Wallaceburg, Ontario Canada

Head Office/ Die Cast Facility and Design/ CNC / Plastic injection molding Facility

Wallaceburg, Ontario Canada - AarKel Tool and Die Inc. (Main Office, MFG.) - 110,000 sq. ft. total air conditioned operating space -156 full-time employees

Global Capabilities Sales / Program Management Service  24hr Global Access  Start up Support  Dedicated Team

One point of contact  Quick quote turn around Extensive knowledge and multiple skill sets

Design & Engineering  Full 3D Solid Design  Feasibility  Simulation/FMEA  Multiple tool concepts

Quality Control Dimensional reports for tool and part  Documentation  Gauges & Fixtures  GD&T

Tryout  Internal & local tryout facilities for injection molds under production conditions  Pre production/Launch support

Prototyping  Resin, aluminium and steel tooling for  Injection  Compression  Die Casting

Production Tooling  Tool manufacture  HSM Capabilities  50 to 5,000 ton  Repairs/ Engineering Changes

LOCAL CAPABILITIES  Program Management  Die Cast Die Manufacturing Plastic Injection Tool Manufacturing Prototype Tool Manufacturing  Product Design  Tool Design  CNC / EDM Machining

Combining the skills and assets of our “Local Presence” and our “Global Resources” we offer our customers a single point of contact from which together, we can select from a complete array of Product Development Services that are best suited for the scope of your project requirements.

 Assembly & Inspection  Part Tryouts & Production Runs

Your “Full Service” Partner

MACHINE CAPABILITIES… 5 axis High speed LARGE CNC machines EDM Sinker tanks with CNC graphite machines Gundrills with 5 axis gundrill/boring mill Welding department adjoined with internal furnace for full process weld requirements

Any Size, Any Shape, Great Results…

DIE CAST DIES (500 to 4000 ton range)  Ford & GM converter housings  Magnesium Instrument panel dies  Cast aluminum engine blocks Oil pans Low pressure & high pressure dies Nissan ZV5 Consignment tooling

Any Size, Any Shape, Great Results…

Engineering Manager Die cast experience – 20 years Die Cast Specialists  Die cast experience – 29 years  Engine Blocks – 4, 6 & 8 cyl, including Northstar, transfer cases, steering houses, transmission cases, clutch housings, differential carriers, cross car IP beams (largest magnesium casting in the world) etc.  Product and tool design expertise

Die Designers 5 Designers - Die cast experience – 20 years 10 years 10 years 10 years 7 years Program managers 3 Managers - Die cast experience – 28 years 14 years 3 years

PROTOTYPE & ALUMINUM PRODUCTION  Rapid prototypes – SLA /SLS  Tooling fease & production phase support  Aluminum prototype tools  Low volume aluminum production w/ full actions

Any Size, Any Shape, Great Results…

 6000 sq/ft manufacturing area with its own dedicated personnel  Has easy access to all AarKel departments and capabilities.

 Fan Blades to Bumper Fascias  Non-Automotive Parts

PART FEASIBILITY & MOLDING ASSESSMENT  Full Draft & Tooling Feasibility Studies Draft analysis and mold ability studies have proven to save valuable time and money. With input from the tool manufacturer early in the program, problem areas for molding as well as molding methods can be introduced for optimum tooling and production requirements. This can have a direct effect on piece price. Any Size, Any Shape, Great Results…

Engineering and Design… Design functions are: - Data management - Feasibility study - Part comparison - Draft analysis - Part warp - Moldflow and Manifold - Product design - Mould design SUPPORTED CAD SOFTWARE CATIA V5 CADKEY/XMD IGES



We Offer: • Full product design and feasibility studies • Complete internal tool making capabilities from • 50 to 5000 ton tooling requirements • 24/7 Program management support • 24/7 Tooling support from cradle and beyond program launch on ALL programs • One stop tool shopping from DESIGN > PROTOTYPE > PRODUCTION > LAUNCH

• Complete LCC tooling integration (each tool is torn down and verified that all items are to customer standards)

Die Casting Dies 

Transmission housings Magnesium IP’s Cast aluminum engine blocks

Die Casting Dies

Specific specialty in 500 – 4000 Ton Range

Building Strong Relationships

- Toyota Engine Block Holders - Replacement Cavity Inserts - Toyota Case Transmission - Honda Water Pump\ - Upper and Lower Valvebodies

- Nissan ZV5/ZV7 Engine Blocks - Hyundai I-4 Engine blocks replacement inserts - Die modifications / repairs

- Jeep - Half I/P Steering Column Support - JK Full Cross Car Beam Instrument Panels - Y-Car Corvette Steering Column Support - Ford Oil Pan

- PTU-Cover

-Valeo Mono-Block - Front and rear case

- I-4 Engine Blocks - V-6 Engine Blocks - Transmission Cases - Low Pressure Cylinder Head Dies

- Replacement inserts 100% certified - 4T65 Channel Plates & Trans Case Dies - 4T45-E Trans Case Dies - 6T75 Six Speed Converter HSG & Trans Case - 6T40 Six Speed Converter HSG & Trans Case - 6L80-E RWD Transmission Dies - 6L90-E RWD Transmission Dies - Northstar Engine Block - GF6 Case and Convertor (4 veriations) - Rebuilds & Refurbishments

- Ford Rack & Pinion - Ford U22 Carrier Axle

- Clutch Replacement Inserts

- BMW E60 Rear Cradle - GMX-321 Rear Cradle - Hyundai Front Cradle -- GM Alpha Cradle - R&D projects - Front and Rear Transfer Case - International Engine Covers - Allison Valve body - Cover

- Ford Rear die Case - Volvo FWD Transmission Case

de Mexico -Water Jackets

de Mexico - Nissan AFO Case Auto Transmission

- Rotax - Cylinders die over mold --Rorax – Case and Housing Die

- Full Cross Car Beam Instrument Panels



Concept & Design

Die Functionality

Die Flow & Analysis

Design Validation Life Cycle & Maintenance Advanced Quality Planning

We will Deliver…

Concept & Design SCOPE - to offer our customer an option to the traditional design style of oversized dies and mechanisms which ultimately add to the manufacturing and operational costs of the program.

Advantages of the “Bank Core Design”

Improved Quality

- Improve dimensional stability of the cylinder locations -Cooling control of the bank core assemblies

Aar-Kel “U.S. Patent” Design BANK CORE MECHANISM

Improved Cycle Times - Smaller die casting die and machine will cycle faster

- Improved cooling of the bank cores

Reduced Capital Equipment Cost

- Reduced die size utilizing “maximum material requirement”

(software) - Reduced cost to purchase smaller tonnage DCM's

 Reduced Manufacturing Cost - Smaller tools thus reduced cost to maintain - Increased travel of the bank core - Provides area for flash and debris to escape the cavity area - Reduced cost to maintain bank shut-offs in the bank core assembly area - Size means less costly refurbishments and rebuilds

 Removal of Bank Core from within Machine

Noted on NADCA website: www.diecasting.org

Concept & Design 2500 Metric Ton Machine Specs  Tie Bar Distance= 76” Horiz... x 80” Vert.  Shot Position = 13.78”  Tie Bar Dia.. = 13”  Min. Die Height = 49”  Max. Die Height = 72”  Ejection Stroke = 9.8”  Max. Daylight = 125.19”

Machine Calculations Projected Area = 167 sq in + 50% (gates/overflows) = 250.5 sq in 15,000 PSI = 1878.75 Ton 10,000PSI = 1252.50 Ton

Concept & Design Die Size and How it works: 68.90”

How Does the Bank Core Design Work?



The “bank side core assembly” is made up of two racks, bank core carrier, bank core inserts, pinion and a hydraulic motor or hydraulic driven rack which is mounted on the side of the ejector holder block. The concept is to have pancake cylinders do the initial movement by pushing on the back core carrier, stripping the bank core from the cavity. The pancake cylinders are screwed to the ejector holder block allowing easier access for plumbing. Once the pancake cylinders have moved the hydraulic motor or a hydraulic driven rack system will then move the complete bank core assembly away from the cavity. The hydraulic motor is connected to a pinion that goes thru the ejector holder and two rack units that are connected to the bank core carrier allowing the complete bank core unit to be pulled away from the cavity. Once the bank core has been moved away this will then allow any debris to be removed from the die thru a hole that is in the ejector holder. This hole would be big enough to allow flash to exit to the outside of the die. The addition of a blow nozzle would assist in the removal of any debris. Once the cycle has been completed the hydraulic motor will move the bank core assembly back into the forward position. The bank core locking plate would then close up holding all of the injection pressure for the next shot.

Concept & Design BANK CORE CONCEPT Click image to view anmated file of die section…

Click screen to view animated file of die sequence…


Die Flow and Analysis Following is a preliminary simulation to get an impression about the casting solidification pattern and cavity filling conditions. Pouring temperature - 650C / 1202F Die temperature to 150C / 300F Filling and solidification is calculated in the 1st cycle. Cavity filling time = 120 msec. Cooling / heating lines are not introduced Venting was not included in this simulation Liners are not included at this time.

Die Flow and Analysis Die Flow and Analysis Filling by Temperature

Die Flow and Analysis Porosity due to Solidification Colored locations solidify later than the areas around them. Porosity could be developed here. Cooling lines should be placed close, to reduce porosity and increase productivity.

Die Flow and Analysis CAE - Driven Mold Design and Engineering GIFU DIE & MOLD ENGINEERING CO.,LTD F.E.A. analysis on Bank Core components Stress Heat Solidification Filling Die Temperature Cyclic Cooling Mold Filling Deformation

Maximum Material Utilization  Reduction of holder block sizes  Improved of cycle times  Reduced size requirement for D.C.M.  More even die temperatures  Reduced tooling cost

Design Validation CAE – Total Displacement

disp. Y:0.62


disp. X:0.72

disp. X:0.72 @15,000 psi Large displacement is calculated. We recommend reinforcing the cover die by increasing its XY dimensions.

disp. Y:-0.51

disp. Z:0.26

Design Validation CAE – Total Displacement EJECTOR HOLDER



@15,000 psi 0.17

Design Validation CAE – Total Displacement EJECTOR DIE BASE





@15,000 psi Bottom view

Design Validation CAE – Total Displacement

Displacement of Bank Core along the Sliding Direction (mm) @15,000 psi 0.61 (.024”) direction

Step of 0.39mm will appear Bank Core : 0.61


Block : 0.22

Oper. bank

(.007”) The amount of transformation by compression : 0.43mm

※The amount of inevitable transformation by compression is calculated to be 0.43mm

Bank’s total length 840mm x Cavity pressure103.43MPa

≒ 0.43mm (.017”)

Young’s modulus 200GPa

Section view

Overview We believe Aar-Kel tool and Die Inc. represents the best combination of value and capability in the die cast tooling industry today.

At Aar-Kel we can provide an unparalleled combination of technical skills and manufacturing capabilities. Furthermore, by utilizing proven business partners in lower labor cost countries, we offer customers lower costs while minimizing the risks. Let us prove to you why our capabilities and resources are what today's leading automotive suppliers are looking for in their “full service” product development partner.

President : Larry Delaey 519. 358.5830 CFO : Mary VanSantvoort 905 .978.2821

Business Development Manager: Kevin Van Damme 519. 360.7702 Business Development Manager: Andrew Stewart 519. 359.7743 Business Development Manager: Andrew Spittal 519. 365.4548

Thank you!


Wallaceburg, Ontario Canada

Head Office/ Die Cast Facility and Design/ CNC / Plastic injection molding Facility Wallaceburg, Ontario Canada - AarKel Tool and Die Inc. (Main Offi...

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