Welcome to Economics Welcome to Economics

Welcome to Economics The required textbook for this course is:

Economics, 2e Byy Paul Krugman g & Robin Wells (©2010, Worth Publishers)

Free E-Study Book Companion Site

This site is packed with resources to help you succeed in the course. course


You will find the following resources on the Economics, 2e Book Companion Site • Self-Test Quizzes 20 multiple-choice multiple choice questions per chapter feedback and references for further review. Questions are randomized & you get a different quiz every time. ti

Graphing Exercises every interactive graph is accompanied by questions on key concepts.

Web Links use these to quickly locate relevant outside resources, including articles written by Paul Krugman & other leading economists.

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Key y Term Flashcards Web Chapters Student Power Point Slides www.worthpublishers.com/krugmanwellsecon2

eBook package Available December of 2009! If y your textbook was packaged g with an eBook access code, you can redeem it at this site:

http://ebooks.bfwpub.com Click “register” Fill in your information and you’re all set. *Please be sure to hold on to the access card until you redeem it.*

eBook Purchase • Would like to purchase access to the eBook? • Go to the Publisher’s e-commerce site it and d follow the directions.

htt // b k bf http://ebooks.bfwpub.com b

CourseSmart eBook For a budget friendly digital version of the Economics, 2e text go to www.coursesmart.com t You can purchase the Online Version or the Downloadable version version.

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Krugman/Wells Economics Second Edition


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Loose-leaf texts are exactly like the hard copy and paperback versions. While they cannot be sold back to the bookstore, they provide a savings of almost $50 up-front. Coursesmart Ebooks for Krugman/Wells Economics 2e, Microeconomics 2e, and Macroecnomics 2e contain the entire text and are approximately half of the cost of the hard copy of the text. You can purchase the Coursesmart ebook in an online or downloadable version directly from the internet at www.coursesmart.com.

Your instructor and the bookstore have arranged for the most cost-efficient versions of the text for you for this semester. Purchasing Options: • Krugman/Wells Economics 2e loose-leaf: Purchase this version if you will need to take ECON 2105 and 2106.

o Krugman/Wells Microeconomics 2e loose-leaf: Purchase this version if you will be taking only ECON 2106 and will not be taking ECON 2105 Macroeconomics.


Krugman/Wells Macroeconomics 2e loose-leaf: Purchase this version if you will be taking only ECON 2105 and will not be taking ECON 2106 Microeconomics.


Welcome to Economics Welcome to Economics

Welcome to Economics The required textbook for this course is: Economics, 2e Byy Paul Krugman g & Robin Wells (©2010, Worth Publishers) Free E-Stud...

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