urge council to authorize us to start deldrift ready." he added.

Tom Rectors

Weather Watch HIGH THURS. , FKI. SAT. SUN. MON.i<, TUES. ^ WED.


JAN. 10 JAN. 11 JAM. 12 JAN. 13 JAN. 14 JAM. 15 JAN. 16

The state dltWlfscuss moving the groin, redirecting the groin, adding anothet groin or constructing a sand transfer station to pass it along lo Sanlbels shores. Price told council members about last weeks meeting.

58 51 50 61

January rains Tur a month that usually has less thau inches of rainfall, we.are really doim1, well. I umary 1900 brought us less than a half-Inch .ill month. This year to date we have recorded ! 88 Inches.

Januaiy almanac Normal KxUemei


1.89 Inches .00 (1050) 7.45 11979)

Temperatures "

"74 Wen 53 Low 88 11000) 2HI19S1)

State officials also said .they would "entertain" Ideas for erosion control other than beach re nourishment to halt th_c,.immediate flow of sand, but approval would"t>e necessary and no suggestions have yet been submitted, J Price is going to apply for permits to shore up Sanibel-Capliva Road which is only feel from the beach. Work Is not yet necessary but may be soon. Price said. Stale officials "have snggesled tlie road be moved further inland. Even if the state orders Captlva to.it-nourish island beaches.-.city officials said they doubt tliL-. work will begin without n fight.

: • THefe is plenty" to do these days. We can tell because the ca!endar i s j getting huge. It begins on Page C\.

' • VHF radio rules for fisning vessels have caused confusion. A story on Page C? clashes ine situation. _ . • • • The LAMP progrom io h s ^ pregnant gsris nas been a tremendous success. Story on PageC13..-. _ 'o • ' -*> Editorial office- 472-1587 Display aJiwriHIng 472-1587 • ClMsilied *J-*rttitng 482-7788 Butbu-vt otfke; S74-1551 Ctttutatioo 472-IS87 - • 'rail Wwkins. VlC., PO E>J^rf




The beach Is narrower, under• from page 1A cut and lower. Our sandbars have all but disappeared. We need guld- •• the groin was finished. •• "\V'e believe our problems are i: ance and immediate help. The situation which for years has been due to the 100 Toot groin extenworrisome has now become critision done in lair 1988," Funston cal," Jcitnson told the council. added. \Neifihliors with GO to UK) fcci of "I would say. conservatively, vegetated bench now have water lliat in a matter of three weeks wjc under their homes at high tide. lost 12 (o 15 feet of our-dune.'; Irving Johnson said he lost 96 agreed Sherwood Finley. J>*et of sand since 1967, almost Illegally placed sandbags have half of that, some •lO feet, over the slowed erosion,' but homeowners past two years. recently received notices from the "I live In one of the Jiomes most slate's Department of Natural Resources ordering them to remove adversely affected," said Maggie the erosion prevention devices^ Johnson, who with her late husband Derrol built along the Gulf -}, within 30 days or face slate penalties. in 1970. Sanlbel laws which prohibit "1 had 125 feet of beach. Now 1^ have 50 to 55 feet. Wh.it we los(; hardened, erosion control devices one year we gained the next. seacard of the coastal control • line. Shifting sands were part of gulf front living, but in recent years The natural resources departall (hat has changed. Wfth little ment will permit sandbags but question we arc gaining a little encourages beach renourishment arid losing a lot," she said.



472-3333 Additional Parking in the Rear


over other erosion control meth- push for such temporary pern-ills ods. But since the sandbags were from the state. illegally-placed, the state Is not -Council members said they inclined to permit them now, res- would tnvestlgateiways to work idents said. ,, ',5 __v around city codes and allow temLocal natural resources offi- porary sandbagging, but J l i a t cials have indicated they will try . would require, a !and usc^Tjlan and set emergency permission for amendment, requiring state ap.the bngs'aiready in place, and proval and that cuuld not be exSanlbcis City Council agreed to pected until October.

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ELECTION ~ _ j •frompage 1A ^ Tlie other proposed change is 1 merely I o elect "city council candidates on the premise that ? whomever gets the most vol :

; wins, m.ijoiity or not. I Almost all of the islandi 3 (ucsday's hearing favored tli

c ' , j r ) •jc

pluMlIly method, objecting to September primary because t niiiny residents are not on l!ie land (hiring July and Auffi when campaigning would stii Most Winders arc still it: svn mcr homes or on vacation btpttmber when the primary

would be held Ihey argued. A plurality, however simple it would be.,.would bring candidates to city council that did nol have a majority vote. Prill warned. , =r -1 gitoss It just bothers me a litUe bit to eventually have people sitting up here who may have received only 30 percent of the vote; especially as -more and mure people run. They win not be receiving a mniKbilc frnni the community." noted Councilman M.irk Wesiall.

Elections Lfnikl find brtwren

CAiW-RiGBY -::r-

eight and ten candidates. Even if 100 percent of Island voters turn, (nil, each candidate could receive only 10 to 20 percent of ihe vote", he noted. 'You could have a very dclermlned group foe;is on a single candidate. 1 and get osomeopc elected that might jnight'tMt ^ct el'.'cit-d nonualijv agreed Councilman Wally Kaln.

iuul business people who ccu'd. Mt:er the Island In a differejit dintclitm. They won't rcpresnil the mentriJijy of the community ;is a whole, they will only represent chunks. Eventually j h c council will only represent bils and pieces of beliefs," West all added.

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! Citizens meet with county officials about Causeway Court, in Guin'c.) t.imbo. °1 By Max Frlcdersdorf Dr. Cranberry was a key figure and a major co" Staff Writer catalyst in thc'Suvc Our Bridge orgnnixnUou. *~ Key members of a Santbrl citizens' commitwhich spearheaded the fight '.ligahisl icmova! jr tee which successfully blocked Lcc Co-iiuv cfo!' the Causeway. Sanibel voters rejected the < forls last year lo replace the Snnlbel C-uigcz way with a high rise bridgsynet (his week wiih ' proposal by n 2-to-l majority !ii ;m isl.tndwide referen,dum. ^ county and City'of SanlbVl officials to reinThe Save OnMJrulge organization has been 0 forcc'lhclr opposition and open a dialogue Ton, disbanded, but Dr. _ Cranberry- and other cc future cooperation. -- -'' former members, as well as other individuals £ Lee Counly Adminislrator Marsha Scgalwho fought the new'bridge-last year, met by cc George and Sanlbcl City Manager Gary Price inulmil in illative wiih the county officials to_ t £ met Informally with the gathering of 20 interdiwus-b current plans regarding the Causeway. w csied Sanlbel residents on Monday evening ai Observers at this week's meeting reported 5 the home of Dr. Faye Cranberry. 9151 Cotlcn

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no sign of a revival of the high-span bridge proposal by the county officials. On the contrary, observers" reported SegalGeorge and George Crawford. Lee County Director of Transportation, were conciliatory in Ihcir approach/" _ Observers reported ihe county officials corieded the defeated bridge proposal had been


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handled poorly, there had been a Jack of public iclations, and lefl the impression that Lee County bad relied !oo heavily on.Siinibc! oiTlcials support for the project. The Stiiilbcl grotip t-niphaslzed to the ccinty c-ITlcfals that th-o referendum not only called for the retention of the Causeway, but proper ninlij'lcnancc and repair of the striic(uic. .



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Scg.il-Ceorge arid Crawford told the Sambtl osUzens that Lee County now has a fivc-vcur plan for ^repair and iuainten;iiice of the Causeway, but could .lot perform ;ill it it* wink : .iinnicdiatdy because of lack of funds. < Obscr\-criat the meeling repurled that Sef«al-Gporge"-and Crawford ~V;V.TC "vtr>( open" about the repair and maintenance ('ticsucn, and conceded they do not know where money set aside In previous years for Causeway re- pair and maintt'iianccf had been spent






1813) 519 3700

Muench barns honors

Jennifer Jane Muench. n junior (it Kn-A Cnrolina Uni-" vcre-Uy in Greenville. •VDrtli Carolina, .tamed oendemic" honors during the lall. She neliicvcd the Honor Poll for maintaining a B average. Jennifer i3 the daughter of June and


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Live directly on the water, wilh your boat docked just beyond your porch.and some of: the best fishing in the world just beyond that.

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Professor blames Captiva's jetty for excessive Sanibel erosion ft

By Max Fricdcrsdorf ager Gary Price, Chuck MstowskJ, Lee County Statf Writer ' Division of Marine Sciences: Sanibel Mayor Duke University Professor of Geology Orrln Mike Miracle. Sanibel Planning Director U. Pllkcy told a standing room audience at Bruce Rogers, and Sanibel Public Works Di- ° 1'hllllps Art Center last evening that he be- rector Don Schofield. lieves the controversial 100-foot boulder Jetty Pilkey described (he serious erosion he had • .it the south end of Cflptiva is causing some of seen on Sanibel Involving both vacant lois the heavy beach erosion along Sanfbcl's and homes where gravel was being brought fn * northwest Gulf Const. to save one residence. . ,^ Professor Piikcy, a noted authority on "This community has some dilfjculrdcci, beach 'erosion who h a s studied" the sions to make; you are at a crossroads and phenomenon throughout .Ihe world, said will have to decide which you value-most. . structures of the type on Captiv'a cause erosion buildings or beaches." Professor Pilkey .added. downstream. Pilkey said the rising sea level hasreaused ft Pllkcy said he couldn't estimate the persome fundamental changes on barrier islands centage of Sanibcl erosion due to the Cnpliva throughout the world during ihe last 300 years jetty, |jiit felt confident of his conclusions. .. with isiands eroding both front and back side. Pilkey, who reported 85 percent oflhc eroProfessor Pilkey said hard structures such sion problems on the East Coast of the United as «ca walls can stop erosion but tend to deStales could be related to jetties, said he had stroy beaches. ,; lead both the reports of the Sanibel engineerThe-other method of fighting erosion. ing consultants and.the Captiva engineers PJIkcy explained.-is beach replenishment, citwhich differ on the Sanibel erosion causaing some successful examples such as South tion. Seas Plantation on Captiva and Miami Beach. Professor Pilkey said although he did not "if you go for beach replenishment," Pilkey ; agree with everything In the Sanibel report he commented, "it is a long term commitment." didngrce that the Captiva Jetty was a factor in - "Replenishment is going to be very costly." the Sanibel erosion. '' ~ ;1 the Professor warned. Pilkey spent the day touring Uic Blind Pass "I urge you, if you want to preserve your tirea. site of the controversial Captfva strucbeaches for future generations, you should not ture, and the Sanibel and Captiva beaches. build sea walls." Pilkey continued. He also conferred with Sanibel City Man"You are at a point where you will have to



choose; I hope you opt for beaches," Pilkey dcclaicd. Professor Pilkey also suggested that'lf the Sanibel and Captiva consultants cannot agree on the causes'for-Ssnibel's heightened erosion, some independent, out-of-state consultants should be hired to determine hew much erosion Is due to the jetty. ; -* ;> Dr. Pilkey. author of "Our Beaches Are Moving." illustrated his lecture with dramatic slide photographs of erosion problcrns_.Hi Florida. South Carolina. Georgia. North Caroiina, tho Marshslf Islands fn the Pacific, the Netherlands New Jersey. State of Washington, and Puerto Rico, '}

About 150 SaniDel and Captiva rcsidents'attended the event, co-sponsored by the City of Sanibel and the Sanity] Community Association. • •••; Stephen-Cutler^Chalrman of the Captiva Erosion PrevciUIoh:plstrtct. was in the audience and (old the group that Captiva's $10 million beach replenishment project had worked very well "and the community viewed Ufa beach maintenance the same a s maintaining other valuable property, such as car or home. Professor Pilkey was Introduced by Dr. M. Many ,5zmant.'program chairman and longtime friend of the professor.


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Sanibel Elementary School pupils honored for recycling studies By Carcn Herman iiUiJf Writer A dozen Sanibel Elementary- School students were honored w'-ih saving's bonds and ipcct.il recognition from Sanibel's City Gounc il Tuesday for their efforts to learn about recycling. Meanwhile., Sanibel lead the state, breaking the state's former recycling participation record as 73.5 percent of the island's residents filled their recycling {.onlalncrs the first day of the city's eurbslde recycling program. Kindergarten and first graders were asked to draw posters of support-far recycling efforts while second through fifth grade students wrote essays. Third grader William Hennessey, who won first place In his class, said he has been collecting aluminium cans and so far has raised., more than $1,000. Fourth grader Jefferson Schuffsaid unless something is done, people

Turtle thanks party


Caretta Research Foundation is having a "thank-you' party at the Captiva Civic Center, Sunday, January 20 at 4 ptn A bufTcl will be served wllh beer, wine and other beverages You may bring one guest Because Caretta Is an environmentally concerned founda lion. It Is refjuc ted that you bring a nondisposablc phte, silverware and i drinking container Call Charles LcBuff lodav for rcsirva lions, 472-3177

U.S.S.R Symphony to play The Kort Mjer Community Concert Association will pre sent the U.S.S.R Symphony Orche tra in concert at 3 p m Sunday, January 20 at the Barbara Mann Hall.


will have lo live tin .J\ipllur to find clean space and ship their trash to Earth, which will be one large landfill in the not. too distant future Brooke Plckard placed sccondoin the fifth grade class with facts like the energy saicd from making one glass bottle amounts lo three hours of electricity. I Icr first place coun- tcrpart. Carley McGree, asked islanders lo make a world of dlflcrencc. But perhaps Hallie Nachtshelm summed it up best with, 'The people of the future deserve to live sec a healthy and.happy E a r t h s Winners include; Kindergarten, first place Vaneosa Goas, second. Kent Plckard. first grade, first place. Matthew Rfxd, second place, Lauren Bakos, second grade, first place Tla Kigsby. second place, Sasha WortzcJ, third grade,-first place William Hennessey, second place Hallic Nachtsheim, fourth grade, first place Jefferson Schuff, second place Abbey Haven, fifth grade, first place, Carley McGee, second place Brooke Plckard.

First grader Lauren Bakos took second place in her class recycling poster contest Site Is presented with a $50 savings bond by Mayor Mike Miracle as Barbara Ward, principal of the Sanibel Elementary School, looks on.

• Dolphin protectors want to buy island for rehabilitation site '-, By Kathleen Blase 1 Staff Writer j The Dolphin Project, J n c . ^ n • International non-profit organi; zatlon dedicated to the welfare of jj dolphins and the foremost ac; tivist group advocating for places I where formerly captive dolphins ] can be rehabilitated, wants to : purchase an island in Pine Island t Sound as a rehabilitation site. : Su/y Johnson, a member of the I local chapter of Dolphins In the J Wild, asked for city support.this " week. ; Sunday, Richard O'Darry, the 5 trainer for "Flipper." author of } "Behind the Dolphin Smile" and ac "Since 80 percent of all cap- .. turcd dolphins come from Pine Island Sound, this is the perfect site for rehabilitating previously cap-

tured dolphins who arc ready to W. released to the wild. We want to bring the animals back home," he •said. Coming from undersized amusement park-type facilities which have been closed.'mainly in Europe and Egypt, the previously trapped dolphins have to relearn their naiiiral environment. Concrete taTiits act as an echo to this sonar equipped niaifimnl, They use their sonar to determine" predators, find food, and rttinite with relatives or other members . of their pod. -To put them in a concrete chlorinated tank is a form of sensory deprivation," O'Darry said. Johnson added. 'We want the • dolphins to relearn their natural abilities, like fishing for their

lood and learning to play again." The proposed site, an Island of approximately 25 acres and about two miles from shore, has a natural lagoon within it. .-"The lagoon, shaped like a T . is as long as a city, block and extremely deep. We can bring the dolphins Into the lagoon by bnal. release them and close off the bottom of the T." O'Darry said. "We don't intend to develop the island - we don't want electricity or runnln'g water, although there isva well if we need it," He continued, "There are 39 facilities that contain dolphins ,Jn America. This would be the only one that's not commercial. This project is ^ not about money." Richard OBany

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iFtedHutey&j •j/lkJtaelStantpn

NEAR THE GUIF OF MEXICO rtas!/ lu'ad, wi'li a view overloolting !he courtyard. This lovely complex oilers a clubhouse, tennis courts and a pool. Close lo ^verylKing yel away trom the noise ol t G3\/y Irnflic Caif Charlie Suter tor de ' (472-6565 or 472-5080),

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This site is centrally located and could be one large lo! divided lor 2 homes. Has a one block street.frontage and 150' in a quiet street with minimum traffic. Call Charlie Suter, Realtor Associate, at (472-6565 or. eveflings,-472-5080). "

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Sam Matthews, 64, dies in Bethesda, Md.

: BpRlchdrcJ Cain . "" In 105:1. Matthews witnessed an aiom> SUi[f Writer '. ... Lumb ?,csl in Nevada, from a trench only two Sam Matthews, a tnenibcr of Our crljfiiuii miles away from detonation and reported the ; weapons destructive powers in .June li)53 milUailev Matthews family thai helped make etc. "Nevada Learns 10 Live- with fiie Atom." S.inibel Island what It Is lod.iy. died of cancer He also covered sonic of the world's most o December 13. at his home in riethesda, Md. He . u.is 6-1 devastating events, including the 1050 - Matthews \vas a stock holder in the Island earthquake in Montana and the 1963 enipInn a hotel his family started iiL th£ turn of Uonpr Mount Agiingln'Daii. ••<.,. (he century,.and liad an deep interest in the His most recent piece, "Under the Sun: Is planning for Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum. Our World Wanning." appeared in October of Sam Bailey, Matthews', cousin, said that ,1990.. Matthews had a RI eat love for the island, ami Survivors include his wife of 42 years, spent many vacations visiting with family Knthry" Pressly Matthews of Bethesda: a .md friends. ^ daughter, Mary W. Matthews of Gennantown. Md.; two sons. David P. Matthews of Salt Lake Matthews is best remembered for his work City, and-Thomas E. Matthews of Littleton, done while with the National Geographic SoColo.; ii sister. Harriet Metcalf of New Bum. ciety — "N.C. '" . ' He began working for the society in 11J51 as 1 a writer in the News Service. In 1957, he ^- Another daughter, Kalhryn Matthews Rhodes, died in 1982. • ^"-^ Joined the magazine's writing stalT and eventually became a senior assistant editor in 1981. • . Services for Floyd Pflough Throughout his years with the magazine. A memorial service will be held on SaturMatthews traveled ail over the world, includday, January 26. at 2 p.m. at the Sanibcl ing two trips to Antarctica, writing a lotal of "Community Church for former Sanibcl resi17 articles on such topics as^the ,world's oceans, the earth's crustal platcs';"and the en- dent Floyd Pflough. Reverend Ralph Dennisoh will officiate. vironment. *: '• Mr. Pflough. 94, died November 26 j n De-


^NICK'S PLRCE Under New Ownership

t-G u 'iJ v^Ci* of Ir*c Sunset Ovc'&O^*Jf*3 It^tf QcJ' cOurW „


Open lor l u n c l i d a l r i t - a p . m ,

r""$7OFF"""] ! i

DINNER FOR TWO ! Friday or Saturday


land. Florida. .,.'.'.-> o °" hi lieu of flowers. contribuUons niay be' ^ made to the Sanibcl Historical Museum. 800 _ IJiinlop Road in Sanlbel. , ,.- : J 5

JohnNickens, 66, once of Sanibel dies in Texas w John li. N'ickens, 66. formerly of-§j,)nibel. died suddenly of a heart attacK on December 24. 1990, in San Antonio, Texas. A ten-year resident of the island until recently, he was affiliated with Prudential Florida Real Estaf e and owner of Home Watch Service. He was also a membenof the SanibclCapt'.va Lions Club and Beachytcw Golf Club. Surviving arc his wife. Frances, two daughters, Patricia Ann Derrybcrry of Columbus, Ohio, and Linda Kay Dunkcr of Breese, Illinois, a son. John R Nickcns. Ill of San'Antonio. a half-brother, Clyde Hawes of Sfkeslon. 11 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. •_; ^ Funeral ser\-Ices were on December 28 in Piggott.1 Arkansas. . , -' - "- "" A memorial fund has been established at the Humana Hospital, San Antonio Heart Institute. 8026 Floyd Curl Drive. San Antonio. Texas 78230, '^ \, • '^




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;Softball keeps | older players

| young at heart


I By Richard Cain \ Staff Writer •; o : If asKcd to name some of the belter baseball 1 players who sllll lake the field on a regular ' basis; the likes of Nolan Ryan. Wade B j y s and Cal Rtpkcn are likely to spring to mind. However, if asked to include the players who have the most fun on the diamond, the list of nanies would have to include Dick Miller, Sani Bailey and Dick Muencn Though not exactly household names and in no danger of cracking next year's All-sUir ballot, these men turn Into serious ball play ^ers every Monday night as they take the field with Sanfbcl's -M aii^older slowpitch soft ball league. "We're all very competitive," said Sam DaiIcy, who serves a s ..the league's "commissioner."" • "But. Hie main idea Is Just to gel out there ; and have fun," Dailcy added. ' The league consists of four teams, three from Sanlbcl and one from Capltva and i s ^ open to both men and women. tJ Bailey added that anyone who fits the age requirement Is welcome to play. t, . Two games are played back to back, starting a 7 p.m. every Monday night. The teams face a different opponent every week. However, since the goal of the league 'Is tu have fun. it is nni unusual for,.? player to fill in tin another team If they an- short. Xobodv really cares, who wins bt'::.iuSc.nKist^ n! (he players had their glory days a Inn;* tinn; ago, explains Dick Miller, "we just enjoy playing the game. There arc a .number ofunorthodox rules used by the. league to keep the games enjoyabli The teams play seven innings, arc allowed to In Id is nnny as eleven players at any timeand make free substitutions while allowing all players to bat whether they play thii^field or not. There, is also, a rule limiting the amount of runs scored'to six per inning, except thesevehlh, to keep the games from getting out of hand. New rules are created as they are needed in an effort to keep the games fun for everyone, iccordlng to Bailey. ^ The result Is a casual version oftlie national pastime, that-allows a lot of old players to continue to play the game that keeps them young at heart.

Bottle balloon at start of go\f classic

Large field turnsOout for Mayeron Classic A total of 134 golfers turned out for the sec-o donated in the name of his father Don Mayeron. who died of cancer in June of 198S3. ond annual Don Mpyeron Golf Classic, played last Sunday at the Dunes, with the team of The tournament is unique in that it inPeter Rerfpalh, Charles Casey. Gary Fitter and cludes a variety of obstacles not normally Jay Holslnger finishing first with a low score found on"a golf cours£ Including a niultlof58. ':-• holcd green and a sit-down tee shot. The event raised over $8,000 for the Ameri./"Mayeron hopes '.he tournament will concan Cancer Society, according to Victor tinue to hf an annual event. Mayeron. the toiimarnpnt's founder II will be .



Cypress Lake basketball

Boys win pair t h e Cypress Lake boy's basketball team brought their record back to up to .500 In si Coral. ^ " ^E> : The Panthers traveled to Estcro"uii Friday. ;ind defeated ihc hapless Wildcats 7G-G3. '•' Big-man Rodney Taylor and Scdrlck ^fcklktns led the way.for the Panthers with 20 points apfece. Taylor also brought down 11 rebounds.

Girls win two games The Cypress Lake girls basketball team stretched their unbeaten streak to 16 games" last week, with convincing wins over Estcro and Cape Coral. On Friday night, the Lady Panthers combined a smothering defense and a balanced offense to completely out match the visiting EsUro Wildcats. 71-23. . ,r. Jcnl Robinson led the way for the Lady Panthers with 18-pblnts. followed by Tabflha Willoughby with 14 points and Cindy Minko" aiid Carrie Kills, who each chipped in 10

Kslero has won only one game this reasonOil Tuesday, {he Parithers took on the Capt: Conil St-ahawks In the Panther Pjt and k-d ail the way In a 80-67 victor)-. Taylor and .Watkirts" n^am jirovidi-d the • Pnnthcr- offense with 21 and -20 points respectively. The two wins evened out the Panthers record at 8-8 and are ihc first to consecutive victories the PanUiersJiave been able to string together s!ntfe early December. The Panthers travel to Rivcrriate tonight. points." On Friday. Cypress Lake traveled to Cape Coral and rolled all over the Scahawks, 99-32. . Five girls were In double figures for the Uuiy Panthers, led by Minko's 20 points and Robinson's 17 points- # 17ie Lady Pa'nlhcrs return home tonight to take on Riverdale. .,

.•-•'- Ff.ee Cs&tfi-r M e t e s ~

Pizza Party Tlir Sniiibei Recrr^tlon Center's Teen Club is organizing a pizza party to be held sonif (Hue next mouth. To gain entrance to the party, teens must Idl out an informational survey, being di; rihuted by !hc Club, in an effort to bolster mrtubt-rship and gather idras'-for futc i L nt« For nioif- information, call 172 03 IS.

^Senior social ~h S u i b 1 P n r i >on Ci i n f iin a \ n ' h o lit t oi mu iiit n (r iu u M. (il fr in I n i u \ ii ) HI ir\ ' i il fnc ((i m i t ( I J r - t4 -^ t r r i r <-i i it i isif ' tiKi T p mi I fr m t*~r \ " u n in % Uinn of Retired Persons (AARP,t,wii! 1: i I

hand (u answer quc&tibns.

Youth Basketball

1 Children practicing basketball at recreation center

n • ^

The Sanibcl Recreation Center's first ever ntith baskc'ibali league is set to begin play next Thursday nifilit. In the recreation center's g\'mnaslum. "Die league consists of five teams, three from Sanibcl and iwo from Fort Mye't's Beach, each with 12 players, all be Iwetn the after, of eight and M years old. The learns will play at home on Thursday nights and at the Day Oaks complex in Forl Mypfs Beach on Tuesdays. For more Information, call -172-0315

Dunes men


The Dunes men played an 18 hole individuil points, full handicap tournament 1? t Wednesday, with Dick Wedlcy nnd Howard n>"ine finishing tied in the A night with 38 .-"-:-. Joe Vcnuio was third with 37. 1 he U flight ended 'n a three way lie huwcui Icrr>' See, Erhari Becker and -Lloh Odi uho ill finished vviih -H. 11K C flight also ended in a tic between AI C ross Bo Ve;i and Don li'ush wjlb 12. The nim bole winner was Wiilt Badger with

Dunes Nifty Niners The Dunes Nifty Niners played a "substilu'e p ir for two holes" tournament on January 10, uith Mimic Kent nnd Belle Gndlcnt finished . tied for fir t in the A flight. Cliile Howie won the B flight, and Louise . John on and Helen Ann Browning were tied for ihc C flight win. J arb Ochs won the longest drive compel ilioti on hole number one and Sandi Sullar uns the closest to the pin mi the second hole.

Dunes ringers tournament The Dunes 18 hole Women's Golf Association completed the first round of a ringers tournament last Friday, with Millie Ford taking the early lead in the A flight, followed by

Murr Mooncy and Mamie Kent. In the n night, Emily Schoficld and J a n Baker were tied for the lead, followed closely by Erica Amsterdam. ° Pat Moloney. Mary Von Schreiner and Katie Pills were the top three players in the C nitfht. . Millie Ford and Jane Werner lied for Ihc low gross, each with an 83. . n

Bcachview women The Fteachview Women's 18 hole Golf Association played a low gross - Idw.net tournameni last week with Joan Kent (grossl and Barhara^Spoehr (net) winning the championship night. The A ftighl went to Barbara Dahlgcn (gross) and Lcnore McFarJanc [net), and the D flight to Eileen Caspares (gross) and Cinny Ferrier(nel).

Beachview men

o The Bcachview Men's Association played a tournament last Saturday, with two groups tying for the top spot. The teams of Howard Seyffcr, Jim ManacK, Hob Baumruckcr, and Dill Alqulst, and Hob Marye, Paul Dcnhart and Alan Houston both finished with plus seven, . '• ,~ Merle Kester. E.Q. Johnson. Karl Rork and John Rcdford were close runners-up with plus ' six.

Ketterman clinic Jeff Kcttcrnian will hold a luncheon-ctfiik: next Wednesday, January 23. from 12 noon lo 1:30 p.m. at the Bcachvicw Golf Club. The clinic will begin with a rules" discussion over lunch in the clubhouse before moving outside for a demonstration of golf mechanics. : ' . Ketterman is the tcachlrigprofessional at,r iheclub. -r.-" . . The cost is $20 per person, which includes lunch. For reservations call 472-2626,

Tennis Tourney set ThtTbuncs Tennis Club is sponsoring their --third annual member-member, hiember-gucst doubles tournament starting ai. 9 a.m. Saturday. January 19 & 20. at the Dunes. The tournament will consist of men's and women's doubles competition at the A, B and C classes. , ., . •££> All leams In Ihe double elimination tournament must have at least one Dunes niemJrcr. ., Tliere is an entry Tee of $-10 per team. Call •172-3522

Become A

; +jf*:*-ft MYERS NEWS-J>R6S3 Says: :';Hard to Imagine a more deltghtlul ,. jdlnlng-out experience,™ :' .

French Corner


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Words in excess ot 25 cosE= Z8 _



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TODAY •182-7788 DFADIJNE ridjy, 4:00

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This ad,will appear in the " next available edition -• of ihe publications you've requested. • Mailing Address: P.O.0B730 Ft. Myer3, FL 33908

refused an ambulance ride to the hospitid. she suffered in her bathroom at lie Sundial re Firefighters ^responded; to the corner (A soil. Apparently, reports said; the woman Wiles and Captlva Drives Saturday to Uivcsli-. was opening her mcdfclne.cnblnet when Hie Rescue crews responded to 2544 Harbour gale a report of palm fronds touching power " mirror fell out of the cabinet door and struck, Lane Wednesday morning to assist a oS-year; lines. Firemen informed neighboring resiher in the head, the woman refused treatment. old-rnnii suffering from hypertension symp=sicnls that the frond would eventually hum off Rescue crews responded to a possible heart toms. The man was transported to Southwest the tree and caused no threat. attack at Compass Point condominiums early Florida Regional Medical Center by helicopter : Sunday morning. The victim, a woman;; was Also on Saturday, rescue crews called lo asfor further treatment. found dead on arrival. - sist a sick Infant al Marfhff=VUIas. The 7On Friday, firemen responded to a call at On Monday, a 52-ycar-old woman was month-old baby girl, was found to be suffering < the Island Inn, where a 70-ycar-oId Lake taken to Southwest Flcrtda Regional Medical • from an ear infection. l.u/.cmc. N.Y., woman was having difficulty Center by ambulance, after suffering a A'36-year-oId employee at South Seas Planbreathing. The woman was airlifted lo possible heart attack in the office of Dr. Rob tation was treated Sunday after a fall that left Southwest Florida Regional Medical Center. Simmons on Periwinkle Way. ^••~ . her with a sore hand and abdominal pain. The Later that night, rescue crews responded lo on the causeway Monday, woman was flown to'Lee Memorial hospital Ocean's fteach condominium complex., where <• An auto accident V IJ left ' — • — — •"-• or treatment. a 20-year-oM women from Palos Heights. III.. undetermined Injuries. She was flown to ~ A 40-year-old Colorado woman suffered a was complaining of abdominal pains. The Southwest Florida Regional Medical Center possible broken Icg~whilc at the beach at the.woman was given oxygen and transported, via for treatment. >.\ ;)•" ^ j cntl of Captiva Drive, The woman was taken fo~ ambulance, lo Southwest Florida Regional Medical Center. Ixre Memorial Hospital. On Saturday morning, firemen answered a Fireman responded lo a call from Soufh call at 4585 Waters Edge Lnnc.'and found a 73Seas Plantation on Tuesday to assist a 56year-old woman suffering from chest pains year-old Minneapolis wnnian, who became and having difficulty breathing. Oxygen was • Business and Personal Tax Return disoriented after cycling. administered and appeared to alleviate the 7 Preparation -••' On Wednesday, firefighters treated a 19-: woman's pain, but she wasafrlillcd to South u • Forms Available for All States « year-old Capilva man. who walked into the west Florida Regional Medical Center. : fire liouse with a one and one-half inch tear in Pin fighters also responded to a pnS.siblc the index finger of his right hand. The 'sound uleclrical fire in a water heater Saturday was bandaged. • morning at 2-175 West Gulf Drive. Upon ar1619 Perwinklc Way, Suite 102 On Thursday, firemen responded to South rival, fireman discovered that the water, Seas Plantation to assist an 80-year-old Masheater had shorted out. sachusetts woman who was complaining of Saturday night, rescue crews treated a 73pain caused by a prolonged cough. The woman. > ar old woman for a blow lo the head, that

» Sanibel






Enjoy the nature and beauty ... pj Sanibel by waler. See dofphfns and manatees frolic In our uxsten Eagln ar.d ' Osprey soar overhead and Ihe *lJ/es[yleio/£anlbert Rich and famous' beautiful canal and bay Jront homes 489-4650

smess eascfti







$1.00 o i l with coupon TOUR TO NORTH CAPTIVA Luncn Step [Until net kvutf>4)



laoooff wHh coupon



Sanibel Island and


Saturday, January 19th : ft,-'"" Sunday, January 20th

•wirour business will get tremendous exposure in this prestigious JL building in the center of Snnibel's business district. Move quickly to locate here in time for the season. This distinctive "landmark" building, with cupola and pillared entry, is close to sn

the ground - not elevated. • The best commercial retail space on the island



• Close by C&S Dank and The ! lean of the Islands " : j



1 !

Community Center Periwinkle Way „ Sanibel Island, Florida 30 Dealer?


Last Show of the Season

• Available for Febmary occupancy • High traffic location



• Half of the building already leased to established successful '" business ~ n ' ~ W ' ' • Units available: 1,280 sq. ft. and two at 950 sq. ft. each ra.o.l. Leasable individually or in combination .

For more information, call Rex Moon at *|8I-3003 today.

offering Choice Antiques °~ and Collectibles Saturday s 10-6 p.m. Sunday 12-5 p.m. Admission $ 2 . 5 0 ($2.00 with this ad) .(SUHI


p.o. aoi6«68 . i: : Oeii»y BMcftTTL 3348<^»68 M07J 272-135? ^ r -

Frcc Parking Refreshments

Renewal for older women The sjilriUialrc- . menopause, by listenncwal of older women ing to women's sto- ~ : ib the topic of iuvork- rles and learning about women's hisshop, "Is There Life. After Menopause?" to tory and art. he offered on WednesThe workshop will days during Febrube February 6, 13. 20, ; ary, ,, 27 from 9:30 a.m. to noon at the Sanibcl Florence L. McHugh who recently Surfside Condominium Clubhouse at received a master's Gli^DorVax Street. degree from The Institute of Culture and McHugh is n resiCreation Spirituality dent or Edina,, Minin Oakland, Californesota. nia, will conduct the CaH472-88Gl.The workshop. It will excost is $15 for the . plore the sacred di•^series. mensions of

Florence McIIugh

Two of the Island's top real estate professionals are now with m of the: Islands.

G.G. and Mike Robideau 472-2311 Office *&&>* 472-5102 Home

"STOP LIVING, OUTOFAGLASS" . Attend a Free Seminar ••'» . Open to the Public on '"-"'.

DENTAL IMPLANTS Say goodbye to dentures and partiak.



Implant Dentistry can be an effective alternative to problems caused by full or'partial dentures. Join us as Dr. Arthur K: Mohan and Dr. Jay C. Shartzer members of rhetAmerican Academy of Implant Dentistry, discuss Dental Implants, current advances, and a review of the new Medicare guidelines. Refreshments will be served. For pre-registration and further information call 772-3700 or 433-5001. ^. '*

SAN1BEL January 23, 1991 Sundial Beach & Tennis Resort Sanibel-Room 1451 Middle Gulf Dr. 7:00 P.M.


GOOD LOOKING Charrnin 3 bdrm totmer model with decorator t i n r h Great room h vaulted ce I in & wet bar Action priced Call Trudy or Carl Deremp Peallor Associate (472 3*21 or 472 3042)

•" $249,000


LUXURY CONDO ON VI. GULF DRIVE Spacious 3 bdrm w;'c!ynamite llporplan ha: approx. 2,-100 sq. ft Lanai has wel bar arid Iridge. Eieganlly Jurnished. Carl Deremo, (loailor Associate (472-3(21 or 472-3042). •$795,000' -


EAST CORNER FABULOUS VIEWS Gull tront condo, ground level, walk out to trie beach. 2 bdrm/2 bath has great renf-al potential and terrific views! Adrianno Stahnke. Realtor Associate (472-312! or 472-966°) -$285,000CORNER HOMESITE NEAR BEACH Lot in.desirable East Rocks w/olher fine homes, Very high & dry and near beach. Realistically priced. Dan Conn. CRS. Realtor Associate (472-3121 or 472-9337). ,3s, -$125,000WANT A VIEW OF THE GULF Sanibel Arms condominium, 1/1, view, good renia!,'furnished Won'l last long al this price. Call Fred Spring, Broker Salesman (472-3121 n or J72-6726).


PEACEFUL & SECURE COMPLEX One of the oldsst but one ot the bestK2'2 plus garage condo has storage 3 laundry in basement. Great clubhouse! Jean Reed, Realtor Associate (472-3121 or 472-1663). L -$235,000-

GULF VIEW FOR TWO can be enjoyed !rom this second floor 2 bedroom 2 bath condo. .Completely furnished. Great rental unit in popular vacation complex. Call Adrtanne Stahrii&, Realtor-Associate, [472-3)21 or Eves. 472-9669). c -$289,000-



ill'* t ATTENTION SAIL BOATERS DOCK your boa1 ol your door So a' r-ea'c* p° Covered ianai (or ^rea! eniertatn 1 i nent. Greatroom w/beamed ceilmq. Call Maroe McConiDs, Realtor Associate (472-3T21 or ^826018).


DIRECT ACCESS WATERWAY HOME Magniticenlly redecorated with the best ol everything, Many extras including wet bar, lireplace S elevator. Over 80' deck. Pamela Pfahler, Broker Salesman (472-3121 or 472-3897). • - -$649,500PALM TREES & GINGER SREAD Home has pink shutters & more! Deep water direct access canal w/50' dock Marble fireplace, wet bar S Jacuzzi plus even more. Joan „ Joyce or Tracy Walters, Realtor Assoc. 4723121,466-3189 or 472-3120 e v e s l •$749,000' INCOME PRODUCING 4 Bdrm Home, quiet residential area. Private wooded homesite. twin decks, cathedra! ceil- . ing. Possible owner financing. Dan Conn ' CRS, Roallor Associate- (472-3121 Or 472-" 9337). • •> " ' . •S169,000KELLY GREENS RUTENBERG MODEL HOME This-Cayman II model has over 2.200 sq. 11.! Luxurious, never lived in, just like new! Caged pool with golf course views Lynda Traverse Realtor Associate (472-312! or489-320t). t" -5264,000- LAKEFROMT HOME, SOUTHERN EXPOSURE 3/3, w/poei. ceramic tile enjry a fans-through-, out. Mature landscaping", sprinkjer system. Deeded beach access. Call Arid Gardiner, Realtor Associate (472-3121.pr 472-3486). •$335,OOO-~ i

FU ! |uipp an p l l

," " "! - ""l: °* 1 " d

luxury cimdonnniums homps.


. . <> • HIGH & DRY 1/2 Acre. Great convenient location and near beach. Call Rebecca Becky Williams, Realtor Associate lor more inlorrrulion (472-3121 or

4725457). -S113.900FAHTASTIC SINGLE FAMILY HOMESITE On goll coursa Southern exposure, the most private lo! lor sale in Beaclwiew near the end -ot Parview Dr. Call John r4icholsf)n. Realtor Associate 1472-3121 or489-067B). " -$214,000, ° BEAUTIFUL^VEST VIEWS OVER LAKE In the Dunes, golt, tennis a club amenities Good neighborhood of established homes v Drive by. Jack Samler, Broker Salesman (472 : 3121 or 472-3571).. -$249,000PREMIER HOMESITE, PRIVATE ISLAND , Just 22 (amides, boating,- biiach & .tennis, E. enrj subdivision. Estate.sized horhesite canal exposure 3 sides - Call Trudy or Carl Deremo Realtor Associates (472-31 ?.i or 472-3042) _ -5379,000-

DOUBLE DEAL PLUS Own a rental investment on SaniBel for $79,800 producing $7,200 £r more on daily rentals. I have 4 & 1 more. Becky Williams, Broker Salesman (472-3121 or 472-5457) -S399.Q00 lor 5 units-

THIS 2 STORY TOWNHOUSE HAS EVERY1HING Mexican tiled floors throughout. Over 2300 sq tt. Also has boat dock, tennis courts & comr"u nity poo'.-'Cail Frank Krivas. Reaiior Associate •v-i72-3121or47£-47S9).

'- •-S379.000FINALLY AVAILABLE AT SANDDOLLAR 2 bedroom. 2 bath Sv; exposure (The best on S i r b s i ) 3 Tennis courts, pool, small conipex n j r . s lor the fcosl in island Living. Call John N choison. Heatto^Asso'ciate. (472-3121 ot Eves 489-0678!. SUNNY DAYS & BREEZY NIGHTS In your own pnvaie fuxuiy resistance wt overlooks the G'jif. Ptenly of tennis tirno in t c mall complex. w/a!i amenities Jean jo>f Broker Salesman -472-3121 or -166-31891. _ -$650,000- :


11)') IVnumklc MW2127 Pcnuinidc Waj, SIUIIIILI fslnntl, 11 .W)i7 j S13/472 3121 • 800/2334>U04. » Tax: 8i:V:5f)5-08o5 <;

JA'-UVli If I 1


Only city Hall can brand a tree 'good'=or 'bad' Vegetation ranking . sets Sanibel apart By Kalhteen Blaso . Slat* V\rn1er • . -


Mo 11 landers were attracted to Scnibel and bought property here partly because of Iho p'ant life that calls Sanibel "home." ' Iho vegetation committee of the City.of San bel would like to make it easier for the_ goneral public to understand the vegetation tanda'ds of the island. Many island residenl boin new and old, are unaware of the vege'a tfon ordinances and rules lhat govern propert> o *ner both residential and commercial. Granted, some of what is^calied "native" (e p mahoe or hibiscus ttiaceus) may have been introduced to the island, l ^nd Develops ent Cod changes as it p&rtans f o vegetal on for home \. npfs Cop rs of it a p o o ^i r> tt* Piar n ng Defiartin ' a C ty u a Inp e are Ihrop nacr changr 1) ro stone VG ^S ore a o\ od a ^c\rr~" i man rnum of ?t J a, i&f t (f ur J fur o n 2) <~rc^cucr3

'"SP'; u



c o 5 f far 25 -fr c cr

a -

The large bloc'* mangrove free, spreading its 'limbs over a picric table, is at a well-known spot, Timmy's Nook on Captiva. «


Mangroves are protected Mangroves are protected by state and city laws and no removal or pruning of them is permitted without a vegetation permit. Red, black and white, mangroves are one the most important plants lining our coast. Not only do they help stabilize thexopstline and'reduce inland flooding during se- " vere storms, but they also provide habitat and cover for fish and supply nutrition,

through decomposing leaves, for a wide ...variety of animais. ° ^Mangroves preserve water quality, reduce pollution and support nesting areas for many water birds. An excellent nursery •*. for commercially valuable fish and shellfish, red mangroves, especially, are the most easily damaged by improper pruning and slowest to recover from any pruning at at!.

and *"_ The following property deeds *cre recorded J9 at the Lee County Courthouse during the week -. >- ending Jan 7 § Kevin Ui n 1 1 llitrs 1 fi I I s r> portion oflr I i 1 1 t ) 11 KK 1 <- I i ( § ILT. £375.000




i l t \\ If I I I 11 I 1 k ( 111 I M 10 10 Condominium ale inc'uded Ol r I I 1 M 11 Ml 1 S 1 11 M U 1 I I 1 1 1 \j s !• 1 11 s I 1 i I

II \


11 1 si 1 II r s 1 1 0M) I 1 1 1 1 -> 1 s s )

1 J I i

1 1 1)


T h e City of S a m b c l i ucd t l c f o l l o u l n c bulldi ig permits during t h e week of J a n 11 Cc l u - n I 1 15 110 I u ( r f i k c si 1 1 ct r ( 1 111 1 . 000 I tl I) c 1 ( 1 Is j , 1 1 1 r I I ' =kl> I t 1 < 5 r 1 » II r H U H 1II1 1 IP k l \ l -1 1 ri^ (1 J II s h )1 \1 k I I I : 1,1 \ l \ 1SI1 S|i|)

IM n l 6 (XX) K i s s m x"

n k 11 1 c^ n SI s 1


11 n 1 1 " 1



\ hr


1 I 1 ) I r| in II


I 1 > y)

'Introducing M W1MI \l \ll \\ I




,1 V

This fine home wasdesignod and built ,io take advantage of the^vorTderful views afiorded Dy our"Sanit)Gl Island surroundings. Lush vegetation, blue water and sparkling canals are everywhere youJnok. Spacious rooms, generous use ol windows and porches to capture the sunlight and casual quality amonilies are just part of the charm. Add to the equation elevator convenience, a comfortable, patio-pool, and the deep-water dock for that fishing-cruising tun; the formula for Florida is here a! 1743 Jewel Box Drive. . ' Donald G. Weglarz Realtor ••


"Built Dy

Come by and see this quality-built custom home any Sunday, Monday, Thursday or Fliday 12 noon to 4:00 p.m.

Greg Weglarz: General Conlraclor Inc. (CGC405420)


Iiimt*|iic...Siuilhcl (ioid Shell anccs on the island!

201' O i l with t i n s luhcitisLiucn 1

B -ink


U I l , l l > kl! « > 1 I T J I I I P Mr IU

(H1H) 1721 lot M i In S l i M i l i

'. .1

At Conservation Foundation

Guide education is paramount for volunteers By Kathleen Blase

Staff Wtiter;


Education has been the dominant tlieitu1 v\ the staff ;;nd volunteers at llic Snnibcf Captlvn Conservation Found tfion for is 1 mt* as it's been In existence. Who belter to tackle. Hie is tie Dun thr clt 'i caiod volunteer trail guides at the nature cen icr? I^ij>l year trail lours reached over 1 .GOO people. -;: Knowledgeable in plant pathology, hoCuny biology and familiarity of our islands with'it* diverse plant and wildlife, llie guides-to-be take small groups on tours of the foundation. Not only will visitors learn about the forma lion of the Island and what it is today, but will also leam about native plants, wildlife habitat and the inter-relation of the two. Why the foundation promote Ou>iiiii of 11

• plea^o co page \2\\


The 1991 trait guides at the conservation foundation; Bob Nageh Hill Woltschtager, Ginny'Irwin, Bob Stccle, bfargaret Sutherland. Mary Jaqua. Ann flfcCullough/Arthur Jollcg. Anne Uodine, Alice Kylio, Norman Bowles, June Patinkin, Gus Samscl. Cynthia ' Zinner, Joan Bitzcr, Ellen Steelc, Elaine Birck. Rc&cmary Scdgewick, Jeanneite Clcgg, Jim Krieger, Hugh Jrwin, John Schork, Jack Norris^John Jaqua, Joyce Rand, Tom Redford, Caroline LcGette, Barbara Lensing, Frank Jeffrey, Patiicia Uebcnow, Clarencc^Gehris, Warren Dcuber, Ginny Johnson and Dorothy Smith.




Serv re bch*>dule -v •Situtday r p m Holy Eucharist CRUKCO Sunday, 7:30 a.m. - Holy Euchartsl (Ritt) I) 9 30 a.m. • Holy Eucharist w.'chuir Church School lt:30 a.m.-Holy EuchanM Wednesday, 9:00 a.tn, - Holy Eucharist w/healing Thursday, 7:30 a.m. - Holy Eucharist followed by Bible Study . : 2304 Periwinkle Way Sanibel Island 472-2173


Pelican from 11 AM-3 PMmir11i», -Saf.-MPft

HAND.CIIAFTED .IF.WELRY & GIFTS We Custom Make Fine Gold Layered Jewelry From Your Shells. From $G up!! ° Exclusively At Colours.

472-1707° ° Pelican Place 2440 Palm Ridge Road,

t t l L U . BYPaLYWANTSACRACKER Did you know Chadwick's has

a grill show every Friday?

^family restaurant.

The Chef cooks fish dishes My nose on a special grill right ~ lust' before your eyes. » my eyes to it.

Friday's Seafood Buffet at Chadwick's ii fresh and famous! Watch our Chef sizzle up a fabulous "island seasoned" fish dish ri[;ht before your eyes! Plus, catch our bountiful array of regional seafood sensations such as cold shucked oysters, smoked shark, piump shrimp and muCh, much more... o

Island Cookery...Chadwick's hew flavor! Every evening, let Chadwick's entertain you in our comfortable lounge with its large dance floor anci the Island's liveliest entertainment. \I Illh IMKASCK W SOUTH SKAS PLANTATION,CAP! IVA ISLAM) 4 7 2 - 5 1 1 1 h

TI 1 n

ircKiiiTi'/'ft'ii fat l>ti'[ws of fi
You smen the flavor chadwick's sensations of "Island -•-• has me cookeryi hooked on It's delicious! Friday's!

SUB TROPIC iii the Lounge 9:00 pm -1:00 am Nightly except Tuesday

A good time to praise "I a famous Sanibel Keeping one of the 1000 lights >aglow woman To the editor, „ ^ Now Is a good time to praise a famous Sanilel woman who died last week. ' ^ In these days of focus on Women In the work place (outside of ihc home), it Is too easy to overlook a distinguished life of service inside lie home as a wife and mother. Elnora Gavin, who died at the age of 70 last /cck, devoted her life to her 18 living children and to her hearth and home. She was a famous person here on Sanibel and led a creative and fulfilling life of groat ichievcment. Although those words arc not used enough lo describe accomplishments inside Ihc home, it Is nonetheless true that enormous Impact can be achieved in the role of mother. Elinore Dormer, island historian, said of her, "She certainly was a person who Inspired tier children to do the very best they could and many went to college anS'^raduate school." Elnora Gavin was arf' inspiration to her children and to all who knew her. Her example is worth emulation.

'As the County Turns' is like a trashy novel


On the other hand there is the tale of Vickl I/jpez-Wolfe, our new County Commissioner, who campaigned in opposition to a (rash burning incinerator. Then It develops she was romantically fn-\olvcd with the lobbyist for the landfill opertitars. : ' ' ., Although she denied there was any conflict ol'interest, she hastily decided that loyally to her constituents was more important than romance, so she called the newspapers to say she had broken off her romance. s - . Now she.Is saying thai she might favor incineration after all, but only a smaller incinerator. The new commlssioifcr last week was up in Tallahassee, and she said that folks up there could not understand what all the fuss was about in Lee County about romance and conflict of Interest. Sfic allowed as how the cpntlicls In Tallahassee are much more common and extensive. Yet lo measure one's conduct against ihe well-Unown Tallahassee Standard is a little like saying Hitler was OK because Caligula was worse (or vice versa). '• Life these days is so complicated for pcopk' in (he public eye; they are damned no matter what thcydo, but it Is also complicated for those of us who have lo guess what will happen next what new plan will be adopted uh.i» new appearance of conflict will arise wh.it new. plan acceptable \csterdav will be j u t i soned today and what ni_w romance miijhl change the roursc of trash handling In ot r communlt> 1 vimiiit know* th it tin. « oursc t / Irm lmi_ nivir (In*s n n smooth but now voters art (j'nmi! '' n .1 M ih. I the c n u r ^ nl i! u - i n ill i!un (i th t unU I , J m i Ci i i

We at Project Pride want to (hank you for (he excellent article on our campaign io build n homeless shelter. ; ,-. It's so easy to be overwhelmed by the problems facing America [the economy, Iraq, S&L's, the poor and homeless}, and feel helpless to do anything 'about it. Your ^tonbrought out the fact that we are not helpless.; TlpiO'Ncll, former speaker of the H o u ^ of Representatives, once said, "AH politics Is 16-7 cal." I think the same can be said of responsibility. • . • • > • • :; A perfect example of this occurred when Coast Federal and Loan heard about Project Pride and donated a house in Foil Myers to be used as a homeless shelter in lieu of forcclosufe. The house was not much more than a shell'-and Instead of saying "Thanks, but no thanks." we took on the task of renovating % The only problem was we spent all of our money buying laud for our main shelter, and we were broke. That's when the Sanibel-Caplivii Board of Realtors'came to rescue by donating $4,000. V£jlh that money, plus

donated material ancUlabor, mainly by our executive director Reverend Brazclton, the house was turned into a home for up lo nine people. n Through the_C£>opcration of the media, local citizens and corporations, we proved that vve are not helpless in solving our problems. During the last presidential election, there was a lot said about a "thousanjl. points of . lifiht." We're trying to.keep Project Pride's light from going "6uX Our working together, renews our confidence that the light "wont go out. and we will succeed in building our shelter to house hundreds rather than just a few homeless families. 11 won't be easy, but we can do it. _^ If you want to know* more about Projecl Pride, you can call me or any other local board member "{Jeff Good 472-0011, Pat Ltcbcnow 472-4610, John Petel 472-8481 or Joe St, Cyr -172-8091) ~ "' ' . •-=-,

' • Jim Snydcr" Sanibel

'Secret1 appointments to planning panel To the editor ' o We are Indignant that !hc two appointments to the Sanibel Planning Commission were made without public discussion and wiiha secret ballot on January 2. 1991. That scorns to us a disregard for the Sunshine Law and a (Kmlnlshmcnt ol the importance of the Planning Commission, " , '"' We expected a discussion 'at this public inccliiig on two points: the (rack record of the Incumbents and the qualifications of all the candidates. This was not done. We have always prided ourselves that Santbei, for a number of reasons, Is about as true a democracy as exists in Southwest Florida. This then would seem tamandate a number of conditions- First, that the voice of the electorate at last November's election be taken under consideration. Had this been done Roz Wegryii would haye been appointed. Second.

lhat serious consideration be given lo gender heterogeneity in appointments to committees and commissions. To out knowledge this has not been a factor. We havcj.wrilten a letter to the City Council protesting their action on January 2 and requesting that futxire appointments to committees, boards, and commissions be inade.aftiP carcful discussion and open voting at public meetings. We applaud the willingness of citizens, to serve csi; committees, boards and commissions and believe their work has been invaluable te the City. It is our hope that Sanibei's elected and appointed* officials will in thc-future truly reflect the composition of our community. ' =s". •• ',]

Maggie MuIHns Ingeborg G. Mauksch

'"'' •' • '

" ' Sanibel

She's livid over couch dumping Refuge, a pH.-icc dedfeated to preserving o u r To t h e editor. environment for you. Yayr eyesore of a couch, To t h e p e r s o n w h o d u m p e d a couch on Caloosa Drive. willfyour old sock strewn across one arm. is a You had a n old coiich you no longer wanted. m o n u m e n t to h u m a n lnscnsitivHy. j.in old, black, vinyl couch. It is ripped a n d the stuffing Is falling out. It is ugly. I agree. 1 have It's suitable c o m p a n y for t h e empty jyjda had t o look at it all week a s [ drive to and from •ind beer c a n s that o t h e r s have thrown along my h o m e . 1 have spent a lot of lime thinking ***•">!he s i d e s of t h e r o a d in I h c refuge. It about you. I wonder if you explored a n y olher overwhelms and amazes me lhat this options. 1 have, b e c a u s e I have, a s s u m e d your happened at all. I wonder who you are that you responsibility. I a m working mi getting your imild do such a thtn^-is It out of sight and om h l k d of mind?'Ilow many of vou arc there? Ituv Wild iinl join 1 I spokt >Mlh tli< m.inv cf you throw jour trash frtHii^imr car * ill n «a.s nmfniu ih> "•"•ow'mnnv of you ihiow clu.ireUe bult^ on tin ! i ) ttl^tiUM u i * in in P Hi u m in\ nf \ou h/ici >oi:rs'i ui/ .i

ii I


PSPDRTER William-M. Doolillle frf""' Caron Herman Kathleen 8laso Richard Cain .," Fditoriai Start Glen Porter Advertising D'tecior Collsen CoaklGY Yergens Advertising Sa,'e$ Manager ~

Jim Agle, Sherri Hughes Advertising Sales SrilMene Grasgreen


Seeking public input for improvement of state-run programs To assist in rSs" clTnrls lo redesign Florida's faltering social service, education arid .criminal justice systems, Gov. I.awton Chiies.luVs appointed ttaiisition task forces". ••• ' The Social SeiTices Task Force, chaired by '.Janet Reno, state attorney of.thc l l i h Circuit in Miami, will recommend ways lo improve the functioning of family-oriented programs such as the Department "of Health and Rehabilitative Services (MRS). A public hearing will'be held in Naples ori-.^ Jan. 28. 10 a.m., at St. John's Episcopal Church. 500 Park Shore Drive. ; The testimony may foctK on any aspect of soctai se^ices delivery in Florida.

Letters Policy The Island Hcjxirtcr wt-ironies letters to the editor and will endeavor to print as many-^S1 possible. In general, lettcis sliottld be typewritten, or legibly printed. They must be signed,' wlth^an address and phone number (for verification) In order to be considered,for publication- Brevity and pertinence lo local or state events ivould.be appreciated. Letters of more than -UK) w ^ d s may be cut. Gopies of third-party letiers may not be considered for publication. Readers are asked to limit themselves to one letter a month. Personal attacks, libelous Icfters. or letters in bad laste will not be considered for publication. The deadline Is Thursday' for the following week's newspaper.

sis-; Brief history of Iraq and Kuwait

Most.of the population t l 7.4 million) is Muslifti - minorities are jKburds. Turks. Assyrians (Nestorian Christians). Most of the country's once large Jewish population emigrated to Israel. 10 Mesopotamia felt to the Ot- toman Turks in'the 16th century.: . By Wes Haines •-.. _ . Military occupation by the British, If knowledge is power, as begunin 1915, was welcomed by Socrates said,_lhen Ignorance is 1 nationalists. In 1920 Iraq become a impotence. League of Nations mandate unAmericans know pathetically. ^cJer British administration, and little about Iraq and Kuwait; Most Feisc! I was rriake king in 1921. In of us have never met an Iraqi or 1932 Iraq was admitted to the Kuwaiti. Yet as a nation we. or our League of Nation:. Domestic polielected representatives, are extics were turbulent, causing many pected to make decisionseffectchanges in government. Iraq deing the Arab countries future, as clared war on the Axis Powers in •'well as ours and the World's. 1943. and in 1940 joined the Arab Here, at least, is some back.-.•' League In the unsuccessful war ground toward rudimentary against Israel. knowledge about them: Under Feisal II. the United States Iraq is approximately coextenextended technical and military sive with ancient Mesopotamia.

in Florida's human population. FIFTEEN YEARS AGO: William - TEN YEARS AGO: Deciding that Nungester was. named Sanibel City Manager, replacing Dave - the home of "Uncle" Clarence Rutland is unique In Its faithfulness Bretzke. Al Mucnch will serve as to early island pioneer living, city •i. Interim manager unlit. March, council is requesting the right of when Nungester will take over the first refusal for the residence. : - duties. .. , .y . Charlotte White, chairwoman of .; rSightings of 45 Florida manar. the Sanibel Historic Preservation tees on Jan. 8 were reported by site, said It would make an exceltwo "Ding" Darling Wildlife lent museum for Sanibel artifacts Refuge officers at the mouth of the N and memorabilia. (Presently, the ,, Caloosaliatchce River and Pine "' ' \ ' Island Sound. Despite 50 million- ^Rutland home is the museum, located on cily property next to City years of survival In Florida waMallonDimlop,Kd.) ters, the manatee population ts on • the decline because of the growth



assistance from the 1950s. Ino coup d1 etat in 1958 General Abdul Kassem seized control of Baghdad, proclaimed a repu&iic. killing Feisal. In 1940. Iraa claimed sovereignty over Kuwait. A coup overthrew and executed Knssam n 1963. Saddam Hussein, born 1937. the son of peasants of-cfv/arhor tribe. has been completely In charge sines 1979. Ho has executed 21 cabinet members and has suris held by a joint British-American vived 10 coup attempts so far. turn, but the Emir of Kuwait shares Kuv/oit. population 1.9 million, is equaily In the company's profits. a comparative newcomer Much of his fabulous wealth is deamong A/ob stoles, settled by . •5, voted to the material improvetribes In the eorty 16th century, Tho ment ond education of this subpresent dynasty was founded by j e c t , which has created a culture' : Saboh obu Abduia, who ruled of dependency, ^ from 1756 to 1772. Nojninalfy on Ono judgement Is that before Ottoman province, Ihteatoood by Saddam, Kuwait was a good ,. extinction by the WahaW (Islam country in 0 bad neighborhood. reform movement, tho religion of Now. do you ten less impotent? the ruling family of Saudi Arabia), Maytio we Amsricon are going to the sheik In 1897 csked tho British havo to learn Arabic (end for protection - which ended In Jopanese) If we are to survive In 1961, but British troops wero fe- « tho 'new world order.' quested when Kuwait wosthreat' ened by Iraqi occupation? Jabar al-Ahmad al-Sabah, with (Wes Haines Is the retired four wives, 40 children, became president of Franklin Cofege of Emir In 1977. " \ . Indianqpnd a raconteur. A gradWith 20 percent of the worlds •; ~ hate of Brown and Harvard Uniknown oil reserves, it has been a versities, he is the author of sevmajor producer since 1946. The eral books ol whimsy and light main oil exploitation concession philosophy. He lives in FcrtMyets.)

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Sub'Tropte .

Red Snapper'Grouper'SwordfislTPompano'Tuna Salmon-DplphiirYellowiail'MakoSharK'Sole'Scrod

A Sub-Tropic heat wave has swept into the lounge at ('liaduitks causinfx some hot sounds nnd a sizzling dance tloor. KniL-e liutson (keylward), John Urich (drums). Chuck Toniliusun (saxuphone) and Dave Juliand(guitar), have a singular style that is pure 90's. a - - •-. Their music is a balanced mixture of Top 40 tunes, Rock-and^,H(iH, Khythm and Blue?, with a little "RapJ thrown in for fun. \



472-3128 • Full Liquor license" MifcCrcdit Cards • 975 Rabbit Road FisliMnrketopen atNoon* Lounge open at
• Apputeaser I lour -it.'lO pm - 730 pm Daily• \j\r$e d a i u e floor • • •• ' * Lite Kan; in the luungv 2:00 pm _- 12:00 • I-.lniKiy.Jfl HotSpot


Sub-Tropic in the lounge 9:00pm - l:00nm Nijjhliy except 1'ucsday:"••" ATi.u.ivrR^Ln^^iH-r^n.AMUK^CAniVA.sLAND • 4 7 2 - 5 1 1 1 •

jSanibel's Bryan Stephens recognized as 'elite' student g; *" ™ >^ is. |

By Rcnnc Woltcr filutt'jtit Correspondent Stw r il f .prtss I ikt Hliji Schc ol i nmis \:vic icccnlly unmhiiiLccI by k-iu-hcrs ami (omiM'ui* is tlils>c u <• C\p.i_ s I lilL stn [U'lits Ih C i n ^ L l i i s J i t O He on tin bi is

Hi tK fmls n mill I cl li

MM 1 T\, te-.b I ikt in H ! ll 1 ' f L Mt,!


ii i ill*.


^ sdiuj 1 Hid coniinuni(\ LJ Am ing them I s mibcl s br\ in ^i"pl ni £

s o n of D m i m u n d R u i 1 icb ( l u r n r i s t ' u l

O Drive, £} SUpht.iisi m K m t number of Hi Si cr IKiiiii] Honor Society, the maih U-nm. the Citv Q /ei AihisorvConimUUt. nc' th \ irsil\ -. MII < U ltn


SLAIOODMAKKLT /'ns/i fis/i OK aiul Cooked to Order



1 iillv *u Whin SttjHK -, Is 11 i jrti !j ituig t In nm\ d u b (livitff ( r sh htni* to n n m m l i s 1 0 1 j,r ' tiniiriL





H ' o,xs to men !\Vts j.m P(str c \Lhncl OHO i>stmlv mt nird i

in i \ s«-r

u L n

k u o r k s


Ihe I li o \-.f'l i[ j t ii in i sfjeci t t Uur n 11 l sclion vt il JOfik O li' r ^t r oi n mm lied to Uic I lit* s tl i-\< ;\x tncliKte. Jill Aiirciami. Jcnniier Maisan. Auli Coiuii. Tim Uiivis. Jennifer Halslji, Kim HowcSI. K;\\\n Jimcs. Tracce Landnim, V.n u (11 I nij,li Jison S< Iim d Sicph nm *i uv Kitl , rtnt^i'i'.s-i i i O rrkViu


' •-[ as m,ike u all IK Her ,1! Sanibel Beauty Salon

McT's .Sliiinipjjousc

Nnils by Alice 395-2022 i ».\KsorCoMru;n:&Piwms*) M HAIK & Nfln. CARK FOH nil: E.vnw: FA.


^In evfiwivc (tstwg at

Call about our Daily Baking Lessons


555 aS'n^ic Island Court



1 1 1



'Boat, TtockjlndLift, Special Custom features Throughout iinih 'Zkgant _ furniture and Accessories. CallMcha }cnkins at 3SS-H37 'forAppointmtnt

s ofliMtiwtiaiJorTtqlt cfDi Vk'


1M( ' hr 4 hi 7i hr

tOay Dc/

4Da t 5 Coy t Day

S 150 S SO S 5 00 9 00 SI 00 1700 JO 00

• ; oo <*oo

S 200 S4M 700 SI 00 5150

!0!ud 5 300 7C0

51000 '800 •2



52 00 i t K 00

( J J Aluminum

S29G13 "200 i 6 00

j *

r ,


Bird I.D. courses

Center, 2173 Peri winkle Way, respec lively.

'Hie Sanlbel-Cap llva Audubon Society will once again spon sor bird idcntlflca tlon courses. Jane and Russ Francis, who have taught classes for many years, are the Instruc tors. The beginner classes will be'held on two Mondi>s .January 21 and 28 U 7:.'iO p.m. nl the Sani bcl Coninuinltv Church. 17-10 Peri winkle Way and

The intermediate course will start on Monday, February 1 and continue on Mondays. February 11 and 18atlhe

Sanlbel Community Center'at 7:30 p.m. The cost of the beginners' course Is $10 and the Intermediate course Is $15 inclusive. Each course will end with a field trip. Call 472-0512 for more informal ion.





SiiiiiVicl ConiniimU\


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Out flitm tn aeityiii isvtt out amnga client ovet <25Q,O00! Without obtigiij'on, C.C. Gleason wilt da a review of yout cuitenl position, ind pieitnl alternatives lot future consideration Mr. p i n i o n holds * mistari degiee with 2 0 yean in estate canservatioET.

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4x-: landings

LOVELY TO LOOK AT -Delightful lo own This pool home offers Mexican Tile floors, ?. bed room/2 bath, beautiful lake views. Call Joe or Joan BOTS 472-5814.

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Grand estate homes surrounded by sparkling watcris on Sanibel's fashion-, able cast end.

• Private Host Docks • Beach Access • Privacy Gate


• Spa, Pool For Each Home • Nature Preserve • Fast GulfDrue I/ration Contact H o s e G i b n e y T M o s Pre-ConstructionFrom$G94,000 Broker-Salesman •


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BAYFRONT AND CANAL HOME, All in One "Reduced" BAYFRONT HOMFj 3 bed " room ground, level "Hring offer" GULF FRONT SUBDIVISION Elegant 3 bedroom home "Terms" GULF FRONT SUBDIVI-

associates, inc., [H

SION Nice lot "Excellent Buy"

kte Way, Sanibel Island, PL 33957

Call 472-5102 Eves.

Mike llobldeau


" COME ON IN S inlbel police discovered .1 2 number of optn busints^t 1 - long p n s r t h e >- usual closing time The ixprtss bar window at ^ the D.ines Conntn Club was opf». allowing 3 accLss to liquor Polkt reports indicate the ^ uindou could nut be locked Someone ;il the "2 J «. iraiuh Rtslaurnt on Firiwinkie Way left ~1 Hit. rear bir door open bilurday night''and . £ roo 11 130 at Sinibcl rkmtntary'School was' £ unsecured Police contacted a maintenance O^up(-i\L.cr gol the keys and relumed lo. the R] school to lock the door. E TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP A,FEW. . . Q hLiinah Wi>ncKiibII of 2 121 L. Mai! Drive In ? I ort M\ers w is posted for ntixiintnn speed of 33. . . MlrlMel Vlnctnl Gagll irdl of f-ort Myers, wa% cited (or speeding op Sanlbel Captlva Road u t s l or Sanlbel Diyou clocked at 65 in tlic 35 mile zone . . .Rogcllo Fajanlo, of Central Avenue In Fort Myers, was reportedly caught driving on a suspended license while cruising

•ilywn Pi-riwinkk' Way near Hie IsLmd C'.'iitci.

keys in the ignition in ihe I'ursta YLci I'ia/a.

N'ortliport, Xcw York, was given a S M I ' burrowed" the.car. • "-^ . speeding ticket for driving SB in a 35 mile an , Inuir zone on Sanibeli*. caus&way VISITOR DIES IN ROOM. . "island" medics Saturday...David 15» lhiddad, of 15021 loiia found an Aurora, Ohio woniaii dead in her Lakes Road in Fort Myt-rs was apprehended on MkUUe Gulf Drive, room early Sunday Periwinkle Way near the Algfcr's Restaurant : morning. Alfred Lindstrom dialed SlUfnr and di'tcd for driving with a suspended license -help ai about 3 a.m. when lie could not n-akc and expired tags. his 77-ycar-oid wife. Janet. EARLY FIERY FOURTH. . . Residents on West Gulf Drive railed Island police.Sunday s DRINKING, DRIVING, POSSESSION DON'T '. afternoon to report someone throwing MIX. . . A-24-ycar'Old".§antbel man was firecrackers onto Daniel's Road from a dark » arrested for diving under the influence, colored pick-up truck. Police could not locale possession of drug paraphernalia and the truck, its occupants or the firecrackers. marijuana shortly aftcF-mfdnight Sunday. ROLLING ALONG. . .Shoppers at Jerry s " Michael GaiTney Scolt, of 817 Beach Road, was Supermarket'on .Periwinkle Way called police reportedly seen lumtiig Ic.fl.from Pcrlwlnkif' Sunday* afternoon to report nuisance skole V.'jiv onto Causeway Boulevard in the wee boarders. When police arrived on the^ceile witnesses said the offending boarders had hours" of the morning. Officers behind the "gone. - •" . » vehicle claim Scott crossed the center line of._ the road twice. After crossing the first NOW YOU SEE IT. . .A black, Honda CRX causeway bridge, he again crossed Ihe center disappeared from a Periwinkle Way parking lot Sunday only to re-appear later that same line and officers, keeping pace. Indicate ihe dav. SanJbel police found the vehicle with the

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I j

POLICE MONEY GONE . . . A Tjtiiarar., Florida, vt.1ik ts_ \\i traveling 56 miles iin'hoiir in the woman told police •,,,(• lust SHOO \Vcdi.vsdny 35 mile an hour zone. Scott was stopped nearnight. The 7H-yr;ir-nld visitor said she last Ihc Liu*sHvav rest rooms, could not pull his , noticed the money. whici!\v;is In a Sun Hank Ifccnsi. fioni a rear pocket without laying cnve'ope. when she pulled mil $20 to pay for across the front sciit of his car and could iioi groceries af Jerry'-s Supermarket. She was find hi registration. Police reports nclc he unsure if the envelope was left on the cuunU:r smclled of alcohol and had a rifiTtcult time or whether she put ft back in her purse. It was not until Thursday night that Mie discovered pc iking Aficr pulling Scot I in the patrol car the money missing. for tian port to the Let- Counly Jail on charges of driving under the influence, island officers . FISHY BUSINESS. . . People a n h c Tarpon starched the car. They found ^home-made Day Beach Access on Tarpon liiy Koad at West pipe consisting of a toilet paper roll a n d . Gulf Drive, called island police,, Saturday aluminium foil ;is well as l.G grams ,o[ afternoon to report someone wasfcfUryiiiglisli marijuana on ihc driver's sfdc fiocr board of parts, from a shark, in the sand. Officers tin \i.hicle Scott refused to lake a breath lest approached a group of fishermen and told uui WJ ubscquently charged will, driving them they could not bury the guts. The under the Influence speeding, driving left of offenders safd they would remove Ihc leftover &Lntrr possession of marijuana and ilnig pails and net dig again. p tr.iphcrnalia. " """ WANTED . . . Craig Kenneth Skinner, of LUCKY FIND. . . A visitor founti and 15100 lona Likes Drive in Fort Mycrs.'was iubinittcd to Sanibcl j)olice a video recorder, arrested Saturday afternoon on two found owner-less in tlie sand on an East Gulf., outstanding warrants. Island police slopped Drive beach. A rising tide prompted the Skinner on Middle Gulf Drive at Parview visitor lo retrieve the camera before U'was all knowing he was wanted by Gther authorities washed up. An eye piece and microphone were and on at least one warrant fof§*rtting : loose when the camera was rescued from worthless checks. ' impending waves of doom and was not the MOBILE HOME. . . . At 1:44 Saturday result of foul play, reports indicate. morning two Massachusetts men in a pick-up


trurk. vvere stopped mi Tarpon:Bay Ktiad.antl charged with Inning expired license l.i^s, i;nt belonging on their vehtcie? Mirliarl L. Diiranhau, of Plymouth, was leaving ihe.Trost Parking Lo'. near the beach" access when _ isT.'did officeis stopped his vehicle. He and n friend, from KaSmouth. said they had been living on the island, in the truck, for Hire* da>s, " • GATOR AT SCHOOL'. . . An extra islander arrived at Sanibcl's Elementary School Tlmrsday morning. A three fool alligator was in the school courtyard a t 3 : 3 3 a.m. Police moved the reptile to a body of.GATOR AT HOME. 1 '. . A Gelding Road resident called police Thursday night to report an alligator thider the house. Police found the reptile and relocated it to the Sanibcl River near Tarpon Day.




CARELESSNESS COSTS. . . Constance Maryc Novak.^of Corbell Drive. St. Louis. Missouri, was arrested for careless driving, and refusing !.o take a breathalyzer test last Friday. > ; The 35-year-old_ Cyprlna Beach Condominium visitor was traveling west on Periwinkle Way near t h e J a c a ^ n d a Restaurant without the benefit 6t headlight* when police noticed the darkened, silver Toyota.





Pine Island Center

283-4334 0 , « p T N o r t h FLMyart Newest Challenge * ^ ' 18 hole Executive Golf Course • Range* Leseons Jutt North ot tt» Sh«ll Ficiory on u.l-41 —' 2 day advance Tee Times « DretsCode • Pro Shop



•Sg. Exciting New Boat Club On Fort Myers Beach A nautical alternative to the high cost of buying & maintaining a boat without the high cost of renting a boa!. Call 454-6495 between Ihe hoursof 10A.M.-5P.M. FRI., SAT., SUN. & MON. For more information and presentation times 1 WE TAKE THE HASSLE OUT OF BOATING" Choice ot gifts tor qualified visitors 'Guaranteed Financing'

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FT. MYERS BEACH'S LARGEST TALL SHIP 2 Hour Sightseeing Cruises [ Morning • Afternoon -Sunset $2.00 OFF EVERY ADULT FARE IN GROUP At Gull ta Harna RESERVATION! 76 74J7 Underih kyBrd e




s $57 °

Ihe Oidy Ilnique 'Dining•LKpcrienti On / ( fr/ir itti!f' £| i Trim


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Gulf Star Manna

lowred urdos ihe north rarr CAPACITY: 149


Ethnic anger and laughter is theme of drama course


By Caren Herman 5 Staff Writer z Edison Community College is bringing volun -J teer taient and theater lovers to Sambel s Bar a ner is'and Center for the Arts for a drama apUJ preclation course the first col ege of'er i g 6f £ its kind at the Island arts renter o Lead by retired li*erafure teacher Or Hal UJ Cantor and advertising executive M ways leave out the positive side of ethnicity, r - community college. This year It will be held in Both he and Cantor haVe years of acting that every American is an immigrant. We want the Phillips Gallery at the arts center on Saniexperience both in local play group and in to believe in 6ur ethnic background, but we bet To register tor the $40, eight week course, New York, where they met call the college at 469-9235.

Art league juried snow at Phillips Gallery The Sanibel-Captiva Art League juried show is currently exhibiting through January 27 at The Phillip: Gallery'at the Center for the Arts on Dunloo Road.There are 89 paintings which Phil Ras _, mussen. the juror, cheseout of 160 entnes submitteo.

The Shelf Seeker," a ma/iogany sculpture by Joan Brfflhart

k "Self-Portrait," acrylic by Mary Keogh

11 Photographs by Kathleen Blase "Artemia, moon goddess," acrylic collage by Jean Dean.

II :•


BIG QUILT-vl kingsizc, hand stenciled qtiilt. of right, mails by 5th graders in Connie Mumm's class attheSanihcl Elementary School, will be on display at the iytnihel Public Sjbrtuy until.February 15. The (/uilt isDe mrj raffled to. raise money for. an. overnight field trip to the Museum of Science and Indus try in February and for a camping trip to Cayo Costa in May. The quilt is 36 blocks, each. with a scallop shell stenciled in blue onto a white background (ind framed with a ytilai'ii based shell collage print. Raffle tickets arc $1, and are available at the Community Hank of thi Islands aiid the Three Crafty Ladies shop on Periwinkle Way.

7 i





Watercolor Workshop with. " Joan Furia Kliltch, A.W.S. ic fundamentals to advanced techniques apd con

February 11-15,1991 Tween Waters Inn Captiva Island, FL Call: (813) 472-1245 or write: c.'o General Delivery Captiva Island, FL 33824

Seriously Slashed Prices E*3rrpij. Anr.e Klein ccJUn s*ea:erreg $125 our price $50

PRESSURE CLEANING HOMES POOL AREAS DECKS BOATS RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL RIVER ROCK RE-SEAL • • Mot water cleaning • Fewer Chemicals • Licensed S Insured to $1,000,000.00

Absolute Pressure, Inc FREE ESTIMATES



Something Near and Delightfully Different on Sanibel fresh Naliiie Seafood, Choice Beef and Ueal,, I'oiilliy and/Pasta prepared mith n unique flair. Nightly House Specialties 8 Homemade Desserts, and an EKtensiue Selection of Champagnes, mines and Beets are auailable. Our Ham Bar and Late Night Menu are offered from 4 pm til Closing Eueryday. Upscale dining w i t h friendly seruice and a comfortable ambiance in a relaned and casual atmosphere.

Be Among the Fortunate Few If you're looking (or a location that will never be hurried by crowds, come to Heron's Polnte. This unspoiled enclave is nestled in the "scretie western end of Sanibc! Island, overlooking Clarn Bayou, surrounded by a centuries old pristine setting and views that seem to extend to the end of the world. ., {,r n*>'8 c


• Spacious 3 bedroom'1 bdth fioorp^jr^ v*r dt^ri •" •• ibOO squ.ife t^t". of living srea '••• \Vra[>aroun<3 balcoricx • Thiid fipor roof garden

• Tennis court : " ^ ' • Private nature trail to, • • • -

Bo* man's Beach' ' • . CoTnTiiinity bocit dock Tw-o c^r garage t , Heron's Landing Momrowhets , Association ' '•'- u. • -.'' •

Visit our'modeiS ;tii!>tirom l O i X i a r n to 5.00 p.m . Sunday. 12:00 t o

4.01 p tn in Heron's Landing, on.Sinibcl Isiand. on the way to Captiva.

Devi'teped Jtiii

S i i n n t j PinntM


1 U . n j s !l ll>( v\

s r M i,o c M iipt'iunf] Sonii t o 1 t tineh o s u m l d i j H i u m li r i stM l o t i o n s Rjipri n a t u U ^ 9 ' J ?a10U ^ U J'olm I irffjc Ptnco Tfllm R'Uqo !Ut Somhef

GUIDE — • fiom pife II) v r i ii nt tl!\ s u itivo 11 Is in pen n u t I si\ IL, lir w i t h K m ! \(ri'-c i i L, -m ( I t i * II (I " I tllU 1 l\ il (L I II h i i n k r i r l j . tt Min,int S tl H t I I K t f t .ie\ liil II v nit l! tin. tal m i II , t ni] h i s t i n t i ->U el it t Ihelci t,!h fin K (1IL\ ic t in l i d \ i t!i v w 'rv iKn d( | (i cl n tlic ir up i b bH il c n t t n l h t i u rul Mlh I i< ir Is two miles for two am) a h.iir houi: -O l U is pirliru'-irWc Inesci n i ion u L, h u h Ik K\ nifi Rid \n\ Fiimrl b a n m terns at Oif foundation, and Arthur Wcisj b K h i tt 11 j ; i l ( j L i n l r ,1, j , p ttcrt 1 1 k r , , s art Beginning in the educational center iviirre itlicriand spoke about the uniqueness of -mibcJ. across the boardwalk and out io OIL trail, she shared her expert knowledge of lhc Island, from flora to fauna. Sutherland, who's been a trail guide for six \ n r s i l l The r s o n i c i e here ( inlbtl) was bccaiisc of the VJnd of program SCCF offers volunteers. There's excellent f mining atid yau can accept as much responsibility as you want to. It's also an opportunity to be out- -i doors." ' o Canndian by birth, she credits her father with showing her the Importance of preservation of the environment. '"Conservation "of natural resources was constantly on niv fa-

Trail guide, Margaret Sutherland (far right) tells Arthur Weissbach (far lejl). Sheila Horky (eenfer) and Richard Fiiikcl (cento) about the saw grass and ant lions beneath the • boardwalk behind the educational center at the conscrvathnfoundation.


*Sweet as honey, burst ng juice.'.Our HoneyBe!! are o unique taste experience ayailaDie ence - and o^ty once-each January Gro /n .in no other place at no oiher time, it's a sought after < n o o i

PAK""N eas







iUy_ R \i I fs


a rare find...

l l I

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'"' '• „


i «i Ii






Overlooking one ol the''Wide5t.?.nd ;afes! beaches in all of Florida, Ft Myers Beach. • Bermuda Dunes oilers the finest in condominium luxury amenities including: • Choice o( three lloorplans. •Two bedroom and three beiroom units


• Fulfy tiled private entry toyers • Dining rooms •Modern, fully equipped kitchens with pantries •Spacious master





• Covered parking


Realty & Investments, Inc.

ll'iim's h[ l)i>timlinn fur IVipIc of Distinction _ - '

So - CI I T Pki) T Drew D'ake r M, r-, F! J31.3 Licensed Real Estate Broker

(813)765-0001 (813)433-0433

lM.li .Kvlt?7 '.'•





tiler's mind. He bought land In order to plant trees and conserve those already there." ' A French and Latin teacher for 31 years, Sutherland has put to good use her language skills for two-fold reasons., ' ''Since sciences all have a vocabulary rooted fn Latin'and Greek, there was a natural progression from my earlier interests In language," she said. "And in oixier to travel independently, it was necessary lo acquire basic skills in x'artous languages." Motivated by cu-! " rloslty about the work!, and her constanCquest for challenges. Sutherland and has sought the far corners of the globe. l p '•'

...She now li^cs in Shell Point:Village but ° spends at least four days on the Island. The ~ Inveterate traveler thai she Is. she'll spend the time from mid-April until the fall when she returns louring Europe, with a base in France. Giving praise not only to the volunteer prugram at the conservation center, but also to the "Ding" Darling Wildlife Refuge volunteer program, field trips sponsored by the Audubon Society and to.the educated and accomplished people who share theirs . knowledge, Sutherland continues to fill her ' life of exploration.

Living will workshop

<§ c $

The w o r k s h o p will b e c o n d u c t e d by a t t o r ncy R o b e r t a . A d a m s k i . legal c o u n s e l for t h e ' Society. '• "=. -. ,I7)

55 -jg

The cost Is S2.50 for members and S5 for Q non-members bjr reservation only. " • ~ '" n^ .,- For more Information, call 482-6077. «c



To Us!



• "=


USEPPA ISLAND - On ihc lnir«o»ul Waterway between Sanibel Island and Boca > Grande, Uscppa n i privaie island with a deep r-vatrr pcht harbor, two waterfront reMauranls, and a full complement of resort amenities.

"CoimtryChristinas year'found'gift'&Cot(ecta6[e Slot

The epitome o of island home ownership...

Handcraftcd Items & Toys Custom Baskets •J l Unique Collectables

Beautiful Handcrafted guilts


SOUTH KNOll HOME - Ma&nsficeni J bedroom. 3 bath home comminduig a iprct*:u(if vie.v of the yjcrourcding waters aiT
Come, to i true hi and. One with limited, carefully controlled access. A place wher? ~ ( one's indulgence in the island life is > respectfully accommodatcil. o litre, tht homes arc gcnuiiieiv unique. Some, arc hiMoric reitorations, some art" of terv recent vintaae/All are tnie to the "LVpfa sule" e-siahlisbcJ in ihc earl* part of ihe t«nturv.. . c~j; . -• • r. Til? .K-:|uiiitiop. nnr cicditon n! a h'.in'.f lure prt'.iifpe rrif C !;ib mi-



130' of beach frontage. Channing historic home recently updated. Hardwood floors, wainscoting, separate guest suite. 1.06 acre. Estate zoned. A truly rare find on Captiva. Fairly priced :tt $1,265,(100. ° (Vi uct: Rose Gibncy Dakos, Broker Salesman Home, (813) 472-4994

In I*

;\ limited numbir~p(mem\vnhips are ciaHobk \\\ invite you to visit Usippa hland and (our (he^e truly unique island propertiesArpoiniments are required and may be arranged by calling... ' • ' ;.

(813)283-1061 OUND RtSIMNCt - ; bedioom. T: balii S m A wc(t»icd witfidon". ieiting. cffli\»nKnt to Ckib Deccfldrof ftfrWicd SJ75.OOO . E S - A f e w s i t e s a r f available foe the design and on of >(*« t'j«(an isUxJ home From VSO.OJO


T h e Hemlock Society of Lee C o u n t y is holdIng a Living Will W o r k s h o p at 2 p.m. Monday, J a n u a r y 2 1 , in t h e Auditorium at Leisure Villagc-Seven Lakes on U.S. 4 1 in Fort Myers.

I tlseppa Property '' JSPVf Company inc UdbN>LOREAI.Ii7AlE WOKtH To>T tXfut Boi MJ. Bolttlii. HotiJi nil!


0 err 2. Ropor

P b C rr s 9 0 m P dp



FIND OF.A MFETIMElirud I'cdcrson helped his mother, Tcrit.ftnd ajitnonia. •Tcri.from Manknto, Minnesota, has been ihetling far 12 years t the tJirill of a lifetiriit!.


bn nd e C b s nog o pc • eno h lo nh b


G 22 T2 00 0 00 ed by A r> Co Con n 3 on o i p b he an e Laid De e op-ren Code ^

Casual Dining On the Bay


u Con r opm )TRAP ND. 2Q-46-23-T3-OCMO7.005O} to lots 6-8. Bloc'* 7, 4 7E G Dn Lealher Fern Place. Tax STRAP No. 25-4G-22-T3-OOIO7. H h nd «5 bd n rruel and Sandra Hurwilz. 90-8796C yjbm d b o nP prnen ra6 1 ofanap n edp n 0 La D a m 7 Con d J.es Icr conditional use approval of a timber I Part F Co to Purpose and Scope. De e opn en Coda _ _ 1.1.2. Spocitc R-ajrernfiPnj * o be n aled a 62 I gh no A V ay (Tax a ce RAP \ <16-23-T 2-00100.04CO|; as submitted by Docks & Lite, Inc. lor Jack Lomano. No. CUP 90-65. 9 45 a.m. 8. Consideration of a requesl (or a development permit to provide lor development cf a single-family res'-dence and accessory improvements thereto on property located at 5243 Indian Court (Tax Parcel STHAP No. 12-46-21 -T3-00009.023JJ and the si e of Ittfan nwi-Rds a identified ty Comprehensive Land Use Plan Section 2.2 4 Hstcfic Preservation, as subtrul led by Winrnw-Flett General Conlraclors, tnc. (or A.P. F-'orida Investpieils No OP 90 S6S5 10:00 a.m. 9. Consideration of a request for a variance !o U n d Development Code Secton 1 E5p. ytfajiswqter Disposal System c. (1} Setbacks, (a) v lo permit ihe installation of an on site'mounded wastewater disposal system set back 32 ft. (in lieu ol Ihe required IOC f t v (ram Lha moan high waler line ol Bowen Biyou, in conjunction with a proposed singlg farm1/ resi donee to be developed on Lot G ol unrecorded Caloosa Shores Subdivision (Tax Parcel STRAP No. 12-46-21-T3 00009.0250);as submitted by Joseph St Cyr for Jacqueln Goe!!e Giattinr. No. V90-235. • • ,. " 1 i ; i s a.m. 10. Consideration of an application died pursuanl !o Lanrl Oe/eloprert Cede Article 111., Part F. Condi|ional tjses. and in accosdance <*ilh Sections 11 2 Gprnr?' Reauirernonts and 1.1.3. Specify Requirements e. Re jort'hotJSjpg aices.ory cornmcrc J u r o T to permil the outdoor sales of beach sundry items at the Sanoel Ra-na^ l i n localeaat 1231 Middle Gull Drive (Tax Pafco! STRAP No. 30-46-23-T2-&0105 00£0) as SLbmilled t y e Jd S Stern. Attorney lor Jamos P. and Palricia Carrall. No. CUP 90 70 10:30 a.m. 11. Consideration of an ordinance pertaininr/tec earincs tndvs^ala en landirds contained in the Land Development Code; amending paragraph (c)t cf St-b ^eaons l D 2 b (1), l.D.2.b. (2), i.O.2.b.{3), !.D.2.b.(4), I.D 2.b.',5), and I D 2 b(6} lo reqjire remeval of Bra2ilian popper and Melaleuca tees torn all areas ol a pa ecl p'opo pd for d t ^ o p r r n n t or le alteration, including any portion ol any parct! used for catula on of denst^ or d^\eLp rnon! iniensity. impermeable coverage, or vegetation removal ard d \ « f r J i r t 3 a" enJ 13 subsection IX.13.f. lo provide that Ibis standard is a ccnrtlici of «il g e t . c 1 ptrmi & amervding sutsccfion ID.S.3.1. 13 require the same stsndaH as a c o - ^ i u i o l a devt orrfnt p-ormit; providing lor codikalion; providing lor confrcl and ^ e ^ e n r c 1 aid p'o d "tj ^ ef'c faedale. N'o.L0C90-111 10:d5a.m. 12. Continuation of (from January 0. JS9)!considen!oiu'afeque I fjr 1ri-\,tS to Land Development Code Secljons-1.0.2. a. Required Concjiipr. H e ^ d ^ . a i p'J' .'5 (-l) C 10 0 ide lot t i e developrreit ol additional parking spaces closer tfcarc 20 ft. !o the canal a cng the norther1/" boundary ot f-i parcel, closer Ihan 10 ft. lo tfie^sido property lines; apd closer than 75 fl Iran Ihe centeri rr> of East Gull Drive right-of-way and to allow the vegetation remo at aF d dce ! op o d area to evee " the mavidium:30 percent petmilted; and Section I.E.7. A ; M ^ q r y ?jy.g?.Jfes d Frc .! yM, js permit installation 0! a dumpster without regard to the 10 fl side yard and 75 fl 'r«m I n * * cenierline setbacks; and Section I.E.23. Qt*-5t^ • - • • 5 , to permit less than the 43 required parking spaces, and d. De., for otf-s ). leading ^p^cg*; and di'vcvayq, lo pet mil reductions in the r< w i y and parking space dimensions and to permit parking to occur 01 Ihe rion-cont'gjojs rxr lion cf the pfbper^ situated between Bie canal and ncrlherly nghl ol way line for Eas Gulf Drive.'The subject property is the si!e of Bie Gallery Motel located at 5* 1 Easl Guif D r t v (Tax Parcel STRAP Nos. ;0-4G-23-T3-00207,01SO and 20-46-23 T3-OO209 0020) a1^ submi»ed by Timothy J. Muriy. Attorney for Florida Income Fund No. VB3 135 11:00 a.m. S3. Continuation of (from January 3, 1991) consideration 0! a reo,ues! fof'a variance to Land Development Coda Section I.E.I7, plood-and Stormprpcfifq e. General Slandards (1). (?), (3). (13), and (14), and 1. Specific standards (1) and (6). to provide lor T Ihe-fac! approval of the constructor* of living area below the required lowest floor e'ev; established by !he Rccd Insurance Rale Map, on properly located at 2018 V/ild Lime Drive {Tax parcel STRAP Mo. 13-46-21-T2-OC100.C970)- submitted by Nea'e Montgomery, Attorney lor'Jinvny and Laura Burnsed. V90-233. ALL IN THE CI1Y CF 3AN!3EL. LEE COUNr/. : : FLORIDA. " . . • If a jx-rsof> d&CLdss to jppta! sfiy dcci^'Oi of the body ^»th rospect to ^ny matter considered 0 such meeting or hearing, tie w>'! need a lecord of me proceedings, and for such purposes rr,3; need !o ensure that a verbatim record of'tie proceedings is made, v\nich record includes t!i< testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is so be based. IRH-l.18-91

Saturday Niglit is Prime Rib Night CAJUN COOKIN' CAPTIVA STYLE Ba k pdl i S n m ^ lk S e i f o o d Specialty Hem hr mp &. *-caIJop M on Grouper Imperial Serving Lunch I I 4 p.l an D 10 pn Closed Wcdpesda^ .172-9*114




SUNShl P IledrcHim, Thrrr RAth


-Thrrf BpHroom, Two Ralh l 1 l i





Low Mrtliitfnancf Kxirrtur V.n\Irnnmcntiilh KfTtrimt llnrro SiMtim M!|lh CntcW} Air CnniHtkintr . Mot \Vm
Conipirle tn*ulnr^in Kn^rlnpr AllkHmllanlllfMBnrrfer li



"|»UNSOF].VISU.n".TO.V5ftSQ.|-T.M\1NlJARKA ^ l'KICKS()rS«4,7501()$200^50


• • %

Wetland walks A "Walk in the Wetlands." Yi guided trail walk at Little Pitie Island State Reserve, explores native vegetation, wild life and ecology of a Southwest Florida salt marsh. Tours arc scheduled at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, 'Thursday'and Saturday mornings at 0 a.m. 7 through April. Reservations required by calling Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserve office. .283-242-1. . ". 'A Walk in the Pine Flatwoods" is a guided trail walk at Charlotte Harbor Environment tal Center. It explores Alligator Creek Addition of the aquatic preserve's vegetation and .. wildlife of the area.


There's no other place like '.his in all of Florida! Enjoy the barefoot beauty of an island paradise. There's no place like home when it's nestled among the natural Florida foliage. A true island hideaway, but with an abundance of resort amenities, available to you. There are activities, day and night, for children and adults of all i ages. An open-air trolley provides continuous'Iranspbrtation to all corners of lh^ resort, or if you prefer, you may bicycle, jog or stroll down the tree-lined road tva\ The glistening, white sand beaches captivate the heart, andjsn't that what islai paradise is all about.

« §




IN mi-: i IBRARV o r T H E SASIBE-L C O S G R E G A T I O S A I C H U R C H J :



Sanibel Creative Tile Co. 1711 Periwinkle Way Sanibel, Florida 33957

10 years of Excellence Visit ourshowroom Wide variety of Samples Ceramic Tile • Marble Tile Imported & Domestic Tile Installation



475,000 - 5750,00

The pride of the Plantation! A small, private, self-contained villa J at the far tip of Captiva Island. This represents the epitome in"! * * " ' floor villa and Uvo-slory penthouse villa plans are spectacul features corner locations within each building, side window: decks and screened porches, with 17 distinct locations to choose fn! scenic views and alt,the amenities—that's island living at its best!

Nestled among six acres of tropical island vegetation,£^^"Beadi"Crt§Ee6!v|:^ t have been dtsigned for maximum privacy and green space. Flwjr pbjyieature ™a7-?1||TS| tile living space in either two-bedroom, two-bath units or tw^bernkjin^'lV/b-ijith^T'""'

813-472-2853 813-472-TILE

WE'RE OUT TO CATCH YOU! 'Why tjo anywhere else for lobster?' Shrimp dishes galore!


EXPRESS LUNCH SERVICE New expanded menu offers largest selection on the Island

123jMfiSa»,500 i r q t c i l n h n l u h l l i l i n n c urlooi inK unms U c , t t J -d).. m l l i l h u m m t m n i c ,mpl.x " " h " nfl world ilTi, a s r> O w . t r h , p . 4 ,r IMI

• Lunch 11:30 A.M. to 3 P.M. Dinner 5:00 to 10 P.Xfe • Fresh Native Fish



• Black Angus B«f •Classic Italian Dishes •Children's Menu •AH Major Discards "" - ; • I! ipp Hour in ihc Schooner Lounge 3:30 - 6 p.m. Rid ced Prices on Drinks • Free Hors D'oeuvrss Best Lobster House around here... Ask Everyone 472-1366 Corr.cr of iWinkle Way £ Tarpon Bay Rnad

ur mure infiirm.ilion on thg* an4p(h^fine proKrliesypleSsccaij;; - (813) 472-1556,47i-55%OT'472AS5^e«ftiSgJrft

^! 1N\ 1 I M I M 1 K 0 U K M g, I t. g f n nn i p C k I *" c I 1 d 1p U i tl 1 f £ R r H r> e IS6 00 r >f ii oP^c j , p HVCONMll


; ih7

( I S V I l l R WAV 1 ( 1 T H E 1IKAC1I



( fL h "h i j.


I ^ \


n § r d cr nj, b >c L t e r n > n ~> 5BR/ B \ 0 crl I I! tsl 1 k n c*cl c D nc ar of bcl Grcil m To n I n g m i l £ pigged o k fl » r m, \n en I cs g lo gn T atii p £ reduction to S419000. Please call SAM LOUBF. today for O > iur private MCW ing 472-5187. gj 1OTS OF LIFE HERE! 1IEST ISLAM) VALUK DC A little updating will bring new life into ihis beautifully sitWalk lo beach! 1800 sq. ft. living area. SpccucLhr interior Q iiatcd 3 bedroom Shell Harbor canal home. Large caged booMs 3 bedrooms, vaulted ceilings, gourmet kitchen and ? pool, bciuiiful water .views and jusi a short walk to deeded prc^or.siruciion prices! Hiinv! $249,000. Plca.sc call JIM HAU47251»7454r422'e: o r3 beach accc« Owners arc interested in leasing back for COMING HOME IS NICKR AT THIS TRICK! ~ about a >cir A great opportunity at $439,500. Call JOAN Briglu-cliecrfu! 2 bedroom condo in well maintained comLEI at 472 5187 j r 472-3239 eves. TAKE THE PLUNGF,! ^ plex at tlic Ea*i End of Sambel just a short siroli lo ivacri and shops. Also featuring a screened bnai and covered patlc lilo this imitmg large solar heated pool, caged and sur- "^ ing. Offered at SH5.000. Please ask for MAGGIE {472rounded b> direct access canal and lush landscaping. Get in " 8633 or SUE .'472-937.9} at 472-51S7. . '_ llic swim in this great Shell Harbor Home, also just minutes SOMKRSSH . from pmalc both access. Please call JOAN LEE at 472#D101 ^Ifiiaginc breakfast or finl.isiic sunsets over c u i 51S7u 172 3 ^ 9 evenings. $539,000. ,,. ' ' tails"froni the huge porch of this stunning 3 ba'room, 2.5 baih con.!(.>miniiLr:i home Fumistio! with [lie OncM nf lasic". Stay just one night here aud you will never leave. Priced 'OPEN HOLI.SE' o $800,000 furnished. Picasc call DAVID L. SCHUl.OEN1 I'M • 4 PM FREI M472-5187 orcvcr.ing5466-051-i. r L; STOP IN 466 SCA OATS DRIVE TO SEE CUR HEAUTiNEWIJ,STINGS!.ITJLLY NDVL1 CONSTRUCTED HOME. THIS QUALISpacious 2 bedroom + den penthouse wiih incit'diblc j;uif TY BUILDER HAS PUT HIS BEST INTO THiS 4 BEDviews. This iiie.il snrurai hmc h DIRECT GULP f-HONT ROOM TRADITIONALLY STYLED HOME WHICH and offers a cabana, pool, jer.nis and a small quiet asrtmIfATURCS A LIBRARY AND FORMAL DINING sphere. CALL NOW! JIM HALL al 472-5SS7 or 45M422 ROOM S650000. . e'ves. S419.0D0. "LAST OF ITS KIND" GOLDEN orruKiuMrr _ This 45 fool high estate home offers spectacular views Easl Gulf Drive 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 baili lownhoHse slvle iWlocated directly across from the Gulf of Mexico! This new dominium. Superivir quality throughout, and ail brand hew home offers every amnnity including oversized master with furnishings. Noihina compares a! 534-1,900. Call HILL atnuin 'n.aicd pool, loft and much more. 5869,000. Please ANDERSV more irJb at 472-51K7 w 472-K03O eves. call JIM H U X Today!!! at 472-5187 or454-!422CYCS. n


LAKE-FRONT itKAUTY I ash tropical trees and plantings. 3BR/2BA. 4 years "new". Tncsl quality construction by top builder. Lovely master suite on jppcr floor. Enchanting long wide view olj»lake. Offacd at S349.5OO. Please call SAM LOUBE at 472-5187 or 395-0024 eves. BRING YOUR BOAT!! Tins complete1., renovated 3 bedroom, 2 bath home has a 60 dock for it! Then check out the gorgeous screened poo! area [hit also includes a porch with entertainment center complete with bar and refrigerator. All this offered for S485 000 Please call MAGGIE (472-8633) or SUE (4729329)at4725187. REDUCED OVER $10,000 On the golf coursc-a few steps from the "Dunes" Country Club with pool and tcnnis..This house is all about views. Golf Course, water and wildlife This 3 bcdroom/2.5 bath is ofilrcd at $219 900. Excellent rental or residence Please call ELAINE SCHUMM. GRI at 472-5187 or 454-3134 cvo


<• i r l> c-


THIS ONE'S FOR YOU ^ou 11 enjoy coming home lo this custom built home in The Dunes A cozy fireplace, 3BR/2BA, new carpet and tile, large rooms Conveniently located, affordably priced at $234 900 Call Now!! DEBBIE BARNES 472-5187 or 4721362 c\cs \\ VTEKFRONT PROPERTY Th s v-o >car o'd home offers the chance lo relax at the poo! while the family cocs boating, Three car garage allows^fof mo c room to expand to accommodate the new projects. Light and open rooms provide a sense of calm.' See for you:stlP I'Lasc call CHARLENE TIMOTHY at 472-5187 or 472 855 1 e « $595,000. ' # NI-W L!STiN(i - ON THE LAKh PLTHH ii7t lion e, situated on 17 acre lake offering 3 tvt!rourm 2 > bjtbs, loft, large Greai Rooir, Solar Jleau-ii S a u n i i P H 3nd more. Located just a short walk fror.i * u d d Ixd^h access and private tennis courts, Please <:;\'.\ DI RBIf B^R^^.S at 472-5187 or472-U62 eves. S32VMK*J EMHRACEN.Vn.'KE' ^ , ^i in k i j , ' 1 L s t!!t ' sounds will beckon jou to ihisto\:-,ck:-; l\ n tb L ivir Approx. 20,fK"0 sq. f!. of the In! is ;i !;!-;i%. wi J u s dji mtoihcJ.N. Ding Doling"Wildlife Refuse. ^MS(KK; I is\ to.idvc, easy m sw. Just rail Dt-BDII-.

A>fNUAL RENTALS Dunes with a ijolf course view, 3*2.5 on Sandcastlo Rd., Sanibet $900 por month/ availab'fl T01/91. Ihis Rd- Z/2 wrth ramily room. S88O per tnanh'availabie^ 12»S/90. Please call 4721613 or I-800-422-2702. "=• RENTAL HIGH SEASON RATES Don'! wall till the last minute!!

Call our otttce NOW to rnake your sunstiine reservation.



Gu!«ront: S175Q-S2100 Gulfview: S1300 S1700

iBayview:$656.$1260' Vacation'Fenlals 1509 Periwinkle Way

Sanibel Office 4 " 150!) Periwinkle Way ;

PRESTICIOUS (iULF COMMUNITY Community of Million Dollar Homes!!! Gulf Beach 4 Amenities!! Security GaiPS: Gr.c House! 1: doesn't gel much bctier than this on S-nibel! Priced at S355(K) Call Now!!: Pkasc ask for HAP CONNELLY n 472-5187 or 472-0005 eves. . . ••

. OVERSIZED LOT \W.in short walking disancc lo dcrtcj BEACH ACCESS. This oversized }ol in a very well establishui neit;ribarrio(xi is litated just off of West Gulf Drive" Privet! Bl'Snu^!*} Call NOW!!! Ask for HAP CONN1-IIY at 472-5187 or 472-ffiWS cvts. - .,

Tnis ovcrsi/cd homesile is tltc perfect spot for yuu lo butl.1 your new home. Your home will have 3 view of the lake ir;; your backyard and one of Sanibel's fines! beaches is jus! 3 short walk away. S115,(X*. Call 1,-iay! DEBBIE UARNES al J72-S1S7 or472-1362 eves. _ . '•'

COMMERCIAL LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION -• Sanibcl "Commercial Periwinkle Way Properly is Rare".' Perfect location for shop, store or offices. Apartment above for owner or help. Just offered at $399,00.1 Please call J.B. NOVF.LLI at472-5l87today! RARE COMMERCIAL/DETAIL CONDOMINIUM LIME TREE CENTER, has Periwinkle frontage in a high traffic area. Currently rented to Duradcan Inc. Approx. 936 sq. ft. of iloor space. Priced io sell at $155,000. Call DAVID L. SCHULDENFREI at 472-5187 or 466-0514 eves, for moredeuils. ;-: - COMMERCIAL OFFERING NEEDLEPOINT SHOP IN HIGH TRAf-TIC SHOPPING CENTER. S70.000 INCLUDES INVENTORY AND FIXTURES. CALL MAGGIE (472-8633) OR SUE (4729329) AT 472-5187.

.SANIBEL-.CAPTIVA TIRED OF THE RAT RACE? Do we have the placeYor you. Enjoy living on Sanicvl at an affordable pricepDid we mention walerfronl? OOPS! this location has' that too - direct access canal to Pine Island Sound. All for $210,000. Seller will take back purchase money mortgage. Huny! Call MAGGIE (472-863iiOr SUE (472-9329)al 472-3456. . . " O ' . EVERYDAY IS A VACATION! Enjoy your leisure tiine in Ihis umiland telreat.'Situjled »• Clam Bayou with views of lhe:Wild!iic and Gulf you wu, lose every minute here. Sphsh in the p'.vil or iclas by the fireplace. DIAL 472-3456 and a>k for MARY ANNE CIKA <4393.(SIO.472-3(lMcics.'_ CHATEAIXSI fTMF.U IsUnd Lifestyle awaits yuu in il::- I simi-B8/3BA I:,K:C accented with numerous wmb'AS :o enhance t"::e r..:liir;il .^ht :::\1 t-vju'y. Vaulivd wiyO ce;i;ni;s, firirpiiicc. d :u! AC, 3 c!«ks. cnildM'd lower iivei wiih I < a r f:iisfi- Dcniei! K-ach access !Y>r only S3-'!psriil VUv.c <*'A r:ori!Hl IHAlll si 472->156 ori'UA/i we.

Saii*Cap Office 5301 Sanibcl-Captiva Road

Dunes Siiles 1509 Periwinkle. Way .Sundial .. Mfil Middle Gulf Drive , ~> u s i lixi.y^iw'• ;•;•;)!I-2{

MHDIHIIHJRHi B >Ou p y d e s Bf\CH fnj > w f r > o i . h c V > f^ anJ watch the gmfcrs on the cours^ a.ros^ the one has everything but you! Please call lor HAP LY al 472-5187 or 472-0(105 eves. Loi HiA SI5Loi IO"S159.*)00.


JiP Reaky Group, Inc.

JANUARY 18.1991

ISLAND KEPOBTER C • A •* L • E *;N • D • A •• Wednesdays from South Seas Plantation, Captrva, 330 p.m. Adults $16.50. children S8.25, Reservations: 472-7549. Current Events, com-.., munity course. Bob Maurer, moderator, lOa.m.-noon, $4. Bridge (or Fun, Betty J. Seott, director. 1-4 p.m. With or without partner. Sanibel Community Center.

lotte Harbor Environ mental Center (639 6255) Botnwa'-joiTyescays Thursdays andSatu 1 daysat9 a.m. through rrvdApril by reservation Antique Show and Sale, opening day Sanibel Ccmmun ty Center 10am o p m


Rotary Club meeting Iggy and Pauls Lob ster House. Tarpon Bay Road at Periwink'e Way, 7:30 a.m. Ail Visiting Rotarians welcome. 472-2880. 7' Alcoholfc Anonymous, women's closed discussion. 12 30 p.m. ot Sanibel Congregational a ,: Church. 2050 Periwin- ^ J.M. 'Ding Darling kle Way, -winter season hours Suncoast Alzheimer;?. through Aprl vis tor Information Line: i- ' center open da ly 9 800-O33-4563. Open 8 a.m.-5 p m slide a m -5 p.m. wee*-- ' presentation 10 a m days. noon, 2 p m N dlife The Wildlife Drive of Drive sunr se to sun J N "Ding" Darling . set. closed Fridays Retugo wiii be dosed .. Entrance fee S3 per every Friday. The Visimotor vehice SI per toi Center wi'l remain hiker or bicyclist 472 open 9 a.m. to5p,m; 11C0, ^ Tap Dancing Classes, Sanibel Captiva Art DO Ails Center. 900_ League juried m e m DuTJpp Rd with Wd'lo ber show at the I OuSCher, instructor, Phillips Gallery. 900 at 9 a.rr, Weekly Cuniop Rd. Hours are ^ouHong ctassesjor from 1-4 p.m. on Fric




JC AIIOQGS and bolh


days, Saturdays a n d .

»xes welcome. Sundays. Hanna Htlger, painter Pirate Playhouse a n and Sanibel Captiva ; ^ nual meeting with b Art League member, 'Topping Off" party. exhibits at the Santoe! C h a m p a g n e win be Public Library during . served at 3:30 p.m. the month of January. Pert rait and figure Meet at new structure Sanibel-Caplivo Art drawing, Sanibel o n Periwinkle Way. , League juried memCoptiva Art League. weather permitting. ber show at the* 1-4 p.m. Captrva Phillips Gallery, 900'. ' Antique Show.and Community CenSale, closing 1 d a y . ° Dunlop Rd. Hours are ter.(Runs until end of c Sanibel Community from 1-4 p.m. on FriMarch) Center, 12noon-5 days, Saturdays and Sanibel-Coptiva Shell p.m. .: Sundays., :. Club, 8 p.m. Sanibel Caretta Research, Preschool story hour Congregational Inc. "Thank You" ft Coptiva Memorial United Church of Party, Ccptiva Civic Uitraiy. 10:15a.m. Center, A p.m, 472- ^ ..Christ. 2050 Periwinkle' Open to public. Way. "Exploring for 3177 , . Sanlbel-Captiva ConFlorida Fossil Molservation Foundation. lusca" by Gary Friday at the CenSmelz. marine bioloter '- Bobbie Heinrich. gist. Public invited. Duplicate bridge, Resources and Pre-dinner meeting ot Networking for Current Jean Scott, airector, 6 p.m. Call for reser•v/ith or without'part- • Issues." 2 p.m. vations by Sat. Jan. 19 nors. 7:30 p.m., S i Walk in the Wet. to Anne Joffee, 472' Sanibe! Community lands" daily at the 6991. Sanibel-Captiva Con- Center. 2173 Periwinkle Power Squadron servation Foundation. Way. 472-2155. 1 Drilfwood Workshop. monthly dinner . v Guidea Tours at 10 Sanibel Community meeting. Sanibel a m 11am 2 p m , Center, 10a.m.-3p.m Community Center. 6 472-2155.' "s-,p.m. " . Duplicate Bridge,' Audubon Society. Sanibel Community ber shew at the beginning bird identiCenter." 7:30 p.m. SterPhiliips Gallery. 900 . fication course, led ling Bassett, director. • by Jane and Russ DuniopRd l o are .-VVith or without pad- " Francis, Sanibel from 1-4 p.m. onTfiner. $2.50. days. Saturdays and Community Church, Sundays. 1740 Periwinkle Way, Greek tragedies, with •Walk in the Wet- * 7:30 p.m. S10 for 2 Dr. Edward Brooks, 10 lands," Guided Trail classes. 472-0512. a.m. to noon, Phillips Walks at Little Pine IsTues. Jan. 22: Gallery at Barrier Island (283-2424) and F.I.S.H. annual meetland Center for the 'Walk in the Pine Arts. Dunlop Road. S5 ing. Congregational Flatwoods" at CharUnited Church of 3950900.


• •


"Shells and Sea Ufe' community cc-Jrse with Afice Anders (1st c of 5 weeks). Series $20. single $5. from 7-9 p.m. at Sonibel * Community Center. Preschool story hour at Sanibel Public Li- . txary. 10:30,a.m^; A.A.R.P. Safe Driving Class. Sanibel Com-JTiunity Ceiter 9 a m 12 noon

Christ. 2050 Periwinkle Way. 3 p.m. 472-0404,

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein-Barr Virus family support group. 7:30 p.m. 9368284 or 997-2553. Photography (8 weeks) a! Sanibel ^ Community Center. 810 a.m. Bob Hovath.instructor. $50. . Yoga C 8 weeks). Sally RichJnstructbr. Sanifcwl Community Center, 9:30-11 a.m. Series $50. single $7, Ballroom Dancing, Helen Kolvin, director. With or without partner, 7-9 p.m. Sanibel Community Center. $5. Community Course Basic Bridge (1st oflO weeks) Anne Green, instructor, 9 a.m.noon; $50. Community Center. Square Dancing, jack King, instructor. Sanibel Community Center, 1:30-3:30 p.m. S5 per session.

Short Stories with Dr. Annie Cook, Joyce. Updike and Wun^ ^30-4 30 p m Ph Gatery. Center i t, Arts, 900 Dur.!opRd. 395W00. Play Reading fed by Aaron Ritvo. Phil;;p: Gallery. CenfeV for the Arts. 7:30 p.m. 395Evenings with Shake0900. speare, Prof. Robert Short stories, with Dr. Miller discusses Annie Cook. 2:30-4 courtly tcve, fantasy '•'" p.m.," Phillips Gallerv -and lime. Phillips at Barrier Island Cerv Gallery at the Barrier ter for the Arts, Duntop Island Center for the Road, $5.3950900. Arts, Dunlop Road. Play reading, with . 7:30-9 p.m. S5 per perAaron Ritvo. 7:30-9 son. ;1 (J p.m., Phillips Gaiiery .. Watercolor work- ''^ y at Barrier Island Censhop, 9 a.m.-nSon,: * ter for the Arts, DUf>?op Sanibet Coptiva Art League] at Barrier IsLite drawing, live land Center for the " models, Robert York Arts. Dunlop Road. $8 instructor, 7:30-9 p.m.. (runs until end of - Founders Gaiiery BarFebruary) rier Island Center tor Evenings wilh Shakethe Arts, Dunlop speare, part one ot Rood, $9,3950901 'Romeo and Juliet." with Professor Robert Millet, 7:30-9 p.m.. Phillips Gallery at BarSelf help program for rier Island Center for dealing with emo-. the Arts, Dunlop lions. Twelve Steps Roaa $5,3950900. for Everyone.- Sanibel Public Library meeting room; Thursdays _at noon. 472-5081. Kiwariis Club meets Art classes for eleeach Wednesday, mentary, school stu7:30 a.m. for breakfast dents taught by Marat The Jacaranda jorie Bronstead. 2:30 restaurant. 472-2600. p.rn, a! BIG arts cenIntermediate Bridge. ter, Dunlop Road. community course Cost: $75 for 14 weeks . * X'stof 10 weeks). Jean or $7 per session. 472Scott, instructor. $50. .3339. •-.. -; Conservation Foundation boat cruises. • please see page 16C


2 Calendar of church services in Sanibel and Captiva Sanibel Community Church (multi-donorninatlonal), 1740 Periwinkle Woy (next io^erry s). Sunday worship: Ffom Jan. 20-Apri! 3 services: 8 a.m.; .9 and 11:15 a.m. Way-^Soptember; 10 a.m. Childcare provided for al! services. Dr, Denny Dennlson, Dr. John Wilcox. 472-268-1. St. Michael's and All Angels episcopal Church, 23CM Periwinkle Way. Sunday worship 7 30,9:30,'l 1:30 a.m. Saturday worship 5 p.m. Holy Eucharist at all services. Weekdays: ! Wednesday 9 a.m., Holy Eucharist with heal• ing. Thursday 7:3flfam. Holy Eucharist folj lowed by Bible study. Rector. Ft. William Dodd. " Associate; Fr.. Bill Walker. Church of the Islands, 4115 Sanibol-Cdptiva Rd.Regular Sunday service at 10 a.m. Home Care Group Wednesday ^p.m. on and off the island. ' ; Intercessory prayer meets every day at the church. Friday praise and worship practice 7 p.m. Pastor, Jamie Stilson. 472-1058.. •' .-

Sanibel Congregational United Church of " Christ, 2050periwinkle Way, across from Periwinkle Piace"Shopping Center. Sunday services at 10 a m . Rev, Dr. William C, Tuck. • Chufch office open 10 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. 472-0497 OM72-81QO.

Captiva Chapel by the Sea, Captrva Island. Sunday service, 1 Vg.m. through April 2 K Dr. William Schrom. minister. Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. 7 p.m. " . .• :

St. Isabel Catholic Church. 3565 SanibeP Captfva Rd. Saturday mass 5:30 p.m.; Sunday mass 5:30, 10:30 a.m. end noon. Daily mass 8:30 a.m. Holy day schedules same as weekends. Msgr. Robert W. Schlefen and Rev. Carmen Caruso. 472-2763. " -.==>

Temple judea, Conservative Synagogue, 14486 A&W But) Road, Fort Myers. Services: Friday.,8 p.m.; end Saturday, 9 a.m. Rabbi Toba August. Call 433-020t. " •

Sanibel-Capliva First Church ol Christ Scientist, 2950 W. Guff Dr. Sunday service and Sunday school, 11 a.m. Wednesday meetings 8 p.m. Reading room 10 a m. to noon Wednesday and Friday. 472-8654. Unitarians-Unlversolists of (ho Islands meets on Sunday evenings at 7:30 in Fellowship Hal! of the Sanibel Congregational Church, 2050 Periwinkle Way. 334-4734.

Jewish reform shabbat service, beginning _ Jan. 1 1^D! 8 p.m. and continuing bknonthly. will " b e in the library of Sanibel Congregational Church, 2050 Periwinkle Way. Oneg shabbat to follow. Coil 472 3016, a . Temple Beth-El, an affiliated reform • congregation, 2701 Del PfOdo Blvd., Cape Cora!. Services Fridays. 8 p.m. Rabbi Solomon Agin. Coll 574-5115. ^

New market on Captiva


Of Any HarBor Gourt^artment.

'the new C.W.'s Market S Dell .it" South Seas Plantation, formerly the General Store located next to Chadwfck's licstaurant, opened in December. 1 The 2.700 sq.B. i market has been en| larked and will feaI lure Roumjct foods, wines and specialty products. Party platters win be available with advance notice for entertaining and -•; special events.

Right now, when \ou buy one of our new luxurious waterfront apartments at I Iarbor Court, you'll also get all the amenities of first class retirement living on the island of Shell Point "C^IIMV* " 4 f T Village—Americas premier retirement community for 23 years. • Harbor- Court is the -newest residence at Shell Point Village with generous livingrdiiiing and bedroom areas, magnificent kitchens and screened balconies o\ c i looking the water All surrounded by lush foliage and manicured lawns. •:$ What's moie when \ou live at Shell Point Village, you're guai'anteed unlimited lifecare. :; But tins extraordinary offer won't last for long. *.- Because only 12 of 64 units aie left. Call 1813 4661131 oi send

II 4


Onlv 12 Luxury Waterfront Apartments Remain, r

'I j


for free information about HailJOl Court today It could change .yourlife And -'vouraddicts


Preyet toSl Jude loty ude Apostle and Hatiyr, great h virtue and rich in icie. near Kin&man d -kvis i mvcte your speaal patrorv in time ol need, to you i e 'eco-jrse from ihe depth d my heart and humbly £ieg !o ' i Gorf has gwcn such gre.il power to come 10 mt.assiitancc. Help me in my ptescn! U-jenl peinmn In return, I promrsc'to malte your namtf known and cause you to be invoke, Say three Our Fathers, than Hail Marys ar.d Gtarias PuWicatiqn must be promised 5r. Judo pra/ for us at! nhc tr.voV.o your aid Amen. This y Ncv a has n ) laJ 1 musf f

3 Duplicate Attempt to keep illegal g' apartment fails again | Bridge

Contract • Bridge «?

Monday.'January 14. Mitchell move-' ryent. 12 tabfes;1

Test Your Dummy Play 1. You are declarer with the W o^\ hand at Three Not rump and North l< 11 the king of clubs How would you phy Iho html* WEST FAST


>nu find A wi\ of unlirtfling On blnckd^t. in the MJII

This cm PTst'y be done by due Win^, the king of dubs ami then tin qut i n if North utntinues clubs Somur or latf r you ( in ilispcse of vour tight of A AQIDF> A 73 diamonds on dummy s ace of clubs V A 104 • 9 J" O \ ( i IS 0 K " * n 2 and thus run thi ertire suit Not* that North rannot riefidt you A 103. * A!)t< 2. You are declarer with the Wrst bv shifting lu ihcirtatu-icktwo lou hand at Six Hearts and North leads win the heart and lead the ten" of the nine of diamonds How would >ou clubs, following low from durnrm pl-vy the hand9 (Assume th° missing Th's pliy likewise unblocks tht. diamonds and assures the contrai i tmmps are divided 2 2 ) 2. Win the diamond lead with the WEST EAST ju.k draw trumps cash three more AA83 AQ72 diamond tricks discording a spade V.KQJ72 nu simply cash the A Q 9 of because you give >ourselc an extra diamonds ancl overtake your eight chance to make the slam if North w i s with dummy s king Tint gives you dealt the king of spides If you tritd niru tricks ea^y as pit tht* "ciub finesse first and lost the Hut kt s suppose the diamonds are quern to the king you would almov dividitl JO which will happen II surely go down one In effect by pern ni of tht time In that cas^ one tickling spades first >ou give your opponmt hoUib tht J 10 b and yuu self two chances to make the con c m't mn six diamond tricks unless tratt instead of only one


North/ South 1 Martin Kildov, pnd Dick light 2 Tliclma uitl Or or^e lios ir 3 Mirii Tnd John Marek.


By C u c n H e r m a n Smjf Writer . 1

- '



1 Ruth F n n k ind \ uicy Hcal> 2 / 3 | K y T h and Vat Snydcr {Mirte iiwl Gt orge H-\d\vcn

In exchange she wanted a variance to the tg flood elevation requirements to keep theu ,_ ground le t l apartments balhrtjom and walK so it could serve as a gathering and toilet area for^hc duplex residents which may include visiting relatives

y 10, niltchell move ment. 11 tables

Connelly argued that permits were 1<*JO1I> .„ issued for some of the electrical plumbing and structural changes made to what was once i car port but the tountv records showing ap proval have long stare been destroyed Si e further alleged that city officials knew the apartment was Illegal but Issued permits* to friends and relatives approving some rh irges Connelly argued that asking her to mention names amounted to gestapo like" tactics

North/South; 1. Marta and John Marck. 2. Helen ttissclt and Fat Elchcnlaub 3- Hilda Greener and Tina Strylwr EastAVcsl 1 Joyce TniUt anil George Armstrolng 2 Ruth Ftank and tiill Cohen. 3 Helen Quinln and Dorothy Starts

Frey and Sons names Jenkins

iars in new home contracts during the month of December Frey and Sons has model homes on Sanfbel's Klnzie Is land and Naples' Audubon and Quill Creek subdivisions .

Frey and Son Homes recently named Melva Jenk ins as sales associate of ihe nonlh srhlng over one mtlliv^i dol

Happy Days Are Here At - . Parker Lakes Dii>co\ct a ncijhbothond >ou'U be proud to call home! !h 11 i i! I ittcrhrr- K i^ ri Hap > 111 jl i i,ll L l i ^ i r n i 'I II , i 1•n \ A ih i f \ ^ 1 It Jtll v H -ilhp i \ ! tar-In v i n i l l u ]- Ki K jit (i Si dih b r Is t > K is J r'a i. \ hiK \U Ji» S"Hn j p i\ji i l ^ h J " ^ ! Fl i r tairJ t. lj II.

I 1

Til I. il

J J T "t H i t In s , 1 1 . ' i P. l U null I I MM )^ u ' i \


' \


1 I 1

1. MU

ml. l , . ^


% JJ

An island real estate broker's attempt to ^ keep an unpermltted apartment failed again Co : last week •" £ ' Hairit-t Connellj purchased a duplex on 10 1 ulu, Inkle Way that had been illegally turned ~± into^a lnrec unit complex Furthermore the _ iseu ipartmcnt was at groui d level below the r city s lluod elevation § Recently she was before Sanibcls PI inning o C otnmKsfo-^ pledging to remove the unlawful jD stove refrigerator and other apartiirnt acces -Q borics §


I \ i f|i in \ u


UNDERCOVER MAN By Henry Sal/handler ACROSS ;.f e n c e stops Ssndatac Iraa Flaccid - renewal - ^ Word of mouth Palm starch Dllty Pttpatual weeper 23 First tins o l 1 8 10 14 19 20 21 22

27 28 29 30 31 32 33 M

Extrsmlsls Vehlcta Faked a move Before — la ! • DllstlintlSh — up (conlined) Time units: •bbr. 35 Use a lover DOWN Church s >eple Monaol Moilstn decres N o n e gad Thrilling Havsnt Cheating words Turk, t i l l * Service club number 10 High 11 .Facts 12"Sumped Into 13 Afllnned openly 14 Disconnect. 15 Nolhlng lor Jacquet 16 Voting cubicle 17 Doubleday 18 Desiderata 24 FIcMord and Sioenburgen 2& - space

t 2 3 4 "5 6 7 8 9

36 Pierre'] girl 37 Divide In two 39 Second Una of verse 47 Widespread destruction 44 St. Paul's state: abbr. •49 Ms Moorehead . $0 Sleuth Wolla 5t " — Three , _ Lives" 52 Honey drink 53 Tolerated 54 Notions 55 Buddhist sect 59 Daybreak t o poets f, 57 Leg parts 58 Considerable 59 Shame

26 Doctrines 32 Revise 33 Spinet and 3S 38 37 M 39 40 41

Cattle stick Thai or Lanilan Past Slnaw Gee — ! In fina shape Kitchen appliance'f 42 Abrasive 43 Hlspsnlcs 44 flank r 45 Russ. river ' " 46 Inquisitive 5 2 . pS h 53 Hollywood's Martin . 54 Plains Indian 56 Type o( skirt

60 River to the ialtic 61 Cross 62 Seagoing 65 Julia Ward and =• Ellas' 66 Bright s l a t - 1 ' 67 Shod punch :

73 74 75 76 77 76

— , meeny... Bill of fare Provide food Hackman Thespian Third lino o l verse 62 Deem 'appropriate

57 —'s Folly (Alaska) " 58 Vincent van — 59 Fits Ot anger 60 Virile ; 6t Inhibit 62 Marcel Marceau 63 Zonu 64 Pealed 65 Idle talk 66 Easily bribed , 67 Ballet jump 63 Celebes ox 69 A m . polar • aploror .. 71 Traveler* 72 Nosh or Wallsco ' 73 Harclssus" • nymph 75 Ingenious 76 Gorbachev policy

63 84 85 68 89 90

Hamrj libers E T s crall? A i r prel. Old Caucasian " — Rider" Onassls to tf lands 91 Pagoda . 96 Farm building 97 Madrid native .^ 9 9 l a i t line of " verse 102 Staggering 103 Part 104 Asterisk . 105 Lopez of music 106 Liquor drink 107 WW I plane 108 Tepee 109 Ir: author •'•''

77 Attraction 79 Put l o use CO Graph 81 Cold, town OS Facing (he pitcher B6 Cornwall cathedral city 87 Married 89 Like some seals 90 To piece? 91 Earthy building material 92 " — V*€r i l l ? " 93 — Ababa 95 - Piper 96 Barf ok or Lugosl 97 Ollie's partner SS Concerning , 100 Dandy 101 Sault — Maile

HUM Sanibel Sea Kayak Wildlife Tours & Adventures "An ultimate experience^ilh nature"

SWIFT f SILENT SAFE •"STABLE •A Kayak is bolting lot peopic ihat er.tay iwifiL'e arvi aifveia. We feasm a vsrefy of outdo* i
aniages of Flori Ja Dtimicilc rol Your Income Tax Destiny

Wulfert Key Tour • Gulf o!rMextco Tour

to SJVC Sl<»2i00 in Es!J!O T

Roosevelt Channel & Buck Key Tour (Lunch tlop a the Carto* Club) ghtiigs o! dolphris, ea^es. msiatwi, Rowate E*Iieani mcitys hiicni and tmch mote of ruirun't uofidt AIX TRIPS GUIDED RESERVATIONS ONUf • Lhrfl Ux p«V3H p*r lo.t

Living Tryits, Living WUli, Sup Advanced StMtc^cs for Esutei i

BRIAN HOUSTON R>M;ng kland a.-o\ttt ilnct JV6 Dale VVfdnesday, January'23,1W1 or


, 1991

Seasonal Lighthouse Point2 Bedroom, 2 Bath with Den. Call Betty Thompson ^


For Information and Reservations call: Eric and Shcrri Hynden, Financial Consultants

939-1888 - or - 472-^132


Securities Offered Through FSC SECURITIES CORPORATION A Registered BrokertDealor-Member NASD, SIPC

I' Subdivision gets relief from vegetation codes r -

25 toot deep vegetation bufTcr along West Gulf Drive and Casa Ybel Road wltli only*the number of plants required for a 10 fool deep buffer for the subdivision being developed by Container Products Corporation. Much pf the existing vegetation lies 10 tci 15 feet "outside the mandated ? 10-foot bufici\ Wortzel argued. , In an effort to save.those trees and minimize new plantings, Wortzel will be allowed to count and preserve all the vegetation within 25 feet of the road right of way for his buffer as long as he ntccts the number of plants and trees required fora 10 foot vegetation sorcery Commissioners also agreed to let Wortzcl'Sj clients poison, but not removed, Brazilian pepper plants located on a one-quarter to onev half acre of the properly. Actual removal of Ihc dead pepper stumps and roots wusilri destroy too much of the native plant conjmunity, commissioners ruled.

By Corcn Hennan . Staff Writer ~' • ' Sanlbel's Planning Commission will allow developers for nultcrknife Subdivision lo have a lgrgcr vegetation buffer with fewer than required plants. Alan Wortzel, with Brokers Consultants of -,Sanibel, Int., received pennisslon al last Tuesday's commission meeting to establish a

Include r\te FUN Book N yoim AdvERTisiNc, PIAN.




Located at Island Real Estate Center nilPcriulnkleWa^: " & y Corner of Casa Ybel Road rn ' 013) 472-1123'(800)771-1123 " StRWVOSAVIBCLANDCUTIl'AISIASDSSI.VCE 1970

LIGHTHOUSE POINT Hill JUST LISTKU. Onplciely refurbished with beautiful aiuriyani setting. Oily oi. A (iRKAT IIL'V AT SUJ.OO0. «llfi Itauliful ground Icvc! unit, completely Fumishcil. ?BR/2B.-\, »iOi 4rn. OON'THAIT. THIS IS PRICED ATOMY $229,500. • »


MACMHCKM VIEWS OK CUCRT\ARI) AND IJL'Il", I ]UM lisia! Ulis hcauli-; fu] unil and it is tcatly for )»n u> mine in. New hi'rbcr carpel lhi(nj£houl, 6k anil much more in this inmucuijtc one owner unit. RKAl.LV NICK AM) AIIORDAIII.K AT

PathScekcrs. Inc. will hold a 12-hoitr workshop "Awakening Creativity" at UK: Center for the Arts. 900 Dunlop Road, on Tuesdays. January 29, February 5, 12. and 19. 1991. from 3 to 6 p.m. ;.; Group leaders will be artist Jean.Dean.. Maggie Mullins. therapist, and Ingeborg G. Mauksch, nurse and consultant.. . _ v Sessions arc open to men and women and jire aimed at people who consider,,themselves "uncrcalive." but who wanflb prove themselves wrong, and to those who think that they may lie creative, given a chance ; lo express themselves; ••-- '"„. The cost Is $100 for four sessions. Call PatfiSeekers office, 472-6180 for reservations,.

Island Real Estate Associates, life.

Steve Potts will show you... Lighthouse Point Steve Potts - Drake*

Pathscckers presenting 'Awakening1 workshops



Mow listed for sale is this large home consisting of 4 bedrpoms and 3 baths plus loft. The lower level is semienclosed for your storage needs'^ This home is situated on a private rood with deeded beach-access. It is only the third structure from the sparkling, waters of the Gulf of Mexico- It is~ being sold furnished and is available for j 01 r personal inspection. We have an ippnj«oi on tile to assist m financing Please caltjour o^ce todatibr fiirthcrdetai!s and an appointment to view. Offered at $279,000.

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Oregon, Texas border birds are Audubon topic

Septic setback variance denied

A home addition may have in be reduced afk'r Sin libel's l'hinning Commission denied On Thursday. January 2-1 at 8 p.m.. T)r. variances from septic setbacks and unobClalr Postmus will present a program for <.> >*sln>clcd area codes. • , . the Sanibcl_-CapUva_ Audubon Society entiMark Nauinanti, of Carlton-Namnann tled 'Texas/Oregon, Their Common Board- Construction, was seeking a variance to allow crs." " • "' '-.,""' Anton M. Heldmann's septic system to be 25 Dr. Postmus, emeritus Professor of fee! closer to a body of wSlcr and five feet Chemistry from North Park College of closer to the property line than is allowed. Chicago, has been a serious nature photogHeldmann recently turned his downstairs rapher for many years, concentrating on bedroom into a dining room and added a bedbirds for the last twenty. This program Is room to t h e u p s t a ' r s of his San Carlos Day the result of several years or photographing Drive home. -f bLrtls in both states. The 'addition brought the home's total Many birds spend the summer In OCcgon square footage to 2.30R square feet. Septic exand the winter in Texas. A change of pansion is required because the home Is now plumage with the seasons means that their larger than 2,000 square feel. appcararicc will be different in each state. According lo planner Roy Gibson the srptlc The program will be at the Santbcl Comaddition brings the system tbt feet closer to munity Center, 2173 Periwinkle Way. A $ 2 ' sine bay and right lo the edge of Hctdmann's. donation Is requested. properly line. ^.,


"Naumann argued unsuccessfully Utat a number of other homes on the the street have iceeived septic variances, and his clients were entitled (o'lhc same. f a n n i n g Commissioner' Louise Johnson said variances granted in the past did not neccessi'lntc that the city grant them all. Planning reports indicate the. addition could be reduced HI size so a variance is not needed.




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Across from Palm Ridge Place


2163 PERIWINKLE WAY, 472-5276 4:30-9:30 PM 7 DAYS


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VHF radio license regulation clarified By Richard Cain StajJ Writer ,. • There has been quite a bit of confusion among boaters lately about the Federal Communications Commission's (KCC) law requiring all boats equipped with a VHF radio to be licensed. = The law itself, however. Is quite clear. It Is a new fee and the variety of licenses available that has left many Ideal boaters feeling fog bound. — All vessels equipped with VHF1 radios, from dinghies to supertankers," must have a Ship Radio Station License, No. 506. lo operate a VHF radio in domestic waters, according lo,Slevc;Fergiison, an official at the FCC office In Tampa. The license costs $35. is good for five years •Hid is non-transferable, which means If a person sells his old boat and buys a new cfuc •=•-'."


by the U.S. Coast he must also cancel his old station license and forcement of the regulations a _ apply for a new one. Each renewal also costs . Guard. $35. ^ .^ Boaters1 found to be In violation of federal licensing tegulations or riled for unlawful use , Any boater (raveling in international waof VHF equipment can be~hit with fines of up^ ters and entering a foreign port Is required to to $10,000 or one year's imprisonment. - have a Restricted Radio Operator Permit No, The Coast Guard will check for required li753, in addition lo his or her station license. ; censes.during any routine safety inspections This license also costs $35 and covers any or sanctioned boarding. pleasure boater who* for exam pic/'wants lo ^Additional licenses m a y b e required for . sail to the Bahamas for a vacation. . commercial vessels, depending on where they In the past, the FCC required all boaters to operate. -° . have operator's licenses (which were free at the time) regardless of where they sailed. To obtain application forms for either a - station (No. 506) or operators license (No. Tills requirement was changed in 1986. r> However, now that there is a $35 fee for -----753). call 1-202-632-FORM and leave your each license, the FCC has pleasure boaters , name, add/ess, and form number needed. reaching for their wallets, especially if they For other information regarding licenses want to travel to a foreign port^ call 1-202-632-7272. For information rcgard-o With the introduction of t hi? licensing fees infi applicable fee3. call I-202-632-FEES__ in January of tills year, came Increased en-

- ' v

- €Ife


Saturday Kcdfish Pass CapUva (Pine) Captiva (Gulf) Point Ybel ,., Punta Rassa Sunday RccMsh Pass CapUva (Pine) Captiva (Gulf) Point Ybel Punta Rassa Monday Redflsh Pass

Captiva (Pine) 4:06 Captiva (Gulf) 2:32 3:02 8:53 Point Ybel 3:51 9:47 Punta Rassa 7:39 Tuesday y^. 8:55 8:48 Redflsh Pass 5:12 Captiva (Pine) 5:21 Captiva (Gulf) 3:47 3:02 9:22 4:11 9:5C Point Ybel 4:17 3:11 10:16 4:20 10:50 Punta Rassa 5:06 1:37 8:08 2:46 8:42 2:07 9:24 3:^6 9:58 Wednesday 9:51 2:56 9:17 4:05

High Low High a.m. p.m. 2:13 8:59 3:49 2:22 9:53 3:58 12:48 7:45, 2:24 1:18 9 : 0 r 2:54 2:07 8:54 3:43



10:41 4:49 11:59 Captiva (Gulf) 8:33 3:15 9:54 Point Ybel 9:49 3:45 11:10 Punta Rassa 9:42 4:34 11:03 Thursday Redflsh Pass CapUva (Pine) 10:05 5:15 none CapUva (Gulf) 10:59 5:24 none Point Yticl 8:51 3:50 11:17Punta Rassa 10:07 4:20 vnone Friday 10:00 5:09 none Rcdfish Pass CapUva (Pine) Captiva (Gulf) Rcdfish Pass none 12:31 5:54 none Point Ybel 4:40 11:08 CapUva (Pine) none 1:25 6:03 none Punta Rassa


none none- 4:29 none none 12:53 4:59 none none 12:26 5:48 none none none none none none

2:04 6:44 none 2:58 .6:53 none 12:50 5:19 none 2:06 5:49 none 1:59 6:38 none

none none none none none

3:22 7:44 none 4:16E,7:53 none 2:08 6:19 none 3:24 6:49 none 3:17 7:38 none

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"Your Airport Connection" »

Unobstructed Gufl vww from INs very private 2 bedroom. 3 balh vacatioo home. $295,000. Enjoy 3 miles of secluded beaches. WiB consJdof paitnership (813)472-2833.

Sajtiibel - 1-10 Passengers 10.00 Per Person $30.00 Min,


Owner ofter s this Ml/^festorod and rertovatod Old Captiva -._ homo with special appeal (or Uioie w t u lave the past but BY OWNER-One of a fcnd, .. appreciate evety'tnodem first bme on market, only &mgte . comfort and convenience. t a r r ^ homo on boach betwoen ^located on WijjhimanLane. LtghUxwse and Tarpon Bay VC7 near G i i ! beach and Road. Lot is 100>S40needs vi'flage, just beyond coastal v remodelwg froknrs'Welcomed" conEtruction ccntrol Sno. New J775.000 kitchen and bathroom fixtures. ..cedar plan kad walls and ceilings. Berber carpel and ccramtc b'te througrioul This . BOATERS DEUGHT unique home features 2 iitoci accoss.Closo to Senibel bodroor.TS and 2 bams, great and beaches 3/2 pool home room with vaulted coifing, loft, - On dceptokfe canal with den, screened docks, shed and lagoon type setting which gives lush vegetation. Ready lot you privacy and broathtaKmg ; water view. - _^ immediate occupancy. Priced to soB at $337.500.. wiB - r reduced to . consider all offers. $230,000. (813} 395-2320 BY THE IMPERIAL RiVERWtda canal, riprap dock 2/1. vm root, hugs lanai Priced to REPOSSESSED VA & HUD HOMES a v a i l a b l e , from sell al 1125,000. Call government from $1 without -: GSSELA DRUFFEL credit check. You repair. Also V/OO0 ASSOCIATES S&L bailout properties Call 454-5525. o (805) 682-7555, EXT H-3609 (or repo fisi your area












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Fax # 482-6365 OR IN PERSON AT MINERSPLAZA. . ; (al Miner's Comer)1'"' i5$o:i MCGREGOR BLVD.





Sailboat access lot. also 3 ljcdroorn/2 balh homo. Boat pad, 4,000 Ib. davits, Jacuzzi. Sprinklers. weB. 2 car garage, fruit irens. sever and water..-, SUO00O.' 542-3307. O p e n ' Sunday, 12 00 4 CO, 120 S W . SathSl. ""


Cpptiva - 1-10 Passengers s 15.00 Per Person s40.00 Min. ,-, CALLFOR RES|RVAT!ONS 472-0007


Present This A d Ip'Vour Driver For ICRS'Discoun! A wonderful fimily uaperiencu Au Ir 1 an European, cinomvin Japanese Irgh cliocl exchange <:studnnts irr v n in August Become a ho t family/American inti-rtultiiral Sludunl -Exchingo Call 1-800IBLING , , GOLD CREDIT CARD - 100v approved Sl.SOO cfed>! line. Monn/ back giiar.inteo.. For complclo inlormalion call 1 900-226 00J9 $24 50 leo.

Call For Advertising Information. 482-7111

i-j m*



1333 PAR VIEW DRIVE, Ei/ding. Beaches. P^oi And T B U I = Ucarby S310CO0

Cahtag': Pa'.ms S f a Grape Sen Gi!5. Beach S170.0O3 B J ) cw o U!e;. E | o y Pcol Terwii. Dock N o * S80s

TJarlli Cwliva Dunes Gom rioa'Park Seach o SS9.900

Cail.ng All Captains .Pnaalo Boat Dock $30,

SANIEEi. - iONA AREA Sail-H20 b t - Sciwalled Reduced.S1G5.00G. Ha^bor.ign. Stukjng nc« homo. Dirocl access Will Imanca KELLY GREENS 1 cor.do. S!05 ; 900. Homos from • $169,900. -I3J9,OOO Renlafs a v a i l a b l e Florida's Fines! Really. Inc.; Donna Dover, Broker 466-5222 or ^66-3883


yrP''S'ngly spacious Lshaped sp'.x 3 bcdfcoin gicun


- C A L L FOR FREE BROCHURE [B13J 472-3000

FRANKLIN NORTH CAROLINA Lois, homes, loAnhouses. goll. Trudf and Frank Porter, B/rd Pfoptflios, 171 Pottof SL'ODl ' Frankhn. HC 2B734. (704} 5248341 -

cfjti'*/ ilofig the Sart=bc1 - bC'i.TsoJ 'ji^^ly foon W'lh t'fepiar.e Separate laundry room La'ge (paster brrtoom •ifid ba!*i witti waVin cJasets. t>.'C-r5:;od g.irago. t&tr.f OJitcn oirar,'including gre-,ii no;ghbors Priced at 5497,900 Call 472-4748 For Appointment. _

Ceilings. 3 ' s c l s o t ; dows of en ontofr-gPOOL

cor garage Bi-iit in 133J V,t Re;Max Rea : l^ Grcijp. Ask l a Linda H«sS, " .153 0444 or 435-4552 BEACHFRONT HOME, Wc-wly builr crt SoKefelta with p o j ! * - ' 335 ft per. Pruder,!;al Rea!!/. Pat Dor^lson acceplng otters 1-639-2600 . "

LEAV'NG STA1E - S W. Cape Cora1 waterfront - D'fecl access home 3''2. (ami!/ room opensto solar tteaied screened cool, ayersized 2 car garage. 2 d'ocks. electric davits.

SimbdConage-3 bedrooms 2 balla, sc/oened porch Wd! to Gull Priced to £oH. $!fi9,900 Ca9 4720793 or 472-8917 after 6 M P M

Piolessi'Onally Undscaped. tiled roof, timed glass threoghoiit. Pocketed doors. S155.0O0. E42-8G19. 140 S.W 54th Si., Capo Coral

f o r sals by owrtet,. Spacious West Gull Dr. home.'Wany G!t F dt;!a;is cat (419) 447-4028.

i in


iiMl I.


HOMES FOR SALE To Whom It May Concern: The Classified Advertisement (or Suyors Roalty appearing in Ihe Island Roportor and Captiv. Current published Friday, January Hlh contained an " advoilisemont, which begins •SANIBEL UNBELIEVABLE PRICE* shows a prico ot $125,000 firm in Iho copy, which a incorrect duo Is an ur.foitunalo (raiisposition ol characters in Mlting Iho type tor the ad Jbo con eel prico should havo ftid. "$215,000 IBUI". Wo regret any i neon wen to nee Hiis error may have caused Buyers Realty and Iheir

Cape Cod Stylo Duple* with 3 bedroom & 1 &aih. units. San Carlos Park. Stays rented. Weil maintained, $79,900. Sand Dollar Real Eslato, Inc.; 4331343; • ... If island, but less Duplex _ ...Jos to ganibcl. Located in area of residential homes secluded on doad in street, douWo size 'enccd lot Very nicely u p d a t o d . & spadous"2/2 and 2/1. PLUS. Cabana with bath and kitchonottoGorgeous landscaping, fruit trees, large pool & dock. Great tenlal will help pay mottgage, Paul of Cheryl, owner/agont. 454-5321. Fully rented duplex lietwuen Palm Beach and the River needs some work lo increa&o tents. OVVNER WILL CARRY WITH ONLY 55.000. DOWN. $•19,000. Call Gem Peal Estate. Inc. 935-2436.

SANIREL ' UNBELIEVABLE PRICE Unoupccted hardship forces lis final prico reduction on this 2 ycai old 3 bedroom, 3 bath homo with caged pool. With bench access you won't find a :!Tcr buy on Sambol than this. •• reduced from 5325,000


5265.000 ,_

to $235,000 " To the un boli ov able $215,000 Firm. Call (or appointment NOW!!! BUYERS REALTY 466-4700 DEACH FRONT homo, ncwl/ built on Bokoilia with pool * 335 ft. pior. Prudential Realty, P a t ' D o n o l s o n . Accepting oilers, i-639-2600.

REPOSSESSED VA & HUD HOMES Ava.!ablo dom government Iror $ 1 without credit check. You repair. Also S&L bailout . properties. Call

(805(682-7555, .. SKI. H-3472 (or repo list your area.


S'anibol Duplex - Near beacrY; 2

porches separato laundry rooms. BUY IT, only $159.500..



Sanibel Ccndo • Captain's Walk 1 bedroom (orntihed.. down. Best buy ort the Island S39.000 Move ngfit in! Pnscilta Murphy Realty, Dorothy Sprouse, Realtor, Assoc , «726500. . B.

2 bedroom, 2 bath comef unit. Boat sltp, covered parking. Many extras, $130,000. «*650972

SANIBEL BEACH CLUB I Love!/ 2 bedroom, 2 bnttv large porches unils facing Gulf. Pool Jacuizi tenpis, etc. Ocean front. COMPARE BEFORE YOU BUY. Call Virginia Bush. Associate. THE VACATION SHOPPE. " S A L E S , INC. O. (813) 472-1545 LIGHTHOUSE RESORT &CLUB

Spacious 2 bedroor.i with ijgn. Suilss. Amenities Include: Pool, Isnnls, bicycles, hoi tub. . Call: Associate


b->drcom. 2 bath, Pi>n, sonny room, C.V.hodroi ifrgs. Condi) tenures Pool, Tennis, i and v»e!( mamwine gTOunds.wi'!i lush Isndscapinjj Sounds nice dc*isnl it? 561,900 o fie/Ma* Real!/ Group, Ash for Linda Hots 489 0444 or 481-4992.


tiealcr, refrigerator, capcting. etc. Water access to bay,

Near Sanibel and boaches 2 b e d r o o m , - 1-1/2 b 3 tit townhouse-Poo!, appliances,

vegotatioa 15«30~pool. 175 ft-

docotatod, $53,500. (414)483-

6281. purchased. $369,000. 4725343 or 472-8383.

DUPLEXES :FORSALE MORE FOR YOUR MONEY IMAGiNE - THREE d-velijiVg units on Sanibel Island for cril/ $240,000. Close .!o Gull beaches. Duplex with optional third apatimcnl. One 2 bodioorn'2 twin residence wtifi family room, liV'nQ room, htichon and glass enclosed ianai'prus ono 2 bedroom/1 bathroom,, kitchen, screened porch nnd cafport, lauodry. ^nd , cr two 1 bedroom* 1

( Sanibol • a Soa Shell hodfoom, 2 bath. Nicely - lurnishod - i landscnped complex Across street from Gull. pool, tennis Great rer.Ja! iticome. $163 OOC {50e) 562-9000 Fomle Roy-ilo - B-702 on Caloosahaicheo 3 bedrooms. £ baths.'Covered parking. Tonnis paol. S165.000 3325059 - " . '

SOUTH SEAS PLANTATION -MARINA VILLA CONDO" 2 bed-oom, 2 bath, ciiherfral ceilings. Jpp floor Great viow of manna Call (813) 334-3439 .i-HH -nnl:»n.i KELLY GREENS VERANDA ^2 bL-droom, 2 bath cando with •r.ts b-itn ind Z •^cparnio uTiiify room Gorgoous views on t5th fairwa/.-FuH golt cedrot 1 bath upartmoi privileges, $137,000 Call 466Full/ tnishod. Samb 33a 2. Acrs. VVooctodarea Otferoi nclusivo!/ bf Sanibel Shore Casa Bella. Affordable Ifjiott Runwis A flerity, -•$54,000. 212 cornor-upstaits Contact Betsy Webber, unit Wasr-or.'dryer, fans. Pool, . lonnis. Minutes to beaches. Realtor % Kelly Road. 472-2807. <;472-4675

INTERVAL OWNERSHIP SURFRIDER BEACH CLU9 Gull / I r b n t , 'paol, lennis,Jacuizi. elc Quifil and Inc-ndiy t bedfoo-n units Call Gieq-i Babfer Associ.ilo. ' THE VACATION SHOPPE
lighthouse Resort, saift by OAnc-r. 35R. 2 eA. ba/.fro.M.

SANIBEL OAVOyS, PHASE!! Srjutfi e>posyri3, underground uiii'Bos tJiiar bca;h access, patio t>*nw is licensed Roal Q Estate fefson For more . y infrsrnuboncaSAUSOM* ..FUWAN, ASSOCIATE.

' 4T2-32S5. 1 KW-553 2I4S

Principals on!y. $16,500. Cail; 201-744 2100, days or 2CI-" 7J5 7963. evenings. .


$39,500/' 472-22K.-


SOUTH SEAS PLANTATION BEACH CLUB • Week *5 2 Bedroom. 2 bath Gtill trani^ Sleeps 6. Pool A terms court

(8^3)472-0608^ :

CASA YBEL Week 16.17& 18Apfil19-May 10. C3H Lisc Leonard, (514I229-3604 or (514) 342-2379

8 o

Soulh StJas Plantation Beach Pins Island Lots Canal front. > Club week 40. 2 bedroom, 2 lot deep wawr, d-roct access, Z bath. Gull front, pool & tennis S45 000. Baylront lot. V-GW of t '•" ct.. $3,500. Call (216'f 592Sanibol, S150.000. Mobile, J , " 9500 hemo lot $S,950. LaMft Real ~C .'•?.? »: - * " ' — limz. EsWte 28-3-437!. •-" -• SOUTH SEAS PLANTATION ^ " . —• ' • - - - -" Captiva bland Beat* CM) LoHor sate-17.000+/-sq>Jaff? On private beach gull side feet ol on east end ot Island, & Sleeps 6. 2 bedroom, 2 bath. Sanibet. Deeded boach - . lull Vitchen. Tastefully access. $2lO,000/cffets (617) C v appointed. Poo), tennis courts'^ 894-B182. , 55 great fishing, 2 nooks, April 12 & 19. Discount price Can days, (704) 328-2201 of eves., (704) BEAUJJFJLJL GULF VifiW LQ1 324-1624. . 7 FOR SALE V* acre. Oppfi tiland Ofrrret \ •-*-"•* ' T i o o«or "Coll






SANIBEL BEACH CLUB tl Windward Point Con do - 1 • "Large luxury gulf front, 2 bedroom, 1 bath^ Newly~ bedroom, 2 bath, screened decorated 5 newly furnished, porch, pool, tennis, bicycles^ Water on 3 sides. Quill in steeps 6 --» microwa.ii. hurricane shutters. ROBlNTROWBRIDGE, 2nd floor. 463-5368 ; .. ASSOCIATE THE VACATION SHOPPE For sale by owner, like new. 2 SALES, INC. -SOUTH SEAS PLANTATION bedroom, 2 bath. Living room, BAYSIDE VILLA - 1 bedroom, 2 dining room, kitchen & utility o bath, watorviow i-nii. room. All appliances. Pool £ Coripielcly redecoratod. South Tiim share weeks for sale for hildren included. (813) 574Seas guaranteed loase,^ v 1991. Weeks 11, 12. 4 13. 1 program. All arrit'nites of South • Sambol C2341 W Gulf Dr., - Seas Plantation. $129,900, by Sanibel Island, Florida. Phone; SANIBEL ON THE GULF owner. 201-744-2100. days or (416) 452-6454, Keith Harvey^ " 201-745-7963, evenings. managed "rental complex. Completely booked each .Pink Sholi Beach Club, FMB Large 11 and 2 bedroom winter, gara-jo. \&fga tool rocm. ilmesha'O units. Call Ockte. Hoctod pool,- lonnis, go!! Talaba, ts'and Shores Realty, couiss - I block. 3oautifully : 5490721. : furnished, S249.COO. (813) 472Luxury 2 bedroom • Amonities 837Bevonifigs. of (inost resort in Florida For sala by owner. Guaranteed lease available. Call Martha collect, days at (215) 735,; •- ISLAND 7475. ": « ' Boll Towor area. 2bedroor.i, 2 bath, mirrorod wall, coiling SANIBEL DIRECT GULF tans & more. (67,000. CASA YBEL • Beautiful view, FRONT. 2/2, comer unit in smai Loaso option, J 6.000 down well managed complex Best quiet location. Choice lower, $SSO per monih. J200 appl«s rentai program on island. Fully corner unit. 2 bodroom. ?. batfri booked lor 1991 season. furnished. WeeK i . Call (206) CFOSS CREEK COUNTRY J35O.00O. No brokers ploaso. 284-7905 or (206) 285 6760 CLUB Boauiilully furnisnod, (603)863 2278. 2/1. gaff, tonnis. pool SOUTH SEA PLANTATION AssumaWo mortgage, J Beach Out II $63,900: - , * * * * * * Wet* 9 * 10-March!-15 One bedroom. 1 bath first floor WoeK144t5-.April5-!9 Giiddcn Realty condo at Captain's Walk. 5 " V;eek42-Ocl 18-25 267-9494 minules to beach. New air, H/W


Aftur hours 549-794S.

• "'•

RIVER FRONT South Ft, Myan lake and river front building sitec;avaitable soon tn an established prjvate communtif with marina faalttos, pool, tenns, park and dubf-ousa with resiauranUCall: Jorr/ Colton. JEC Rivorside Dey.,*S2-5281. •1 -

-n*i~ " " ' I

WEST GULF DRIVE, ..SANIBEL 1/2 acre lot - Only 4 minute stroll toua tovBi-^ dosortod '*' . beach. Creative financing available. 472 6097. Lot 10 Sanibof River Estates, Rabbit Road. SmgfB lamily rGsidential on lake, deeded b e t c h access. Cleared, $139,000. Prjncipali only. (107)696-5065.

SANIBEL BAYOUS, PHASE I Large weff vegetated tot, undergrourTd utlities. Located ' ooar Bowman's Beach, $99,000. For information cai ALISON FIJWAN, ASSOCIATE, . BHOKERS^ONSULTANTS, 472-2255,1-600-653-2246 after hours, 549-7941. N£AH BEACH HOMESITE lot with dooded boach access, " overtcKAjng watof • in quiet ,, West Gulf Driva area. Owner arry! • Pries reduced 19 900 F i f o t i caBAUSONH.FIJWAN, ASSOCIATE, BROKE RS.-COf1SULTANTS. 472 2255,1-600-553^2246 . a f t e r hours. 549^7941.

A BEACH BARGAjN Fort Myers Beach - 2 adjoining 75K 100 ft. lots in an extibsrve deed restricted subdivision between bay & ^itlf. 454-3539 or 454 0381. Ml'»1



Fort -Myers Beach Lot. Excellent ^Xfilior^ By Owner. SS2K. O S O . Cal 463-2834.

FORT MYERS BEACH WATERFRONT BUILDING SITE!' Boat to Islands and gull. investment 8 i , a :'or property. $95,900.(1 JacK Moore Realty, 489-3666. '

h o m B

7.5 Doaubful Acres (330x990) on Nalle Grado Road. Paved Road, Partially fenced. cicollont. homasits. Terms available, too. $66 900. Gem Rial Estate, Inc., 995 2436.

Si.nOO DOWM - TWO SITES AVAILABLE near Gull Elementary schools in Cape. Priced right at $12,500 & $11,500 Gam Real Estate, 995-2436 of 574-7866, EVES.

TIME FOR A NEW HOME? You Must Have A Tiptop Isles Waterfront Lot

TORTUGA BEACH CLUB Gulf front 2BR/2BA comer wsia- Pool, tennis. Building D: Wetik3.S!2OOO. BuiWmgGWeeks 3 4 4. $25 XKVpr. P O Box 1394 Sanibel.FL 33957. 1/4-1/17,472^971 l / ! 8 - 1 / 3 1 . 472-2742.

" i 38 (S(?|jt) i5.S50'ot!<:r. 301- Sanibei Collages - 2 bodroi; 2 bath. Walk to gulf. Woe*. J75-5Z55 ' '" ••"" » - ' —for sale! (603) 432-24C6.



Please Call For More Information


"'- .

San Carlos Blvd. anil Home Ave., Port Myers Ucach. Turn between Sjillt Kail Hretaursnt and watcrfruit lot fcftfi- Wurranly devd and title insurance Incluiicil. OfRce two d w r e from (Irchotirtc. • 17HG3 San Carl»» Illvd. Ashley Oaks. (813) 4

5 acres near Alico Road $40,000 3 acres in Bnarciiti $100,000 5 a a n casl ct 1-75 $48,000 !Qi»cresf!3btotl-75 ~ " $107,900 ,, , 12 nacs noar Alttoflaad -

. $too,ooo. 5 acre* new U S 41 North S59.9OO noar U S 41 Nanti $19,900 ;03Cri-sChartottaCow.ty $54,000 0 a^os ChifoCe wntfi Mcbite


$60,900 Psie Realty Group, Inc. . --46Z-1211 CaRGtem Crosby 731-1097

Choice lot-. 11O.'x 133', \-V2 miles » Sa-ilbd. Zoned dupte*. Good inv'e&lmerit. Close lo shopping. Unctef ma'hel vari>e, aI$40.CO0 Call 456 5075.

MANUFACTURED/ MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE For sale by owner, 1M4 lAjfl-vd ParK Model 34x12 Roof air, lurnitufe. screened room wttti yinyi windows & utility room. 516.400/ 17279 San Carlos Blvd.. Gulf Air, 160 Soa Gull Dr, 454 eata Own your lol lot investment with park model in beautful RV ,resott. Many extras and amenities. Negotiable, no corniTiission fees. MiiVo odor



TROPICANA MOBILE HOME PARK Ruti errtent living, ago 55. HoatPd pool shulttoboard, spa. plinnod acliytios. Noar i n b o l i F l M y o r ^ Bo ch Loe County's Premier Location.

ADULTS PARK OWN LAND and TWO/TWO Near Shell "Factory, FAMILY ROOM and PATIO. Walk-in-closeis. OVERSIZE Utility Building Under TWO CAR PORT. Awnings and MORE- S56.800. GEM REAL ESFATE, INC. 1313^ 995-2436

Lar o c ection o' resales For Eiampio: S p c o l t e o i watch the . w terbird from this spacious 1 S4 lahefront home, 24 x 64. Bim! in Fla 'oom (aces lake. doubleb ywndowS. lap siding, h n lo rool, furnished beiutifutly. Bring your " • • 3:8.M>0

1995 Skylark Park model lrai!er.35»12. Sleeps 6, 10 x 30 ft. screened toom wiih= vinyl windows Fully furnished. Periwinkle Trailer Park1. Sanibcl Island. U t 16. second street "" west 472-6921 or 472-9341.

Super floor plan; bay window ovor Kitchen sink, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, tastefully furnished.




ESTATE SALE.' Parkwood (wed built), 2 la;gfl bedrooms, 2 bafts, vmyled in sida porch, partial!/ furnished, cal-tn kitchen, •••• Horizon MHV 26»5B Glenbrook. washer in homo $32,500 2 bedroom, 2 bath. Family room, island kitchen, Jcnn-Air. 5711 McGregor 1O«32 vinyl porch wilh'spa. 2 larco closets in ma-.tc For information about these bedroom. Oversized U-Room. ind other listings P r i c e d -:- f u r n i s h e d or Call Shirley Capes unfurnished. Must see! 656 : 813-466-4616 1B93.

New 1989 12x32 mobile homo 1 bedroom, 1 balh. Screened Fort Myers Beach Bayside p I o cenlral A/H, storage Estates 2/2. Own yoot own lot on saliwator canal. 129 shod, furnished Adult pnrk _ Dogwood Lane. Call lor Low $.IO's 466-9335.

^ippontment. 456-9661.



North, $9,600 - 2 bedroom, 2 balh newly renovaied. Screened porch; pool, tennis, rsaar shopping. Laundry, available 482-2771.

1 84 Kro'.f ParkModel w/scm Room-W'/D/Rool Air. All Bee. Furnished $37,900 1936 Ttopicaire park model w icm room, cntrl. air dishwashor-dspsl- All Eloc. furnished.. .......,....$49,500


i\ E tatc.-s - Near beach.

1 4 b th Fully furnished, f pwly rcrrodclled. Owns lot. $M 0 C i 1456-6513

THE DUNES Magnificam view n! golf, course and lakes, beautifully dccoraled 3 bdrm., 3 ba'ji, swimming pool. Available Jan . Fob , A March 8 others. Leave namo & number for return call (718) 4J7-2323. PRISCfLLA MURPIiY REALTY ANNUAL RENTALS SANIBEL BAYOUS. Gorgeous single lamif/ hof (Gcaulifuliy furrnstied) wit 3 bedfooms and 2 baths Huge ctcsods the house. Bee. room, etc •Available immediate!/. $1,300 monthly. LIGHTHOUSE END. Pradically on tho beach 2 bedrooms, dnnand.t*oba!h "• beach homo. Completely rodnno wiih now carpotirg. verticals, ofc. $B00 monlhly. Available immediately. CALL SAM NODLfe' AND " MARIE WELLS ' * 472-4113

SANIBEL ISLAND HOUSE ANNUAL LEASE Convonient quiet Poinciana Circle1 Nice, unlurnishod 3 + bedrooms, Z baths. Private easement to boach. Immense gar ago & storago space. . S845i'mo. + Utilities. 472-6374 or (407) 725-5075. Available immediately.

Snowbird special 1 Beautiful in mobile home with screened room addition. Catport, ioollui -iFiiumi ovor. 1/4 aero totm Broadway Mobile Viliagg reduced " South Ft Myers - Unfurnished 3 $40,900. Glidden Really. 267bedrooms 2 baihs. Screoned porch, (/replace. cJl^hwashor, . 9404. laundry hook-up. Fenced yard Cypress Lake area. 1635 month. 431-6430.


Vacation Properties Network/ Santbel Realty -813-472-6565 Ct! 81346613(W


Prestigious Siesta Islns - Just oH Eslsro Island. Adorable 2 bedroom, 2 bain piling homo on beautilul sailboat canal Dock & boat lift I yoar (ease. Sbmo [jtnishings, $1,300. includes to*rt m.iintcnapco. 454-0459 i ;

Annual rental, now horns, Thn Dunes 3 bdrm.. 2 bath, pool; available immediately; 51,400 monthly 481-3003 days; 4723479 evenings & weekends.

1982 Scorpion w'Screon Room Perimeter Lol-flool Air_ Furnished .....$31,900

For .sate. Spnibol Island, Gumbo L Limbo d9vGlopmBnt 100X154 wooded building plot. Lot #23. All utilities in street by owner, $94,000. (516) 4232971.

8y owner 4 ptex, Linda Loma Monthly incomo $1,450;* CO'TI laundiy, $147,500. Owner may Imance with substantial do-nri. 765-6031 or 4&3-6633


SANIBEL LIFESTYLE Annual lease, 4 bedroom, 3 bath, unfurnished homo with ba/vicw Pool and lurwiis c o j t l in small oast end subdM'Sion, a year round community. $1,600 amonlh (B13}472-25C1. ^121 - " " " " " —

hath, garage. AH appliances Unturnbriod, S2,0O0;mo. Captain's V/a!H: I bedroom, 1 bam. Unfurnished. $55Ov'm

VIP Realty Group, Inc. Realtor 472-1613 1-300-422-2702

14 <6 moL h Jme tor sale by OAfLf A I 1*135" lot Mob.lo H-u n c l i s 2 bedroom, 11 2 huh f or st.md.ng carport, ul y sr d fruii la'os; centfal i t 1 he I Full electric, 'city everse osm 111 r y I r also well

ANNUAL LEASE 2-TiGO' mobfe home, double * j lo i ; by owner with 7 *1 It Mobile-Haven om. 2 balh.



t ragr, & idop. Irull t e a ' i r i

honl OWN LAND .v-d ih-s LOVELY TWO-'TWO jt I L K A %ht t ; r L T p^ c U L > F L i i f c l ED LANDSCAPED. A>i i i IMMEDIATE OCCUPAi FLORIDA and SCREEN ROC? Gem Real Estate, Inc (913} 2436, am'pm

GULFSIDE POOL HOME .ecuti'vo pool homo wiih greal view ot gurf. directly across from beach, 3 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms, famty rcom, huso endasc-d heated pod and patio, located on direct access canal with covered boat lift. $1,395. por month annual '• 765-1959.



NG2r Sanibel 2 . miles secluded area Niculy updated 0U5 2 bedroom. Pool . Annual lease No pets, no smoking 4545921. Attractive duplex 3 bedroom. 2 bath utility room, W.'D hookup, garagy, lawn care 4 gart&ae.-. $525 monthly. Dopoiit requifed 433 S.W. 19ihSt. oil Santi Ba'bara, Cape Cot&l No a pels Call 772 4673 Furnished, South Fort M y j r s ^ two todroom. t*o bath duplii* aparlmenl, carport, adults, no peffi. 936-2999. - '

OLDE FLORIDA STYLE HOME • 2 bedroom, 2 both with wood floors & fireplace,_U,j\ Located in private subdivision ocross from beach. $950 per month. T O W N HOME • 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath. Lakeffonl and designer Furnished, A muil see! !ab!e now. $900 per month.

• A psMoA'M-Jbhh Naumam » Asspc. Jnc REALTOfl •;'•: f ? W y R . R ¥ : .SanibelIsland.FL33957 '. (BU)47J-3I91TOLUFREE(800)M7^M4 .


RENTAL SHARING Houso to share i c 1 or ?. One block lo boach. Great view & plenty ot pr-vacy lor you upstaus 1400 per month plus 1/2 utilities. R&lorencos please 47Z-9313. .


Sambd. annual - Ava>aWe Feb. 1st Privato mid islaiVl location. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, W/O. dishwashnr & 'wall to wait carpet. Screened dock, pool. Inside parking £ storage. No pots. $900 per month plus ublitesi First, last t, socuvlf. 472-2394 after 6:00 P.M.


BEACHFRONT- ' RETAIL STORE Located dfecti/ on Guit at a busy pubic accts suited lo ~ any boach reiaicd eommorti.H act/v:|y. 1,200 sq ft.. Strool level. lonod C-1. A uniqun and • outstinding locaiion Availabio annually. TfS-1989

ISLAND TOWER PLAZA OTJ PERIWINKLE: Olttct) spsco _. RonovatodSnd ready for "occupancy a! beta* market rente 2 suites e>) 700 squa-G IL'C! earfi EXECUTIVE OFFICE SPACE IN PROFESSIONAL BUlLDiNG NEXT DOOR TO JERRYS MARKETRGHTON PERIWINKLE. Covered pacing and elevator. • -_v75 lo 1,675 square reel TIMBERS SQUARE AT RASBT ROAD: RMrfy lo go fitness conicr w.ti\ acrcb>cs Qym,~ Z iockcf-rpoms, spa and sauna, 5 ha* dross ing stations and m w . 3.200 square (eel o). space. Also BOO square fcol o ' k o spneo $475 monL^.'. CALL SAM NOEIE •' i, R'SCILLA MUHPHY REALTY INC


CALL 465:4616 ,

BolaJ S olfcco sp.ice. First cr" ^nd floor. Ke/ Eslco Bhd Tropical h'ut Real;-/. J63 4J24. . •


Lovely 2 Mrm.. 2 bJih cornor lefracj apartment. 3rd lioor. lease sea so n/y early or ioase oplion. Call 4W-6796 or (70BJ S90-8I00

t fcodioom, .1 bath waterfront Screened enclosure^ Laundry room Watk-in closets 9457344.:. "• -.

Nowty romocfeiled 2 bodtocm, I bath unfurnished apartment on Ft Myors Beach. No pets pi«a=o, quiet location. Annual :!aaso. SGOO per month 7655137 =

Ctoso to Sambcl. Fumahed A unltj'ni5hcd
- Cell oPwrlte

- 7497 • 99lh SI. CT.N. Whtte Bear Lake. MN

. ,^{612)425-575^ SOUTH SEAS PLANTATION. Land's End Sjperb loulfon en Gulf. Luiiirious 2 bt'firoom. 2 Shth for renl by owner. By * ec-k . or monih 41^-961-1763

GOLFER'S PARADISE Luxurious, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, overlooking takos and goU courto al The Dunes. Private-heated pool. Folly oqiiipped.? Sanibel's . finest vacalicn properly. Ralph Penafvor, 305-226-6326. '•-

SOUTH SEAS PLANTATIONS BEACH COTTAGE -Two bedroom, toft rwotathon Cult .£flH o*ner for dscourtl LuAnn"j612J57l-6932, ~ II>ouHave 30 days or more lo spend at perhaps the mccst place on Sarnbel, are a canng person or lamity, we have tho place tor you' 2.000 sq I t Gulf front condo. 2 bedroom. 2 bath with den/Jacuzzi." low deraiiy complex. 2 lap pools, sauna. 6 hghled tennis courts Like neiv S would ItkB to keep it that way. March, Apfii 4 summer months Eivailab(e.{21GJ668-CriC9 CAPTIVA GULF SIDE Effortless vacation enjoyment Thrw bedrooms, 2 baths, open-airy charm, wide inviting porch, secluded spa under open sl-ies. Private lane beach Village shops and restaurants around the comer. . SHELL KXJSE (314) 933-4343 ^

SOUTH SEAS PLASHATION ': BEACH COTTAGE Shedfoom. 2 ba*h on B« Gull. $B251-»k,oH season. .. $1,400.'AK. season.. '-• 590OV.k. January. ' 1 3 ' 3 e a & 7072



refurbished. Beautiful! furnished condo AD 3Tiorn!«; Call ownn (513) 3930412

CHANGE OF PACE Annual lease. Available January . Lighlhouso f o i n i Condominium. Unturnished 3 bedrooms. 2 'baths. grouf.d rtoof unji.wiifi.coversd Iron! doer parking ADprommniely. 1.7G0 5q It. plus screened perch. Buy view, pnvale beach, pool and lonrvls Adults, no pels. S I , 100 per mor.th Plus utilities. Call 472-2261 or 1-&23-

(612) 472*7994

C. G. Leach, MD RECESSION SPECIAL Ocwntawn Cape Coral, EOO sq It:, $200. fior month Of Sumir.crWCoi'ijso area. 7T0 sq ft^TSSSO por month Mark Aloandcr 4 Co 433-0400

rcitessional ollice space 3'tabfe». Ideal tar roal nstato



PROFESSIONAL OFFICE Suites lor lease Starting al $ 159. between Sambol and Fdn "M/o's Goach Fa« and oiher . scrvicos avalablo d6t} 6682


SOUTH - 2 Bdrm.. 2 bain. 2 aaes. 1 unit in tnplo*. Uttoies mcl -Jack Moore Realty 4893666. . ' "


Penttiousff," Gu!l Iron! condo. pool, tennis, m-'CTOVCfvo even, now!? rodeccratcd, 1 bedroem, sloops < (m macula t e !

' T H E ATRIUM Luxurlou* Gull front : i condo, lop floor, closes! to Gull, .Available- slier - March 'SO- 2-wtek

1 bedroom, 1 bath, $550 G month. 472-1170. ask lor Ron. . Soulh FL Myers • Unfinished 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, large family room «ith wet bar. Screened" porch, laundry hook-up. Minutes to beach 4 Sambel. S600 month. 481-6490. . -


ANNUAL RENTAL 1233 Isabel Drive: 3 bedroom, 2

By owner Rcaidnnt o*ncd pirk Be t viliio on tho water. D red ICCL lo Gulf liom own dock 2 bdrm., 2 balh, largo 1v rorm central he.it 8 air. Net. crtt-ncd porch. Carport. Lit ly room Solo furnished. _ H 577COO -166 2811. ' "*



2oau)i(ul vacalion home, "3 bt-droom, 2. balh. Your own svairnrning pocl. 100 yards tD Gull of t.'evca'--Can tor times

• • ^ a (216*/ 33^8031 (216) 338-5231



URPEn..CAP.TIYA' ; . JSUND';.;;• ^

Loggerhead Cay ^ Lmury 2 bedroom, 2ba:h, penthouse condo. new'/ • -. decoratod, vaulted ceilings. .;, padd'o fans, on beach. Beautiful Guif vsw Terms, pool micro*3KD, sk?cps G • Weeks suit available Dec. Jan., Feb. & March. Di inf " for e»tsnded stay "

-" .^


Untquo Parad^a only 15 minutes from Mainland No cars! No crowds ' Privato fuiury homes from $7501.900 perweek. ' Includes boat tars ••

HENTAL DEPARTMENr * THELMAEREEDREALTV - Licensed HE Broker . ; (813) (72-5665 IJIJf 472-55S5 . CAU ALLISON k

CALLOWNEH 513-831-4205

,1-n > i . , , - t u t -



CHATEAU SUR MER :^ST, Hew, luiurloui, 3 bedroom, 3 bilh homo with adjoining beich accen. Deck* on two ' level*. Fully turnlihed. - Available Jan., Fob.. 1991. ' (813)" H 2 * 6 0 0 9 (615J 481-7659

NORTH CAPTIVA ISLAND Safely Harbor Club, 3 bedrooms,. 2 baths witit Jacuzzi noit to pool. Water unfprovriod (716)671 83S6




Outstanding, brjaulilully socludod. 3 DH, 2 BA. Sanibel homo- on acre. Dock overlooking tropical lake Taslolully c,lurnishod. lully eq-jippod with all amen'tics Bost. beach. Ronl Irwn owner


314-843-0937. CAPTIVA 'ORIGINAL" PRIVATE BEACH HOME in South Seas plantation. 100 It diroct ' boach': Iron!. Dnccrator dosignod. 3 bedroom. 2 bath, screened porch, dGcks.





• -•

3 bedroom, 3 bath, f,intisl>c view of Gulf and Rodiish Pass. . Weekly ormcrtlhlyral.es. V ' Savo ttioct llim ownw, AskfcrBfuco -i-800-227^633 201 627-126/, Eves. IT TT TT IT TT B

QOKEEUA, FLORIDA 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, waterfront .cor.do in a marina Pool, boa! ' slip includod. GREAT SUNSETS Availably by'week or month. Call' 1 (800) 6481519 anytimo or call collect (708)420-0401

CAPIIVA ISLAND VACATION RENTAL 2 bedroom, 2 bath home. Waft to boach f, bay. Near shopping WoeMv & monthly disccunrs ava.labS?'(502) 637-143G.

Poinle Sanio DeSanibol j ^ ^ i s Gull liont Pcnlhcusi condo. 2 badrooms, 2 baths, .^screened lanai with sfwal sta-rcasa to private foodop Undcch. Gcfgoous sunn so & unsets Bc-attiilutly dt?coratfd and fully equipped. First lirnc being offered lor rent. Call owner. Subatinl-a! savings

" • » '

SHELL HARBOR INN Sanibol Gulf vio* con-do. 2 BR • 2 0A. washer/dryer. Full kitchen, screened porch, ileeps S. Restaurant, tennis. - i I no. Avatlabio daily, weekly.

201-241-9430 VACATION HOUSE YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED Most prtvato boiicfi, doci( on

bayou, healed pool. w^Sa porches, open sunning docks. Chateau Sur rA;r area, idyllic luxury and comfort, easy care,

looflartvacifionhomi) throe bcdfocm5, Ihtee baths


2 bedrooms. 2 baths South & southwest sunset v;cws. Also havo King's Crown and Shell Harbor 3 bodroom pool heme. Oil suasofi/lSOl, 1592 season rentals new 1 Phono: Mr. Slocks. <- 1 (800) 323-4692. or '"" 1 (800)325-1352. . Capliva luxury 3 bedrocm condo. largo screened porch on

2 sitics. pool, tenrtis court, gull and bay access Forienl by wnok. (517) 321-6324 or (616) 264 5520

Montfily rentals Call lor rales. (314)093-4943. SUNDIAL Uxorious Gull condo, JBR/2 baih. don Qoaut.fully lurni hod- Spaciacubr view of Gull. Heated pool. Tennis 4 golf neatby, Weekly or monthly iontals. (612) 484 9148


SAND DOLLAR GULF FRONT luiury Gulf licnt condo, top llcor. 3-bcdroonis. 2-baths 'AiSi palio. tennis courts, pool, outdoor barbecue. Ront through owrier.


1-800-333*8285 201-836-2669

CAPTIVA GULF FRONT BEACH HSUSE Beautiful Private Beach AT Your Doorstep Palm trees, sunsets and privacy in a sunny, spacious "Old Florida Style" homo. 1 All new furnishings. Bleached oak floors, two T.V.'s, microwave, washer/dryer, etc. Three bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths plus den. S2.300 per week, Dec. 15 - April 15 $1,400 per week, April 16 - Doc. 15 (1991) (Days) 201-569-2111 (Weekends) 914-687-0360

BEACH FRONT-HOUSK m ^•5 ^tiptivti Reach At YiiiirDonrsn'i' XA ®

liciiuiifully funiishcd, ri'di.viir;ilal, ^ .Ut-drmmi. 2 killi W, UiscTuint foV i-chnK'.ry tV M;ir^h " ] ^ Call Mi' Buiker. I .vim al 1 lolui iliomas M,

BEACHFRONT HOUSEGull Cottage SoumSeasRantation Beach at your door stop, sunsots from your porch.; Boaul'lu'ly furnished 3 *" bedroom, 2 bath plus loft Caif 1000 AM to 11.30 PH _ Discount for January

FABULOUS VIEW! DIRECT WATERFRONT ^ Lovely 2 bdrm., 2 baih st !

- Sonetta Sanibel Harbor Retort, crest facllhlei. locetlon. Prim available. (813) 332-0117. SPANISH CAY - 1 bedroom lulry,; {215) 664-2371


) i•»-,

••• -






Reduced rales lor January 1 ER (4 pofscn) SSEO.*,k. aBPtSpofSOiJSI.ISO'Ak Call for rosefvations, brochuro (B13J4724S54

Newly remodolod oU
KELLY GREENS RENTALS Got!course cofKto. G«geou5 water views. Golf, pool, ". J I C U I I I , tennis, and l.tnoss room rricbdod ' " v Beaches close by.

" 765-1989


'Largo luxurious 303^23A condo with" spectacular view of Iho Gulf ~ a pool/ Nicoly furnished Fully equipped Enclosed., garage parking Ground storage, tennis, noar goll coufsd. I nech minimum.

' Availablo wmlor season. Call Kelly Gfoont lurnished 2 * Laurfi, ogent: bedrooms. Z baths, gull condo. < Call Jo^co. G«H S.de Roa!iy. 472-8960 (813) "J3-O33J or S67-30S1 Ono bodroom adult ccfido directly on Fort Myers Beach (North end) First lloor. great ,.Gu!f view, heatod poot, cable. S500 weoh plus ta«. Na pets

Relax & enjoy beach Me ,. in your own fufly equipped i . 2, 3 8 4 bedroom cottages




OCEAN FRONT COTTAGES Best Ratespn the Beacti

^ Port Myars Beach - Furnished 3 bodroom, 2 bath house wiih targo scrtoned porcrTon tho Seasonal roritaJ - Ft Myers Gutf yvitti 24 coconut palms on Beach, 2 bodroom, 1 bath. youf cwr. white sand beach. Adorable horns only sleps lo Available Feb. S March, $4,000 3 bedroom, 3 bath, Gulf view.^< • the beach, $500 usesk'S 1 .M0 8 monlh Call 463-176? unGl month. 463-4055. March 9-23 £ April 7-20. 1931.- ' Jan. 22nd. After - Lend of Oi. Available due lo canceilaiicn. (615)94^4029. - AsUor Bruce . 1-800-227-3633 (20t) 627-1267. Eves. THE DUNES

Call 765 5109.


' ! '. !


Can-Century 21, "•' '^tAsrySajnaio. .(813)466-3382-


BEAUTIFUL CAPTIVA ISLAND A new prrvaw homo with Beautifully lurnished. Gulf (rent Victorian Key West charm? luxury. 2 bedrooms. 2 baths, blended with contemporary den, wrap-arour-d balcony, . space and luiury. A 2 minute sunsets ! Season $t,300'Ak . stron from a beautiful prfvato Jar.- $350/*k., off season twa^i on tho Gulf. 2 bodtoom, 5625'Ak 2 (uil baths; corr>p!fi!D!y H.A.ZAPF equipped Scroanod voronda. " (203) 439-5879 Furnishod wirji lovely SbaKor antiques. Photo and (oferences South Seas Plantation • . available. [>JC. ?S-Apf. 30 $O5O.'*V. '. bedroom bcich vtila ,ftvailac!e rA-i/' 'Aug. 31. 5600 "wSi March 30lh - April €th pitiS Stpt 4-Dec. 14, JSOO^k other da!*s. i.'3 o'l Scuth Sees Ralo npp/'es lo 4 poodle pricing (ZOj) 835S335. Wnto Honry Romen^i (CapU-a; 4911 TanglewocJ Dr, NasiiviHe.TN 37215. By o*ner Bcachlron? - ?)2 or 615-262-9£>S9. . f ; t availahki now I Month!/, or

1 »»i

Sanibol Island vacation home across from beach access. 4 bodroom, 3 bath. Heaiod pool. Call (613) 39S-1O13.

Lafga 1 bedroom, ground Ibor Sanibol condo. sleeps tour, wet! furnished, clean. Near golf course, across from Gulf, ' WATERFRONT- SAN.BEL'* 55" hoatod pool, cable TV. bikes, lot! washer/dryer Available scroon porch ovorlooking c Jan. 15th - Feb. 2nd & May 2 tropicai laVe with wildhlg. wookmrnshum. Adults only. No Tennis, pool, walk to beach, pots. Call Flo-ida (513) 395 Jacuzzi. All Arnenif'^K. Nowrly 1742 titan Jan. 14th. Afior. call ' fumishod 2 bodroom. 2 bath *imden Catlc*n©f;(813)4723616

Townhouse, »Bth iainvay. Cu'-I front 2 bedroom. 2 bath. • Ukeyicw.3bednxxn,2%!2 * Sleeps 6. AprJ 5-!9. $ 1,400 pe? • baths. Prefer G montfi tease. monlh. Call ff*ner, (612) 9Z2Prom May 1st. 5697. ' (813)472-5042


Tfopic.il vacation - 3*2 hema. Fully oquipped. Immediate beach access. Aw.i!abto Jan • 1. 1991 1 ahof. Call (B13) 4315566, tsves.

"Somber - Lovely 2 bedroom, 2 : bath furnished home. Large • scrDCficd porch. Srxvi waft to ' beach.- Near shopping. : restaurants. Available immediately montr3y, : seasonal, or yearly. 549 5706 or 472-4405. . .; ,'.'?».«• r - t : - " - ' 2LV.J* < Sanibel, available February 1st, targe ground level r A r ^ a n ! horns on fresh water lagoon, j two bedrooms, two baths, fully ' e q u i p p e d , - d i E c c u n l tor extended stay. Call (813) 472- < 2624. ••••

Great iocaSon. Quiet.'

uat t

Just befary the lotl-booth lo Santbrl & ovorfcotang San Carlos Bay-1,500 sq ft. 2 ..bdrm. unfurnished cortdo 'available annually at £675/mo ; seasonally from $2 300/mo. Call 454-1400 VACATION SHOPPE,



lumithcd O
IS PRIVACY IMPORTANT? Exclusive " small condo Exclusivo Gull front condo jcomptfix Spacious 3/2, tennis, residence, Available t o ' WEST GULF DRIVE luxunous ^gorgeous views Bock cow tor Documbof 30. t930 and from season 463-1334. custom 3/BR. 2'BA olovated March 31st. 1951 Two week homo fully equipped, scooned minimum Call ownor al (708) poichts, 400 It. Irom Gulf. Points Sanio DeSanibcl 887.7626 .. Available Jan 4th thiough May' Two lusurious gulf front condos" "91. Soason $3,000 pot monlh. with spectacular viows. 2 KINGS CROWN Ca!i(201)56t-4984. bedr&cm. 2 baih. 1991 weeks Luxury Gulf front, 2 bedroom available, April - Dec. Rent condo. 'i week minimum. direct from owner and Siivo. CAPTIVA Available ihfough December 215-539-9281 Luxury" GuK front house. 2 ••-"•• 23rd. 1930 and after March • l i t . 1991. Call (708) 867- bedroom, 2 baih. Private boach.-heated pool, screened Captiva - luxury .hayfron! 7826. " porch to enjoy gorgoous home.-4 bedroorr;, 4-V2 bath? sunsets, sun deck, vaulted largo screened porch. NORTH CAPTIVA ISLAND ceilings, all amenities. Weekly, . Bayview, docks. Walking • N o * deluio air conditioned monthly. (G13) 472-1754. distance to ail shops 4 houses. Sleeps 6. Access by restaurants Weekly or plane or boat only. Water'taxi monthly. (216) 526-3160 or r FORT MYERS BEACH orvico availablo. 305-971 ^EFFICIEMCY, NEWLY .[216)526-9000. 0J56 or il07-391-0711. RENOVATED. A short walk lo the boach and do so lo area SOUTH SEAS PLANTATION LOGGERHEAD CAY golf courses. For mm by week Beach Club III Two bodrcom, two bath. Gul' oi monlh. Cail (Q13) 4637662. Week9-Marchl-8.Woek14- , viow. ' O i l - season fates i nil -imMill April. Week 42 • October. av I ihfe unll mid-Decemhor al Beachfront homo L on North 28R'2BA. Sleeps 6, $550 per week. January: $900Captiva Island. Fully tumshed. onthoGulf. . pcrwc&k, February: SI, 100 per - poaco, quiot. spectacular.^ week, March: $1,250 per week. views, glorious gulf sunsots.' • •". CA5AYBEL " . 10% discount lor single Weekly-monthly rates includes Wook 16 « 17 April. couples only. Additional walcr taxi. Available now. (BJ3) Call Lisa Leonard, discouni lor extended stay. 549-7066 or (813) 472 6661. {514)229-3804, Call (201)223-6743 of 1514)342-2379. " • "



•B .V





South Seas PtanUfJcn


NORTH CAPTIVA ISLAND 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. G&J cart included. 12 IL Salatlita dish Jacuzzi l u b . Available for weekly rentals. (407) 627-3764.

ONLY STEPS FROM THE BEACH 4 bedraom ground level home. Solar heated pool. Attractive!/ furnished. Reasonable monthly . ' tales . Call R.ck. days -

[413)756-3211 or evM.(41S) 756 4945.

Reserve now waiettrcfil resort Fishorman's Village. V/eeks 10 4 11. March 9lh to 23rd. Fulfy furnished. Sleeps 6 Many recfsational amenilies. $500 wk., 2 wesks. 5900. 4a2-lK4.




F.I. Myers--Beach • La-go area aparlmen't. Quiet area S3EO per week. 4f3-3S60 $225 a week & up! Erteioncws t txxlfoom • 2 bedrooms. Naomi Johnson Realtor. Owrer, 463675G.

- — ; . _ "




.Bras - t h a r e . units and campground memberships. Distress sales - Choap't Large^<1 bodroom, L1 bath upsiairo apanmant 1.250 pet V/orldwido selecitons. Call month. Also no*!y romou^lcd • VACATION NETWORK U S and Canada^-8C0-736-8250 of houso. 2 bedreom, 2 hath. 2 car • 305-771-6^96. Free rental garage. $1,600./fwr month, infomiaton 305-771-6331, . steps away rrom boach & vtow' Mill -MM- ttifll • o i bay. Bolh mid-island • located, ulilites 'mduded. 463- - Park model uml for renl New ' complo!o!y furnished. Please 8942. call 472-2542 or 472-0063.. " Gull front cottage on Sanjbcl, 2 . Available. Jan. 21 -Aprri 15. bodioom. 2 bath. Cable TV. Beautfu) kKstien on Sar.tbol for fireplace, - washer/dryer,; ronl by weeK, mohrti or season. scroonod porch, boaulilul boach. Dec 1 5 " May 1 5 ~:1 . ^ bedroom, private gulf i bay HOW**. May 16 - Dec. 4. access. 472-1404. S$55a-Ak. 472-1936. " '

Luxurious Marina Villa, 2 bedroom. 2 baih, 2 miles ot privaio bach Superb location on water. All re-sort faciM.es. Eilended channel cable TV. ; Renting now ihicugrt-a!! of . 1991. Rent directly ftom t w « i r . Ft Myers Beach condg • 4 - CufiFiontbcautl-ji/ and save. Sometimes available bodfoom, 3 bath on bay wiCh oVxarafcd luxury 2 bc-rt'aoms. dock, tonms & pool furnished or. short notice at discount • 2 taths. tfcn Sons'.-'.:.' Yea'ly leaso. 51,250'mo S " (203) 43S-557C Available Chtfstmas monlii Icaso. $t 75O.'m5r.!iii IL-SS than 6 moriths, 52^250' (914] 737*6121,'Cays mo. 765-G031or463-6£3fl (914} 528-8881-


Ground level Sanibe! collage on q
- Sariibel. Oo.-jch Road (firs,* homii en liiit [fom G^it &;aci>i. " 3 bd^m , 2 natfi. Honda room and screened lanat Fu-'y furn,r)n(.'i1 p^s, cable TV, hl-.o?.' boating, can-so 4 f+s^srigi 12.CC0 nioiithl/ Jan - Apr.t S1 603 month May Df-c •POB0»34b. . Snn.tiof, Flontti 33357 or call [813)293-3058 •

WANTED TO PF.NT . Oui(l4ide Place - GuiU^cnt c^n'do, 2 bedroom, 2 batfr**!:h d t n. Ouiet lu*ury -- mtrsulor. m Beathview'Golt Course ;9 9f-92 winter 4 summer .r; n;>,s avaiiabtc. '615) 373 34 55


W«s[ End sea',ona' n;,)I Available Fobru.Ty i r c h J Acri! Xzti f e u ' t-t drscm. 2-1/2 bath. 3 0D:r,q I; Vfoterf'on! csnal Fijmish&d C !4?2-(000fordeta;'A ~^

SANIBEL COTTAGE O i (he Guif beach. Friday. Ap;i K h to Friday. April 12th 2 diMrn, 2 t;o!h.-Slo<;p saU Elegant condo in Sanifct! s 'nadest enclave Elevation, acuzzi, hcatc?d pool Opon i. sctcei">od porches. Henl by owner (216)22S5J94


Gull front boach home; Aya.taWe Sanibol arrt Cap::va i W o o m s . 2 baths. Call (8131 454-5200. Leave message

or ihrijeTSSd'or.t i-6no i wafK to beacJi '....•* cfi ' t C3ll {61ZJ 454 £E-i^. ,



Sun Hardware. f - r ; i Vyots Beach. J95.O0O It,-. 765 !1 5000. Asd for j*t\ & d r i *



5J Get in on iho lottery craze with O>

a LADY LUCK Greeting Card

*",. °3 j. fX < ,< ~> G d W £ O t! !: r ? J •*


Business. Investment- ol Se,50O includes all supplies and territory. State , Exclusivoness available. 1 600-665 1505. a~

PERSONALS International £*cJ Student Organization • ocFc^teu volunt Interc-sting work, benelits, and Com pens mod but rot s Cain new skills, n o * f Call 1-800-679 6634

WOLFF TANNING BEDS; New Commercial- Home Unite. From • WANTED: 65 "overweight people ! Lose up ta 25 pcuntis $199. Lamps - Lotions in 30 days Earn SiS$ white Accessories. Mon'fhly lasmg. Call N o * t-800-7-11Payments Low As $18. Call 5644. 24 hoins recording So" Today FREE NEW Color hobta Espanol. Catalog 1-800-228 6292. New skin pro Sect on discovery makes MEGABUCKS I Your opportunity for ground (lor.r business. Starling cost under $100 and spare time activity. Recorded message (503) 2746061.


POSTAL JOSS $ H . 4 i to $14,90/hr For e * a m ' ar.d application information call Attractive Restaurant and (219) 769•6549. Ex!. FL-208. Bakery in North Florida. Seats . 9.00A.M -9.00P.I.1 7da/£-' 70. Daily Buffet. Prime Condu dealing, gcod wagas, Position. No opposition. Bnck building, equiprTfCnt find • experienced o i l / , must be liltings. Price; 545,000. Phone dependable V/etnends oniy. S-3'iib«i. work Call: •*72-6719. (904)504 2833'.

DEALERSHIP LOG HOMES National Lug Home " : manufacturing company has • America's'tinost lirtc-a-pUitng




potential. Will nat inlcrtufo w-iti present employment Depos'i 100% secufod by modal homo. Call Mr Lnmoni 1-800-3I-1• 5647. THE ORIGINAL" OLDTIMEP LOG-HOWES AND SUPPLY. t N C ' 1 9 0 1 i.oaue Road, M.t Ju! ; ei,TN 37122."



- Reliable.

per^cr.a!;!y Toils paid. Sanibel Suil Shop. 472-81B5 or 466569fi




Roya.'o 782, 2-61 note keyboards. Ever/ feature you

Jobs Starting at 57 80'hr. your For tniormaton ca'l 1 (900) 329 8429. E»t. 2287. 6 00 A M 3 00P.M 7days.S12.55 lee

COPY EDITOR Join the staff cf Southwest . Florida's premiere weekly publications group; journalism dogrw S Qxporieuca in editing 4 layout. Sand resume wilt) . clips Spape design to: Editor. :; The ObsGivers, • P.O. Box 08730, • Ft. Myers. FL 33908. Paramout Taient Agency now screening. Extras for spring calatogs, fashion shows" I-

7E&ao ASSEMBLERS- E x e l ' c n l income to assembly pr Ol^UCtS Irum your homo (504 ) 6451700. Cnpt. P294S.




SOUTHWEST FLORIDA VOICE ADS • . Place or Listen to Ads , - . 1 . Local Dalolme ' ' '... A. Local Gills. Won "(Special Minority Groups) B. Blacks C. Hispanics. Orientals D. Christians E. Misc. Personals r . 2. Loci! Jobs Bulletin Board •- 3 Confession l i n e 4 How lo Eraso Bad Credl 5. Ccf'«gD Sororit/ Girls 1-900 896-2606 E i ! 15 . 95c Mil. - - • . _

more. S600 O E O 4G3-S541.



GRACEV/AY CLEANING ::• WelrveonSamtei. . E«ccfleni (ocal "• references . . •. Rental units. private honws Weekly, fcN-montfify.

SCCUniTY HOUSE-CHECK J •" MAINTENANCE PROGRAM . Inext«nsiv6 weekly housa"1 ^ Typewriters - Solsclnc star checks on ail systems donng type models. 2 available only . . • your absence. = y year oU. has niomory and Tony & Grace Lyons 1 complete? printer capacity, plus .. • 472-9443. mora be'fs 4 whistles, only $275e.-Kh 472-1000 "Lil»o ficw r 6 ptoco DJXIG Handy Andy canfati | ' Replace i-ini -..it. imn lutn^tura bedroom suitu. Vflvio. it' And rrviM) i l brand now! 549wicher.'cano Formica top &nd k r*in Ber.ur? Rest tteluto spring maeress $70t. Ca!U72 5264 Handyman and smaSI repairs No job too small! FWasonaUe Dineltu 4 ? - round l i b•ie 4 rates Cannon. 772-3534 th/urs 1^aitar i. $125 l h ;ingiig lighl^T]lordi, mclal. $15 945V»£ BRING OUR TRUCK 1 to 100 trees cut A removed, 3731. and cash (or ycur furnitii'o, yard work Excellent rates T j' iipp^ianccs, antiques, tods, M h ! J 7 3 ! 2 1 5 4 Ccndo pack ,igos start 1i q a\ fishing gear, golf dubs, boait $3 300 KM i ^ognrs tntcirio'S matofs and boats, small items: 433-2-1 | | Vcf f i s t pet sona!




ExcclidM salary & benefits r On Cape 773-&E5O.


Dinette <• Tablo. Matching Parsons, end. lamp 8 coffee tables'- Must bo seen Also chi'tfs car seat Call 472-0213

"CaTipbdi" Paratfso fruiiwood crg.m S b
Good typing, Spanish, phone &

Psrl time-sales person needed jor bus/ girt shop, E»pi-rente - Ground Itow opportunity. "Sale in Eijlc-s. 6 must. C-ill Ginrty. 'jewelry through heme p-anies 472-4055 UKM company, seeking •,ll». -4,.,. tHIM-i 3 individuals rnlt'teslod in area management positions Fsstoslgrowing jcA-oiry party plan company. Many positions Great berujf.is 1-800-4-ADOHN-2 Call 1 (805) e82-755b\ Ext. P1284 Sa'es help needed a! Bailey's Casual Wo2f. Part ttme position. Paid tolls. Call, 472Many needed tar commerces. " Now hiring ail ."aes^.For casting into Call'(,61S)"779-7111. Ext. U.S. MAIL JOBS - $ H . 7 7 to T-428. o St4 90^Si2 Tree. Now h'iHng, " " " zJUHz.—liiaj— Your "Area. No oiperionce Peoplo wanted, processing mail necessary. l-900-9ea-06?a, E>t. 4107. at home for agency. Earn SEOO or more weekly No experience. Per more inlormation send self- Needed pan-timo, ottice ho'p at uddresscd, stamped envelope the Groves Campground to: TfJT Advertising Agency. 16175 John MORIS Rd.. South .3300-17 Cleveland Avenue, Ft. Myers. Ap&ly 3.00-6 00 Suite 603, Fort Myers, Florida F M. Wo calls please. • ' 33907. • ' '?>




"dtJICK K R V X E 5 • 453-6065 694-5572 332-5828

• co-nlorutto, arrf clfi.lf* Reno1/ for rcfiiai unit or fctath OjiHgc, • 5S5 cacti. « 3 S03*. •

• • 1 DustbusSc-r's ol Amer^ia The Garaga Sato ol ihw^ear! . 0974374* Craft: supplies, wonderful li'HI -iHtr - V*t! I juncjuo. 803 Tarpon Ba/ Rd.. ; a CO A.M. - 3 DO P M. No early Housecfeanof looking J o G E . refrigerator '•* UJ It. ? - birds. One lane dftvowayi'Jan increase business, A Cof pafarti 19th. donr trosi free. Almond £ V SocreT5ry by t'ade, cnn crises high 1 30" wido Doer dpens to better inccne cleaning I worV HOCBC Begig DomoEsfi«3 left b f ( i w w , $ 2 5 O 4(35-6032aloner1'fn hones!, thorough anrt . Windows, doois. appliances. reliable Poferenccs available cabinets & carpeting Kitchen 4 Kdchon iabto ft 4 chairs. Wtrod Try me! Ca!! Joyce, 43! 9409. futures S ,mi*c. ,, M:nt condition,"$125. 472 693J. =b*th Household items. Saturday, Home care. • V/eekly. btJan. 10!h wily ! 175 Egret St.. monthly, monthly, house Queen siza bed. Scandinavian Fort M/crs Beach, B OQ A.M. til cleaning f/eiiculcus and teak platform b«J Two storage ' .• reliable. Call Arty for copy 0! ' chests al end of platform NOA*- • -NO EARLY BIROS!, eicellcnt re!e(5?f-cs. (813) S1.300 Will son Fsr «600 o r ' Ysrrf^Salo Satureay. Jan. * 945 *7B5 • ^ ~ ^ • bsst o'fer. 472-4365. evenings. 19trtY 9:00 A.M Lots ef" arj:essorios, art worh'and a . For sa'e - 12p*co p!aco sotting 1)1119 bit ot everything. 1837of Ch'ra "Sttk Flowers 0 / Du-e Boach 9»vd Mikasa.' 1 indoor e i e r c i s e " bicycle. Krups cc!!eo grindtir. I-and Grand Diploma cooking course - 20 volumes. 472-P287.


BecDjne a para!egal, Accrod'led Member HHSC. Altorncy Inslrucled. Home Study, Established 1576. hnancia! AkJ. FHEE Catalog 1e00-6C9-2555. Southern Career "Instiiuio. PO. &3» 2150 Boca Flaton FL3W27.


'Wanted Violsn, also nfied Viola. Wi3..pay wcli. Please call 5496529 or write- T. Marcbotti 1145 SE.3Cih 5 1 . Cape C O M I . FL339O4 Paradise ot Sanibel needs Aq-janum«95 gailort salt Of inn ' .tin«iu 1 enorgbtic. dependable sales tresh water-set up Comp^eto Wantef). Bettor grade sM'.t'p ' Fypenented (neforred hut person part-time. Must bo able ^jvitrs slind. hood, pumps Only cote^lJcns 4 accurriu!3!iar,c=-;willing to train. Must bo to w o r k " eves A some ^ n e year old Perfect X m . i s plate" blocks, covers, sheets.-" aggressive 4 sales ofiented •weekends SMir * commission. gilt octagonal shape, Sjt95 , CALL. YOUR DATE - Me old picture posl cards and most Send resume . Tolls paid. Call 472-3020 472(000 anything philatelic wanted. .' Kon^Gone special r»o*f For « cover letter to: i«n-» Generous pric«s paid Phone" HOLLY S EXPERT. LOVING. Dating Romanco, and Just G!en Portor, Ad Otrecior. Ear"ri $600 Of more wceMy Antiq-jos. c o i n c je*e!ry, 656-1155 Plain Fun."dial 1-900-288 4000 PF.T-SITTING SERVICE • Observer Newspapers. mailing cucuiars at home. Na docks, waiches, oriental ruga, Only $1 2ft'min. All lifestyles. "HELPS" vsE-rts your home P O Box 03730, eiperioncc. Send self• paintings, cash pa.d Raymctid Ft Myers, FL 33&03 Provides your pots wH.1 "I buy oriental rugs, add/essed'stamped envetopo Slrods Genologist Acpraiser pid covers Ore year O»LY$3CAlLMHRt3r7DAYS National Association 0! Pet apilqunt. Call Capl. Bob 0033 * I 2 5 S phono foe old One never us'sd. Cast rn:n ~ UNLIMITED MINUTES. (FU94) Smers - 472-1176. Phaneuf, 481-3999. 5259 each AsKjng 5130 each COMMUNfTYaANK Rattan swivel (ocVatsi w t h ioso up to 35 lbs month Of The ISLANDS-SANIBEL cushion, S75.CaJj 454 ;0r6i. . Weight 'oss progiam nt'tids *0 ACT NOW L g p BOF ed, face win to medical breakthrough iestud assembly. Easy work at homo friendly top. 10 voars. Person.il support. Ho experience. Call 1-504 641- experience.r, A atmosphere :n which to woth. 7778. E»t 6434 Open 24 CHIROPRACTIC size 1012 long'tram, long Call to atiangt-^jn mttirvie* Kerry, 602-956-2001. hours, including SundiyINSURANCE-TICKETSHarry C. Kalr, O X , 472-2800 ( E O E ) sleeve c-'cg.int. $2S5. CaS 431^ D U I . CREDIT LIFE TO The Pricilca o l [ • iiti - M i l - *;»< i 375B a!let 6 30 P M Huy'! Gc-iri is bacK in iho phene Oat maniod in the Mountain Lug COVER CAR LOAN. Chiropractic Cooks - Fu!l Itme needed Chape' (Lcvo Chape!) ot the . room. Give tneacail. so"*t»cai TERRY KEITH 1640 Periwinkle Way Starting iirimediatfily 395GGUW co-np!era water system Smokies Ail arrangements got bnck together. Guaranleed AGENCY. Llm BL*tGftcr. 731-040?. 2000 provided - Music, flowers, 4B2-3O40. 477-1824 photos, video No waiting 4M-273J. Complc-'e doia-is: I-600-262-J Enclosed trailer Island LOVE $250 Van benc SEIZED CARS, tucks, boats. 4 Call. 453 2903 wheelers, rnoior homes, by FBI. Now hiring >or trio loHow.-ng 24-hour Emeigency Service IRS. DEA Available your area now Call (80S) 682-7555, E i t 2 bMG cvrier bumper mounts, AAA 'GET MARRIED 111 THE persons, bartenders, cocktail C-3076. $£0 Cabinets, wood. ?-floor. • ; • - SMOKY-.'MOUNTAINS" AT waitress A cooks. Experienced 472-2394 / rrands, babysitting, light 30M«58'«15-. S50o-Kh Queen > - GATLINBURG'S OPiGINAL need only apply Brass V/aller S Norro Thonpson ou'.ewfiik, tutor. Masters in seta bed. Michen WJa, le.it. t •*"• MOUNTAIN CHAPEL Simple Elephant Restaurant, Santbtjl< Mercedes 3C05D, 1979 Truly cha.fs ^81-0066 . to the ", bland Hidon Inn. 937 E. Gull cioahon. Car available Ca-i •'"••beautiful condition. S7.50O elegant Photographs, tic* .Drive, Sansfce! Island. , 463-7219. Hoo»;cr com(Ctt • W e upright with atlac h men is;. fc *tra bag 4 belt honey moo .1 Stlltob. ir.isu.;rr. ' E«pent• n c o d , saies help 1939 CadiUac Sedan OeViHo 4W 1849 3econd mr wanted f-i. ill limo & patt tuf'C Cabnotet root, dark btuo/over : . m l e s t , no waitind p=ri od .-. 'po5||ionIS available. Salary whits. E»cei!cnl condition, - 6' x T Ltiiity traiter. Sl-OO'957-*5hr T-Srti't PUce ol S.in.b'-I SI 7,900 (813) 463-7200 4374^5 000-34 t/A HRY ('JJ £ft • Totis p;isrl Please call 472_ message for 1rage=E3i4












"eptsoritst (two ct- POUNDS S I the food yo product duv : Nutritional S Charge. Kathy

love ! Healthy ped by fawcos ntists ' Check or (612) 323-2090



professional officG^ during su.iscn PxcoNont position lor winww residont. 472-9507. ash • for Marilyn 2 1 2 1 »

MUSICAL Model D-10 V/urlitzer organ, Enpforer Spirit. Gecrge Smoalte, 462-6174.

lnsu!a!(!d Glass Liquidation. 40"/= BUIOA' VflKilews« Ideaj tof f) Call Tim al Suntooms. GfcenhouMA^ Patio Enclosures 26<74 bntod g'ass $49 35. Marty other sizes. Free Island Handyman - Carpentry • information. VISA/MC 1-600Painting, Garoning, etc Miko 84I.5S42. M O d 7


1983 Honda Accord LX, 70,000 miles. 5 sp^ed, $?,90O O 9 O 19K Dodya Coit Vista Wagon. Automatic cruise A/C 73 000 miles, $3 900. O.B.O. 472221fl or 472-3342.

LAMP has been providing love and support for 17 years By Esther Bclz Staff Writer ~ There is n lffiht at the end of the tunnel for girls between 11 and 18 years old who become pregnant. The Lee Adolescent Mothers Program (LAMP) fi'vcs these girls a glimmer of hope by offering, an alternative to middle and high school education. Most of these young mothers are unable to continue their education after they drop tint of school, and settle Tor a menial job in order to take care of their children, said Jmncs Kascriiian, cooperative education coordinator, LAMP Is a 17-year-old program geared to academic, health and social development of pregnant teens, said Ann pcKose, director of the program. " "LAMP attempts to be everything it can be for each girl, and meets the state's requirements for a high school education/' Kascmian said; '-• . . • ..


'Previously, pregnant teens returned to their regular school six weeks after delivering their babir.s." said DcRosc. "Now the mothers remain in the LAMP program and receive the Young mothers in LAMP nursery. support they need until they graduate." . The program offers an Entrcprcneurshlp, The program started with 12 students in a Mom's, and Diversified Cooperative Training tiny room at (he Gwinn Building located in programs that enhance regular teaching Fort Myers. methods taught in middle and high schools, Almost two decades later LAMP is rccogKaserman said.
87 Ford XLT Lariat - Power windows, power door locks;'" cruise & i;lt. A/C. stereo, tunning boards, SI,000 cap, njgcti much more. Pricod wfioe=aio $7,900. 463-3906, loavg mussago.. . -


Wanted Small rubbist dinghy. 472-4306, Sanibcl. " '82 Graoy White 24 \l boat, walk around cuddy cabin. '83. Johnson motor. S S. prop. Boat has all Iho goodies on it. 4632350. "89 24 (I. Fios'a Fundcck pontoon BO H.P.. Force, lull cover. $8,500. Call between 9 00 - 2 CO P.M. 463-3933.

For salo 1939 Hydro-Spotts . 3300 Vector. Twin 300 OMC Sea drives. Only 275 hours. Towfir cabin, gen., A'C, olscironics. $89,000. (No' luxury- la*). (305) 249-4552 or 249 8548.

' Pursuit 1988-22" Cuddy, Twin 115 .Suzuki's. VHS trim labs, live wells. Saltwater washdown, $17,200 355-0561 or 472-2555 " " • •

- " " -

Boat dock - J5 3 I I with parking space. Sw.mining pool, balh house, Limited slips availahlo. 17863 San Cartos Bind. 466-. 3393. or 456-3433




5 PURSUIT 1850 J Center Console, Yamaha 115 H/P, B Aluminum trailer -








MOTORCYCLES & BICYCLES Moped moto« bike, Pudi modol. very low miles, like new. perfect island or tourist transportation, only $375 Call 472-1000 for details .:


.Tho adminetratjon ot the esttto Of ADELE I HODGKiNSON . Tfc- idminfelraton of the esiato deceased. File dumber 91 34 of STANLEY I. GORDON CP, is ponding in the Circuit. . deceased, Fflo Number 90-3070 Court for Lee County, Florida.' CP. is pending in the Circuit Probate Dnrisiao the address Court lor Lee County, Florida, of wheh is 1700 Monroe StroM, Probate Division, tho address^; n Fort Myers. Florida 33301. T t » of which is 1700 Monroe Street, ' names and addresses of Pm Fort Myers. FL 33901. Tho -personal representative and names and addresses of tha tho personal representaOvt'i esontative and attorney are set forth baiow. representative's AU. INTERESTED PEHSOrJS attorney aro eel forth below ALL INTERESTED PERSON ,AHE NOTIFIED THAT: All ARE NOTIFIED THAT: AH . persons on whom this notice & porsGi£ on whom this notice is served who have objecLons that challenge the validity of . served who have objections • tho w^i, the quahficatons of frio that challenge the validity at the Mill, tha qualifications o' the -venue, or junsdictjon of this personal representative, Court are required to We their venue, or jurisdiction ot this' objections with this Court Court are required to file (heir WITHIN THE LATER OF THREE MONTHS AFTER THEDATE OF j , objections witiVJthis Ccurt WITHIN THE LATER OF THREE THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF MONTHS AFTEIt THE DATE OF THIS NOTICE" OR THIRTY THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF DAYS AFTER THE DATE O f SERVICE OF A COPY OF THIS ^THIS NOTICE OR THIRTY NOTICE OM THEM. AM cred.tors DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF SERVICE OF A COPY OF THIS -' of tha decedent anrt other NOTICE ON THEM Allcre-Jtors persons - having' 1 claims * or of the decedonl and other demands against decedent's persons having claims or osLtte on whom a copy ol this jdemands againsf decedent's C'Ofce
NOTICE OF - ADMINISTRATION Tho adminisu-ation of tha estate ot John P. Stramol deceased, Filo Numbor 90-2626 CP. is Wanlod rentaf dock space en ponding in Iho Circuit Couit for . Sanibel Mar. IS-Apr. 30.1931. Lee County, Florida, Probate Have 18 tt. fishing boat Bay . Oivisicn, tho address ot which access necessary, Reply. M. is Lee County Justice Center, Mason, Box SOS, Batav.a, NY I70O Monroe SL, Ft. Myers. FL .14021. - • • 33901. The names and addresses of the personal ; 18 ft. Ho&ie Winged Magnum. Trailer. Mint. Maka offer. 463personal repressntative's 8900. . attorney are tat forth below. ALL INTERESTED PERSONS FAMILY FUri - 24 ft Fiesta ARE NOTIFIED THAT: All Pontoon. Couches, cover. persons on whom this notice is Ladder, 60 H.P. Evinrude served who have objections w'power tilt Trailer, etcoltent thai chalionge the validity ot condition. (412) 463-7794 or the will, the qualifications of the 472-2723. von no, or jurisdiction at this Searay - • S 7 £ 6 8 • •Sundanccr. Court aia required to file their only 126 hours. Fully loaded. objections with this Court WITHIN THE LATER OF THREE Showroor n conditic MONTHS AFTER THE DATE OF $29Kv'33!S-C743, o^;ortings. urn i THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF Jeimate - •30'ciify 6• months old THIS NOTICE OR THIRTY DAYS AFTER THE DATE C-"Custom included, $3,935. 395-0743. SERVICE OF A COPY OF THIS NOTICE ON THEM. AH creators evenings. of the docedent and olhct-a persons having claims or demands against decedent's.., estate on whom a c?py'of this notice is served wilhin throe months a fief iho date of the first publication ot this notice must file their claims with this I Florida Classified Court WITHIN THE LATER OF MONTHS AF1ER THE ( THHEE DATE OF T H E " FIRST ; -Yojr classified az =ar> ! PUBLICATION OF THIS ! reach ove- l m.lion ! NOTICE OR THIRTY DAYS I people s;aiewide for j AFTER THE DATE OF SERVICE ! only $125. The Fiariaa j OF A COPY OF THIS NOTICE ON THEM. Mother creditors ot j Classififec-Ai Network Iho decedent and persons enables yau to o!a:e having claims or demands j you- ad in Fia;ica daii> against the decondpgrs estate and weeKlv newsoaps's i must Mo thoir dawSs with this : esaiiy ana inexpert- j o^n WITHIN THHEt: MONTHS AFTER THE OATE OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE. A L L ' CLAIMS DEMANDS AND OBJECTIONS NOT SO FILED WILL BE FOREVER BARRED. The (Lite ol the litst publication ol this Notice is Docembor 21, 1990

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"I may hot be able to empathize with what they are going through'but I can sympathize. We Iry to turn scars Into slars and tell each., girl, when they tell us we don't understand, I feel bad for you today so will you let me help?" Kaserman said.' " •; _ =s»


» » > • '


The Mom's program takes over where the enlfcpreneurship project left off and carries the business idea into its development as an ongoirig'school-based enterprise 'Mom's Is a dropout prevention prognirnjjy teaching girls how to operate their own business and providing them with an income while they stay in school.^Kaserman said. . _ Some girls don't knowrwhat career choice they want, and the Diversified Cooperative Training program offers them an off-campus work experience opportunity. Currently. LAMP is organizing a Mentor program inviting professional women to sponsor a student by offering support, guidance and encouragement. In addition to challenging each mother academically, the program offers an on-campus:health care center. ,. "We are not happy U) see them (tcerisj pregnant but they are here'and we want them and their babies healthy and want them to be good parents," DeRose said. There are a lot of girls who are'working because program volunteers and employees took time out to drive the students to an.interview, ; Kasennan said. ^ ' _.




/ A U T O FRIEND . • Service at your home or work • • Hand wash • overall inspect:»n • , • H.nd Wax * No Waiting • N'o Inironvenii?nce • Limi'ed use of water k Environment fiddly Products • Over 16 years Aulo Dealership experience ,. * Friendly, courteous, licensed .-. • Isbnd Resident . "• •





REMODELING Florida Elegance Fqr The „


Discriminating Homeowner 2340 Peria-inklc Way . Sinibel Island, FL 33957 813 395 0033

I S OUR ONLY BUSINESS I'"-'**' If you art al'rady ll\1iig tn the peilrct home, why nrt m.ikt ihr Imp rove men is lhat "will bring you satis fat Hun and iiwr?ase ihc l f V

• Kflrhriu







• Encbscd fordiia * Roam Millions • Con-rtlc Wirfc c • Dt*-way*/SHtwalki •n^pbees " 'Sriing • Gini^i .- •nDfBj»Rim» •HeciratloCRcDm • LloiftjftShfMnfl ~ «Dcn» • Piln!l(« •Windows Ileawn Rullding »1H worV »1lh you to design your remodeling n e « h enJ Ik a con la a fully llccrwd. Incited, bonded. .itJlr errtl fird t-onlraclor. Pkrow call Wayne Nel(fi$h to IBMUU «n>* rcmodrl liiHyniniayhCT-elnnifnil, ( 8 1 3 ) 2 8 3 - 1 6 4 2 "!*_ »rr«:oa4«w



Charles A, Chcgut


(B13) '.72-3110 BUSINESS (8151472-0194 FAX '.

472-0136 A*k For Auto Fn.'.i Suiry N'u Trucks











DAVID COX 939-0482


Exclusive Distributors lor: AT&T SECURITY SYSTEMS

* Super Heated Water ~k Fewer Chemicals * Licensed & Insured to SI ,000.000


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Absolute Pressure, Inc.

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4 Pruning


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" I Cleanup's




4 * + * *

More Information Call Coiled

(813) 4J2-33H •SfeS







dosigfi installaiion feconstfuctbn xeriscapo specialists . fully licensed and insured free esli/nates . . eighi years island experifince 'rsieiiance


0 M l vVWWI




Fire • Burglary3* Medical

Central Station Monitoring

s«WhyC!iabs6Seirit^?3K Ask One blOur Custprhefs


Residential • C o m m e r c i a l CALL FOR mEe-.ESTIMATE! sured

305-2199 ."

.. 472-7000 W -



COUERTNG STOUFER PAINTING C. i <, v , i t ' ' 76S-5192






."? c Nnve ^-T^ Plumbing }::










Density increase possible at Fitzhiigh and Centre Sts. clients would (car down the home, and the By Carcn Herman commercial storage. In exchange~ for Staff Writer ... . ;, permission to build a new single family - Sanlbel's Planning Commissioners Rave residence. , " verbal support last Tuesday lo n proposal that Commissioners focused on losing two will ultimately increase density near the buildings to be replaced by.one,, dssplle comer of Fltzhugh ami Centre Streets. density questions, o ., H.-Lawrence and Carol Martin Strange, were denied a code Interpretation indicating (he lot is allowed more than one unit. They said Murty's plan fit'well with the ; But commissioners responded favorably to goals of the city. , .• plans replacing two structures on the "It seems to me what the applicant is doing commercial lot with one single family home. Is something Ihccity wants done, to luyt_ Even after demolition of the existing home commercial and limit density," said conimis-"T and commercial building, the lot is still = sloner Bob Davison;; overdeveloped and would not be entitled to a '•• replacement structure according to Jean Isley. 0 "I'm all in favor of the change. Mow do we do • senior planner. asked Commissioner Jim Hermes. ,v The Strange family owns five lots with a to- It?" : " Murty's request to have the city's code intal of one unit, but the property has a comterpreted to allow the unit was no! the way to__ mercial business and apartment. In addition approvc the plan, said Planning Commission lo the storage building and abandoned home, Attorney Beverly Grady. i4. which Sanlbel's City Council ordered demolished by November 20 of last year. She said the new home could be allowed by Some Iw6 months past deadline the home is re-zoning three of the five lots from commer-11 still standing, but Attorney Timothy Murty. cial to single family, requiring an amendrepresenting the petitioners, made a new deal ment to the city's land development code. last Tuesday, telling commissioners his


A request for another unit on the property will be back before commissioners In the near future. ..

County to gather list of names • for approval to children's council The- recently-created Children's Service Council will get a shot in the arm soon al the \ request of the county commission. < Commissioner Jchn Manning requested Jan. 9 that a list of nominees to the ccunct! be sent to Gov. Lavtrton Chiles for approval. < which Is required., • • " . - . - - • \, Manning then requested a board workshop i to use funds set aside from the sheriffs de-. partment for the council, although some of the total amount is reserved for the Coalition J . For a Drug Free Lee County. ' <> -7 Manning also said he would like to provide some money to help wllh the coalition during its second'year of operation next year, along with seed money lo get the children's council off the ground. - ^



"The Best Reel Ads to The Business'5 ADULf C A R E I C L E A N I N G 1 H A N D Y M A N t i NTCHEHSS BATHROOltS I PICTURE FRAMINGS SCREEN PRINTING 2 S U S A N ' S ' •* -, ^ C L E A N I N G " •" ON THE BEACH * RENTAL CONDO CLEANING tenoei on Request Licensed 463 6936

aDEfllV CAREFOR FOR YOUILOVEDONE' EDONE Day, wbOK,monUi $roo.l robrpmenl home Stporvisoi (tiodcitiont Homo cdoix*! meats 24 hr subetvUidn. HRS Ifcenwd 2 cofrvontent location*, f 332 2022 FT. MYERS

[ \

, > " CA.B. ^ OoesltM

Concrete Work? UOiMARMO Concrete Contractor-

i-» 574-8284

J l « « DUiJ»l puttft


• U^it Hauling UrtnarfCcnstrualoii ', Osan Up later





• Complete Service


$«otorcycia Repairs'

R Myers Beach * ^ ^ ^


FREE ESTIMATES ' UcllnS'JredC).IC06592 - - 431-W69 > ' •




iBLASE CARPET - 'INSTALLATION , Install Your Now or Used ' " C a r p o t , R e p a H Padding:

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•• ' A A A C A R P E T REPAIRS " Rntretciilng • Seams Patches'-Bums-Stains ALL TYPES OF REPAIRS

SEHMER ELECTRIC Serving S.W.Rorkla. - j Slnca1972 F l Myers Beach, 463-2588 LaBelle, 675-2077 ER00M678

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ONE DAY AT A TIME Cfuaning Scrvioa Enands House i Plan! Silling Transportation To AppH

NEED A PAINTER? OualltySavlce. FreeEsiinstH. Roa IPTCO3226 Ljee Co

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Replaca ijneeaxl Sp
^Bt1MHIi^ilHa|3V ( f>>*'>"i{

a (8X24ataamow**™, £t Co 4»MU!fl>-91 on " oatt - - - - — — -




r, t^

CbnPl£fE»AHTlAL . SANiea

^ 4 5 3 3 Del PradoBlvd (JistNo


32yr» Exooronca

334-0040 -




Complata p Auto e M Yit i e p 24 a K hour S D e tcmig

" '



Olivewaye, Patns] S>dew* Us. t Int. ICM7046. : FBEE ESTIMATED-

for Anything ThatYour Car May Need Caa

f* % * J TH0MA3 •* T* &>OHTSWUMI7ED





549-1013 " '





•ALL SHOE REPAIR" Al Malm And Typa UvgasjardTtrneyVTco! Over 3S beat*™ to 9«n« you.. I3M0HN Cfevf-andAvo Norfi S/iont Shopping C*n»r 99S i

Residents should become familiar with state intangible property tax


By Jim Graham Jim Graham - . . stocks, sonic niulual • O . r Mr _ J \& . . .• M) ^BvFlorida residents, especially new residents, money market funds. ;nid some on-Dcc. 31 is S 189.000 and you, arc married filoften overlook the Florida tax, on Inlangiblc ing jointly, Vou would subtract $40,000 from property, or are confused about what is ri> . $189,000 ($149,000). a tax per $1000 on the remainderand for pay a tola! taxofof$1 $149. portable and taxable. Q: What securities are taxable? '' . S1000 on the remainder for asubtract total tax $20,000 of $149. If you are single, you wouM Mere are some common questions and anA: Generally: (1) most stocks and stock warfrom $189,000 ($169,000). Your.tolal lax swers concerning the Florida intangible proprants; (2) most mutual funds; (3) all brokerage would be $1 per $1000 on the first $100,000 erty tax: . house money market funds; [4) all corporate (SI 00) plus $1.50 per $1000 on the excess or g 1 Who must file? bonds; (5) all non-Florida tax-free bonds: (Gl SG9.000 ($103.50) for a loiaJ tax of $203.50. A: Every individual-who Is a permanent Fanny Maes" (FNMA); and (7) options I puts Florid i resident on Jan. 1 of the current year. and calls). There arc some exceptions, so Q: If payment of the.intangible tax is not ,ind who owns or has control, of intangible check with your tax practitioner. due until June 30. is there a discount for early property valued In excess of $20,000 (single) or payment? • 9 : What Investments are not taxable? $10 000 (married filing a Joint return. ••' A: (1} All Florida tax-free bonds?!2) bank A: Yes. The discount Is 4 percent of the 9 . What is the uix year? and savings and loan money market funds; (3) amount due If paid, in January or February, 3 „ A: The tax year fs the current calendar year. percent If ^m* paid m In muiui, March. ^2 pi-iuc percent if paid in Insurance industry products; (4) limlicd part| H . I « I « •• 1 or example, if you a r t a permanent Florida ncrship Interests; £5) certificates of deposit ^ April and I percent If paid In May. resident on Jan. I. 1991.'ami otherwise qual(CDJ and other cash equivalents; (G) Individify >ou must pay your full intangible tax bv 9 : What arc the penalties for not filing? ual retirement accounts (IRA); (7) ^Ginny June 30. 1991. _ , _ . . , • . A: There are penalties of 5 percent per Maes" (GNMA) or "Freddy Macks" (FRMC); and month, up to 25 percent of ihc tax due for late (8) all bonds issued by the U.S. Government Q How Is the tax determined?. filing and an additional latgrctrirn penalty of A: You arc taxed on the market value of - and U.S. Government, e.g. treasury bonds., 15 percent per year or fraction thereof for your intangibles on Jan. 1 of the current tax each year that V r e t i i m remains unpaid. In 9 : How Is the Intangible tax computed?. year For stocks and bonds and other securiaddition, interest at the rale of 1 percent per A: Beginning in 1991. the tax rate is $1 per ties that arc regularly traded on one of the ex$1000 of net value of taxable Intangibles up to "month, beginning July 1 of the current tax changes, the price quote at the close of trading year, is charged on anynnpald balance. $100,000 for a, single, filer and $200,000 for on Dec. 31 Is the market value used. Market joint filers. The tax rate for net values exceedThe Florida Intangible tax, a fair and inexvalues for other securities that are, not acing those amounts is $1.50 per $1000. The net pensive alternative to a state Income tax. Pay tively traded may be more difficult to ^detervalue Is the market value of your Intangibles, early and earn the discount. After all . . . it's mine Ask your stock broker to help you make less a deductible amount of $20,000 (single) or your money! .; o' this determination. $-10,000 (married filing a joint return). (Jim Graham. ajSanibel resident. Is a tax 9* What intangibles arc subject to tax? 9 : Can you give us an example? consultant and^flnanclal planner. He owns A; (l) Loans, notes and accounts receivable; A: Say the market value of your intangibles the Sanlbel.offlce of H&R Block.) ''—' (2) a beneficial intcrc t in any trust (3) bondb • from page 1C



IJ 1



1 11 .

nly four of these magnificent homes are available. Situated in a secluded portion of Kelly Greens, two homes will be located on the Golf course. Choose from 3 distinctive floor plans in the Estate homes, all nEw and brilliantly designed with up to 3,3.00 square feet. Prices bc0n at $329,900'. ."'"•Call 454-3494 or visit bur furnished model for more information about these fine homes. "





Limited Opporlnnity 0NLY


ALSO OFFERING* The Villages at Kelly Greens. Country Club Living without the Country Club dues. From $111.950. CALL TODAY at 454-1080.


GOLF^A COUNTRY CLUB Lociird lust Two Mites E; of ih: Sinitvi Causeway on Summerliii Rd.




Sanibel-Coptiva ConShorewalk.SonibelCaptiva Conservation servation Foundation, "Fnday ai the CenFoundation. 3333 ter," Mark "Bird" Sanibel-Coptiva .Wesio!lofThetr\terV Rood. Thursdays*? a.m. Reservations:^^' national Osprey' foundation, speaks 462-2329. . ' on "island Ospreys" Duplicate Bridge. S4ef ng Basseit. di- u at 2 p.m. rector, 1:30 p.m. Sanibe! Community Center. With or without partner. S2.50. ~Power SquadrofvSafe Rotary Club meeting. Boating Class. 7 p.m. Iggy and Pauls Lcb- , Sanibet Community ster House, Tarpon Center. . o Bay Road at PefrcinSanibei -Capliva Art kle Way, 7:30 a.m. All League paini-out at "While Heron" House visiting Rotarians welcome.; 472-2880. at 9 a.m. Bring sack Alcoholic Anonyijnch 433-1799.. mous, women's Greens of Southwest closed discussion. Florida, a grassroots . 1230p.m. at Sanibei movement for social "Congregational T, justice and ecologiChurch, 2050 Periwincal responsibility kle Way. . -. / - meets 7:30 p.m. at .^ Suncoast Alzheimer's Peace Environmental ~ Jnformaiion Une: J * -= Education Center, 12713 McGregor Blva\. B0O633-4563. Open 8 a,m.-5 p.m. weekFort Myers. 395^0633. days. Sanibei ^optiva Art Audubon Society league juried memprogram.-. ber show. Arts Center. "Texas/Oregbp.. 900DunlopRd. Their Common Boarders" by Dr. Clair -through, Jan, 27,1-4 Postmus. 8 p.m. at p.m. Sanibei Community Center, 2173 PeriwinMe Way? Public wet- Of you have a meetcome. S2 donation. ing or evont you Fri.Jan.25; would tike listed, Audubon field trip to please send it to: IsSanibel-Captiva Con- land Reporter Calensorvotion Foundation. dar, P.O. Box 809. 9:30a.m.-I2:3Gp,m. Sanibet, Flo. 33957. Be teservcrtions. 472-3655.^ jure to include type ^? , Mary lou Sc^adt ~"of event, sppnsor. " coordinator. *-" address, time, adThe Ctty ol Sanibei, in mission chorge if any. conjunction with the and telephone numScnibel Community ber for information, o Center, hosting a get- Deadline is two weeks prior to the date of the - Together,>4 p.m.; event.) 2173 PertwinWe Way.


U - There are a few of

Shell museum fund raising crests at $500,000; Raymond Burr returns 'onnerly malacologlst with Smithsonian In-j By Max Fricdcrsdorf Staff Ur.frr „ Fund...

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