IBPS PO Exam Analysis

Steps to Improve English for Bank exams The Bank Exams are most sought-after as well as competitive exams and a job in Bank is considered as prestigious. Majority of graduates await the notification to apply for the posts as Clerks and IBPS POs. Cracking a bank exam is not an easy thing and it needs a proper preparation and dedication. There has been an increase in the competition for the Bank Exams. To help aspirants to prepare for next IBPS PO exam get question asked in 13-10-2018 go through with TopRankers IBPS PO Exam Analysis to get better results in your exam. It offers a lucrative career for the young graduates and the employee benefits too are amazing that nobody can deny. The test of English is done right from the stage of preliminary level and follows till the interview level. The fluency and knowledge in English adds value and helps throughout the career. Here, I shall give an idea


how to improve

English for Bank Exams for bank exams.

The English section is divided into sections below, and this is the same for most bank exams. 1. Vocabulary 2. Grammar 3. Reading Comprehension 4. Verbal Ability Vocabulary: Working on your vocabulary is a continuous process and cannot be done overnight or just before the exam. Let me bring in here what comes in vocabulary. Questions related to Cloze Test, Fill in the Blanks, Error spotting, Phrase Replacement, Word Association Pair, Phrase or Idiom Meaning, Spellings come under Vocabulary. Ways to improve: 1. Read Newspaper on a daily basis, make a note of difficult words and try to find the meaning and its usage. Always, make use of such words in your context to get used to the meaning and usage. 2. Memorize words and their synonyms and antonyms. 3. Solve the vocabulary sections in previous years’ question papers. 4. Memorize the meanings of the words by using mnemonic techniques, search in the web to find such techniques. Grammar: What strikes your mind when someone says Grammar? Most definitely Wrenn and Martin, we all grew up by flipping pages in that grammar book. Grammar involves rules to be followed like the usage of parts of speech, punctuation, and subjectverb agreement and so on and so forth. The main topics fall in this section are Error Spotting, Phrase replacement,






To get to know question asked about IBPS PO exam 13-10-2018 just click on this link.



Ways to improve: 1. It is essential to know the basics of grammar which plays a vital role in the preparation. 2. Prepare online for this section. There are so many sites and mobile apps as well, simply install such apps on your phone and you can practice while you are away from home or while traveling etc. 3. Read the articles on Error Spotting and Gerunds. Solve previous years’ question papers and mock exams. https://www.toprankers.com/ibps-po-exam-analysis Reading Comprehension: Reading comprehension tests the candidates’ comprehending skills. One has to answer the relevant and close answer given in the options. As this is relating to the Bank exam, passages asked in the exam are based on Finance, Banking and Economy, Geo-Politics, Social Issues, Business etc. It is definitely timeconsuming, only practice can help. Ways to improve: 1. Practice more and more of such passages, you can improve the speed of reading and therefore your understanding gets quicker and you can answer in less time. 2. The questions asked in these passages are mostly fact-based, inferences and vocabulary based. Practice model question papers, mock tests in this particular section to improve speed and accuracy. Verbal Ability: It is a test to assess the abilities of an individual in word power, analogies, sentence correction and verbal reasoning. Questions on odd one out, Para completion, missing words, para summary, and sentence connectors will be asked. Ways to improve: 1. It tells a story with the beginning, mid and the end. Follow the logic of the passage 2. Connecting words, missing words help to build a story, hence look for such words. 3. Practice more sample papers, model papers relevant to this topic. This is relatively a new topic, you may not find too many old question papers, but you can find study material online which mock test papers are. Recently the IBPS released notification for PO. The IBPS PO syllabus also above mentioned topics. All through the article, I have been saying “practice” as that is the main thing during preparation. Practice can help in improving speed and accuracy. Learning Vocabulary is not an easy thing unless you have a habit of reading books. Thus, make a habit of reading newspapers and magazines on a regular

basis, follow fact-based chat shows, and watch national news to improve your diction and develop your vocabulary.


IBPS PO Exam Analysis

Steps to Improve English for Bank exams The Bank Exams are most sought-after as well as competitive exams and a job in Bank is considered as prestigio...

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