Which Tiles Is The Best Usage For Floor Tiles

Which Tiles Is The Best Usage For Floor Tiles?

When deciding on the type of tiles you could use in your home, there are definitely numerous factors you can consider. Somany Ceramics decided to share some helpful tips to ensure you don’t go out of the best options when choosing the right floor tiles for your home.

1. You might want to consider the color You should aim at making the color of your floor tiles match with the color of your wall. Consider the wardrobe and some other equipment present in the room. Floor tiles will last for many years so it is advisable to go for a neutral color that will stand the test of time. The amount of natural light in your room may determine whether your floor tiles need to reflect light to make the room feel larger or if a darker color will suit. For more info visit – Kitchen tiles 2.

You should consider the Pattern & Size of Floor Tile

Floor tiles can be fixed in various ways as standard fixing or brick-bonded/ staggered. As long as you plan your tile fixing well anything is possible! The size of your floor tile

determines how many grout lines are shown on the flooring, and fewer grout lines can create an illusion of more space, which is good for those tight spaces. 3.

Ceramic or Porcelain?

Porcelain tiles are durable and stronger than ceramic tiles due to the fact that they are denser than ceramic tiles. This property makes them more suitable for outdoor use as they will not soak up water which can freeze and crack the tile. For more info check best CP fittings in Somany ceramics. However, it all boils down to the traffic or usage of the part of the room you want to tile whether you will need porcelain or ceramic. Ceramic tiles are graded which indicates whether they are suitable for domestic or commercial use. If you are tiling the floor of a shopping center, then porcelain would be required. If you are tiling a domestic kitchen, most ceramic tiles would be suitable. Check out Somany Ceramics tiles for the best tiles options to choose from. For wet floors, mosaic tiles are the best choice you can opt for.


Which Tiles Is The Best Usage For Floor Tiles

Which Tiles Is The Best Usage For Floor Tiles? When deciding on the type of tiles you could use in your home, there are definitely numerous factors y...

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